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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on GH
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Monday, February 14, 2011

On Valentine's Day in Port Charles, the residents celebrated in a variety of ways.

Theo met with Shawn and discussed a plan to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. He also told Shawn that Jason was becoming a problem, and it was time to send him a message. Carly interrupted them and entered the office without knocking. Theo told her to feel free to exit by the same door she had barged in through. Carly ignored Theo and had a friendly interchange with Shawn. When Theo became snarky, she told him that he worked for the law firm whose main clients were Jason and Sonny. When Theo asked if that meant that she was entitled, Carly said yes.

Sam and Jason shared a romantic dinner at Sonny's restaurant that Jason had prepared personally. Jason and Sam laughed and danced. Jason said that he knew what his life was like without Sam in it, and he wanted her to know how much she meant to him. Sam did not want to spoil the romantic atmosphere by getting the results of her pregnancy test, but Jason insisted that she call and find out. Sam cried when she found out that she was not pregnant.

Sam insisted that she was okay. She said that she knew that their life was not set up for children, but she said that a part of her was disappointed with the outcome of the test. She said that she did not want the bother of the fertility procedure when there were no guarantees that she could get pregnant after the procedure was completed. Sam said that all she wanted to do was enjoy the meal that Jason had made especially for her.

After dinner, Jason pulled out a jewelry box and told Sam that he knew that they had not had much time together since Brenda had arrived on the scene. He told Sam that he wanted her to know that he loved her and that she was always first with him. When Sam opened the box, she found that it contained a pendant with a Polynesian design that showcased her birthstone. She and Jason started kissing and moved to Sonny's office as their passion took over. Someone moved stealthily outside the office door.

Later, Shawn entered the restaurant and went into Sonny's office. He was looking at papers on Sonny's desk when he heard something or saw movement. He pulled his gun and turned around to find Jason pointing a gun at him.

Lulu and Dante were in a limo headed to New York to the opera. Lulu told Dante that the opera was about a woman who stabbed her lover in the heart after finding out that he had lied to her. They talked about their own situation and laughed. When they reached the opera, they had box seats. They held hands as they listened to the opera. Once back in Dante's Port Charles loft, Dante joked that he hoped the next opera they went to had a happier ending. Lulu said she had to go and kissed Dante on the cheek. Dante grabbed her and gave her a passionate kiss. Lulu responded and kissed him back.

Brenda, Suzanne, Spinelli, and Carol the wedding planner were gathered at the house in the woods. They were discussing a new venue for the wedding. Suzanne was desperately trying to get Brenda to cancel the wedding, but Brenda refused. Sonny arrived with flowers just as Brenda was showing off his wedding band. Sonny wanted to see it, but Brenda said it was bad luck.

Suzanne said that Brenda was operating under the mistaken belief that love conquered all. Sonny told Suzanne that the wedding was on whether she approved or not. Sonny said that he wanted to be alone with Brenda, so Spinelli, Suzanne, and Carol left reluctantly. After they were gone, Brenda said that she was afraid that she was going to wake up and find out that her happiness with Sonny was a dream. Sonny said that he was going to make her dream a reality.

Sonny playfully insisted that Brenda show him the ring she had picked, out and she finally agreed. When she opened the box, the ring was gone.

At Jake's, Lisa waited for the drug she had put in Patrick's drink to take effect. Terrell and Robin laughed as Terrell told her stories about Valentine's Days that had not worked out well for him. Lisa was surprised when Patrick ordered another beer. When she tried to stand, she was woozy. Johnny showed up and offered to take her home.

Patrick took beers to Robin and Terrell. He said that ideally he would spend Valentine's Day alone with his wife, but since that was not happening, he would be content to sit at the same table. Patrick and Terrell found common ground when they learned that they both played basketball. After some trash talk, they decided to play darts and that the loser would walk away from the table. As the game progressed, Robin said that she was not a prize to be won.

When Patrick hit a bull's eye, he grabbed Robin and gave her a long, thorough kiss, which Robin returned. After that, Patrick picked up his coat, wished Robin a happy Valentine's Day, and walked out of Jake's.

Lisa woke up at Johnny's. He told her that he had paid the waitress to switch her drink with Patrick's drugged one. She accused him of taking advantage while she was drugged, but Johnny said that he had not. He told her the story of Claudia's obsession with Sonny and how it had destroyed her. Johnny said that he was trying to help Lisa avoid making the same mistake with Patrick. He said that he did not want to see her destroyed by fixating on something unattainable. Lisa told Johnny to stay away from her. She said that nothing and no one could keep her away from Patrick.

Spinelli was having a drink at Jake's when Carly arrived. They commiserated about not having anyone to share the holiday with. When they saw a couple smooching, Carly yelled out, "Love never lasts." Spinelli told Carly that Sonny and Brenda were proceeding with the wedding. When Spinelli wondered who was responsible for the attempts to sabotage it, Carly let him know it was not her. Spinelli also wanted to know if Carly had told Sonny about Brenda's child. Carly said she had tried to dissuade Sonny from marrying Brenda, but he had not listened. She said it was time to take drastic measures.

In a warehouse in Galway, Ireland, Lucky and Siobhan got the drop on two Balkan henchmen, then Siobhan got the drop on Lucky. She told him that he was the only one twisting in the wind. As the thugs tied Lucky up, Siobhan said that family counted more than any cop she was sleeping with. When a police siren blared in the distance, Siobhan sent the thugs to check it out. Lucky told Siobhan that it was not who she was. She responded that she was a better liar than he was.

Lucky said that Siobhan was just scared, and she needed to trust him. Siobhan said that she would do anything to save her sister, even sacrifice him. When the Balkan's men returned, they said that the police were just rousting a drunk. Siobhan told them to call the Balkan so that she could exchange Lucky for her sister. When they refused, Lucky broke out of his restraints and attacked one of the thugs. Siobhan clobbered the other. As Siobhan and Lucky tied the thugs up, Siobhan asked Lucky what he thought of her plan.

