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Liam exposed Quinn, but Hope forgave Wyatt for keeping the truth from her. Despite Katie's warnings, Bill and Brooke insisted upon free climbing in Aspen. While on display at the boutique, the blue diamond disappeared.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 28, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, October 28, 2013

At Brooke's house, Brooke poured Eric some coffee and wondered why Caroline and Rick had wanted to meet with them. They guessed it had to do with Caroline, and Eric said he understood why their son was smitten with her. "Smitten?'" Rick said as he and Caroline entered. Rick announced that he was crazy in love with Caroline and had asked her to marry him.

Caroline flashed her ring, and Brooke and Eric hugged the couple. Eric recalled that Brooke had been the reason that the couple had met, and Caroline stated that Rick had proposed in true Forrester fashion. "I really want a 'wow' on my wedding day...hint...hint..." Caroline coyly said.

Eric replied that he'd definitely make Caroline's wedding gown. Caroline added that he'd blog about it before and after. Eric agreed to do so, as long as someone showed him how. Caroline told Eric that he was like the father she'd never had. Rick added that Brooke was like the sister Caroline had never had, and everyone hugged each other.

Rick and Caroline left, and Brooke recalled Hope's negative reaction to Brooke and Bill's announcement about their relationship. Eric said he was proud of Brooke for not showing Rick and Caroline what he'd seen before they'd arrived. Brooke flashed a curious look at Eric, and he expressed worry about Brooke, who hadn't been herself and seemed to be cocooned in her house.

Brooke explained that Bill was living with her, and Katie was enraged at her for ruining the Spencer marriage. Brooke claimed she hadn't meant for it to happen, but Eric responded that it had indeed happened. He knew that she loved her sister, and doing something like that wasn't who she was.

Brooke replied that every day she found herself asking who Brooke Logan really was. She answered her own question, saying that she was a woman sleeping with her sister's husband -- even though the couple shared a child and weren't yet divorced.

Brooke said that her daughter was disappointed in her. Brooke was disappointed with herself; however, it didn't change her feelings for Bill. She wondered what that said about her.

Eric inquired into Bill's whereabouts, and Brooke said that, because Katie was marginalizing Bill at the office, Bill had gotten back to his mountain climbing training. Eric thought the couple should be patient with Katie, but Brooke said Katie bore some of the responsibility for Bill being with Brooke.

Brooke explained all the things that Katie had done to cause Brooke and Bill's union. Brooke conveyed that if it were simple for her to step aside, she would; however, she loved Bill, and even though her heart hadn't always made the best choices, she planned to stick with the one about Bill.

Later, Rick and Caroline were canoodling at Forrester's Sky Lounge when Maria, an employee, congratulated them. Caroline noticed that people were staring at them, and Rick said that he and Caroline were Forrester royalty. She wondered if they should make an announcement. "Whatever you want, Your Excellency," he replied and kissed her.

At Spencer, Liam's lawyer let Liam know that he was officially single. As Liam stared at the annulment paperwork, the lawyer figured that Liam had a marriage to look forward to with Hope. Liam replied that he and Hope had been messed with several times. "And this is just one more," he added, holding up the papers. Suddenly, Liam decided he needed to see Hope, and he rushed out.

At Forrester, Hope was busy working when Wyatt arrived. They discussed Rick and Caroline, and Hope remarked that Rick's luck in love was changing. Wyatt said it was changing for Hope, too. He was about to kiss Hope, but Quinn rushed in to take Wyatt to another office to talk alone.

Later, Liam arrived as Hope was sticking pins into a dress that hung on a dress form. He announced that he'd gotten the annulment, and he and Hope could get married whenever she was ready. Hope didn't even look up from her work, so Liam said he knew that it might take some time. He hoped that what he had to say to her might help. "I was right all along, Hope. We were being manipulated Wyatt and his mom," Liam revealed.

Liam explained what Quinn had done with the video and said that she hadn't even shown any remorse about it. Liam knew that he'd made the video, and he was sorry for that; however, he said that Quinn had gone to extremes to drive a wedge between him and Hope. Hope asked about Wyatt's part in it. Liam said that he couldn't prove Wyatt's involvement, but Liam was sure that Wyatt wouldn't have stopped his mother if he'd known because it was Wyatt's goal to get between Hope and Liam.

