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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on GH
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jax was talking to Olivia on his home phone when Carly walked in and overheard him mention Olivia's son. She immediately wanted to know what they were talking about. After he hung up, Jax told Carly that it had been a wise choice to hire Olivia, because she was so helpful to them. Carly agreed, but wanted to know what Olivia had said about Dante. Jax acted surprised that Carly knew about Olivia's son.

Morgan interrupted to ask if Michael was home. Carly said that he would be when Morgan woke up. Jax said that they would all have to help Michael out when he go back. Morgan wanted to know if they were asking him to spy on Michael. Carly explained that it was not spying, it was watching out for Michael to make sure that he did not get hurt again.

At the rental cabana in Mexico, Michael refused to go home, even after Jason told him that Alexis had confessed to running Claudia off the road. He said that Jason could not force him to return to Port Charles. Jason told Michael that he was right and that returning home had to be Michael's choice. Michael appeared thoughtful when Jason walked away.

In the hotel room, Kristina confessed that she had been the driver who hit Claudia, not Alexis. Sam said that she had known all along, and reminded Kristina that she had tried to get her to confess on the night the accident happened.

Kristina wanted to keep quiet, but Sam told her that continuing the lie would only hurt her in the long run. Sam berated her for not telling Michael and for letting him believe that he had caused the accident. Kristina told Sam that she had tried to convince Michael that she also might have been responsible, but he insisted on taking the blame.

When Sam told Kristina how Alexis had covered for her, Kristina said that the only reason that Alexis had confessed was so that she could keep her illusion that Kristina was the perfect daughter, then Kristina walked away. Sam followed Kristina to the patio and said that she had said all she needed to say and that Kristina would have to work the rest out with her parents.

Jason returned to the room and said that Michael was not going home with them, even though he knew that Alexis had confessed to the accident. Kristina confessed everything to Jason, expecting the worst from him, but all he said was that everybody made mistakes and it was how a person faced up to those mistakes that counted.

Kristina was relieved and seemed impressed by Jason's attitude towards her. She then said that she needed to go for a walk. After Kristina left, Sam thanked Jason for not laying into Kristina. She told him that they should take Michael home, but Jason said that forcing Michael to leave against his will would make things worse. He said that going home had to be Michael decision.

Kristina found Michael at the cabana and begged him to go home with her. She said that she could not face their parents without him. Jason told Sam that he had called for the jet to take them home. They were about to kiss when Kristina and Michael walked in. The kids smirked and asked if they should take a ride on the elevator. Jason said it was time to go to the airport, and wondered if Michael was going along or was there to say goodbye.

Claudia listened outside the door and overheard Alexis and Sonny talking in the Corinthos living room. She was overwhelmed to learn that Kristina had caused the accident. Sonny and Alexis agreed that they would not make it public that Kristina had caused the accident, but agreed that she had to tell the truth and take responsibility for her actions. Alexis wondered aloud when her daughter had turned into a delinquent.

Sonny told Alexis that she could no longer keep Kristina away from him, and she agreed that that Sonny would play a larger role in his daughter's life.

Dante went to Olivia's apartment where they continued their ongoing argument. Olivia wanted Dante to leave his undercover work and Dante refused. She told him to get out of town or she would force him out. He asked her what kind of man he would be if he bailed on his job because his mother told him to. He told her he was in too far to back out.

They agreed to disagree. Dante told Olivia that he would be careful, and Olivia said that she would not interfere for the time being. Claudia went to see Johnny. She was livid after finding out that Kristina was responsible for the accident and that Alexis and Sonny were going to cover it up. She vented her rage about her baby's death to Johnny.

Kiefer showed up at the l ake house with cookies for Molly, who was snowed by his oily charm. She was just about to spill everything that she knew when Alexis returned home. Kiefer immediately switched his attention to Alexis, who fell immediately under his unctuous spell.

Alexis was impressed that Kiefer had been accepted to Harvard in pre-med. He told her how much he cared about Kristina, and worried that her changed behavior could be traced to Michael's waking up. He made Michael sound like a very bad influence and himself sound like a very good one. He was so convincing that Alexis asked him to spend as much time with Kristina as possible. He gleefully agreed.

Sonny was having a talk with Dominic when Carly and Jax walked in. Sonny said he was glad to see them because he had decided to assign Dominic as the guard for Michael and Morgan. Dominic was floored. Jax protested that Michael would not like it.

