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Cane was arrested for extortion. During Adam's trial, Billy testified that he forgave Adam. Adam was found guilty of felony hit-and-run and sentenced to ten years in prison. Someone mowed Adam down with a car.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 19, 2015 on Y&R
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Paul Arrests Cane for Extortion

Paul Arrests Cane for Extortion

Monday, October 19, 2015

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Adam told Victor that he couldn't contain or eradicate the Paragon Project computer virus. Adam added, "Do you want to revoke my bail, send me back to prison, or hit me again?" Victor claimed that the real reason he'd freed his son was to get answers. Victor said he'd given Adam everything because he'd wanted his children to succeed. Adam asked why he was the only one of Victor's children forced to prove himself. Victor replied, "You see things entirely different from the way I see them."

Adam directed his anger at Victor. Adam yelled that he was about to lose Chelsea and Connor because of Victor's need to control everything. Victor suggested that Adam run away and avoid trial. Victor said that if Adam was imprisoned, he'd be separated from his wife and son. Adam claimed that Victor was tricking him to get revenge for the Paragon Project.

Victor recalled how he'd been left at the doorstep of an orphanage when he'd been a seven-year-old. Victor said that after a 40-year separation from his own father, an abusive drunk, he'd taken Nick to see his grandfather. Victor cried, "I was hoping to bridge the gap, but I left with more bitterness and anger than you can imagine. I don't want you to have the same terrible relationship with your son." Adam replied, "So that's it? No fine print?" Victor said he'd hoped that a loving relationship with Chelsea and Connor might help Adam reconcile with him. Adam said he didn't need help. Victor said, "You want to leave town before the trial? Give me the word."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin was distraught when he went to Chloe's suite and discovered that she'd left town. He phoned Chelsea. She told Kevin that Chloe couldn't deal with Adam, so she'd left town. After Kevin ended his call, he approached Michael and Lauren in the dining room. Lauren was sad for Kevin. Kevin said, "Chloe left because Adam showed up at Delia's memorial."

Kevin blamed Michael for defending Adam and helping to arrange bail. Kevin added, "Because of you, Delia's killer is ruining our lives all over again." Michael said he'd never thought Adam would be freed on bail. Kevin said that Adam had left Delia dead on the side of the road. Michael insisted that Adam deserved justice. Before Michael left, he apologized to Kevin.

Lauren asked Kevin about Chloe's state of mind after her encounter with Adam. Kevin said he'd sensed that something was going on with Chloe. Lauren received a phone call and became upset. After the call ended, Lauren told Kevin that Fenmore's Boutique could lose millions of dollars because one of her employees had entered into a contract with a deplorable manufacturer. Kevin suggested that the Paragon Project virus could have infiltrated Fenmore's company computer system. Kevin, using Lauren's laptop, determined that the computer virus wasn't to blame. Lauren was shocked when Kevin explained that Cane had authorized the deal.

At Chelsea's condo, Chelsea picked up a framed photo of Adam holding Connor. She reflected on a memory she'd shared with Adam. In a flashback, Chelsea recalled that though she and Adam had been drawn to each other in unconventional ways, they'd shared a common bond and had hoped for a better life for their son. Chelsea remembered that Adam had promised not to wage another battle with Victor. A knock at the door jolted Chelsea back to reality.

Michael stopped by and told Chelsea he would prepare her for Adam's trial. Chelsea said, "I can't do it. So, I give this whitewashed version of the man Adam is, and Christine cross-examines me and tears me apart?" Michael said he'd ensure that Chelsea would help him paint Adam as a man so madly in love with his wife and child that he'd done whatever he could to stay with the family he cherished. Chelsea agreed that Adam had acted to preserve his family. Michael practiced asking questions.

Michael instructed Chelsea to use adjectives to describe Adam as a good father. Chelsea wasn't cooperating and said that Adam had spied on his own child. In an angry tone, Chelsea noted that Adam enjoyed playing at the park with Connor. Michael cautioned Chelsea not to speak with anger. He said the case hinged on showing that Adam was a flawed man who loved and was loved. Michael insisted that Adam deserved a fair trial.

As Michael was leaving, Adam showed up. After Michael left, Adam told Chelsea that she didn't have to defend him at the trial. Chelsea said, "I guess the subpoena took care of that for you." Adam urged Chelsea to speak from her heart. Chelsea said if she did, it would prove that she still loved him. Chelsea added that she wished Adam had never returned because she'd learned to live with her memories of him. Chelsea sobbed and said, "I feel like I'm losing you all over again. You're going away to prison." Adam replied, "I'm not going anywhere tonight." Chelsea kissed Adam. The couple made love.

At the Underground, Marisa told Noah she'd understand if he ended their relationship after she'd agreed to Luca's terms. Marisa insisted that resuming her role as Luca's wife was the only way she could be reunited with her young daughter. Noah said, "Any man who would use his child to blackmail a woman into his bed is filth. I bet you that Luca doesn't even know where your daughter is." Luca had entered the bar and replied, "But I do, and I'm looking forward to our reunion as husband and wife."

Noah asked Luca if he thought it was okay to use a woman's child to coerce her into a relationship. Luca said it would be Marisa's decision. Marisa took Luca's hand. Noah insisted Marisa collect her check from the back office. After Marisa walked away, Noah threatened Luca. Noah said Marisa had agreed to reunite with Luca because she yearned to be with her child.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Luca gave Marisa a diamond bracelet. Luca said that Marisa was the right woman for him because she'd never cared about his name or his money. Luca promised to proceed slowly. Marisa said their daughter needed them. Luca said their daughter would have her parents back at the right time. Marisa said she needed air and would take a walk. Luca told Marisa he'd be waiting for her to return.

Noah went to Victor's office. Noah told Victor that Luca had taken Marisa and was using their daughter as bait to coerce Marisa. Victor pretended to be shocked by Noah's news. Noah said, "She has to stay with him one month before that degenerate will tell her where her kid is. I'm going to find her little girl for her. Will you help me?" Victor agreed to help Noah if he'd agree to end his relationship with Marisa after she was reunited with her child. Victor said that Marisa had lied to Noah and manipulated him. Noah cried that Victor always wanted things his way. Victor said, "That woman is no good for you." After Noah left, Victor sighed.

Noah went the Genoa City Athletic Club and ordered drinks at the bar. Marisa approached Noah. Noah asked why she wasn't upstairs with Luca, honoring her part of the deal. Noah lifted his glass and mockingly said, "Because you're honorable. It's the kind of woman you are." Marisa reminded Noah that he knew why she was with Luca. Noah noticed the diamond bracelet on Marisa's wrist and said, "For the bling?" Marisa told Noah that she loved him. Noah told Marisa to return to Luca and put a smile on his face.

Victor phoned Luca and said he'd never mentioned having a daughter with Marisa. Luca replied, "You never asked." Victor asked why Luca was using the little girl to make a deal with Marisa. Luca said that the hope of being reunited with her little girl would help Marisa remember that she still loved him. Victor replied, "I don't give a damn about your love life. My grandson came to me, hoping that I'd help find that little girl, but he refused my terms. Now he and I are at odds." Victor ordered Luca to take Marisa out of town.

At Crimson Lights, Lily showed Dylan a duffle bag filled with cash she'd discovered in a coat closet at her house. Dylan said that if Cane hadn't wanted anyone to find the money, hiding it in a closet wasn't a wise decision. Lily replied, "Look, this is not what it seems. There is no way that Cane had anything to do with kidnapping Hilary or writing some ransom note to get money out of Devon." Dylan asked Lily why she'd approached him instead of Cane to ask about the money. Lily said she wanted Dylan's opinion because she trusted his judgment.

Dylan suggested to Lily that Cane had taken advantage of an opportunity. Lily insisted that Cane wasn't the man who'd written the ransom note. Dylan said, "Cane let the guy who'd delivered it get away." Dylan said he'd consult Paul. Lily protested and insisted that Cane was innocent. Dylan instructed Lily not to call Cane or return home.

After Dylan hurriedly left, Lily received a call from Cane. He asked Lily where she'd gone. Lily claimed she'd gone for a walk. Cane said the kids had refused to stay in bed. Cane held his phone toward Mattie and Charlie. Together the kids said, "Mommy, Mommy, where are you? Come home!"

