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Scott and Sharon made love. Tessa signed with Devon's company. Dr. Harris agreed to let Kevin stay with Chloe in Louisiana. Phyllis and Billy moved in together. The judge decided to let Juliet's sexual harassment case go to trial.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 12, 2017 on Y&R
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Kevin reunites with Chloe, but Dr. Harris has concerns Kevin reunites with Chloe, but Dr. Harris has concerns

Monday, June 12, 2017

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Scott expressed his disappointment to Victor over what Scott perceived to be inaction by his boss. Scott said after he'd followed instructions to bid for a digital media company, Victor hadn't announced a decision to move forward with the endeavor. Scott announced his intention to leave Newman Enterprises, even though he had six months left on his contract. Victor asked his secretary to contact the owner of the media company, Hashtag, so he could cancel his plans to purchase the company. Victor peered over his reading glasses and told Scott he'd intended to put him in charge of the new company. Scott said, "You know, I think I put my foot in my mouth here."

Scott told Victor he was eager to start work. Victor explained that Scott's position would be to assign and edit stories. Victor added that Scott would work from Genoa City, wouldn't be traveling around the world, and should remain aware that there was only one boss in town. Scott accepted Victor's terms, though he noted that he'd be objective if a news story involved Victor or Newman Enterprises. Victor agreed to let Scott be in charge of the company on his terms.

At Dr. Harris' house, Chloe and the doctor finished dinner. The doctor praised Chloe for being cooperative and told her she should choose the movie they'd watch. Chloe peered out the window and mused about the funeral just held for her after she'd pretended to end her life by suicide. Dr. Harris asked if Chloe understood why they'd had to carry out such an extreme scheme. Chloe replied, "It's better for the people that love and care for me." Dr. Harris told Chloe that she'd demonstrated tremendous growth by her ability to adapt to her situation. Chloe cried that she'd never see her family again.

Outside Dr. Harris' house, Kevin ducked behind a row of hedges, unzipped a duffel bag, and pulled out a handgun. Inside, Chloe sat on the sofa near Dr. Harris and said she wasn't as anxious as she had been, and she asked when she might stop taking her medication. Dr. Harris explained that Chloe would have to wait until the drug she'd taken to feign death wore off before she could resume her regular medication. Afterward, Dr. Harris added, he'd have to reassess Chloe to determine if she was emotionally fit to stop her regular treatment. Chloe expressed her disappointment and noted that the medication made her feel loopy.

Kevin covertly watched through a window as Chloe assured Dr. Harris that she'd prove to him that her medication was no longer needed. Chloe asked Dr. Harris if he'd helped her because he was being paid or if he truly cared about her as a patient. Dr. Harris admitted he'd initially done so because of the money, which was why he'd agreed to release Chloe before she'd been ready. Dr. Harris said he wished to make amends for his mistakes. Chloe heard a noise. Dr. Harris got a flashlight and went outside to check for trespassers.

While Dr. Harris was outside, Kevin appeared inside the room with Chloe and called out to her. Kevin and Chloe embraced. Kevin told Chloe that Esther was caring for Bella. Kevin expressed joy that Bella was their child. Dr. Harris returned and confronted Kevin. Chloe admitted that she'd contacted Kevin after the funeral. Dr. Harris warned that if one person knew Chloe was alive, then many others would know, too.

Kevin demanded an explanation. Chloe insisted that everything that had transpired had been her choice. Chloe turned to Dr. Harris and said she couldn't live without Kevin. Kevin asked about Dr. Harris' role. Chloe said she'd shown up on his doorstep because he'd cared for her in the hospital. Chloe added that she'd faked her death to avoid being found and sent to prison. Dr. Harris interrupted and warned that alerting Kevin might lead to Chloe's imprisonment. Dr. Harris picked up his phone and said there was someone who wouldn't be pleased with the turn of events. Kevin took away the phone and demanded to know who Dr. Harris was calling.

At the Underground, Nikki questioned Tessa. Nikki had overheard Tessa speaking to Victor on the phone. Tessa explained that she was updating Victor about Nikki's preparedness for her upcoming concert. Nikki replied, "How many other times have you called him?" Tessa asked if Nikki believed she was spying for Victor. Nikki replied, "Sounds like you're Victor's latest little minion."

Tessa was taken aback by Nikki's reaction and said, "Did Mr. Newman do something to piss you off?" Nikki blamed her reaction on the stress of her upcoming performance. Nikki nixed the idea of backing out and explained that she needed to prepare for her performance on her own. Nikki sat down behind an electronic keyboard and began to play. Tessa seemed uneasy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Mariah talked about Tessa. Sharon said she feared Tessa might break Noah's heart. Mariah said Noah was an adult and could take care of himself. Sharon suggested that Mariah could intervene and warn Noah about Tessa. Mariah expressed her misgivings. Sharon recalled that Noah had been devastated when Marissa had left town. Mariah noted that Noah hadn't announced Marissa's departure for weeks. Mariah insisted that Sharon give Tessa a chance.

Tessa entered the shop, and Sharon urged Mariah to talk to her. Mariah said she would chat with Tessa, but she wouldn't ask Tessa about her ex. Mariah approached Tessa and noticed that she seemed upset. Tessa was eager to share her concerns and explained how Nikki had angrily reacted after she'd caught Tessa talking on the phone to Victor about Nikki's upcoming performance. Tessa expressed concern that Nikki might fire her. Sharon listened from a distance.

Tessa said she needed to mend her relationship with Nikki. Tessa added that she feared Nikki might force her to move out. Mariah explained that the Newmans appreciated people who were up front and honest. Mariah bonded with Tessa by admitting that she'd not been honest when she'd first arrived in Genoa City. Mariah shared that she'd once been paid to masquerade as the ghost of her dead twin sister. Tessa asked for more details, but Mariah said she'd fill her in another time. Tessa noticed Sharon's reactions and said she suspected that Sharon didn't want her dating Noah.

Scott entered the coffeehouse, and Sharon turned her attention to him. Scott told Sharon that Victor had promoted him. Sharon asked if Scott would be traveling the world on dangerous assignments. Scott said he'd be working from Genoa City. Sharon gladly embraced the news. Scott added that though he'd be working for Victor, it would be on his own terms.

Sharon warned that Victor regarded the world as a chessboard and had no qualms about moving his pawns around to suit his needs. Scott noted that he'd been young when his father had died, so he was intrigued by Victor's strong presence in his life. Sharon warned Scott not to make Victor Newman his role model. Sharon told Scott that she'd overheard Tessa talking to Mariah. Sharon said she believed that Tessa was sponging off of Nikki.

In Dina's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Graham said he wasn't sure what was delaying the bellman. Before Graham went upstairs to collect his luggage from his suite, he assured Dina they were doing the right thing to leave "before," but he didn't elaborate. Dina replied, "Listen, I know why we're leaving, but where the hell is the bellman?" Graham slowly approached Dina and said he didn't like being the bad guy. Dina placed her hand on Graham's and replied, "Listen, that's the job I've given you. No hard feelings, darling." Graham kissed the back of Dina's hand before he walked out the door.

After Graham left, Ashley stopped by and said she'd heard from Jack that Dina was planning to leave town. Dina said she was and noted that she was packed. Graham returned with his luggage. Dina told Graham that she and Ashley were saying their goodbyes. Graham glared at Ashley as he set down his suitcase and said he'd wait in his room.

Ashley said she was surprised Jack hadn't been able to convince Dina to stay. Dina said she couldn't stay longer. Ashley noted that Jack had been kinder and gentler since Dina's return. Ashley admitted she was concerned about Graham. Dina insisted there was nothing to worry about. Ashley agreed to drop the subject.

Dina said she was grateful for Ashley's kindness and concern. Ashley was disappointed when she learned that Dina planned to return home without telling Abby. Ashley said, "You're the same selfish and unfeeling woman you were when you abandoned your children all those years ago." Ashley began sobbing and said Dina hadn't changed and still put herself first. After Ashley stormed out, Graham returned.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack gazed at an old photograph of himself standing next to his dad. In a flashback, Jack remembered the day his father had told him that Dina wouldn't be returning home. Jack remembered John comforting him and seeking Jack's support for his siblings.

