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Alexis ran a secret DNA test on ''Mateo's'' pacifier. Sonny and Carly were married. Paul arranged for Carlos to be found. Sabrina told Michael that she was pregnant. Dillon confronted Dante about the affair with Valerie. Spinelli returned to Port Charles.
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Sonny and Carly were married in the hospital's chapel
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Kiki is arrested at the Floating Rib

Kiki is arrested at the Floating Rib

Monday, October 12, 2015

Moving boxes were scattered throughout Nina and Franco's new apartment. Kiki was amazed how quickly Nina had managed to buy the apartment. Nina smiled then jumped up to show Franco some redecorating ideas on a site Nina had found on her tablet. Nina looked forward to changing things until the apartment was unrecognizable. "Over my father's dead body," Kiki growled. Nina was surprised by Kiki's reaction, since the previous day, Kiki had been eager to unload the apartment.

Kiki refused to watch Nina erase all traces of Silas' memory, but Nina argued that the apartment was Nina's. The two women began to argue until Franco demanded to know what had happened to the truce. Kiki claimed that Franco and Nina had caught her at a weak moment, but Franco saw through the lie and asked Nina to postpone redecorating the apartment. Kiki assured them it wasn't necessary, since she had decided to move out in the morning and take Silas' things with her. Kiki promised that Nina would soon be free to pretend Silas had never existed.

Kiki announced that she was headed out for the evening and hoped to return after Franco and Nina had retired to their separate bedrooms for the night. "Whatever that weirdness is about," Kiki added as she grabbed her things. Franco objected, since Kiki had been drinking, but she informed him that she intended to call a car service. After Kiki walked out, Nina asked if Franco intended to always take Kiki's side. Franco gently reminded Nina that Kiki had essentially lost both her parents with Silas' passing and everything that had happened between Ava and Morgan.

Franco conceded that Nina had had her own fair share of struggles with Madeline, but he asked Nina to give Kiki a couple of weeks before moving forward with changing the apartment. Nina relented but admitted that Kiki had struck a chord by mentioning Franco and Nina's sleeping arrangements. Franco assured Nina that he didn't want to rush her, but Nina explained that she was concerned about disappointing him because she had only been intimate with one person -- Silas.

Franco was surprised because Nina had made a point of bragging about her active sex life with Ric, but Nina confessed that she had lied to make Franco jealous. According to Nina, she and Ric had barely kissed. Franco smiled and promised not to pretend with Nina because he honestly couldn't imagine life without her. Nina beamed with joy, so Franco playfully asked if she wanted to "make out." Nina grinned and kissed him.

Things quickly heated up as Franco and Nina kissed. Nina pulled away to invite Franco to the bedroom, so he took her hand. Seconds later, Franco's phone rang. Despite Nina's objections, he answered it, since it was Kiki's special ringtone. Morgan explained that he had called on Kiki's phone to make certain Franco answered because Kiki had been arrested.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan was shooting pool when Ava appeared and scooped up a cue ball. Morgan glared at Ava, but she quickly assured him that she understood why he despised her. He decided to make it clear by reminding her that she had taken Avery away from Sonny while his father had been in surgery, fighting for his life. Ava defended her actions by insisting that Avery was her daughter, but Morgan laughed because Ava wasn't even with Avery. Morgan sneered that Ava was dressed up and hanging out at a bar, but Ava argued that she was meeting an artist to discuss a gallery exhibit.

Morgan appeared skeptical, but Ava changed the subject by asking if Morgan could find a way to forgive her for Avery's sake. Ava claimed that she wanted Avery to have a relationship with her siblings, including Kiki. Morgan wasn't surprised when Ava appealed to him to help Kiki move past her anger for Avery's sake. However, he reminded Ava that Kiki was furious with him. Morgan also suspected that Ava was more concerned about Kiki forgiving her rather than Kiki having a relationship with Avery.

Meanwhile, Kiki entered the bar. She wasn't surprised when she saw Morgan and Ava together. Morgan tried to explain that he had been telling Ava how much he loathed Ava, but Kiki marched to the bar and ordered shots of alcohol. Kiki quickly knocked back several drinks as both Morgan and Ava tried to dissuade her from drinking, but Kiki resented Morgan and Ava acting as if they cared when they had both betrayed her. Ava changed tactics by coldly telling Kiki to pull herself together.

Kiki's temper flared. "Get a hold of this, bitch," Kiki yelled as she threw a drink in Ava's face. The bartender decided to take Morgan's advice by cutting Kiki off and calling her a cab, but Kiki had other ideas. As Morgan hustled Ava to the door to keep things from escalating, Kiki reached for a bottle of vodka behind the bar, knocking over several glasses. Annoyed, the bartender returned to take the bottle of vodka from Kiki, but she refused to relinquish it. Seconds later, the bottle shattered and cut the bartender.

Infuriated, the bartender called the police, but Kiki was too drunk to care. Morgan offered to pay for the damages and tried to persuade Kiki to apologize, but Kiki remained combative. Moments later, the police arrived and arrested Kiki.

In the squad room, Dante typed a text message to Lulu, letting her know that he was about to leave and couldn't wait to see her at home.

In the hallway, Valerie sat on a bench and stared forlornly at Dante as tears shimmered in her eyes. Jordan tapped Valerie's shoulder to ask if Valerie was okay. Valerie reminded Jordan that Jordan had asked Valerie not to take her personal problems to work, but Jordan refused to be brushed off. Jordan sat down beside Valerie as she realized that Valerie was upset about Dante.

Valerie told Jordan about the confrontation with Dante when Dante had jumped to the wrong conclusion about Valerie being pregnant. Valerie confessed that Dante had made her feel like the "dirtiest secret on the planet." Jordan decided to have a chat with Dante. Valerie asked Jordan to leave it alone, but Jordan refused to listen. Moments later, Jordan approached Dante at his desk and asked to have a private word with him.

Jordan reminded Dante that she had warned him there would be problems because he had slept with Valerie. Jordan pointed out that it had been months, yet she continued to deal with the fallout. Dante realized that Jordan knew about the ugly confrontation, so he apologized and took full responsibility. Jordan wasn't impressed because Dante was Valerie's superior, and both he and Valerie had promised that they would not let the brief affair interfere with their work. Jordan informed him that Valerie was off drying her tears instead of working at her desk because Valerie hadn't gotten over Dante.

Valerie walked up to clarify that Jordan was wrong. Dante had made his feelings crystal clear earlier, so Valerie knew exactly where she stood with Dante. Valerie promised that she was done, but she decided to clock out for the day. Dante apologized to Valerie again. She assured him that she knew he was sorry. After Valerie left, Jordan advised Dante to pray that it was truly over.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu explained that she needed Dillon to respect her feelings. Frustrated, Dillon argued that she didn't understand and kissed her. Lulu immediately pushed Dillon away. "What the hell are you doing?" Lulu demanded. She reminded him that she was happily married to Dante and lived a fulfilling life with her husband and son. Dillon insisted that Dante was unworthy of her because of what had happened between Dante and Valerie.