Sonny thought that since Morgan liked Dominic so much, Michael would, as well. When he said that Dominic would be like an older brother to the boys, Jax's eyes popped open in surprise. When Carly appeared uncertain about Michael's response, Sonny said they would wait until Michael got home to decide.

Claudia interrupted the confab and thanked Carly for saving her life. She stressed how happy she was that Carly's baby was well and safe. She went on and on until Carly and Jax were visibly uncomfortable.

When Johnny arrived for his date with Olivia, she was still unsettled by her conflict with Dante. She told him that she was upset because her kid was giving her grief and would not listen to her. Johnny said that perhaps her kid was giving her grief because she was treating him like a child instead of a grown man. Then he asked what her son did for a living. Olivia told Johnny that her son had gravitated to a high-risk profession and had become a firefighter.

When Claudia and Sonny were alone, he told her that Kristina had caused the accident. He was completely truthful with her and apologized for Kristina's actions. She told Sonny that she did not blame him for his children's actions. She said that she understood his feelings. Sonny said that he did not want to destroy another life and that it was time to move past the hurt. Claudia said that she agreed with him.

Back home, Carly and Jax discussed Dominic. Carly said that she was okay with Dominic as Morgan and Michael's guard. Jax said he was between a rock and a hard place, but if Dominic was the compromise, he would live with that. Carly wanted to know what Jax knew about Dominic that he was not telling. Jax said he was not sure what he felt about Dominic.

Just at that moment, Carly's baby kicked her and both she and Jax were distracted. As Jax felt the baby's movement, Carly mentioned how weird and creepy she felt about Claudia's incessant good will towards her and her baby. Jax agreed with Carly.

On the plane home, Jason told the kids that they had to keep quiet about Jerry's involvement with them and the fact that he had shot Jason. He said it was for Carly's sake and that, once the baby was born, he would tell all.

Michael saw the logic in that and agreed. He said that for once he could do something to help his mother instead of hurting her. Kristina said she would keep silent, as well.

When Jason and Sam moved to a different part of the plane to spend time looking in each other's eyes, Kristina and Michael talked. Kristina was caught up in the romance of the situation, and Michael made jokes about how "girly" she was.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At the hospital, Matt and Liz asked Patrick what he and Robin had done on their day off. Patrick's displeasure was obvious when he told them about the detective work he had done with his wife regarding Brianna Hughes's murder. They did have a suspect, though -- the mayor's wife.

Meanwhile, Edward ran into the mayor's wife, Andrea, at the hospital. She started to walk right past him, but he stopped her and commented about how difficult it was to recognize people in peripheral vision. Andrea thanked Edward for his contribution towards the mayor's election campaign, but then she asked what Edward meant about peripheral vision. Edward said he had seen Andrea at the Metro Court the night of Brianna Hughes's death, but Andrea was clearly a woman with a mission and had strolled right past Edward without even noticing him.

Andrea was still hovering around the hospital after Edward's appointment was over. She eavesdropped as he told Patrick that his heart was doing quite well and even his cholesterol had dropped. Meanwhile, a nurse left a cart of prescription drugs unattended in the hallway. Andrea took advantage of the situation and swiped a drug off the cart.

Maxie walked into Jason's apartment and found Spinelli asking a fake Jason, made out of cardboard, to be his best man, including throwing a bachelor party. Maxie stayed quiet as long as she could, but she finally interrupted and shocked Spinelli. He asked how long she had been standing there, and Maxie replied that she had witnessed enough to see all the things she fell in love with.

At home, Michael apologized to Carly, Jax, and Morgan for the mistakes he had made. He promised to make better decisions in the future. Carly noticed that Jason was quietly standing in the corner, and she approached her friend and asked him what was going on. Jason blew it off and said he was just tired. Carly thanked Jason for deliver ing her son home, but Jason said it was Michael's decision to go back home. Jason only helped get him there.

After Jason left, Morgan asked Michael how he could possibly consider staying away. Michael tried to explain that he thought the family would be better off without him. When Michael said he would go back to the Quartermaine mansion until after the baby was born, Morgan and Carly were adamant that Michael stay with them. Jax agreed that they should all work things out as a family and remain together. Michael decided to stay with them and take things day by day.

Olivia was shocked when Jax arrived for work at the Metro Court. Jax said that things were going very well with Michael, so Jax thought he could get caught up a little at the hotel. Olivia could tell that something was on Jax's mind, and he revealed that he had made an important decision about Michael's shooting. As soon as the baby was born and Carly was able to handle the stress, Jax was going to tell his wife about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting.

