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Monday, August 31, 2009

Owen admitted that he still loved Jackie, but wasn't sure he could forgive her for kissing Whip. Jackie asked Owen if he was afraid she would hurt him again. Owen said he feared he was in too deep; Jackie had become the center of his world. Jackie said Owen was the center of her world, too. Owen questioned her claim. He reminded Jackie that she and Whip talked about things and places Owen had never heard of, and he felt like an outsider in is own marriage. Jackie tried to assure him that was not true.

Owen reminded Jackie that he was not telling her he didn't want to work through their problems. He said he did want to work through them and move past the incident, but he needed more time. Owen said if he returned to work and had to watch Whip fawning over Jackie and flirting with her, he would lose his mind.

Owen said the problem wasn't a single kiss with Whip, it was the fact she ran to another man before she gave Owen the chance to explain. Jackie said if she lost Owen due to her own bad reaction to the fake interview and her own stupidity, then she supposed it was what she deserved. Owen said he took vows to Jackie and meant them. He assured her that he still wanted their marriage to last. But for the time being, Owen said he needed some space and time to learn to forgive her. Jackie was unhappy, but understood, and the two of them embraced.

Stephanie asked Beth if Beth was threatening her. Beth replied that she promised she would do whatever was necessary to protect her daughter. Stephen arrived and asked Stephanie to back off. Ridge took Stephanie aside and said he needed to talk to her.

Donna and Katie arrived and asked what Stephanie had done to their mother. Stephen asked Marcus to take his grandmother outside so he could talk to the girls. Marcus complied. Stephen told his daughters he had some bad news for them. Stephen explained that he was away on a business trip and returned to find Beth had taken a turn for the worse. He said she was disoriented and when they saw the doctor, the doctor said she had stage five Alzheimer's disease.

Stephen added that Beth wanted to visit her daughters right away and that it was very important for her to spend time with them while she could still remember them. The Logan sisters were heartsick over the news. The girls because to cry and Stephen took their hands and expressed that he felt the same pain that his daughters felt.

Stephen explained to them that Alzheimer's affected the short-term memory first. He said Beth could be in the kitchen preparing a casserole she had made a thousand times and stop dead in the middle of the recipe, unable to keep going or remember what to do next. He said she would get frustrated and throw the entire dish in the trash. But she could remember a party she catered back in 1972, every detail, and every dish she prepared.

Stephen added he had to hide the car keys from Beth. Katie said she bet that didn't go over very well. Stephen said Beth had gotten very agitated and angry several times lately. He suggested Brooke explain it to Hope and R.J. so if they saw Grandma acting angry, they would know it was because she was sick.

Stephen said he had a hard time telling where the disease ended and Beth started. He explained she had gotten very angry when she read "The Logan Chronicles," but he wasn't sure if that was a genuine reaction or something triggered by her disease. Stephen warned the girls that their mother had a few memories of them as adults, but many times referred to Brooke, Katie, and Donna as though they were little girls again.

Katie, Donna, and Brooke assured Stephen he did not have to bear the burden on his own anymore.

Beth entered the room again and said she didn't want to see any sad faces. Beth said the Logan s had always handled any trouble that had gone their way head-on, and she wanted to do that with her illness, too. Beth said time was precious and far too short to spend one minute apart from the people she loved. Beth added that Brooke and Ridge should stop fiddling around and reunite, too.

Stephen said while they were talking about time being precious, he had a question for Beth. He poured out his heart and said the one regret he had in life was walking away from their family, and he wanted to make that right. Stephen asked Beth if she would agree to be his wife again. The girls were stunned by his question. Beth said it was unexpected, and she loved him for asking, but she knew he only proposed because she was sick. Stephen denied it and showed her a ring he had bought in Paris long before he knew her diagnosis.

Beth suggested he was proposing out of pity. Stephen denied it. He said Beth could turn him down if she didn't love him, but not because she felt his proposal wasn't genuine, because it was. At Stephen and her daughter's urging, Beth finally agreed to remarry Stephen, and the Logan clan rejoiced.

Marcus took Beth into the lobby and got her a glass of water. Beth thanked him and apologized to him for having to witness her fight with Stephanie. Marcus assured Beth she didn't have to apologize for anything. He realized Stephanie provoked her. Beth said she only wanted Stephanie to leave her girls alone, because they had all suffered for so many years at Stephanie's hand.