Lucky told Siobhan that she was nuts, even though her improvisation had worked. He told her that the only way to save her sister was to work together. He said he had an idea about where to start. Lucky's phone rang. When he answered it, the Balkan was on the other end. He congratulated Lucky for eluding his first trap. He told Lucky not to make assumptions, and then asked Lucky if his experience with Siobhan had taught him anything.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Ireland, Lucky was on the phone with the Balkan. The Balkan was impressed that Lucky had evaded the trap that the Balkan had set for him. Lucky warned the Balkan that the henchmen had provided Lucky with valuable information about the Balkan, but the Balkan merely chuckled. The Balkan wondered if Siobhan considered the pleasure of Lucky's company worth Megan's life. Lucky suggested that the Balkan's game was unraveling, but the Balkan clarified that he didn't play games.

The Balkan reminded Lucky that Siobhan had been given fair warning, so Siobhan's sister would pay the price for Siobhan's betrayal. Siobhan snatched the phone out Lucky's hand and then threatened to kill the Balkan herself if anything happened to Megan. The Balkan didn't seem concerned as he ended the call. Siobhan broke down in tears as Lucky reached out to comfort her. Lucky assured Siobhan that they had time to find Megan before the Balkan carried out the threat.

Lucky was confident that they would be able to save Megan if they started to think like a criminal. Later, the henchmen returned to the warehouse to make contact with the Balkan by phone. One of the henchmen revealed where Megan had been moved to and then promised to kill her in the morning. The Balkan's men were unaware that Lucky and Siobhan hid out of sight to eavesdrop on the conversation.

At the loft, Lulu decided to leave after Dante had kissed her. Dante didn't want Lulu to walk out on their Valentine's Day date, so he offered to pour some wine. Lulu refused to stay, prompting Dante to wonder if she were trying to leave him wanting more. "Is it working?" Lulu asked as she walked out of the door with a smile. Later, Dante was surprised to bump into Lulu on the sidewalk.

Lulu confessed that she hadn't been able to sleep, so she had decided to get something to eat. Dante revealed that he had a recording of the opera that they had seen earlier that evening, so he invited her to his place to listen to the opera while they sipped on some wine. Lulu agreed to go home with Dante; however, she made it clear that she would only stay for half an hour. At the loft, Lulu smiled blissfully as the opera music filled the room. Dante stared longingly at Lulu as he confessed that she was beautiful.

Dante understood that Lulu had to protect herself, but he asked her not to close her heart completely to him. Dante realized that he had betrayed her; however, he insisted that it didn't mean that it would happen again. Lulu softened towards Dante when he told her that he loved her. She confessed that she loved him too. Dante smiled and then kissed Lulu.

At the house in the woods, Brenda dumped the contents of her purse on the sofa, in an effort to find the missing wedding ring that she had bought for Sonny. Brenda was certain that Carly was behind the ring's disappearance when she couldn't find it. Sonny doubted that Carly was responsible for the theft. Sonny explained that Carly was too busy dealing with Michael's problems to be concerned about Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Brenda didn't agree; she suggested that Carly was manipulating Sonny by using Michael to deflect suspicion.

Sonny couldn't explain what was going on with Michael, but he was confident that Carly wasn't behind the stolen ring. Brenda wondered who else could have taken the ring. Sonny admitted that he had his suspicions. Later, Brenda admitted that she thought that Sonny was way off-base about the culprit. The debate ceased when Suzanne arrived.

Suzanne joined Sonny and Brenda in the living room to find out why they had called her. Sonny revealed that the wedding ring that Brenda had bought for Sonny had disappeared. Suzanne immediately blamed Carly for the missing ring as well as the torn wedding dress and the flooded pavilion. Sonny explained that Carly hadn't had access to the ring, so it couldn't have been her. Suzanne began to worry that the acts of sabotage might have been a warning from the Balkan that Brenda couldn't have the life that Brenda wanted.

Suzanne immediately urged Brenda not to go through with the wedding. Sonny admitted that he had suspected that would have been Suzanne's response. Suzanne wondered what Sonny meant by that. "Game's over. You got caught," Sonny responded. Suzanne was stunned when Sonny accused Suzanne of having motive and opportunity to destroy the wedding dress, flood the pavilion, and steal the ring.

Suzanne denied that she had anything to do with the acts of sabotage, but Brenda angrily demanded to know the truth. Suzanne hesitated a moment, but then admitted that Sonny had been right; Suzanne had been responsible for all of the mishaps. Suzanne explained that she had done it because she loved Brenda like a daughter. Suzanne insisted that Brenda's marriage to Sonny would endanger Brenda further. Brenda was livid; she accused Suzanne of only being interested in how much money Brenda could rake in for the charity.

Brenda suspected that was the reason that Suzanne had supported Brenda's relationship with Murphy. Suzanne insisted that she loved Brenda and that she feared that the Balkan would target Brenda at the wedding. Suzanne claimed that she had been the only person "who had the balls" to try to stop Brenda from marrying Sonny. Brenda ordered Suzanne to get out of her life. Suzanne produced the missing wedding ring and then handed it to Brenda.

Sonny realized that Brenda was deeply hurt, so he talked to her about forgiving and moving past what had happened because it hadn't stopped the wedding. Suzanne tearfully apologized to Brenda and then started to walk away. Brenda jumped up, ran to Suzanne, and then hugged her. After Suzanne left, Brenda admitted she couldn't believe that Suzanne had been responsible for everything that had happened. Brenda confessed that Sonny's heartfelt words had resonated with her.

Brenda was curious when Sonny had become so forgiving. Sonny explained that he knew what Brenda's life had been like; it had been glamorous on the outside, but lonely on the inside. Sonny was grateful that Brenda had Suzanne around during that time to lean on.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was delighted when Michael approached her at the bar. She immediately asked him about his therapy session. Michael admitted that he didn't really see how it would help him, but he conceded that the therapist was a good listener. Carly advised Michael to give it some time because she was confident that the therapy would eventually allow Michael to move forward. Michael confessed that therapy had helped Sonny, Kristina, and Dante, so he promised to stick with it.

Carly seemed surprised that Dante had been to a therapist. Michael explained that it was policy when a police officer killed someone in the line of duty. Carly decided to switch gears by talking to Michael about her concerns regarding Abby. Michael made it clear that he didn't want to hear his mother put Abby down. Carly clarified that she was worried about how Abby's career might impact Michael's parole.