Lulu was livid that Dillon would try to manipulate her by mentioning the kiss between Dante and Valerie when Dillon knew that Lulu had moved past it. Lulu regretted hurting Dillon, but she told him that she didn't return his feelings, so if he couldn't accept that, then they couldn't be friends. Dillon immediately backed down and apologized for offending her. However, he assured her that he would be there for her if she ever needed someone to talk to. Lulu explained that she would talk to her husband, not Dillon, and left.

A short time later, Valerie arrived. Dillon was in a sour mood, so Valerie admitted that she'd had a rough day too. Valerie wanted a drink, but Dillon's eyes rounded with concern as he discouraged her from drinking while she was pregnant. Valerie's frustration mounted when she realized that Dillon had gotten wind of the rumor. Valerie informed him that she wasn't pregnant, but she suddenly worried that Dillon might have said something to Lulu. Dillon confessed that he had been on the verge of telling Lulu, but he had changed his mind.

Valerie was relieved, but she confessed that a part of her wished that she had been pregnant. She quickly added that she didn't want to break up Dante and Lulu, but she wanted to be a part of something. Valerie explained that she felt lost without her mother, so if she'd had Dante's child, then she would always have been a part of Dante's life in some capacity. However, she realized that it would never happen. "Just like my dreams of Lulu," Dillon lamented.

Dillon told Valerie about the kiss with Lulu and how Lulu had pulled away at the speed of light. Valerie wondered what was wrong with her and Dillon because they continued to pine for people they could never have. Dillon smiled as he pointed out that at least they had each other. "Sad, but true," Valerie answered as Dillon poured them each a drink. The two toasted to their friendship.

At the loft, Lulu was waiting when Dante arrived home. She greeted him with a kiss, but he realized that she was upset when she admitted that she hadn't seen his text message. Lulu explained that she had been in a rush to get away from Dillon. Surprised, Dante asked why, so she told him about the kiss and her reaction. Dante was furious, but he held his temper in check as Lulu worried that she might have given Dillon mixed signals.

Lulu repeatedly apologized, but Dante assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Lulu promised that she had never entertained any romantic feelings for Dillon during their trip to rescue Lucky, but she regretted how she had overreacted to Dante's kiss with Valerie. Dante flinched with guilt, but Lulu didn't notice as she promised that her kiss with Dillon hadn't meant anything, just like Dante's kiss with Valerie had been meaningless. Lulu felt terrible that she had nearly allowed something trivial like the kiss to destroy her marriage.

Dante assured Lulu that he believed her. Lulu was impressed with how calmly Dante had taken the news, while she had reacted differently when she had learned about his kiss with Valerie. Dante promised Lulu that he loved her so much that it stole his breath. He vowed that he would not let Dillon or Valerie get between them. Dante and Lulu went to the bedroom and made love.

On the second floor of Wyndemere's balcony, Sam and Jake were stuck hiding in the shadows as they waited for Nikolas and Hayden to finish in Nikolas' office. Eventually, Jake grew tired of waiting. They agreed that they couldn't climb down the side of the castle, so they decided to make their way to another area of the balcony to search for an entrance. A locked gate thwarted their efforts. Sam realized that she had forgotten her kit to pick locks on Nikolas' desk. Sam and Jake opted to scale the ledge to the other side of the balcony.

Sam went first, but part of the balcony's ledge gave way as she tried to slip to the other side. Jake pulled Sam to safety then drew back into the shadows to regroup. Moments later, they made a second attempt and were successful. They quickly scurried into a hiding place to duck out of sight when they heard Nikolas and Hayden approach.

In the office, Nikolas and Hayden started to make love on the desk when Hayden suddenly tensed and pushed Nikolas away. She explained that she had remembered something. Nikolas was curious about the memory, so Hayden thought about the flashback of Nikolas whispering a threat in her ear. She told him about the memory, but conceded that there had been an underlying sexual tension. Nikolas admitted that it had always been that way with them because they hadn't been able to keep their hands off each other.

Nikolas tried to pick up where they had left off, but Hayden sensed there had been more to the memory. Nikolas claimed that they had argued about Nikolas losing his temper and threatening to toss her off the island, but he and Hayden had managed to get through it. Hayden relaxed as Nikolas assured her that they had never lacked passion. Nikolas kissed her but pulled away when he heard a loud crash on the balcony. Nikolas and Hayden slipped outside to investigate.

Moments later, Nikolas noticed that "Goliath," Spencer's favorite gargoyle, had crashed to the ground. He and Hayden went to investigate the damage as Jake and Sam emerged from their hiding place. After they scaled the ledge again, Jake carried Sam into Nikolas' office because she had twisted her ankle. He set her on a chair to take off her shoe and examine her ankle. Sam was relieved that they had gotten what they had needed, so she suggested they leave through a south wing because no one used it.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Hayden returned to the living room. Nikolas was disappointed that Goliath had been completely demolished because Spencer would be disappointed. Hayden joked that the castle was crumbling around the prince, but Nikolas assured her that he had everything well in hand. Nikolas tried to rekindle their earlier passion, but Hayden confessed that she'd had a change of heart. Hayden wanted to return to their original agreement to live together without any intimacy until she was fully recovered. Nikolas reluctantly agreed.

In the hallway, Hayden indulged in a secret smile as she made her way to her bedroom.

Alexis gathers DNA evidence

Alexis gathers DNA evidence

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In the squad room, Franco commented that he had been considering returning to a life of murder because being a law-abiding citizen was "dreadfully" boring. Nathan refused to take the bait because he knew Franco wanted to provoke him until Nathan agreed to let Franco to visit with Kiki, who had been sobering up in a holding cell. Franco tried a different tactic by crudely reminding Nathan of Maxie's fling with Franco. Nina managed to intervene before Nathan could punch Franco.

Nathan accused Franco of being an overgrown child, but Franco explained that he simply wanted to see Kiki. Nathan reiterated that it wasn't possible because Kiki had been out-of-control drunk. Nina decided to play her sister card by asking Nathan to make an exception as a favor to her. Reluctantly, Nathan left, and Franco thanked Nina. Nina warned Franco that she was tired of hearing about Kiki, but she had done it for Franco because Franco had spent the night at the police station.

Moments later, a surly and unapologetic Kiki was led into the squad room. She resented Franco's interference and claimed that she was ready to face the consequences of her actions, but Franco wanted to take Kiki home. Nathan explained that it wasn't possible because Kiki faced serious charges for assaulting the bartender by cutting the man's hand with a broken bottle. Franco begged Nathan to help Kiki, but Kiki defiantly warned Franco to stop treating her like a child.

Nathan took Kiki to the interrogation room. Franco followed, but Kiki mulishly ordered Franco to leave because she didn't want him there. Nina followed Nathan to the squad room to ask if there was a way to help Kiki. Nathan was surprised that Nina cared, but she admitted it was for Franco's sake because Franco had a soft spot for Kiki and intended for Kiki to live with Nina and Franco. Nathan was shocked that Nina had agreed to the living arrangement, but Nina implored her brother to give her the name of the bartender.

Meanwhile, Kiki continued to reject Franco's efforts to help her. Franco acknowledged that it would take time for Kiki to get past the pain of losing Silas, but he promised her that things would get better. Kiki didn't believe him and made it clear that she was ready to go to jail. Moments later, Nathan entered the room to announce that Kiki was free to go; the charges had been dropped. Franco and Kiki were stunned until Franco realized that Nina had been behind it. "Money talks," Nina said with a smile of satisfaction.

