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Billy and Chloe decided to donate Delia's corneas to Connor. Adam burned the piece of Delia's costume in his fireplace. Chloe realized that Delia's scarf was missing. Nikki told Avery that Dylan was Nikki's son. Fen confessed to killing Carmine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 21, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Adam, alone downstairs at his penthouse, clutched a torn piece of the witch's costume Delia had been wearing when Adam accidentally struck her with his vehicle. Adam had swerved to avoid hitting Dash, Delia's dog. Adam sat pensively, tortured about Delia's tragic death, though he'd been unaware that he was at fault at the time. When Chelsea called out to Adam, he quickly hid the torn fabric from Delia's costume in a cabinet above the bar. Adam attempted to hide his emotions from Chelsea and quickly wiped away tears.

Chelsea noted that Adam looked as though he'd been crying. Chelsea said, "I know you better than almost anyone, and this isn't like you. What is going on?" Adam blamed his somber mood on a chance encounter with a distraught Billy at Chancellor Park. Adam said that he'd told Billy how sorry he was for Billy's loss.

Adam told Chelsea that he couldn't stop thinking about Billy having suffered the loss of his little girl. Adam added that as a dad himself, he realized how fortunate he was because his little boy was snuggled safe in his bed. Chelsea said, "I guess Delia's death hit you harder than you expected." Adam replied, "More than you know."

Adam received a phone call informing him that donor corneas for Connor had become available. Adam said that a surgeon was waiting to meet with them at Memorial Hospital. Chelsea panicked and told Adam that she didn't think it was wise to arrange a transplant through a black-market source. Chelsea added, "I just wish we had a better option because I want to do this the right way." Adam warned that he and Chelsea didn't have time wait for the procedure to be arranged through the proper channels because their son might lose his sight.

Chelsea cried, "What kind of surgeon would agree to work with these people? I just think that Dr. Lentz should perform the transplant." Adam explained that Dr. Lentz wouldn't perform the procedure using corneas obtained through the black market. Adam cried, "Our son could have his transplant. Do you want that to happen or not?" Chelsea reluctantly said that she did. Adam replied, "Then let's get our son ready, and let's get the hell over to the hospital."

At the police station, Alex told Paul that investigators were scanning surveillance footage obtained from establishments situated near the accident site. Alex added that a witness had reported seeing a black sports-utility vehicle near the area at the time Delia had been struck. Paul asked if body-repair shops had been notified to watch for a black vehicle with damage on its front. Alex said that all repair shops in the county had been contacted. Paul said he hoped a suspect could be identified quickly.

Nikki stopped by the police station and questioned Paul about the department's investigation of Delia's death. Nikki told Paul that she adored Delia. Shaking her head in despair, Nikki cried that she couldn't imagine the pain that Billy and Chloe were going through. Nikki added that Victoria also loved Delia. Paul served Nikki a glass of water and warned his friend that stress wasn't good for her. Nikki told Paul that she'd earlier stopped by Crimson Lights to tell Dylan that he was her biological child. Paul asked about Dylan's reaction to Nikki's confession.

Nikki told Paul that she'd become emotional during her conversation with Dylan and that Victor had arrived before she'd told Dylan she was his mother. Nikki said that Victor had reacted with anger and had blamed Dylan for upsetting her. Paul shook his head in dismay. Nikki added that Victor had also torn into Dylan for getting between Avery and Nick. Paul said, "Talk about bad timing." Nikki suggested that circumstances had worked out in Dylan's favor because it might have been too much for him to hear shocking news just before learning about Delia's death.

Paul noted that Nikki could choose better circumstances to tell Dylan that he was her son. Nikki said she was no longer certain she wanted Dylan to know the truth because she realized that he didn't know he'd been adopted. Nikki added, "I'd be the one telling Dylan that the mother who'd raised him had lied to him his entire life." Paul replied, "You'll never know the reality until you decide to tell Dylan the truth." Paul added that with Dylan living in Genoa City, Nikki would be drawn to him. Nikki told Paul that Victor's behavior at the coffeehouse had so upset her that she'd driven aimlessly for a while to clear her thoughts before heading home. Nikki left Paul's office so he could resume his investigation.

Alex peered over the shoulder of an investigator who was reviewing surveillance video on his computer. The monitor showed a black Range Rover driving down the highway. The investigator paused the video. Alex instructed the officer to zoom in on the vehicle's license plate. The officer enlarged the video and enhanced the image. The focused image clearly displayed the vehicle's license plate.

Alex later returned to Paul's office with an update about the hit-and-run that had taken Delia's life. Alex reported that a surveillance camera had recorded a dark-colored vehicle driving through the area during the time of the accident. Alex added that the license plate number had revealed the driver's identity. Paul was eager to hear who'd been involved in the hit-and-run. Alex suggested that Paul sit down before hearing the news. Paul was shocked when Alex announced that the license plate was registered to Nikki Newman.

At Billy and Victoria's, Chloe stopped by to discuss an important matter with Billy. Billy admitted that he deserved Chloe's wrath because he'd left Delia alone in the car. Billy added, "I guarantee that you can't say anything to me that I haven't already said to myself." Chloe replied, "I don't even want to look at you, but Kevin said I had to find a way to deal with you because it's the only way I can move forward." Chloe admitted that she'd never forgive Billy and didn't want to ever see him again. Billy asked how he and Chloe could live in the same town without bumping into each other.

Chloe, angry and sobbing, cried that hours earlier, she'd watched her child at her happiest in front of an audience. Billy patiently endured Chloe's tirade. Chloe added, "Now she is gone, and I have a person asking me what I'm supposed to do with my child!" Chloe said that she wanted Billy out of her life, and she refused to let him share his thoughts about Delia's burial. Billy sadly mumbled, "She's my daughter." Chloe replied, "You lost that right when you left her alone in the car."

After Chloe stormed out, Victoria told Billy that Chloe hadn't meant what she'd said. Victoria tried to comfort Billy. Billy appeared to shut himself down emotionally and didn't respond. Victoria embraced Billy, but he broke away from her. Victoria became concerned when Billy abruptly headed toward the door. Victoria asked Billy where he was going. Billy grabbed his car keys and said, "I'm going to go take care of my little girl!"

While jogging in Chancellor Park, Nick ran into Avery. Avery suggested that she and Nick become friends. Avery explained that, as friends, they might avoid awkward encounters in the future. Nick said he wasn't sure, after all the couple had endured together, that he and Avery could return to a platonic relationship. Dylan walked by. Nick said that he needed to continue his workout, and he left.

Dylan showed Avery a letter a courier had earlier delivered to him at Crimson Lights. The letter, issued by a judge, noted that Dylan's parental rights to Connor had been terminated. After Avery read the letter, she offered to explore possible legal loopholes that would allow Dylan to be a part of Connor's life. Dylan turned down Avery's offer and said it wouldn't do anyone any good. Avery praised Dylan for being a good guy.

