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Ned and Olivia were married. Sam had a vivid fantasy of killing Sonny. Josslyn sneaked out to meet Oscar. Sparks flew between Andre and Anna. Curtis and Jordan rekindled their romance. Stella had a stroke.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 3, 2017 on GH
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Holiday preemption Holiday preemption

Monday, July 3, 2017

Due to the extended Fourth of July holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of the March 6 episode. You can read a recap for that day in our Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, July 5, and picked up where the Friday, June 30 episode concluded.

Holiday preemption

Holiday preemption

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of the March 7 episode. You can read a recap for that day in our Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, July 5, and picked up where the Friday, June 30 episode concluded.

Sam viciously stabs Sonny

Sam viciously stabs Sonny

> Sam viciously stabs Sonny

Sam viciously stabs Sonny

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

At the hospital, Jordan assured Curtis that Liesl was in lockup and would be arraigned in the morning. Pleased, Curtis suggested that he and Jordan celebrate over a drink, but Jordan revealed that she had one more thing to do. Curtis was stunned when she told him that she had to arrest him because he had viewed confidential patient files. Curtis reminded Jordan that Monica had set everything up, but he quickly realized that she'd been joking about the arrest. Jordan giggled because she had managed to trick him, but he wanted to know about the drink. Jordan agreed, but she made it clear that it would not go beyond that.

A short time later, Curtis slammed Jordan against his apartment door as they kissed passionately and ripped off each other's clothes. They made it to Curtis' bedroom then made love. Afterwards, Jordan worried that they'd made a mistake, but Curtis insisted that the past was in the past, and they deserved to be happy. Jordan dared Curtis to tell his aunt that, but Curtis reminded Jordan that Stella's feelings weren't the only ones that mattered. Curtis couldn't change his mother and brother's deaths, but he could move forward and build a better life for himself.

Curtis didn't care if Stella was offended by his choices, but he refused to give up Jordan, because they'd been on the verge of building something special. Curtis reminded Jordan that they were free to live their lives "out loud" because all their secrets were out in the open, but Jordan feared that Curtis would pay a steep price once Stella found out. Curtis was confident that his aunt would get past it, but Jordan doubted it. Curtis didn't care because his mind was made up -- he'd chosen Jordan.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Molly and Alexis stood on the terrace as Molly reminded her mother not to mention Julian in front of their guests. Moments later, T.J. and Stella arrived. Molly watched nervously as Alexis warmly greeted T.J.'s great-aunt. Everyone exchanged pleasantries then sat down as Stella expressed her delight to meet Molly's family. Alexis chatted about her daughters then asked if Stella had any children. Stella claimed that her sister's children had been more than enough for Stella.

Stella noticed Curtis' absence and asked T.J. if his uncle would be joining them. T.J. tactfully explained that Curtis hadn't been able to make it, but Stella suspected T.J. was trying to cover for Curtis because Stella and her nephew had been going through a rough patch. Alexis smiled politely as she suggested that Curtis had been delayed because of a case, but Alexis was confident that Stella and Curtis would work things out because Curtis was a great guy.

After dinner, T.J. and Molly left. Alexis and Stella talked about what great kids T.J. and Molly were and what a wonderful match they made. Alexis mentioned her other two daughters then seized the opportunity to talk about how difficult it was to watch her children make mistakes because Alexis tended to swoop in to try to save them. Alexis acknowledged that things had usually backfired, which was why she had learned to stand back and let them make their own mistakes. Stella was curious what Alexis would do if one of her daughters had decided to date the person who had caused one of Alexis' other daughter's death.

"Still not interfere?" Stella asked. Alexis wisely backed down and apologized. Stella appreciated Alexis' concern, but she suggested they not try to fix each other's families. Alexis agreed, prompting Stella to concede that she could see where Molly got her big heart and good intentions. Stella confided that she had a knack for making her feelings known in a way that got her the desired results. Seconds later, Curtis and Jordan entered the restaurant, holding hands. Sensing trouble, Alexis quickly excused herself.

Stella didn't bother to hide her displeasure, but Curtis refused to apologize for being with Jordan. Disgusted, Stella angrily accused Curtis of shaming their family. Jordan admitted that she and Curtis didn't expect Stella's blessing, but Jordan hoped they could find a way to coexist peacefully for T.J.'s sake. Stella slowly turned away from Curtis and Jordan then collapsed.

At a dance studio, Andre and Anna's sexy dance ended. Anna was breathless as she admitted that she had enjoyed the dance. She suggested that he install a dance floor in his office because she was certain his patients would enjoy it and be instantly cured. Andre chuckled, but things quickly heated up as they gazed into each other's eyes then shared a passionate kiss. After the kiss ended, Anna stepped backwards, so Andre tried to keep things light by asking if he had stepped on her foot.