In Paul's office at the police station, Devon stopped by and asked Paul if he'd discovered new evidence that might lead discovering to Hilary's whereabouts. Devon said that the dead ends and fake leads had taken a toll on him. Paul said his officers were doing everything possible to locate Hilary. Devon told Paul that perhaps the kidnapper and the person demanding ransom payment were two different people. Paul suggested that Hilary's kidnapper might be one of her enemies.

Dylan arrived and set the bag of cash Lily had found onto Paul's desk. Dylan said, "It's Cane's bag, and the serial numbers match. Cane's fingerprints were on the note." Paul and Dylan left to question Cane.

Lily returned home to comfort her children. She told Mattie and Charlie that mommies always returned home to their children. Cane added, "And to the daddies! Don't forget the daddies." Lily escorted her children to bed. Cane answered a knock at the door. Lauren walked in and said, "What the hell, Cane?" Lauren asked Cane why he'd made a huge deal with Creedon Industries behind her back. Cane told Lauren he didn't know what she was talking about.

Lauren cried that Cane's mistake had cost Fenmore's millions. Cane insisted he wasn't responsible. Cane reminded Lauren that he'd taken a leave of absence from the company. Lily entered the room and said she didn't know Cane had left the company. Cane said he'd agreed to a cut in pay so he could take time off to help search for Hilary.

Paul asked Cane about his gym bag filled with cash. Cane insisted that his gym bag was in his closet. After Cane discovered that his gym bag was missing, he asked Lily if she'd gone to the police. Lily said she'd gone to Dylan in search of an explanation. Lauren mentioned the money Cane's business deal had cost her company. Cane insisted he was innocent and refused to let Paul treat him like a criminal. Paul arrested Cane.

Kevin went to the police station and asked Devon if he'd heard news about Hilary. Devon said the ransom money had been recovered. Kevin said the money's recovery could be a break in the case. Devon added that the money had been recovered from Cane's house and was in his gym bag. Kevin explained that Cane's failed business deal, made behind Lauren's back, had cost Fenmore's millions, so perhaps he'd planned to cover the loss. Devon added that Paul was wasting his time by considering Cane a suspect.

Paul escorted Cane to the police station. Handcuffed, Cane professed his innocence. Cane said, "I don't know where the money came from. I don't know how it got in my gym bag, and I don't know how the bag got in my house." Paul replied, "It wasn't Lily."

Cane was livid as he staunchly defended himself. Paul ordered Cane to sit down. Cane insisted that he'd been with Devon when the kidnapper had called. Cane added that he'd spent all his time searching for Hilary. Paul told Cane that he would be charged with extortion.

Adam Considers Fleeing Before His Trial

Adam Considers Fleeing Before His Trial

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

At the Athletic Club bar, Billy read about the public's reaction to Michael's assertion that Adam couldn't get a fair trial in Genoa City. Victoria replied that it didn't matter, since the motion had been denied, and the trial was starting that day. Billy considered it to be his one shot to get justice, and he refused to let anything jeopardize his chance. Victoria argued that he couldn't change the outcome of the trial, and he noted that it sounded like she was preparing him for the worst because Victor was pulling the strings.

Victoria said she had every reason to believe Adam would be convicted, and she stressed that she would never keep information like that from Billy. Victoria expressed concern about what Billy would do if something went wrong, but Billy was adamant that nothing would go wrong. She reasoned that some things were out of his control, and she was scared about what would happen to Billy if his life continued to center around getting back at Adam. Billy questioned what was wrong with wanting Adam to be found guilty, but Victoria wondered if that would be enough.

Billy acknowledged that no verdict would give him Delia back, but he thought it would provide closure. Victoria worried that she and the kids would face a life sentence of Billy's bitterness if Adam walked free, and she was afraid his anger would consume him the way it had before. Christine and Paul approached, and Christine cautioned that Billy might actually help Adam's case. Billy scoffed at the idea that he'd do anything to help Adam, and Christine understood that it was hard to dredge up forgiveness after the loss of a child, but she warned that Billy's anger might be corrosive to his personal life.

Christine advised that Billy might distort things on the stand without being aware of it, and Billy pledged not to make Adam look sympathetic. Christine said she had a strong case, but she was sure Michael would paint Adam as a loving father and a good husband who'd acted out of fear, and Michael had Chelsea as a witness. Christine implored Billy to tell the truth clearly without any underlying bitterness, and Billy swore he was ready. Paul and Christine left, and Billy wanted to talk to Chelsea to convince her that defending Adam was a bad idea. Victoria pointed out that Chelsea had exposed Adam's lies, but Billy wanted to make sure Chelsea was done standing up for Adam.

Nikki and Victor descended the stairs and spotted Victoria with Billy, and Victor grumbled that Adam's return from the grave had pushed the couple back together. Nikki reminded Victor that he had pulled strings to get Adam released on bail, and actions sometimes had unexpected consequences. Victor contended that he'd helped Adam in order to save Newman Enterprises from the Paragon virus, and he didn't want anyone else to suffer from the damage of Adam's actions. Nikki pointed out that Victor had a team of brilliant computer engineers, and she questioned whether Adam had been able to do more than the experts had. Nikki suspected that Victor had wanted another answer, and Victor conceded that he'd wanted to know why Adam had hated him enough to destroy his company.

Victor said Adam's affiliation with Paragon had cost Adam his wife and his son, but Adam's hatred for Victor had been more important. Victor added that Adam hadn't provided any cogent reason why he hated Victor's guts, but he thought their contentious relationship had made Adam strong. Nikki doubted Adam saw things that way, but Victor remarked that after all was said and done, Adam was still his son. Victoria approached, and Nikki left to retrieve her sunglasses from the rooftop. Victoria warned Victor that she wasn't in the mood to hear him bash Billy, since she'd already had to defend Victor because Billy expected Victor to help Adam fight the charges.

Victor claimed that he didn't know how things would turn out for Adam, and Victoria inquired whether Victor had helped Adam run off. Victor questioned why Adam would run, since Adam hadn't seen Delia on the night of the accident, and it had been a driver's worst nightmare. Victoria argued that Adam had hidden when he'd become aware of his involvement, but Victor asserted that Adam wasn't a murderer. Victor voiced concern about Billy's temper, but Victoria urged Victor to let his kids make their own choices, even if he thought they were making mistakes.

Victoria said being Victor's child carried a burden of expectations, but Victor countered that there were also many advantages. Victoria conceded that she was grateful for them, but there had also been battles. She cited Nick and Adam both being torn between wanting Victor's respect and being their own men, and Victor stated that it was natural for sons to battle their fathers to prove themselves. Victoria asserted that she'd shown up to do the work because all she'd ever really wanted was his respect, and Victor said she had it, but she thought it had become a joke.

Victoria revealed that she'd overheard Victor talking to Nick after Sage's collapse, and Victor had clearly implied that Nick would run everything one day. She acknowledged that parents played favorites even though they weren't supposed to, and it wasn't right or rational, but it had given her a taste of what Adam had felt for a long time. Victor assured her that he'd always thought she was capable and that he adored her.

Adam and Chelsea cuddled in bed, and he realized that it might be the last time he ever held her that way. She observed that he seemed worried, and he replied that he was about to go on trial for a horrible crime. She clarified that it had seemed like he'd accepted his fate, but she thought he sounded scared, and she suspected something had changed. He said there might be another option -- he could run. Adam revealed that he'd had a conversation with Victor, and she guessed Victor had suggested that Adam jump bail.

Adam explained that Victor had known that Adam wouldn't be able to help with Paragon, but Victor had posted bail to get answers. Adam added that Victor had offered to help get him out of the country despite the millions of dollars of bail money Victor would lose, and a skeptical Chelsea asked if Adam had bought it. Adam noted that he hadn't accepted the offer, but it would be their last chance to be a family. Adam imagined that if he left town, he'd wait before sending for Chelsea and Connor, and they could be the family they had always wanted to be. Chelsea ordered him to stop deluding himself, since it was a scam, and Victor would never help him.

