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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hope suggested to Bo that they spend time with Ciara at the Brady Pub and then Hope would figure out where she would live, because she didn't want to go back to the house until she knew that they were back together for good. Bo said that Ciara wanted Hope to return home, but Hope said they couldn't be together only for Ciara's sake. Hope wanted assurances that they wouldn't repeat their mistakes.

Bo asked if Hope was saying that she didn't trust that he wanted to be with her. Hope apologized. He asked her to look at him. He said that his being with Carly had made Hope doubt his love for Hope. He said that Hope had possessed his heart since the first day he saw her, and he appreciated Hope more and needed her in his life. Bo said he was lost without Hope, and she said she was lost without him too. Bo said it wasn't only about Ciara, and it never had been.

Bo and Hope reminisced about when they sailed around the world on the Fancy Face, and he told her that he wanted to start their lives as a family. Hope thought about when they boarded the Fancy Face with Shawn D. Bo said that life was simple then. Hope said that resentment had pushed her and Bo apart and that they had stopped trusting each other when they lost Zach.

Hope said that she didn't believe they had really grieved Zach's death the way they had needed to, because they were too busy trying to figure out why it had happened and trying to make sense of something that made no sense. She said that had gotten in the way of them working through their pain. Hope wanted to work through their pain together. Bo said he was willing to do whatever it took, because he didn't want to be apart from her again. He said Hope had his heart and always would. Bo said he had missed Hope, and she said she had missed him too. Bo suggested they go home, and Hope agreed.

Fake Rafe tried to make a move on Sami, but she didn't want to sleep with him, because Sydney would wake up from her nap soon. Fake Rafe complained that they hadn't spent any time alone together. Sami assured him that it would get better. Fake Rafe asked when the kids were going back to E.J.'s, and Sami was appalled that he sounded like he didn't want the kids around. Fake Rafe asked why Sami thought that he would be happy for Johnny and Sydney to go back to E.J.'s. Sami said it was because he had asked when they were going back to E.J.'s and said he couldn't wait for him and Sami to be alone.

Fake Rafe said it was because he was focused on the legal part of the custody case and thought that Sami needed to get used to the kids going back and forth. Sami was offended that Fake Rafe had reminded her about the custody arrangement. Fake Rafe suggested that they do something special for Allie, because Allie might have felt left out because of Johnny being sick. Sami decided to make Allie's favorite dinner and asked Fake Rafe to pick up Allie's favorite cookies from the Java Café. He apologized for upsetting her by what he'd said. Sami said she understood how he felt about wanting some alone time.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told Nicole that E.J. didn't love her and never would. Nicole told Stefano to do something else, like checking her blood pressure or "pills to forget to take." Stefano said there was nothing more important than connecting with his future daughter-in-law or "disabusing her of her delusions." Nicole said that Stefano couldn't stand it that E.J. could care about someone other than his "flesh and blood." Stefano said that E.J. cared about his family, unlike Nicole. Nicole asked what that meant, and Stefano said he had run into Taylor. Nicole said that her sister was in town for a quick visit.

Stefano complimented Taylor, and he assumed that Nicole couldn't stand to have Taylor around, because Nicole was "consumed with jealousy" for Taylor. Nicole denied it. Stefano said Nicole was the same person she'd been in the past - "shallow, untrustworthy." He predicted that Nicole would fail at trying to "wiggle" her way into E.J.'s heart.

At the pier, E.J. told someone on the phone that he wanted Rafe guarded around the clock. When he got off the phone, he bumped into Taylor. They walked past each other, then stopped and turned around to look at each other. E.J. asked if he knew her, and she said she didn't think so. He told her that she looked familiar. She dropped her phone, and they bent down to pick it up. Their hands touched.

E.J. and Taylor looked at each other and stood up. E.J. noticed that Taylor's fingers were cold, and he offered her his scarf. She asked him where the Java Café was, so he offered to walk her there. E.J. got a phone call, as Taylor turned down his invitation and said she could find Java. After she left, he called after her, asking her for her name.

Fake Rafe called E.J. to ask about the name of Allie's favorite cookies, but E.J. didn't know what cookies Allie liked. Fake Rafe ordered E.J. to ask Rafe what it was.

Rafe was determined to break out of his cell and get to Sami. E.J. went to the DiMera mansion to ask Rafe what Allie's favorite cookie was. E.J. said that if Rafe didn't get it right, Sami would lose Allie. Rafe said it was chocolate chip. E.J. called Fake Rafe with the information. Rafe clutched the torn photo of Allie and worried that Sami wouldn't figure out that Fake Rafe wasn't him. He promised to kill E.J. if he laid a finger on Allie.

Fake Rafe returned with the cookies and gave them to Allie, but Allie said that the cookies weren't her favorite. Sami walked in as Fake Rafe grabbed the bag back and promised to get her some more cookies. Allie told Sami that Rafe had forgotten what kind of cookies she liked.

Nicole told E.J. about the conversation she'd had with Stefano, and she decided she wanted to add her sister to the guest list. Nicole promised E.J. that he and Taylor would get along. She explained that she wanted what was best for Taylor. She called Taylor and said that Taylor was invited to the wedding. Taylor agreed to go to the wedding, and Nicole was actually excited for E.J. to meet her.

Sami took Sydney to the Brady Pub and ran into Taylor. Taylor revealed that she would be in town for a while, and Sami was glad. Sami noticed that Taylor had a happy aura, and Taylor explained that she had run into a guy on the pier, and even though she didn't know his name, the guy had a charisma that she found appealing.

At Daniel's apartment, Kate and Melanie plotted to take Parker away from Chloe. Melanie wasn't excited about the idea. She thought it was tragic, but Kate didn't. Kate thought it was the right thing to do. Melanie agreed with Kate that Chloe was a selfish mother, but when Kate assumed that Melanie had given her marriage with Philip another chance, Melanie was taken aback. Kate explained that Philip and Parker were a "package deal." Melanie asked what Kate meant by "package deal."

Kate said it meant that in order to get custody of Parker, Melanie and Philip had to be a couple. Melanie said that Kate couldn't tell her what to do, because it was Melanie's life, and she could choose whom she wanted to be with. Kate said she thought that Melanie wanted what was best for Parker and her baby. Melanie said she did, and Kate said to let Kate know when she was ready "to play ball."

Melanie stopped Kate from leaving and asked why it wasn't enough that Melanie was letting Philip be a part of her baby's life. Kate said that Melanie had driven Philip into Chloe's arms because he had seen Melanie and Nathan kissing. Melanie clarified, saying that it had been a goodbye kiss. Kate said the kiss wasn't just goodbye, because Melanie was still attracted to Nathan and always had been. Melanie said that she had kissed Nathan - she hadn't slept with Nathan or conceive a child with him. Kate said that Melanie had her wits about her, but Philip didn't. Philip had slept with Chloe because he had felt betrayed by Melanie and was crazed by jealousy, Kate said.

Kate said that Philip loved Parker, Melanie, and the baby that Melanie was carrying. Melanie said she knew what she had to do.