Anna took a minute to collect herself then let out a deep breath. "Well, that happened," Anna said with a hint of uncertainty in her tone. Andre assured her that he hadn't intended to kiss her. He suggested they forget about it, but she wondered if that was what he wanted because, if not, they could go to her place. Surprised, Andre asked Anna to be certain because he didn't want to jeopardize their friendship for "fleeting satisfaction." Anna smiled, but her phone rang before she could answer him. "Saved by the bell," she teasingly told him as she pulled out her phone.

At Crimson, Nina was stunned when she accepted a collect call and Valentin greeted her. She tried not to react as Valentin told her how good it was to hear her voice. Nina reminded him that he should have called Charlotte, but he admitted that he had. Valentin explained that the call had gone straight to voicemail, which he suspected meant that Lulu was screening Charlotte's calls. Valentin asked Nina to pass along a message to Charlotte, but Nina asked if that was why he'd called her. Valentin promised Nina that he loved and missed his wife, but Nina asked about his trial.

According to Valentin, the WSB wanted to avoid the publicity of a trial because they were embarrassed that a deadly weapon like the Chimera had existed. He was certain that the WSB would find a way to make everything, including him, disappear. Nina assured Valentin that she would not let that happen and promised to use Crimson to tell his story, but Valentin begged her to leave it alone because he didn't want to endanger her. He implored Nina to pretend she didn't care about him, but she argued that she couldn't do that. Disappointed, Valentin told her that he would do everything in his power to protect her then ended the call.

Distraught, Nina called Anna and requested a meeting at Crimson. Anna explained that it wasn't a good time, but Nina insisted it was urgent. A bit later, Anna exited the elevator. Nina quickly filled Anna in about the phone call and her fear that Valentin had called to say goodbye. Anna assured Nina that Valentin had misread things because Anna was good friends with the man in charge of the WSB. Anna promised that no one would make Valentin disappear, but Nina didn't want to trust Anna only to find out that Anna had been wrong. Nina reminded Anna that someone would have to explain to Charlotte if anything were to happen to Valentin.

Anna pointed out that Valentin had stolen the Chimera, which had been a crime of espionage, but Nina argued that Anna's twin, Alex, had persuaded Valentin to commit the theft. Nina found it suspicious that Alex had managed to escape from the WSB, but Anna was offended by the suggestion that she had helped Alex. Nina's eyes welled up with tears as she insisted that she and Valentin had been happy until Anna and Alex had caused trouble for Valentin. Anna acknowledged that she'd made mistakes, but she was adamant that the WSB would not kill Valentin.

However, Anna warned Nina that the WSB would do everything in their power to make certain that Valentin was convicted. She advised Nina to distance herself from Valentin and not take his call the next time he reached out. After Anna left, Nina sat down at her desk as she thought about the night Valentin had given her an extravagant wedding ring. Nina's expression clouded with sadness as she slowly slid the wedding ring off.

Meanwhile, Valentin languished in a dark jail cell in the Netherlands. He sat on the floor as he wrote Nina a letter, confessing that being married to her had been the happiest months of his life. He was touched that she had trusted him and given him a chance to be a better person. Valentin regretted that he'd made Nina doubt him, but he promised that he loved her and always would. He assured her that their time together had been a gift not only to him, but also to "our daughter, Charlotte." Valentin was grateful that Charlotte was old enough to remember the love that he and Nina had given her, but he begged Nina to remain a part of Charlotte's life because Nina was the greatest gift he'd given his daughter.

A short time later, a man wearing a suit entered the room and identified himself as a WSB agent. Valentin asked the man to make certain that Nina received the letter, but the man informed Valentin that it was not his responsibility. The man ordered Valentin to turn around. Resigned, Valentin did as he was instructed then placed his hands behind his neck. After the agent handcuffed the prisoner, Valentin was led out of the room.

At the hospital, Andre saw Anna at the nurses' station. Surprised, Andre asked if Nina had been admitted to the hospital, but Anna shook her head and admitted that she was there to see Andre. Anna had hoped that she and Andre could pick up where they'd left off.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam approached Jason to let him know that Dr. Bensch would see her soon. Jason assured Sam that she was not alone, but Sam just wanted to get to the bottom of things. Moments later, Jason's cell phone chimed with a text message from Sonny asking to see Jason. Sam was curious what Sonny wanted, but Jason had no idea and decided to wait until after Sam's visit to find out. Moments later, Dr. David Bensch walked up and introduced himself.

Sam suggested that Jason check in with Sonny to find out what was going on, but Jason didn't want to leave Sam's side. David explained that he preferred to talk to Sam alone, but he promised the appointment wouldn't last more than an hour. After David ushered Sam into an examination room, he asked her what was going on. Sam carefully explained that she'd been irritable and moody, but David sensed she was holding back. Sam conceded that he was right and told him that she didn't feel like herself.