Both Dylan and Avery agreed that they'd weathered tough emotional battles during the past year. Avery said that she'd change her past if she could. Dylan said he wouldn't change his life because he'd had the chance to know what it was like to be a dad. Dylan added that his own tribulations paled in comparison to Billy's suffering. Avery replied, "What happened to Billy?" Dylan said, "His little girl with Chloe was killed in a hit-and-run accident." Avery was shocked and said she was saddened for the family's tragic loss.

Avery briefly mentioned the miscarriage she'd suffered long before when she and Dylan were a couple. Avery noted that after the passage of time and circumstance, she and Dylan had become different people. Dylan nodded his head toward Avery and replied, "Well, I'd like to get to know this woman better." Avery laughed. Dylan jokingly pretended to introduce himself to Avery for the first time. Avery smiled and shook Dylan's hand when he extended it. The couple smiled sweetly at each other.

After Dylan returned to Crimson Lights, Nikki timidly approached and ordered a cup of tea. Dylan remembered that Nikki enjoyed herbal tea. Stammering, Nikki admitted that she'd stopped by the coffeehouse to talk to Dylan. Nikki apologized for Victor's belligerent behavior. Dylan said he understood that Victor had acted to protect his family. Dylan added, "My own mom and dad would have done anything to protect me -- even as an adult. I can actually imagine my father doing the same, exact thing Victor did last night." After Dylan stepped away to ready an order, Nikki phoned Avery and set up a meeting with her.

Chelsea and Adam met with Dr. March at the hospital. The doctor scanned Connor's patient file while Adam protectively cradled his son. Adam asked if the donor corneas had arrived. Dr. March explained that the corneas were in the process of being tested. Adam asked Chelsea if she felt better about the arrangements after having met with Dr. March. Chelsea replied, "I'm just stunned that he can get away with using corneas from off the grid."

Adam lovingly gazed at Connor. Adam, addressing Chelsea, said, "I wouldn't be doing this if I thought it wasn't safe for him." Adam, citing his mother's blindness and his own temporary blindness, said he refused to let his son face life without eyesight. Chelsea and Adam were shocked to learn from Dr. March that the corneas weren't viable because they'd been preserved too long. Adam angrily approached the doctor and said, "I paid a lot of money for the promise that my son would get what he needs." Chelsea reminded Adam that Dr. March wasn't to blame. After Dr. March left, Adam and Chelsea worried about Connor's fate.

When Nick returned to the tack house, Victoria was waiting inside. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes, and she said, "I have some news, and I just wanted to tell you in person." Victoria began sobbing and ran into Nick's arms. Nick embraced his sister, and she cried pitifully. Nick sat on the sofa beside Victoria and agreed that it would take time to process Delia's death.

Nick patiently listened to and comforted his distraught sister. Victoria, wiping away tears that streamed down her cheeks, recalled an excited Delia running around in her wicked witch costume. Victoria noted that Delia had practiced her lines and knew almost every scripted word the day after being cast in the role. Victoria blamed herself for asking Billy to stop for ice cream on the way home from the play. Nick said, "Don't blame yourself. It's not going to do anyone any good."

Victoria told Nick that Billy had been beating himself up for leaving his daughter in the car alone. Victoria cried that her efforts to comfort Billy seemed to make matters worse. Victoria told Nick that Billy had repeatedly left their home without telling her where he was headed. She added that Billy had abruptly left again after an angry confrontation with Chloe. Nick tenderly patted Victoria's shoulder and said he was sorry she was going through so much pain.

Victoria told Nick she was concerned that Billy might be pulling himself away from her. Victoria explained that Chloe had expressed resentment because Billy had another child. Victoria said she wished Billy would at least hold Johnny, so Billy could see how much his son needed him. Nick said, "It won't help. It won't."

Nick explained that Billy was in shock and that there wasn't a magic cure-all for any parent who'd just lost a child. Nick advised Victoria to be herself and show Billy her support by loving him. Nick affectionately grasped Victoria's hand and assured her that even during the darkest days, Billy would know that she was there for him.

After learning about the failed transplant attempt, Adam sought solace in the hospital's chapel. Speaking aloud to God, Adam noted that he wasn't in the habit of praying like his mother had always done. Adam said, "I'm a terrible person. I've done terrible things, but what happened last night ..." Adam's voice trailed off. After a pause, Adam added, "So punish me!" Adam gazed upward toward the ceiling and cried, "Give me everything you've got. Give me the worst possible punishment, but please do not punish my little boy."

In an office at the hospital, Chloe glared at Billy when he arrived unexpectedly. Billy told Chloe that Delia was his child, too. Mary Herndon, a hospital administrator, greeted Chloe and said she was sorry for Chloe's loss. Mary seated herself at a desk, opened a file, and noted that Chloe had decided against organ donation. Billy said, "I haven't decided against anything." Chloe replied, "Well, you lost that right when you left your daughter in the car."

Mary explained that Delia would soon be moved to a funeral home. Billy, stoic, cried, "Don't you talk about my daughter like she's a body to be moved or stored; she's our daughter." After Mary stepped out, Billy insisted that he and Chloe work together on Delia's final arrangements. Chloe glared at Billy and replied, "So you would like to suggest how I plan to bury my beautiful little girl?"

Chloe stormed out, but Billy stopped her in the hallway and said, "I'm not yelling at you all the way down the hall." Chloe told Billy that he was not to phone her, send her text messages, or interfere with her arrangements for Delia's funeral. Billy replied, "We're not done talking about this."

After Chloe walked away, she ran into Chelsea carrying Connor out of an exam room. Chelsea explained that Connor had just seen a doctor. Billy explained that he and Chloe had returned to the hospital to deal with paperwork. Chloe asked Chelsea why she'd been crying, but Chelsea said she didn't want to burden her friend. Connor began fussing, and Chloe asked if something was wrong with the baby.

Chelsea hesitated to respond to Chloe's inquiry. Billy noted that Chloe wouldn't give up until Chelsea explained what was going on. Chloe curiously studied Chelsea's face. Chelsea sighed and admitted that Connor's eye condition was more serious than doctor's had first thought. Chelsea added, "If left untreated, Connor will go blind. He needs a cornea transplant."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

At the police station, Paul incredulously asked Alex if their best lead in the hit-and-run was Nikki, and Alex confirmed that he'd double-checked that it had been her black SUV caught on a surveillance camera just a few miles away from the accident scene. Paul said that he'd handle it himself, and he instructed Alex to keep the information under wraps but not to ease up on the investigation. Alex ran into Kevin, who handed Alex a list he'd compiled of possible suspects. Alex chided Kevin for continuing to pursue the case, but Kevin insisted that the driver was on the list.

