The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 12, 2015 on Y&R

Delia's loved ones planted a tree in her honor. Chloe pulled a gun on Adam, but Chelsea talked her down. Luca confronted Marisa about giving their baby daughter away. Neil agreed to have Dr. Neville treat Hilary. Lily found Devon's ransom money in Cane's duffel bag.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 12, 2015 on Y&R
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Victor's Plan Frees Adam

Victor's Plan Frees Adam

Monday, October 12, 2015

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria consoled Billy when he reflected on the anniversary of losing Delia. Billy said he'd hoped to feel relief, knowing that justice would be served on the anniversary of Delia's death. Victoria asked if Adam's arrest had given him solace. Billy replied, "A part of me thinks that that's never going to be enough."

Jill stopped by to comfort Billy. Jill asked Billy if he planned to attend Adam's arraignment. Billy said he'd forgo an appearance at court and wouldn't stop by the roadside memorial. Jill announced that she'd made plans to plant a special tree in Chancellor Park in memory of Delia. Jill added, "We'll sit under the shade of the tree and feel comforted." Billy happily agreed to help plant the tree.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a woman, wearing a platinum wig and a hat, entered a suite. The mystery woman, seen only from the waist down or from behind, picked up a newspaper. She read a front-page headline featuring Adam's photograph. The caption read "New Face, Old Crime: Adam Newman Arraigned for Child's Death." The woman listened to an audio news report via her laptop. The reporter said, "Adam Newman, previously thought dead, has been charged in the death of 7-year-old Cordelia Abbott. He was released today on bail set at ten million dollars." The woman closed her laptop.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was livid after he discovered that Michael had agreed to defend Adam. Summer, Kyle, and Abby listened sympathetically when Kevin cried that he'd been Delia's stepfather and couldn't understand why his own brother would defend the man responsible for his stepdaughter's death. Alluding to Jack's decision not to disclose Adam's identity while he masqueraded as another man for a year, Abby claimed Jack might have had a plausible reason to keep quiet. Summer said that perhaps Chelsea had accepted Adam because she believed he deserved a second chance. Abby added that for most, logic didn't trump emotions.

Ben showed up at Crimson Lights. Abby and Ben met together privately. Ben asked Abby to dine with him. Abby said she would be attending a ceremony for Delia. Ben recalled that the night Delia had been taken to the emergency room had been one of his worst to deal with as a doctor. Abby said she wished Ashley were in town because her presence somehow made Billy feel stronger. Ben noted that he wanted to help and promised not to overstep his boundaries by attempting to play the role of a hero.

At Chelsea's condo, Chelsea confirmed her travel plans while Anita helped pack belongings into boxes. Chelsea wasn't happy when Anita suggested that her daughter postpone her plans to "run away." Anita said, "You can run away from Genoa City, but can you outrun what you feel for Adam?" Chelsea cried that Victor was more important to Adam than anyone, including herself and Connor.

Anita asked Chelsea where she was going. Chelsea refused to divulge the location, so her mother couldn't tell Adam. Chelsea told Anita that her plan was to seclude herself from everyone until she was certain she'd never again make another mistake with Adam. Anita replied, "That man is never going to be out of your system."

Kevin stopped by to invite Chelsea to Delia's remembrance ceremony and noticed that Chelsea had been packing her belongings. Chelsea said that she was no longer tied to Genoa City because Victor had returned control of her clothing company. Chelsea insisted that no one present would welcome her to the ceremony. Kevin replied, "Chloe would -- as her best friend and Connor's mom, unless you haven't forgiven her for running off with him."

Chelsea said she'd forgiven Chloe. Chelsea explained that Chloe might feel different, knowing that Chelsea had been covering for Adam since he'd returned to Genoa City. Kevin pleaded with Chelsea to reconsider. Chelsea said, "Connor can see because of Chloe, so if you think she would want me there, then I'll be there."

At the police station's interrogation room, Adam waited to be arraigned. He asked Michael if there was a possibility of being released on bail. Michael said, "Given your history, the nature of the crime, the fact that you have pretended to be another man for the past year to avoid prosecution, I would say your chances are one in a million." Adam replied, "Lucky for me, I've got somebody on my side who loves those sorts of chances."

Michael warned that a deal made with Victor would ultimately lead to more harm than good. Adam asked if Michael honestly believed he'd made a deal with Victor. Michael added, "Victor will punish you before this is over." Though Adam refused to discuss the matter, he said he'd do whatever was necessary to be released because he intended to visit Chelsea and Connor before they left town.

In the courtroom, Jack and Phyllis watched Victor shake hands with the judge before the judge left the room. Jack and Phyllis glared at Victor. Phyllis, addressing Victor, said, "Did you wire the money to the judge's account, or did you slip an envelope into his golf bag on the ninth hole?" Jack said he was certain that Victor had made a deal to ensure that Adam would be freed. Victor said he'd merely greeted a friend and only wished he had the power Jack and Phyllis believed he possessed.

After Victor left, Jack told Phyllis he was certain Victor had sealed a deal to get Adam out of jail. Phyllis asked how Victor had gone from cheering on Billy's plan to murder Adam to letting Adam off the hook. Jack suggested that Victor was goading Adam to get him riled up. Jack added that Victor had relinquished control of Chelsea's clothing line. Phyllis said she didn't follow Jack's reasoning.

Jack explained his theory about Victor's strategy to Phyllis. Jack said, "With the threat of Chelsea taking Connor and leaving town, Adam will do anything he has to do to get out of jail. He'll make any deal with any devil." Phyllis suggested that Adam might also agree to undo the damage caused by the Paragon virus. Jack replied, "Exactly." Phyllis noted that such a deal would hurt everyone involved except Adam and Victor.

At the police station, Christine met with Lauren. Christine said Lauren likely didn't approve of Michael's decision to represent Adam. Lauren cried, "Delia was family. What if Michael gets all the charges dropped against Adam?" Christine noted that Adam was guilty, so she planned to ensure that Adam wouldn't see the world outside of his cell for a very long time.

In the courtroom, the judge listed the charges against Adam. Michael and Adam listened. The judge said, "On the charges of hit-and-run causing death, is the defendant prepared to enter a plea?" Michael promptly stood and motioned for Adam to rise from his chair. Adam replied, "Not guilty, you honor." Christine sprang from her seat and asked that the accused be remanded without bail until the trial.

Michael rebutted Christine and argued that Adam wasn't a flight risk. Christine said, "He was gone for a year." Michael explained that Adam was away for a year due to injuries. Michael said Adam had returned to Genoa City after he'd recovered his health. Christine noted that Adam had never formally admitted to his crime and had avoided arrest by assuming another's identity and appearance.

Christine fervently pleaded her case before the judge. Christine explained that even though Adam had been declared dead, he'd taken no action to dispute that assumption, knowing that he would face charges in the death of Cordelia Abbott. Christine added that Adam, using a passport issued under his assumed identity, had recently traveled to France, where he'd intended to relocate permanently. Christine told the judge that no one in Genoa City would vouch for Adam, whose intentions were dangerous and self-serving.

Victor, standing in the back of the courtroom spoke up for Adam. Victor said, "Your honor, I will vouch for my son." Victor acknowledged his son's actions and said he was responsible for some of his son's faults.

Victor assured the judge that Adam had intended to be a great father to his own son and wouldn't be a flight risk. Victor offered to pay any amount set for bail in order to prove confidence in Adam. Christine told the judge that nothing Adam or Victor said could be trusted. The judge replied, "Bail is set at ten million dollars." Victor asked the judge to remand Adam to his custody, and he offered to take full responsibility if Adam were to flee. Michael turned to Adam and whispered, "It's almost as if Victor planned for almost this exact development."

The judge, responding to Victor's request, said, "Agreed and adjourned." Christine approached Michael and said, "I guess Adam didn't need you or your ethics after all. Congratulations." Jack said, "Well there you have it. What Victor wants, Victor gets." Michael left to the courtroom to arrange bail. Victor instructed Adam to accompany him to his office to "stop that damn virus." Adam replied, "You and I both know I have something to take care of first."

Kyle and Summer, who had offered to pick up a tree to be planted in Delia's memory, returned to Crimson Lights upset. The nursery owner had allowed someone else to take the tree Jill had chosen and purchased. Summer cried that they'd have to search for another gingko tree, which Jill had chosen for its symbolism. Kyle noted that they'd have to find a tree quickly because family would soon gather in the park, waiting for the tree's arrival. Summer and Kyle each phoned various nurseries in hopes of finding another gingko tree.

