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Devon received a ransom note for Hilary. Adam delivered Sage's premature son and saved the boy's life, but the baby's life hung in the balance. Adam was arrested. Adam lied to protect Billy. Victor offered to get Adam out on bail if Adam stopped the Paragon virus.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 5, 2015 on Y&R
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Billy and Victor Face off with Adam

Billy and Victor Face off with Adam

Monday, October 5, 2015

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Jack was present when Phyllis revealed to Victor that Adam was alive. Phyllis explained that Ian Ward had revealed the shocking news. Victor suggested that Ian was lying, but Phyllis said she'd asked for details that only Adam could've known. Victor said, "You don't think I'd know if my son were alive?" Phyllis replied, "Not if he'd changed his name and his face." Jack appeared apprehensive and bit his lip.

Victor told Jack and Phyllis that Adam had been involved in a grand scheme to destroy him. Phyllis noted that Victor had been wrong about Jack's involvement with the Paragon Project. Victor said Jack had remained conspicuously silent after hearing that Adam was alive. Victor contended that the reason Jack had denied involvement with the Paragon Project was because he had known Adam was responsible. Jack insisted that he hadn't known that Adam had teamed up with Ian Ward. Victor noted that it wasn't the first time Jack and Adam had plotted together to steal Newman Enterprises. Jack reminded Victor that Adam couldn't trust his own father. Victor cried that Jack had equipped Adam to destroy the Newman family and their business.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop bar, Adam left a message for Chelsea. Adam said, "You and Connor are the most important things to me. That includes getting revenge on my father. You've got to believe in me. I'm trying to shut this whole Paragon thing down. I need you to believe in me one more time." Kevin arrived. Kevin was unaware that Gabriel Bingham was really Adam. Kevin said Ian Ward had been captured. Kevin said he hoped Paul might allow him access to Ian because he could shut down the Paragon Project. Adam insisted that Ian wouldn't help.

Adam asked Kevin to search for the hacker who'd assisted Ian. Kevin launched the search using the hacker's username, Antigone33. Kevin said he recognized the username as the anarchist daughter of the Greek god Oedipus. Adam stressed that the virus needed to be stopped quickly before it destroyed everything. Kevin quickly located the hacker, but he was unable to undo the damage without a password. Adam retrieved a scrap of paper from his pocket with a word scribbled on it and instructed Kevin to try it.

Kevin said he'd already discovered the password scribbled on the paper, but the hacker had quickly changed it. Adam noted that Kevin had withheld that information. Kevin said, "You've been working with Ian. I saw the look on Chelsea's face when I said that the signal was coming from your building. You've been behind Paragon this whole time." Adam admitted that he'd been working with Ian. Adam pleaded with Kevin to help shut down the computer virus because it had spiraled out of control. Kevin refused and walked away.

At Jabot, Chelsea informed Billy and Victoria that Gabriel Bingham was really Adam. Billy looked stunned. Victoria noted that Chelsea might be suffering a lapse of clarity. Chelsea said, "I know it seems impossible to comprehend, but it's the truth." Billy said he couldn't believe Adam had survived the fiery car crash. Chelsea said that though Adam had been badly burned, the real Gabriel Bingham was the one who'd died at the accident site when he'd stopped to help Adam. Victoria didn't believe Chelsea's claim.

Chelsea urged Billy and Victoria to look past Adam's reconstructive surgery and consider his behavior and deeds. Chelsea added, "Peel away the cover story, and you will see what has been literally staring you straight in the face." Billy said he understood why he'd always hated Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea admitted that she'd known about Adam for a few months. Billy was livid when he realized that Delia's killer had been living among them for months.

Chelsea said she'd kept quiet because she'd feared dredging up the past after Billy had found a semblance of peace with Victoria. Billy started to leave, but Victoria pleaded with him to let the police handle Adam. Before he left, Billy told Victoria that he loved her. Victoria asked Chelsea why she'd revealed the truth. Chelsea said she'd discovered that Adam had masterminded the Paragon Project. Victoria said, "Adam would do anything to get back at my father and to get back at all of us."

Chelsea went to Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. Jack and Victor, with Phyllis looking on, were still waging a war of words. Each claimed that the other had pushed Adam to seek revenge. Chelsea said she wanted no part of Adam's schemes. Victor rose from his seat and headed toward the door. Jack asked Victor where he was going. Victor replied, "To find my son."

Jack asked Chelsea why she'd revealed Adam's identity. Chelsea said she'd decided not to protect Adam after she'd learned that he'd been working with Ian Ward. Chelsea cried that she'd believed Adam had wanted a life with her and Connor, but she realized Adam was obsessed with his vendetta against Victor. Chelsea said she would no longer cover for Adam. Jack panicked when he learned that Chelsea had told Billy about Adam. Jack explained that Adam had blackmailed him by threatening to reveal that Billy had shot him. Jack feared that Billy had gone to finish the job.

At the Underground, Nick and Sage were relieved when Nikki received a call from Paul informing her that Ian had been captured. Nikki, Nick, and Sage celebrated the good news. Nikki said she felt responsible for Ian's attacks. Nick told Nikki that she wasn't accountable for Ian's crimes. Nick added that Nikki's unfortunate encounter with Ian had reunited her with Dylan. Sage placed Nick's hand on her belly and said, "I know I'd move heaven and earth to be with my child."

Sage was remorseful when she recalled how badly she'd treated Victor when he'd stopped by the tack house the night she'd collapsed. Nikki told Sage not to worry about the past and to instead anticipate the joys of motherhood. Victoria, anxious and distraught, arrived and asked Sage if she'd seen her ex-husband. Sage replied, "Gabe? No." Nikki asked Victoria what was wrong. Victoria replied, "I've got to find Billy, and there's something that you and Nick need to know right now."

Nikki and Nick were stunned when Victoria revealed that Adam had been conspiring with Ian Ward. Sage had walked to the corner of the room, facing away from the others. Victoria questioned Sage about her knowledge of Adam's deception. Nick insisted that Sage didn't know anything. Sage admitted that she'd known about Adam and had helped him before she'd met them.

Victoria asked Sage where Adam was. Sage replied, "I don't know, Victoria. He would never come to me." Nick cried, "Even after you got to know me, you continued to help Adam. You knew he would set out to destroy this family you're now a part of." Sage said Adam had assured her he only wanted to reunite with Chelsea and his son.

Sage explained that Adam had assumed Gabriel Bingham's identity after Gabriel had died while rescuing Adam. Sage said Adam had masqueraded as Gabriel to spare Constance the pain of losing her only family member. Nick asked Sage why she hadn't stepped forward after Constance had died. Sage said she'd also found solace because Adam had resembled Gabriel. Nick said, "Did you love Adam? You tell me all of it." Sage explained that she'd planned to reveal Adam's identity and leave town, but she'd changed her mind after falling in love with Nick. Nick said, "Is that even my baby?"

Billy found Adam alone at the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop lounge. Adam said, "What the hell do you want?" Billy replied, "I know all of it. I don't know why I didn't kill you when I had the chance." Adam replied, "You gave it your best shot, didn't you? I have the bullet hole to prove it."

Billy recalled that Adam had run down Delia with his car. Adam said, "I didn't know that I'd hit her and had planned to turn myself in when you pulled a gun on me." Adam berated Billy for wooing Chelsea before publically humiliating her and running back to Victoria. Billy mentioned that Connor's sight had been saved because he'd received Delia's transplanted corneas. Adam said, "You think I'm a coward, and you want me dead. That is nothing compared to the guilt I feel every time I look into Connor's eyes."

Billy stood up. Adam braced himself. Billy angrily pushed away the table between him and Adam. Adam glared at Billy. Victor arrived and yelled, "Enough!" Victor stood close to Adam, staring into his eyes. Victor said, "Hello, Adam." Victor punched Adam, who fell to the floor. Adam caught his breath and dabbed at his injured lip.