Chelsea guessed that Victor was manipulating Adam by playing on Adam's need for approval, and she didn't want to see Adam put his life in Victor's hands just because Adam wanted to believe in his father's love for him. Adam contended that he was trying to take one last chance for a life together, but Chelsea balked at doing it while living on the run with assumed names. Adam countered that they'd planned to do it before, and he didn't care about their names if they were together. Adam thought the night before had been a new beginning for them, but Chelsea clarified that it had been a goodbye.

Chelsea paced in the living room, and Adam descended the stairs and insisted that the night before hadn't been goodbye. She informed him that she didn't regret it, since it had been an important step for her to take in order to move forward, and he had to take responsibility for what he'd done. Adam countered that he would carry the guilt for the rest of his life, but he wanted to hold on to what mattered. He explained that he hadn't thought he'd deserved to be happy until he'd met her, and he thought that Chelsea was scared because she couldn't imagine her life without him. There was a knock at the door, and Billy entered and spotted Adam. Billy testily informed Chelsea that he'd intended to ask what she was planning to say on the stand.

Billy reflected back on the times that he and Chelsea had talked about how Adam would never change, and Adam snapped that it was none of Billy's business. Billy demanded to know if Adam had professed his love and promised to sweep her off her feet in Paris. Billy imagined that Adam was there to ensure that Chelsea painted a rosy picture of him on the stand, but the truth was that Adam had run down a little girl and had done nothing but think about himself. Billy appealed to Chelsea not to go into court and defend Adam, and Adam told Billy to leave her alone. Billy urged Chelsea to save herself and Connor by not falling for Adam's lies again, and he stormed out.

Adam and Chelsea got dressed, and she asked him to promise that he'd stay and face the charges. She recalled that it had been what Adam had planned to do before Victor had gotten into his head, and Adam replied that Billy had gotten into hers. Adam said Billy wanted him to spend the rest of his life in prison, but Chelsea argued that Billy wasn't on the jury. Adam inquired whether she believed he was sorry, and she confirmed she did.

Adam questioned whether he had to spend his life in prison to satisfy Billy's need for revenge, but Chelsea contended that the trial was about Delia, not Billy. Chelsea pledged to get on the stand and testify about what an amazing husband and father Adam was, and Adam reiterated that he didn't want to leave that life with her. Chelsea argued that she couldn't say a word to defend him if he ran, and if he did, he'd lose her and Connor anyway, because she wouldn't go with him.

At the police station, Cane asked an officer who had posted bail for him, and he spotted Lily. He embraced her and thanked her for realizing that his arrest had been a mistake, since he would never extort money from Devon. Cane added that anyone who thought he'd had something to do with Hilary's kidnapping was insane, but Lily looked torn. Cane was determined to clear things up, and Lily questioned who would set him up like that. She wondered who might have lifted his gym bag at the club, since the answer might lead them to figuring out the rest of the puzzle.

Lily stated that the police's theory was that Cane had needed money to cover a deal that had gone south, and whoever had set him up had known about the business deal and Cane taking time off work. Cane noted the similarities to when Hilary had tried to screw with their lives, but he quickly retracted the statement. He swore that he would have asked Devon for the money if he'd needed it, and Lily said the police thought Cane had been embarrassed because he'd caused a huge loss for Fenmore's. Cane noted that Lily had referred twice to what the police thought, and he realized that she also believed he was guilty.

Cane gathered his belongings, and Lily said she hadn't been accusing him of anything. Cane admonished her for running to Dylan instead of believing in her husband. He spat that he'd expected her to trust him, just like he'd trusted her even after she'd slept with another man. Cane stalked off.

At the Dive Bar, Devon instructed someone over the phone to direct all resources to following a particular lead. Neil asked if there had been any word about Hilary, and Devon informed him that Cane had been behind the ransom demand. Neil didn't believe it, but Devon said the evidence was overwhelming, and he hoped it was just a matter of time before Cane told them who had kidnapped Hilary.

Devon relayed that Lily had found the ransom in Cane's gym bag, but Neil thought it didn't make sense, since Cane didn't need the money. Devon mentioned the disastrous business deal that had led the police to arrest Cane. Devon checked his phone and became irate when he learned that Cane was out on bail, and he crossed the rooftop and asked Paul what had happened. Paul explained that Cane was still a suspect, but there was nothing that linked Cane directly to Hilary's disappearance. Devon complained that it felt like Paul was letting him down, and Paul sympathized with Devon's frustration, but he warned Devon not to take matters into his own hands.

Nikki asked Neil if they were any closer to finding out who had been responsible for Hilary's disappearance. After Neil updated Nikki, she was sure that Cane hadn't intentionally caused Devon any pain. Neil said he'd been just as shocked, but he commented that under the right circumstances, anyone might do things they'd never imagined. Cane arrived on the rooftop.

After Nikki left, Devon returned to Neil's table, and Neil inquired whether Paul thought Cane had used the situation to cover a bad business deal or if he believed Cane really had Hilary. Devon spotted Cane and demanded to know if Cane had ever known where Hilary was. Cane sarcastically stated that he was an extortionist, so he wouldn't tell where he'd been keeping Hilary without getting paid. Devon said he didn't care about the money, but he wanted information. Cane snarled for Devon to "go to hell," and Neil held Devon back from attacking Cane.

Cane ranted that he had stood by Devon and Hilary and had kept their affair a secret at the risk of destroying his own marriage, and he couldn't believe Devon thought he was part of the plot. Cane argued that he'd walked away from his family and his job to help search for Hilary, and Devon had repaid him with accusations. Devon countered that Cane had held Devon's money in his house, and Neil ordered Devon to take a walk. After Devon stalked off, Cane expected Neil to interrogate him about Hilary, too.

A defeated Cane said he just wanted someone to believe him, and he didn't blame Devon for feeling hopeless, but even Lily thought Cane was guilty. Neil remarked that whoever had set Cane up had crafted an elaborate plan with moving parts, and Cane realized that Neil believed him. Neil suggested that the real culprit had been too smart to take the sequential bills, and he thought the person was going for something bigger. Cane bemoaned that the worst part was that whoever was behind it might actually know the truth about Hilary.

In the foyer, Devon griped to Lily that Cane was out on bail, and she admitted that she'd posted it. Devon and Lily argued about why she hadn't left Cane in jail, and she asserted that Cane was her husband. Devon understood that Lily couldn't imagine Cane doing such despicable things, but he wondered what other explanation there could be. Lily maintained that she knew in her heart that Cane hadn't done it.

Paul and Christine arrived in the courtroom as they discussed Cane's arrest. Paul thought something seemed off with the big picture in the case, and he didn't believe that Cane would extort money because of a bad business deal. Christine advised that Paul had to follow the evidence, even if it led to someone he liked. She added that some people thought they could get away with murder, but it wouldn't happen on her watch.

Victoria entered the courtroom and asked Billy if he'd talked to Chelsea, and he reported that Adam had spent the night filling Chelsea's head with lies. Victoria reasoned that Chelsea's love for Adam wasn't a lie, and it wasn't simple to turn off feelings just because Adam had done a terrible thing. Christine fretted that Michael normally would have been there already, and she had a bad feeling that Adam had run. Paul reasoned that Michael would have called him if Adam had fled, and he was sure Michael wouldn't help Adam get away. Billy insinuated that Victor would have, and he demanded to know where Adam was.

Victor swore that he had no knowledge of Adam's whereabouts, and he assumed Adam was prepping with his lawyer. Billy was skeptical that Adam was ready to accept his punishment, and he hissed that it was all on Victor if Adam had run. Victor noted that he stood to lose a lot of money if Adam had fled, and he told Billy to sit down. Billy suspected that something felt off, since Victor didn't seem to care about the money. "Or Adam," Chelsea declared as she walked in. Chelsea accused Victor of playing the concerned father and encouraging Adam to run with the intent of screwing Adam over in the end.

Adam Takes the Stand

Adam Takes the Stand

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson told Sharon that they'd accomplished a lot, and Sharon yawned and said she was tired. The doctor remarked that she'd never know it, since Sharon was positively glowing and starting to show. Sharon swallowed the pills Dr. Anderson handed her, and she curled up in bed.