Abby arrived and explained to Jack that they had unfinished business. Jack asked Abby if she wished to discuss their startup incubator project. Jack reminded Abby that he was the one who'd helped her when she'd needed to sell the warehouse and had supported her when Victor wouldn't. Abby explained that if Victor learned of their partnership, he might "go ballistic." Abby said she needed to prove she could make her project profitable on her own.

Jack noted that he'd promised to build a new lab for Ashley in the warehouse space. Abby assured Jack that he'd receive a considerable return on his investment if he'd agree to dissolve their partnership. Jack replied, "As opposed to Victor, who will be collecting on my idea for years to come." Abby cried that it was her dream, and she expressed frustration about being caught in the middle of a feud. Jack agreed to Abby's terms and said, "You made a very compelling argument."

Abby was surprised to learn from Jack that Dina was set to leave town. Jack explained that he and Ashley believed Graham was forcing Dina to return to Paris. Abby was disappointed. Abby cried that she couldn't believe Dina was leaving without saying goodbye. Jack said it wouldn't be the first time Dina had left without saying goodbye to her family.

After Abby left, Jack summoned Nikki. Jack told Nikki that he was concerned about Graham, although he was uncertain about Graham's relationship to Dina. Jack said he feared Graham was wielding control over Dina. Jack noted that Ashley believed Graham was after Dina's money. Nikki asked what Jack thought. Jack replied, "I think it's pretty clear. She chose him above us." Nikki found the photo and asked Jack how old Jack was in the picture. Jack said he was fifteen, and he noted that the photo had been taken just before Dina had left her family.

Jack talked about the recent family dinner he and his siblings had enjoyed with Dina. Jack said being with family had evidently triggered Dina's impulse to flee. Jack shared the pain he'd suffered after his mother had abandoned him and his sisters. Jack began sobbing and noted that part of John had died the day Dina had left. Nikki comforted Jack and asked if he'd tried to convince Dina to stay. Jack nodded and explained that he'd let Dina back into his life and felt he was losing her all over again. Nikki agreed that rejection caused pain, but she advised Jack to let go of his pain.

Ashley ran into Victor in the lobby at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ashley wiped tears from her cheeks and told Victor that Dina was about to leave. Victor noted that Abby would be upset to learn that Dina was leaving town so suddenly. Ashley cried, "She's pulling the same stunt with her that she did with me. She's just disappearing without a word." Abby entered, greeted her parents, and asked if Dina had already left. Abby went upstairs after she learned that Dina hadn't yet left.

Abby entered Dina's suite and begged her to stay. Dina said it was impossible for her to stay longer. Abby noted that she and her grandmother were just getting to know each other. Abby recalled that she'd already lost a child and her marriage and couldn't bear losing touch with Dina, too. Abby begged Dina to stay and told her she loved her. Dina said leaving didn't mean she didn't love Abby.

Graham announced that their car had arrived. Abby hugged Dina tightly. Dina said, "Oh, honey, I love you." After Abby rushed out the door, Dina told Graham that though leaving was the right thing to do, it felt wrong.

At the bar, Victor questioned Ashley about Dina and Graham. Victor asked how long Graham had been associated with Dina. Ashley said Graham and Dina had been together a year. Ashley explained that she'd initially believed that Graham was somehow forcing Dina's hand, but she'd since realized Dina was the one in control. Abby joined her parents and said Dina's car had arrived, so her grandmother would be leaving. Victor said Abby could visit Dina in Paris. Abby said she had things to take care of, so she quickly headed toward the exit.

After Abby walked away, Victor checked his watch and said, "Back to work this late?" Graham entered the bar area in search of Abby. Victor asked why Graham wanted to speak to Abby. Graham introduced himself to Victor. Graham said Dina wanted Abby to know that she would be staying in Genoa City. After Graham walked away, Victor warned Ashley that if given the chance, Graham might drain Dina's bank accounts.

Dina turns down Jack's offer to move in

Dina turns down Jack's offer to move in

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Abby that he'd heard the news about Dina extending her stay. Abby indicated that her grandmother was on her way back to Paris, but Victor revealed that Graham had told him that Abby had changed Dina's mind. Abby wondered if Ashley was okay with it, since Ashley had never forgiven Dina for abandoning her as a child. Abby recognized that she and Ashley had loving, supportive fathers in common, and she called Victor a great boss and an even better father. They hugged.

At Jabot, Jack was surprised when Ashley informed him that Dina was staying in town. Ashley suspected that Dina had found the courage to say no to Graham, and she was sure Abby would be thrilled. Jack asked how Ashley felt, and she replied that she was happy for Jack and Abby. Jack recalled that Ashley had been pretty upset when Dina had initially planned to leave right away, and Ashley conceded that she was still concerned about Graham.

Jack inquired about what had happened when Graham had picked up the photo album. Ashley recounted that Graham had said all the right words in the right tone. She thought he'd convinced himself that he was Dina's white knight, but she believed Graham had manipulated Dina. Jack declared that Graham was forgetting that Dina was no longer alone -- she had them.

Later, Ashley wrapped up a meeting with Ravi, but he sensed that there was something else on her mind. Ashley mentioned that Traci had thought Dina had seemed off at their family dinner, and Ashley suspected that Graham was trying to control Dina. Ravi prepared to do an online search on Graham, and Ashley realized that she didn't know Graham's last name. She suggested that Ravi look for it on Mergeron's website.

Ravi asked if Ashley thought Dina enjoyed spending time with Graham. Ashley huffed that Dina had always preferred younger men, and she imagined that Graham had made himself available when Dina had found herself alone and single. Ashley doubted that Graham's claim that he had no interest in Dina's fortune was true, and she wouldn't stand by and let a controlling gigolo bleed her mother dry. Ravi resolved to find a way to stop Graham.

At the Athletic Club bar, Graham informed Dina that he'd postponed their travel arrangements for a few days, but she insinuated that they might stay in Genoa City even longer. He reminded her of what that would mean, but she was determined to have more time with her family. He cautioned that it was a bad idea, since it wasn't good for Dina to be surrounded by Ashley's negativity. Dina argued that Jack and Abby wanted her there, and she thought Ashley had gotten angry because she cared. Graham groused that the way Ashley talked to Dina was insulting and that Jack wasn't much better. He thought Dina's children didn't have her best interests at heart.

Jack interrupted and asked to talk to Dina privately, so Graham stepped away. Jack said he was glad she was staying longer, but Dina imagined that Ashley was still furious with her for not telling Abby about her plans to leave. Jack marveled that Abby had approached Dina herself, and Dina commented that Abby was the perfect mix of Abbott and Newman genes. Jack thought it had been the right decision for Dina to stay, even if Graham disagreed. Dina insisted that Graham had her best interests at heart, but Jack countered that they did, too. Jack asked her to consider moving into the Abbott house.

Dina protested that she hadn't been an Abbott for decades, but Jack begged her to say yes. Graham returned and asked what the question was, and Jack indicated that he'd invited his mother to live at his house. Dina glanced at Graham and told Jack that it was a kind and loving offer, but she thought her visit had been going well because she hadn't been underfoot. She added that she and Graham had been managing comfortably at the club, and she wanted to leave things as they were.

Phyllis was taken aback by how much stuff Billy had moved into her apartment. She contemplated where to put everything, and he asked if she was second-guessing him living there. She crossed over to the kitchen and proclaimed that she'd had one thought that day and nothing else. She pulled out a bottle of Champagne from the refrigerator, and they kissed.

After having sex with Billy on the couch, Phyllis proclaimed that it had been a heck of a celebration. Billy thought it would be a new start for both of them, and he swore that he'd always have her back and that she'd never be alone again. They exchanged declarations of love, but Billy groaned when he checked his phone and realized that he was supposed to be at the office for a meeting. Phyllis promised to have dinner waiting for their first night of living in sin, and Billy rushed off.

At Brash & Sassy, Michael reported to Victoria and Cane that he'd filed a motion to request that Juliet's lawsuit be dismissed, since it was a classic "he said, she said" case without evidence. Cane insisted that he'd told the truth, and Michael expected the judge to throw out the case. Victoria worried that there might be enough truth in Juliet's story to use against them, since Cane had recommended Juliet for the division manager position, but he'd acted like he hadn't wanted her around when Victoria had offered Juliet the marketing role.