Kyle ended his call to a local nursery and said, "Well, that is every place close enough to get us to the park on time." Kyle noticed a roll of money fall from a man's pocket. Kyle picked up the money and returned it to the man. The grateful man offered a reward, but Kyle refused. When the man turned to leave, both Kyle and Summer noticed a patch on the back of the man's jacket, identifying his affiliation with the Genoa City Botanic Garden. Summer and Kyle looked at each other before catching up to the man.

In the hallway at Chelsea's condo, Chelsea pushed Connor in his stroller toward the open elevator door. Chelsea said, "We are going to go celebrate a very special little girl. I wish you could have known her." After Chelsea and Connor entered the elevator, the mystery woman, still wearing her disguise, entered the hallway from the stairwell entrance. The woman used a key to gain entry into Chelsea's condo.

Once inside Chelsea's empty condo, the mystery woman picked up a framed photo of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor. When the woman heard someone unlocking the entrance door, she ducked out of sight. Adam entered and glanced at the packing boxes stacked throughout the room. He picked up the framed photo and gazed at Chelsea and his son. The mysterious woman watched Adam from her hiding place behind a stack of boxes.

Anita entered the condo with a man from a moving company and was surprised to see Adam. Anita said, "What are you doing here? How did you get yourself out of jail already?" Adam said he was out on bail and had gone there to see Connor. Anita refused to tell Adam where Chelsea and Connor had gone.

Adam told Anita that Connor was his son, so he deserved to see him one last time. Anita replied, "Because it's all about you. Never mind what you put everybody else through, right? Chelsea will decide what's right for Connor." While Adam and Anita argued, the mysterious woman watched and listened from her hiding place. Anita told Adam that Chelsea and Connor were at the park, honoring Delia. Adam left, and Anita went upstairs.

At the police station, Christine angrily approached Michael and berated the judge's actions. Christine said that what had taken place in the courtroom had been an insult to the legal process. She cried, "What if Adam flees jurisdiction?" Michael replied, "The greatest threat Adam poses is to himself." Christine said "Michael, if you know something, it's your duty to report it. I understand your mission as a defense attorney, but Adam has no business being back in the world." Michael reminded Christine that defendants made bail every day of the week. Michael added that Adam hadn't been charged with murder. Christine insisted that at trial, she would ensure that Victor Newman wouldn't stand in the way of a guilty verdict.

At Chancellor Park, Jill, Billy, and Victoria noted that the spot reserved for Delia's tree would be within view of the swings the child had always enjoyed. Billy quipped, "Delia would swing so high, I was afraid she would launch into space." Jill laughed and noted that Delia's smile, confidence, and charm had been a perfect combination of Billy and Chloe. Lauren arrived and expressed her disdain for Michael's decision to represent Adam. Jill announced that Adam's name wouldn't be mentioned for the remainder of the day. Lauren stepped away to take a call from Fen.

Esther arrived and noted that she wasn't crying. Esther said, "I can't promise what's going to happen later." Victoria embraced Esther. Jill asked why Esther hadn't arrived with the tree. Esther assured Jill that the tree would arrive and that everything was under control. Jill sighed and nodded.

Chelsea arrived with Connor and approached Billy. Jill, addressing Chelsea, said, "I did not extend you an invitation." Chelsea replied, "Delia gave Connor a gift, and I wanted to thank her again." Billy greeted Connor and lovingly stroked the child's hair. Chelsea started to leave, but Victoria said, "No one's forgotten that you helped your husband, and no one's forgiven you. Today's not about him. It's about Delia." Jill said, "His name is not to be spoken here today."

Victor, Jack, and Phyllis arrived. Billy said, "How did the arraignment go." Victor replied, "As expected, Billy Boy." Summer and Kyle arrived carrying a tree with its roots encased in burlap. Esther exclaimed, "I was so worried. I was afraid that something went wrong." Summer and Kyle didn't mention the snafu.

Kyle carefully set the tree into the prepared hole. Jill said, "Delia was a magical little girl, wasn't she? Grandparents gloat. It's part of the job description, but she was something special. This is a gingko tree, and it's something special, too. It's about strength and withstanding hardship."

Tears welled in Victoria's eyes as Jill poured water from a can around the trunk of the newly planted tree. Jill glanced up at the top of the tree and said, "Your roots are going to take hold, and your leaves are going to reach up to the sky, and we're all going to watch you grow." Kevin arrived and stood beside Lauren. Billy patted the earth at the base of the tree and said he'd share stories about Delia with Johnny and Katie beneath the shade of the tree. Billy welcomed the new memorial honoring Delia and said he'd never again visit the roadside memorial that had been a grim reminder of grief. Billy added that he'd kept his promise to seek justice for Delia.

Adam arrived and stopped at the entrance to the park when he saw Delia's family and those who loved her gathered around the tree. Jill said everyone present should take turns watering the tree. Those gathered sprinkled the tree with water and offered sentiments of love for Delia. Victoria, standing beside Victor said, "I can't wait to hear the wind in your branches." Kevin said, "You are going to bring peace to lots of people who need it."

Adam watched as Kevin handed the watering can to Chelsea. Billy held Connor while Chelsea watered the tree. Billy was the last to sprinkle the sapling. Billy said, "Well, sweetheart, you're going to be the star of the park." Connor drew everyone's attention when he said, "Daddy." Chelsea turned to look as Adam stepped forward. Billy said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Jack apologized to everyone for not announcing that Adam had posted bail. Billy confronted Victor and said, "You did this!" The mysterious woman arrived and stood on the steps near the park's entrance. Adam said, "It's not the right time." Billy replied, "It's never the right time, you stupid, twisted son of a bitch!" The mysterious woman removed her hat, wig, and sunglasses. It was Chloe.

Chloe Pulls a Gun on Adam

Chloe Pulls a Gun on Adam

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

At the boathouse, Neil wiped down everything to ensure there were no fingerprints that the police could use as evidence. Gwen reasoned that the noise she'd heard could have been kids or a stray animal, but Neil replied that it also could have been the person posing as the kidnapper. Gwen imagined that the "kidnapper" was spending the ransom money on an island, but Neil worried that the person might have known where Hilary was and notified the police. Gwen wondered why he was worried about removing his fingerprints when he owned the boathouse, and she realized that he was trying to protect her by removing all traces that she'd been there.

Gwen asserted that she'd known the consequences when she'd agreed to help Neil, and she refused to let him go through it alone. Neil said he loved her for it, but her involvement had to end right then. He planned to wait there with Hilary until the police showed up, and he instructed Gwen not to acknowledge that she knew what he'd done, since he wanted her to be free. Neil anticipated that Hilary would wake up once she received proper medical attention, and he'd be prosecuted, but he could save Gwen. Gwen clung to him and wailed that she didn't want to lose him, but he maintained that they'd both be better off if she left. She whined that she didn't want to go, and she kissed him.

Gwen recalled that Neil had tried to send her away before, but she was still there. Neil said he didn't need her anymore, since others would take care of Hilary, but Gwen vowed to stick by him no matter what happened. Gwen suggested that they make a run for it when Devon and the police showed up, but Neil countered that they weren't in a movie, and he wanted her gone. He threatened to call the police himself if only to get rid of her, and he bellowed for her to go. She reluctantly walked out.

At the Athletic Club, Cane lamented that too much time had passed since the ransom drop, and he thought it had been Dylan's fault for trying to play cowboy. Lily pointed out that Dylan felt terrible, and she optimistically stated that the kidnapper might still call. Cane thought it was more likely that the kidnapper considered Hilary to be expendable because Devon had already paid the ransom. The desk clerk handed Cane an envelope that had been left on the stoop.

At Crimson Lights, Paul assumed a sullen Dylan was blaming himself because their plan with the trackers hadn't worked, but he pointed out that any number of things could have happened for it to go wrong. Paul jokingly welcomed Dylan to the imperfect world of police science, but he got the feeling something else was going on. Devon overheard and surmised that Dylan had told Paul what had happened. Dylan tried to shush Devon, but Devon ranted that his wife's life was at stake.

Paul suspected that Devon and Dylan were holding out on him, but Dylan claimed that Devon was just worried that time was running out to find Hilary. Dylan warned that Devon would only make things worse if he panicked, but Devon contemplated what would happen if he didn't do anything. Paul demanded to know what they were keeping from him. Cane called Devon and informed him that there was another message from the kidnapper, and Devon rushed out. Paul stopped Dylan from following Devon, but Dylan urged Paul to trust him. Dylan promised that he would let Paul know if and when he found out more, and he hurried out.

