The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 19, 2015 on B&B

Liam put an end to Ivy's awkward bedroom line photo shoot and convinced Ivy and Steffy to bury the hatchet. Vivienne and Julius returned to mend fences, but Julius was livid when he heard about the surrogacy. Pam outed Caroline's pregnancy to the office -- and Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 19, 2015 on B&B
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Pam, Charlie, and Liam solve the baby mystery

Pam, Charlie, and Liam solve the baby mystery

Monday, October 19, 2015

In the photo studio, workers prepped Ivy for a photo shoot. Caroline asked if Steffy was sure Ivy was up for modeling lingerie. Steffy claimed that Ivy had said she'd do anything. Caroline replied that Steffy was putting it to the test. Steffy said it wasn't as if she was making Ivy undress for the camera, but Caroline jokingly said it was exactly what Steffy was asking. Chuckling, Steffy was sure Ivy would be fine.

Nearby, Ivy was a bundle of nerves, but Wyatt kept assuring her that she was smoking hot and would do fine. Steffy approached to initiate the shoot, and Ivy asked why Caroline was present. Steffy said it was to see how the initial designs photographed. "You mean she wants to see how I photograph," Ivy replied. Wyatt said that everyone was pulling for Ivy -- including Steffy.

Steffy said it was magic time. Music played, and Ivy stripped off her purple robe and revealed a purple bra and panty set. Steffy and Caroline grimaced at Ivy's stiff, embarrassed poses. Steffy said to loosen up because photographers like Sean weren't cheap. Liam arrived and grimaced at the scene.

Steffy instructed Ivy to imagine modeling for Wyatt in private. Liam studied the looks on Ivy's face, and after a few more moments, he declared that it was enough. He decided the shoot was over.

Steffy asked him what he thought he was doing. Liam asked the photography staff to leave and told Steffy that he wouldn't let it go on any longer. "The photo shoot?" she asked. Liam clarified that he was stopping the photo shoot, Ivy modeling the bedroom line, and the rivalry between the cousins.

Steffy didn't understand why Liam was acting as he was. Liam said Steffy couldn't make the uncomfortable Ivy parade around in her underwear. He said Steffy knew it wasn't Ivy's thing, which was why Steffy hadn't been able to resist. "Whoa...why are you calling me out?" Steffy asked.

Liam said he wasn't calling Steffy out. Instead, he was trying to get her to see where it all stemmed from. He stated that Ivy had been wrong and hurtful to use the video, but what Steffy was doing was also wrong and hurtful. He didn't think the actions were like either of them, and he believed the women were better than all the feuding. He asked them to remember the Forrester women before them, and he challenged them to be the royalty they were meant to be for both of their sakes.

Liam asked if the women wanted to remain bitter and vengeful. Ivy said she didn't. Steffy didn't answer, and Liam told Steffy that she knew it wasn't her. Ivy said she'd apologized for everything, and she wasn't just going through the motions -- if that was what Steffy thought. Steffy asked if Ivy really wasn't going through the motions and saying all the right things to get her job back.

Steffy said she and Ivy each felt as if they'd failed Aly. Liam stated that everyone felt that way. Steffy grumbled that they all hadn't blackmailed. Exasperated, Ivy said she'd apologized. Steffy responded that Ivy had gone over Steffy's head to pressure Eric to rehire her. Steffy asked how she was supposed to let it go. Ivy figured Steffy was admitting that the lingerie shoot was revenge.

Steffy stated that it was, and it wasn't; however, it was a good opportunity that most women would jump at. Ivy replied that Steffy knew Ivy wasn't one of those women. Liam decided that they were making progress and talking about the real issues. He asked the women to imagine how much they could accomplish at work, in the family, and in their personal lives if they put their differences aside.

Liam saw it as a chance for the women to rise to the occasion and turn from hurtful choices. He said they were exceptional women and cousins. He asked them to be such and more.

Later, Liam and Caroline had left, and Steffy asked if Wyatt planned to read her and Ivy the riot act, too. Wyatt replied that he wasn't angling for sainthood, but Liam was right about the women making peace. Wyatt apologized to Ivy for pushing her. She said he'd just been trying to help her. He kissed her and left her and Steffy alone to talk.