Chloe hurried home. Meanwhile, at Maggie's house, smoke billowed out of the oven while Parker was in his bassinet in the kitchen. Chloe took the food out of the oven when Philip knocked on the door. After noticing the smoke, he asked if everything was okay. Chloe was a nervous wreck, so Philip tried to calm her. Chloe said she felt like she was going crazy, and she felt unsure that she could be the mother that Parker needed. Philip warned her not to say that.

Chloe felt that Philip was just being kind, but he said he wasn't just being nice. He said that Chloe had wanted a baby forever. Chloe felt that she was bad news based on her history. Philip thought that Kate had gotten to Chloe. Chloe asked what Kate had said about her. Philip downplayed it, but Chloe knew that Kate hated that Chloe was the mother of his child and wanted to turn Philip and Parker against her.

Philip said that Chloe's theory that everyone hated her was "crazy," which upset Chloe. Philip clarified, saying that he cared about Chloe and that Parker cared about Chloe and always would. Philip said that even if Kate wanted to turn Parker against Chloe, Kate would never have the chance.

Chloe ate one of the cookies that she and Philip baked together. Maggie returned home, and Philip offered her a cookie. Maggie noticed that Chloe looked tired. She suggested that Chloe go upstairs and sleep. Maggie and Philip talked about how bad they felt for Chloe.

"No husband, no job, reputation down the drain," Philip said. "And that's just the tip of the iceberg," Maggie said. Maggie said that everyone in Chloe's life loved her and then left. She said that Philip was Chloe's first love and was Parker's father, so he couldn't leave her too. Philip realized that Maggie was right, and he said he wouldn't leave Chloe.

Melanie went to the hospital to talk to Nathan and apologize for hurting him. Nathan said he just wanted to make sure that she was okay. Melanie said she was okay since she realized what she wanted and needed to do. Melanie said that she needed to try and make her marriage work for Parker's sake and for her baby's sake. Melanie asked if Nathan understood. "This is all I understand," Nathan said. He pulled Melanie in for a kiss. Melanie kissed him back and then realized what she was doing and pulled away. She ran out of the room, and Nathan smiled.

Kate thought it would be easy to make Chloe look like a "selfish, negligent parent who doesn't give a damn about her kid." Meanwhile, Chloe was having a hard time feeding Parker his bottle and yelled at him.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bo led Hope back to their house. Overwhelmed with emotion, Hope admitted that she was thrilled to be home. As Hope smiled, Doug and Julie jumped out from the hallway with Ciara and yelled, "Surprise!" Ciara ran into her mother's arms, and Hope hugged Ciara tightly. Julie told Hope that Ciara had set up a Valentine's dinner for two in the dining room. Nervous, Hope looked toward Bo, and he shrugged in surprise.

Bo sat down with his daughter and thanked her for the dinner. With a grin, Bo said that he wanted to have dinner with everyone. Eagerly nodding, Ciara agreed and ran into the dining room to get more dinner plates. "I shouldn't have let Ciara get carried away with the Valentine's dinner," said Julie. With a smirk, Bo said, "Mmm hmm. It was all Ciara's idea." With a guilty smile, Julie grasped Doug's arm. Bo joined Ciara in the dining room, and Doug informed Hope that he had a plan for her.

After dinner, Bo and Hope talked alone in the living room. Tired, Bo suggested to Hope that they "go to bed." Surprised, Hope suggested to Bo that they "go back in time." Hope held out her hand and introduced herself to Bo. Playing along, Bo shook her hand and asked Hope out on a date. With a smile, Hope asked Bo to give her a call sometime and then said goodnight.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole and Taylor talked about wedding plans. Nicole told Taylor that she was pleased that they had worked through their issues and that Taylor was going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. "When do I get to meet my future brother-in-law?" Taylor asked. Nicole assured Taylor that she would get along well with E.J. When Taylor appeared somber, Nicole promised Taylor that her marriage to E.J. would be different this time around. "This is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Nicole said. "And I'm starting to remember why I fell for E.J. in the first place," Nicole added. Nicole noted that though E.J. was a DiMera, he had a heart.

At the loft, Sami arrived home as an annoyed faux Rafe was sarcastically telling Allie that he would return her cookies to Java Café. When Sami asked what was happening, Rafe tersely noted that he had bought the wrong cookies for Allie. "How did that happen?" Sami asked. "I don't know! Because I'm not perfect!" Rafe said gruffly. Rafe apologized and explained that he was still feeling poorly from his head injury. Worried, Sami went to get faux Rafe's medicine, leaving Allie in the living room with him.

"What's your problem, squirt?" faux Rafe asked Allie. When Allie stared blankly at faux Rafe, he mock cried. "You didn't get what you want? Guess what? Nobody does, so get used to it," faux Rafe said. When Allie started to reiterate her preference for the other cookies, faux Rafe continued to berate Allie and then threw the bag of cookies in the trash. "Now you don't have any cookies," faux Rafe said before leaving the apartment. When Sami returned to the living room, she asked Allie what had happened to Rafe. "Rafe was mean to me," Allie said sadly.

Down on the pier, E.J. thought about his meeting with the mystery woman, not knowing that it was Nicole's sister. Shaking off the thought, E.J. reminded himself that he was about to get married. When faux Rafe arrived at the pier, he informed E.J. that the real Rafe had given him bad information about Allie's favorite cookies. When faux Rafe described what had transpired, E.J. asked whether Sami had witnessed faux Rafe yell at Allie. Faux Rafe responded that Sami had not heard what he'd said to Allie before he left.

E.J. ordered faux Rafe to buy the correct cookies and then return to the loft and tell Allie that Rafe was playing a game with her. With a sigh, faux Rafe agreed to do as E.J. instructed. Narrowing his eyes, E.J. asked faux Rafe if he had purchased a Valentine's present for Sami. When faux Rafe admitted that he had not gotten a gift for Sami, E.J. instructed him to buy chocolates and roses for Sami. E.J. then told him to seduce Sami into bed and leave faux Rafe's phone on. When faux Rafe seemed confused about the phone, E.J. noted that he wanted to "repay Rafe for lying to us."

After faux Rafe left the pier, Taylor walked past E.J. while she was talking on her phone with Nicole. Taylor informed Nicole that the bridesmaid dress fit perfectly and did not need any alterations. When Taylor stopped and turned toward the water, she saw E.J. Stunned, Taylor said that she would call Nicole back. Startled, E.J. admitted to Taylor that he had been thinking of her. With a grin, Taylor admitted that she had thought of E.J. as well. When Taylor attempted to give E.J.'s scarf back to him, he politely refused and urged her to stay warm.

Curious, Taylor asked E.J. what his name was. After hesitating, E.J. answered that he thought it would be for the best if Taylor did not know who he was. E.J. apologized and explained that he had to leave for a meeting. When Taylor nodded and said that it was "no problem," E.J. sighed. "It is a problem. I hate to think that I might never see you again," E.J. said softly. "We'll just have to leave that up to fate," Taylor said sweetly. With a shy grin, E.J. agreed and then walked away.

