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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on GH
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Monday, April 1, 2002

Laura asks Nikolas if he participated in Helena's escape, and Gia listens in the background as Nikolas denies taking part in the scheme. Knowing better, hurt Laura shares her disappointment and concern about Nikolas with Luke.

When Lucky fails to find Liz at her art studio, he shares his fears with Sarah that Liz has left town, and Lucky. Lucky takes off his shirt after Sarah slips in some paint and ends up smearing it all over him, and Liz arrives just in time to see the sparks igniting between Sarah and Lucky.

Jax puts a damper on Sonny's plans to charge off to rescue Courtney from AJ's clutches when he arrives with Taggert and accuses Sonny of pulling a stunt on Skye. When Skye arrives to give her statement against Sonny, Alexis realizes Carly locked Skye in the shed and informs Sonny. Meanwhile, Zander helps Carly prepare for her driving test, and Carly and Zander rush to the police station when they hear the radio report about Sonny. Skye tells Taggert that Sonny locked her in the shed, but Carly arrives in time to confess that she did it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

by QT

Laura was upset. She confided in Luke that Nikolas had lied to her face and she was heart broken. Luke tried to console her but she was so hurt. Luke went off with Roy to find Helena and Laura remained and talked to Bobbie. Bobbie let Laura vent and get out all her feelings about Nikolas. Laura even stated that she knew why Nikolas lied it was because Helena was blackmailing him. Bobbie told Laura that she needed to let this go. Bobbie said that it is really part of being a parent. Children will make mistakes and learn from them and the best thing for you to do is just to love them back.

Meanwhile Luke takes Roy to this dive bar. Luke's thinking process is that Helena has to lay low and she can't afford to be seen in a swank uptown place. Roy does not believe in Luke's reasoning but he goes along with his plan the same. Roy lays down a C note in front of a waitress in order to get some information. It turned out that the waitress was Felicia under cover. Roy was stunned by her sexy appearance and could barely keep his eyes off her. Luke saw her and used her code name. Felicia went to get them some beer and upon her return to their table, the dynamic trio started to devise a game plan.

At the police station, Skye continued to insist that Sonny had cause her harm by locking her into the boat shed. Sonny adamantly confirmed his innocence because he was no where near the Quartermaine's residence. Carly arrived just in time to admit what really happened. Carly was determined to save Sonny. Skye was having no parts of Carly's confession. Skye demanded that the PC Police department arrest Sonny. Alexis continued with her witty quotes and repartee to the chagrin of the Police Department. Jax remained in the background from Skye. He knew that Carly was telling the truth but Jax refused to let her get away with this type of behavior. Skye demanded again that Sonny be arrested. Within their rights the Police Department could hold Sonny until ADA Jensen arrived and this made Taggert happy too. Carly was angry when they took Sonny away to a holding cell. Carly told Alexis that Sonny was claustrophobic and can not stand to be left alone in small confined places. Carly insisted that Sonny be released because of his problem. Alexis said she would try to do something. Alexis informed Taggert that she had took notes and wanted to review the case with Sonny. Initially Taggert was denying Alexis to be in the holding area with Sonny but after a few threats (the standard harassment ones) Taggert became agreeable and let Alexis stay with Sonny

Gia was showing Nikolas love today. Gia was determined to bring Nikolas out of his slum. Gia found him feeling sorry for himself for lying to Laura. Nikolas told Gia that he feared that he was turning into his father or a real Cassadine. Gia started in on Nikolas. She told him that he had done the right thing; you were only protecting you and me. You have done nothing wrong. Gia went on to talk about how Nikolas did all these things to protect the people you love and to get Helena out of our lives forever. Nikolas finally let go of some of his guilt long enough to appreciate what Gia was trying to do for him. Gia got Nikolas to agree to go dancing tonight. Sarah came into the room and Gia extended herself (yes, I was shocked) and invited Sarah to come along and help Gia cheer up Nikolas.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

At Jake's, Luke spies Helena. She spies him also and quickly leaves. Luke incites a bar fight while trying to catch her. Neither Luke, Roy, nor Felicia is successful in catching up to Helena.