Dylan arrived at the club, and Devon said the latest delivery had only been a phone number. Devon blasted Dylan for messing up the ransom drop, and he announced that he was taking it out of everyone else's hands. Devon called the number, and there was no answer at first. A man picked up and taunted that Devon was late, so he guessed Devon really didn't love his wife. Devon pleaded with him not to hang up.

Devon insisted that he loved his wife more than anything, and he thought the kidnapper knew that already, or the guy wouldn't have provided a phone number. Devon hoped that the kidnapper had gotten in touch to keep up his end of the bargain, and he begged to know where he could find Hilary. After Devon hung up, Lily asked where Hilary was.

Later, Cane grumbled that he should have gone with Devon and Dylan, and Paul overheard and asked where the men had gone. Cane claimed that Dylan had taken Devon to let off some steam, but he and Lily simultaneously provided different locations as to where the men were. Paul didn't buy either story, and Gwen listened as Paul said he knew something was going on that didn't involve the police. Lily prayed that the ordeal would be over that day, since she didn't think Devon could handle reaching another dead end.

Devon and Dylan arrived at a remote location, and Devon turned the doorknob. Meanwhile, Neil waited at the boathouse, and he heard someone at the door.

In the park, Billy barked that no one wanted to hear what Adam had to say, and Jill ordered Adam to leave. Billy questioned whether Adam thought words would get Delia back, and he appealed to Adam to do the right thing for once and let them honor Delia's memory in peace. Jack declared that Adam should be allowed to speak, since Delia would have looked into Adam's heart and seen the best in him. While Chloe eavesdropped, Victoria urged Billy to hear Adam out, and Billy gestured for Adam to continue.

Adam said he knew what it was like to get a second chance at life, and he regretted that Delia would never have that chance. He acknowledged that no words could make it right, and he apologized for not speaking up sooner and saving everyone additional pain. Adam admitted that he was to blame for Delia being gone, but not a moment went by when he didn't wish he could go back, since he would gladly give his life in exchange for Delia's. The group turned when they heard one person slowly clapping, and Chloe coldly congratulated Adam on his Oscar-worthy performance. She spat that he might have a different face, but inside, he was "the same insincere bastard" he'd always been.

Esther and Kevin rushed to Chloe's side, and Chloe wondered why they were surprised to see her, since she was there for the same reason they were -- to commemorate the anniversary of her daughter's death. Chloe ranted that two years earlier, Adam had run Delia over and left her on the side of the road. Victor asked Kevin to take Chloe somewhere quiet, but Chloe snapped that she didn't need to be taken anywhere. She added that she didn't want to miss the important moment when justice was finally served, since she was there to deliver it. The crowd gasped when she pulled out a gun.

Billy told Chloe that he would pull the trigger himself if he thought it would make up for the loss, and Esther whimpered that she'd already lost a granddaughter. Chloe said she'd imagined that moment ever since she'd heard Adam had escaped the death he'd deserved, and she'd envisioned him being scared for his life, feeling the same fear her daughter had felt. Adam moved toward Chloe and encouraged her to shoot him, but Chelsea stepped in front of the gun. Chelsea reminded Chloe that they were best friends, and she asked if Chloe could shoot Connor's mom and dad. Chelsea noted that the day was about Delia and everything Delia had taught them, and she urged Chloe to consider what Delia would have wanted.

Chelsea speculated that Delia would have wanted Adam to live because Chloe had taught Delia to be kind and forgiving, but Chloe cried that she didn't want Adam to live. Chelsea said Delia wouldn't have wanted Chloe to have that kind of hatred inside of her, and she gently scolded that Chloe was making a mockery of Delia's beautiful life. Chelsea imagined what Delia would say if she were there, and Chloe crumpled into tears as Chelsea embraced her. Chelsea took the gun out of Chloe's hand and handed it to Kevin.

Adam took Connor from Abby. Jill suggested that they all go out for cake and ice cream, since it was what Delia would have wanted, but Billy said he needed something stronger. Billy thanked Summer and Kyle for hunting down the tree. Victor told Kevin to take the gun to the police and advise them that an emotionally unstable woman had been carrying it, but Jill snarled that Victor's son had caused all the pain. Kevin asked if Chloe had a place to stay, and Esther promised to take good care of her, but Chloe pulled away and walked off. Esther worried that Chloe was sick again, and Kevin offered to make sure Chloe was okay.

As the group dispersed, Abby apologetically told Chelsea that she hadn't known what to do when Adam had taken Connor from her, but Chelsea thanked her for watching the boy. Stitch suggested that he and Abby follow Billy's lead by getting a drink. Phyllis hugged Summer and headed out with Jack. Victor grumbled to Victoria that Chloe shouldn't be left alone on the streets, but Victoria pointed out that a grieving woman had dropped her gun, and she implored Victor to let it go. Victor hoped Victoria didn't later regret the request, and Billy and Victoria departed together.

Victor offered to see to it that Chelsea and Connor got home safely, but she wanted to stick around for a while. Victor told Adam not to blow it, and he warned Adam not to forget that he was free to roam on Victor's dime. Adam crouched down next to Chelsea as she played with Connor, and he wondered if her gesture had been her way of saying that she forgave him and that they could start over. Chelsea explained that she'd intervened for Chloe's sake and not his, but Adam guessed that Chelsea wouldn't have taken the risk if his life hadn't mattered to her. He repeated her words about leaving the hatred behind, but Chelsea maintained that she couldn't forgive him or forget the things he'd done.

Chelsea pointedly added that Chloe hadn't deserved to go to jail, and Adam questioned whether Chelsea thought he did. Chelsea replied that if there was any justice in the world, he would serve time. Adam asked if Chelsea had purchased a one-way ticket to Paris, but she refused to tell where she was moving. She added that no one knew, so it was goodbye. He found it ironic that she was telling him goodbye in the same place where he'd seen her and Connor again for the first time, and he'd fallen in love with her all over again. She curtly said she had to go.

Adam softly stated that growing up without a father had messed him up, even though his mother had been terrific, just like Chelsea was with Connor. Adam continued that he'd always had a hole in his heart because his father had chosen not to love him, and he didn't want that for Connor. Adam asked Chelsea to remind Connor that if it had been up to Adam, Adam would be in Connor's life, and his absence didn't mean that he didn't love Connor or that he didn't think about them. Chelsea tearfully pushed Connor away in his stroller.

Victor appeared and expected Adam to thank him for the heartwarming moment Adam had just shared with his family, since Victor had made it possible. Victor proclaimed that it was time for Adam to fulfill his promise to fix the Paragon problem, or Victor would see to it that Adam was put back in jail. Adam thanked him, and Victor stalked off.

At Crimson Lights, Esther was worried sick about Chloe, and Jill remarked that Adam would have deserved it if Chloe had shot him. Esther fretted that Chloe would have ended up in jail, but Lauren imagined that Michael would have gotten Chloe off. Jill huffed that she couldn't believe Michael was defending Adam, but Lauren relayed Michael's belief that everyone was entitled to a defense. Lauren wondered how Adam had managed to pose as Gabriel for as long as he had, and Jill spotted Jack and said she had the answer. Jill berated Jack for protecting Victor's son over his own brother.

Jack swore that he'd tried to do what had been best for Billy, but Jill blasted Jack for letting the man who'd murdered her granddaughter walk around free with a new identity. Jack argued that Billy had tried to kill Adam once, and he thought Billy would have succeeded if he'd known Adam was alive. Jill retorted that Billy deserved to have a brother who had his back. Phyllis advised Jack that the more he tried to get people to forgive his mistakes, the more he resembled Victor.

At the Athletic Club bar, Abby inquired whether blue agave had a medicinal benefit, since it wasn't making her feel any better. She recalled holding Connor while not knowing if Chloe would pull the trigger, and she apologized to Stitch for making it a bad date. He said they'd have to improve it, and he planted a kiss on her.

Victoria and Billy returned home, and he admitted that he'd wanted to kill Adam with his bare hands, but she pointed out that he hadn't. Billy credited her for reminding him that he had much more to live for, and they kissed. She asked if he was still upset, and he voiced concern about Chloe. Billy worried that Chloe had no one to keep her grounded and to stop her from doing reckless things, like what she'd wanted to do with him. Victoria reminded him that they'd agreed not to keep any more secrets, and Billy revealed that Chloe had once tried to convince him to have another baby together.

Victoria questioned how much convincing Chloe had done, and Billy explained that both he and Chloe had been desperate and hurting, but he'd told Chloe that they couldn't replace Delia. He added that part of him had known that he'd find his way back to Victoria, and unlike Chloe, he still had amazing kids. Victoria realized that he felt guilty, and Billy lamented that Chloe had seemed lost. Victoria assured him that he'd done the right thing to turn Chloe down, and Billy agreed, but he thought that Chloe might be in better shape if she still had a kid of her own.

