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Stella learned the truth about T.J.'s paternity. Spencer continued to lash out. Laura agreed to move in with Kevin. Sam continued to be plagued by visions. An enemy followed Sonny and Carly to Sonny's island. Jason saved the day.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 19, 2017 on GH
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Laura and Kevin decide to move in together Laura and Kevin decide to move in together

Monday, June 19, 2017

Griffin arrived at Sonny's and asked if Sonny was going to kill Ava. He recalled finding Sonny "looming" over her, and he regretted not calling security. "You think I don't know how your business works?" Griffin wondered. Sonny didn't want to be lectured about the woman who'd caused the death of his son. He informed Griffin that he had no plans to kill Ava, because his revenge happened every time she took a breath and felt pain.

Griffin spoke about his and Sonny's "mutual faith," which preached that no soul was beyond redemption. Griffin thought that forgiveness was the only way to heal. Sonny didn't think he would ever forgive Ava. He wondered if Griffin could ever forgive Julian for ordering Duke's death. "I didn't think so," Sonny responded to Griffin's silence.

Griffin said he would be praying for Sonny to find peace. Sonny appreciated the gesture and added that Ava's soul couldn't be redeemed, because she had no soul to begin with. Sonny answered his ringing phone, so Griffin left. "What?!" Sonny yelled into the phone.

In the park, Nelle sat down on a bench after answering the phone. She said she would love to be interviewed, but she didn't remember applying for the job that the call was about. She learned that someone had referred her for the job, and she wondered who it had been.

Carly visited Michael, needing to talk to him about Sonny. She divulged that she had decided to sign all of Sonny's assets back over to him. The two were still getting divorced, but they wanted to keep it as "friendly" as possible. She was thankful to Michael for standing by her while she figured out what Michael had been telling her to do all along. The mother and son embraced just as Nelle appeared behind Carly. Michael shot her a warning look, and she ran out of the room to hide. "What was that?" Carly asked as Nelle's rushing produced a crash.

Michael lightheartedly covered that Danny and Scout were visiting, and they'd already caused some destruction. Returning to the previous conversation, Carly thought it was better for her and Sonny to be on the same side, especially in regard to Ava. Michael hoped Ava got the maximum charges, and he figured that the charges would stick with Nelle's statement. Speaking of Nelle, Carly wondered why Michael had been in Nelle's hospital room and if he had feelings for her.

Michael only said that Nelle was trying to get her life together and make things right, so she deserved some credit. Carly praised Michael for being a good and forgiving man, but she warned him that Nelle would just hurt him if he let her in. Just then, Carly's phone rang, and she answered it to Sonny. He told her that he needed to see her immediately, so she promised to be right there. She hugged Michael and left. Nelle emerged from hiding, and Michael wondered how much she'd heard. "Enough," she replied.

Michael teased Nelle about her lack of stealth, but Nelle explained that Carly made her "super nervous." Michael thought that Carly would eventually be able to "tolerate" Nelle, but Nelle preferred to avoid Carly altogether. Getting to the point of her visit, Nelle explained about the offer she'd received for a job interview. She'd done some research and found that the company was a subsidiary of ELQ. He sheepishly admitted to referring her for the job but maintained that she'd gotten the interview on her own merit. He thought she would get the job, but she confessed that she'd turned it down.

Nelle explained that not only did she not want to hear what Carly had to say if Nelle was working with Michael, but she wanted to take care of herself. Michael answered that he didn't live for his mother, and he didn't want Nelle to waste time, worrying about how Carly would react when she found out that Michael and Nelle were seeing each other. Dumbfounded, Nelle wondered when they had agreed to see each other, as she'd thought that they were just talking. "Any day of my life is better with you in it," Michael admitted. She replied that she was only there about the job, and "that's the best I can do for now." She hurried out of the house.

Carly arrived at Sonny's, and he informed her that there was a problem with the liquor tariffs at the island casino. She needed to go to the island to fix the problem, since she was the owner. Confused, she reminded him that the resort wasn't on the list of things that he'd signed over to her. He admitted to hiding it within the paperwork. She agreed to go, and he promised that they could go the next day after the jet was fueled. She was surprised, but he wanted to tag along. She sternly told him that the trip was "strictly business." "Scout's honor," he answered. "We both know you're no Boy Scout," Carly teased. He sheepishly agreed.

In her hospital bed, Ava hit her call button. Epiphany entered and assured Ava that she was getting the maximum dose of pain medication. Ava wondered if she was supposed to "live the rest of my life like this? What kind of life is that?" Julian entered the room, and Epiphany told him that he had a few minutes before she had to change Ava's bandages. When Epiphany was gone, Julian assured Ava that she looked better. He caught sight of her chart and asked her about the paperwork on top. She explained the Do Not Resuscitate order but suggested that he "put me out of misery now."

Despite Julian's protests, Ava informed him that the pain that she would likely be in for the rest of her life was the only reason that Sonny had let her live. Julian was furious that Sonny had been there. Ava cried that she would take back what she'd done to Morgan if she could. Julian informed her that Sonny wanted her to quit, so "don't let him win." He wished he could help, and he grabbed her hand. He promised to stick by her, and he reminded her that they'd both been in worse jams, as they'd both been presumed dead at points in their lives.

As Julian promised that he and Ava would get through it together, Epiphany returned. "Hang tough," he told Ava, and he left. He bumped into Griffin in the hallway as Griffin was thinking about his conversation with Sonny. Julian said he would leave, as he didn't want to impede Ava's treatment, knowing that Griffin was Ava's doctor. Griffin replied that he was off duty, but he wanted to check on Ava.

Julian blurted out that he knew he'd wronged "lots of people, including your father." He didn't know if it was possible to atone for his wrongs, but he wanted to try. "Glad to hear it," Griffin replied. Julian wondered if Griffin and Ava were friends. "We prayed together," Griffin answered. Julian wanted to ask Griffin to continue praying for Ava because Ava needed all the prayers she could get. Griffin nodded and walked away.

In Ava's room, Epiphany saw no sign of infection underneath Ava's bandages. Ava grabbed Epiphany's hand and asked for a mirror. Epiphany wanted Ava to focus on healing, but Ava begged to "see the damage" for herself. "It's your decision," Epiphany conceded. She retrieved a mirror and set it down on Ava's legs. Ava picked up the mirror and moaned in distress at what she saw. From outside the room, Julian could hear as Ava cried, "No!"

Olivia slammed her phone down and muttered about a "backstabbing vulture." Ned appeared, and she told him that Diane couldn't take Olivia's custody case due to "conflict of interest." She explained to Ned about Julian's request to see Leo, and Alexis' defense of the man. Ned calmly reminded her that she had full custody, so any visits by Julian were at her discretion. He advised her to wait until after Julian's trial to "lawyer up," because if Julian was found guilty, she wouldn't even have to worry about it.

Ned added that there was no place safer than the Quartermaine compound, but Olivia reminded him that she wasn't going to move in until after they were married. He suggested that they get married the first week of July, but she was concerned with how soon it was. She confided that she wanted Leo to have Ned's name as symbolism. Ned told her that having his own father's name hadn't made Larry any more of a father. "Symbolism doesn't make a family. Love does," he told her. "Leo is my family. You are my family," he assured her.