Ridge explained to Stephanie that there was a reason that Beth wasn't acting like herself, and told his Mom about Beth's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Stephanie was floored and noted that Beth held the Logan family together when their d ad left. Stephanie realized it would be devastating for the Logan sisters to lose their beloved mother to such an awful disease.

Stephanie asked how long Stephen had known about Beth's condition. Ridge said he wasn't sure, but knew that Beth was deteriorating rapidly and noted how unfair it was for someone as young as Beth to suffer with Alzheimer's disease. Stephanie noted it was unfair for anyone at any age to have a disease that caused them to drift away, lose their memories, and forget their families.

Brooke went to Ridge's office and told him about Stephen's proposal. She also expressed her heartbreak over losing her mother, little by little, day by day watching her fade further away. Brooke said it had reminded her of the sense of urgency they should have about their own relationship.

Brooke reminded Ridge they were wasting precious time in limbo. She urged Ridge to make up his mind and make a decision about whether he wanted to be with Brooke or Taylor. Brooke reminded Ridge that one never knew how much time they would have left with thei r loved ones, and it could be the last chance he had to make a choice.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Jackie told Nick that in spite of her grand gesture that included parasailing over Owen's beach house to tell him that she loved him, Owen still said he needed time and space. Owen had not returned home and planned to remain at the beach house until he felt that he could trust Jackie. She lamented that Owen didn't trust her. Nick was somewhat sympathetic, but reminded Jackie that she and Owen were at different points in their lives. Owen had never been married before, and might not have had many relationships. Jackie was older and wiser.

Jackie became indignant and guessed that Nick wanted her to find someone her own age. Nick told her that she had to learn to expect different behavior from someone less experienced like Owen. He said that it might be best if their relationship didn't work. Jackie argued that Nick had previously said he would support her and help her. Nick said that he had supported her, and that she needed to listen to Owen and give him time and space. Jackie said that she and Owen were happy and they were going to be happy again. She angrily walked out of the office and said that she was going to convince Owen to return home.

At Owen's beach house, Steffy visited and tried to persuade Owen to go surfing with her, but he said he wasn't interested. She wondered why he was at his beach house rather than Jackie's loft, and Owen explained that he couldn't get past the image of Jackie in Whip's arms. He said that he knew it was just a kiss, but it really bothered him. He admitted that he loved Jackie and wanted everything back the way it was, but he just had to get past her kissing Whip. Owen added that Whip and Jackie were knowledgeable about the world, and Owen couldn't compete with that. He felt out of place when Whip and Jackie discussed traveling to places he had never been.

Steffy told Owen that she wasn't a good person to give advice on romance, since her family would be the perfect example of what not to do in relationships. Owen asked about Ridge and Taylor's wedding and Brooke's interruption. Steffy said that she just wanted her parents to be happy. She was no longer concerned about who her dad ended up with. Owen asked about Rick, and Steffy said that their relationship was never going to work. Both families were too set against it.

While they were talking, Jackie walked into the beach house and watched from the window as Steffy caressed Owen's shoulder in a friendly gesture. Jackie appeared to be jealous, but she couldn't hear what they were saying. Owen told Steffy that he knew Jackie was the only woman for him. He needed time to get over her kissing Whip. He wanted to tell her that he wanted her back again, but he wasn't ready.

At Forrester, Brooke met with Ridge, and told him that she was considering moving to Paris to be with her mother. Ridge was incredulous that she would uproot the kids just as school was starting. Brooke said she planned to enroll them in Paris. She was philosophical and said that learning of her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis made her realize how precious every minute wa s. She said that she needed to be with her mother.

Ridge wondered if Beth or Stephen had asked Brooke to move to Paris, and she said that they hadn't, but she felt it was the right thing to do. Ridge wondered why they were going to Paris rather than staying in Los Angeles , and Brooke responded that it was what her mother wanted. Ridge worried that Brooke was making a hasty decision. He tried to dissuade her from moving by bringing up the "Royalty" campaign they had just started. Brooke said that she and her sisters would be getting together with her parents in Paris, and they could handle photo shoots at Forrester International.

Ridge wondered how he would see R.J., and she told him he could always visit when he was on business in Paris. Ridge was agitated, and he told Brooke that she couldn't make such a critical decision so quickly. Ridge asked what he had to do to change her mind. Brooke became teary-eyed and explained that she had to move on.