Kevin fretted that the driver might not have been caught on tape, and Alex conceded that the list would help, but he warned that evidence could get tossed out of court if Kevin interfered with the investigation. Kevin said that Delia had been as close as a daughter to him, and he owed it to her to find her killer. Alex respected Kevin for his commitment, but he reiterated that Kevin knew where he should be if he wanted to help Chloe. Later, Alex requested that an officer help him go over Kevin's list of all the drivers in town who owned a black SUV. They divided the workload, and Alex spotted Adam's name on the list.

At the ranch, Nikki thanked Avery for meeting with her, and she asked how Avery had been. Avery admitted that she was nervous, since she could only imagine that Nikki wanted to talk about Nick and the aborted wedding. Nikki announced that she wanted to hire Avery, and she explained that she wanted to change her will. Avery suggested that it would make more sense for the corporate counsel at Newman Enterprises to handle it, since Nikki's estate included company shares. Nikki clarified that the changes had nothing to do with Newman, and she was adamant that Avery was the person to help her with adding a beneficiary to her will.

Avery said that if Nikki didn't have a problem with Avery being her attorney, then neither did Avery. Nikki declared that she was officially Avery's client, and Avery surmised that the changes to the will pertained to Nikki's grandchildren, but Nikki revealed that she wanted to add her son to her will. Avery was surprised that Nick wasn't already in the will, but Nikki clarified that she'd meant her other son -- Dylan McAvoy.

Avery blurted that it was impossible, because she'd practically grown up with Dylan's parents. Nikki explained that Dylan's mother had adopted him but had never told him the truth, but Paul interrupted to discuss official business regarding the hit-and-run. Avery said that she had to get to the office, but she wanted to finish her conversation with Nikki later. After Avery left, Nikki asked what Paul had found out, and he reported that a car fitting a witness' description had been spotted on a surveillance camera a couple of miles from the scene. Nikki hoped that the lead panned out, but Paul informed her that it had been her car caught on tape, and he needed to inspect her vehicle.

After Paul looked at Nikki's car, he explained that it had been a routine check to eliminate her as a suspect, and she declared that she had an unblemished vehicle to prove it. Paul apologized for interrupting her meeting with Avery, and Nikki divulged that she'd asked Avery to put Dylan in her will. A stunned Paul pointed out that Avery had been involved with both of Nikki's sons, and Nikki explained that she'd hired Avery so that Nikki could get to know Dylan better. Paul warned that Nikki was playing with fire, but she contended that Avery could help find out whether Dylan wanted to know the truth about Nikki.

Paul worried that Nikki had placed a huge burden on Avery just so Nikki could predict Dylan's reaction, but Nikki thought that Avery could help both Dylan and Nikki deal with the truth. Paul said that all would be revealed in Nikki's will, and he wondered if she intended for everyone to find out about Dylan after she was dead. He didn't think that it sounded fair to anyone, and she surmised that he thought that she should tell Dylan the truth. Paul encouraged Nikki to find the strength to be honest with Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan looked at the documents that terminated his parental rights. Sharon entered and assumed from his expression that they were divorce papers, but he informed her that he was still married. Sharon apologized for butting in, and he asked how she was doing. She replied that she had gone off the rails, but she was determined to get back on track. She asked about him, and she noted that he looked like he needed a friend.

Dylan confided that the papers were from Adam's lawyer, and his parental rights to Connor had been terminated. Sharon sympathized and asked how she could help, and Dylan wished that she could. She reminded him that Faith adored him, and she said that their door was always open. He admitted that though he was angry with Chelsea, he missed the life he'd had with her, and his greatest joy had been holding Connor and feeling like part of a family. Sharon understood that the termination of his parental rights felt like a divorce, since the paper had taken his family away from him.

Sharon asked who Dylan had to talk to, and he pointed out that both of his parents had died. She reminded him that she was a friend, and he remarked that he'd wanted to raise Connor the way Dylan's parents had raised Dylan. Sharon asked if he'd ever been lonely without any siblings, but he only had fond memories of his youth. He admitted that it had been tough when his mom had passed away, but he'd lost his bearings when his dad had died, because it had messed with his head to become an orphan.

Dylan said that he had believed that fate had stepped in and that his parents had sent Connor to complete a life circle, but all of them were gone. Sharon asked about Dylan's extended family, but he was only aware of an uncle and aunt he'd never met. Sharon inquired about Stitch, and Dylan said that Stitch had his own family to take care of. Sharon wondered why he didn't try to talk to Avery, because she sensed that he still wanted to get back together with Avery. Dylan replied that he wanted to move forward, and Sharon asked whether he thought it would be taking a step back to reunite with Avery.

Dylan said that he was done spilling his guts, and Sharon joked that they had just been getting to the good parts. He commented that he felt like he was in high school, worrying about whether a girl liked him. Sharon remarked that sometimes people never got over their high school sweethearts, perhaps because that was who they belonged with. Sharon suggested that Avery was that person for him, but he didn't think Avery saw it that way. Sharon advised Dylan not to give up if he was drawn to Avery.

Dylan thanked Sharon for listening, and she contemplated taking her own advice. He commented that her life wasn't empty and that she had great kids, but he hoped that she found someone special, too. Avery entered, and Sharon excused herself so that Dylan and Avery could talk. Dylan observed that Avery was staring at him strangely, and she remarked that it had been a crazy day. He said that he'd had an enlightening morning, talking to Sharon about his parents and how much they'd meant to him.

Avery vaguely stated that her mind was on a case she'd just taken with a new client and a very strange situation. He jokingly asked if that was all he got, and she reminded him of attorney-client privilege. He proposed that they both take a break from their routines, and he asked her to lunch. Avery became flustered and made a clumsy excuse to leave, and Dylan looked disappointed.

In the hospital chapel, Adam asked if he and God had a deal that God would punish him and not his little boy. Adam wasn't sure whether to wait for a sign, and he conceded that he wasn't a do-gooder who dropped to his knees "every day and twice on Sundays." Adam recognized that Delia had just been an innocent little girl who hadn't deserved to die, and he knew that he deserved to "rot in hell" for what he'd done, but he pleaded with God not to make his son pay the price for Adam's crime. Adam decided that he would tell everyone the truth in the hope that God would save his son's eyesight.

An upset Chelsea explained to Billy and Chloe that Connor's eye disorder had ended up being something unexpected, and Connor would go blind if it was left untreated. Billy asked about the treatment, and Chelsea revealed that Connor needed a corneal transplant. Billy and Chloe looked stricken, and Chloe asked when the surgery would be, but Chelsea disclosed that it would be a long shot to find a donor in time. Billy and Chloe shared a knowing glance, and Chloe nodded. Billy said that he'd take care of it, and he walked away.

