One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on OLTL

Ross agreed to return to Llanview with Blair, who had persuaded Ross to grant Téa a divorce. Starr was forced to reveal Cole's undercover status after Todd spotted him selling drugs. Dorian overheard Starr's admission and relayed the information to the mayor, who was involved in the drug ring. Sergei decided to kill Cole and Starr. Rachel denied being attracted to Greg, but she allowed Greg to kiss her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Cops, The Kids, The Bigamist & Her Lover

Cole and Asher met with Sergi at Angel Square Park. When Cole and Asher complained about not receiving their long-awaited drug supply, Sergi told his employees that the new shipment had been delayed. After relating that someone had alerted the police about the expected drug shipment, Sergi explained that his associates had determined that it was necessary to cancel the merchandise.

Grabbing Asher by the collar, a suspicious Sergi accused the teen of being a police informant, but Asher denied tipping the police off. Releasing his grip on Asher, Sergi turned to Cole and asked, "Have you been talking to the police?" Asher questioned if Sergi had leaked the information to the authorities. In an attempt to divert the attention from himself, a nervous Cole also alleged that Sergi was on the police payroll. Displaying an evil grin, Sergi declared, "I don't need to work for the cops, they work for me!"

Hoping to extract more information from Sergi, Cole stated that it was crucial that he received a drug supply before the school semester began. Cole demanded to know when the next shipment was due to arrive in Llanview. Unfazed by Cole's claims, Sergi advised him to be patient.

At the police station, Nora was stunned when Bo and John informed her that their investigation revealed that Mayor Lowell was operating a drug ring in Llanview. After Bo and John disclosed that they had illegally taped the mayor's conversation, Nora reminded the seasoned officers that a warrant was needed to record conversations. Stating that they didn't intend to use the information that had already been obtained, Bo and John asked Nora to help them obtain a warrant to record the mayor with a legal listening devise. Insisting that a cooperating judge would have to sign off on the warrant, Nora stated that practically every judge was on vacation at that time -- only Judge Runyon was available. Nora related that Judge Runyon was a close friend of Mayor Lowell.

After listening to the damaging tape recording, Judge Runyon wasn't convinced that the voice on the tape belonged to Mayor Lowell, and demanded more evidence. The judge questioned exactly what Cole had accomplished during his undercover stint. Determined to convince the judge to sign off on the warrant, John disclosed that Cole's undercover work had provided John with an enormous amount of information. John revealed that Cole was responsible for circulating marked bills on the street, and the money had been traced back to accounts that belonged to Mayor Lowell. Appalled by the evidence, the judge provided John with a search warrant.

Later, Nora advised John and Bo that the judge had placed a time limit on the warrant. Anxious to terminate Cole's undercover work, John stated that he would personally place the listening devise inside Mayor Lowell's campaign office. Alone, Bo and Nora worried about the possible outcome of Matthew's court case.

At Mayor Lowell's campaign headquarters, the mayor panicked when Dorian advised him that Viki had decided to run against him. Mayor Lowell was convinced that Viki was the only candidate who could possibly defeat him, but Dorian reminded him that she was his campaign manager, and that she was aware of all of Viki's secrets. Hopeful that Dorian might expose damaging information concerning Viki, the mayor was anxious to start brainstorming, but Dorian suggested that they wait until Mayor Lowell was in the perfect position to successfully exploit Viki's weaknesses.

Instead of focusing on Viki's problems right away, Dorian thought it was necessary for the mayor to convince the public that he had a loving relationship with his son. Appearing uncomfortable at the mention of his son, May or Lowell immediately changed the subject and insisted that his campaign focus on the issues. Insisting that his son was a crucial part of their strategy, Dorian announced, "We need your son right away!"

Later, as Dorian briefed the mayor on ideas about possible publicity opportunities, she became enraged when she noticed a teenage boy and girl vandalizing one of Mayor Lowell's campaign posters. Dorian was horrified when the mayor introduced the young vandals as his son, Justin, and Justin's girlfriend, Becca. After dressing Justin in a suit and tie, Dorian directed the mayor and his son as they posed for the camera. In between shoots, Justin told his dad that Justin had been selected as a member of Llanview High School's football team, and suggested that his father visit one of his games. Claiming that he was busy, the mayor declined his son's request. Justin appeared disappointed.

As the commercial wrapped up, Dorian suggested that the mayor attend Justin's football game and allow cameras to be present. As Dorian and the mayor squabbled, John appeared and announced that he wanted to speak with the mayor. Mayor Lowell demanded to know if John had made any progress in curtailing the drug trafficking problem that plagued Llanview. Hoping to avoid any negative publicity, Dorian reminded Mayor Lowell of his last confrontation with John, in which the mayor had been forced to retract the negative statements that he had directed toward John. Dorian urged the mayor to offer John his full support in rounding up every single drug dealer in Llanview.

For the sake of the campaign, Dorian convinced Mayor Lowell to bury the hatchet. In front of the cameras, John and Mayor Lowell shook hands and made amends. After Dorian and the mayor exited campaign headquarters, John hid the listening devise inside a paperweight on the mayor's desk.

At the apartment, Fish apologized to Layla and Cristian for lying about the fact that he was gay. Realizing that Fish was in a desperate state, Layla felt compassion for him. Recalling the terrible night he had experienced, Fish explained that he felt the need to fix the mistakes that he had made in his life. Fish admitted that he was ashamed of his sexuality, but Layla and Cristian informed their roommate that there wasn't anything wrong with being gay. When Fish expressed his fear that his fellow officers would reject him, Layla and Cristian assured him that John wouldn't think any less of him.

Layla and Cristian listened as Fish explained the strong opinions that his father had regarding homosexuality. Layla wondered how Fish had managed to deal with the pain of hiding his secret for so long. Fish explained that he had always pretended that he was attracted to women. Recounting how he had attended a college far away from his hometown and joined a popular fraternity in an attempt to hide his sexuality, Kyle appeared happy as he relived the amazing, secret relationship that he had shared with Kyle in college.