Sam tensed when she heard her own voice in her head, warning her not to say anything because she would be sent away, locked up, and unable to protect Jason from Sonny. David continued to question Sam about her symptoms, so she ignored the voice in her head and told David that she'd been feeling "dull and achy," as if she had a virus. David agreed that it was possible, but he wanted to know more about her mercurial moods. Sam explained that she and Jason had shared the same view about a certain subject until recently. Sam hated that she and Jason had been clashing, but she couldn't help the way she felt.

Sam was relieved when David told her that it sounded reasonable, but David warned her that she wasn't in the clear because there could be several reasons for her shifting moods and insomnia. He was curious if Sam was familiar with postpartum depression, but Sam assured him that she hadn't been depressed. David explained that postpartum depression could manifest itself in many ways including irritable moods. David suggested they start by drawing some blood. He advised her to let Jason know because the appointment would run over.

When the tests had been run, David looked at the preliminary results of Sam's lab work. He noticed that she had an iron deficiency, but he assured her that it could be easily corrected with a prescription and a dietary change. Sam tensed when she saw an apparition of Sonny sitting behind the doctor. David didn't notice as Sam's attention shifted to the apparition. Sonny warned Sam that the doctor couldn't fix what was wrong with her; she needed to get rid of what was distracting Jason if she wanted to resolve the problem.

"Y-yeah," Sam agreed. Sam's attention returned to the doctor when David handed her a prescription with instructions to make a follow-up appointment. David sensed her distraction, prompting her to apologize for zoning out. David remained concerned, but Sam assured him that she was fine and promised to see him in a couple of weeks. After David left the room, Sam glanced to the corner where she'd seen the apparition, but it was gone. Sam looked down and noticed a scalpel had been left on a tray.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny sat at the counter as he looked over some documents. He perked up when he noticed something that he realized might be "the exit ramp" he'd been looking for. Sonny pulled out his phone and called Jason.

Jason entered the restaurant. Sonny was grateful that Jason had saved him and Carly from Garvey's deadly intentions. Jason asked about the would-be assassin, so Sonny assured him that Garvey would be extradited when Garvey was well enough to leave the hospital. Satisfied, Jason asked why Sonny had called. He was shocked when Sonny announced his intentions to give up the territory and get out of the mob. Sonny fetched a bottle of scotch then poured two drinks as he talked about his and Carly's decision to call off the divorce.

Sonny admitted that he couldn't keep putting Carly through constant danger because of his lifestyle, but Jason was curious what made Sonny think that Sonny could pull it off. Jason didn't doubt Sonny's sincerity, but Sonny's territory was a key piece of real estate because of the transport routes in and out of Canada. Jason worried that whoever took control of the territory would go after Sonny to make certain that Sonny wouldn't have a change of heart. Sonny knew there were risks, but he had to make the changes because he didn't want his loved ones to suffer more than they had. Sonny explained that Morgan's death had changed everything, so Jason asked what Sonny's exit plan was.

Sonny recognized that it wouldn't happen overnight, but he needed to find a successor. Sonny admitted that there had been a time that he would have asked Jason, but that was no longer an option because Jason had moved on. However, Sonny advised Jason to watch his back because people would be upset about Sonny's plans and view Jason as a potential threat. Jason promised to be careful. Pleased, Sonny handed Jason a drink then raised a glass to toast to a peaceful transition. "And who knows what's coming next," Sonny added as he took a drink.

After his visit with Sonny, Jason approached David at the nurses' station to ask if the doctor had seen Sam. David shook his head.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny greeted Sam as she entered, but he warned her that Jason had left a few minutes earlier. Sam admitted that she was there to give Sonny a little gift. Before Sonny could react, Sam pulled out the scalpel and viciously stabbed him numerous times.

Olivia ends up in jail

Olivia ends up in jail

Thursday, July 6, 2017

At the hospital, Jason asked if Elizabeth had seen Sam, but she hadn't. However, she was curious if there was a problem. Jason admitted that he'd been scheduled to pick up Sam from her appointment, but she had left without telling him.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny greeted Sam, but he warned that Jason had left a few minutes earlier. Sam assured Sonny that it was fine because she had a gift for Sonny. Before Sonny could react, Sam viciously stabbed him in the stomach several times. Shocked, Sonny stumbled backwards and collapsed against the wall as he succumbed to his injuries. Sam smiled with satisfaction as she watched Sonny take his final breath.