Jax was shocked to see Michael waiting for him when he returned home. Michael wanted to speak privately with Jax, and he didn't want to alarm his mother. Michael told his stepfather that Jerry had been in Mexico with them. Although he hadn't hurt them, it was obvious to the kids that Jerry was keeping them against their will. Jax thanked Michael for telling him the truth about Jerry and for keeping the secret from Carly. Jax told the boy that as soon as the baby was born, Jax intended to reveal the truth to Carly. Michael questioned his stepfather and asked if there was more that he didn't know. Suddenly, Michael remembered Jax making promises to him while Michael was in a coma at the aftercare facility.

Claudia explained to Sonny that after Michael and Kristina ran away, Claudia realized she had never gotten to know Kristina. Although Claudia liked the "boys' club, " she thought it would be a good idea to get to know Sonny's daughter. Sonny was shocked that Claudia wanted anything to do with Kristina, who had been the person responsible for the accident that caused their baby's death. Claudia asked Sonny if he had any animosity towards Kristina, and he said no. Claudia claimed to feel the same way, but she did recognize the signs that Kristina had issues with her father.

When Jason arrived at Sonny's house, Claudia quickly left so the men could get down to business. She immediately ran to Johnny's garage and told him that Jerry hadn't ratted her out to Jason. If Jerry had said anything to Jason, Claudia would already be dead. Johnny acted as if he couldn't care less, and his mood infuriated and hurt Claudia.

Meanwhile, Jason told Sonny that Jerry was involved with the kids running away. Jerry had kidnapped Sam and lured Jason to the shoot-out at the church. After putting two bullets in Jason and thinking he was dying, Jerry allowed Jason to ask one question. Jason wanted to know if Claudia had anything to do with Michael's shooting. Although Jerry only laughed in response, Jason was reassured of Claudia's guilt, because Jerry hadn't denied her involvement.

Sonny didn't agree with Jason's assessment, though, and he thought Claudia was innocent. Even after Jason insisted Sonny listen to a taped phone conversation with Claudia putting a hit out on Jerry, Sonny wasn't convinced that Claudia had anything to do with Michael's shooting.

At home, Alexis and Molly were thrilled to see Kristina. Once Alexis was content that her eldest daughter was okay, Sam told them that everyone needed to talk about the truth and stop ignoring what really happened.

Kristina told her mother about the fight she had with Kiefer the night of the fateful accident, and Alexis seemed to instantly forgive Kristina. Sam didn't think Kristina was learning any lessons from the way her mother was letting the girl off the hook. Kristina agreed to speak with her father and apologize. As soon as she was gone, Alexis told Sam that Sam shouldn't have pressured Kristina so soon after returning to Port Charles. Sam couldn't see any reason for delaying the inevitable, but more importantly, Sam thought Alexis' overprotectiveness was harming Kristina's development.

Sam and Jason arrived back at Jason's apartment at the same time and filled each other in on Michael and Kristina's homecomings. Sam was furious at Alexis' response to Kristina's guilt, but she was even more shocked when Jason told her that Sonny was siding with Claudia. He didn't believe that his wife could have had anything to do with Michael's shooting. Sam and Jason started kissing, and they were still kissing when a very delighted Maxie and Spinelli arrived home.

Back at Sonny's house, Kristina arrived to see her father and admit her guilt in causing Claudia's accident. Sonny accepted her apology, and he told her that no one blamed her for the accident. Sonny acknowledged that Kristina had made a bad mistake, but mistakes happened and everyone still loved her. Meanwhile, Claudia listened to the conversation from the top of the stairs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At the hospital, Edward was feeling optimistic after a cardiology checkup. Patrick advised Edward to take it easy at the carnival. Edward insisted that he had the heart of a 40-year-old man, not an 80-year-old man. Nearby, Andrea eavesdropped on the conversation, while clutching a bottle of digitalis. She was startled when Matt approached her from behind. Andrea immediately went on the defensive, claiming that she'd been trying to avoid Robin and her false allegations of murder. Matt didn't believe Andrea, but she left before he could call her on it.

After Edward departed, Matt warned Patrick that Andrea had been spying on him. Patrick suspected that Andrea was nervous. As the brothers talked about Robin's investigation, Matt confessed that he was impressed with Robin's instincts. Patrick agreed, but he didn't want Matt to encourage Robin. Patrick feared that Robin might end up donning a catsuit to rappel into the Floyds' bedroom in order to prove that Andrea was a killer.

