General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 28, 2013 on GH

Robin attended a party in costume to be near Patrick and Emma. Sam and Silas learned that Ava was Victor Jerome's daughter. Morgan planted a listening device in Sonny's office.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 28, 2013 on GH
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Monday, October 28, 2013

At the penthouse, Ava questioned Morgan's commitment to the Jerome family. Morgan was adamant that he wanted to help the Jeromes take Sonny down, even if it meant taking Sonny out. Morgan said that if "Mikey" could join the family business, then Morgan could join the Jerome family business. Ava pointed out that Michael was only running a legitimate restaurant for Sonny. Morgan was sure that Michael would eventually become Sonny's right hand man.

Ava understood and warned Morgan that even though he thought he was invincible, Morgan was not. Morgan responded by kissing Ava passionately, and they made love. In the afterglow, Morgan told Ava that whatever side she was on, Morgan was on because Morgan was committed to Ava. Ava said, "God help you."

As Ava got dressed to go to her gallery, Morgan said that he could not wait to see the look on his dad's face when Sonny learned that Morgan had chosen the Jerome family over the Corinthos family.

Olivia confronted Sonny at the coffee warehouse and demanded to know why he was avoiding her. Sonny said that he was not avoiding her but that he had family and business problems. Olivia inquired about what they were, but Sonny said that it was best that she did not know, and he would handle it. Olivia refused to be shut out and insisted that Sonny be straight with her. She grabbed the Julian Jerome file out of his hands and read it.

Olivia asked if it was true that Julian Jerome was alive and living as Derek Wells, the man who had pushed Connie to tell Morgan's secret and had hurt Sonny. Sonny confirmed that it was. Olivia asked what Sonny would do. Sonny wondered if he should sit back while Julian went after Sonny and his business. Sonny told Olivia that whenever he had a problem, his usual method was to eliminate it.

Sabrina went to see Carlos in the Crimson office foyer. She told him about her engagement, but Carlos scoffed that she had run to tell him because she was not secure of Patrick's love. Carlos insisted that Patrick's proposal was spurred by Carlos' assertion that Patrick did not love Sabrina as much as Carlos did. Carlos added that Patrick would probably want a two-year engagement. Sabrina denied Carlos' accusations, but was upset when she got on the elevator and left.

Outside Kelly's, Maxie phoned Spinelli and made plans for the return of their daughter. Patrick met her and told Maxie about his engagement to Sabrina. Maxie said that even though the engagement was unexpected, Maxie was happy for Patrick. They discussed Maxie's baby dilemma and their mutual love for Robin

Robin tried to leave Wyndemere, but Nikolas stopped her and reminded her what was at stake if she left Spoon Island. Nikolas said that as soon as Robin created a cure for Jerry, she would be free to go back to Patrick and Emma. Robin was worried about "horrible" Sabrina moving in on her family, but Nikolas quickly disabused Robin of that notion, which Dr. Obrecht had implanted.

Nikolas said that Sabrina was a kind, caring person, and Robin realized that Sabrina was exactly the kind of person she had encouraged Patrick -- on the DVD she had left for him -- to find. The irony that she was not dead was not lost on Robin, who reminisced that it had been exactly five years ago to the day that she and Patrick had been about to be married, her water had broken, and Emma had been born. Patrick and Maxie shared the same recollection at the same time.

Patrick covered Maxie's hand with his as Sabrina walked up to them. Maxie said that Patrick had shared the news, and then Maxie offered Sabrina her very sincere congratulations before leaving Patrick and Sabrina. Sabrina was prepared to be disappointed when she told Patrick that she wanted to be married soon. She was overjoyed to learn that they were on the same page. She and Patrick kissed joyously.

Alexis took Danny to see Derek Wells at Derek's office. They exchanged chitchat about Danny and Carly, whom Alexis tried not to disparage. Derek gave Danny a toy car. As Danny played with the toy, Derek learned that Sam had gone to New York in search of Ava's brother. Derek gleaned information from Alexis, who saw no reason to keep anything confidential from Derek, the donor who had saved Danny's life.

Alexis told Derek that Silas had mentioned that Ava had told him about a brother, even though Ava had told Kiki that Ava did not have a brother. Derek was astounded when Alexis said that DNA tests had confirmed that Julian Jerome was Sam's father. He asked how they had obtained DNA from a dead mobster. Alexis said that another family member had supplied it. Derek was very curious, but Carlos interrupted before Alexis could inform Derek that Julian Jerome had a son.

Alexis left the men to their business and took Danny away. Derek told Carlos that his daughter, Sam the P.I., was about to find out who Derek was. When Carlos asked what he would do, Derek said that he would cross that bridge when he got there. When Derek asked what was bothering Carlos, Carlos said that the woman he loved was about to marry someone else.

Sam and Silas arrived at Ryan's bar in New York. Sam noted that it did not look like Ava's style, but Silas said the place was known for its great burgers. Sam did not think it was a coincidence that Ava had taken Silas there and Victor had met his mistress there. Delia introduced herself and said that she helped her son with the bar. Delia was very friendly as she touted the bar's burgers and took a food order for Sam and Silas.

Delia was pouring coffee when Sam mentioned Victor Jerome. Delia dropped the pot on the floor and quickly denied knowing either Victor or Ava. Delia left hurriedly to check on the burgers. Both Sam and Silas realized that Delia was lying. Silas insisted that Sam was the professional and could get the truth. When Delia returned with the food, Sam confronted her. Sam told Delia that she either knew the woman they were looking for or Delia was the woman they were looking for.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

At Ryan's Bar in New York City, Delia served Sam and Silas the food that they had ordered and then asked if there was anything else that Delia could get them. Silas assured Delia that they were good, except they wanted information about the woman that they had asked Delia about. Delia claimed that she had no idea what Sam and Silas were talking about, so Sam admitted that they suspected that Delia was Ava's mother.

Delia laughed nervously and asked if she looked like the type of woman who would get involved with a man like Victor Jerome. Silas pointed out that Delia had dropped the pot of coffee when Sam had first mentioned Victor's name, but Delia insisted that it had been a clumsy accident. Sam explained that she might be related to Ava, so Sam needed to know if Ava was Victor's daughter.

Sam revealed that she had recently learned that her father was Julian Jerome, but Ava had denied being related to him. "Well then, there you go," Delia replied. Silas argued that Ava tended to lie, so Ava couldn't be trusted. Delia tried to change the subject until Silas revealed that Ava's daughter wanted to know if Ava had a brother. "Ava has a daughter?" Delia asked.

Delia's temper flared because Ava had neglected to mention Delia's granddaughter. Delia realized her ruse had been exposed, so she admitted that she had only gone out with Victor a few times. According to Delia, she had ended things with Victor when she had realized that he was bad news. However, a short time later, she had discovered that she was pregnant. Delia confessed that she had wanted Ava to have a better life, so she had given Ava up for adoption. Afterwards, Delia had met her first husband, Frank Ryan.

Years later, Ava had shown up to ask Delia about Ava's father. Delia admitted that Ava's eyes had lit up like a Christmas tree when Ava had learned about Victor Jerome and that it hadn't bothered Ava that Victor had been a mobster. Delia had never seen Ava after that.

Delia was curious about her granddaughter, so Sam assured Delia that Ava's daughter was smart, pretty, and had a good heart. Silas added that Delia's granddaughter was also a bit boy crazy. Delia smiled and asked what her granddaughter's name was, so Silas told her. He was surprised when Delia admitted that she liked Kiki's name. Silas showed her a picture, so Delia stared at it and then admitted that she could see a bit of herself in Kiki. "And some of you too," Delia quietly added as she looked at Silas.