Franco hugged Nina as Nina and Kiki exchanged a long look. Later, the trio arrived home. Kiki threw her things on the sofa. Franco tactfully suggested that Kiki get some rest. She stomped off in a sullen mood. Nina remarked that Kiki acted like a teenager, but Franco asked Nina to be patient because Kiki had been through "hell." Nina resented Kiki's lack of gratitude, but Franco assured Nina that he appreciated what she had done for Kiki. Nina smiled as he kissed her.

Franco suggested that he and Nina pick up where they had left off when he had received the phone call about Kiki. Nina admitted that she would rather grab a bite to eat and take a rain check because she suspected that Franco was exhausted after spending the night at the police station. "When it does rain, it's gonna pour," Franco warned her with a smile filled with promise.

Later, Kiki stumbled out of her bedroom. She picked up a glass with a note that instructed her to drink so she would feel better. Kiki took one sip, grimaced, and then set the drink down. She fished her phone out of her purse to listen to her voicemail messages. She had a message from Morgan asking her to call him because he cared about her despite what she might think. Kiki tossed her phone into the purse and made her way to the bookcase, where she quickly retrieved a hidden bottle of vodka.

In the hospital hallway, Carly wrapped up a phone call just as her brother walked up. Carly wondered if Lucas had ever heard about the Stanton Institute. Lucas revealed that the clinic was renowned for pioneering work in rehabilitation and occupational therapy, but he cautioned Carly not to get her hopes up because the clinic had a long waiting list, and it might take years to get a spot. "Not if your name is Corinthos," Carly bragged. She explained that she had gotten Sonny an appointment for a consultation. Lucas was happy for Carly, but he worried how his sister had been holding up.

Carly insisted that she was fine, but she needed to find a way to give Sonny a boost of confidence to remind him that he was still a strong, vital, "insufferable" man. Lucas warned Carly to be prepared because Sonny might not make a full recovery, but Carly insisted that anything less than a full recovery wasn't an option. She explained that Sonny could handle whatever was necessary to get well because they had to get Avery back from Ava. Lucas was shocked when Carly announced that Sonny would be leaving the hospital later that day so Sonny and Carly could get married at City Hall.

Concerned, Lucas asked if Carly had discussed her plans with Patrick. Carly assured him that Patrick hadn't had any objections the last time Sonny and Carly had decided to get married, but Lucas explained that it had been before the seizures. Carly begged for her brother's support. Lucas agreed to check into things, but he urged Carly to keep Sonny's blood pressure from going through the roof because it would keep Sonny in the hospital.

Outside Sonny's hospital room, Michael ended a business call as Morgan walked up. Morgan warned Michael to be careful because they couldn't afford for Sonny to find out that Michael had been conducting mob business. Michael pointed out that their father would have to learn the truth eventually, but Morgan wanted Sonny to have more time to recuperate from the gunshot wound and brain surgery. Moments later, Michael and Morgan entered the Sonny's hospital room as Sonny wrapped up a call with Max.

Sonny didn't mince words as he accused his sons of disrespecting and betraying him. Michael and Morgan immediately denied it, but Sonny informed them that Max had told Sonny about Michael's meeting with the five families. Sonny was furious that Michael had defied a direct order and gone behind his back. Michael insisted that it had been necessary to show everyone that the Corinthos organization remained intact and strong. Sonny argued that Max could have done that, but Michael and Morgan agreed that it had been a family member's job.

Michael explained that Ric had offered to step in, but neither Michael nor Morgan had thought that Ric had been right for the job. Sonny relaxed then asked questions about the meeting. Michael assured his father that he had told everyone that Sonny remained firmly in charge. Sonny was grateful for Michael's support, but he warned both Michael and Morgan that he did not want his sons anywhere near his business under any circumstances.

A few minutes later, Carly walked in. She immediately picked up on the tension in the room, so Michael revealed that Sonny knew about Michael's meeting with the five families. Sonny was furious that Carly had known, but Carly quickly clarified that she had learned about it after the fact and had lectured Michael at length about it. Sonny made it clear that he intended to run his organization, but Morgan was curious how that would work during Sonny's recuperation and fight for custody of Avery. "Watch me," Sonny stubbornly replied.

Sonny announced that he intended to marry Carly, get Avery back from Ava, and then go after Julian. Michael revealed that Ava had seized control of the Jerome organization and had accused Carlos of going rogue by killing Duke and shooting Sonny. Sonny was certain that Carlos hadn't pulled the trigger without instructions from either Julian or Ava. Morgan insisted that Julian was to blame because Julian had been spotted on the piers around the time of Sonny's shooting. Sonny was furious that the courts had granted Ava custody of Avery, but Carly reminded him that they would soon get Avery back.

Lucas entered the room to announce that Sonny could not leave the hospital. Sonny was determined to do it anyway, but Lucas advised Sonny not to leave because it would be against doctors' orders. Carly refused to risk Sonny's health. She warned Sonny that she would not follow him if he left the hospital. Carly drove her point home by walking out the door.

In the hospital's chapel, Sabrina left Carlos a voicemail message, pleading with him to return her call because she was worried about him. After she ended the call, she began to pray until Felix suddenly sat down beside her and jokingly asked her to put in a good word for him. Sabrina explained that she was there to meet Michael, but she was curious how Felix had known that she was in the hospital. Felix reminded her that the hospital was "gossip central," which meant that her presence hadn't gone unnoticed. Felix cut to the chase by asking about the pregnancy test.

Sabrina quietly confided that the results had been positive; she was pregnant. However, Sabrina added it was a complicated situation. Felix feared that Michael didn't want the baby, but Sabrina admitted that she hadn't told Michael about the pregnancy. Sabrina confessed that she wasn't certain that she could tell Michael about the baby because her relationship with Michael was still new. Felix urged Sabrina to talk to Michael, but she explained that she wasn't ready. Felix was curious why Sabrina was reluctant to tell Michael -- unless Michael wasn't the father.

Sabrina was offended by the suggestion. Felix apologized, but he was confused by Sabrina's attitude. Sabrina confessed that she was terrified to let herself be happy about the baby and plan for its future because everything might be ripped away again like when Gabriel had died. Felix reminded Sabrina that her son had died as a result of an accident. He promised that she was not to blame for the tragedy. Sabrina explained that she couldn't share her news with Michael until she could get a handle on things.

Felix promised to keep Sabrina's secret, but he advised her to tell Michael soon because the longer she waited, the more it appeared that she had something to hide.

At the loft, Dante was stunned when he saw his mother and baby brother standing on his doorstep. Olivia grinned as she explained that she had wanted to spend time with both her sons, but Dante reminded her that it had been risky to take Leo out in public because of Julian. Olivia assured Dante that everything was fine. She told Dante about her encounter with Julian and her claim that she had adopted Mateo. Olivia was confident that Julian had believed her, but Dante remained uneasy.

Dante pointed out that Leo would not look like a "cherub" forever. One day, Leo would begin to resemble one of his parents, and Dante hoped Leo favored Olivia rather than Julian. Moments later, Dante left to check on Sonny at the hospital.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis approached Julian's table to ask if he was ready to move in with her. Julian smiled as he assured her that he was, but she sensed that something was troubling him. Julian confessed that he had been thinking about one of his children. Alexis sat down and asked if he had been worrying about Sam's wedding and being the father of the bride. Julian shook his head, so Alexis assumed that Lucas' situation with Brad had been on his mind. Julian was confident that the "two-timing lab rat" would get what he deserved. Julian clarified that he had been thinking about Leo.