Carly feared that Michael might be caught up in a raid at the strip club and that a rookie cop, wanting to make a name for himself, would arrest Michael. Carly urged Michael to be careful. Michael promised that he would. Luke approached the bar as Carly and Michael hugged. After Michael left, Carly bragged to Luke that Michael was a wonderful young man whom she was proud of. Luke warned Carly that she was getting dangerously close to the edge of a genuine emotional breakthrough.

Carly ignored Luke's comment as they began to discuss the evidence that Carly had against Dante and Brenda. Luke was stunned when Carly handed him the custody paper indicating that Dante had relinquished all paternal rights to Brenda's baby. Luke was curious what Carly intended to do with the document. "Drop it like a bomb at the wedding," Carly answered. Luke understood the desire for sweet revenge because of his own history with the Cassadines, but he warned his niece that there was always collateral damage.

Luke suggested that she consider carefully before she exposed the secret. Carly acknowledged that she was a vengeful person who preferred to strike back when someone wronged her. However, she also realized that Luke had a point about innocent people being hurt. Luke was curious if Carly was concerned about how Sonny might feel about the news. Carly confessed that Sonny infuriated her, but he didn't deserve to be publicly humiliated.

Carly decided to confront Brenda with the document before the wedding to give Brenda the opportunity to walk away. Luke wondered what Carly would do if Brenda chose not to tell Sonny about the baby. "Then all bets are off," Carly replied with a wicked smile. Luke chuckled.

Michael met Abby at Kelly's. Abby was curious about Michael's first therapy session. Michael admitted that he hadn't been thrilled about it, but he was determined to continue going. Abby confessed that Michael had inspired her, so she had decided to follow his lead. Michael was pleasantly surprised when Abby announced her decision to quit her job as a stripper.

Abby warned Michael that Johnny might not be receptive to her resignation because he had given her some money in advance to help pay for her tuition. Abby realized that she would have to pay Johnny back. Michael admitted that he knew Johnny, so it might help if he went with Abby. Abby readily accepted Michael's offer. A short time later, Michael and Abby arrived at Johnny's penthouse.

Johnny revealed that he had heard about Abby's attack, so he offered to take action on her behalf. Abby assured Johnny that the police were handling it. Abby then confessed that she had decided to stop stripping because she didn't have it in her any more. Johnny understood her decision, but he warned her that there might be some complications. Abby quickly assured Johnny that she intended to repay him the money that he had given to her.

Michael offered to settle the debt with Johnny, but Johnny wasn't concerned about the money. Johnny explained that it might be more difficult than Abby anticipated to meet her financial obligations. He promised to have a job available if she changed her mind. Abby thanked Johnny. "No problem," Johnny assured her. Johnny then admitted, "It's nice to have a Corinthos owe you one."

At Pozzulo's, Sam and Jason confronted Shawn in the office. Shawn looked at the guns aimed at him and then slowly explained that he had slipped into the office because "turnabout was fair play." According to Shawn, Theo wanted Jason to stop digging into Theo's background. Jason wondered if Theo had something to hide. "No," Shawn answered. According to Shawn, Theo wanted Jason to focus on the wrongful death lawsuit, not Theo's past.

Shawn reminded Jason that they were all on the same side, but Jason warned Shawn that Shawn had used his free pass. Jason made it clear that the next time, Jason would treat Shawn like any other intruder if he caught Shawn snooping around. After Shawn left, Jason and Sam agreed that Shawn wasn't an amateur, so they decided to investigate Shawn further. A short time later, Theo stormed into the office, demanding to know why he had been summoned in the middle of the night. Jason immediately fired Theo for the stunt that Theo had pulled earlier that evening.

Theo pretended to be pleased with the decision; however, he warned Jason that Brenda would need an attorney who could handle Brenda's fragile state of mind. Theo explained that Brenda had quickly confessed to killing another man when Theo had questioned her about Anton's death. Jason couldn't worry about that, so Theo wondered how Jason felt about Michael. Jason tensed as Theo suggested that Judge Carroll might have a change of heart about Michael's parole when it was revealed that Dante had covered up the death of a man. Theo was certain that the judge would send Michael back to Pentonville.

Sam ordered Theo to get "the hell out" and then reminded Theo that he had been fired. Sam was stunned when Jason decided that Theo could continue to represent Brenda and Dante as long as Theo focused on the case. Theo smiled with satisfaction and then left. Sam warned Jason that he had given Theo a master class on how to manipulate Jason. Sam feared that Theo would do it again because Theo was bad news.

Jason agreed, but he confided that he intended to keep Theo very close until they determined just how bad Theo was. Jason admitted that he wanted Theo to believe that Theo had the upper hand. According to Jason, Theo's reaction to being fired had shown Jason who Theo really was. Jason confided that he suspected that Theo was somehow linked to the Balkan; he just didn't know how.

Theo entered his office in a good mood. He announced that it had been a productive evening and then gloated that he had Jason by the throat. "What about you?" Theo asked the person sitting in his chair. Suzanne turned to face Theo. She confessed that she and Sonny had reached a truce for Brenda's sake and that it had been quite an emotional moment.

"How delicious," Theo replied. Theo conceded that Suzanne was a formidable woman, so he had been wise to marry her. Theo and Suzanne shared a brief kiss and then confessed that they had missed each other. Suzanne realized that it had been necessary to remain apart because they had to lay the groundwork to make Brenda pay for killing their son, Aleksander.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Ireland, Lucky and Siobhan hid in some bushes outside of the cabin where Megan was being held prisoner. Siobhan feared that they were too late to save her sister, but Lucky assured her that everything would be fine. Siobhan panicked when she heard Megan cry out in pain. She started to rush to her sister's aid, but Lucky held Siobhan back. Moments later, a henchman emerged from the cabin, locked the door, and then left.

Lucky and Siobhan waited a few minutes and then silently crept to a window. They spotted Megan shackled and blindfolded inside. Siobhan wanted to spring into action, but Lucky cautioned her to wait. Lucky quickly picked the lock on the door and then drew his gun before slowly entering the cabin. The moment that Lucky determined that it was safe, Siobhan rushed into the cabin to free her sister.