Victor Vows to Fight to the Death

Victor Vows to Fight to the Death

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

At Jabot, Chelsea pointed out that she could have turned Adam in to the police, but she hadn't. Jack chided her for going straight to Billy, and Phyllis wondered if Chelsea had wanted Billy to destroy Adam with his own hands. Phyllis ranted that Chelsea couldn't stop ruining Billy's life, but Chelsea defended that Billy had deserved to know the truth, and Adam deserved to pay for his crimes. Phyllis speculated that Chelsea had used Billy to get her own revenge on Adam.

Chelsea called Adam a liar who had let her grieve for him and who had put cameras in her home to watch her, and she said he had ruined her future with Billy. Phyllis ranted that Chelsea had sided with Adam when she'd figured out who he really was, but Chelsea had changed her mind about wanting to spend her life with him, so she wanted Adam to "rot in hell" and Billy to rot for putting him there. Chelsea argued that it had needed to end somewhere, since someone would have eventually told the truth. Jack got call from his security team and relayed that they'd found Billy.

After Jack left, Phyllis pointed out that Chelsea had kept mum even though she'd known the kind of person Adam was, including his need for revenge and destruction. Phyllis added that Chelsea had aided and abetted Adam, and she growled that Chelsea might be able to forget that she'd helped the man who'd mowed down a little girl, but Phyllis would be there to remind her of it. Chelsea countered that Jack had known about Adam's identity before anyone else, and she suggested that Phyllis make sure she was spreading the blame around to the right people.

Chelsea said Jack had let Adam back into their lives, and Jack had covered for Adam with Phyllis, Victor, and Billy. Phyllis blasted Chelsea for trying to make it seem like Jack's fault when Chelsea had protected Adam, and she accused Chelsea of doing it for her own selfish reasons. Chelsea admitted that she'd thought about Connor, and she could have stopped Adam sooner, but Jack could have, too. Chelsea remarked that she and Jack had made the same horrible mistake by loving Adam too much to tell the truth.

At the Dive Bar, Victor questioned whether Adam thought it had done any good to resurface, and Adam pointedly contended that he'd never abandon his son. Victor countered that Adam would go to prison for what he'd done, and he barked that Adam would mess up his son's life, just like Adam had messed up so many others. Adam asked if Victor was going to kill him, but Victor replied that someone else would have the pleasure of doing that. Adam looked up at a seething Billy.

Billy ordered Adam to get up, and Adam called Victor sick and twisted to allow Billy to murder Victor's own son. Billy coldly reminded Adam about the little girl Adam had taken from Billy, and he imagined that no one would blame him. Adam agreed, and he questioned whether Billy wanted to use his bare hands or to shoot Adam like he had the last time. Adam proclaimed that he didn't "give a damn," since he'd been a ghost since the night of Delia's accident, and at least he would be "in hell" where he belonged. Adam dared Billy to stop talking and to make a move.

Billy wondered if Adam thought it would give him absolution if Billy killed him, but he noted that Delia would still be dead, and she deserved justice. Adam asked if that would be better served with him dead and buried, and Billy punched him. Billy continued to pummel Adam, who didn't fight back as Victor looked on. Jack arrived on the rooftop and demanded to know what was wrong with Victor for just standing there.

Jack pulled Billy off Adam, but Billy refused to just let Adam walk away again. Billy suggested that Jack stand aside like Victor, and Jack argued that Victor wanted Billy to do his dirty work for him. Jack warned that Billy would end up in a cell if he put Victor's son in a grave, and he told Adam to get out. Jack called Victor a pathetic excuse for a father to use Billy to keep the blood off his own hands, but Victor insinuated that Jack had something to compensate for by stopping the fight. Victor stalked off, and Billy asked Jack what Victor had meant.

Jack fetched some ice for Billy's hand, but Billy continued to question what Victor had been talking about. Jack confessed that he'd known Gabriel had really been Adam for almost a year, but he'd kept Adam's identity hidden to keep Billy safe. Billy believed that Jack had chosen Adam over Billy, but Jack explained that he'd lied to protect Billy, since Adam had threatened to tell that Billy had shot him. Billy claimed that the gun had gone off in the car, and he argued that he would have taken care of the cops.

Jack pointed out that the shooting had looked premeditated, but Billy complained that Adam should have been in jail the whole time. Jack countered that Billy would have been there with Adam, but Billy grumbled that Adam had gotten into Jack's head, since Jack had done exactly what Adam had wanted. Jack defended that he hadn't wanted Billy to go back to the dark place he'd gone when Delia had died, and he reached out to touch Billy, but Billy jerked away.

Later, Phyllis approached Jack on the roof, and Jack lamented that his brother hated him. Phyllis contended that feeling betrayed wasn't the same as hating Jack, and Jack asked if she understood that he'd done what he'd had to do to protect his brother. Phyllis acknowledged that Jack loved Billy, but Jack had had many chances to stop Adam, and Jack had chosen to protect Adam. Phyllis pointed out that Adam had started Paragon, which had led Victor down the path of hiring Marco to impersonate Jack. Jack growled that Victor had been behind it all, since Victor had tortured Adam into thinking that his only choice had been revenge.

Jack questioned whether Phyllis thought he'd wanted to be trapped on an island or to get shot, and she retorted that she felt sick to her stomach that Marco had been in her life and her bed. Jack noted that Adam had destroyed his chance with Chelsea, and Adam was about to destroy Newman Enterprises. Jack begged Phyllis to tell him that Adam hadn't destroyed them, and he reiterated that he hadn't known Adam's plan, since he'd thought Adam had returned for Chelsea and Connor. He swore that he would have turned Adam in if he'd had any idea what Adam had really been up to, but he'd done what he'd thought had been the right thing to keep Billy safe.

Jack contended that Adam and Ian had set out to destroy a lot of things, and Adam and Ian would win again if Phyllis and Jack doubted one another. Phyllis turned to face Jack, and she declared that Adam and Ian could both "go to hell." She proclaimed that she and Jack hadn't let Marco ruin them, and she wasn't going to let Adam and Ian do it, either. They embraced.

Adam sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Victor approached and suggested that Adam leave before Billy went after him with a weapon. Adam pointed out that Victor could have finished the job himself instead of being a spectator, and he imagined that Victor was disappointed after dancing on Adam's grave when Adam had never been in it. Victor flashed back to talking to Adam's urn and saying that he respected that Adam had wanted to protect his family, and he had said there would be a deep hole in his heart because they'd never really bonded. Victor mused that Adam would never understand.

Adam said he'd thought about when Victor had visited him in prison, and he'd thought for a minute that Victor had missed him, but he wondered why Victor had even bothered. Adam flatly stated that he'd never been a man in Victor's eyes, and saving Victor's life and building a company to run together hadn't been enough. Adam recalled that he'd confided in Victor about Delia, and Victor had used the information against him, but Victor countered that Adam had chosen to return to ruin Victor and everything he'd built. Victor revealed that he had missed Adam, and he had thought many times that he'd been wrong. Victor blasted Adam for accusing him of being a bad father, and he commanded Adam to be a man and take responsibility for what he'd done.

Adam surmised that Victor had sued Chelsea for visitation with Connor to prove that Victor had had the power, and Victor realized that Adam hadn't set the virus in motion until Victor had requested visitation. Adam revealed that he'd had the whole scheme plotted out even before he'd healed, but he hadn't pulled the trigger until Victor had killed Adam's chance to have happiness with his family in Paris. Adam taunted that Victor had lost Connor and would soon lose Newman when Paragon swallowed the company whole, and they'd finally have something in common --they'd both be left with absolutely nothing. Victor vowed to fight to the death to keep Adam from destroying Newman.