Impressed, Silas confirmed that he was Kiki's father, but Sam explained that he hadn't known about Kiki until recently. Delia felt bad for Silas and suggested that perhaps Ava would have been a better person if Delia had raised her. Sam and Silas smiled politely, so Delia asked if Silas would send Delia the picture of Kiki. Silas agreed and then started to leave, but Delia waylaid him by asking him to let Kiki know that Delia would like to meet her. Silas assured Delia that he would, so Delia warned Sam and Silas to watch out for the Jeromes because they were bad news.

Kiki entered Pozzulo's and saw a romantic candlelight dinner for two waiting. Moments later, Michael stepped out of the office to greet her and explain that it was a celebration. Kiki assumed that it had to do with her annulment, so he assured her that he was happy about that, but he had invited her over for another reason. Michael revealed that Sonny had hired him to run the restaurant.

Surprised, Kiki congratulated Michael and hugged him. Michael ushered her to the table as he explained that he hadn't been able to find a job because of his connections to Sonny and A.J. and his prison record, so he had turned to Sonny for help. Michael assured Kiki that Sonny wanted Pozzulo's to be a thriving legitimate business, so Kiki smiled with relief and assured Michael that she was confident that he would be a success.

Michael told Kiki about Morgan's angry reaction to the news and then expressed frustration because he couldn't seem to get through to Morgan to make things better. Kiki suggested that perhaps it had been for the best that Morgan had left, but Michael disagreed because he suspected that Morgan had been there to try to make things right.

Kiki wanted to focus on Michael, so she told him that she was happy about his new career opportunity. However, she was curious who had cooked the amazing feast. Michael playfully refused to tell her, so Kiki resorted to seducing the information out of him and then threatening to walk out and never return if he didn't tell her. Michael confessed that he had decided to poach the chef that Tracy had hired for the mansion. "Cook II?" Kiki asked with a smile. Kiki admitted that it was the perfect revenge, but Michael assured Kiki that Cook II wanted out of the mansion.

Later, things heated up between Michael and Kiki as they kissed passionately. However, they quickly broke apart and decided to return to their dessert when they realized that someone could walk in on them. Michael and Kiki picked up their glasses of champagne as Kiki offered a toast to Michael's success. Michael credited Kiki for making him want to be successful.

At Ava's penthouse, Morgan and Ava were on the floor with their backs to the sofa as they enjoyed postcoital bliss. Morgan admitted that he couldn't wait to see the look on his father's face when Sonny learned that Morgan had chosen the Jeromes over Sonny. Ava smiled but then jumped when someone knocked on the door. Morgan suggested that they not answer the door, but Ava argued that it could be important. She threw Morgan's clothes at him and then scrambled to get dressed.

Moments later, Ava opened the door to her brother. Julian sauntered in, greeted Morgan, and then explained that he was there to make certain that he and Morgan were on the same page about Sonny. Julian also wanted a guarantee that Morgan wouldn't tell Sonny about Julian and Ava's plans. Morgan pointed out that he had kept quiet and had agreed to work for Julian, but Julian wasn't satisfied because Morgan had previously stated that he was loyal to Sonny. Julian was curious what had changed.

Morgan insisted that he hated his father because Sonny had once again chosen Michael over Morgan by giving Michael a job. Morgan explained that Sonny had refused to do the same for Morgan when Morgan had turned to his father for a job. Julian worried that Morgan had told Sonny and that Sonny had sent Morgan back with the intention of double-crossing Julian. Ava doubted that Sonny would use his son like that, but Morgan clarified that Sonny wouldn't do it because Sonny thought that Morgan was incompetent.

Morgan claimed that he didn't have any reason to be loyal to Sonny, while Ava pointed out that it was clear that Morgan hadn't talked because Sonny would have killed Julian already. Julian argued that there were countless stories throughout history and in the Bible about sons defying their fathers, but in the end, they always went back to their fathers. "No, not me. I don't owe Sonny anything," Morgan countered. Morgan didn't know how to assure Julian, so Morgan decided to get cleaned up instead.

After Morgan left the room, Julian warned Ava that Morgan's inability to know when to shut up would get Morgan into trouble. However, Julian had more important matters to deal with. Ava's interest was piqued, so she asked him what he was talking about. Julian revealed that Alexis and Sam had managed to confirm through a DNA test that he was Sam's father. Stunned, Ava demanded to know who had provided the DNA samples, since they were the only Jeromes left.

Julian explained that Alexis had been about to tell him, but an untimely interruption had forced her to leave. Ava hoped that Alexis didn't have any information that could link Julian to Derek Wells or to her, so Julian assured Ava that only her "boy-toy" knew their secret. Morgan returned in time to hear Julian's remark, so Morgan asked what he could do to prove to Julian that Morgan could be trusted. Julian resented Morgan always sneaking around, but Morgan wanted an answer, so Julian explained that he wanted Morgan to prove that Morgan could be trusted.

At the warehouse, Olivia pleaded with Sonny not to kill Julian, but Sonny insisted that it wasn't an option because he couldn't simply sit back and let Julian go after him. Olivia appreciated that Julian was a problem, but she feared that someone would kill Sonny in retaliation for Julian's death. Sonny assured Olivia that he had been doing "this" for a long time, but Olivia resented Sonny making light of her concerns. She reminded him that she and his children had nearly lost him after Connie had died, but Sonny argued that the situations had been different. Olivia pointed out that the results would have been the same; they'd be without him. Sonny promised Olivia that he wouldn't get hurt if he went after Julian, but Olivia argued that he couldn't guarantee it.

Sonny suggested that he could disappear after the hit, but Olivia worried that Julian's allies would go after Sonny's loved ones. Sonny insisted that he had to neutralize Julian, so Olivia revealed that she might have a solution to Sonny's problem. Olivia urged Sonny to ask Dante to deal with Julian, but Sonny refused to use his son to protect him. Olivia reminded Sonny that Dante would have an entire police force to back Dante up, but Sonny insisted that Dante had enough to deal with at home.

Sonny assured Olivia that he had things under control, but Olivia remained uneasy because not only had they lost Connie, but they might lose their granddaughter, so she wanted Sonny to be around for a very long time. Sonny chuckled as he warned Olivia to be careful what she wished for because she might get sick of him. Moments later, Sonny slipped into the back room to take care of something, so Olivia picked up her cell phone.

At the loft, Dante sat on the sofa with Connie as Lulu wrapped up a phone call with Alexis. Dante was curious what Alexis had said, so Lulu revealed that Alexis was on her way to the courthouse to argue Diane's motion for Connie to be taken from Dante and Lulu. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she explained that they could lose Connie that very day if Alexis failed to persuade the judge to rule in their favor. Lulu was distraught at the idea of Maxie and Spinelli taking Connie from them, so Dante gently advised Lulu not to get ahead of herself.

Lulu wanted to know what to expect, so Dante explained that the court usually sent a social worker and a police officer to pick the child up. Lulu was horrified by the idea, so she decided that they should take the baby and run. In a panic, Lulu began to pull clothes out of a dresser to pack. Shocked, Dante followed Lulu to the bedroom and tried to reason with her. He reminded Lulu that Alexis was a great attorney and that Diane's case wasn't open and shut, but Lulu was set on leaving town. She suggested that they call her father to get new identifications, but Dante pointed out that she didn't even know where Luke was.

Lulu decided to approach her brother, Nikolas, for help, but Dante objected because Nikolas could get in legal trouble. Lulu suggested that Dante ask his father for help because she was certain that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to use his underground connections to help them disappear. Dante urged Lulu to think about what she was saying because they would be raising their daughter as fugitives. Lulu tearfully insisted that it wouldn't matter as long as they were together.

