General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 21, 2013 on GH

Robin returned to Port Charles under the watchful eyes of Liesl Obrecht and Faison. Sam learned that Julian Jerome was her father. Julian put a hit on Morgan, but Morgan surprised Julian by offering to work for him. Heather kissed Scott.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 21, 2013 on GH
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Anna and Robert arrived on Cassadine Island and found Dr. Obrecht, who was unconscious. Robert woke her. When Anna tried to find out about Robin, Dr Obrecht denied that Robin was alive and instead ranted about Faison's rejection and about how Faison had refused to make love to Dr. Obrecht unless she wore the Anna mask.

Anna used Dr. Obrecht's hurt to her advantage as she stoked Dr. Obrecht's desire for revenge against Faison. She also encouraged Dr. Obrecht's love for her daughter, Britt, and used it to find out where Dr. Obrecht had hidden baby Ben. Dr. Obrecht relented and sent Anna and Robert to the lab, but not before Robert knocked Dr. Obrecht out again.

Both Robin and Nikolas were stunned speechless when Nikolas opened the lab door. Robin quickly told Nikolas how Jerry Jacks had faked her death. Nikolas told Robin that Patrick had not sent him, but he was there to locate Britt's baby, Ben. He also told Robin that Ben was not Patrick's son and that Britt had lied about the baby's paternity. Nikolas wanted to leave Robin in the lab for her own safety, but she refused to be shut up there again and insisted on going with him.

Britt found Faison and demanded her son back. Faison said that he was leaving with his grandson and heir. Britt told Faison that she loved Ben and wanted him back. Faison replied that he was not surrendering his own flesh and blood. Britt retorted that Ben was not Faison's flesh and blood. Faison accused Britt of being a bastard. Britt said that she was not a bastard but that she was not Ben's biological mother.

Faison did not believe Britt. Britt told him to get confirmation from Dr. Obrecht. Faison demanded that Britt leave. They struggled, and Faison pushed Britt away and attempted to leave the room.

Sabrina was stunned by Patrick's marriage proposal. Patrick said that he was clumsy but sincere. Sabrina wondered what had changed in the few hours since Patrick had been convinced that he had received a phone call from Robin. Patrick said that he had spoken with Elizabeth, who had shared what had happened to her after Jake's death. Elizabeth had told of how she had kept seeing her son and had wanted him to be alive, even though she had known that he was dead.

Patrick said that he had suddenly realized that he had been doing the same thing. Patrick added that even though he had received a phone call, there had to be some other explanation than that Robin was alive. Sabrina admitted that she had gone to Carlos and accused him of making a prank call, but he had denied it. She was unsure if Carlos had been telling the truth.

Sabrina wondered if Carlos was the reason that Patrick was proposing. Sabrina told Patrick that he could take the proposal back if he wanted to. Patrick said absolutely not. Patrick added that he had been wallowing in grief and had not known how he could make it another day when Sabrina had entered his life and had brightened it.

Patrick told Sabrina that she had made Patrick and Emma smile and had made him realize that he could have a life without Robin. Patrick got on his knees and told Sabrina that he loved her and wanted a family with Sabrina and Emma. Sabrina was crying as Patrick proposed again, and she accepted.

Robert and Anna got to the lab, but Robin was not there. They were disappointed until Anna found a photo of Patrick and Emma on Robin's laptop computer. Nikolas and Robin found Dr. Obrecht, who was still unconscious. Nikolas gave Robin a gun as he went hunting for Faison. Robin told Dr. Obrecht that she had won and was finally going home. Nikolas found Faison and Britt, who were struggling. Nikolas pointed his gun and demanded that Faison let Britt go.

Alexis ran into Lulu, with baby Connie, at General Hospital. Alexis told Lulu that her chances for keeping custody were not very good because family courts almost always sided with the biological parents, and despite Maxie's lies, the contract that Maxie had signed with Lulu and Dante had become null and void when Maxie had miscarried their child.

Lulu said that there had to be some way to keep Connie, other than taking the baby and running away. Alexis replied that there was a slim chance that they could prove that Maxie was an unfit mother who would harm Connie. Lulu agreed that Maxie was unfit. Lulu said that she knew all of Maxie's secrets, knew every lie that Maxie had ever told, and was willing to have everything that Maxie had ever done wrong be revealed.

Alexis urge Lulu to go home and talk to Dante before making a decision because they would be in for a long, difficult, expensive battle. Lulu said she did not have to think about it and told Alexis to file the paperwork to get the process started.

Maxie, Spinelli, and Diane had a similar conversation, except Diane told them that they had a very good chance of getting their child back, but not before telling Maxie that Diane did not approve of Maxie's lies to Spinelli. Maxie agreed that she had been delusional to think that she could give away her baby, and since the truth was out, Maxie wanted her baby. Spinelli agreed.

Diane told them that there were a couple of things that they could do. First, Diane said, the law was on their side, and they could report Dante and Lulu as kidnappers, but neither Maxie nor Spinelli wanted to do that. The second option was to file a custody petition in family court, which in all likelihood would be granted.

Diane warned that in a perfect world, custody would be easily granted, but it was not a perfect world. Diane told Spinelli and Maxie that Alexis was a good lawyer, so they could expect a fight that would be neither pretty nor simple. Maxie told Diane to file the paperwork and do what it took to get her child back.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In the hospital's elevator, Lulu clutched Connie close as she assured the baby that Alexis would prepare the paperwork to make it possible for Dante and Lulu to keep Connie. Lulu vowed to share all of Maxie's dirty secrets with Alexis to ensure that a judge wouldn't grant Maxie custody of Connie.

Moments later, the elevator door opened. Lulu tensed when she saw Spinelli waiting, so she asked why he was at the hospital. Spinelli explained that he had stopped by to visit Ellie, but he was more concerned about why Lulu and Connie were at the hospital. He relaxed when Lulu admitted that she had to pick up a prescription for Connie's vitamins. Lulu started to leave, but Spinelli quietly pointed out that they needed to talk about the baby.

Lulu insisted that there wasn't anything to discuss because Lulu and Dante had asked Alexis to file the necessary paperwork to seek custody of Connie. Stunned, Spinelli pointed out that the baby wasn't Lulu and Dante's child, but Lulu argued that it was for the courts to decide. She advised Spinelli to hire an attorney, so he confessed that he had already talked to Diane, who had filed paperwork to facilitate Spinelli and Maxie raising their daughter.

Lulu warned Spinelli that he was wasting his time and money because Lulu and Dante would fight to keep Connie. Spinelli explained that Lulu didn't have a choice because Diane would get a court order for Dante and Lulu to relinquish Connie. Lulu expected that from Maxie, not Spinelli. Spinelli pointed out that he hadn't had any other option.

Lulu recalled meeting Spinelli when Spinelli had been on the run from Alcazar. Spinelli's smile was bittersweet as he remembered that he and Lulu had been locked up together in a warehouse and had been given a bottle of tequila because Alcazar's men had hoped that getting Lulu and Spinelli drunk would make it easier to kill the teens. Lulu's expression softened as she admitted that they had both gotten drunk, but Jason had rescued them.

Spinelli confessed that Lulu and Jason had taught Spinelli how to be a friend. Lulu insisted that they'd always had each other's backs, so she couldn't understand why Spinelli would betray her. Spinelli conceded that Lulu had saved his life both literally and figuratively because he had never cared about anyone, except for his grandmother, until he had met Lulu. He admitted that he had admired Lulu's strength and intelligence because it had made him want to be a braver person.

Spinelli admitted that it was unbearable being in the situation that they were in, so Lulu pointed out that sending an officer of the court to her home to rip her daughter out of her arms wouldn't help. Spinelli reminded Lulu that he had learned about his daughter shortly after the baby's birth. He conceded that he had been furious in the beginning, but ultimately he had realized that he couldn't walk away from his daughter.

Lulu implored Spinelli to convince Maxie to drop the court order. She pointed out that Spinelli and Maxie weren't ready to take care of Connie, in part because Spinelli didn't even have a home; he lived in his office. Spinelli insisted that he and Maxie would get everything worked out and put into place, but Lulu argued that she and Dante had spent the past nine months doing just that, so they were in a better position to care for Connie.

