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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on PC
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Monday, August 25, 1997

Julie's father, Bennett Devlin, could barely contain his dismay when he saw Julie's living conditions and worried that keeping up a double identity had been a strain on Julie. Julie, however, assured her father that she was fine and that she wanted to make it on her own. Bennett had already made dinner reservations for him and Julie, but Julie had to take a rain check because she had already made plans to go to Frank's baseball game. Later, Eve was surprised when she saw Julie and Bennett together. Lucy almost got Jake to confess, but they were interrupted by Danielle's arrival. Danielle gave Jake the fax that Rex had sent her of Jake's parents expired visas. Rex said that he wouldn't report Jake's parents as long as Jake did what he was told. Danielle rued the day she ever met Rex and wasn't sure what he had in store for Jake. Meanwhile, Kevin made a breakthrough with Victor, who told Kevin that he was sorry to hear about Lucy's miscarriage. Lucy arrived and told Kevin that they were close to getting the truth from Jake and Danielle. Eve wondered why Chris was in such a good mood. Chris feigned innocence, but Eve suspected that he had been up to his old tricks with Julie and Frank.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Eve arrived home and found Julie and Bennett in an embrace. Eve then jumped to the wrong conclusion and privately thought that Julie was Bennett's newest young lover. Eve didn't lose her cool when she discovered that Bennett was Julie's father and later, Eve asked Bennett how he wanted to handle their past relationship. Bennett told Eve that he had no idea that she was pursuing her internship in Port Charles. Eve responded by saying that she never saw the need to inform Bennett of her plans since she had accepted the internship after their affair had ended. Karen told Gail that she had been in denial about her real feelings for Joe because of her married status to Jagger. Karen said that now that her marriage to Jagger was probably over, she was ready to acknowledge the fact that her feelings for Joe might be more that just friendship. Karen, however, didn't want to share those feelings with Joe until she was certain that her marriage to Jagger was over. Meanwhile, Joe told a sympathetic Frank that he had feelings for Karen. Joe, however, felt that the situation was futile because he believed that Karen would keep on forgiving Jagger over and over again.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

A fiery Eve told Bennett that she no longer had to obey him because she had paid the debt she owed him and was now free of him. Eve then warned Bennett to stay away from her or else she would tell Julie the truth about their affair. Privately, however, Eve was shaken by her run in with Bennett and was clearly not as strong as she had pretended to be. Scott met with Matt and Ellen and told them to study Cooper's transcripts for clues and to continue to dig behind the scenes for more information. Scott also agreed to handle Ellen's legal case. Frank coached his baseball team to the league championship. Julie was impressed by the way Frank handled both the kids on his team and their difficult parents. Julie then told Frank that she wished that her troubled brother had had a sensitive coach like Frank in his life.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

by Pamala

Kevin talks with Victor, they are downstairs in the hospital. Kevin asks him if he wants to get better, he answers him no. Kevin realizes that Victor is not really listening to him.

Matt gives his reaction to the transcripts of the hospital and Cooper's lawyers. Ellen asks him how he found the time to do that. He asks if there is only room for only one over-achiever at the hospital. Ellen smiles as he leaves.

Jake meets Danielle at the Recovery Room. He wants to know what she wants. She told him that the airline called and they have delayed his flight to New York. She cannot believe that he didn't tell her that he was leaving. He said he knew how much it must hurt her considering how she is not into "full disclosure." She told him that she is now, and she told him not to go. Danielle went on to tell him how Rex will do something terrible if he leaves. Jake says he will take his chances.

Jake asks Danielle whose side she is on, she says she is worried about him and his parents. Jake told her he thinks she is just worried about what Rex will do to her once he is gone. Jake also thinks that Rex must want something from him and with him gone the game can not be played. He told her he is going and when he gets back he will deal with Rex.

Lucy comments with Jax cosmetics going to Europe, thanks to Rex, they ought to move on to the next stage. Rex asks her what her business sense told her. Lucy told Rex with the increased exposure the company's name will be receiving, the company's liability could increase. Rex asks Lucy what steps she has taken to protect her assets. Lucy replies it is not necessarily steps, but whom. Scott then enters the room, and Lucy told Rex that Scott is her attorney. Scott and Lucy watch as Rex's expression never flinches. Scott says what better way to start then with Rex's documentation from Europe. Rex says he didn't know that contract law was Scott's field. Scott explains that he is familiar with the cosmetics business. Lucy told Rex how Scott was at her side when she first ventured into Corporate America Deception. Lucy told him that she wants Scott right by her side when Jax cosmetics hits Europe, and she asks what Rex thinks of that, he agrees. Rex thinks with Scott on board it will be smooth sailing.

Kevin told Victor that he needs his help with the next phase of his treatment. Victor asks, "Next phase?". Kevin says the next phase is medication, and only to control the chemical imbalance. Victor replies that he is not well and doesn't know if he will get any better. Kevin told him that he will get better, but they both need to fix the past because their family was not a great one. Victor gets defensive and says that is bull.

