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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sami opened the door and saw Rafe standing there. He said he was told he could find her at the DiMera mansion and that it was nice to see her. Sami filled him in on how the kids were doing. He said he went straight to the mansion first thing once he arrived in town. She said she missed him, and they hugged. She asked where he had been. He wanted to tell her everything, but first he wanted to know if Stefano and E.J. were in. She said that both of them were gone, and she asked why Rafe wanted to know. Rafe said it was because he wanted to be alone with her.

Rafe filled Sami in on his mission to get information from Anna by using Calliope. Rafe apologized for not finding out who had kidnapped Sydney. Sami realized that the whole time he was gone, it was for Sami's benefit. Rafe said he left because he wanted justice to be served. Sami wished good luck with that, because she hadn't had much luck with justice being served. She asked if he had heard about Arianna. He planned to go see Arianna in jail next. Sami said that Roman thought Arianna was innocent too.

Rafe said he and Roman could try to figure out who set Arianna up. Rafe thought one guy who deserved a mugging was E.J., and could see why someone would want to bash him in the back of the head. Sami defended E.J., and said that he was really hurt and could have died, and she didn't think it was a funny thing to joke about. Rafe asked what was going on between Sami and E.J. Sami said there was nothing going on between her and E.J.

Rafe asked why she was at the mansion, and she explained that there was a flood at Marlena's townhouse, and E.J. had offered to have Sami move in. Rafe asked when the repairs would be done, and Sami said the repairs had been completed. Rafe asked when that had happened, and Sami said "a little while ago." Rafe pointed out that Sami was still living there. Sami explained that the kids liked living in the mansion, and Will was already there. Sami said everyone seemed to be happy there. Rafe asked if she was happy at her place, and she said it got lonely.

Rafe said she turned to E.J., but she denied it and said that nothing was going on with her and E.J. "That's what you say. It doesn't mean I believe you," he said. Sami was upset that Rafe was calling her a liar. Rafe accused Sami of lying to herself. "I don't care what you think. You walked out on me, Rafe, which means you don't get a say in my life anymore," she said.

Even though they weren't together anymore, Rafe said that the DiMera mansion was the last place where Sami should be living, and E.J. was the last person that Sami should be hooking up with. Sami accused him of being jealous. Rafe denied it and said it wasn't about him -- it was about Sami, because E.J. was just going to hurt her again, and he didn't want to see that happen. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

At the cemetery, Hope asked if Bo was going back to Alice's house, because Alice would have wanted her there. Bo said of course he would be there. Hope noticed a rose had fallen from the coffin and tried to pick it up. Bo reached for it at the same time, and he ended up grabbing Hope's hand. They looked at each other as they held hands. Hope let go of the flower and told him that she would see him back at the house. Bo thought about the time that Alice gave him advice. Bo said he would miss Alice and could really use her advice.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate looked at the document that revealed Madeline's secret and contemplated telling Stefano. Instead, she put it in her briefcase and left. Kate stopped by Alice's gravesite and told Alice that she was sorry that Alice wasn't a part of Lucas' entire life. Bill showed up and admitted to overhearing what Kate had said about having regrets. He asked if she wanted to talk, but Kate said he couldn't help her. Then she said goodbye and left.

Madeline stood outside the Brady Pub and held the document that Kate had read, unbeknownst to Madeline. She was grateful that Kate and Stefano hadn't seen it. Chad called out to Madeline, and she hid the envelope. He had found out something he was not happy about. They sat down at the Brady Pub, and he told Madeline that Mia had texted him about her going to New York to go to performing arts school. He wanted to find out why Mia had left so quickly, but Madeline told him not to contact her.

Chad wondered why his mother was discouraging him from finding out the truth. Madeline said it was because Mia probably needed her space. She said if Mia and Chad were meant to be together, Mia would return to Salem or try to get in touch with Chad. Running off and hiding things were obviously a pattern with Mia, Madeline said, and he shouldn't chase after Mia. Chad said he would think about what Madeline said. "I had to do it," Madeline said to herself after Chad left, as she pulled out the envelope again.