Laura agreed to move in with Kevin just as Spencer returned wondering about the move. Laura wondered what Spencer would think about moving in with Kevin. "That depends. What are your intentions for my grandmother? Is it serious or just a casual fling?" Spencer asked Kevin.

Laura scolded Spencer, but Kevin thought it was a fair question. He admitted that he wasn't able to speak for Laura, but he pledged that he had honorable intentions. Spencer asked Kevin to define "honorable." Kevin assured Spencer that he loved Laura "very much," and he would "never leave either of you in the lurch. I promised I'm in it for the long haul." Spencer wondered if the two were going to get married.

Kevin told Spencer that both he and Laura had been married before, so neither was in a rush to do it again. However, if they decided to "take the leap," it would be for forever. Addressing Laura, Spencer wanted Laura to accept the invitation to move in with Kevin because she loved Kevin, not to put a roof over Spencer's head. Laura laughed and assured Spencer that she wanted to move in with Kevin because she loved him. She acknowledged Spencer's right to voice his opinion, but she would make the final decision.

Kevin wondered if Spencer would like to live with Kevin. Spencer thought it "could be fun," and agreed on moving in. Kevin promised that he had a spare bedroom for Spencer, but he joked that he would have to move his gaming systems out of the room. "Let's not be too hasty," Spencer said, and the three walked off to check out Kevin's place.

Jason wondered if Sam was all right, and she responded that she wasn't. She yelled at him for almost getting himself killed. "He's not safe. The threat is still out there," was the thought Sam had racing through her head. She held her head, and Jason asked what was going on. She reminded him that they had two children who would lose their father. He promised that they wouldn't lose him, but she shot back that it wasn't a promise he could make. He thought that her lack of sleep was catching up with her, and he promised to fix whatever was worrying her.

Later, Sam and Jason were at home and ready for bed. Jason assured her that Monica was keeping the kids for the night so they could catch up on some sleep. Sam apologized for snapping at him and overreacting earlier. She was just scared to lose him. He promised that she wouldn't lose him, and they shared a kiss. He told her that he loved her, and the two passionately kissed.

Later, Sam and Jason were asleep. "Jason's not safe. Your family's not safe. Danger is everywhere. You have to protect them," Sam thought, which woke her up. She got out of bed and left the bedroom. She returned with a large knife and stood at the bedside. She got into bed, put the knife under her pillow, and cuddled up with Jason.

Josslyn makes plans for a house party

Josslyn makes plans for a house party

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis approached Julian's table to tell him that she'd had a productive conversation with Olivia, who had agreed to keep the custody arrangement as it was, with Olivia maintaining physical custody of Leo, and Julian having visitation. Julian was pleased, but Alexis sensed his lack of enthusiasm. Julian assured her that he was satisfied with things, but he became distracted when he noticed a man enter the restaurant and walk to the bar. Julian cut his visit with Alexis short by claiming that he had to get back to work. After Alexis left, Julian walked over to the bar to greet the man. Garvey shook Julian's hand, but he was curious why Julian hadn't returned his calls.

Julian explained that he was out on bail and awaiting trial then he turned to leave, but Garvey grabbed Julian's arm. "Not so fast, old friend," Garvey growled with menace. Julian reluctantly sat down, prompting Garvey to thank Julian for the meeting. Julian pointed out that he hadn't had a choice, since Garvey knew where all the bodies were buried. Garvey reminded Julian that Garvey had just finished doing five years in prison, but Julian argued that Garvey had landed behind bars because of Garvey's "West Coast tactics" of ramping up the violence. Julian added that Garvey's crew had been nowhere around when Julian's men had needed backup the previous year.

Nearby, Alexis peeked from around a corner as she eavesdropped on Julian and Garvey. Julian cut to the chase by asking what Garvey wanted. Garvey revealed that he hoped to join forces with Julian to take out Sonny Corinthos and avenge Garvey's brother, but Julian refused to get involved. Garvey was surprised by Julian's reaction because he knew that Julian and Sonny had crossed paths, but Julian made it clear that it was in the past. Garvey argued that Julian couldn't walk away from their lifestyle, but Julian disagreed and pointed out that it would be foolish to be near Julian because his trial was pending, and he was watched closely. Garvey backed off, but he vowed to follow through on his plans to kill Sonny.

Garvey leaned close to Julian's ear and whispered that he wouldn't forget Julian's "lack of solidarity." After Garvey left, Alexis stepped forward to let Julian know that she'd overheard his exchange with Garvey. She admitted that she had returned to the restaurant because she'd been suspicious of Julian's odd behavior. Julian admitted that he had history with Garvey, but Alexis wanted to know what Julian intended to do about Garvey's plans to kill Sonny.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Jason arrived home with a bag of food. He smiled sheepishly when he saw Sam seated on the bottom of the stairs because he had hoped to pass off the breakfast he had picked up as homemade. Sam grinned, but she was curious how long she had slept. She was surprised when he told her that she'd slept for ten hours. Jason admitted that he had wanted her to have as much sleep as possible because she'd been operating on no sleep. Sam thanked him because she felt better.

After Jason disappeared into the kitchen, Sam's smile faded. She stood up to retrieve the knife she'd been hiding on the stairs, out of Jason's view then, looked around to figure out where to put it. Moments later, Jason returned to ask if Sam wanted a croissant or a bagel, but he noticed the knife. She claimed that she'd found it on the coffee table. Jason assumed that he'd carried it to the living room when he'd set the table earlier. He shifted gears to apologize to Sam for what had transpired with Costa at the hospital.

Jason promised Sam that he would make a point of keeping her in the loop next time because he didn't want there to be any more surprises. Grateful, Sam kissed her husband. After they sat down for breakfast, Jason expressed his relief that Sam was feeling better. She assured him that she would not let her exhaustion get out of control again because they had plenty of babysitters between their mothers and her sisters.

Moments later, Jason answered a knock at the door. It was Julian. Jason warned Julian that it wasn't a good time, but Julian asked Jason and Sam to hear him out because it was important. Jason relented and invited Julian inside. Julian told Jason and Sam about his encounter with Garvey and Garvey's desire to eliminate Sonny. Sam was skeptical and questioned why her father hadn't gone directly to Sonny with the information, but Julian pointed out that Max likely had orders to shoot Julian on sight.

Jason suspected it might be a trap, but Julian assured Jason that Alexis had heard the conversation and could corroborate everything. Julian left it up to Jason to tell Sonny -- or not. After Julian left, Jason called Sonny.

On Sonny's private island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carly entered Sonny's bungalow as she asked why they weren't meeting the liquor distributor in the casino as planned. Sonny explained that the man was on island time and running late, but Carly was not amused. She thought it was unprofessional to run late, but she conceded that the ocean breeze was relaxing as she stood on the veranda and let it wash over her. Sonny gestured to the table laden with breakfast dishes as he invited Carly to join him.

Carly sat down to eat breakfast and sip on coffee while she and Sonny reminisced about their trips to the island over the years. Sonny assured Carly that she would always be welcome to visit the island, regardless of whether they were married or not. Carly glanced at the ocean as she confessed that she could feel her blood pressure dropping. Moments later, Sonny received a text message from the liquor distributor postponing the meeting until the following morning, which meant that Sonny and Carly would have to spend the night. Carly immediately grew suspicious because she was certain that Sonny had set the whole thing up.