Chelsea wondered what Billy had meant, and Chloe replied that he had gone to talk to the hospital administrator about donating Delia's corneas to Connor. Chelsea objected to taking corneas from someone who wasn't a stranger, but Chloe insisted that Chelsea let them help. Chloe acknowledged that what had happened had been very wrong, but it was the right solution, because it was the only good thing that could happen from a bad situation. Chelsea questioned how Chloe could be okay with giving up part of her baby, and Chloe's voice broke as she said that Connor was Chelsea's baby and that Chelsea was her friend. "Delia would want to help your son," Chloe tearfully asserted. Chelsea threw her arms around Chloe, and they cried together.

Chelsea rambled that what Chloe was doing meant everything, and she didn't know how to thank Chloe. Chloe replied that Chelsea could do it by being a good mother and protecting Connor by never letting him out of her sight. Chelsea promised to do all of that, and Adam spotted them as he passed by. He offered his condolences to Chloe, and he said that he needed to say something. Chelsea cut him off and proclaimed that everything had changed. Billy returned and announced that they could perform the transplant immediately.

A stunned Adam asked what Billy was talking about, and Chelsea informed him that Connor was getting the surgery, because Billy and Chloe had donated Delia's corneas to their baby. Chelsea called it amazing, and Adam looked at Billy and asked if it was true. Billy and Chloe nodded, and Adam wondered why. Chloe explained that they were doing it for Connor, not Adam. Chelsea gushed that they'd found their miracle.

Chloe and Billy signed the paperwork, and Chelsea announced that she'd alerted Connor's doctor. Chloe said that at least Delia's life would mean more by helping Connor, even though it had meant less than nothing to the person who'd left Delia to die, and Billy snarled that the driver would "rot in hell." Chelsea hated how awful the situation was, but she expressed her gratitude, and she told Adam to say something. A guilty Adam stated that he really didn't deserve it.

Billy agreed that Adam didn't deserve any favors, but Adam's son did. Chloe hoped that Chelsea understood that Chloe needed to leave, and Chelsea promised that she'd call after the surgery. Adam said that what he owed both Chloe and Billy could never be measured or counted, and he thanked them. Chloe left, and Billy reiterated that he'd only made the decision for Connor's sake.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin found Chloe on the patio, and he said that he had been looking for her since she hadn't returned his messages. He recalled that the coffeehouse had been one of Delia's favorite places, and Chloe said that she'd wanted to be reminded of Delia's favorite things, so she'd ordered hot chocolate and a cookie. Kevin revealed that he and Delia had shared a different favorite, and he thought it would be a way to honor Delia if he ordered the dessert they'd always eaten together.

Chloe informed Kevin that she'd decided to honor Delia in another way -- she'd taken his advice and donated Delia's corneas to Connor. Kevin sympathized that it had been a hard decision, but Chloe said that it had been easy as soon as she'd heard that Connor needed the transplant, because she'd realized that she had to do it for Connor and for her best friend. Kevin said that she'd done the right thing and that he was proud of her, and he knew that up in heaven, Delia was, too.

Kevin returned to the table with his and Delia's favorite dessert -- a brownie with extra whipped cream and quadruple cherries. Chloe scolded that she never would have let Delia eat it, and Kevin replied that it had been why Delia had only eaten it with him. Kevin said that Delia had loved it, and he asked Chloe to try it. Chloe's eyes filled with tears as she reached for a fork.

Billy returned home and found Jill waiting for him. Without saying a word, she pulled him into her arms, and he cried. Billy recounted that one moment, Delia had been smiling and taking her bows, and then she had been gone. Jill ranted about what was wrong with the world if something horrible could happen to an innocent little girl who had made the world a better place. Jill sobbed that she couldn't bear it, and Billy said that she also wouldn't be able to handle that it was his fault.

Jill swore that the accident hadn't been Billy's fault, but Billy contended that it had been his job to take care of Delia. Jill said that he wasn't all-powerful, and he asked if Jill would ever stop trying to make him feel better. Jill told him to remember that he had a family who loved and needed him, but he requested some time alone. Jill assured him that she loved him and believed in him, and she begged him not to let Delia's death break him. After Jill left, Billy angrily knocked over a clay handprint with Delia's name, and he sobbed as he picked up the pieces.

In the chapel, Chelsea said aloud that she'd kept telling Adam to have faith when her own faith had almost been gone, but just when she'd been given hope, she'd felt a huge emptiness. She said that her boy deserved to have only positive people around him before his surgery, but she didn't feel worthy. She cried that her son's sight could be saved at the expense of her best friend's daughter, and Chloe had been nothing but good to her. Chelsea called herself a criminal and a con, and she wondered how she'd received a miracle after all the terrible things she'd done. Adam appeared, holding Connor.

Adam reported that he'd spoken with the doctor, and Delia's corneas were perfect. He added that the team was prepping for surgery, and Chelsea told herself that it would go well. Adam braced himself for the possibility that it might not, but Chelsea implored him to have faith, because they'd been handed a miracle. She said that they would be indebted to Billy and Chloe for the rest of their lives, and Connor would always be connected to the sweet girl who'd lost her life too young. "God willing, our son will see the world through Delia's eyes," Chelsea proclaimed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chelsea and Adam waited with Connor at the hospital as he was prepped for surgery. Chloe was saddened to know that Connor's miracle was caused by Delia's death. Adam was very quiet as he assured Chloe that Connor was too sweet and innocent for anything to happen to him. Chloe cried as Connor was wheeled to surgery, and Adam comforted her.

As they waited for the surgery to be completed, Adam fell into a fitful sleep and dreamed that Chelsea slapped him because she had found out that Adam was responsible for Delia's accident. Chelsea woke him, and they both paced and waited silently. Eventually the surgery was completed, and the doctor joined them with good news. The surgery was successful and Connor would likely make a full recovery.

The doctor said that they had been very fortunate and what had happened was meant to be, but Chelsea said that the death of a sweet little girl was never meant to be. Adam left the hospital, but Chelsea remained with Connor. She thanked God for saving Connor's sight and prayed that Billy and Chloe would find comfort and peace.

Billy was sitting on the floor, holding Delia's broken plaster palm print, when Victoria found him. Victoria tried to console Billy, who was inconsolable. Billy would not stop blaming himself for what had happened. Victoria told Billy that he had to make an effort for Johnny's sake because Johnny needed his dad. Billy said that he was not good for Johnny and refused to hold or touch his son. Billy said that he had to leave and headed for On the Boulevard.

Kevin took Chloe to the Chancellor mansion. Chloe said that she was glad that Kevin had encouraged her to donate Delia's corneas to Connor, because at least it would mean some happiness for Chelsea and Connor. Kevin suggested that they honor Delia by remembering some of the fun times that they had had with her, which they did.