Matt was curious what kind of evidence Robin had gathered. Patrick revealed that Robin had obtained a list of people who had used their credit cards in the hotel during the three hours prior to Brianna's murder. Robin hoped to discover a witness who could place Andrea at the scene of the crime.

Andrea sought legal advice from an attorney; she wanted to know if a lawyer would be obligated to report a client who had murdered someone . The attorney explained that lawyers were bound by attorney-client privilege. However, he warned Andrea that if there was a witness to the crime, the police were likely to find that person. Andrea suggested that it might not matter if the elderly witness passed away before the police had an opportunity to question him.

Monica tracked Edward down at the Metro Court restaurant. Edward was celebrating because he had passed his cardiology tests. Monica was relieved; however, she had a different reason for seeking Edward out. She showed him a flier for the upcoming carnival and then explained that she wanted Edward to "schmooze" all of the big spenders at the kick-off party. Edward agreed because the money would go to Michael's foundation.

When Edward mentioned drinking at the party, Monica offered to send a car, which would take him to the carnival afterwards. Edward declined Monica's offer; he insisted on driving himself. Monica didn't like the idea, but she wasn't in a position to stop Edward, since she would be out of town. Monica explained that big events in Port Charles had a habit of ending badly, so she had decided to forgo the carnival.

At home, Andrea sipped on a drink while she looked up the side effects of digitalis. According to what Andrea had read, digitalis could cause cardiac arrest if improperly administered. Andrea smiled as she admitted that she never really liked Edward.

Maxie and Spinelli stopped short when they entered the penthouse to find Jason and Sam in a passionate embrace. Spinelli beamed with joy while Maxie tried to gracefully exit without embarrassing Sam. Maxie's efforts were in vain, because Spinelli clapped his hands as he congratulated Jason and Sam on reconciling. Jason ordered Spinelli to be quiet, while Sam stammered an excuse and then fled the penthouse.

Maxie was stunned when Jason didn't follow Sam. She explained to Jason that Sam had been mortified. Jason refused to discuss Sam with Spinelli and Maxie. Maxie tactfully changed the subject to inform Jason that Spinelli had something important to ask him. Spinelli took exception to Maxie's interference; he assured Maxie that he could handle things on his own. Maxie decided to check on Sam. Before she left, Maxie advised Spinelli to save the discussion about the pink tie for last.

After Maxie departed, Jason wondered what a pink tie had to do with anything. Spinelli tried to turn the discussion back to Jason and Sam, but Jason remained tight-lipped about the subject. Spinelli kept prodding until Jason admitted that Sam had helped him find Michael and Kristina, but he would not elaborate beyond that.

Spinelli decided to share the news about his upcoming nuptials. When Spinelli asked Jason to be his best man, Jason hesitated. Jason didn't relish being part of a big, elaborate wedding. Spinelli pleaded with Jason; according to Spinelli, he couldn't imagine anyone else standing next to him on such a momentous occasion. Jason eventually capitulated, but he made it clear that he would not wear a pink tie.

At Sam's apartment, Maxie questioned Sam about her relationship with Jason. Sam insisted that nothing was going on with Jason; she claimed that they simply worked well together. Maxie didn't appear to believe her. However, she let the matter drop in order to tell Sam about her engagement. Sam was surprised when Maxie confided that she didn't want to get married.

Maxie feared that her marriage would negatively impact her career. Sam suggested that Maxie discuss it with Spinelli. Maxie admitted that she had tried, to no avail. A short time later, Maxie returned to the penthouse. Upon entering, she demanded that Jason invite Sam to the carnival. Maxie insisted that it was the only way for Jason to make amends for embarrassing Sam.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Kristina had a heart-to-heart talk. Sonny revealed that he didn't blame Kristina for what had happened. He blamed himself for not being around as much as he should have been. Kristina took responsibility for her actions. She realized that she had made many poor choices including leaving the scene of the accident. Sonny reminded Kristina that she had been terrified.

Kristina didn't think that fear excused her behavior. Sonny wouldn't let Kristina beat herself up; he pointed out that she had eventually told the truth. Kristina argued that she'd only confessed when she had to. Sonny insisted that Kristina had been through enough. He didn't want her confessing to something that would follow her for the rest of her life. Sonny felt that it was too high of a price for Kristina to pay.