Fish offered to move out of the apartment, but Layla and Cristian refused to terminate his lease. As Layla and Cristian assured Fish that they didn't want to lose him as a roommate, Fish received a call from his father. After the call had ended, Layla and Cristian wondered if Fish had received bad news. Fish informed his roommates that his parents were on their way to Llanview to meet his girlfriend.

At Todd's house, Téa questioned why Todd wanted to marry her. After Téa accused him of having an ulterior motive, Todd insisted that he wanted to marry Téa her because he loved her. Unconvinced that Todd was ready for marriage, Téa reminded Todd that he had claimed to love Marty a few months before, and suggested that they live together. Frustrated, Todd declared, "If you love me, why are you stalling?" Téa wondered why Todd was in such a hurry to get married. Téa sensed that Todd was afraid of something. Todd admitted that he was afraid of losing her. Téa assured Todd that she loved him, but stated that she couldn't marry him.

When Todd announced that no one would ever interfere in their relationship again, Téa became alarmed. Realizing that Todd was referring to Blair, Téa demanded to know if Blair was plotting against her. Téa nearly panicked when Todd revealed that Blair was investigating Téa's lost years. Todd admitted that Blair had presented him with a file on Téa. When Téa inquired about the contents of the file, Todd explained that he had destroyed the papers because he had no reason to believe that he would discover any incriminating information about her. Consumed with anger, Téa yelled, "That bitch! Why can't she leave me alone?"

Attempting to calm her nerves, Todd stated, "There isn't a problem if there's nothing to hide." Lashing out at Todd, Téa said that she couldn't marry him because he didn't trust her. A concerned Todd replied, "There's no secret that you can tell me that I can't handle!" Declaring his love for her, Todd wondered why she was holding back her feelings. Near tears, Téa proclaimed her love for Todd but insisted that she couldn't marry him. As Todd continued to pressure her for an answer to his proposal, Téa begged him for a few moments alone to gather her thoughts. Walking towards the door, Todd agreed to take a walk, but promised that he would return. As Todd exited the house, a desperate Téa reached for the phone.

At Ross Rayburn's Tahiti residence, Blair was stunned to learn that Ross and Téa were married. As Blair listened, Ross confessed that his relationship with Téa began after Todd left them stranded on the island. Ross stated that their relationship was beautiful in the beginning, but problems arose when Téa realized that she was still in love with Todd. Ross wondered why Blair wanted to dig up dirt on Téa. Blair teased Ross about loving a woman who was in love with Todd. Claiming that his relationship with Téa was magical, Ross stated that he would've had a wonderful life with Téa if Todd had stayed with Blair.

Determined to get the answers she sought, Blair questioned why Ross had decided to give up on Téa. Suggesting that Ross fight for Téa, Blair offered to provide him with a ticket to Llanview, and promised to make the kidnapping charges against him disappear. Reminding Blair that she had enough information to destroy Téa and Todd's relationship, Ross challenged Blair's motives. Blair insisted that she wanted assurance.

Realizing that Blair expected him to drag Téa away from Todd, Ross asked Blair if she was positive that his actions could reunite her with Todd. A confident Blair exclaimed, "You want to be a free man, come back to Llanview with me?" Before Ross could respond, he received a call from Téa. As Blair listened, Ross announced, "Téa, I was just talking about you!"

Back at Angel Square Park, as Sergi instructed Cole and Asher to be patient, Justin called out to Asher. Asher identified Justin as a loyal customer. Relating that his drug supply was empty, Asher informed Sergi that he couldn't provide Justin with any narcotics until Sergi replenished Asher's drug supply. Sergi ordered Cole to service Asher's customer. Uneasy about actually dealing drugs, Cole insisted that it was unprofessional to steal someone else's customer, and refused to sell to Justin. Fed up with Cole's behavior, Sergi demanded that Cole sell to Justin.

Nearby, Todd sat on a park bench. While he entertained happy thoughts about Téa, Todd noticed Cole in the park. As he watched Cole sell drugs to Justin, Todd mumbled to himself, "What the hell are you up to?"

Inside Bo's office, Bo and Nora were enraged when they viewed Mayor Lowell's campaign commercial. Realizing that the mayor's son, Justin, was the same kid who had wrecked Matthew's prom, Bo insisted that Justin was responsible for Matthew's accident. Nora was horrified to think that Justin might help his father win the election. Bo assured Nora that the mayor would be behind bars before the election took place.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Enchanted Dealing

At the apartment, Fish ended a call with his father. Cris immediately sensed that Fish was troubled. Fish revealed that his parents were eager to meet his girlfriend, so they had decided to drive from Des Moines to Llanview. Fish had no idea what he was going to do when his parents arrived in a few days. Cris and Layla urged Fish to be truthful with his parents.

Fish explained that he loved his parents, but they weren't tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle. Fish's parents belonged to a church that supported an organization dedicated to helping gay people live a heterosexual lifestyle. According to Fish, admitting their son was gay would be like his parents denying the existence of God. Fish insisted that he had to hide his sexuality from his parents.

While Fish went to take a shower, Cris and Layla went to the kitchen to cook. Layla wondered if she had been too hard on Fish. Cris reminded Layla that Fish had hurt her. Layla admitted that she was angry and hurt, but she believed it was nothing compared to what Fish was going through. Layla shifted the focus off of her by thanking Cris for being a good friend. She hugged him and then promised that he would never have to deal with her boyfriend troubles again. Layla had decided that she was through with men.

At Mayor Lowell's campaign headquarters, Dorian advised the mayor to keep a low profile about his stance on gay issues. She suggested that the mayor focus on spearheading an anti-drug campaign. Dorian thought it would be a great idea if the mayor's son became involved in the cause. Neither Dorian nor the mayor realized that their every word was being monitored by Bo and Nora, thanks to the listening device that John had planted in the paperweight on the mayor's desk.