Megan was shocked to see Siobhan. As Lucky began to pick the locks on the shackles that chained Megan to the wall, Megan told her sister about the kidnapping and the Balkan's threats. Megan was curious how Siobhan had gotten mixed up with the Balkan. Siobhan explained that she had become involved with Lucky, who was an undercover cop, so the Balkan had decided to force Siobhan to spy on Lucky by threatening Megan's life. Lucky couldn't unlock the leg shackles, so Megan urged Siobhan and Lucky to leave before her captors returned.

Siobhan refused to leave her sister's side. Lucky revealed that Siobhan had saved his life, so he was determined to return the favor by saving Megan. Moments later, Lucky managed to free Megan. Megan's legs were numb, so Siobhan and Lucky had to assist Megan. They started to leave, but were forced to retreat back inside the cabin when gunfire suddenly erupted all around them.

In the law office, Suzanne thought that everyone would be stunned to learn that she was married to Theo. Theo agreed and then began to talk about Aleksander. Suzanne assured Theo that she had never mentioned their son to Brenda, but that Brenda had claimed that Aleksander had been abusive. Suzanne also revealed that Brenda had never shown any remorse for killing their son. She confessed that it had taken quite a bit of effort to hide her true feelings from Brenda.

Theo and Suzanne then began to discuss their plans for Brenda. Theo intended to go to the hospital to pump Robin for information about the wedding. They were startled when Brenda suddenly entered the office. Theo immediately explained that he had called Suzanne to question her about Brenda's reaction to the Banovic shooting. Brenda admitted that she didn't want to discuss the lawsuit until after her wedding.

Suzanne took the opportunity to offer Brenda another convincing heartfelt apology and then assured Brenda that she wanted to help in any way possible. Theo assured Brenda that Suzanne had been of great assistance to him. Theo realized that he tended to be the bearer of bad news, but he revealed that he had some good tidings for once. Brenda squealed with delight when Theo announced that he had managed to get the court case postponed for two months. Suzanne and Theo barely contained their disdain for Brenda as she thanked Theo and then hugged Suzanne.

Carly entered the house in the woods, looking for Brenda. She found Sonny standing in the living room instead. Sonny explained that Brenda wasn't there, so Carly turned to leave. Sonny was curious why Carly wanted to see Brenda; he suspected that Carly hoped to stop the wedding. Carly didn't deny it as she pointed out that she was honest about her intentions. Sonny realized that she was referring to the wrongful accusations of her sabotaging the wedding.

Sonny let Carly know that Suzanne had been responsible for the wedding mishaps. Carly started to leave, but Sonny wondered why she was in such a hurry. Carly claimed that she didn't want to argue with Sonny, so Sonny suggested that she promise to stay away from the wedding. Carly claimed that she was concerned about Sonny. Sonny assured Carly that he wouldn't have another breakdown because he was being treated for his bipolar disorder, but Carly argued that a lot had happened to Sonny since he had first fallen in love with Brenda twenty years before.

Carly reminded Sonny that he had gotten married, had children, and endured many struggles, but Brenda had remained frozen in time. Carly didn't think that Brenda could love Sonny because Brenda only loved herself. Sonny insisted that Carly could hate Brenda all she wanted, but he expected Carly to respect Brenda's role in his life. Carly was outraged by the suggestion; she would never respect Brenda. Carly refused to let Brenda destroy Sonny, so she vowed to stop the wedding.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick talked about the kiss that they had shared at Jake's. Patrick admitted that he didn't have any regrets. Robin jokingly conceded that the kiss had been "nice." Patrick winced at the jab to his ego, which made Robin smile. Robin then turned serious as she asked Patrick to see one of her patients while she attended to some wedding preparations with Brenda.

Patrick agreed until she revealed that the patient was Theo. Patrick reminded Robin that Theo hated him and would probably try to sue him if he didn't find anything wrong with the hypochondriac. Robin realized that Patrick and Theo had gotten off on the wrong foot, but she was confident that Patrick could handle Theo. The argument ceased when Theo approached the nurses' station. Theo wasn't pleased when Robin explained that she had to leave.

Patrick invited Theo to reschedule the appointment, but Theo complained that Patrick probably hoped that Theo would die in the interim. Robin was relieved when Patrick reluctantly agreed to give Theo an examination. Theo hoped that Patrick's skill as a doctor had improved. Later, Patrick promised to let Theo know the results of the tests as soon as they were in. Theo argued that Robin's diagnostic skills far exceeded Patrick's, so Theo preferred for Robin to review the test results. Patrick warned Theo that Robin would be busy with the wedding for the next few days, but Theo didn't mind waiting.

Luke announced that Kelly's was closed when he saw Shawn enter. Shawn argued that the sign indicated otherwise and that all he wanted was a cup of coffee. Luke poured the coffee just as Lulu arrived. Luke explained that he hadn't been able to find anyone to cover for Mike, who had cut his hand while working in the kitchen. As Shawn walked out, Luke persuaded Lulu to help out.

Later, Luke was thrilled when the last of the customers had left. Lulu suggested that Luke could close Kelly's the following day in honor of Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Lulu then revealed that she would be attending the wedding with Dante. Luke was surprised to learn that Lulu and Dante had patched things up. Luke was curious how she felt about Dante's lie. Lulu admitted she had been upset, but it had not been the end of the world.

Lulu gave her father credit for the reconciliation. She realized that he had been right when he had told her that people didn't change, so a relationship didn't stand a chance if she couldn't accept people for who they were. Lulu sensed that Luke wasn't happy about her decision to work things out with Dante, but Luke made it clear that he wouldn't interfere. However, he warned her that the more she invested in the relationship, the more she would be hurt if things didn't work out. Luke insisted that life had a way of dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Molly was pleasantly surprised when she bumped into Shawn outside of Kelly's. After she hugged Shawn, she confessed that she had heard that Shawn had been hired by the law firm. Molly hoped that it meant that he would be staying in Port Charles. Shawn was noncommittal as he responded, "For now." Shawn then changed the subject to find out how Molly's therapy sessions were going. Molly acknowledged that she was getting better and then switched gears to tell Shawn about her uncle's wedding to Brenda Barrett, a famous supermodel. Molly explained that she had decided to pick up cupcakes for the bridal party to snack on while they took care of some last-minute wedding preparations.