Kimberly went back to Bo's house and was angry that Shane had showed up out of the blue at Alice's funeral. She remembered the advice her mother had given her years earlier about her relationship with Shane. Alice had advised Kim that her relationship with Shane needed "quiet time" and that Kim and Shane loved each other too much to let their relationship go to waste. "Not this time. Don't you even think about it, mister," Kimberly said. There was a knock at the door, and it was Shane.

Kim told Shane that she didn't want to see him, but he said he needed to see her. Kim asked why he didn't need to see her a year before or two months earlier when she was fighting for her life with leukemia. She pointed out that he never called, emailed, or tried to contact her. He said he didn't know she was sick, and she said of course he didn't, because he was too busy trying to save the world. He explained that he would have gone to see her if he had gotten her messages, but he didn't because he was in jail during a field mission for the ISA.

Shane said he didn't find out about Kim's illness until he was being debriefed to return to the U.S. He said he wished he could have been there. He apologized for letting her down. Kim said she never realized he was in prison. Shane said he never stopped thinking about Kim the whole time he was locked up. He said he couldn't wait for Kim to go back to L.A. He wanted to see if there was a chance for them. "That's all we need, Kim, just one more chance, I swear it," he said. Kim told him to "go to hell."

Kim told Shane that he didn't care about Kim or their children, because he left a safe, secure job to go back into the field. Shane denied it, but Kim told him to leave. Shane begged her not to "do this." "You did this. You set it up a long time ago. You made your choices. It's a done deal, and you make sure it's done. I want you to get out of here," she yelled, opening the door for him to leave. Shane pledged that it wasn't over. "Yes it is," Kim said.

At Alice's house, the family sat around looking at pictures in the photo album. Doug thought about when Alice had played Groucho Marx at a hospital benefit. Roman asked Kayla if she had seen Shane, and Kayla said that she saw him for a short while, but then he disappeared. Roman wondered where Shane went and where Kim was.

Hope walked into the living room at Alice's house as Julie told the family how Alice rescued dogs from the shelter. Hope said that Alice saved her and Bo, also, more than once. Bo walked in, and Ciara asked Hope to tell her about when Alice had saved Hope and Bo. Hope told Ciara about when she and Bo were on the run and Alice helped them. Ciara told Hope that she wished "Great Grandma could save you two now."

Laura went into the kitchen to ask if anyone had seen Bill, and Lucas said Bill had stepped out. Laura helped Maggie and Marie carry the food outside. Carrie said goodbye to Lucas, and Lucas told her to give Austin his best. Carrie apologized for the way she and Lucas had ended their relationship. Lucas said that Alice used to say that there were no endings -- only new beginnings.

Bo looked on as Kayla told Hope that it was obvious that she and Bo still loved and needed each other. Hope didn't want to talk about it, and Kayla asked Hope to "stop the nonsense" and get back together. Hope told Kayla that getting back together was more complicated than just wanting it or saying they should because a lot had happened. Kayla said she knew that, but she said that someone had to make the first move. Kayla thought it was significant that Bo went to Alice's house and did not take Carly with him, because he knew that Hope would be there.

Nathan announced to the family that he had found a video titled "special day" in Alice's things. Jennifer said she tried to call Mike at the hospital, but there was no answer. Melissa suggested the doctors were probably just running more tests, and Stephanie said it was a good thing that Mike wasn't more badly hurt. Nathan played the tape, and it was Alice and Tom's vow renewal ceremony. Bo watched Hope as she got choked up while watching it.

Carrie said goodbye to Roman and Bo. She asked Bo to visit her in Switzerland. She said he and Hope would love it. Theo asked Ciara if she had found her treasures. Ciara said that he treasures were wallets, and they disappeared the same day that Hope was hugging a strange man. Hope overheard her and scolded Ciara for making up stories. Hope told Ciara not to make up any more stories about anyone, including Hope. Ciara said she wasn't making up stories and that Hope never believed her. Ciara ran to Bo.