At the Underground, Nick angrily asked if Sage had told him the truth about anything -- even her name. Nikki tried to intervene, but Victoria declared that they all had a right to know if Sage had allowed Adam to walk back into their lives. Nick hissed that Sage had never said a word about it, and Sage assumed that he wanted to know if the baby was Adam's. Sage claimed that she'd switched the paternity test results, and Nick wasn't the father.

Sage sarcastically stated that the baby had been a trap to bind Nick to her for life, and every word and kiss had been a lie. She questioned if that was what Nick wanted her to say, and Victoria admonished Sage for playing head games. Sage asserted that Nick knew "damn well" whose baby it was, but Nick wondered what else she'd expected him to think after she'd kept such a huge secret. Sage suggested that Victor had been right, and she was just a liar and an opportunist who wanted part of the Newman wealth. She questioned if that was what Nick thought of her, and she snapped that it didn't matter, since even if the baby was Adam's, it was still a Newman.

Sage assumed that Victor would still want to give a Newman baby a pony, and she spat that the baby was Nick's. Victoria suggested that Sage take another paternity test, and Sage testily told them to put it to a family vote, since the Newmans thought it was their business. Victoria contended that Adam had taken her stepdaughter's life, but Sage barked that Nick didn't have to worry about the baby anymore, since she didn't want to make it his problem for the rest of his life.

Nikki suggested that Nick and Sage talk alone, but Sage retorted that Nick didn't want her to explain anything, since it wouldn't change anything for him. Sage offered to have her things moved out, and she told Nick to get the divorce papers ready and to tell his lawyers that she didn't want "a damn thing." Sage walked out, and Victoria volunteered to call Michael and have him file for an annulment. Nikki told Victoria to stop, and she reached out to comfort Nick, but Nick said he was fine. Nikki was sure he wasn't, and she recognized that he was in love with a woman who'd hurt him, but she questioned whether he would just let Sage go.

Nikki advised that the only way to heal was to forgive, but Nick said he'd spent a lifetime forgiving Sharon and Phyllis, and he was tired of the drama. Victoria worried that she hadn't been able to track down Billy, and Nikki and Nick encouraged her to find Billy and talk him out of whatever he had planned for Adam. After Victoria departed, Nick asked if Victor knew about Adam. Nikki imagined that it was too late for her to be the one to break the news, and she worried that Victor wouldn't be able to take the pain that Adam had caused, either.

Later, Victor ordered a drink from Nick, who silently poured two shots. The men clinked glasses and chugged, and Nick asked if Victor had seen Adam. Victor reported that Adam was rather pleased with himself for unleashing Paragon, and he noted that Adam hadn't inherited his anger from a wonderful woman like Hope. Nick recounted that Victor had given Adam every chance to be part of their family, and Victor said Adam needed to be stopped. Victor continued that he'd stopped by for tequila, but he also wanted Nick's help to stop Adam.

Nick asserted that Adam and Ian didn't get to beat the Newmans, and he vowed to build Newman Enterprises back up. Victor noted that Nick hadn't cared if the company survived at one point, and Nick said it had been Newman vs. Newman back then, but they were dealing with an outside threat. Victor pointed out that Adam was Nick's brother, but Nick replied, "No, he's not." Nick suspected that Adam knew he didn't deserve their last name.

At the penthouse, Chelsea told Anita that Adam hadn't died and that Gabriel Bingham had perished in the car wreck. Anita freaked out when she realized Gabriel was really Adam, and she asked how long Chelsea had known he was the man who'd run over a little girl. Chelsea insisted that it had been an accident, and Adam knew it had been a terrible mistake to handle it the way he had. Anita asked where he was, and Chelsea replied that she didn't know and didn't care, since they were over. Chelsea bemoaned that she'd worked hard to finally forgive him, and she'd believed him when he'd told her he'd changed, but that had been the lie that she'd never be able to forgive.

After Anita left, Chelsea cuddled with Connor on the penthouse floor and mused that she'd wanted things to work out, but it would just be him and her. She added that his daddy had to go away again for doing something bad, so they wouldn't be seeing Adam anymore.

Adam walked through the park, and he found Sage on a park bench, crying. She sobbed openly when she saw him, and he assumed that Nick had found out the truth. Sage reported that Victoria had told Nick, and Nick had questioned whether Sage's baby was his. Adam said he was sorry, and Sage hissed that she'd lost Gabriel because of him. Sage added that Gabriel had been the only man she'd ever loved before Nick, and she'd lost Nick, too. She angrily congratulated Adam for getting revenge on everyone.

Sage blasted Adam for playing a game to sneak back and hide in plain sight, and she reminded him that she'd warned him that it would be a disaster. She recalled nursing him back to health while she'd grieved for Gabriel, and she wailed that she'd had an opportunity to have a real life and family, but Adam had taken it away from her. Sage furiously smacked him in the chest, and Adam urged her to calm down for the baby's sake. She suddenly grabbed her belly and panicked that it was too soon.

At Delia's roadside memorial, Billy said he knew he'd promised Delia to have happy thoughts, but he didn't know if he had any that day. He stated that Adam was ruining the earth by still being alive, and he hated Adam. He swore that he wouldn't forget or forgive, and he owed it to Delia to make the man who'd taken her pay. He began to cry, and he picked up her photo and promised that he wouldn't let her down. He looked up and saw Victoria.

Victoria vowed that Delia would get justice when Adam faced a judge and a jury, and she recognized that it would never be enough, but she hoped that Billy would at least find some solace in it. Billy replied that he wouldn't get any solace, since he wanted a world where Adam was dead and gone.

Adam Delivers Sage's Baby

Adam Delivers Sage's Baby

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the boathouse, Neil watched over an unconscious Hilary, and he told Gwen that he'd thought he'd seen a little change, but it had probably been wishful thinking. Gwen told him not to lose hope, since she believed Hilary would wake up and tell everyone that he hadn't been responsible for her fall. Neil worriedly examined the I.V. bag and said they needed more supplies, but he thought it would be dangerous to obtain them. He struggled with the idea of turning himself in, but Gwen implored him not to give up after he'd gotten that far, since she couldn't lose him.

Neil apologized for dragging Gwen into it, but she said she had no regrets, and she pledged to get through it together. She offered to pick up the supplies from the hospital, since she knew where Emma kept her identification badge, and the hospital staff would just think she was there to visit Emma. Gwen reasoned that she would only be taking I.V. nutrition and not narcotics, but Neil worried that it was really risky. Gwen kissed him and chirped, "For me, it's worth it."

Jill and Colin arrived at the Athletic Club, and she crowed that Hong Kong had been magnificent, but it hadn't had Colin in it. He hoped that she wouldn't need to make the trip again, since the new office was up and running, and she confirmed that she wouldn't need to go back for a long time. She said her stomach thought it was breakfast time, but there had been no food at the mansion without Esther there. Nikki approached and wondered if Jill had seen Billy, but Jill replied that she'd just returned from Hong Kong. Nikki advised that Billy needed as much support as he could get, since Adam was alive and had been living in town for nearly a year. Jill's jaw dropped.

The front desk clerk handed Devon an envelope that someone had dropped off, and Devon found a ransom note inside. As Colin looked on from a distance, Devon read the note, which instructed him not to go to the police. Lily quizzed the clerk about who had left the note, but he said he'd been busy tending to some prominent guests. Devon ranted that it was the clerk's job to know everything that happened in the lobby, but Cane intervened and asked the clerk to let them know if he remembered anything. Cane went to pull the surveillance footage, and Devon lamented to Lily that the kidnapper had been in the building, but no one had seen him.

At the hospital, Paul informed Dylan and Stitch that he'd placed trackers on the I.V. nutrition boxes, and the transmitters would send out a signal within a 50-mile radius if the boxes left the hospital. Dylan remarked that the signal would only lead them to Hilary if their theory was right, but Paul thought it might be the fastest way to find her. Paul prepared to return to his office to ensure his computer was logged onto the tracking devices, and he asked Dylan to meet him there. Dylan answered a call from Devon, and he told Paul that he had to stop by the Athletic Club first.

