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Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to Delia at her funeral. Adam and Chelsea learned that Connor's corneal transplant had been successful. Leslie gave Hilary the letters that Rose had written to Gus. Fen intentionally got arrested.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 28, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, October 28, 2013

At the Newman ranch, Avery returned to deliver Nikki's will, in which Nikki had added her son, Dylan McAvoy, as a beneficiary. Avery noted that she resented Nikki for confidentially disclosing that Dylan was Nikki's biological son, a secret Nikki had not shared with Dylan. Victor later entered the room and asked Nikki why she'd amended her will. Nikki lied and claimed that she was just updating her will. After Victor left, Avery said that she'd prefer disbarment over being forced to withhold the truth from Dylan.

Avery angrily noted to Nikki that Dylan's future had been ripped away after he learned that his wife had lied to him about being her baby's father. Avery added that Dylan also faced discovering that his entire past was also a lie. Nikki explained that Dylan's adoptive mother had never even disclosed the truth about Dylan to her husband. Avery replied, "If Chelsea hadn't confessed, then Connor would be growing up with the same lie that Dylan did." Nikki said that knowing the truth might help Dylan. Avery recalled the emotional trauma Summer had suffered and asked Nikki if she wanted to further destroy Dylan's life the same way.

Avery irately accused Nikki of involving her because Nikki hoped that Avery would tell Dylan the truth. Tears ran down Nikki's face when Avery said that Dylan believed he'd lost everything and was alone in the world. Avery added, "Dylan has a family. He has you!" Nikki admitted that she'd hired Avery to find out about Dylan's past, his dreams, and other intimate life details. Avery replied, "Nikki, I fixed your will. The lifetime you lost with your son -- I can't get that back for you."

At the police station, Paul told Christine that a shard of plastic from a light cover, recovered from the scene of the hit-and-run accident that had taken Delia's life, was being analyzed in the lab. Christine said she hoped the evidence might lead police to Delia's killer. Victor stopped by and asked Paul why he'd wasted time inspecting Nikki's car while investigating Delia's accident. Paul explained that Nikki's car had passed a surveillance camera around the time of the accident and that all leads had been routinely investigated. Paul added that Nikki's vehicle had since been eliminated.

Christine scowled at Victor when he suggested to Paul that the investigation was moving too slowly. Victor haughtily offered money to speed things along. Paul explained that Devon's reward offer of a million dollars had already complicated matters because the police department was forced to investigate numerous false leads. Paul advised Victor to allow authorities do their job without interference. Victor replied, "You do what you have to, and so will I." Before Victor left, Paul warned him not to take matters into his own hands. After Victor left, Paul and Christine learned that a partial serial number on the shard broken off the vehicle's light cover might lead investigators to Delia's killer.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley returned to offer comfort to a bereaved Billy. Ashley, Jack, Traci, Summer, Kyle, and Abby gathered together to rally around their despondent loved one. Billy embraced Ashley. Traci said, "This family always stands stronger together." Ashley welcomed Summer to the Abbott family and praised Nick and Phyllis for raising an amazing daughter. Ashley expressed her sorrow over Phyllis' dreadful accident.

Billy remained disheartened and didn't respond when the others laughed while recalling their family's cherished traditions. The Abbott family assembled in the dining room to enjoy a late breakfast. Jack told Summer that her grandfather, John, would have been proud of her. Summer said that she was glad John Abbott never knew about some of the stupid things she'd done. Jack replied, "More than anybody else, he had a way of knowing what was in our hearts."

Jack told Billy that John would have the right words to comfort him. Ashley said, "He is here, Jack, and he's going to be with us tomorrow at the cemetery." Billy rose from the table and said he needed to head home. Traci told Billy that his family wanted to help him face his loss. Billy abruptly left. Traci began sobbing.

Tyler stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Abby explained that he probably wouldn't want to get mired in her family's grief. Tyler replied, "You know that I am wherever you need me to be." Abby invited Tyler to stay, and she escorted him to the dining room. Tyler greeted Jack, Traci, and Summer. Traci said that the family had enjoyed sharing breakfast together. She noted that Billy was despondent and needed to lean on his family. Jack explained that Ashley had gone to console Billy.

Summer asked her family join her to pay tribute to Delia. Jack, Traci, Kyle, Abby, and Tyler joined Summer outside. Jack lit a candle, and the other family members placed a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, and a framed photo of Delia on the ground to create a makeshift memorial. Jack said, "Delia Abbott, our family will hold you in our hearts forever." Jack placed one arm around Traci and the other around Summer as the family members grieved their loss. Tyler and Kyle consoled Abby.

At Chancellor Park, Ashley took a seat beside Billy on a bench. Ashley told Billy that she planned to stay put as long as he needed her. Billy told Ashley to leave. Billy cried that his family was merely pretending that everything would be all right. Billy said he didn't want to pretend.

Ashley told Billy that she understood how overwhelming grief could be. Ashley added, "I've lived in that place of fear, pain, and excruciating loss." Billy said he couldn't return to his family's house and talk about burying his daughter. Billy added, "I can't go tomorrow." Ashley replied, "You've got to say goodbye to your little girl." Billy cried that he'd failed his little girl because he hadn't been with her when she was scared and desperately needed him. Ashley wrapped her arms around Billy and said, "She's not scared now." Billy placed his hand atop Ashley's.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria stopped by to ask for Dylan's help with Billy. Victoria explained Billy was shutting down because he'd lost the little girl who'd been a bubble of joy in his life. Victoria noted that perhaps Dylan could identify with Billy's loss and become a supportive friend. Victoria added that sometimes family members remained too close to the crisis to be of help. Dylan agreed to help Billy. Dylan asked Victoria who was lending support to her.

Victoria said that Johnny had loved interacting with Delia. Victoria said it killed her to know that Johnny wouldn't be able to remember Delia. Dylan said he was glad Victoria had asked for his help with Billy. Victoria noted that Johnny enjoyed the coffeehouse's oatmeal cookies, so she ordered some. Dylan learned that Victoria like chocolate chip cookies, so he offered to box up both kinds of cookies for Victoria. Before Victoria left, Dylan urged her to find someone to lean on during her own grieving process.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Leslie told Tyler that he was fortunate because he and Abby had no concerns about outsiders butting into their relationship. Neil joined Leslie after Tyler left. Leslie expressed resentment about the attacks Hilary had waged against Neil and his family. Neil suggested that Hilary had given up. Leslie replied, "She's taking time to regroup and figure out her next move." Leslie noted that both she and Neil had endured the emotional pain of losing loved ones, so Hilary should end her crusade to further punish them.

After Hilary and Mason made love in her hotel room, Mason suggested they return to London, where they'd met long before. Mason recalled that Hilary had been full of passion and fire. He added that Hilary's revengeful obsession might easily burn her and everyone around her. Hilary replied, "When someone in your family is killed, you fight. If you don't, you might as well be dead, too."