At the park, Sergei questioned Cole's reluctance sell drugs to Justin Lowell. Cole realized that he could compromise his cover if he continued to refuse Justin's request, so Cole took Justin to a secluded area. After Cole sold Justin some marijuana, they parted ways. Sergei questioned Cole about his hesitation to sell the pot to Justin. Cole admitted that he didn't like dealing to kids.

They were unaware that Todd had been lurking nearby. Todd had taken a picture with his cell phone of the drug transaction between Justin and Cole.

After Sergei and Cole parted ways, Cole called John. Cole was upset because he feared something terrible would happen to Justin as a result of the drugs that Cole had sold to him. John assured Cole that the drug deal had been necessary in order to protect Cole's cover. However, John did promise to try to keep Justin from using the drugs.

Starr approached Cole as he ended his call with John. Cole was uncomfortable talking to Starr, but she insisted that it wouldn't raise suspicion, since they shared a daughter. Cole argued that it was too dangerous to risk being seen together. Starr refused to walk away while Cole was upset. Eventually, Starr persuaded Cole to reveal that he'd been forced to sell drugs to Justin.

When John tracked down Justin, the drugs were in plain view. John promptly arrested Justin and then took him to the police station. Bo and Nora were surprised that John had handcuffed the teenager. John explained that Justin had made several attempts to escape. Nora was reluctant to charge Justin because of his age, but John insisted that it was necessary. John hoped that Mayor Lowell would be distracted by his son's troubles enough to drop his guard.

Justin called his father, asking for help. A short time later, Dorian and the mayor arrived at the police station. The mayor was furious when Nora informed him that Justin had been arrested for drug possession. Dorian accused Nora and Bo of trying to discredit the mayor. Nora ignored Dorian's comments; instead she advised the mayor that she would release Justin if the mayor paid a fine and Justin agreed to enter a drug counseling program.

Mayor Lowell accused John of planting the drugs on Justin. The mayor denied that his son used drugs, but no one appeared to believe him. Nora repeated her offer, while Justin pleaded with his father to help him. The mayor snapped "shut up" at his son and then demanded that Justin be released from police custody.

John called Cole to let him know that he had found Justin. John assured Cole that things would be over soon.

Later, in Bo's office, Nora worried that they had been too hard on Justin. Bo reminded Nora that Justin had been one of the kids who had bullied Matthew on the night that Matthew had been paralyzed. Moments later, they heard the mayor, Justin, and Dorian return to the campaign headquarters.

Dorian advised the mayor to be truthful with his constituents. She was confident that it would be the most effective way to prevent the scandal from ruining the mayor's re-election campaign. They mayor agreed to Dorian's suggestion and then asked to have a moment alone with his son. After everyone cleared out, the mayor backhanded his son.

Justin began crying as he cradled his injured head. The mayor didn't show any remorse for hurting his son. He berated Justin and then demanded to know if his son had bought the drugs. Justin told the truth and revealed that Cole had sold the marijuana to him. The mayor handed his son some money, instructed him to get something to eat, and then ordered him to return afterwards because they had more to discuss.

After Justin left, the mayor called Sergei. The mayor was livid; he told Sergei that Cole had sold drugs to his son. The mayor insisted that it could not happen again or heads would roll. In Bo's office, John, Bo, and Nora looked at each other with concern when they heard the mayor's ominous threat.

In Tahiti, Blair listened to Ross's side of his conversation with Téa. Ross was curious how Téa managed to attract so many enemies wherever she went. Téa ignored the question; she demanded that Ross sign the divorce papers. Ross wanted to know why Téa was so eager for a divorce. Téa claimed that she was moving on and then confessed that Todd had proposed marriage to her.

When Ross refused to comply with her demands, Téa threatened to send a bounty hunter after him. Todd entered the room moments later. Téa phrased her words carefully, so that Todd would assume that she was on the phone with a client. In Tahiti, Ross hadn't been intimidated by Téa's threat. He dared her to send anyone, including Todd, after him and then chuckled because he knew Téa would never risk Todd crossing paths with Ross.

After Ross disconnected the call, Téa scolded Todd for not respecting her privacy. She resented his interruption while she was working. Todd dismissed the call, pointing out that it couldn't have been important if she had been willing to hang up on the person. Luckily for Téa, Todd wasn't interested in whom she had been speaking to. He had other things on his mind.

Todd held up his phone to show Téa the picture that he had taken of Cole. He asked her what she thought of it. Téa agreed that it looked like a drug buy; she advised him to tell Marty that her son was using again. Todd clarified that Cole hadn't purchased the drugs, he had sold them. Téa was surprised that Todd had only snapped the picture. She confessed that she would have expected him to have had a more violent reaction to the situation. Todd admitted that there might be more to the picture than met the eye. He was also reluctant to alienate Starr.

Téa suggested that Todd talk to Starr about the incident. Todd didn't want to rock the boat, but he promised that he would consider Téa's advice. He then switched gears to discuss the wedding proposal. Téa was uncomfortable with the topic, but Todd pushed for an answer. He promised that Téa had nothing to fear in regards to Blair; he insisted that he would never sleep with Blair again.

Téa wanted another day to think about the proposal. Todd admitted that her reluctance to agree to marry him might be a sign. Téa was surprised; she asked if Todd was withdrawing his proposal. Todd made it clear that he wanted to marry Téa, but he didn't want her to feel as if she had been forced into the marriage.

In Tahiti, Ross revealed that Todd had asked Téa to marry him. Blair was stunned. She hadn't realized that things had moved quite so rapidly between Todd and Téa. Ross suggested that Téa wouldn't be involved with Todd if there were any chance that Todd and Blair would reconcile. However, Ross intended to remain married to Téa until Téa gave him what he wanted.