Dylan arrived at the club and wondered if the ransom note was legitimate, and Devon pointed out that they'd expected it. Dylan advised that the police were in a great position to capitalize on a lead if Hilary was in town, since anyone who left the hospital with long-term care supplies would lead them to the kidnapper. Dylan suspected that the kidnapper wasn't working alone, and he noted that the person knew a lot about Devon and his family, since the kidnapper had taken Hilary at the right place and the right time to begin the whole plot. Colin joined the group and asked if they were spinning a conspiracy theory.

Colin claimed that it had been a joke, but Dylan told him to drop the innocent act, since they all knew Colin had been involved with setting up the incriminating video. Devon revealed that someone was holding Hilary for ransom, and Colin assumed that Devon thought it was him. Dylan noted that Colin had been lurking and eavesdropping, and Colin said he'd been waiting for a call, but he was concerned because Devon was family. Devon testily questioned whether Colin had blackmailed everyone in his family, and Neil arrived and asked what was going on. Colin implored Neil to tell everyone that the idea that Colin had been involved in Hilary's disappearance was ludicrous.

Colin defended that he had no reason to want to see Devon go through such torture, and Neil admitted that he had at first, but he'd regretted it. Devon remarked that it was water under the bridge, and Lily guessed that it had been about money all along. Dylan speculated that the kidnappers hadn't intended for Hilary to take a fall, but they'd kept her alive to have her as a bargaining chip. Cane wondered if the ransom note was a fake from someone trying to cash in, and Colin suggested that the note was a smokescreen to cover up what was really going on. Dylan wanted to go to the cops, but Devon didn't want to risk involving the authorities.

Cane suddenly yelled at someone in a hoodie to stop, but the person ducked out the door after leaving another envelope at the desk. Devon opened the note and read that the kidnapper was ready to arrange a drop. Cane said he'd seen a kid run away, but the hood had been covering the person's face. Devon and Dylan read the instructions to leave a million dollars in the park the following night in exchange for Hilary's whereabouts.

In the park, Sage berated Adam for taking away her chance for a real life and family, but she suddenly clutched her belly and panicked that it was too soon. Adam assured her that she would be all right, since it was probably just false labor, but she crumpled onto a bench and proclaimed that her water had broken. Adam whipped out his phone to call for help, but he realized that it didn't work because of the Paragon virus. He promised Sage that everything would work out.

Sage whimpered that the baby was on the way, and Adam wrapped her arm around his neck and gently tried to lift her, but she groaned that she couldn't make it. He pointed out that her contractions had just started, but she was certain that she was giving birth right then. Adam recounted that he'd delivered Johnny, and he swore that he wouldn't go anywhere. Sage begged him not to let her baby die.

Adam got Sage into position to deliver her baby, and he instructed her to remember her breathing exercises, but she wailed that she couldn't. She asked when she should push, and he said the baby was crowning. Adam assured her that she could do it, and she screamed in pain as Adam pulled out the baby and announced that it was a boy. Sage smiled at first, but she realized that her son wasn't crying, and she questioned what was wrong. Adam stopped a woman as she passed by and asked her to call for an ambulance.

Adam accompanied the EMTs to the hospital with Sage and her premature baby, and Sage weakly asked how her baby was doing. Emma gushed that Sage had a beautiful baby who was on his way to the nursery, and Sage passed out. Adam mentioned that Sage had lost a lot of blood, and Stitch instructed the hospital staff to prepare the operating room for surgery.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick griped that the Paragon virus had been messing with their supply chain, and Victor reported that all incoming shipments had been stopped, so their plant in Cleveland was at a standstill. Victor realized that they'd have to reinstate their orders for raw materials manually, and Nick worried that they were going to lose everything. Victor checked his phone and said he might have found a way out. A security guard hauled in the hacker who Ian had hired to develop the virus.

Victor smirked at the hacker and asked if he knew who Victor was, and the hacker gazed at the wall and referred to Victor as "the dude in the painting." Victor clarified that he was dude who the hacker had been stealing from, and he accused the hacker of introducing the virus into Newman's computer system. Victor demanded to know how to stop it, but the hacker replied that it couldn't be stopped. Nick said he knew his brother had been behind it, but the hacker asserted that he didn't even know who Nick was, so he didn't know Nick's brother. Victor ominously stated that the hacker would cooperate and answer their questions, starting right then.

Nick said Ian was back in prison, and Nick's brother would also be under maximum security soon. Nick questioned whether the hacker wanted to join them, and he ordered the hacker to stop Paragon immediately. Nick answered a call and said he was on his way. He relayed that Sage and the baby had been admitted to the hospital. After Nick rushed off, Victor said that, unlike his son, he wasn't under the illusion that people could be reasoned with. The hacker maintained that he couldn't give Victor what he wanted, since "Gabriel" had explicitly asked him to design the virus so that it couldn't be stopped. Victor asked if Adam had told the hacker that the intention of Paragon had been to ruin Victor's company.

At Delia's roadside memorial, Billy pulled away from Victoria's embrace, and she asked him to promise not to go after Adam again. She contended that Billy had too much to lose because of Johnny and Katherine, and getting thrown in prison wasn't worth the momentary satisfaction. She added that Delia wouldn't have wanted it that way, but Billy argued that Delia wasn't there to fight for herself, so he had to fight for her. Billy expected that Adam would turn to Victor for help in exchange for shutting down Paragon, and he doubted Adam would actually get the punishment he deserved.

At the police station, Jill requested Paul's help to find Billy. Nikki blurted out that Adam was alive and that Billy had gone after him. Jill said she wanted Adam to pay but not at Billy's expense, and she was relieved when Billy and Victoria walked in. Jill hugged Billy and hoped he hadn't done anything to hurt Adam. Billy explained that Victoria had convinced him that it would have been the wrong thing to do. Billy declared that he was putting his faith in the legal system to make sure his daughter got justice, and he warned Paul not to let her down again.

Paul handed out flyers with Adam's photo to his officers, and he instructed them to haul Adam in for questioning. Victor and Nikki arrived, and Victor announced that Adam had been behind the cyber attacks, so he wanted the police to make Adam's arrest a priority. Billy told Victor to get in line, and the men bickered. Victoria pointed out that they all wanted Adam in jail, and Paul said they needed a warrant to make an arrest. Victor started to call a judge, and the group continued to argue amongst themselves.

Billy grumbled that he couldn't be near Victor anymore, and Victoria encouraged him to consider what the men had in common -- they both wanted Adam to be arrested. Billy preferred Adam dead, and Victoria said she was worried about Billy. She remembered how bleak things had been after Delia's death, and she didn't want Billy's grief and anger to eat him alive again. Billy took her hand and suggested they go home.

Gwen retrieved supplies from the hospital supply closet, and she cautiously stepped back into the corridor. She ran into Emma, and she fibbed that she'd been looking for Emma to grab a bite to eat. Emma replied that things had been crazy, and she had to prep for surgery.

At the boathouse, Gwen pulled the supplies from her bag as Neil returned, and she said she'd picked up everything. Neil coldly asked if she had something to say to him, and she reported that she'd been very careful, so everything was fine. She wondered why he was staring at her, and he asked if she'd sent the ransom note. Neil assumed that she'd agreed to help him to go after some quick cash, and Gwen swore that she hadn't known anything about it, but she couldn't believe he'd even think that after all she'd done for him. He recalled that she'd been ready to turn him in before she'd suddenly jumped on his side, and she countered that she'd become an accessory to his crime by stealing hospital supplies for him.