Kevin escorted Chloe to her hotel room, and he suggested she get some sleep, but she said she was too wired. She added that she only wanted to see Adam punished, and part of her wished that she'd pulled the trigger. Kevin admitted that he wanted the same thing for Adam but not if it put her away forever. He tenderly stated that he missed Delia every day, and Chloe recognized how much Kevin had loved Delia.

Chloe said she'd wanted to do to Adam what he'd done to her daughter, and she might have just walked away if Adam hadn't made his apology. Chloe complained that it was unfair that Delia was gone while Adam was still walking around, and Kevin asked what would have happened if Chelsea hadn't stopped Chloe. Chloe remarked that Adam wasn't worth losing the most precious thing in her life, and Kevin wondered what that was. Chloe said it was her freedom, since she'd made a clean break when she'd left town and severed all ties.

Chloe promised that she wouldn't try to kill Adam again, and Kevin asked about her new life. She turned the topic to whether he'd met someone, and he briefly told her about his complicated relationship with Mariah. Chloe clucked that he'd never done love the easy way, and he replied that he and Chloe had that in common. Chloe claimed that she needed some rest, and she requested that he get rid of the gun. She walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye on the cheek.

On the coffeehouse patio, Kevin told Summer and Kyle that Chloe had been ready to throw her life away to punish Adam, but Chloe had just been talking about having something or someone to live for. Kyle asked if Kevin was jealous.

As Chloe headed out of her hotel room, she asked someone over the phone if everything was okay. She mentioned that she needed to stick around town, and she asked if the person could keep "her" for a few more days. She looked up and saw Billy, who asked who Chloe had meant.

No Forgiveness for Adam

No Forgiveness for Adam

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

At the boathouse, Neil stood out of sight when he heard someone at the door. Devon and Dylan crept around the side of a building, and Devon slowly turned the doorknob. Devon suddenly burst into the shack, and his face fell in disappointment. Devon lamented that no one was there, and he tried to call the number the kidnapper had left, but the line was disconnected. Devon ranted that the person had the money, and he wondered what else he was supposed to do to get Hilary back. Dylan thought it was time to involve the police.

Gwen opened the boathouse door, and Neil ordered her to get out while she had a chance. Gwen announced that Devon wasn't going to show up, since she'd heard Lily and Cane talking, and Devon and Dylan had gone to another address. She was convinced that the "kidnapper" didn't know Hilary was there, so they were safe. Neil clarified that it was about him and not them, but it couldn't go on forever. Gwen agreed that Hilary wasn't getting better, and they needed to get help.

Gwen considered taking more medical supplies from the hospital, but Neil thought it was too risky. Neil contemplated telling Devon, but Gwen thought there had to be another solution. Neil condemned himself for leaning on her when he should tell her to go, and she pointed out that he'd tried to send her away, but it hadn't worked. She proclaimed that they were in it together, and they had a second chance.

At the Athletic Club, Lily fretted that Devon hadn't checked in yet, and she worried that the ransom note had been a trap to go after Devon, since it was no secret how much money he had. Cane reasoned that the kidnappers would have already taken Devon if they had been after him, and Lily rambled on about what kind of shape Hilary might be in when Devon found her. Cane blurted out that Hilary wouldn't be at the location where Devon had gone, and Lily demanded to know how Cane knew that. Cane swore that he didn't know where Hilary was, but he thought nothing about the ransom note had made sense.

Lily demanded to know why Cane was being negative, and he complained that he was tired of never spending time together. Cane groused that the search for Hilary had taken over their lives and family, and he and Lily bickered about whether or not their kids had been affected. Lily answered a call and anxiously asked if Devon had found Hilary, but her expression fell. She hung up, and she mumbled that she didn't know how much more Devon could take. Cane comforted her and suggested they go home, but she insisted on staying there to offer support to Devon when he returned.

In Paul's office, Christine questioned why she should have faith in the system when Victor had bought off a judge, but Paul pointed out that she had no proof of collusion. Christine requested that Paul assign a plainclothes officer to watch Adam at all times, but Paul explained that he didn't have the manpower. Christine lamented that too many hit-and-run drivers had gotten away before, and she vowed to make sure Adam didn't slip away again. Dylan and Devon burst in, and an irritated Paul asked if he even wanted to know what they'd been up to.

Dylan told Paul and Christine the whole story about the ransom demand and the empty shack, and Paul sarcastically thanked him for the update. Devon added that the kidnapper had insisted on no contact with the cops, so he hadn't wanted to risk anything happening to Hilary. Paul lectured that Devon and Dylan had screwed up by interfering in a police investigation, and he noted that they'd achieved nothing. Dylan disclosed that he'd made sure to get sequential serial numbers on the bills used to pay the ransom, and he suggested that they try to track the kidnapper that way.

Later, Christine told Paul that the kidnapper had been smart enough to hide Hilary, so she figured that the culprit would figure out that the bills were sequential. Paul admitted that he was ticked off at Devon and Dylan for handling the situation themselves, but he was impressed that Dylan had thought like a cop.

Devon and Dylan returned to the club, and Cane insinuated that they'd put Hilary's life in danger by going to the cops. Dylan reasoned that they'd hit a wall, so they'd needed the police to do things they couldn't, like running DNA tests on the ransom note. Devon answered a call from Neil, who asked if there had been any news. Devon bemoaned that the kidnapper had his money and his wife, but he didn't have anything. Devon brokenly added that he needed to see Hilary to know she was okay.

Lily curtly informed Cane that Devon needed her, and Dylan suggested that Cane give the siblings some space. Cane protested that they were his family, but Dylan pointed out that Cane had implied that Devon could have gotten Hilary killed, and Devon didn't need the negativity. Dylan thought contacting the cops had been their best shot at finding her, whether the kidnapper actually had Hilary or not. Dylan suspected that the person might have only preyed on a man who missed his wife to make an easy million, and he hissed that the person deserved a cell next to whoever was holding Hilary.

In the park, Gwen quizzed Emma about the stolen supplies, and Emma revealed that there had been a huge crackdown with a zero-tolerance policy. Emma added that it might have just been an excuse to fire a certain doctor for conduct violations. Emma explained that no one really knew why Dr. Neville had been let go, but he had been a brilliant miracle worker, so people had cut him slack until his behavior had caught up to him. Gwen smiled and looked thoughtful.

Neil told an unconscious Hilary that his son was dying inside more every day, and he'd wanted Devon to hurt but not that way. Neil grappled with how to make it stop, and he pledged that it had to stop that day. Gwen rushed in and announced that she knew the name of a doctor who could help Hilary.

In the hallway outside Chloe's hotel room, Billy asked Chloe who she'd needed to have someone watch for a few more days. Chloe claimed that she'd gotten a dog, and Billy was surprised because of Dash. Chloe reasoned that Delia's accident hadn't been Dash's fault, since no one had been to blame except Adam. Billy inquired about the dog's name, and Chloe replied that it was Hazelnut. She added that her shrink had suggested it, and Billy was relieved that she was still seeing a professional.

Chloe sarcastically remarked that she'd been doing great, and Billy jokingly noted that she'd only committed one felony since she'd returned. Billy admitted that he'd gotten a thrill by watching her pull a gun on Adam, but he thought plugging Adam would have cost her too much. She suggested that the solution was to team up to find a way to kill Adam without getting caught. Billy understood what it was like to let rage take over in the heat of the moment, but he refused to discuss premeditated murder, and he cautioned Chloe not to pursue the idea, either.

Chloe chuckled and claimed she'd been kidding. Billy promised to be there for her during the trial, but she said she wasn't sticking around for it. Chloe asserted that she'd gotten what she'd wanted when she'd pointed a gun at Adam and watched him fear for his life. Billy noted that she'd made arrangements for someone to watch her dog for a few more days, and she said there were other friends she needed to see.

Michael stopped by the penthouse, and Chelsea expected that he was about to make an awful day worse. He said Adam needed her to testify at his trial, and she said she would be glad to tell a jury that Adam was a liar who was obsessed with destroying Victor. Michael countered that she could testify to the facts, like Adam's state of mind after learning Connor might be blind. Chelsea refused to exploit her son's medical condition, and she declared that she was taking Connor and moving far away. Michael spotted an electronic ticket on her computer, and he reminded her that Adam was Connor's father. Chelsea contended that Connor would eventually learn that people were held accountable for their crimes -- including Adam.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria griped that Paragon was beating up on Brash & Sassy by hacking its social media accounts. Adam entered, and she commanded him to leave. Victor explained that Adam was there to fix the computer problem, since he'd vouched for Adam and posted bail so that Adam could stop the virus. Victoria haughtily stated that Victor couldn't possibly trust Adam, and Adam complained that he couldn't get any work done with his big sister standing over his shoulder. Adam suggested that Victor choose which one of them stayed and which one left.