"I just want you to get that. I mean, you get that, right?" Liam asked. He reminded Hope that Wyatt was the same guy who'd kept kissing a committed woman. Liam couldn't shake his bad feeling about his brother and insisted that Wyatt wasn't who he wanted Hope to think he was. Liam said that beneath Wyatt's charm was a maliciousness that could eventually hurt Hope.

Liam insisted that he and Hope shouldn't let what Wyatt and Quinn had done get between them. He also reminded Hope that they could get married at any time. Hope replied that she needed to talk to Wyatt. Liam nodded and kissed her hand, and she left the office.

In the CEO's office, Quinn warned Wyatt that Liam knew about her sending the video to Hope. Quinn asked if Wyatt knew that Liam had been a computer genius in a former life. She said that Liam had been after proof that Wyatt had sent the video but had discovered that she'd done it. She added that Liam had confronted her, and she hadn't denied it or thought that she'd been wrong.

Wyatt guessed that had infuriated Liam. Quinn figured it was only a matter of time before Liam told Hope about it. Wyatt felt that the real issue was that Liam had made the video for his ex-wife. Wyatt became worried that Liam would convince Hope that she'd been manipulated. Wyatt knew that Hope valued honesty, and he didn't want Hope to doubt him.

Hope strode into the CEO's office and flat-out asked if Quinn had sent the video. Quinn admitted to it, and Hope asked if Wyatt had known about it. Wyatt hesitated, and Hope asked for the truth.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Hope confronted Quinn and Wyatt about the video Hope had received. Liam had told Hope that Quinn had sent it. Hope pointedly asked if Wyatt had known that his mother had sent the video to Hope. Quinn admitted what she had done, but she claimed that Wyatt had known nothing. Wyatt asked his mother to leave so that he could talk to Hope privately.

In another office at Forrester, Liam waited for Hope, and he flashed back to happier times with Hope. Quinn interrupted and noted that Liam had told Hope that Quinn had sent the video. Quinn accused Liam of hiding his feelings for his ex-wife.

Liam wondered what Quinn had against Liam. Quinn accused Liam of treating women like an afterthought -- just like Bill had. Liam said Quinn had finally admitted that her problem with Liam had more to do with Bill than anything that Liam had done.

Quinn warned that Liam had been sneaky and deceptive in regard to Hope more than once. Liam fired back that Quinn had been deceptive on her own and it was all in order to manipulate Hope for Wyatt's benefit. Quinn defended herself and said that she had taught Wyatt to appreciate women. Quinn advised Liam not to try to deflect his guilt onto Quinn because Liam had made the video. Liam insisted that Hope would see Wyatt and Quinn's true sides. Liam left.

Wyatt told Hope that he had discovered that Quinn had been the anonymous sender, and Wyatt acknowledged that his mom had interfered. Wyatt added that Hope had deserved to know what Liam had done. Wyatt defended his mom, and Wyatt noted that Liam had been the one to make and send the video to Steffy -- his ex-wife -- days before Liam and Hope had planned to marry. Wyatt promised that Hope was the only woman on his radar.

Hope calmly warned Wyatt that he could not keep secrets from her. She didn't want a relationship with secrets and lies. Wyatt happily declared that he and Hope had a relationship. Hope smiled and warned that she wouldn't tolerate lies and deception because so many people had lied to her and Liam.

Liam interrupted Hope and Wyatt. Liam and Wyatt argued until Hope said she had been disappointed in both of them. She firmly stated that she had decided to put her professional life ahead of her personal life. Liam asked for some time alone with Hope. Liam wondered if Hope still loved him and wanted to get married. Hope said she needed time to sort out her feelings and focus on the success of HFTF. Hope said she loved Liam, but she refused to rush into marriage. She kissed him.

At Spencer Publications, Katie told Donna that she would not allow Will to stay with Brooke and Bill. Donna argued that it was unfair, but Katie insisted that she would not allow Will in Brooke's house as long as Brooke and Bill slept together. Katie shared that Justin had left to see Bill. Katie added that Bill and Brooke had planned to leave for Aspen. Katie explained that Bill had planned a free-climb in the mountains. Katie shared how dangerous a free climb was, and Katie added that Brooke planned to climb as well with climbing gear.