In the corridor, Patty rushed over to Dr. Anderson and rambled that she couldn't stand being locked in her room anymore. The doctor sternly reminded Patty that she'd interfered with another patient's treatment, and she lectured that Patty couldn't dispense her own medical advice. Patty promised that she'd focus on her own treatment and not go near Sharon, and she declared that she knew Sharon would be just fine under Dr. Anderson's care.

Later, Sharon looked in the mirror and rubbed her flat belly, but she envisioned herself running her hand over a noticeable baby bump. She read a book aloud to the baby, and Patty burst in and asked how Sharon was doing. Sharon mentioned that she'd been reading to the baby, since it was never too soon to communicate. Sharon dreamily stated that the medication was helping her and the baby, and she proudly stated that she was starting to show. Patty observed that Sharon didn't look like she was pregnant at all.

Sharon chalked it up to carrying well, but she insisted that she was showing, and she planned to get her maternity clothes out of storage. Patty thought Dylan or Paul could drop off the outfits when they stopped by, but Sharon revealed that she'd signed a paper to restrict herself from having visitors. Patty inquired whether Sharon's pregnancy symptoms were making her uncomfortable, and Sharon replied that every pregnancy was different. Patty suggested that Dr. Anderson had misread Sharon's tests, and Sharon testily asked if Patty was implying that something was wrong with her baby.

Sharon was adamant that there was nothing wrong with her baby, but Patty urged Sharon to question her new drug regimen. Sharon asserted that she trusted Dr. Anderson, but Patty contended that she'd been around a lot of psychiatrists, and Dr. Anderson scared her. Sharon became incensed and ordered Patty out, but Patty grabbed Sharon in an effort to get Sharon to listen to her. Sharon roughly pushed her away, and Patty slammed her head into the wall and slumped to the floor.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan made arrangements over the phone to have nursery furniture delivered as soon as possible. Lily walked in and berated Dylan for making Cane seem like a criminal when she'd asked for Dylan's help. Dylan said it shouldn't be hard to prove Cane's innocence, but Lily countered that innocent people went to prison all the time, and the man she'd married would never have done that to her brother or their family. Dylan urged her to look at the evidence objectively, and Lily acknowledged that it looked bad for Cane. Dylan commented that desperate people did desperate things -- even the people they thought they knew the best.

Dylan asserted that Paul hadn't had any choice but to arrest Cane when the money had turned up in Cane's bag, but it wasn't a conviction. Lily contemplated what would happen if Cane couldn't prove he was innocent, and she anticipated that it wouldn't be as easy as Dylan had made it sound. Lily left, and Dylan was surprised when Dr. Anderson entered. The doctor said she'd thought she owed Dylan an explanation, and she reiterated that Sharon was making progress by focusing on her treatment and avoiding distractions.

Dr. Anderson showed Dylan the paperwork that Sharon had signed, but Dylan questioned why Sharon thought her fiancÚ was a distraction when they should be experiencing her pregnancy together. Dylan recalled that Sharon had seemed exhausted and confused the last time he'd seen her, and he didn't understand how Sharon isolating herself was a good thing. Dr. Anderson referred to Sharon's extreme mood swings, and she maintained that they were trying to restore the balance after Sharon had gone off her medication. The doctor sympathized that the separation was rough, but she told him to be patient, since she was confident that things would work out exactly as they should.

Dylan thanked Dr. Anderson for stopping by, and he said he knew she was doing everything she could for Sharon, including checking on Nick's baby. The doctor swore that she was doing what it took to get the right result for her patient, and Dylan asked her to tell Sharon he loved her. Dr. Anderson stepped out to the patio, and she made a call to the hospital to check on Sage. The doctor learned that Sage had been released, and she asked how the baby was doing.

At the Athletic Club bar, Colin observed that Cane looked "like hell," and Cane grumbled that a night in jail did that, but he was sure Colin knew all about it. Cane insisted that he wasn't guilty, but he worried that if he couldn't find anyone who believed him, he'd spend more nights in jail. Colin was certain that Cane would never soak Devon for ransom money, and Cane pointed out that it was more Colin's style. Cane added that he knew his father hadn't set him up, but someone had, and Lily thought he was guilty because he was a chip off the old block.

Colin found it difficult to believe that Lily thought Cane was an extortionist, and Cane recalled seeing the doubt in her eyes. Colin wondered whether Cane had just been seeing his own fear in her face, and he encouraged Cane to sit down and talk to his wife. Colin implored Cane to convince Lily that he was the same man she'd married, and Cane was nothing like Colin, so it shouldn't be too difficult. The men chuckled, and Colin stepped away as Lily approached Cane.

Lily and Cane awkwardly greeted one another and started speaking at the same time, and they nervously laughed. He said he was an idiot for lashing out at her after she'd bailed him out, and she swore that she'd only been trying to find an answer that made sense. He apologized for jumping to conclusions instead of talking with her, and she said there was something she wanted to say to him.

Lily said she should have gone to Cane first, but she'd panicked, and she'd thought Dylan would help. She bemoaned that the police were looking at Cane like he was a criminal, and Cane lamented that the good deeds he'd done for Devon had backfired. Cane acknowledged he looked guilty, and he groused that the cops didn't want to help prove that he'd been framed. Lily vowed that she and Cane would figure it out together, and they embraced.

Jack and Phyllis headed out of the Athletic Club to go to the courthouse, but they ran into Ashley in the foyer. Ashley coldly inquired whether Jack intended to sit beside his brother or the scum who'd killed his niece, and she stalked off. Jack told Phyllis that he would be there for Billy, but he believed that Adam deserved his day in court. Phyllis agreed -- as long as Adam was convicted and Billy got justice for Delia.

In the courtroom, Billy guessed that Adam was on the run, and he imagined that Victor had set Adam up on a cushy private jet. Chelsea reiterated that Victor hadn't had any intention of helping Adam, and offering his assistance had just been a trap to get Adam in deeper trouble. Victor questioned why he would have posted bail if he'd expected Adam to run, and Billy fretted that Adam would get away again. Michael arrived, and Billy asked "where the hell" Adam was.

Michael assumed that Adam was on his way, but Billy snapped that Adam was on his way out of the country. Paul prepared to issue an APB, but Michael pointed out that Adam wasn't even late. Chelsea informed Michael that Victor had tried to convince Adam to jump bail, but Victor argued that he stood to lose ten million dollars, and with his empire crumbling, he didn't have that kind of money to throw around. Chelsea accused Victor of trying to make things as bad as possible for Adam, and Victoria and Billy said they weren't surprised Adam had run. "The man is here," Michael announced as Adam walked in.

During her opening remarks, Christine told the jury that a bright, vivacious little girl was dead after Adam had struck her with his vehicle, and Adam had left Delia to die at the side of the road. She added that the defense would try to convince them that Adam was a loving husband and father, but only the facts relevant to the case mattered, and the one most important fact was that a little girl was dead. Christine stated that the evidence would prove that Adam had been responsible for striking Delia with his car, but he hadn't stepped forward once he'd realized he'd done it, and he'd gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up his crime. Christine stated that Adam had had much to lose if he'd turned himself in to the authorities, but the truth always had a way of getting out.

Michael said no one denied that a terrible tragedy had occurred or that Delia's family and the community had suffered profound heartbreak, but the defense would prove that the events on the night in question hadn't been planned or malicious. He contended that Delia's death had been the result of an accident that his client hadn't even been aware of at the time it had occurred. Michael concluded his statement, and Christine called Chelsea as her first witness.

Christine established that Chelsea and Adam had married and divorced prior to their reconciliation before Delia's accident. Christine noted that Adam hadn't been Chelsea's legal husband on the date of Delia's death, and she asked Chelsea to recount what had happened on the night in question. Chelsea replied that Adam had returned home from Connor's doctor appointment, and he had been very upset. Christine inquired whether Adam had admitted that he'd been the driver who had struck Delia, and Chelsea said no. Chelsea confirmed that she and Adam had planned to move to Paris after they'd wed again, and Christine asked about the video in which Adam had finally discussed Delia's death.