Blair wondered what it was that Ross wanted from Téa, but Ross kept the information to himself. He would only say that Téa alone could provide him with what he wanted. Blair urged Ross to give Téa the divorce. Ross was surprised by Blair's suggestion. He was curious why he should give up his one bargaining chip. Blair was secretive about her plans, but she promised that she knew what she was doing.

Téa was surprised when Ross called her back to announce that he would sign the divorce papers and then have Elijah drop them off to Téa. According to Ross, he realized that Téa would never cave in. When Téa disconnected the call she told Todd to buy her the "damn" ring, so that she could accept his proposal.

In Tahiti, Blair was delighted that Ross had decided to go along with her plans. She hoped that Téa was busy planning her wedding to Todd.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big Kahuna

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew greeted Destiny in the foyer. Destiny explained she'd had to walk from the bus stop because Greg hadn't picked her up. Matthew was surprised Destiny was standing by his side throughout his lawsuit, but Destiny gushed that she'd always make time for him. Embarrassed, she awkwardly backtracked from her adoration. Matthew told her he just wanted the case over and his family back to normal. The doorbell rang, and Destiny answered it to find Shaun, who was equally surprised to see her.

In the drawing room, Rachel prepared for her court date, while David nagged her about signing a release for his reality show. Rachel refused to be a part of the spectacle, even as David gushed about the supposed fireworks between her and Greg. As he replayed the video of Rachel and Greg's "dance match," Greg arrived. Rachel launched into another attack on Greg for taking Matthew's side in the lawsuit, and was outraged to learn Greg had already signed a consent form for his likeness to appear on David's show. Greg told Rachel he had nothing to be ashamed of, making light of it by claiming that she did, since he'd "whupped her ass" in their video game duel.

Rachel and Greg bickered about their gaming skills, as David refereed. Greg admitted Rachel had some natural dancing ability. "Baby's got back," David agreed, raising his hand for a high-five. "Up top, right?" "Shut up, David!" Rachel snapped.

As the good-natured argument over the game continued, Shaun entered, staring at the videotape of Greg and Rachel falling over one another. Shaun asked the trio to explain the tape. Greg and Rachel insisted their game had only been harmless fun, ignoring David's attempts to film the sibling rivalry. Flustered, Greg hurried out to prepare for his day in court, followed by David.

In the foyer, Greg exchanged words with Destiny and Matthew about the lawsuit. His curiosity piqued, David listened in.

At the courthouse, May or Lowell and Justin prepared for the boy's arraignment on drug charges, while John met with Nora at the opposing counsel table. Nora was confused as to why Lowell hadn't taken the police department's simple plea bargain agreement for a first offender. John assured her he was still several steps ahead of Lowell.

Across the aisle, Dorian rushed in, anxious to spin the public relations catastrophe for her candidate. She told Lowell that they'd sell Justin's run-in with the law to the voters as "normal parental challenges." Justin suggested giving up Cole's name to the police in order to make the charges go away, but Lowell said no. He wanted to wait to use Cole against John. As the arraignment began, the judge asked Justin for his plea. Lowell stood up and began to grandstand, declaring that his son was not guilty. As he pontificated, he told the gallery that his son had been set up by John McBain.

After the court adjourned, Lowell ordered Justin to wait in the corridor. Dorian asked him why he'd openly attacked John yet again, but Lowell was insistent that McBain had framed Justin. Dorian found his claims hard to believe.

Across the aisle, Nora and John put their heads together. Nora wondered if the mayor knew Cole was undercover, and John said he had to make sure Lowell didn't, then made a quick exit.

At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Starr and Hope shared breakfast with Marty. Marty asked how parenthood was treating her, and Starr admitted that she was missing Blair and Cole. She was pleased that John had told her Cole's work would soon be done. Cole arrived, eager to reunite with his loved ones. After some face time, Starr and Hope said goodbye, leaving Marty to talk to her son. Cole told Marty that he worried about his family's safety during his undercover work, but Marty promised him they were well cared for. Cole congratulated Marty on getting her job back, and Marty explained she'd already been faced with new challenges.

At Todd's, Téa awoke to find Todd greeting her with breakfast in bed, complete with a beautiful engagement ring hidden in her grapefruit. "Way to change my mind about grapefruit!" she exclaimed, overjoyed. As Todd slipped the ring onto her finger, he told her it was official, they were engaged. Todd wanted to marry that day, but Téa refused, saying they could afford to wait and have a big wedding. She reminded him that he hadn't even told his kids.

Todd was surprised Téa wanted pomp and circumstance since he was "the only husband you've ever had." He asked if she was purposely stalling, then apologized for becoming suspicious and paranoid. Téa was touched by Todd's newfound patience. He assured her that nothing could stop their marriage, not even Blair. Kissing her goodbye, Todd left to go tell his family the good news.

In Tahiti, Blair continued to rant and rave to Ross Rayburn about Todd proposing to Téa. Ross told Blair that he'd overnight-mailed the fake divorce papers to Téa, and assured her that Téa would think she was free and clear to marry Todd. Blair delighted in the thought of Téa's new life blowing up in her face. Ross was surprised by Blair's level of vengeance, and suggested she relax in their tropical settings. He accused her of targeting Téa in order to get Todd back, but Blair continued to deny it, lamely insisting that it was Téa's lies that made her a danger not only to Todd but to Blair's children. Blair wanted Ross to return to Llanview with her under an assumed name, and promised him she'd drop the charges against him once they arrived. Ross agreed, and said he couldn't wait to see Téa's face when she was reunited with her not-quite-ex-husband.

As the duo packed to leave Tahiti, Blair wanted to strategize, but Ross had a better idea, tossing Blair a swimsuit and shedding his shirt. Blair thought Ross had designs on her, but Ross explained that he wanted to teach her how to surf before they left their island hideaway. Blair reluctantly donned the bikini as Ross gawked at her figure. He explained that she looked even better in the bikini than Téa had, which grossed Blair out.