Once Wyatt was gone, Steffy asked if she and Ivy were really making peace or just pretending as a way to make the men happy. Ivy apologized for ruining the photo shoot. Steffy said Ivy shouldn't be sorry. "I went too far," Steffy admitted. Ivy replied that she'd also gone too far with the video. Steffy and Ivy agreed to never mention the video again.

Steffy was amazed by Liam's strong stance. Ivy said it had been about helping Steffy. Steffy asked if he ever got tired of being right. Ivy said it was sickening, and the women laughed.

In the CEO's office, Ridge fitted Christine, a model, who was saying that the models missed Thomas. Katie arrived as Christine exited and asked what Christine had meant. Ridge explained that the models were missing Thomas while he was in Paris. Katie wasn't surprised because Thomas was just as handsome and charming as his father. Ridge quipped that Thomas was nothing like him.

Katie said that Forrester men were all alike and could have any woman they wanted. Ridge replied that some lines shouldn't be crossed. She asked what Thomas was doing in Paris. Ridge stated that Thomas was designing, observing, and contemplating things he'd done in his life -- hopefully.

Katie asked if Ridge was angry at Thomas. Ridge shrugged it off, and Katie said Ridge and Thomas had issues with the past. She said parents weren't perfect, but with Caroline, Ridge had a chance to have other children and make a whole new set of mistakes or better choices. Katie concluded that he got to start over with Caroline without baggage.

Ridge questioned whether there could really be a fresh start and if that was what Katie believed she and Bill had. Katie asked if Ridge was wondering if the past ever reared its head, but then she told him that he didn't have to worry about that with Caroline, because nothing would get between the couple. Ridge replied that he wouldn't let it.

"So boy or girl?" Katie asked. Ridge squirmed with the question. She was sure a boy would be handsome and have a way with the ladies. She guessed that she was getting ahead of herself because Caroline wasn't even pregnant. "Right?" Katie asked.

Ridge stated that he'd promised to give his wife a baby. Katie responded that Ridge Forrester always kept his promises. Ridge corrected that he always "tried" to keep them. She said that a baby would strengthen the bond between two people, and she wondered how Thomas felt about it. She guessed Thomas was in Paris because he couldn't handle all that Ridge's new marriage entailed.

Ridge reverted back to the question about the sex of the baby. He said it didn't matter, as long as it was healthy. He stated that soon, he and Caroline would announce that they were expecting.

In the corridor, Pam and Charlie were curious about Thomas' sudden Paris trip. She couldn't get answers from Ridge, so she decided to send Thomas a text message.

Later, in the design room, Pam and Charlie hailed Liam as the great negotiator. Liam was bashful about it, but Caroline agreed. As she tried to explain what he'd done with Steffy and Ivy, Caroline got nauseous and rushed out of the room. Liam wondered what that was about.

Pam's thoughts silently turned as Charlie explained that Caroline had been running for the bathroom a lot. The men asked Pam if a stomach bug was going around. Pam said to hold the thought, and she dragged Charlie out of the room.

After a while, Pam and Charlie returned with a bag. Liam asked where they'd been. Charlie stated that Pam suspected that Caroline was pregnant. Pam added that all of the bouts of nausea called for a home pregnancy test. Pam held up the bag, but Liam pushed it down, saying it wasn't their business. Pam exclaimed how great it would be.

Caroline entered and asked how great what would be. She then noted how they were looking at her. Pam stated that Liam wanted to ask Caroline something. Liam asked how she was feeling. Caroline claimed to have eaten something funky for breakfast. Charlie wondered if that could be all it was and noted that Caroline looked pale. Caroline insisted she was fine and just needed to fix her makeup.

Liam offered to get her water, but Pam said lemon balm tea was good for "women who are -- " Liam interrupted, stating, "queasy." Caroline said she wasn't queasy. Charlie remarked that he and Pam had gone to the drug store. Caroline fiddled with her makeup, and Charlie asked if she wanted to know why they'd gone. Guessing it was for medication, Caroline thanked them but said she didn't need it.