Mason rebuked Hilary for putting her formerly carefree, happy life on hold in order to punish Neil Winters. Hilary said that avenging her mother's death was the spark that drove her life. Mason ended his relationship with Hilary. She pretended not to care. Mason warned that he'd be long gone by the time Hilary realized she needed him.

Leslie stopped by Hilary's room. Hilary angrily noted that Leslie was out of her league if her aim was to intimidate. Leslie replied, "I'm here on a peaceful mission. I bet you'd give anything to hear from your mother just one more time." Leslie gave Hilary a stack of letters and explained that Rose had written the letters to Gus. Leslie added that the letters had been her father's most precious belongings.

Leslie explained that she'd been dealing with her own pain and had been unable to recognize that Hilary had suffered pain, too. Hilary seemed unmoved by Leslie's sincerity. Leslie encouraged Hilary to read her mother's words. Leslie said, "Maybe you'll see that the way she died is not what you think." Leslie expressed her heartfelt condolences for Hilary's loss.

Mason ran into Devon in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Devon angrily said, "Go to hell and take your partner, Hilary, with you!" Mason claimed that he'd made a mistake by getting caught up with Hilary. Mason asked if Devon had ever become involved with the wrong woman. Devon said that he'd never agreed to help a woman deliberately ruin a family just because she'd smiled at him. Victor approached and asked if there was a problem. Devon replied, "Not at all, Mr. Newman. In fact, Mason was just about to walk away." Mason left.

Victor took a seat at Devon's table and praised him for using his great wealth to lead and take charge by offering a generous reward for information that would lead to the arrest of Delia's killer. Victor added, "With great wealth comes enormous responsibility. Katherine was very deliberate in her will. If you read between the lines, you'll surmise her message." Victor claimed that Katherine would want Devon to choose someone to guide him. Victor told Devon to contact him if he needed assistance.

Neil stopped by just before Victor left. Devon explained that Victor had stopped by to share insights about what Katherine had envisioned in her will. Neil warned that Victor always had an ulterior motive and that those not part of Victor's family were lowest on his priority list. Neil added that Katherine had trusted him. Neil told his son to be wary of people he couldn't trust. Nearby at the bar, Mason read that Devon had offered a million dollars in reward money to anyone who could provide information about Delia's hit-and-run accident. Mason scowled at Devon before closing his laptop and leaving the bar.

After Devon left, Neil met with Leslie. Leslie told Neil that she'd given Hilary the letters that Rose had written to Gus. Leslie added, "If we can't get through to Hilary, maybe her mother can." Neil said that it would be difficult for Hilary to learn that her parents weren't saints. Leslie reminded Neil that it wasn't his fault that Rose drank herself to death. Neil said he believed that Hilary was too far gone to let the matter go.

Alone in her room, Hilary held the stack of her mother's letters. Hilary seemed angry and hurt. Hilary sighed heavily. She finally opened a letter. Hilary slowly unfolded the pages and began reading the words her mother had written to Gus. Hilary cried softly when she read a passage Rose had written about her children.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe clutched Pinkerton as she looked at a picture of herself and Delia, and she vowed to be strong that day. Jill said that everyone would be there soon, and then they'd head over to the church. "Pinky and I are ready," Chloe softly stated, and Jill said that the stuffed horse would always remind them of Delia. Chloe said that she planned to give Pinkerton to Delia that day, because Delia couldn't sleep without him.

Later, Jill said that Lauren had sent her love, and Kevin added that Michael had, too. Jill announced that they'd meet everyone else at the church, and Esther said that she'd prepared a get-together after the ceremony. Chloe winced when Kevin tried to touch her.

Jack called out for the Abbotts to get breakfast before the service, and John appeared and praised Jack for doing a nice job. Jack argued that he could never take John's place, but John said that they'd done a remarkable job of coping without John, and the family would learn to survive without Delia. Jack didn't know how to get through to Billy, and John advised that sometimes there were no answers or reasons, but he assured Jack that he'd figure it out if he trusted himself.

Ashley wished Jack a good morning, and she informed him that she'd caught up with Billy at the park, but Billy had made it clear that although he was lost, he didn't want to be found. Jack said that they'd all been there themselves, and Ashley recounted that they wouldn't have made it back without one another. Jack pledged to be by Billy's side to get Billy through it.

Summer entered and said that she was sorry about the reason she was there, but Traci contended that times like that helped families grow closer. Summer suspected that the Newmans were thinking the same thing, and Jack commented that the families had been bound by the tragedy. Jack was glad that Victor wasn't blaming Billy, and Abby said that Victor was spending his energy on finding the driver. Summer remarked that the past year had taught her that the truth would always be revealed.

Victoria told Reed that she was sorry that he was back for a sad reason, but he had to say goodbye. Reed suggested that he could cheer Billy up with a video game, but Victoria didn't think anything would help. Billy entered, and Reed observed that he wasn't dressed for the funeral. Billy claimed that he'd overslept, but Reed said that it was okay to be afraid of a funeral, and he wrapped his arms around Billy.

Billy admitted that he was nervous about the day, but he thanked Reed for making him feel better. Victoria told Reed to go upstairs to say goodbye to Johnny, and she pointed out that Reed could see that Billy was hurting. Billy recalled that Delia had been able to see right through him, too. Victoria assured Billy that it was all right to talk about Delia, but Billy replied that it was the last thing he could do. Victoria urged him to get dressed, but Billy promised that he'd meet them there later.

The Newmans gathered in preparation for Delia's funeral, and Noah asked how Victoria was doing. Nikki reported that Victoria was devastated, although she was putting on a brave front. Nick said that the grieving would subside, but it was guilt that Victoria was battling. Victor declared that Victoria hadn't been responsible, but Nick remembered that he'd blamed himself for Cassie's death, and it had taken a long time for the feelings to go away, but having Summer had helped. Victor questioned why Summer wasn't there.

At the penthouse, Adam worried that the light was too bright for Connor, but Chelsea noted that it didn't seem to bother the baby. Adam thought that Connor might be looking at him, and Chelsea marveled that things were happening fast, because just a few days before, they'd thought their son would go blind. Adam questioned whether all was right with the world, and Chelsea clarified that it seemed to be with theirs, but it was hard to feel that way on the day Chloe was burying Delia.

Adam asked if Chelsea was going to the funeral, but Chelsea replied that she was scared to leave Connor. Adam offered to have some flowers sent over, and he inquired where the service was being held. Anita arrived to visit her grandson, and Adam grabbed his keys and said that he'd give Chelsea and Anita some time alone, because he had some business to take care of. Adam left, and Anita asked what was going on. Chelsea revealed that Adam had been acting strangely for a while.

Anita considered what it had taken for Chloe to make the decision to donate Delia's corneas, and she wanted to cry and hug Chloe at the same time. Chelsea refused to believe that the surgery wouldn't be a success, and she and Adam believed that Chloe and Billy had to know that some good had happened because of the tragedy. Anita remarked that it sounded like Chelsea and Adam had become a team, and Chelsea conceded that when she saw Adam looking at Connor, she saw the "old Adam."