At the Java Café, Maggie stared at a photo of Mickey and wished him a happy anniversary. Brady entered the café and saw Maggie wiping tears from her eyes. Maggie urged Brady to join her, and he reluctantly sat down. Clearing his throat, Brady informed Maggie that he had forced Vivian to sign documents, that handed control over to him rather than Victor. "Dear God, Brady! How could you?" Maggie asked in surprise. Maggie chastised Brady for taking Victor's company from him. "He'll get over it," Brady said. Brady told Maggie that she was "free" from Victor and walked away.

After leaving the pier, Taylor called Nicole on her cell phone as she walked over to the Java Café. Taylor explained that she had needed to hang up so that she could talk to a man Taylor had met. Taylor confided that her mystery man had refused to tell Taylor his name. "Maybe I'll run into him again someday," Taylor said innocently. "Spoken like a true romantic," Nicole teased. Shaking her head, Taylor hung up her phone and turned to find Brady was standing in the café.

Brady eagerly greeted Taylor and informed her that he had been looking for her. Noting the confused look on Taylor's face, Brady explained that he wanted to offer Taylor a job. Brady noted that he needed someone to head up the marketing department at Titan Industries, and that Taylor's résumé outlined her magna cum laude graduation from business school. Brady explained that he needed someone "good and honest" and that he believed Taylor would be perfect for the job.

With a wide smile, Taylor thanked Brady for the opportunity and then turned down his offer. When Brady asked Taylor why she'd said no, Taylor noted that she had made peace with Nicole after years of estrangement. Taylor explained that since Brady had recently dumped Nicole and since Nicole had once been married to Victor, she did not want to become involved with the Kiriakis family. When Brady joked about Taylor's pickiness, she responded, "Was the job offer to help me or to hurt Nicole?"

At the Kiriakis mansion, a furious Victor bellowed over the phone at his attorney. "My grandson stole my company out from under me. I want it back!" Victor said. After hanging up the phone, Victor growled, "This is how you repay me?" Henderson answered the front door to find Maggie. Henderson attempted to turn Maggie away, but she persuaded him to let her see Victor. Maggie cautiously approached Victor in the living room.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie helped Caroline move back home. While Stephanie went upstairs, Kayla and Caroline chatted. Sami entered the pub with Allie in tow, and greeted her family. As Caroline fussed over Allie, Sami pulled Kayla aside and asked her about Rafe's condition. Kayla warned Sami that there would be a period of adjustment for Rafe but that things would be okay. Kayla told Sami that "patience is the key" because Rafe would probably say things that were out of character for him. "He will be himself again soon," Kayla reassured Sami.

Kayla informed Sami that she was returning to Africa but that Sami could call if she had any questions about Rafe's condition. Stephanie returned from upstairs and told Sami that Allie was making cookies with Caroline. With a chuckle, Sami went to find Allie. Stephanie noted that Sami seemed more relaxed after talking to Kayla, and Kayla said that she wanted to help Stephanie as well. When Kayla asked if Stephanie was still hurting from her breakup, Stephanie confided that she was feeling better. Stephanie assured her mother that she did not need to worry about her daughter.

In the DiMera dungeon, Rafe hoped aloud that Sami would realize that faux Rafe was not her husband. "If he harms a hair on Allie's head," Rafe muttered as he paced his cell. After leaving the pier, E.J. visited Rafe in the dungeon. When E.J. asked about the cookies, Rafe pretended that he had inadvertently forgotten to mention Allie liked nuts in her chocolate chip cookies. Furious, E.J. accused Rafe of lying. "Now a four-year-old girl is going to pay for your lies," E.J. growled. With a sigh, E.J. argued that he did not want to hurt Allie but that he had to keep his word to Rafe.

Rafe begged E.J. to believe that his omission about the nuts was an honest mistake and not a lie. Silently, E.J. began to walk away, but he stopped when Rafe argued that Allie was being punished for something he did not do. E.J. agreed to give Rafe a reprieve but promised that if Rafe attempted to fight back, Allie would disappear.

Sami returned to the loft and was greeted at the door by faux Rafe. Faux Rafe begged Sami for forgiveness for taking his frustration out on her and the children. Rafe held up a bag of cookies and noted that it contained Allie's favorite. With a sigh, Sami told Rafe that he was forgiven. Sami added that she had spoken to Kayla, who had given her a medical perspective on Rafe's situation. "Eventually you'll be fine," Sami noted. Rafe noted that he had not forgotten everything, and handed Sami chocolates and roses. While Sami went in to the bedroom to change into lingerie, faux Rafe whispered, "Rafe, my man you're about to find out that payback is a bitch."

In the DiMera living room, Nicole greeted E.J. E.J. complimented Nicole on how beautiful she looked and thanked her for the gesture of preparing him his favorite drink. Nicole handed E.J. Valentine's cards from her and the children. E.J. opened the card from Nicole and read it aloud. "'Be Mine.' The answer is of course 'yes,'" E.J. said with a grin. E.J. admitted that he did not have a card for Nicole but that he had a gift.

After teasing Nicole, E.J. gave her a pair of diamond earrings. "I'm beginning to think that, is it possible that you really like me?" Nicole said hesitantly. "Not just possible," E.J. whispered before kissing Nicole.

As E.J. looked at the cards from his children, Nicole said, "I think this time that we earned our happiness." Nodding, E.J. agreed.

Downstairs in the dungeon, Marco entered the room, bearing a ringing phone. After taking the phone from Marco, Rafe answered the call. Faux Rafe greeted the real one on the line and said that he was spending Valentine's Day with Sami. "Don't you love the way her lipstick tastes?" faux Rafe asked. Rafe warned faux Rafe not to touch Sami. Chuckling, faux Rafe informed real Rafe that he was too late. Sami entered the living room of the loft and invited faux Rafe into the bedroom. Panicked, real Rafe called out to Sami to warn her. Faux Rafe assured Sami that he would join her after his phone call.

"Wife's waiting for me in the bedroom. With open arms," faux Rafe said. "I'm going to kill you, you bastard!" Rafe screamed out in frustration. In the dungeon, Marco ordered Rafe to hand him the phone, and Rafe offered it to Marco. When Marco reached out, Rafe grabbed him around the neck and choked Marco until he was unconscious. With the phone broken in the struggle, Rafe rifled through Marco's pockets until he located the keys to the cell. "It's okay, Sami. I'm coming for you," Rafe said as he fumbled with the lock to his door.

At the loft, faux Rafe waggled his eyebrows at Sami and asked her if he seemed like he was back to his "old self." With an amorous smile, Sami nodded and nibbled on faux Rafe's neck.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Melanie called Kate from outside the Kiriakis mansion, Kate had just arrived at Chez Rouge. Kate reminded her daughter-in-law, "Chloe can't be allowed to keep Parker; she is an incompetent slut with no feelings whatsoever for that baby. You are just going to have to be that little boy's mother." She encouraged Melanie to stay strong.

Melanie took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell of the Kiriakis mansion. A pleasantly surprised Philip could not contain his broad grin at finding his estranged wife on the doorstep. Melanie wished him a happy Valentine's Day -- and happy anniversary. As Philip led her into the sitting room, he admitted that he'd dreamed about their wedding the night before.

Melanie stated that she had been thinking about all the plans they'd made for their baby, and how she'd hoped her baby and Parker would grow up as best friends -- before the truth about everything had gotten out. But she'd finally realized that she had to think about what was best for the baby.