Carly reminded Sonny that she knew every single move in his book, but he denied orchestrating events to keep her on the island. Moments later, his phone chimed with a text message from the liquor distributor. Sonny informed Carly that the man had agreed to meet later that evening at 5:30 pm. He set his phone on a tray and walked out.

A short time later, Sonny returned as Carly wrapped up a phone call with Bobbie. Carly explained that she could stay for the night because Josslyn intended to spend the night at a friend's house. She apologized for her earlier outburst and admitted that being on the island had caused a lot of memories to return. Sonny assured Carly that the divorce would never change how important she was to him. Carly smiled but changed the subject by announcing that she intended to take advantage of her free time by going to the pool.

Sonny invited Carly to join him for a walk on the beach instead. Carly agreed and left to change into something more comfortable. Sonny decided to shed his suit and went to the bedroom, leaving his phone forgotten on a tray. Sonny's phone lit up and quietly buzzed when Jason called.

In Kelly's courtyard, Nathan and Amy sipped coffee as they discussed their upcoming meeting with an editor of a publishing house. Amy was nervous, but Nathan assured her that everything would be fine. He told her to take a deep breath, but Amy reminded him that she had a lot on the line because she needed the money to help her brother. However, she was grateful to Nathan for agreeing to help her. Amy hugged Nathan as Nina rounded the corner. Nina was surprised when she saw her brother and Amy, but she remained silent as Amy pulled away then reminded Nathan not to give the publisher his name because she had arranged for them to pay Ask Man Landers through an LLC that she had set up.

Nathan nodded, but Amy became distracted because his suit was missing something. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a royal blue silk handkerchief, which she put in his jacket's breast pocket. Amy explained that "Man Landers" loved pops of color. Nearby, Nina decided to step forward and approach her brother. She smiled at Amy then told Nathan that she had hoped to grab a cup of coffee with him. Amy started to explain that she and Nathan had an appointment, but Nathan cut Amy off by letting her know that he would catch up with her.

After Amy left, Nina asked her brother what was going on between him and Amy. Nathan assured Nina there was nothing to worry about because he and Amy were just friends. Nathan added that he loved Maxie -- and only Maxie -- but he was doing Amy a favor. Nathan admitted that he couldn't go into detail about how he was helping Amy, but he asked Nina to trust him. After Nathan left, Nina's expression clouded with concern.

Later, Nathan and Amy stood outside a hotel room. Nathan urged Amy to take deep, calming breaths, but she worried that Nathan hadn't had enough time to prepare for the meeting. Nathan promised that everything would be fine, so Amy braced herself then knocked on the door. A beautiful silver-haired woman answered the door. "Quinn Danvers?" Amy asked. Quinn warmly greeted Nathan and Amy then invited them inside.

Quinn thanked the pair for agreeing to meet in her hotel room because Port Charles had been a quick stop on her way to Toronto. Amy started to talk, but Quinn cut her off because Quinn preferred to hear from "Man Landers." After everyone sat down in the seating area, Quinn raved about Nathan's fresh perspective as a man dispensing advice and his impressive skill as a writer. Quinn admitted that she had high hopes that his book would net big sales because he spoke to the elusive "everyman" demographic. Nathan and Amy smiled until Quinn began talking about specific columns and some of Man Landers' more noteworthy pieces of advice.

Amy panicked when Quinn asked Nathan to refresh her memory about one of the columns, but Nathan easily answered the question by reciting what Man Landers had written. Moments later, Quinn excused herself to take a call from her boss. After Quinn stepped into the bedroom, Amy asked how Nathan had known about the column. He admitted that he'd done his homework once he'd decided to pose as the author of the columns, but it made him uncomfortable to take credit for her work because she was a talented writer who deserved to be recognized. Amy assured Nathan that the charade would not last much longer, but she winced when she heard Quinn ask what charade Amy had been referring to.

Quinn entered the seating area as Amy rambled about how she'd been trying to remind Nathan that nothing would be real until the contract was signed. Quinn brightened because her boss had called to give her the green light to offer "Man Landers" a contract. Amy was delighted until Quinn added that they would need to get started on taking pictures of Nathan for the book cover.

Inside Kelly's, Nelle sat at the counter as she finished filling out a job application. She asked the waitress wiping down the counter if she was sure they were hiring because Nelle hadn't seen a sign out front. The waitress explained that it had been a last-minute thing because her summer help had decided to study abroad. Nelle admitted that she needed the job and asked how long it would take to hear back from someone. Bobbie suddenly appeared behind Nelle and made it clear that Nelle would never be hired.

Bobbie sat down next to Nelle and informed Nelle that Bobbie co-owned Kelly's with her brother, Luke. Frustrated, Nelle decided to look for a job elsewhere, but she was curious why Bobbie had made it her mission to destroy Nelle's life when Nelle had made a point of staying out of Bobbie's way. Bobbie promised to wish Nelle well if Nelle returned to Atlanta, Florida, or wherever Nelle was from, but Bobbie refused to be silent if Nelle remained in Port Charles because she suspected Nelle had stayed for Michael. Bobbie thought it was sad that Nelle couldn't tell the difference between affection and pity.

Nelle recalled talking to Michael at the hospital when he had assured her that he didn't pity her. She pushed the memory away and tried to leave, but Bobbie grabbed Nelle's arm to stop her. Nina entered the diner as Bobbie demanded to know what Nelle was up to. Nelle angrily shook off Bobbie's hand as she warned Michael's grandmother to back off. Nina asked if there was a problem, but Bobbie's phone rang. It was the hospital. Bobbie advised Nelle to be gone when Bobbie returned.

After Bobbie left, Nelle thanked Nina for stepping up. Nina admitted that she hated seeing someone kicked when they were down, but Nelle acknowledged that Bobbie had been justified because Nelle had taken a wrecking ball to Bobbie's family. Nina wondered why Nelle would stay in Port Charles under the circumstances, but Nelle claimed that she couldn't afford to leave and likely wouldn't get a reference from Carly. Nina offered to give Nelle a glowing reference, but Nelle continued to make excuses to justify remaining in Port Charles. Nina smiled knowingly because she recalled Michael sitting vigil at the hospital when Nelle had been injured.

"Maybe," Nelle conceded, but she insisted that she needed to find a job. Nina caught Nelle off guard by offering Nelle a job as Nina's executive assistant/office manager. Nelle was confident that she was up to the challenge and happily agreed to work for Nina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Josslyn greeted her brother then asked if their mother intended to reconcile with Sonny. Michael was surprised by the question, but Josslyn wondered if he knew where Sonny and Carly were. He admitted that he did, but he rushed to assure his sister that Sonny and Carly had gone to the island on business. Josslyn scoffed because she knew what the island meant to Sonny and Carly, which was why Josslyn had confronted Carly about the trip. Michael was curious how Carly had reacted, but Josslyn grumbled that Carly had chastised Josslyn for disrespecting Carly then had taken Josslyn's phone and sent her to her room.

Josslyn implored Michael to talk sense into Carly, but Michael explained that their mother would never listen because Carly had to decide for herself. Josslyn was curious if Michael had any idea how many nights Josslyn had lain awake listening to Carly cry because of Sonny. She talked about how angry Sonny had made their mother over the years and how many times he had hurt Carly. Josslyn also reminded Michael that Sonny had had Jax arrested and deported for saving Josslyn's life. Josslyn thought it was unfair to expect her to accept Sonny after the things he'd done, and she couldn't understand why Carly didn't hate him. Josslyn begged Michael to talk to their mother, but Michael argued that it wasn't up to them.

