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Eric had Sheila arrested for attempted murder, but the shooter struck again when Sheila was in police custody. Quinn received an unexpected visit from Deacon. Katie called Ridge to rescue Quinn, and Deacon was hauled away to jail for being the shooter all along.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 12, 2017 on B&B
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Katie demands to know what Sheila wants Katie demands to know what Sheila wants

Monday, June 12, 2017

At Il Giardino, Sally told Steffy that the old Sally had cost Forrester a fortune. The new Sally was learning from her mistakes and refused to make the same ones again. Steffy murmured that it was a nice speech -- if it was true. Sally stated that it wasn't a speech. Sally was determined not to make mistakes with Thomas because he meant too much to her. "To you and to Spectra Fashions," Steffy added. Liam suggested they switch to a safer topic, like politics.

Thomas couldn't let Steffy's accusations go unanswered. Steffy said she hadn't been making accusations. He replied that she was implying that Sally was using him, but Steffy was wrong. He said he'd decided to invest in Spectra and design for them on his own. He was excited and having better ideas than ever because of it, because of Sally. Sally added that he was taking Spectra places that she'd never dreamed it would go.

Steffy stated that Sally had just made Steffy's point, which was that Sally needed Thomas to keep the business afloat. Steffy felt that the jury was still out on whether there was more to it for Sally. Liam was ready to get the check, but Thomas said that Steffy might want some tiramisu.

Liam joked about getting together again at some point and suggested barbequing at the cliff house. Steffy said they'd made it through a meal, but her guard was still up. She claimed it was up on Thomas' behalf.

Thomas appreciated Steffy's protectiveness, and he appreciated that she and Liam had accepted the lunch date. Going to Spectra instead of Forrester after lunch would be weird for him, but Thomas was carving out a new life for himself. To him, he'd not only made an investment in Spectra but also one in "this woman right here."

At Forrester later, Liam expressed that he was proud of Steffy for the way she'd handled lunch. Steffy said she'd put her game face on and had gotten through it. Liam believed that Sally wanted to be better, and Thomas' faith in Sally was behind it. Steffy hoped her husband was right, but Steffy didn't think Spectras were capable of change.

Liam claimed Steffy knew what loving a person could do for them. Steffy replied that she knew what loving Liam had done for her. Steffy had never been so happy. Liam stated that Thomas felt the same about Sally, and Liam asked if it meant Sally and Thomas had a good thing.

At Spectra, Thomas thought the lunch had gone well. He appreciated the things Sally had said about him. Sally said she'd meant the things, and she really loved him. "I really do, too," Thomas replied, and they kissed.

Later, Thomas wanted to show Sally something on a sketchpad. He asked that she keep an open mind. "It is the new, improved Spectra logo," He said, showing the name of the business sketched in what appeared to be a variation of the Obitron font with parts of letters missing. The "E" in the name consisted of three horizontal bars -- the top one blue, the middle one pink, and the bottom one black like the rest of the word. Sally asked if he'd designed it.

Thomas said he had. It represented his new vision for the business. He said they were innovative with a slightly edgy, quirky take on fashion. He believed that at that same time the next year, they'd be the comeback story of all comeback stories, and they would do it together. He asked if she was with him. Sally replied that she was with him in every way.

At the police station, the mood was tense as Katie became upset about having to defend herself to Eric, who she claimed had known her for her whole life. Eric was frightened for Quinn and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Katie wanted to solve it, too, but she said she wasn't violent, no matter how angry she got. She asserted that someone else had pulled the trigger.

Upset, Eric didn't like how things looked. He believed he'd made a mistake and should have fired Katie himself, "but for you to pull a gun on Quinn?" Katie said that it had been stupid. She regretted taking it so far, but she insisted that it was insane to think she'd actually commit such a crime. Insisting that a very dangerous person was still out there, Katie said the police were wasting time with questioning her instead of finding who'd really done it.

Eric understood the police's need to follow every lead, but he believed Katie hadn't done it. A technician entered with the gunshot residue report. The police had been unable to find gunshot residue on the spots they tested on Katie. Katie said she'd never keep a gun in the house or fire one. Lieutenant Baker suggested that Eric hire extra security until it was solved.