"I know I said I want you to be a part of this child's life," she said softly, slowly. "But I want you to be a part of my life, too. I think we should give it another shot. I mean, we owe that much to our baby." Philip was overjoyed, and assured Melanie that they could make it work, because he still loved her. "I know I broke your heart," he added, promising, "But I'm gonna make it up to you; I swear. And we'll be happy -- we'll be happier than we ever dreamed!"

Unable to contain his elation, Philip grabbed Melanie and kissed her excitedly. He began eagerly planning to move her back into the mansion, but she warned him that they had to take things slowly at first, because they had so much to work out. Philip reassured her, "Anything you want -- I'll do it. This means the world to me, Mel. Whatever it takes." They made plans to talk the next day. Philip helped Melanie on with her coat, and escorted her to the front door.

Sami and faux Rafe were energetically making out on the couch at the loft. Just as they decided to move into the bedroom, Will and Gabi walked in, all dressed up for their Valentine's Day date. A horrified Will hastily covered his eyes, while Sami grabbed a pillow to cover herself, since she was wearing only a pink and black negligee she'd bought for the occasion. "What the hell are you two doing here?" imposter Rafe snapped.

"Sami said she wanted to take some pictures of us before we left," Gabi explained, a bit stung. After throwing on a robe, Sami asked if the kids were still going to dinner at Chez Rouge. Fake Rafe was glad to hear the dinner was still on, but when he complimented the teens on how nice they looked, he added about his sister, "She sure knows how to sell it." Everyone was a bit taken aback, but let it drop.

While Will and Sami hunted in the bedrooms for the camera, Gabi remarked to Rafe that he'd been behaving strangely for a while -- and she didn't think it was just from the accident. "It's actually starting to worry me," she added. After Sami took enough pictures to annoy Gabi and Will, phony Rafe urged the kids to get going so they didn't miss their reservation. After Gabi and Will left, Sami and faux Rafe resumed kissing.

In the dungeon, Rafe found the key to his cell in an incapacitated Marco's pocket, then used it to free himself from the cell. He found Marco's gun, predictably hidden in the henchman's waistband, and tried to leave, but Marco suddenly grabbed Rafe by the leg. Rafe fell to the floor, but after just a moment, he regained consciousness and rose again. He cold-cocked Marco with the butt of the gun. "Shoulda stayed down," Rafe chided as he staggered out the door.

Taylor wandered along the pier, recalling her two encounters with E.J. As she inhaled his scent on the scarf he'd given to her, she pronounced her daydreams, "Corny. Lame. Like there's actually such a thing as love at first sight. But who is he?"

Meanwhile, E.J. was gazing dreamily out the terrace doors while thinking about Taylor. Nicole interrupted his reverie with two glasses of champagne, which they used to toast fate for reuniting them. When Nicole wondered whether fate would keep them together, E.J. declared that he had the perfect answer for her. He produced a velvet ring box, but Nicole protested that he'd already gotten her a Valentine's Day gift.

E.J. explained that it was more than a gift, and opened it to reveal a ring made of sapphire, surrounded by numerous diamonds. Nicole exclaimed that it was beautiful, and E.J. slipped the ring on her finger. As she gushed excitedly about the ring, admiring its sparkle on her hand, E.J. had to remind her to breathe. Nicole declared sincerely that she was happy, and E.J. concurred that he was, too.

Rafe crept around the side of the DiMera mansion just then, and peeked through the French doors, where he spied E.J. and Nicole kissing. "Not getting away with it -- not this time," Rafe muttered as he left.

On the pier, Taylor's fantasy deepened, and she imagined that when her mystery man found her on the bench, he declared that he'd been searching everywhere for her. He told her that he'd tried to describe her to everyone he met, but it had felt absurd, because a mere physical description could not capture her beauty. "It's like saying a swan is a white bird with a yellow beak," he explained, adding, "It doesn't describe it just snatches your breath the first time you see it, and then, when it goes away, your heart just sinks." In the daydream, Taylor admitted that she'd been thinking about him, too and returned the scarf by wrapping it around his neck.

As her fantasy man moved in to kiss her, a voice broke her reverie. "I think you dropped this," said Chad as he picked up E.J.'s scarf from the pier. A startled Taylor thanked him. Chad stated that the scarf looked familiar, like he'd seen his brother wearing it. Intrigued, Taylor declared, "If it's the same man who gave it to me, he seems like a pretty terrific guy." Chad scoffed, asserting that they couldn't be talking about the same person, then.

At Chez Rouge, Stefano greeted his wife with a kiss, and asked Kate if she'd seen the Ferrari parked outside. "That red one? That sleek, sexy, gorgeous one? I was drooling," Kate confessed. "Good -- because it's yours," Stefano declared, adding, "Happy Valentine's Day." Kate was completely floored, and thanked her husband earnestly. She then teased that with gifts like the ring and the car, she might suspect that Stefano was cheating on her.

"Why would I do that? I have the loveliest woman in Salem," Stefano declared. Kate countered, "But you are up to something, aren't you?" Stefano reminded her that she'd said she didn't want to know about his secrets. Kate conceded that it was probably better to stick to that, "[Especially] since I have a few little things of my own that I'd rather not talk about." Stefano raised his eyebrows dubiously, so Kate suggested a new deal: "I won't keep any secrets from you if they affect you." Stefano concurred, as long as neither of them got hurt.

Just then, Chad walked in. Kate pointed him out to Stefano, who was disappointed to see that his newest son was asking the bartender for a job application. Stefano approached Chad at the bar, and stated genially, "You can work for me; I can get you a good job." Chad pointed out that the last time he'd asked Stefano for a job, Stefano had blown Chad off. Stefano reassured his newest son that he had just been preoccupied with something that needed to be done right away. Chad agreed to consider calling Stefano the next day.

Will and Gabi arrived just then, and were surprised to find Chad there. Kate sidled over to say hello, and declared that the teens both looked "absolutely fabulous" -- and then pulled her husband away from the young people. A surprised Will asked if he had really just overheard Chad accepting a job from Stefano. Chad hedged that he was only there to pick up a job application. Gabi asked Chad to join them, but he declined. As Chad slouched out, Gabi remarked to Will, "I feel kind of sorry for him." Stefano, too, watched with sadness in his eyes as a clearly dejected Chad left.

As soon as she was outside the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie called Kate, who excused herself to take the call. Stefano merely chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Secrets," he muttered. He immediately called E.J. to check on the status of their "underground project."

Melanie shakily informed Kate, "I did it: I told Philip that I want to be with him, and I want him to help me raise our child." Kate asked if Melanie had mentioned Parker. "One baby at a time, Kate!" Melanie snapped, but added that she believed if she told Philip that she wanted to take Parker away from Chloe, he would be on board.

Nicole and E.J. were dancing playfully in front of the fire when Johnny suddenly burst in. "Happy Valentine's Day!" he announced. When E.J. asked why the tot was awake, Johnny explained that he'd heard a noise outside that had awakened him.