Cane argued that he'd thought Juliet hadn't wanted to move for a lesser job, and he accused Victoria of thinking that he'd offered Juliet a job in exchange for sex. Michael noted that the burden of proof was on Leslie and Juliet to show that the alleged harassment had damaged Juliet's career, but Juliet had been terminated for just cause unrelated to the sexual harassment claims. Michael thought it would all disappear if the judge felt the same way, and Victoria grumbled that the last thing she needed was a messy, expensive scandal.

After Michael left, Cane wanted to try to convince Juliet to drop the lawsuit, but Victoria warned that Juliet would try to use it against them by claiming continued harassment. Cane grappled with why Juliet was attacking him personally. Victoria said she'd never seen anything remotely inappropriate between Cane and Juliet, but she was adamant that Michael had to know everything to avoid any surprises. She called Cane a decent person and assured him that she knew he would never do something like that. Billy walked in as Victoria touched Cane's arm.

Later, Billy told Cane that Victoria had updated him about the meeting, and he hoped Cane had told Michael everything so they wouldn't be ambushed. Cane angrily asked if Billy was accusing him of cheating on his wife, and Billy related to doing something stupid after drinking too much. Cane scoffed at the thought that he'd blackmailed a woman into sex for a job, and he refused to confess to something he hadn't done. Cane stalked out.

Billy explained to Victoria that he'd missed the meeting because he'd moved in with Phyllis, but he swore that it wouldn't change anything between him and Victoria. Victoria preferred if he didn't have the kids sleep over, and he agreed, but he still planned on spending as much time as possible with them. Billy promised to do whatever he could to help Victoria, and he commended her for handling the lawsuit like a pro. Victoria refused to let anyone hurt the company, and Billy recognized that it was all happening because she'd decided to fire Juliet and not him. Victoria argued that she hadn't fired Billy because Juliet had been at fault, and she was sure Michael would convince the judge that the suit was groundless.

At the Ashby home, Lily lamented to Neil that she'd thought she and Juliet had been becoming friends before Juliet had accused Cane of sexual harassment. Lily griped that Cane had been the one who'd helped Juliet get her job, but Juliet had repaid him by spreading lies to get a settlement check. Neil wondered if Lily was telling him everything, and he inquired whether Lily was confident that Cane was innocent. Lily incredulously asked if Neil believed Juliet, and Neil pushed to know if Lily believed her.

Lily conceded that she'd heard Cane and Juliet arguing about work, and she'd questioned whether it had been about something else after Juliet had filed the suit. Lily recalled that Cane had admitted that he'd gotten drunk with Juliet in Tokyo, so he hadn't been hiding anything, and Lily didn't believe anything had happened. Neil questioned whether she was trying to convince him or herself. Lily stressed that she and Cane had no secrets, and she was sure Cane wouldn't risk their marriage for anyone or anything. Neil advised her to trust her husband and her own judgment, and she hugged him.

Cane returned home as Neil took off. Cane told Lily that Michael was meeting with the judge to try to get the case dismissed, and Lily assured Cane that everyone knew he'd done nothing. She looked forward to going back to the way things had been. They hugged, but he looked uneasy.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie thanked Hilary for referring Juliet to her. Hilary asked where the case stood, and Leslie reported that Brash & Sassy had filed a motion to dismiss it, so they were about to duke it out with the judge in chambers. Hilary insisted that the case had merit, but Leslie thought the timing had complicated things. Leslie pushed Hilary to spill any information she had about the case or Juliet's credibility.

Hilary firmly stated that she had no doubts about Juliet's claim, and she sympathized that Juliet had been pressured into sex before moving to another country only to be fired by Victoria for doing her job. Hilary insisted that Juliet needed a champion, and she believed Leslie could be it. Leslie pledged to do everything she could, and she left to talk to the judge. Phyllis spied Hilary and wondered why she seemed so happy.

Hilary explained that a meeting had gone well, and she said she'd been dying to hear how things had gone for Billy and Phyllis in L.A. Phyllis recalled that everything had been fine until Victoria had caught them and the deal had gone "to hell," and Hilary swore that she'd done everything she could to prevent Victoria from seeing Phyllis. Phyllis chirped that it didn't matter, since she was there to pick up dinner for her and Billy's first night of living together. Hilary asked if Phyllis knew anything about Juliet's sexual harassment suit, and Phyllis was just grateful that Juliet hadn't named Billy in her bogus complaint. Hilary clucked that she wasn't sure it was bogus.

Hilary said Juliet had moved halfway across the world to work her butt off for Victoria and Cane, only to be the one to take the fall in L.A. Phyllis questioned why Juliet had dragged Cane into it, and Hilary figured that even people in the most loving relationships made mistakes. Phyllis pointed out that a mistake was one thing, and sexual harassment was another. Hilary figured that only Cane and Juliet knew what had really happened. Hilary was confident that the truth would surface, and she imagined that it would be horrible if it was how Lily found out that her husband was the type of man who exploited women.

In the judge's chambers, Michael contended that Juliet's lawsuit was based on a false claim of sexual harassment because she'd known she couldn't win a wrongful termination suit after being fired for just cause. Michael noted that Juliet had registered no complaint prior to termination and that the position Juliet had claimed Cane had promised her hadn't been his to give. Michael explained that Juliet had interviewed with Victoria, who had given the position to a more experienced candidate, and it had been Juliet's decision to accept another position instead. Michael added that even if the judge determined that a sexual encounter had occurred, it had allegedly happened when Juliet had been a consultant and not a subordinate employee, so she wasn't subject to the protections afforded to employees. Michael urged the judge to dismiss the suit with prejudice.

The judge said he'd hear Leslie's rebuttal the next day, and he stepped out. Leslie told Michael not to look so pleased, since it wasn't over. Michael thought the judge had seemed pretty convinced, and he figured Leslie wouldn't be nervous if she hadn't been, too.

At Dr. Harris' house in Louisiana, Kevin demanded to know who the doctor's accomplice was. Dr. Harris swore that he'd done nothing but protect the woman Kevin claimed to love, but Kevin was skeptical that the doctor had been able to arrange a fake suicide and send Chloe's letters about Bella's paternity from abroad on his own. Kevin turned to Chloe and asked if she knew who Dr. Harris' partner was. Chloe fibbed that she had no idea who Dr. Harris had been talking to, as he was practically a hermit, and the only people who had ever knocked on his door had been Nick and Chelsea.

Kevin started to call back the person Dr. Harris had been speaking with on the phone, but the doctor insisted that he was the only one who could help Chloe. Kevin asked if Dr. Harris was sure, and he surreptitiously looked down at the gun in his duffel bag. Kevin pulled out a teddy bear instead, and Chloe recognized it as Bella's favorite. Kevin said Bella had wanted the bear to be with Chloe in heaven, and he accused Dr. Harris of drugging Chloe and holding her prisoner. Kevin contended that he could help because he knew what Chloe needed, and he wouldn't leave without her.

Dr. Harris countered that faking Chloe's death had been the only way to stop people from searching for her, and leaving would put her at risk again. Kevin vowed not to let anyone lock her up, and he dared Dr. Harris to call the cops. Chloe asked to talk to Dr. Harris alone. Kevin warned that the doctor might load her up with drugs again, but Dr. Harris swore that all he'd ever wanted had been to help her get well. Chloe assured Kevin that the doctor wouldn't hurt her, and Kevin reluctantly stepped out.

Dr. Harris insisted that Chloe couldn't leave, since if she got caught, they'd all either end up in prison or be at Victor's mercy. He lectured that contacting Kevin had been a terrible mistake, but Chloe thought she couldn't be well again without Kevin and Bella, since they made her healthy and whole. Chloe wanted to figure out a way to take Bella with them, but Dr. Harris sternly told her that she wasn't leaving the house. Chloe recognized that he doctor was as terrified as she was, but she asserted that he could just let them go and that Victor never needed to know.

Chloe reasoned that she and Kevin could go away, and Dr. Harris would never have to work again with what Victor was paying him. Dr. Harris fretted that she wouldn't be safe when Victor could track her down, plus she needed treatment. She agreed to stay as long as Kevin stayed with her, but Dr. Harris wouldn't allow her ex to move in. Chloe said it was non-negotiable, but the doctor felt obligated to tell Victor that none of it was going to plan. Chloe pulled Kevin's gun out of his bag and declared, "Then we change the plan."