At Katie's house, Quinn asked if Sheila was Will's sitter. "Will?" Sheila asked. Quinn elaborated that he was Katie's son. Chuckling, Sheila said she'd once been a nanny, but it had been a while back. Sheila was sure Quinn thought it was odd to find a stranger in Katie's house, but Sheila said she was an old family friend of the Logans.

Sheila stated that she didn't have to ask who she was talking to. She already knew that she was talking to Quinn Fuller, the woman lucky enough to be married to Eric Forrester. Quinn wondered how Sheila knew Eric, and Sheila asked who didn't know the legendary Eric Forrester. Sheila asked if she could tell Katie that Quinn had stopped by.

Shrugging, Quinn said it didn't matter to her what Sheila told Katie. Sheila gleaned that the two women didn't get along. Quinn stated that it was a long story, and she decided to leave. "Well, perhaps I'll get another shot," Sheila replied. Startled, Quinn asked what Sheila meant.

"To get to know you better," Sheila said. "Or not..." she added. In the awkward silence, Quinn exited. Sheila paced around after Quinn had gone. By the terrace, Sheila peered into the telescope and saw that it was pointed at Eric's balcony.

At the mansion, Eric arrived home and was upset that Wyatt and Ridge had left Quinn alone there. Quinn assured Eric that she was fine and asked for an update about the investigation. Eric let Quinn know the results of the gunshot residue test, which he said meant Katie hadn't fired a gun. The information didn't put Quinn's mind at ease.

Retrieving her binoculars from the table near the balcony door, Quinn told Eric that she'd been using them to look into Katie's house. When she'd seen someone in there, she'd assumed Katie had been hiding from the police. Quinn relayed that she'd decided to go over there, and she'd seen a woman there who'd claimed to be a friend of the Logans.

Eric made martinis for him and Quinn. Quinn said she'd really thought the shooter had been Katie. Eric had had a hard time believing it could be Katie, in spite of the earlier gun incident. He wondered if he should check on Katie, but Quinn replied that Katie's friend, Sheila, was with Katie. Eric froze with his glass almost to his lips. "What?" he asked.

Quinn recalled that Eric had once been married to a woman with the same name. Eric affirmed that Sheila Carter was the ex-wife in question. Quinn noted that Eric never talked about Sheila and didn't have pictures of her around. Quinn concluded that it was as if Sheila had never existed. Eric said there was a reason for it all -- Sheila had been trouble.

Quinn asked if it was the same kind of trouble that she was. Eric replied that Quinn was the good kind, but Sheila had been dangerous. Quinn figured he'd loved Sheila if he'd married her and asked if the family had supported the marriage. Eric explained that Sheila had been hiding her true self, and he'd never known her. He said the family hadn't approved, and Ridge had disapproved the most. "As it turns out, for very good reason," Eric added.

Quinn said there had to have been good times. Eric agreed that there had been at first. He flashed back to meeting Sheila, proposing to her, and carrying her to bed. Next, he recalled an argument when Sheila had decided she'd answer his question about what went on inside of her. She'd sobbed that she feared the world and everyone in it. Most of all, she'd feared losing Eric.

Eric stated that he didn't even know if Sheila was alive. "But Sheila was bad. Very, very bad," he asserted sadly.

Back at Katie's house, Katie arrived home. She strode through the living room and gazed through the telescope. "Hello, Katie," Sheila said from the terrace. Katie shrieked. Katie asked what Sheila was doing in Katie's house. "We all thought..." Katie said.

"That I was dead," Sheila finished for Katie. Sheila said there were a lot of crazy stories out there concerning her whereabouts and her identity. She told Katie that they were just stories. "I'm here in the flesh," she stated. Katie asserted that it didn't explain what Sheila was doing in Katie's home. Sheila noted that Katie had a son. "What do you know about my son?" the protective Katie asked. Sheila knew that Bill was Will's father. Katie asked what Sheila wanted from Katie.

Sheila decided that she shouldn't have taken herself to Katie's house. Katie agreed that Sheila should not have done so after all Sheila had done to Katie's loved ones. "Where do you think I've been? I did my time," Sheila stated.

