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Nicole made her decision about surrogacy. Brooke, Steffy, and Rick were perplexed by Thomas' trip to Paris. Steffy tried to convince Ridge to change his mind, but Ridge insisted that Thomas remain in Paris. Bill laughed at the idea of Ivy as a lingerie model, but Wyatt helped Ivy warm up to the prospect.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 12, 2015 on B&B
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Nicole considers Maya's request

Nicole considers Maya's request

Monday, October 12, 2015

At Forrester, Pam and Charlie advised Zende to take Nicole to a romantic movie. Zende didn't have a movie in mind, and Pam decided that she had a wardrobe for Zende to be a knight in shining armor. Zende revealed that his plan was a private dinner. Pam figured out that Zende was cooking dinner and said that he had two culinary experts at his service.

Charlie offered to let Zende copy the dinner Charlie was making Pam that night -- fresh tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Pam was surprised Charlie had gotten fresh tomatoes. "Bought the cans this morning," Charlie replied. Charlie explained that Zende needed to use aged gruyere to make an aphrodisiac, and cutting the sandwich into triangles would make for romantic sopping of the soup.

"You sopped soup with someone before me?" Pam asked. Charlie claimed that sopping had been as far as it had gone. Zende stated that he was making a Forrester pepper steak recipe. Pam said it was Ridge's favorite and asked if Zende wanted her to make lemon bars for dessert. Zende said he had it covered. He left to get cooking, and Pam began grilling Charlie about his past "sopping."

At the mansion, the shocked Nicole asked what Maya had just requested. Maya and Rick knew that surrogacy was a lot to ask of Nicole, and they conveyed that they had other options; however, the baby would feel more like Maya's if Nicole would carry it. Maya said they'd all live together and experience the pregnancy together every step of the way.

Nicole was caught off guard and asked if Rick and Maya were serious. Realizing that they were serious, Nicole stated that she'd thought the favor had been to go to the store or pick up laundry. Maya knew that surrogacy was a lot to ask. Nicole said they'd done a lot for her, but Rick replied that Nicole didn't owe them anything. Maya conveyed that Nicole didn't have to answer at that moment.

Rick changed the subject to Zende, and Nicole said Zende was making her dinner that night. "When a boy makes you dinner..." Maya hinted, grinning. Nicole acknowledged that she and Zende were getting really close, and he might be the one. "So maybe not the time to have your sister's baby," Maya remarked. Just then, Zende arrived.

Later, Rick and Maya were upstairs. Maya stated that they'd dropped a bomb on Nicole, and Maya didn't know if she'd had the right to ask. Rick said Nicole might have been disappointed if they hadn't asked. Maya claimed she'd love any baby regardless of the genes, and she hoped she hadn't freaked Nicole out. Rick thought Nicole had been touched and flattered.

Maya admitted that she hadn't thought of Zende, but she should have. She wondered how Zende would feel about it and hoped she didn't ruin the other couple's night by mentioning it. Rick said it was okay, and Nicole and Zende would talk things through. Maya realized it was a big sacrifice. Rick believed Nicole would need time, and he said they all needed to talk it through.

Rick reminded Maya that there were other options. Maya knew but asked him to imagine having a child who had their genes. Rick believed they'd be the coolest parents on the block, and he was up for the challenge. Maya said she'd cherish the child no matter how it were born, but having one that was part Rick and part Maya was in Nicole's hands.

In the kitchen, Zende prepared food and told Nicole about Charlie's dinner suggestions. Zende said it was the first time he'd made the steak, but he had a backup salad "just in case." Nicole seemed zoned out, and he asked if she was okay. She said she was, and a man cooking for her was a first for her.

Later, Zende and Nicole sat to eat dinner at the kitchen island. He noted that she'd been distracted ever since he'd arrived. Nicole stated that he'd been good to her, and she hadn't been very happy before. She recalled that she'd been unhinged when she'd first arrived in the city. Computer programming at UCLA hadn't been for her, but then her whole world had changed by reconnecting with Maya and meeting the Forresters. She felt that all of it was due to Maya.

Nicole stated that Maya had asked her to do something. Zende believed that Maya had done a lot for Nicole, so Nicole should do whatever it was. Nicole revealed that Maya and Rick wanted her to be their surrogate. Zende asked her to repeat herself.

Nicole repeated what Maya and Rick had asked her to do, and Zende asked what she'd told them. Nicole said she hadn't answered, and she asked him if she should do it.