After checking the grounds, E.J. was satisfied that nothing was amiss. Nicole held Johnny in her lap as she asked him to describe the noises he'd heard. She then declared that it sounded like pirates, who'd been hanging around because they wanted Johnny's eye patch after he got his new eye the next day. Since Johnny was a little nervous about the surgery, E.J. reassured the boy that it would not hurt, because Johnny would be asleep.

Just after E.J. left to carry his sleepy son back upstairs, Taylor rang the doorbell. Nicole was surprised to see her sister on the doorstep, but she showed Taylor into the parlor and closed the doors. Taylor showed her bridesmaid's dress to Nicole, and both women enthused that it was perfect. Nicole then pointed out that it was Valentine's Day, so Taylor agreeably said that she would leave. Her hand touched the doorknob to the entryway -- just as E.J. reached for the knob on the other side.

But before either could open the door, Marco stumbled into the foyer, clutching his head. "What's wrong? What's happened to you?" E.J. hissed, alarmed.

Taylor almost left without her purse, and as Nicole handed the pocketbook to her, Taylor spotted the glittering ring on her sister's finger. The two women admired the ring, and Nicole half-jokingly guessed that E.J. could have bought a small island for what he'd probably paid for it. Taylor asserted that Nicole's happiness was all that really mattered. Almost as if she were surprised to realize it, Nicole assured her sister that she was happy. Taylor replied, "Then I'm genuinely glad for you -- even if you are marrying a DiMera."

Nicole maintained that E.J. was a sweet and thoughtful person with a big heart -- plus he was "hot." Laughing, Taylor pointed out that she wouldn't know her future brother-in-law if she ran into him on the street, and asked if Nicole had a picture of E.J. With another reminder about the holiday, Nicole hustled Taylor toward the door. Taylor predicted that by the following Valentine's Day, she would no longer be single. She explained for a skeptical Nicole, "I can't really explain it; it's just when we met, aside from being romantic, it felt important." Nicole encouraged her sister to read a romance novel instead of getting her hopes up about a guy whose name she didn't even know.

An apologetic Marco took his boss downstairs to the empty cell. Marco tried to reassure E.J. that Rafe had hit his head pretty hard during the struggle, so he probably hadn't gotten far. Furious, E.J. hurled the broken cell phone at the brick wall, and raged, "He's not calling anybody. I know exactly where he's going!"

Rafe lurched through the snow, muttering to himself about how much his head hurt. As he collapsed on the ground, the torn picture of Allie fell out of his hand. He awakened a few minutes later, and staggered away, leaving the picture where it had fallen.

Later, a miserable Chad was walking near where Rafe had fallen. "Wow, that was messed up," Chad muttered to himself. "Everything I do is wrong." He spotted Allie's picture, and picked it up. "Johnny's twin sister, Allie," he noted with concern. He called out to see if anyone were nearby, but got no answer.

Imposter Rafe and Sami had moved into the bedroom when suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Fake Rafe pulled away from Sami reluctantly. "Damn it!" he explained. "I planned this big surprise, then I forgot all about it." He pulled on some clothes as he went to answer the door, first opening the speakeasy peephole to see who was outside. Meanwhile, Sami tried worriedly to convince herself, "He's just trying too hard; that's all. He's just not my Rafe." She reminded herself that she had to be patient.

Sami pulled on one of Rafe's shirts as she followed him into the living room, where phony Rafe was admitting a tuxedo-clad man carrying a large box. "Chicken cordon bleu, champagne, and chocolate truffle dessert, madam," the man announced. Faux Rafe paid the deliveryman, who promptly left. Although impressed, Sami started to protest that it was too much, but then stopped herself. "No, it's perfect -- it's just like you," she declared, grinning, and then kissed her "husband" appreciatively.

As the two shared their romantic dinner, sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table, imposter Rafe asked to feed Sami a forkful of food, something he said he'd always wanted to do. Sami obliged, then fed one to him. Fake Rafe deemed the act sexy, and declared that he was no longer hungry for food.

Faux Rafe was on top of Sami on the couch when the real Rafe arrived in the hallway outside. Clutching Marco's gun, Rafe peered through the peephole, which hadn't latched when his doppelganger had tried to close it. When Rafe spied his wife kissing the other man, he had to steady himself for a moment before attempting to open the door.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor found Brady rummaging through a desk. "If you're looking for your things, they're gone," Victor announced. "Henderson packed them up and took them to the dump. And if you don't leave immediately, I'll have you taken there as well," he added. Brady scoffed, "So, we're trotting out the old 'throw the heir out of the house' routine again, hmm?" Brady reminded his grandfather that Brady possessed ownership of the mansion.

"A temporary situation," Victor assured Brady. Victor wondered if Brady had felt guilty about stealing Titan. "Or are you too ruthless in your deranged state to even have a twinge of guilt for the man who gave you everything?" Victor asked. Brady claimed that he didn't owe Victor anything. "Now, you listen to me, you insolent bastard," Victor snapped. "I started this company with my own two hands. Fifteen hours a day working on the docks from the time I was a teenager, and you know why I worked my fingers to the bone? So that my children and my grandchildren could have better," he added.

Brady noted that he had heard Victor's story "millions of times." Victor said that Brady had taken the Kiriakis privileges for granted, but Brady vehemently denied Victor's accusations. "You know what you taught me, Grandpa?" Brady asked, then continued, "That nice guys finish last. That's what I learned from you. That's how you live. That's your creed. Damn it, it's mine now too!" Brady reminded Victor, "I almost lost everything a while back. My self-respect, my dignity -- it was gone. It's back. I've reinvented myself. I like me now. It's like a testament to my resilience, don't you think?"

Victor quipped, "It's a testament to your idiocy." Victor reiterated that he had built Titan "from nothing." Brady turned and started to walk away, but Victor continued, "And nothing is exactly what it's going to be worth if you run it the way you've run the rest of your miserable, pathetic life." Brady insisted that Victor was the one who was going to ruin Titan. "You should have passed the torch years ago, but you couldn't, because you wanted to hold on to the power," Brady said.

Brady continued to lash out at Victor. "You are gonna be four hundred years old, walking around, senile as hell, and there's still no way you would let Philip or me run Titan!" Brady exclaimed. Victor denied Brady's allegations, but Brady insisted that Victor had never respected Brady. Brady claimed that he had never been allowed to make his own mistakes. "Well, you're sure making a ton of 'em now, aren't you?" Victor observed.

Brady blamed Maggie for being the one that had insisted that Victor should rescue Vivian. Victor told Brady that removing Vivian from the island had been the right thing to do. "No, no! The right thing to do was to take your company from you, and I'm not giving it back," Brady vowed. Brady paused, then said, "I'm gonna throw you a crumb because you're my grandfather. Keep the house. Don't say I never did anything for you." Victor sighed as Brady stormed off.

Maggie was pleasantly surprised to see Taylor at Chez Rouge. Taylor told Maggie that she was going to be staying in Salem. "Nicole told me about Mickey. I'm so sorry," Taylor added. Taylor wondered if Maggie was hiring. Maggie said that Taylor was in luck -- one of Maggie's waitresses had just turned in her two-week notice. Taylor went to the bar to fill out an application.