Julian told Alexis about his encounter with Olivia and Olivia's decision to adopt a baby. Alexis' eyes narrowed because she found the timing of the adoption a little too convenient. Julian assured her that everything was fine, but he thought the baby was lucky to have Olivia for a mother. Alexis realized that Julian might want more children, but Julian reminded her that it wasn't an option for them. Alexis disagreed because they could adopt. Julian was touched, but he preferred to table the discussion; it had simply been unsettling to see Olivia with a child that would have been Leo's age, swaddled in Leo's blanket.

Alexis' grew more suspicious, so Julian suggested that she talk to Olivia while he answered his phone. Alexis glanced over her shoulder and saw Olivia at the bar with the baby. She immediately approached Olivia to congratulate Olivia on the adoption then asked to hold "Mateo." Olivia smiled as she handed the baby to Alexis. Alexis conversationally asked about the adoption because Alexis had worked on a lot of adoption cases. Olivia stuck to her story about the closed adoption facilitated by the parish counselor.

Alexis smiled as she volunteered to check over any legal documents that Olivia might have questions about. Olivia assured Alexis that everything was fine then changed the subject to Julian's criminal charges. Alexis revealed that the district attorney had dropped the charges against Julian and added that Julian had further distanced himself from the mob by moving out of Ava's apartment. Olivia continued to have doubts about Julian, but Alexis was confident that Julian had turned over a new leaf, which was why Alexis had invited Julian to move in. Olivia wished Alexis luck and left.

Alexis noticed that the baby's pacifier had been left on the bar. She quickly scooped it up with a napkin and dropped it into her purse as Julian returned.

At the hospital, Dante greeted his brothers in the hallway. Michael and Morgan were eager for news about the search for Carlos. Dante assured his brothers that things would be done by the book then turned to enter Sonny's hospital room. Sonny was pleased that all three of his sons were there because he needed to ask them a favor.

Later, Carly returned to Sonny's hospital room as he settled in a wheelchair. Carly worried about Sonny being out of bed, but Felix assured her that it was fine. Sonny insisted that Carly push his wheelchair because he was eager to go to the chapel. Carly agreed, but she stopped when she saw a sign in front of the chapel doors that a wedding was in progress. Sonny doubted that the groom or bride would mind if a man in a wheelchair entered the chapel, so Carly reluctantly entered the chapel. She stopped short when she saw Michael, Morgan, and Dante wearing matching dark suits, standing at the altar.

Sonny and Carly are married in the hospital's chapel

Sonny and Carly are married in the hospital's chapel

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On the piers, Maxie wrapped up a phone call with a reminder that she had been the one to pull Carly's wedding to Sonny together at the last minute. Dillon waited impatiently for Maxie to end the call because he wanted to get back to work on the film. He tried to blame Maxie's jealous boyfriend for the delay, but she insisted that Dillon was at fault for leaving in a huff because he hadn't been able to control himself around Lulu. Dillon denied it, but Maxie argued that she had been there and had seen it with her own eyes.

Maxie advised Dillon to confront his "Lulu issues," but he promised that he had accepted that Lulu didn't return his feelings. Dillon started to explain what had led to the kiss with Lulu, but Maxie suddenly screamed in horror when she saw a bloated body float to the surface in the harbor.

At the police station, Valerie marched by Nathan's desk as he prepared to indulge in a doughnut. Valerie snatched the doughnut out of his hand, dropped it in a garbage can, and shouted for him to get a life because she resented him trying to ruin hers. Nathan led Valerie to the interrogation room for privacy, but Valerie blasted him for betraying their friendship by going to Dante with his erroneous suspicions about the pregnancy test kit. Nathan apologized and promised to stay out of Valerie's business in the future.

In a quiet hallway, Anna exchanged text messages with Kyle. He wanted her to meet him, but she insisted they had nothing to discuss. Kyle replied with a message agreeing to respect her wishes and promising that she would never see him again. Moments later, Jordan walked up. Jordan thanked Anna for stopping by and explained that the mayor had been pushing Jordan to track down Carlos.

Jordan was curious what had transpired between Anna and Carlos, since Anna had been the last person to see Carlos alive. Anna reminded Jordan that Anna had already given a statement about the encounter and added that she preferred not to discuss it because it dredged up painful memories. Anna admitted that she was surprised that Jordan had believed Ava's self-serving claim that Carlos had shot Sonny, but Jordan pointed out that it fit with what they knew about Carlos.

Moments later, Nathan walked up to inform Jordan that a body had been found floating in the harbor. Anna's expression clouded with concern as Jordan excused herself.

At the Jerome Gallery, Paul sent a series of text messages to Anna from Kyle's phone until Ava appeared in the archway. He tucked the phone away as he and Ava exchanged greetings. Ava pointed out that it had been dangerous for Paul to stop by the gallery because someone might see them together, but Paul wasn't concerned. He informed Ava that he was ready for the next phase of his plans to decimate the Corinthos organization. Ava warned Paul that Carlos would remain a loose end as long as Carlos remained in the wind, but Paul assured her that he had taken steps to deal with the situation.

Paul returned to the business at hand by explaining that a few of his business associates would be contacting Ava. He expected her to accommodate everyone's demands, but Ava objected. She reminded him that she was in the middle of a custody fight with Sonny, so she couldn't risk being linked to any illegal business because Sonny would use it to his advantage. Paul was not pleased, but Ava appealed to him as a parent because she was certain he could appreciate how important it was for her to have a relationship with her daughter after the years Paul had lost with Dillon.

Paul agreed to give Ava time to get her affairs in order, but he warned her to have the custody issue settled quickly, or Ava and Avery would pay the price. After Paul left, Ava called Scott to instruct him to find a way for her to secure sole custody of Avery. Ava expected Scott to do whatever was necessary, but she tensed when she suddenly heard a noise behind her. Anna casually leaned against the wall as she assured Ava that it wasn't necessary to stop on Anna's account. Ava quickly ended the call and demanded to know what Anna was doing there.

Anna explained that she had a few questions for Ava about Carlos, but Ava pointed out that Anna was no longer the police commissioner, which meant that Ava was not required to cooperate. Anna revealed that she knew Ava had lied about Carlos shooting Sonny because Carlos had fled town after Duke's murder. Anna doubted that Carlos would have risked returning to town simply to shoot Sonny. Ava tensed, but Anna's phone rang. It was Paul asking to meet Anna.

After Anna left, Ava called Paul to tell him about Anna's visit. Paul confidently promised Ava that he had everything under control.

On pier 54, Maxie was relieved when Nathan and Jordan arrived. Maxie ran into Nathan's arms for a hug as she told him about what she had seen. Nathan passed Maxie off to Dillon and approached the edge of the pier to examine the body. Jordan and Nathan were unable to identify the body fished out of the water because the man's face had been blasted away by a gunshot. Jordan dug through the pockets until she found a wallet. The wallet belonged to Carlos.

