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Dina revealed that she'd left the bulk of her estate to Graham. Nick and Chelsea declared their love. Juliet found out she was pregnant. Cane confessed that he'd had sex with Juliet. Hilary grappled with what to do with footage that proved Cane hadn't sexually harassed Juliet.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 26, 2017 on Y&R
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Victor and Jack clash over Nikki Victor and Jack clash over Nikki

Monday, June 26, 2017

At Sharon's house, Sharon implored Nick to tell her the truth about what was troubling him. Nick replied, "Dad's in the dog house again, and he doesn't like being there, but Mom is going to make sure he is accountable for his actions. So we're all kind of, you know, freezing him out." Sharon asked what Victor had done. Nick made Sharon swear she wouldn't tell anyone that Victor had helped Adam escape from prison. Sharon recalled that Chloe had killed Adam. Nick replied, "If Dad had left Adam in prison, then he never would've gone to that cabin."

Nick added that although Chloe had sabotaged the propane tanks, Victor's hands weren't clean. Nick expressed disdain for having to pretend they were a happy family in the public eye. Nick said Nikki had insisted he not even tell Chelsea. Sharon promised to keep quiet and said the last thing she needed to do was to anger Nikki. Sharon said Nick shouldn't let what happened rob him of happiness with Chelsea. Nick replied, "It's time to tell Chelsea everything."

At Chancellor Park, Jack bumped into Victor. After Jack said he'd been meeting with Nikki, Victor warned that Nikki had been using Jack. Jack noted that Nikki was under a great deal of pressure because Victor had cajoled her into performing at the benefit. Victor insisted that Nikki, strong and healthy, was capable of performing. Jack said Victor was in denial, and he urged Victor to cancel the concert. Victor explained that Nikki's concert would give hope to patients suffering from M.S. Victor blamed Jack for undermining Nikki's confidence. Jack said he supported Nikki as a close friend and always would. Jack asked Victor if he'd been offering Nikki the same level of support. Victor replied, "You stay away from my wife."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tessa met with Devon to sign a recording contract with his company. After Devon handed Tessa a pen, Mariah rushed toward her, took away the pen, and said, "Are you sure you want to sign your life away to this guy?" Tessa nervously admitted she hadn't read the contract. Devon told Tessa that Mariah was teasing, but he explained that Tessa's contract specified that she'd initially work with a number of performance artists before being paired with a producer to work on a demo. Devon added that Tessa's music would be released on a streaming service. Tessa's eyes lit up with excitement.

Tessa said she'd give Nikki notice about leaving her position. Mariah said it wasn't a good idea for Tessa to quit her job immediately. Tessa admitted it had been awkward for her to be waited on while living at the Newman ranch house. Tessa added that she didn't expect Nikki would need her after the benefit concert. Tessa said she was willing to trust Devon, and she signed her contract. Devon welcomed Tessa to his company.

At Sharon's house, Mariah and Tessa munched on popcorn while watching a cheesy romantic comedy. The women giggled and hurled popcorn at the television when a scene they were watching showed a couple kissing. Sharon returned home with shopping bags and noted that she'd heard Mariah and Tessa laughing from outside the house. When Sharon noticed a bottle of expensive Champagne sitting on the table, Mariah explained that Tessa had just made a lifelong commitment. Sharon gasped and said, "He didn't!"

Sharon, thinking Tessa's news involved a deepening relationship with Noah, seemed relieved when Tessa explained that she'd signed a contact with Devon's music label. Mariah teased Tessa about being inspired to write a sappy love song about Noah. Tessa said sappy love songs weren't her thing. Sharon asked how things were going at the ranch and learned that Tessa planned to move out soon. Tessa said she wasn't used to making her own way. Sharon recalled that she'd once been in a similar situation and had never finished her degree, but she had decided to return to school. Sharon encouraged Tessa to believe in herself.

At Cane and Lily's house, Lily asked Cane why he'd never told her that Juliet had spent the night in his hotel room. Cane insisted that he'd never offered Juliet a job in exchange for sex. Cane pleaded with Lily to believe him and said it would haunt him forever if she believed Juliet's accusations. Lily said she knew Cane hadn't sexually harassed Juliet. Lily explained that she needed time to process what had happened. Cane said that Lily, Mattie, and Charlie were the best things in his life. Cane kissed Lily on her forehead and told her he loved her before he left.

After Cane left, Devon stopped by to talk to Lily. Devon suggested that Cane might be keeping a secret, but Lily insisted that her husband hadn't sexually harassed Juliet. Devon asked why Juliet had accused Cane in her lawsuit. Lily explained that Victoria had justifiably fired Juliet for failing to get clearance for footage that had aired on Hilary's show. Lily said that Juliet had filed a lawsuit because she was angry and wanted a payout. Devon recalled that Cane had admitted he'd gotten drunk when he'd been with Juliet in Japan and might have had sex with her. Lily cried that it had been painful to break the news about the lawsuit to their children, but she insisted that Cane would never hurt her. Lily said she didn't believe that Cane had had sex with Juliet.

At Chancellor Park, Cane ran into Hilary, and the two engaged in a heated conversation after she asked about the deposition. Cane said he couldn't imagine why Hilary was concerned after everything she'd done to Lily and their family. Hilary replied, "You really need to ease off because I'm not the one who got drunk and had sex with Juliet, okay?" Cane blamed Hilary because she'd manipulated Juliet into lying to cause trouble between him and Lily. Cane added that more people would be hurt when the case went to trial.

Hilary said she thought Victoria had settled the case. Cane glared at Hilary. Hilary said, "You didn't admit that you slept with Juliet. You lied at the deposition." Cane warned Hilary to stay out of it because he wouldn't let her destroy his family. After Cane left, Hilary phoned Juliet and left her a message. Hilary offered to support Juliet and said she was eager to discuss specifics.

Cane returned home. Devon was comforting Lily. Lily coolly greeted Cane before she went to phone her stylist. After Lily left the room, Devon noted that Cane hadn't taken his advice to confess to Lily before the deposition. Devon warned that if Cane was lying about what had really happened in Tokyo, he and Cane would have a serious problem.

Gloria joined Graham inside a steamy sauna. Both were clad in towels, and the warm steam created a hazy mist. Gloria asked Graham how Jack and Ashley's suspicions had impacted his relationship with Dina. Graham insinuated that Gloria and Jack had engaged in pillow talk, but Gloria insisted that she and Jack maintained a professional relationship. Graham asked Gloria how much Jack was paying her to extract information. Gloria insisted that Jack hadn't hired her to spy, but she assured Graham that she'd keep his secrets.

Graham explained that he'd signed a nondisclosure agreement when Dina had hired him as the executive vice president of corporate strategy. Graham said he wasn't sure how he stood career-wise after Dina sold her company, though he'd planned to stay in town with Dina. Gloria leaned in close to Graham and said, "Your loyalty and concern for her is admirable, but a worldly and sophisticated man like you must be suffocating in this town." Graham noted that he'd been born and raised in the Midwest and was from a broken home. Graham expressed regret that he might have worsened the Abbott family's rift because Jack and Ashley suspected he had ulterior motives toward Dina. Gloria replied, "But can you blame them? Jack and Ashley will never greet you with open arms."

Graham told Gloria that Jack and Ashley had shot him down each time he'd attempted to get to know them. Gloria related her own past history of estrangement from her sons because she'd failed to recognize her husband's abusive personality, so she understood why children clung to deep-seated resentment. Graham held Gloria's hand and said he could use a friend who'd been through the same battle he was facing. Gloria placed her other hand atop Graham's and replied, "You got one." Graham smiled at Gloria.

In the lounge area at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack overheard Dina leave a message for Neil about a lucrative business deal. Jack reminded Dina that Neil and Devon were focusing on helping women and minority-owned businesses. Dina said Jack was correct, and she praised her son for taking Jabot to heights John would've never imagined. Jack said he wished his father could see his company's success. Dina clasped Jack's hand and said John would've been proud of Jack's accomplishments. Jack praised his father as an excellent mentor.

