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Monday, February 7, 2011

"This is the 6,000th episode of the Bold and the Beautiful. Today, Stephanie is forming a lung cancer support group. The stories of hope you are about hear are from real people who are battling lung cancer," said Susan Flannery.

In Jackie's office, Owen kissed his wife, who continued to worry about her son's cavalier attitude toward smoking. Owen assured her that Nick cared - he just didn't want to show it, and Nick would quit smoking once he was ready. Jackie feared that her persistence was pushing Nick away, and Owen replied that she and Nick had an "inverted parent-child relationship," in which Nick didn't always take his mother seriously.

Owen figured that he'd be defensive, too, if he were in Nick's situation, because the smoking lectures probably made Nick feel like a bad person. Jackie asked Owen to help her get through to Nick, but Owen said he was the last person Nick would listen to. Owen felt that talking to people at Stephanie's meeting would help Nick set himself straight.

Noting that something was missing from Jackie's talks with Nick, Owen realized Nick needed love, not lectures. Owen advised that, instead of spouting off dreadful facts and warnings, Jackie should try talking about love, loss, fear, and hope. "Especially hope," Owen emphasized.

At Stephanie's house, Kathryn Joosten arrived, and Stephanie introduced her to Nick as a famous actress. Kathryn conveyed that she'd been intrigued by Stephanie's lung cancer support group and suggested inviting a therapist to join, because depression and death were realities that the group would have to discuss.

Stephanie asked about Kathryn's health, and Kathryn announced that she was supposedly in the "cured" stage, because her last PET scan hadn't shown any cancerous cells. The hard part for her was facing a test every three months and always wondering if the bad cells might reappear. Kathryn felt that having a support group to discuss fears was good, because even survivors faced the helplessness of not knowing if they'd be struck down again.

Stephanie said she'd been preparing to die after getting her diagnosis, and Kathryn recalled a time when she'd sensed that her end had been near. Stephanie concluded that she'd rather prepare to live and leave the dying for later. With a warm goodbye hug, Kathryn took off.

Next, Dr. Weitz arrived, and Stephanie briefed him on Nick's situation. Dr. Weitz, also a cancer survivor, said a funny feeling while drinking cold water had led him to discover his cancer. For the doctor, telling his children about it had been the hardest thing. Nick asked Dr. Weitz about the dangers of secondhand smoke. Indicating that any smoke exposure was bad, the doctor said he didn't see any reason to expose others to something that could kill them.

After the doctor left, Meryl arrived. Her physicians had discovered her cancer early, and she felt lucky that her surgery and chemotherapy had worked. A nonsmoker, too, Meryl agreed with Stephanie that even gallows humor helped in the battle against cancer.

Later, opera singer Zheng Cao arrived, and Stephanie introduced Nick as a "naughty cigar smoker." Zheng explained that her world had shattered upon hearing her diagnosis. She'd been in denial about her condition and terrified to hear that she'd had six months to live. The encouragement of her friends had helped her to focus all of her energy on surviving.

Zheng gave Nick and Stephanie hugs, but before leaving, she broke into eloquent song. Nick and Stephanie were touched, and Zheng implored Nick to stop smoking. After Zheng left, Nick suspected that Stephanie had set up the interviews for his benefit. "No, I didn't," Stephanie quickly denied, but Nick knowingly thanked her anyway.

At the episode's conclusion, Susan Flannery directed viewers to to learn more about fighting lung cancer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

by Pam

Bill and Brooke met at an outdoor restaurant, and Brooke shared that she was very worried about Hope and Liam. Brooke asked Bill if he knew what had happened the night of Liam's party. Bill misunderstood her question, and he said that Liam's concussion had not been serious. Bill assured Brooke that there was nothing wrong.

Brooke was concerned about what had happened after the party, and Bill prattled on about how he had realized that Hope and Liam were in love. He said that he would not try to break them up. Brooke realized that Bill knew nothing about Amber's pregnancy claim. Brooke said that she worried about Hope being hurt by Liam.

In his office, Liam was on the phone, pressuring a vendor to meet a deadline. After he had hung up, Hope remarked that he really seemed to be into his job. Liam praised his dad and grandfather for building a company and an empire. Liam said that it was up to him to take it to the next level.

Liam showed Hope the changes that he had made to the web site, and Hope was impressed. Liam told Hope that he was a happy man, and they kissed. He brought up one thing that made him unhappy, and that was Amber.

Hope and Liam discussed that they planned to visit her and find out if she was really pregnant. Liam told Hope that Amber was living in a trailer and needed money. Hope said that she planned to force Amber to take a pregnancy test on the spot to prove her claim.