Lulu assured Spinelli that Connie was happy and healthy. Spinelli agreed that Dante and Lulu were wonderful parents, so Lulu asked why Spinelli wanted to take Connie away from them. Spinelli explained that he ached for his daughter and wanted to be the father that he was certain that he could be. Lulu argued that she couldn't give Connie up, so Spinelli reminded her that she and Dante could have another baby.

Lulu tearfully reminded Spinelli that she couldn't carry a baby to term, but Spinelli argued that she and Dante still had two frozen embryos that could be implanted in a new surrogate. Lulu was offended and argued that it wasn't like replacing a goldfish because Connie was irreplaceable. "She's our daughter," Lulu added.

Lulu pointed out that she and Dante had had nine months to love and bond with Connie and that Lulu had been the first person to hold Connie. Lulu reminded Spinelli that she and Dante had been caring for Connie from the day she was born, so Connie recognized Lulu and smiled when she saw Lulu and Dante. "We want this baby. We love thisone. She's ours," Lulu said.

Spinelli argued that no matter how bonded Lulu was to Connie, the baby was still Spinelli and Maxie's daughter. "Well, you can't have her," Lulu stubbornly replied. Spinelli appeared sad as he realized that there was nothing left to say. "Except see you in court," he added and then walked away.

At Crimson, Maxie was pleasantly surprised when she saw Mac. After a quick hug, she asked him how his brother, Robert, was doing. Mac admitted that Robert had recovered and was on his feet, despite doctor's orders to take it easy. Maxie was curious why Mac had returned to Port Charles, but then she noticed his expression and realized that he had talked to Felicia. Mac confirmed her suspicions and explained that he felt that he had been more needed at home.

Mac was surprised when Maxie told him about the decision to have the courts order Dante and Lulu to relinquish the baby. She admitted that she hadn't wanted to do it, but she and Spinelli hadn't had any other choice. Mac thought that there had to be another way, so Maxie confided that the alternative had been to go to the police station to accuse Dante and Lulu of kidnapping. Maxie wondered if Mac thought that she was doing the right thing by trying to get her daughter back.

Mac assured Maxie that she and Spinelli should raise their daughter, so Maxie relaxed. However, she remained sad because she regretted that she had hurt Dante and Lulu and had lived down to everyone's expectations. Mac warned Maxie to be prepared for things to get worse before they got better.

Maxie wished that she could turn back the clock and tell Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage because Lulu had told her that she could have forgiven Maxie if Maxie had been honest from the start. Mac pointed out that no one could say for certain what they would have done, so they should focus on how things were rather than how they could have been. Maxie regretted that her mistakes had cost her a best friend because she always seemed to lose her best friends.

Mac was startled when Maxie blamed herself for Robin's tragic death. He argued that Maxie hadn't been to blame, but Maxie disagreed because she had been so wrapped up in her own problems that she had yanked her purse strap free and broken the valve that had subsequently caused the deadly explosion. Maxie insisted that Robin wouldn't have died if Maxie had taken the time to properly pick up the purse. Mac insisted that it had been an accident, but Maxie remained unconvinced.

Mac reminded Maxie that Robin would not want Maxie to blame herself for the explosion, so Maxie admitted that she would give anything to have a few minutes with Robin because she could use Robin's sage advice. Mac gently reminded Maxie that they had to accept that Robin was gone and that nothing could return Robin to them.

At the Drake residence, Patrick kissed Sabrina after she happily accepted his proposal of marriage. He credited her with teaching him to love again, so he was eager to spend the rest of his life with her. Sabrina couldn't wait to share the news, especially with Felix, but Patrick asked her to wait because he wanted to buy Sabrina an engagement ring first. Patrick promised to take Sabrina ring shopping the following day, so Sabrina hugged and kissed him.

Emma appeared in the doorway and asked why Patrick and Sabrina were celebrating. Patrick picked up his daughter and asked her why she wasn't in bed. Emma admitted that the shadows on her bedroom wall had frightened her, but then repeated her earlier question. Patrick and Sabrina decided to share their news with Emma, so they sat the little girl down on the sofa.

Patrick explained that he and Sabrina loved each other very much, so he was curious if Emma loved Sabrina. Emma smiled and hugged Sabrina to assure her father that she did. Satisfied, Patrick told Emma that he and Sabrina had decided to get married because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives being a family with Emma.

"What about Mommy?" Emma asked as her smile faded. Emma pointed out that Patrick was married to Robin, so Patrick explained that he wasn't married because Robin had gone to Heaven. Emma was curious if that was why he had taken off his wedding ring, so Patrick nodded. However, he assured Emma that she would get her mother's wedding ring one day.

Sabrina asked if anything else was troubling Emma, so Emma admitted that she was afraid that her mother would be sad. Patrick confided that Robin had wanted him to find someone to love who would also love Emma, so he was certain that Robin would be happy. Sabrina admitted that she didn't want to get married without Emma's blessing, so Emma assured Sabrina that she okay with the wedding. Relieved, Sabrina hugged Emma and then snuggled on the sofa with father and daughter to make wedding plans.

On Cassadine Island, Anna was certain that Robin had been in the laboratory because the computer's screensaver was a snapshot of Patrick and Emma. Robert and Anna headed to the door, but Jerry Jacks suddenly appeared and blocked their path. Robert and Anna immediately aimed their guns at Jerry as Jerry took aim at Robert. Jerry recognized the Scorpios, so Anna demanded to know where Robin was.

Jerry mused that they were in a standoff, so he refused to answer Anna's questions. Robert, Anna, and Jerry exchanged threats until Jerry managed to gain the upper hand by waving his gun around and then firing a stray bullet at a cabinet. Robert and Anna ducked for cover as Jerry quickly stepped back to seal Robert and Anna in the lab.

Frustrated, Anna paced the room. She hated the idea of their daughter trapped in the lab, knowing that no one had been looking for her. Robert distracted Anna by enlisting her help to find a way out of the room. Anna tried to override the panel on the door but failed.

Meanwhile, Robert spotted a small recorder on Robin's desk, so he picked it up and pressed play. Anna's eyes filled with tears when she heard Robin's voice as Robin talked about trying to replicate the antidote for polonium poisoning to save Jerry. Robert showed Anna the digital timestamp of the recording. Her face lit up with joy because it was irrefutable proof that Robin was alive. Robert hugged Anna as he vowed that they would get out and find their daughter.

In Faison's bedroom, Nikolas ordered Faison to release Britt from the stranglehold that Faison had her in. Faison refused, so Nikolas reminded Faison that there wasn't a court in the world that would condemn Nikolas for killing Faison. Disgusted, Faison shoved Britt away from him, so she ran to the bed to pick up Ben.

Faison couldn't understand why Britt cared about a baby who didn't have a biological connection to her. Nikolas assured Faison that Ben was Britt's son because Nikolas had witnessed Ben's birth. Faison demanded to know if Britt had lied to Faison or to Nikolas about the baby, so Nikolas asked Britt what Faison was talking about. Britt's eyes rounded with fright, but she didn't say anything, so Nikolas turned to Faison for answers.

Faison revealed that Britt had claimed that the baby hadn't been Faison's flesh and blood because the baby wasn't Britt's biological son. Nikolas argued that it was impossible and then turned to Britt for confirmation. Britt quickly assured Nikolas that she had lied to Faison because she knew that Faison would lose interest in Ben if he thought that Ben wasn't his grandson.

Faison didn't believe Britt, but Britt stuck to her story. Nikolas believed Britt, so he informed Faison that Faison would soon return to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Britt worried about her mother, but Nikolas assured her that someone was keeping an eye on Liesl Obrecht. Britt was curious who, but Nikolas wouldn't tell her. "You'll find out soon enough," Nikolas said.

In the main room, Robin sat in a chair, holding a gun as she looked at Liesl Obrecht's unconscious body. Robin gloated that she would soon return home, so no one could keep her from her family. Robin anticipated being reunited with Patrick and Emma the following day, so she was impatient to leave. She got up and started to walk around the room until she noticed Liesl Obrecht slowly regain consciousness.