Jack told Dina he could've been an asset to Mergeron, and he asked why she'd never reached out to him instead of relying on strangers like Graham. Dina became emotional and insisted she hadn't relied on anyone and had made her own decisions, which included selling her company and staying in Genoa City. Jack changed the subject and invited Dina to be his date at Nikki's gala concert. Jack insisted that Graham wasn't invited. Dina accepted and said she'd give Graham a night off. Graham approached and greeted Jack. Dina told Graham that Jack had invited her to a piano concert. Jack added, "Unfortunately, the concert is sold out." Graham assured Dina she'd have a great time with Jack. Gloria approached and asked if she could join them. Jack seemed taken aback when he realized that both Gloria and Graham had wet hair.

Jack and Gloria later chatted at the club bar. Jack noted that Gloria had evidently encountered Graham at the spa because both had shown up in the lounge with wet hair. Jack asked Gloria what she'd gleaned about Graham's intentions. Gloria said Graham had no plans to return to Paris without Dina because he genuinely cared for her. Jack said Graham had gotten to Gloria the same way he'd gotten to Dina and had fooled both of them. Gloria said that after talking to Graham for a while, she'd walked away with a different perspective. Gloria defended Graham and refused to play along with Jack's plan to put a wedge between Graham and Dina.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Chelsea met with Victor to discuss altering her business model to accommodate women who desired inexpensive, trendy clothing. Victor warned Chelsea that her brand would suffer if she allowed her name to be associated with a cheap, poorly made product. Victor added that the harm done would haunt Chelsea. Chelsea said Victor had given her a lot to think about. Victor replied, "You're on the verge of becoming a damn good businesswoman, and you're good for my son Nicholas and for Connor." Chelsea smiled when Victor said she was also good for his family.

Nick stopped by Chelsea's penthouse to get an update on a phone message she'd left for him. Nick wasn't pleased when Chelsea said she'd sought Victor's advice about her business. Chelsea noted that Victor thought of her as a family member. Nick said he had something to tell Chelsea that he feared might change how she felt about their relationship. Nick told Chelsea he loved her, and she said she loved him, too. The couple kissed.

Victor returned home. He called out to Nikki, but she didn't answer. Victor found a note from Nikki, propped up on her piano. In the note, Nikki explained that she'd gone away for a few days to clear her head. Victor seemed stunned as he stared at a photo of Nikki standing next to a grand piano.

Juliet faints when Lily lashes out

Juliet faints when Lily lashes out

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Neil discussed the charity concert. Neil noted that Jack made it sound like Victor was forcing Nikki to play, and Jack grumbled that Victor was in typical control mode but disguising it as altruism. Jack worried that the stress could make Nikki truly sick, and Neil offered to tell Nikki that she'd have a lot of support in the audience. Jack expected Nikki to throw herself into the performance, but he knew that her one true weakness was Victor.

Jack mentioned that he would be escorting his mother to the concert, and Neil thought Dina would love it. Jack complained that he wasn't sure what or who she loved, and Neil empathized that it was tough to reconnect with an estranged parent. Jack voiced surprise that Graham had let Dina stay in town instead of whisking her away from the potential heirs to her fortune. Neil incredulously asked if Jack thought Graham was after Dina's money, and Jack requested Neil's help to prove it to Dina.

Jack pressed for any dirt Neil had on Graham. Neil indicated that Graham knew a lot about Mergeron and that Dina considered Graham to be an excellent resource. Jack scoffed at the thought that Graham was really a great guy, but Neil reported that he'd checked Mergeron's books thoroughly and that they were clean. Neil suggested that Jack follow his mother's lead, but Jack maintained that there was something off about Graham.

Across the dining room, Victoria answered a call from Victor. She was surprised to hear something and became worried. She promised to see what she could find out.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick descended the stairs and wished Chelsea a good morning. She handed him a mug of coffee and pointed out that there was a surprise in the foam. He guessed that she'd drawn a frog, but she informed him that it was a heart. They exchanged declarations of love and kissed. He began to take off her robe, but his phone rang, and she urged him to get it. Nick answered a call from Victoria and became alarmed.

As Nick and Chelsea got dressed, he told her that Victoria would be there any minute. He added that his sister hadn't wanted to get into it over the phone, but she'd sounded freaked out. Chelsea said she had to get to an important meeting that might be a game-changer, and she rushed out as Victoria arrived. Victoria informed Nick that their dad had called, demanding to know where their mom was. Nick figured that it was a stunt for Victor to keep them in his orbit, but Victoria thought Victor honestly had no idea where Nikki had gone.

Victoria reported that Nikki's note hadn't left a hint about where she'd been going or for how long, and she considered it strange that Nikki would drop out of sight. Nick relayed that he'd gone to see Nikki the day before but had run into Victor instead. Nick revealed that Victor had anticipated getting Nikki back soon, and he suspected that Victor had been putting emotional pressure on her. Nick questioned why Nikki would opt to be alone rather than turn to them, and Victoria groaned that it had been the worst possible timing because of the lawsuit.

Nick had thought the case would fizzle out without any proof, but Victoria huffed that Cane had doused it in gasoline and lit a match, since he'd been lying the whole time. She pointed out that they hadn't lost yet, and she didn't believe that Cane had sexually harassed Juliet. Victoria frowned upon the idea of settling, and she refused to roll over and open her checkbook in response to threats. She added that she wouldn't be exploited because of her last name, and Nick called their father's legacy a double-edged sword. He hoped it didn't cut their mom too deeply that time.

At the Ashby home, Colin suggested that Cane and Lily take a holiday, but Cane groused that his last trip had almost ruined his life. Colin bragged that Jill's travel agent worked miracles, but Cane doubted that anyone could work the miracle he needed. Cane realized that he had to talk to someone, and he filled Colin in. Colin surmised that Juliet was running a scam, but he knew every scam in the book, and he pressed to know all the facts about what had happened in Tokyo. Cane swore that it had been nothing, but Colin sensed that Cane wasn't leveling with him. Cane turned away, and Colin questioned whether there was any shred of truth to Juliet's claims.

Cane told Colin about how he'd been hungover and unable to remember cheating on his wife with a coworker, but he'd later started to recall for himself what Juliet had told him about the night. Cane continued that he hadn't told Lily because he'd known it would have ripped her heart out, but then Juliet had been fired. Colin asserted that Cane would never extort sex from a powerless underling, and he recommended that the company pay the tart off to get out of town. Cane explained that Victoria believed he wouldn't dangle a job for sexual favors, so she wanted to fight the lawsuit in court.

Cane lamented that he'd risk losing his family and reputation, but Colin thought Cane and Lily's marriage was solid enough to withstand a bogus claim. Cane admitted that he'd made a mistake that had started a chain reaction, and he explained how he'd created a scandal to get Billy kicked out of the company, but it had gone off the rails when Juliet had been axed. Cane figured that he deserved everything that happened to him, but Colin called Cane a good guy despite making a couple of mistakes. Colin advised Cane to stick to the story that Victoria and Lily had already bought.

Billy was surprised when he pulled his car up next to Jill's vehicle in the Jabot parking lot. Jill and Billy hugged, and she said missing him had been the worst part of an otherwise fabulous trip. She announced that she was back for her three-month checkup, and she asked how Billy and Victoria were doing. Phyllis popped out of Billy's car, and Jill scornfully hoped he'd spotted Phyllis in the gutter on the way there and picked her up out of pity. Phyllis remarked that she was glad to see that Jill and her sense of humor were alive and kicking, and she made a show of kissing Billy.

Phyllis purred that she and Billy would pick things up later at home, and she pranced off. Billy announced that he and Phyllis had reunited and were living together and that Victoria was fine with it. Billy hoped that Jill would be one day, too, and he kissed her goodbye and left.

Phyllis discovered Chelsea waiting at Jabot for a meeting with Lauren. Phyllis thanked Chelsea for defending Billy to Nick at the Underground, and Chelsea wished the men could find a way to get along. Phyllis referred to their complicated history, and Chelsea regretted her part in it. Phyllis asserted that they'd all changed, and she believed Chelsea and Nick deserved happiness. Chelsea hoped the same for Phyllis and Billy. Both women received text messages from Lauren, who'd been delayed with an issue at the boutique. Phyllis offered to hear Chelsea's pitch.