At Amber's trailer, Amber was on the phone with her mother. Amber reminded her mother that Carl had to make sure the paternity test said that Liam was the father. After Amber had hung up, she patted her belly and said that she was doing everything for the baby.

Hope showed up and accused Amber of lying about her pregnancy. Hope insisted that Amber take a pregnancy test while Hope waited. Hope handed Amber a pregnancy test that she had purchased. Amber confidently said that it was unnecessary, but Hope said that it was definitely necessary.

Hope waited and played with the cats while Amber complied. When Amber returned, Hope was surprised by the positive reading. Hope called Liam and told him that Amber had been telling the truth. Liam tried to speak to Hope, but Hope said nothing. Then, Hope hung up.

At Nick's house, Nick and Stephanie entered, and Nick admitted that it had scared him to be involved in the cancer support group. Nick suggested that Stephanie leave because she looked tired. Nick said that he understood she had wanted to return home with him to make sure that someone was there to talk. He said that he didn't need to talk. Stephanie said that she knew what he wanted. She was convinced that he wanted to smoke.

Nick told Stephanie that he did not need a babysitter, and Stephanie agreed. She said that she had no intention of becoming one. Aggie, Owen, and Jackie entered. Aggie asked how the support group had gone and encouraged Nick to give up "those awful things" for his health. Nick said that he had it all under control. Owen suggested that Nick was allowing cigars to control his life.

Nick placed a cigar in his mouth, and emptied his cigar box into the fireplace. He removed the cigar from his mouth and threw it in as well. Aggie, Owen, Jackie, and Stephanie took turns giving Nick hugs.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

by Pam

In Amber's trailer, Amber told Hope that her pregnancy didn't have to end Hope's relationship with Liam. Amber added that Hope was rich and beautiful, so her life wasn't going to change for the worse. If Hope did decide that she couldn't have a relationship with Liam, plenty of men would be after Hope. Amber insisted that she hadn't set out to make Hope miserable. Hope refused to believe her.

At Spencer, Liam worried when he couldn't get a hold of Hope, who had just left Amber's house. Bill entered and inquired about the new website that Liam had been working on. Bill realized that Liam was distracted and quizzed his son about what was wrong. Liam admitted that Amber had told him that she was pregnant with his baby. Liam said that Amber had to be lying because he could not remember sleeping with her.

Bill believed that Liam was telling the truth. Liam explained that Brooke and Hope knew about Amber. Bill wondered why Liam hadn't told his father sooner, but Liam insisted that he felt he could handle it himself because nothing had happened. Bill agreed that Amber was lying and targeting the Spencer family to get money. Bill and Liam headed out to visit Amber.

At Forrester, Hope told Brooke that a pregnancy test had proved that Amber was pregnant, and Amber continued to claim that the baby belonged to Liam. Hope was convinced that Amber was pulling the same trick she had pulled on Rick, but Brooke worried that Amber had to have known that they would insist on a paternity test.

Hope confidently declared that the test would prove that Liam was not the father, but Brooke gently reminded Hope that Amber wouldn't embarrass herself if there was a chance that it wasn't Liam's baby. Hope insisted that Amber was after Spencer money. Brooke and Hope decided to visit Amber.

Brooke and Hope arrived at the trailer, and Amber stopped Brooke in her tracks. Amber said that she already knew the lecture Brooke was going to deliver about Amber scheming to get money out of Hope's boyfriend the same way that she had tried with Rick.

Brooke warned Amber that her schemes had never worked. Brooke reminded Amber that she ended up worse off when she got caught up in her lies than if she had told the truth. Brooke recommended that Amber tell the truth. Amber stood her ground and confidently told Brooke and Hope that she was carrying Liam's baby.

Bill and Liam showed up at Amber's door. "Oh, my God," Amber shouted. Bill told her that he wasn't quite God, but he was about as close as Amber was ever going to get. Bill warned that she was not going to take advantage of his son by trying to get money for the baby she was carrying.

Amber disagreed. She reminded Bill that she had not asked for one penny. Bill said that she hadn't asked "yet," and he phoned his doctor about conducting an immediate paternity test. The doctor promised to arrange it. Amber agreed that they would all travel to the lab to prove that Liam was the father of her baby. Brooke begged Amber to tell the truth before it was too late. Amber looked thoughtful but unafraid.

In Thomas' office at Forrester, Stephanie entered and caught Thomas kissing Summer. Summer exited, and Stephanie joked that Thomas was just like his father. Stephanie added that she had always walked in on Brooke and Ridge in Ridge's office. She recalled that it had taken her a long time to realize that Brooke wasn't the girl Stephanie thought she had been. Thomas agreed. He said that he knew that Ridge cared for his mother, but he also recognized that Ridge and Brooke were very much in love and destined to be together.