Chelsea said Adam had given her the video on the night Adam and Billy had gotten into a car crash, and Michael argued that the video was privileged communication, since Adam had given it to Chelsea after the couple had remarried. Christine countered that Chelsea had waived that privilege when she'd turned over the video to the authorities, and she offered it into evidence. Christine asked if Adam had confessed to killing Delia in the video, and Chelsea grappled for an explanation, but Christine demanded a yes-or-no answer. Chelsea admitted that Adam had confessed.

Michael referred to the doctor's appointment, and Chelsea clarified that she and Adam had consulted a pediatric eye specialist for their son, since the doctors had advised them that Connor would likely be permanently blind. She described Adam as being distraught that his son would live in darkness, and she said Adam hadn't been thinking clearly. Chelsea recalled that Adam had been completely absorbed by their son, and Adam hadn't known that Delia had been hit.

Chelsea swore that no matter what people thought, Adam was a deeply sensitive man who adored kids, and he'd been devastated by Connor's diagnosis. Chelsea added that there had been no way Adam would have been able to keep it inside if he'd known about Delia, and Michael asked if Chelsea still loved the defendant. Christine protested that it was irrelevant, but Michael argued that the prosecution was trying to paint a one-sided portrait, and he wanted to present a multi-dimensional picture. The judge allowed the question, and Michael asked what Chelsea loved about her husband.

Chelsea called Adam a complicated man who was a good person at his core, and she recounted that he'd risked his life to save her after she'd fallen into a frozen lake when she'd been pregnant. She continued that Adam had delivered her baby in a deserted cabin, similar to how he'd just saved Sage and her baby under perilous circumstances. Chelsea commended Adam for being an amazing father to their son, even though Adam hadn't experienced a lot of bonding while growing up. She described Adam as strong and vulnerable with an enormous capacity to love, and she admitted that she still loved him.

During a recess, Victoria asked if Billy was doing okay, and he replied that it had been hard to watch Chelsea sanctify Adam. Ashley assured Billy that the jury would see through it. Jack sympathized that it hadn't been easy for Billy, and Billy snapped that it wouldn't be easy for Jack to see his good buddy go to prison for a long time. Nikki asked Victor if he had planned to help Adam flee before the trial, and Victor haughtily questioned why he would have wanted to protect Adam. Nikki pointed out that Adam was Victor's son, and she knew that despite everything, that was still important to Victor.

Esther approached Chelsea, who asked if Kevin planned to be there. Esther explained that Kevin had chosen to stay away, and he'd wanted to try to catch up with Chloe to help her through the difficult day. Esther snarled that it would have been 1,000 times worse for Chloe if she'd been there to see her best friend singing the praises of the monster who'd taken Delia from them. Michael and Adam had a heated disagreement about whether or not to do something, and Adam threatened to fire Michael if he didn't do it.

The court session resumed, and Michael asked to approach the bench. He announced that his client wanted to waive his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, and Adam wanted to testify right away. The judge wondered if Michael was aiming for a mistrial, and Michael revealed that he'd advised his client not to do it, but Adam's mind was made up. Christine said she had no objection, and she called Adam to the stand.

Colin slipped into the courtroom, and Jill informed him that Adam was about to put the final nail in his own coffin. Under Christine's cross-examination, Adam confessed that he'd hit Delia and that he hadn't called for any help. Christine asked him if he'd destroyed evidence that might have linked him to the incident, and Adam revealed that he'd repaired a cracked turn signal cover and burned the scarf that he'd found in his wheel well. Billy fought back tears. Christine referred to Adam's masquerade as Gabriel Bingham, but Michael said Adam couldn't be tried for crimes that he hadn't been accused of. The judge ordered Christine to stick to the details of the case, and Christine forced Adam to admit that he'd been solely responsible for the death of Delia Abbott.

Michael asked how Adam had been feeling after he'd returned from the appointment with Connor's eye doctor, and Adam confirmed that everything Chelsea had said had been true. Adam said he'd been preoccupied when he'd driven home, but he'd known what he'd been doing. He described the stretch of road as curvy and dark without a lot of traffic, and he recalled that he'd seen a shadow dart in front of the car, so he'd swerved to avoid hitting what he'd thought had been an animal. Adam explained that he'd pulled over and gotten out, and he'd seen a dog run away.

Michael clarified that it hadn't been a hit-and-run, since Adam had stopped and checked before leaving the scene, but Adam protested that everything might have been different if he'd walked around the car. Adam imagined that he would have called for help if he had investigated further, but he'd seen that the dog had been fine, so he'd gotten back into his car and left. Adam said he'd had no idea that he'd hit Delia until later that night, and he hadn't been able to believe that he had been responsible. Michael questioned why Adam hadn't spoken up when he'd realized it, and Adam conceded that he should have, but he'd had too much to lose.

Adam continued that he'd finally had the life he'd dreamed of having, and his son had made him want to be a better man. He said he'd been afraid that no one would believe that it had been an accident, and the longer he'd waited, the more certain he'd been that he would lose his son. Billy jumped to his feet and wailed that he'd lost his little girl, and he blasted Adam for talking about what Adam had stood to lose. The judge warned Billy that she'd remove him from the courtroom if he disrupted the proceedings again, and Michael stressed that Adam hadn't stepped forward out of fear of losing his son. Adam testified that he loved Connor and that he would have done anything to keep his son, but it appeared that he'd lost Connor anyway. Chelsea wiped away tears.

Michael asked if Adam regretted what had happened, and Adam replied that he regretted every single thing he'd done since the car had swerved. Adam wished he could do it all over again and confess from the beginning to spare Delia's family even one more ounce of pain. Adam recognized that he wasn't a man his son could look up to, and he was ashamed and full of remorse for the pain he'd caused everyone in the room. Adam said he was sorry for the life that he'd taken, and it had been his fault. Billy glared at Adam.

Billy Asks Everyone to Forgive Adam

Billy Asks Everyone to Forgive Adam

Thursday, October 22, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Noah approached Kevin about a project that required avoiding detection, and Kevin wondered why Noah hadn't asked Victor for help. Noah grumbled that Victor was more interested in running Marisa out of his life than helping her, and he said he needed Kevin to find Marisa's daughter. Mariah overheard and was stunned that Marisa had a kid. Noah informed them about how Luca was blackmailing Marisa into living with him in exchange for information about their daughter.

Noah added that Victor had tried to convince him that Marisa was using him, and Kevin agreed that Marisa was trouble. Noah argued that they'd all made mistakes, but Kevin noted that Marisa had lied about being married and having a kid. Noah defended that Marisa had had to fight to get by, and she was trying to break free of her past. Kevin was skeptical that Marisa was doing it by sleeping with a man who she supposedly wanted nothing to do with.

Kevin acknowledged that Marisa was a beautiful woman with a wild side, but he imagined that Noah wasn't the first guy to be sucked in by her charm. Mariah told Kevin to stop giving bad advice, since he was no expert on women, and she suggested that he stick to tracking people on his computer. Noah begged Kevin to help find Marisa's daughter, and Kevin hesitantly agreed. Kevin added that he had something important of his own to do first, since he wanted to see Adam convicted for killing Delia.

In a hotel suite, Luca traced a rose over a sleeping Marisa's bare shoulder, and she was startled to see him. He explained that through the door, he'd heard her cry out for someone, and she guessed she had been dreaming. Marisa coolly told Luca that he could go, but he questioned whether that was any way to talk to her husband. She claimed that she was grumpy before having any coffee, and he presented her with a strand of pearls to cheer her up, but her expression soured.

Luca insisted that he was trying to make Marisa happy, and she suggested that he tell her where her daughter was instead of showering her with gifts to get her to sleep with him. Luca offered to help her put the pearls on, and he said she could take them off if she didn't want them. She reluctantly held back her hair as he fastened the strand around her neck. He seductively said he'd missed spoiling her, but she reminded him that she'd only agreed to stay for a month. He said he was going to breakfast, and he told her to get dressed and join him downstairs.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Ashley approached Victor and mentioned that she was on her way to the courthouse, but she wondered if he'd found a way to stop the Paragon virus. Victor warned that Ashley might one day regret feeding on the misfortunes of his company, and he urged her to stop while she was ahead. Ashley countered that he would keep feeding off Jabot until there was nothing left if he were in her position, so she might do the same thing to him. He smirked.