Phyllis reviewed Chelsea's designs and gushed that she would wear all of them. Chelsea recounted Lauren's proposal to make Chelsea 2.0 a Fenmore's exclusive, but Phyllis remembered that Chelsea hadn't been keen on committing. Chelsea conceded that she hadn't thought it had been a good idea to make the line only for one chain, but Phyllis argued that the virtual dressing room app had been a game-changer for Fenmore's. Phyllis said she was dying to know what Chelsea was pitching, and Jack entered and demanded to know why Chelsea was making her pitch to Phyllis instead of to him.

Chelsea explained that her proposal was for Fenmore's, not Jabot, and Phyllis pointed out that it was about clothing and not makeup, so they hadn't been doing anything behind Jack's back. Phyllis told Chelsea that she loved the pitch and that she thought Lauren would be just as excited. Jack pushed to know if Chelsea's goal was an influx of cash, but Chelsea indicated that she wanted to focus on designing and not promotion and marketing. Chelsea added that Jabot had been supportive of her from the beginning, and it felt like returning to her roots.

Jack promised to give Chelsea's idea consideration, and Chelsea headed out. Jack admonished Phyllis for trying to negotiate a deal that big on her own, but Phyllis countered that she'd simply stood in for her boss to hear a pitch. Jack asserted that the decision needed his input, and Phyllis chided him for wanting to control everything. They argued, and he opened the door for her to leave. After she stepped out, he left a voicemail for Nikki.

Jill followed Billy to Brash & Sassy, and she wondered why everything seemed to fall apart whenever she left Genoa City. She recalled that he and Victoria had been getting closer, so she'd expected a wedding announcement. Billy dryly replied that Phyllis hadn't popped the question yet, and Jill barked that it wasn't funny. Billy explained that he'd tried hard with Victoria, but she had put up walls and hadn't been able to trust him. Jill lectured that trust could be rebuilt if he worked at it, but Billy suspected that Victoria didn't like him much anymore.

Victoria overheard as she entered, and she remarked that she liked Billy better than certain other executives. Victoria brusquely told Jill that they were very busy, but Jill pressed to know why everyone was acting like they were at a funeral. Billy revealed that a new employee who'd been let go had accused Cane of sexual harassment. Jill snickered and exclaimed that the employee was obviously lying, since Cane was the last man around there who would ever be mistaken for a sexual predator. Billy bristled, and he snapped that Cane was more like Colin than Jill was willing to admit, since both men tried to lie their way out of situations, only to dig themselves in deeper.

Later, Jill cornered Victoria and insisted on knowing everything about the lawsuit. Jill urged Victoria to settle as soon as possible, since she doubted the jury would think Cane was innocent after seeing the hotel security footage of Cane and Juliet staggering into his room. Victoria contended that the tape hadn't proven coercion, but Jill warned that the jury would think that a drunk, married man out of the country on business with an attractive younger subordinate in his room was capable of anything. Victoria argued that settling would make Cane look guilty and the company appear weak, and she huffed that if the game was blackmail and willpower, she wasn't playing or paying. Jill commended her for sounding like Victor.

Jordan shot photos of Lily in Chancellor Park, but she told him to stop. She wondered if she'd given him anything he could use, and he admitted that she seemed like she just didn't care. Lily wailed that she cared too much, since everyone thought she was an idiot for standing by Cane. Lily apologized for not being more focused, especially since she and Cane had worked through everything and would be fine. Lily swore that Cane hadn't been the reason she'd been useless that day, but she was bothered that other people judged her for sticking by her husband.

Jordan said he was behind Lily no matter what, and she vowed not to give up on her marriage or family. She resolved to salvage the day by getting photos they could use as Billy approached. Jordan stepped away to retrieve some lenses out of his car, and Lily assumed that Billy was there to talk about Cane. Billy preferred to discuss his mother, who'd pounced on him in the parking lot and hadn't let him out of her sight for hours. Billy and Lily joked about scheming to get Jill to go back to China by making her think she'd left valuable jewels behind. By the time Jordan returned, Lily was laughing and relaxed.

Nick stopped by Jabot, unannounced, and he informed Jack that Nikki had taken off without telling anyone where she was going. Jack recounted that she hadn't said anything when he'd seen her the day before, but she'd seemed really stressed out. Jack chalked it up to pre-performance jitters, and Nick pushed Jack to tell him if anything else was going on. Jack suspected that Nick wasn't telling him the whole story, and he questioned what was really going on at the Newman ranch.

Nick refused to get into his parents' marriage, but he wished Victor knew when to back off. Jack revealed that Nikki had confided in him about how the concert had happened, and Nick said he didn't know why Victor had pressured her. Jack disclosed that Nikki had been adamant about doing it for herself and other MS patients to feel like she was in control of the event, and Nick wished she would apply that attitude to other facets of her life.

In the office corridor, Phyllis sourly asked if Jill was there to drop off a housewarming gift. Jill recognized that Billy wanted to be with Phyllis, and she claimed that she sincerely wanted to understand Billy and Phyllis' relationship. Phyllis confirmed that she and Billy were committed to one another and that she wanted to make him happy. Jill barked that Phyllis had wanted to make Jack and Nick happy before she'd cheated on both of them, and she wanted to know if Billy should watch out or if Phyllis had gone though every male in Genoa City. Phyllis growled that Jill didn't get to throw stones after having a torrid affair with her stepson.

Jill retorted that she'd learned from her mistakes, but Phyllis kept going down the same tortured path. Jill recognized Phyllis as a barracuda because Jill had once been one, but Jill had changed and Phyllis hadn't. Jill urged Phyllis to look at Billy's history, since he had always gone back to Victoria, and Phyllis simply couldn't compete. Phyllis wondered why Jill was wasting her time on Phyllis if Jill was confident Billy and Victoria would end up together.

Phyllis imagined that Jill would never stop trying to control Billy, and she contended that perhaps Billy and Victoria weren't meant to be after Jill's outrageous attempts to get them back together hadn't worked. Jill thought Phyllis was delusional if she thought Phyllis and Billy were meant to be together. Phyllis noted that most people changed after a life-threatening event, but she thought Jill didn't care about what Billy wanted. Phyllis ordered Jill to stop trying to push Billy and Victoria together or else Jill would lose him.

Victoria left a message for Nikki, begging her to get in touch. Cane entered with some progress reports, but Victoria informed him that it wouldn't be business as usual because he'd broken her trust. Cane intended to regain it, and she cautioned that it wouldn't be easy. She ordered him not to make any important moves unless he consulted her or Billy first. Cane swore to do whatever it took to prove himself to her. Billy returned and suggested that Cane prove that he was a good husband to Lily.

Cane warned Billy to stay out of his marriage, and Billy vowed not to let Cane destroy the company. Victoria changed the topic to the photo shoot, and Billy reported that Lily had been a pro even though Cane's lies had been killing her. Billy had no doubt that Cane had slept with Juliet in Tokyo, and Cane retorted that Billy was the one who couldn't stay faithful. Victoria asserted that she didn't care whether Cane had laid a hand on Juliet, since Juliet would lose the case because she'd lied. Billy ranted that Cane's deceit and rotten judgment had left the company open for attack, so any damage done was on Cane.

At the Athletic Club, Jordan toasted to the most drastic turnaround in photo shoot history, since it had turned to gold after Lily had talked to Billy. Lily declared that the celebration was on her, but her smile dissolved when she spotted Juliet. Jordan implored Lily to ignore her, but Juliet approached them and asked to speak to Lily. Lily spat that Juliet had some nerve, and she threatened to have Juliet banned from the club. Juliet begged to say something, but Lily snapped that she didn't want to hear it. "Not even the truth?" Juliet inquired.

Jordan tried to stop the exchange, but Lily taunted that she'd love to hear the fantasies Juliet was having that day. Juliet said she was sorry that Lily had been hurt, and she insisted that she'd wanted things to play out fairly and honestly. Juliet said she'd felt sick since the deposition, and Lily accused Juliet of slandering Cane for a payout. Juliet swore that it wasn't about money, and Lily grabbed some bills from her purse and began throwing them at Juliet. Juliet pleaded for her to stop, and Lily dared her to pick up the cash. Juliet stared blankly at Lily for a moment before she passed out.