Neil repeated Gwen's earlier words that it was worth it for her, and she insisted that she'd said that because she loved him. Neil chortled in disbelief, and Gwen said he sounded like a crazy person. Neil spat that it hadn't been the first time she'd deceived him, since she'd pretended to have a relationship with Devon, and Gwen asked if being cheated on had really screwed Neil up that much.

Gwen received an incoming call from Emma, and Neil ordered her to answer it. Gwen learned something about the police, and she made up an excuse to abruptly end the call. Gwen divulged that the hospital knew the supplies were missing, and the police had put trackers in the boxes. Gwen realized she'd led the police right to them, and Neil examined the supplies and found a tracker.

Paul's computer blinked to indicate that the tracker had been activated, but no one noticed it. Dylan called the police station and asked to speak with Paul, but an officer said Paul had stepped out. Dylan requested a status update on the trackers, and the cop checked Paul's computer, but it indicated that the signal was offline.

Nick raced to the hospital, and Stitch informed him that Sage was being prepared for surgery and that the baby was in the NICU. Stitch added that Sage had lost a lot of blood, and Nick wondered how it had happened, since Stitch had said everything had been fine when Sage had last been in the hospital. Stitch explained that her previous infection hadn't caused the early labor, and it had likely been due to a placental abruption caused by trauma. Nick inquired whether stress could have caused it, and Stitch replied that it wouldn't have helped, but Sage hadn't been alone when she'd given birth in the park. Stitch revealed that the baby hadn't been breathing at first, but the person with Sage had taken a course in infant CPR, and they'd be having a much different conversation if things hadn't worked out that way.

Nick asked who had delivered the baby, and Adam announced that he had. Nick demanded to know if Adam had threatened or attacked Sage, and Adam started to walk away. Nick snarled that she'd protected Adam for over a year, and Adam had repaid her by sending her into premature labor. Adam retorted that it was convenient to blame him, but he guessed that Nick had lashed out at Sage when he'd found out the secret she'd been keeping. Adam imagined that Nick hadn't given any thought to the damage it might have done to her or the baby, so it was all on Nick, not him.

Nick barked that Adam hadn't changed a bit, since Adam was blaming everyone else after he'd left a trail of destruction. Adam acknowledged that Nick's life would have been easier without Adam in it, but he imagined that Sage would have eventually disappointed Nick, who made it impossible to live up to his lofty standards. Nick started to threaten Adam if anything happened to Sage or the baby, but Stitch intervened and said the child wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for Adam. Stitch urged Nick to go down to the NICU and appreciate the gift he'd been given. "Your son, Nick. It's a boy," Adam said, and he congratulated an overwhelmed Nick.

Nikki and Victor returned to his office, and she ended a call and relayed that Sage was still in surgery. Victor asked about the baby, and Nikki revealed that "he" was in the NICU. Victor marveled that they had another grandson, and Nikki replied, "Congratulations, Grandpa."

Nick, clad in scrubs, entered the NICU and gazed at his newborn son. He introduced himself as the boy's dad, and he welcomed the infant to the world. Nick tenderly added that he hadn't expected to see the baby that soon, but he was glad to see the tot. Nick observed that the boy was very little, and he told his son to keep fighting, since that was what Newmans did. Nick vowed that both Sage and the baby would pull through it.

Adam waited outside the operating room as Sage was wheeled by, and Stitch told medical personnel to take her to recovery. Adam asked if she and the baby would be all right. Paul and a police officer arrived. Paul announced that Adam was under arrest.

Michael Becomes Adam's Attorney

Michael Becomes Adam's Attorney

Thursday, October 8, 2015

At the hospital, Nick sat at Sage's bedside, and she opened her eyes. She worriedly asked if the baby was okay, and Nick replied that their son was beautiful. Sage cried that she should have told him that Gabriel was really Adam, and she asked if Nick could ever forgive her. She expected that the cops would be there to arrest her any minute, even though her baby was fighting for his life. Nick said getting upset wasn't good for her. He stressed that their little boy needed her, and Sage realized that he hadn't told her whether their son was going to make it.

A doctor told Nick and Sage that their son was a fighter, and he was doing everything he could to make sure the boy was okay. The doctor asked Nick to step outside to sign paperwork. Nick obliged, but he surmised that the doctor had been holding information back to avoid upsetting Sage. Nick asserted that Sage needed to see the baby if there was a chance their son wouldn't make it, and the doctor said he thought that was a good idea. Nick returned to Sage's room, and she realized that the doctor had wanted to talk about more than just papers. Nick declared that it was time she met her little boy.

In the NICU, Sage gazed at her baby and agreed he was beautiful, but she became tearful as she looked around at all the machines. Nick assured her that the equipment was helping the boy to get strong. Nick noted that Noah had also been a preemie, and Noah had survived, just like their son would. "Our son," Sage marveled, and she murmured that he needed a name. She mentioned that she'd been thinking about Christian, and Nick was touched that she wanted to use his dad's birth name.

Sage pointed out that it was also Nick's middle name. Nick choked back tears and said that Victor would be blown away to have a grandson named after him, especially since Christian had fought hard to get there. Nick suggested Andrew for middle name, and Sage nodded. "Welcome to the world, Christian Andrew Newman," Nick said with a trembling voice. Nick and Sage clutched hands as they watched the machines work to keep their baby alive.

Abby stopped by the penthouse. Chelsea expected Abby to tell her what an awful person she was for not exposing Adam sooner, but Abby swore she wasn't there to judge. Abby pointed out that she'd also been sucked in by "Gabriel" by thinking that she was qualified to be a COO, and Chelsea said she was sorry Adam had caused problems. Abby sympathized that she could only imagine the head games he'd played with Chelsea, and she praised Chelsea for having the courage to speak up. Chelsea worried that it had been too late to stop the virus.

Chelsea resolved to get over the fantasy of having a life with Adam, and Abby questioned what Chelsea's life looked like without him. Chelsea recognized that she couldn't cut Adam out of her life completely because of his legal rights to Connor, but Abby anticipated that he would lose them once he was convicted of killing Delia. Chelsea bemoaned that the money she'd inherited after Adam's alleged death would be tied up in court, and she worried that she might lose her home. Chelsea confided that she was feeling very trapped, and Abby abruptly made an excuse to leave.

At Newman Enterprises, Kevin glared at an online article about Adam's arrest, and Victor entered the office. "I want to kill your son," Kevin spat, and Victor told him to stand in line. Kevin said Victor didn't understand what it had been like for Kevin to watch Chloe go through months of grief, and he ranted that Adam had taken both Delia and Chloe from him. Victor wondered what Kevin intended to do with his anger, and Kevin pledged to focus his energy on stopping Paragon. Kevin mentioned that the hacker who Victor had tracked down had said the original architect might have left a back door, and he suggested that Victor use whatever leverage he had to make Adam reveal how the company could survive.

Abby entered and asked for a moment with Victor. Victor told Kevin not to leave. Abby said Adam's return had caused a lot of pain, and she appealed to Victor to give Chelsea the freedom to move on with her life by giving her back control of her design business. Abby reasoned that Chelsea 2.0 was a liability to Newman because of the Paragon virus, and forcing Chelsea to work for Newman had only built a wall between Victor and Chelsea. Abby argued that Victor owed it to Chelsea for revealing the truth about Adam, and she encouraged him to give Chelsea her independence back.

Abby contended that the move would be good business, and Chelsea would be grateful to Victor for giving her a chance to make a new life. Victor agreed to do it, and Abby excitedly thanked him. Kevin said they still had to stop the virus. Victor thought he might have a way to do it, but he had to iron out a few things first. Victor stepped out, and Kevin wondered what he was up to. Abby remarked that she'd recognized the look in Victor's eye, and she wouldn't want to be the person in his sights.