At the cliff house, Katie and Bill arrived for dinner. Steffy, who hadn't had time to cook, pulled take-out boxes from a bag. Liam told Bill that his steak was on the grill. Katie said it was okay because she was sure Steffy was busy at work. Bill championed Liam, who was helping Steffy and Katie in his two executive positions. Katie mumbled that it was too bad the same couldn't be said for Wyatt.

Katie guessed she'd said something wrong, and Liam figured she thought Wyatt was being short-changed. Steffy stated that Liam clearly had more executive experience. Katie remarked that Wyatt might get some if he got an opportunity. "So let him go find one," Bill quipped.

Katie added that Wyatt felt as if Ivy was being treated unfairly. Steffy said she'd fixed it and had rehired Ivy after Ivy had gone over her head to Eric. Bill said Eric couldn't force Steffy to do it. Steffy stated that it had all worked out, and she'd given Ivy the job of modeling the bedroom line.

Katie didn't think it was Ivy's thing, but Bill called the move brilliant. Katie glared at Bill when he said "well done" to Steffy. He asked how Ivy had reacted, and Liam asked to change the subject. Bill asked when the "coming out" party was and said it was one show he didn't want to miss.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Ivy kissed. He said she seemed more comfortable in the lingerie. Ivy relayed that it was because she wasn't modeling it. She was sure she'd be horrible, but he said she was killing it. Ivy said Wyatt was making it more "palatable," but she wasn't ready to strut her stuff in designer underwear. She felt that Steffy was very transparent with her so-called opportunity.

Ivy ordered a pizza and decided to change. Wyatt grabbed her by her waist. Pizza and lingerie was a dream of his, and he begged her not to ruin it. She replied that if she had to walk around "naked..." She pointed to his pants, which he readily removed.

The couple stood in their underwear, and Wyatt wanted to take it to the next level. Ivy decided that he'd be first, but he replied that he was a good enough guy to help her out of hers first.

Before Wyatt could unlace the back of Ivy's corset, the doorbell rang. Wyatt gave Ivy money and told her to answer the door. Ivy didn't want to do it in her underwear, but he said to get used to it. Ivy snatched the money and opened the door. "Oh, my lanta!" the pizza man exclaimed upon seeing Ivy.

Ivy exchanged the money for the box and said he could keep the change. The pizza man replied that she already had the tip covered, and he offered to return with a pizza the next night. Ivy closed the door on him, and Wyatt laughed about how awesome it had been.

Wyatt believed that Forrester would sell lingerie faster than they could sew it, and they'd get free pizza for a year. Ivy thought Wyatt was getting a real kick out of it. He replied that she was getting more and more confident, and she could probably pump gas in the outfit. He considered that she'd create long lines, and Ivy tempted him with pizza to get him off the topic.

Loving the lingerie modeling

Loving the lingerie modeling

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Zende prepared dinner for Nicole, and she shared that Maya had asked her to be the surrogate mom for the baby Maya and Rick wanted to have. That way, the baby would have Rick and Maya's DNA. Zende was surprised that Nicole had considered Maya's offer, but Nicole explained that Maya had changed her life and helped her in Los Angeles.

Nicole explained to Zende that she'd been lost when she'd first arrived in Los Angeles, and she was glad that Zende hadn't met her when she'd first arrived. Zende listened intently, but he discouraged Nicole from becoming a surrogate mom for her sister. Nicole remarked that it was a year of her life, and Zende agreed. He suggested that she might want to do something else with her body.

The discussion turned to what surrogacy involved. Nicole knew it required a medical procedure and carrying a baby for nine months. Zende wondered if she was doing it to return the favor her sister had done for her. Nicole said that was what she was thinking.

Zende noted that he had a selfish concern. "What about us?" he asked. Nicole looked thoughtful. She wondered if being a surrogate ruled out a future with Zende. Then, she paused and suggested that Zende not answer.

Nicole and Zende became less serious and confided that they were very interested in one another. Zende said he thought about Nicole all the time. They kissed, and Nicole teased that she hoped she didn't faint. Zende stopped and said he would clean up dinner.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Maya and Rick revisited their discussion with Nicole about surrogacy. Maya confessed to Rick that she felt they had lost perspective when they had asked Nicole to be a surrogate. Rick maintained that they had not pressured Nicole, but Maya said that by asking her, they had unwittingly encouraged her to put pressure on herself.