Juliet reveals why she fainted: she's pregnant

Juliet reveals why she fainted: she's pregnant

> Juliet reveals why she fainted: she's pregnant

Juliet reveals why she fainted: she's pregnant

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

by Nel

At Brash & Sassy, Billy suggested that Victoria sue Cane for endangering the company if they lost the case. Cane denied he'd sexually harassed Juliet in exchange for a job. Victoria warned Billy and Cane to stop arguing -- she wanted all of them to present a united front. Billy and Cane continued to argue, but Victoria reminded them that they needed to work together. Cane declared that he'd work from home and stormed out.

Phyllis arrived. She told Billy about her argument with Jill. Billy said he'd been avoiding Jill all day. Phyllis told him that Jill didn't believe that Phyllis deserved Billy and had added that Victoria was Billy's end game.

Phyllis said she'd had a brainstorm while she'd been on the elevator. She wanted them to escape and go away. Phyllis said that Lauren had told her about a lovely bed and breakfast spot. Phyllis said their plans in Los Angeles had fallen apart, and since things had calmed down, it was a good time for them to get away. Billy thought it sounded like an amazing plan, but he felt it would be irresponsible of him to leave under the circumstances. He was afraid that Victoria was setting herself up for a major fall and that the punitive damages could bankrupt the company.

After Phyllis left, Billy entered the conference room and heard Victoria on the phone with Michael, and she mentioned the trial. When she'd ended her call, Billy suggested that Victoria come to her senses and settle with Juliet. Victoria refused and added that she wouldn't let Juliet or any future employees intimidate her. She pointed out that Juliet was without a job and was running out of money. Victoria said she had deeper pockets, and she planned to outlast Juliet.

In the emergency room, Lily and Jordan waited to hear about Juliet's condition. Jordan said that Lily was a good person for staying to make sure that Juliet would be okay. Lily paced and told Jordan she felt guilty for yelling at Juliet before Juliet's collapse. Jordon reminded Lily that Juliet had put Lily through a lot of anxiety with her accusations against Cane.

Jordan asked Lily if Juliet had any family they could call. Lily said the only person who'd know that was Cane. Jordan suggested that Lily call the office and talk to Human Resources. They'd still have Juliet's emergency contact. Lily felt that Cane needed to hear about Juliet. She called Cane and told him about Juliet's collapse. Lily advised Cane that Jordan had called an ambulance, and he was with her.

At the Athletic Club, Jack complimented Jill about her online postings. He said she'd missed her calling. She should have been a travel photographer. Jill said that after she'd had her check-up and gotten the all clear from her cardiologist, she and Colin would continue to check off the items on her bucket list. Jill said that Colin had taken good care of her, and she knew her limitations. Jill felt that the heart attack had been the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Jill told Jack that she'd hoped that Jack and Phyllis had reunited and that Billy wouldn't be with Phyllis. Jack knew that Jill wanted Billy with Victoria, and he confirmed that he and Phyllis were over. He advised Jill to drop her fantasy about Billy and Victoria reuniting. They'd tried umpteen times to get together, and it hadn't worked. Jill said that both Billy and Jack deserved better than Phyllis. Jack said Billy and Phyllis probably deserved each other.

Jill felt that Billy's personal life had veered off course. Jill mentioned that Victoria and Billy were under siege with the sexual harassment suit. Jack's interest was piqued. Jill said that Juliet was out for blood and predicted that the situation would not end well. Jack told Jill he was a good listener and offered to listen to anything Jill wanted to talk about -- like the harassment suit, Billy, or anything else. Jill said she had an appointment and left. Jack did an Internet search for information about the Brash & Sassy lawsuit. He was disappointed when there were no results.

At home, Chelsea was working frantically on a dress when she received a call from the courier. She advised that the dress was almost ready and instructed him to deliver the dress directly to Lauren at Fenmore's at their Jabot location.

When Cane arrived at home, he received a call from Lily who told him that she was in the emergency department at the hospital with Juliet. Lily explained that Juliet had collapsed while Lily and Juliet had argued at the Athletic Club. She said that Jordan was with her. Cane grabbed his keys and told Lily he'd be there as soon as he could. He rushed out.

At Jabot, Phyllis asked Gloria for help. Gloria asked if Phyllis was pulling a prank. Phyllis said that Chelsea had stopped by earlier and pitched her new line, and Chelsea hoped Fenmore's would carry it. Phyllis said the line was amazing, but Jack seemed lukewarm toward it. She wanted Gloria to get Jack to stand behind it.

Gloria asked why she should help Phyllis after Phyllis had cheated on Jack with his brother and humiliated Jack in the process. Gloria stated she had no pull with Jack and told Phyllis to leave. Phyllis told Gloria that she'd seen how protective Gloria was of Jack, and it was too bad that that Jack didn't reciprocate. Phyllis said that Gloria had worked for Chelsea, and Gloria had solid expertise in the fashion realm. Phyllis asked Gloria to convince Jack to stand behind Chelsea's pitch. Phyllis said that when the profits rolled in, it would be a feather in Gloria's cap.

Phyllis said they'd all laughed when Gloria had been hired. Everyone had thought she'd only last a week, and the fact that she was still there spoke volumes. Gloria asked if Phyllis really thought if it would be a moneymaker. Phyllis assured her it would be huge. Gloria warned Phyllis that Jack might not be receptive because the suggestion was from Phyllis.

Cane arrived at the emergency department and was annoyed when he saw Jordan's hand on Lily's shoulder. He asked if they'd heard anything. Lily and Jordan told Cane what had happened, and Jordan left. Lily explained that her encounter with Juliet at the Athletic Club had turned into an argument, and Juliet had collapsed. Lily blamed herself and said she should have walked away. At that moment, Jill arrived.

Cane asked how Jill had heard about the situation so quickly. Jill said she was there for an appointment. Jill asked what Cane had been thinking. Lily warned Jill not to hurl accusations because Cane hadn't done anything wrong. Lily and Cane provided Jill with the details about Juliet. Jill commended them for being there for Juliet, but she told Cane that he'd made a bad situation worse by lying. She advised him that a jury would see that he'd partied with a subordinate and gotten so drunk that she'd had to help him to his room.

Lily countered that Jill knew nothing about Juliet. She told Jill that Juliet had been dying to get a job at Brash & Sassy. When Juliet had been fired, she'd accused Cane of sexual harassment. Juliet's claim had been that Cane had coerced her into his bed, but the video had shown a different story.

When Jill's doctor arrived, Jill told Cane that Lily had been defending him fiercely and warned him not take Lily for granted. Jill left. Lily felt that Cane should leave before Juliet appeared, but Cane refused to leave Lily alone. Lily said she wouldn't allow people to think the worst of him.

Juliet walked out with her doctor, and she was surprised to see Lily and Cane there. Lily claimed she wasn't a heartless person and hadn't wanted to leave Juliet alone. Lily said that other than looking pale, Juliet appeared fine. Juliet asked if they felt she should drop the lawsuit because she was fine. Juliet said she'd been ready to settle, but Victoria had been pushing it. Lily asked Juliet to stop lying and said that Cane had never slept with Juliet. Juliet said she'd been telling the truth.

Exasperated, Lily stated adamantly that Juliet and Cane had never had sex. Juliet handed Lily a sheet of paper and asked Lily to explain how she'd become pregnant.

In Jill's doctor's office, the doctor told Jill she'd need an echocardiogram. Jill admitted she'd been taking care of herself. She'd reduced her stress by leaving the executive team in charge of Chancellor Industries, and she'd taken up yoga. She'd even learned to meditate.

The doctor was amazed that Jill was the same person who had denied having a heart attack when she'd been taken into the hospital. The doctor recalled Jill had claimed it had been acid reflux. The doctor asked if Jill had any problems. Jill admitted to a bit of heartburn, but nothing else. Jill praised her Mediterranean diet for her good health.

After Jill returned from her echocardiogram, the doctor informed her that the results showed that Jill had improved 72%. The rest of the results were great and indicated that Jill would be fully functional soon. Jill said she'd be leaving for the Mediterranean shortly, but she had issues that needed her attention.