Before they could head for the beach, however, a rainstorm descended on the island. Ross wanted to hit the waves anyway, urging Blair to live a little. "I wanna live a lot!" Blair retorted. Ross suggested that he could teach her to surf from the comfort of his living room, and laid out his surfboards on the carpet, taking Blair through a series of balancing exercises. Ross held Blair close, helping her keep balance before she fell into his arms. After a tense moment, Blair suggested they get back to business.

Back at the courthouse, Dorian said goodbye to Mayor Lowell and Justin in the corridor, just as Matthew, Destiny, Greg, and David exited the elevator. Matthew and Justin locked eyes as the boy wheeled himself towards the courtroom. David followed the action with his camera, continuing to badger Greg about the tension between himself, his brother, and Rachel. Téa ushered Matthew and the Evanses into the courtroom, but shut the doors in David's face, ordering him to keep out.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rachel laughed to Shaun about her video game tournament with Greg, and David's annoying presence. She continued to insist there was nothing between her and Greg, but Shaun disagreed, and suggested the only reason she hadn't explored anything with his brother was because of loyalty to him. Rachel admitted that Greg pushed her buttons and made her crazy. "And I don't," Shaun replied. Softening his tone, he said he knew they weren't moving forward, and asked Rachel to be straight with him if she didn't want to.

Shaun said he knew Greg was making a move on her, even if he didn't realize it himself or mean any harm. He said that women, games, and medical school were all the same thing to Greg, something he had to win at all costs. Shaun said he wasn't like his brother, that he was all heart, not looks. He said he was "straight up," not a player, and that for him, Rachel was the only woman in the room at any given moment. He asked Rachel to give him time to prove that he was the right Evans man for her. Touched, Rachel agreed.

At the Buenos Dias, John arrived to meet Marty and Cole. Marty asked John if the drug case was close to being solved, and if he knew who was behind it. Suddenly, the Lowells entered. Sending Justin to the counter, May or Lowell made a beeline for John and the Thornharts, dropping veiled comments about the three of them. Marty and Lowell traded barbs about her medical license, while Lowell needled Cole about his "community service," and began to talk about the scourge of drug dealing in Llanview. After he left, John assured Marty and Cole that Lowell was only toying with them. Marty kissed John and Cole goodbye, asking them to be safe.

Alone, John and Cole retreated to the men's room to talk in private. Cole asked if Lowell was on to them, and said he was scared for Starr and Hope after Serg i's comments about them. John said Lowell didn't know the truth, and decided to speed things up by publicly "arresting" Cole, dragging him out of the restaurant.

At La Boulaie, Starr returned home with Hope to find Todd waiting for her. Todd said he had good news and bad news, and opened with the bad as he revealed that Cole was a "drug dealer." Starr took Todd's news in stride, and diplomatically explained that he hadn't seen what he thought he'd saw. Todd was amazed that Starr wasn't shocked or upset.

In the foyer, Dorian arrived, yelling into her phone as she ordered Blair to return home immediately. Overhearing voices in the drawing room, she listened in just in time to hear Starr tell Todd that Cole was not a drug dealer, but an undercover agent working for John.

In the courtroom for Matthew's civil case, David crept in, continuing to nag Greg about Rachel. Infuriated, Greg told David to leave him alone, and stormed off. David turned his lens onto Destiny and Matthew, asking why she hated his father. Destiny said she didn't hate anyone, but supported Matthew's choice. As David grew giddy at the possibility of a filmed courtroom drama, Nora stalked over and ordered him to get out. As David slithered away, Nora told Matthew she'd love him no matter what the verdict in their case. Matthew agreed.

At the plaintiff's table, Téa was preparing Matthew's case as Elijah walked up, handing her an envelope. Téa was thrilled to realize her "divorce papers" had arrived. Elijah and Téa were both surprised Ross had finally given in to her demands, but Téa said she knew Ross would do anything for the right amount of cash. Blissfully happy, Téa slipped her engagement ring off her finger and onto her necklace.

In Tahiti, Blair and Ross prepared to leave for Llanview. Ross wanted to stay awhile and catch more waves, but Blair refused. "I'm through hanging ten," she said. "Now it's time to hang Téa."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Law & Ardor

As Matthew's case was about to resume in court, he asked Destiny if she thought he was doing the wrong thing. She answered truthfully, and advised him that his parents would be thrilled if, someday, they were able to see him doing the things that he used to do. Greg wondered if Shaun was angry when he saw the tape of Greg and Rachel together. Rachel assured him that it was only a "silly dance-off," and Shaun was not angry. Elijah was surprised to learn that Ross was giving Téa an unconditional divorce.

Once the judge called the court to order, Téa summoned her first witness to the stand. Elijah objected to Loretta Hogan, who entered the courtroom in her wheelchair. He maintained that he had not been notified of the witness, though Téa insisted she had followed all of the proper channels. The judge allowed the witness to take the stand, and the young woman recounted her life as a gymnast and the freak accident that caused her life, as she knew it, to be over. She confessed that Dr. Evans had performed her surgery and, to everyone's surprise, she suddenly stood up and walked around.

Nora and Bo looked at their son with horror on their faces as Rachel, and then Nora, decried the use of Téa's theatrics. Ms. Hogan prattled on about Dr. Evans as Elijah objected to the stunt. His objection was denied. He pointed out that the woman had made her decision for surgery at the age of 18, not 15, as Matthew was.

Greg Evans was the next to take the stand. He confirmed that he had been practicing for twelve years and had performed hundreds of surgeries. Téa pointed out that there had been many magazine articles lauding the doctor and his technique. He agreed that he had received a consulting fee from Clint Buchanan to examine Matthew, and that he had never lost a patient. Elijah pointed out that Matthew's parents had been pushed into the consultation, because it wasn't either of them who had requested it.