Liam said that it wasn't medicine. Pam beamed and said, "It's a home pregnancy test!" Caroline was startled to see the pregnancy test Pam held up. Pam said the possible food poisoning might be morning sickness, and Charlie asked the "little potential mama-to-be" if she really wanted to know. Caroline said it was crazy, but Charlie replied that the tests were accurate.

Liam asked if there was a reason Caroline wouldn't want to know. Pam asked if Caroline was still on birth control. Caroline's eyebrows hiked up. Liam readily explained that none of it had been his idea, but he asked if it wouldn't be fun to end the suspense and find out with them if she was carrying Ridge's baby. Caroline stated that there was no suspense, and she didn't need to take the test.

Pam asked why. "Because I don't, Pam!" Caroline shrieked. She apologized for yelling and said it was a giant waste of time. Liam decided it was because Caroline knew already, and he asked if she was pregnant.

Just then, Ridge entered and asked what was going on. Liam said he believed they'd figured out the secret, and Caroline was pregnant. Ridge stared at the mortified Caroline.

Brooke quizzes Ridge about baby news

Brooke quizzes Ridge about baby news

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

by Pam

In the offices at Forrester, Liam, Pam, and Charlie congratulated Ridge on being an expectant father. Ridge was surprised by the conversation. Everyone wanted to celebrate with a big splashy announcement. Ridge disagreed.

Liam teased that he could help because he knew some publishers. Ridge refused the offer. He tried to do so good-naturedly, but he was adamant that they had wanted to keep the parenting news quiet because no one knew. Liam said that they were all like family at Forrester, but Ridge pointed out that his family and Caroline's did not know.

"You could have a little Ridge Forrester right inside your wife's tummy," Pam announced. Ridge and Caroline smiled nervously, and Ridge said they were very happy but wanted to keep it quiet for a while.

Pam said it had all been obvious when Caroline had gotten sick. Liam agreed. "It's a dream come true," Liam said, and he embraced Caroline.

Later, when Ridge and Caroline were alone, Ridge asked what had happened that everyone knew she was pregnant. "I didn't tell them," Caroline stammered. She explained what had transpired when she'd had morning sickness, and Charlie, Pam, and Liam had pressured her about being sick and refusing to take a pregnancy test.

Caroline explained that Liam had figured out that she'd already known she was pregnant, she said. Suddenly, Ridge was worried about Caroline's health. He wanted to be sure she had called the doctor and wasn't bleeding, and he wanted to take care of her.

Caroline worried that Ridge was mad at her. He hugged her and said he didn't want to see her in pain. He wanted to do something to make her feel better. He and Caroline discussed that they were excited about the baby, and Ridge promised it would be the best year of her life. They kissed and hugged. Caroline still did not feel well.

Ridge wanted Caroline to call the doctor. He didn't want to see her suffer. Caroline said it was all part of the process. Ridge didn't want her to worry about anything. He encouraged her to return home until she felt better. Caroline worried about Brooke.

Ridge said he would handle Brooke, but Caroline worried that if Pam knew, everyone in the building would know. Ridge promised to talk to Brooke. He encouraged her to calm down at home and concentrate on herself, him, and the baby. Caroline agreed, and she left.

Later, Pam and Charlie were alone. "It's always a good day when a baby's on the way," Pam said. Charlie noted that Ridge and Caroline had wanted to keep it quiet and announce it in their own way at their own time. Pam shushed him and said the news was out. Charlie tried to encourage Pam to keep it under wraps. "You're just saying, 'keep my mouth shut,'" Pam noted. Pam and Charlie started to argue over Pam's inability to keep a secret.

Brooke entered and wondered if she had interrupted a lovers' quarrel. Charlie shushed Pam about the news. Brooke pressured them to tell her what was going on, but Charlie refused. He wanted Pam to leave with him for lunch. Pam said Brooke would find out soon enough. "Ridge and Caroline are having a baby," Pam announced.

Brooke was shocked. She doubted it was true. Brooke accused Pam of spreading rumors. Pam said that Ridge, Liam, and Caroline had all overheard the discussion. Brooke seemed confused. Pam said she had figured it out.