Jack arrived at Brash & Sassy and told Victoria he knew what she was dealing with and the pressure she was under. Victoria pretended she didn't know what Jack was talking about. Jack said he knew about the sexual harassment suit. Victoria groaned and wanted to know how he'd found out, since the case had been sealed. Jack said they worked in the same building, and word had gotten out. Jack was sorry she was in that mess and said he'd warned her about Billy.

Victoria asked Jack if he thought they were being sued because of something Billy had done. Billy arrived at that moment and told Jack that Cane was the one to blame and thanked Jack for going down and talking trash about him to Victoria. Jack defended his statement, declaring that assuming the worst about Billy had paid off more often than not. Jack said that he knew what it felt like to be falsely accused.

Billy asked if Jack was referring to Clarissa or whatever Jack's pet name was for Gloria. Billy said he liked the way Jack had handled that situation -- he'd hired Gloria and then slept with her for real. He told Jack their situation was different because they'd had an employee who'd gotten the boot then wanted a payout. Jack inadvertently learned that Juliet was the complainant. He stated that Juliet Helton had been a marketing executive. Billy corrected him and said she was an ex-executive.

Billy told Jack to leave. Jack told Victoria to fight the suit. Billy advised Victoria not to listen to Jack but to settle. Jack asked if Victoria was going to listen to the one person who had almost lost the hockey tie-in. Jack suddenly realized that that was the reason Juliet had been fired and Billy had been kept on -- in order to keep the hockey deal. Jack said it was no wonder Juliet was ticked off, and he left. Billy asked if Victoria was going to listen to Jack. He pointed out that she took advice from everyone and routinely blew him off. He told her to think about that and left.

Jordan arrived at Chelsea's, and she told him about the sample dress she'd sent to Lauren. Jordan suggested that the next time, she should get a model, and he'd take pictures of Chelsea's designs.

Jordan asked for Chelsea's advice about the sexual harassment suit. He told her about the altercation between Lily and Juliet at the Athletic Club and how weird it had been that Juliet had collapsed when Lily had become nasty. Chelsea asked if Jordan believed that Juliet had been sick. Jordan felt that Juliet might have been running a con against Brash & Sassy.

Chelsea asked what Juliet had to gain by faking a collapse/illness, and she wondered why Jordan was so involved. Jordan had a couple of theories -- one was that Juliet's claim might not have been exactly sexual harassment, but she and Cane had done the deed and then she'd embellished the incident because she'd been mad. He said Lily deserved better. His second theory was that it had been a setup since Tokyo. He found it strange that Juliet had collapsed in public during an altercation.

Jordan knew Chelsea could spy a con a mile away. Chelsea explained how she'd conned guys in the past. She said that she'd get a guy out of his comfort zone -- especially if he was from out of the country. They would have a few drinks, and later, she'd mess with his memory.

Chelsea told Jordan that she found the timeline odd. She said that Juliet had excelled at her job for months, and she hadn't gone after Brash & Sassy until she'd been fired. Most people wanted a quick score, and the situation with Juliet was anything but. If Juliet had wanted a settlement from Cane, Chelsea thought Juliet would have gone after Cane when they'd returned from Tokyo or blackmailed him to keep her quiet. Jordan said that if Juliet's case against Cane was legitimate, then Cane was a liar. He admitted it was only theories.

Chelsea wanted to know why Jordan cared so much. Jordan said that he worked at Brash & Sassy, and if it tanked, so did his job. Chelsea noted that Jordan's main concern had been Lily. Jordan said that if she'd seen what had gone down, she'd see that Lily was the real victim.

Chelsea changed the subject and said she needed an extra incentive. She wanted to create a photo board of her designs to give Lauren something tangible to highlight her new collection that Lauren could present to Jack. Jordan suggested that he take photographs of Chelsea modeling her own designs. Chelsea was on board with the idea.

When Jack returned to his office, Gloria said she'd heard that Chelsea had made a pitch about her new line that she wanted Fenmore's to carry. Jack said he had more important issues to deal with. He told Gloria to find out everything she could about Juliet Helton after the debacle with the hockey league. When Gloria asked him why he wanted the information, Jack said he might want to hire Juliet. Gloria wondered why Jack would want to hire a woman who'd made a huge mistake then turned around and sued the company that had fired her.

Jack said that Juliet had her knives out for Brash & Sassy and had intimate knowledge of Brash & Sassy's marketing plan -- that was one mean combination. Gloria said that Jack was losing his Machiavellian touch. If he wanted to stick it to Billy, there were easier ways to do it.

Billy arrived at home and was shocked to find Phyllis in a sexy outfit. She seductively fed him a pastry in the kitchen. They kissed passionately as Phyllis removed his shirt.

Jill returned to Brash & Sassy and accused Victoria of handing Billy over to Phyllis on a silver platter. Jill told Victoria to fight for what was rightfully hers. Victoria told Jill that she refused to chase a man who had no interest in her. Jill said that Victoria was wrong and urged her to rescue Bill from Phyllis' clutches before Victoria lost her chance with him.

Dina reveals Graham has been named her primary beneficiary

Dina reveals Graham has been named her primary beneficiary

Thursday, June 29, 2017

At the hospital, Lily stared at the lab report that proved Juliet was pregnant, and Cane's face paled when he saw the date of conception. Juliet flatly stated that the date coincided with their trip to Tokyo and the night they'd had sex. Juliet barked that they all knew who'd been lying and who'd been telling the truth. She sincerely thanked Lily for her kindness, but she insisted that Lily and Cane didn't have to worry about her anymore. Juliet was sure the couple had a lot to talk about, and she left to take a cab back to the Athletic Club. Lily numbly stared at a devastated Cane.

Lily spat that Cane had lied to her about everything, since he'd claimed nothing had happened in his hotel, and it made her sick that something had. He suggested that they go home and talk, but she demanded that he tell her the truth. Cane maintained that he hadn't sexually harassed Juliet, but Lily could tell that he'd slept with Juliet based on the look on his face when Juliet had told them she was pregnant. Cane admitted that he and Juliet had had sex, but he contended that it didn't mean the baby was his. Lily panted for air as she stepped onto the elevator, unable to look at him. Cane cradled his head in his hands.

Neil met Lily at the Ashby home, and she bemoaned that it was a nightmare. Neil asked where Cane was, and she replied that she had left him at the hospital and was glad he wasn't there. Neil hoped the couple could deal with the situation rationally, but Lily didn't even want to look at her husband after he'd been hiding the truth. She recounted that she'd spoken to Cane when he'd still been in the same bed where he'd had sex with Juliet. Lily began to cry, and Neil held her close.

Neil asked if there was any chance that Juliet's baby wasn't Cane's, and Lily informed him that the timing of conception had been exactly when Cane and Juliet had been in Tokyo. Neil pointed out that it meant Cane had slept with Juliet, but the lawsuit claimed sexual harassment. Neil inquired whether Lily believed Cane had used his position to get Juliet to sleep with him. Lily doubted that Cane would take advantage of a woman that way, but she grappled with the fact that he'd repeatedly denied the truth, which changed everything.

Over the phone, Lily struggled to maintain her composure as she thanked Mattie for checking in from the coffeehouse. After she hung up, Lily griped that she shouldn't have to pretend with her kids the way Cane had pretended with her. Neil worried that it wouldn't be easy on the twins if Victoria settled the lawsuit, but Lily thought she couldn't keep the truth from her kids because it would be worse for them to hear about it from someone else. Lily wondered when the lies would stop, since Cane never would have told her about that night if Juliet hadn't gotten pregnant. Lily wasn't sure if she could ever trust Cane again.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria apologized profusely to a customer over the phone for a missing order that she'd failed to approve, and she made arrangements to ship products overnight to the customer at any cost. Cane walked in, and she asked for the analysis that he'd supposedly been putting together from home. She apologized for being harsh about not being able to trust him, but she was determined to focus on business after letting things slide because of the lawsuit. She asked Cane to devote extra attention to the upset customer, but he said they needed to talk about the lawsuit. Victoria maintained that she wasn't going to settle, but he thought that what he was about to tell her might change her mind.

Cane bemoaned that the suit was taking its toll on everyone, and he suggested that Victoria settle for just enough for Juliet to get her life back on track. Victoria refused to settle when Juliet was trying to make Victoria suffer for firing her, but Cane argued that Victoria wasn't the one Juliet was going after. Victoria asserted that the security footage had proven nothing other than that Juliet had spent the night in Cane's room, so she wouldn't pay the "vindictive bitch" one dime. Cane blurted out that he'd had sex with Juliet and that she was pregnant.