Jill arrived home, and Chloe was glad to see her until Jill mentioned Billy and how he was suffering. Chloe was very angry with Billy and blamed him for Delia's death. Jill did not excuse Billy's actions, but tried to shift the blame to the driver of the car. Chloe was not mollified but agreed to put her anger aside until after Delia's funeral.

Jill went upstairs to see Esther, but not before giving Chloe a box containing Delia's things that the police had dropped off. As Chloe went through Delia's belongings, she noticed that a black sparkly scarf was missing.

Adam went home and packed a bag that included Connor's blanket. He took a black scarf from the cupboard where he had hidden it. As Adam held it, he remembered finding it in the undercarriage of his SUV. Adam set fire to the scarf and watched it burn in his fireplace.

Billy went to On the Boulevard and poured a drink. He replayed leaving Delia alone in the car in his mind. Jack entered and tried to talk to Billy, but Billy only wanted to be alone with the bottle. Jack said that he wanted to help. Billy told Jack that if Jack wanted to help, he should leave Billy alone. Billy took his bottle and walked away from Jack.

Jack called Jill. Billy was gone when she arrived at On the Boulevard. She and Jack agreed that they had to find a way to help Billy before life got even worse for him. Victoria repaired the plaster handprint as she talked to Johnny. She gave a cheery call to Billy and invited him to join Victoria and Johnny in the park where they would be feeding the ducks.

Sheryl joined Alex at the police station as they searched for the SUV that had hit Delia. Alex said that they had narrowed down the SUV to about ten models that had tires matching the tread marks left at the accident scene. Alex was hopeful that the glass shard he had found would lead him to the correct vehicle.

Billy showed up and demanded to know if the culprit had been found. Alex explained that it was important to go by the book so as not to compromise the investigation. Billy warned Alex that if the police did not find the guilty party soon, Billy would start looking on his own, and Billy would definitely not be going by the book.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paul literally ran into a distracted Christine at the police station, and she said that she wasn't looking forward to Michael's sentencing that day. She mentioned that she'd desperately searched the file for a way to get Michael out of it, because Michael deserved a medal, not a prison sentence. Paul commented that it was ironic that Carmine had been guilty of the same crimes that Michael had committed against Christine, and she argued that Michael had changed, but she didn't believe that Carmine would have. She hoped for the lightest sentence possible, but she realized that it was still a losing proposition.

Before the sentencing, Lauren hugged Michael and asked what happened next. He stated that he'd go to prison to save their son from a murder conviction, and she was glad that Fen was still in rehab. Michael declared that it was the right thing for Fen's future, and if Michael received a light sentence, it wouldn't be too long before he'd be paroled. Lauren worried about what would happen if he never got out of jail.

At the hearing, the judge noted that Michael had pleaded guilty, and he allowed Michael to make a statement. Michael recounted the ways that Carmine had terrorized his family for months, and he stated that Carmine had eluded police custody and had publicly humiliated Lauren. Michael claimed that he'd confronted Carmine in the alley, where Carmine had cornered a terrified Lauren, and he'd grabbed Carmine's gun and shot him. Christine said that the state mandated a minimum of ten years and a maximum of 60 for the crime, and the judge asked what sentence she'd recommend.

Christine asserted that given Carmine's crimes against the defendant, she believed that Michael had acted appropriately, but she knew that she couldn't ask that he walk out a free man. Christine asked for the lightest sentence the law allowed. The judge recognized that Michael had shot a man in cold blood and had taken a life, and he asked if Michael felt any remorse for killing Carmine. Michael replied that he regretted that his actions would take him away from his family, but he didn't regret trying to protect them.

The judge called a brief recess while he made his decision, and he stepped out. Michael apologized for putting Christine through the hearing, and Paul said that the Baldwin family had been punished enough. Lauren asked about the chances that the judge would take Christine's recommendation, and Christine explained that the judge held public officials to a higher standard. Paul added that Michael's previous criminal conviction would be a factor, but Christine hoped that Michael's statement and her recommendation would be enough.

The judge returned, and he explained that he had no doubt that Michael had feared for his wife's safety, but the law was clear about punishment. The judge stated that he had no choice but to impose the minimum sentence of ten years, even though he sympathized on a personal level. Michael thanked him, but Lauren blurted that she had a hard time feeling grateful. Fen burst in and proclaimed that Michael hadn't killed Carmine -- Fen had.

In the park, Matty and Charlie said that they wanted to feed the ducks, and Cane marveled that they weren't tired after having an amusement park to themselves all day. Devon remarked that the twins had a lot of energy, and Cane blamed it on the cotton candy. Lily told Devon that he hadn't needed to rent out the amusement park just for them, but Devon argued that the point of having money was to spend it on family. Lily panicked when Charlie stepped too close to the water, and Devon noted that she'd been freaking out about the kids all day.

Cane suspected that Lily had been thinking about Delia, and Devon remarked that he never would have expected Delia's death. Lily remarked that Devon wasn't a parent, and Devon asked if that was why she'd been hovering over the kids. Lily imagined everything that Billy and Chloe had gone through with Delia's leukemia, and she sadly stated that a parent couldn't look away for a minute. She yelled at Matty not to get too close to the water, and Cane promised that he'd keep the twins safe.

Lily declared that it was naptime, and Charlie and Matty protested that they wanted to go on the swings instead. Cane mentioned that he had to go see Jill, and Devon offered to go with him. Lily told the twins to thank Devon, and they hugged him. Lily took the kids to the swings, and Cane expressed his appreciation to Devon for setting up the exclusive amusement park visit, but he insisted that it be a one-time deal. Devon agreed to restrict the extravagant gestures to birthdays and Christmas.

Later, Lily asked that the twins sit with her while she caught her breath, and she hugged them. She kissed each of them and reminded them that she loved them. Charlie asked if she loved them more than pizza, and she responded that she loved them more than pizza, s'mores, and birthday cake combined. The children kissed her and said that they loved her, too.

Jill met Jack at On the Boulevard. Jill looked at an empty liquor bottle and said that the last thing Billy needed was to crawl into a bottle, but Jack understood that Billy was trying to find oblivion. Jill asked how they could help Billy, and Jack hoped that she'd have an idea, since she'd thought she'd lost Phillip in a car accident. Jill recalled that she had experienced moments at Phillip's funeral when she hadn't been able to comprehend what people were saying. Jack recognized that talking wasn't the right approach, but he believed that he and Jill could find a way to help Billy together.

Jill mentioned that Billy had managed to perform an act of selflessness, and Jack said that Traci had told him about the cornea donation. Jill surmised that it had meant a lot to Jack, since he and Nikki had donated their baby's heart. Jack said that he was very proud of Billy, but he thought that nothing would make Billy feel better until they found the person responsible. Jill doubted that the police had any viable leads, and Jack considered something they could do to help both Billy and the police.