Lulu wondered if Dante was prepared to have police officers show up on their doorstep at any minute to take their daughter away. As if on cue, someone knocked on the door.

Maxie arrived at her apartment, pulling a wagon filled with baby supplies. Spinelli stood in the living room next to a crib that he had put together during Maxie's absence. Maxie smiled with delight at the beautiful pink and white crib with a matching mobile. She admitted that she couldn't wait to welcome their daughter home, but Spinelli cautioned Maxie that it wasn't a done deal. Maxie waved away his concerns because they were the baby's biological parents, so the court was certain to side with them.

Maxie suspected that Spinelli agreed because he had put the crib together. Spinelli reminded her that she had demanded that he do it, but he conceded that he was confident that their daughter would be home soon. Maxie confessed that she was concerned because they didn't know anything about being parents, but Spinelli reminded Maxie that she had been wonderful with Emma when Robin had struggled with postpartum depression. Maxie argued that she hadn't done the "dirty work," so Spinelli revealed that he had picked up some books that would help them. He was also certain that their daughter would feel their love, so everything would be fine.

Later, Diane arrived with news about the baby. Maxie and Spinelli were stunned when Diane explained that the judge had denied Maxie and Spinelli's request because Alexis had persuaded the judge to let things play out in a custody suit. "But she's our baby," Maxie argued. Spinelli was curious what Dante and Lulu's strategy was. Maxie doubted that Dante and Lulu had one because Maxie and Spinelli were the baby's biological parents.

Diane explained that Dante and Lulu intended to claim that Maxie was an unfit mother. Maxie was shocked as Diane handed her an envelope. Spinelli conceded that they should have expected it, but Maxie was hurt because she insisted that she was fit to be a mother. Spinelli admitted that Lulu had warned him that Dante and Lulu would do whatever was necessary to keep the baby, so Diane assured Maxie that she would continue to fight for Maxie.

After Diane left, Maxie admitted that she felt betrayed by what Lulu had done. Spinelli slipped into the kitchen to grab two of Maxie's favorite things: vodka and ice cream. However, Maxie was gone when he returned to the living room.

At the loft, Alexis assured Dante and Lulu that they would not lose their daughter that day because the judge had turned down Diane's motion. Lulu was relieved, but Alexis warned Lulu that the fight wasn't over because they would have to prove that Maxie was an unfit mother. Alexis wondered if Lulu was prepared to destroy Maxie's reputation and possibly Maxie herself. Lulu slowly nodded her head as she clutched Connie close. Alexis instructed Lulu to write all of Maxie's secrets down and then left.

Afterwards, Lulu was curious why Dante had been so quiet. Dante confessed that going after Maxie felt weird to him. Lulu argued that losing Connie felt a lot worse. Moments later, Olivia called to ask Dante to meet her on the pier near Sonny's warehouse because she needed to talk to Dante. Dante agreed and then ended the call. He decided to take Connie with him, so Olivia could visit with her granddaughter.

After Dante left, Lulu sat down to start her list of Maxie's transgressions but she was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Maxie. "How could you?" Maxie asked as she confronted Lulu with the envelope that Diane had given to Maxie.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At the apartment, Spinelli left Maxie a frantic voicemail message warning her that it would be a grave mistake to confront Lulu about the custody suit. Spinelli ended the call as Ellie arrived home. Ellie quietly greeted Spinelli and then noticed the ice cream on the living room table, so she assumed that Spinelli and Maxie had been preparing to celebrate their daughter's homecoming. Spinelli revealed that the judge had denied their motion because Dante and Lulu wanted to sue for custody.

Ellie was confident that the court would ultimately rule in Spinelli and Maxie's favor because they were the baby's biological parents, but Spinelli explained that Dante and Lulu intended to establish that Maxie was an unfit mother. He feared that Maxie had gone to confront Lulu, so he was desperate to stop Maxie from making things worse. Ellie agreed that it had been a mistake for Maxie to go to Lulu's, but Ellie urged Spinelli to divorce himself from the situation because he needed to prove to the court that he was a viable parent.

Spinelli conceded that Ellie had a good point, but he regretted that he had dragged her into his problems. Ellie argued that she was to blame for Spinelli not raising his daughter and promised that she would do things differently if she could turn back time. Spinelli believed her because she was one of the kindest people he had ever met and the woman he had fallen in love with. Ellie's eyes filled with hope as she asked if he still loved her.

"Of course I still love you," Spinelli assured Ellie. Spinelli confessed that it was exhausting to be angry at a loved one, but he didn't know how to let things go. Ellie promised that she would never do anything to hurt him again and vowed that she would not let her fear cloud her judgment. "That is, if you can just forgive me," Ellie added. Spinelli didn't immediately respond, so Ellie offered to give Spinelli the space he needed.

Spinelli insisted that he didn't need or want space from Ellie because he loved her. Ellie's eyes filled with tears as she ran to Spinelli's arms and kissed him. Afterwards, Ellie assured Spinelli that he was not alone.

At the loft, Maxie demanded to know how Lulu could sue Maxie for custody of Maxie's own daughter by claiming that Maxie was an unfit mother. Maxie insisted that it was insane to sue biological parents for custody, but Lulu insisted that Connie was Lulu's daughter. "She's not your daughter," Maxie argued. Lulu disagreed and confessed that she had been so devastated by Maxie and Spinelli's decision to fight for Connie that Lulu had contemplated running.

Maxie was startled by the admission, so Lulu quickly clarified that she had changed her mind because Lulu had decided to stay and fight for her daughter. Maxie claimed that she felt the same way, so it hadn't been fair for Lulu to keep Maxie away from her baby. Lulu pointed out that Maxie only had herself to blame for the situation that they were in, but Maxie didn't seem to want to hear it, so she demanded to know where her daughter was.

Lulu explained that Connie was with Dante and then made it clear that Lulu didn't want Maxie near Connie. Maxie warned Lulu that the judge would rule in Maxie and Spinelli's favor because they were the biological parents, so it was a "cut-and-dry" case, but Lulu pointed out that the judge clearly disagreed.

Maxie argued that she couldn't be an unfit mother when she had never had the chance to be a mother. Lulu insisted that unlike Maxie, Lulu had spent the past year preparing for motherhood, so Maxie informed Lulu that she had been doing the same things in recent weeks. Maxie was confident that she was perfectly capable to taking care of a baby. "Really? Just like the baby that you killed on New Year's Eve?" Lulu asked.

Maxie was hurt that Lulu had thrown the miscarriage in Maxie's face because Maxie had been deeply affected by the tragedy. Lulu admitted that she wouldn't know because Maxie had never bothered to tell Lulu about the miscarriage, so Lulu still grieved for the child that she had only recently learned had died. Maxie was sorry that Lulu was hurting, but Lulu didn't have the right to take Maxie's baby.

Maxie insisted that she didn't owe her own child to Lulu, but Lulu questioned Maxie's reasons for wanting Connie. Lulu suspected that the baby was merely Maxie's latest fad. Maxie was offended by the suggestion because she loved her daughter, but Lulu was unmoved. Maxie appreciated that she had made a mistake but it didn't mean that Maxie was an unfit mother. Lulu argued that Maxie had made many ugly and life-altering choices.