Taylor saw someone in the restaurant that looked like E.J. "It's him," she gasped, but the man had his back turned to her. Taylor wondered if her mystery man was on a date. "Maybe I'll go and find out," Taylor muttered, then added, "It is Valentine's Day, after all." Before Taylor could do so, E.J. turned and saw her.

Taylor smiled and said, "It is you." E.J. admitted that he had not been able to stop thinking about Taylor. "You look beautiful -- even more so than I remembered," E.J. added. Taylor wondered if E.J. had been spending Valentine's Day alone. E.J. stammered, "Yes. I mean, no. I mean -- I mean yes. I mean, I'm with you."

Taylor snapped out of her fantasy and mustered up the courage to approach the man; unfortunately, the man was not E.J. Taylor apologized for her mistake and quickly excused herself. Later, Maggie looked over Taylor's application and realized that Taylor was overqualified for a position as a waitress. Maggie offered to refer Taylor to someone at Titan, but Taylor admitted that she had already turned down Brady's offer to work at Titan. "I won't compromise myself working for a corrupt corporation like that just for a bigger paycheck," Taylor insisted.

Before Maggie could defend Victor, Brady walked into the restaurant and asked the bartender for a drink. Maggie greeted Brady, but Brady preemptively warned Maggie that he wasn't in the mood for a lecture about his alcohol consumption. Brady pointed to the restaurant decorations and said, "I'm here to make sure that all the DiMera wedding arrangements go off without a hitch. E.J. and Nicole, happily ever after, round two." Maggie sighed and said, "Brady, I know you're upset," but Brady insisted that Maggie was wrong.

Taylor listened as Brady continued to talk to Maggie about E.J. and Nicole. "She can have that bastard. I mean, those lunatics are perfect for each other," Brady said. "You just came from seeing Victor, didn't you?" Maggie guessed. As Brady nodded, Maggie asked, "What did he say to you?" Brady sighed and said, "What does he ever say, Maggie? He talks about...moolah. You know, offshore bank accounts, money. That's what the man loves -- money."

Maggie defended Victor, but Brady insisted that Maggie didn't know the "real" Victor. "And if you're lucky, you will never know him the way I know him," Brady added as he left the bar. Maggie offered to call a cab for Brady, but Brady assured Maggie that he was going to walk home. Later, Maggie went over to the Kiriakis mansion and told Victor about her encounter with Brady.

"He feels terrible, Victor. I can tell," Maggie insisted. "What are you fighting about, money?" Maggie wondered. She added, "I mean, that is the least important thing in life. That is the one thing that you and I agree upon. It's all about family." Victor agreed with Maggie, but he explained that he had already tried to talk to Brady and that Brady had refused to listen.

"Well, he needs your help, Victor. And I'm speaking as a sponsor now, too," Maggie said. Victor solicited Maggie's advice on how to handle the situation. Maggie warned Victor not to give up on Brady. "I mean, regardless of how he is behaving, you need to take the high road," Maggie said. Maggie reiterated, "He needs your help, Victor. And you will give it to him, right?"

Meanwhile, Taylor found Brady passed out on the steps of the pier. Brady told Taylor that he wanted to be left alone. Taylor grabbed his arm and said, "Sorry, can't do that." Taylor escorted Brady back to the Kiriakis mansion. "This is so not cool," Brady said as Taylor led him into the mansion. "Taylor, I don't live here anymore," Brady added.

"Yes, he does," Victor insisted. Taylor led Brady to the sofa and covered him with a blanket. Brady assured Taylor that he would be all right. Taylor started to leave, but Brady stopped her and asked, "Why'd you help me?" Taylor glanced at the scarf E.J. had given her and explained, "Because someone did a good deed for me, and I'm paying it forward."

Maggie returned to Chez Rouge. Sam presented her with a bottle of sparkling cider and two glasses. "But I'm alone," Maggie protested. "No, you're not," Sam said as he filled the glasses. Sam explained, "This one's for Mickey. Happy anniversary, Maggie."

As Maggie gently clinked the glasses together, Victor entered the restaurant. Victor watched Maggie for a moment, then decided not to disturb her. He quietly exited the restaurant as Maggie took a sip of the sparkling cider.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole told E.J. that she was worried about Johnny. "Another procedure, and getting a new eye -- that's scary stuff, even if you're not four years old," she noted. E.J. assured Nicole that Johnny had fallen asleep after E.J. had read him a bedtime story. Later, E.J. and Nicole were making out when E.J. received a text message. "Oh, I knew I should have implemented the Valentine's Day 'no texting' rule," Nicole sighed as E.J. excused himself.

E.J. was worried by the text message, which read, "Don't have Rafe." E.J. apologized to Nicole and quickly rushed off. E.J. attempted to contact Fake Rafe, but the call went to voicemail. "How dare you ignore my call?" E.J. asked, then he furiously added, "Rafe is coming over to your place, and you're the only bloody person who can stop him."

After E.J. left the mansion, Johnny walked downstairs and wondered where his father was. "He'll be back soon," Nicole assured Johnny. "Did you have a nightmare?" she asked. Johnny told Nicole, "I was already awake." Nicole frowned and said, "You were? Hmm. Your daddy said that he read you a couple of lullabies, and you fell right asleep." Johnny shook his head and said, "Nope."

Outside Sami and Rafe's apartment, Rafe looked through the open peephole and saw Sami and Fake Rafe making out on the sofa. Rafe listened as Sami told Fake Rafe, "I love you." Reeling from the shock of what he had witnessed, Rafe attempted to brace himself against the wall of the apartment building. Sami heard a noise and glanced toward the door. Sami noticed that the peephole door was ajar.

Sami walked over to the door and paused as she looked through the peephole. After Fake Rafe impatiently asked her if she was all right, Sami sighed and closed the peephole. "I was just imagining things," she muttered. As Sami and Fake Rafe started making out again, Fake Rafe's phone rang. Fake Rafe ignored the phone call.

As Rafe weakly tried to open the apartment door, one of E.J.'s goons arrived and zapped him with a Taser gun. Sami and Fake Rafe heard another noise as Rafe collapsed, so Fake Rafe went to investigate. Fake Rafe opened the door and watched as E.J.'s goon dragged Rafe into the elevator. Fake Rafe quickly went back inside the apartment and nervously assured Sami that everything was all right. Sami smiled, but her suspicions were aroused.

Later, Fake Rafe called E.J. while Sami helped brush Allie's teeth. "Where the hell have you been?" E.J. asked. Fake Rafe apologized and explained that he had been "involved in something" earlier. "I don't care if you had an audience with the bloody Pope!" E.J. snapped. "You listen to me, and you listen good, all right? If I answer," E.J. added. E.J. ordered Fake Rafe to get to the DiMera mansion "immediately."

Sami wondered who Fake Rafe had been talking to. Fake Rafe quickly covered and said, "That was the P.D. After I heard that noise in the hallway, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Fake Rafe claimed that someone had reported a domestic dispute. Sami admitted that Rafe's news had disturbed her. Fake Rafe assured Sami that he would protect her.

