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Monday, June 28, 2010

In Ridge's office, Katie, Donna, and Bill wondered why Stephanie had summoned them. Stephanie stated that she had the key to Stephen's future. She said that if Donna stopped going after Eric's share of Forrester, then Stephanie would ask for leniency for Stephen. Bill declined the deal, but Eric asked the ladies if they wanted Bill to speak for them. Bill accused Eric of hiding behind Stephanie's skirt, but she said Eric hadn't even known about the proposal.

Bill urged his wife and sister-in-law to leave, and as they rose, Stephanie vowed to make sure that Stephen got prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Bill figured that if Stephanie couldn't convince a judge to show Stephen mercy, then Donna could be giving up her stake in the company for nothing. Stephanie reasoned that if Bill really cared for his family, he'd put their interests above his own. Donna decided that she needed to talk it over with her sisters and her father, and Stephanie reminded her that the longer it took, the longer Stephen would be in jail.

In the studio, Oliver looked as if he'd been caught, and Steffy shrieked that she knew it. She called him a naughty boy, but he said her theory about him and Brooke was crazy. She revealed that her sources had seen a couple that had been dressed like Brooke and Oliver dancing to "Pose" before "going all the way" out on the terrace. Citing that Ridge had wore an identical jacket, Oliver feigned surprise that Brooke and Ridge would do such a thing. Steffy called Oliver a lousy liar; however, she vowed that she'd get the truth out of him.

Oliver warned that if Steffy kept it up, she'd just hurt people, but she countered that Brooke's scandalous behavior was what hurt people, especially Ridge. He noted that Steffy still harbored the pain of being unable to stop Brooke in the past, but Steffy vowed to finally stop Brooke, the bane of her family's existence.

Oliver stated that Steffy was a great girl, but he was in love with Hope. She replied that he'd played with fire by bedding Hope's mom. Steffy considered that it could have been a case of mistaken identity, or Brooke could have just used him. Oliver insisted that nothing had happened with him and Brooke, and he ordered Steffy to drop it for everyone's sakes.

In the steam room, Ridge met his towel-wearing wife, who'd sent him a text message to meet her there urgently. As they made out, Brooke unlatched his towel and said that she'd cleared his calendar for the next 30 minutes—unless they needed more time. After they made love, Ridge wondered if it were he, or the idea doing it in the steam room, that had revved Brooke up. He reminded her of how she'd been the last time that they'd met there. "Only we didn't get to finish what we'd started, did we?" he asked.

With her head on his lap, Brooke listened in guilty silence. He recalled that Brooke had no regrets, and that made life with her interesting. "Elevators, steam rooms...And now this new fascination with masks. Still not sure where that comes from. Where does that come from, Logan?" he wondered.

Brooke asked Ridge if he should be getting to his meeting with Steffy, and he guessed that was her way of saying that he'd never know. With a smile, Brooke said that she loved him, and she loved "being loved" by him. She realized that she didn't make it easy sometimes, but her heart belonged only to him.

Later, Brooke rushed into the studio in response to Oliver's urgent text message. As he wrung his hands and paced, he told her that Steffy was onto them. Brooke gasped that Steffy hadn't even been that party. He reported that Steffy's "source" had seen them on the terrace, and he worried that Steffy wouldn't stop digging until she got the truth. Brooke gasped, saying that Steffy couldn't find out what had happened.

Steffy caught up to Ridge in his office, and he said that he'd been with Brooke in the steam room. Steffy wondered if he and Brooke ever gave it a rest. Steffy asked him about the party, specifically the "Pose" song, and Ridge said that he and Brooke hadn't danced to it. He recalled arriving late to a lot of excitement and confusion. Steffy wondered if he and Brooke had sneaked away for private time on the terrace. "When the mood strikes..." she hinted. Ridge looked mindfully at her and said they'd been chaperoning a house full of kids. "So you didn't?" Steffy asked. He clarified that they hadn't.

Ridge left to deal with something, and Steffy deduced that Brooke had been dancing with Oliver, not Ridge. "You're mine, Brooke. I own you," Steffy uttered.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

by Pam

Katie, Donna, and Bill visited with Stephen in prison. Stephen was bandaged from the gunshot wound to his shoulder, and he looked awful. Katie, Donna, and Bill told Stephen about the deal that Stephanie had offered. Stephanie promised to ask the judge for leniency for Stephen if Donna gave up her demand for half of Eric's shares in Forrester as part of the divorce settlement.