Dr. Baker read an article about Alice's death and saw Hope identified as Alice's granddaughter. He wondered why he was not attached. He also wondered to himself whether they were going to start mugging people again or if he was going after Bo. Dr. Baker described Hope as a bomb waiting to go off and said her next victim was going to be her husband.

Will helped Maggie carry trays into the kitchen, and he asked if she had heard from Mia. Maggie said that Mia had arrived in New York the night before. Maggie was sad talking to Mia, because Mia had left with no warning or explanation as to the urgency of her departure.

Maggie said goodbye and took Marie back to her house to get her bags. Julie told Jennifer that Maggie was always thinking of other people, and that reminded Jennifer of Alice. Bo told Roman that the evidence supported Arianna's guilt, but Roman insisted that there was no way she was involved in the muggings. Hope overheard them talking. Bo told Roman that since he was back, he would take a closer look at the case. Hope got upset and told Bo that he was not taking the case away from her.

Hope told Bo that the evidence was "rock solid," and she accused Bo of not trusting her. Bo denied that, but said the case hadn't been solved, and Hope "obviously" needed help. Hope got angry and defensive. Bo told her to calm down. He said that Hope was under a lot of stress with their marriage troubles, Ciara, and then Alice's death. Hope asked if he thought that just because she had tragedy and loss in her life that she couldn't do her job well.

Doug and Julie returned with Ciara to find her coloring books and crayons. Bo said goodbye to Ciara, Doug, Julie, and then Hope. Doug told Hope that he and Julie would drive Ciara home so that Hope could "hang out for a bit." Julie could tell that something was wrong with Hope. Julie mentioned the sleeping pills that Hope had been taking, and Hope said she hadn't taken the pills while staying at Alice's, but she felt sleepy and needed to get a good night's sleep. After everyone left, Hope went to the living room at Alice's house one more time and looked at a picture of Alice. She took the picture with her and cried as she looked around one last time.

At Maggie's house, Maggie said goodbye to Marie. She looked at a picture of Mickey and said she would be okay as long as she had Mickey and Alice in her heart.

A nurse went into Mike's room to check his vitals, but he was gone. In the hallway, Mike was fully dressed and held a plaque dedicated to Alice's service. He apologized to Alice, for missing her funeral. He knew Alice would always be with him, reminding him to see the good in people. Alice hadn't left and never would, Mike said.

Madeline met with Kate at the pier and told Kate that everything that Kate and Stefano stole from Madeline's safety deposit box appeared to be there, except for the tape, of course. Madeline told Kate that she hoped Kate and Stefano were happy. Kate said neither of them could be happy all that's happened.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the DiMera living room, Rafe argued to Sami that E.J. was going to hurt her again and that he wanted to keep that from happening. Hoping to sway Sami away from E.J., Rafe grabbed her and kissed her passionately. While Rafe and Sami were locked in an embrace, E.J. arrived home and was unnerved to find them kissing. As Sami slowly pulled away from Rafe, she spotted E.J. standing in the doorway of the living room. "Rafe, I'd like you to leave please," E.J. said coolly.

Rafe joked that E.J. had not changed. While E.J. gritted his teeth and noted that Rafe was standing in his house, Stefano sauntered into the living room and greeted Rafe. Rafe explained that he had found Anna and talked to her about the kidnapping. Stefano feigned curiosity and asked Rafe to tell him what Anna had said about Sydney. E.J's face remained unchanged as Rafe explained that Anna admitted to her part in the kidnapping. "That's it? That's the big news?" Stefano asked. Bluffing, Rafe countered that he learned other information but that he was not at liberty to divulge it since the investigation was ongoing.

"This is a farce!" E.J. bellowed. "We have a right to know what is going on," E.J. demanded. Rafe explained that he could not provide any more information because Anna had been poisoned, lapsed into a coma, and then disappeared. "You failed us, Hernandez," Stefano growled at Rafe. Stefano ranted about Rafe's bumbling, and when Sami urged Stefano to be quiet, E.J. reminded Sami that Rafe could defend himself. Rafe noted that he did the best he could with his investigation. "The truth always comes out," Rafe said, then headed out the front door.