Brooke questioned whether it was a rumor, but Charlie told Brooke to ask Ridge on her own. Brooke agreed she would. Brooke left, and Pam said that Brooke seemed jealous. Charlie agreed it sounded like she didn't want to accept the news.

In the photo studio, Steffy and Ivy chatted amicably and agreed that Liam had gotten them to be civil to one another for the first time in months. Ivy admitted she should never have blackmailed Steffy, and Steffy agreed she should never have retaliated by forcing Ivy to model lingerie.

Steffy and Ivy agreed they were cousins and family. They also agreed that they needed to start acting like it. Steffy wondered if they could really trust each other. Ivy said it had to start with forgiveness. Ivy reasoned that when Aly had died, Ivy had wanted to blame someone.

Ivy added that it had seemed like Steffy had stolen Liam from her too. "It was too much," Ivy said. She had lashed out at Steffy out of grief. Ivy apologized for using the video. Steffy and Ivy agreed they had both been wrong and hurtful. They had wasted a lot of time and energy.

Steffy and Ivy laughed that it had taken Liam to get them back together. Liam entered, and they both thanked him. Wyatt texted Ivy, and she had to leave to meet him. Ivy thanked Steffy and Liam, and she left.

Steffy playfully accused Liam of not having her back and supporting her decisions. Liam asked if she was glad he had done things his way. She admitted she was. She thanked him, and they made out. Liam said there was more good news. "My cousin and your father are having a baby," Liam said.

Steffy couldn't believe it. She was annoyed that her dad hadn't told her, but Liam noted that Ridge and Caroline hadn't told anyone. He added that Pam and Charlie had figured it out. Steffy joked that she wasn't surprised that Pam had figured it out. Steffy didn't know how she felt about becoming a big sister again. She wondered what Thomas would say.

Ridge paced in his office, and Brooke entered. She shared that she had heard some incredible news from Pam, but she was sure it was inaccurate. She stated that Pam had said Caroline was pregnant. Ridge disclosed that Caroline was indeed pregnant, but they wanted to keep it a secret. "Ridge, how is that possible?" Brooke asked. Ridge stammered that he'd had his vasectomy reversed and everything was fine. "My swimmers are swimming," he said.

Ridge added that he and Caroline were very happy. Brooke grilled Ridge about how quickly things had happened and was surprised that he had not shared his reversal news. Ridge replied that she had not been at the top of his list to share the news with. Brooke assumed that Caroline could not be too far along. Ridge agreed.

Brooke questioned that Ridge had not told her the whole story. Ridge ignored her. "Whose baby is it, Ridge? It certainly can't be yours," she said. Ridge looked away.

Baby news spreads around Forrester

Baby news spreads around Forrester

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Ridge shared Caroline's pregnancy news with Brooke, but she grilled him about how it had happened. Ridge explained that he'd had his vasectomy reversed, but Brooke recalled that his doctor had told him that wouldn't work. Ridge argued that he had told the doctor to try it, anyway, because it had been worth a try.

Brooke was skeptical and wondered why Ridge hadn't told her that he'd decided to try it anyway. Ridge said it had been none of her business. Brooke didn't believe him. She wondered whose child it was because it couldn't be Ridge's baby.

"Why are you doubting me?" Ridge asked. He further accused her of insulting Caroline. Brooke shook her head. She knew Caroline loved Ridge. Brooke said it was all confusing. "I'm a super stud," Ridge joked. Brooke smiled but looked unconvinced.

Ridge responded that they had been very lucky. After the past few difficult years, he deserved some luck, he said. He was happy and grateful. He said he couldn't believe it himself that things had worked out so well. "Are you ready to congratulate me?" he asked.

Brooke said she wanted Ridge to be happy. "I am happy," he said. He apologized for his earlier comment about it being none of her business because she had been a friend to him and had offered advice when he had needed it. Brooke congratulated him, and they embraced.

At Pam's desk, Charlie and Pam tried to get Caroline to sit down and relax, but Caroline reminded them she was pregnant, not an invalid. She added that she was on her way home. Pam commented that she wished Stephanie were alive to celebrate Ridge's new baby.