Elijah continued to question Greg, asking about the risks of the surgery, if a patient could become a quadriplegic or if they could die. He balked at Greg when the doctor tried to clarify his answers. He would only allow Greg to answer with a yes. Greg added that he felt that Matthew was old enough and mature enough to decide his fate, even if he hadn't made some wise decisions the night of his accident. He believed that Matthew had more time to consider his options regarding his surgery.

Téa resumed questioning, wondering what would happen if Matthew waited until he was 18 to pursue the surgery. Greg felt that the teen would develop infections or lesions. He wondered why the boy's parents were so resistant to the surgery. He thought they were afraid of losing their control. As Greg continued to elaborate on his true feelings for Matthew's parents and his opinion that they were taking the safe choice out of fear, among other things, Rachel jumped up. "That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard," she shouted.

At the café, Carlotta confessed that she had a dream about Cristian and his old studio. While they both agreed that they missed it, Cris assured her that his new apartment living was fine. Carlotta hoped that Fish settled down with a nice girl.

At the police station, Layla attempted to find out how Fish was going to tell his parents the truth about being gay, but he brushed her off and cited his concern with the case he was working on. He headed for John's office and resumed listening to the tracking device, planted at Lowell's headquarters. John delivered Cole to a cell. He apologized but explained that it had to be done to throw people off if they were suspicious. He worried that Cole's cover had been blown, and deemed Cole finished with his undercover work after selling drugs to the mayor's son.

John promised that both Lowell and Keaton, the dirty cop, would be taken care of, and that the police would take over where Cole had left off. Upstairs, Keaton looked for John, and Layla informed him that Fish was in John's office. Demanding to know why Fish was in there without him, Keaton burst in as Fish listened to Lowell. Quickly making up an excuse that he was fixing John's computer, Fish gasped as Keaton began to grab at the equipment.

Cole berated himself for selling drugs to the mayor's son, but John assured him that he had to do what Serg i had wanted him to do. John needed to find out if Lowell knew about Cole selling the drugs. He figured that if Cole's cover was indeed blown, that he'd be safest in the jail cell. Cole asked that John fill in Starr and Marty on the latest. John headed off to check in with Fish.

Charlie and Viki arrived at Mayor Lowell's campaign headquarters and invited the mayor to Viki's upcoming press conference. Lowell was surprised to hear that Viki planned on throwing her hat into the ring for the mayoral race. She felt that Lowell should show up at her conference, in order to support her quest for a clean campaign, one without negativity. She thought his appearance would be a "show of confidence" for himself.

As Dorian eavesdropped on a conversation between Starr and Todd at La Boulaie, she was amazed to hear that Cole was not a drug dealer, but merely working undercover for the cops. Todd refused to believe it at first, though Starr did her best to convince him otherwise. She swore that Cole was not using drugs, or selling them, and implored her father to accept it as fact. "I'll be damned," Todd finally uttered, trusting that his daughter was telling him the truth. She begged him to be quiet about it as he showed concern for the safety and welfare of his daughter and granddaughter. Having heard enough, Dorian took flight, heading straight for Mayor Lowell's headquarters.

Todd felt that he should have been advised of Cole's work, and stressed that John had gone too far. Starr assured him that John was protecting both her and Hope. Todd thought that Cole should stop his work right away, but Starr was afraid that her father would do something to get Cole killed. She implored him to keep quiet and not let anyone know what she had confided to him. Todd consented to his daughter's request to remain silent.

Arriving at Lowell's, Dorian was surprised to find Viki and Charlie there. Even more surprised to hear why, she criticized Charlie's qualifications as Viki's campaign manager. Viki turned the tables quickly, assessing Dorian's own skills in the same position for Lowell. As soon as the couple left, Dorian eagerly advised Lowell that she had a plan for clearing his son of drug charges, citing the fact that the seller, Cole, had been working undercover.

Dorian soothed the mayor, explaining that he and John were really after the same thing, to see the drug dealers in the town put away. She only wanted to see Justin Lowell free of charges and protect Cole at the same time. Lowell praised Dorian, advising her she had "saved the day." He asked her to get him out of having to go to Viki's press conference.

As a confused Keaton wondered about the equipment on John's desk, Keaton received a phone call from Lowell, which saved Fish. The mayor informed the cop that one of their dealers was an informant. He was angry with Keaton for not knowing who it was, and thought it possible that John was aware of both Keaton and Lowell being involved with the drug scene. Lowell worried that he would be "fried" if John found out about him.

Lowell informed Keaton that the spy was Cole. He wanted to know if Cole was aware that the mayor was involved. He ordered Keaton to kill Cole if he knew anything. Keaton returned to the office and told Fish he needed to leave early.

Layla arrived at the café and sat down with Cris, as Carlotta lingered, happy to see the couple together. Once Carlotta was gone, Cris showed Layla a book he had purchased for Fish, How to Tell Your Parents You're Gay. Layla praised Cris for buying it and, in answer to Cris' questioning, she admitted to trying to find some good in her experience. She thought that if she hadn't sworn off men, she would have kissed Cris for buying the book and being so thoughtful. They passed the book back and forth, each thinking the other should present it to Fish.

Viki and Charlie arrived, and Carlotta readily agreed to support Viki for mayor. Dorian walked in and expressed her regrets for Lowell's inability to attend Viki's press conference. Viki stressed that she wanted a positive and clean campaign, and couldn't believe that Lowell would pass up the opportunity to show his face. She wondered if that meant his take on local issues was weak and he needed to fight a dirty campaign. Dorian denied that the mayor was fearful, and was confident her man would win. She accepted a challenge on his behalf for a debate with Viki.

Walking by her son's table, Carlotta spotted the book that Cris and Layla were pushing around. Cris tried to cover up the title, but it was too late.