Sami pursued Rafe out to the front porch and asked him what was going on. "You are not going anywhere until you tell me why you kissed me," Sami demanded. "It was goodbye," Rafe retorted. Unfazed, Sami countered that she did not believe that Rafe was telling her goodbye. Uncomfortable, Rafe said that he needed to visit Arianna, then turned and left.

Inside the DiMera mansion, Stefano noted that Anna was telling the truth. "The FBI man knows nothing," Stefano mused aloud. Still unnerved by the kiss he interrupted, E.J. grumbled that Rafe was "still around though." Suspicious, Stefano asked E.J. what happened before he walked in to the living room. Angry, E.J. responded curtly that nothing happened before Stefano arrived. Stefano seemed unsure of E.J.'s response, and excused himself in order to make a phone call. As a sad-eyed E.J. wandered in to the foyer, Sami walked back into the house and commented on the look on his face.

"So you're back together with him aren't you?" E.J. stated. Sami admitted that nothing had changed between her and Rafe and that they were still broken up. Gritting his teeth and barely holding his emotions in check, E.J. lashed out. "But you throw yourself at him. You moon over him like a teenager," E.J. said. Annoyed, Sami rolled her eyes. E.J. reminded Sami that she already had a family and did not need to pursue someone who kept rejecting her. "Where's your dignity?" E.J. added. "I thought," E.J. started before catching himself. Defiant, Sami demanded that E.J. finish his sentence. "Stop being so coy, Samantha. You know exactly how I feel," E.J. said.

Sami said that she did not understand what E.J. was talking about. Shaking his head in disbelief, E.J. responded, "everything that has happened since he left; your moving in here, the night we went swimming, the way we bonded over Johnny's accident, you kissed me. Did it never occur to you?" Sami urged E.J. to explain what he meant. "I love you!" E.J. blurted out.

Down on the pier, Madeline thanked Kate for returning the contents of her safe deposit box and added, "I hope that you and Stefano are happy." "I don't think any of us can be happy after what's happened. All that's happened," Kate said pointedly. Suspicious, Madeline asked Kate to explain what she meant. "I know, Madeline. I know everything," Kate said. Madeline asked Kate if she went through all of the papers in the box. Kate admitted that she searched all the papers to make sure there was no other incriminating information regarding Congressman Andrews. Worried, Madeline asked Kate whether she had told Stefano what she learned. With a devilish grin on her face, Kate said, "Not yet."

After Madeline left, Kate met up with Stefano on the pier. Stefano informed Kate that Rafe had returned to town, and that Stefano believed something had happened with E.J. before Stefano had arrived at the mansion and interrupted. Worried, Stefano ranted that he needed to find out what was upsetting his son. "I have a right to know," Stefano said gruffly while Kate squirmed with guilt.

At the cemetery, Carly placed flowers on Alice Horton's gravesite. As Carly stared down at the headstone, Jennifer called out to Carly, then walked over and gave her a hug. Carly apologized for not attending the funeral and explained that she stayed away for Hope's sake. Jennifer thanked Carly for thinking of Hope's feelings and asked how Carly was doing. Curious about the sad look on Carly's face, Jennifer asked if there was something wrong with Bo. Carly admitted that she was bothered by something, but it did not involve Bo.

After receiving assurances from Jennifer that she would not talk to anyone, Carly explained that she was worried about Daniel. Carly admitted that she learned something terrible that she wanted to tell Daniel but she couldn't. Carly added, "Now Daniel thinks that the most wonderful thing has happened but it hasn't." When Jennifer asked what she meant, Carly noted that the "thing" could turn out to be "tragic." Carly admitted that she was still feeling so guilty about keeping Melanie from Daniel for years that she felt uncomfortable keeping another secret from him.

Jennifer hugged Carly and assured her that she would figure out what to do. Smiling, Carly noted that Jennifer was a lot like her grandmother in that she was always ready to support someone in need, even when she was hurting herself. "I'm honored that you think I'm like my grandmother," Jennifer said. As Carly walked away, Jennifer wished her luck then turned to face Alice's grave. "Well Gram, I really hope I gave her the right advice. But, I was channeling you, so I must have, huh?" Jennifer said with a smile.