Sheila neared the telescope, and Katie skirted toward the fireplace to keep her distance from Sheila. Sheila noted that telescope was aimed at Eric's house. It suddenly occurred to Katie that Sheila was the one who'd fired the shot at Quinn. Sheila kept saying, "No," as Katie spoke. Katie grabbed a fire poker, and Sheila told her to put it down. Katie screamed at Sheila not to get any closer. "I said put it down," Sheila replied in a smoldering voice.

Eric doesn't believe that Sheila wants to atone

Eric doesn't believe that Sheila wants to atone

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

by Pam

At Katie's house, Katie brandished a fireplace poker and warned Sheila not to get any closer to her. Sheila advised that she wasn't leaving. Sheila ordered Katie to put the fireplace poker down. Kate refused because she was concerned that Sheila had tried to kill Quinn.

Sheila scoffed that she had done her prison time and was free. She wouldn't risk her life and freedom to get rid of Quinn. Katie was unconvinced. Sheila explained that she had wanted Katie to vouch for her with Eric. Katie was surprised.

Sheila walked toward the patio, and Katie managed to send a text message to Eric that Sheila was at her house. Sheila explained that the happiest times of her life had been while she'd been with Eric and the Forresters.

At Eric's house, Eric and Quinn discussed that they had no idea who would have tried to kill her. Quinn noted that she had to have made someone mad in order for them to try to kill her. Suddenly, Eric received Katie's text, and he went to Katie's house.

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill were kissing and discussing their honeymoon, but Wyatt and Liam entered and interrupted. Brooke left, and Wyatt and Liam caught Bill up on what had happened while he had been gone.

Wyatt explained that he had been worried about who had tried to shoot his mother. He added that some folks were pointing fingers toward Katie. Bill scoffed because he had been married to her twice and said she had no reason to try to kill Quinn.

Wyatt and Liam agreed that Katie had been cleared, but the shots had been fired from her home, according to police. Liam and Wyatt reminded Bill that Katie had pulled a gun on Quinn. Bill insisted that Katie was no killer.

At Forrester, Pam discussed with Ridge that no one had any idea who would have shot at Quinn. Pam suggested tighter security at their homes. Ridge agreed. Brooke entered, and Ridge welcomed her home. He said he had missed her. Pam left.

Ridge acknowledged that he would have been her husband if he hadn't screwed up. Brooke dismissed the idea, but she was curious about what had happened while she'd been gone. She was in shock when Ridge explained that Quinn had been the target of a killer. It was suspicious to the police that shots had been traced to Katie's patio. However, Katie was not a suspect.

Ridge noted that Quinn had been shaken and was still shaken because the shooter had not been caught. Brooke and Ridge agreed Katie would never shoot anyone, but Ridge noted that she'd exhibited self-destructive behavior. Brooke worried that Ridge had real feelings for Quinn. Ridge scoffed and said he was worried that a shooter was still on the loose.

At Katie's, Katie refused to help Sheila, but Sheila tried to convince Katie that she had been rehabilitated. Katie disagreed. Sheila insisted that Eric had loved her once and could love her again. Eric entered, and Sheila smiled and told him he looked well. Eric was shocked. Sheila made a pitch to Eric to give her another chance, but Eric called the police.

At Eric's house, Ridge entered to check on any news of who had shot at Quinn. Quinn told him that a woman named Sheila had been at Katie's house, and Eric was convinced that she had been the shooter.

Someone takes another shot at Quinn

Someone takes another shot at Quinn

> Someone takes another shot at Quinn

Someone takes another shot at Quinn

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

by Pam

At the police station, Lieutenant Baker quizzed Sheila with Eric and Katie present. Sheila maintained that they had nothing to charge her with. Baker said they would start with breaking and entering, but Sheila said she had not broken into Katie's house. Katie admitted that she'd left the back gate open.

Sheila addressed Eric and reminded him that he had known her better than anyone and that she would never hurt his new wife. Eric looked skeptical.