At the PCPD, Zander tries to convince Skye not to press charges against Sonny while Carly works on Jax. Zander is unsuccessful in changing Skye's mind, but Carly, once she reveals to Jax that she wrote the "kidnap" letter with a blue crayon, changes Jax's. However, he's unsure if he wants to use the information he has to get Sonny released, as he feels there have been many other crimes Sonny has committed that he has not been punished for. Carly refuses to accept this and implores Jax to do the right thing. "Let her [Skye] press charges against least I did it," she pleads. Just then, Skye appears. Carly and Skye trade dirty looks as Carly re-enters the PCPD. Alone, Jax tells Skye that Sonny did not kidnap her and reveals the new information that he has. He tells Skye that he's going to tell the police to drop the charges against Sonny. "Like hell you are!" Skye angrily replies. She thinks that with the information they have now, they can get Sonny and Carly locked up. When Jax refuses to go along with her plan, Skye immediately turns on him and accuses him of being charmed by Carly. She also accuses Jax of taking advantage of her after he rescued her from the lake. Skye makes it clear that she has no intentions of dropping the charges against Sonny or letting up on Carly. Jax says that if she continues to scheme against the two then he will step in and tell the police the truth. He tells Skye that he thinks the two have a real shot at a relationship, but that how she handles this situation will affect that. He leaves her alone to think about her next move.

In his jail cell, Sonny's claustrophobia and panic become evident to Alexis. Because he doesn't want Alexis to see him lose control, he asks her to go stay with Carly. When Alexis makes it clear that she's not leaving him, Sonny angrily lashes out at her and demands that she leave. Alexis tells Sonny she won't allow him to treat her this way and tries to leave, but her feelings won't allow her to. Sonny calms down and asks Alexis to tell him about her panic attacks and how she controls them. As she speaks, Sonny has trouble concentrating. Alexis seems to be getting further and further away as her voice grows fainter and fainter. Alexis realizes that Sonny is having trouble focusing and tries to reassure him that everything will be o.k. Sonny replies that it helps to have her there. Alexis is touched. Taggert arrives and announces that he is taking Sonny upstairs so he can give his official statement to the police.

In the midst of her toast, Liz begins having flashbacks of the accident. Startled by what she is remembering, she quickly excuses herself and goes to the ladies room. Shortly thereafter, Sara follows. In the bathroom, she finds her sister looking strangely disconcerted and asks her what is wrong. Liz responds by asking Sara what she remembers about the events leading up to the accident. Sara agrees with her sister that Gia did drink a whole glass of champagne, not just a sip as Gia claims. Sara also admits to Liz that Gia did not take a blood alcohol test at GH and Nikolas is aware of that. Liz is stunned by the news. She asks that Sara not tell anyone about their conversation and tells her she needs to be alone for awhile. With Liz gone for so long, Gia becomes nervous and goes to check on her. She tries to make conversation with her friend, but Liz remains silent. Suddenly, she explodes, "Damn you!" Liz cries, "You were the one who ran the red light!" Now its Gia's turn to be stunned. However, she quickly regroups and, though she doesn't dispute what Liz says, she tries to convince Liz to leave the accident in the past where it belongs. Liz refuses. She is furious that Nikolas and Gia covered up who really caused the accident and is even more furious that they manipulated her into being part of the plan. "Leave Nikolas out of this, he's been through enough hell over what he's done," Gia demands. "And what would that be?" Liz questions.

Back in the interrogation room at the PCPD, Mac asks Skye if she's sure she wants to press kidnapping charges against Sonny. He admits to her that they will be very difficult to prove. Before Skye can answer, Jax says that she won't be. Dara Jensen enters the room and announces that she will take over. Mac leaves without telling Dara what Jax said. Jax asks Dara if he can remain in the room while Skye gives her statement. Dara replies that he can't and makes him leave. Outside the interrogation room, Carly asks Jax if he told Skye that she was responsible for Ms. Quartermaine's "kidnapping." Jax says that he did but he doesn't know if Skye will change her statement. Meanwhile, inside the interrogation room, Dara waits for Skye to start talking.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

All heck breaks loose in the police station when Jax makes Skye confess that she was lying and Sonny didn't "kidnap" her or lock her in the boat shed. She breaks down and begins crying and yelling at everyone telling them that they signed AJ's death certificate because Sonny was going to kill him. Jax tried to console her but she wouldn't hear of it. She turned away from him...again..even though she loves him...and left the police station. Jax didn't go after her.