Victor suggested that Victoria get back to work, and she snidely suggested that Adam try not to kill any children while he sat there and watched the virus infect the company even more. She added that Adam wouldn't do any good, and she stormed out. Adam noted that she'd taken the news of his being alive poorly, and he wondered what she'd worn to his funeral. Victor called Adam a "callous jackass," and he reminded Adam that Victoria had been Delia's stepmother. Adam pressed for details about his funeral, and Victor informed him that all of three people had attended -- Victor, Chelsea, and Jack. Victor ordered Adam to get to work.

Adam said Victor had fooled him into thinking Victor had given "a damn" about him after someone had tried to kill him, but he recognized that Victor's concern was all about saving the company. Victor referred to Adam's loving childhood, and he pointed out that he'd offered Adam all the opportunities in the world when Adam had walked back into his life, but it had never been enough. Adam accused Victor of painting his own picture.

Michael arrived and reported that Chelsea had emphatically declined his request to testify for Adam, and she would be gone by the time the trial started, since he'd seen her plane ticket to New York. Adam wanted Michael to stop Chelsea by serving her with a subpoena, and Victor recalled that Adam had taken issue when Victor had used legal means to keep Chelsea in town. Adam asserted that Victor hadn't had any right to interfere, but Adam had a right to fight for his family.

After Adam left, Victor griped to Michael that he wanted Adam there to fix the problem that was taking down the company. Michael said he knew what kind of friend and father Victor was, and he imagined that having a son like Adam wasn't an easy thing. Victor replied that it was a "pain in the ass," but Michael pointed out that Adam was alive, and he thought Victor considered it a miracle to be able to give Adam the chance to do the right thing.

Victor said his feelings about Adam shouldn't concern Michael, and he advised Michael just to do his job in court. Michael recounted that Adam had left a taped confession and had made public statements of responsibility for Delia's death, so Michael's only job in court would be to mop up. Michael guessed that Victor didn't want Adam in prison, and he thought that deep down, Victor was hoping against hope that Adam walked free.

Billy returned home and found Victoria looking at a photo of Delia. He mentioned that Chloe had joked about murdering Adam, but her heart hadn't been in it. He added that Chloe didn't intend to stick around for the trial, and Victoria thought it might be safer that way. Billy was sure his testimony would be enough, and Victoria asked if he was sure he wanted to take the stand. Billy declared that he wanted to look Adam in the eye and announce to the world how much Adam had hurt Delia and everyone who'd loved her. Billy snarled that he wanted to rip Adam to pieces and grind those pieces into the dirt.

Victoria worried that Billy was starting to sound just like he had when he'd shut her out after Delia had died. Billy said the difference was that he no longer felt helpless, since Adam was being held accountable, and he looked forward to watching Adam suffer. Victoria thought it would never be enough, and she suggested another way to handle it -- forgiveness. Billy scoffed at the idea, but Victoria implored him to let it go for the sake of his own happiness. Billy vowed that he would never forgive Adam or let it go.

Chelsea was surprised when Chloe stopped by to drop off her key to the penthouse. Chelsea remarked that she wouldn't be using her key, either, since she needed a fresh start with Connor. Chloe grumbled that she'd heard it before, but Chelsea swore that it was for real that time. Chelsea called it a new beginning away from the nightmare, and Chloe guessed that Chelsea meant Adam. Chloe coldly stated that Chelsea had not only protected the nightmare, but she'd also hopped right into bed with it.

Chloe ranted that Chelsea had known she'd been sleeping with Adam, not Gabriel, and she argued that Chelsea could have turned him in to the cops. Chelsea defended that she'd had Connor to think about, but Chloe growled that Chelsea hadn't had sex with Adam for her child's sake. Chloe equated it to spitting on Delia's grave, and Chelsea whimpered that she'd convinced herself to keep quiet so that everyone could move on. Chloe accused Chelsea of only caring about Adam, and she barked that Chelsea had morally "whored" herself out.

Chelsea agreed with Chloe, but she explained that she'd desperately wanted her husband to be alive, and he suddenly had been. Chelsea added that she'd thought he could change, but he hadn't, and he never would. Chelsea revealed that she'd told Michael that she wouldn't testify on Adam's behalf. Chloe ranted that Chelsea had always forgiven Adam, but Chelsea swore things would be different, since she didn't want Connor to grow up with a fool for a mother. Adam burst in, and Chloe glared at him.

Chloe barked that she was an idiot for choosing Chelsea as her best friend, but Adam argued that Chelsea hadn't been expecting him, and he'd let himself in with his key. Adam understood that Chloe wanted him dead, and Chloe retorted that everyone understood that he'd killed her baby girl then accepted part of Delia so his child could see. Chloe called him evil, selfish, and cruel, and she admonished Chelsea for loving him. Chloe told Adam to "rot in hell," and she stormed off. Chelsea blasted Adam for letting himself in, and he informed her that he'd intercepted the process server. He handed her an envelope, and she was disgusted to find a subpoena inside.

Chelsea examined the document and compared Adam to Victor for using the law to force her to stay in town. She threatened to tell the court that he had lied to her about the car accident and that he'd hurt whoever he'd needed to get what he'd wanted. Adam said it had been a last resort to keep her from leaving, but she snapped that he didn't get a vote, since she didn't want to be with him, and she didn't want Connor to see his face again. She questioned what more she could say, and he said there was nothing she could say, since he knew she still loved him.

Chelsea bellowed that Adam didn't get to tell her how she felt about him or anything else, since she was done with him. He pointed out that she'd stood between him and a gun, and she maintained that Chloe hadn't deserved to go to prison. Adam contended that Chelsea had taken a risk because she'd known they weren't done, and she demanded to know what was wrong with him. Adam replied that he hadn't been able to spend time with her, and he couldn't breathe when he thought about not being able to touch her or be with her.

Adam pleaded with Chelsea to be in the courtroom when he got punished so he could show that he was willing to do whatever it took to make amends and to be the man he knew he could be. Adam believed that Chelsea would eventually forgive him, and they'd get another chance. He continued that if he was wrong, she should have let Chloe shoot him because he was dead already if they had no hope. Adam turned and walked out, and Chelsea reeled from his words.

Chloe visited Delia's tree in the park, and she observed that it was "a little Charlie Brownish," but she thought Delia would have liked it. She said Delia didn't need to worry, since her mommy was there, and Chloe would make everything right.

Dylan Becomes Suspicious of Dr. Anderson

Dylan Becomes Suspicious of Dr. Anderson

Thursday, October 15, 2015

At the boathouse, Neil implored an unconscious Hilary to hang in there while he got her the help she needed. Gwen arrived and announced that she'd found Dr. Neville's private number, and Neil told her to give him the number and walk out the door. Gwen reiterated that she and Neil had a future together, and she refused to leave him. They hugged, and he agreed to make the call together. She called Dr. Neville and said someone had recommended him as the physician she'd been looking for.

Dr. Neville arrived at the boathouse, and Gwen stressed the need for discretion. Neil made it clear that he was willing to pay whatever Dr. Neville wanted, but the doctor stated that he was more interested in the challenge of medicine than the size of his paycheck. Dr. Neville asked what the trouble was, and Neil pulled back the gauzy curtains around Hilary's bed and indicated that she was the patient. Dr. Neville recognized Hilary from the news, and he thought he should call the police.

Dr. Neville sputtered that a man had been accused of Hilary's murder, and Neil revealed that the man was his son. Neil recounted that he'd found Hilary after she had been knocked unconscious from a fall, and he'd thought he'd be able to nurse her back to health so that she could wake up and tell everyone that he hadn't been responsible for her accident. Neil added that he'd been praying that it wasn't beyond hope, and Dr. Neville mused that he'd cured his share of hopeless cases. Neil said Hilary needed the best medical attention, and he asked if the doctor could help them.

Dr. Neville noted that the situation was more complex than Gwen had led him to believe, and Neil offered to pay whatever the doctor wanted. The doctor repeated that it wasn't about the money, but he was willing to do whatever was necessary, even if it meant bending the rules. Neil confided that he was desperate to help Hilary, and he asked whether Dr. Neville could and would heal her. Dr. Neville explained that he evaluated each case carefully, and he warned that head injuries could be tricky.