"And now you're going to throw them in my face?" Maxie asked. Lulu explained that she had to protect Connie from Maxie, even if it meant airing Maxie's dirty laundry in court. Maxie acknowledged that she had messed up a lot, but she pointed out that Lulu had also made her own fair share of mistakes. Lulu refused to back down, so Maxie realized that there was nothing left to do except meet in court. After Maxie walked out, Lulu went to the crib to pick up Connie's blanket and then hold it close to her as her eyes welled up with tears. In the hallway, Maxie appeared equally shaken by the encounter.

On Pier 52, Dante rocked Connie as he assured that she had nothing to worry about. He conceded that things might get ugly, but he promised that it was because everyone loved Connie. Moments later, Olivia walked up and happily greeted her son and granddaughter. Dante was curious why Olivia had called him, so Olivia thought about Sonny's revelation that Julian Jerome was not dead. However, she took Connie from Dante and cooed to the baby.

Olivia became concerned when she noticed that Connie didn't seem happy, so Dante took the baby from Olivia and explained that Connie had been picking up on all the tension around her. Dante told his mother about the decision to pursue custody of Connie by proving that Maxie was an unfit mother. Olivia loved Connie, but she wondered if Dante thought that it was a fight that he could win.

Dante admitted that he and Lulu could prevail if they fought dirty, but he was concerned about Lulu because it wasn't like his wife to go for the jugular. Olivia wondered how Dante felt about going after Maxie, so he confessed that the idea of destroying Maxie's life made him uncomfortable because those kinds of actions stayed with a person.

Dante appreciated that Lulu and Maxie's friendship was beyond repair, but Maxie had once been Lulu's best friend. Olivia gently explained that motherhood had changed Lulu's priorities, but Dante was concerned about Lulu because Lulu had been blinded by love. Olivia was curious if Dante thought that the custody fight was a bad idea. Dante insisted that he was only interested in protecting Connie because she was his daughter. However, Dante wished that things didn't have to get ugly.

Dante shifted gears to once again ask his mother why she had asked to see him. Olivia recalled Sonny's objections to telling Dante that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome, so she carefully explained that she was concerned about Sonny because of the recent attacks, so she wanted Dante to keep an eye on his father.

At Pozzulo's, Michael was cleaning up when Morgan walked in. The tension was thick between the brothers as Michael greeted Morgan, and Morgan announced that he was there to see their father. Michael explained that Sonny wasn't in, so Morgan decided to wait in Sonny's office.

A short time later, Michael entered the office and saw Morgan lounging in Sonny's chair with his feet on the desk, so he reminded Morgan that Sonny would not approve. Morgan didn't appear to care and tried to pick a fight with Michael about Sonny. Michael insisted that Sonny loved Morgan and then apologized for getting in the way at the warehouse when Morgan had tried to talk to Sonny. Morgan's temper flared as he shouted that Michael should apologize for stealing Morgan's wife "and for always coming first with Mom, with Dad, with everyone." "And then you can apologize for stealing everything that should have been mine," Morgan added.

Michael realized that it was pointless to continue the conversation, so he asked Morgan to leave because Sonny didn't like for anyone to hang out in Sonny's office when Sonny wasn't there. Morgan became belligerent, so Michael threatened to throw Morgan out. Morgan dared Michael to try and then produced a wooden box that Sonny had given Morgan as a wedding gift. Morgan set the box on the desk because he didn't want the gift. Michael expression turned sad, so Morgan told Michael to cheer up because Sonny would likely give the clock as a wedding gift to Michael when Michael married Kiki.

At Ava's penthouse, Ava admitted that she had reservations about Julian's plan. Julian poured his sister a drink and then handed it to her as he explained that Ava's "boy-toy" had to prove himself. Ava resented Julian referring to Morgan as her boy-toy and she wasn't happy that Morgan had become mixed up in their plans. Julian reminded Ava that Morgan was the same age that Julian had been when Victor had pulled Julian into the family business.

Julian slipped into the kitchen to fetch himself a drink as someone knocked on the door. Ava was not pleased when she saw Carly standing on her doorstep. Carly informed Ava that she was there to collect Morgan, but Ava ordered Carly to leave. Carly marched into the living room and refused to budge without Morgan, so Ava admitted that Morgan was not at home. Carly demanded to know where Morgan was.

"What is going on out here?" Julian asked as he returned to the living room. Carly was surprised when saw Julian, so she asked what he was doing at Ava's apartment. Julian claimed that he had been purchasing art, but Carly didn't believe him because she hadn't seen any new artwork on Derek's office walls, which hadn't changed since Connie had been in charge of Crimson.

Moments later, Julian's phone rang, so he excused himself to take the call. It was Sonny asking to meet Julian at the warehouse.

Later, Carly remarked that it had seemed as if Derek had left in a hurry because he hadn't wanted to be seen with Ava, but Ava countered that Julian had been called away on business. Ava ordered Carly to leave, but Carly refused. Ava warned Carly that trying to drag Morgan out of Ava's home wouldn't endear Carly to him. Carly didn't care because she was Morgan's mother, not his friend.

Carly was certain that Morgan would be eager to leave once he learned that Ava and Derek were having an affair. Ava smirked as she assured Carly that Morgan was fully aware of what was going on between Ava and Derek and that Morgan was fine with it. Carly accused Ava of being disgusting, but Ava suggested that Carly was jealous and felt threatened by Ava because Ava had stolen Carly's son and Carly's boyfriend. Carly denied it, but Ava didn't believe her.

Moments later, Morgan arrived home, so Carly immediately approached her son and grabbed his arm to drag him out of the apartment. Morgan refused to leave, so Carly accused Ava of having an affair with Derek. Carly was stunned when Morgan chuckled. Ava smiled with satisfaction and threatened to call security to remove Carly from the premises. Carly agreed to leave, but she vowed to one day smack the smug expression off of Ava's face.

Shawn entered the warehouse to let Sonny know that arrangements had been made to clean up the warehouse and replace the inventory. Shawn noticed Sonny looking at a file, so he asked Sonny about it. Sonny revealed that the file was the confirmation that he had needed to prove that Julian Jerome was Derek Wells. Sonny handed the file to Shawn and then explained that Julian wanted to reclaim the territory that had once been held by Victor Jerome.

Shawn was curious what Sonny intended to do about it, so Sonny revealed that he would start by sitting down with Julian to assess the situation and to let Julian know that they were onto him. Shawn wondered if Sonny thought that Julian would be open to negotiations, so Sonny shrugged and admitted that it was worth a try. Sonny knew that the Jeromes had a reputation for being sloppy when they were unnerved, so Sonny intended to rattle Julian.

Later, Julian arrived at the warehouse, accompanied by a bodyguard whom Shawn promptly searched. Sonny wasn't surprised when Shawn uncovered a gun hidden in the guard's jacket, so Julian explained that the gun had been a precaution because of Sonny's reputation. Julian then switched gears to ask why Sonny had called for a meeting.

Sonny reminded Julian about the recent attack on one of Sonny's coffee shipments and then pointed out that the same people had hit the warehouse. Julian was curious what any of it had to do with him. "From where I stand, a hell of a lot," Sonny answered.

Sonny smiled pleasantly as he pointed out that Julian had profited from Sonny's misfortunes by printing stories in the Port Charles Press about the attacks. However, Sonny had noticed a glaring lack of coverage about the people who had been responsible for the unprovoked attacks. Julian claimed that the information hadn't been easy to obtain, so Sonny offered to fill in the blanks by giving Julian an exclusive interview.

Julian seemed caught off guard by the turn of events, but quickly pulled it together and played along with Sonny. Sonny watched Julian closely as he revealed that Julian Jerome had been behind the attacks. Julian tensed and reminded Sonny that Julian Jerome was dead, along with the rest of the Jerome family. Sonny admitted that he had thought the same thing, but Julian's name kept cropping up from various sources.