Bill didn't want to trust Stephanie. He told Donna, Katie, and Stephen that they had no guarantee that Stephanie's supposed promise to ask for leniency would have any influence on a judge. Bill worried that Stephen could still be convicted, and the Logan girls would end up with nothing -- if Donna gave up the shares.

Stephen wanted Donna to have shares in the company. Stephen agreed with Bill that cutting a deal with Stephanie wasn't worth the risk, but Donna and Katie wanted to take the deal. Donna and Katie wanted to get Stephen out of prison, and they believed that bartering with Stephanie was worth a try. Bill was pessimistic.

Later, Pam visited Stephen, and he looked ashamed as she entered. Pam shared that she thought Stephen had used her to get to Stephanie, but Stephen disagreed. He said that he initially planned to use her, but he grew to care about her.

Pam confessed that she had real feelings for Stephen, and that he had introduced her to her first real relationship with a man. Pam admitted that Stephen was the first man who had ever shared her house and her bed. Stephen said that he was sorry he had hurt her, and Pam said that she was sorry Stephanie had shot him.

At Forrester, Stephanie shared with Ridge and Steffy that she had offered Katie, Bill and Donna the deal for leniency for Stephen if Donna gave up her request for Eric's shares in Forrester in the divorce settlement. Ridge left, and Steffy told her grandmother that she had some news that would send Brooke packing from Forrester. Steffy was confident that they could rid Forrester of all the Logans.

In Oliver's studio at Forrester, Oliver and Brooke were nervously wondering how Steffy could supposedly have a source that saw them having sex on the terrace. Brooke thought that Steffy had made it up in order to get a reaction out of Oliver, but Oliver was convinced that Steffy had some proof.

Brooke was certain that no one had seen them, but she and Oliver worried that the video clearly had Brooke dancing with someone who looked like Ridge during the "Pose" music. Brooke and Oliver both knew it was Oliver, but they had persuaded Hope and all her friends that Brooke had been dancing with Ridge. Brooke told Oliver that they had to stick to their story that it was Brooke and Ridge dancing together.

Ridge entered looking for Brooke and after he left, Brooke and Oliver panicked and promised to keep the secret in order to protect Ridge and Hope. They worried that Steffy would tell everyone -- especially Stephanie -- if she truly had uncovered that it was Brooke and Oliver dancing and heading to the terrace.

In Ridge's office, Steffy kept replaying the "Pose" portion of the graduation party video and started putting all the pieces together. Ridge had told Steffy that he and Brooke hadn't danced to "Pose" because he had been busy and was not inside during the song.

Later, Steffy quizzed Marcus about the couple he saw dancing to "Pose." Marcus insisted that he had seen Ridge and Brooke dancing, but Steffy knew that Ridge was not dancing with Brooke during the song. Marcus argued that Ridge must not have remembered it.

Marcus angrily told Steffy that he had seen someone wearing Hope's necklace and someone wearing Ridge's jacket dancing. Marcus was adamant that it was Ridge and Brooke, but he couldn't tell because of the masks and the hoods. Marcus told Steffy that he wished he had never told her about what he had seen, and he left.

When Ridge returned, Steffy continued to quiz her dad about the night of the graduation party. Steffy hinted that Ridge and Brooke had been wild during the party, but Ridge admonished her. Steffy asked if Ridge had worn the same jacket as Oliver. Ridge acknowledged that they were wearing the same jacket, but Ridge playfully said that he looked better in the jacket than Oliver did.

Steffy asked about the hood on the jacket. Ridge admitted that he never liked that element of the jacket design, and he refused to wear the hood. Steffy continued to question if Ridge had worn the hood during the party like everyone else was wearing hoods -- to hide their identities. Ridge said he never wore hoodies or hoods, and did not like them. He left to take care of some additional business.

Steffy leered as she realized she had the evidence she needed to expose that Brooke and Oliver had a sexual encounter at Hope's graduation party. Steffy relished that she had found a way to completely ruin Brooke and oust her from Forrester.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

by Pam

During a prison visitation, Pam and Stephen opened up about their relationship. Pam rehashed that she had shared something special with Stephen and wanted him to admit that he had used her, but Stephen refused. He reiterated that he had started out with a wicked plan to get Pam to murder Stephanie, but he had real feelings for Pam.

Stephen reminded Pam that she had missed a lot in life. He added that when they were together, she had opened up and started a new life. He wanted her to continue to be the wonderful woman that he knew she was. Pam seemed surprised. Stephen said that he was glad that he had the opportunity to get to know the real Pamela Douglas.