Sam shook off the grisly fantasy, and blasted Sonny for always pulling Jason into his problems. Sonny was taken aback by Sam's outburst, but he assured her that she would always be Jason's first priority. Sam resented Sonny speaking for her husband and warned Sonny to stay away from her family. Surprised, Sonny reminded Sam that he considered her family, but Sam made it clear that he was not a part of her family because he continually put Jason in danger. "Jason is my family. Do you understand that?" Sam asked as angry tears shimmered in her eyes. She reminded Sonny that she'd lost Jason once before when Jason had gone out in the middle of the night to save Sonny.

Sam refused to let Sonny pull Jason back into the mob because Jason had made his choice when he'd left the business. Sonny was baffled by Sam's animosity, but he assured her that he was not the enemy. He started to share his decision to leave the mob, but Sam's phone rang. It was Jason. Sam answered the call then stepped away to speak privately because she didn't want Jason to know where she was. She told him that she'd called for a car to pick her up then suggested she and Jason meet for dinner.

After Sam ended the call, she apologized to Sonny for the way she had talked to him. She blamed her irritable mood on stress and a lack of sleep. Sonny nodded with understanding because he knew what it was like to have a newborn. Sam appreciated his kindness then asked him not to mention anything to Jason because she wanted to talk to Jason first. Sonny frowned, but he assured her that he would keep quiet.

Satisfied, Sam left Sonny's restaurant then headed to Metro Court to meet up with Jason at the bar. Jason kissed his wife then asked about her appointment with Dr. Bensch. Sam claimed that she'd been diagnosed with an iron deficiency, which was common for new mothers. Sam assured him that she would be back to normal once she took her vitamins and got some rest. Jason appeared skeptical, but Sam distracted him by asking why Sonny had wanted to see him.

Sam was surprised when Jason told her that Sonny had decided to get out of the business, but she immediately became suspicious when she realized that Sonny might expect Jason to take over. Jason assured Sam that he had no interest in being Sonny's successor, but Sam's eyes strayed past Jason's shoulder as an apparition of Sonny appeared. The apparition taunted Sam by assuring her that Sonny fully expected Jason to succeed him. The apparition chided Sam for not killing Sonny when she'd had the chance, but she returned her attention to Jason when he noticed that she hadn't been listening to him.

Sam wanted to know if Sonny had asked Jason to be his successor. "No," Jason promised, but the apparition warned her that Sonny would never let Jason go.

At Carly's house, Josslyn lounged on the sofa as she exchanged text messages with Oscar. She announced that she would be moving to Australia then smiled when Oscar replied that he would miss her. Josslyn's good mood vanished when Carly entered the living room to tell Josslyn that she needed to talk to Josslyn about Jax.

Later, Carly watched as Josslyn wrapped up a call with Jax. Carly admitted that she wasn't sorry that Josslyn would be staying in Port Charles. Carly knew how much Josslyn loved her father, but Josslyn doubted that her mother cared. Carly acknowledged that Josslyn had a right to be upset, but she promised that she was not the bad guy. "No, Sonny is," Josslyn replied.

Carly calmly reminded Josslyn that they'd already discussed things, but Josslyn disagreed. Josslyn explained that Jax had to invest in Abu Dhabi because he was prohibited from doing business in the United States -- thanks to Sonny. Carly conceded that what had happened between Sonny and Jax had gotten out of hand and that Sonny had been wrong, but Josslyn couldn't believe that her mother wasn't furious at Sonny. Carly insisted that it was complicated, but Josslyn wanted Carly to help her understand things. The conversation was cut short when Carly received a text message from her hotel manager.

After Carly left to attend to an emergency at the hotel, Josslyn flopped down on the sofa and resumed exchanging text messages with Oscar. She revealed that she would be staying in Port Charles, after all. As they chatted, Josslyn expressed her frustration that no one in her family seemed to care about what she wanted. Oscar commiserated, but he admitted that he was happy she would be staying because Port Charles would be boring without her. Josslyn smiled.

Meanwhile, Olivia put the finishing touches on a food buffet that she'd set up in a suite for Ned's bachelor party. Ned assured Olivia that it hadn't been necessary, but she insisted that she had wanted everyone to be well fed for the wedding the following day. Dante teased his mother that her true intention had been to keep Ned too focused on the food to fully enjoy the bachelor party. Olivia played innocent as everyone chuckled. Michael assured her that they would have Ned sobered up in time for the wedding.

Dillon shifted gears by reminding Olivia that it was her last night of freedom, too, but she laughed at the idea of having a bachelorette party with a stripper. As if on cue, someone knocked on the door. Olivia frowned as the men silently waited for her to answer the door. Olivia was stunned when Laura and Lulu greeted her with a bottle of Champagne, a pink feather boa, and a rhinestone tiara for the bride to be. After Laura and Lulu dragged Olivia off to her bachelorette party, Ned, Dillon, Michael, and Dante sat down to play poker. Dillon offered to pass out cigars, but everyone declined.