Sonny suggested that "Derek" print a story about Julian Jerome's return and his quest for power. Julian conceded that it was a fascinating story, but he insisted that he would need corroboration because he didn't want to risk a lawsuit. Sonny pointed out that if Julian Jerome were truly dead then he couldn't sue the newspaper. Sonny flashed another friendly smile and then thanked "Derek" for stopping by. Sonny was determined to make those responsible for the attacks pay, so he promised to continue to dig for information.

At Ava's penthouse, Morgan admitted that he probably shouldn't have enjoyed watching his mother squirm. Ava didn't want to talk about Carly, so she kissed Morgan to distract him. Moments later, Julian walked in. Julian wanted to know if Morgan had gotten the job done, so Morgan assured Julian that the clock with the listening device was up and running and had been returned to Sonny.

At Pozzulo's, Michael greeted Sonny when Sonny walked in and then told his father about Morgan's visit. Sonny appeared hurt when he saw that Morgan had returned the clock that Sonny had given Morgan as a wedding gift.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

At Carly's house, Carly was dressed as a sexy kitten for Halloween. She asked if Josslyn wanted to change costumes, but Josslyn wanted to be an ear of corn. Carly reminded her daughter that Josslyn had been an ear of corn the previous year, but Josslyn didn't care. "Ear of corn," Josslyn chanted as she stomped around the living room until Carly relented and let it drop.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Carly's welcoming smile disappeared when she saw Franco dressed as Andy Warhol standing on her doorstep. Carly slammed the door in his face and then sent Josslyn to the kitchen for more candy. Franco continued to knock and ring the doorbell, but Carly ignored him until he revealed that he had a treat for her. She reluctantly invited him into her home as Josslyn returned with the candy. Franco complimented Josslyn's Children of the Corn costume.

"Finally, someone gets it," Josslyn replied with a big smile. Carly sent Josslyn to the bedroom to play with a promise to take Josslyn trick-or-treating soon. After Josslyn scampered off, Carly made it clear that she didn't want Franco bonding with her daughter and then demanded to know why he had stopped by. Franco held up an invitation to his art opening and explained that he wanted her to attend. He tried to entice her by explaining that ten percent of the proceeds would be donated to pediatric leukemia research.

Carly feigned disappointment because the invitation was for one, so she couldn't attend with Derek Wells. Franco scoffed and accused Derek of being a "Philistine," so Carly assured Franco that she and Derek would find something else to do. Franco explained that Derek didn't need an invitation because Derek was Ava's silent partner in the art gallery.

Franco smiled with satisfaction because it was clear that Carly was surprised by the news. However, his victory was short-lived because Carly suddenly realized why Derek had been at Ava's penthouse. Carly was relieved that she had been wrong about Derek and Ava being lovers, but Franco cautioned her not to rule it out because it was possible that Derek and Ava were sleeping together. Franco couldn't understand why Carly would want to be with someone who had slept with Ava, so Carly pointed out that Franco and Ava had once been lovers.

Franco insisted that his affair with Ava had been "B.C." Carly had no idea what that meant. "Before Carly," Franco explained. Carly reminded him that he was dating Diane, but Franco insisted that Carly was the only woman who had his heart. Franco implored her to stop wasting time with Derek because she should be with Franco. Franco pulled Carly close as he asked her to stop playing games with him and to admit that she returned his feelings. He promised that they could take it from there and then kissed her.

After the kiss ended, Carly pulled away and explained that she had to go because her daughter needed her. Franco agreed to leave, but he assured Carly that he was a very patient man and would not give up on her.

Outside, Franco grumbled to himself that he wasn't the least bit patient as he walked away. A mystery person in costume stepped out of the shadows, brandishing a knife.

At the Drake residence, Patrick, dressed as Indiana Jones, was buried beneath a mound of stuffed animals including snakes. Emma, sporting a "Dynagirl" costume, arrived to rescue him. Seconds later, Emma was joined by Sabrina, who wore a blonde wig and similar superhero costume. Sabrina reminded Emma that Dynagirl and Electrawoman were a team, so Sabrina and Emma worked together to free Patrick from the clutches of the stuffed animals.

Afterwards, Emma asked her father if he liked their costumes. Patrick assured Emma that he did, but he confessed that he had hoped for another appearance from Sabrina's purple grapes costume. Emma liked their superhero costumes better, but she conceded that the purple grapes had been better than the nurses' costume that Britt had worn because it had been insulting to nurses.

Moments later, Elizabeth arrived with Cam and Aiden in tow. Elizabeth, dressed as Snow White, explained that she and the boys had stopped by Carly's house. Patrick smiled knowingly because Carly had a reputation with the kids for handing out the most candy.

Cam and Aiden, dressed as Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, ran over to sift through the candy with Emma, while the adults chatted. Elizabeth admitted that she had heard through the hospital's grapevine that Patrick and Sabrina were engaged, so she congratulated them. Elizabeth suddenly noticed that her boys were eating too much candy, so Sabrina offered to take care of it.

After Sabrina walked away, Elizabeth quietly asked if Patrick was truly ready to take the next step with Sabrina. Patrick assured her that he was and credited his talk with Elizabeth for helping him to sort things out. Elizabeth smiled and congratulated Patrick again.

Meanwhile, Emma assured Cam that the "electrocom" on her wrist would protect both of them because she didn't want anything to happen to her new boyfriend. Cam swallowed nervously as Emma smiled, so Elizabeth decided that it was time to head out. Cam and Aiden thanked Patrick and Sabrina for the candy and then ran out of the door. Emma begged her father to take her to the hospital's Halloween party because she liked Cam and intended to marry him one day.

A short time later, Duke stopped by. Emma happily greeted her "Uncle Duke," but then frowned because he wasn't in costume. Duke explained that he was dressed as a "legitimate businessman" and then let Patrick know that he needed to talk to him privately. Sabrina quickly collected Emma to keep her occupied while Patrick and Duke talked.

Duke quickly filled Patrick in on Anna's recent movements and sudden disappearance. Duke feared that Faison had managed to turn the tables on Robert and Anna, but Patrick cautioned Duke not to get ahead of himself. Patrick explained that Nikolas had recently rescued Britt's son from Liesl Obrecht, so Nikolas might be able to shed some light on why Anna had not checked in with Duke.

At Wyndemere, Liesl Obrecht was dressed for Halloween in a traditional German dirndl and braided pigtail wig. Liesl was in hot pursuit of Robin because she wanted Robin to get in the spirit of things and put on the costume that Liesl had handpicked. Robin refused and suggested that Liesl play dress up-with Britt. "I already tried," Liesl muttered. Robin made it clear that she wasn't interested in dressing up for Halloween, so Liesl dropped the costume on the back of the sofa and accused Robin of being sour and looking for reasons to mope.

Meanwhile, Britt stormed into Nikolas' bedroom, furious because she had caught Liesl in the nursery with Ben. Nikolas stopped his search for a shirt and focused on Britt to find out what exactly had upset Britt. Britt explained that her mother had replaced Ben's crib with a black bassinette complete with black veil. She went on to reveal that Liesl had hung a cross upside down over the bassinette and secured a black cape to Ben. Nikolas bit back his laughter as Britt continued the rant.

Britt had been shocked when she noticed that Liesl had been holding a pair of red contacts, so Britt had demanded to know if her mother had intended to put them on Ben's eyes. "Yes. He won't look like Rosemary's Baby without them," Liesl had explained.