Anita noted that it looked like Adam was treating Chelsea right while he held her prisoner, but he could never offer what Dylan had -- love and a real family. Anita recognized how much Chelsea had loved Dylan, and she was sorry that things hadn't worked out the way Chelsea had wanted. Anita asked how things had been going with Adam, and Chelsea was grateful that he wasn't fighting for custody, but Anita questioned whether Connor was all Chelsea and Adam shared. Chelsea insisted that they were simply co-parents, and she said that being a dad showed the best side of Adam, though he'd been uncharacteristically emotional for the past few days.

Chelsea picked up Connor as he cried, and she wondered if his eyes were bothering him. Anita suspected that Connor was colicky, just like Chelsea had been as a baby. Anita recalled that she'd rocked Chelsea for hours and had sung to her all night long, and Chelsea was surprised. Anita said that it had been their special time together, and she noticed that Chelsea seemed upset. Chelsea said that it didn't feel right to happily spend time with Connor while her friends were burying their little girl.

Outside the church, Victoria and Reed ran into Chloe and Kevin, and they made some small talk. Victoria offered her support to Chloe, and Chloe thanked her. Chloe marveled that Reed had gotten big, and Reed cried that he'd miss Delia. Reed hugged Chloe, who said that she'd miss Delia, too. Victoria reported that Billy had needed more time to get ready.

Traci expressed her condolences to Chloe, and Chloe confided that she felt like a piece of her had faded. Traci said that she knew what Chloe meant, and Chloe asked when it would stop. Traci assured Chloe that all of the love Chloe felt would never fade away, and they would never forget Delia. Jack echoed the sentiment, and Chloe said that Delia had been lucky to have Jack as an uncle. He replied that he had been the lucky one, and he hugged Chloe.

Victor sincerely said that he was sorry for Jack's loss, and Nikki hugged Jack. Victor and Nikki offered their condolences to Chloe, and Chloe said that Delia had loved them. Cane told Chloe that Delia had given the world a lot of life and that Delia was in heaven, shining her light down. Cane explained that Lily had stayed home to tend to their sick twins, and he quickly apologized, but Chloe urged him never to apologize for speaking about his children, because he was lucky to have them.

Kevin asked where Billy was, and Chloe requested that Kevin ask the minister to hold on for a couple of minutes. She stood alone outside the church, and Billy approached. Chloe broke down, and Billy pulled her into his arms. He asked if she was ready to say goodbye to their little girl, and she tearfully shook her head. He agreed that he wasn't, either, but he suggested that they do it together.

The minister declared that they had gathered to celebrate and honor Delia's life, which had been cut tragically short. He continued that many people were questioning why her death had happened, and he wondered if there was anyone who could answer that question. The minister stated that it wasn't easy to trust in God's plan when faced with tragedy, because losing anyone was difficult, but it was unfathomable that the Lord would allow the loss of a child. Meanwhile, Adam hovered outside.

Chloe said that Delia had written a poem for Katherine's memorial entitled "Being Free," and she thought it was appropriate to read it again. Grieving family and friends left the church after the service, and Billy and Chloe sadly looked at one another and embraced. Meanwhile, Adam dropped off some flowers at the shrine dedicated to Delia at the accident scene. He gazed at the photos, stuffed animals, and candles scattered on the roadside, and he grappled with his guilt.

Adam picked up a handwritten note that said, "We'll never forget you, Delia." As he looked at a program from Delia's school play, a police officer approached and remarked that the sight was heartbreaking. Adam agreed, and the cop said that it made him want to give his own kids a hug. The officer asked if Adam was a father, and Adam declared that he was. The cop told Adam to take care and not to forget to hug his kid.

Victoria told Billy that her parents had taken Reed over to Jill's, and Billy recalled that he'd promised Reed that they'd do something special with Delia for Halloween. He added that Delia had made plans to scare Reed in her witch's outfit, but she'd never realized that she was cute, not scary. Billy called Delia a funny kid, and Victoria remarked that Delia had definitely been her father's daughter. Billy said that he'd been lucky to have Delia, and Victoria replied that Delia had been lucky to have a great father like him.

Billy declared that he would have done anything for Delia, including wearing silly outfits, and Victoria asked how many pretend cups of tea he'd sipped. Billy said that Delia had loved tea parties, and he'd miss every feather boa and pair of earrings Delia had put on him. Billy considered everything he and Delia wouldn't ever do together again, and he tearfully hoped that in spite of his screw-ups, Delia had known how much he'd loved her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther said that it had been a beautiful ceremony, and she loved that Chloe had read Delia's poem. Chloe said that she'd wanted it to be perfect, and Kevin assured her that Delia would have loved it. Esther added that Delia would have liked what else Esther had planned, and she opened the doors to the living room to reveal a tea party in progress. Friends and family wore silly hats and accessories, and Esther placed a pink boa around Chloe's neck. Chloe recalled that it had been Delia's favorite, and Billy entered, but he quickly walked out.

Traci confronted Billy in the foyer and assumed that he wasn't in the mood for a tea party, and he warned her not to tell him how he felt. She said that no one could possibly know, and he apologized for thinking that he had understood her pain when Colleen had died. She said that it was a horrible club to be in, and he wished that he could get out of it and go back. Traci hugged him.

Nikki hugged Reed, and she wished that he were around more often, so she could spoil him. She noticed Jill staring at them, and she approached Jill. Jill said that the exchange had reminded her of Chance, who she hadn't had the chance to spoil since he'd grown up in California, but she'd looked forward to a lifetime of spoiling Delia. Nikki comforted Jill. Cane remarked to Victor that he missed Katherine, and Victor replied that Katherine had always had a knack for saying the right things, and Katherine would have been a comfort to Chloe. Cane envisioned Katherine looking out for Delia.

Ashley asked how Victor was holding up, and she wished that Billy wouldn't try to hold it together. Victor said that some people had difficulty showing emotions, and they hugged. Victor approached Billy and said that Billy had faced something that day that no father should ever have to face, but Billy had done it with dignity and courage. Victor stated that John would have been proud.

After the guests left, Jill pointed out that someone hadn't even touched the tea in a particular cup, and Esther confessed that she'd left it there for Delia. An emotional Esther expected Jill to call her a scatterbrain, but Jill sobbed that it was the sweetest thing she'd ever seen. Esther cried that she missed Delia, and she'd wanted the party to be perfect for Chloe. Jill believed that Chloe was afraid to let her feelings out, but sometimes it was harder to keep them in. Kevin entered and asked if the women had seen Chloe, and Esther said that Chloe was in her room. Kevin realized that Chloe was gone.