Annoyed, Josslyn warned Michael that she would never forgive Sonny, even if Carly did. Michael assured Josslyn that he had been angry at Sonny over the years, but the older Michael got, the more he realized that things weren't always black and white. Michael explained that he forgave Sonny for the same reasons that he forgave his siblings when they argued -- they were family. Josslyn let the anger go and hugged her brother.

A short time later, Bobbie stopped by to let Michael know that Nelle had applied for a job at Kelly's, but Bobbie had no intention of hiring her. Josslyn listened as Bobbie suggested that Nelle might have misconstrued his visit at the hospital. Michael pointedly asked if Bobbie thought he only felt pity for Nelle. Bobbie realized that Nelle had told Michael about her conversation with Nelle, but she refused to apologize because she loved her grandson and worried that Nelle had an agenda. Michael appreciated Bobbie's concern, but he reminded her that it was his decision to make. Bobbie realized that Michael was like his mother -- a million people could warn him to stay away from something that wasn't good for him, but he would always insist on doing things his way.

After Bobbie left, Josslyn realized that Michael was okay with Carly forgiving Sonny because he'd done the same with Nelle. Michael tactfully changed the subject by offering Josslyn and her friend the use the pool, but Josslyn declined because she was confident that she and Trina could find something to do at Trina's house. After Josslyn left, she stopped on the patio to call Trina to let her friend know there had been a change of plans. Josslyn had the house to herself for the night and wanted to throw a party.

Sam's anxiety over Jason's safety mounts

Sam's anxiety over Jason's safety mounts

> Sam's anxiety over Jason's safety mounts

Sam's anxiety over Jason's safety mounts

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On Sonny's island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sonny and Carly raced back to his bungalow as a thunderstorm drenched them in rain. Sonny and Carly were in good spirits as they made it to the safety of the veranda and laughed about being caught on the beach in a storm. Sonny regretted that he hadn't persuaded Carly to go skinny-dipping, but she chuckled and assured him that it would never happen. Carly decided to change into something dry and slipped away before Sonny could stop her. Sonny neglected to look at his phone and didn't realize he had missed two phone calls from Jason.

Later, Carly returned wearing a silky blue robe. Sonny assured Carly that the bungalow had a generator if the power went out, but he decided to light a few candles to make certain they wouldn't be stuck in the dark. Carly jumped when a loud clap of thunder and a bright bolt of lightning lit up the night sky. Sonny held her in a loose embrace, prompting Carly to look up at him. They shared a close moment, but Carly pulled back before Sonny kissed her. She quickly changed the subject by asking how long the storm would last.

Sonny assured Carly that the storm would pass soon, but she laughed because she recalled that he'd said the same thing years earlier when they had ended up stranded on the island for four days. They reminisced about their family vacations to the island with Michael and Morgan and how they had taught Morgan to play poker. Carly smiled because Morgan had been determined to beat Sonny at any cost. Sonny nodded as he remembered debating whether to let Morgan win because he'd been reluctant to encourage Morgan to gamble. Sonny and Carly's smiles faded as their expressions clouded with sadness.

Later, Carly was seated in front of a fire as Sonny handed her a tall glass. She took a sip of the cocktail and expressed her surprise because it was potent. Sonny flashed a charming smile and reminded her that they didn't have to worry about driving anywhere. Carly agreed and admitted that it was better than being stuck at the airport in the storm. She jumped when she heard a loud clattering near the front door. Sonny ordered Carly to stay put and went to investigate.

Carly picked up the fireplace poker and waited until Sonny returned to report that they'd had an intruder -- Tito. Carly was stunned the parrot was still alive because the island pet was a menace. Sonny defended Tito by reminding Carly that the bird had been on the island when he'd bought it, and Tito greeted the guests in three languages. However, Sonny was concerned because Carly seemed on edge, so she admitted that she saw Morgan everywhere she looked, which reminded her of their time together when it had just been her, Sonny, Michael, and Morgan. Carly thought there had been enough time to do everything, but Sonny sadly admitted that time had run out.

Carly explained that the island was a reminder that everything could be gone in an instant, and she couldn't shake the feeling that something might happen. Sonny urged her to focus on the moment because they might find happiness again. Carly looked deep into Sonny's eyes as he kissed her. Outside, a shadowy figure approached the front door.

At Crimson, Nina was grateful to Nelle for agreeing to take the job as her assistant/office manager. Nelle decided to get to work immediately by answering the phone, which had lit up with numerous calls. A short time later, Nina approached Nelle's desk to hand Nelle a thick file with instructions to sift through the unsolicited submissions for articles and weed out those that might interest Nina and the readers. Nina became distracted when she noticed Nelle's colorful bracelet because it looked like something Charlotte had made. Nelle confirmed that it had been a gift from Charlotte, so Nina fetched a similar macaroni bracelet that Charlotte had made for Nina.

Nina explained that she kept the precious gift in a box and only took it out for special occasions because it was fragile. Nelle realized that she might want to take better care of her own bracelet because she might not get to see Charlotte often. Nina confided that she had decided to keep her distance from Charlotte because Nina didn't want to confuse Charlotte when Charlotte was trying to get used to living with her mother. Nelle thought it was a mistake because Charlotte clearly loved Nina and enjoyed spending time with her stepmother. Nina reminded Nelle that Lulu might not be comfortable with Nina's presence in Charlotte's life, but Nelle argued that it should be up to Charlotte because Charlotte's happiness should be more important than Lulu's comfort level.

Nina returned to her office and picked up a picture of her, Valentin, and Charlotte. She stared at it until Nelle knocked on the door and announced that she had found an article that Nina might find interesting. Nina put the picture down and looked at the article as Nelle explained that it was a backstage account of a fashion show from the perspective of one of the people who made everything perfect for the runway. Nina was impressed and praised Nelle's instincts. Nina shifted gears to ask Nelle to fetch a healthy salad from Kelly's, but Nelle doubted that Kelly's offered kale salads.

Nina smiled because she paid Kelly's well to make certain her preferred salad was always available. Nina invited Nelle to pick one up for herself, but Nelle declined. Nina realized that Nelle was concerned about the cost and assured Nelle that she would pick up the tab because she was grateful for Nelle's help. Nelle brightened and thanked Nina.

In Quinn Danvers' hotel suite, Nathan and Amy were stunned when Quinn revealed that she wanted Nathan's image to appear on the book cover. Nathan objected, while Amy reminded Quinn that Nathan had posted his advice column as Ask Man Landers because he wanted as much anonymity as he extended to his readers. Amy explained that the mystique was part of the appeal, but Quinn argued that Nathan's good looks would sell books, so there wouldn't be a book without Nathan's picture. Amy decided to drag Nathan to the hallway for a word in private. In the hallway, Nathan informed Amy that he couldn't effectively do his job as a police officer if people recognized him as an advice columnist.

