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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Eric confronts Massimo about his lies. Ridge is confused. Eric tells Ridge that Massimo masterminded his whole downfall by tutoring Rick on being business savvy. Massimo denies the claims, but Eric tells Ridge to ask Rick. Ridge turns to Massimo and begs him to tell him that it's not the truth. Massimo tries to justify what he did by stating that he would only end up with a small piece of the pie at Forrester, but he would have a whole company with him. Ridge is in a state of shock and doesn't buy his story. Ridge blames him for his accident and tells him that he is the reason that he will never design again. He tells him that he has not heard the last of him and storms off. Eric yells at Massimo further, but Massimo states that he took action for Ridge's future, while he "sat on [his] ass." "You gave away your son's future for a midlife crisis with a younger woman," Massimo chirps. Eric warns him to stay away from his son and leaves. Massimo throws a cup at the door and yells, "Your son?"

Whip expresses his feelings for Brooke. He asks her to just give into her feelings. "Do it for Bridget," he says. He asks if she can accept that Deacon is married to Bridget. She tells him that she can. "Prove it, make love to me," he says. Just at that moment Bridget walks it and thinks she caught them in an intimate moment. She is about to leave when Brooke stops her. She says that she forgot something and Brooke goes to get it. Bridget asks Whip how he is doing. He tells her that it wasn't what it looked like. Brooke returns and Whip asks if she made anything out on possibly modeling. She says that Deacon isn't being real supportive. She states that she wishes Deacon would be more like Whip. Bridget then spits out that Brooke and Whip should get married and runs out. Whip turns to Brooke and says that if she cuts off Deacon's options, he will go running back to Bridget. "How can you be attracted to a five month pregnant lady?" she asks.

He tells her that to everyone that is his child and that is the way he sees it now to. Meanwhile Megan is talking with Deacon. She tries to convince Deacon that Whip is not as bad as he seems. He truly cares about Brooke. Deacon can't believe his ears. Deacon tells her that Whip is a master manipulator. She then asks if he is jealous. No, Brooke can't love him, because she is in love with me. Megan tells him that is what she used to think, but when Whip stood up and took responsibility for the baby and she didn't deny it, she knew there and then that he and Brooke could never be together. Bridget strolls in and tells Megan she put a "do not disturb" sign on the door. She thinks that her mom and Whip are doing it. Deacon starts to seethe and says no way. "Well, that's what it looked like to me", she says and leaves. Deacon freaks out and runs to go find Whip. Deacon beats on the door; he storms in and confronts Whip. Brooke tells Deacon that Whip is no longer a threat. Whip says that if Deacon truly loved Brooke, that they would be best friends. "I have Bridget and Brooke's best interests at heart. I don't what to see either of them get hurt," he announces. Whip then turns to Brooke and begs her leave Deacon and save her baby and her daughter.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Thorne talks with Bridget about her mother's happiness with Whip and comments that he doesn't see the magic between Brooke and her new boyfriend. Bridget hopes aloud that her mother finds happiness this time and guesses that the baby will keep her with the father. Meanwhile, Whip desperately urges Brooke to end things with Deacon since it's obvious that Deacon can't do the right thing. When he mentions her ultrasound appointment, he realizes that something happened in the doctor's office and advises Brooke that he's not going to be the person who tells Bridget the truth. He thinks that Bridget will find out accidentally, hurting her even more. Bridget interrupts and asks what they're hiding from her. Deacon claims Brooke's having second thoughts about the idea of Bridget modeling. Bridget quickly blames Deacon and then advises her mother that her marriage is suffering because of Deacon's new job. After Whip and Bridget leave, Deacon pushes Brooke onto the bed and kisses her, pleading with her to make love to him. Stephanie argues with Sally about her family's sorrow over the loss of Macy and asserts that Thorne is still in love with her. She claims that Thorne and Macy would have a baby now if it weren't for Brooke and urges her to aim her anger in Brooke's direction.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Bridget confided in Whip that she felt betrayed by Deacon because he went behind her back about modeling. Bridget admitted to Whip that maybe Deacon was right about her not having the necessary experience to model. Whip told her that she had the spark to succeed. Whip alluded that Deacon couldn't be trusted. Bridget wondered what was holding her mother back from making a life with Whip. "She needs somebody to take care of her," Bridget stated.

Stephanie remarked to Sally how Brooke was always part of a vicious cycle with the Forrester men. She wondered if it would ever end. Sally believed that Brooke wasn't capable of ever finding true love because "she's like a barracuda." Sally believed that even if she found her true love, Brooke would likely be involved with a married man. She hoped that Brooke found someone "for selfish reasons." Sally wanted Brooke to find "Mr. Right" who promised her the world and a future, full of children and grandchildren. "I hope it's cruelly ripped away from her as it was taken away from me," Sally angrily said to Stephanie. She hoped Brooke would then have to spend the rest of her life alone, "wondering what might have been." She and Stephanie comforted each other in an embrace.