"I just wanted to come by and tell you that I feel your presence so strongly in my heart and I always will. I know what it means now when people say that you live on in your children and your grandchildren and great grandchildren and all the people that love you. You have helped me so much in my life and I don't want that to stop with Jack and Abby and Jack, Jr. I am still going to be consulting you, okay?" Jennifer said as she fought to hold back tears. "I need you to show me how to be strong and how to work through my problems and how to keep pushing through when things get really tough. You're an expert at that. You're an expert at everything, Gram," Jennifer continued. With a shaky voice, Jennifer clutched her hand to her heart and added, "I'm not saying goodbye because I have you right here. Always, Gram."

At the hospital, Chloe woke up from a nap and a smiling Daniel reminded her that her pregnancy was not a dream. Confused, Chloe seemed unsure what Daniel was saying. "You are definitely having a baby," Daniel assured Chloe. Chloe smiled as she realized what Daniel was saying, but then her face fell as she thought about her one-night stand with Philip. "Oh, no, that can't be," Chloe mumbled. Confused, Daniel asked Chloe to explain what she meant. "How far along am I exactly?" Chloe asked.

"You're about two months along," Daniel said. With a nervous look on her face, Chloe cleared her throat and nodded. "You don't like that answer, do you? And I think I know why," Daniel said. Daniel suggested that Chloe was reacting strangely because she was worried about the health of the baby after the elevator accident. Daniel assured Chloe that the baby would be fine. "How could I have forgotten how lucky I am?" Chloe said. Chloe lamented spending so much time feeling insecure about her relationship with Daniel and her ability to have children.

"As long as we're together, I'll forgive you for anything," Daniel said. "You mean that?" Chloe asked hopefully. "Isn't that what love is?" Daniel asked. Steeling herself, Chloe started to say that she had to tell Daniel something, but Daniel interrupted her and noted that he did not want to hear any more confessions. "You've had your moments of confusion and insecurity, but I think I contributed to that," Daniel said. Daniel apologized for being insensitive after her hysterical pregnancy and assured her that he would always be there for Chloe in the future. When Daniel referred to the night they made up after he found the baby clothes, she agreed that it must have been the night she conceived her child.

"We are gonna be a family," Daniel said with a broad smile. Grinning, Chloe nodded in agreement. Once Daniel left the room, worry flooded across Chloe's face as she muttered, "Oh, my God; oh, my God; oh my God. What am I going to do?"

While Philip paced Maggie's kitchen and left a voicemail for Chloe, Melanie entered the room and asked Philip about his phone call. Philip admitted that he was concerned about Chloe, and Melanie countered that seeing Philip's concern for Chloe was helping her warm to Chloe as a stepmother. "I don't know how good Chloe is for Daniel, how compatible they are. I'm actually kind of, kind of neutral," Philip said. Melanie chuckled and pointed out that Philip was doing a "180" on his feelings about Daniel's marriage.

When Philip noted that there had to be some reason that Chloe kept postponing the wedding, Melanie chirped that Carly probably knew the reason, since she was the one that interrupted the ceremony. Nervous, Philip cautiously nodded his head then warned Melanie to wait for Daniel to tell her the news. Unsure, Melanie put the phone back down. Philip kissed Melanie goodbye, then left. Outside on the back porch, Philip muttered to himself, "You better find out what's going on yourself, Philip. And make sure Chloe's gonna keep our secret."

Philip went over to the hospital and marched up to Chloe's room. Seeing Philip, a nurse stopped him and warned him that Daniel was in with Chloe. Staring at the doorway, Philip responded that he would be back later.

At Maggie's house, an elated Daniel greeted his daughter with a big hug. Excited about the baby news and unable to keep it to himself, Daniel told Melanie that Chloe was pregnant. Daniel asked Melanie not to tell anyone, and she agreed. Melanie congratulated Daniel on the news and joked that she was not ready to "share" Daniel yet. "No one is going to take your place," Daniel assured Melanie. "Now that I'm over the petty jealousy and selfishness, you know what's cool? That this time you're going to be a dad from the beginning," Melanie said happily.