Dr. Neville insisted that his patients be given a chance for his treatment to work, and he cautioned that Hilary might get worse, but he had zero tolerance for family members second-guessing him by putting the brakes on his treatment. He demanded that Neil and Gwen tell him if they didn't trust that he knew what he was doing, so none of them wasted their time. Neil realized that once they placed Hilary's care and life into Dr. Neville's hands, they had no say in her recovery. The doctor waited for Neil to grant his consent.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Jack spotted Billy across the dining room, and she suggested that they go elsewhere, but Jack said he and Billy had to deal with their issues sooner or later. Jack approached Billy and said he wanted to talk, but Billy replied that he had nothing to say after Jack had covered for Adam. Ashley appeared and declared that she was back, and she wondered what she had missed. Billy refused to sit through another round of Jack's lame explanations, and he welcomed Ashley back and stalked off.

Ashley mentioned that Abby had filled her in about Adam, including the fact that Jack had known Adam's identity from the beginning. Jack maintained that he'd kept the secret to protect Billy from going to prison, but Phyllis noted that Adam had omitted the fact that he and Billy had struggled for the gun. Ashley said Jack had made some questionable choices, and Jack asked if she had any idea what Billy had been doing while she'd been gone. Ashley revealed that she'd given Billy the green light for every single acquisition he'd made.

Ashley curtly told Jack that Billy understood that she was in charge, even if Jack didn't, and she called it a plum opportunity to put Jabot on the map virtually overnight. Jack questioned whether she expected to "out-Victor" Victor, and she crowed that she knew she could. She commended Billy for knowing which companies to cherry-pick, but Jack doubted that her primary motivation had been what was best for Jabot. Ashley declared that she intended to keep scooping up Newman companies, but Jack warned that it was the biggest mistake she could make.

Jack thought it should have been enough just to watch Victor's empire crumble, and Billy returned and found it hilarious that Jack was taking the moral high ground after he hadn't been truthful about Adam. Jack questioned what John would have thought about Ashley and Billy's behavior, and Ashley reiterated that Victor wouldn't have hesitated if the shoe had been on the other foot. Jack cautioned that he'd seen what could happen when the war got out of control, and Ashley pulled Billy aside to show him something. Jack thanked God that Phyllis understood, but Phyllis replied that she wasn't sure she did.

Phyllis questioned why Jack was protecting Victor, but Jack condemned the Abbotts for stealing Newman, even if it had been legal. Jack expected that Victor would retaliate, and things would escalate. Phyllis warned that if they didn't go after Victor, Victor would still be angry enough to go after Jack, and she wouldn't tolerate it.

Billy showed Ashley the gingko tree in the park, and she regretted that she hadn't been there for the dedication. She mentioned that she'd heard that Billy had talked Chloe out of killing Adam, and Billy explained that he hadn't wanted Chloe to throw her life away over Adam. Ashley noted that Jack had used the same rationale when he'd protected Billy by keeping quiet about Adam. She contemplated whether Jack had done the right thing, but Billy grumbled that he wasn't that forgiving.

Ashley asked what Billy would have done if he had known Adam was alive, but Billy replied that he'd never have the chance to know. Ashley wondered if he was bitter about that or about Jack's lack of trust in him, and Billy compared it to how Jack didn't trust Ashley to take the company to the next level. Billy called Victor's downfall an early Christmas present, and Ashley pledged to keep acquiring as much of Newman as they could, even if it meant going up against Jack.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson greeted Sharon in the common area and asked how she was feeling. Sharon replied that she was tired, which was strange because she'd been sleeping a lot. Patty eavesdropped as the doctor said it was to be expected during Sharon's pregnancy, and Dr. Anderson inquired about Sharon's anxiety. Sharon said it had been better since she'd been on the right medication, but Patty hadn't seemed to agree. Dylan arrived to visit Sharon, and the doctor stepped away to give them time alone. Dylan noticed that Sharon seemed out of it as Dr. Anderson covertly watched them.

Dylan noted that Sharon had been clear-headed the last time he'd seen her, but she seemed off. Sharon claimed she was just tired, and she repeated Dr. Anderson's words that it was to be expected during her pregnancy. Dylan said he planned to see Nick's baby that morning, and Sharon murmured Faith's name. Dylan clarified that he'd meant Nick's baby with Sage, and he mentioned that Noah had called to inform Sharon that Sage had gone into early labor. Sharon stammered that the baby was a boy, and she apologized for being groggy.

Dr. Anderson prevented Patty from going in to speak to Dylan, and she led Patty away to discuss something in Patty's room. Dr. Anderson mentioned that she'd heard Patty had been questioning Sharon's medication, and Patty noted that Sharon hadn't seemed the same since she'd started taking it. The doctor lectured that all patients had good days and bad days. She commended Patty for caring about her fellow patients, but she encouraged Patty to focus more on her own recovery and to trust that everyone was in good hands. Patty agreed to do so, but when Dr. Anderson got up to leave, Patty looked unsure.

Sharon insisted on hearing about Dylan's search, but she struggled to remember Hilary's name. He watched Sharon with concern as he relayed that his efforts hadn't worked out the way he'd hoped, and she complained that her mouth was dry. He stepped into the corridor to get her some water, and he stopped Dr. Anderson as she passed by. He worried that Sharon seemed worse, and he inquired whether there was anything he should know. Dr. Anderson said she was afraid his fiancée hadn't been honest with him.

Dr. Anderson said Sharon's claims about being able to go home soon hadn't been accurate, but Dylan argued that Sharon had only checked in to get her meds straightened out. The doctor advised that finding the right combination took patience, and they had to be careful because of Sharon's condition. The doctor added that fatigue was a side effect, but Sharon was adapting to the new prescription, and everything was going exactly as it should. Dylan thanked her, and he returned to Sharon and handed her a cup of water. Sharon thought it was best if she rested for a while, and he said he'd check in later. Patty chased after Dylan in the corridor, but she stopped short when she ran into Dr. Anderson.

Sharon said she felt off, but Dr. Anderson assured her that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor voiced concern about the energy Sharon spent engaging with her visitors, and she urged Sharon to focus on her own health, since everything was for the good of the baby. A spacey Sharon repeated Dr. Anderson's words, and the doctor handed her some pills, which Sharon swallowed.

Patty scrawled a note to Paul, saying that Sharon was in trouble, and he and Dylan had to help her. She folded up the note and asked an orderly to deliver it to her brother, claiming it was a birthday card. The orderly agreed to take care of it, and Patty looked in on Sharon, who was staring blankly into space. Later, Patty asked if the orderly had delivered the note, and he replied that he had -- to Dr. Anderson. He locked the door to Patty's room behind him, and Patty panicked that the door had never been locked during the day before. She pleaded to be let out.

Dr. Anderson read Patty's note, and she threw it in the trash. The doctor awakened a snoozing Sharon, and she said Sharon's visitors had been interfering with her progress. Dr. Anderson suggested that it would be best for the baby if Sharon didn't have any visitors for a while, and she presented Sharon with a document and pointed to where to sign. Sharon added her signature to the page, and the doctor stressed that the only person Sharon needed to see was her. Sharon robotically repeated that Dr. Anderson was the only person she needed.

In the NICU, Nick assured Sage that the doctor had said Christian was doing very well, and Noah entered and congratulated the couple. Noah added that he couldn't be more excited to meet his new brother, and he presented photos of him, Summer, and Faith to place where the baby could see them. Noah credited Sage with the idea, and Sage said she wanted Christian's siblings to be part of his life from the start. Noah fawned over the baby, and he promised to be the one to teach the boy about women, but he quipped that Christian probably already knew more than he did.

Sage remarked that Christian was still very tiny, and Nick recalled that Noah had been that size when he'd been born. Noah declared that Christian would make it just like he had, and Noah told Christian that the baby had a great dad and a special mom. After Noah left, a nurse entered with the good news that Sage was about to be released, and Sage was surprised it was happening that soon. Sage stared uncomfortably at Nick, and he recalled that she'd planned to move out after he'd found out that she'd known about Adam. Nick added that a lot had changed since then, since they'd become parents together, and he wanted to take her back to their home. Sage replied that she couldn't do that.

Nick acknowledged that he'd said some terrible things during an emotional argument. Sage recognized that he'd been in shock, but she couldn't keep apologizing. Nick professed his love, and he said he needed her as his wife and his son's mother. He added that he wanted them to be together the way they'd dreamed about if she could forgive him, and she began to cry. Sage explained that being married and raising their child together meant everything to her, but she couldn't go home because she needed to be with Christian. Nick said he understood, and they embraced.