Jake asks Ellen if he can take the time off now that he had requested earlier; she told him that it is impossible. He told her how he helped with Karen gone and that he had asked for the time off a month ago. Ellen told him that he has changed, how he used to be rock solid, but no longer. Jake responds by telling her he will be rock solid again, but he just needs to go now. She told him all right, but expresses that his career could be jeopardized.

Lucy told Rex and Scott how trust is a big concern in her business. Scott says he wants details from Rex's time in Europe, whom he met, where and when. Rex told him that it will be no problem. He also told them that he has just purchased a house and that he plans to stay in Port Charles indefinitely. Lucy says that is so great and if he needs anything, to just ask. They continue talking about how they all agreed today. Lucy assures Rex that Scott is the best in the business and that nothing gets by Scott. Rex told them that it's a good thing to be careful in business. Rex told them that most of the time he thinks that he is the last honest man on earth. Lucy and Scott look at him stunned as he smiles.

Matt asks Ellen for her advice. He has been doing research on his function in surgery. Matt wonders if he should ask Boardman for any pointers in his concern. Ellen told him to give it some time and then ask. She also told him that she will give his reactions to the transcripts to Scott.

Lucy and Scott tell Kevin how cool, calm and collected Rex was today despite everything they threw at him. Lucy comments that Rex even drank her coffee; Kevin is amazed at this. Kevin wonders though if Rex will deliver on the details that Scott wanted. Scott thinks that it is a big coincidence that he is here so soon after the kidnapping. Kevin told them that he overheard Jake telling Ellen about an emergency with his parents, and maybe that Rex isn't the problem with Danielle and Jake.

Rex talks to Danielle at the Recovery Room, asking her if she is nervous. She told him no and that Jake is not a problem. Rex says not to insult him. He removes a pouch from his jacket showing her two syringes. He explains that one contains poison while the other one contains an antidote. Danielle told him that he is just trying to scare her and that he wouldn't hurt Jake. Rex told her that she will never know, and that the poison might come in handy if Jake flies the coop.

Friday, August 29, 1997

by Pamala Carroll

The interns get through with the first day of OR. Joe shows his dislike for Chris's day in OR. Danielle calls in, Chris answers the phone, she asks if Jake is there. Chris told Danielle that they have not seen Jake all day. Chris asks if anyone else thinks Danielle and Jake are headed for major trouble.

Lucy told Scott and Kevin that Danielle and Jake are not capable of kidnapping Serena. Scott starts yelling because Lucy keeps campaigning for Danielle and Jake. Scott told Lucy and Kevin that he worries about Serena's safety, and how he can not be sensitive about Danielle and Jake. Kevin told Scott to cool down and that sensitivity has never been one of Scott's strong suits. Serena comes in and asks why they are all fighting.

Danielle from the Recovery Room calls the airline to see if they will tell her if Jake is one the plane. Rex takes the phone away from her and told her that they will not give her that information. Rex says that they have narrowed it down to two places that Jake could be. Jake could be on the plane or in a small dark hole gasping for air, with poison coursing through his veins. Danielle lets Rex know he can do what he wants with her, but to leave Jake alone. Frank comes in and asks Danielle if she is okay. She told him that she is worrying about Jake and his family emergency. Rex introduces himself to Frank, as Danielle's Uncle.

Serena told Lucy, Scott and Kevin that they need to have "time out." Kevin told her how when adults spend too much time together the get edgy. Scott and Serena are getting ready to go to a pot luck dinner at Serena's new school. Serena asks Lucy if they can get a movie with Carey Grant in it, Lucy said that is a great idea. Scott told Kevin that he is glad that Victor is getting better. Kevin then told Scott that he knows how much Serena means to him.

Eve told Chris that she agrees with Joe, the way Chris sucked up to Boardman was disgusting. Chris confides in her that he can not believe that Boardman actually fell for it, and he is going fishing with him. Joe waits for Karen to come out of the shower in the interns lounge. Joe thought she might need a friend, Karen thinks that he is there because she might breakdown.

Rex told Danielle he will show her how to handle Lucy. Chris asks Eve how things are going with Frank and Julie. Eve states that their love is nauseating. Matt and Julie join Frank at the Recovery Room. Matt asks what Frank is doing all dressed up in a suit. Frank and Julie are going out later that night. Julie thanks Frank and Eve for not saying anything about who her father is. Julie told Frank that her day was a piece of cake, compared to Karen's day. Eve finds out through Julie that Chris already knew that Bennett Devlin was her father.

Karen and Joe get a little closer in the lounge, they talk about the day and how Boardman was rough on her today. Karen told Joe that she needs to talk with him about something, but Boardman comes in to tell them that they have to work in OR tonight. Boardman explains that they have to fill Jake's spot, even though they have already worked all day. He told Karen and Joe that they will be spending a lot of time together.

Lucy told Scott and Kevin that she was thinking of Carey Grant's movie North by Northwest. How Rex might have created a paper trail without even leaving Port Charles, just as the character in the movie. The doorbell rings and it is Danielle. Scott and Serena leave for the dinner. Danielle is crying, and Kevin asks what is wrong. She told them that it is about Serena.

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