At the penthouse, Jason let Sam know that Spinelli's background check on Theo had been clean. Sam suggested that perhaps that meant that Theo was exactly whom he appeared to be. Jason continued to have doubts, but Sam thought that Theo might simply be someone who just wanted the publicity of exonerating Brenda in a wrongful death lawsuit. Sam worried that Jason might be too focused on trying to prove that Theo was linked to the Balkan that he might miss some important clues. Jason was certain that the Balkan would try to grab Brenda before the wedding, so he was determined to unmask the international crime lord before it was too late.

Jason reminded Sam that the timing of the wrongful death lawsuit was suspicious because it had been filed weeks after Anton's death. Sam agreed that it all seemed very convenient for Theo. Their conversation was cut short when Kristina arrived to help Brenda prepare for the wedding. Moments later, Brenda burst through the door and then happily announced that Theo had managed to delay the hearing for the lawsuit.

Spinelli was in his office trying to wrap a wedding gift for Sonny and Brenda when Carly strolled in. Carly thought that it was a premature for Spinelli to buy gifts for Sonny and Brenda's new home in the woods. Spinelli realized that Carly still intended to go through with her plans to stop the wedding. Carly revealed that she would confront Brenda about the secret before the wedding to give Brenda the opportunity to walk away from Sonny without Carly telling him about the baby. Spinelli was curious what Carly would do if Brenda decided to go through with the wedding. Carly smiled wickedly as she assured him that she was prepared to expose Brenda and Dante at the wedding.

Jason and Sam entered the office moments later. Jason wondered what Carly was doing there, so Spinelli quickly covered for Carly by claiming that he had called her to make certain that she was okay. Jason warned Carly not to pull any stunts to stop the wedding. Carly was annoyed, so she left. Spinelli was curious why Jason and Sam had stopped by. Jason explained that he needed Spinelli to keep searching for the Balkan.

Spinelli didn't see the point, since his previous searches hadn't yielded any information. Jason revealed that they had a new lead. Jason explained that they needed to find Aleksander's DNA to compare it to the DNA of their suspects. Jason realized that it was a long shot, but he hoped that the Balkan had made a mistake along the way.

Robin went to Pozzulo's to visit Sonny. She confessed that she was happy for Sonny and Brenda, but she was a bit surprised by how calm Sonny seemed. Sonny explained that he couldn't wait for the wedding to be over even though he was marrying the woman of his dreams. He then took the opportunity to thank Robin for helping to reunite him with Brenda. Sonny appreciated that she had always believed in them.

Sonny credited Robin for making it possible for him to marry Brenda. Robin admitted that she had wanted Sonny and Brenda to be together for a very long time, so she hoped that they would be happy. A short time later, Sonny listened as Robin spoke to Patrick on the phone about Theo's appointment. Robin thanked Patrick for taking care of things and then ended the call. Sonny wondered how everything was going between Robin and Patrick.

"Amicable," Robin admitted. Sonny was surprised by her less than enthusiastic response. Robin confided that it was nice to see Patrick on his best behavior. Sonny confessed that he wished that Stone could be at the wedding. Robin agreed that Stone would have been happy to see Sonny and Brenda get married because Stone had wanted his loved ones to find happiness. Robin realized that perhaps things had to happen as they had in order for them to appreciate what they had.

After Robin left, Sonny invited Max and Milo into his office. Sonny explained that he had a job for the Giambetti brothers; he wanted them to save Carly from herself by stopping her from disrupting the wedding. Sonny feared that Carly would try to stop the wedding by pulling a stunt that might hurt the children and herself, so he asked Max and Milo to guard Carly and not let her out of their sight until after the wedding.

At the penthouse, Kristina and Brenda were putting together wedding favors for the reception when Kristina admitted that she wasn't used to knowing a famous person. Brenda confessed that she was nervous, too, because she wanted Kristina and Molly to like her. Kristina assured Brenda that they did. Molly arrived moments later with cupcakes and a checklist for the wedding. Kristina reminded Molly that Brenda had a wedding planner. The girls were surprised when Brenda blurted out that she hated Carol.

Brenda realized that she probably shouldn't have said that, but she insisted that Kristina and Molly were much more fun than Carol. A short time later, Suzanne stopped by to see Brenda. Brenda introduced Suzanne to Kristina and Molly. Suzanne was reluctant to intrude on Brenda's family time, but she had wanted to wish Brenda well. Suzanne hoped that Brenda got everything that she deserved.

After Suzanne left, Robin arrived to help out with the wedding preparations. Brenda was relieved to be organized for once, thanks to Molly's helpful wedding checklist. The girls noticed Brenda's rings. Brenda revealed that each ring signified something special. The rose-gold ring represented Brenda and Sonny's past, while the gold ring represented their present and how lucky they had been to have found each other again. Brenda explained that Sonny would place the third ring, representing their future, on her finger during the wedding.

Molly thought that the rings were romantic; she likened Brenda and Sonny to Liz Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Brenda assumed that it was Carol, but it turned out to be Carly. Carly admitted that Sonny had told her that Suzanne had been responsible for the acts of sabotage. Brenda confirmed that it was true and then apologized for accusing Carly.

Carly insisted that she needed to speak to Brenda in private, but Robin refused to let Carly ruin their day. Robin ordered Carly to go away. Robin suggested that Carly have enough self-respect to leave everyone alone and then slammed the door in Carly's face. Carly simply smiled.

Shawn met Theo at the law office to go over their plans for the following day. Theo assured Shawn that someone would arrange for Shawn to gain access to Brenda. Shawn was expected to kidnap Brenda before the wedding and then take her to the meeting place, so that Brenda could finally answer for the death of Aleksander. Theo assured Shawn that Shawn's duty would end there.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the private investigation office, Spinelli was in the midst of a gumshoe fantasy, in which he had saved Jason from the Balkan, when Jason suddenly asked, "What the hell are you doing?" Spinelli held a banana in his hand like a gun, so he explained to Jason that he had been attempting to achieve a more balanced diet. Spinelli then offered a banana to Jason. Frustrated, Jason explained that they were out of time, so Spinelli needed to focus on finding a DNA match to Aleksander. Jason decided to head to the Archer Pavilion while Spinelli worked.