Brooke said she couldn't go one more night knowing that he was going home to Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy. She couldn't stand it any longer. Ridge apologized for making her wait for his decision, but he couldn't make up his mind. Brooke said that was part of the problem. If he really wanted to be with her, it would only take a few seconds for him to realize that he should be going home with her. She said that she had to do something. She told Ridge that she would always love him.

Ridge said that he would always love her. They kissed, and Brooke walked out the door. Ridge frantically realized he couldn't let Brooke walk out of his life. He told himself that he had to do something to stop her. He ran out into the hallway to find her, but she was gone.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ridge urged Brooke to take some time to talk with him before she started packing her bags for Paris. Brooke suggested there was nothing else to talk about. Ridge asked Brooke if he could do anything to change her mind. Brooke said he first needed to decide what he wanted, and if he decided he wanted her, he would have to prove it. Ridge asked for specifics of what it would take to prove his love for her, and Brooke wasn't willing to give him a play-by-play, she told him that was up to him to figure out.

Katie and Donna visited with Brooke while she packed. Brooke's sisters noted what a quick decision she made to move to Paris and asked her what the rush was to move so fast. They suggested that Brooke should give Ridge more time to make up his mind. Brooke said she was done with waiting and needed to move on with her life and forget about Ridge.

Donna said when their parents set the wedding date, they could all go to Paris and spend time with their folks, but Brooke insisted she wanted to go right away. Donna cried and said she would miss Brooke, then made Brooke promise to call every hour. Brooke said she would. Brooke took one last look around her bedroom. She told her sisters she hadn't thought she would ever leave that house, but after Ridge left, it hadn't felt like home anymore, anyway.

Thorne burst into Ridge's office to inform him that Brooke and the kids planned to move to Paris. Ridge sighed and said he already knew. Thorne asked Ridge if he was "cool" with Brooke moving halfway around the world, and Ridge said he was not cool with it at all. Thorne asked Ridge what he intended to do to stop Brooke from leaving and added that he knew just how much Ridge loved Brooke. Ridge reluctantly admitted he had no idea what to do to stop Brooke from leaving town.

Thorne asked how Brooke was traveling to Paris and Ridge said she was going to take the Forrester jet. Thorne reminded Ridge that Eric sold their jet, and Ridge said they got a reprieve because they made a lot of money after the fashion challenge. Thorne asked Ridge if he really planned to just let Brooke fire up the jet and fly right out of his life.

R.J. and Allie arrived in the office, and R.J. shared the news that he had lost a tooth. He and Ridge talked about the wonders of the tooth fairy. R.J. told his dad he didn't want to move to Paris and wanted their family to all be together in one place. Ridge said R.J. could visit his family in Los Angeles on school break. After R.J. and Allie left, Thorne scolded Ridge and said R.J. was right--Ridge needed to do what it took to get their family back together.

Thorne pointed out that Hope and R.J. were still little kids and really needed Ridge. He added that Thomas and Steffy were grownups and would understand if Ridge wasn't with Taylor better than R.J. would understand if Ridge wasn't with Brooke. Thorne reminded Ridge that their mother had tried repeatedly to tear Ridge and Brooke apart, and that Rick caused trouble for them, too, but "still and all ," Thorne believed Brooke was the woman that Ridge truly loved. Thorne said Taylor was a wonderful woman, but she was not the woman Ridge really wanted to spend his life with. Thorne urged Ridge to give Brooke one more try.

Whip arrived at Owen's door and Owen tried to slam the door in his face, but Whip pushed his way in. Whip said Owen had every right to be angry, but proposed that if Owen needed to be mad at someone, to blame Whip instead of Jackie. Owen scowled at him.

Whip said the kiss between him and Jackie "just happened." Owen laughed and asked Whip how a woman ended up in his arms by accident. Owen continued by pointing out that Whip had his sights set on Jackie from the day he arrived. Owen reminded Whip he had warned him to stay away from his wife.

Owen said Whip saw Jackie was vulnerable and made his move on her, nothing more. Owen assured Whip he was not fooled by his fake concern for Owen's marriage; Owen knew Whip was not a friend to Jackie, and especially not to Owen. Whip assured Owen that nothing happened between him and Jackie other than one single kiss. Whip predicted that if Owen let one kiss ruin his marriage to Jackie, he would regret it forever. Whip urged Owen to let the incident go and return to his wife.