Nick remembered that Sharon had been adamant about not leaving when Noah had been in the NICU, but he urged Sage to get some rest. The nurse walked in with the release paperwork, but Sage refused to leave her child alone overnight. The nurse mentioned that the hospital sometimes arranged family quarters for a few nights, and she went to see what was available. Nick supported Sage staying with Christian while Nick got everything ready at home, and Sage asked how she'd gotten that lucky. Nick replied that they all were lucky and that they would stay that way, and he and Sage held one another as they gazed at their baby.

Later, Dylan arrived at the hospital, and Nick reported that Christian was holding his own. Dylan remarked that Sharon had seemed happy about the baby, but she had also seemed out of it. Dylan continued that Dr. Anderson had chalked it up to getting used to a new drug regimen, and Nick mentioned that the doctor had stopped by the hospital the day before to give Sharon first-hand reassurance about Sage and the baby. Dylan was suspicious that a busy doctor would take such a personal interest in one of her patients.

Marisa got dressed in her hospital room, and she saw Luca in the doorway. She chided him for not knocking, but he reasoned that she was his wife. He said he'd been worried about her, and he inquired whether the police had found the assailant. She said no, and he realized that she thought his family had had something to do with it. Marisa informed Luca that she was aware he had suggested the idea to Noah, and she imagined Luca's family hadn't been pleased that he'd tracked her down after they'd tried to get her out of his life. Luca offered to protect her if she returned to him.

Marisa coldly stated that she wouldn't be in that position if it hadn't been for Luca and his family, and she didn't need his protection. Luca questioned how she would take care of herself, and she asserted that she'd do it on her own, just like she always had. She planned to go someplace where he'd never find her, but he pointed out that he'd found her before, and he'd find her again if she ran away. Noah entered and asked what was going on. Marisa informed him that she was being released that day. Luca departed, and Noah inquired whether Marisa had been just about to leave, too.

Marisa pointed out that she'd been on her way out of town when she'd been hit over the head, but the doctors had cautioned her against traveling. She planned to leave town once she passed her follow-up exam, and she said Noah could forget all about her. Noah said he didn't think that was possible, but she urged him to try. She pulled out her phone to call a taxi to take her to a hotel, and he offered to take her to his place instead. She compromised by accepting a ride to the hotel.

Noah took Marisa back to her hotel room, and she told him that he didn't have to stay. He implied that he wanted to, but she thought it wasn't a good idea. He pointed out that her attacker might have been targeting her, but she swore that she'd be fine behind a locked door. Marisa urged him to go, but Noah wondered why she was eager to get rid of him. She admitted that the longer he stayed, the harder it would be to say goodbye to him.

Marisa recalled that Noah had walked out on her for lying, and nothing had changed. He conceded that he was still upset about Marco and Luca, but it hadn't changed the way he felt about her, and he couldn't stop thinking about her. He wished she hadn't gotten hurt, but he said he wasn't sorry she'd stayed in Genoa City. She weakly suggested that he leave, but he said he couldn't, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Marisa pushed Noah away and told him to go home and think, since her bedroom wasn't the place to be making decisions. He acknowledged that she was right, but he asked her to call him if she needed anything. She showed Noah out, and moments later, there was a knock at the door. Luca announced that he knew the real reason she'd left their marriage.

Lily Finds the Ransom Money

Lily Finds the Ransom Money

Friday, October 16, 2015

At the boathouse, Dr. Neville demanded full control over Hilary's care if he became her doctor, and he flatly stated that Neil and Gwen either trusted him, or they didn't. Gwen insisted that they did, but Neil thought the treatment sounded too risky. Dr. Neville pointed out that Neil had known he'd be putting Hilary's life in the doctor's hands, but he would walk away if Neil couldn't accept the terms. Neil begged the doctor not to let Hilary die.

As Dr. Neville examined Hilary, he said conventional wisdom said to get her to a hospital, but he'd never been a fan of the conventional. He haughtily stated that some of his colleagues thought his treatments were unorthodox, but they just didn't have his talent. Dr. Neville crowed that given a chance, he'd show everyone that his methods were light years ahead, and he murmured that Hilary could be his crowning achievement. Neil remarked to Gwen that the doctor had quite an ego, and Dr. Neville said the fact was that Hilary needed him. "Do we do this or not?" the doctor asked, and Neil agreed to proceed.

Neil balked at the number of medications Dr. Neville prescribed, and the doctor testily questioned whether Neil was second-guessing him. Neil voiced concern that the pharmacy would ask questions, and Dr. Neville recommended that Neil split up the prescriptions among several pharmacies while avoiding Memorial Hospital. Gwen asked why the doctor was on the outs with the hospital, and he groused that the people in charge were incapable of recognizing new and better ways to treat patients. Dr. Neville ordered Neil to get all the prescriptions filled, and Neil pulled Gwen aside and asked her to keep an eye on the doctor while Neil was gone. Dr. Neville warned that if Neil got caught, the doctor would say Neil had stolen his prescription pad.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan informed Devon, Lily, and Cane that the police had the forensic report on the kidnapper's notes. Dylan reported that the first note had had too many fingerprints to identify the kidnapper, but there had been two sets of prints on the second note -- those of the front desk clerk and Cane. Cane defended that he'd opened the second note after the clerk had handed it to him, and Dylan pointed out that no one was accusing him of anything. Devon complained that the kidnapper was still messing with him, even after he'd handed over the money, and Dylan thought it didn't make sense.

Dylan noted that the kidnapper had been smart enough to smuggle Hilary back into the country, steal hospital supplies, and cover his tracks by using gloves and a burner phone. Cane questioned why the kidnapper hadn't taken the ransom money and run, and Dylan guessed that someone wanted to torture Devon. Lily assured Devon that they would find Hilary and get her home safe, but the rest of the group remained silent. Devon became discouraged, and Dylan mentioned his discussion with Cane about the possibility that there was more than one kidnapper.

Dylan guessed that one person was holding Hilary and that someone else had been sending the notes, and Devon griped that they were no closer to finding Hilary than they had been before. Cane pointed out that there was no way to know if the theory was true, but Lily thought it made sense. Cane suggested that he and Lily go home and see the kids. Lily invited Devon to join them, but Devon opted to stop by the police station before heading home. Lily and Cane left.

At the Athletic Club, Neil made a call to push the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions as soon as possible, and Devon overheard and asked if Neil could put the same pressure on the police. Neil surmised that there had been no word about Hilary, and Devon relayed that he'd told the police about the ransom notes after he'd realized the guy had been jerking him around. Devon mentioned Dylan's theory that the person who'd written the notes wasn't the same person who was holding Hilary, and he groaned that he just wanted it to end by finding Hilary.

Devon wondered why the kidnapper hadn't led him to Hilary if money had been the motivation, and Neil suggested that the kidnapper was holding out for more cash. Devon didn't think the person had Hilary at all, and Neil said it was sick to capitalize on someone's misery. Devon suspected that Hilary was being held by someone whose motive wasn't money, and he imagined that the person just liked watching him suffer. Devon insinuated that the only other explanation was that Hilary was dead, but Neil insisted that she was alive.

Devon asked if Neil knew something, but Neil covered by saying that Hilary was a fighter who would survive. Devon lamented that it was getting harder to believe, but Neil insisted that she was alive, and he felt in his gut and his heart that she would make her way back to Devon. Devon asked why Neil seemed that sure, but Neil paused to read a text message, and he learned that the prescriptions were ready. Devon assumed that the message was from Gwen and that she was the reason Neil was optimistic. Neil encouraged Devon to keep holding on to hope. Later, Devon sat at the bar and looked at his wedding photo on his phone, and he wondered why he couldn't find Hilary.

Dr. Neville wondered if Neil wasn't back because he'd been caught, and he stated that the police might be on their way. Gwen commented that she'd thought the doctor was a risk-taker, and he called himself a scientist who weighed the possibility of failure against the chance of success. She was confident that Neil would be back with the prescriptions, and Dr. Neville guessed that she'd gotten stuck in the mess because she loved Neil. The doctor questioned why Neil hadn't taken Hilary to a hospital, and Gwen replied that Hilary would explain when she woke up. Dr. Neville contemplated what would happen if Hilary didn't, but Gwen argued that Hilary would wake up if he was the brilliant doctor he claimed to be.