Cane said he was sorry he'd lied to Victoria, and he swore that it had only happened once and that he hadn't even remembered until Juliet had told him days later. Victoria asked if the baby was his, and he offered to take a DNA test to find out. Victoria ranted that he'd played her for a fool ever since the lawsuit had been served, but Cane defended that he'd been trying to protect his family. Victoria inquired how Lily was doing, and Cane prayed that they'd get through it.

Cane questioned whether Victoria would settle the lawsuit, and she realized that he couldn't testify because Leslie would tear him apart on the stand. Cane lamented that it never should have gone that far, but Victoria sternly stated that it had, and it had left her with no choice. Victoria called Michael and requested that he set up an appointment with Juliet and Leslie about settling the lawsuit immediately.

At the Athletic Club, Graham asked if Dina was ready to head to Jabot. She declared that she was in the mood for dessert and coffee, but he suspected that she was stalling because she had second thoughts about telling Jack and Ashley what she was doing. Dina asserted that her children had a right to know, but Graham stressed that he didn't want to do anything to make her uncomfortable or unhappy if she'd changed her mind. She was determined to put an end to the doubts her kids had about Graham once and for all.

Devon stopped at the table to say hello, and Dina asked if he'd talked to Neil about finding a place for Graham in their company. Devon indicated that he hadn't yet, but he promised he would. After Devon stepped away, Graham assumed that the ship had sailed on him getting a position there, but Dina assured Graham that he would always have a place by her side. He took her hand and gushed that there was no place he'd rather be. Dina wondered what Katherine would have thought about her grandson buying Dina's company, and she found it comforting to know that someone was looking out for her by sending people her way when she needed them the most. Dina suddenly spotted Jill at the bar, and she chuckled and remarked that Katherine had a wicked sense of humor.

Devon marveled that Jill looked fantastic, and she insisted on hearing about Hamilton-Winters. Devon proudly reported that he and Neil were off to a great start, signing talented artists and finding companies that fit their mission statement. Jill said she was happy for them, especially since Devon was pursuing his passion for music. Jill turned the topic to the Brash & Sassy lawsuit, and she couldn't believe that such a horrendous accusation had been made against Cane. She wondered what Devon's take was on the suit.

Devon didn't think Cane was the type of person to sexually harass anyone, but he found it hard to believe that Cane hadn't slept with Juliet. Jill couldn't imagine that Cane would do anything to endanger his family, and Devon hoped she was right, since breaking up a marriage was "hell." Jill admitted that as painful as divorces were, she was glad Devon had ejected "she-wolf" Hilary from his life. Devon couldn't argue, and he and Jill clinked their glasses together. He informed her that he'd been happily seeing Mariah.

Jill inquired about Devon's new streaming service, and he explained that he'd acquired it when his company had purchased Mergeron. Jill's expression soured when she realized it was Dina's company, and Dina approached and greeted Jill with a forced smile. Dina said she'd flown in from Paris a few weeks earlier, and Jill dryly asked if it had been first-class or on a broom. Dina huffed that she'd taken a private jet, and Devon explained that Dina had flown in to sell her company. Jill figured that they'd say hello and goodbye, given Dina's penchant for flying the coop on a moment's notice.

Devon realized that the women shared a history, and Dina asserted that she'd been John's first wife and true love. Jill snickered, and Devon stepped aside to take a call. Jill noted that Devon was just about the right age for another of Dina's conquests, but she surmised that Dina wouldn't be interested if he didn't play golf. Dina wondered if Jill was having an affair with her stepson yet. Jill said she'd seen Jack earlier but that he hadn't mentioned Dina had darkened his door, and she guessed that he'd wanted to forget that Dina was even there.

Dina bragged that she and her children had shared a magnificent family dinner, but Jill was skeptical. Graham approached and asked if Dina was ready to go, and Dina introduced him to Jill as her friend. Graham kissed Jill's hand and remarked that John had been a lucky fellow with wonderful taste in wives. Jill groused that Dina hadn't treated John with much respect, and Dina suggested that Jill tell Graham why Jill and John had divorced. Jill noted that Dina was still full of venom, and Dina countered that Jill's claws were as sharp as ever. Dina and Graham departed.

Juliet entered the club foyer, where Hilary asked why Juliet hadn't returned her calls. Juliet stammered that it wasn't a good time, and Hilary mentioned that Cane had told her that the lawsuit was going to trial. Juliet said she wouldn't count on it, since they wouldn't be able to ignore the evidence, and she handed Hilary the lab report. Hilary was shocked that Juliet was pregnant, and Juliet revealed that she'd passed out earlier and that Lily and Cane had been at the hospital when she'd been discharged.

Hilary asked if Juliet had told the Ashbys about the baby, and Juliet regretted that she'd shoved the results in Lily's face. Hilary figured that at least Lily knew the truth about Cane cheating on her, but Juliet protested that she'd never meant to humiliate or hurt Lily. Hilary argued that Juliet had borne the brunt of Lily's hostility and that Cane had tried to send Juliet back to Tokyo, and she thought Juliet should feel vindicated because she'd won. Hilary pressed Juliet to call Leslie, but Juliet opted to retreat upstairs to rest.

Hilary finished a work call as Devon approached, and he asked if Juliet had said anything about the deposition. Hilary replied that Juliet was under a gag order, and she reiterated that she'd dropped the story. Hilary claimed that she'd tried to convince Juliet to drop the whole thing, since Cane would never do anything to hurt Lily. Devon was surprised by her caring attitude, and Hilary explained that he'd been her conscience when they'd been married, but she needed to be her own. Devon mused that she sounded like the Hilary he'd fallen in love with, and he hoped she convinced Juliet to drop the case for everyone's sake. Hilary commented that no matter what happened, she wouldn't be the one hurting Lily.

Later, Juliet ordered a club soda at the bar, and she was surprised to see Hilary there instead of announcing the news of Juliet's pregnancy at GC Buzz. Hilary asked if Juliet had checked her voicemail that day, since Hilary had called her the day before to offer her full support. Touched, Juliet plopped down next to her and apologized for jumping to a "bitchy conclusion." Hilary couldn't blame Juliet for being suspicious after people she'd thought she had been able to count on had hung her out to dry, but she swore that she wanted to be Juliet's friend.

Hilary promised not to break Juliet's trust or judge her, but Juliet groaned that everyone else thought she was interfering in a marriage and causing pain. As Devon eavesdropped, Juliet wailed that the last thing she wanted was to be pregnant by a man who despised her, and she wasn't ready to be a single, unemployed mother. Hilary chirped that it wasn't the end of the world to be pregnant, since it would only help Juliet's case to prove that she and Cane had had sex.

Billy and Phyllis had sex in various places in their apartment. After they collapsed in laughter on the floor, they joked about the mess they'd made as they squirted whipped cream into one another's mouths. He said her diabolical plan had worked to perfection, but he was still starving. She grabbed her phone to order some food, but he began kissing her again and huskily stated that he hadn't meant that kind of starving.

The doorbell rang, and a shirtless Billy answered it, expecting a food delivery, but he was surprised to see Jill. He told her to use the phone the next time, and she informed him that she'd left several messages. Jill observed that the room was in disarray, and she asked if Billy and Phyllis had had a fight already. Jill questioned whether it was really the life he'd chosen. Phyllis, clad only in Billy's shirt, entered and seductively suggested that she and Billy have dinner in bed. Jill sarcastically said it was lovely to see Phyllis, but she was seeing more than she'd prefer.

Billy lectured that Jill couldn't enter their home and throw barbs around. Billy acknowledged that Jill's plan for him hadn't gone as she'd planned, but he was happier than he'd been in a long time. He pointed out that Jill had gotten a second chance at life and had decided to spend it with someone he didn't like, but he'd accepted it because it made her happy. Billy reiterated that Phyllis made him happy, and he opened the door and told Jill she could go if she didn't like or accept it. Jill snorted and walked out. Phyllis kissed Billy and declared that he was very sexy when he stood up to his mother.