Robin waved a gun at Liesl and made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to shoot the diabolical doctor. Liesl was curious how Robin had managed to escape from the lab, so Robin credited Nikolas Cassadine with rescuing her. Robin explained that Liesl had made a mistake by sending a video message because Nikolas had recognized the background of his own home. Robin warned Liesl that Nikolas was not happy about the "squatters" who had taken up residence on his island and then revealed that she knew that Liesl's grandson hadn't been Patrick's son.

Robin was curious who had knocked Liesl out, so Liesl admitted that Anna and Robert were on the island. Robin demanded to know where her parents were, so Liesl suggested that Robin check the lab. Robin decided to go to the lab, but she didn't want to leave Liesl behind, so she ordered Liesl to lead the way. "Not so fast," Jerry growled from the doorway as he aimed his gun at Robin.

Liesl smiled with satisfaction as Jerry entered the room. Jerry reminded Robin that he didn't have a lot to lose, so he ordered her to drop the gun, or he wouldn't hesitate to kill her. Robin reluctantly put the gun on the floor and then kicked it away as Jerry had instructed. Jerry turned the gun on Liesl and then asked her how Robin had managed to gain the upper hand.

Liesl scoffed as she revealed that she had been knocked out by Liesl's "insipid" daughter. Jerry pointed out that Liesl shouldn't have been surprised that her daughter had shown up, since Liesl had taken the woman's child, so Liesl was more trouble than she was worth. Robin assured Jerry that she wouldn't object if Jerry killed Liesl, but Liesl doubted that Jerry would kill her. Jerry admitted that it depended on where Liesl's daughter was, so Liesl told him that Britta was trying to get the baby away from Faison. "And I succeeded, Mother," Britt said as she entered the room with Ben cradled in her arms.

Britt was stunned when she noticed Robin and realized who Robin was. Robin confronted the woman who had tried to pass another man's baby off as Patrick's son, but Britt was more concerned if Liesl had known all along that Robin had been alive. Liesl spat that it didn't matter and then asked where Faison was. Jerry was also eager to know where the "outrageously expensive and increasingly bothersome uber-criminal" was.

Moments later, Nikolas led Faison by gunpoint into the room. Jerry immediately grabbed Robin and used her as a shield and hostage as Nikolas pointed the gun at Jerry. Jerry threatened to kill Robin's parents if Nikolas didn't drop the gun.

Faison perked up when he realized that Anna was nearby, so Liesl scornfully accused Faison of acting like an adolescent. Robin wanted proof that her parents were on the premises, so Jerry pulled out his cell phone to show her a live feed from inside the lab. Robin's eyes became misty when she saw her parents pacing the lab, looking for a way out.

Jerry made it clear that he was in charge and that he was fighting for his life, so everyone had to follow his instructions to the letter. Nikolas reluctantly put the gun down when Jerry informed Nikolas that the guards were loyal to Jerry, not Nikolas, so they would not help Nikolas.

Jerry explained that he needed Luke's blood, so he decided that Robin would return to Port Charles with Liesl Obrecht and Faison. Faison argued that he couldn't go to Port Charles, so Jerry reminded Faison and Liesl that he had paid them millions for a cure, so he wouldn't hesitate to turn Faison and Liesl over to the WSB. After Faison backed down, Jerry instructed Faison and Liesl to keep tabs on Nikolas and Britt in case they tried to alert anyone to what was going on. Jerry also expected Robin to keep her presence in Port Charles hidden until she developed an antidote and sent it to him.

Jerry promised that Robert and Anna would be freed once Jerry had the cure. Robin hated that she would have to stay hidden from her family when she would be so close to them, but she realized that it was the only way to keep her parents alive.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At Ava's penthouse, Ava left Julian a voicemail message asking if he had gotten the job done. Morgan entered the room as Ava warned Julian not to avoid her because she was as invested in the job as he was. Morgan waited until Ava ended the call to ask her what she had been talking about.

Ava resented that Morgan had once again eavesdropped on her, so Morgan argued that it couldn't be avoided because his "girlfriend" kept having secret conversations. Morgan wanted to know who she had left the message for, but a timely knock on the door spared her from having to answer the question.

"Morning, you two," Diane greeted Ava and Morgan as she entered the penthouse. Diane's smile faded when she noticed that Morgan was shirtless. "Oh, Morgan -- I see you still haven't found your shirt," Diane commented. Diane handed Morgan annulment papers with instructions to sign documents and then asked Ava to fetch the contract that Ava's silent partner had signed.

Ava handed the contract to Diane, so Diane looked it over. Satisfied that everything was in order, Diane assured Ava that only the attorneys would know who Ava's silent partner was. Morgan recalled finding the signed contract in Ava's purse, so he informed Diane and Ava that it wasn't necessary to be secretive because he knew that Derek Wells was Ava's silent partner.

Ava demanded to know how Morgan had found out, so he admitted that he had gone through her purse, looking for a pen, and had seen the contract. "Pen? I've never actually seen you write. Don't you text all of your correspondence?" Ava asked. Diane decided to leave, so she asked Morgan to sign the annulment papers. "Sure, good thing I have a pen," Morgan replied as he looked pointedly at Ava. After Morgan handed the signed annulment papers to Diane, Diane left.

Morgan waited until the door closed behind Diane before he blasted Ava for lying to him about Derek. He demanded to know if Ava and Derek were having an affair. Ava vehemently denied it and admitted that the idea repulsed her, but Morgan appeared skeptical. Ava pointed out that she and Morgan weren't serious, so he didn't have the right to question her relationship with Derek. Ava was stunned when Morgan confessed that he wanted a committed relationship with Ava because he had always cared about her. Ava reminded him that he was in love with her daughter, Kiki, but Morgan argued that it didn't matter because he was also drawn to Ava.

Ava suddenly announced that she had to leave. She told Morgan that she intended to see Derek, but she insisted that it was just business. After Ava left, Morgan got dressed and then returned to the living room. His mood remained surly as he thought about Sonny and Carly's warnings about Ava and the cryptic conversations that he'd overheard between Ava and Derek.

At Crimson, Derek and Carly sipped on coffee as they talked about their date the previous evening. Derek admitted that he had been disappointed that she hadn't spent the night with him, so he was curious if she was still hung up on Franco. Carly reminded Derek that Franco was involved with Diane. "And if he weren't?" Derek asked. Carly insisted that she couldn't care less about Franco.

Derek was pleased because he enjoyed Carly's company. Derek glanced down when his phone quietly buzzed, but he ignored it when it realized that Ava was calling. Moments later, Carlos entered the office, looking for Derek. Carly decided that it was her cue to leave, so Derek seized the opportunity to plant a passionate kiss on her lips and then confess that he hoped to see her again soon.

"Nice catch," Carlos said after Carly left. Julian smiled and then asked if Carlos had completed the job. Carlos nodded and confided that he was certain that Sonny was surveying the damage as they spoke. Carlos admitted that he was surprised that he had been called to Port Charles to sabotage coffee shipments, so Julian explained that the first rule of the game was to follow the money. Julian revealed that Sonny's coffee business was a front that Sonny used to funnel Sonny's illegal gains, so Sonny would be crippled without it.

A short time later, Ava marched into the office, demanding to know why Julian hadn't returned her phone call. Ava stopped short when she saw Carlos. Her face immediately lit up with joy as Carlos greeted her with a warm hug. Ava asked if Carlos had made any progress with his "old love." Carlos admitted that it was an uphill battle. Ava assured Carlos that she knew what that was like.

Carlos chuckled as he admitted that he had heard about Ava's situation with Morgan. "A little young for you, no?" Carlos teased. Julian grew weary of the reunion, so he informed Ava that Carlos had work to do.

After Carlos left, Ava admitted that she was annoyed that Julian hadn't bothered to update his "little sister" about their latest plot against Sonny. Julian assured Ava that the job had been completed. "Corinthos is down for the count," Julian added with a smug smile. Ava returned the smile and then asked how things with Carly had progressed. Julian confessed that he had made headway with Carly, so he was confident that he would soon have Carly in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Morgan stepped out of the elevator and slowly approached Julian's office. Morgan stopped in the outer office when he overheard Ava tell Julian that "the kid" had fallen for her. Ava then told Julian about Morgan's suspicion that Ava and Julian were having an affair. "Can you believe that, Julian? He actually thought that I was sleeping with my own brother," Ava said with a chuckle.