Todd showed up at Lowell Headquarters with a favor to ask in return for his newspaper's support of the mayor. He reported that he had learned that Cole was working undercover in a drug sting, and he was concerned for Starr and Hope. "Yank Cole off the operation," he demanded. He was afraid of retaliation on his family members.

John returned to his office and learned that part of the feed from Lowell's office was missing due to Keaton's interference. Luckily, the conversations had been recorded on the computer. As he and Fish heard Lowell speaking about Cole, John cringed. There was a disturbing jolt to his operation and Cole's welfare. They heard the threat to Cole and realized the mayor was talking on the phone to Keaton.

Making a frantic call to Cole that went unanswered, Starr expressed worry for "messing up." As Cole remained in his cell, he received a visitor. It was Keaton.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blood in The Water

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cristian nearly panicked when Carlotta noticed the title of the book that was intended for Fish. To Cristian's surprise, Carlotta appeared thrilled to learn that her son was gay. Citing Cristian's failed relationships with women, Carlotta stated that she wasn't surprised to learn that Cristian was gay. As Cristian tried to explain that he wasn't gay, Carlotta continued to offer him her support. Amused by Carlotta's reaction, Layla hesitated before informing Carlotta that Cristian was a straight male and that the book was meant for a friend. Upon learning that her son wasn't gay, Carlotta assured him that he would find the right girl to settle down with some day.

Afterward, Layla wondered why Cristian didn't feel comfortable presenting Fish with the book. Commenting that Cristian was a great guy, Layla was certain that Fish would benefit more if he received the book from Cristian, rather than from Layla . At Layla's urging, Cris agreed to present Fish with the book, and encourage Fish to reveal the truth about his sexuality to his parents. Cristian couldn't believe that Carlotta had been receptive to the idea of his being gay. Layla and Cris joked about Cristian finding the right girl some day, and the fact that Layla had sworn off men.

In the courtroom, Rachel fumed as Greg testified on the witness stand. Convinced that Greg wasn't concerned about Matthew's well-being, Rachel blurted out that Greg was only helping Matthew because Greg had an agenda, and she pleaded with the judge to allow her to testify. While Téa welcomed Rachel's testimony, Nora, who was well aware of Téa's underhanded tactics, asked her daughter to reconsider.

On the stand, Rachel told the court that Greg wasn't fighting for Matthew's cause. Rachel believed that Greg's actions were meant to cause her grief. Téa questioned if Rachel's outburst was an attempt to discredit Greg and help her mother's case. Denying that she had an ulterior motive, Rachel related that Greg had accused her of being afraid to lose control. Téa encouraged Rachel to continue informing the court of her past conversations with Greg.

Consumed by her anger with Greg, Rachel announced that she knew Greg very well. Téa questioned if Greg was aware of Rachel's past. In response to Téa's badgering, Rachel admitted that she had informed Greg that she was a recovering drug addict. Sensing a prime opportunity to attack, Téa asked if Greg knew that Rachel had turned to a life of prostitution to support her drug habit. Greg was stunned when Rachel admitted that she was once a prostitute.

As Nora, Matthew, Bo, and Greg looked on in horror, Téa reminded Rachel of her past involvement with Georgie Phillips. The mention of Georgie Phillips caused Rachel's face to drop. Téa ordered Rachel to inform the court of what happened to Georgie Phillips. As Matthew ordered Téa to stop interrogating his sister, Rachel blurted out that she had killed Georgie in self defense. A relentless Téa, maintained that Rachel had been sober when she killed Georgie. Téa claimed that Rachel had murdered Georgie because Rachel feared that Georgie would cause the breakup of Nora and Bo.

Humiliated, Rachel fled the courtroom, and Greg ran after her. A livid Nora referred to Téa as a monster. Amazed that Téa would attempt to destroy Rachel on the stand, Nora reminded Téa that Rachel was once her friend. Admitting that her cross-examination of Rachel had been difficult, Téa contended that Rachel had attacked her witness, and that Téa did what was necessary to prevent Rachel from discrediting Greg. As Téa declared that she was trying to protect her client, Matthew yelled, "You're fired!" Pleased by Matthew's concern for his sister, a smile crossed the face of both Nora and Bo.

Téa tried to convince Matthew to reconsider, but Nora intervened. Reminding Téa that Matthew was capable of making his own decisions, Nora advised Téa that she had been fired. As Nora continued to lash out at her, Téa shocked Nora when Téa announced that Rachel would eventually get over the attack. An angered Nora exclaimed, "I wish you had a child, maybe then you would know how it feels when someone goes after your child!" Téa insisted that she would allow her children to make their own decisions, if she had any.

After blaming Nora for Rachel's drug abuse, Téa also forewarned that Nora would be the cause of Matthew's confinement to a wheelchair. Téa stated that Nora was incapable of ever admitting that she was wrong. Realizing that she had struck a nerve, Téa shouted, "When it comes to your kids, you are their worst enemy!" Nora responded by slapping Téa. Fed up with their courtroom antics, the judge ordered the bailiff to place both Téa and Nora under arrest. Matthew, Bo, and Destiny watched as Nora and Téa were carted off to jail.

At La Boulaie, as Starr placed a frantic call to Cole, Shaun arrived and informed her that Todd had instructed him to guard Starr and Hope with his life. When Starr expressed her fear that Todd's actions might cause harm to Cole, Shaun insisted upon knowing what was going on. Unwilling to place Cole in further danger, Starr refused to provide Shaun with any answers.

Realizing that Shaun was consumed with thoughts of Rachel, Starr wondered what had taken place between them. Admitting that he was aware that there was a special connection between Greg and Rachel, Shaun confided in Starr that he found it difficult to compete with his brother. Starr advised Shaun that he didn't need to compete with Greg because Shaun was a great person. Starr suggested that Shaun find someone else, if Rachel didn't appreciate his wonderful qualities.