Amy assured Nathan that she had a plan and asked him to trust her. Nathan agreed and followed Amy back to Quinn's suite. He was stunned when Amy announced that Nathan had agreed to Quinn's terms and would book a photo session -- with one stipulation. Amy explained that Nathan wanted his profile photographed in shadow with only a striking blue eye visible. Quinn objected, but Amy assured Quinn that it would pique everyone's interest enough to draw them in yet preserve the mystery that had made the column so appealing. To Amy and Nathan's relief, Quinn liked Amy's idea and agreed to overnight the contracts for Nathan to sign.

Amy was elated as she and Nathan left Quinn's suite. She thanked Nathan for trusting her and hugged him. Amy recognized that it had been a huge imposition on Nathan, but he assured her that he'd been glad to help because he knew it would benefit her brother. Amy promised that her brother would have done the same for Nathan, but Nathan clarified that he had helped Amy because she was his friend. Amy grinned.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Charlotte entered the squad room to drop off Dante's cell phone. Charlotte looked around and realized that her father had taped his goodbye message there, but she couldn't understand why Valentin had been at the police station. Dante and Lulu exchanged a worried glance then carefully explained that Valentin had helped the police by answering questions about Jake's magic trick. Charlotte was curious why Valentin had gone away, so Dante tactfully told her that her father had agreed to tell others about the magic trick. Satisfied, Charlotte was confident her father would return when he was done because he had promised her that he would.

Lulu gently acknowledged that there had been a lot of changes for her daughter with Charlotte trying to get used to Dante, Lulu, and Rocco being her family. Charlotte smiled and reminded Lulu that Valentin and Nina were family too. Lulu agreed, but she admitted that she didn't know when Charlotte's father would return. Charlotte assured her mother that Valentin would return when he was done answering questions as he had promised. Dante shifted gears to remind Charlotte that she was surrounded by family who loved her. Lulu agreed and listed the family members, including Spencer.

Charlotte grimaced as she quietly admitted that Spencer hadn't been nice to her. Lulu promised her daughter that Spencer was harmless, but she assured Charlotte that Charlotte could talk to her if there were any problems. Moments later, Nathan entered the squad room and smiled when he saw Charlotte. Nathan and Charlotte exchanged greetings as Lulu joined them and told Nathan that Charlotte was headed to Lila's Kids day camp. Dante thanked Lulu for dropping off the cell phone then he thanked Charlotte for finding it. After Lulu and Charlotte left, Dante asked where Nathan had been, but Nathan decided to keep his secret and told Dante that he'd been checking up on a few things.

In Jason and Sam's penthouse, Jason was on the phone, trying to leave Sonny a voicemail message about Garvey, but the voicemail box cut him off during the message. Jason was frustrated because it had been the second time he'd tried to alert Sonny to the threat. Jason decided to call Max, but Sam worried that Max would expect Jason to take charge because Max couldn't grasp that Jason was out of the business. Concerned, Jason wondered what was going on with Sam, but a knock at the door spared her from having to explain. Jason was pleasantly surprised when he saw Michael standing on the doorstep. Michael smiled as he entered the penthouse and told Jason and Sam about his visit with Scout, but he admitted that Monica had refused to relinquish her hold on the baby. Michael added that Danny had been playing with Annabelle II because the dog had been banished to outside after breaking a vase.

Jason and Sam chuckled as they invited Michael to the living room and asked why he had stopped by. Michael opened his briefcase as he explained that he needed Jason to sign some papers for the trust. Jason took the documents as he asked if Michael knew how to get in touch with Sonny. Michael revealed that his parents had gone to Sonny's island on business, but he sensed that something was troubling Jason. Jason filled Michael in about Julian's visit and the threat Garvey had made against Sonny. Michael promised to let Max know and to make certain that security was increased, but Jason wanted Michael's assurance that Michael would leave it at that.

Michael promised that he had no desire to get involved in his father's business, especially when Michael had ELQ to run. Michael admitted that he'd had another reason for stopping by -- he had a business proposition for Jason. Michael talked about his decision to explore green technology, but he'd been getting pushback from Ned because the profits had been weak. Michael explained that he needed someone he could trust to go into the field because he needed accurate feedback on the projects. Sam thought it was an amazing opportunity, but Jason was curious what the job would entail. Michael admitted that Jason would have to do extensive traveling to remote areas around the world, which meant Jason would be gone for months at a time.

Jason was shocked when Sam assured Michael that she and Jason could make it work. Jason reminded his wife that it wasn't necessary because they didn't need the money. Sam urged Jason to think about it because the job seemed perfect for him. Michael handed Jason some papers to look over to help him get a better sense of what Jason would be expected to do, but Jason had no desire to leave his family. Jason and Sam discussed the job offer as Michael's phone chimed with a text message from Nelle asking Michael to meet her at Kelly's because she had a surprise. Michael typed out a message agreeing to meet her then announced that he had to leave.

Sam was curious when Michael needed an answer about the job, so Michael agreed to give Jason a few days to think about it. After Michael left, Jason asked if Sam was trying to get rid of him. Sam claimed that she wanted Jason to have a challenge that didn't involve getting shot for Sonny. Jason was surprised that Sam had been worried that he would want to work for Sonny, but she explained that she'd been concerned about his fixation with Garvey. Jason assured Sam that he was not fixated with Garvey, but he was worried about his friend not knowing that an enemy was stalking him.

Sam was startled when Jason announced that he intended to fly to the island to let Sonny know about Garvey. Sam objected, but Jason assured her that he would be back by nightfall. Sam wasn't satisfied and insisted on going with him.

Outside Kelly's, Michael met up with Nelle and joined her at a table in the courtyard. She told him about her new job and decided that he'd been right about the bird pooping on her shoulder being a good omen. Michael was pleased and suggested they celebrate her good fortune by going to a concert in the park later that evening. Nelle wondered if it was a date, but Michael reminded her that it was up to her if it was a date. "Yes," Nelle told him. Michael grinned then arranged to pick her up at 7:15 p.m.

Inside Kelly's, Kevin, Laura, and Spencer sat down for lunch. Spencer looked over the menu, but he was disappointed that the menu hadn't changed. Laura reminded Spencer that Kelly's BLTs were an institution, but Spencer claimed that his tastes were more sophisticated and rattled off a French dish that he preferred. Kevin assured Spencer that the chef could prepare an open-faced cheese sandwich for Spencer. Laura chuckled, but Spencer ignored both adults as he admitted that he longed for the home his uncle had cruelly stolen from him and Nikolas. Spencer thought Charlotte should be ashamed to call Valentin her father, but Laura clarified that Valentin hadn't stolen Wyndemere.

Kevin explained that Spencer's great-grandfather, Mikkos Cassadine, had secretly changed his will to leave everything to Valentin once Mikkos' legitimate sons Stavros and Stefan had died. Kevin added that Spencer had lost everything to Valentin when Spencer's grandfather, Stavros, had perished. Spencer was curious why Valentin hadn't stepped forward when Stavros had died, but Laura revealed that the will had remained hidden at Mikkos' request until Helena's death. Kevin assured Spencer that courts in both the United States and Greece had reviewed the documents and had determined that Mikkos' will had been authentic, but Spencer wondered what would happen to Wyndemere, since Valentin had been arrested.

Laura suspected that Nina might have the final say because Nina was Valentin's wife. Spencer was furious that a virtual stranger would decide the fate of Wyndemere, but Kevin admitted that the lawyers would likely sort it out. Seemingly satisfied, Spencer excused himself to go to the bathroom. After Spencer walked away, Laura apologized for her grandson's precociousness. Kevin smiled and assured Laura that it was a coping mechanism that Spencer used to put distance between himself and the grief. Kevin explained that it was natural for Spencer to want to exert control to try to keep things the way they were.