At the ranch, Victor was happy that Summer had decided to spend time with the Newmans after the service, and Nick pointed out that he was sure that the Abbotts had been happy to have her with them earlier. Noah remarked that Summer had become popular, and Summer wished that she'd realized sooner that she had a place in both families. Noah proclaimed that Summer was stuck with him, and Victor decreed that Summer would always be a Newman. Summer clarified that she would always be both a Newman and an Abbott.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley said that she shouldn't miss her plane, but Abby countered that she wouldn't mind if Ashley did. Ashley said that the one thing that made it easier to leave was seeing Abby happy, and Abby stated that the only thing missing in her life was Ashley. Ashley promised that they'd see one another soon, and she ran into Jack as she headed out. Jack pointed out that they'd kept saying that they would stay in closer touch, but then they only seemed to gather for funerals. He told her to be home soon, or he'd drag her there from New York. Jack closed the door behind her, and John proclaimed that Jack had become the head of the family.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea stared at him as he dazedly sat down without saying a word. She inquired where he'd been, and he vaguely replied that he'd had something to take care of. Chelsea wondered if his mood had to do with losing Newman Enterprises, but Adam gazed at Connor and said that jobs and businesses could be replaced, but losing a child lasted forever. Chelsea hoped that the person who'd run down Delia would one day suffer as much as Billy and Chloe were. Adam contemplated that maybe the person already was.

Chloe stopped by to see Chelsea. As Adam held Connor, Chloe cried that it had been hard to realize that she'd never hear Delia's voice ever again and never feel Delia's little arms around her. Chloe whimpered that whenever she saw Connor, she would see Delia. Chloe smiled at the baby through her tears, and Adam placed Connor in her arms. Chloe gazed at Connor and cried, and a guilty Adam looked away.

At home, Victoria offered to make Billy and Reed some food, but Billy remained quiet. She took Reed upstairs to check on Johnny, and Billy spotted some of Delia's things on the table. He picked up Delia's jacket and smelled it, and he stared at a photo of him with a very young Delia. As he picked up the photo, he heard a scratching noise, and he disregarded it at first, but he heard it again. He opened the front door and found Dash waiting on the porch.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cane and Lily took Charlie and Mattie to Crimson Lights for a snack before meeting Neil at the Halloween carnival. Fen watched as Cane arm-wrestled and laughed with his son. Fen made a phone call to his drug supplier, Raven.

Lily suggested that she and Cane skip the carnival and take the kids trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, where they would be closer to home and safer. Cane told Lily that they could not keep their kids in a bubble, that Charlie and Mattie had to grow up to be normal kids.

Sharon thanked Noah for watching Faith while she met with her new psychiatrist, who was making a big difference. When Noah asked why Sharon had gone off her meds, Sharon explained that those meds had not been right for her, because she felt neither highs nor lows, just numb all the time. Sharon said that with her new meds and new doctor, she finally felt that she was back on track.

Noah wondered if Sharon was telling the truth or if it was just another attempt to get back with Nick. Nick walked in and overheard Noah. Nick said that Noah was making Sharon uncomfortable. Sharon said that the question did not bother her because she knew that she would never get back together with Nick.

Sharon explained that she had been hit very hard on the anniversary of Cassie's death, and she had been trying to recreate the happiness that she had felt before Cassie's death. Sharon said that if she had been taking her medication, that would not have happened. Sharon said that she could not stand the thought of Noah or Nick being disappointed in her.

Noah said that he felt the same way, which was why he had avoided telling Nick and Sharon that he was giving his two-week notice to Nick and taking a job with Victor. Nick said that he had already had his say and only wanted what was best for Noah. Noah was happy when he left Sharon's place.

Sharon worried about Noah working for Victor, but Nick had confidence that Noah was up to the task. Nick said that Noah was a grown man who needed to make his own mistakes. Sharon feared that she would fall apart if Noah crashed and burned. Nick told Sharon that she was a good mother and that she would be stronger than she knew if Noah needed her.

Sharon called Faith downstairs to go trick-or-treating with Nick, who gave Faith a serious safety lesson. Faith asked Sharon to go with them, but Sharon said that Faith needed some daddy-daughter time with Nick. After Faith and Nick left, Cassie appeared to Sharon and demanded to know why Sharon had not gone along with Nick and Faith.

Sharon said that she had been wrong during the past few months because she had been trying to recreate a happier time in her life, but she had realized that she could not go back. When Cassie asked why not, Sharon told Cassie that Cassie was not really there. She added that she was seeing Cassie less and less often and knew that when her new meds were fully effective, Cassie would disappear for good. Cassie asked if Sharon would miss her. Sharon replied that she would miss Cassie more than words could say. Cassie said that she would always be there if Sharon ever needed her.

Neil went to see Hilary at her request. He was wary at first, but Hilary explained that after reading the letters that Leslie had given her, the letters that Rose had written to Gus, Hilary had realized how mistaken her anger and vindictive behavior had been. Hilary apologized for all the hurt she had caused Neil's family. Hilary admitted that she had ignored Rose's drinking problem as well as the part that Hilary's leaving for college had played in it.

Neil was comforting and sympathetic. He understood Hilary's pain and loss, which he had experienced over Drucilla a few days before he had met Rose. Neil apologized to Hilary for leaving Rose alone. Hilary forgave Neil and urged him to forgive himself. Neil accepted Hilary's apology, and they shared a moment. Neil said it took a big person to admit that they were wrong.

Neil said that the last step of the twelve-step program was to practice the steps by helping others. Neil offered Hilary a job and left. Alone, Hilary held Rose's letters, looked out the window, and sobbed.

Raven met Fen at the coffeehouse. She gave him pills. He said that they were different from the previous batch, and he wanted those. Raven said that they were acquired from a different supplier, and she would make a call. In another corner of the coffeehouse, Noah met up with Courtney and told her his news. Courtney said that Noah was born to be a business mogul. Noah said that his folks were not happy with his decision.

Courtney said that Summer had gone against Nick's wishes, and Summer was very happy modeling. Courtney advised Noah to do what made him happy. Noah kissed Courtney and said that kissing her made him happy. Raven returned to Fen and said she had been holding out and tossed a baggie at him. Fen told her to be careful because Noah and Courtney were nearby and might catch on.

Raven said not to worry because Courtney was one of her best customers. Raven walked away from Fen to a counter next to Courtney and Noah. Courtney reacted but did not acknowledge Raven. Noah noticed, but Courtney explained that she was thinking that they needed a more upscale venue to celebrate. Raven smiled as they left the coffeehouse.

Neil was late to the carnival, so Lily took Mattie to the fun house while Cane took Charlie to the bumper cars. When Neil arrived, he told them about his meeting with Hilary and her sincere apology. Cane and Lily were skeptical. When Neil said that he had offered Hilary a job, Lily said that there was no way that she was working anywhere near that witch.

Noah and Courtney exchanged banter. She teased him about shrieking like a little girl when he had seen a zombie at the Halloween carnival. Noah denied shrieking, but Courtney told Noah that he was adorable. They laughed and shared a kiss.