Maya noted that Nicole had acclimated to Los Angeles and to Forrester and had met someone she really cared about: Zende. Maya said that she did want a baby, but involving Nicole might not be the best idea. Rick questioned if Zende and Nicole were in love, and Maya said they needed the chance to find out. Rick said that one way or another, he and Maya would have a little person or two in their lives one day.

At Wyatt's, Ivy and Wyatt discussed that Steffy had offered Ivy the job as the Intimates line model because she'd known it would make Ivy uncomfortable. Ivy noted that "Steffy always gets what she wants." Wyatt agreed. He said Ivy could fake that she loved getting undressed and wearing her lingerie.

Wyatt suggested that Ivy try out the words, and Ivy pretended that she was talking to Steffy and maintained that she had gone home, stripped off her clothes, tried on the lingerie, and looked fabulous. She loved it and couldn't wait to model it on the runway and march around Forrester in it. Wyatt and Ivy laughed. Ivy maintained that Steffy would never believe it. Wyatt said it didn't matter. Steffy would be frustrated that Ivy was happy.

Ivy and Wyatt made out and made love. After, Wyatt reminded Ivy that he was the stronger, smarter, and better Spencer. He worried that Ivy was a million miles away, thinking about Liam. Ivy admitted that she often thought about her past, but she added that she had been stupid when she'd wasted time with Liam. She was happy to be with Wyatt. "I have everything I want," she said.

At Liam's, Bill, Katie, Liam, and Steffy shared dinner, and Steffy shared that Ivy would be the new face of the Forrester's Intimates line. Bill laughed hysterically. Steffy also laughed. Katie and Liam did not find it funny, but Katie said that Steffy was creative in her management style.

The conversation turned to Steffy's position as president -- making the decision, and Liam's role as vice president -- someone who could have prevented the offer. "I thought it was very nice of me to offer," Steffy said of her willingness to rehire Ivy. Liam was upset.

Katie and Bill wondered if Liam still had feelings for Ivy. Liam grew quiet and said that he thought they should all realize that not everyone wanted to strip and parade around in lingerie.

Bill didn't agree, but Liam quickly wondered if Katie would be interested in doing it. Liam asked Bill how he would feel about it if Katie were a lingerie model. Katie agreed, but Bill stood up ready to strip. They all laughed. Bill and Katie left. Liam and Steffy kissed, but Liam looked troubled.

Steffy wondered why Liam was unhappy with her. She guessed that it was his concern for Ivy. Steffy insisted that they would not discuss work issues at home. Liam agreed, but he said her decision-making was affecting all aspects of her life. She reminded Liam that Ivy had said she would do anything to get her job back.

Liam said that Steffy's condescending attitude toward women who preferred privacy and modesty was an issue. He felt that Steffy had bullied Ivy into taking a position she didn't want. Steffy argued that it was a smart decision. Steffy said she could not be the face of Forrester, since she had become the president. Liam suggested Maya, but Steffy argued that Maya had to remain the couture model only. Liam said Steffy did not consider other people's feelings like Ivy's -- and Aly's, he said coolly. Steffy grew quiet.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya left Rick in the living room and interrupted Zende and Nicole. Zende said that Maya and Nicole needed to talk. He left. Maya said that her earlier offer to Nicole to become a surrogate had sounded like a great idea but might be disaster.

Nicole said that it wasn't a disaster, and it was important and beautiful. The sisters agreed that they had helped one another. They were grateful to have each other. Maya said she didn't want to damage their relationship, but Nicole said that Maya had not ruined anything. Nicole said she would still consider it. Maya wanted Nicole to be happy. They embraced.

Meet the parents

Meet the parents

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge met with Rick and Maya and announced that he had sent Thomas to Paris. Rick and Maya said it was a bad decision, considering that Thomas had made some wonderful contributions to the new line. Ridge agreed Thomas' designs had merit, but Thomas could work on designs from Paris. Rick disagreed, but Ridge pointed out that Rick handled international from Los Angeles rather than Paris. Rick was quiet. "Caroline and I are designing together; I am her partner, not Thomas," Ridge said.

Rick said that he realized he was no longer CEO, but he didn't agree it was the right decision. Ridge disagreed and said the decision had been made. Maya and Rick left.

Caroline worried about Ridge, and he told her he was fine and worried about her. She reminded Ridge that Thomas had wanted to talk to him. "What he did was unforgivable," Ridge said. "He's your son," Caroline replied. Caroline said Ridge had to eventually forgive him. Ridge agreed, but he couldn't look at Thomas.