Laura appreciated Kevin's understanding, but he praised her on doing a wonderful job with Spencer. Kevin admitted that having Laura and Spencer move in with him had been a blessing because she filled his life in ways he couldn't have imagined. Laura beamed with happiness as Kevin kissed her. After the kiss, Kevin realized that Spencer had been gone longer than expected, so he offered to check the bathroom. Laura thanked him and went to the counter to pay.

Nelle was seated at the counter and struck up a conversation with Laura by asking about Charlotte. Laura assured Nelle that Charlotte was doing great then added that Lulu had enrolled Charlotte in Lila's Kids. Moments later, Kevin returned to alert Laura that Spencer was missing.

At Crimson, Spencer entered Nina's office and announced that they needed to talk.

Danger intrudes on Sonny and Carly's interlude

Danger intrudes on Sonny and Carly's interlude

Thursday, June 22, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Laura called out to Molly as Molly was about to enter the restaurant and asked if Molly had seen Spencer. Laura and Kevin were relieved when Molly admitted that she'd seen Spencer a few minutes earlier when he'd gotten into an Uber. Alarmed, Laura wondered if Molly had any idea where Spencer had been headed, so Molly explained that Spencer had mentioned securing his family legacy and vowing not to let the "flashbulbs of Crimson" cast a shadow on his mission. Kevin realized that Spencer had gone to see Nina.

At Crimson, Spencer accused Nina of trying to steal his birthright. Nina recognized Spencer from pictures she'd seen and assured him that he was wrong. Spencer wondered if she denied assuming control of his childhood home, which had been passed to Spencer when his father had died. Spencer insisted that Wyndemere belonged to him, and he didn't care what Nina, Valentin, or the law had to say about it. Nina walked over to Spencer, crouched to look him in the eye, and offered him reassurance. She knew everything had been confusing because of Valentin's arrest, but she promised that Spencer had no reason to worry.

Frustrated, Spencer explained that Wyndemere was the only home he'd ever known, and he resented Nina trying to diminish its importance. Nina invited Spencer to sit so they could talk. She took a seat across from him as she acknowledged that Valentin was out of the country, but Spencer clarified that his great-uncle was awaiting trial for crimes "too horrible to contemplate." Spencer was certain that Valentin would be convicted because Valentin was "completely and utterly" guilty. Nina refrained from commenting about Valentin's fate, but she explained that all his assets and holdings would be put in trust for Charlotte.

Spencer was furious and accused his cousin of being a "diminutive gold-digger" who mistakenly thought she could steal what rightfully belonged to him. He pulled out his phone and began to type. Worried, Nina asked what he was doing. Spencer revealed that he intended to fly to the Netherlands to speak to Valentin in person because Valentin had taken something precious from Spencer -- and he needed to pay. Nina assumed Spencer was referring to Wyndemere, but Spencer angrily reminded Nina that Valentin had murdered Spencer's father.

Nina's eyes filled with sadness as she told Spencer that she knew he missed Nikolas, but Spencer's voice cracked with emotion as he told her that he missed his father every single day -- every moment -- of his life, and it was because of Valentin that Nikolas was gone. Nina was shaken as Spencer began to sob. She wrapped her arms around him and held him as he wept on her shoulder. Seconds later, Laura and Kevin arrived.

Spencer straightened when he heard his grandmother call out his name. Spencer pretended to be pleasantly surprised to see his grandmother, but she was not amused because she'd been worried sick about him. Laura scolded Spencer for acting like rules didn't apply to him then demanded that he hand over his cell phone. Spencer reluctantly complied as Laura told him that a cell phone was a privilege that he would have to earn. Laura promised Spencer he could have the phone when she saw significant improvement in his behavior.

Laura was pleased when Spencer apologized, but she wanted him to apologize to Kevin and Nina too. Laura pointed out that Nina was an adult, and she deserved to be treated with courtesy and respect. Spencer dutifully apologized. Kevin accepted the apology, but he asked Spencer to be more considerate of his grandmother. Nina also accepted Spencer's apology because she knew how much he missed his father. Nina hoped that, in time, the loss would hurt less for Spencer.

After Laura took Spencer to the reception area for a private word, Nina asked Kevin if she was a coward for running out on Valentin when he had needed her most. Kevin reminded her that -- at the very least -- Valentin had lied by omission when he'd married Nina because he'd never told her about the Chimera. Nina argued that Valentin had warned her that his past had been far from spotless, but Kevin explained that dropping vague hints was a far cry from making a full disclosure. According to Kevin, if Nina had married Valentin, knowing that he had committed an act of espionage that might eventually lead to an arrest, then Nina might be accused of abandoning Valentin. However, Valentin had gambled that his past wouldn't catch up with him, and he'd lost.

In the reception area, Spencer told Laura that he missed his father. Laura empathized because she missed Nikolas too. She also assured Spencer that she wanted Valentin to pay for what he'd done to Nikolas, but they had to follow the law. "The law," Spencer said as an idea struck. He announced that he knew exactly what to do then asked for his phone. Laura refused, but Spencer assured her that she could listen in on the phone call.

Kevin and Nina entered the reception area, prompting Spencer to appeal to them for a phone, but Laura warned Spencer that he could not use a phone until he told her what he was up to. Spencer revealed that he wanted to hire an attorney, but Laura needed more information. Spencer glanced at Nina then told Laura that he couldn't reveal all his secrets, but Laura wanted an answer. "Let's just say that Valentin's not going to know what hit him," Spencer answered with smug satisfaction.

At Kelly's, Stella stood in the doorway and smiled when she saw Molly fussing over T.J. at the counter about a smudge on T.J.'s shirt. After T.J. disappeared into the kitchen, Stella approached Molly and mentioned that she'd seen Molly with T.J. Molly realized who Stella was and introduced herself as the person who had answered the phone the previous evening when Stella had called T.J. Stella was curious if Molly was T.J.'s roommate, so Molly revealed that she was T.J.'s roommate -- and his girlfriend.

Molly worried that Stella might have an objection to T.J. dating her, but Stella was happy to meet Molly. Stella acknowledged that times were different from when she'd been a girl, but Stella liked to think that things had changed for the better. Stella assured Molly that she only cared about T.J.'s happiness then added that it was clear that Molly cared about T.J. Molly smiled with relief when Stella admitted that she looked forward to getting to know Molly better. As Stella and Molly chatted, Stella mentioned missing out on a big part of T.J.'s life because of their complicated family history.

Molly assumed that Stella had been referring to Shawn. Stella was surprised that Molly knew about Shawn, but Molly explained that she'd been dating T.J. for a while, so Molly had been there when T.J. had learned the truth. Molly acknowledged that it had been a shock to T.J., and she suspected that he was still trying to make peace with things because he had never expected to find out that Shawn Butler was his biological father. Stella hid her shock as Molly told her that T.J. and Shawn had forged a relationship, but Molly was certain that T.J. still considered Thomas his real father.