Baker fired questions at Sheila about how long she'd been in Los Angeles. He wanted an address. Sheila turned the tables and asked if anyone had seen her with a gun. She was upset that someone had made a mistake. Eric noted that he had heard the same story from her. "People can change, but Sheila is the exception to that," Eric said.

Discussion returned to charges against Sheila. Baker had to admit there had been no assault. Katie argued that Sheila's threatening presence and her voice were enough to scare her. Katie wanted to leave. She told Baker that she couldn't add anything and wanted to return home because she had spent enough time at the police station. Baker said she was free to leave, and Eric thanked her. She said she would do anything for Eric.

Eric returned to his seat, and Sheila told him to ask her anything. "I don't care what anyone thinks of me but you," Sheila said. Baker took a phone call then excused himself.

Sheila maintained she had no reason to lie. Eric remembered that she had always said that. Flashbacks reviewed Sheila's terrifying history. She had tried to drown Stephanie and had also tried to poison her. She had threatened to kill Thomas as a baby in a discussion with Stephanie. "I make good on my threats," she had warned Stephanie.

Sheila defended herself and said she'd become a different person. She had recently been involved in a program where she was asking for forgiveness from people she'd hurt. "Even though I might not get it," she said.

Baker returned. Sheila announced that there was no evidence against her. She implored Eric to remember when she had first started working at Forrester and how they had fallen in love and gotten married. She said she would never forget the details of their wedding. Eric was unmoved. He asked Baker about the restraining order he had filed years earlier and wondered if it had been temporary or permanent. He wanted it reinstated, and he wanted Sheila in prison.

At Spencer, Bill, Liam, and Wyatt discussed what had gone on while Bill had been gone on his honeymoon. He asked about a major expenditure, and Liam said he had approved helping a 22-year employee who'd needed emergency surgery.

Bill, Liam, and Wyatt discussed that Bill's dream of his skyscraper might have to be moved to a new location. Bill scoffed, but Liam told him that he'd had lunch with Sally Spectra and Thomas, and they had big plans for Spectra. He added that Thomas had deep pockets. Bill couldn't believe that Ridge had allowed Thomas to leave the Forrester business for Spectra.

Discussion moved to Katie and how she had originally been accused of shooting Quinn but had been cleared. Bill said no one had been hurt, and Katie felt the shooter was Sheila Carter -- one of Eric's crazy ex-wives.

Bill explained that Sheila had shown up at Katie's. He added that, years before, Sheila had terrorized any woman who had been near Eric. Liam said that he had heard stories about her.

Bill said Sheila had been accused of murder, assault, blackmail, abduction, and shooting people more than once. She had spent a lot of time in and out of prison. Wyatt worried that Sheila had shot at his mother.

Bill and Liam agreed that Sheila made Quinn look sane. Wyatt angrily maintained that his mother was the victim. Bill agreed and promised to get Justin involved. Bill received a text message from Katie that Will was with the nanny, and Sheila would not be allowed to leave the police station. Wyatt wanted to visit his mother, but Bill pointed out that she and Eric had to be exhausted after a crazy day. "Eric is probably as rattled as your mother," Bill said.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge sat with Quinn because Eric didn't want to leave her alone. Eric called from the police station to tell her that they had Sheila in custody. Ridge said that Sheila was dangerous. "She shoots people," he said.

Ridge suggested that Quinn should relax and go upstairs. She said she needed something to calm her nerves. She considered a drink, but she said that hadn't been a good idea on previous occasions.

Ridge wondered what he could say that would make her feel better. She suggested that if she had a fortune cookie, she would want it to read that "the one you love will always love you." She said, "That would make me happier than anything else."

Ridge and Quinn discussed that Eric had always fallen for women who had a dangerous side. Ridge noted that Stephanie had once faked a heart attack by bribing the doctor. Discussion became more serious when Quinn confessed that she had always feared her mother would try to kill her.

Quinn was tired of talking about herself. She wanted to hear about Ridge's day. He said that he had discovered that his son was more like him than he'd thought, but he was more willing to take risks. Ridge had also found that Steffy was running the company better than he ever could.