Dillon remained determined to enjoy the "rite of passage" and lit a match, but Ned reminded his brother that the hotel didn't permit smoking in the rooms. Reluctantly, Dillon tossed the match into the garbage without realizing that it was still lit. Ned enlisted Dillon, Michael, and Dante to help with something for the wedding, but the smoke alarm suddenly blared as smoke filled the room.

A short time later, a firefighter reported to Carly that the fire was out, but they needed to check the other rooms. Carly was grateful for the fire department's quick response and made a point of chastising Dillon for taking cigars to a non-smoking hotel. Dillon dutifully apologized and promised that he hadn't lit the cigar. Satisfied, Carly looked around then asked where her son was. Dante explained that Michael had stepped out to run an errand, but he offered to pass a message along to his brother. Carly assured Dante that she would catch up with Michael later then told everyone to have fun.

After Carly left, Dante admitted that they had dodged a bullet because Olivia could have been notified instead of Carly. Dillon decided to look for Michael, so Dante took the opportunity to talk to Ned about Olivia. Dante warned Ned not to hurt Olivia, but Ned promised that he'd rather walk through fire than hurt her. Dante believed him. Ned thanked Dante for his support and expressed his desire for Dante's approval. Dante smiled and welcomed Ned to the family.

In the restaurant, Laura led a reluctant Olivia to a table and handed her a martini. Laura promised that Lulu would be along shortly then encouraged Olivia to drink up because she wanted Olivia to get into a festive mood. Olivia admitted that she did not feel like celebrating, prompting Laura to ask if Olivia had second thoughts about marrying Ned. Olivia shook her head and clarified that she didn't want to have a hangover on her wedding day. Laura argued that Olivia deserved a night off to have fun.

Olivia sighed because she knew Laura was right. Pleased, Laura excused herself to make a few quick calls because some of the party guests had asked for directions. Fifteen minutes later, Laura returned and found Olivia drunk and chatting it up with one of the servers. Laura realized that Olivia had been drinking on an empty stomach. Olivia drunkenly confessed that she'd been thinking about the wedding and had decided that she'd needed liquid courage.

Olivia's mood suddenly perked up as she announced that she was ready to go to the Haunted Star to see the stripper. Laura urged Olivia to keep her voice down, but Olivia was excited to have some fun. Laura realized that Olivia was too drunk to enjoy the party.

After Laura and Lulu got Olivia settled into a hotel room, Lulu left to let everyone know the party had been canceled. Laura waited until she and Olivia were alone before asking if there had been a reason that Olivia had downed four martinis in quick succession. Laura worried that Olivia might be afraid to get married. Olivia drunkenly cried that she was terrified. Laura took pity on Olivia and suggested that Olivia ask herself if she was willing to live the rest of her life without Ned.

"Not a chance," Olivia replied without hesitation. Laura smiled and told Olivia that it was all Olivia needed to know. Olivia thanked Laura for her friendship then settled down in bed as Laura pulled the covers over her. Once Olivia fell asleep, Laura left.

Across town, Carly stopped by Pozzulo's to tell Sonny about her talk with Josslyn. Sonny felt bad because he knew he was to blame for the friction between Carly and her daughter. Carly wished she knew what to do because she'd sensed that Jax hadn't wanted Josslyn to live with him. However, they couldn't sit down together as a family and talk things through.

Later, Carly returned to the hotel to attend Olivia's party, but she ran into Laura in the restaurant. Carly was surprised that Olivia had passed out, but Laura chuckled and mentioned that Olivia had wanted a quiet night in anyway.

Meanwhile, Olivia woke up when she heard a knock at the door. She stumbled to the door and grinned when she saw a firefighter on the doorstep. She assumed he was the stripper and dragged him into the room, threw him on the bed, and ordered him to strip because she was eager to get the party started. A short time later, Olivia was thrown into jail. She begged a rookie police officer to let her make a call and added that her son was a detective, but the young man looked at her slip, bright pink boa, and rhinestone tiara then laughed because he didn't recall anyone mentioning that one of the police officer's mothers was a "street walker."

In Ned's suite, Michael returned with a bottle of wine from his grandfather's private reserve. Dillon acknowledged Ned and Olivia as the new heads of the Quartermaine family and admitted that he couldn't think of two people better suited to remind them of what was important -- that their greatest strength was the love they shared. Everyone raised their glass as they wished Ned and Olivia many years of happiness. Dante stepped aside to answer a call, but everyone grew quiet when they realized the call was about Olivia.