Stephanie asked Thomas for a favor. She wanted him to design a T-shirt for Dayzee's workers and she also wanted to sell them at Forrester. After they discussed the good things that Dayzee had done for the homeless, Stephanie encouraged Thomas to volunteer and get out of the office. She worried that he worked too hard.

Thomas said that he had been dating, but admitted that Summer and Madison not were the special girl he had hoped to meet someday. He wondered if the right girl was out there for him. Thomas said that he wanted the same kind of love affair that Ridge and Brooke shared. Stephanie promised that when Thomas met the right girl, he would know it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

At Tawny's trailer, Bill grabbed Amber's arm to drag her to the paternity test, but she said she wasn't going anywhere with him. Because Amber had experienced failed pregnancies, she wasn't willing to take a risky test, and she asserted that he shouldn't want her to, either.

"What the blue blazes is going on here?" Tawny asked as she entered to see Bill, Brooke, Hope, Liam, and Amber in her living room. Bill said Amber was refusing to take the paternity test. Tawny sided with Amber about protecting the baby, and a fed-up Liam headed toward the door. Winking at Amber, Tawny decided that Amber had to do it to prove she wasn't lying.

Amber expressed her doubts about being tested, and Tawny asked to speak to her daughter alone. Bill passed out hand sanitizer to his group and told Tawny to get Amber into his car, so he could take her to his doctor. After the group exited, Tawny assured Amber that everything was going according to plan; all Amber had to do was go with Bill and be convincing.

A worried Amber left, and Tawny called the lab. She panicked upon hearing that Carl wasn't working that day. She called Carl, who was at Dayzee's, buying coffee and getting his frequent customer card stamped. Tawny urged Carl to rush to the hospital to handle Amber's lab results; however, he said his car was in the shop, and he'd never get there in time by bus. Tawny offered to pick him up and take him to the hospital herself.

Later, Tawny found Carl playing chess on his phone at the café. She shoved his phone into her bra and said he could play after he'd handled Amber's test. In the parking lot, Carl glanced at Tawny's old Thunderbird and asked if she knew how to change a flat tire.

Tawny rummaged through her junk-filled trunk and realized she didn't have a spare tire. A man approached and asked if they needed help. Tawny said they needed to go to University Hospital. Noting that it was the hospital to the stars, the man said it was his job to drive people around the city.

Tawny and Carl boarded the man's convertible van, but were shocked to see others piling in, as well. Someone spilled popcorn on Tawny, and the van roared into motion. The man who'd offered the ride began pointing out city landmarks, and Tawny realized that they were on a city tour. Carl cooed that he'd always wanted to take a tour like that. He asked for a tour map, but Tawny raged that they had to get out of the van and over to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, Katie greeted her family, and Dr. Montgomery said he was ready to handle Bill's "little problem." Dr. Caspary joined them as Dr. Montgomery explained that Liam and Amber would donate cheek swabs, and Dr. Caspary would perform a CVS test on Amber. Amber said it was dangerous, but Dr. Caspary countered that only one percent of patients miscarried. "Okay, she knows the risk. Let's just do it," Bill demanded.

Liam asked to receive the results that day. Dr. Montgomery mentioned rush fees, and Bill said he'd handle it. Amber glanced nervously around, but there was no sign of Tawny. In an exam room, Liam donated his swab, and the doctor handed Amber a patient gown. She said her mother hadn't arrived, but the doctor insisted upon starting, so they could get the results that day.

After the tests had been performed, Amber realized that her mother still hadn't arrived. Amber called Tawny, who said she was almost there. Amber heard the tour operator in the background, and Tawny admitted that she and Carl had been delayed. Amber urged Tawny to hurry because the tests were already on their way to the lab.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie and Thomas discussed how well they thought Marcus would do while spending a few weeks at Forrester International. She was excited that the next generation of Forresters had taken the helm at the company. Dayzee called Stephanie to say that Anthony was almost at the café. After the call, Stephanie invited Thomas to accompany her to Dayzee's to see the surprise for Anthony.

When Stephanie and Thomas arrived at the café, Dayzee was anxious to know if he'd agreed to design her tee shirts. Flashing a captivating smile, Thomas said he'd be happy to. He sat at a table to make sketches while they awaited Anthony.