Sami recalled the lengths that Rafe had gone to in the past to protect Sami and her children. "You risked your life one time and, I mean, got stabbed with a knife trying to protect us," Sami said as she lifted Rafe's shirt to look for the scar that was on Rafe's abdomen. "Good thing I still have a scar, right? Evidence," Fake Rafe said. As Sami continued to talk about Rafe's heroism, Fake Rafe received another phone call from E.J. "I've gotta check in with work," Fake Rafe explained as he rushed off.

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Marco discussed Rafe's condition. Marco said, "The guy's in pretty bad shape, Mr. DiMera. He's burning up with a fever. I'm not sure how much longer he'll last, to tell you the truth." When Fake Rafe arrived, E.J. angrily chastised him. "Tonight could have been a disaster, you simple little moron!" E.J. exclaimed. Eager to change the subject, Fake Rafe asked, "What about the brat Allie? What happens now that Rafe tried to escape?"

E.J. smiled and said, "You let me take care of that." Later, E.J. quietly watched as Nicole read to Johnny. E.J. thanked Nicole for taking care of his son. Nicole insisted that she had been happy to spend time with Johnny. E.J. sighed and said, "I'm sorry. He's having his procedure tomorrow, and that's the only thing that I should be --" E.J. paused as he grew more agitated. Nicole carefully asked if everything was all right.

E.J. assured Nicole that everything would be fine, and he thanked Nicole for "not asking any questions." Nicole stated that she "knew her place," then she added, "But you weren't exactly truthful with me earlier...telling me that Johnny was asleep. He was awake when you left, wasn't he?" E.J. silently nodded. "You don't have to make up lies for me. I am happy to be here, no matter what," Nicole promised. Meanwhile, Rafe started to cough up blood in the dungeon.

At Java Café, Will and Gabi watched as Chad walked in. Someone in the restaurant called out, "Hey, DiMera. What's up?" Chad nodded at the person, then walked over to Will and Gabi's table and greeted them. "Did that guy just call you 'DiMera'?" Will asked. Chad nodded, and Will said, "So, it's official then."

"No, no, no, no. It's not official," Chad insisted, then explained, "He called me DiMera because that was the name I used on the job application at the Cheatin' Heart." Will wondered why Chad had refused Stefano's job offer. Chad shrugged and said, "I don't really want handouts, or another jerk father who's gonna care for me one minute and treat me like crap the next." Will said that he could relate to what Chad was going through because of Will's own complicated history with the DiMera family.

Chad sarcastically asked, "So, what are you telling me? That they're much cooler now? That they turned into upstanding citizens, each and every one of them?" Will reluctantly admitted that E.J. had started to show signs of decency as a result of Johnny's illness. "That's great -- E.J. did one good thing in his life," Chad scoffed, then added, "I'm sure he dislocated his shoulder trying to pat himself on the back for that one."

Gabi noted, "Every family has its quirks." Will quipped that some families -- like Will's own -- had more "quirks" than others. "Look, I came from a big, close family, and it's the best thing in the world," Gabi said. Gabi continued, "I know you try to pretend like you're all judgmental and you don't want anything to do with the DiMeras, but...I think you do. And I think you should go for it."

"Speaking of family," Chad said, eager to change the subject, "I found something tonight and thought you might want it." Chad handed Will the torn picture of Allie that Rafe had dropped during his foiled escape attempt. "Isn't that your little sister?" he asked.

At Sami's apartment, Allie was startled by a noise in her bedroom. Sami assured her that everything would be all right, and agreed to read Allie another bedtime story. As Sami was comforting Allie, someone started to knock insistently on the door. "Who could that be?" Sami wondered. Sami told Allie to wait in her bedroom.

"It's Gladys Pierce from across the hall. Is everything all right?" Sami's neighbor called out as Sami rushed to the door. "I'm sure it's nothing, but I just saw the strangest thing," Gladys explained. Sami invited her neighbor into the apartment, and Gladys continued, "I saw your husband being dragged away. I thought maybe he was hurt."

Friday, February 18, 2011

E.J. went to Lexie's office to talk to her about the upcoming surgery to put in Johnny's new eye. Lexie said that she hoped both of Johnny's parents had been "pampering" the boy, and E.J. assured her that he and Sami were getting along fine. "Even Rafe and I seem to have an improved relationship lately," E.J. added. Lexie was pleased that her brother was making an effort to take the high road. E.J. maintained that he couldn't take all the credit for keeping the peace. "Rafe has changed quite a bit, too," he explained.

Lexie tried to encourage E.J. to reach out to their newfound brother, but E.J. didn't want to discuss Chad. Lexie reminded E.J. that Chad was all alone, and she thought Chad should know that his siblings were there for him -- especially if Stefano turned his back on Chad. E.J. reluctantly agreed to consider it.

As Carly examined Jennifer at the hospital, she asked if Jennifer had heard from the kids or Jack. Jennifer replied that Abigail and J.J. had both called, but Jack had not, and Carly seemed more upset about it than Jennifer was. Jennifer pointed out that Jack had a history of abandoning her when she needed him. Just then, Daniel entered and declared, "I don't know the guy, but if I did, I'd kick his tail feathers."

While Carly and Daniel reviewed Jennifer's chart, Jennifer silently observed the chemistry between them. Lexie entered, and was surprised to find Daniel and Carly there when both had signed out an hour before. Lexie ordered the doctors to go home, and when they protested, she escorted them out of Jennifer's room.

As soon as the others had gone, Jennifer called Maggie. "I have this idea: I want to do something -- something really good and positive. But I'm going to need your help," Jennifer explained.

Separately, Carly and Daniel each got a text message from Maggie, and each agreed to stop by Chez Rouge on their way home to check Maggie's blood pressure.

Jennifer described her plan to Lexie, who thought it was a bad idea. Lexie reminded Jennifer that both Carly and Daniel had just gotten out of relationships. Jennifer explained that she thought Daniel and Carly could simply lean on each other through a difficult time, because they shared a history -- and a daughter. "And who knows? Somewhere down the road, lightning could strike twice for them," Jennifer added.

Lexie was touched to see how much Jennifer cared about Carly and Daniel. Jennifer reminded Lexie, "That man held my heart in his hand, and he brought me back to life! And Carly is part of my heart; she's like my sister. I've known her almost my entire life, and I think that she deserves to be happy again." Lexie stressed that it was too soon, but conceded with a shrug and a smile, "Why not? Things happen." Jennifer agreed, "That's right; things happen -- and I have a hunch it will happen this time, too."

When Carly arrived at Chez Rouge with her blood-pressure kit, she was surprised to find it empty. As a waiter took Carly's coat, he assured her, "Mrs. Horton said to expect you." Daniel arrived right after Carly with a similar kit in hand. While they were comparing notes about the text messages they'd received, the waiter arrived and informed them that Maggie had invited them as a favor to someone else. The waiter showed them to a table set for two, where a bottle of wine -- and a note -- waited.

As the waiter poured the wine, Daniel read the note aloud: "Thanks for being a good friend. Now I want two good friends to enjoy a drink on me. Love, Jen." Carly and Daniel were touched and impressed. Carly asserted that the gesture was typical for Jennifer, who was always thinking of other people. "Well, in that case, let's raise our glass. To Jennifer," Daniel toasted, and Carly echoed his words as they clinked glasses.