At Brooke's house, Justin arrived and advised Bill that Katie had refused to allow Will to visit Bill at Brooke's house. Justin added that numbers had been plummeting since Bill had left, and Justin said he had to save a client. Bill ranted that everything had gone to hell at Spencer. Brooke cooed that everything would be fine.

Bill called Katie and complained that she had prevented him from seeing his son. Katie warned that he could not run away from life by taking off for Aspen with Brooke. He warned Katie that he would not play games. Katie advised that free climbing was too dangerous.

"I'm going," Bill shouted. He hung up on Katie. Bill ranted to Brooke that Katie had held his company hostage and kept his son from him. Brooke agreed that Katie had no right to keep Bill away from Will. Brooke encouraged Bill that when he had returned from Aspen, he would return to Spencer and take control because that was what he did. Bill agreed and promised to focus on their adventure. They hugged, but Brooke looked concerned.

Later on the Forrester jet, Bill complained that Katie had banned Bill from his own company jet. Bill received a phone message, but it was Ramona, who had warned that the weather report included wind. Brooke worried, but Bill said it would be fine.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

by Pam

On the Forrester jet, Brooke told Bill that she would need time to acclimate after they arrived in Aspen. She wanted to relax in the hot tub with Bill, who smiled at the thought. Bill was surly about his last encounter with Katie. Brooke said that Bill did not need to worry about his relationship with Will. Bill agreed, but he was angry with Katie because he had wanted to see Will before he left. Brooke and Bill canoodled, and Brooke promised that Bill would see Will in a few days. Bill lamented that it would not happen if he continued to live in Brooke's house.

Bill ranted that Katie had been controlling his life and his relationship with Will. Bill noted that Katie had taken away all of Bills' privileges with the Spencer jet and his company. He worried that they would arrive in Aspen and find Katie had sold the Spencer house. Bill justified the jet and house in Aspen as tools of business that Katie didn't understand. Bill worried that Katie had been ruining the company.

"I'm the reason she's running your company," Brooke said. Bill told Brooke not to worry because he would be in charge again soon. "Am I worth everything you've had to give up?" Brooke asked. "Everything and more," Bill said.

After Brooke and Bill landed in Aspen, they kissed, and Bill said that Aspen had always been good to them. Brooke and Bill walked down a path, and Bill said that he was in sync with Brooke. Everything was an adventure to them, but that part of Katie had died. Bill added that he and Brooke devoured challenges. "That mountain doesn't stand a chance against us, and nothing else does," he said. They kissed.

At Spencer, Adele, Katie's assistant reported that the Spencer jet was still in Los Angeles, so Bill had not taken the jet. Katie thanked her for the information. Hope entered, and Adele left. Hope praised Will for being good to his mom. Katie had to take a call that sounded unpleasant to Hope. Katie admitted that a customer had cancelled his advertising and asked if and when Bill would be in charge again.

Katie ranted that she and Bill had argued about Bill's time to see Will. Hope understood that Katie didn't want Will at Brooke's place, but Hope questioned why Katie had made such a big deal of Bill making a trip to Spencer to see Will before Bill had left. Katie said she would not allow Bill to change the custody agreement whenever he wanted to. Katie wanted Bill to start thinking more about what he had been doing to Will and Katie.

Hope said that it was good that Bill had gone to Aspen because it put space between Katie and Bill. Hope told Katie that Hope had talked to Brooke about Brooke's relationship with Bill. Hope said that she believed that Brooke would come to her senses. Hope joked that she had made everyone uncomfortable with her presence at Brooke's house.

Hope and Katie discussed that Hope had put her wedding on hold because she had a lot of issues with Liam and Wyatt. Hope added that her line had become one of the hottest things in fashion, and she wanted to keep the momentum going.

Katie said that she had hated fighting with Bill, but he had become reckless since their separation. She knew that the mountain climbing was another way for Bill to prove to the world that no one should judge him. Katie worried that he was pushing things to an extreme. Katie added that Brooke was just like Bill in the sense that she couldn't control herself or her impulses.

Adele entered and reminded Katie of a doctor's appointment. Katie thanked her and started to cry. Hope asked what was wrong, and Katie said that she usually called Bill before an appointment because he had always attended her checkups with her. Hope offered to accompany Katie, but Katie declined. Hope insisted. Hope hugged Katie.