Stephen added that he had been in a bad place and was not in his right mind. He was crazy with grief and admitted that he should have known better than to put together a ridiculous murder plot that he thought was the perfect crime. He said that he was sorry. Pam reminded Stephen that Pam had been crazy enough when she had a brain tumor to soak Donna in honey and lure a hungry bear into the Big Bear cabin to maul her.

Pam said that she certainly understood that people could do crazy things, and she sympathized that he had been crazy enough to blame Stephanie for everything that had gone wrong in his life.

Stephen caressed Pam's hand, and he said that he wished they could start over because he truly had feelings for her, but he would probably never be able to act on them because he was in prison. Stephen told Pam that he missed her lemon bars. Pam smiled and said that she didn't trust Stephen, but she promised to bake a batch of lemon bars. When she left, Jarrett was watching outside the visitation room, unbeknownst to Pam or Stephen.

At Forrester, Ridge dished to Brooke that Stephanie had offered Donna a deal for leniency for Stephen if Donna gave up her request for Eric's shares in Forrester in the divorce settlement. Brooke was furious and said that she knew she could never trust Steffy or Stephanie. Brooke whined that both of them wanted to get the Logans out of Forrester, and they would clearly try anything.

Ridge said that nothing could come between them, but Brooke said she was afraid that Steffy and Stephanie were always waiting for her to make a mistake so they could pounce on her. Brooke admitted that she made plenty of mistakes.

Hope entered and told her mother not to worry about Steffy and Stephanie. Hope worried that it was her fault that everyone had become so vindictive because Hope had been so paranoid about Steffy coming between Hope and Oliver. Hope said that she was no longer worried about Steffy, and she advised her parents not to worry.

Ridge was happy that Brooke downplayed her fears of what Steffy and Stephanie were doing. Ridge wanted Steffy and Hope to work together. Brooke admitted that she often followed her heart and her feelings on a spontaneous basis, and it got her into trouble. Ridge said that he loved her spontaneity, and he hugged her.

In Oliver's studio at Forrester, Oliver and Hope were kissing and talking about Oliver's new music tracks for the "Hope for the Future" line. After Hope left, Steffy entered and was immediately on the attack. She warned Oliver that she had proof that Oliver and Brooke were the couple having sex on the terrace during the graduation party.

Oliver tried to disagree, but Steffy quickly pointed out that Ridge had not been in the mansion during the "Pose" music. Oliver tried to say that Ridge must have been mistaken, but Steffy added that her dad had never worn the hood on his jacket. She told Oliver that her father had confirmed that he did not wear the hood on the jacket during the party. That alone incriminated Oliver.

Oliver caved and admitted that he had mistaken Brooke for Hope, and Brooke had mistaken Oliver for Ridge. He admitted that they never intended to hurt anyone. He shared the whole sad tale with Steffy about Brooke wearing the necklace, so that she wouldn't lose it, and whispering, "I'm ready" into Oliver's ear. He added that those were the very words that Hope had promised to whisper in his ear when she was ready to have sex.

Oliver told Steffy that he and Mrs. Forrester were already embarrassed enough. He begged Steffy to back off. He reminded her that she would hurt a lot of people by telling anyone what had really happened. Steffy blamed Brooke and said that Brooke had been hurting her father her entire life. Steffy couldn't wait to tell her grandmother and Ridge what Brooke had done.

Steffy reminded Oliver that Brooke had stolen Bridget's husband for sex, and she was doing the very same thing with Hope's boyfriend. Oliver tried again to beg Steffy not to hurt her father and destroy Hope. Steffy refused. She said that it was time Hope got used to what Brooke was like.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amber Moore arrived outside of Jackie M and proclaimed that it was her lucky day. She entered to find Whip conducting a "Cabana" photo shoot with Jackie and Owen. Whip rushed to hug Amber and informed Jackie and Owen that he'd worked with Amber at Forrester Creations. Jackie recalled the "Ambrosia" line, some of which still hung in her closet. Amber was curious about why Whip had called her, and he said they'd talk after the shoot.

The shoot concluded, and Amber told Owen and Jackie that they were a hot couple. Amber explained that she didn't know how long she'd be in town, and she was kind of at loose ends. Whip offered to help her tie up those loose ends. He revealed that he'd contacted Amber because of her experience and the past success of the "Ambrosia" line.

Jackie explained that Jackie M had reinvented itself since Sally Spectra had left; however, things weren't functioning as well as they should be. Owen stated that they'd hit a dry spell. Whip cited that he didn't make the decisions, but he wondered what Jackie thought about Amber, who he believed would be perfect. Jackie felt that Whip was right once again, and she wondered if they could persuade Amber to work for them.