Max interrupted their talk. He claimed that there was an urgent matter, which required Sonny's attention. Kristina told Max that she and her father were in the middle of something, but Sonny interjected. Sonny explained that Max wouldn't have interrupted them if it weren't important. Kristina appeared disappointed until Sonny promised to take her to the carnival the following day. Before she left, Sonny handed Kristina some money to buy herself something pretty to wear.

After Kristina's departure, Max revealed that a shipment had been intercepted. Sonny was surprised; he realized that it was likely someone in his organization was in cahoots with the police.

Olivia and Johnny enjoying postcoital pillow talk on her living room floor. When Johnny invited Olivia to the carnival, she explained that she had to work in one of the booths on behalf of the Michael Corinthos Foundation. She didn't think that Johnny would want to wait all day until she was finished with work. Johnny suspected that Olivia was just trying to avoid running into Sonny while she was with Johnny.

After Olivia and Johnny got dressed, Olivia denied that she was worried about Sonny's reaction to seeing her with Johnny. As if on cue, Sonny knocked on the front door. Olivia was eager to show Johnny that she had nothing to hide from Sonny. Johnny smiled as Olivia opened the door and Sonny saw Johnny standing in the living room. Sonny ignored Johnny; he explained to Olivia that he intended to take his children to the carnival. Citing security reasons, Sonny wanted Olivia to arrange for the children to be moved to the front of the line. Olivia pointed out that Sonny's demands would simply draw more attention to his children.

At the Jacks residence, Michael was surprised when Carly and Jax announced that Sonny had assigned Dominic to protect Michael and Morgan. Morgan was delighted with the arrangement, but Michael refused to have a bodyguard watch over him. Dominic asked to speak privately to Michael. After everyone cleared out, Dominic reminded Michael that Sonny had dangerous enemies. Dominic also believed that Morgan would follow Michael's lead. If Michael refused to have a bodyguard, then Morgan would likely object.

Michael admitted that Dominic had a point. However, Michael was distracted because he had a sense that his conversation with Dominic wasn't as private as he had hoped. When Michael dared his family to show themselves, Carly and Morgan stepped forward from different hiding spots. Neither Carly nor Morgan apologized for their behavior. When Jax returned to the living room, Michael announced that he would accept Dominic as a bodyguard. Carly smiled while Morgan whooped with joy; Morgan was excited because Dominic would be attending the carnival with them.

A short time later, Sonny arrived to welcome his son home. Sonny took the opportunity to assure Michael that he would have forgiven him, if Michael had been the one to cause Claudia's accident. Carly, Morgan, and Jax entered the living room moments later.

Olivia was not pleased to find Dante standing on her doorstep. She warned Dante that he couldn't keep dropping by unannounced. Olivia worried that Dante would cross paths with Sonny or Johnny. Dante appeared unconcerned as he made himself comfortable on the sofa and then casually revealed that he'd been assigned to protect Michael and Morgan.

Liz was on break from the hospital when she spotted Nikolas standing on the piers. She hesitated, seemingly undecided about whether or not to acknowledge him, until Nikolas saw her. Liz returned Nikolas' smile as she approached him. Nikolas confessed that he'd been thinking of her and the picnic. Nikolas went on to explain that he had hoped that they could all get together again.

Liz suggested that Nikolas and Spencer join her, Lucky, and the boys at the carnival. She thought it might help take Nikolas' mind off of his troubles for a while. Before Nikolas could reply, Rebecca walked up. Liz was startled when Nikolas affectionately greeted Rebecca and then invited her to the carnival. Rebecca agreed, provided that it was okay with Liz.

Liz didn't raise any objections, but she did excuse herself moments later. After Liz walked away, Rebecca confessed that she had been surprised by Liz's reaction. Nikolas explained that Liz just wanted him to be happy. According to Nikolas, Rebecca made him happy. Rebecca admitted that she felt the same way about Nikolas. She also confided that she was relieved that everything was out in the open.

At Wyndemere, Alfred handed Nikolas a package that Nikolas had ordered. Alfred confessed that he was curious about Nikolas' intentions toward Rebecca. Nikolas confided that he planned to let Rebecca take Emily's place. Nikolas had decided to start with the clothes; he had purchased a dress for Rebecca similar to one Emily had owned. Once Rebecca was comfortable and secure in her position, Nikolas intended to pull the rug out from under her. Nikolas wanted Rebecca to pay for what she had done.