At the Forrester boutique, Wyatt flashed back to Hope's statement about how much it had bothered her that Steffy, Bill, and others had manipulated Hope and Liam many times. Hope didn't want to worry that she had to add Wyatt and his mother to that group.

Caroline and Pam interrupted Wyatt's thoughts, and they advised him to look happy and compliment the women in the boutique. Pam eyed up Charlie, the security guard, who had leaned on the podium that held the HFTF diamond. Wyatt spotted Charlie and frowned.

Wyatt noted that the security guard seemed distracted ... by Pam. Pam laughed and said that she had known the security guard had been watching her. "Down girl," Caroline said. Caroline advised everyone to stay focused on making Hope for the Future the most popular and successful line.

Wyatt approached the security guard and asked about his experience. Charlie said he'd had 30 years on the job and had handled all the changes in security over the years. He said he had once worked with a robot. He talked about famous heists.

Charlie said that if a thief had taken something like "this big, blue bad boy," meaning the HFTF diamond, it would make headlines, while robbing a bank only made the news. Pam, Charlie, and Caroline discussed recent notable details of the jewelry heists in France and Belgium. Wyatt was impressed that Pam and Caroline knew so much about the heists.

Conversation turned to Charlie's home-baked brownies and Pam's lemon bars. Wyatt turned away and looked like he had an idea.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Aspen, Brooke and Bill arrived at the Spencer compound, and Bill grumbled about Katie's actions since they'd filed for divorce. He felt that Katie was walking down a dangerous road by tampering with his relationship with Will. Brooke said to give Katie time to adjust to her new reality.

Bill sarcastically guessed they'd be one big, happy family. The hopeful Brooke said that Hope could change her mind, too. Bill relayed that he knew what the relationship was costing Brooke. Brooke admitted that it was a challenge, but being without him was unthinkable to her.

Outside later, Oliver, the Spencer employee who worked with Ramona, greeted them. Oliver longed for the day that Bill would return to run Spencer, and Bill said to be patient.

Oliver informed the couple that they'd climb in two teams. Bill would be with Othello, and Brooke would be with Ramona. Oliver preferred not to climb, and he strongly advised Bill not to solo climb. After Oliver left, Brooke expressed excitement about the climb finally being before them. Bill asked if she had second thoughts about it. "Never!" Brooke exclaimed.

Later, Brooke and Bill were eating in the bedroom when he reminded her that it was Halloween. Bill had looked forward to dressing up his son and trick-or-treating. "But, no. Katie wouldn't allow it," he rasped. Brooke mentioned that she'd "Skyped" R.J., and she missed him. Bill said that at least it was because R.J. was out of town and not because his father was trying to make her miserable.

As Bill launched into another Katie tirade, Brooke swore that she'd heard a bear. Bill insisted upon checking it out, but Brooke convinced him to finish dinner while she checked.

After a while, Brooke shouted that there was a bear, and Bill jumped with a start. Brooke entered in a sexy bear costume and growled. She asked if he wanted to hibernate. "All winter long," he replied. She said she'd wanted to remind him of the decision they'd made.

Bill admitted that he'd been a "bear" himself, but he assured her that he knew what she meant to him. He claimed that his love was constant, and it was a fact. They kissed and fell into bed together.

At Spencer with Hope, Katie fielded a call from an advertiser who decided to bail on their print ads. After the call, Adele said Katie had a doctor's appointment that evening. Katie grabbed her phone, halted herself, and almost began to cry. She said she'd almost called Bill, who'd usually attended her appointments with her. Hope insisted upon accompanying Katie on the appointment.

When the women arrived in the exam room, Hope asked Katie if there was anything wrong with her heart. "Other than it's broken?" Katie asked. Katie admitted that Halloween reminded her that Bill should be with her and Will getting candy and not in the mountains with her sister.

Dr. Patrick arrived and asked how Katie was doing. Katie informed him that she had marriage troubles, and she'd taken on a new job. Hope elaborated that it was the huge job of running Spencer. The doctor performed some tests and concluded that Katie was a living miracle. He said her heart was in excellent condition, and if she kept it up, she'd be around for her son for a long time.

The doctor left, and Katie conveyed that her health meant much more because Bill wasn't there for their son. Katie had once thought she and Bill would be planning for a sibling for Will around that time. She said it had been the life she'd counted on, but it wasn't meant to be. Hope stated that Katie deserved much better than Bill Spencer. "The trouble is, he's the only one I want," Katie replied.