Ridge added that Brooke had returned, and they were very civil to one another in the "corpse of their relationship." Quinn acknowledged that she was partly to blame. Quinn added that of all the people she figured would want to kill her, she never would have guessed it would be someone she didn't know. Ridge said he was glad she wasn't dead.

Ridge and Quinn received word that Sheila would not be released, but Ridge worried that Quinn didn't look relieved. She said she was worried about another danger, namely Ridge. She wanted him to leave. He agreed and said he had left sketches at the office that he would get. He said he would return to the guesthouse, but he would check on her first. Quinn thanked him for being a friend.

At Katie's, Katie received a text message from the nanny that Will was fine. Katie eyed her telescope and looked through it at Quinn standing on the veranda. Quinn looked around and noticed the bullet hole in the pillar behind her.

A gloved hand appeared to be prepared to pull the trigger on a rife. Quinn was in the crosshairs. The gloved finger pulled the trigger, and the screen went black as a shot rang out.

Quinn comes face-to-face with the shooter

Quinn comes face-to-face with the shooter

Thursday, June 15, 2017

At the police station, Sheila insisted to Eric that she hadn't taken a shot at his wife, and the evidence would prove it. She said that spending time in jail had settled Sheila's debt to the state, but she believed she had to make things right with the people she'd hurt. Eric wasn't interested in making her feel good about the things she'd done.

Sheila said she didn't expect anyone to forgive her, but if one person could, she wanted it to be Eric. Eric quipped that if she wanted to ask for forgiveness, she shouldn't take shots at his wife first. Sheila figured that Eric would only be able to think of the bad times.

Eric replied that whatever had been good between him and Sheila didn't matter. Sheila revealed that she'd been looking for some type of acknowledgement, and it would feel good to her if he admitted that a part of him had cared for her once. "I married you, Sheila," he replied.

Sheila explained that she'd been working on herself and rehabilitation because she'd remembered how he'd looked at her. She remembered the woman she'd been before it had gone so bad and been violent. Sheila claimed that she'd paid her dues. She said she'd sat in her cell and had remembered the hideous things she'd said and done. Some of those things were misdeeds that only she knew about.

Sheila believed that she was "coming out on the other side of it" and becoming the woman that deserved to be with him. Eric told her that he was a happily married man. Sheila corrected that she'd meant a woman capable of being loved by a man like him, and Eric's receptiveness wasn't the point.

Lieutenant Baker arrived and told Eric that the restraining order that Eric had had against Sheila was permanent. Sheila readily apologized for violating it, saying she hadn't even known it was still valid. Baker told Sheila that she was under arrest for the attempted murder of Quinn and for violating the restraining order.

Sheila swore to Eric that she'd never tried to kill his wife, and she hadn't even known that she'd been violating a restraining order. Baker began reading Sheila her rights, and she spoke over him, pleading with Eric to help her. Eric looked away, and Baker asked if she understood her rights. Staring at Eric, she told Baker that she understood.

Sheila was processed and fingerprinted. Eric watched. Sheila pleaded with him to drop the issue about the restraining order because she hadn't been near his family in years. Baker stated that the order had been made permanent for a reason. Despite Sheila's pleas, Eric asked the police to take her away.

At Forrester, Ridge entered the CEO's office. Brooke was surprised to see him there and said she'd thought he'd gone home. He retrieved a sketchpad from the table and told Brooke that she wouldn't believe who'd been the one to take a shot at Quinn -- Sheila Carter. Brooke was shocked to hear it, but it made sense to her. Ridge stated that Sheila was in custody, and they didn't have to worry about her going after Quinn anymore.

Brooke gave Ridge a knowing stare. She asked Ridge to let her know if Sheila got released. Brooke asserted that if Sheila wound up on Brooke's doorstep, Sheila would get what she deserved. Ridge didn't think Sheila was getting released after what she'd done.

On the Forrester balcony, Quinn stood. A bullet whizzed by her and cracked open a flowerpot on the ledge. Quinn gasped and ducked for cover as the gloved shooter continued firing. She fumbled into the living room and lay flat on the floor. Quinn crawled over to her phone on the coffee table. Her front door opened. "Deacon! I'm glad you're here!" Quinn exclaimed.