At the law office, Theo informed Shawn that he had arranged for Diane to add Shawn to the security team at the Archer Pavilion. Theo assured Shawn that someone on the inside would provide Shawn with access to Brenda's changing room. Shawn was curious if the person could be trusted. "Implicitly," Theo promised. Moments later, Alexis walked in.

Theo grumbled because the people in Port Charles never seemed to knock before entering. Alexis assured Theo that she would the next time, but she needed to fetch a file that her paralegal had left on Theo's desk. Alexis flipped through the files on Theo's desk as Theo explained that he had been discussing Brenda's wedding with Shawn. Alexis smiled when Theo revealed that Shawn had been added to the security team. She was certain that Molly would be happy to see her new friend.

Carly entered Kelly's to find Luke working. Luke was curious if Brenda had taken the bait. Carly admitted that she hadn't had a chance to talk to Brenda because Robin had slammed the door in Carly's face. Luke wondered what Carly planned to do about the damaging evidence against Brenda and Dante. Carly decided that she would have to expose Brenda's secret during the wedding if she didn't get an opportunity to talk to Brenda beforehand.

Luke warned Carly that Sonny would be furious. Carly didn't seem concerned, so Luke pointed out that her bombshell wasn't exactly an act of betrayal because Brenda and Dante's affair had happened prior to anyone knowing that Dante was Sonny's son. Carly argued that Brenda and Dante should have told Sonny about their past the moment that they had realized their connection to Sonny. Carly was curious what Luke would have done if Lulu had been in Sonny's shoes. Luke admitted that he would have gone directly to Lulu with the evidence rather than publicly blindside her.

Carly claimed that she didn't want to humiliate Sonny, but she didn't have a choice since she hadn't been able to get to Brenda. Carly had hoped to force Brenda to slink out of town without anyone being hurt. Luke suspected that Carly's real target was Dante, not Sonny and Brenda. Carly disagreed; Dante was simply an added bonus.

At the penthouse, Robin and Carol were going over some last-minute wedding plans when Suzanne asked where Brenda was. Brenda stood at the top of the staircase as Robin explained that Brenda was getting ready. Suzanne suggested that Brenda might be taking her time because she was having second thoughts about marrying Sonny. Robin explained that Brenda had good reason to have some pre-wedding jitters because Brenda and Sonny's last wedding day had ended very badly. Carol agreed that Brenda needed to hurry up because Brenda still needed to get her hair and makeup done before the wedding.

Brenda entered the living room and then announced that she hated to disappoint Suzanne, but Brenda intended to go through with the wedding. Brenda bristled when Suzanne suggested that they release some wedding pictures to the press. Carol agreed with Suzanne, but Brenda flatly refused to consider it. Suzanne and Carol decided to take care of some things before the wedding, so they left. Robin wondered if Brenda were okay. "Yes," Brenda assured her best friend; however, Brenda admitted that she was afraid that something might go wrong.

Later, Brenda admitted that she feared that she had forgotten something as she packed some things for the wedding. Robin promised Brenda that everything would be fine. Brenda and Robin started to leave, but stopped short when they opened the door to find Edward standing on the doorstep. Edward explained that he needed to talk to Brenda before "this tragedy takes place." Robin warned Edward not to try to talk Brenda out of marrying Sonny.

Edward explained that he just needed assurance that Sonny would be at the wedding instead of repeating history by sending Jason to the altar to call off the wedding. Edward couldn't take it if Brenda's heart were broken a second time. Brenda asked to have a private word with Edward, so Robin stepped out of the room. Brenda promised Edward that Sonny would be at the pavilion. Edward wondered if Brenda were sure that she wanted to go through with the marriage.

Brenda explained that she knew Sonny and who he was; she loved him, faults and all. Edward smiled as he pulled a delicate handkerchief out of his pocket and then handed it to Brenda. He explained that Lila had carried the handkerchief during her wedding to Edward. Brenda was moved to tears as she accepted the precious gift. Edward wanted Brenda to be happy, but he vowed to kill Sonny himself if Sonny hurt Brenda.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny instructed Max and Milo to keep Carly away from the wedding. Max feared that Carly wouldn't cooperate. Sonny didn't care; he refused to allow Carly ruin his wedding day. Max warned Sonny that Carly knew the house like the back of her hand, so she would likely find a way to sneak out. Sonny made it clear that he expected Max and Milo to make certain that she didn't escape.

Michael entered the parlor and immediately sensed that something was going on. Sonny claimed that they had been going over the various security measures for the wedding. According to Sonny, Brenda was nervous, so Sonny wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly. After Max and Milo left, Michael wondered if Sonny needed anything. "No," Sonny assured his son.

Michael noticed that Sonny seemed nervous. Sonny confessed that it felt as if it were his first wedding. Sonny had learned that when a person found the love of their life then they should hold on. Later, Sonny spoke to Mike on the phone. Sonny assured Mike that it was okay for Mike not to attend the wedding. Sonny just wanted Mike to get well.

After Sonny ended the call, Michael asked, "How's Grandpa doing?" "Not good. Not good," Sonny answered. Sonny explained that Mike had been struggling. Sonny assured Michael that Michael was a better son than Sonny had ever been. Michael insisted that Sonny had been a better father than any other man could have been. Michael was grateful that Carly and Sonny had always been there for him.

Carly was surprised to see Michael when she entered the parlor. She asked her son what he was doing there. Sonny reminded Carly that Michael didn't need a reason to visit his father. Carly explained that she had received several messages from the wedding planner, who had been looking for Michael. Sonny and Carly then proceeded to have a cryptic conversation about the wedding and Brenda.

Michael sensed that something was brewing between his parents, so he warned them not to do anything foolish. Carly denied that she was up to anything, but Michael knew that Carly hated Brenda, so he turned to Sonny for answers. Sonny insisted that he just wanted to have an uneventful wedding day. Sonny and Michael looked to Carly for reassurance, but she stuck to her innocent act.