Nick and a sleepy Faith had hot chocolate at Crimson Lights after trick-or-treating. Faith had been scared by a gruesome costume worn by a teenager. Nick said that it was okay to be scared, but that it was just a trick by a cruel teenager. Nick said he was scared of things, also, like clowns and flying monkeys. Nick told Faith that it was okay with him if she wanted to stay daddy's little girl forever. Faith climbed into Nick's lap and hugged him.

Lauren went to see Michael in prison. She was outraged to see that he had been beaten up and further outraged when Michael refuse to tell anyone or report the attack to the authorities. Michael said that the only thing that cons hate more than a D.A. was a snitch, and he did not intend to earn that label. Lauren was furious. She told Michael that if he would not do something then she would. Lauren stormed out as Michael begged her not to make his situation worse.

Christine found Paul in his office, working on Carmine's murder case. Paul said that the only thing that he was sure of was that Michael had not done it. When Christine asked who had done it, Paul said that if Lauren had done it, she would have been justified, so Paul suspected that Michael was covering up for Fen. Christine wondered why, because Michael had not covered up the last time that Fen had been accused of a crime.

Paul said that on the last occasion, Michael had been the D.A. and had needed to follow the law. Later, Michael had felt very bad when he had found out that Fen was innocent. Paul said that Michael was doing whatever it took to keep Fen, who would not survive, out of prison. Paul said that Michael was tough as nails beneath his polished exterior and would survive prison.

Christine said that Fen had said that he had been high on drugs and had not remembered what he had done. Christine added that Lauren had confirmed that Fen had been using drugs that night. Paul said that a new forensics report would be on his desk the following morning. Christine said that it was the universe's way of telling them to go home and have some Halloween fun of their own.

As Paul and Christine were about to leave the police station, Lauren burst in and told them what was going on with Michael. Christine made some calls and then went to Michael to tell him that she had arranged to have him moved to a safer area where the informers were housed. Michael said that he had a bad feeling.

As Lauren waited with Paul, a patrolman booked a handcuffed Fen on charges of possession with intent to sell. Fen smiled at Paul and Lauren and said that it looked like he was going to prison after all.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Billy flipped through photos of Delia, and Victoria handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. Victoria remarked that they were almost out of candy, and she suggested that she and Billy pretend not to be home. Billy replied that he didn't want to be "that family," because Delia had loved Halloween. He mused that Chloe had wanted Delia to go as Lady Gaga, but he had preferred that Delia dress up as Al Capone. Billy recalled that after Delia had played the wicked witch, she hadn't wanted to be the bad guy anymore -- she had wanted to be an angel.

Victoria offered to make dinner, and she wondered aloud if they'd have any more trick-or-treaters, but Billy remained silent. She mentioned that she'd put Dash in the back yard so he wouldn't bark at the doorbell, and she remarked that it had been amazing that the dog had found his way back. Billy said that he'd been angry when he'd first seen Dash, because he'd thought that if a dog could find his way home, then maybe Delia would, too. Billy pointed out that Dash had been the last one to see Delia before the accident, other than the person who'd killed her, and he wished that Dash could tell the cops who it had been. Victoria said that they needed a magical talking dog, and Billy coldly stated that it would take one to find the driver who'd killed his kid.

Victoria started to leave to let the dog in, but Billy ordered her not to do it, because he couldn't take another night of Dash scratching at Delia's door. Billy said that every time he saw Dash, he imagined Delia's face when he'd given Dash to her, and he couldn't bear to look at the dog. Victoria gently touched his shoulders, but Billy pulled away. He said that he didn't know why Delia had let the dog out of the car, but Dash had been the reason she'd been on the road, so Dash could stay outside. Victoria offered to find Dash a good home the next day, and Billy resumed looking at photos of Delia.

Victoria said that dinner would be ready soon and that she'd get Johnny ready for bed, but Billy was unresponsive. She went upstairs, and he closed the photo album and picked up the newspaper, which had a headline about the police search for the hit-and-run driver. The doorbell rang, and Billy found a smiling boy dressed in a costume on the porch. The boy cheerily repeated his request for a trick or treat, and Billy dumped the remaining contents of the bowl of candy into the child's bag. Billy closed the door, turned off the light, and dejectedly sank to the floor.

Victoria called to Billy and turned on the light, but Billy snapped for her to turn it off again. She sat down next to him, and she said that she understood that he would rather sit in the dark than look at everything that reminded him of Delia. Victoria realized that there was nothing she could do to help, but she assured Billy that there were people who could help. Billy replied that he needed to sit there a little longer and think. Victoria went to check on dinner, and Billy opened his laptop and performed an online search to find out what the punishment was for a hit-and-run.

Nick and Faith stopped by the ranch to show off her Halloween costume. Victor invited them in and told Faith to go to the kitchen for a surprise. Faith ran off, and Nick dryly hoped that the surprise wasn't a pony. Victor wondered why they'd arrived early, and Nick explained that some older kids in masks had spooked Faith. He added that she had been on edge all week, and Victor surmised that it had been because of what had happened to Delia.

Nick said that he'd heard that Noah had decided to work for Victor, and Victor called Noah a natural in business. Faith returned with a cookie, and Victor kissed her and directed her to play with some toys upstairs. Nick asked if Victor was sure about having a sleepover with a child on sugar overload, and Victor mentioned that Nikki had complained that she didn't see her grandchildren enough. Victor added that he was concerned that Nikki had seemed preoccupied with Nick and Victoria's childhood photos. Nick wondered if Delia's death had caused Nikki's odd behavior, but Victor commented that Nikki had looked as if she'd lost something that she was trying to get back.

Nikki ran into Avery at the Athletic Club, and Avery declared that she was off the clock and that she wouldn't be a go-between. Nikki said that she understood, and Avery said that she resented Nikki for unloading a secret on Avery under the guise of asking for legal advice. Avery complained that she was caught between a client and someone she cared about, and Nikki agreed that it wasn't fair. Avery flatly stated that she wouldn't share personal information about Dylan.

Nikki apologized to Avery for using attorney-client privilege to spill a secret, but she hadn't known if it had been safe to share it with Dylan. Avery accused Nikki of using her, and Nikki admitted that she'd hoped that Avery would urge her to start a relationship with Dylan. Avery cautioned that Dylan's world had been blown apart, and the last thing Dylan needed was to bond with Nikki. Nikki said that she was aware of how Chelsea's lies had affected Dylan, and she wanted to comfort him, but she knew that she couldn't.

Nikki said that part of her wished that she hadn't looked for answers, but she couldn't pretend that she didn't know that Dylan was her son. Avery asked if Nikki planned to tell Dylan the truth, but Nikki didn't know. Nikki struggled to lift her glass, and Avery worriedly inquired whether Nikki was okay, but Nikki replied that it was nothing out of the ordinary for her. Avery quietly revealed that Dylan's friends mattered to him, and his experience in battle had had a profound effect on him. Avery contended that what she'd said was a start for Nikki to get to know Dylan, and Nikki said that she appreciated it. Nick spotted the women and asked what was going on.