Back at the hospital, Chloe hurriedly got dressed and packed her bag to go home. As Chloe finished packing, she heard the door open and turned expecting to find Daniel. Instead, Carly entered the room and demanded that Chloe come clean with Daniel since a child was involved. Chloe challenged Carly and noted, "You ruined Daniel's first chance at raising a child, why don't go and do it all over again?"

Emotional, Chloe argued that if Carly told Daniel about the affair that it could decimate the baby's family before the baby was even born. Chloe explained that she was sure the baby was Daniel's because she used protection the night she had the affair. Unsure, Carly questioned whether she could believe Chloe, since she had lied so many times before. "Daniel has to know the truth. The sooner, the better," Carly said as Daniel walked in to the room. Chloe hugged Daniel and noted that Carly was leaving. "The hell I am," Carly responded.

Gabi visited Arianna in jail and informed her that Rafe had returned to town and would be visiting soon. "He's going to get you out of here. I know it. Then you won't have to rely on E.J.," Gabi noted. Rafe arrived and sent Gabi outside so that he could talk to Arianna. Arianna asked Rafe how he planned to get her out of jail. Rafe asked Arianna to tell him all the details of the case and he would attempt to figure out how to help her. When Arianna mentioned E.J., an annoyed Rafe asked how E.J. was involved. Arianna explained that E.J. was her lawyer and was working on her defense. "You drop him. You don't need E.J. I'll take care of it," Rafe said. "Is this about me or is this about Sami," Arianna asked.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie and Kayla looked at photos of Joe, and Kayla complimented Stephanie on how happy she looked. Stephanie noted that she was doing better than she was a year before when she was still dating Philip. When Kayla looked uncomfortable, Stephanie urged her mother to say what was on her mind. Kayla noted that Stephanie seemed to mention Philip frequently since they were no longer dating one another. "I just wish that he was completely out of your mind, since he's out of your life," Kayla commented. Stephanie disagreed and explained that Philip was still in her circle of friends.

Stephanie confessed that she was worried about Philip because "even when he tries to do the right thing and be a good guy, it always backfires." Stephanie admitted that she was worried that Philip had done something terrible to Melanie. "I'm not going to sit by and watch that happen," Stephanie said. As Kayla had a puzzled look on her face, Stephanie explained that she was worried that if Philip broke Melanie's heart that she would return to Nathan. Before Kayla could respond, her cell phone started to ring and she excused herself to answer it.

As Kayla walked away from the table, Stephanie noticed Philip enter the pub. Stephanie marched up to Philip and warned him that she was suspicious of him and knew that he was up to something. Philip blustered that Stephanie did not know what was going on and warned her to stay out of his life. Before Stephanie could respond, she received a text message from work and excused herself to head over to the office. Noticing Kayla's return, Stephanie kissed her mother goodbye and left the pub. Narrowing her eyes, Kayla greeted Philip sternly.

"Whatever Stephanie told you, I hope you don't go around telling people," Philip said. Unfazed, Kayla noted that Philip had a pattern of hurting people and reminded Philip that he took his son, Pocket, away from them, yet failed to raise Pocket himself. "If you can be so cavalier with something like that, one has to wonder how easily you would give up on a marriage or anything else for that matter," Kayla said. As Kayla walked away, Philip turned to find Melanie staring at him.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At Bo's house, Shane demanded that Kimberly listen to what he had to say. She irritably informed him that she was supposed to be helping her mom do inventory at the pub. Shane insisted that he didn't want to leave things unresolved after the way their last conversation had ended. Kim angrily reminded him that it was over between them, and then stormed out.

When Shane followed Kim to the Brady Pub, she refused to let him in until he threatened to break a window. Flinging the door open, she snapped, "Make it fast!" He handed her an envelope and asked her to read it, and Kim was stunned to read that Shane had resigned from the ISA. Shane explained, "I've finally -- finally -- decided that I don't want to spend the rest of my life being somewhere my family isn't."