Rebecca arrived at Wyndemere a short time later. She was surprised when Nikolas presented her with a gift: a dress that he wanted Rebecca to wear to the carnival.

Kristina chatted on the phone with one of her friends as she walked along the pier. After Kristina disconnected the call, she spotted Claudia approaching. Claudia hugged Kristina as she welcomed her home. Kristina immediately began apologizing for the accident. Claudia assured Kristina that she didn't hate her. To Kristina's astonishment, Claudia insisted that they should put everything behind them. Kristina thought that it was an incredibly generous gesture for Claudia to make.

Lucky went to the hospital to invite Liz and the boys out for cheeseburgers. When Lucky mentioned inviting Nikolas to join them, Liz told him about her encounter with Nikolas and Rebecca on the pier. Lucky agreed that it seemed odd that Nikolas had forgiven Rebecca so quickly. Liz admitted that she was worried.

As carnival music began to play, Jason called Sam to invite her to the festival. Sam happily accepted.

Elsewhere, Rebecca opened her gift while Dante left his mother's apartment. At that same moment, Andrea sat in her home, sipping on a drink and contemplating murder. Across town, Edward enjoyed a martini at Metro Court. On the piers, Kristina and Claudia waved goodbye to each other as they parted ways. At the Jacks residence, Sonny spent time laughing and visiting with Carly, Jax, and the boys. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky entered the elevator as they left the hospital with Cameron and Jake in tow. Lastly, Spinelli and Maxie stood kissing in the penthouse.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

At Jason's apartment, Sam stopped by and was surprised when Jason asked her to attend the carnival with him. She knew it wasn't something he would typically attend, so she guessed that Maxie and Spinelli had convinced him to attend the fair and said Sam should accompany him. They talked back and forth about whether or not each one really wanted to attend, or if they really wanted to attend with each other.

Sam and Jason's discussion regarding the carnival abruptly ended when Carly stopped by to thank both Jason and Sam for taking Michael and Kristin home. Although Sam made a quick exit, Carly had already seen the signs that Sam and Jason were back together. Jason was worried when Carly started gasping for air, but she revealed that she was just in shock that he was back together with Sam. She gave him some advice that she didn't always follow herself, and warned him to be truthful with Sam.

Later, Sam again arrived at Jason's apartment and told him that he didn't have to take her to the carnival, because she had to work. Jason knew Sam didn't have to work, so he called her out and told her she would attend the carnival with him. Sam was happy at Jason's insistence that they spend the evening together.

When Maxie stopped by Sam and Spinelli's detective agency, Spinelli told her he had to work and would not be able to attend the carnival. That didn't sound like Spinelli, so Maxie pushed until she convinced Spinelli to reveal the truth. He was afraid of clowns. Sam stepped in and required that Spinelli attend the carnival with all of them. Maxie decided that if Spinelli dressed up as a clown, it would cure him of his fear.

At Kelly's, Dominic ran into Lulu and asked what time he should pick her up for the carnival. Just as Lulu was turning Dominic down, Matt walked in and also asked if Lulu would like to attend the carnival with him. Matt, embarrassed, realized that Dominic was also there to ask Lulu out. Lulu ended all of Matt's embarrassment when she accepted his offer to attend the carnival. Dominic smiled, defeated but not dejected.

Lulu immediately rushed to the hospital and confided in Carly and Olivia about her new crush, Dominic. Olivia immediately started coughing when she heard the name, and tried to make excuses to leave. When Dominic showed up, he put on his usual charm, but Lulu accused him of following her. Dominic said it was just fate, but Lulu ended up leaving and allowed Olivia a chance to lecture Dominic.

At the hospital, Robin found Patrick and Liz, and told them her good news. She had found a witness who could place Andrea at the Metro Court on the date of Brianna's death -- Edward Quartermaine.

Meanwhile, Edward was drinking at the Metro Court with Andrea. When Edward's back was turned, Andrea dumped a vial of poison into Edward's drink. Instead of drinking it, though, he offered Andrea a drink of his own ,since she had turned down his offer to buy her a drink. Andrea had to think quickly, and decided she would like her own drink. As they toasted to Edward's health, though, Edward's drink fell from his hands, saving him from the poisonous concoction .

When Rebecca arrived at Wyndemere, Nikolas told her she looked beautiful, but suggested she go back to her natural hair color. Rebecca worried that he wanted her to look more like Emily, but Nikolas insisted that her natural hair color would make her even more beautiful than she already was.