Chloe argued that Kevin needed to stay if the doctor wanted her to get better. Kevin walked back in and gasped when he saw Chloe holding the gun, and he grabbed it away from her. Chloe explained that Dr. Harris wanted him to leave, but she wanted Kevin to stay. The doctor asked what Kevin thought. Kevin replied that it wasn't what he'd had in mind, but Chloe pleaded that they could be a family again if they got Bella and stayed together while Chloe got treatment. Kevin objected to Bella living like a prisoner, and he wanted to go before Dr. Harris called his associate again. Chloe insisted that she had to stay to get better, and Dr. Harris invited them both to stay because it was the best thing for her.

Kevin tucked the gun back into his bag, and he asked if Dr. Harris could still say that he was happy to have Kevin there. The doctor maintained that it was best for his patient, and he was determined not to fail Chloe again. Dr. Harris excused himself to check the mail. Kevin asked if Chloe really wanted them to stay there, and she clarified that she also wanted Bella there with them. She recognized that it wasn't paradise, but she thought they could do it. Kevin gushed that as long as they were together, they could do anything, and he held her close.

Outside the house, Dr. Harris called Victor, who wondered why the doctor had hung up on him earlier. Dr. Harris claimed that he'd wanted to update Victor without Chloe in the room, and he reported that there were no lasting side effects from the paralysis medication and that her regular dosage seemed to be working. Victor told him to keep up the good work, since he never wanted to hear her name again. Victor added that he didn't want any surprises, and Dr. Harris confidently stated that he had everything under control.

Neil fears his family will be torn apart

Neil fears his family will be torn apart

> Neil fears his family will be torn apart

Neil fears his family will be torn apart

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

by Nel

Scott arrived in Victor's office, but Abby advised him that Victor was in a meeting. She handed Scott a list of companies she wanted him to research. Scott advised Abby to look at the top business schools to solve her labor shortage because he wouldn't be pitching in on any of her little projects.

Abby asked if he'd quit. Scott denied it. She assumed that Victor had fired him, laid him off, or ended his contract. Abby said that Victor probably felt it had been better to cut Scott off before Victor had to admit that he'd grossly overestimated Scott's sustainability in the business field. She stated that Scott didn't have the stamina to make it in the corporate world.

Scott said he'd rather focus on the promotion Victor had handed him. Scott said he was in charge of Newman's recently acquired digital media company and that he was the publisher and editor-in-chief of Hashtag. Abby was taken aback.

Scott returned a short time later with a caffe mocha for Abby as a peace offering. Abby asked if Scott had any idea how many hoops she'd had to jump through to get Victor to sign off on her incubator project, yet Scott had been there for six months, and Victor had just handed a gift-wrapped digital media company to Scott. Abby said it was obvious which child Victor wanted sitting in his chair, but Scott wasn't even Victor's child.

Scott told Abby the Hashtag thing had happened only because of Abby's list of top potential media acquisitions. Victor had selected her first choice. Abby had hoped that Victor would've allowed her to be involved in it -- to build it from the ground up. Scott said he'd spent his entire career preparing for that. He stated that Abby had no experience. Abby was insulted and stated that her "Naked Heiress" days and her nakedness had been a tool -- she'd been an activist and staged protests, and she'd brought awareness to the plight of thousands of animals.

Abby said she would prove her value to Victor once she'd made the company a fortune. Scott suggested that the credit should go to the creators and engineers of the startups and not their landlady. Abby called it teamwork -- a brilliant idea mixed with vision and investment that made a profitable reality. Abby said her incubator would dominate Scott's digital media company in success and revenue. Abby shouted, "Game on," and stormed out.

At Brash & Sassy, Neil told Victoria that Lily had told him about the lawsuit. He'd tried to reassure Lily, but he needed more information before throwing any more sunshine in Lily's direction. Victoria said that Michael was representing them and that he'd petitioned to have the entire suit thrown out. Victoria said that Michael's arguments had been well received, and they were cautiously optimistic.

Neil was worried that Lily would be crushed if the lawsuit went the wrong way. He said there were a lot of factors that went into those cases, especially if there wasn't any evidence. Neil wanted to stay optimistic because the alternative meant watching his family get torn apart. Victoria was confident they would win. With no proof, Juliet's story was absurd. Victoria said that Cane would never have proposed such an arrangement.

Victoria didn't want any surprises and asked Neil to share any information he had that she wasn't aware of. Victoria admitted that Juliet had compelling reasons to take Brash & Sassy down -- she was a disgruntled employee, was in debt, and had been fired. Victoria didn't see any reason why Cane would've done what Juliet claimed.

At home, Mattie sensed something was off with Cane. She wanted to know if he and Lily were okay. Cane assured her they were fine, and he was concerned about some boring office politics. Mattie was satisfied and hugged him.

In the judge's chambers, Leslie presented her argument. She stated that her client's complaint against Brash & Sassy was legitimate. She said that at the time of the alleged sexual harassment, her client had been employed by Brash & Sassy as an independent contractor. Juliet had played a crucial role in Tokyo on behalf of Brash & Sassy. Juliet had been responsible for securing the company's partnership with the top Asian distributor when she'd pulled it from the jaws of disaster after Cane's inappropriate behavior had botched the deal.

Leslie went on to say that Juliet was a highly respected businesswoman who'd hoped her contribution would lead to an offer of full-time employment. Cane had manipulated Juliet by promising her his endorsement in exchange for sexual favors. Michael reminded Leslie and the judge that Cane had never offered Leslie's alleged quid pro quo and that it had existed only in Juliet's mind.

Leslie said that in Cane's hotel room, Juliet had surrendered her dignity and struck a devil's deal with Brash & Sassy and Cane, its representative. After Juliet had been passed over for the full-time position of division manager for Asia, a new position had been created with lesser pay and title, but still a full-time position. It had been offered to Juliet that same day -- quid pro quo in action. Despite Juliet's outstanding performance, she'd been fired because of a higher-ranking male's error -- just as Cane had been planning from the moment he'd finished with Juliet in the Tokyo hotel room.

Leslie maintained that Cane had had an agenda for Juliet's removal from the company. Leslie claimed she had a witness who was prepared to testify that they'd heard Cane tell Juliet to move back to Tokyo. Michael said there was still no proof of sexual harassment. Leslie assured the judge she'd produce admissible evidence that would fully back up her client's claim. The judge said he was ready to rule.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary saw Juliet returning with her suitcase. Hilary asked why Juliet was back. Juliet stated that Leslie had told Juliet she could return because things had accelerated, and Juliet might be in a position to settle. Hilary adamantly stated that that was unacceptable, and she wouldn't allow Juliet to settle.

Juliet felt it would be good to get a cashier's check, and there wouldn't be a public inquisition required. Hilary said that Juliet would only get a fraction of what she deserved. Juliet said she only wanted enough money to get out of debt, relocate, and move forward with her life. Hilary pointed out that Juliet had been used and taken advantage of in the most demeaning way. Juliet had suffered emotionally because of what Cane had done, and Juliet deserved compensation for her pain and suffering.

Juliet said she was tired of fighting. Hilary vehemently stated that Juliet shouldn't give up when she was so close. Juliet admitted that she wanted Brash & Sassy to pay, but she didn't see anything wrong with settling and putting an end to the suit. Hilary stated that settling out of court was a win, but people would only see that Juliet had taken the settlement because she'd never had a case and that she'd only been after the money. Hilary asked if Juliet wanted Brash & Sassy to get a free pass or if Juliet wanted the truth to be revealed.

Juliet was worried that her reputation would be permanently trashed if her case became public. Hilary understood that it would be a gamble, but the reward would justify the risk. At that moment, Juliet received a call from Leslie.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon carried coffee over to a customer that she recognized as Zack, Abby's friend. Zack said they were only business partners. Sharon recalled that Zack and Abby had worked on the dating app. Zack said the app had progressed nicely. Zack said he was meeting Abby shortly, and Abby was very strict about confidentiality. He felt he'd already said too much. Sharon asked if Zack had presented the project to Abby, but Zack said he couldn't say.

Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights and spotted Zack. She rushed to the patio. Zack grabbed her arm. Tessa wanted to know why he'd followed her and what he wanted from her. Zack claimed that he'd changed and was a respectable entrepreneur. He said he had a blue chip company backing his new company. He claimed he'd stopped thinking about Chicago. Tessa said some things were too horrible to forget. They agreed to never speak again and went their separate ways.