Shane acknowledged with some bitterness that both of them could have died without the other ever learning about it, so he'd resolved that the only mission that mattered to him from then on was to be with his family. "My only hope is that you'll let me back in," he added softly. Kim admitted that it was a lot to process, and Shane assured her that she didn't have to answer right away. He started to leave, but before he made it out the door, she asked him to wait.

On the pier, Melanie asked Philip why he hadn't told her that Stephanie's parents had wanted to adopt his son -- and why Philip hadn't allowed it. Philip admitted that he hadn't been ready to be a father, and he had wanted a clean break from a part of his life that he wanted to forget. "You can call me a selfish bastard, but that's it," he concluded.

Melanie wanted to know if Philip had done a background check on the people to whom he'd given his son. Philip assured her that three different agencies had investigated them, and they were a loving, financially secure couple -- and Philip checked in often to make sure his son, Tyler, was still happy and doing well. Leaning against her husband, a relieved Melanie said quietly, "Just so you know, I don't think you're a selfish bastard."

Philip was grateful that she seemed to understand. Melanie asked if Philip ever wanted to have another kid, and he reminded her that they'd already discussed it and agreed that they both wanted to. Melanie admitted that she wasn't ready yet, and Philip seemed relieved. They concurred that they would know when the time was right.

In Chloe's hospital room, Daniel asked for an explanation for the continued tension between Chloe and Carly. Carly announced that she had something to tell Daniel about Chloe's baby. Daniel maintained that he'd had tests run to make sure the fetus hadn't been injured during Chloe's accident, and asked what else Carly could have to tell him. While Chloe's eyes were silently imploring Carly not to tell Daniel that the baby might not be his, a nurse entered to ask for Carly and Daniel's help in the emergency room with a multi-car accident.

After Daniel and Carly left, Chloe worried that Daniel would never forgive her when he found out the truth. As she threw herself dejectedly down on the bed, an irate Nicole arrived, ranting and raving about how E.J. was trying to ruin her life. Nicole finally realized that Chloe was distracted, and asked what was going on.

Once Nicole learned that Daniel and Chloe hadn't gotten married yet -- but Carly also hadn't spilled the beans yet -- she began trying to devise a plan. Chloe was convinced that Carly was going to tell Daniel everything while they were working in the ER together. Nicole urged her friend not to concede defeat based on something Carly might do. Her courage bolstered, Chloe made up her mind not to let Carly ruin her happiness. She started to leave to find Carly and stop her, but Nicole grabbed her arm. "You can't just go running after her," Nicole pointed out. "You'll just make things worse." Chloe agreed that she needed to calm down before she did something stupid.

As Carly and Daniel left the emergency room, Daniel was furious because a mother in the accident had put her baby's car seat in the front seat, where the air bag had injured the child. Carly argued that the mom had simply made a mistake, which was something that mothers did sometimes -- and their children suffered for it.

Daniel guessed that Carly was really talking about Melanie, and Carly acknowledged that she was, but she was also thinking about Chloe. Daniel irritably demanded to know why Carly behaved so differently whenever Chloe's name came up. "What, has Chloe made a mistake with this baby?" he asked. Carly conceded that it wasn't her place to be concerned about Chloe's baby, and if there were a problem, Chloe should be the one to tell Daniel. She quickly made an excuse about a patient and left.

A panicked Chloe had begun to fret again, "My God, Nicole, what am I going to do if Carly tells Daniel I slept with someone else?" Just then, Daniel returned to Chloe's room. He asked Nicole to give them some privacy, so she hugged Chloe and left. Chloe asked if Daniel and Carly had talked about her. "Yeah, we did," he replied. "And there's something I need to know: Chloe, you wouldn't lie to me, would you?" Chloe asked anxiously, "Why would I lie to you? What did Carly say?"

Daniel explained that Carly had suggested that if there were a problem with the baby, Chloe should be the one to tell him. He wanted to know if there were something going on with Chloe's health that she hadn't told him. Chloe assured him that there wasn't, and angrily blamed Carly for making Daniel worry needlessly. Daniel then informed Chloe that she'd been discharged, and proposed that the two of them begin fixing up a room for the baby. A dismayed Carly watched from the hallway and wondered to herself, "Oh, God, what do I do now?"