Later, Katie returned alone to Spencer, where she had a vision of Bill falling off a cliff. The rattled Katie called Brooke, who was making out with Bill on the bed in Aspen. Katie figured she was interrupting, but Brooke pretended that it wasn't true.

Katie implored Brooke not to let Bill go free climbing; however, Brooke replied that she and Bill were resolute. Katie asserted that she had a bad feeling, and she didn't want Bill on the mountain. Brooke hung up the line on Katie, and sighing, she told Bill that Katie was worried about the climb.

Bill couldn't believe that Katie treated him like dirt but was worried about a climb. Brooke noted that Bill had been preoccupied, and he hadn't tackled the mountain in a long time. She began to speculate what might happen if they climbed; however, Bill cut her off, saying there was no if. He declared that the next day, they would indeed climb.

At the boutique, Wyatt was unusually curious to hear everything that Charlie knew about jewel heists. Charlie regaled Wyatt with a story about some jewel thieves who'd mysteriously gotten through around-the-clock surveillance, motion sensors, and reinforced glass. Wyatt figured that it had been an inside job. "Of course it was an inside job. That's where the jewels were," Charlie responded.

Charlie decided to get back to work, and Wyatt stole a glance at the blue diamond on display. Quinn attempted to touch the diamond, but Charlie quickly stopped her. Wyatt introduced Charlie and Quinn, and Quinn asked if Charlie expected trouble. Charlie replied that it was Halloween. Pointing to the diamond, he suspected that people in costumes could be out for "this sweet treat."

Aside, Quinn asked Wyatt if Charlie was really who they'd hired to guard the diamond. She didn't have a high opinion of Charlie, but Wyatt slyly replied that Charlie was perfect for the job.

Pam arrived with lemon bars for Charlie. He tasted one and named all the ingredients she'd used. She was amazed, and in a sensual tone, he gave her a tip about using "Meyer's Lemon." Gasping, Pam wondered who he was, and he replied that he was a regular guy with some extraordinary talent.

Later, Wyatt took a video call from Hope and reported on the great sales day at the boutique. He noticed that she was flirting with him, and she told him to sue her. Wyatt responded that there were a lot of other things he'd rather do than sue her, and the blushing Hope ended the call.

Quinn approached Wyatt and continued to question Charlie's suitability. Wyatt admitted that he'd been ready to have Charlie fired, but then Wyatt had developed a plan. Quinn wanted to hear it, but Wyatt only revealed was that it would take the line and their jewelry to a more successful position. She asked if she should be worried, but he said he thought he could pull it off.

"Okay -- now, I'm worried," Quinn responded. She reminded Wyatt about how well their lives were going professionally and romantically, and she implored him not to blow what they had going on. Wyatt insisted that "blowing it" wasn't in the plan.

Friday, November 1, 2013

At the boutique, Hope noted that Wyatt couldn't keep his eyes off the diamond. Wyatt replied that it drew crowds, but she noted that there hadn't been as many people in there as the previous week. "That'll change," he responded knowingly. She thought it was a shame that they had to close early that day, and Wyatt nodded, citing that there was a private event happening that evening.

Later, Charles told another jewel heist story, and a worker informed Hope that the gift baskets were piling up. Hope directed her to send them to the office, and the blushing Hope told Wyatt that people were sending her gifts. He said it was because she was a role model to young girls everywhere.

Wyatt told Hope to be proud of herself, just like he was. Hope said all the publicity was due to Wyatt and the diamond. He replied that the stone had only begun to work its magic.

Later, a mother approached Hope with her daughter. Hope did a little mentoring and then showed the daughter a stylish dress. Everything went into a euphoric slow motion as the love-struck Wyatt watched Hope work with various customers. He looked at the diamond again and smiled.

Hope decided to leave but said she'd be back for the private event. She asked Wyatt what the event was about, but he only said that she'd see. He expressed that her message deserved to be heard, and he wanted everyone to be talking about Hope. She said he was already accomplishing that, but Wyatt insisted that he'd go way beyond what he'd already done.

Wyatt kissed Hope, and as she exited, Wyatt asked Charlie to help him clear the shoppers out of the boutique. Charlie did so, but when he returned his attention to the diamond, it had disappeared. Charlie assumed that Wyatt had put it away, but Wyatt said he hadn't touched it.