Nikolas assured Britt that everything would be okay and promised that he would keep her parents away from Ben. However, he reminded her that Liesl and Faison had all of the power, so they had to tread carefully. Britt remained tense and grumbled about her mother's efforts to get Britt to wear a costume. Nikolas attempted to comfort Britt with a hug, but it quickly led to a heated kiss.

At the front door, Lesley Webber, dressed as an old crone, gave Spencer, who had selected a Captain Hook costume, last-minute instructions on what to say when Nikolas opened the door. They rang the doorbell and waited. Moments later the door opened. "Trick or treat!" Spencer yelled.

Faison, dressed as Beetlejuice, answered, "Trick." Lesley screamed in terror and then fainted when she recognized Faison under the makeup. Spencer ran to hide as Liesl and Robin rushed to the front door and saw Lesley on the ground. Robin immediately sprang into action to check on Lesley. Moments later, Nikolas and Britt arrived.

Spencer ran to his father as Nikolas realized that Lesley was on the ground. Nikolas demanded to know what had happened, so Spencer pointed an accusing finger at Faison and told Nikolas that the "bad man" had scared them. Faison insisted that Beetlejuice had not been bad, just misunderstood. Nikolas ignored Faison and asked Spencer why Spencer and Lesley were at Wyndemere. Spencer explained that he and his great-grandmother had wanted to surprise Nikolas.

Liesl reminded everyone that they couldn't afford to have any witnesses, so Faison offered to take care of Lesley. Nikolas ordered Faison to shut up, but Faison bristled. "Or what? You will knock me over my head with your scepter?" Faison asked. Robin warned everyone that Lesley was about to wake up, so Robin, Faison, and Liesl ran into the house to hide in the salon while Britt and Nikolas took Robin's place at Lesley's side.

Moments later, Nikolas led his grandmother into the castle and guided her to a chair, so she could rest and get her bearings. He was curious why Lesley was in Port Charles, so Lesley explained that she had wanted to meet Lulu's new daughter. Lesley's eyes rounded as she suddenly recalled seeing Faison, but Nikolas assured Lesley that she had been mistaken; it had been Alfred dressed as Beetlejuice. Lesley appeared skeptical, so Nikolas told her that he would never harbor a man who had once kidnapped Nikolas' brother, Lucky, and had terrorized the town.

Spencer was curious who the two ladies had been who had helped his great-grandmother. Lesley perked up because she wanted to thank the women, so Spencer revealed that they had gone into the salon. Lesley stood up, intending to enter the salon, but Nikolas managed to divert his grandmother when the doorbell rang. It was Elizabeth and the boys.

Lesley warmly greeted her two great-grandsons as they ran into her welcoming arms. Elizabeth was curious why Spencer had picked the Captain Hook costume, so Spencer revealed that it was because the Cassadines owned a lot of ships.

Britt stood in the background as Nikolas teasingly accused Elizabeth of expecting Spencer to have picked the costume because all the Cassadines were villains. "Not all," Elizabeth argued as she looked pointedly at Nikolas. "It's good to see you, Snow White," Nikolas replied. "You too, Prince Charming," Elizabeth returned with a soft smile. Britt pulled away from the wall to make her presence known. Elizabeth smiled politely and admitted that she had been happy to hear that Britt's baby was safe and sound and away from Britt's crazy mother.

Britt returned a saccharine smile as she asked Elizabeth how A.J. was. "Still facing a murder rap?" Britt asked. Elizabeth ignored the taunt as Cam ran up to ask if Spencer to go to the hospital's Halloween party with them. Cam bragged about his girlfriend to his cousin, so Spencer wondered who Cam's girlfriend was. "Emma Drake," Cam replied.

Not to be outdone, Spencer announced that he had a girlfriend, too, but she was in Italy. Elizabeth seized the opportunity to mention Patrick and Sabrina's engagement. Britt groused that Sabrina's joy had been "overflowing" as Sabrina had shoved the engagement ring in Britt's face. Spencer was eager for an answer about the party, so Britt confessed that she could use a night off.

Elizabeth offered to take Lesley and Spencer with her, so Nikolas and Britt could get ready and catch up with them at the hospital. Lesley happily agreed and whispered to Elizabeth that Wyndemere gave her the creeps, especially since Alfred has an uncanny resemblance to Faison. Elizabeth shuddered and admitted that she never wanted to hear that name again.

Moments later, Nikolas and Britt entered the salon to announce that they were headed to the hospital's Halloween party. Faison remarked that Elizabeth had grown more fetching since the last time he had seen her, so Nikolas warned Faison to stay away from her. Britt noticed the costume on the back of the sofa, so Robin explained that Liesl had tried to get Robin to dress up for Halloween. Nikolas suggested that Liesl, Faison, and Robin retire upstairs for the evening because they needed to remain out of sight.

Liesl grabbed Faison's hand to find another costume for him to wear, since he had ignored her suggestion to dress as David Hasselhoff. After Liesl and Faison left, Nikolas offered to stay home with Robin, but Robin insisted that he go to make certain that Lesley didn't have any lingering questions about Faison. Nikolas agreed that they couldn't afford for the hospital's rumor mill to get wind of the information.

Later, Liesl and Faison stopped short when they spotted their daughter in the hallway. Britt wore a long, off-the-shoulder gray flowing gown and wings, so Liesl asked where Britt had gotten the costume. Britt smiled happily as she explained that Nikolas had sent the costume to her room. Liesl wanted to know what had happened to the one that she had picked out for Britt, so Britt explained that Liesl had never been good at picking out costumes.

Britt reminded her mother of the "water filtration pitcher" costume. "Sounds clever to me," Faison admitted. Liesl smiled with satisfaction. "Even he thinks so, and his head is full of fudge," Liesl replied. Liesl changed the subject by asking where Ben was because Liesl and Faison intended to babysit while Britt was out. Britt informed her parents that she intended to take Ben to the party.

"As Rosemary's Baby?" Liesl asked with hope. Britt glared at her mother and then reminded them to stay out of sight and to keep a close eye on Robin.

Elsewhere, Robin stood outside, gazing at the Port Charles skyline. Nikolas quietly stepped out to check on her. She chuckled when she saw his costume, so he asked her how he looked. "I think you look like a dark prince," Robin answered to Nikolas' delight because it had been the look that he had been hoping for. Sobering, he promised that he would return as quickly as possible.

Robin confessed that it had been difficult to hear Elizabeth's voice and to realize how much the boys had grown. Nikolas agreed and admitted that he had been stunned that the boys had been talking about girlfriends. "Not just any girlfriend," Robin reminded him. Her eyes filled with tears as she admitted that it was hard to accept that she had missed a lot of time with her daughter that she would never be able to get back, so Nikolas assured her that she would soon be reunited with Emma and Patrick.

After Nikolas and Britt left, Robin returned to the salon as she thought about the conversation that she'd had with Nikolas. Her eyes landed on the costume that Liesl had left on the sofa for her, so she walked over and picked up the mask.

At the hospital, Elizabeth, Lesley, and the boys arrived. Elizabeth sensed that Lesley was troubled because of the tension in Lesley's voice when Lesley had mentioned Faison. Lesley explained that she was certain that she had seen him. Elizabeth pointed out that it was impossible because Faison was locked behind bars in Europe and that Nikolas would never give shelter to the man who had once kidnapped Nikolas' brother.

Moments later, Patrick and Sabrina arrived with Emma. Emma immediately cornered Cam to ask if Cam was her boyfriend. Cam was bashful and ran off, so Spencer stepped forward to offer to be Emma's boyfriend. Emma accepted and marched Spencer over to introduce him to her father. Lesley assured Patrick that Spencer was a wonderful boy with his father's beautiful manners, so Elizabeth warned Patrick that Emma was a "goner."