Pam told Caroline that she had told Brooke the news about the baby. Caroline laughed nervously and wondered how Brooke had accepted the news. Charlie said Brooke had been surprised and didn't believe it. Caroline looked worried and said she had to head home.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Ivy embraced, and Ivy shared that she was ecstatic because she didn't have to be a lingerie model. Wyatt said he hadn't wanted her to back down from Steffy, but it had all worked out.

Wyatt added that he selfishly wanted her to continue with the modeling because he had enjoyed the private showings, and he had fantasies. Ivy was intrigued and promised that she could continue private viewings as a lingerie model for him, and she would continue to be a customer for lingerie. Wyatt was pleased. They kissed.

Ivy explained that Liam had stepped in and said the lingerie photo shoot was over before it had started because he'd known how uncomfortable it had made her. Wyatt noted that Liam was always up for a good rescue. Wyatt hoped it made up for Liam letting Ivy down.

Wyatt and Ivy discussed how it had made her uncomfortable to strut her stuff as a model. Wyatt said it was no big deal, and he would be happy to strip for her anytime. Ivy demanded an immediate show, and Wyatt obliged. He stripped off his shirt and pants, and Ivy waved dollar bills at him.

Pam and Charlie entered with lemon bars and caught Wyatt in his undies. They joked that it was a good look for him, and Charlie took photos on his phone. Wyatt balked, and Ivy laughed.

Liam and Steffy were at home, and Steffy remarked that it had been an eventful day. Liam opened a bottle of wine, and he and Steffy cuddled on the couch. They discussed that they had disagreed earlier in the day, but Liam teased that he had been right. Steffy agreed that he had been right to pull the plug on Ivy becoming the next lingerie model.

Steffy said she had also found out she could have a new baby brother or sister. Liam wondered if she was going to share the news with Thomas, but Steffy said that was Ridge's job.

At home at Ridge's loft, Caroline tried to relax, but she worried about Brooke's reaction to her pregnancy. Caroline looked at photos from her wedding to Ridge. Ridge entered, and Caroline worried that Brooke had found out about her pregnancy. Ridge explained that he had talked to Brooke and made her understand the baby was his because he'd had his vasectomy reversed.

Ridge encouraged Caroline to stop worrying. He wanted her to relax and take care of their baby. They smiled and embraced.

Julius and Vivienne return to town

Julius and Vivienne return to town

Thursday, October 22, 2015

In the design room, Zende handed Carter a press kit that Zende had taken the initiative to create for the new line. Carter asked if Nicole had declined to be the Forrester surrogate. Zende replied that she'd been dodging about it; however, he expected to hear from her that day that she'd declined.

At the mansion, Nicole, Maya, and Rick entered, returning home from a psychiatric evaluation. Nicole was glad she'd been found competent enough to carry out the task, and Rick appreciated having a group talk about their roles. Nicole seemed out of sorts, so Maya decided Nicole should have something to eat. Nicole said Maya couldn't police Nicole's food intake until the baby was in place.

Maya and Rick laughed it off, and he expressed his gratefulness for Nicole's willingness to help them. Nicole started to remark on all the couple had done for her. Rick said there was no comparison.

Maya asked if Zende knew, and Nicole said she'd tell him that day. She admitted that he wasn't thrilled about the baby. Rick and Maya offered to let Nicole bail at any time until the last second. Nicole claimed she wanted to do it, but she had to cope with unknowns like Zende's reaction and pregnancy.

Zende arrived at the house, and Maya and Rick left the couple alone to talk. Zende said he knew the answer by looking at Nicole. "I'm leaning toward it," Nicole replied. She explained that she'd agreed to be the surrogate and had met with psychologists, but there were a lot of steps before it happened.

Zende understood what it would mean to Nicole to do the service for Maya, but he didn't like putting their relationship on hold when it was just starting. He wanted to be close. She said they would be -- eventually. Eventually sounded a long way away to Zende.

Nicole reasoned that she had to be the surrogate "now," before her life took off. Once she was more involved with Zende and her career, she'd be unavailable. She said Rick and Maya had done "so much" for her without asking anything in return. "Until now, and it's epic," he responded.