Conversation turned to what had happened the night that Thomas and Caroline had gotten together. Ridge said it had all been his fault because he had rejected her, and she had spent the night in a hotel, drunk wine, taken pills, and been vulnerable.

Ridge noted that Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline and hurt Ridge. Ridge said that the only good thing to result from all of it was the baby. "Our baby," Ridge said. He promised to "try not to screw up this time." Caroline argued that he had been a wonderful father.

Ridge disagreed. He said he had never been a great father because he had always been working, in and out of marriages, and chasing women. He vowed that all that was over "because I found you."

Ridge added that it would be his last child, and they would raise it as their own. Caroline wondered if they could really keep the secret. Ridge vowed they could.

Carter and Zende worked out in the outdoor gym on the rooftop at Forrester. Carter pressured Zende to do one more rep on weights while Carter spotted him. Zende couldn't do it, and Carter teased that Zende was paying for skipping breakfast and spending late nights with Nicole.

Zende said the late nights had been worth it. He really liked Nicole. Zende shared in confidence that Maya and Rick had asked Nicole to be a surrogate for them so that Maya and Rick could have a baby that would have both Avant and Forrester DNA.

Carter wondered what had happened. Zende said that Nicole was thinking about becoming the surrogate. Carter wondered what Zende thought.

Zende confessed he had mixed emotions. Carter wondered if Zende could imagine Nicole having another man's baby. "Your uncle's baby," Carter said. Zende admitted that he didn't like the idea. He was crazy about Nicole, but he feared that it would be hard on their relationship.

Carter agreed. It was a lot to ask, and Zende and Nicole were young. Zende worried that Nicole would think he was selfish. Carter said he had to be happy.

In another office at Forrester, Nicole flashed back to when Maya had asked her to be a surrogate mother. Brooke entered and noted that Nicole had been deep in thought. She wondered if Nicole wanted to confide in her. Nicole dished that she had an important decision to make.

Nicole said that Maya and Rick had asked her to be a surrogate for them so that Maya and Rick could have a baby that would have both Avant and Forrester DNA. Brooke was intrigued. She had known that Rick and Maya had been researching adoption, but she'd had no idea they had wanted a surrogate.

Brooke asked how Nicole felt. Nicole said it was a lot to think about. She was young, and Brooke said it was odd that they would make such a request. The child would biologically be Nicole's, Brooke reminded her.

Nicole agreed, and nine months was a really long time. Nicole didn't want to lose Zende, but Brooke defended Zende as a very mature and caring young man who would admire her for doing something so generous for her sister. Brooke was convinced that Zende might surprise her.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya and Rick had an appointment that Maya had set up with a fertility specialist. Rick wondered if Nicole would be joining them, but Maya wanted it to be private.

Dr. March entered and explained that the egg donor could be anonymous, but Maya said that she wanted the baby to have some of her genes too. Maya shared that they had asked Maya's sister. The doctor said that asking someone with a biological bond was an enormous request.

Maya said that she and Rick didn't want her sister to feel pressured. The doctor reminded them that it was quite an emotional undertaking for the birth mother. But, she added that since it was a relative, they could begin immediately. Rick and Maya looked happy.

At Forrester, Zende and Nicole talked about Rick and Maya's request. Zende said he felt there was only one answer, and Nicole agreed. They felt they were on the same page, and Nicole announced that she wanted to have Maya and Rick's baby. Zende wanted her to turn them down. Zende said he was not supportive of her decision. Nicole was surprised.

In Ridge's office, Caroline and Ridge paused their conversation when Brooke entered and interrupted. Brooke asked about Thomas because she hadn't seen him all day. Ridge said that he had sent Thomas to Paris. Brooke wondered for how long, and Ridge said it was undecided. Brooke said she had photos for them to review. Brooke left.

Caroline worried that Brooke was suspicious. Ridge said she knew nothing, but then he reconsidered. He noted that she knew about the vasectomy, and he had later confided in her that if he had it reversed, it wouldn't make a difference. Caroline was shocked. "She will figure it out," Caroline said frantically.

Zende urges Nicole to consider her life, too

Zende urges Nicole to consider her life, too

Thursday, October 15, 2015

At the sky lounge, Brooke gave Charlotte an errand, and Charlotte asked why Thomas was in Paris. Brooke said she'd just found out about it herself. Steffy arrived, and Charlotte scurried off. Brooke deduced that something between Charlotte and Thomas might be the reason that Thomas was in Paris.