Nikki claimed that she and Avery were finishing up some legal work, and she invited Nick to join her for a drink. Avery left, and Nick was suspicious that Nikki had been meeting with Avery when Victor had a fleet of lawyers. Nikki downplayed it as some mundane work on her will, and Nick suggested that they leave soon to see Faith in her costume. Nikki proclaimed that she was excited to have Faith spend the night, and Nick revealed that Victor was concerned about Nikki. Nick mentioned her preoccupation with his and Victoria's old photos, and Nikki conceded that she had been thinking about the past. Nick asked if she'd been thinking about them or about another kid, and Nikki tried to disguise her surprise.

Nick clarified that Delia's death had made every parent hold on to their children tighter, so he was even more baffled that Nikki had hired Avery after Avery had left him at the altar. Nikki argued that Avery was an excellent attorney who was familiar with Nikki's affairs, and she hadn't intended to make Nick uncomfortable. Nick said that seeing Avery stirred up things, and it made him even madder at Dylan. Nikki insisted that the botched wedding hadn't been Dylan's fault and that Avery had made her own choices, but Nick griped that Dylan had influenced Avery.

Nick snarled that he had no use for Dylan, and Nikki told him not to say that. Nick demanded to know why he shouldn't. Nikki said that she hated to see Nick upset and holding a grudge, but Nick countered that he couldn't forgive and forget that Dylan had caused problems for him and Avery, and he held Dylan responsible for their breakup. Nikki advised Nick to give it time, but Nick pointed out that he still hated Adam, and Adam was his brother. Nikki looked stricken.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie asked Devon if his reward had helped the police investigation, but Devon lamented that most of the calls had been phony attempts to cash in. Leslie called the opportunists sick, and Devon regretted that his attempt to do something meaningful with his money had only bogged the police down, but Leslie pointed out that it might only take one solid lead. She approached the counter, and Dylan said that he wanted to hire her as his divorce attorney.

Leslie explained that Dylan would need to prove the breakdown of his marriage to have grounds for divorce, and then they would have to discuss the division of property and assets. Dylan mentioned that he and Chelsea hadn't even been married for three months, so they'd never had a chance to build anything together. Leslie said that the paperwork should be straightforward, and Dylan and Chelsea would both need to sign the petition. Dylan looked surprised, and Leslie asked if he thought that would be an issue.

Dylan explained that he and Chelsea hadn't really talked since their breakup, but even though she hadn't wanted to split up, she had to know that their relationship was over. Leslie pointed out that Dylan could file for an annulment, since Chelsea had willingly deceived him when they'd entered their marriage, but Dylan hesitated to treat the marriage like it had never happened, because it would be like erasing Chelsea and Connor from his past. Dylan recognized that he had no legal rights to Connor, but he couldn't say that Connor had never been a part of his life.

Dylan contended that no matter how he felt about Chelsea, he would never forget that he had been the first person who'd held Connor, and that connection couldn't be broken. Leslie recognized that Dylan preferred to proceed with a divorce, and he asked how soon she could make it happen. Leslie said that it was just a matter of paperwork if both parties agreed that the marriage was broken, but otherwise, it would be up to the judge. Leslie urged Dylan to talk to Chelsea.

Avery arrived and asked what Leslie and Dylan were up to, and Dylan disclosed that he'd hired Leslie to handle his divorce. Dylan stepped away, and Leslie wondered how Avery felt about Dylan being a free man. Avery mentioned that she and Dylan had shared a good conversation about their relationship, and she had tried to make him understand that they wouldn't get back together. Avery continued that Dylan had just gotten out of a relationship with a huge secret, and he couldn't go through it again. Leslie asked what Avery meant, because Chelsea had been the one with the secret, not Avery.

Across the coffeehouse, Mason approached Devon and remarked that they'd gotten off on the wrong foot, but Devon retorted that Mason had set out to hurt everyone Devon cared about. Mason swore that he wasn't a bad person, and he offered to make it up to Devon. Mason guessed that Devon had been overwhelmed since he'd received his inheritance, and Devon assumed that Mason wanted to manage his assets, but Mason clarified that he could assist Devon with taking care of things. Devon questioned why Mason thought that Devon would trust him with anything, and he walked away. Mason lifted Devon's wallet and looked through it.

Devon dropped by the ranch, and he and Victor shook hands. Devon said that he'd been thinking about what Victor had said about Katherine sending a message with what she'd left them. Victor remarked that Katherine had liked to send people in different directions, but she'd always known where she'd wanted them to end up. Devon confided that he'd been confused ever since he'd had a fortune dumped in his lap, and he didn't feel right just having the money sit there. Victor counseled that great wealth could be a burden, but it didn't have to be a curse.

Devon said that Neil hadn't been thrilled about Devon seeking Victor's advice, and Victor replied that he had nothing to gain by advising Devon, but he was just interpreting what Katherine had put in her will. Victor suggested that Devon stop by his office the following week, and he asked if anything had happened as a result of Devon's reward offer. Devon fretted that the cops were drowning in phony leads, and he said that it was frustrating to have money and not be able to make something happen. The men wished one another goodnight, and Victor placed a call and summoned someone to meet with him immediately.

Victor assigned an investigator to find the person responsible for Delia's death. The investigator pointed out that it was a high-profile case with a million-dollar reward, but Victor said that he'd pay even more for results. The investigator noted that the cops had been thorough, but Victor maintained that he wanted the investigator to find the person who had left Delia dying in the road. Victor recognized that nothing would get Delia back, but he hoped to give peace to her family.

Devon returned to the coffeehouse and looked around. Mason handed Devon back his wallet and claimed that he'd found it on the floor. Devon began to flip through the wallet, and Mason incredulously asked if Devon thought that Mason had stolen the money. Devon pulled out some bills as a reward, but Mason insisted that it wasn't necessary.

At the penthouse, Chelsea informed Adam that the nanny was giving Connor a bath before they met with the doctor, and Adam grumbled that Dr. Lentz had pushed back their appointment. Chelsea chalked up Adam's attitude to being anxious, and she said that they'd know about the results in just a few more hours. Adam paced, and he realized that before the night was over, they would learn whether their son could see or if he'd be living in darkness for the rest of his life.

Chelsea said that Chloe had also been praying that Connor's transplant had worked, and Adam barked that they were Connor's eyes, not Delia's. He griped that they wouldn't be having that discussion if the donor had been anonymous, but Chelsea argued that her best friend's daughter had died tragically, and Delia had lost her life for nothing if Connor couldn't see. Chelsea went to answer the door, and Adam heard the squeal of tires in his head. Chelsea returned with an unmarked package, and she found a silver spoon engraved with Connor's initials inside. Adam concluded that it was from Victor, and he groused that his son had enough problems already.