Zende's feelings mattered to Nicole, and if he said surrogacy would end their relationship, then she might not go through with it. She hoped he cared enough for her not to "throw down" like that. Zende didn't want to strong-arm her; he also didn't want to put the relationship on hold. Because she'd already begun the process with screenings and evaluations, he feared that there wasn't much time left for anything. Nicole replied that it might be a good thing to be forced to wait.

Nicole greatly wanted to give Maya the gift -- regardless of how much she owed Maya for the home, the job, and the family Nicole said that, without Maya, there would be no Nicole and Zende. Zende understood it and was grateful, but he didn't want things to stop. She asked if it had to be that way. Touching her belly, Zende said Maya and Rick's baby would be right there -- between them.

Zende said that if he and Nicole "turned into something," he wanted her first baby to be his. Nicole reasoned that she surrogacy baby would be Rick and Maya's, but the baby formed from her commitment would be hers. He said that she always put things in a way that made him love her more.

Surprised, Nicole replied that she loved him, too, and they kissed. He said it wouldn't be the end of them, and she replied that it might make them closer.

In the kitchen, Rick and Maya expressed their undying gratitude for Nicole sacrificing over a year of her life to give them a gift. Rick worried that Zende would talk Nicole out of it, but Maya said Nicole wouldn't have agreed only to back out later. The couple cooed about having their own baby.

Maya and Rick returned to the room. Zende said that he understood that Nicole had to do it because it was her nature to love and be selfless. He couldn't not support it.

Rick heard a knock at the door, and when he answered it, he was surprised to see the Avants on the threshold. Julius greeted Rick and entered the house. Grinning, Vivienne asked Rick if they could enter. The daughters asked what their parents were doing there. Julius asked Nicole if she was happy to see him. Nicole hugged him then hugged her mother, who said she'd missed her children.

Julius said he'd done some soul-searching -- about the things he'd said on Maya's wedding day --"I'm sorry," he concluded. He wanted to heal the family and was willing to try to accept who Maya was. "A woman, Dad," Maya responded. Julius agreed, calling her a woman, Rick's wife, and a Forrester.

In the CEO's office, Caroline was preoccupied and wasn't used to being outside of her and Ridge's bubble at home. She was still trying to get a grip on things. Ridge said they were in it together. She replied that she'd walk through fire for him. He hoped it wouldn't get to that point.

Caroline couldn't believe he'd defused Brooke. Ridge believed his reversal story had been plausible, but he remarked that they had to be careful around Brooke.

Just then, Brooke arrived with hugs and congratulations for the couple. Brooke figured that the pregnancy had been a total surprise and remarked that Ridge had told her about the vasectomy. Ridge said the information wasn't for public consumption. Looking around, Brooke said no one else was there. He replied that the walls had ears -- especially the one behind Pam's desk.

Brooke admired a design on the table. It was Thomas', but Ridge said they wouldn't use it because it didn't fit with the line. Brooke was sure that -- if Thomas was there -- he'd do everything he could to make the needed changes, and Thomas was adapting to the team's style. Ridge disagreed and said it wasn't working. "Oh. I didn't realize," Brooke responded.

Caroline stated that it was part of the reason Ridge had sent Thomas to Paris to serve the line. Ridge said that Thomas was a great designer, but there wasn't always a fit.

Carter entered to invite Ridge to a lunch meeting. Ridge asked if Carter had heard any good news or seen Pam. Carter hadn't. Ridge announced that he and Caroline were expecting. "A baby?" Carter incredulously asked. Carter hugged and congratulated the couple.

As Carter and Ridge chatted about Ridge wanting to make Caroline happy, Brooke questioned Caroline about her feelings regarding Thomas' transfer. Brooke said it seemed counterproductive to send Thomas away when Thomas should be there, learning from Ridge. It didn't make sense to Brooke unless the truth was that Ridge didn't want Thomas on the design team at all.