Abby told Kevin that burying himself in work wouldn't help. He replied that the only thing better would be to put a fist through Adam's face, and he opted to work instead. Abby recommended talking about it, and Kevin griped that he should have known who Gabriel really was. Abby pointed out that even Victor and Chelsea hadn't known, but Kevin thought he should have recognized Adam's smug demeanor. He said he felt like he'd let Delia down the same way he had on the night she'd died, but Abby firmly told him not to blame himself, since only Adam had been responsible for Delia's death.

Kevin guessed that Adam would love for him to fall apart, but he vowed to stop the virus before it corrupted every file in the Newman mainframe. Abby lamented that it hadn't been enough for Adam to take her niece, so Adam had tried to destroy her entire family. Kevin swore that Adam wouldn't win, and Abby proclaimed that once Kevin stopped Paragon, they'd celebrate that Adam was rotting away in a cell. Kevin was comforted by the thought that Adam would finally pay for what he'd done to Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Michael read about Adam's arrest, and Lauren called Adam a coward for hiding after he'd killed Delia. She asked how Kevin was doing, and Michael reported that Kevin was furious at himself for not seeing through Adam's lies. Michael was shocked to read that Adam was planning to defend himself. Lauren thought that was a good thing, but Michael contended that everyone deserved proper representation in court. Lauren was aghast that Michael was considering representing Adam.

Michael stated that it was his job to defend people, but Lauren reminded him of how Delia's death had destroyed Kevin and Chloe. Michael hated what Adam had done, but he argued that they'd never heard Adam's side of the story. Michael added that everyone deserved a day in court, and things had to be fair for Delia to get the justice she deserved. Michael decided that the least he could do was offer his legal services to Adam, and Lauren hoped Adam turned him down.

In Paul's office, Paul commented that it was an open-and-shut case, and Christine doubted that Adam would get much sympathy from the jury once they saw his videotaped confession. Paul didn't think that Adam wanted any, since Adam hadn't even asked for a phone call. Christine prepared to see what she could get out of Adam, and Michael overheard and asked what she expected to get. Michael announced that he was there to see Adam, and Paul incredulously asked if Michael was representing Adam.

Jack joined Adam in the interrogation room, and Adam inquired whether Jack was there to stand in line to say that he wanted Adam to rot in prison. Jack pointed out that Adam had known that his identity would eventually be discovered, and Adam asked about Sage and the baby. Jack reported that Abby had informed him that mother and child were hanging in there, but the baby would be in the neonatal unit for a while. Adam doubted it because the tot was a Newman, so it wouldn't be long before Victor had the boy riding horses and running board meetings, just like Victor's other prized heirs. Jack surmised that Adam meant all of Victor's heirs except Adam, and he guessed that had been why Adam had teamed up with Ian.

Adam swore that he hadn't intended for the Paragon Project to hurt anyone except Victor, and he especially hadn't wanted to harm Jack, who he thought had always been the person who'd understood him the best. Jack was surprised that Adam didn't consider Chelsea to be that person, and Adam revealed that she wasn't speaking to him. Adam regretted that he'd managed to hurt every person who'd ever given "a damn" about him.

Adam said he was ready to accept his punishment, but Jack questioned whether Adam had given up on the idea of being a family with Chelsea and Connor. Adam groaned that he was tired of lying and running, and he finally felt like he could breathe. Jack empathized, since he'd also hated keeping the secret. Adam apologized for putting Jack in that position. Jack asserted that he'd made his own choice, but he was concerned about how the truth would affect Billy. Jack pointed out that when Adam had supposedly been dead, no one had been around to refute Billy's version of what had happened in the car before it had blown up.

Adam realized that the police would question both him and Billy, and Jack asked what Adam planned to tell them. Michael interrupted and asked to speak to Adam privately. Jack urged Adam to accept Michael's help, and he stepped out. Michael said he was available if Adam wanted a lawyer, but Adam replied that he didn't need one to plead guilty. Michael advised that it wasn't that simple, since Adam needed an attorney to make things right, and Michael wanted to be his lawyer. Adam said he needed something from Michael.

Michael handed Adam his cell phone and warned that Paul and Christine wanted to question him after Adam was done with his call. Adam called Chelsea and begged her not to hang up. He said he didn't expect to see her or Connor again, but he wanted to sincerely apologize for every rotten thing he'd ever done to her. Adam continued that he was sorry he couldn't be the man he'd promised he would be, and she and Connor deserved better, so he wanted them to pretend that he really had died in the crash and move on with their lives. As Chelsea silently sobbed, Adam asked her to tell Connor that Adam loved him, and he said he loved her, too.

During the interrogation, Christine said they had most of the information they needed on Adam's confession tape. Michael argued that Adam had been under extreme emotional distress, but Adam flatly stated that he'd driven the car that had killed Delia. Despite Michael's objections, Adam recounted that he'd been driving home from the hospital after getting devastating news about Connor's eyesight, and he hadn't known he'd hit Delia until he'd returned home. Adam explained that he hadn't stepped forward because he'd been afraid that Chloe and Billy would renege on their offer to donate Delia's corneas to Connor.

Adam conceded that he hadn't done the right thing, but everyone he'd hurt had deserved better, and he deserved whatever punishment he got. Paul turned the topic to the night Adam had allegedly died, and Michael cautioned Adam not comment on it. Adam recounted that Billy had put the pieces together, and Billy had demanded that Adam go with him to Delia's memorial and to her school. Adam explained that Billy had wanted him to know how much he'd hurt everyone who had cared about Delia, and Billy had planned to turn him in to the police, but Adam had lost control of the car. Paul held up an evidence bag with a gun inside, and he said Adam had forgotten to tell them about that.

Michael told Adam not to say a word, and Paul revealed that they'd found the gun at the accident site. Paul added that they knew Billy had held Adam at gunpoint, and they knew the firearm had been discharged once. Adam stated that Billy had been understandably upset, and Christine speculated that Billy hadn't just planned to drive around and turn Adam in. Adam claimed that the gun had fired when he'd panicked and reached for it, but he swore that Billy shouldn't be punished for anything that had happened that night.

Billy and Victoria carried their kids downstairs, and he thanked her for letting him stay the night, since he'd needed reminding of what was important. She remarked that it felt good to have their family together, but Billy quietly noted that it still felt like somebody was always missing. Billy said he'd finally been learning to live without Delia, but since he'd found out Adam was alive, it felt like he was starting all over again, and he was again filled with rage.

Billy gazed at a photo of him and Delia, and Victoria asked if he'd thought about what he wanted to do the next day. He ruled out going to the memorial site, since it no longer felt like a loving tribute, and he only saw it as the place where Adam had taken Delia's life. Victoria thought Delia wouldn't have wanted him to do anything that would make him sad, and she suggested that they go away with the kids. Victoria and Billy agreed that Delia would have loved the idea, and he decided to let the authorities handle Adam.

Billy teased Victoria when he saw the numerous bags she'd packed for just a few days, and she defended that the kids would need their jackets and boots. She imagined a perfect fall getaway, and Billy said it was just what he needed. Later, Billy announced that the car was loaded up, and he and Victoria prepared to hit the road. He answered a call, and he informed her that the cops wanted to talk to him about the night he'd confronted Adam about Delia's death.

Jack left a message for Ashley as Billy and Victoria arrived at the police station, and Billy spotted Michael with Adam. Billy testily assumed that Jack had hired Michael on Adam's behalf, since Jack had known about Adam's true identity for months. Victoria tried to discourage Billy from talking about it in front of the cops, but Billy proclaimed that he didn't care who knew, since Jack was no better than Victor for covering for "that bastard." Paul led Billy into his office, and Jack warned Victoria that it wasn't all about Adam's crimes, since he was afraid the police would go after Billy for attempted murder.