"He's where?" the shocked Steffy asked. Brooke was surprised Steffy didn't know. Brooke said Thomas had urgently left the day before, but Rick hadn't known of a problem for Thomas to handle at International. Steffy knowingly replied that the problem was "here," and Brooke surmised that it was between Thomas and Ridge.

Steffy didn't know what had gotten into Thomas, and she confided in Brooke about him punching Ridge after Ridge had caught with Charlotte. Brooke found it hard to believe it had happened over an intern. Steffy decided it was time for the president and CEO to chat.

In the CEO's office, Caroline was paranoid that Brooke would instantly know that the baby didn't belong to Ridge. Caroline stated that they might be able to fool everyone else, but not Brooke. Ridge claimed that he wasn't trying to fool anyone; however, Caroline was his wife, and no one would interfere with them raising the child.

Ridge decided that he'd tell Brooke that he'd gone for a second opinion, as Brooke had suggested, and the first doctor had been wrong. "More secrets," Caroline murmured. He said it wasn't perfect or exactly how they'd wanted things to happen, but they'd make it work.

Caroline was uneasy about the whole thing and asked if sending Thomas away would make it worse. Ridge reasoned that Thomas hadn't outgrown his hatred for his father, and Ridge couldn't go back on the decision. Ridge promised that he'd reveal the pregnancy when the time was right, and she'd have all the pregnancy milestones that she'd longed for.

It didn't feel normal to Caroline. It felt like it was a horrible secret that they were keeping. Ridge said they were protecting their family, which wasn't shameful. He wished they could change the past, but they had to deal with what was before them. He said that Caroline was in front of him. He loved her and loved their commitment to the child. He said it was all he was thinking of.

Charlotte interrupted to give Ridge some proofs. She hesitantly asked if she was reason Thomas had gone to Paris. Ridge replied that Thomas shouldn't have been involved with an intern, but Charlotte wasn't the reason he was in Paris. Relieved, Charlotte left.

Caroline noted that people were already asking. Ridge said Charlotte was an exception because she'd been involved with Thomas. Ridge reviewed the proofs, which were several shots of Caroline and Thomas. Ridge said they wouldn't use them. Upset, he stated that things like "this" were why Thomas was in Paris. Ridge couldn't stand to have Thomas near Caroline or touching her, and Ridge couldn't even look at Thomas, who'd betrayed them both.

Steffy entered, asking if the tension was about Thomas and if he'd done something else.

In the design room, Zende voiced his concern about Nicole carrying a baby for nine months. Moving in to kiss her, he asked if she'd rather be "doing this." Pushing him back a little, she demonstrated that they could still do it, but it would be "more like this." He pulled her taunt against him and reasoned that "this" was "so much better."

Zende believed Nicole would be turning her whole life over to Maya and Rick. Nicole said it would just be some things, and one of those things was not her relationship with Zende. He asked if they'd let her go to parties or on trips. He asserted that Maya wasn't the only person making plans for the future. He wanted to travel out of the country and do things they'd never experienced.

Zende respected that Nicole wanted to help her sister but said she needed to think about herself. He asked what Nicole's future would look like and if there would be room in it for him. He believed it was a time in their lives that they couldn't have again, and they should enjoy it and each other. He asked if she could just donate an egg.

Nicole replied that it wasn't what Rick and Maya had asked her to do. Nicole liked the idea of being involved with the pregnancy. She said that if she did it, it had to be right for all of "us." Zende asked he was a part of "us." He didn't want to put their relationship on hold and pick it up a year later.

Nicole concluded that Zende didn't want her to do it. She said that things didn't have to change. Zende believed that with a pregnancy, the baby would be the priority. Nicole said Zende wanted her all to himself. Zende said not to doubt it, and they kissed.

Nicole asked if there was another reason that Zende opposed it. Zende remarked upon how she'd said her babies would be beautiful, and he admitted that he wanted her to make them with him. Nicole seemed surprised. He stated that they wouldn't start right then. He knew they weren't ready for it, but they would be someday. He wanted them to experience every amazing thing in life together. Nicole said she felt the same way. The two kissed.