Patrick was curious where Nikolas was. Lesley's smile faded as she explained that her grandson would be along shortly with "that Britt woman." Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, Brad walked in as Felix was busy helping to put the finishing touches on the Halloween party. Felix was furious when he realized that Brad was wearing the same costume inspired by the Operation board game as Felix. Felix demanded that Brad change, but Brad refused and pointed out that it was too late to find a new costume. Felix disagreed; he suggested that Brad go as a deadbeat father.

Brad reminded Felix that it wasn't the 1950s and that Brad and Britt had agreed that Brad would not have an active role in the baby's life. Felix was curious what Brad would do if Britt had a change of heart. Brad assured Felix that he was not nearly as bad as Felix believed him to be, so Felix challenged Brad to prove it. Brad reminded Felix that he had revealed the truth about Maxie and Spinelli's baby, but Felix accused Brad of upending five lives. Felix suggested that Brad focus on doing right by his own son rather than someone else's child.

Later, Felix was furious when he spotted Brad eating a caramel candy apple because they had been intended for the children. Felix blasted Brad for being selfish and irresponsible until Brad had reached his breaking point. "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?" Brad asked.

Nearby, Nikolas and Britt arrived with Ben.

At Wyndemere, Duke slipped into the castle as Liesl and Faison entered the salon and discovered that Robin had disappeared.

At the hospital, a cloaked figure with a painted mask exited an elevator. The woman slipped around the corner and then lifted her mask. It was Robin.

Friday, November 1, 2013

At Carly's house, Franco agreed to leave so Carly could take Josslyn trick-or-treating. Franco assured Carly that he was a patient man, but he quietly admitted to himself that it wasn't true as he walked to his car. Moments later, a mystery person wearing a costume of a wolf disguised as Red Ridding Hood's grandmother stepped out of the shadows, brandishing a large knife, and followed Franco.

Inside, Carly saw the invitation to Franco's art opening and thought about their close moment. She snapped out of it when the doorbell rang, so she picked up a bowl of candy on her way to the door. It was Derek dressed as Zorro. Carly invited him inside because she wanted to talk to him about the invitation that Franco had dropped off. Carly explained that she had asked for an invitation for Derek, but Franco revealed that it hadn't been necessary because Derek was a co-owner of Ava's art gallery.

Carly demanded to know why Derek hadn't told her that he worked with Ava, so Derek assured her that it was strictly business. Carly didn't believe him. Derek gave Carly his solemn vow that he wasn't sleeping with Ava and assured her that the thought of touching Ava sexually was disgusting. Carly muttered that she wished that Morgan had felt the same way. Derek smiled and then distracted her from Ava by confiding that he was drawn to Carly. Derek kissed Carly, but she quickly ended it because Josslyn was in the house.

Carly explained that she was waiting for Josslyn to finish watching Children of the Corn, so they could leave. Derek was curious how much time they had before Josslyn's movie ended, but Carly insisted that Derek had to leave. Derek reluctantly agreed, but he admitted that he would like to go to the art opening with her.

At the hotel, Franco let himself into his suite, but before he could close the door, the costumed person who had followed him from Carly's house approached him. Franco greeted the trick-or-treater, but immediately sensed that something was off with the person. The person suddenly held up a knife and then lunged at Franco. Franco stumbled backwards and fell as he cried out with fright. The person pulled off the wolf mask. "Boo," Heather said. Franco screamed louder. "Now I'm really scared," Franco admitted.

Moments later, Franco stood up and then offered to get Heather some coffee or "eye of newt." Heather was not amused, but she ignored the remark because she wanted to know why Franco had been at Carly's house. Franco claimed that Carly had the best candy, but Heather knew he was lying because she had spied on Franco and Carly. Franco resented that Heather had followed him, but he was curious why she had a beef with Carly.

Heather reminded Franco that Carly had tried to kill him. "Allegedly," Franco corrected her. Franco pointed out that there hadn't been any proof that Carly had been behind the attempt on his life. He insisted that there were many people who wanted him dead and then reminded Heather that Carly had saved his life twice since then. Heather argued that it was proof that Carly couldn't be trusted because Carly's feelings for Franco constantly changed.

According to Heather, Franco and Carly didn't belong together. Frustrated, Franco asked why Heather cared so much about his love life. He suspected that it was because she had romantic feelings for him, but Heather denied it. Franco didn't believe her because she was too involved in his personal life and obsessed with his career. Heather insisted that it was because she admired Franco, but she assured him that she was not in love with him.

Franco remained skeptical, so Heather assured him that she'd had relationships in the past with men like Jeff Webber, Scott Baldwin, and Luke Spencer, but she wasn't interested in Franco. Franco was offended that Heather would rather sleep with Luke Spencer than with him. Heather grabbed Franco's chin, squeezed it, referred to him as "young man," and then warned him that she'd had it with the "sex talk." Heather threatened to wash his mouth out with soap if he didn't stop.

Franco conceded that she clearly wasn't romantically interested in him, but he couldn't understand why Heather was opposed to Carly. Heather cryptically explained that he would understand one day.

On Spoon Island, Duke slipped into Wyndemere and called out to Nikolas.

In the salon, Faison and Liesl ran to the bookcase and slid it open, so they could hide in the tunnels. Duke heard the loud noise from the salon, so he opened the door to investigate. Duke was surprised that no one was in the room, so he looked around to try to figure out what had made the noise, but he didn't notice anything amiss. Faison and Liesl listened as Duke continued to look around the house, hoping to find Nikolas.

Eventually, Duke returned to the salon and noticed a small flowerpot on the floor. He realized that the bookcase wasn't completely closed, so he started to open it further, but "Anna" suddenly appeared behind him. Duke recovered from his shock and told Anna that he had been out of his mind with worry because she hadn't returned any of his phone calls. Anna claimed that she had been hot on Faison's trail, so she hadn't called Duke for fear that it would tip off Faison. Duke was curious where Robert was, so Anna told him that Robert had returned to the clinic because he had needed more time to recuperate.

Duke grabbed Anna's hands and started to pull her close, but Anna stepped back to keep some distance between them. In the tunnel, Faison quietly whispered, "Careful Obrecht."

Duke expressed his concerns about Anna's disappearance and sudden reappearance at Wyndemere, but Liesl deftly alleviated his worries by explaining that there had been whispers that Faison and Obrecht intended to kidnap their grandson again, so she had hoped to catch up with the villains on Spoon Island. Duke conceded that there might have been something to the rumors because he had noticed that the bookcase had been moved. Duke suspected that Faison might be in the secret tunnels, so he decided to investigate. Liesl tried to stop him, but Duke ignored her as he entered the tunnel. Moments later, Faison stepped around a corner with a gun aimed at Duke.

At the nurses' station, Robin spotted a framed photograph of herself with "In memory of" written across the top. Epiphany walked up behind Robin to ask if Robin needed help. Robin quickly slid her mask into place and then turned to face Epiphany. Epiphany sensed that the cloaked woman was lost, so she asked if the woman was looking for the Halloween party. Robin pretended to only speak Spanish, so Epiphany decided to take Robin to the party to introduce her to Sabrina Santiago, who was fluent in Spanish.

Meanwhile, at the hospital's Halloween party, Patrick suggested that "Dynagirl" didn't have time for a boyfriend. Emma argued that Sabrina rescued people every day as nurse and had time for a boyfriend, so Emma couldn't understand why she couldn't do the same.