Later, Anthony limped in to start his shift early. Stephanie announced that Dayzee had a surprise to give him first. He opened a box and discovered a pair of orthopedic shoes inside. Anthony refused to accept the expensive gift, but Dayzee said Brooke and Stephanie had pitched in to get them. "Just say 'thank you,'" Stephanie ordered, and he bashfully complied.

As Anthony tried on his shoes, Stephanie saw Thomas grinning at Dayzee. Aside, Thomas told Dayzee that she'd done a great thing for Anthony. Thomas said he'd heard about her giving nature, and seeing it in action had made him proud to be working on her shirts. Dayzee thanked him for doing it and asked him to tell her if he needed anything. He watched her walk off and then grinned to himself.

Thomas tried to concentrate on sketching, but found himself dreamily smiling at Dayzee as she worked. From across the room, Stephanie noted the goofy look on her grandson's face.

Friday, February 11, 2011

At Dayzee's café, Dayzee noted that Thomas was looking at her funny. He apologized for staring, but she said it was okay as long as he wasn't creepy about it. He said he liked being around the straightforward Dayzee, who didn't act as if she had to impress him.

Later, Dayzee was startled when Thomas touched her shirt while she worked. He claimed to be testing the fabric, and he suggested Egyptian cotton and gold embroidery for her café shirts. From the look on her face, he gleaned that she wasn't keen on the gold embroidery idea.

Thomas waited around for Stephanie to finish inventory and then showed her more sketches. She asked Anthony how his new shoes felt, and he said they made him want to dance. Stephanie and Anthony talked Dayzee into singing a song as he played the guitar on stage. At the end of the song, the enamored Thomas clapped along with the crowd.

Later, Dayzee immersed herself in paperwork. Thomas found her, and she admitted that singing had embarrassed her. It was hard to keep her attention, but Thomas got Dayzee to review his final sketch. She said she liked what she saw. "So do I," he uttered and kissed her.

In the city tour van, Tawny implored the guide to let her and Carl out; however, the guide said he'd lose his job for making undesignated stops. Carl continued to enjoy himself, but Tawny insisted upon jumping ship at the next stop. The moment the van slowed, she dragged Carl out, and he shouted his email address to a tourist who'd promised to take pictures for him.

Tawny and Carl arrived at the hospital and ducked behind a wall as Brooke and Bill walked by. Carl asked Tawny to wait while he got rid of his co-worker, Gene. Carl entered the lab and pretended that he'd gotten his schedule mixed up. He said that, since he was already there, he might as well relieve Gene from his shift. Gene thought Carl was up to something, but Carl called it a random act of kindness. Once Gene left, Carl signaled to Tawny.

Tawny entered in a lab coat, and Carl ran Amber's test to discover that Liam was definitely not the father of Amber's baby. As Carl began changing the results, Tawny removed her lab coat and left to find Amber, who Tawny assumed was a nervous wreck at that point.

In the waiting room, Liam said he was sorry to Brooke, because he had no idea why they even had to go through the paternity nightmare. Amber trembled in her seat as the doctor said that it would take a while, but the lab would give them accurate test results that day.

While Brooke told Hope to consider that Amber might be telling the truth, Bill told Amber that if she were lying, he'd see her in jail. Bill and Brooke took a trip to the lab, where Bill ordered the doctors to triple-check everything. Once he and Brooke returned to the waiting room, they heard that Dr. Caspary had taken Amber for a checkup.

Aside, Liam and Hope speculated about who the baby's father really was. They weren't sure Oliver had told the truth about bedding Amber; however, Hope figured that if Oliver were the father, he certainly didn't know it. She hated to think of Oliver being saddled with Amber's child, but Liam said, "Better him than me."

After Amber's checkup, the doctor said she didn't foresee any complications, but Amber might have craps and spotting. The doctor left, and Tawny approached. The frantic Amber hugged her mother, who said not to worry because Carl was working in the lab. Amber despaired over how Liam's loved ones had been treating her, but Tawny said they'd change their tune once Amber was revealed to be the mother of Liam's child.

Back at the lab, Dr. Montgomery entered just as Carl was putting a paper in an envelope. As the doctor swiped an envelope off the desk, Carl claimed that he'd triple-checked everything. Dr. Montgomery commended Carl and went to the waiting room. Amber ordered the doctor to read the test results, so that Liam could know that he was indeed the father of her baby.

Tawny returned to the lab, and Carl informed her that the doctor should be revealing the results at any moment. Tawny was elated until she glanced at the desk and saw an envelope on it. Carl said the doctor had taken his envelope, and the one still on the desk contained the original test results, not the altered ones. "At least I think it's the original," Carl dubiously added. Tawny panicked and unsealed the envelope.

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