After Nathan returned to the police station with Dillon and Maxie, Paul approached Jordan. Surprised, Jordan wondered what the district attorney was doing at the crime scene. Paul explained that he had questions about the body the police had recovered from the water. Jordan informed him that the body had been badly decomposed, but they had found a wallet indicating that the man had been Carlos Rivera. Paul suggested that Sonny had retaliated.

Later, Anna walked up as Paul stood alone on the pier. Paul casually informed Ava that the police had recovered a dead body from the harbor. Anna carefully asked what it had to do with her, so he told her the body had been tentatively identified as Carlos.

At the police station, Nathan arrived with Maxie and Dillon in tow. Maxie made a snide cryptic remark to Valerie about "being knocked up," but Valerie was focused on Nathan as he told her about the body in the harbor. Nathan added that Maxie and Dillon had been witnesses and needed to make statements. Nathan decided to start with Maxie, so he led her to the interrogation room. Concerned, Valerie asked if Dillon was okay, but he didn't want to talk about it.

However, Dillon was curious if Valerie had talked to Maxie recently. Valerie admitted that she had bumped into Maxie the previous day, but they had barely exchanged words. Dillon admitted that Maxie had said things that had struck him as odd.

In the interrogation room, Nathan gently asked Maxie to describe what she had seen on the pier and in the harbor. Frustrated, Maxie admitted that she couldn't because her mind was on how devastated Carlos' family and loved ones, including Sabrina, would be when they heard the news. She also realized that Anna would be affected by the news, but for different reasons.

Later, Valerie entered the room to check on Maxie. Maxie appreciated Valerie's concern and admitted that the incident had left Maxie shaken. Valerie noticed that Maxie seemed surprised that Valerie had been worried about Maxie. Maxie admitted that Valerie had been "scratchy" the last time they had spoken. Maxie assured Valerie that Maxie understood. Valerie's confusion turned to fury when Maxie mentioned Valerie's possible pregnancy. Maxie explained that it had been hard to ignore the pregnancy test kit in the garbage can, but Valerie yelled that there wasn't a baby.

At the hospital, Carly was stunned when she entered the chapel with Sonny and saw Morgan, Michael, and Dante dressed in dark suits and the chapel transformed for a wedding. Sonny looked up and asked if Carly would marry him. Carly's eyes filled with tears as the rest of their immediate family entered -- including Josslyn. Lulu announced that she had Carly's wedding dress. Carly asked how Sonny had managed to pull the wedding together. After Sonny gave everyone credit for helping, Carly happily accepted Sonny's proposal. Delighted, Josslyn dragged her mother away to change into the wedding dress.

Lucas and the boys helped Sonny slip into a tuxedo, while Lulu, Kristina, and Sabrina finished decorating. After Lulu and Sabrina finished, they watched Sonny and agreed that he looked happy surrounded by his children. Lulu smiled but warned Sabrina that Michael was more like Sonny than any of the other children because Michael had been the only child truly raised by Sonny. Lulu thought that Sabrina should know what she was getting into if she intended to take the "plunge" with Michael. Sabrina insisted that she saw Michael as an honorable, caring, and generous man.

In the hallway, Lucas and Bobbie hovered behind Carly as Carly returned to the chapel. Carly had changed into a beautiful white wedding gown, but she stopped to hug her daughter and thank Josslyn for being her maid of honor. Bobbie beamed with pride as she assured Carly that Carly looked beautiful. Lucas held a bouquet of flowers and asked if Carly was ready. Carly nodded. Josslyn scampered into the chapel to "take care of the music."

Moments later, Josslyn played the wedding march on a recorder as Lucas entered the chapel with the bride. Carly smiled with joy as she met Sonny at the altar and sat in a chair across from him to accommodate his wheelchair. The minister started the wedding ceremony, but Sonny and Carly insisted on doing things their way. After heartfelt vows, they exchanged wedding bands. The officiant was about to pronounce them husband and wife when Dante's phone rang.

Dante smiled with embarrassment as he quickly pulled his phone out and turned it off. Sonny and Carly chuckled before they were officially declared married. After a passionate kiss, everyone congratulated the newlyweds. Sonny thanked Bobbie for her support, but Bobbie suggested that it might be time for Sonny to make some changes in his life. Carly started to scold her mother, but Sonny appreciated Bobbie's honesty.

The celebration was cut short when Dante announced that it appeared Carlos' body had been fished out of the harbor. Sabrina immediately burst into tears and swayed on her feet. Michael and Lucas helped to a chair. After Dante left, Carly wondered who had killed Carlos, but Morgan didn't care because it was what Carlos had deserved. Sonny promised that he hadn't ordered anyone to retaliate, but Morgan continued to make insensitive remarks about Carlos until Sonny warned his youngest son that it wasn't the time or place.

Morgan agreed to drop the subject because it was Sonny and Carly's wedding day. After Morgan left, Sonny assured Carly that Morgan hadn't killed Carlos because Sonny would have heard from his men if Morgan had. Carly relaxed, but she was curious if Sonny had any theories. Sonny admitted that it would make sense for Ava to have orchestrated the murder because it meant that no one could dispute her claim that Carlos had gone rogue and shot Duke and Sonny.

Later, Josslyn asked where they were going for Sonny and Carly's honeymoon because Josslyn needed to know what to pack. Sonny joked that he had been thinking about visiting Iowa. Josslyn became excited at the prospect of seeing cornfields, but Carly explained that it would be awhile until Sonny could leave the hospital. Lucas decided that it was time to take Sonny back to Sonny's hospital room. Bobbie promised to take Josslyn home and offered to give Lulu a lift, but Lulu declined because she had to stop by to make an appointment with her doctor.

Bobbie was delighted when she realized that Lulu and Dante intended to expand their family. Meanwhile, Michael tried to comfort a weeping Sabrina. Sabrina acknowledged that Carlos had done terrible things, but she refused to believe that Carlos had shot Sonny.

Later, Carly snuggled with Sonny on his hospital bed as the couple basked in newlywed bliss.

At the police station, Dante called out when he spotted Dillon. Dillon explained that he had already given a statement about what had transpired at the harbor. Dante coldly informed Dillon to stay away from Lulu.

Dillon confronts Dante about cheating on Lulu

Dillon confronts Dante about cheating on Lulu

Thursday, October 15, 2015

In an examination room, Patrick checked Sam's ankle to determine the extent of her injury. Sam smiled as she confessed that she hadn't realized that her ankle was an unexplored erogenous zone. Patrick returned her smile and announced that it appeared to be a mild sprain. However, he was curious how she had injured it. Sam became evasive as she explained that it had happened on the job.

Patrick was disappointed to realize that Sam had broken the law, but he insisted on knowing the details. Instead, Sam revealed Jake's desire to search for answers about his past before his marriage to Elizabeth. Patrick pointed out that it had been a year since Jake had turned up in town, but Sam explained that Jake wanted to make certain there was nothing in his past that might hurt Elizabeth. Patrick appreciated Jake's desire to protect Elizabeth, but Patrick was more interested in Sam's injury. Sam refused to tell him how she had hurt her ankle, but she promised to be more careful in the future.