In Franco's suite, Franco stepped out of the bathroom after a shower and noticed new canvas paintings scattered throughout the room. Heather suddenly appeared behind him. "Give me your honest opinion, do you like them?" Heather asked as she pulled a black wig off of her head. Franco recovered from his surprise and asked how she had gotten into his hotel suite. Heather bragged that she had her ways and then promised that nothing would stop her from giving him what he wanted.

Moments later, Carly banged on the door, demanding to talk to Franco. Franco panicked and begged Heather to hide, but Heather wanted to talk to Carly to make it clear that Franco was not interested in Carly. Meanwhile, Carly threatened to use her keycard if Franco didn't open the door, so Franco made another appeal to Heather by promising to handle Carly.

Heather ducked out of sight just as Carly slid the keycard into the door and opened it. "Oh, my God," Carly said when she saw Franco standing in the living room without a shirt. Franco casually dropped his towel on the black wig that Heather had discarded on the sofa as he explained that he hadn't heard Carly at the door because he had been in the shower. Carly quickly averted her eyes as Franco asked why she was there.

Carly reminded him that his bill was due, so she wanted to know when she could expect a payment. Franco assured her that he would be able to pay her with interest very soon because his art show had been scheduled.

Heather scowled in her hiding spot when she heard Franco pass her paintings off as his "masterpieces." However, Heather held her tongue and continued to listen as Carly confessed that she was impressed that Franco had been able to meet Sebastian's demands on such short notice. Franco broached the subject of Carly attending his show, but she suggested that he take Diane. Franco tried to explain that nothing was going on between him and Diane, but Carly cut him off to brag that she and Derek had had breakfast together and had made plans for their third date.

After Carly left, Heather demanded that Franco explain why he was trying to pass off her paintings as his own. Franco promised Heather that he had only told Carly that they were his paintings because he hadn't wanted Carly to see his real works of art. Satisfied, Heather asked if she could have a look at Franco's new paintings, but Franco insisted that she had to wait for the show because the artwork needed to be seen in the proper context to be fully appreciated. Heather smiled in understanding and then asked Franco about his relationship with Diane.

Franco tensed as he carefully acknowledged that Diane was a fantastic attorney. Heather agreed, but she had concerns because Diane had a reputation of being "very" promiscuous and a lousy gossip columnist. Heather bragged that Diane's former editor had fired Diane to give the job to Heather because Heather was a better writer. Heather confided that she and the editor had been quite close, but Franco wasn't interested in hearing about the man.

Franco revealed that Diane was on her way over, so Heather had to leave. Heather was disappointed because she had hoped to grab a BLT with Franco. Franco claimed that he didn't want to send Diane mixed signals during the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship, so he had to wait for Diane. Heather reluctantly donned her disguise and then left.

A short time later, Diane arrived to assure Franco that the contract had been signed. Diane's smile quickly vanished when looked at the paintings that Franco intended to sell. She confronted Franco when she realized that he hadn't created the works of art.

On Pier 52, Sonny and Shawn entered Sonny's coffee warehouse. They stopped when they saw the destruction and then slowly made their way around the warehouse to assess the damage.

A short time later, Shawn confirmed that most of the inventory had been destroyed. Sonny was certain that Derek Wells, a.k.a. Julian Jerome, had been responsible for the latest attack on Sonny's business. Shawn was concerned about the guard's injuries, so Sonny assured Shawn that Max had taken the man to the hospital to be checked out and treated. Shawn regretted that he hadn't had some of their men helping the guard out, but Sonny argued that there hadn't been a reason to be concerned because Sonny's coffee business was legitimate. Sonny and Shawn heard a noise, so they quickly drew their guns.

Moments later, D.A. Lazaro appeared in the doorway, flanked by several police officers. Lazaro explained that he had decided to tag along when the police received a report of a break-in at Sonny's warehouse. Sonny demanded to see a warrant as the police officers fanned out to investigate, but Lazaro revealed that a warrant wasn't needed because they were there to help Sonny. Lazaro admitted that he needed to look tough on crime, so Sonny suggested that Lazaro focus on convicting A.J. Lazaro assured Sonny that he was working on it and then reminded Sonny that he turned a blind eye to Sonny's activities.

Sonny argued that Lazaro had been paid handsomely for looking the other way, so Lazaro explained that it would be to Sonny's benefit if Lazaro could arrest the person responsible for the attacks on Sonny's business because it could get Lazaro re-elected. "Julian Jerome," Sonny revealed. Lazaro pointed out that Julian Jerome had been killed decades earlier, but Sonny suggested that Julian had gone into hiding and had recently resurfaced under a new identity.

Lazaro asked if Sonny had proof, so Sonny asked Lazaro to turn over Robert Scorpio's file on Julian Jerome. Lazaro insisted that it would be impossible because there was only a hard copy of the file, which meant that Lazaro couldn't sneak the file out of the police station. Sonny was confident that Lazaro would find a way because Lazaro would not want to disappoint Sonny.

Later, Carly entered the warehouse. She was stunned when she saw the destruction, so she asked Sonny what had happened. Sonny revealed that the same people who had destroyed his coffee shipment had hit the warehouse. However, Sonny assured her that he had things well in hand. Sonny was curious why Carly was there, so she explained that she wanted to know if he had found Morgan.

Shawn quickly excused himself and left, which made Carly suspicious. Sonny confessed that he knew where Morgan was staying, but he hadn't told her because he was afraid that she would overreact. Carly demanded to know where Morgan was, so Sonny agreed to tell her. However, he warned her that Morgan had refused to return home with Sonny because Morgan was set on staying where he was.

After Carly left, Sonny told Shawn that someone had to pay for what had happened at the warehouse, but Sonny intended to play it smart by waiting for Lazaro to turn over the file on Julian Jerome. Sonny explained that they would strike once they were certain that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Sonny hoped to make Julian wish that Julian had stayed dead.

Carly found the door to Ava's penthouse unlocked, so she let herself in and called out to Morgan.

At Kelly's, Michael was reading an online article about A.J. when Kiki walked in. She quickly kissed Michael and then asked about his visit with A.J. Michael said that A.J. was holding up as well as could be expected. Lucy entered the diner and overheard Michael and Kiki talking about A.J.'s pending trial, so she approached their table to explain that she was campaigning on behalf of Scott Baldwin. Michael admitted that he didn't know if he intended to vote and then explained that Kiki hadn't had time to register. Lucy offered to help Kiki get registered, but Kiki wasn't interested in voting for a new district attorney.

Lucy saw the online article about A.J., so she quickly apologized for bothering Michael when he had more important things to worry about. Lucy began to ramble about how difficult it had to have been for Michael to have one father kill his other father's girlfriend. Michael smiled politely, but it was clear that he was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Lucy once again apologized and then walked away.

Kiki was curious if Scott's victory would benefit A.J. Michael revealed that Scott had been the district attorney in the past, but had resigned from the position. However, Michael suspected that A.J. would have a better shot of avoiding prison if Scott was the district attorney.

Outside of Kelly's, Scott was campaigning for his election when Lucy walked out. Lucy was not impressed with Scott's methods because he lacked charisma, sex appeal, and warmth. Scott groused that it was cold outside, but Lucy insisted that it was a nice Indian summer day.

Scott admitted that he wished that Laura was at his side because the town loved her as much as he had. Lucy felt bad that Scott's marriage had crumbled, but she reminded him that he still had his favorite ex-wife to help him. Scott appreciated Lucy's support, but he was worried that he had taken her away from her work at Deception. Lucy promised Scott that she had everything under control, so she was happy to help Scott. Scott suspected that Lucy was using his election as a distraction because Kevin was off again being "very busy, busy, busy."

Lucy became defensive, so Scott apologized. However, he admitted that he sensed that she had felt abandoned. Lucy denied it and informed Scott that she had a lunch date with Kevin. Scott wondered if Kevin would back out of it like he had all the other times in recent months. Lucy argued that just because Scott's marriage had gone on the skids didn't mean that hers would and then stormed off.

Later, Diane entered the diner and thanked Michael and Kiki for seeing her on short notice. Diane explained that she intended to stall A.J.'s trial until after the election because she hoped that Scott Baldwin would be elected. Diane revealed that she and Scott had history, so she intended to exploit their love-hate relationship at A.J.'s trial. Diane was relieved when Michael told her to do what she needed to. She admitted that she appreciated his realist outlook on things and confided that he reminded her of Jason.