At Jabot, Jack asked Ashley what she knew about Juliet, since Juliet was suing Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment. "What has Billy done now?" Ashley cried. Ashley was shocked to hear that Juliet had accused Cane of harassing her, and she felt bad that she'd concluded that Billy had been to blame. Jack admitted that it had been his first guess, too, and Ashley asked if Juliet had a case. Jack reported that Victoria didn't think so and that she was ready to fight to the bitter end.

Ashley mused that a long court case would be a huge distraction that would affect Brash & Sassy's bottom line, and Jack informed her that he was thinking about hiring Juliet to help them take out the competition once and for all. Ashley was sure that Victoria had made Juliet sign a non-compete clause, but Jack replied that it wasn't the deal he was most worried about. He referred to the deal Dina had made with Graham, and Ashley wondered why Jack was concerned. Ashley warned that pushing Dina would only make their mother hold onto Graham tighter, since Dina was a stubborn person who didn't take flak from anyone. "Well, neither do I!" Jack exclaimed.

Ashley assured Jack that Ravi's research had turned up nothing remotely criminal about Graham, but Jack referred to the giant gap in Graham's career timeline. Ashley implored Jack to take satisfaction in the decent dinner they'd had with their mother, and she thought they had no right to judge who Dina chose to be with. Jack couldn't believe Ashley's change in attitude, but she encouraged him to try to see the glass as half full. Jack conceded that maybe he needed to step away to gain perspective, and he thanked her. Ashley started to head out, but she ran into Dina and Graham at the door. Dina proclaimed that it was high time that Jack and Ashley knew exactly what going on with her and Graham.

Dina recognized that her children had concerns about her relationship with Graham, and she explained that Graham had entered her life when she'd desperately needed a friend. Graham added that he'd been an employee at first, but he and Dina had gotten to know one another. Dina said their professional connection had turned personal, and Graham had made her lonely days bearable by helping her through difficult times and always sticking by her. Jack grumbled that being on the payroll helped, but Graham testily questioned where Dina's family had been when she had been going through rough times.

Ashley argued that Dina hadn't wanted to be part of their lives, but Graham defended that Dina had been afraid of being rejected, and he didn't blame her, based on what he'd seen. Jack suggested that Graham wait in the reception area, but Dina insisted that Graham stay with her. Dina asserted that she didn't want to dredge up the past when they'd all been getting along, and she'd made a decision that she wanted Jack and Ashley to understand. Dina swore that it hadn't been Graham's idea and that it had been in the works for some time before they'd left Europe. She revealed that she'd signed a new will and left the bulk of her estate to Graham.

Will Hilary sit on the story?

Will Hilary sit on the story?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Mattie studied at Crimson Lights, and Reed approached and said he'd been waiting to hear back from her about going to a movie. She waved him off while she finished a computation, and he was surprised to see that she was taking calculus in June. He assumed that she'd flunked out and needed to take summer school, but she informed him that she was getting ahead before an intense junior year. Reed incredulously asked if she'd volunteered for summer school, and Mattie snapped that she was way too busy to waste time at the movies.

Reed asked if he'd said something wrong, and Mattie sarcastically replied that she loved being made fun of for showing initiative. Reed figured that she'd signed up for classes to avoid dealing with her idiot brother, and she turned back to her schoolwork. Reed pressed to know about the movie, but Mattie didn't want to risk falling behind. He argued that she couldn't do homework all the time, and he jotted down some song ideas because she'd inspired him. Mattie conceded that maybe a movie wouldn't be that bad, and she apologetically explained that she wasn't used to guys asking her out.

Reed planned to change that, but Charlie interrupted and asked if Reed was bothering her. Reed brainstormed another song title about jocks with rocks for brains, and Charlie questioned why Mattie was hanging out with Reed. The boys bickered, and Reed said he'd call Mattie later about the movie. After Reed took off, Charlie was appalled that Mattie was going out with "that clown," and she suggested that Charlie and Zoey join them on a double date. The twins headed out.

At Brash & Sassy, Michael questioned how Victoria had gone from fighting the lawsuit one minute to suddenly deciding to settle. Victoria replied that she'd give anything not to, but Cane had painted her into a corner, and his credibility was completely shot. Victoria revealed that Cane had admitted that he'd lied about having sex with Juliet. Michael wondered what had made Cane change his story, and Victoria announced that Juliet was pregnant. Michael expressed sympathy for Cane's family.

Victoria indicated that Cane wasn't convinced the baby was his, but the damage had been done because he had stuck by his lies, and she expected to pay a lot. Michael suggested that they talk numbers before he called Leslie, who was sure to smell blood. Victoria was adamant that Juliet sign a non-disclosure agreement, and Michael was impressed by how calm Victoria was. Victoria replied that she was calm on the outside, but she was raging on the inside.

Reed arrived and invited Michael to check out open mic night at the Underground sometime. Michael promised Victoria that he'd get on the matter they'd discussed, and he departed. Reed sensed that something was going on, but Victoria preferred to hear about what was going on with him. Reed requested some extra cash that week, and she suspected he had a date. Reed told Victoria to forget it when she pressed for details, but she handed him some cash and was glad that he had good things going on in his life.

Reed questioned whether Victoria didn't, and she mentioned that she'd decided to settle the lawsuit. He recalled that she'd been determined to fight, but she explained that things had gotten out of control because an employee had lied to her. Reed asked what would happen to the person who'd lied, and Victoria said she still had to decide. She added that being the boss sometimes meant having to do things she hated, but it was unavoidable.

Cane returned home and forlornly picked up a framed family photo. Lily entered, and he set down the photo and informed her that he'd spoken to Victoria about settling the case. Lily barked that Victoria hadn't had any other option, since Cane had put her in a box. Cane asked if Lily was okay. She told him her dad had been there, and Cane was lucky that Neil had left already. Cane recognized that he had a lot to apologize for, but all he could think about was whether he still had a marriage.

Lily angrily questioned why Cane had had to sleep with "that woman." Cane weakly defended that he had been wasted and hadn't remembered doing it, and he'd never meant to cheat on her. Lily spat that he had, so they had to deal with the consequences. He promised to have Juliet take a DNA test, but Lily ranted that Cane had lied time after time and covered it up. Cane pleaded that it had been a one-time mistake and that he hadn't wanted to hurt Lily, but things had spiraled out of control, and he'd been helpless to stop it.

Lily recognized that she'd cheated on Cane in the past, but she contended that what he'd done had been much worse because he'd let her defend him only for her to find out the truth in the worst possible way. She hissed that his "one-time mistake" had handed her a piece of paper that said he'd gotten Juliet pregnant, and she wondered if he'd done it to get back at her for sleeping with Joe. Cane insisted that they'd put her infidelity behind them and fixed their marriage, but Lily wailed that he was tearing them apart all over again.

Cane promised to do whatever Lily wanted him to do, but she became incensed that he was putting it on her to fix his having a one-night stand and possibly fathering a child. Cane pleaded that the one simple truth was that he loved her, and Lily wished he'd remembered that in Tokyo. He pledged to make it up to her, but she argued that it wasn't just about her but was about their whole family. She wondered how the twins would feel about what he'd done, but he didn't want to tell them until after the paternity test was done to avoid hurting them. Lily growled that it was just like his logic not to hurt his poor, stupid wife with the truth. Mattie and Charlie walked in and asked what was wrong.

Lily insisted that everything was fine, and she told the twins to get washed up for dinner. Charlie inquired about the lawsuit, and Lily reported that Victoria was settling the case. Charlie figured that meant Cane could stop worrying, but Mattie protested that the company was paying off the woman who'd said awful things about their dad. Lily explained that it didn't mean the claims were true, but it was easier than going to court. Mattie questioned why Lily and Cane didn't seem happier.

Cane vaguely said it had been hard to figure out what everything meant, and Lily added that the lingering issues didn't just magically go away. Charlie assumed that the important part was that the legal stuff was over, and he went to change before dinner. Mattie pressed to know what kind of issues there were, and she wondered if her parents would lose their jobs. Lily swore that work was fine. She told Mattie to put it out of her head, but Mattie remained concerned.