At the Webber residence, Jake was hard at work, trying to decipher the hard drive Sam had copied from Nikolas' laptop, but the data had been encrypted. Jake quickly closed the laptop when Elizabeth unexpectedly returned home after dropping the boys off at karate class. Elizabeth explained that she had hoped to get some time alone with Jake before work, but she was curious what he had been working on when she had walked in. Jake cryptically explained that it was a wedding gift for her. Elizabeth was intrigued, but Jake refused to elaborate because he didn't want to ruin the surprise. Elizabeth decided to let the matter drop and led Jake to the bedroom.

Later, Elizabeth kissed Jake goodbye and left. Jake returned to work on the encrypted data until Sam arrived. Sam wasn't surprised that everything had been encrypted, since Nikolas worked with international companies. Sam tried to break the code, to no avail, but she promised Jake that she had a secret weapon that would help. Moments later, Spinelli knocked on the door. Spinelli cheerfully greeted Jake but admitted that Jake still reminded him of Jason. Jake appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, but Sam distracted Spinelli by greeting him and asking about Ellie and Georgie.

Spinelli bragged that both Ellie and Georgie were flourishing. Jake thanked Spinelli for flying to Port Charles to help. Sam quickly put Spinelli to work, trying to break the code of the encrypted data. Spinelli was impressed that Jake had managed to make some headway because it made Spinelli's work easier. Spinelli tapped away on the laptop but stopped to congratulate Sam on her engagement to Patrick. Jake smiled awkwardly as Spinelli assured Sam that Jason would want Sam to move on and be happy.

Sam promised that she was happy with Patrick and Emma. Satisfied, Spinelli went back to work on the laptop. Moments later, Spinelli announced that he had broken the code, but he wondered which file to start with. Jake suggested that Spinelli look for any information that Nikolas might have on "Jake Doe." After a few minutes, Spinelli revealed that he had found something.

At the hospital, Nikolas wondered how Hayden had fared during the MRI. She assured him that it hadn't been a problem; she had slept through the process. Nikolas was impressed that she had nerves of steel, but he hoped that Patrick would have good news for Hayden. Hayden surprised Nikolas by informing him that she intended to talk to Patrick privately. Nikolas tried to persuade Hayden to let him accompany to the consultation, but Hayden insisted that it was time for her to take charge of her own life and be independent.

Later, Elizabeth entered an examination room to hand Hayden's MRI results to Patrick. Patrick introduced Elizabeth, and Hayden apologized for calling Elizabeth the other day to ask questions. Hayden realized that she had put Elizabeth in a difficult situation because Hayden and Elizabeth were essentially strangers, but Hayden had hoped that Elizabeth could shed some light on a brief flashback that Hayden had had. Elizabeth promised that it was water under the bridge, but Hayden hoped Patrick could provide some answers to explain Hayden's continued memory loss.

Patrick reviewed the test results and announced that Hayden had made a full recovery. He confessed that he had no idea why Hayden couldn't remember anything, since the part of Hayden's brain that affected memory hadn't been compromised. Hayden was curious why she couldn't remember anything except a few random flashes. Patrick suspected that Hayden might have suffered "dissociative amnesia" because of the trauma from being shot. Patrick advised Hayden to talk to Kevin Collins, who might be able to help Hayden by using hypnosis.

Hayden was uncomfortable with the idea of hypnosis, but Patrick strongly urged Hayden to consider it because it might help. Patrick handed Kevin's business card to Hayden, and she agreed to think about it. After Patrick left, Hayden started to collect her things, but Elizabeth closed the door because Elizabeth was certain Hayden had lied and was faking the memory loss.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lulu left Dante a voicemail message, asking him to return her call because she had news about her appointment with the fertility specialist. After Lulu ended the call, she entered the chapel. Lulu looked up as she spoke to God, thanking Him for making it possible for her to have another baby. Lulu was grateful for the opportunity to give Rocco a sibling. She wondered why she had so much "goodness and grace" in her life, despite the questionable things she had done in the past.

Lulu acknowledged that there were many good people in the world who didn't have half the good fortune that Lulu had enjoyed. Nikolas appeared in the doorway as Lulu thanked God for the blessings in her life. Concerned, Nikolas asked if Lulu was okay. Lulu was momentarily startled but smiled as she assured her brother that she was happy. She added that she wished everyone could feel the same joy that she felt -- including "someone as terrible" as Nikolas. Nikolas realized that Lulu had sided with Michael about the ELQ takeover.

Lulu confessed that she did support Michael because Michael had worked hard to turn things around at ELQ, but Lulu also loved Nikolas. Lulu realized that the situation with ELQ was business, but she had concerns about Hayden. Nikolas wondered if Laura had talked to Lulu. Lulu confirmed his suspicions, but he quickly assured her that Hayden wasn't a problem. Nikolas confessed that the "new and improved" Hayden made him happy.

Lulu questioned Nikolas about his relationship with Hayden. Nikolas admitted that the spark between him and Hayden had remained strong, especially since Hayden no longer had an agenda. He added that Spencer adored Hayden, but Lulu pointed out that Spencer hadn't been the best judge of character, since Spencer had also loved Britt. Nikolas explained that things had been easier with Hayden. Lulu wondered if Nikolas hoped that Hayden's memories wouldn't return. Nikolas conceded that he liked the person Hayden had become and hoped that she wouldn't revert to who she had been before the coma.

Lulu warned Nikolas to be careful because Hayden could easily turn into another Britt. Nikolas vowed to be vigilant because he refused to allow anyone to hurt his loved ones the way that Britt had hurt Lulu. Lulu sensed that Nikolas had reservations about Hayden's claims of amnesia. Nikolas promised that his guard was up, but Lulu urged him to be careful. Nikolas wanted Lulu to do the same because she seemed "high on life" He didn't want anything to bring her down. Lulu promised that everything was fine then left to track down Dante.

Later, Nikolas saw Patrick at the nurses' station, so he asked about Hayden's MRI. Patrick told Nikolas that Hayden should regain her memories in time.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was pleasantly surprised when she arrived home and saw Nathan waiting for her with wine. Nathan explained that he had hoped to cheer her up because he knew that she'd had a difficult day because of what had transpired on the piers. Maxie admitted that seeing a body floating in the harbor had been unsettling. She also confessed that she had done something stupid by accusing Valerie of being pregnant.

Nathan tensed as Maxie told him about finding the pregnancy test kit in the garbage can. Maxie felt foolish for jumping to the wrong conclusion because Valerie had made it clear that Valerie and Dillon had never been intimate. Maxie commented that she should have known better because Dillon had feelings for another woman. Nathan feared the woman was Maxie, but she assured him that he was wrong.

Maxie realized that she was free to share Dillon's secret, since she had let the truth slip to the object of Dillon's affection. Nathan was curious who the "lucky" woman was, but Maxie was surprised that Nathan hadn't figured it out. Nathan realized that Dillon was infatuated with Lulu. He wondered if Dante knew. Maxie was certain that Lulu had told Dante, but Maxie changed the subject because she wanted Nathan to return the favor by sharing the secret he had been keeping.

Nathan insisted that the secret wasn't his to tell, but Maxie was hurt that Nathan didn't trust her. Nathan promised that he loved and trusted Maxie, but she had a tendency to let her good intentions get in the way of doing what was right. Maxie insisted that she had learned her lesson when she had kept quiet about Spinelli's desire to rekindle things with her. Maxie refused to let anything destroy her relationship with Nathan, so she implored Nathan to be honest with her by sharing his secret with her. Nathan argued that the secret wouldn't directly affect them the way that Maxie's secret about Spinelli had.