Moments later, Elizabeth and the boys arrived. Patrick was curious where Lesley was, so Elizabeth revealed that Aiden had had a meltdown from too much sugar, so Lesley had taken Aiden home. Elizabeth suspected that Lesley had been glad to leave because Lesley had seemed exhausted after an unsettling encounter with Nikolas' butler. Patrick and Elizabeth became distracted when Emma and the boys ran off. Patrick decided to follow the children while Sabrina lingered behind with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth warned Sabrina that Patrick would soon have his hands full with Emma. Elizabeth confided that she missed the days when all she had to worry about was being late for curfew, so Sabrina wondered if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth admitted that she wasn't in the party mood, prompting Sabrina to wonder if it had anything to do with Nikolas' date.

Elsewhere at the party, Brad asked Felix, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?" Shocked, Felix demanded that Brad explain himself, but then decided to pose the question to Britt when he spotted Britt and Nikolas. Britt's eyes narrowed as she looked at Brad and then reminded Brad that all of their secrets were out, so it was pointless for him to lie about Ben's paternity. She also made a point of mentioning Brad's recent promotion, so Brad quickly backed down.

Britt changed the subject by asking about Felix and Brad's matching costumes. "Ah, is it a date?" Britt asked with saccharine smile. Felix grumbled that it was more like a horrible nightmare, but Britt wasn't interested, so she and Nikolas left to get some punch. Felix accused Brad of not showing any reaction or fatherly concern for Ben, who had narrowly escaped death at the hands of Ben's diabolical grandmother. Brad claimed that he had been waiting for a moment when the baby was relaxed, so he wouldn't scare him. Felix glanced at Britt who was holding Ben in her arms and suggested that Ben looked calm and happy.

Nearby, Nikolas remarked that it had been strange that Brad had denied being Ben's father. Britt claimed that she had no idea why Brad had done that and then seized the opportunity to distract Nikolas by pointing out a nurse that Nikolas had wanted to thank for her help during his recovery from the gunshot wound. After Nikolas walked away, Brad approached Britt to quietly ask if he could hold Ben.

Britt didn't object because Brad was supposed to be Ben's father, so she handed Ben to Brad. Britt wanted to know why Brad had told Felix that he wasn't Ben's father. Brad appeared uncomfortable as he looked away.

Elsewhere, Felix walked up as Nikolas ended his conversation with the nurse, Erica. After Erica left, Felix confessed that it bothered him that Brad didn't have any paternal feelings for Ben. Nikolas tensed when Felix mentioned that Ben didn't look anything like Britt or Ben because it reminded Nikolas of Faison's claim that Britt had denied being Ben's natural mother.

Spencer ran up to his father, followed by Elizabeth, Cam, Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma. Elizabeth apologized to Nikolas for being late and explained that Lesley had taken Aiden home. Felix greeted Elizabeth and praised her Snow White costume; he remarked that she looked like she had been born to be a princess. After Felix left, Elizabeth complimented Nikolas' costume because she thought it suited him. Nikolas thanked her and admitted that Felix had been right on the money about the way Elizabeth looked.

Elizabeth quickly changed the subject by asking where Britt was. Nikolas explained that Britt was bonding with her "baby-daddy" and nodded in Britt and Brad's direction. Elizabeth wondered if it bothered Nikolas. Before Nikolas could respond, Cam and Spencer scampered off to play with Emma. Elizabeth chuckled as she remarked that Emma had a way with boys. Nikolas was shocked when she revealed that Spencer was smitten with Emma and that Cam wasn't pleased about it.

"Love triangle, huh?" Nikolas asked. "Well, that can only end in heartbreak, right?" he added. Elizabeth's smile faded at the reminder of their tumultuous past.

Nearby, Felix, Patrick, and Sabrina were chatting when Epiphany entered the party with Robin in tow. Robin stiffened when Epiphany called out to Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick turned, but Robin quickly fled to the punch bowl before Patrick and Sabrina approached. Epiphany explained to Sabrina that the woman at the punch bowl only spoke Spanish, so Epiphany thought that Sabrina might be able to help.

After Sabrina walked away, Epiphany congratulated Patrick on his engagement to Sabrina. She conceded that he had made his mistakes by getting hooked on pills and dating Britt, but Sabrina had been a wise choice. Epiphany was certain that Robin would be as proud of Patrick as Epiphany was.

Meanwhile, Nikolas returned to Britt's side and asked her how things had gone with Brad. Britt smiled and told him that Brad was Brad, so it was best not to try to figure Brad out. Britt sensed that something was bothering Nikolas, so she asked him what was wrong. Nikolas confessed that it bothered him that Ben's own family refused to acknowledge him. He reminded her of what Faison had said about Ben not being Britt's son and Brad's denial, so Britt assured Nikolas that there wasn't any need to worry because Ben had her, and that was all that Ben needed. According to Britt, Faison and Brad were insane, so anything they had to say was irrelevant.

Later, Nikolas and Britt watched Cam and Spencer bob for apples. Nikolas asked if Britt was having a good time, so she confessed that it was better than being on an island with both of her crazy parents playing dress-up. Nikolas admitted that he was worried about Robin, but Britt assured him that Robin was fine because both Faison and Liesl needed Robin alive.

Elsewhere, Felix was surprised when he bumped into Brad because Brad had changed costumes. Brad had glued small boxes of cereal to a lab coat and had pierced each box with a plastic knife as artificial blood dripped from each box. Brad explained that he was a "cereal killer," but Felix wanted to know why Brad had changed costumes. Brad admitted that he had done it for Felix, so Felix would know that Brad could be nice and wasn't bad all of the time. Brad wanted Felix to be the star, so Felix smiled and invited Brad to get something to drink.

At the punch bowl, Emma walked up to ask Robin about her costume. Emma explained that she was Dynagirl, so she was curious who Robin was supposed to be. Robin didn't get a chance to answer because Cam and Spencer ran up to ask Emma to play. During the commotion, one of the boys spilled some punch on Emma's costume, so they quickly fled. Emma began to cry, so Robin fetched some water and a napkin to clean the punch stain.

Moments later, Robin quietly announced that the stain was gone. Emma smiled brightly and thanked Robin with a hug. Robin held her daughter tightly, but was forced to let go too soon. Sabrina walked up and greeted Robin in Spanish. Emma happily announced that Sabrina was going to be her new mommy. Robin stood motionless for several heartbeats and then ran away.

Nearby, Britt and Nikolas watched Cam and Spencer as they ran away from Emma. Britt commented that both boys looked like they had lost their puppy. Elizabeth walked up and explained that was what happened when two people loved the same person.

Patrick checked on Sabrina and Emma, so Sabrina told him about the odd encounter that she'd had with the woman that Epiphany had asked Sabrina to talk to. Sabrina explained that she had spoken to the woman in Spanish, but the woman hadn't appeared to understand what Sabrina had said. Emma admitted that the woman had seemed sad, so she was worried about her. Patrick promised to check on the mystery woman, so he left.

Sabrina told Emma that she loved her and admitted that what Emma had said to the lady had deeply touched Sabrina. However, Sabrina wanted Emma to know that Sabrina didn't want to replace Emma's mother because Robin had a permanent place in Emma's heart.

Nikolas noticed a cloaked figure brush past him and watched as the slight figure made her way to the door. He pointed the costume out to Britt and asked if it resembled the one that Liesl had wanted Robin to wear.

In the hallway, Patrick asked Erica if Erica had seen a woman in a long cloak and mask. "Exam one," Erica replied, so Patrick thanked her and headed to the room.

Inside the examination room, Robin pulled off her mask and took several deep, calming breaths as she fought back tears.

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