Tessa cheerfully greeted Sharon. Sharon said it had appeared that Tessa had been in a stressful conversation. Tessa admitted that was the guy from Chicago she'd told Noah about. Sharon asked if he'd been Tessa's boyfriend. Tessa said no. Sharon said that Noah believed that Tessa had been afraid to remain in the same city as that guy and that she'd almost packed her bags to leave town. Tessa said Noah had nothing to be concerned about.

Abby met Zack, and they enthusiastically discussed the dating app. Abby said she was single and wanted to sign up. Zack showed her his profile. Abby suggested they sample their app. Zack thought Abby needed to find out if the creator of the app was a halfway decent date. They swiped their app and giggled.

At the park café, Reed was happy to see Mattie. He complained that she hadn't given him her contact information. Mattie wrote it down and gave it to Reed. He asked the meaning of Waltzing Matilda under her name. Mattie said it was her personal handle, and it was an Australian song. She added that her dad was originally from Australia. Mattie said her real name was Matilda, but it was Mattie -- never Matilda.

Charlie arrived. Mattie introduced Reed to Charlie. Charlie asked why Mattie was hanging out with "Indie poser dude." Reed claimed that Charlie was the jerk who'd made out with Reed's ex-girlfriend. Mattie revealed that Charlie was her twin brother.

On a park bench, Sharon asked Scott what he considered weird coincidences and she told him that Abby's new partner for her startup was Zack -- the same guy who'd almost run Noah's friend, Tessa, out of town. Scott mentioned that Abby had been laying it on pretty thick about how much money she was going to make from that same startup and wondered if Zack could be trouble.

Sharon told Scott that Tessa had mentioned that she and Zack had barely known each other and that Noah had exaggerated her reaction when she'd seen Zack in Genoa City. Sharon said that Tessa and Zack appeared to have had an intense conversation, but she hadn't heard them. Sharon said that Abby seemed very solid about Zack and wondered how dangerous he could be if he was creating a dating app for a living. Scott laughed when he realized that Abby's cutting-edge, mega-million-dollar project was a dating app.

Sharon felt there was something off about Tessa and wondered where the problem lay -- and whether it was with Zack or Tessa. Sharon wanted to be supportive of Noah's relationship. Scott teased Sharon about protective mothers. He suggested that Noah was an adult, and Sharon needed to trust him to make his own decisions.

Scott thanked Sharon for making his unexpected homecoming so much more than he'd expected. Sharon said it had been mutual, and he'd made the past few months much better than she could've imagined. Sharon invited Scott for a home-cooked meal later. Scott accepted, and they kissed.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy. Victoria assured Cane that Leslie didn't have a case, and the ordeal would be over shortly. Michael arrived and advised that the judge had refused to dismiss the suit, so they were going to trial. Cane couldn't believe the judge had sided with Juliet. Michael said that it wasn't about taking sides but a formality to allow the case to move forward.

Michael said that very few of Leslie's cases were ever thrown out. She had an incredible ability to captivate judges and juries. She took facts and wove them into expertly crafted stories. She was a spellbinder, but Leslie had to show evidence. Leslie had promised the judge she'd have it. Victoria stated that Juliet's allegations were all lies. Cane felt it wouldn't stop Juliet from accusing him of sexual harassment, and he was afraid Juliet would be believed.

Michael wanted to focus on what would destroy the idiotic lawsuit. He said Leslie had no evidence, and even though she was an excellent attorney, she didn't have magical powers. At that moment, Leslie arrived and offered to negotiate a settlement and wrap everything up privately rather than going through the time and expense of a trial.

Cane asked if Leslie had ever seen him behave inappropriately when they'd worked together at Jabot. Leslie said that sexual harassment took place behind closed doors, and that was the reason so many women didn't step forward -- the fear of not being believed. Michael asked for Leslie's offer to settle.

Leslie handed Michael a figure on a scrap of paper. Victoria saw the figure and laughed. She said Leslie had to be kidding because that would be more than Juliet would earn in a decade of working at Brash & Sassy. Leslie suggested that Victoria have stronger protections in place for the women she employed. Cane told Leslie that Juliet was lying. Leslie told Michael to discuss the offer and get back to her.

Victoria asked Michael what they should do. Cane was adamant that they should settle because Leslie had no evidence, and the case should've been dismissed. Michael said that Leslie would make sure that Brash & Sassy had another scandal on their hands. Cane stated that was all the more reason they should settle. Victoria showed Cane the figure Leslie had presented. Cane was shocked.

Victoria asked about public perception of the company. Their brand would be damaged beyond repair. Victoria wouldn't allow the company to become a target for future blackmail or the next employee who got fired or laid off. If Juliet wanted a battle, then they would fight and win. Victoria assured Cane that they would be redeemed. Agitated, Cane said he had to be with his family, and he stormed out.

Victoria wanted to look at their options. Michael said he could file a motion to expedite discovery and force Leslie's hand. If she had a strong case, they would force her to present it. Michael said he'd dig up what he could on Juliet. Victoria didn't care how private or shameful it was; she'd do anything to get to the truth. Michael said Leslie had revealed something that Victoria had neglected to tell him. Apparently, Cane had almost torched her Asian deal because of his inappropriate behavior, but Juliet had salvaged it. Victoria was stunned and admitted it was the first she'd heard about it.

Leslie met with Neil at the Athletic Club. She understood the allegations against Cane were upsetting, but she claimed that Neil knew it was her job and was not personal. Neil said that when it concerned his family, it was personal. Neil was curious how Leslie had wound up with Juliet's case. Leslie said it had been a referral from Hilary. Neil spotted Hilary at the bar, and after Leslie left, Neil confronted Hilary.

Neil told Hilary he knew Hilary had hooked Juliet up with Leslie. Neil asked when Hilary would stop tearing his family apart. Hilary advised that Juliet was her friend and had asked her for the name of a good lawyer -- so she'd recommended Leslie. Hilary said that Cane might have the "perfect husband" routine down cold, but that was far from the truth, and Neil needed to open his eyes.

In the meantime, Cane sneaked into the Athletic Club without being seen by Hilary and Neil and went to Juliet's room. Cane told Juliet that he had something to say, and he wasn't leaving until she'd heard him out.

Sharon and Scott make love

Sharon and Scott make love

Thursday, June 15, 2017

At Newman Enterprises, Abby rolled her eyes when Scott approached her. He said he'd heard about her new project, and he sarcastically questioned how something as original as a dating app couldn't be a big moneymaker. She huffed that they were about to start beta testing, and she thought he should be involved because he needed all the help he could get to find a woman who would put up with him. Abby asserted that the app was innovative and highly personalized, but it couldn't find dates for the undateable.

Scott informed Abby that he was seeing someone that night, and Abby was surprised that he wouldn't be at home, slaving away at his little online magazine to try to win their bet. She taunted that anyone with a browser could look up anything they wanted at any time, and she scoffed at the idea of Scott charging for a subscription. Zack arrived to pick Abby up for their date, and Scott pulled her aside and cautioned that Zack was technically a subordinate. She snapped that perhaps Scott could get someone in human resources to subscribe to his magazine when he went to tattle on her, and she sauntered out.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Zack asked Abby if the date had been good so far, and she marveled at getting the best table in the house. She wondered if that was standard on the app or if he'd had to pull strings, but she was impressed either way. Zack commented that it was tricky to date someone he worked for, since he had to be on top of his game. Abby stressed that their "date" was just a test of the platform, and he joked that all first dates were tests. They laughed.

Later, Abby thought the complimentary dessert had been a nice touch, but she couldn't tell if it had been standard protocol or if Zack had done it to boost the experience. Zack admitted that he'd pulled out a few stops, and she declared it a success. He surmised that they were headed in the right direction business-wise, but he questioned how he'd rated as a date. Abby replied that he'd been user-friendly and accessible, and she gave him four and a half stars, since there was always room for improvement.

At the cottage, Sharon fussed over the dining table as she prepared for dinner. Mariah entered and noticed that Sharon was wearing a new dress. Sharon wondered what Mariah was doing home, and Mariah replied that she was just there to change for her date with Devon. Mariah smelled Sharon's cheese soufflé in the oven, and she figured that between the new dress and the table set for two, something special was happening that night.