Nathan urged Maxie to let it drop because he and Maxie had managed to find their way back to each other. Maxie reluctantly agreed. Pleased, Nathan kissed her passionately.

At the police station, Dante approached Dillon in the hallway to warn Dillon to stay away from Lulu. Dante informed Dillon that Lulu had told Dante about the kiss. Dillon suggested they find a more private place to talk because Dillon had a few questions of his own for Dante. Dante led Dillon to the interrogation room, where Dante continued to berate Dillon for making a pass at Lulu. Dante resented Dillon dropping out of nowhere to dredge up old history and manipulate Lulu, but Dillon argued that what Dante had done with Valerie had been far worse.

Dillon pointed out that at least Dillon had genuine feelings for Lulu, while Dante had slept with Valerie then flipped out when Dante had mistakenly assumed that Valerie was pregnant with Dante's child. Stunned, Dante asked how long Dillon had known about Dante's one-night stand with Valerie. "Quite awhile," Dillon carefully answered. Dante immediately defended his decision not to confess the truth to Lulu by insisting that he loved Lulu with his heart and soul. Dillon was skeptical because Dante had cheated on Lulu.

Dante suspected that Dillon was eager to tell Lulu about the affair, which was why Dillon had kissed Lulu. Dillon insisted that Lulu deserved to know that someone would treat her right, but Dante accused Dillon of kissing Lulu against her will. Dillon admitted that he hadn't told Lulu about Dante and Valerie because he'd chosen to protect both Lulu and Valerie. Dillon feared that Valerie would get the backlash for Dante's mistake.

Dillon was also reluctant to break Lulu's heart because she had talked at great length about how much she loved Dante. Dillon insisted that Dante wasn't worthy of Lulu, but Dillon refused to shatter Lulu's heart into a million pieces. Dante's anger continued to simmer, but Dillon warned Dante that it was only a matter of time before Lulu learned the truth because secrets never remained buried.

Lulu entered the squad room as Dante and Dillon emerged from the interrogation room. She immediately picked up on the tension between Dante and Dillon, so she asked what was going on. Dillon invited Dante to tell Lulu. After Dillon walked away, Dante confessed that he had confronted Dillon about the kiss. Lulu wasn't surprised, but she changed the subject because she wanted to tell her husband about her appointment with the doctor. Lulu beamed with happiness as she revealed that the doctor had given her the green light to proceed with having a baby.

Dante hugged his wife, but his eyes drifted to the doorway, where Dillon watched the couple. Disgusted, Dillon left.

Hayden reports to a mystery person

Hayden reports to a mystery person

Friday, October 16, 2015

At the Webber residence, Sam and Jake hovered near Spinelli as Spinelli searched the decrypted files downloaded from Nikolas' laptop. Spinelli announced that he had found an email from February between Nikolas and a private clinic, requesting that Jake's DNA be tested against another sample. Jake was curious whose DNA had been used, but Spinelli didn't know. Jake realized that the test had been around the time Jake had planted a bomb on the Haunted Star. Sam suggested that Spinelli hack into the facility's computer for details of the DNA test, but Spinelli balked because it was illegal and would not set a good example for his daughter.

Jake conceded that Spinelli had a good point, but Sam was confident that Spinelli could easily cover his tracks to avoid detection. Spinelli continued to have reservations, but Sam insisted that he would be fighting for justice and the underdog, which meant that sometimes it was necessary to break the law. Spinelli relented, but he explained that he would need twenty-four hours to write a program. Jake assured Spinelli that it wasn't necessary, but Spinelli was determined to help Jake because Jake had exhibited courage and resourcefulness by rescuing both T.J. and Sonny.

Spinelli admitted that he considered Sonny a friend. Jake thanked Spinelli, but Jake refused to sit around until Spinelli could hack into the system, so Jake decided to pay Nikolas a visit and rattle Nikolas' cage.

At the nurses' station, Nikolas questioned Patrick about Hayden's test results. Patrick assured Nikolas that Hayden should make a full recovery.

In the examination room, Elizabeth blocked Hayden's exit and admitted that she didn't believe a word out of Hayden's mouth. Elizabeth was certain that Hayden had lied about the amnesia, but Hayden maintained that she didn't remember anything. Elizabeth questioned why Hayden would resist talking to Kevin Collins, but Hayden explained that she simply wasn't ready to talk to a psychiatrist. Elizabeth continued to badger Hayden about lying and accused Hayden of having an agenda. Hayden questioned why Elizabeth seemed insecure. Just then, Patrick and Nikolas entered the room.

Patrick and Nikolas immediately picked up on the tension, so Elizabeth invited Hayden to explain everything and walked out. Hayden glazed over Elizabeth's suspicions and complained of a headache. Patrick examined Hayden, but Hayden blamed it on the drama with Elizabeth. Concerned, Patrick wondered what Elizabeth had said, but Hayden refused to discuss it.

Later, Nikolas and Hayden returned to Wyndemere. Hayden requested that Nikolas ask Elizabeth to back off because Hayden resented being questioned about her amnesia. Hayden was furious that Elizabeth, Sam, and Jake were more concerned about the secret they believed Hayden knew rather than what it was like for Hayden to have no memory about her past. Nikolas apologized for Elizabeth's behavior and explained that Elizabeth had suffered tremendous loss and heartache in the past, but Hayden was unmoved because Elizabeth had been unprofessional. She advised Nikolas to take a close look at his friend because Elizabeth was not nearly as sweet as she pretended to be.

Nikolas continued to defend Elizabeth. Hayden reminded him that Hayden wanted to remember. Hayden decided it might help if she became a productive member of society by finding a job. However, she realized that it might not be easy, since she had no idea what her professional skills were. Nikolas surprised her by offering her a job. Hayden pounced on the opportunity and thanked him for giving her a chance. Moments later, Nikolas left to answer a knock at the door. Hayden grabbed her phone to call a mystery person.

"Yeah, it's me. I'm in," Hayden reported. Meanwhile, Jake pushed past Nikolas to demanded answers about the DNA test that Nikolas had ordered on Jake in February.

At the police station, Paul followed Jordan and Anna into the interrogation room. Jordan thanked Anna for returning, but Anna felt like a suspect. Jordan assured Anna that she simply wanted to finish their earlier conversation about Carlos because the body fished out of the harbor had been tentatively identified as Carlos. Anna seemed at a loss for words when Jordan suddenly asked if Anna had had anything to do with Carlos' murder. Anna was given a short reprieve when Paul's phone rang. Moments later, Paul announced that Carlos' autopsy results were ready.

Paul quickly retrieved the autopsy results and returned to the interrogation room. He confirmed that the body found in the harbor had been Carlos and that Carlos had suffered multiple gunshots to the chest. Anna started to confess, but Paul cut her off by revealing that the body appeared to have been dead for two weeks, which meant that Carlos had been killed shortly after Sonny's shooting. Anna was stunned. Jordan assured Anna that Anna was free to leave, since it appeared that Carlos had been killed by one of Sonny's men.