The bearded Deacon quipped that it wasn't the reception he'd been expecting. Quinn ordered him to get down on the ground, and she told him that someone was trying to kill her. "Someone's trying to kill you how?" Deacon asked. She said someone had been shooting at her. She tried to call the police, but Deacon saw that she was too jittery. He whipped out his own phone.

As Deacon made a call, he quipped that life on the hill was more dangerous than Quinn had thought. Into the phone, Deacon said they needed the police at the Forrester estate because someone was using it as target practice. Quinn helped him give the address as three-six-nine Willow Road. He said to hurry because the lady didn't like getting shot at.

After the call, Quinn asked if Deacon was drunk. He said he didn't get drunk anymore -- but he did drink a little. She yelled at him to get on the ground because she didn't want him dying in her living room. Deacon didn't think he'd ever seen her so scared, and she replied that she hadn't had bullets flying by her before. Deacon said not to worry; he'd take care of her.

Later, Quinn asked if the emergency operator had told Deacon how long it would be. Deacon assumed it would be soon. He jumped with a start, thinking he'd heard a noise. Quinn panicked, believing that the shooter could be on the property. He asked why she thought so, and she explained that the shots had started far away but had sounded closer and closer. She was grateful that the person had been a lousy shot. Deacon figured that it could be a sharpshooter, but the wind conditions had affected the aim.

Deacon decided to have drinks, and Quinn again urged him to duck as he stood at the minibar, fixing shots. He quipped that he wasn't the one getting shot at. He said the shooter might be her husband. He added that it was always the husband.

Deacon wanted to drink to the good old days. "With you?" Quinn quizzically asked. Taking a swig of one of the drinks he held, Deacon stated that Quinn had never cared about him. Deacon said she'd never wanted him; she'd wanted Forrester.

Quinn didn't know what stories Deacon had been telling himself, but in her view, she'd kicked him to the curb long before she'd gotten together with Eric. Deacon credited her for thinking ahead because she'd never be able to con a Forrester with him at her side. She replied that what he'd said was just stupid.

Deacon believed what was stupid had been him helping Quinn play make-believe with Liam. Deacon asked what he'd gotten for it. He yelled that he'd been pushed into the ocean. "Why are you bringing that up now?" Quinn asked. He yelled that he'd been left for dead because she didn't give a damn about anyone but herself. Quinn said it wasn't true.

Deacon agreed and said she'd do anything for baby boy Wyatt. Deacon felt that he'd been treated as if he was nothing his whole life. He'd thought Quinn would be different, but she'd wanted him to disappear just like the others. Quinn understood that he was upset and how she could be partly to blame; however, she had a hard time sympathizing while her life was in danger.

Deacon wasn't even sure he believed Quinn's little story about a shooter. It would have been plausible a few months back, but at that point, she had the Forresters' acceptance. Quinn stood behind a chair as if it was a shield. She said he'd told her that he hadn't seen her as scared as she was then.

Deacon said that Quinn might be playing a game and asked who, besides Hope, would want to see her dead. He reasoned that Liam wanted to rid the planet of Quinn, and Bill just plain hated her guts. Deacon decided that when one thought about it, she'd done a lot of awful things to a lot of people, worst of all to Deacon, the man who'd loved and trusted her. He stated that he had more reason than anyone to want to see her dead.

Quinn asked for Deacon's phone so she could see how long it had been since he'd called the police. Pointing a handgun at her, Deacon replied that they both knew he'd faked the call.

Quinn said Deacon didn't want to throw his life away. Deacon quipped that he had such a wonderful life and job, and he was surrounded by loving family. She tried to say things could change, but he cut her off, asking if she was trying to say he'd get married and live happily ever after. He stated that he'd tried that, but it hadn't worked out so well.

Deacon guessed he should let Quinn have some last words, and he promised he wouldn't miss again. Quinn begged him to think of Hope, who needed her father. Deacon said he'd thought of how Hope had tried to convince him not to marry Quinn. "But, hey, I knew best!" he quipped. Quinn said they hadn't been wrong. At one point, they'd been good for each other, but people sometimes grew apart. He felt that her words were especially true when one person wanted better than she already had.