Later, Rebecca arrived at the docks with Spencer to greet Liz, Lucky, and the boys. Although Lucky complimented Rebecca, Liz noticed the dress she was wearing was very similar to something Emily would have worn. When Rebecca mentioned that the dress was a gift from Nikolas, Liz made up an excuse to allow Rebecca and Lucky to take the kids to the carnival without her. Liz arrived back at Wyndemere and demanded to know why Nikolas was dressing Rebecca like Emily, his deceased girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Anthony was in his prison cell and said he was planning to send a surprise over to the carnival.

Friday, September 4, 2009

At the carnival kick-off party, Jax and Carly mingled with the guests while Andrea gestured to the bar as she invited Edward to pick his poison. Edward ordered a martini, which Andrea managed to lace with a deadly dose of digitalis. However, before Edward could consume the tainted cocktail, he spotted Deirdre Evans across the room. Andrea snarled with frustration as Edward placed his martini on the bar and then approached Deirdre.

Edward was delighted when Deirdre confided that she had rented room 705 for the night. Edward promised to meet his paramour as soon as he could get away. As Deirdre headed to the room, Andrea appeared at Edward's side with the martini. As Edward lifted the poisoned drink to his lips, Monica swept in to snatch the glass out of Edward's hand. Monica refused to allow Edward to drink and drive.

Temporarily stymied, Andrea returned to the bar to re-group. Andrea was livid when she overheard Mac apologizing to Alexis. Andrea accused Alexis of murder, and then suggested that Mac was covering up Alexis' crimes. Alexis reminded Andrea that she was not an officer of the court; therefore, Andrea's constant public accusations could be considered harassment. Mac stepped in before the situation escalated. Alexis decided that she'd had enough of Andrea's antics, so she walked away.

Monica offered to arrange for a car to take Edward to the carnival. She refused to allow Edward to drive after he'd been drinking. Edward assured Monica that he was as "sober as a judge." Monica didn't have time to argue, because she was preparing to leave town. She advised Edward to be careful and then promised to call him once she arrived in Toronto.

Andrea pounced as soon as Monica walked away from Edward. She pretended to be upset about her encounter with Mac and Alexis. Edward advised Andrea to maintain a low profile until the situation had resolved itself. Andrea kept trying to tempt Edward to drink his martini, but Edward didn't seem interested. Eventually, Andrea claimed that she was somewhat hurt by Edward's refusal to drink with her.

When Andrea toasted to Edward's health, Edward finally lifted the glass to his lips and drank the deadly martini. Andrea watched Edward intently as an expression of satisfaction slowly crossed her features.

At Wyndemere, Liz confronted Nikolas about his plans for Rebecca. She realized that Nikolas intended to break Rebecca's heart. Liz implored Nikolas to stop before it was too late. She reminded Nikolas that he had Spencer to consider. If Nikolas went through with his plans, Spencer would be hurt when he lost another person that he had grown to care about.

At the carnival, Lucky and Rebecca were surprised to find Ethan working at one of the booths. Ethan noticed the dress that Rebecca was wearing; he commented that it looked like a dress that belonged to someone else. Rebecca tried to hide her discomfort behind a strained smile.

Later, Nikolas met up with Rebecca at the carnival. Rebecca was annoyed when they ended up at Ethan's booth. Nikolas smiled as Ethan handed him the game balls. Nikolas' smile hid his true intent; he targeted Ethan with the balls. Ethan immediately returned the volley. Rebecca managed to stop their childish behavior before someone was hurt.

Spinelli stood in the penthouse, dressed as a clown. He thanked Sam for taking over his case, so that he could conquer his fear of clowns at the carnival. Spinelli screeched when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, but he recovered quickly from the fright. After Spinelli left, Sam smiled up at Jason. She showed him the case file as proof that she had to work, after all. Sam was surprised when Jason offered to help her with the investigation.

Later, Jason and Sam were staked out in Metro Court's hallway, near room 705. Sam explained that she had been hired to follow Deirdre Evans because Deirdre's business partner suspected her of wrongdoing. After Deirdre entered her hotel room, Sam received a text alert that Deirdre had recently purchased a negligee in the hotel's boutique. Sam was certain that Deirdre was meeting a lover.

When a hotel guest spotted Jason and Sam lurking in the hallway, she immediately suspected that they were thieves who were casing the hotel rooms. She threatened to call security if Jason and Sam did not leave. Sam introduced Jason as her fiancÚ before she launched into a story about how they were trying to decide if they should book a honeymoon suite. The guest apologized for the misunderstanding, advised Jason and Sam not to spare any expense for their honeymoon, and then left.