At the Java Café, Chad showed Will and Gabi the torn photo of Allie, and explained that he'd found in the woods. A worried Will noted that the picture looked like it had been torn intentionally, and reminded Gabi of all the members of his family who had been kidnapped. Chad seemed surprised to learn that E.J. had once kidnapped Sydney -- and then told the family that she was dead. Will asserted that E.J. was "messed up."

Will then assured Chad, "No matter where you come down on this -- with the DiMeras or whatever -- you have friends." An appreciative but uncomfortable Chad said that he had something to take care of, and left. Gabi sensed that Will was still worried about the picture. He admitted that he was, and they agreed that they should show the photo to Rafe right away.

E.J. was walking on the pier when he ran into Chad. He greeted Chad, who didn't seem interested in talking. E.J. started to continue on his way, but then turned back a bit reluctantly, and addressed Chad, "Look, I realize this is a particularly difficult time for you, and you're probably not in much mood to talk about family." Chad retorted that he'd heard some "choice things" about E.J., and Lexie had already filled him in about Stefano.

E.J. confessed that Lexie had asked him to approach things differently, so he was going to try. E.J. stated, "If you think you can stand it, maybe you'd like to be around me -- occasionally. I'd be happy to welcome you into the family." Chad wondered why E.J. had suddenly changed his mind. E.J. began to explain that he had almost lost his son recently, but then interrupted himself to say that he was sorry that he and Chad had gotten off on the wrong foot. Chad managed a slight chuckle, and assured E.J., "No worries."

E.J. then inquired, "If we've cleared the air, I have a small but important favor to ask you... You probably know I'm getting married, and I'm a little short -- I need a best man. You can say no, obviously. But since you're family -- what do you think?" Chad agreed to think about it. E.J. gave his business card to Chad, and asked Chad to call when he'd made up his mind.

After E.J. left, Chad mulled over their conversation. "My brother," he said to himself, "Maybe he's not so bad."

Sami and Rafe's neighbor, Gladys Pierce, told Sami that she'd seen some guy dragging an unconscious Rafe down the hall "like a sack of potatoes." A bemused Sami insisted that Rafe had been with her all night, so Gladys couldn't have seen him. Gladys was adamant that she would know Sami's handsome husband anywhere, and wondered if they should call the cops.

Just then, Rafe's imposter arrived outside, and eavesdropped for a moment while he contemplated what to do. As Sami was trying to convince Gladys that there was no need to call the police, faux Rafe walked in nonchalantly. A relieved Sami hugged him, and explained what Mrs. Pierce had just told her. Imposter Rafe assured Gladys that she had to have seen someone else, because obviously he was fine.

Eying him suspiciously, Gladys insisted that she was sure of what she'd seen. Sami and phony Rafe speculated that perhaps Gladys had just gotten confused because of the TV crime show she'd been watching when she heard the thump. When Gladys refused to change her mind, Sami offered to call the building manager, so they could review the security tapes from the hallway.

Gladys informed Sami that the cameras didn't work, even though the new management had continually promised to fix them. Sami was surprised to learn that Gladys had asked to see the security tapes before. "There's a lot of hinky stuff going on in this building. I don't even walk into the elevator without my pepper spray," Gladys asserted, and then told Sami and imposter Rafe goodnight.

After Gladys had gone, faux Rafe maintained that the woman seemed "pretty loopy." Unconvinced, Sami noted, "I just can't help feeling that something is definitely not right." After Sami looked in on Allie, imposter Rafe suggested that he and Sami should pick up where they'd left off before they'd been interrupted.

Just as faux Rafe began kissing Sami passionately, Will and Gabi walked in. "Oh, my God! Again?" exclaimed a mortified Will. Laughing sheepishly, Sami asked, "What happened? Your curfew isn't for a while yet." Will reluctantly told Sami and Rafe about Chad finding Allie's torn picture in the woods, and showed it to his mom. Sami instantly became worried, so everyone tried to reassure her that it probably meant nothing. Sami freaked out anyway, pointing out that she had plenty of reasons to be concerned.

"Some psycho could be coming after my daughter!" Sami fretted, but added determinedly, "I'm gonna find out who it is, and I know exactlywhat I'm gonna do to him!" Faux Rafe offered to have the picture checked for fingerprints, but cautioned Sami that after so many people had handled it, he might not be able to find out much. He zipped the photo into a plastic bag, and promised to take it to the station the next morning. Sami thanked him, and then announced that she was going to check on Allie again before heading to bed. Will stated that he was going to walk Gabi home, and the two of them left.

After everyone had left the room, imposter Rafe furiously wadded up the bag containing the picture, and threw it on the floor. Faux Rafe then joined Sami in bed. She apologized for freaking out, but fake Rafe reassured her that he understood. He waited until Sami fell asleep, then got out of bed.

As Will and Gabi arrived at the Brady Pub, she commended him for promising to stick by Chad. With a shrug, Will humbly insisted that because he knew the DiMeras, he also knew that Chad would need all the friends he could get. Still impressed with Will's selflessness, Gabi planted a big kiss on him, and then went inside.

In the dungeon, a weak and feverish Rafe coughed, and begged his guard for some water. Citing Rafe's recent escape attempt, the guard refused.

The Rafe impersonator arrived at the dungeon, and asked the guard for five minutes alone with the real Rafe. The guard handed faux Rafe the key to the cell, and then left. Imposter Rafe threw the cell door open, and then began pummeling Rafe, who was too weak and sick to fight back. Between blows, the imposter demanded, "You wanna know what happens when you try and escape? You wanna know what happens when you try to mess things up for me, buddy?"

Shoving the torn photo in Rafe's face, the ringer demanded, "First you break out of here, then you drop this in the damn woods? Did you think I wouldn't know who did it? And now I gotta cover my ass because of you!" Faux Rafe continued savagely punching and kicking Rafe until E.J. arrived, and pulled the doppelganger off.

Fake Rafe angrily explained that not only had Rafe dropped the picture in the woods, but Rafe had been right outside the apartment when E.J.'s goon had recaptured Rafe -- and Sami's nosy neighbor had witnessed the whole thing. E.J. only wanted to know how much Samantha knew. Imposter Rafe assured E.J. that he'd been able to convince Sami that the neighbor was nuts. E.J. ordered the impersonator to return home, so faux Rafe left after issuing a final warning to his double.

Back at the loft, Sami had a nightmare that she was frantically searching the woods for Allie, and found the girl's torn photo in the snow -- and when she picked it up, it was covered in blood. Sami awoke, shaken, and was upset to find that Rafe wasn't in the bed next to her.

Faux Rafe returned to the loft, and hastily undressed in the living room before returning to bed. Sami anxiously told him about the nightmare, and asked where he had been. The imposter claimed that he'd also been worried about Allie, so he'd gone to check on her. He reassured Sami that everything would be all right, and added, "Do not worry. Whoever left that picture out in the woods, they're never coming into this apartment -- ever. That's a promise."

In the dungeon, E.J. declared to his captive, "Nice try. You almost made it, but you didn't reach Samantha. And now you -- and Allie -- are gonna pay the price."

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