Victor pointed out that Ashley had only acquired his companies because of the virus, so the businesses themselves might be infected by the virus. Ashley reported that her IT team was confident that no viruses had invaded Jabot's walls, but their revenues were skyrocketing. Victor mentioned that Chelsea 2.0 and Brash & Sassy had shown enormous sales figures, but it had been an illusion Paragon had created, and the same fate might befall the companies that Ashley had poached. Ashley asserted that Jabot had made the acquisitions legally, and Newman had been the only target of the virus. Victor cautioned that sometimes arrows missed their targets, but they still destroyed everything in their paths.

Luca entered the dining room, and Victor ominously stated that Luca and his wife were supposed to be gone. Luca crowed that he was playing things right, and Marisa had crushed Noah's heart. Victor relayed that Noah had requested his help to find Marisa's daughter, but he would take care of Noah as long as Luca took care of his wife. Marisa arrived in the foyer and spotted the men talking. Victor told Luca to be careful with Noah, since Noah was a Newman, and he walked off.

Over breakfast, Luca recalled the first necklace he'd ever given to Marisa, but she claimed that she didn't remember it. He said it had been pearls with a diamond pendant attached, and he recounted that she'd worn it to a lavish party that his father had thrown for his business associates. Luca said his father hadn't approved of her dress, and Marisa added that his father had bought her a gown that had been appropriate for a nun. Luca fondly remembered that his father had ordered her to wear the gown he'd purchased, but Marisa had appeared in the ballroom, wearing nothing but the necklace. Marisa giggled as she envisioned Luca's father turning purple, and Noah glowered when he saw them laughing together.

At the Underground, Mariah told an upset Noah to take it easy on the glassware, and Noah grumbled that he'd pay for whatever he broke. He ignored a call, and Mariah guessed it had been from Marisa. Noah said Kevin had been right, and he had just been another guy Marisa had used to service her needs. Noah mentioned that he'd seen Marisa and Luca laughing at the club while Noah had been trying to track down her daughter, but Mariah was sure it had just been an act. Mariah advised Noah not to throw away what he and Marisa had over a stupid misunderstanding, but he ignored another call. Mariah sent a text message to Marisa to inform her that Noah was at the Underground.

Later, Noah returned from the back room, and he saw Marisa with Mariah. Mariah told Noah not to be dumb, and she headed out to meet Kevin at the trial. Marisa asked why Noah hadn't been answering her calls, and he spat that the thought of her sleeping with Luca made him sick. She insisted that she and Luca were staying in separate rooms, but Noah pointed out that he'd seen them together, and it had looked real. She explained that she and Luca had been talking about a real memory, but it had happened years earlier, before Luca had changed.

Marisa swore that she wanted Luca out of her life, and Noah revealed that he'd found someone to help them. She threw her arms around him and thanked him, and she professed her love and said he was the only man she wanted to be with. She asked him to make love to her, and they retreated to the office, where they began tearing off one another's clothes.

In the park, Chelsea told Connor that his daddy had wanted to join them, but Adam had needed to do everything he could to take responsibility for a bad mistake he'd made. She called Adam a good man who loved his son, and she said Adam was fighting to stay with them. Chelsea added that Adam deserved a second chance, and she hoped he got one. "I don't," Billy coldly stated as he walked by.

Billy cooed that he'd missed Connor, and he and Chelsea stepped aside to talk. She sympathized that it was a terrible day for Billy, but he declared that it would be worth it, since Adam deserved to pay. Billy chided Chelsea for making Adam look like a misunderstood saint, even though she knew what kind of person Adam was. Chelsea conceded that Adam was flawed, but she saw the good in him, and she'd been thinking of Connor when she'd been on the stand.

Chelsea imagined Connor having to grow up without knowing his father, and Billy spat that Connor would be better off. Chelsea admonished Billy for wanting to see the little boy hurt, and she snapped that Billy could spend the rest of his life filled with hate, but she didn't want any part of it. She turned to get Connor and go, but the tot was nowhere to be found.

Chelsea frantically searched for Connor, and Billy rushed back with the boy in his arms after finding him at the pond. Chelsea panicked at the thought of what could have happened, and she told Connor not to ever scare her like that again. Billy remarked that it had been his fault for distracting her, but Chelsea insisted that it had been her responsibility as Connor's mother not to take her eyes off her child. Chelsea rambled that as Connor's parent, it had been her fault and no one else's. Billy's expression darkened, and a stricken Chelsea realized what she'd implied and tried to take back her words.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Adam told Michael that he'd hoped to spend his last few hours of freedom with his wife and son. Michael wanted to discuss something, since he believed all the wonderful things Chelsea had said would go out of the jurors' heads once Billy testified. Michael proposed that they try to strike a deal with Christine in order for Adam to avoid the maximum sentence and for Billy to be spared the pain of reliving Delia's death in court. Michael encouraged Adam to do it for his wife and child if not for his own good.

Jack paced inside the police station, and Michael exited the interrogation room. Jack stated that he'd thought Adam could use a friend, and Michael thought Adam would be glad to see Jack. Christine doubted that Billy would feel the same way, and Jack stepped in to see Adam. Michael asked to talk to Christine, but she said he was wasting both of their time if he wanted to propose a deal. Michael contended that it was his job to give Adam the best representation possible, and it was her job to let him do it.

Michael and Christine bantered about the charges against Adam, and Michael argued that an accident wasn't the same as murder. She testily asked if Michael was trying to absolve Adam of all responsibility, but Michael countered that he was trying to be reasonable, and he proposed a charge of homicide by negligent operation with a prison term of five years. Christine scoffed at the idea that it would be fair to Delia or her parents, and she questioned whether Michael had any idea of what losing a child did to a person. Michael defended that Adam was a father who hadn't stepped forward because of Connor, but Christine retorted that Adam hadn't confessed because he was Adam Newman.

Adam told Jack that he was doing fantastic, other than facing many years in prison. Jack said they didn't know if Adam would be found guilty, but Adam thought it was time to be realistic, and he thought nothing would stop the legal system once Billy testified. Adam said he'd carried the guilt about Delia's death for two years, and telling the truth at the memorial had been a relief, but he'd never be free of what he'd done. Jack protested that Adam shouldn't have to pay for the rest of his life, but Adam thought Billy would disagree. Adam stated that he'd killed Delia, and it was time for him to pay.

Jack was surprised that Adam wasn't fighting, but Adam said he'd gotten the one last night with his family that he'd wanted. Jack questioned whether that was enough, and Adam replied that it had to be. Adam wished he hadn't been "hell-bent" on getting revenge on Victor, since he had been close to having everything he'd ever wanted in Paris, but his decision to unleash Paragon had ruined his chances at a happy ending. A sullen Michael returned, and Adam guessed that Christine had rejected their offer. Jack wished Adam luck, and Adam replied that he felt like he probably needed it that day.

Christine and Paul pushed past the press outside the courtroom. Ashley asked where Jack was, and she gauged from Phyllis' reaction that he was with Adam. Phyllis defended that the situation wasn't easy on Jack, and Ashley retorted that it was harder on Billy. A worried Victoria left a voicemail for Billy. Victor remarked that a crisis could define a person, and he suspected that Billy would be defined by his rage.

Jack joined Phyllis, and Ashley dryly bet that Adam had been happy to see him. Jack pointed out that Adam didn't have many people in his corner, and Kevin spat that no one wanted to support a cowardly child-killer except Jack and Michael. Kevin ranted that Adam had left a little girl on the side of the road to die, and Adam deserved to "rot in hell," but Kevin would settle for 20 years in prison. Chelsea entered, and everyone grew silent and took their seats. Victoria rushed to Billy's side and asked if he was okay, and he replied that he was fine. Billy told Christine that he was ready.

Billy took the stand, and Christine asked him to take her through the events on the night of his daughter's death. He smiled at the memory of Delia performing in her school play, and he said Delia had been really happy and very alive when they'd stopped by a little market to pick up ice cream on the way home. He explained that Delia had wanted to stay in the car with her new dog, and he had told her to lock the doors and not move. Billy struggled against tears as he recalled finding both Delia and Dash gone when he'd returned, and she hadn't answered when he'd called for her.