Carly tried to talk to Sonny but he told her he was in a hurry and had to go get his sister. Zander grabbed Carly's arm before she ran off after Sonny and told her to let it go this time. She got upset and told him to back off and let go of her but Zander was forceful this time and told her that she was making it worse and if she didn't take his advice this time it was the last time she'd get any from him. Carly, being Carly, took off after Sonny anyway. Zander was surprised but a final nod of failure swept across his face. Carly showed up at Sonny's penthouse while he was talking to Alexis about losing AJ's trail and having to start over. She demanded he let her in and then snubbed Alexis. Sonny barked at her and said that she owed Alexis a thank you for covering for her. Carly said she'd do no such thing and that goody goody Alexis would lie for Sonny anytime now. Sonny went low and asked Carly who would have Michael right then if she had went to jail. Then again told her to thank Alexis. Carly just stared in silence.

Alan and Monica bickered over going after and protecting AJ again. Alan refuses to rescue his son again (which I agree with) and Monica threatened that their marriage was at stake if he didn't. Alan said that he has to hit bottom and come to terms with his actions before he'll start being responsible. Monica disagrees. Alan tried to get Bobbie to go to lunch with him and talk but she refused. He was left in his office to sulk.

Mike Corbin grabbed Edward around the throat and threatened him if he didn't tell him where Courtney was. Edward said he didn't know but Mike wasn't buying. Ned came in and rescued him then told Mike that neither of them knew where his daughter was but if he did he'd tell Mike because he has a daughter of his own. Mike believed him but gave one more warning to Edward. If AJ harms Courtney in anyway, he'd personally take AJ apart. Then he left. Edward went to the phone to call the police and Ned stopped him. This didn't sit well but Ned told his grandfather that it wouldn't help.

With knowledge of the coverup that Gia and Nikolas orchestrated after the accident to keep Gia from jail, Liz laid into Gia and then stormed out to go at Nikolas. She told him that she couldn't believe he would lie to her after everything they'd been through. She couldn't believe that everything he told her wasn't for her benefit but to bend her mind into believing the story they told her and save Gia. Nikolas barked back that it's ok for Gia and Lucky to be lied to and be hurt but not Liz. It wasn't fair. He said he loved her but he had to protect Gia and that if Liz thought that he would do all of these things purposely to hurt her maybe she didn't know him after all. Liz agreed and left the club. Gia came over and hugged Nikolas and they wondered what Liz would do next.

Friday, April 5, 2002

In search of Helena, Felicia and Roy arrived at an arcade, a lead from Luke and a young blonde kid; Felicia and Roy were convinced this was a wild goose chase.

In his dark room, Lucky was startled by Luke's arrival, and Luke berated him for being off guard, now that Helena is on the loose. Luke let Lucky know that Nikolas was the one who helped Helena escape; Lucky was shocked.

Gia and Nikolas wondered what Liz will do next. Gia was worried about Marcus's wrath if and when he found out the truth about the accident and that they both lied to him. She wanted to run off to Paris immediately, but Nikolas wouldn't hear of that and just wanted to dance. Gia didn't want to avoid the issue. She wanted a plan of action. Nikolas assured her that he let Helena go to protect Gia and that if all else failed, they would have the benefit of money to get them out of this terrible situation. Gia was bothered by this statement, but (naturally) headed on upstairs to collect her latest promised present from Nik.

Skye and Alan argued about their lack of support for each other and AJ Alan requested a "rule book" from Skye. He felt that when he tried to reach out to her, she only lied to him and used him; but if he set limits, she felt betrayed by him and lashed out. Skye was speechless, but eventually they came together, discussed and sadly realized that they were both their own worst enemies. Skye left quietly.