Luke was relieved when Ethan arrived at Kelly's. Luke explained that he needed Ethan to keep an eye on the diner while Luke attended Sonny's wedding. Ethan was curious why Lucky or Siobhan couldn't run Kelly's. Luke explained that he just needed Ethan to stay until the waitress arrived. Before Ethan could respond, Shawn entered to order a cup of coffee.

Moments later, Kristina and Molly arrived. Kristina instantly regretted that she hadn't worn her hair down when she spotted Ethan standing behind the counter. Kristina thought it would have made her look more sophisticated. Molly was distracted when she saw Shawn. Molly greeted Shawn as Kristina approached the counter. Molly told Shawn that she was excited to be a part of her uncle's wedding.

Meanwhile, Kristina beamed with joy when Ethan assured Kristina that she would be the loveliest woman at the wedding. Luke was about to leave, but Ethan informed his father that he had never agreed to relieve Luke. Ethan explained that he had a wedding to go to. Kristina smiled when Ethan promised to meet her at the wedding and then left to change into a tuxedo. Michael entered as Ethan walked out.

Molly introduced Shawn to Michael. After Shawn left, Michael explained that he planned to go back to Sonny's house because Michael feared that Carly was plotting something. Kristina offered to give Molly a ride to the pavilion, but Molly decided to go to Alexis' office, since Alexis appeared to be running late.

Carly arrived at Spinelli's office to find out why he had sent her numerous text messages. Spinelli explained that he was curious if the wedding had been cancelled. Carly admitted that she hadn't had a chance to talk to Brenda, but Carly was determined to save Sonny. Carly planned to corner Brenda before the ceremony to give Brenda an opportunity to back out of the wedding. Spinelli wondered what Carly would do if she didn't get to Brenda in time. Carly answered, "I guess we'll have to see."

Suzanne went to see Theo at his office before she headed to the pavilion. She was concerned that he might be getting sick because he seemed flushed. Suzanne squirted hand sanitizer on her husband's hands as he complained that Port Charles was nothing but a great big "petri dish." He was grateful that they would only be spending a few more hours in the "horrid town." Suzanne cautioned Theo not to get ahead of himself.

Theo was confident that everything would work out according to their plan. He offered to pour some champagne to toast to their success, but Suzanne declined because she had to get to the Archer Pavilion. Theo promised to put the champagne on ice, so that they could indulge after they had their revenge.

At the Archer Pavilion, Jason and Dante discussed the various security measures that had been taken to keep the Balkan from kidnapping Brenda. Dante was impressed with the tight security, but he continued to have a bad feeling. Sam arrived shortly after Dante left, so she could do her own walk-through. Jason thanked Sam for being supportive and understanding during the ordeal with Brenda. Jason insisted that Sam was everything that he needed.

Sam commented that Sonny and Brenda hadn't been able to make it work the first time, so she was curious what made them think that they could find happiness a second time around. Jason reminded Sam that he and Sam had managed to get past everything that had happened to tear them apart the first time. Sam confessed that her life didn't work without Jason. Jason assured Sam that he loved her and then kissed her.

Dante arrived at Greystone Manor to pick up Sonny. Dante appreciated that Sonny had always made an effort to reach out to him after Sonny had learned that Dante was his son. Sonny thanked Dante for putting his badge on the line for Brenda after she had shot Aleksander. Sonny confessed that, in a way, Dante had made it possible for Sonny to be with Brenda. Sonny couldn't thank Dante enough for that.

Michael arrived a short time later. Michael revealed that he had been worried that Carly would return to do something to stop the wedding. Sonny assured Michael that he wasn't concerned about Carly and then changed the subject to let Michael know that Dante and Sonny had just had a heart-to-heart talk. Sonny wanted Michael and Dante to know that he was proud of the men that they had become.

At Kelly's, Luke became suspicious when he noticed how nervous Max and Milo seemed. At first the Giambetti brothers tried to play it cool, but Luke reminded them that he was a friend of Sonny's, so they could trust them. Eventually, Max admitted that they had to do a job for the boss and that they hoped that Luke wouldn't interfere. Moments later, Carly entered the diner. She demanded to know why Max had called her.

Max explained that Carly couldn't go to the wedding and that they would stop her if she tried. Carly turned to Luke to find out if he were responsible. Luke wondered if she truly believed that he would sell out his own flesh and blood. "For the right price, in a heartbeat," she answered without hesitation. Luke assured her that he had no idea what was going on. Carly turned to leave, but found Milo blocking her path. She tried to go around him, so Max was forced to pick Carly up and then drag her out of the diner, kicking and screaming, while Luke chuckled.

At the Archer Pavilion, Shawn managed to slip into Brenda's changing room. He started to tinker with the lock on the door when Carol walked in. Carol immediately demanded to know what he was doing in the room. Suzanne arrived in time to explain that Shawn was part of the security detail. Suzanne offered to take the wedding dress from Carol, but Carol decided to hang onto it until Brenda had arrived. After Carol left, Suzanne warned Shawn that Carol was a bit high-strung, so he shouldn't let that stop him from doing his job.

Later, Brenda and Robin entered the room. Brenda admitted that the day didn't feel real to her. Robin warned her friend that if Brenda continued to worry about what might go wrong then Brenda would miss all the little things that made the day special. Brenda confessed that she hardly remembered her previous wedding day with Sonny. Robin didn't think that it was a bad thing because Sonny and Brenda would make new memories. Brenda smiled nervously, so Robin wondered if Brenda were still afraid that the wedding wouldn't happen.

Molly knocked on the door to Theo's office before she entered. Seconds later, she ducked under the desk when she heard Theo approach the office. Theo was on the phone with Shawn, asking for an update. Theo anticipated Brenda discovering that Theo was the Balkan at the moment that Theo took his revenge on her for murdering Aleksander.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason had changed into dress clothes and were prepared to leave for the wedding. Sam was thrilled that Brenda would soon be Sonny's problem. Sam couldn't wait to celebrate. As she started to kiss Jason, Spinelli burst through the door to announce, "A victory at last. The Jackal has unearthed the true identity of the Balkan."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spinelli burst into Jason's penthouse with the disturbing revelation that Theo was actually the Balkan. He explained that Theo's DNA matched that of Alexander. Jason said it was time to turn the tables.