Diane then switched gears to hand Kiki an envelope. Diane spotted Scott enter the diner, so she quickly excused herself to approach him at the counter. Diane greeted Scott and then assured him that he had her vote. Scott wondered what she wanted in exchange, so she explained that she was merely interested in the greater good. Diane began to talk about A.J.'s case, but Scott quickly shut her down and left.

Nearby, Kiki looked at the annulment papers and told Michael that Morgan had filed an annulment on the grounds of fraud. Morgan had accused Kiki of not loving him when she had married him. Michael started to object, but Kiki admitted that Morgan had been right, so she signed the papers and handed them to Diane as Diane passed by. Diane promised to file the papers later that afternoon and then left.

At the hospital, Alexis held the envelope with the results of the recent DNA test on Sam and Lucas. Sam assured her mother that she was ready for the results, so Alexis opened the envelope and confirmed that Sam and Lucas were siblings.

Alexis wondered how Sam felt about the news, so Sam admitted that she was sad that she would never get to know her father or have closure, but she had gained a brother. Alexis told Sam that Julian had been a handsome, nice, and considerate man when Alexis had known him. However, Alexis thought that it had been for the best that Sam hadn't met the man, given what Julian had become.

Alexis thought that it was incredible that Sam and Carly shared a brother, so Sam admitted that it seemed to be going around. Alexis was surprised when Sam told her about Silas' claim that Ava Jerome had a brother. Sam confessed that she couldn't help wondering if Ava's long-lost brother was Sam's father, Julian. Alexis explained that Julian's only sister, Olivia, had died, but Sam suggested that perhaps Victor had had another daughter with a mistress. Alexis spotted Lucy at the nurses' station, asking for Kevin, so Alexis decided to pose the question to Lucy because Lucy had known Victor.

Moments later, Alexis and Sam approached Lucy to ask Lucy about Victor Jerome. Lucy clarified that she had rejected all of Victor's romantic overtures, but Alexis explained that she was interested in finding out if Victor had had a mistress. Lucy recalled a woman named Dimetria, so Alexis was curious if Victor had fathered any children with Dimetria. Lucy remembered that there had been a son with the "unfortunate" name of Dino, so Sam admitted that they wanted to know if there had been another daughter.

Lucy vaguely recalled that Victor had had a mistress in New York City that Victor had met at a bar called Ryan's. "I hope," Lucy added.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Franco's hotel suite, Diane realized that Franco hadn't created the paintings scattered throughout the room. Franco scoffed and asked why she thought that, so Diane explained that the new paintings were remarkably similar to the first painting, which he had denied painting. Franco insisted that the original painting had been his "muse," but Diane didn't believe him and suggested that his muse might become upset that he had plagiarized the muse's work.

Franco assured Diane that the muse wouldn't mind, but Diane wanted a signature on a release form to ensure they wouldn't have a problem down the road. Franco balked and explained that the woman wanted to remain anonymous. Diane was curious if Franco's muse was the groupie that Carly had been upset about. Franco nodded, so Diane wondered if he had lost his "mojo" when his brain tumor had been removed.

Diane urged Franco to be honest with her and reminded him that she was his attorney, so attorney/client privilege applied. Franco explained that he had tried to create a work of art, but had failed, so he had "appropriated" another artist's work. Diane feared that the artist would make trouble for him, but Franco assured her that the artist was his number one fan.

"Something tells me you're not up on the works of Stephen King," Diane guessed. "God, no," Franco replied. Diane explained that Stephen King had written a story that had been turned into a movie starring James Caan and Kathy Bates. Diane revealed that the story revolved around James Caan's character being kidnapped by his number one fan, played by Kathy Bates, who had tied the object of her obsession to a bed so she could hobble the man with a sledge hammer.

"Ring any bells?" Diane asked. Diane explained that Kathy Bates's character had felt betrayed "artistically" by James Caan's character. "And when obsessed fans feel betrayed, they can turn violent," Diane warned. Diane was curious if Franco was certain that his number one fan wasn't capable of the violence that Kathy Bates's character had exhibited. Franco thought about Heather's angry reaction when she had suspected Franco of trying to pass her paintings off as his own, but he assured Diane that his fan was happy to let him use the artwork because it was the only way the world would see her genius.

Diane remained leery of proceeding without a release form because Franco would be perpetrating a fraud. Franco assured Diane that he would be okay with that, but Diane explained that she and Ava would get in trouble if anything were to go wrong. Franco was confused what Ava had to do with his art show, so Diane revealed that Ava's gallery had been commissioned to host the show.

Franco immediately objected because he refused to put one penny in Ava's pocket, even if the paintings weren't his works of art. He ordered Diane to tear up the contract, but Diane quickly reminded him that he couldn't afford to walk away from the show because it wasn't about redemption or art; it was about money. Diane pointed out that Franco owed people money -- including Carly, who wouldn't hesitate to throw him out on the street if he couldn't pay his tab.

Franco realized that the art show was his only shot at getting his life back and admitted that he was determined to prove that he was a better man than Derek Wells, so he agreed to sign the contract. Diane tensed when she realized that Derek's signature was on the contract, so she tried to cover Derek's name with her thumb while Franco signed the contract. Franco was puzzled by Diane's strange behavior, so he yanked the contract out of her hand and was stunned when he saw Derek's signature.

Diane quickly explained that Derek was Ava's silent partner, but Franco refused to sign the contract. He insisted on finding another gallery, so Diane informed Franco that he was on his own and that she would send him a bill.

At the hospital, Lucy told Sam about Victor's mistress who had lived in New York City and had frequented a bar called Ryan's. Lucy was curious why Sam was interested in Victor's affairs, but Sam was spared from having to answer when a nurse walked up to let Lucy know that Kevin couldn't make it to lunch because he had a patient in crisis. Frustrated, Lucy warned Sam never to fall for a doctor because they only cared about their patients.

Silas approached the nurses' station in time to hear Lucy's words of caution to Sam, so he walked up behind Sam and gently nudged her to let Sam know that he was standing behind her. Sam smiled and greeted Silas, but Lucy glared at him and reminded Sam that Silas' brother, Stephen, had been an evil man. According to Lucy, Kevin claimed that Stephen Clay's kind of evil ran in the family's DNA, but Silas pointed out that they couldn't question Kevin about that because Kevin wasn't there.

Lucy stormed off in a huff to give a nurse a message to pass along to Kevin. Lucy wanted Kevin to know that Lucy intended to return to the campaign trail with her "very attentive and very attractive" ex-husband, Scott Baldwin. Lucy added that she anticipated spending a lot of time with Scott because Kevin was never available.

Meanwhile, Silas hoped that Sam hadn't taken Lucy's remarks about tainted DNA to heart. Sam confessed that she might have as much evil in her DNA as Silas had because her father had been a mobster. Sam quickly filled him in on Alexis' search for Sam's father and the DNA test. Silas was shocked when Sam added that Ava Jerome might be her father's sister.

Silas was curious how Sam had reached that conclusion, so she told him about Victor's mistress who had lived in New York City and had frequented a bar called Ryan's. Silas tensed and asked if Sam knew where in the city the bar had been located. "The west side," Sam answered to Silas' dismay. He recalled going with Ava to a bar called Ryan's on the west side.

Sam was determined to pay the bar a visit to see if anyone recalled Victor or Ava. Silas decided to accompany Sam on the trip, but Sam didn't want to inconvenience him. Silas reminded her that he had promised her a date without interruptions, so Sam countered that he had also mentioned something about surprising her. Silas smiled and assured her that he would take care of that after they got some answers at Ryan's Bar.

Outside of Kelly's, Scott approached a woman to ask her to vote for him, but he was taken aback when he realized that the woman was Heather in disguise. "Long time no see, Scotty B. How about a big hug for your old friend?" Heather asked. Scott declined because he claimed that he had a cold. Heather assured him that if she could survive a fall from the roof of the hospital and an all-patient production of Brigadoon at Shadybrook then she could handle the sniffles.