At the mansion with Rick and Maya, Dr. March discussed the profile of a typical surrogate and said it was best to have an experienced surrogate who'd already birthed her own family. Using a first-time surrogate without children raised the risk of attachment issues, but Dr. March assumed the couple had picked someone they trusted. Maya called Nicole their perfect surrogate.

Dr. March understood Rick and Maya's reasons for wanting Nicole but repeated that it was atypical to use a surrogate who'd never had child. Dr. March said that Nicole's fertility was unknown, and even if she could deliver a healthy baby, future fertility issues might cause Nicole to want back the one baby she'd had. Though legal documents could prevent the action, it would still take an emotional toll.

Dr. March suggested a gestational carrier, which meant that another woman would carry Rick and Nicole's fertilized egg. Maya insisted that she and Rick trusted Nicole and wanted to use Nicole. They just wanted to learn the changes Nicole would go through for the term of the pregnancy, so they could educate Nicole about them.

Dr. March said it would be longer than nine months, and the time began with a series of medical tests and psychological evaluations. After that, doctors could only attempt an implantation once per ovulation cycle. Rick asked if the entire process could take a year. "Realistically," Dr. March replied.

The doctor added that Nicole would have to go through all the checkups during pregnancy, and whether the couple attended the appointments would be up to Nicole. The doctor said it seemed as if Nicole and Maya were close. "Closer than ever," Maya replied.

Maya asked the doctor to explain how the procedure worked. Dr. March said they'd use IUI, intrauterine insemination. The risks were low, except in the case of multiple births due to fertility medications. The chance of insemination would be up to twenty percent, which was good. The doctor encouraged the couple to pursue all options, but she said it could begin immediately if Nicole agreed.

Dr. March left, and Maya smiled excitedly at Rick. He wondered if all the technical talk would frighten Nicole, but Maya said that the Avant women didn't scare easily. The doctor had given Maya things to think about, but she still felt best about Nicole being the surrogate.

Rick agreed. He remarked that they were asking a lot of Nicole, and all they could do was hope. Maya didn't want to pressure Nicole and worried that Nicole would feel obligated to do it. Maya wondered if they should tell Nicole about the intrauterine option. Rick asked why Maya was feeling doubtful. Maya said they were asking a lot, but once the child was in her arms, Maya would never ask for another thing.

Nicole makes her choice

Nicole makes her choice

Friday, October 16, 2015

In the CEO's office, Steffy demanded to know what was going on with Thomas and Ridge and why Thomas was in Paris. Ridge claimed it was nothing more than him needing Thomas in Paris. Steffy asked why, and Caroline claimed it was to up the momentum of their new line in international markets.

Steffy said Hope and Thorne were already in place overseas. Steffy asserted that, as president, she'd deserved a heads-up. Ridge apologized, but she felt there more was going on. She added that Ridge and Thomas were partners. Pointing at himself and Caroline, Ridge said they were the partners.

Steffy assumed that Ridge was really angry about the punch and said Thomas had apologized. Ridge responded that Thomas had been out of line, and sometimes, apologies weren't enough. Ridge said he hadn't enjoyed a punch from his son, but Thomas had gone where he was needed.

Steffy asked how her brother could work on the line and assist the design team from another continent. She said it wasn't fair, and Thomas had proven his loyalty. Caroline said that Thomas could still be successful, and at an international design house, the staff was sometimes required elsewhere. Steffy yelled that Thomas was family, not staff.

Steffy believed that Thomas was good at his job and had been learning from Ridge. Ridge stated that Thomas would remain in Paris, and the case was closed. He handed Steffy the proofs of Thomas and Caroline and said it was the wrong direction, and he'd let Steffy know when he had another one. She said it felt as if he'd banished her brother. Ridge asserted that it wasn't about feelings; it was business.

Steffy offered to mediate between father and son. Caroline said to let it go. "Ridge made his decision," Caroline snippily said. Steffy glared at Caroline and walked out.

Caroline told Ridge to breathe before he imploded. Ridge murmured that Steffy could be relentless. Caroline said Steffy was his daughter, but the punch was a valid reason. Ridge felt it would only work for so long. Ridge's phone rang, and he groaned, answering it.

Thomas was on the line. He'd expected to hear from Ridge by then. Thomas said he'd gotten to Paris safely, but he didn't know why he was there. He apologized again for the punch. "Can't talk," Ridge replied and clicked off the line.