Shawn, outside of Brenda's room, called Theo at the law office to report that Brenda would be abducted as soon as she was alone. Hiding in Theo's office, a terrified Molly digested what she'd just heard. Theo called Suzanne for an update as Molly attempted to sneak out. Theo told Suzanne that he wanted her with him, but Suzanne replied that it would be suspicious if she were not at the wedding. However, Theo was insistent.

After Theo ended the call, he thought he'd heard a noise and went to investigate. Just as he was about to find Molly, Alexis knocked and asked to look for her glasses. Alexis noted that Theo seemed to be in a great mood. He agreed and offered to walk Alexis out.

Before she had a chance to escape, Molly heard the door open. It was Jason, Sam, and Spinelli. A relieved Molly told them that Theo was the Balkan. She elaborated on what she'd overheard. Jason asked if Theo had mentioned where he was going. Molly let them know Theo had said he was going to his room at the Metro Court.

In the chapel, Brenda shared with Robin that she was affected by all of the people who were against her marriage to Sonny. Robin said that she had no regrets for having married Patrick, even though Lisa had broken them up. Robin recounted how anxious she had been before Emma was born, but Emma turned out to be perfect. Robin's point was that Brenda and Sonny would be fine. They headed back to the dressing room, but Robin left to run an errand.

Shawn approached the dressing room, his gun leading the way. Before he could enter the room, Robin returned with Kristina. Not long after, Kristina left to find out why Molly had not gotten there yet. Brenda began to freak out over the tiniest of details, but Robin assured her that everything was going to proceed smoothly. Alexis arrived and wondered where her girls were. Robin explained that Molly hadn't shown up. Alexis called Sam to ask if Molly was okay. Sam replied that Molly was fine and would be on her way soon. Spinelli took Molly to the ceremony.

Once dressed for the wedding, Dante, Sonny, and Michael excitedly headed toward the venue. Just then, Max and Milo arrived at the front door, carrying Carly, who was kicking and screaming. They managed to hide before Dante and Michael saw them. Max and Milo explained that Sonny had asked them to detain her for her own good. Carly angrily argued that she was simply trying to save Sonny from himself.

Max and Milo offered to do anything to make Carly comfortable. Carly asked for pizza from Trino's. Max nixed the idea because Trino's didn't deliver, and neither he nor his brother would leave to pick it up. Carly insisted, so Max let Milo go to make the pickup. Carly used her feminine charms to try to work Max, who squirmed as Carly flirted with him. Max made the mistake of turning his back on her, and she knocked him out with a vase.

The groom and two of his sons arrived at the chapel as Jax walked in with Morgan. Sonny pulled Jax aside and asked him not to disrupt the wedding. Sonny called a truce, at least for that day. Both men shook hands. Jax pointed out that he couldn't speak for Carly and, since he and she were not speaking, he couldn't be sure she wouldn't make trouble. Sonny smugly replied that he'd taken her into consideration.

Lulu met Luke outside of Kelly's as Ethan arrived, dressed for the wedding. Lulu was surprised, but Ethan explained that Kristina had asked him to attend, and he didn't want to disappoint her. Luke urged Ethan to be careful of Kristina and reminded him of the false allegations she'd lodged against Ethan the previous year. Ethan responded that he and Kristina remained friends and mentioned that Maya was on-call at the hospital and wouldn't be able to make it.

Olivia arrived with Steven as Lulu, Luke, and Ethan walked in. Dante and Lulu kissed, prompting Luke and Ethan to go elsewhere. Olivia caught the two lovebirds. She said seeing the couple together again warmed her heart.

Ethan found Kristina, and they exchanged compliments. Luke wished Sonny the best and mentioned that he'd witnessed Max and Milo abduct Carly. Sonny confessed that he'd ordered the men to confine Carly in order to keep her from ruining the wedding. Tracy approached, surprising Sonny. Luke and Tracy reminisced about the time he'd duped her out of the prenuptial agreement and when he set her up to be arrested for stealing precious jewels. The two giggled as they found their seats.

Edward walked in and berated Tracy for having allowed the reprobate Luke back into her life. More importantly, Edward expressed the ominous feeling he had about the wedding. Luke mused that he felt uneasy as well.

Jax went to see Brenda in her dressing room to wish her well. He made it clear that he sincerely wanted her to be happy, even if it meant she married his arch-rival. After Jax left, Sonny walked in, sending Brenda into a tizzy. He convinced her that it wasn't bad luck for him to see her, as long as he didn't see the dress.

Robin ran into Patrick in the chapel. She told him that, despite their marriage hitting the rocks, their wedding was one of the happiest days of her life. Downstairs, Alexis welcomed Spinelli and Molly. Jax walked in and took Alexis to their seats as Spinelli and Molly went to help prepare for the ceremony.

Sonny went back downstairs, and Olivia wished him the best. Sonny acknowledged that it must have been tough for her to have raised Dante on her own but that she'd done a great job, and Dante had grown up to be a good man.

Molly and Spinelli entered the dressing room, and Molly apologized for her tardiness. Spinelli offered his heartfelt congratulations as Brenda "walked down the aisle of fate." He took his leave, and Kristina said that his statement had sounded portentous. Following tradition, the girls presented Brenda with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

After Molly and Kristina left, Brenda put her dress on. Robin left soon after. Once Robin was gone, Shawn began to enter the room, but was surprised by Carly, who explained that she was there with a special present for the bride.

Suzanne showed up at Theo's room. She expressed her concern that people would notice she wasn't at the wedding. Theo suspiciously wondered if Suzanne's desire for revenge was wavering. Suzanne denied that she felt any sympathy for Brenda. They shared a toast to vengeance.

Jason and Sam got the room key from the Metro Court clerk, because staff had a standing order to assist Jason any way they could. Jason and Sam went upstairs and approached Theo's room with guns drawn.

In the chapel, Robin worried that Jason had not yet arrived. Molly wondered who would walk Brenda down the aisle. Robin was inspired to find a suitable replacement and asked Edward to do the honors.

Sonny and Dante noticed that Jason was a no-show, which worried them both.

A smug Carly entered Brenda's room, prompting a perturbed Brenda to ask why Carly was there. "I just came to say goodbye," answered Carly with a smirk.

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