Sharon and Mariah did their makeup together, and Mariah thought sometimes it was unfair to have such a gorgeous mom. Mariah added that it was nice to see Sharon excited and upbeat, since she'd been a wreck after Dylan had left. Sharon noted that going back to school and working at the crisis hotline had helped, but Mariah teased that they hadn't been the only things that had made a difference. Sharon admitted that Scott had helped change her perspective. The doorbell rang, and Mariah let Scott in and declared that it was perfect timing, since she was just leaving. Mariah pointedly stated that she was staying at Devon's, and she headed out. Scott presented Sharon with a bottle of wine.

Scott opened the wine and hoped it went with whatever smelled good. Sharon suggested that they drink the wine first so the food wouldn't be an issue, but he bet she was pretty good in the kitchen. He examined her home, and she imagined he found it to be floral and domestic. He called it comfortable and welcoming, and she was sure it was a big change from the way he'd lived for the past few years. Sharon added that she was probably a change from the women he'd dated around the world, and Scott replied that her life was intriguing to him, since she had roots and family.

Scott recognized that he hadn't been part of a real community for a long time, and he saw the appeal of putting down roots. She pointed out that she still lived on her former in-laws' property, and he thought they could find middle ground. Sharon asked whether he thought they balanced one another out. Scott moved in to kiss her, but the kitchen timer sounded.

After dinner, Scott complimented Sharon's soufflé, and she joked that most of her cheese recipes involved boiled macaroni. He moved to clear the table, but she objected because he'd worked all day. He pointed out that she had, too, and their eyes met as they reached for the dishes. They kissed passionately, but he pulled back and asked if she was sure. She ripped open his shirt, and they began to paw one another. Upstairs, Sharon and Scott undressed and began to make love.

Victoria stopped by the Ashby home, and Lily invited her in. Victoria asked if the twins were around, and she explained that she needed to speak with Cane to clarify a few details about the closing of the Asian deal. Lily said Cane wasn't there, but he'd been sure that Juliet's case would be thrown out that day. Victoria reported that it hadn't been, so they were heading to trial, and she warned that things could get ugly very fast.

Lily wailed that the accusation was traumatic enough, but a trial would ruin all aspects of their lives. Victoria relayed that the judge thought there was enough evidence to move forward, and she was surprised that Cane hadn't told Lily. Lily imagined that he'd freaked out, and she inquired whether he would have to testify. Victoria explained that the case hinged on his word against Juliet's, so he'd have to call Juliet out for the liar she was. Victoria thought Juliet was looking for revenge or an easy payday, but she wondered if Lily was having doubts about Cane.

Lily refused to believe that Juliet's allegations were true, and she swore that her only concern was for Cane's reputation. Lily recalled that she and Cane had gone through something similar with Hilary, and she was furious that they had to deal with lies again. Lily was adamant that Cane would never use his position for sex, and any woman who said otherwise was a liar. Victoria asked when Cane would be back, but Lily indicated that he hadn't been answering his phone. Victoria prepared to leave, and she told Lily to tell Cane that they were all behind him and that she needed to talk to him right away.

At the Underground, Phyllis recognized that Billy cared about Brash & Sassy, but she insisted that they not think or talk about the sexual harassment case that night. She mentioned that she'd managed to cram his sporting gear into the closets of their apartment, and he planned to spend the rest of the night, showing his gratitude. They headed to the bar to order drinks, and they ran into Nick and Chelsea. Billy announced that he and Phyllis were there to celebrate being back together, and Nick scowled as Chelsea awkwardly congratulated them. Phyllis pointed out that she and Billy didn't need Nick's blessing. Nick barked that he'd tell Phyllis what he'd told his sister -- that she could do better.

Billy admitted that he was a screwup who'd made one mistake after another, but he pointed out that not all of Nick's relationships had been smooth sailing. Phyllis contended that among the four of them, no one had the moral high ground. Nick crossed the bar to join Noah, who was showing Devon a band on his phone. Nick inquired whether Noah was doing any bartending, and Chelsea urged Noah to take a break while she shook up something strong enough to make Nick ease up on his son and everyone else in the place.

Phyllis and Billy agreed to ignore Nick and get on with their night. Billy stepped up to the bar, and Phyllis approached Nick and warned him to lay off Billy, since Victoria didn't need Nick to fight her battles. Phyllis recalled that Nick had been in a similar position when he'd been deciding between her and Sharon, so he was no saint. She said she'd appreciate him not getting in Billy's face every time they were in a room together. Nick agreed to try for her sake but told her not to expect a housewarming gift.

Chelsea poured Billy a drink, and she defended that Nick had a lot on his mind. Billy referred to Chloe, and he said he was sorry for everything Chelsea had gone through. Chelsea sadly stated that she'd loved Chloe like a sister, and she'd never wanted Bella to grow up without a mom. Chelsea asked how Billy was doing, and he envisioned Katherine, Chloe, and Delia having tea parties in heaven.

Chelsea called Billy a good father, and he said he tried to see his kids as much as he could, but Victoria didn't want them to stay overnight because he'd moved in with Phyllis. Chelsea was surprised, since Billy and Phyllis had just gotten back together. Billy remarked that he'd learned that life was too short, so he wouldn't sit around and wait to be happy. He wondered why she and Nick weren't shacking up, but she wanted to take it slowly because of their kids. Billy advised her not to take it so slowly that they ended up moving backwards.

Victoria entered the bar, and she told Nick that she was glad to see friendly faces after another day of misery and angst. She spied Billy and Phyllis dancing and laughing, and she mumbled that it was on par with the rest of the day. Phyllis tensed up when she saw Victoria, and she suggested that she and Billy find out if there was any news then go home. They headed over to Victoria, and Billy asked if she was raising a glass because Juliet had decided to drop the suit. Victoria reported that nothing had changed, but she hoped it would be over soon. Billy and Phyllis departed, and Chelsea poured Victoria a double. Victoria considered it a start.

Tessa arrived and informed Noah that she'd run into the guy from Chicago again, but she'd found out that he was in town for a business deal, so she'd freaked out for nothing. She insisted that it wasn't a big deal, so she intended to stick around.

Tessa and Noah joined Mariah and Devon, and Devon assured Tessa that he had no intentions of turning her into a pop princess if she decided to sign with him. Tessa declared that she would be an idiot to say no, which was her way of saying yes. Noah called for a toast, and he and Mariah went to get drinks at the bar. Mariah wondered why Noah didn't seem excited when he'd wanted Tessa to take the deal. Noah confided that there were some things he couldn't shake off, and Mariah acknowledged that he'd been burned by women with secrets before.

Mariah insisted that Tessa was different, but Noah complained that he didn't know anything about Tessa. Mariah pointed out that Noah had grown up with a loving family, and she guessed that Tessa hadn't. Noah recalled that Tessa had left home at a young age and hadn't kept in contact with her family, and he wondered why. Mariah advised him to give it time, since Tessa would tell him her story when she was ready, and she was worth it.

Mariah sensed that something was wrong after Devon ended a call, and he said Neil had just told him that Cane had been accused of sexual harassment. Mariah referred to the lawsuit against Brash & Sassy, and she mentioned that Hilary wanted her to do a story on it. Devon groused that Hilary just wanted to make trouble, and he divulged that she had recommended an attorney to Juliet. Devon turned his attention to the music, and Tessa began to play.

In Juliet's hotel suite, Juliet started to call security. Cane grabbed the phone and begged her to hear him out, since his life was falling apart, and she was the only person who could help. Juliet protested that Leslie had advised her not to speak to Cane or anyone else connected to the case. Cane insisted that he and Juliet were friends, and they both knew he hadn't sexually harassed her. Cane suspected that Hilary had put her up to filing the lawsuit, and he argued that Hilary exploited people. He added that Hilary wasn't Juliet's friend, but he and Lily were, and it would destroy their family if Juliet continued to pursue the lawsuit.

Cane pleaded that he couldn't lose his family over the lawsuit, and Juliet swore that her issue was with Brash & Sassy. Cane argued that his name was on the complaint, and it stood to destroy his reputation. He noted that he'd been her biggest champion, but she countered that she'd taken the fall when things had gone south. Cane maintained that Billy should have been fired instead, and he agreed that it wasn't fair. Cane insisted that the lawsuit wasn't the answer, and he contended that they'd both lose if she went ahead with it. Juliet declared that she wasn't afraid to testify and tell the truth about what had happened between them.