At Sonny's, Alexis outsmarted Carly's badmouthing and left to her penthouse. Carly told Sonny that Alexis had no loyalty toward him, but Sonny lashed out at Carly that this wasn't about Alexis; it was about Carly not thinking of the consequences of what she does before she does these harmful things - Michael was at risk ... bottom line. Carly tried to change the subject, as usual, but Sonny stopped her by telling her that her ways "cost too much" and that she only hurts the people who end up having to clean up the messes she leaves behind. Basically, he said, she lied to him AGAIN, and he didn't know HOW to trust her. Sonny wanted her to stay out of his "business", but Carly was adamant about telling him that AJ was NOT business ... he was personal to them both, and she felt shut out. Carly told Sonny that this whole situation was Skye's fault ... she was stupid for trying to get out of the boat house through the trap door. Sonny explained to Carly that she needed to realize that Skye wasn't interested in AJ getting Courtney; she wanted AJ to get MICHAEL. He told her that Skye was a coward, not stupid - that's why she went through the trap door, and that Carly was so unlike Skye, the coward. They reminisced about when Carly took care of Sonny during his claustrophobia, and he told her that was probably why he covered for her at the PCPD - he felt that he owed her. She left the penthouse, both of them emotional. Alexis entered the hall after Sonny walked Carly out.

Lucky told Luke about the letter Nikolas found in the safe deposit box, and he explained to Luke how it really got to Nikolas, emotionally, regarding Stavros. But Lucky also said he couldn't imagine Nikolas doing anything to hurt those he loved. Liz walked in just in time to confirm the opposite. She tried to tell Lucky about the accident, but they were interrupted by Roy, who was calling to get Luke to come to the arcade. Before leaving, Luke advised Lucky to listen to Liz carefully and not to "take anything for granted." Liz told Lucky about the events of the accident and that Nikolas manipulated Liz into making the false statement to Gia's benefit. Lucky was shocked and said that what Nikolas had done was no less than what Helena had done to him. They decided to head to Wyndemere together to confront Nikolas.

Gia loved her new PJ's, but wanted to know what happened to Miss Tilly (the witness that Nikolas bribed about the accident). Nikolas assured her that Miss Tilly wouldn't be a problem, which made Gia VERY uncomfortable, knowing about the lengths that Nikolas' father, Stavros, had gone to in protecting his loved ones. Her fears got the best of her, and Nikolas felt as if he was being interrogated. He asked her if she thought he was capable of something so harsh as murder. Nikolas assured a concerned Gia that he was not another Sonny Corinthos - he protected her with money, but no one was really "hurt." In the midst of telling Gia "they'll never lose anything worth anything", Lucky and Liz walked in, and Lucky asked if that included his "brother."

At the arcade, Felicia was stunned to see Maxie walk in the door - she was supposed to be babysitting, but she was with friends. Maxie was humiliated by her mom's appearance for this latest case, and let her know it - "you look like a hooker." She and Felicia argued about why Maxie wasn't where she was supposed to be, but finally Felicia said they would talk about it tomorrow and Felicia sent Maxie home with the "non-drinking driver", which irritated Maxie further. Luke walked in and reiterated how "hot" Felicia looked, embarrassing both Felicia and Maxie. Luke, Roy and Felicia headed out to the train yard, based on the lead from the arcade kid.

At Club 101, Jax was having a second drink "on the house" and expressed to Carly that she was dangerous in business and he questioned whether or not he could trust her. Carly asked the same of him, remembering the $5 million Jax offered Zander to turn against Sonny. Jax was speechless. She reminded him that they agreed to keep business separate from personal matters, and as if it had been planned (hmmm?), she showed Jax the financial statements proving that they're 20% ahead of projections. She reassured him that Sonny was not an instigator in her decisions anymore, and she urged Jax to do the same with Skye. Jax told her that another stunt like this would end their business relationship. He asked her if she wanted a ride home, but she quickly flashed the keys to her new "midnight blue" number and told him she now had a driver's license. Jax left, and a lurking Skye confronted a startled Carly.

Sonny checked in with one of his men and said he didn't want Courtney frightened by what may have to happen. He and Alexis made small talk about her "cooking skills" (or lack thereof). After a long stare at her, Sonny came out of nowhere and expressed to her that she's the only one he can trust.

At the train station, Luke, Roy and Felicia were about to give up, thinking that the "kid" was clueless, but all of a sudden, Luke spotted a "bum" near the tracks ... a bum named "Helena"!!!

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