An emotional Billy remembered finding Delia on the roadside, calling for help, and waiting for the ambulance. Billy recalled pleading for Delia to hold on, but it hadn't sounded like his voice, since it hadn't made sense for him to tell his little girl not to die. Billy added that it had been his fault, and he blamed himself for not making sure she'd stayed in the car. Christine requested a recess, but Michael objected that the witness was in the middle of his testimony. Billy lamented that Delia was dead because of him, and he repeated that it had been his fault. Adam jumped to his feet and insisted that Billy couldn't blame himself for what had been an accident.

The judge called for order and told Adam to sit down, and Christine again asked for a recess, but Billy said he was able to continue. Christine inquired whether the person who had hit Delia had offered any assistance, but Billy maintained that it had been his fault. Christine asked if Billy had meant to harm Delia, and he said not intentionally, but he'd heard it all before from friends, family, and support groups who had told him not to blame himself.

Billy explained that he'd had to blame someone, since his little girl had had her whole life in front of her, and he'd wanted the person who'd stolen it from him to tell him why. Billy continued that he'd told himself for two years that it had needed to be someone else's fault, but he'd been wrong, and he couldn't keep blaming Adam. Billy proclaimed that the only way he and Delia would have any peace would be if he and everyone else forgave Adam.

In his closing statement, Michael said neither Adam nor Delia had expected to cross paths on the day she'd died, but they'd had no control over the series of events that had occurred. Michael called it an unimaginable stroke of bad luck for a devastated Adam to have been in the exact spot at the exact moment Delia had run into the road. Michael reiterated that it had been a terrible tragedy, but it had also been an accident, and Delia's own father had said as much. Michael contended that both Billy and Adam were suffering tremendous guilt, but neither was guilty, and it would do no good to destroy a family by punishing Adam further. Michael pondered what Delia would have wanted, but the only people who could speak on Delia's behalf were her parents, and the jury had heard Delia's father ask them to forgive Adam.

Christine flatly stated that a little girl was dead, and that was where the case started and where it ended. She asserted that the defendant's excuses and a grieving father's attempt to cope didn't change the fact that a child was dead, and the man who'd struck her and left her to die on the side of road had to pay. Billy exited the courtroom.

Later, Christine griped to Paul that Billy was supposed to have been her star witness, but Paul assured her that she'd handled it well. Paul got a text message about another case, and he headed out. Victoria asked around to try to find Billy, but no one knew where he was. Jack said he was proud of Billy for not placing all the blame on Adam, but Kevin barked that the jury wouldn't buy "that forgiveness crap."

Chelsea mentioned to Victoria that she was worried about Billy after they'd argued about Adam in the park. Chelsea relayed that Connor had slipped away from her, and Billy had found the boy, but he'd felt really guilty. Chelsea added that she'd tried to tell Billy that people made mistakes, and Victoria realized that had been why Billy had asked everyone to forgive Adam. Victoria hoped Billy wasn't sorry he'd done it.

Billy found Adam sitting by himself in the courtroom. Meanwhile, the bailiff informed the judge that the jury had reached a verdict.

Adam's Verdict Is In

Adam's Verdict Is In

Friday, October 23, 2015

At the Ashby home, Cane thanked Lily and Neil for sticking by him, since everyone else thought he'd taken advantage of the situation to get a bag of cash. Cane vowed to clear his name and prove that the cops were wrong. There was a knock at the door, and Neil found Paul and some police officers there. Cane protested that he'd already been arrested, and Paul presented him with a search warrant for the premises.

Cane argued that the police should be trying to find out who'd framed him, and he protested as the officers entered the kids' room. Lily warned Cane not to interfere, and Neil added that Cane could be accused of tampering with evidence. Cane griped that it was humiliating for the police to go through his family's personal belongings, but Lily said there was no point in getting angry. Neil cautioned that Cane appeared defensive, but Cane snapped that he didn't care how it looked, since he hadn't done anything wrong.

At the Athletic Club, the police arrived with a warrant to search Cane's gym locker, and Devon led them to it. Joe asked Dylan if Cane had really extorted money, but Dylan refused to discuss it, and Joe commented that Dylan was taking it too seriously, since Dylan wasn't a cop. Dylan pointed out that Joe wasn't directly involved, but Joe countered that Cane was his friend, and he wanted to make sure Cane and Lily were okay. Dylan coldly stated that Lily was standing by her husband, and he warned Joe to stay out of it. Joe retorted that Dylan didn't get to tell him what to do.

The police emerged from the locker room with a hoodie in an evidence bag, and Dylan noted that it looked like the one worn by the guy who had snatched the ransom. Devon pointed out that the evidence kept piling up, but the worst thing was what Cane was putting his sister through, especially since they'd just gotten their marriage back on track. Devon blasted Cane for risking everything for a bag of cash.

Cane and Lily arrived at the club, and he griped that things had snowballed, but she pointed out that the police hadn't found anything. Devon announced that the authorities had found a hoodie in Cane's locker that looked like the one worn by the man who'd taken the ransom, and he ordered Cane to explain himself. Cane defended that he hadn't been to gym at all lately, since he'd been spending all his time helping to find Hilary. Cane incredulously asked if Devon really thought he'd be stupid enough to leave incriminating evidence at his house and in his locker, and he reiterated that he was being set up.

Neil noted that someone was doing a good job of throwing suspicion on Cane, but he was sure Cane would never do something that two-faced. Lily asked if someone might have tampered with the locker, but Devon said the police had needed to break it open. Devon asked if Cane had given anyone the combination, and Cane argued that it had only been a three-digit combination that anyone could have taken the time to figure out. Dylan revealed that he'd watched the security footage, and it had shown Cane carrying something into the locker room the day after the ransom drop and exiting empty-handed.

Joe listened as Devon dared Cane to admit he'd done it, but Cane couldn't recall the last time he'd accessed the gym locker. Lily asked if Cane remembered what he'd dropped off on the day in question, and Cane noted that it sounded like she doubted him. Lily said she hadn't had a chance to think, since one thing had happened after another. She thought it would seem suspicious to anyone, especially because of the abrasive way he was handling everyone's questions. Cane angrily asked whether he wasn't living up to her expectations, and he snapped that she was the one letting him down.

Lily pointed out that she'd only asked Cane to explain because she wanted to be behind him, but he had to help her understand. Cane retorted that he was done explaining, and he was sick of being questioned by the one person who he shouldn't have to prove himself to. Cane added that he'd taken her back and given her his trust even after she'd cheated on him, and he couldn't believe that she found it too difficult to trust him. Devon intervened and condemned Cane for pulling the cops away from trying to find Hilary, and he pushed Cane. The men started to scuffle, but Dylan and Joe pulled them apart. Dylan urged Cane to clear his head before he did something he regretted, and Cane told them all to "go to hell" and stormed out.

Later, Lily left a message for Cane, and Devon guessed that Cane wasn't picking up. Neil said Cane hadn't responded to him, either, and Lily worried what Cane might do. Neil headed out to look for Cane, and Lily told Devon she was sorry that Hilary was still missing. Devon hugged her and assured her that it wasn't her fault.

Devon offered to get Lily something to eat or drink, but she pushed him to check his messages rather than sit with her. He said he'd be back later to check on her, and she approached Joe at the bar. She thanked Joe for stepping in when things had gotten crazy, and he wished that there hadn't been a fight to break up. Joe volunteered to be there if she needed a friend, and Lily said she needed all the friends she could get.

At home, Cane packed a bag and prepared to leave. Neil tried to stop him, but Cane refused to stay there if his wife didn't believe him.

At the police station, Dylan told Paul that Cane had denied having any involvement with the ransom, but Paul referred to the evidence building against Cane. Dylan argued that Cane could be telling the truth, and Paul planned to have the lab analyze the hoodie to see if there was any evidence that linked it to Hilary.

In the courtroom, the bailiff informed the judge that the jury had reached a verdict. Adam pleaded with Billy to hear him out, since he wouldn't get another chance to say what he needed to say. Adam said he hadn't expected Billy to forgive him, and Billy explained that he'd done it for himself and for his daughter, not for Adam's sake. Victoria was relieved when she found Billy, and Chelsea thanked Billy for what he'd said on the stand. Billy cut Chelsea off and announced that the jury was heading back in. Chelsea worriedly hugged Adam.