After making love in Brooke's office, Brooke and Deacon were caught up in the moment, believing everything was perfect-"just the three of us together, that's the way it's meant to be." Brooke realized suddenly what she had done and felt very ashamed. Brooke repeated, "What have I done, what have I done?" Brooke insisted that making love was wrong because Deacon was married to her daughter. Deacon insisted that he couldn't stay away from Brooke, not even for Bridget's sake, and insisted that Bridget be told the truth.

Brooke made a heartrending decision and told Deacon that he wouldn't have to make that choice. She announced that she was going to Paris to live. Stunned, Deacon implored her to reconsider. Brooke said to let it go for her sake. She then told him that she loved him and said goodbye to him. As she walked past Megan's desk, Deacon interrupted Brooke. He begged her not to leave and kissed her again. Not swayed, Brooke departed for the Forrester jet. Meanwhile, Whip saw the disheveled bed in Brooke's office and realized that she and Deacon had made love. Whip was furious that Brooke had allowed it to go that far and demanded to know where she was. Megan told him of Brooke's decision to move to Paris. Knowing that Deacon would probably stop her, Whip ran off to find both of them.

Inside the jet, Deacon pleaded with Brooke to reconsider her decision. Brooke wished that their circumstance could be different. Whip entered the jet saying "he was her conscience and would follow her, especially when she had done something that she regretted." Whip reasoned with Deacon by telling him that Brooke's reputation would be ruined and the situation would turn into a huge scandal. Brooke realized that Whip was right and stated that her other children meant so much to her. Whip announced that he was going with Brooke to Paris and a solution would be figured out later. Unwillingly, Deacon said goodbye again and left without making a scene. Whip comforted Brooke and told her that he would help her through this and praised her for doing the right thing. A dejected Deacon watched Brooke looking out the jet's window and saw her mouth, "I love you!"

Thursday, April 4, 2002

On the flight to Paris, Whip becomes upset when he finds Brooke writing a letter she intends to FAX to Deacon. He urges her to throw it out but she asks him to leave her alone. Brooke explains later that she has finally come to the decision to end things with Deacon but wants to do it her way. Whip calls Deacon to let him know about the fax. As Kristen helps Amber with three of her designs, Eric worries to everyone that including all of Amber's designs in a preview is a mistake. Deacon returns and talks about some publicity campaigns he's initiated, all based on Amber's work. Kristen and Rick browbeat Eric into agreeing with the plan to feature the Ambrosia line. Amber claims that the excitement generated by her work will rid the Forrester name of the bad press it's received over the past few weeks. When Eric finally jumps onboard and insists on seeing everything that they are doing, Rick takes Amber out to celebrate. At the restaurant, Ginger congratulates Amber on her success. Rick does the same, telling his wife that she earned all of the accolades. As they consider what to order, Amber feels a strange sensation in her stomach but fails to tell her husband.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Amber and Bridget discuss their surprise and puzzlement at Brooke's sudden departure for Paris. Whip warns Brooke that unless she commits to making a break from Deacon, Bridget will find out that Brooke and Deacon have been lovers and that Brooke is carrying Deacon's baby. Rick and Amber are enjoying an evening out at Café Ruse. It's a mutual admiration fest, as Rick tells Amber how proud he is of her and her accomplishments; Amber tells Rick it's all due to him. Amber surprises everyone by serenading Rick. Amber sings to Rick as a way of showing him just how much she loves him and how much his support of her means to him. She tells him that her perspective on things has changed. Before she was self-centered and looked out only for herself. Now her marriage and their unborn baby and Little Eric are her top priorities. Deacon reads the "Dear John" fax that Brooke has sent him. She writes how much their love has meant to her and how she will always carry a part of him inside of her and through his child. She begs him to get on with his life and let go of what they had. Deacon cries as he shreds the letter just as Bridget walks in. Seeing him upset, she forces him to tell her what's bothering him. Deacon covers by saying that he has neglected Bridget because he was so caught up in the drama attached to his new promotion and all the things that have been going on at Forrester. He says, from now on Bridget will be his top priority and everything that has previously distracted him is "literally" a thousand miles away (a la Brooke winging her way to Europe). Seeing a copy of the fax Brooke sent to Deacon, Whip tells Brooke how proud and amazed he is that she really did break things off. Brooke snatches the fax out of his hands telling him it's private. Whip reassures Brooke that even if it takes time for her to get over Deacon, she should know that he (Whip) isn't going anywhere and that he will be there when she is ready to reach out to him.

Back at the restaurant, Rick and Amber continue their happy discussion about increasing the size of their family with more children sitting around the family table. Just as Amber is telling Rick how much she loves him, she doubles over in pain. There is a problem with the baby.

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