Later, Brooke took her leave, and Caroline worriedly told Ridge that Brooke had been asking all kinds of questions. Ridge figured Brooke would do it until she was convinced that she had all the answers. Caroline replied that it would be nice to not worry and to live in the moment. Ridge asked if he was rubbing off on her, and she replied that it was in a good way.

Caroline and Ridge decided to live in the moment and concentrate on the baby and family they'd make. Ridge said that family was most important.

Thomas learns that Caroline is pregnant

Thomas learns that Caroline is pregnant

Friday, October 23, 2015

At the mansion, Maya, Nicole, Zende, and Rick were skeptical but polite about Julius and Vivienne's impromptu visit. Vivienne said Julius had insisted on surprising them. Julius asked what was wrong with him wanting to see his daughters. Rick said the last visit hadn't ended on a positive note.

Julius wasn't proud to admit that it had taken time for him to change his mind, but he was there because he was ready to try to accept all of it. Maya replied that they'd heard it before. Julius knew that, but he meant it and planned to prove it to Nicole and Maya.

Zende decided to take off. Julius said when he'd last been there, he'd done what some would deem as making a fool of himself -- and on Maya's wedding day. Maya said he'd apologized already. He vowed to accept Maya and embrace all of it. Julius was proud to call Maya Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.

Nicole asked if it was because the Forresters were rich. Julius asked his daughter not to exacerbate things, because he was already eating humble pie, apologizing, and asking for forgiveness. Maya stated that he'd said it before, and she didn't know how she could believe it that time.

Maya asked if it was all Julius had arrived to say. Julius stated that there was more. Vivienne said she hadn't wanted to spring the news on their daughters in that way. Nicole asked what was happening, and Julius announced that he and Vivienne were getting a Los Angeles apartment.

Maya said they couldn't do it, but Julius replied that it was done. The Avants had packed up and sold all their belongings in Chicago. Vivienne said they hadn't had much to get rid of. Julius gleefully announced that there were no more winters for them, and in L.A., he could play golf year-round. He looked forward to teaching Eric the patented Avant putt.

Maya asked why her parents had done it without discussing it with their daughters. Rick said it was a big decision, and Nicole added that it was one that she and Maya should have been a part of. Julius encouraged Maya to give it a chance, saying that they'd all be one big happy family.

Vivienne said it would be great to be closer to them. Agreeing, Julius said their youngest was growing up fast and had a boyfriend. He liked Zende and was very excited about the move. Upset, Maya asked to talk to her mother and abruptly strode into the foyer. Vivienne followed.

Vivienne was apologetic. Maya said her mother was always welcome there. "And your father?" Vivienne asked. Maya said it wasn't a good idea. Vivienne relayed that she'd warned him. Maya asked if Julius meant any of what he was saying. Vivienne hoped so.

Julius approached and asked what Maya had to say about the news. Maya responded that he wasn't the only one with news. Standing between the foyer and living room, she announced that she and Nicole were doing to something to bond the family.

Julius thought it was wonderful and asked what it was. Rick said they were planning a family. Julius assumed they'd adopt, but Maya said they wanted a Forrester-Avant baby. Julius was confused about how it could be possible. "Nicole," Maya responded.

Enraged, Julius yelled, "Wait a minute! You got together with your sister's husband!" Rick quickly corrected Julius and said something like that would never happen. Nicole asked why Julius would even go there. Julius demanded that someone start explaining something, and they'd better do it quickly. "We're gonna take Nicole's egg and Rick's sperm and put it in -- " Maya said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Julius interrupted. Maya claimed it was a common procedure. Julius said that it might be in the warped world that Maya lived in, but he wouldn't let Nicole to do it. He said they could adopt. Vivienne told him to let Maya finish talking, but Julius refused to allow it.

Maya said Julius had forgotten where he was -- the Forrester house, her house -- and he didn't get to tell them what to do. She claimed she and Rick wouldn't force Nicole into anything she didn't want to do. Julius said Maya had manipulated Nicole into madness. Maya said that the three of them had agreed, and Nicole would give Maya the greatest gift imaginable. "Oh, no, she's not!" Julius decreed.

"Oh, yes, I am," Nicole asserted.