In the corridor, Ashley hoped Billy and Jack didn't get into it again, and Phyllis expected that Jack would stand by his brother. Michael asked Lauren how she'd known he'd wanted her to show up, and she stressed that she wasn't a fan of Adam's, but she was a huge fan of Michael's. Jack relayed to the people outside the courtroom that the verdict was in, and everyone filed back inside. Victor remarked to Nikki that such a quick decision usually wasn't a good sign for the defendant, but if Adam had a fighting chance, he owed it to Billy. Chelsea told Adam that she loved him no matter what happened.

Paul slipped into the back of the courtroom as the bailiff handed the verdict to the judge. The judge asked the defendant to stand, and he announced that Adam had been found guilty of felony hit-and-run resulting in the death of a child. The judge saw no reason to delay the penalty phase, and he instructed those who intended to make impact statements to be ready. He released the jury and called a brief recess. Michael advised Adam that the judge had discretion about the length of the sentence, and the impact statements could make a big difference.

Billy said he wanted to get out of there, and he and Victoria departed. Kevin ran after them and protested that Billy couldn't walk out, but Billy replied that he had no reason to stick around. Kevin demanded to know how Billy had forgiven Adam, and he fretted that Adam would get off with a slap on the wrist. Kevin insisted that one of Delia's parents had to speak up to make sure Adam got what he deserved, and if Billy wouldn't tell the judge that Adam needed to suffer, Kevin would.

Billy said he wanted to talk to his daughter, and he and Victoria visited Delia's tree in the park. Billy told Delia that she'd finally gotten her day in court, but it hadn't turned out the way he'd thought it would. Billy added that Adam had been found guilty, so it was over and Delia could rest. Billy noted that there wasn't a term to call someone who'd lost a child, since there were no words to describe the pain. Victoria pointed out that he'd found all the right words in court that day, and he'd made it sound like all his problems had been solved with the guilty verdict.

Billy wondered what else there was to worry about, and Victoria replied that she worried about them, since he'd just stood right there and lied to Delia by saying that she could rest in peace. Billy maintained that Delia could, but Victoria thought that was impossible when Delia's father couldn't. Victoria thought that he hadn't let go of any of the anger, and he asked if she'd missed his testimony, since he'd forgiven Adam in open court. She said she'd heard him, but she thought it hadn't been enough, since he still needed to forgive himself.

Victoria referred to Billy's words in court about wanting to stop blaming himself for leaving Delia in the car, and she implored him to say it hadn't been his fault. Billy couldn't, and Victoria suggested that he say it hadn't been his fault that he'd gotten Delia a dog. Billy yelled that it had been his fault, since he had been Delia's dad, and it had been his job to protect her. He insisted that he couldn't forgive himself, and Victoria inquired whether he'd ever said the word "can't" to Delia. Victoria imagined that if Delia were there, she would roll her eyes and laugh at him.

Victoria noted that Billy had already done the impossible by finding the strength to bury his child, and he just had to bury the guilt, since Delia's siblings needed him to be there for them. Victoria said he'd told Delia that his anger was gone, and she encouraged him not to let it be the first time he'd ever lied to his daughter. Victoria flatly stated that enough was enough, and it was time to forgive himself. She hugged him, but he slowly pulled away from her embrace when he felt a breeze. The leaves on Delia's tree rustled, and Billy thought Delia was sending them a message that she was finally at peace. A vision of Delia appeared and said, "I love you, Daddy."

In his impact statement, Kevin explained that he'd been Delia's stepdad, and since Chloe and Billy weren't present, it was up to him to say that Adam had killed his daughter. Kevin admitted that he had committed crimes, and he understood what it was like to tell himself that a confession wouldn't make things any better, but everyone had spent the past year crying and asking why. Kevin refused to forgive Adam's crime, since Adam had had answers to the questions and had hidden them, and Adam didn't deserve compassion when he'd shown none. Kevin asked the judge to punish Adam to the fullest extent of the law.

Jack relayed that his family and friends didn't understand how he could defend the man who had been responsible for his niece's death, and maybe they'd never made mistakes unforgivable enough to haunt them every moment, but Jack had. Jack recounted that Delia's father had asked for forgiveness for Adam, and he requested the same thing. Jack believed that the tragedy had made Adam a better person, and he didn't think showing leniency would besmirch his niece's memory -- rather, he thought it would memorialize her kindness.

Victor stated that Adam had shown grief and remorse for his actions and that Adam had taken full responsibility for what he'd done. Victor called Delia's death a terrible, tragic accident, and he asserted that Adam's actions subsequent to the tragedy were a result of fear and grief, not malicious intent, so they shouldn't be treated as such.

Esther struggled to speak, and she apologized for not being able to talk about Delia without crying. Esther mentioned the scarf that Delia had been wearing on the night she'd died, and she fondly recalled that Delia had been dressed up in a witch's costume. Esther said she'd gone back to the accident scene to look for the scarf, since holding it would have been like holding Delia again, but Adam had burned it to cover up what he'd done. Esther spat that Adam had burned her baby's scarf like it had been nothing -- like Delia had been nothing.

Chelsea said she couldn't defend Adam's actions, but she could say that at his core, he was a good person, and that was why he'd eventually confessed despite the cost. She asserted that the judge's decision wouldn't only affect Adam but everyone who would be left living without him, and she begged for mercy for Adam and their family. Chelsea stepped down, and the judge asked if Adam wanted to say anything on his own behalf.

Adam said he couldn't dispute the guilty verdict, and he was ready to take on the weight of the world to carry for the rest of his life, along with the profound regret of the pain he'd caused everyone. Adam conceded that he deserved to be punished, but he had a little boy who didn't. He explained that Connor was innocent, smart, and kind, and the boy deserved to have a real family with a mom and a dad who loved him unconditionally. Adam said he'd never had that, and he wanted to give that to his son. He asked the judge to let him be a father to his son. The judge called a brief recess while he deliberated, and Adam and Chelsea hugged.

Mariah told Kevin and Esther that she hadn't known Delia, but she wished she had after hearing them talk about the little girl. Mariah said it made her think of Faith, and she couldn't imagine if anything happened to her younger sister. Lauren sympathized that Esther had to go through the pain all over again on the stand, and Michael asked if Kevin was okay. Kevin barked that he didn't want Michael's sympathy, and he was glad that Michael's child-killing client had been found guilty. Kevin hoped Adam never saw the light of day again, but Michael said it wouldn't erase the pain. Kevin thought a harsh sentence would help.

Adam remarked to Chelsea that she'd made him sound like a good guy, and she replied that he was. He joked that she was just saying that because he was about to be sent up the river, but she'd be listing his flaws if she expected him to go home with her. She whimpered that she wanted him home, and she began to cry.

Ashley approached Jack, and he presumed that she was going to give him an earful about supporting Adam, but she said his words had been heartfelt and sincere. Phyllis said she and Christine finally agreed on something -- that Adam should pay. Jack stressed that it had been an accident, and Phyllis acknowledged that it was kind of Jack and Billy to forgive Adam, but if it had happened to her daughter, she'd never forgive or forget.

The judge explained that he'd taken the pleas for lenience and punishment into consideration, and he wasn't going to impose the maximum penalty, but justice had to be served. The judge sentenced Adam to ten years in the state penitentiary, commencing immediately. Ashley stepped out to let Abby know what had happened, and Kevin said he felt sick, since the sentence was nothing compared to what Adam had done. Esther wailed that Adam had taken away Chloe, too, and Mariah led them out to go home. Chelsea begged an officer to wait before taking Adam away, and Adam told her to tell Connor every day that he loved the boy. Chelsea tearfully asked what she should tell herself, and Adam replied that they'd always have Kansas.

Camera bulbs flashed as officers led Adam out of the courthouse. A cop pounded on the door of a police van and said they were ready to go. Chelsea watched as Adam proceeded toward the van, and a car suddenly revved up. Adam was blinded by the headlights as the car raced toward him and mowed him down. The car sped away, and looks of horror crossed the onlookers' faces as Adam lay motionless on the ground.

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