Cane reiterated that both he and Juliet knew that what had happened hadn't been sexual harassment in any way. She countered that it was a matter of interpretation, but he reminded her that he'd barely been able to walk, much less coerce her into having sex. She recounted that he hadn't been able to remember any of it. Cane admitted that he'd been devastated that he'd betrayed his wife, but he and Juliet had agreed it had meant nothing. Juliet said she'd respected him and his family, but the minute she'd been fired, her supposed friend and champion had told her to head back to Tokyo.

Cane defended that he'd thought Juliet would be happier in Japan, but she suspected that he'd wanted her far away so that he could keep pretending to be the perfect husband. Cane swore that he genuinely cared about Juliet, but she accused him of not even trying to talk Victoria out of firing her. Cane doubted that Victoria would have listened to what he'd had to say, since she was a Newman. Cane warned that Victoria was about to direct her family's power at Juliet and that Juliet would lose, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Juliet chided Cane for using threats after he'd failed to get sympathy, but he urged her to think it through. He anticipated that Victoria would dig up dirt on her, but Juliet reiterated that what had been done to her hadn't been right. Cane argued that his wife and kids didn't deserve to be hurt, either, and he implored Juliet to consider whether it was worth risking both their futures. After a moment, Juliet called Leslie and said they needed to meet, since things had changed.

Cane returned home, and Lily informed him that Victoria had been there. Lily asked why he hadn't told her that the judge had ruled in Juliet's favor, but he insisted that everything was okay. He revealed that he'd just seen Juliet, and she was dropping the suit, so there would be no trial. Lily demanded to know why Cane had been alone with Juliet, and he explained that he'd needed to talk to her without the pressure of other people around. He thought it had worked.

Lily asked why Cane was sure Juliet would back off when the judge had already given the go-ahead, and Cane claimed that he'd reminded Juliet of everything he'd done to look after her. He was confident that he'd convinced Juliet that the lawsuit was a mistake, and she'd already called and told Leslie that she'd changed her mind. Cane told Lily it was over, and he pulled her close, but she looked unsure.

Leslie rushed over to Juliet's room and demanded to know what had happened to change Juliet's mind. Juliet whined that she'd never win against the Newmans, but Leslie pointed out that the family had lost in court before. Juliet was convinced that they'd get her blackballed all over the world, and Leslie wondered if Victoria had threatened Juliet. Juliet said there had been no threats, but Cane had just wanted her to consider the fallout. Leslie inquired whether Cane had been there to see Juliet alone, and Juliet nodded. Leslie proclaimed that he'd just made the second biggest mistake of his life.

Juliet thought Cane had been trying to save her from herself by making her see what the fight could do to everyone. Leslie bellowed that Cane had manipulated and intimidated Juliet into doing exactly what he wanted -- first having sex, then dropping the suit. Leslie considered it to be evidence of more harassment, and she insisted that Juliet couldn't cave, since Juliet's so-called friend had just made her case stronger.

Juliet's lawsuit moves forward

Juliet's lawsuit moves forward

Friday, June 16, 2017

At the Ashby home, Neil was surprised that Lily wasn't angrier about Hilary's involvement in Juliet's lawsuit. Lily announced that according to Cane, Juliet was dropping the lawsuit, so it was over. Neil was shocked to hear that Cane had gone to see Juliet alone, and Lily recounted that she'd had the same reaction at first, but Juliet had admitted that she'd been punishing them when it was the company she resented. Neil asked if Lily was sure that Cane had gotten through to Juliet, and Lily relayed that Cane was confident the lawsuit would be dropped.

At GC Buzz, Mariah informed Hilary that she'd done some digging into the assignment Hilary had given her, and there had been a filing at the courthouse but no names or allegations. Mariah added that Devon had informed her that the parties involved were Cane and Juliet, and Hilary feigned surprise. Mariah called her out on knowing about it, since Hilary had advised Juliet about which lawyer to hire. Mariah bet that Hilary hadn't counted on her digging that up.

Mariah surmised that Hilary had asked her to dig into things so that no one would accuse Hilary of having a stake in the situation. Hilary contended that the only thing at stake was news for the show, but Mariah argued that there was no proof that Cane had done anything. Hilary took Mariah off the story and resolved to handle it herself, and Mariah incredulously asked if Hilary really believed Cane had cheated on Lily and used his position to get what he'd wanted from Juliet. Hilary taunted that she and not Mariah would be the one on the national newsfeed when the case went to court.

Mariah stepped away and privately called Lily to warn her that if news of Juliet's lawsuit became public, the coverage might not exactly be objective. Lily guessed that Hilary intended to make trouble, and she rushed over to GC Buzz. Lily bellowed that Hilary would be the one getting sued if she made baseless claims about Cane. Hilary sweetly replied that there was nothing to worry about if Cane was telling the truth, but Lily had everything to lose if he was lying. Hilary questioned whether Lily was even a little suspicious, since Cane had been entitled to a little something on the side after she'd cheated on him.

Lily chided Hilary for what she was dragging the Ashby family through, and Hilary countered that Cane should have thought about his family before he'd instructed Juliet on how to further her career. Hilary implied that Lily hadn't kept her husband satisfied, and Jordan intervened as Lily lunged at her. Jordan was surprised that Lily thought Hilary had pushed Juliet into the lawsuit, and Lily testily asked if Hilary had received a finder's fee for getting Juliet a lawyer. Lily huffed that Hilary wouldn't get the chance to destroy Lily's family, since Juliet was dropping the case. Lily stormed off, and Jordan confronted Hilary about whether it was true.

Hilary reasoned that Juliet had asked for a recommendation, and Jordan guessed that Hilary had gotten a jump on a juicy story in return. Hilary argued that she was a reporter, and she asked if he expected her not to do her job. Jordan questioned how well she'd done it, since Juliet had suddenly hooked up with a lawyer while Hilary had gotten an exclusive. He berated Hilary for hurting Lily, Victoria, and even him to get a boost in the ratings. He spat that he hoped she was happy with herself, and he walked away in disgust.

Sharon woke up alone in bed, and she called out for Scott. She found him downstairs, and he told her that coffee was on and a frittata was in the oven. They kissed and headed back upstairs, where they toppled onto the bed in a passionate embrace. He suddenly remembered the eggs, but she purred that they'd make more. They resumed kissing.

Later, Sharon was amazed that Scott had cooked, and she cooed that she'd been impressed by many things that morning. He got a text message from Victor, asking where Scott was. Scott wrote back and said he was having breakfast with a major rainmaker, so he couldn't talk. Sharon cautioned that it was risky to tick Victor off, but Scott replied that it was worth it, and they kissed. She bet that breakfast had been his "go-to morning-after menu," and she imagined that she hadn't been the first woman he'd cooked for. He declared that it was the first time he'd really put his heart into it.

Sharon walked Scott to the door, and he told her that the next time she thought he'd run out on her, she should think again. She assured him that she knew better because it wasn't the kind of person he was, and she'd known that from the moment when he'd selflessly helped her with her paper at Crimson Lights. She admitted that it had been hard when Dylan had left very suddenly. She hadn't been able to imagine what would be next, but Scott had sneaked up on her. Scott recalled that he'd only returned home to recuperate for a few weeks, but she'd given him a reason to stick around. They kissed goodbye.

Later, Mariah returned home and speculated that Scott had gone home early and that Sharon had stayed up all night with her books. Sharon replied that they'd had a lovely evening, and Mariah detected a certain glow about her mother. Sharon marveled that Scott made her very happy and had cooked for her. Sharon thought he was different from the other men she'd been involved with because he wasn't rescuing or protecting her. Mariah pointed out that he was wooing Sharon, who confessed that she was really falling for him.

At the Athletic Club, Dina told Devon that she'd been enjoying time with her family, and she saw no harm in staying a bit longer. Graham observed that Devon didn't seem pleased, and he implied that Dina was concerned that her partner would alter things. Dina asserted that Devon and Neil had bought her company, and she merely had a seat on the board. Dina encouraged Devon to make full use of Graham's skills, since she'd found Graham to be an invaluable advisor.

Devon said he'd have to run it by Neil, and Graham reassured Devon that Dina would give them the space needed to run the company as they saw fit. After Devon stepped away, Graham noted that Dina seemed distracted, and she admitted that she'd been thinking about how she'd turned down Jack's offer to stay at the Abbott house. Graham insisted that she was in much better hands with him, but she wanted to clear the air with Jack. Graham warned her not to let Jack talk her into anything, and she promised she wouldn't.