Steffy stopped by to visit Jackie and tried to talk to her on Owen's behalf. Steffy explained she had run into Owen at the beach and was surprised to hear Jackie turned to Whip so quickly after faux-Owen's interview. Jackie was a bit taken aback to discover that Owen confided something to private to Steffy. Steffy explained that the two of them were friends and Owen just needed someone to talk to. Steffy said she was happy she could be there for Owen, and Jackie said she was glad, too.

Steffy said Owen was crazy about Jackie, and urged Jackie to do everything in her power to get Owen back. Steffy said Owen was a great guy and one worth fighting for. Jackie told Steffy it was complicated. Steffy said she might be young, but she knew love was worth fighting for.

Jackie mentioned that she was very impressed with Steffy and was happy Owen had a friend in his corner who was willing to stand up for him. Jackie pointed out that Steffy was young and fresh, and didn't carry around a lifetime of baggage and bad choices like Jackie did. Steffy said she had a suitcase or two of her own she hauled around. Jackie said the difference was Steffy was not jaded, she still had an open heart. Jackie urged her not to ever let that change.

Jackie said regardless of what happened between her and Owen, she hoped only the best for him, and wanted Owen to have the best life had to offer, and to experience everything. Jackie added that she did not want to hold Owen back anymore. After Steffy left, Nick entered and asked Jackie how her visit to Owen had gone. Jackie admitted she never spoke to him. Jackie confessed she just watched Owen talking with Steffy and noted how beautiful they looked together.

Jackie explained to Nick that she truly loved Owen, but wasn't sure she was what was best for him. She mentioned that Owen wanted kids and they had discussed adoption. Nick asked Jackie if she really wanted to change diapers at her age, and she laughed.

Jackie felt she was standing in Owen's way of getting everything life had to offer him. Nick asked Jackie point-blank if she wanted Owen to date Steffy. Jackie said not necessarily, but someone like Steffy--someone young and vibrant that he could go surfing with and have babies with.

Jackie said she planned to end it with Owen to give him that chance. Nick mocked her and said how nice it was of her to dump Owen for his own sake. Nick added that it wouldn't work because Owen still loved her. Jackie said she still loved Owen, too, and added he had given her the happiest days of her life. Jackie felt guilty for the hurt and pain she caused Owen and thought she could make it right if she ended things with him so he could have a fresh start.

Jackie went to Owen's beach house to talk to him about their future. Before she had a chance to get the words out, Owen pulled her into a passionate kiss and informed her he wanted her back and didn't want to spend another day without her.

Aboard the Forrester jet, Katie pulled out a magazine for Brooke to read. Unfortunately, it was an equestrian magazine, which only reminded Brooke about riding into Ridge's wedding on horseback. Brooke noted that she truly thought Ridge would take one look at her riding up on her horse and return to her. Brooke added the joke was on her, because Ridge had stayed with Taylor.

Katie sensed Brooke didn't really want to leave, and assured Brooke it was not too late to change her mind. Brooke said she needed a chance of locale in order to get Ridge out of her mind and start fresh.

Thorne pushed Ridge to do something to stop Brooke from leaving, and said if he didn't, it would be the biggest mistake of his life. A light went on above Ridge's head and he asked Thorne to gather all the men from shipping and send them to Ridge right away. Ridge had a plan.

Ridge stood on the beach at Point Dume and said to himself, "This has to work..."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Nick explained to Bridget that his mother was very much in love with Owen, but she planned to end their marriage because she feared that their age difference was too much for them to overcome. Nick said that Jackie loved Owen so much that she was willing to let him go in order for him to be happy. Bridget couldn't believe that Jackie would end her marriage. Bridget noted that since Jackie had met Owen, Jackie had been happier than Bridget had ever seen her.

At Owen's, after Whip told Owen he was foolish to leave Jackie because Jackie really loved him, Owen was torn about what to do. Jackie showed up at his door. She started to tell Owen that she had done a lot of thinking and realized that he might be better off without her. Owen was stunned. She told him that their romance had started off as nothing but fun, and it had all been charming and wonderful, but it was becoming dramatic and they were arguing over silly things. She wondered if they had made a mistake getting married, but she added that she would always be grateful for the time they had together, because he had made her feel alive again. He was the best thing that had happened to her and she truly loved him.

He stopped her and said that he loved her. He had no doubt in his mind that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He didn't want to go one more hour without her. He wanted to return to her home. Jackie said that she worried that he would tire of her and want someone younger as she aged. She said she would understand if he wanted a younger woman -- someone who could give him children. She started to remove her ring, but Owen refused to let her go.