Stella conceded that Thomas had been a good man, and he had loved T.J. with all his heart. Seconds later, T.J. walked out and was surprised when he saw his great-aunt. T.J. wondered how long Stella had been there. "Long enough," Stella carefully answered. T.J. started to introduce Stella to Molly, but Stella admitted that she and Molly had already spent time, getting to know each other. Molly noticed the time and announced that she had to leave.

After Molly left, Stella admitted that she liked Molly because Molly was honest and forthcoming, which was important because she wanted T.J. to be with someone he could love and trust. T.J. sensed that something was troubling Stella and asked her about it. He was floored when Stella revealed that Molly had told her the truth, but she rushed to assure T.J. that Molly hadn't realized that no one had bothered to tell Stella that Shawn was T.J.'s biological father. T.J. tried to explain things to his aunt, but Stella was furious and blamed Jordan for spinning things to make Jordan look innocent. However, Stella insisted that Jordan needed to answer for the infidelity and for the damage she had inflicted on Thomas' family.

Meanwhile, Jordan stopped by Curtis' apartment to talk to him about their relationship. She explained that she'd been up most of the night, trying to figure things out, and she had decided it would be best if she and Curtis slowed things down while Stella was in town. Curtis had a bad feeling that Jordan's decision stemmed from her fears about their relationship. He reminded her that it had been like pulling teeth for her to admit that she had feelings for him. Curtis suspected that Stella's appearance had stirred up unresolved feelings inside Jordan, but Jordan argued that they'd been too optimistic about their future as a couple.

Curtis didn't think that Jordan had given their relationship enough time, but she felt things were too complicated between them, which would doom them. Curtis knew that Thomas' death had weighed heavily on Jordan because it had weighed heavily on Curtis too. He admitted that he still struggled with the guilt he felt over his role in his brother's death, but Curtis and Jordan had to move on. Jordan explained that she felt selfish because she had lied and cheated on her husband, which had ultimately led to Thomas' death. Curtis reminded Jordan that she had to move forward because the alternative was to move backwards and live a life filled with regrets, which wouldn't honor his brother's memory.

Curtis was certain his brother would want Curtis and Jordan to be happy, even if they found happiness with each other. Jordan worried that she and Curtis could never be truly happy, but Curtis reached for her and promised to fix things. Curtis kissed Jordan, but she pulled away and told him that she had to get to work. Curtis asked her to meet him later, but she didn't think it would be a good idea. She marched to the door but stopped in the doorway to look back at him. A moment later, Jordan ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. After the kiss ended, Jordan left with a smile on her face.

A short time later, T.J. stopped by looking for Jordan, but Curtis picked up on T.J.'s sense of urgency and asked what was going on. T.J. became increasingly agitated as he explained that it was imperative that he find his mother, but Curtis continued to ask questions until he realized that it had something to do with Stella. T.J. reluctantly revealed that Stella had learned the truth about T.J.'s biological father.

At the police station, Jordan arrived as Stella asked for her at the front desk. The police officer asked for Stella's name. "Stella Henry," Stella supplied. Jordan spoke up from behind Stella to ask why Stella was there. Stella glared at Jordan as she snidely told Jordan that she had wanted to see Jordan in action, giving orders to her officers, inspiring loyalty among her subordinates, and bending people to her will. Stella conceded that Jordan excelled at that, but Jordan had no idea what Stella was talking about and suggested they reschedule the visit in a couple of days.

"Not a couple of days, honey. Now," Stella warned Jordan. Jordan assumed that Stella wanted to express her disapproval over Jordan's relationship with Curtis, but Stella angrily accused Jordan of having no shame. Several police officers gathered as Jordan tried to tactfully suggest she and Stella go elsewhere, but Stella didn't care about their audience. Stella admitted that she had always wondered how Jordan had managed to quickly rise through the ranks to land a job as police commissioner. Stella's tone was heavy with innuendo as she suggested that Thomas might have had an idea.

"You are nothing but a faithless whore," Stella yelled as everyone in the squad room stared in shock at Jordan. Jordan ordered Stella to leave, but Stella refused to budge until she'd had her say. Stella was furious that Jordan had not only broken her vows and dishonored Thomas, but Jordan had also passed off Shawn Butler's child as Thomas'.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam insisted on accompanying Jason to Sonny's island to warn Sonny about Garvey's deadly intentions. Jason assured Sam that he would be back by the end of the day, but Sam refused to let Jason out of her sight. Concerned, Jason asked Sam what was really going on. Sam sighed with resignation then told Jason that she'd been having "episodes" where a part of her -- in the back of her mind -- kept warning her that he was in danger. Sam's eyes filled with tears, but Jason promised her that he was not in danger or taking any risks that she was unaware of. Sam knew her fears sounded silly, especially since everything was great between them.

Sam promised Jason that she was trying to let herself enjoy their life, but she couldn't stop feeling anxious. Jason thanked Sam for letting him know what was going on. He held his wife as she tried to relax. A short time later, Jason let Sam know that he hadn't been able to reach Sonny. He suspected that cell phone reception was down because of the storm on the island. Sam assured Jason that he could go to the island, but he was reluctant to leave Sam, knowing that she was uneasy about it. Sam promised that she was okay because Sonny was their friend, and it was important that Sonny be aware of the danger.

Sam reminded Jason that Molly was expected, so Sam wouldn't be alone. Jason promised to return later that night then left. Sam returned to the living room as she let out a shaky breath. Her expression filled with concern as she slid to the floor and desperately tried to calm herself down. A short time later, Molly arrived with BLTs from Kelly's. Sam remained tense as she invited Molly inside. Molly was curious where Jason was because Molly hoped to persuade Jason to play Scrabble with them. Molly was confident that Jason would eventually develop a fondness for multisyllabic words.

Sam explained that Jason was out of town, but she assured Molly that he would return soon, and there was nothing to worry about. Molly frowned when she noticed that Sam was on the verge of tears. "Why are you worried about it then?" Molly asked with concern. Sam burst into tears as she begged Molly to keep a secret. Molly assured her sister that she would, so Sam told her about the feeling of dread she hadn't been able to shake. Sam confided that she'd had similar feelings in the past on cases right before things went south.

Molly reminded Sam that Sam was essentially a first-time mother because she hadn't raised Danny for the first year of his life. Sam began to relax because she had considered that. Molly suggested that Sam's all-consuming need to protect Scout had spilled over to others, including Jason. Sam appeared to relax at the idea that she was simply projecting. Molly hugged her sister and assured Sam that she loved her.

After Molly left, Sam was resting in a chair when she heard the door open. It was Jason. She ran into his arms, but she frowned when she saw Sonny standing behind him in the hallway. "He's not yours; he's mine," Sonny told her.

In Sonny's bungalow on his island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carly confessed that she saw Morgan everywhere on the island, and it reminded her of their times together as a family. She realized that no matter how happy they were, bad things could happen, and the moment would be gone forever. Sonny thought they should focus on the present because it might lead to happiness. He leaned close then kissed Carly, but they pulled apart when they heard a knock at the door. It was Felipe Alvaro, the liquor distributor.

Felipe apologized for being late, but Sonny assured the man that it was fine then introduced Felipe to Carly. It didn't escape Carly's notice that Sonny had referred to her as his wife, but she excused herself to change into something more appropriate for a business meeting. After Carly returned and signed the paperwork, Felipe assured Sonny and Carly that there wouldn't be any further issues then left. Carly suggested that she and Sonny drop off the paperwork at the bank then return home, but Sonny insisted the bank was closed, and they couldn't send a copy of the paperwork because the power was out.