Christine asked Billy to clarify some things about the night Adam had supposedly died, and Billy claimed that the gun had fired accidentally when the car had gone off the road. Paul asked if Billy had pointed a gun at Adam in order to force him to turn himself in, but Billy coolly replied, "No, I intended to kill him." Billy recounted that he'd had Adam down on his knees, begging for his life, but he'd felt that the best way to get justice had been to turn Adam over to the police. Christine wondered if Billy felt like justice was being served, and Billy remarked that it was the closest they would get. Paul told Billy that he was free to go, but he told Billy not to leave town.

Victoria and Billy returned to her house, and he said they'd have to find another plan for the next day. She suggested that they talk about it over dinner, and she hoped that he'd stay the night again -- and again and again. Billy incredulously realized that she was asking him to move back in, and he grinned broadly and exclaimed that he couldn't wait. He realized that after two years, Adam had finally been arrested, and he and Victoria had made their way back to one another. Victoria said Delia would have been happy to know that Billy would wake up at home where he belonged.

Jack stopped by to check on Chelsea, and he recognized that they'd both said things they hadn't meant when they'd last spoken. She conceded that she should have warned Jack before she'd told Billy the truth, and Jack said they had to deal with the fallout, since the police were interrogating Adam about the night of his alleged death. Chelsea argued that Billy hadn't killed Adam, but Jack countered that Billy had wanted to.

Jack was thankful when he learned the police hadn't held Billy, and Chelsea guessed that Adam had uncharacteristically done the right thing. Jack said it had sounded like Adam wanted to make amends for all the pain he'd caused, and she divulged that Adam had called to say that he was setting her free. Jack imagined that it had been somewhat of a relief, but Chelsea thought she'd never be free of Adam, just like Adam would never be free of his guilt over Delia.

Victor entered the interrogation room and glowered at Adam. "Hello, son," Victor said.

Victor and Adam Strike a Deal

Victor and Adam Strike a Deal

Friday, October 9, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Abby excitedly announced that she'd talked Victor into giving Chelsea her company back. Jack was skeptical that Victor would give up the fashion line's earning potential, but Abby argued that Victor could be kind. Chelsea said all that mattered was that Victor was letting her go, and she thanked Abby for going to bat for her. Jack wondered what Chelsea planned to do with her newfound freedom.

Chelsea decided to leave Genoa City, since she needed a clean break, and her son deserved to grow up where he wouldn't be judged for being Adam's kid. Abby said she'd miss Chelsea, and she wished Chelsea the best of luck. Jack thought it wouldn't be that easy to walk away, since Chelsea still had feelings for Adam. Chelsea's eyes filled with tears, and she resolved to get over Adam.

Abby pointed out that just hearing Adam's name had made Chelsea cry, and she suggested that Chelsea get some closure by going to see Adam. Chelsea mentioned that Adam had made it clear that he wanted her to move on, but Abby questioned whether Chelsea was going to let him run her life. Jack recommended that Chelsea not leave things unsaid, and Abby imagined that Chelsea would beat herself up for the rest of her life if she didn't say what she needed to say to Adam before she bolted.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Adam asked why Victor was there, and after a long pause, Victor replied, "To help you." Adam laughed at the thought, but Victor pointed out that he had far more powerful friends than Adam had, and he doubted that Adam had any friends left at all. Victor contended that he was friends with some top judges, so he could arrange bail for Adam. Adam asked what Victor expected in return, and Victor said stopping the Paragon virus, but Adam maintained that it couldn't be stopped. Adam declared that he was completely and totally resigned to his fate, but Victor responded, "For you, son, everything is at stake."

Adam dryly stated that Newman Enterprises didn't mean much to him, nor did bail. Victor revealed that he'd given Chelsea her freedom by giving her company back earlier that day, so she was free to leave town. Victor imagined that she was packing Connor's things at that moment, and Adam guessed that Victor had backed off because he had a new grandson to harass. Adam asked if Victor had heard that he'd delivered the latest Newman heir, and Victor replied that he occasionally caught a glimpse of humanity in Adam. Victor got up to leave, and Adam assumed that Victor's other children needed his help.

Victor noted that Adam was always wrongfully accusing him of neglecting and abandoning Adam, but Adam was willing to abandon his own son. Victor urged Adam to think about how Connor would feel about that when he grew up, and he walked out. Victor told Michael to talk some sense into Adam, and Michael entered the interrogation room. Michael acknowledged that Adam wasn't interested in making bail or taking legal advice, so he prepared to take off. Adam announced that he'd changed his mind, and he needed Michael to get him out of there, even if it was just for an hour.

Michael warned that the D.A. would push hard for no bail, and he'd normally suggest parading in a bunch of character witnesses. Michael asked if anyone would vouch for Adam, but Adam doubted anyone would publicly speak on his behalf. Adam insisted that he had to get out and see his son, but Michael cautioned that no judge would consider giving Adam another chance to circumvent the law. Michael suggested that perhaps Chelsea could help convince the judge, but he didn't think he could talk her into going to the arraignment. Chelsea appeared in the doorway.

After Michael stepped out, Adam said he was surprised to see Chelsea, but he was glad she was there. She inquired whether he'd changed his mind about wanting her to move on without him, but he maintained that she needed to get on with her life. He noted that Victor had allowed it to happen, and she became incensed that Adam was still monitoring Victor's every move from behind bars. Adam explained that Victor had shown up and told him the whole story, and she apologized for jumping to conclusions. Adam expected Chelsea to leave town with Connor, but he requested one thing from her -- to see Connor one last time.

Chelsea thought Connor was confused enough after his father had already disappeared once. She continued that she'd mourned Adam for too long before she'd tried to move on the last time, but she vowed not to make that mistake again. She informed him that she was there to find closure, and he asked if she had some magic words to make things less painful. Chelsea declared that he'd lied to her for the last time, since his need for revenge was more important to him than her and a life with his son. Adam countered that he owned everything he'd done, but he swore that nothing had ever meant more than her and Connor.

Chelsea said she had to go, and Adam begged to see his son one more time. Chelsea tearfully said she loved Adam, and she was grateful for the beautiful son he'd given her, but she wouldn't take Connor there. Adam protested that she couldn't keep him from his son, and she said she was sorry as she headed to the door. She suddenly ran back and kissed him passionately, but she pulled away and stammered that she needed him to be dead to her and her son. She walked out.

In the hospital corridor, Dylan informed Stitch that the tracking signal on the supplies had gone dead. Stitch speculated that it had been an inside job, and Dylan wondered who had tipped the kidnappers off. Stitch asked what Paul had said, and Dylan confided that he was working on his own, since Devon wanted to keep their plan under wraps. Dylan mentioned that something was going down that night, but he had to visit Sharon at Fairview first, since she might be ready to return home.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson greeted Sharon, who was amazed that she'd slept the whole day away. The doctor asked if Sharon felt upset or uneasy, but Sharon insisted that she felt wonderful, and she'd never slept that well. Patty listened as Dr. Anderson guessed that Sharon's pregnancy was catching up with her.

Later, Dylan hugged Sharon and said she looked great, and he asked if she was ready to go home. She hesitantly replied that she was afraid not, and he wondered what had happened since they'd last spoken on the phone. Sharon said Dr. Anderson had helped her see that it was too soon for her to check out, and the doctor had put her on a new drug therapy that was really working. Dylan was glad to see Sharon happy, and she gushed that Dylan and his undying love made her happy. She promised that she would be home soon, and he intended to be at her beck and call when she got there.

Sharon and Dylan kissed, and she said she couldn't wait to make love and to sleep in his arms. Sharon swore that she would take care of herself and the baby, and she realized that she'd skipped lunch. They declared their love to one another, and Sharon walked off. Dylan started to head out, but Patty suddenly hugged him and introduced herself as his aunt. She said he couldn't go yet, since she had to warn him that she wasn't sure the drugs were safe for Sharon.