At the DiMera mansion, E.J.'s declaration of love completely threw Sami for a loop. E.J. thought she had to have had some inkling that he felt that way, and he believed that she returned his feelings -- otherwise she would have moved out when the work on the townhouse had been finished. Sami stammered that she was flattered, and glad they rarely argued anymore, but she didn't feel the same way. She added that she cared about him very much, but only as a friend.

E.J. chuckled. "That is the biggest lie I have heard you tell yet!" Sami exploded, declaring that E.J. was an arrogant bastard, and then attempted to storm off. Stopping her gently, E.J. asked her to hear him out. Sami agreed, but reminded him that he didn't get to tell her what she felt. E.J. reiterated that he loved her, and wanted to know why she had kissed him if she didn't love him, as well.

A flustered Sami didn't have a good answer, so E.J. asserted that it was because they had both been feeling the same thing. While he moved closer to her and she tried to back away, Sami insisted that E.J. was reading far too much into things. "That kiss, that night," E.J. countered, "told me that you need me and want me as much as I need and want you." His nearness obviously affecting her, Sami tried unsuccessfully to protest.

"You may not be in love with me," E.J. conceded, moving in closer as if to kiss her, and her breathing grew more labored and ragged. "But I know you have feelings for me. So why don't you just admit that?" He urged her to stop fighting it and admit that they belonged together. Just as his lips were about to press against hers -- and she appeared about to give in -- his cell phone began to ring.

Sami pulled quickly away from him, and insisted breathlessly that he answer it. Clearly disappointed, E.J. read his incoming text, and informed Sami that Arianna's arraignment had been moved up. He declared that he wanted to continue their conversation when he returned, then planted a kiss on Sami before she could protest, and left. Still out of breath, Sami gulped down a glass of water.

At the jail, Rafe insisted Arianna dump E.J. as her attorney. Arianna suspected that the reason Rafe felt so strongly about the subject was that he was still in love with Sami. Rafe hotly declared that he didn't want to talk about Sami. Arianna told her brother that E.J. had been very supportive, and believed in her innocence, even though he was also a mugging victim. Rafe wanted to know how Brady felt about E.J.'s representing Arianna, and she informed him sadly that they had broken up.

Rafe asserted that E.J. was only helping Arianna because he wanted to look good for Sami. Arianna could see how much it upset him that Sami and E.J. had gotten closer since Rafe had been gone, and asked where Rafe had been. Rafe filled her in about finding Anna, Anna's poisoning, and his imprisonment. He added that even though he had gone through all that for Sami, the two of them were further apart than ever. Arianna deduced that it was because Rafe and Sami weren't supposed to be together.

As Rafe was conceding that perhaps Arianna was right, E.J. arrived and asked to speak with his client alone. Rafe retorted that Arianna was no longer E.J.'s client. "My sister doesn't need you anymore," Rafe declared. "No one does." The men exchanged heated words, but as things were about to turn violent, Arianna intervened. After quietly asking Rafe to leave, she pointed out that she was due in court in a few minutes. Rafe vowed that he would not let her take the blame for crimes she hadn't committed, and warned E.J. not to screw up the arraignment.

E.J. assured Arianna that in court, he would emphasize her strong ties to the community, but she fretted that the judge would still deny her bail. E.J. promised that she didn't need to worry about that, because, "Somebody else is going to have a dark day very soon."

Nicole called Dick Baker from the pier, and warned him to be ready for whatever evidence E.J. might have on her. "If E.J. stands up in court and says that he has proof that his ex-wife and the esteemed Dr. Baker planted evidence against Arianna, we are dead meat -- understood?" she hissed. She snapped her phone shut and turned around -- just in time to see Rafe standing behind her.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. This preemption was expected, and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 5 and pick up where Wednesday, June 30's episode concluded.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. This preemption was expected, and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 5 and pick up where Wednesday, June 30's episode concluded.

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