Mattie pushed her parents to tell her what was going on, since they weren't good at hiding it. Lily chalked it up to rough patches that married couples went through sometimes, and Mattie contended that she and Charlie were ready to listen, since maybe they could help. Cane sent Mattie to wash up, and he thanked Lily for not saying anything. Lily warned that they couldn't keep lying forever, especially if Juliet agreed to the test. Cane grappled with how to tell his kids that he'd messed up.

At Jabot, Jack was stunned that Dina had changed her will to leave everything to Graham, but Dina clarified that she wasn't giving Graham everything -- just the bulk of her estate. Jack haughtily stated that Graham had to be good at what he did if that was his reward for being loyal, and Graham offered to step out. Dina agreed that it was a good idea for Graham to leave, and he exited. Dina asserted that she'd known exactly what she'd been doing when she'd signed the will, and she ordered Jack and Ashley to respect her final wishes. Ashley pointed out that Dina could reward Graham with a salary or bonus rather than her estate, and she was concerned that Dina wasn't making appropriate choices.

Dina stated that she knew what she was worth, and she believed that what she was giving Graham for always standing by her was a bargain, since he'd given up a lot to be with her. Jack questioned what other company would give Graham a deal that sweet after barely a year of service, but Dina countered that it gave her peace of mind that she couldn't put a price tag on. Jack grumbled that Graham had, and he inquired whether she assumed Graham would be her steadfast companion no matter what. Dina contended that it would be a lifetime job for Graham to be by her side, but Ashley warned that it would make Graham hope Dina's lifetime was a short one.

Dina offered to have her lawyers forward a copy of her will, but Jack pointed out that Dina knew it wasn't what he and Ashley wanted. Dina understood that they were surprised and upset, and she figured they'd expected her to be more generous toward them. Jack maintained that they didn't want her money, and Ashley argued that they cared about Dina. Ashley voiced concern that Dina was being taken advantage of, but Dina reiterated that she knew exactly what she was doing. She declared that it was her decision, and she intended to live with it -- happily.

Gloria greeted Graham in the reception area, and she asked if he was there to see Jack. Graham reported that Jack was in his office, but Graham was glad to be out there instead. Gloria giggled and said she was, too. Gloria showed Graham a problem she was having on her computer, and he instructed her to press a different key first. She excitedly grabbed onto him when it worked, and she admired his cologne. He informed her that he was wearing Dare by Brash & Sassy, and she purred that it was a swear word around there. Graham quickly pulled back when Dina emerged from the office, and he and Dina departed. Ashley said she needed air, a drink, or both, and she told Jack that they had to live with Dina's decision.

Later, Gloria presented Jack with a report, and she asked if he was ever going to tell her what the meeting had been about earlier. He asked if she was still interested in Graham, and she huffed that her motives would be pure if she decided to pursue something, but she conceded that she was mildly interested. Jack wondered how she'd feel if Graham were filthy rich, and he revealed that Graham was in line for an outlandish bequest from his mother. Gloria was sure that Jack wouldn't just stand by and let Dina do that, but Jack remarked that it was Dina's money and life, so she could do "whatever the hell" she wanted. Gloria stepped out, grinning broadly.

At the Athletic Club, Victor left a voicemail for Nikki, saying she couldn't ignore him forever. Tessa joined him and asked why he'd wanted to see her. Victor explained that Nikki had left a note before she'd taken off somewhere to clear her head, and he inquired whether Tessa knew what it was about. Tessa replied that she hadn't seen Nikki before she'd left and that Nikki had said nothing about going away. Victor noted that the concert was in a few days, and he hoped Nikki was ready to perform. Victor asked if Nikki had requested that Tessa keep something from him.

Tessa asserted that Nikki was her boss and not her best friend, and she couldn't think of anything Nikki had said that Nikki wouldn't have wanted Victor to hear. Victor contemplated what had motivated Nikki's sudden departure, and Tessa said she was sorry she couldn't be of help. Tessa got up to leave, but Victor announced that he wanted her to open for Nikki at the concert. Victor reasoned that Nikki was apprehensive about carrying the concert by herself, and he thought it would relieve some pressure to have Tessa open. Tessa gushed that she'd love to perform, and Victor asked her to let him know if she heard anything from Nikki.

At the Athletic Club bar, Hilary assured Juliet that Juliet's pregnancy would only help her case. Juliet received a text message from Leslie and headed out. An eavesdropping Devon confronted Hilary about Juliet's pregnancy, and Hilary suggested that they go up to her suite instead of discussing it there. He hesitated for a moment before following her upstairs.

In Hilary's suite, Hilary told Devon she was sorry he'd found out that way. She wondered how it would impact the sexual harassment case, but he was worried about Lily and not the case. Devon questioned how a marriage was supposed to last when the trust had been broken, and he anticipated that the twins would be crushed. He imagined that people would assume the sexual harassment part was true and that Cane would be stuck with the label for the rest of his life.

Devon prepared to leave, and he tentatively asked Hilary to do him a favor and keep the whole mess off the air. She replied that she was proud of the show, so she wouldn't report a story solely for the purpose of going after his sister. Devon doubted Hilary would do anything to help Lily, but he appreciated Hilary not making it more painful and difficult if she cared about him at all. Hilary softly stated that she'd always care -- she had never stopped and never would. He thanked her, and he paused briefly before he stepped out. She closed the door behind him, and they both lingered on opposite sides of the door.

Ashley sipped wine at the Athletic Club bar, and Victor approached and asked how she was doing. She replied that her mother had driven her to drink alone, and she remarked that Graham was better than any of them had ever thought. Ashley reported that Dina had told her and Jack where things stood with her will to try to end their suspicions about Graham. Victor asked if Graham treated Dina well, and Ashley replied that Graham seemed to.

Ashley added that Dina had made it clear that Graham hadn't forced her into anything, so Ashley had no choice but to believe her mother, but Jack was beside himself. Victor mentioned that he'd had a run-in with Jack the day before, and Ashley inquired about the concert preparations, noting that she hadn't seen Nikki in a while. Victor claimed that Nikki had taken off to get ready for the event, since she was very excited, but Ashley was skeptical. Victor proposed a toast to Nikki's success.

Tessa was grateful to find Mariah at the cottage, and she relayed how Victor had summoned her to the club to quiz her about Nikki. Tessa continued that he'd asked her to open for Nikki at the concert, and she hoped Devon wouldn't mind. Mariah thought performing at a charity event would be fine, and Tessa fretted that Victor might be trying to trick her into letting her guard down. Mariah referred to her own history with him, but she didn't want to discuss it further to avoid Tessa thinking less of her. Tessa swore it wouldn't happen because Mariah had been a good friend to her.

Mariah suggested that she and Tessa watch the sequel to the awful movie they'd watched the other day, since she could use the company because Devon was busy. Later, Mariah was surprised when Devon stopped by, and Tessa said she was happy to bow out of the rest of a bad movie. The women hugged goodbye, and Tessa left. Mariah offered Devon some wine or popcorn, and she asked if he'd seen Jill that night. He confirmed that he'd also seen Hilary, and he had news about Lily and Cane that wasn't good.

In confidence, Devon told Mariah about Juliet's pregnancy, and he groused that Cane had been lying the whole time. Mariah was surprised that Hilary hadn't made it the next day's big story, and Devon divulged that he'd asked Hilary to sit on it. Mariah hoped he'd gotten through to Hilary, but she thought his family still had reason to worry. Devon said no one knew Hilary better than he did, and he thought she understood what was at stake. He believed that Hilary cared about his opinion of her, but he thought he and Mariah were spending too much time talking about his ex. They hugged.

Hilary plugged a flash drive into her laptop and watched a video of a conversation with Juliet. Juliet had admitted that she'd had sex with Cane but that it had meant nothing. Hilary had noted that Juliet had gotten the job at Brash & Sassy after the romp, and she had asked if the sexual encounter had had anything to do with it. Juliet had confirmed that it hadn't, and she had called it an awful thing to suggest.

Hilary pulled the flash drive from her computer. There was a knock at the door, and Juliet burst in and exclaimed that she'd won. Juliet hugged Hilary and announced that Victoria was settling the case, so Juliet's money problems were over, thanks to Hilary. Juliet hugged Hilary again, and Hilary stared at the flash drive in her hand.

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