Across the dining room, Michael noticed that Lauren had been constantly checking her phone. She worried that Scott hadn't returned home the night before, and Michael reasoned that a grown man might stay elsewhere sometimes. Lauren voiced her disapproval of Sharon because she'd stolen a child, but Michael argued that it had been completely different from what had happened with Scott and Sheila. Juliet marched over and demanded that Michael tell his client that she didn't want any more surprise visits. Juliet informed him that Cane had stopped by her suite the night before, and she haughtily wondered how that would look in court.

Later, Scott returned home, and Lauren lamented that they never had a chance to catch up anymore. He surmised that she wanted to know where things stood with Sharon. Lauren stressed that he could date whoever he wanted, but she wanted him to know what he was getting into. He acknowledged that Sharon had a history, but he asked whether it was fairer to judge Sharon on her past or on who she was then. Scott pointed out that he had a dark history of his own that Sharon accepted. He continued that Lauren had been vocal about wanting him to make a life there, but she had to give him space to live it. Lauren apologized, but she asked him to promise he'd keep his eyes open.

At Jabot, Ashley asked Jack if there had been any last-minute goodbye call from Dina. Jack declared that it appeared Dina was staying on, and Ashley surmised their mother would continue to stay at the Athletic Club. Jack confirmed that Dina had shown no interest in staying at their house, and Ashley thought it was obvious Dina was trying to keep Graham happy. Jack hoped Ashley wasn't planning another confrontation, and Ashley pledged to find a new approach to figure out what Graham wanted with their mother.

Later, Jack was pleasantly surprised when Dina stopped by. She voiced concern about the way they'd left things, and she hoped he knew how much his invitation had meant to her. He pointed out that it hadn't been enough to accept, and he questioned whether it had been her decision or Graham's. Jack sensed that she wasn't comfortable unless Graham was constantly by her side. Dina admitted that she depended on Graham, whereas she and her children had no experience depending on one another.

Jack wondered if Dina couldn't return home because of the memories. "What memories, son?" Dina asked. She confided that the house reminded her of all the special moments she could have had that she hadn't, and there was no one to blame but herself. Dina asked why Jack thought there was a competition between him and Graham when there wasn't. Jack thought she was in denial, since Graham was competing for her attention and affection and winning. Dina stated that she hadn't known she had to make a choice between them.

Dina turned the topic to not knowing whether it had been time to sell the company. Jack inquired whether Graham had talked her into it, and she said Graham had listened to her sort things out. She reasoned that she was in her seventies, and certain facts went along with that, but there was no reason to worry. She hoped her decision to stay had been a positive one for Jack, and Jack assumed that Graham had agreed to let her change her mind. Dina asserted that Graham would do anything to make her happy, and spending time with her children and granddaughter made her very happy.

Jack queried whether Dina's stay was just temporary, and she countered that she'd never said she'd stay permanently. Jack asked if Graham decided how much time she could allot to her family, but she firmly replied that no one told her where she went and when. Jack said he was glad she'd decided to stay, and Dina mused that she didn't know how many more opportunities she'd have in her lifetime to be around the people she loved. Dina added that Graham meant more to her than Jack could possibly understand, but she didn't know how to put it into words.

Ashley approached Graham at the club and thought some things needed to be said. Graham asked if he should make his drink a double vodka, and she noted that he was "always so charming." She suggested that they put their recent animosity behind them and explained that she'd never anticipated being protective over Dina, but Dina was still her mother. Ashley admitted that it wasn't easy not knowing anything about Graham or what he wanted, and she wanted to make peace with the man who had more access to her mother than anyone. Graham was glad to hear it, even if Ashley's heart wasn't in it.

Ashley asked how Graham would feel if his mother was taking advice from someone he considered a total stranger instead of her own family, and Graham joked that at least Ashley conceded that he had a mother. Graham reiterated that Dina didn't allow anyone to control her, and he swore that he and Dina weren't lovers. He explained that he loved Dina, but not in the way Ashley was presuming. Ashley bemoaned that taking his word had been easier when she'd been angry with Dina, but she'd found herself caring about her mother. Ashley worried that she was setting herself up for disappointment all over again, and Graham thought the fear of disappointment was natural.

Ashley commented that honesty wasn't always easy, but it paid off. Graham figured that she only knew him in the context of her mother, but he'd had a full life before Dina had entered it. He thought it was nothing Ashley would be interested in, but she countered, "Who says I'm not interested?"

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria argued that Michael would have called if Juliet had dropped the case. Billy asked why Cane was sure Juliet had, and Cane revealed that he'd seen her, and they'd hashed it out. Victoria barked that it had been the worst possible thing he could have done, and she sternly reminded Cane that she'd told him to stay away from Juliet. Victoria also informed him that she was aware that he'd blown the deal in Tokyo and that Juliet had needed to rescue him. Victoria questioned how she was supposed to trust him, and he promised it wouldn't happen again.

Cane explained that he'd convinced Juliet that she couldn't accuse him of sexual harassment, and she had called Leslie to end the suit. Billy demanded to know why they were hearing it from Cane and not Leslie, and Cane expected to hear from Leslie soon. Michael entered while on the phone, refusing to let Leslie blow things out of proportion. Michael hung up and blasted Cane for going to Juliet's room alone. Michael hissed that Cane had just handed Juliet a huge present -- a winning case wrapped up in a nice, shiny bow.

Cane reiterated that Juliet had been prepared to forget the case, and he speculated that Leslie had decided to double down for the billable hours. Victoria asked if they should expedite the discovery phase, and Michael explained that it would entail questioning all potential witnesses under oath to learn what evidence both sides had. Victoria thought they had to expose what little Leslie had to work with, and Michael anticipated that it might convince Juliet to settle privately or drop the case. Cane realized that he'd have to testify, and Michael called it Cane's chance to prove Juliet had lied.

Victoria wanted to gather as much ammunition as possible before the lawsuit went public, but Michael reported that Juliet was squeaky clean, both personally and professionally. He expected Juliet to make a phenomenal witness, especially if the case ended up in front of a jury. Billy and Cane exchanged barbs, and Victoria snapped that she was trying her hardest to keep the company solvent without them sniping. Michael requested that they carve out time to prepare. Cane promised to do so, but he had to find Lily to tell her the case was back on. Cane rushed out.

Michael indicated that Juliet was the only witness on Leslie's list, and he wanted to hear Juliet's testimony before Leslie coached her. Michael noted that Cane's testimony would be critical, and he asked if Victoria wanted to try to blow Juliet's claim out of the water or to wait and take their chances. Victoria said her usual instinct would be to proceed slowly, but she thought they had to defend themselves from being attacked. She imagined it wouldn't be long before the story leaked, so they had to fight. She wanted to push forward with the discovery process and expose Juliet for the liar she was.

Devon approached Cane at the Athletic Club bar, and he said he'd heard Cane had squashed the lawsuit. Cane glumly revealed that it was back on, but anyone who knew him knew he wouldn't use his position to get a woman into bed. Cane admitted that he was terrified because he didn't know how it would play out or if the truth would even matter. Devon said the good news was that word hadn't spread, but he advised Cane to be straight with Lily if there was anything she didn't know about. Devon wished Cane luck.

Juliet tracked down Hilary at work and revealed that Leslie was concerned about Juliet being the only witness, so Juliet thought Hilary could be a character witness. Hilary protested that she hardly knew Juliet, but Juliet referred to everything Hilary knew and how she'd learned it. Juliet said Hilary was the only one she'd told about what had happened with Cane before she'd been fired, but Hilary was adamant that she couldn't help any more than she already had. Hilary swore that she was rooting for Juliet, but Juliet was on her own from that point on.

Jordan arrived to see Lily at the Ashby home, and he apologized for what Hilary had been putting her through. He wished he'd listened to Lily's warnings, since he'd seen a side of Hilary that scared him. Lily groaned that she'd thought she'd been done with Hilary after Hilary and Devon had divorced, but Hilary had used Cane to go after Lily. Jordan told Lily that it would be okay, and she wailed that the ugly, unfounded allegations hurt. Jordan assured her that her marriage would be fine, and she asked if he really believed it. He insisted that he did, and they hugged as Cane walked in.

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