Ridge told Caroline that Thomas wanted to know why he was in Paris and why his father was angry with him. Ridge said Thomas couldn't have the answers; no one could. Caroline looked upset. Ridge said it was their baby, and no one could know the truth, especially not Thomas. Caroline stated that it "is" the truth; it was their truth and their baby.

Ridge said Caroline might be tempted to tell someone, but she disagreed. Caroline wanted their family. She said they were in it together, and she'd do whatever it took. They hugged.

In the design office, Zende and Nicole kissed more and made a pact to always put honesty first. Zende didn't want to seem demanding, and he knew that she wanted to give a great gift to her sister. Nicole said she'd be changing Maya's life, just as Maya had changed Nicole's life. He pointed out that Nicole would put her life on hold for a year, and there was no way it wouldn't affect their relationship.

Nicole stated that she knew a baby would crimp their style, but she asked, "How do I say no?" Zende told her to say that she'd like to help, but it was too much. Nicole said her sister would never have a baby with Maya's DNA without Nicole. He loved how eager she was to help Maya. Nicole said Maya had changed her life, and maybe Nicole was meant to return the favor.

"Not this way," Zende said. He reasoned that even without Nicole's involvement, Maya and Rick could still adopt and have a strong family foundation. Zende could attest to it. Nicole agreed that it could happen, but there was a possibility that Maya could have a child with her own genes. He replied that Nicole's life would stop, and Nicole asked if their relationship would stop.

Zende insisted that it wouldn't be the same. On his phone, he got a message telling him to visit Carter. Before going, Zende said he and Nicole had their future before them. They could do anything and go anywhere. He didn't want to pressure her; he just hoped she made them the priority.

At the mansion, Maya conveyed that having more education about the procedures made her more comfortable about asking Nicole to carry a child. Rick and Maya agreed to control their reactions and never make Nicole feel guilty if she turned them down. Maya asked if Rick had any reservations or worries, but he said she could count him all the way in.

The couple discussed informing Nicole of how long and involved the process was. They wanted to make sure she knew everything because at some point in it, there would be no turning back. The couple agreed upon getting the best care for Nicole. Rick didn't want them to set themselves up for disappointment and reminded Maya that Nicole hadn't agreed yet.

Maya didn't want Nicole to feel obligated to fulfill Maya's needs and wondered if it was too much to ask. Ridge said one had to ask to get. Maya stated that it was a Forrester mindset, but "we" were taught to be grateful and not greedy. Maya wanted the baby, but Nicole would be the one making the sacrifice. "And the call," Rick added.

Nicole arrived and guessed she should have knocked. Rick said that if she still felt like a guest there, he'd failed her miserably. Nicole asked to speak to Maya, and Rick left them to talk alone.

Nervously, Nicole said she'd known Maya wanted Nicole to take time to think about things. Maya said it was no pressure for the enormous decisions. Nicole said it was the biggest she'd ever made. Maya assumed "made" meant there was an answer.

Nicole tearfully said she loved Maya and never wanted to disappoint her; however, Nicole had to think of her own life. Maya said she understood. Nicole said she and Zende had feelings for each other, and they wanted to see where it would go. Maya didn't want Nicole to sacrifice her happiness for Maya. Nicole wasn't sure if that would happen or not, and accepting that it could had led her to the only decision she could make.

Nicole admired her sister. Nicole said Maya and Rick would have a "kick-ass" life and be great parents -- except it was the one thing Maya couldn't do. Maya said Nicole was the best little sister, who deserved a glorious life of love, adventure, and fun. Maya didn't want to be the reason Nicole didn't have it. Maya insisted there was no pressure, and she understood if it was too much of a sacrifice.

Nicole thanked Maya for feeling that way. Nicole said that Maya had given Nicole the world. Maya was the reason for where Nicole lived and worked and whom she dated. Nicole called Maya her best friend and said the bigger sacrifice would be to miss out on the chance to give Maya someone no one else could. "I'd be honored to be your surrogate," Nicole announced.

Maya grew tearful and asked about Zende. Nicole stated that they'd work it out, but nothing was more important than helping Maya. Maya said she and Rick had talked to a specialist, and they could get someone else to carry Nicole's egg. Nicole said she knew Maya wanted Nicole to carry it. Maya said that it was only if that was okay with Nicole, and there was no pressure.

Nicole said the sisters had spent too much time apart, and she told Maya to imagine the connection the pregnancy would create. Nicole announced that she wanted to be the surrogate and to carry the baby. The sisters hugged.

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