At the sky lounge, Zende arrived to work out. Carter had been wondering when the "lazy" Zende would get there. Carter was impressed by Zende's press kit and urged him to show it to Ridge. Carter asked what Nicole had decided about the surrogacy, and Zende began hitting a punching bag.

Carter urged Zende to talk about it. Zende grumbled that Nicole wanted to do it. Carter asked how Zende felt. Zende said it wasn't up to him, and they'd already started the process. Carter hoped that Rick and Maya weren't pressuring Nicole. Zende didn't think so. He said it was important to Nicole, who felt it was the right time to do it before she got older and wrapped up in her own life.

Zende loved Nicole, and all he could do was be supportive. He remarked upon her parents arriving in town, too. Carter was proud of Zende and said a lot of men wouldn't have the strength or patience to endure it. Zende wondered how Julius would react.

In the CEO's office, Ridge was dreading talking to "Uncle Bill" about the baby that day and suggested that they do a conference call or video chat. Caroline joked that "someone" really wasn't looking forward to it. Admitting that he wasn't, Ridge added that Bill didn't want them together and probably wouldn't react well about the baby. Caroline reasoned that, because Pam was telling everyone about the baby, Caroline wanted to announce it to her uncle and aunt before the press found out.

In the corridor, Katie and Bill arrived, and Pam asked if Katie had thought more about "that double date." Katie hesitantly responded that costumes weren't her and Bill's thing, but maybe they'd do dinner instead. Bill looked annoyed as Charlie raved about Pam's cooking skills. Katie said Caroline wanted to see her and Bill. Grinning, Pam relayed that she could bet she knew why.

Katie and Bill went into the office, and Bill asked if the big news was that the Forresters were getting divorced already. Caroline wished her aunt and uncle could be the first to know her news, but Pam was already announcing it around. Caroline revealed that she was pregnant, and the grimacing Bill put his hand over his face. "You are telling me that you're having a kid with this clown?" Bill asked.

Bill ranted that he'd always questioned Caroline's relationship "with -- this --" and would always be a doubting Thomas about it. Katie said it was a great thing, and some people would need time to warm up to it. Ridge was sure Bill would be okay by the high school graduation.

Bill asked how Steffy and Thomas felt about it. Caroline explained that Steffy wanted them to be happy. Ridge interjected that Steffy and Thomas knew how he felt about Caroline, the marriage, and their child. Bill guessed it was the part where he was supposed to say he was happy for them.

Bill didn't doubt Caroline would be a good mother, but he asserted that a baby would tie her to "this clown" for the rest of her days. Caroline said she was counting on it. Bill raged that Ridge was too old for her and certainly too old to have a baby with her. Ridge said it wasn't age; Bill just didn't like him.

Bill admitted that he didn't. Bill stated that Ridge had left every woman he'd been with and asked how they'd know that someone other than Ridge wouldn't raise the kid. Katie ordered them to put their differences on the shelf. Bill told Caroline that he'd never imagined her with the dressmaker -- or Rick, either. Ridge asked if Bill liked any Forrester man. "Not particularly," Bill responded; however, if he'd had to pick one of them, he'd prefer Thomas.

Charlie and Pam entered with a pink and blue batch of "Ridge and Caroline are pregnant" lemon bars. Caroline and Ridge thought it was sweet, but they said they wanted to keep it low-key "So I really wish you would stop telling people," Caroline said in a non-offensive tone. Pam said she was sorry that she'd kind of spoiled the surprise, and Charlie said they were just very excited.

Katie noted that people liked to wait until after the first trimester to announce. Pam asked how far along Caroline was. Ridge said it was a private matter, and they wanted to keep it that way. Pam said Ridge was totally right, and the only thing that mattered was that the couple had made a baby.

Thomas entered. Caroline asked what he was doing there. Thomas said he'd left suddenly, but he still had a thousand things left to do there. Ridge glared at his son, who asked what was happening. Pam said that the reason it was so "hush-hush" around there was because Caroline didn't really want anyone else to know, "but heck, you're totally immediate family. You're about to have a little baby brother -- or a little baby sister -- because Carline is pregnant!"

Caroline's face blanched, and Ridge scowled.

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