Dylan asked if Patty knew about drug protocol, and Patty said she'd been in and out of institutions enough to know when someone was getting a high-octane dosage. She fretted that Sharon had been really out of it the night before, but Dylan contended that Sharon had seemed to improve. He said he appreciated Patty's interest in Sharon, but he knew his fiancée better than Patty did. Patty voiced concern that the drugs could harm the baby, but Dylan told her to trust the doctors, and he departed.

Patty cornered Sharon and rambled that no one was listening, but she was really concerned about the drugs the doctor was giving Sharon, and she begged Sharon to stop taking them. Patty said she was genuinely worried about Sharon and the baby, since they were part of her family. Sharon insinuated that Patty's fears and paranoia had gotten out of proportion because of her mental illness, and she insisted that Dr. Anderson knew what she was doing. Sharon asserted that she was happy and pregnant, and nothing would change that.

In the NICU, Sage thought the baby looked scared, and Nick said Christian could hear them, just like the boy had before he had been born. Sage softly called out that she loved Christian, and she told him not to be afraid, since his mommy was there. Nick added that the boy's daddy was there, too. The doctor entered and reported that Christian's vitals were stable, but they needed to get his weight up and get him breathing on his own.

Sage asked what she could do to help the baby get stronger, and the doctor advised her to tend to her own recovery, since the infant needed a healthy mom. Nick tried to take Sage back to her room, but she refused to leave. Nick argued that their son was doing his part to get better, but she had to do hers by getting her strength up. Sage tearfully told Christian that she was fighting for him with every breath she had, and Nick slowly wheeled her out.

In Sage's hospital room, Sage insisted that she wasn't sleepy, but Nick noticed her eyes were droopy. She agreed to rest for a few minutes, and he promised that he'd tell her if anything changed. He stepped into the corridor and ran into Dr. Anderson, and he thought she looked familiar. Dr. Anderson disclosed that she was Sharon's therapist, and she'd been hoping to give Sharon reassuring news about Sage's premature delivery. Nick was glad the doctor was being proactive, since Faith needed her mom, and Dr. Anderson replied that all children did.

Later, Nick caught Sage trying to sit up in bed, and she complained that she couldn't sleep. Nick reported that he'd just had a nice conversation with Christian, and he'd let Christian know what teams to root for and what music to listen to. Nick added that he'd told their son how tough his mom was, and he assured Sage that Christian would make it. They embraced as Dr. Anderson peered in at them.

Victor entered the NICU, and he stared in awe at the baby and the machinery. His eyes welled with tears as he told Christian that he would be all right. Victor imagined that Christian would be a big boy one day, and he implored Christian to fight like a Newman, since the baby was part of the family. Victor vowed that Christian would fight and make it, and he softly said he loved his grandson. Victor wished he could hold the baby in his arms, and he repeated to himself that Christian would be all right.

Later, Abby sat with Christian in the NICU, and Stitch remarked that the tot was holding his own. Abby thanked Stitch for reassuring her, and he moved to leave, but Abby stopped him by saying she owed him a huge apology for thinking she had been God's gift to Newman. He asked what had caused the sudden change of heart, and she explained that Adam's return from the dead had stirred up everyone's feelings of grief about Delia. She couldn't believe her brother had been responsible for taking her niece's life, but Stitch pointed out that Adam had also been responsible for Christian living long enough to make it to the hospital.

Stitch revealed that Adam had delivered the baby and had kept him alive by administering infant CPR. A stunned Abby thought it put her own problems in perspective, and she asked if Stitch would ever be able to forgive her for putting the stupid stuff first. He countered that work wasn't stupid, and she marveled at how understanding he was being. She offered to let him get back to work before she ruined their "perfect place of peace," but he invited her to celebrate it over coffee. She accepted.

Victor arrived at the Athletic Club as he barked orders over the phone to fix the Paragon problem. Jack entered the foyer and mentioned that he'd heard Victor had actually done a decent thing by giving Chelsea back her company. Victor claimed that letting a devalued company go had been best for Newman, but Jack suspected that Victor had wanted to rile Adam up by making him think Chelsea might leave town in order to leverage Adam into helping with Paragon. Victor was stunned when Jack thanked him.

Jack said Adam had resigned himself to a life behind bars, but Victor had given Adam something to fight for. Victor questioned Jack's loyalties, but Jack contended that he could be loyal to both Adam and the Abbotts. Victor huffed that Jack's secrecy about Adam's identity had given Adam the opportunity to launch the Paragon Project, and he felt that everything he'd done to Jack had been justified. Jack chided Victor for forgiving himself, but he was glad Adam had someone in his corner. Adam called Victor and said he wanted to discuss Victor's offer.

Michael asked Jack to testify on Adam's behalf at the arraignment, and a torn Jack inquired whether Michael had anyone else to ask. Michael insisted that Adam needed Jack, but Jack thought Billy would see it as the ultimate betrayal, so he declined. Michael groused that bail was already a long shot, but it would be impossible without a character witness. Jack was surprised it mattered, since Adam had seemed resigned to his fate. Michael revealed that Adam was desperate to get out and see his son.

At the penthouse, Chelsea cooed to Connor that she knew he would miss it there, and she would, too. With false enthusiasm, she stated that they'd go on an exciting new adventure, and it would be fun. She decided that it would be best not to say goodbye to anyone before they left.

Victor returned to visit Adam, who offered to stop the Paragon virus after he got out on bail. Adam told Victor to make it fast, since he needed to see Connor before Chelsea left town. The men recognized that they needed one another's help.

At the boathouse, Neil informed Gwen that he'd deactivated the tracking device, but Gwen worried about what they'd do when their existing supplies ran out. She thought they needed a doctor, and Neil replied that it was too risky. Gwen wondered how long they could keep it up, and Neil urged her to have faith and be patient. Gwen questioned how patient the "kidnapper" would be.

At the Athletic Club, Lily couldn't believe that Devon was just going to hand over the ransom money. Devon thought he had no choice, and he refused to be talked out of the one shot he had to get his wife back. Cane offered to make the ransom drop, but Lily objected. Cane asserted that Devon was too emotional to deal with the situation if things got heated, but Devon said he'd already arranged for Dylan to make the drop. Cane thought it was the wrong call, but Lily countered that Dylan would remain objective. Cane agreed to let Devon make the call.

Neil arrived and asked if the kidnapper had made any more contact, and Lily informed him about the ransom drop. Devon added that he hadn't contacted the cops, and Neil and Cane voiced their suspicions about whether the person who'd sent the ransom note actually had Hilary. Devon noted that it had been their strongest lead in weeks, and he thought paying the ransom might be the only way to get her back. Dylan returned and warned that there were too many people involved, but Cane insisted on going with Dylan to make the drop. Devon preferred that Dylan go alone, and he handed Dylan a briefcase full of cash.

In the park, Dylan set the briefcase in the bushes and hid. Someone approached and grabbed the briefcase. Dylan tackled the person, but the person got away.

Gwen begged Hilary to wake up, but she was startled when she heard a noise outside. She grabbed an oar to protect herself. Outside the boathouse, Gwen almost hit Neil with the oar, and he asked why she was scared. She informed him that someone had been outside, and he held her and said everything would be okay.

Neil observed that there was no sign that anyone had been there, but Gwen insisted that she'd heard something about ten minutes before Neil had returned. Neil realized that the supposed kidnapper had promised to give Hilary's location after the money had been delivered, and he wondered if someone had found out the truth. Gwen worried that the police might be on their way.

Lily and Devon waited for news from Dylan, and she asked where Cane had gone. Dylan returned and regretfully informed them that the kidnapper had grabbed the money and gotten away. Devon ranted that Dylan had said he'd known what he was doing, but Devon's wife was still out there, and Dylan apologized for messing up. Devon snapped that if anything happened to Hilary, it would be Dylan's fault.

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