Heather took a step towards Scott, but he nervously backed away and confessed that he hadn't recognized her in the "getup." Heather explained that she liked to "mix it up," so Scott wondered why she wasn't in the Miscavige Institute for the Criminally Insane. Heather confided that the inmates referred to it as "MICI" because mice abounded at the institute.

Scott was pleased that Heather had retained her sense of humor, but he was curious why she was at Kelly's. Heather admitted that she had been a fan of the diner's BLTs since Rose and Paddy had owned the place. She reminded Scott that she had dated Joe Kelly at the time, so she had been able to get all of the BLTs that she had wanted. "A girl does need her bacon," Scott conceded.

Heather confessed that she had been in love with Joe until Scott had destroyed Heather and Joe's bliss. Heather suddenly pulled a large knife out of her purse and then lunged for Scott, but he managed to fend the attack off. Scott recalled things differently, but Heather argued that Joe had walked in on Heather and Scott in bed together and had told Heather that the sight of her had made Joe want to puke. Scott insisted that their affair had been mutual and that he and Heather had been crazy about each other.

The anger leeched out of Heather as Scott admitted that he had been drawn to her like a bee to honey. He was certain that she had felt the same way about him. Heather conceded that they had had a lot of good times together and then caught Scott off guard by suddenly planting a passionate kiss on his lips.

Moments later, Lucy walked up and saw Scott, so she reminded Scott that he should have been kissing babies, not women. Lucy's irritation turned to shock when Heather turned to smile at Lucy. Lucy quickly recovered and blasted Heather for the botched escape from Ferncliff. Scott quickly stepped between the women to keep the argument from turning physical.

Lucy insisted that Heather needed to be locked up behind bars, so she suggested that Scott call the police to turn Heather in. Lucy pointed out that it could help his campaign, but Heather threatened to accuse Scott of helping Heather to escape if he involved the police. Lucy doubted that anyone would believe Heather, so Heather reminded Lucy that Scott and Heather had once had an affair. Heather boasted that clearly Scott's attraction to Heather hadn't waned over the years, but Lucy promised to vouch for Scott.

Heather laughed and threatened to accuse Lucy of being in on the scheme. Lucy was confident that the police would believe Scott and Lucy over Heather, but Heather argued that Lucy had stabbed a man not too long before because Lucy had been convinced that the man had been a vampire. Scott assured Heather that he and Lucy would look the other way, so Heather was free to go. Heather refused to budge until she had a BLT, so Lucy reluctantly fetched the sandwich for Heather.

Michael entered Sonny's coffee warehouse and called out for Sonny. Sonny rounded the corner, so Michael asked what had happened. Sonny told Michael about the damage to the warehouse and admitted that he suspected that it was linked to the explosion a few weeks earlier and to Julian Jerome.

Sonny and Michael discussed the possibility that Ava was Julian's sister. They reasoned that Ava wouldn't have any reason to hide a rich brother unless the brother had been involved in shady business. Sonny revealed that he was waiting for information that could help prove that Julian Jerome was alive, but Michael worried that Ava and Julian were working together to take Sonny down, which meant that Morgan could be caught in the middle.

Sonny admitted that he had tried to persuade Morgan to return home, but Morgan had refused. Sonny doubted that Morgan would leave Ava without proof that she was dangerous, so Sonny had to wait until he had what he needed. Michael agreed.

Sonny was curious why Michael was dressed up, so Michael revealed that he had gone on a job interview, but he had been turned down because of his close connection to Sonny, a known mobster, and Michael's criminal record. Sonny offered to take care of it, but Michael declined. Frustrated, Sonny wondered how he could help Michael, so Michael asked Sonny for a job.

At Crimson, Morgan hovered outside of Julian's office and eavesdropped as Ava told Julian about Morgan's suspicions that she and Derek had had an affair. "Can you believe that, Julian? He actually thought that I was sleeping with my own brother," Ava said and then laughed.

Julian hoped that Ava had set her "boy toy" straight, so Ava assured her brother that she had told Morgan the truth; she found the idea of sleeping with Derek revolting. Julian assured her that he felt the same because that was a line that he would never cross. Ava wondered how Julian could be certain of that when their father, Victor, had slept around. Julian conceded that their father hadn't been able to keep it "zipped," but Ava was the one who was sleeping with a boy half her age.

Ava bristled, but Julian assured her that he admired her dedication and creativity for going after Morgan when Kiki had left Morgan for Michael. Ava thought that Julian had oversimplified things because Morgan had had a tough time. Julian appreciated her compassion for Morgan, but he warned her to keep an eye on her young lover. Julian pointed out that Morgan had jumped to the wrong conclusion about their relationship because Morgan had obviously overheard enough to realize that there had been more to Ava and Julian's relationship than just art.

Julian cautioned his sister to be more careful, so Ava assured Julian that she could handle it. "Well, as long as he doesn't know that we're going after his father," Julian replied. Ava promised Julian that Morgan didn't have a clue, but Julian reminded her about Morgan's suspicions. Ava was confident that Morgan was in the dark about their conspiracy.

"Maybe you shouldn't be, Ava," Morgan said as he entered the office. Ava recovered from her surprise and tried to suggest that Morgan had misunderstood their discussion, but Morgan revealed that he had overheard everything, so he knew that Derek Wells was Ava's brother, Julian Jerome. Ava was furious that Morgan had been eavesdropping, but Morgan didn't care.

Morgan confronted Julian about blowing up Sonny's coffee shipment, so Ava tried to warn Morgan to tread carefully. Morgan ignored her, prompting Julian to wonder why Morgan cared about Sonny after the way that Sonny had betrayed Morgan and had publicly humiliated Morgan during the party. Julian reminded Morgan that Sonny had picked Michael over Morgan.

"Enough," Ava quietly warned her brother, but Julian insisted that he had simply told Morgan the truth. Morgan started to leave, but Julian called out to Morgan because Julian wanted Morgan to forget what Morgan had overheard. "Or else what?" Morgan asked. Julian suggested that Morgan simply sit back and let things play out, but Morgan argued that Sonny was still his father.

Ava urged Morgan to stop and think about what he was saying, but Morgan was tired of Ava playing him. Morgan refused to stand by while Julian screwed Sonny over, so Morgan intended to tell Sonny everything. "That's not a good idea," Julian warned Morgan, but Morgan marched out of the office. Ava ran after Morgan, hoping to reason with him.

A short time later, Ava returned to her brother's office. She told Julian that she had failed to stop Morgan. Julian was furious that Ava hadn't tossed Morgan out the minute that Morgan had turned up on her doorstep. She claimed that they had needed to keep Morgan close to turn him against Sonny, but Julian suspected that she had kept Morgan around to help her forget about Silas. Ava denied it, but Julian didn't believe her.

"You're obviously with him for his sophisticated sense of style and sparkling wit...Dude," Julian said. Ava was confident that Morgan wouldn't tell Sonny about Ava and Julian, but Julian disagreed. Ava was startled when he suddenly called out for Carlos. Ava nervously asked why Julian wanted to talk to Carlos, so Julian explained that he intended to have Morgan killed before Morgan could talk to Sonny.

At the warehouse, Sonny confessed that he was reluctant to give Michael a job in the coffee business, so he offered Michael a loan. Michael wanted to pay his own way, so Sonny suggested that Michael take charge of Pozzulo's. Michael was confused because Sonny had made it clear that he didn't want customers in the restaurant.

Sonny revealed that he and Connie had planned to turn Pozzulo's into a thriving business, but then Connie had been killed. Sonny was curious if Michael would be interested in making those plans a reality. Michael smiled as he readily accepted the challenge.

Morgan appeared in the doorway as Sonny admitted to Michael that it was good to have his son close to him after everything that had gone down.

Friday, October 25, 2013

In the laboratory on Cassadine Island, Robert threw himself against the door, hoping to force it open, but instead he hurt his shoulder. Anna cautioned Robert to be careful, but he insisted that they needed to find Faison, get Robin, and leave the island. Robert sat down and rubbed his shoulder as he groused that it was hard to believe that someone with a name like Jerry Jacks had gotten the jump on them.

Anna was confident that someone would find them because the World Security Bureau was hot on Faison's tail. Robert didn't have a lot of faith in the WSB, so Anna assured him that Holly would search for Robert when she discovered that Robert had left the clinic. Anna admitted that she had told Duke about her trip to Steinmauer to talk to Faison, so Duke would put things together when Anna failed to check in.