Pouring out his heart to Starr, Shaun exclaimed, I don't want anyone else. I want Rachel!" Mentioning that he had a date with Rachel that night, Shaun stated that he wanted to charm her on their date. Shaun said that he thought he was falling in love with Rachel, and he wanted her to feel the same way about him. A supportive Starr told Shaun that Rachel should feel lucky to have found someone like him.

Greg found Rachel weeping in Angel Square Park. As Greg tried to console her, Rachel ordered him to stay away and exclaimed,"You had me figured out, I am a scared little girl! I am afraid of losing control,. When I lose control, people die!"

Apologizing for provoking Rachel, Greg said he had no idea about her past and didn't judge her for it. Relating that Georgie had been a sick individual, Rachel expressed guilt over murdering her. Stating that his behavior had been a game, Greg insisted that he had only hoped to see the real Rachel. As Rachel continued to condemn herself, Greg reminded her of the help that she had provided others. A terrified Rachel acknowledged that she had tried to avoid her own life by interfering in the lives of those around her.

Rachel admitted that she actually wanted Matthew to stay confined to the wheelchair, in hopes that he would remain safe. Racked with guilt, Rachel declared, "You wanted to see the real Rachel, well here she is! If you were smart, you'd stay away from her!" When Greg refused to leave her side, Rachel questioned what he wanted from her. Greg surprised her with a kiss.

Outside the courtroom, Matt blamed himself and worried about Rachel's state of mind. Destiny assured Matthew that Greg would help Rachel deal with the events that had transpired in court. Reminding Destiny that Rachel hated Greg, Matthew was certain that Greg's interference would only make the situation worse.

Inside their jail cells, Téa and Nora glared at each other.

At Mayor Lowell's campaign headquarters, Todd pleaded with the mayor to intervene in John's drug operation. Todd feared that Cole's involvement might place Starr and Hope in danger. Refusing to give Todd any information, the mayor assured Todd that he was aware of the situation and promised to handle it. Frustrated, Todd announced that he was headed to La Boulaie to protect his family.

Dorian arrived at the campaign headquarters and questioned if the mayor had placed Starr in danger by blowing Cole's cover to anyone other than John. Mayor Lowell denied leaking the information to anyone. When Dorian asked if the mayor had spoken to John about the revelation that Justin's arrest had been the result of entrapment, the mayor changed the subject and began plotting against Viki.

Inside John's office at the police station, John and Fish listened to the tape in which Mayor Lowell ordered an unknown person to kill Cole. Realizing that Officer Keaton was the unidentified person, John and Fish raced downstairs to save Cole.

Downstairs, in Cole's cell, Keaton approached Cole and attempted to discover if Cole was aware of the mayor's involvement in the drug trafficking ring. Explaining that he was a member of John's task force, Keaton questioned Cole about the operation. Convinced that Keaton was one of John's men, Cole turned his back on Keaton and sighed, "I still can't believe that Mayor Lowell is behind this!" Pointing a gun at Cole, Keaton stated, "That's all I needed to hear!"

As Keaton prepared to kill Cole, John appeared and shot Keaton. As Keaton released his grip on Cole and fell to the ground, Cole exhaled.

After determining that Keaton was still alive, John called for an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. When John revealed to Cole that the mayor had ordered Keaton to kill him, Cole expressed his desire to protect Starr and Hope, but John prevented him from leaving. John told Cole that he was to remain at the station until the mayor had been arrested. Fish agreed to protect Cole, but John related that he had a better idea.

Inside John's office, Cole listened as John briefed Brody about the situation. John regretted that he had involved Cole in the dangerous plan. John instructed Brody to guard Cole. Handing Brody a loaded revolver, John instructed Brody to lock the office door, and use the weapon if needed. Afterward, John and Fish headed to Mayor Lowell's office to place the mayor under arrest. Brody assured Cole that the situation would soon be over.

Back at campaign headquarters, upon noticing Sergei, May or Lowell asked Dorian for a moment alone with the stranger. As Sergei approached the mayor, Dorian watched the interaction between the two men. The mayor was alarmed when Sergei related that Keaton was unsuccessful in performing the hit on Cole, because John had shot Keaton. While Mayor Lowell worried that Cole was aware of his involvement in the drug cartel, Sergei was more concerned that the mayor had placed Sergei in the middle of the situation.

When Lowell ordered Sergei to do something, Sergei commented that he had plans to silence Cole by going after Starr and Hope. Advising Sergei that Starr and Hope were related to his campaign manager, Lowell told Sergei that they were guarded by private security, and that Todd was also at the home. Unfazed by Lowell's warning, Sergei had no intention of diverting from his plan. As an intense argument ensued between the two men, Dorian interrupted and questioned if there was a problem.

Claiming that Sergei was a campaign worker, May or Lowell sent Dorian on a campaign errand. While Lowell worried that Keaton might cut a deal and expose him, Sergei was only concerned with Cole, and insisted that it was necessary to send Cole a message. A nervous Mayor Lowell instructed Sergei not to involve him in any further developments. In a confident tone, Sergei, warned, "Keaton failed, but I won't!"

In a frantic state, Todd arrived at La Boulaie and questioned if Starr and Hope were okay. Realizing that her father was in an anxious mood, Starr demanded to know what he had done. Shaun left after Todd dismissed him . Moments later, John phoned Todd and asked if Starr was okay. Before John could warn him of the impending danger, Todd blamed John for placing Starr in harm's way, and hung up the phone. When Starr asked if Todd had told anyone about Cole, Todd replied, "I took care of it Starr, that's what I do!"

John and Fish stood outside Mayor Lowell's office. John advised Fish to go strictly by the book when they placed the mayor under arrest. With guns drawn, John and Fish entered the office and discovered Lowell was nowhere in sight.

Back at La Boulaie, as Starr demanded answers from Todd, they were both startled when Sergei entered the room. Holding them at gunpoint, Sergei revealed that he was Cole's boss and had discovered that Cole wasn't who he had claimed to be.

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