After the storm ended and the power remained out, Carly admitted that she had not been impressed with Sonny's expensive generator. Sonny shrugged because power outages drove up revenue, since there was nothing for the resort's guests to do except drink and gamble. Carly liked the sound of that, so Sonny asked if she wanted to go to the casino. Carly declined, but she admitted that she wouldn't object to a private card game and another mojito.

A short time later, Carly was delighted when she beat Sonny at a hand of poker. They enjoyed some lighthearted banter until Sonny mentioned the divorce. He realized his mistake when Carly's smile faded, but she assured him that it was fine. She reminded him that their time on the island would end, and they'd return to Port Charles and their lives. Carly decided to go for a walk to clear her head, but Sonny followed her because he wanted to talk to her. Carly threw open the door but stopped short when she saw a stranger on Sonny's doorstep. It was Garvey.

Jason saves the day

Jason saves the day

Friday, June 23, 2017

At the police station, Stella continued to berate Jordan in front of other members of the police force. She refused Jordan's suggestion that they move to Jordan's office and continued to air the family's dirty laundry. Jordan accused Stella of needing an audience, and Jordan insisted that she had never intentionally hurt anyone. Stella was happy to let everyone present know what kind of woman Jordan really was, not the one she pretended to be. "Aunt Stella, that's enough!" Curtis shouted as he walked into the station.

Curtis led the women to the interrogation room. Stella denounced the situation that Jordan had put the family in, and she yelled that it would kill Curtis' mother if she weren't already dead. She was most concerned about T.J. Curtis insisted that Jordan's lies had been those of compassion, and Jordan added that she had been trying to protect Thomas, who had been a good father. Stella countered that Jordan had only wanted to protect herself, and it was Jordan's fault that Thomas was dead.

Curtis pointed out that T.J. was family, regardless of blood. He recounted some memories and reminded Stella that nothing had changed. Stella was beside herself. She had promised to take care of the family, but Jordan had destroyed it. She thought that Curtis was "too blind or stupid to see it." She stormed out.

Jordan was sorry that the entire squad room had heard everything, and Curtis apologized for not telling Stella the truth about T.J.'s father sooner. Jordan stated that Stella hated her, and if Curtis stayed with Jordan, Stella would hate Curtis too. Curtis was adamant that they were not going to break up and refused to listen to Jordan's pleas.

Michael and Nelle said goodbye at Nelle's door after spending the evening together at the ELQ event. Nelle thought that she and Josslyn were lucky to have Michael in their lives. She impulsively leaned over and kissed Michael, and they awkwardly said goodbye. Both Michael and Nelle were embarrassed with their respective responses, and Nelle ran after Michael and invited him inside.

Michael talked about his childhood. Nelle was worried about the reactions of Carly and Sonny when they learned that Nelle and Michael were seeing each other. "I'll handle it," Michael assured her. The couple settled down for some tea and cookies, and they each shared some embarrassing facts about their pasts. Michael was glad that Nelle was in his life too. They discussed their evening, and both admitted to hating the concert they'd seen. Michael leaned over, and the pair shared a kiss. He pulled away and suggested they stop, but both agreed that they didn't want to.

Josslyn finished her phone call with her grandmother and welcomed her friend Trina inside. Trina was used to having parties without parents and proceeded to organize everything. Josslyn refused to use Carly's vodka, and Trina quickly made a phone call to make sure that alcohol would be available. Josslyn was upset to learn that Trina had invited boys and couldn't believe the large group that showed up at the door. She was quickly pacified when she learned that the boy she liked, Oscar, was also joining the party.

The crowd ran outside when they learned of the hot tub, leaving Oscar and Josslyn alone. The pair shared horror stories about parents. Josslyn declared that Sonny was only her stepfather, and she was hopeful that it wouldn't be for too much longer. Oscar was impressed that Josslyn's life was comparable to his own, and he was happy that he had decided to attend the party. He thought that Josslyn was full of surprises. Josslyn reluctantly picked up a bottle of alcohol as she and Oscar shared a drink.

Stella paid T.J. a visit at Kelly's and apologized for her earlier behavior. T.J. revealed that he'd learned the truth about his father the previous year and had tried to process it. Stella admitted that she'd gone to the station, where "we had an exchange." T.J. joked that he was fully aware that Stella had been the one to do all the talking.

Stella was impressed with the young man's work ethic and pointed out that he was responsible, just like his father. She meant Thomas, the man who'd raised him, she clarified. She added that she still saw Thomas when she looked at T.J. She wondered how T.J. was doing. He confided that he'd been angry at first, but Curtis had helped him to accept things. Stella agreed that she could understand why Curtis had remained quiet, and if T.J had forgiven him, then she should too. T.J. suggested that Stella forgive Jordan as well.

In Puerto Rico, Carly advised Sonny that she wanted to take a walk. As she opened the front door, she encountered a man with a gun. It was Garvey, and he motioned her back inside. "No sudden moves, or someone's gonna die," he said. He announced that Sonny's people had killed his brother, and he was there for payback. Sonny suggested that Garvey didn't have to involve Carly, but the armed man disagreed.

Suddenly, Carly shoved the mobster, and Sonny and Garvey struggled over the gun. It fell to the floor, and Carly grabbed it and shot. Carly missed her mark, but a second shot rang out. Jason walked in. He had been the one to shoot Garvey. There was blood running down Jason's arm, and Carly asked what had happened. "You shot me," Jason gently told her. Carly was horrified.

Later, as Carly helped Jason, Sonny hung up the phone and announced that Garvey would be okay. He would face charges after his hospital stay. Everyone had a drink, and Sonny made a toast to Carly for her "rare bravery and horrible marksmanship." Carly felt awful, but Jason assured her that it was just a scratch. Sonny toasted Jason next for his timing. Jason revealed that he had learned of the possible assault from Julian, who had probably just wanted to impress Sam. He realized that his wife would be upset that she hadn't heard from him.

Sam arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and asked Monica to watch the kids for another night, as she had to head to Puerto Rico. Jason was saving Sonny, and she had to save Jason, Sam declared. Monica was aware of Jason's trip because he had borrowed the company jet, and she felt that Jason could take care of everything without Sam's interference. Sam was worried because she hadn't heard from Jason since he'd left. She was also concerned because she and Jason had started a new life, but they were trapped. They couldn't get away from Sonny.

Sam began to hallucinate. She was sure she saw Sonny, and he told her to watch her step. Monica suggested she go upstairs and rest. Sonny continued to taunt Sam, and he told her that her kids would be taken after she was sent away. In the nick of time, Sam received a phone call from Jason. He was okay, and so were matters with Sonny.

Once the phone call was over, Sam thought the vision of Sonny was gone. He appeared again, though, and told her to get used to it because he and Jason were back in business. Sonny grinned and said, "He's already mine." Sam vowed to stop Sonny. "Big words for a little woman," he replied. Sam promised Sonny she would get the last word.

Jason was ready to leave the island, but Carly elected to stay behind, citing unfinished business. She admitted that she had been worried that something would happen to her earlier. Sonny advised her that he would have died first before he let anything happen to her. They shared a kiss, but Carly pushed Sonny away abruptly.

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