Chloe didn't understand why the scarf wasn't among Delia's things, and Kevin said that there could be a number of reasons. Chloe wailed that it had been Delia's favorite part of the costume, and Kevin pointed out that it could have been misplaced at the police station or left at the hospital. Chloe said that the scarf had been attached to the hat, and Delia wouldn't have been careless with something she'd loved. Kevin promised that they would find it together.

Alex took an irate Billy into an interrogation room, and he assured Billy that the police were doing their best to try to find the hit-and-run driver. Billy ordered him to stop trying and get it done, or Billy would do Alex's job for him. Alex explained that the arrest had to stick, or the driver would walk, and he contended that they were doing thorough work that would stand up in court. Billy griped that the police weren't even close to finding the culprit, and he ranted that the longer they waited, the longer the driver had to cover his tracks.

Alex said that he wouldn't pretend to understand what Billy was going through, but the entire force was dedicated to finding Delia's killer. Billy asked why they hadn't found the driver yet, and he demanded to know if there were any leads. Billy added that he'd find the driver himself if Alex couldn't, and Alex warned that it was bad for a civilian to help with an investigation. He advised Billy to stay out of it just like he'd told Kevin to, but Billy growled that Kevin hadn't been Delia's father. Billy turned around and faced Kevin and Chloe.

Chloe angrily defended that Kevin had been more of a father to Delia than Billy had been, and she snarled that Kevin would never have left Delia alone. Kevin sympathized that Billy was grieving, too, but Billy said that he didn't need Kevin to stand up for him. Kevin remarked that it wasn't a contest over who had loved Delia the most, because they'd all lost her, and they had to stop blaming one another. Chloe agreed that tearing one another apart wouldn't get Delia back, and she apologized to Billy for taking her grief out on him. She added that she knew that the driver was the one responsible, not Billy.

Billy thanked Chloe, and he said that he was sorry for what he had said to Alex. Billy acknowledged that Kevin had been close to Delia and that Delia had loved Kevin. Alex asked if Kevin and Chloe were there for an update, and Kevin mentioned that they'd received Delia's things back, but her scarf had been missing. Alex grabbed a file and reported that it hadn't been found at the crime scene. Chloe asked if Billy had seen Delia wearing it, and Billy said that it wouldn't have registered with him.

Alex volunteered to check with the EMTs, and Chloe said that it was important to find the scarf. Kevin inquired whether there had been anything new in the investigation, and Alex said that he was working on it. Billy became incensed again and declared that he was going to find the guy who'd killed his daughter. Alex reiterated that Billy could compromise the investigation, and he pleaded with Billy not to get involved, but Billy took off.

Alex conceded that if he were in Billy's position, he'd want to see the driver dead, too. Alex recalled a case he'd worked on in Harlem, where a little girl had died after getting caught in gang-related crossfire. Alex said that he hadn't let up until he'd found the punk who'd shot her, and he would have killed the shooter if his partner hadn't stopped him. He continued that the criminal was rotting away for life in prison, and since his team had done everything by the book, there was no possibility of the gangbanger getting a turnover on appeal. Alex said that was justice, and he cautioned that the vigilante thing wouldn't make it better for anyone.

Adam watched Delia's scarf burn in the fireplace, and Victor arrived to celebrate Connor's successful surgery. Adam said that it would be some time before they found out if the baby could see, and Victor handed Adam an envelope. Adam found stock options for Newman-Chancellor inside, and Victor announced that they were for his grandson. Adam incredulously huffed that Victor had stolen the company and then had given part of it to Adam's son as a gift, but Victor contended that he'd bought back Newman Enterprises for a reasonable price.

Adam asked if Victor intended to buy Connor's love, but Victor stated that he had no such intention. Victor smelled smoke, and Adam said that it was the fireplace, but he'd have it fixed before Connor was released from the hospital. Victor was disappointed that the baby wasn't there, and Adam refused to let Victor near Connor either at his home or at the hospital. Victor haughtily stated that the hospital had a wing named after Victor, and Adam again referred to Victor's ploy to buy Connor's love, but Victor insisted that he only wanted to make sure that his grandson was taken care of. Adam tore up the stock options and declared that Connor was already provided for.

Victor asserted that tearing up the paperwork didn't erase Connor's rights to a piece of the company, and Adam reminded Victor that Victor was no longer part of Adam's life, so Victor also wasn't a part of Connor's. Adam flatly stated that Victor had forfeited his right to care for Adam and his son when Victor had betrayed him, and Victor countered that Adam had betrayed Victor by striking a deal with Jack. Victor clarified that he wasn't there to spend time with Adam but to ensure the future of his grandson. Adam said that both he and Victor would sell their souls for their families, and he wondered if that was something to be proud of.

Adam said that Victor was too self-absorbed to see that Victor had always put business before family, and Adam pledged never to do that, because Adam would never reject his son. Victor maintained that Hope had taken Adam out of Genoa City to raise him in Kansas, and Victor had agreed because he had loved her. Adam recalled how Victor had treated him when he'd returned to Victor's life, and Victor barked that Adam had wreaked havoc on everyone. Adam vowed never to test or break his son, because it wasn't what family should do.

Victor crowed that he had held both his family and his company together for decades and that Connor would be part of his family's legacy. Adam pointed out that Victor's legacy was the business, and he'd once believed that it proved that Victor loved his children and grandchildren, but he didn't believe it anymore. Adam continued that he'd had something to prove as Victor's son, but he was breaking the cycle, and he would never treat his son the way Victor had treated him. Victor said to let him know how it worked out, and he warned Adam to fix the fireplace before someone got killed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane hugged Jill, and she thanked him and Devon for stopping by. Jill said that she knew how much Delia had meant to Cane, and Devon asked about Esther, but Jill reported that Esther hadn't emerged from her room. Jill told Cane that she wanted to discuss other things with him at a more appropriate time, because she'd been blindsided by the news that Victor owned Chancellor Industries. Jack joined them and announced that he had an idea to help find the driver.

At On the Boulevard, Billy poured himself a drink and turned on the television. On screen, Jack held a press conference and said that Delia had died in a car accident because a callous individual hadn't called for help to save her life. Meanwhile, Adam cleaned out his fireplace, and his phone beeped with a message that the Abbott family's live press conference was underway.

Alex stepped away to look at a text message, and Kevin offered to swing by Delia's school to look for the scarf. Chloe said that she wasn't ready to go back there, and Kevin replied that he'd go alone to find it for her. Alex reported that there was a press conference, and he pulled it up on his computer. They watched as Jack declared that the driver hadn't had the decency to take responsibility for Delia's death, so he was reaching out to the public to get justice for her. Jill asked that anyone who knew even a small detail step forward to help the authorities help find the person who'd left a child dying in the road.