Neil returned to the boathouse, and Dr. Neville asked what had taken that long. Neil explained that he'd had to convince Devon that Hilary would return to the people she loved. The doctor snapped that sentiment was a waste of time, and he had to get to work to wake Hilary up.

At Fairview, Noah introduced himself to Dr. Anderson, and he said he was there to see Sharon. The doctor said that wouldn't be possible, since Sharon had requested not to have visitors. Noah argued that he was family, but Dr. Anderson maintained that Sharon didn't want to see anyone while she was adjusting to her new medication. Noah thought it didn't sound like his mom, and Sharon weakly called Noah's name from inside her room. Noah refused to leave until Sharon told him that she didn't want to see him.

Dr. Anderson showed Noah the document with Sharon's signature, requesting no visitors, and she swore that Sharon was just trying to do what was best for her and the baby. The doctor added that she was sure Sharon would be in contact with her family once she adjusted to her meds, and Noah said he would check back the next day. After Noah left, Dr. Anderson entered Sharon's room and was surprised to find Sharon out of bed. Sharon said she'd heard her son's voice, and she asked why the doctor had sent Noah away. Dr. Anderson contended that Sharon had made the decision by signing the form, but Sharon didn't remember signing it.

Dr. Anderson explained that treating a disorder was a process with ups and downs, but Sharon thought it didn't make sense to cut herself off from her family. The doctor said Sharon had thought her visitors had been interfering with her progress, and Sharon had kept saying that Dr. Anderson was the only person she needed to see. Sharon couldn't remember any of it, but she agreed to it if the doctor thought it was best. Sharon thanked Dr. Anderson for taking good care of her and her baby, and the doctor reminded Sharon that she'd checked into the facility to give her child everything it needed.

Noah dropped by the coffeehouse and told Dylan that he'd just been at Fairview. Dylan mentioned that he'd been there earlier, but Sharon had seemed out of it and not like herself. The men compared notes about Dr. Anderson's claim that Sharon was just adjusting to her meds, and Noah mentioned the consent form that Sharon had signed.

Dr. Anderson asked if Sharon was feeling better, and Sharon replied that she always did after their sessions. The doctor's phone rang, and Dylan inquired about why Noah hadn't been allowed to see Sharon. Dr. Anderson claimed that she'd been following her patient's wishes, but Dylan was adamant that Sharon would never refuse to see her kids. He asked to speak to Sharon, and the doctor balked. Sharon instructed Dr. Anderson to tell Dylan that she wasn't available, and Dylan heard her.

Dylan told the doctor that they both had Sharon's best interests at heart, and he gave the doctor the options of putting Sharon on the phone or having him show up in person. Dr. Anderson prompted Sharon to confirm to Dylan that she didn't want any visitors, and Sharon took the phone. Sharon informed Dylan that it had been her idea not to have visitors because they were a distraction. She asked him to stay away for a while to let her focus on getting well, and he said he hadn't meant to upset her. Sharon assured him that it was what she wanted, and they exchanged declarations of love.

Later, Dr. Anderson handed Sharon some pills, and Sharon slurred that it felt like she'd just taken the last dose. The doctor attributed Sharon's woozy condition to being upset about her conversation with Dylan, and she assured Sharon that Dylan and the baby would thank Sharon one day for doing the right thing. The doctor added that the child was lucky to have a parent like Sharon, and Sharon gushed that Dylan would be a great father. Dr. Anderson told her to get some sleep.

In Marisa's hotel room, Luca pressed Marisa for the real reason she'd left him, and he guessed that Noah didn't know the truth. She snapped that what she and Luca had shared had ended years earlier, so nothing tied them together. Luca revealed that he knew she'd been pregnant with his child when she'd left him, and she'd given the child away like an unwanted pet. He added that he knew where the girl was, and Marisa pleaded with him to tell her. Luca replied that he would -- once Marisa returned to him.

Marisa accused Luca of lying, since she'd made sure her daughter was somewhere he couldn't find her. Luca said Marco had told him that he'd found a home for the baby, since Marisa had chosen a life with Marco over her own child. Marisa began to cry, but Luca barked that he was the one who should be shedding tears over a child he'd never known he'd had. Marisa defended that she'd given her baby up to be raised in a loving home, but Luca snapped that Marco had sold the girl to the highest bidder, and their daughter's life was miserable. Luca displayed a photo of their daughter on his phone, and Marisa was overwhelmed at the sight of her child.

Luca suggested that the three of them could still be a family if he and Marisa claimed their daughter, but he questioned whether Noah was more important to Marisa than her own daughter. Marisa marveled that her daughter had her eyes, and Luca spat that it was too bad the girl had never had Marisa. Luca said Marisa had gotten rid of her child to continue a life with Marco, and she was again faced with the choice between her daughter and a man. Luca warned that she couldn't have both Noah and her little girl, and Marisa demanded that Luca get her daughter back for her.

Luca refused to let Marisa raise his child in the Newman fold, and he vowed that his daughter would take her rightful place as a Santori. Marisa stared at the photo, and she agreed to live with Luca for one month if he told her where her daughter was. He thought it would only take one night to convince her that they belonged together, and he held out his hand to shake on it. She shook his hand, but he pulled her into a passionate kiss. He declared that it was a deal.

Marisa found Noah at the Underground, and he said she was supposed to be resting. She said she needed to talk to him about something, and he wished that she'd asked him to drive back, since he didn't want her out by herself at night. Marisa refused to live in fear, and she announced that she was sure that Luca's family had been behind her attack. Noah thought the solution was to steer clear of Luca, but Marisa said she couldn't do that, since Luca was the only one who could protect her, and she'd decided to move back in with him.

Marisa said she was sorry for hurting Noah, and she just wanted to end the pain. He questioned her decision to go back to a man she couldn't stand, but Marisa insisted that Luca could keep her safe. Noah offered to protect her, but she said he would be better off without her. Noah guessed that Luca had threatened her, but she swore it had been her choice. Noah doubted that she'd had a change of heart after running away from her marriage, and he demanded to know what Luca had on her. Noah refused to let her leave until she told the truth, and she blurted out that Luca knew where her child was.

Noah thought Marisa was making up a story about having a kid to push him away, but she showed him a photo of her daughter. She explained that she'd gotten pregnant shortly after she and Luca had been married, and she'd been afraid his parents would take the child from her, so she'd left. She continued that Marco had given her a place to stay until the baby had been born, but his world had been no place for a child, so she'd given her baby up for adoption. Marisa had believed that Marco had found her child a loving home, but Luca had told her that Marco had really sold the baby to the highest bidder.

Noah wondered if Luca was lying to try to get Marisa back, but Marisa said only Marco had known about the baby, and she doubted he'd brag about selling a child. She mentioned her agreement to live with Luca for a month in exchange for information about her daughter's whereabouts, but Noah worried that Luca would never tell her where her daughter was. Marisa begged for Noah's help to find her daughter. Meanwhile, Luca called Victor and reported that he'd closed the deal.

Noah said he could use his family's connections to find Marisa's daughter, and he urged Marisa to tell Luca that their deal was off. She worried that Luca would make sure that she never saw her little girl, so she had to go through the motions and live with Luca until she found her daughter. Noah wasn't sure he could live with that, and Marisa told him to walk away, since she couldn't do so until she knew her daughter was safe.

At home, Lily got chocolate chip cookies while Cane played a game of Twister with the twins. The kids squealed with laughter as the trio fell over, and Cane called it the best day ever. Matty said it would be if Devon and Hilary were there, but Charlie declared that Hilary had been kidnapped. Lily asked where the boy had heard that, and he rattled off a list of places. Lily assured the twins that Devon was doing everything he could to find Hilary, and Cane instructed the kids to put on their pajamas. The children scampered away, and Lily asked why Cane always changed the subject at the mention of Hilary's name.

Lily recalled that Cane had also cut off the conversation about Hilary at the club, and Cane reasoned that they couldn't spend every second helping Devon. Lily hated that Charlie had heard about Hilary's disappearance from someone else, and the twins ran back in and proclaimed that it was time for a story with a happy ending. Lily sat down and said she had something to talk to the kids about, but Cane prompted them to give Lily a big hug, and he carried the children upstairs. Lily looked perplexed.

Lily put away the game, and a duffel bag fell out of the closet. She opened it and found bundles of cash inside. Moments later, Cane returned downstairs and announced that the kids were down, but Lily was gone.

At Crimson Lights, Lily plopped the duffel bag down on the counter, and she told Dylan to look inside. He found large bills in sequential order, and he realized it was the ransom he'd dropped off in the park. He asked where she'd found it, and she said at her house. Lily added that she recognized the bag as Cane's.

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