After the call, Dante went to the police station to get his mother out of jail. The young police officer unlocked Olivia's jail cell as he apologized for not believing that she was Dante's mother, but he pointed out that it was an easy mistake to make because she looked young enough to be his sister. Olivia appreciated the compliment, but Dante was not amused. Olivia worried that Ned had heard about her arrest, but Dante assured her that Ned was just glad that she was okay. Dante tried to cheer his mother up by reminding her that she would have a great story to tell about her wedding.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Stella ranted at Curtis for shaming and disrespecting his family, but Curtis stood his ground and made it clear that he and Jordan wanted to be together. Jordan asked if they could find a way to coexist peacefully for T.J.'s sake, but Stella's gaze grew distant, and she collapsed.

Stella was rushed to the hospital. Curtis was distraught because his aunt had practically raised him and his brother, but Jordan assured Curtis that Stella was in good hands. Curtis continued to pace the hallway until Griffin emerged from Stella's hospital room. Curtis was eager for news, so Griffin assured him that Stella appeared to be regaining both her ability to speak and her muscle strength. Griffin revealed that Jordan's instincts had been correct -- Stella had suffered a mild stroke. Curtis was stunned, but Griffin reminded Curtis that Stella had gotten to the hospital in time, and her prognosis was good.

Jordan wondered if there had been permanent damage, but Griffin explained that it was hard to tell with "recurring" patients. Confused, Curtis asked what Griffin was talking about, but Griffin was afraid he'd said too much. Curtis explained that he was Stella's next of kin, and he added that his aunt was important to him. Griffin relented and revealed that Stella's medical records indicated that Stella had suffered a previous stroke.

Curtis and Jordan entered Stella's hospital room. Stella smiled when she saw Curtis, but she did her best to ignore Jordan. Curtis took his aunt's hand in his as he told her how frightened he'd been. Stella promised that she was fine, but Curtis told her that he knew about her previous stroke. Stella was not happy that Griffin had shared her medical history with Curtis, but Curtis wanted to know when she'd had the first stroke. Stella confessed that it had happened shortly after her sister had died, but she hadn't told Curtis because he'd had enough on his plate after losing both his brother and his mother.

Stella assured Curtis that her condition had been under control until she had arrived in Port Charles. Stella glared at Jordan, but Curtis assured Stella that he wouldn't let anything happen to his aunt. Stella reminded Curtis that he had saved her by getting her to the hospital, but Curtis revealed that Jordan deserved all the credit. Elizabeth entered the room to take Stella's vitals, so Jordan excused herself to call T.J. Stella reluctantly thanked Jordan and conceded that Jordan had saved the day.

In the hallway, Griffin noticed that Jordan seemed upset as she left Stella's hospital room, and he asked if Jordan was okay. Jordan wondered if Stella's recent stress might have triggered the stroke, but Griffin admitted that it was impossible to say or predict. However, he revealed that a person's survival rate decreased with each stroke. Jordan was upset, but Griffin promised to do everything possible to prevent Stella from having another stroke.

After Griffin left, Curtis stepped into the hallway. Jordan managed to hide her anxiety as she offered to head home to give Curtis time alone with Stella. Curtis promised to catch up with Jordan later and thanked her for saving his aunt.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Nina met with Nathan and Amy in her office at Crimson to talk about Ask Man Landers, which she referred to as a "labor of love." Nathan sat in a chair with his arms folded while Amy smiled broadly and fidgeted somewhat nervously. Nina had made sure that everyone else in the office had been sent home so that she, Nathan, and Amy could talk privately. As they were about to start talking, a knock sounded on the office door. From outside, Nelle called to Nina, saying that she had an important matter to discuss. Nina slipped out of the office, making sure to open the door just wide enough so that she could squeeze through the barely ajar door.

Nelle explained that she had forgotten to do some work for an upcoming ad campaign. Nina quickly moved to dismiss Nelle, telling her to go home and slip into her best dress to get ready for Ned and Olivia's wedding. "If you look good, you feel good!" Nina chirped. Nelle, glancing downward at her simple black dress, replied that she was wearing her best dress. Nina's face twisted and contorted like she'd just bit into an incredibly sour lemon. After what seemed like several awkward moments, she told Nelle to check out the room where designer samples were stored and to pick out something nice.

Inside the office, Nathan spoke briefly on the phone with Maxie. He assured Maxie that he was not working too hard -- in fact, he was in Nina's office, helping to distract her from thinking about Valentin. When Nathan ended the call, Amy told him that they had to stop what they were doing because she did not want to be the reason that he was lying to Maxie. Nathan told Amy that he would explain the entire Ask Man Landers thing to Maxie and said he was sure that Maxie would completely understand.

Back outside, Nelle twirled into the room, wearing a fitted red dress. She thanked Nina for hooking her up with such an amazing dress. Nina, after boasting that her sense of style was top notch, said that it was her pleasure to help Nelle -- and conceded that the distraction had helped her not think about Valentin for a few minutes.