Jason admitted that Sam was good at what she did. Sam smiled with pride; she confessed that she enjoyed her work. However, she didn't understand why most of her cases revolved around sex. Just then, a bellboy arrived with chilled champagne for Deirdre's room. Sam considered the champagne delivery to be further proof that Deirdre was meeting a lover.

Diane and Max were in bed after making love. Max admitted that it bothered him that Diane didn't seem to be interested in things such as what Max liked to read. Diane argued that she was curious about his life, but Max wasn't swayed. When Diane remembered that she was expected at the carnival kick-off party, she suggested that Max wait for her in bed until she returned. Max bristled; he asked her if that was her way of saying that he was good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to take to the party. Diane clarified that she hadn't asked him to go to the party because she thought that he would have been bored to tears.

Max announced that he was tried of being Diane's "plaything." He decided that he would go to the carnival without her. Moments later, Max left.

At Greystone Manor, Claudia assured Sonny that she did not blame Kristina for their son's death. Sonny wondered if Claudia should go with him to the carnival. He was worried that seeing Kristina would stir up painful memories. Claudia insisted that she was fine. She argued that it might help Kristina move forward if she felt comfortable around Claudia.

Dominic, Michael, Morgan, and Molly arrived at the carnival. Michael had an uneasy feeling, but brushed it off in order to enjoy the day. As they made their way through the carnival, they met up with Sonny and Claudia. Claudia resented Dominic's presence; she managed to quickly persuade Sonny to dismiss him, so that they could enjoy some time together as a family.

After Dominic walked away, a clown approached Sonny. Sonny was annoyed by the clown's balloons. However, he wasn't surprised when the clown turned out to be Spinelli.

Patrick sat on the bench in the dunking tank waiting for Robin to hit the target. To Robin's frustration, she had failed to dunk Patrick. When Lulu and Matt came along, they tried their hand at throwing a ball at the target, but without success. Max was the next person to make an attempt to dunk Patrick; like the others, Max failed. Eventually, Sonny and the children approached the booth.

Molly was confident that she knew how to dunk Patrick. Michael doubted her ability, but Sonny didn't. He bought Molly an opportunity to test her theory. Molly dunked Patrick on her first try. Soon Johnny, Dominic, and Ethan took turns sitting on the bench while Molly successfully struck her target with each throw. Everyone laughed while they cheered on Molly.

Later, Sonny and Kristina went to see a fortune-teller. The old woman acknowledged that Kristina was a child of privilege. According to the gypsy, despite Kristina's advantages, she felt alone and abandoned. The fortune-teller promised Kristina that her cry for help would be heard and answered. However, she warned Kristina that the danger to her was real and it would come from where Kristina least expected it. Sonny accused the gypsy of knowing who he was, but the woman denied it.

After Sonny and Kristina left the fortune-teller, Kristina went to see some of her friends. A short time later, Sonny met up with Molly, Morgan, and Michael. As they walked through the carnival, they bumped into Alexis.

Lulu was in the hospital's lounge, waiting for Matt, when Dominic stepped off of the elevator. Dominic commented that he had seen her at the dunking booth. Lulu smiled in remembrance. Moments later, Matt approached. Matt apologized and then explained that he had to work because of a staff shortage. Lulu assured Matt that she understood. After Matt walked away, Dominic looked at Lulu with an expectant smile.

In the hospital's locker room, Patrick dried off while Robin announced her decision to go to Metro Court. She wanted to check on Edward. Robin was worried that Andrea might try to harm Edward if she realized that he could place Andrea at the Metro Court on the night of Brianna's murder.

Kristina was rattled after her encounter with the fortune-teller. Kiefer managed to say the right things to ease Kristina's fears. As Kiefer leaned down to kiss Kristina, Claudia approached them. Claudia immediately chastised Kristina for sneaking off with Kiefer. Claudia reminded Kristina that Sonny did not approve of the young man. After Kiefer left, Kristina started to open up to Claudia about her relationship with Sonny. Claudia suggested that they take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, so that they could speak privately.

In jail, Anthony smiled with maniacal glee because his diabolical plans were moving forward. Anthony was confident that Sonny's world was about to be destroyed. In an undisclosed location, Anthony's henchmen armed themselves with an arsenal of weapons.

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