Robert made a sarcastic remark about Duke's criminal connections, so Anna informed Robert that Duke had gone straight. She bragged that Duke had worked for ELQ and had recently taken a job with Derek Wells. Robert tensed. "Did you say Derek Wells?" he asked.

Anna was curious if Robert knew Derek, so he muttered that he did and then tried to change the subject. Anna realized that Robert was hiding something, so she demanded to know what it was. Robert was reluctant to tell Anna because he feared that she would turn violent. Anna insisted that he tell her, so Robert revealed that Anna knew Derek Wells by another name. "Julian Jerome," Robert quietly said.

Anna recovered from her shock and demanded an explanation. Robert revealed that he had found Julian in the cabin and had thought that Julian had been dead. According to Robert, the EMTs had taken the body to the morgue, but someone had noticed that Julian had been breathing, so they had stabilized Julian and then taken him to the hospital. Shortly afterwards, Robert explained, the WSB had showed up to whisk Julian to one of their medical facilities. Robert had been told that Julian had had sensitive information that the WSB had needed, so the WSB had ordered Robert to tell everyone that Julian had died.

Robert told Anna that Julian had worked out a deal with the WSB, so the WSB had put Julian into a witness protection program, given him plastic surgery to change his appearance, and provided him with a new identity. Anna was hurt that Robert had lied to her and hated that Julian had been allowed to walk away a free man. Robert apologized for hurting Anna, but he had feared that she would try to hunt Julian down if she had known the truth. Anna doubted that Robert had kept quiet for her sake.

Robert revealed that Julian's deal with the WSB had required Julian to stay away from Port Charles. Anna pointed out that Julian was in Port Charles and that Duke was working for the very people that Duke had fought hard to get away from.

At Kelly's, Duke was frustrated as he ended a call, but his irritation turned to surprise when Mac walked in and greeted him. Duke was curious when Mac had returned from Lucerne because Duke hadn't been able to reach Anna. Duke had been told that Robert had left the clinic in Switzerland with Anna, but no one knew where they had gone. Mac revealed that he had left Robert and Anna at the clinic because Robert had been on the mend but not well enough to leave.

Duke told Mac about Anna's trip to Steinmauer to talk to Faison. Mac realized why Anna had seemed tense when she had returned to the clinic, so Mac called Frisco to find out if the WSB had any information that could explain Robert and Anna's sudden disappearance.

A short time later, Mac thanked Frisco and ended the call. Duke was stunned when Mac revealed that Dr. Obrecht had helped Faison to escape, so both criminals were at large. Mac explained that he needed to warn Felicia that Faison was on the loose, so he left. Duke feared that Faison had found Anna and Robert.

At the warehouse, Morgan stood in the doorway as Sonny admitted to Michael that it was great to have his son close to him. Morgan cleared his throat and entered the warehouse, so Michael seized the opportunity to apologize to Morgan about everything that had happened with Kiki. Morgan wasn't interested in hearing what Michael had to say because Michael had gotten exactly what Michael had wanted.

Sonny tactfully steered the conversation to a safer topic by asking why Morgan had stopped by. Morgan revealed that he had something to tell Sonny, but he didn't want to discuss it in front of Michael. Michael decided to get to work at Pozzulo's, but Morgan sputtered with outrage when he realized that Sonny had given Michael a job. Michael explained that he had been fired from ELQ and that he hadn't been able to find a job because of his criminal record, but Morgan was tired of hearing about how Michael had suffered and therefore was entitled to everything, including Morgan's wife.

Morgan reminded Sonny that Sonny had refused to give Morgan a job when Morgan had asked, so Michael clarified that he would just be managing the restaurant, nothing else. Sonny offered to give Morgan the same job if Morgan wanted it. Sonny admitted that nothing would please him more than to have both of his sons run the restaurant, but Morgan refused to work with his "bitch brother" if it was the last job on earth. Morgan ranted about Sonny favoring Michael over Morgan and then stormed out.

Shortly afterwards, Lazaro arrived to talk to Sonny. Sonny quietly asked Michael for privacy because Sonny needed to talk to Lazaro. After Michael left, Sonny asked if Lazaro had the file that Sonny had requested.

Lazaro explained that the file had been buried deep, so Lazaro had needed to grease a lot of palms to get his hands on it. He handed the file to Sonny, who quickly looked through it. Sonny discovered that Julian Jerome had survived the shooting and been taken into custody by the WSB who had given Julian a new identity in exchange for information. Sonny turned to the last page of the file and saw a picture of Derek Wells, confirming Sonny's suspicion that Julian Jerome and Derek Wells were the same person. Sonny ordered Lazaro to leave and then slowly crumpled a page from the report.

At Crimson, Julian ordered Carlos to find and then kill Morgan Corinthos before Morgan talked to Sonny. Ava implored Julian to reconsider because Morgan's murder would start a bloodbath. Julian insisted that he didn't have a choice because Morgan intended to expose their plan to Sonny. Ava was certain that Morgan wouldn't tell Sonny, but Julian disagreed because Morgan had threatened to do just that when Morgan had stormed out.

Julian reminded Ava that they couldn't afford for Morgan to talk to Sonny, but Ava resented Julian pretending that he was doing it to protect her. Julian ordered Carlos to find Morgan and to take care of things, but Ava warned Carlos not to take another step or Carlos would have to answer to her. Ava made it clear that no one would be executed that night, but Julian argued that Carlos didn't work for Ava.

Ava pointed out that she and Julian were partners, but Julian laughed. He reminded his sister that he was the one who paid the bills, including Carlos' paycheck, while she sold art and attended parties. Julian insisted that he had been the one to take over their father's business, but Ava countered that Julian had lost it all and had been forced into hiding while Frank Smith and then Sonny Corinthos had taken over Victor's territory.

Ava reminded Julian that she had been the one who'd had to face all of the questions, while Julian had hidden behind his desk and his alias. Ava pointed out that he was above suspicion, so she was the one who took all of the risks. Julian argued that Sonny would go after him, not Ava, when Morgan revealed who they were and what they planned, so Julian ordered Carlos to carry out the order.

After Carlos left, Ava pleaded for Julian to reconsider because Sonny would strike back and hit them hard if Morgan was killed. Julian was confident that Ava would one day thank him for sparing her from having to make the big decisions. However, he warned Ava never to question his authority in front of a subordinate again. "You won't like the consequences," Julian growled. Ava decided to leave him to his big decisions. "I have a silly art show to plan," she added and then left.

Julian closed the door behind his sister and paced his office. Meanwhile, Ava waited for the elevator to arrive, so she called Morgan. She left him a voicemail message instructing him to get to the penthouse as quickly as possible and to lock the doors until she got there. Seconds later, Julian snatched the phone out of her hand and scolded her. "You used to be so dependably ruthless," Julian said.

Julian confessed that he had almost been convinced that Ava's only interest in Morgan had been to use him against Sonny, but it was clear that Ava cared for Morgan. Julian warned Ava that it was too late for Morgan and then reminded her that their sister, Olivia, had paid with her life for betraying Julian.

On the piers, Carlos called out to Morgan as Morgan's phone rang. Morgan glanced down and saw that Ava was calling him, but Carlos stepped forward to explain that Derek Wells had sent him to fetch Morgan. Morgan was startled when Carlos pulled out a gun and aimed it at him.

A short time later, Carlos marched Morgan into Julian's office. Ava begged Julian to spare Morgan's life, but Julian insisted that he couldn't afford for Morgan to tell Sonny about their plans. Morgan begged Julian not to kill him and assured Julian that he hadn't told Sonny anything. Julian had no way of knowing if Morgan had said anything to Sonny or not, so he ordered Carlos to take care of Morgan.

Ava implored her brother not to kill Morgan. Julian admitted that he liked Morgan, so it wasn't personal. Ava was certain that there had to be another way, but Carlos dragged Morgan out of the room. Morgan insisted that he could help Julian. "How?" Julian asked. Morgan confessed that Sonny had given Michael a job, so Sonny didn't deserve Morgan's loyalty. Julian was shocked when Morgan offered to work for Julian.