Nina returned to the room and expressed how helping Nelle had made her feel better. Nathan said that she and he were a lot alike because he was helping Amy. Nina disagreed. She said that Nathan had a beautiful though slightly flawed wife who would soon be returning home to him. She, on the other hand, had a man who would not be returning ever.

Amy chimed in that at least Nina had had someone to love. Amy admitted that aside from her brother and her work, she has nothing else in her life. Nathan urged Amy to try to get out more. He suggested that she get involved in a cause that she believed in because that was where she would find someone who was being their most genuine self. Nina began laughing and remarked that Nathan sounded an awful lot like Ask Man Landers.

Josslyn sprawled out on the sofa, listening uninterestedly as Carly talked about Olivia and Ned's wedding. Carly tried to convince Josslyn to attend the wedding, noting that Olivia adored Josslyn. "It's not about Olivia," Josslyn snarked. "I don't want to go with you and him," Josslyn added for clarification. Instead of going to the wedding, Josslyn agreed to stay home and watch Avery. Josslyn pointed out that her mother was missing an earring.

Shortly after Carly dashed upstairs to retrieve the missing earring, the doorbell rang. Josslyn answered the door and was wholly displeased to see Sonny on the other side. Sonny knew that Josslyn wasn't happy to see him. He also admitted that the "trick" he had played on Jax had been wrong, and he apologized to Josslyn. "I feel real bad for hurting you," Sonny said.

Unbeknownst to either Josslyn or Sonny, Carly had returned and was listening quietly to the conversation from the staircase. Sonny said that he hoped that Josslyn could one day forgive him. Later, Josslyn texted with Oscar. He urged her to leave the house to hang out with him.

At the Metro Court, Dante, Lulu, Michael, Ned, and Dillon prepared for the wedding. All promised to make sure that Olivia did not find out that her arrest had made the front page of the newspaper. Dillon looked at the Port Charles Herald mobile app with the headline, "Bride on fire: Q groom's gonna need a bigger hose!" Meanwhile, Charlotte didn't understand why Olivia had been arrested and worried that Olivia might be in trouble.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Olivia gave herself a quick pre-wedding pep talk. When Laura, Monica, and Kiki arrived to help her get ready. Olivia asked if the women had heard about her arrest, but all three feigned ignorance. Olivia recounted her ordeal, saying that she had mistaken a fireman for a stripper. "This is the first I've heard of it," Laura exclaimed.

As Lulu and Charlotte entered the room, Olivia then loudly proclaimed that the wedding was off. Lulu started to ask if Olivia had seen the newspaper article, but Laura cut her off because she had spilled the beans. Olivia then jumped in to say that her wedding dress had not arrived. "They guaranteed that the wedding dress was gonna be here on time," Olivia bellowed. She continued her rant: "They promised! They swore! They vowed!"

Laura tried to calm Olivia down, and Lulu offered to call the company supplying the dress to see if she could track it down. Monica offered to check with the front desk to see if the dress might have already been delivered but not dropped off in Olivia's room. Kiki decided to pull up the shipping company's web site to check the tracking number. When she did, Olivia caught a glimpse of Kiki's tablet and saw the Herald article and photo.

Lulu then chimed in with more bad news: the van carrying Olivia's wedding dress had broken down. Olivia did not have on her reading glasses and couldn't read something that accompanied the Herald story. When pressed about what the tagline said, Kiki responded, "Over 500,000 people have seen this story. Have you?" Across the room, Laura sighed and buried her face in her hands.

In another guest room, Dillon presented Ned with a package that had arrived addressed to both Ned and Olivia. Ned took the package and announced that its arrival meant that "mother must be embracing my marriage." Inside the package were two exquisite champagne flutes engraved with both Ned and Olivia's initials." Ned expressed his disappointment that Tracy would not be at the wedding but said that he was happy that she was enjoying her new adventure -- whatever that might be.

Ned then read an accompanying note inside the package. "Dear Ned: So sorry I can't be there today in person, but I will be with you in spirit. Wishing you well. I may not have expressed it as exuberantly as I should have before I left, but I am thrilled that you and Olivia are making a life together. Much love, Mother. PS: I reserved a bottle of the restaurant's best Champagne for your wedding toast." A second note addressed to Olivia was also in the package. As the men smiled that everything about the day was going perfectly, Dante's cell phone sounded with a text message from Lulu: "SOS! Olivia saw the article."