Deacon decided to drink Quinn's shot, but Quinn said he needed to sober up and get back on the program. She bargained with him, saying that if he did it, they'd never have to discuss "this" again. Deacon said he wouldn't say anything to anyone. He asked why he would if no one knew he was there.

At Katie's house, Katie stared blankly. She strode past her telescope and stood on the threshold of the patio. She flashed back to holding on empty gun on Quinn and recalled talking about winners and losers. She remembered saying that she should get rid of Quinn once and for all.

Katie looked through her telescope and saw Quinn in her living room, lifting her hands up. Katie saw a gun pointed at Quinn. Katie gasped and grabbed her phone.

Katie called Ridge, who was sketching on his bed. Katie urged him to go help Quinn because someone was pointing a gun at her. Ridge tried to ask what was happening, but Katie screamed at him to hurry.

Back at the mansion, Quinn walked with her hands up toward the fireplace. Deacon stood with his back to the front door. She tried to reason with him, saying that they'd once been good together. "You know what they say about all good things..." Deacon said.

Quinn screamed at Deacon not to do it. Ridge grabbed Deacon from behind, spun him around, and socked him in the face. Deacon fell by the coffee table. Ridge retrieved the gun and asked if Quinn was okay. Quinn rushed into Ridge's arms, crying and thanking him. She sobbed, asking Ridge to hold her and never let her go. Ridge uttered that he had her.

Deacon is arrested for shooting at Quinn

Deacon is arrested for shooting at Quinn

Friday, June 16, 2017

At the police station, Eric was amazed that Sheila was back in his life. He hadn't thought about her for years. Lieutenant Baker said the bullet could have been the end of Quinn. Thanking Baker for his help, Eric was relieved to no longer have to worry about Quinn's safety.

Baker was sure that, with the attempted murder charge, Sheila wouldn't get out of jail anytime soon. Saying that he was headed that way, Baker offered to give Eric a ride home. Eric realized that he did feel a little distracted to drive, and he accepted the offer.

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill canoodled in his office, and he asked her to surprise him more. She felt that they were lucky to be so happy. Bill replied that they deserved it. She just couldn't stop thinking of Eric and Ridge and said it had to be awful dealing with Sheila Carter.

Bill said he had heard that Sheila had been loonier than Quinn. Brooke replied that he didn't know the half of it, and he decided that he might not want to. They started kissing again, but Bill got a news alert on his phone. He checked it and said one of his night crawler reporters had gotten a tip of shots fired at the Forrester estate. Shocked, Bill said he'd thought Sheila was in custody.

Bill confirmed what he'd heard about the gunshots with Wyatt, who'd heard the same thing. Brooke got upset and said they had to head over to the Forrester mansion.

At the mansion, Quinn clung to Ridge, who assured her that he had her. Ridge called the police. Afterward, Deacon groaned and woke up. He sat up and asked what had happened. Quinn seethed that he'd tried to kill her, and she called him an idiot. Deacon guessed that he'd drunk too much. Ridge said to take it easy and not to try anything because the police were on the way.

Deacon said he wasn't stupid. He just wanted to talk to Quinn alone. Quinn replied that he was stupid and would spend the rest of his life in prison. Deacon asked what she wanted from him and said he was broke. He'd tried reaching out to her, but she hadn't responded. Ridge asserted that she didn't owe Deacon anything. Deacon replied that it was easy for Ridge to say, but Quinn had dumped Deacon and broken his heart.

Quinn said she should have known Deacon, the worthless, selfish drunk, would do something like that, and she didn't want him around her ever again. Deacon asked that they call off the cops and let him leave. He didn't want to rot in a jail cell. Quinn yelled that he should have thought of that before trying to kill her. "You tried to kill me first! Now we're even!" Deacon replied.

Quinn claimed that it had been just a little shove. "Off a cliff and into the ocean!" Deacon responded. He said that if it hadn't been high tide, he would have been a goner. Ridge glanced incredulously at Quinn and back to Deacon, who was saying he hadn't squealed on Quinn about it because he wasn't a snitch. Deacon claimed that he'd given Quinn a second chance, and he was asking her to do the same.