"Somebody's stolen the diamond! Oh, my God, somebody's stolen the diamond!" Charlie exclaimed. As Charlie began searching drawers, Wyatt tried to suppress his humored grin.

At Spencer, Liam arrived in the CEO's office as Katie was ending a frustrating call with one of their South African distributors who wanted to bail on them. Liam exclaimed that they'd had the account for twenty years. Katie contended that they'd picked up other accounts since she'd taken over. Liam didn't want to lose the longtime distributor, and she assured him that they wouldn't.

Katie asked if Liam had talked to his father, but he hadn't. She asked if he were okay with his father free-climbing. Liam told her that if she didn't want Bill climbing, then she should give his job back. Katie cited that she was once again being made responsible for Bill's bad behavior, and Liam decided that she needed to accept things because Bill had no problems with his behavior.

Katie argued that Bill had three sons to consider, but Liam responded that the two adult sons weren't worried about the indestructible Bill. Katie replied that Bill wasn't indestructible, and Liam asked if Katie's concern was really just about Bill leaving his children fatherless.

Katie said she didn't want to spend her life catering to Bill's bad behavior, but Liam warned that she'd have more frustrated days ahead if she persisted in worrying. Liam didn't think it was good for Katie's health, but she quipped that she was a modern, medical miracle. Liam was sure that his father would return safe and sound, and he advised her not perpetuate problems for Will's sake.

The topic changed to Liam and Wyatt. Liam said his brother was still after Hope, but Liam refused to give up on her. Katie guessed they both had their challenges, and Liam replied that at least she didn't have a Wyatt. "Worse. I have a Brooke!" Katie asserted.

Liam said that he couldn't see a future without Hope. Katie, who'd once felt the same way about Bill, remarked that she'd lost her husband to Brooke, and Katie didn't want Will to be fatherless due to some "damn mountain." Katie hoped to God that Bill returned in one piece.

In Aspen, Bill discovered on the Internet that the weather was a little windy that morning, and Brooke said they didn't have to climb that day. Bill asked if she wasn't up for it. Though she insisted that she was, she conveyed that Katie had a point about the climb. Brooke said Katie didn't want Will to grow up without a father, but Bill quipped that Katie just wanted him to jump through hoops to see the boy.

Bill and Brooke tested her harness, and she asked where his was. Bill replied that free climbing didn't require any gear. He checked his phone and got upset that Katie hadn't sent him a Halloween picture of Will. Brooke insisted that Bill stop worrying about it and focus on the dangerous climb ahead.

Later, Brooke and Bill met Ramona and Othello. Oliver was also there for the hike up the mountain, but not the climb. Ramona advised Brooke to take it easy and said they could turn back whenever Brooke was ready. Bill insisted that they were going to the top. Ramona reminded him that it was a high climb and Brooke's first. Brooke replied that she thought she could handle it.

Insisting that Brooke had nothing to prove, Ramona led Bill and Oliver away to talk alone. Othello remarked that he wasn't a fan of Bill's, but he loved Brooke's family. Brooke asked Othello to watch out for Bill, and Othello said that he'd be all over it because the men were climbing partners.

As Ramona, Bill, and Oliver returned, Ramona was arguing about doing a full climb in windy weather. Othello suggested that Bill wear the harness, but Bill said that it wasn't going to happen. Brooke asked him to do it for her, and she kissed him. "Let's move out," he stubbornly responded. The daunted Brooke cocked her head but silently followed the group up the hill.

As the group hiked higher up the mountain, Bill heard Katie's voice on the winds, saying, "You're not in charge anymore. I am...I am...I am..." Othello announced that they were at base camp, and Ramona advised them to drink water. The distracted Bill didn't do it until Othello prompted him.

Oliver declared that he'd gone as far as he could, and Bill told Brooke that they'd get to the top of the mountain and leave everything else behind. Brooke and Bill said that they loved each other, and she urged him to remain alert. Brooke watched Bill with a worried look on her face.

Later, the climbers began their vertical ascension of the mountain, but Bill's focus was on his arguments with Katie. Bill was attached to ropes, but his foot slipped on a rock. As dusty debris fell over Othello, he warned Bill to be careful.

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