Jack put up a $100,000 reward for information that led to the arrest of the driver, and a reporter asked if Jack thought that the police weren't doing their jobs. Jack said that he was convinced that they were doing everything they could, but he hoped that the reward would convince someone to speak up. Jill held up Delia's photo and cried that Delia had been talented and smart, and she tearfully begged for someone to help them. Jill said that Delia's parents were devastated, and Jack remarked that a tragic accident had become a crime committed by a heartless coward.

A reporter asked if the Abbotts thought that the reward would help the police crack the case, and Devon stepped forward to respond. Devon introduced himself as a friend of the family, and he recalled that he'd watched Delia grow up and capture the hearts of everyone who'd known her. Devon declared that it was only right that Delia got the justice she deserved, and he increased the reward to one million dollars.

Alex sputtered that Devon's offer was incredible. The phone at the station started ringing, and the lines began to light up with calls.

Friday, October 25, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Billy looked at an online article about the reward Devon had offered. Nick entered and asked how Billy was holding up, and Billy inquired if Nick had seen the "closed" sign. Nick claimed that he was out of swizzle sticks at the Underground, and Billy commented that he didn't know how a terrible liar like Nick had pulled off Summer's paternity fiasco. Nick said that he really was out of swizzle sticks, but it wasn't why he'd stopped by. Billy assumed that Victoria had asked Nick to visit, and he politely requested that Nick leave, but Nick sat down and declared that he'd leave after Billy heard what he had to say.

Billy asked what Nick had to tell him that he hadn't heard a thousand times, and Nick replied that he was sorry and that he understood the avoidance and anger. Nick wished that he didn't understand it first-hand, and Billy questioned whether Nick had a magic solution because of Cassie. Nick said that there were no simple answers, and Billy was skeptical that time would heal everything. Nick contended that he hadn't healed, but he'd adjusted. Billy asked how long it had taken before Nick had stopped missing his little girl, and Nick said that he'd let Billy know if it ever happened.

Billy remarked that Nick was terrible at cheering people up, but he conceded that at least Nick was honest, and most people had no idea what they were talking about. Nick recognized that people had good intentions, but most of them couldn't understand, and he hoped they never would. Nick swore that things would get easier, but Billy didn't know how to comprehend that he'd never see Delia again. Nick recalled that eventually he'd woken up and realized that he had been okay.

Nick offered to be there if Billy wanted to talk, and Billy couldn't imagine that Nick would want to reopen the wounds from the worst days of his life. Nick swore that he'd do it if it would help Billy get through his grief, and he asked for one more thing in addition to some swizzle sticks. Nick pointed out that all the people who had been reaching out to Billy had lost Delia, too, and while their grief was different, they were also in pain. Nick asserted that those people needed Billy as much as Billy needed them.

In the park, Adam looked at the article about the reward, and he was affected when he heard a child giggle. Sharon and Faith approached, and Faith asked if she could play on the swings like she had with Delia. Faith ran off, and Sharon greeted Adam. She informed him that Faith's school had hosted a special assembly in Delia's memory, and she'd been trying to get Faith to focus on happy memories. Sharon noticed Adam's serious expression and asked what was going on with him.

Sharon found it odd that Adam was being weirdly polite, and he claimed that he was trying to be a better person since his son had gotten a second chance. He revealed that Connor would have gone blind without a corneal transplant, but Sharon wondered why Adam seemed torn up if Connor had received the transplant. He divulged that the donor had been Delia, and he admitted that he felt a lot of guilt. Sharon recounted that she'd been in Billy and Chloe's position, and the grief had been paralyzing. Sharon thought it was extraordinary that they had managed to find the generosity to reach out in Connor's time of need.

Adam said that he'd spent the night and morning by Connor's side, and he needed to get back to the hospital so Chelsea could rest for a while. Sharon asked if he'd gotten any sleep since the surgery, and he replied that he'd had a lot on his mind. She inquired about Connor's recovery, and he said that things were good so far, but they'd have the results in a few days. Adam stated that he'd been afraid that Connor would be punished for the things Adam had done, but Sharon pointed out that he was trying to be a better person, and so was she. She said that she owed him an apology.

Sharon admitted that she'd done horrible things over the past few months, and one of her regrets was the way she'd behaved toward Adam. She revealed that she'd stopped taking her meds, and he said that he'd already known, because he'd still kept tabs on her. She swore that she'd stay on track with her treatment, and she needed to own up to the terrible things she'd done. Adam said that he didn't want or deserve an apology, but Sharon contended that everyone deserved forgiveness. He countered that he'd done far worse things than she knew about.

Sharon said that she knew exactly who Adam was, because she'd seen the worst and best of him. He replied that she hadn't seen everything, but she didn't understand why he was beating himself up. Sharon called to Faith to leave, and she recalled that Adam had taken her in when no one else would and had gotten her treatment when she'd needed help. She believed that the good part of Adam was still somewhere inside him and that he wasn't as bad as he thought he was.

At the tack house, Nick gratefully accepted a big hug from Faith, and Sharon said that they were heading to the stables for a ride. Faith asked Nick to join them, and Sharon told Faith to grab her coat and boots upstairs. After Faith left, Nick asked how their daughter was doing, and Sharon said that she'd discussed Delia's death with Faith and that Faith knew that Delia was with Cassie. Sharon recognized that the accident had dredged up painful memories, but she was coping. Nick wanted to know if Sharon had been taking better care of herself.

Sharon said that she was doing better than the last time Nick had seen her and that she'd gotten a new prescription. Nick encouraged her to stick with it, and she understood that he had doubts, but she was determined not to go on the way she had been. She said that she had talked to Cassie to look for answers and comfort, but she knew that she had to rely on her treatment and herself to appreciate the great parts of life.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack flipped through a photo album with pictures of Delia, and Neil expressed his condolences. Neil voiced concern for Jack as his friend and sponsor, and Jack swore that he was sticking with the program. Jack said that what Devon had done for the Abbotts had been amazing, and Neil replied that he hadn't known about the reward until he'd seen it on the news. Jack said that it made all the difference that people were stepping up to help, but he worried that Billy wouldn't accept help from anyone.

Traci arrived home, and Neil told Jack and Traci to call him if they needed anything. Neil left, and Traci asked if Jack had heard from Billy. Jack reported that he'd tried to call to say that he was proud of Billy for donating Delia's corneas, and Traci tearfully stated that it had been an unthinkable decision to make. Traci remarked that life as Billy had known it had ended, and it was their job to show him that he could survive it. Jack said that he knew exactly what they needed to do.