After Jordan left to take a call, Paul carefully suggested that Jordan might be wrong about why Carlos had died. He thought it was possible that Carlos had been murdered to avenge Duke's death. Anna was rattled, but she put on a brave front as she asked if Paul still believed Kyle's ridiculous accusations. Paul claimed that he didn't trust the word of a spurned lover. Satisfied, Anna left.

A short time later, Anna sought Patrick out at the hospital. Patrick invited Anna over to dinner because Emma missed her grandmother, but Anna admitted that she needed to talk to Patrick about a medical matter. Concerned, Patrick led Anna to an examination room. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she needed Patrick to prescribe her something to help her sleep. Anna admitted that during her trip, she had dreamed about Duke every night, but the dreams had been pleasant and comforting. However, everything had changed when she'd returned to town.

Patrick advised Anna to talk to Kevin. Anna unsuccessfully hid her disappointment, but agreed to think about it. Patrick asked if Anna intended to stop by for dinner, but Anna took a rain check.

After Anna left, Patrick ran into Elizabeth at the nurses' station. Elizabeth apologized for her earlier behavior with Hayden, but Patrick was curious why Elizabeth had given Hayden a hard time. Elizabeth was surprised that Hayden hadn't told him, so Elizabeth explained that she suspected Hayden had lied about having amnesia and was biding her time to drop a bombshell on Elizabeth and Jake. Patrick wondered why Elizabeth feared that Jake had dark secrets in his past, but Elizabeth evaded the question by admitting that she was terrified that something would destroy her happiness with Jake.

Patrick wished that he could say something to make Elizabeth feel better, but he couldn't. He acknowledged that Jake's past might return to haunt Jake and Elizabeth, but Elizabeth had to decide if she loved Jake enough to risk it. Elizabeth insisted that Jake was everything she had ever wanted. Patrick smiled as he advised her to grab onto her happy ending.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina's expression was filled sadness as she looked at the front page of the Port Charles Press, which featured a picture of Carlos and a headline about the body recovered from the harbor. Sabrina confessed that it didn't feel real; she couldn't imagine how he could be gone. A knock at the door forced Sabrina to pull herself together. It was Michael. He handed her a huge bouquet of flowers as she invited him inside. Michael hoped the flowers would put a smile on her face, but she assured him that his visit had been enough.

After Sabrina put the flowers in a vase, she admitted that Carlos' death had been a shock. Michael sensed that something else was troubling Sabrina, but she jumped up to answer the door when another visitor arrived. It was Tracy. Tracy handed Sabrina a second bouquet of flowers as she entered the apartment and offered her condolences. Michael bristled when he saw Tracy. Sabrina objected to Michael's attitude, but Michael advised Tracy to talk to him directly if Tracy had a problem with him rather than farming out her dirty work to Paul.

Tracy reminded Michael that she had attempted several times to address her concerns with him, but Michael had shot her down each time. Tracy assured him that she would be happy to list all the reasons why he should distance himself from Sonny, but Michael's phone rang. "Michael Corinthos," Michael answered as he stepped away. "Oh, I rest my case," Tracy muttered.

On the phone, Jordan asked Michael to join her at the police station because she had questions about Carlos. Michael promised to be there as soon as possible and ended the call. He was eager for an update about Sonny's shooting, so he kissed Sabrina and left. Tracy became concerned when Sabrina began to cry. Tracy assured Sabrina that Michael would be fine, but Sabrina admitted that she felt overwhelmed because everything seemed to be happening at once.

Sabrina apologized for the way that Michael treated Tracy, but Tracy brushed it off because it was considered "cordial" in the Quartermaine family. Tracy tried to cheer Sabrina up by suggesting they make margaritas, but Sabrina immediately refused. Tracy realized there had been more to Sabrina's refusal, so she studied Sabrina closely then asked if Sabrina was pregnant. Sabrina became defensive, but Tracy saw through the attempt to deflect. Tracy was delighted at the prospect of another Quartermaine and confided that Edward's greatest joy hadn't been business but rather new additions to the Quartermaine family.

Tracy wondered how Michael had reacted to the news. Sabrina admitted that she hadn't told Michael. Tracy urged Sabrina to tell Michael immediately, but Sabrina insisted that Michael had been dealing with a lot of problems lately. Tracy argued that it was all the more reason to share the good news with him. Sabrina explained that she and Michael had never discussed having children, but Tracy suspected there was more to Sabrina's hesitation. Sabrina confessed that she was afraid that something might happen to the baby like it had with Gabriel.

Tracy conceded that life could be cruel, but she added that Sabrina should share the burden of her fears with Michael. Tracy's smile returned because she was happy for both Sabrina and Michael. Tracy looked forward to spoiling the baby, but Sabrina remained somber. Tracy felt bad that Sabrina had lost a friend, but Tracy insisted that the baby would be a new beginning. Sabrina thanked Tracy for her support and walked Tracy to the door. After Tracy left, Sabrina recalled Carlos turning to her for a place to hide around the time of Duke's shooting.

Sabrina remembered how Carlos had been grateful that he had always been able to count on her and had confessed that she had always been the most important person in his life. Carlos had driven the point home with a passionate kiss. Sabrina quickly pushed the memory away as tears sprang to her eyes.

At the police station, Paul and Jordan led Michael to the interrogation room to reveal that the body recovered from the harbor had been Carlos. Jordan explained that Carlos appeared to have been a victim of retaliation for Sonny's shooting. Paul added that they knew that Michael had attended a recent mob meeting, which meant that Michael was more involved in Sonny's business than Michael had led on. Jordan demanded to know if Michael had any information about Carlos' murder, but Michael decided that he wanted an attorney present. Paul warned Michael that it implied that Michael had something to hide, but Michael knew his rights and refused to answer any questions without an attorney.

Shortly after Michael left, Jordan confronted Paul about not following procedure. She reminded him that the autopsy report should have gone to her first. Paul apologized and claimed that he was still learning the ropes, but he assured her that they were working toward the same goal -- to get the job done right.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina twirled a rose in her hand as her mind appeared a million miles away. "What am I going to do, Carlos?" Sabrina asked. Moments later, Michael returned. Sabrina greeted him, but he realized that she remained troubled. He assured her that she could talk to him, so she revealed that she was pregnant.

On the piers, Anna was startled when she heard a noise. She turned and saw Carlos standing near where she had shot him. Shaken, Anna squeezed her eyes shut then slowly opened them. She relaxed when saw that Carlos was gone.

Elsewhere on the piers, Spinelli and Sam talked about Jake. Spinelli admitted that Jake reminded him a lot of Jason. He looked around and noticed that they were standing on the pier where Jason had died three years earlier. "To the day," Sam added in a sad tone. Spinelli admitted that he had never thought he'd have a friend like Jason, which was why Spinelli had always hidden in the cyber world, where no one could ridicule or reject him.

Spinelli credited Jason with teaching him to connect with people, so he owed everything he had to Jason. Sam smiled and told Spinelli that he could honor Jason's memory by living life, loving his family, and making the most of every moment. Spinelli wondered if that was what Sam had done. Sam admitted that it had been difficult for her to move on, but she had built a life with Patrick, Emma, and Danny. Spinelli realized Sam was holding back. She admitted that she still felt Jason. Spinelli suggested that perhaps it was because Jason was still out there somewhere.

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