He told her that other people didn't understand their relationship and it didn't matter to him. He just wanted to go home with his beautiful wife. They agreed that they were madly in love, and planned to stay together. They agreed that no one would ever separate them again. They embraced and kissed.

At Il Giardi no, Thorne and Stephanie were meeting for lunch, and Stephanie ordered champagne. Thorne asked her what they were celebrating, and Stephanie told him that Brooke was on a plane to Paris. Stephanie wanted to celebrate, and she hoped that Brooke would never return. Thorne told his mother that her celebration might be premature. Thorne said that he had just talked to Ridge, and Ridge was trying to do something to get Brooke to stay in Los Angeles. Thorne refused to share details, but he said that Ridge was not going to let Brooke leave without fighting for her. Stephanie doubted that they would get together again, but Thorne insisted that Ridge loved Brooke and needed to be with her and his kids.

On board the Forrester jet, Katie tried to reason with Brooke by telling her that leaving for Paris was the wrong thing to do. Katie begged Brooke to reconsider, but Brooke said she couldn't stand it any longer with Ridge living with Taylor. If she had to go on living without Ridge, she wanted to do it somewhere far away from him. Katie encouraged Brooke to change her mind, but Brooke was adamant about leaving and insisted that the pilot was taking too long to take off.

The pilot used the intercom to apologize to Brooke and Katie about a change in flight plan. He announced that they would be taking off after a short delay. While they waited, Katie reminded Brooke that their mother didn't want Brooke to move to Paris to hover over her. Brooke promised not to hover. She explained that moving to Paris was something Brooke felt she had to do to be with their mother and to get away from Ridge. Katie insisted that Brooke was wrong, but Brooke said that Ridge had ample opportunities to prove that he loved her and wanted her to stay. He hadn't done anything.

Somewhere on a beach, Ridge had recruited Forrester shipping employees to help him in an effort to get through to Brooke. He was at the beach working up a sweat and asking the workers to hurry, because Brooke had to see what was going on. He had to make her change her mind. He smiled and leaned on a shovel after he and the crew were working. He told himself that his idea had to work. He promised himself that he would not lose Brooke.

As the plane became airborne, Katie looked out the window, and she told Brooke that they were traveling over Point Dume, the beach where Brooke and Ridge had exchanged wedding vows. Katie looked surprised and told Brooke she had to look out the window. Ridge had left a sign for her -- something that should persuade her not to go to Paris.

As Brooke looked out the plane's window, she saw a huge heart with Brooke and Ridge carved into the center of it. It resembled the same heart that Ridge had made when they got married on the beach. Brooke smiled. As the plane went overhead, Ridge watched and waited for Brooke to return. Later, a black vehicle suddenly pulled up onto the beach. Brooke climbed out and raced toward Ridge. They ran into each other's arms, hugged, and kissed. Ridge promised that they would never be apart again--ever. Brooke agreed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

At Point Dume, Brooke and Ridge continued their romantic reunion. Ridge told Brooke that he wasn't sure if his plan for her to see their names, carved into a heart in the sand, would work, but Brooke said that she saw Ridge's declaration of love from the Forrester jet. Ridge said that she had no idea what seeing her drive up the beach did for him, and that he was never letting her go again. The couple began kissing passionately.

Taylor met Stephanie at Il Giardino. Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke had left for Paris to look after Beth. Stephanie said that her heart went out to Beth and the Logan family, and that she admired Brooke for going to Paris to take care of her mother. Taylor joked that Stephanie probably admired Brooke more for leaving town. Taylor said that Brooke might be gone from Los Angeles, but until Taylor knew that Ridge was over her emotionally, Taylor wanted to hold off on celebrating.

From Brooke's, Ridge phoned Taylor and asked her if they could talk after Taylor was done with her appointments for the day. Taylor said that would be fine, and asked Ridge if everything was okay. Ridge said that he would tell her all about it in person. After Taylor hung up the phone, she asked Stephanie if Brooke had gone to Paris by herself. Stephanie said that Katie had gone to Paris with Brooke. Taylor and Stephanie were stunned when Katie walked into Il Giardino and sat down with Donna.