Adam said that the spoon represented the wealth and opportunity of being a Newman, and he divulged that Victor had already tried to stake a claim on Connor by setting up a portfolio with company stock options. Adam reported that he'd torn up the options in Victor's face, and Chelsea said that she'd return the gift. Adam received a call, and he jumped to his feet. He told Chelsea that Dr. Lentz was ready for them.

Adam worried that Connor wouldn't be warm enough, and Chelsea commented that she'd read that the upcoming winter was supposed to be especially cold. Adam pointed out that they were nervously making idle chitchat, but Chelsea was determined to be hopeful for Connor's sake. Chelsea accepted responsibility for Connor's condition, and she hoped that Connor would be able to look into Adam's eyes and recognize Adam for who he was. Adam guiltily looked away.

At the hospital, Dr. Lentz apologized for the delay and the late hour, and Chelsea asked for the verdict. The doctor said that he had been encouraged by Adam and Chelsea's observations, but he needed to conduct a few simple tests. Dr. Lentz examined Connor, and Adam anxiously inquired whether his son could see.

Friday, November 1, 2013

At the prison, Kevin fretted when he saw Michael's beaten face, but Michael joked that it was just the lousy lighting, and he said that it looked worse than it really was. Kevin asked who'd done it, but Michael simply hugged his brother and said that it was good to see him. Kevin pointed out that ten years was a long time to get beaten up, but Michael insisted that he'd make the same choice again to keep his wife and son safe.

Kevin said that he'd heard about Fen's confession, and Michael explained that Fen had been trying to save him, but Christine didn't think that the judge would take Fen's statement seriously. Kevin offered to talk to Fen, but Michael was more concerned about how Kevin was dealing with Delia's death. An emotional Kevin said that the police didn't have much to go on, and he complained that he'd been banned from helping. Michael assured Kevin that Kevin had been the best possible stepfather and that Delia had loved Kevin. Michael said that Delia would tell Kevin not to blame himself, because she'd known that there was nothing Kevin wouldn't do to help her.

Kevin thanked Michael for his words about Delia, and he wished that he knew what to say or do to make things better for Chloe. Michael advised Kevin to just keep loving her, and Kevin wondered if that was enough. Michael contended that love was the only thing getting Michael through, and he was certain that he'd make it. Kevin promised that he'd visit Michael again soon, but Michael said that Chloe needed Kevin more. Kevin realized that his intention had been to support Michael, but Michael had ended up looking out for him. Michael said that he would always be Kevin's big brother, and the men hugged.

Lauren asked Paul when she could see Fen, and Paul informed her that Fen would be there soon to be transferred to the prison. Lauren begged Paul to do something to help her son, and she thought that there had to be an option other than prison. Paul explained that Fen had copped a plea the first time, but since Fen had been caught with drugs again, he had to serve out his sentence. Lauren wailed that Fen would be placed with hardened criminals, and she insisted that there had to be a loophole. Paul said that Fen would have a chance to fight in court, but in the meantime, Fen had no choice but to wait in prison.

Lauren hugged Fen, and he assured her that he was fine. Lauren scolded Fen for getting involved with drugs again and for being arrested, and Fen said that he'd just wanted to get high after his parents had forbidden him from telling the truth. Lauren argued that they'd been trying to protect Fen, and she worried that the drug charge was a felony. Fen revealed that he'd decided to get himself arrested, because he couldn't live with getting away with killing Carmine when Michael was suffering.

Lauren cautioned that Fen didn't know what he'd gotten himself into, because prison would make his holding cell look like a hotel. She didn't understand why he'd put himself at risk, and Fen argued that if Michael told the truth, then there would be no reason for Michael to remain in prison. Paul entered to announce that the prison transport was there, so he had to handcuff Fen. Lauren sobbed that she loved Fen, and he replied that he loved her, too. An officer led Fen away, and Paul comforted Lauren.

Paul reminded Lauren that the situation didn't have to be like that, and he questioned how Fen was supposed to deal with his father being in prison when Fen knew that Michael was innocent. Paul theorized that maybe Fen himself had killed Carmine, but Lauren stood by Michael's story. Paul yelled that Lauren and Michael weren't helping Fen by covering for him, and he griped that he was tired of the three of them manipulating the system and making things worse than they had to be. Lauren blamed Carmine for tormenting them from the grave.

A guard led Fen through the prison, and they crossed paths with Michael, who demanded to know what Fen was doing there. A guard ordered Michael to follow the rules, and Fen said that he'd be okay. The guard forcefully steered Michael away as Michael yelled after Fen.

Neil stopped by the Abbott mansion at Jack's request, and Jack admitted that he needed the help that Neil had offered. Neil asked if Jack had used, and Jack replied that he hadn't and that he hadn't been tempted, but he was worried. Jack recounted the upheaval that he'd gone through in the past few months, and he'd held it together because his family had needed him, but the house had been quiet when he'd woken up that day. Jack continued that he'd felt a terrible sense of emptiness, and it had scared him that he'd barely been able to get out of bed.

Neil said that Jack had experienced a crash, which was what happened after a trauma. Neil explained that people were forced to deal with practical matters for a few days, but then reality set in. Jack said that there was nothing that he had to do that day, and he just wanted to escape. Neil reminded Jack that Jack's family was leaning on him, but Jack wondered what would happen if he couldn't hold himself together.

Neil recalled that Jack had been strong enough to overcome his addiction for months, but Jack asked why he felt that he was slipping. Neil remarked that they put pressure on themselves to be strong, and Jack said that he hated feeling weak. Neil advised him not to mistake grief for weakness, because it was normal to feel hurt and confused over the death of a child. Neil encouraged Jack to talk it out and to reach out to his family. Jack thanked Neil for knowing that Jack needed help even before Jack did, and he wished that he could return the favor. Neil said that maybe he could.

Neil told Jack about the night of Rose's death and Hilary's plan to seek revenge. Neil said that Hilary didn't blame him anymore and that they'd reached an understanding, and he'd offered her a job, but Lily had threatened to resign. Neil acknowledged that he'd asked too much of his family, but he wanted to give Hilary a fresh start, and he suggested that perhaps Jack could find a position for her at Jabot. Jack questioned whether Neil was trying to help the daughter of the woman who had died or if Neil was simply trying to ease his guilt.

In her hotel room, Hilary cried as she read one of Rose's letters. Cane arrived and informed her that Neil had told him about her apology, but Cane thought that Hilary was delusional if she believed that Cane bought her act. Hilary conceded that she'd never thought that Neil would accept her apology or give her a job, and she admitted that what she'd done had been horrible. Cane spat that he wasn't just angry at her but also with himself for trusting her, and she asked if he was there because of Neil's job offer. Cane barked that he didn't want her anywhere near his wife, and he ordered Hilary to pack her bags.