Amber was flabbergasted that they'd made her a job offer. She tearfully said that Sally had been the last person who'd ever believed in her as a designer, but she feared that she'd be a disappointment to them. Whip conveyed that most of the staff had wavered in their confidence before they'd joined the company. Jackie stated that the "M" in the company's name stood for "misfits," and Amber smiled, believing that she'd fit right in.

Amber winced, suddenly remembering that Bridget was the head designer. She stated that Bridget had once had a problem with her. "My company, my decision," Jackie said. Amber and Jackie hugged, and Amber giggled about all the fun they'd have. As everyone cheered, Amber told Owen that she was looking forward to working for him.

In the Forrester studio, Oliver implored Steffy to keep quiet about the mistake that he and Brooke had made. He reasoned that it would devastate Ridge and Hope, when neither Brooke nor Oliver had intentionally been unfaithful. Steffy felt that her silence would hurt her father more, and she reckoned that Oliver would just have to tell Hope that they'd been victims of her mother's uncontrollable libido. No matter how much Oliver pleaded, Steffy vowed to put an end to Brooke's destructiveness that day.

Later, Hope entered, looking for Oliver. Steffy quipped that she'd find him with Brooke. Hope wondered why she'd say that, but Steffy only said that she was sorry. Hope wondered why Steffy would be sorry, and a frustrated Steffy said to just forget it.

Studying the somber Steffy, Hope recalled a time when she, Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy had flown kites with Brooke and Ridge at the beach. Hope said she'd felt like they were real sisters. Steffy apologetically wished that things could be different. Hope replied that they could be, if Steffy wanted them to be. Hope left, and Steffy desperately sighed.

Oliver rushed to Ridge's office to tell Brooke that Steffy knew everything. He said he'd been unable to deny it after Steffy had figured out that Ridge, who'd never worn the hood on the jacket, had been outside with security during "Pose." Brooke urged Oliver not to panic.

Brooke said that Steffy was out to get her, and Steffy would hurt anyone in the process. Oliver stated that Steffy somehow thought that she was doing the right thing. Oliver and Brooke worried about how the news would affect Hope. Brooke noted that Hope had built a positive life, despite her biological parents' mistake. Brooke decided that she had to get through to Steffy, because she wouldn't let Steffy destroy her and Hope's lives. Oliver wished her luck and left.

Later, Hope caught up with Oliver and gave him a hug. She wondered if he'd been working on something with her mother. Oliver told Hope how special she was. He said he'd been looking for something for a long time, and she'd happened along. No matter where the future took them, he didn't want to lose her. She assured him that he wouldn't, and they kissed.

Brooke called Steffy into Ridge's office and told her to lock the door. Brooke demanded to know Steffy's plan, and Steffy announced that she'd tell the world what kind of person Brooke was. Brooke wondered how a daughter of Ridge's could be so cruel, but Steffy replied that name-calling wouldn't change what Brooke had done.

Brooke realized that she'd made a mistake, but she didn't know what had elevated Steffy to the moral high ground after she'd been throwing herself at Oliver. Steffy claimed that she wasn't a married woman, and Oliver wasn't dating Steffy's daughter. She exclaimed that only Brooke would make "that kind of accident." Brooke said that Ridge loved her, but Steffy retorted that all Brooke did was keep Ridge satisfied, but it wouldn't work anymore.

Brooke guessed that Steffy's need for revenge was so profound that she didn't care whom she hurt, even if it were her own father. Brooke said Steffy believed that things would be different if Brooke hadn't been around; however, if Ridge had been dedicated to Taylor, then no woman would have taken him from her. Steffy was glad Brooke could admit she'd taken him; however, Brooke noted that she'd had him first. Steffy insisted that Brooke had just "worked it" to get Ridge, who'd considered Brooke as just a passing fancy. As for hurting Hope, Steffy said that it was better to pull the bandage off while Hope was young.

Brooke reasoned that Steffy was old enough to realize that Brooke wasn't solely responsible for breaking up Taylor's family, and she wondered if Steffy really thought Ridge and Hope deserved the kind of pain that Steffy planned to inflict. Steffy obstinately turned away, and Brooke begged Steffy not to do it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

At Jackie M, Amber leaped straight into designing. She remarked that Jackie had quite a hunk for a husband. Jackie thought that it was amazing what a couple could overcome, if they loved each other. Jackie sensed that Amber might have some personal problems of her own, but not wanting to pry, Jackie simply stated that Amber had chosen the right place to be.