Ridge said that was enough and ordered Deacon not to move. Quinn asked how Ridge had known to save her. He replied that Katie had seen that Quinn was in trouble and had called him. Just then, Katie burst through the front door, thanking God that Quinn was okay. Quinn said that if it weren't for Katie, Quinn would be dead. Katie assumed Sheila was there but was shocked to see Deacon in the living room. She asked him what he'd been thinking. Ridge said it was for money.

Deacon said he'd been desperate, and he'd started drinking again. He said he'd messed up. Katie asked if he'd been the shooter the whole time. "Yeah..." Deacon quietly replied.

Eric and Baker rushed in. They'd heard about the shots on the police radio. Ridge handed Baker the gun, and Eric was shocked to see Deacon. Ridge stated that it had been Deacon, not Sheila. "Yeah, it was me, but she did it first!" Deacon yelled.

Eric held Quinn. Katie rolled her eyes as Deacon said, "Yeah, she pushed me off a cliff. Your blushing bride didn't tell you that?" Quinn called Deacon crazy. Deacon disparaged Quinn for being married to Eric and all Eric's money. Deacon claimed that he'd helped Quinn with her business, but she'd left him high and dry.

Baker instructed his officers to cuff Deacon. Deacon hadn't wanted it to turn out that way. He'd only wanted a couple of bucks. He'd kept reaching out, but Quinn wouldn't answer his text messages. Quinn believed she'd been right to cut him off, and she called him insane. Deacon replied that it was rich, coming from her.

Katie asked if Deacon had been on her property. Deacon asked if Katie owned that big house over there. "Hey, are you seeing anyone these days?" he inquired, and Katie let out a sickened gasp. She asked if he'd set her up. He replied that he'd never do that to her and asked her what type of guy she thought he was.

Baker asked if Deacon was working with Sheila Carter. Shocked to hear the name, Deacon replied that he'd thought she was six feet under. In everyone's silence, Deacon asked, "What? She's not?" Baker moved forward with the arrest, but Deacon said he'd told them he was sorry. He kept saying that he was sorry and asked for no hard feelings as the police led him out.

The police left with Deacon, and Eric hugged Quinn. Bill and Brooke arrived, and she asked why Deacon was leaving in a police car. Wyatt rushed in to hug his mother. Katie and Ridge explained that Deacon had been the shooter. Quinn said she didn't know how she'd ever thank Ridge. Brooke and Katie each glanced around awkwardly.

Brooke was astounded to hear about Deacon. Quinn said he'd been hounding her for months with veiled threats. Eric asked why Quinn hadn't told him. She said she'd been ignoring Deacon, figuring he'd go away. She hadn't thought Deacon would take it so far, and if it hadn't been for Katie and Ridge, Quinn would be dead.

Eric thanked Katie and hugged her. He did the same with Ridge and called Ridge a hero. Eric was sorry he'd left Quinn. He had thought she was safe with Sheila in jail. He said he was sorry, and they hugged. Quinn stared at Ridge, and Katie and Brooke watched Quinn and Ridge.

Later, Eric got a call from Baker, who'd processed Deacon. Baker asked what Eric wanted to do about the restraining order violation against Sheila.

By the fireplace, Brooke, Wyatt, Katie, and Bill talked. Bill wanted to know where Will was. Katie said he was with Nina at Donna's house. Brooke said that what Quinn had been through was awful. Bill stated that Katie had been vindicated. Katie admitted that she'd aimed Charlie's gun at Quinn. Wyatt said they'd "kind of" heard about it.

Bill stated that Katie had had a moment, and they'd all had them. Brooke believed the important thing was that Katie had been able to get Ridge to rescue Quinn. Katie said that Quinn owed her life to Ridge, and Brooke uttered that it would connect them forever.

Out on the balcony with Ridge, Quinn was still in shock that she'd almost died that day. She said that when she'd needed someone more than ever, he'd risked his life to protect her. Ridge replied that he'd do it again. She had a new sense of gratitude. He replied that something good had developed from it. Quinn stated that it was because of him. "I'm sorry, but I have to say it. I love you," Quinn told Ridge.

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