Hilary said that she regretted her actions and that she understood why Cane hated her, and she recognized that he'd been a good boss and friend. She admitted that she should have realized that it hadn't been right to make his family the victims of her anger, but Cane pointed out that she'd kept pushing and hadn't stopped. Hilary defended that she'd been consumed with grief, and she asked if Cane had ever lost someone he'd loved. He replied that he had, and she asserted that her grief had changed her.

Cane refused to be conned again, and Hilary didn't blame him for doubting her, but she swore that she wouldn't harm anyone. He asked her to prove it by leaving and never looking back, and she murmured that she had nothing to stay for. Cane left, and he ran into Neil in the hallway. Cane said that he'd told Hilary to leave town, and Neil thought that Cane's demand sounded harsh, but Cane countered that forcing Hilary to work with Neil's family wouldn't fix things. Cane urged Neil to find a way to forgive himself and to let Hilary go.

Neil visited Hilary and mentioned her unpleasant conversation with Cane. She recognized that Cane's feelings were justified, and she understood and accepted that the rest of Neil's family didn't approve of his job offer. Neil admitted that he should have asked them first, and Hilary refused to accept the job. Neil suggested that she work in another area of Jabot for his friend, and he handed her Jack's business card.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe blasted someone on the phone for missing a marketing deadline, but she softened when she heard that he was spending Halloween with his kids. She said that she would call back the next day.

Dr. Lentz examined Connor, and he reported that Connor's eyes were responding properly, so the transplant had been successful. Chelsea gasped excitedly, and Adam looked heavenward. Chelsea said that she couldn't thank Dr. Lentz enough, and Adam cuddled Connor and whispered that his son had done great. Chelsea asked what happened next, and the doctor gave them a prescription for eye drops and told them to schedule a follow-up exam, but otherwise, he believed that Connor would be fine.

At the penthouse, Adam marveled that Connor was looking around everywhere, and Chelsea remarked that Connor was seeing the world for the first time. Adam said that nothing meant more to him than Connor being okay. Chelsea gushed that Connor's whole world had suddenly changed because he could see, and she noted that she and Adam had made great strides for their son's sake. Chelsea declared that she needed to start looking ahead, and she wanted to discuss her moving out.

Chelsea reasoned that she'd only moved in so that Adam could keep an eye on her, but they were in a good place, so she no longer needed to live there. Chelsea suggested that they determine a fair custody arrangement, but Adam accused her of being insincere while he'd acted in good faith, and she countered that he couldn't control her life or Connor's. Chloe burst in and complained that the marketing campaign was falling apart, but she spotted Connor and realized that she'd forgotten about the doctor's appointment. Chloe asked how Connor was doing, and Chelsea revealed that the baby could see.

Chloe proclaimed that it was the best news ever, and Adam thanked her. Adam offered to give the women some time alone, and as he guiltily headed for the door, he heard Chloe say that it meant a lot to know that part of Delia would live on in Connor. After Adam left, Chelsea credited Chloe and Billy for keeping Connor from being blind for the rest of his life. Connor gurgled, and Chelsea went to warm up a bottle.

Chloe crossed over to the fussy baby and picked him up. She said that her little girl had given Connor a gift so that he could see all the beautiful things in the world. She cooed that he'd see his first Christmas tree with lights and the candle on his first birthday cake, and she named off all the wonderful sights he'd behold. Chelsea entered as Chloe whimpered that he'd see incredible things, and she told the baby not to take any of them for granted.

Chloe told Connor that he would go to fashion week with his mom and that he'd see the Great Wall of China, but nothing would compare to watching the steam roll off the lake when the sun rose. Chloe spotted Chelsea watching her, and she became tearful that she wouldn't experience those things with Delia. Chloe handed Connor to Chelsea and said that she should let Chelsea revel in her incredible day. Chloe said that guilt didn't look good on Chelsea, and she assured Chelsea that knowing Delia's death wasn't in total vain made things better. Chloe hurried out.

Adam went to the Abbott mansion and told Jack that Connor's transplant had been a success, and Jack congratulated him. Adam recognized that Delia's corneas had saved his son's sight, but Jack suspected that something else was going on, since Adam was there instead of with his son. Adam said that Chloe had dropped by, and Chelsea had given her the news. Jack assumed that the exchange had been brutal, but Adam said that it hadn't been the only reason he'd wanted to get out of there.

Adam confessed that he felt that he didn't deserve such a miracle, because he worried about what Connor would think of Adam when Connor found out who Adam really was. Jack asserted that parenthood had forced them both to hold up a mirror and take a good look, and while Adam couldn't change the past, he could be a different person in the future. Jack declared that Adam was already a wonderful father, and he was sure that Adam would be the best man possible for his boy and that Adam would watch that reflected in Connor. Jack added that Connor would love Adam for exactly who he was.

Later, Summer arrived to see Jack, and he reported that the family had been happy that she'd joined them for Delia's service. She noticed that Jack was holding a photo of Delia, and she observed that Delia looked proud in the picture. Jack suspected that Billy had bribed Delia with ice cream to sit still, but he clammed up when he remembered that Billy had stopped for ice cream on the night of Delia's death. Jack fretted that he hadn't been able to find a way to comfort Billy, and Summer wondered who had been taking care of Jack.

Jack commented that Summer had been the second person to be concerned about him that day, and Summer mentioned that a lot of people were worried about him. She realized that Jack had been busy being strong for Billy, but she'd wanted to see for herself how Jack was doing. She told him that he should get accustomed to her checking on him, and she insisted upon making him a strawberry jam sandwich. He agreed, as long she shared it with him, and she went to the kitchen. Jack called the clinic in Georgia and asked the nurse if he could say a few words to Phyllis. Jack professed that he loved her and missed her, and he marveled that he was about to share a sandwich with their daughter.

Kevin found Chloe at Crimson Lights and informed her that he'd just seen Michael. She sympathized that Kevin had had a rough evening, but he was more concerned with how she'd spent her night. Chloe said that she'd been working, but she'd seen Chelsea and Connor, and the transplant had worked. Kevin remarked that it was good news, and Chloe fought back tears as she said that she was really happy for them, and she knew that Delia was, too. Chloe and Kevin embraced.

Chloe planned to keep working, but Kevin thought that she should get some sleep. She complained that she'd have nightmares, or even worse, she'd have beautiful dreams of Delia, but then she'd wake up and realize that Delia wasn't there. Chloe cried that she was afraid of the night, and Kevin volunteered to stay with her to make sure she was okay while she slept.

Adam returned home, and Chelsea told him that Chloe had left. He mentioned their discussion about Chelsea moving out, and she replied that she didn't want to fight with him on what had been a great day. He agreed, and she got up to put Connor down and then head to bed. She said that they'd talk more the next day, but Adam asked her to wait, and he kissed the baby's forehead and said that he loved him.

Adam dozed off on the couch and dreamed of a smiling Delia pouring him a cup of tea. He awakened with a start.

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