As they worked, the subject changed to Bridget's high-risk pregnancy. Amber figured that she'd be filling in for Bridget, and Amber looked forward to working with Nick. Jackie seemed reticent, and Amber sensed that something was going on. Laughing it off, Jackie said that it was nothing for Amber to worry about.

Amber hoped that she could design as well as Jackie and Owen campaigned, and she became curious about how the couple had met. Jackie stated that she'd parasailed into Owen's life, and after a whirlwind courtship, she absolutely adored him, and she'd never let him go.

While Owen changed in an office, Bridget entered, looking for Nick. Owen said that Nick hadn't been around, and Bridget guessed that Nick wouldn't risk running into her there. Bridget said that she'd broken Nick's heart, and he just couldn't get over it. Owen persuaded her to stay positive and believe that Nick would return to her. Bridget said that she was glad to have a friend like Owen-and like Jackie, too.

Owen and Bridget discussed how Bridget had moved into Whip's old apartment because Jackie wanted Bridget nearby. Owen asked to touch her stomach. Marveling at the "surfer dude" or "dudette" inside Bridget, he joked that "cowabunga" would be its first word. As they laughed and enjoyed the moment, Amber scampered in. She stopped short upon realizing that she'd interrupted something.

In the studio, Oliver and Hope kissed, and she commented that Steffy had become strangely apologetic. She thought it would be amazing if Steffy felt genuine remorse for their grievances. Oliver said he wouldn't count on Steffy, who harbored much anger. Hope realized that Steffy was in a lot of pain, and Hope felt sorry for her.

In Ridge's office, Brooke implored Steffy not to reveal the news to Hope and Ridge. She offered to leave Forrester Creations, if Steffy would keep quiet about Oliver and Brooke. Just then, Steffy received a call from Stephanie, who was anxious to hear about the scandal that Steffy had hinted to earlier. Steffy said she couldn't talk right then, and when she got off the phone, Brooke expressed shock over Steffy's plan to tell Stephanie.

Brooke warned Steffy that Stephanie would exacerbate the situation and turn it into a major scandal for the company that Steffy had fought to control. Brooke vowed to turn her back and let Steffy have Forrester Creations, if she'd just keep the indiscretion to herself. Steffy insisted that Ridge had to know. Brooke begged Steffy again, but Steffy figured that Hope deserved to know the kind of woman her mother really was. Brooke retorted that Steffy was as cruel and heartless as her namesake, and Steffy walked out.

Later, Oliver found Steffy waiting in Stephanie's office. Steffy briefed him on her conversation with Brooke, and he said that he was still hoping that he wouldn't have to tell Hope anything. Steffy insisted that Hope would know, because "Brooke has to be stopped."

Oliver reasoned that it was between him, Brooke, and Hope, but Steffy countered that Ridge had a right to know. Oliver stated that no good would become of it, but she declared that Ridge and Hope would thank her one day.

As Brooke fretted in Ridge's office, Hope entered with an appreciative hug for her mother. Hope hinted that she knew why Brooke had secretly met with Oliver. Hope assumed that Brooke was cooking up a secret project to prove Brooke's worth to the company. Hope realized that her mother must have felt ostracized around there, and she was grateful that Oliver was helping her. Brooke said Hope was the best thing to ever happen to her, and Hope replied that Brooke was the perfect mom. Brooke wished Hope would always feel that way, and they hugged.

Later, Ridge entered to find his wife in a pensive mood. He realized that she must have felt under siege. Stephanie had warned him about a new scandal on the horizon, but he'd told her to put a lid on it. He said that he planned to talk to Steffy, too, because her behavior toward Brooke vexed him. He needed his daughter to understand that Brooke had changed; she wasn't a walking scandal, ready to explode on him.

"Maybe she's right," Brooke uttered. Ridge told her not to worry about the past, but Brooke replied that she wasn't referring to the past. She realized that Ridge loved that she was unpredictable and sometimes outrageous. She asserted that she'd never knowingly hurt him, and he said he knew that. "Well, something happened. It was a mistake, mistaken identity with Oliver," Brooke said.

"Pose" played in the background as Brooke told Ridge that Hope's party should have been the best night of her life, but it hadn't been. "This damn jacket," she said, referring to a jacket in a chair. Ridge wondered what "the hell" she was talking about. "The lights, the music, the masks," she lamented. She stated that she still didn't understand how it had happened. "Ridge, you're going to have to forgive me one more time," she told him.

Ridge asked why she needed forgiveness. "I thought it was you, okay? I thought it was you! But it was Oliver." Ridge looked confused, and Brooke hung her head.

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