At the hospital, Felix spotted Sabrina and Patrick at the elevator so he greeted the affectionate couple. Patrick and Sabrina surprised Felix by announcing that they were engaged to be married. Felix was thrilled for the happy couple, so Sabrina showed off her stunning engagement ring.

After Patrick left for his rounds, Sabrina confessed that she hadn't expected Patrick to propose after what had happened a few days earlier. Felix's interest was piqued, so Sabrina confided that Patrick had received a phone call from Robin.

Felix and Sabrina slipped into an examination room for privacy, so Sabrina could tell Felix about the strange phone call that Patrick had received from Robin. Sabrina revealed that she had initially suspected Carlos of the cruel prank, but she admitted that even though Carlos could be ruthless, he had never been sneaky or mean. Felix admitted that it sounded like something that Britt would do, but Sabrina had reservations that Britt had been behind it. She reminded Felix that Britt was too focused on finding Ben.

On Spoon Island, Nikolas, Britt, Liesl, and Faison entered Wyndemere. Nikolas assured Liesl and Faison that he had sent the staff away, so no one would know that Liesl and Faison were there. Faison confessed that it was good to be home, so Britt was curious what her father had meant by that. Faison was surprised that Liesl hadn't told their daughter that Faison had once owned Spoon Island and Wyndemere.

Nikolas recalled his uncle, Stefan, had mentioned that the island and castle had once belonged to a "psychotic criminal." Faison smiled as he admitted that he had fond memories of living at Wyndemere, but Britt wasn't interested. Annoyed, Faison asked Liesl to order her daughter to apologize for being rude to him. Liesl pointedly asked Britt to tell Britt's father that Liesl refused to speak to Faison until he apologized for attempting to "co-opt" her into his "pathetic obsession" with Anna Devane.

Nikolas realized that Robin wasn't with them, so he asked where Robin was. Liesl calmly informed them that Robin had seized the opportunity to escape. Faison immediately ordered Liesl to find Robin because he didn't want to risk Anna being killed by Jerry. Liesl's temper flared, so she blasted Faison for worrying about Anna. Liesl and Faison continued to squabble, so Nikolas decided to look for Robin.

Seconds later, Robin entered the parlor. Nikolas was curious where she had been, so she confessed that she had gone to the terrace to look at the Port Charles skyline and then had realized that she could see General Hospital from the island.

Meanwhile, Britt asked her bickering parents to keep their voices down so they didn't wake Ben. Faison switched gears by demanding that he be given the master suite overlooking the cliffs and suggested that Liesl be dumped in the basement. Liesl quickly reminded Nikolas that she and Faison were in charge and called the shots, so if anyone failed to follow their orders then Anna and Robert would pay the price.

Faison and Liesl began to argue about whether Jerry would kill Anna or Robert first. Britt decided to take Ben to the hospital for a blood test to make certain that Ben hadn't picked anything up in Robin's lab. Robin insisted on going to the hospital with Britt for supplies, but Faison was certain that Robin hoped to bump into Patrick. Liesl accused Patrick of being a dog "like all men" because Patrick hadn't wasted any time finding his way into Britt's bed and then Sabrina's after Robin had died. Robin pointed out that she wasn't dead and then defended her husband, but Liesl was unmoved.

Liesl assured Robin that Britt could pick up what Robin needed, but Robin argued that Britt wasn't a researcher and wouldn't know what to get. Liesl threatened to call Jerry and recommend that he kill Anna if Robin left the castle. Robin immediately backed down, but Faison took umbrage at Liesl's threat to have Anna killed. Liesl and Faison resumed their argument, so Britt asked if Robin would be okay being left alone with Liesl and Faison. Robin assured Britt that she was fine, so Nikolas made it clear that if Robin was harmed then Liesl and Faison would discover that Nikolas was not so different from his grandmother, Helena.

After Nikolas and Britt left, Faison confessed that he was famished, so he asked Liesl to whip up her famous "aelplermagronen." "Whip it up yourself. See if you touch your tongue to anything of mine again," Liesl snarled and then left.

Robin snidely commented that Faison clearly hadn't lost any of his charm. Faison was curious why Robin was so hostile towards him when they had once been friends. Robin disagreed, but Faison reminded her that he had once been her favorite writer. Robin argued that she had been a child and had thought that he had been P.K. Sinclair, the author of Grandmother's Fang and Horselords of Rainbow Ridge.

Robin bristled when Faison suggested that she had read his books to Emma, so she warned Faison never to say her daughter's name again. Faison couldn't wait to read his books to "little Cesar," but Robin assured Faison that Faison would be in prison long before the baby could sit up. Faison chuckled because he was confident that Anna loved him and that Robert wasn't a threat to him. Robin argued that her parents were more than a match for Faison, but Faison laughed because Robert and Anna were Jerry's hostages, while Faison was free.

Robin informed Faison that there was one person in Port Charles who would figure out what was going on because he was a close friend of hers. She explained that he visited the piers daily and watched Wyndemere closely. According to Robin, her friend was smarter than most gave him credit for and capable of putting a bullet in Faison's head before Faison even realized that he was there. Robin hated the path that Jason had chosen in life, but she was glad that he would be the one to kill Faison.

Faison smiled as he informed Robin that he had killed Jason on Pier 52 by shooting Jason in the back and then kicking Jason's body into the water. Robin refused to believe Faison. "Google it," Faison invited.

Moments later, Robin saw an article online about Jason's murder. She insisted that Jason wasn't dead because they hadn't found a body, but Faison pointed out that it had likely disintegrated because it had been at the bottom of the harbor for a year. Faison took delight in assuring Robin that no one would rescue her.

At the hospital, Nikolas and Britt arrived with Ben. Patrick saw them, so he approached Britt to check on Ben and to find out how she had found her baby. Nikolas explained that Liesl had taken Ben to Cassadine Island. Patrick was curious why Liesl had gone there, so Nikolas reminded Patrick that Faison had once worked for Helena. Nikolas claimed that Liesl had assumed that the island would be a safe refuge because no one had been in residence since Helena had died and Nikolas had returned to Port Charles.

Patrick was curious what had happened to Liesl, so Nikolas told him that Liesl had managed to escape. Britt quickly changed the subject by explaining that she wanted to have some blood work done on Ben to be certain that Ben hadn't been exposed to anything dangerous. Patrick asked Britt to follow him, but Britt lingered behind for a moment to ask Nikolas if they should tell Patrick about Robin. Nikolas warned Britt that they had to keep quiet.

In the examination room, Felix took the vial of blood that Patrick had collected from Ben and asked if Britt had let Brad know that Ben had been found. Britt suggested that Felix mind his own business. Moments later, Britt noticed Sabrina's diamond engagement ring as Sabrina cleaned up the medical supplies around Ben.

Felix happily announced that Patrick and Sabrina were engaged. Shocked, Britt insisted that Patrick couldn't marry Sabrina. Sabrina was disappointed by Britt's reaction because she thought that she and Britt had been in a better place since Sabrina had delivered Ben. Britt quickly apologized, so Nikolas suggested that they get Ben home. Britt asked Patrick and Sabrina to forget what she had said and then picked up Ben and followed Nikolas out of the door.

At Wyndemere, Faison bragged that it had been easy to kill Jason, but Robin reminded Faison that he had shot Jason in the back. Faison argued that a professional killer like Jason should have anticipated it.

Robin's eyes filled with tears as she talked about what Jason had meant to her. She credited Jason with making her believe that she had a future when she hadn't thought it was possible. Robin had been certain that Jason would always be there when she needed him, but Faison coldly reminded her that Jason was dead. Robin's grief turned to anger as she advanced on Faison with raised fists. Faison fended off the blows and then grabbed her wrists. He liked that she was willful and spirited like her mother.

Moments later, Nikolas and Britt returned from the hospital. Faison released Robin, so Nikolas asked if she was okay. Robin tearfully asked Nikolas why he hadn't told her that Jason was dead. Nikolas apologized, but Robin cried that Jason had helped her to go on and had made it possible for her to love Patrick.

Britt looked at Nikolas and asked him if they should tell Robin the news. Nikolas told Britt that it wasn't a good idea, but Britt feared that it would be too late if they waited. Robin demanded to know what they were talking about, so Britt revealed that Patrick and Sabrina were engaged to be married.

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