At Crimson Lights, Abby marveled to Lily that they'd managed to put together an excellent marketing plan. Lily was surprised that Abby hadn't canceled their meeting because of Delia, but Abby said that it had been a welcome distraction. Devon arrived, and Abby thanked him for putting the police investigation into overdrive. Lily said that she was impressed, and Abby said that Katherine would have been, too. Devon recalled that he had felt Katherine's presence at the mansion, and it had almost been like she had pushed him to make sure that the guilty person was found.

After Abby left, Neil arrived at the coffeehouse and told Lily and Devon that the Abbotts appreciated Devon's gesture. Devon said that he hadn't done it to be a hero, but Lily said that he was a hero to her, and she had brainstormed an idea after Devon's grand gesture. Lily suggested that Jabot donate a portion of the profits from their Christmas gift set to the children's hospital fund. Neil loved the idea, and he said that he was proud of both Lily and Devon.

Neil was thankful that his children were doing well and that his grandchildren were happy. Lily commented that it had been a challenging year, but Neil said that Delia's death had put their family's issues in perspective. Devon wanted to go back to the office to work on Lily's idea, and Lily suggested that they have a family dinner soon. Devon and Lily departed, and Neil called Sofia and asked to speak to Moses. Neil told his little boy that he loved him.

Abby and Kyle arrived at the mansion, and Traci remarked that Jack had rallied the troops. Jack announced that they needed to find a way to help Billy, because they'd all failed individually, but as a group of Abbotts, there was nothing they couldn't do. Summer entered and apologized for being late, and she acknowledged that she hadn't reached out to the Abbotts since she'd learned that Jack was her dad, but she appreciated them giving her space. Traci said that they'd give her anything she needed, and Summer proclaimed that it meant something to her to be an Abbott.

Kyle commended Summer for showing up and saying what she had. She explained that she was trying to make it work, and Kyle agreed that he was, too. Abby told Traci that she was glad that Traci was around, and Traci replied that she was happy to be with her family. Jack informed everyone that he had just spoken to a reporter and had given a statement that the Abbotts stood together in a crisis, and he needed ideas from the entire family about what to do as a group for Billy. Billy entered and asked what was going on.

Billy assumed that his family had been talking about him, and he said that he was there to thank them for posting the reward, but he wasn't up for group therapy. Traci and Abby insisted that Billy stay, and Billy said that he loved them, but he had to go. Ashley entered and said that he couldn't leave, because they were all finally back together again.

At the police station, Lauren instructed Fen to do exactly what they'd discussed the night before and retract his story. Fen was silent, and Lauren said that he had just been released from rehab, and it was important to both her and Michael for Fen to remain free. She asked him to promise that he'd do what she asked, and Christine entered. Fen proclaimed that he'd killed Carmine, and he demanded to know why Michael was still in jail.

Christine explained that Michael couldn't just be set free, but Fen argued that there was new evidence. Christine pointed out that they only had a statement from a son who desperately wanted to save his father, but Fen swore that he was telling the truth. Christine asked for proof, and Fen said that he remembered what had happened and was ready to talk. Christine pulled out a voice recorder and asked him to tell her his story.

Fen said that he'd seen Carmine in the alley, and he'd pulled out a gun and shot Carmine. Christine asked where Fen had gotten the gun, but Fen simply stated that he'd had it. Lauren contended that Fen had never touched a gun in his life, and Christine questioned why Fen had been in the alley. Fen hesitated, and Christine pressed for details about what had led up to the shooting. Fen replied that the details were fuzzy, and Lauren revealed that Fen had been high on the night of the shooting.

Christine said that she would report what Fen had said to the judge, but she wasn't optimistic that Michael's conviction would be overturned. Fen yelled that he wasn't lying to protect Michael, but rather, his parents were lying to protect Fen. Christine confronted Lauren, but Lauren maintained that Michael had killed Carmine. Fen stalked out, and Lauren asserted that Fen was going through a hard time and that Michael's sentence had been too much for Fen. Christine said that she was really sorry about what the Baldwin family was facing.

At the prison, Paul told Michael that he was trying to figure out a way to save an innocent man, because he had learned that Michael had been protecting Fen. Michael refused to talk about it, and Paul reported that Christine was meeting with Fen to get his side of the story. Michael said that Fen was just a kid who was struggling to understand why Michael had killed Carmine, but Paul contended that Fen had a temper, youth, and drugs. Michael insisted that Fen hadn't shot Carmine, but Paul argued that Michael was making matters worse by lying.

Paul offered to work with Michael to find a solution before things got worse, but Michael maintained that he was guilty, and Fen was just a troubled kid. Paul considered that Fen might have killed Carmine in self-defense, and Christine might be able to make a case for a lesser charge or no jail time at all. Paul insisted that neither Michael nor Fen deserved to be ripped from their family to rot in prison, but he couldn't help until he knew the whole story.

Michael reiterated that Fen had had nothing to do with Carmine's death, but Paul questioned why Fen would confess. Michael contended that Fen just couldn't handle what Michael had done, and he demanded that Paul drop it if he cared about Fen. Michael urged Paul to be a friend and check in on Lauren and Fen to make sure they were okay. Paul insisted that things didn't have to be that way, and he announced that there would be an investigation into Fen's claims.

Fen and Lauren visited Michael, and Fen complained that Lauren had made him look like a joke to Christine. Lauren reported that Christine had been skeptical, but Christine had agreed to review Fen's statement as evidence. Michael appreciated Fen's efforts, but he vowed that Fen wouldn't end up in prison, and he asked Fen to recant his story. Fen groused that no one believed him, and Michael revealed that Paul had reopened the investigation. Fen was relieved that Paul believed him, but Michael ordered Fen not to say anything more.

Michael asked for Fen's word, but Fen shook his head. Lauren told Fen to think it through, but Fen said that he had, and he was seeing things more clearly than he had in months. Fen said that he loved what they were trying to do, but he couldn't let Michael pay for what he'd done, and he had to make it right.

In Paul's office, Christine told Paul that she didn't believe Fen's confession, and Paul added that he didn't believe Michael's story. Paul worried that Michael would spend the next ten years in prison with the criminals Michael had put away, and Christine said that she was working on something, but it could be too late. Paul and Christine hugged, and she said that she'd missed him, since she'd been consumed with work. Paul replied that he hadn't been able to breathe since Devon had posted the reward, and he wanted to make it up to her.

Paul conceded that it wasn't the most romantic place, and Christine suggested that they make a date for that night, but he said that it couldn't wait. He proclaimed that all of the recent tragedy had reminded him not to take the good things in life for granted, and he realized that he might be doing things backward, but he pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. Christine happily said yes, and they kissed.

Christine gazed admiringly at the ring, and she said that Paul had definitely made things up to her. His phone rang, and he mumbled that he had to get back to reality. He answered the call, and he informed Christine that they had a solid lead in the hit-and-run. Meanwhile, Adam worked out feverishly at the gym.

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