Taylor and Stephanie walked over to the Logans' table. Stephanie asked Katie why she wasn't on her way to Paris with Brooke. Katie told Stephanie that Brooke had the plane turned around after deciding not to go to Paris. Stephanie asked where Brooke was, and was unhappy to learn that she was with Ridge.

Katie said that she and Brooke had every intention of going to Paris, but when they flew over Point Dume, they saw that Ridge had rebuilt Brooke and Ridge's heart in the sand. Katie told Stephanie and Taylor that Brooke took that as a symbol that Ridge still loved Brooke, so she told the pilot to turn the plane around. Katie apologized to Taylor, saying she knew that wasn't what Taylor wanted to hear. Donna and Katie left the restaurant.

Stephanie offered to drive Taylor home, but Taylor said that she had patients to see. Stephanie suggested that Taylor cancel the rest of her appointments. Taylor lied and said that she was fine. Stephanie said that Taylor didn't know exactly what had happened. Taylor said that she did. Stephanie said that Taylor and Ridge would have their day. Taylor said it was obviously not going to be that day.

At Brooke's, Brooke told Ridge that R.J. and Hope were thrilled that they were staying in Los Angeles. Ridge told Brooke that he had called Taylor and told her that he needed to talk with her. Brooke said that wouldn't be easy, but Ridge said that he had to deal with it. Ridge said that what mattered most was him and Brooke -- and that he was finally home.

Brooke said that their relationship had been too close to ending -- and that they could never let that happen again. They declared their love for each other before they began making love.

After making love, Ridge blamed himself for allowing him and Brooke to drift apart. Brooke tried to assuage Ridge's guilt by reminded him that he had lost a daughter. Ridge said that he and Brooke had endured too much -- one challenge after another. Brooke said that nothing would ever destroy their relationship again. Ridge said that when he and Brooke were separated, he felt as if a large piece of him had been missing. Brooke and Ridge agreed that they were different people without each other. They vowed to protect each other forever. After Ridge told Brooke that he adored her, the couple began making love again.

Steffy stopped by Jackie M to see Stephanie, but learned that her grandmother was out of the building. Steffy teased Whip about how the Forrester Royalty collection had won the fashion competition, beating Jackie M's Indulge line.

Steffy asked Whip how Jackie and Owen were. Whip was surprised that Steffy was visiting Stephanie to gossip with her grandmother about the Knights. Steffy reminded Whip that the whole world knew that Owen's twin had said the horrible things about Jackie in the television interview, which had caused problems in the Knights' marriage. Steffy said that she knew how Whip felt about Jackie, but reminded him that Jackie was still married to Owen. Steffy hoped that Whip would have the decency to leave Jackie alone while she worked on her marital problems.

Whip wondered why Steffy had such a vested interest in Jackie's marriage. Steffy said that she liked Owen -- and that she didn't want to see him hurt. Steffy said that Jackie and Owen loved each other, and the only reason that Jackie had turned to Whip was because of the interview with Owen's twin. She warned Whip to back off.

Whip said that he thought that Jackie and Owen were probably ending their marriage at that moment. Steffy became upset and wondered why Whip couldn't see that the Knights were crazy about each other. Steffy realized that Whip had deep feelings for Jackie.

Whip told Steffy that his feelings for Jackie weren't any of her business. He said that the way he saw it, Owen had charmed Jackie into a marriage that wasn't going to work. Steffy told Whip that when Jackie was with Owen, she was happy. Before she left, Steffy told Whip not to mess with the Knights, as he would make everyone, including himself, miserable. Alone, a confused Whip stared at a picture of Owen with Jackie

At Owen's beach house, Owen and Jackie were kissing passionately. Owen was thrilled that Jackie wanted him back. Jackie said that she couldn't live without Owen. As Owen and Jackie were about to make love, Owen stopped and told Jackie that he had something he wanted to tell her. He said that he couldn't go back and work at Jackie M if Whip was still working there. He realized that Whip was doing a great job, but said that he simply couldn't work with him. He asked Jackie to fire Whip.

Jackie said that she understood, but she asked Owen to understand that Whip was a public relations genius, and was a large part of the success of Jackie M. Owen said he knew that, but that Whip was a player who wanted Jackie, and that Whip wanted Owen out of the picture so that he could move in on Jackie. After a moment, Jackie promised Owen that he wouldn't have to work with Whip anymore.

Jackie said that she missed Owen terribly, and that her life had been empty without him. She begged Owen to tell her that he would accompany her home. Owen said that he was already back with her.

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