Olivia questioned how she could possibly get married when she looked like a lunatic splashed across the cover of the newspaper. Kiki tried to put a positive spin on the situation, saying that people would "kill" to have a story about them go viral. Olivia disagreed, saying that she had caused shame for the Quartermaines even before she had officially become one. Laura told Olivia that the Quartermaines had done far worse than what Olivia had done. Olivia looked around and noted that every woman in the room had been married before and that those marriages had gone terribly. Lulu countered that she and Dante had been married twice... so technically their marriage had survived. Olivia pointed out that there was "pain and despair" in Lulu and Dante's marriage.

Ned knocked on the door to Olivia's room and said that he knew everything. He then asked if he could enter the room to talk to Olivia. He promised that he would keep his back turned so that he did not see her before the wedding. Olivia opened the door told Ned that it didn't matter if he saw her because the wedding was officially off. Ned assured Olivia that he didn't care about "a little scandal;" he loved her and wanted to marry her. As for the wedding dress not showing up, he said, "You could walk down the aisle, wearing a Metro Court robe and a pillow case for a veil, and you would still be the most beautiful bride in the world to me," Ned beamed, insisting, "And I would still be the happiest man in the universe."

Just then, Monica appeared with an announcement that she had solved the wedding dress fiasco. She had taken it upon herself to go to Crimson to ask Nina for help. Lo and behold, Nina happened to have a dress in Olivia's size. Olivia then shoved Ned from the doorway and told him to get lost because she had to get ready for their wedding. After the door slammed behind him, Ned chuckled to himself then breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Kiki wanted to make sure that all the traditions were met before Olivia walked down the aisle. Lulu had to step in to explain to Charlotte all about the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition. Lulu gave Olivia the "something old," a pair Connie's earrings that Dante had been holding for safekeeping. Charlotte walked over to Olivia and offered to be her "something new." Olivia embraced the youngster and called Charlotte "the best something new ever." Laura loaned Olivia something from one grandmother to another -- a handkerchief. Kiki then strutted into the room and asked Olivia to stick out her leg. With a deep cackle, Kiki presented a blue garter. "I'm getting married," Olivia shouted as she embraced Kiki, Laura, and Monica.

Josslyn skipped out to meet Oscar on the footbridge. He gave her a small cluster of flowers that he had picked. The two then looked out at the Port Charles skyline together. Oscar asked how Josslyn was doing. Josslyn said that she didn't want to talk about her life and asked Oscar about his. Oscar shared that it was just him and his mom.

Josslyn asked where Oscar's dad was. Oscar became a bit quieter. He confessed that he didn't know where his dad was because his father was just a man that his mom had known for a while. Josslyn shared that she had two fathers -- "one good, one bad." She added that she also had two brothers... pausing for a moment to correct herself. She'd had two brothers.

Oscar asked Josslyn about Morgan. Josslyn said that Morgan was the one who'd taught her to catch fireflies. She shared that she didn't like to sleep because when she did, she dreamed that everything in her life was right again.

Sonny and Carly were the first to arrive at the wedding. Carly told Sonny that she had had the room decorated for Olivia as a wedding gift. The two then talked about how angry Josslyn had been. Michael and Nelle arrived next, entering arm in arm. Carly's face dropped when she saw them, and she muttered, "Hell no."

Carly stomped over and expressed her surprise that Michael and Nelle were together. "Is this phase three of your revenge plan," Carly asked Nelle pointedly. Michael announced that he and Nelle were dating. Sonny tried to play peacemaker, saying that Michael needed to understand that he and Carly still had a hard time forgetting all the pain that Nelle had intentionally inflicted upon them. In a statement that sounded eerily similar to the one that Sonny had given Josslyn, Nelle admitted that she'd been wrong, and she hoped that one day she could make amends for what she had done.

Laura strolled into the room as Carly was telling Sonny that it would only be a matter of time before Nelle hurt Michael. Laura laughed nervously as she took a seat in front of Carly and Sonny. She turned around and asked the pair if she would be correct in assuming that they were once again a couple. When Sonny revealed that he and Carly were "definitely back together," Laura pumped her fist and cheered the pair on.

Moments later, the rest of the guests arrived and took their seats, and the wedding ceremony began. As Olivia started down the aisle, she noticed that Lulu wasn't at the ceremony. Dante explained that Lulu had not been feeling well, and he'd told her to get some rest.

The ceremony began. "You were never the man of my dreams because you are better than any man I could have dreamed of," Olivia shared. After she finished speaking, it was Ned's turn to share his thoughts with Olivia. However, Ned had something different in mind. Dillon handed Ned a microphone, and he broke into song to serenade his bride. "I'm not used to all you are," he sang. "Let me catch my breathless feelings. Now I understand... just who I am," he continued. Ned and Olivia exchanged their vows and were proclaimed husband and wife.

Later, as Carly seethed at seeing Michael and Nelle kiss, Sonny suggested that he and Carly renew their wedding vows to show everyone that they were starting over. Carly loved the idea but said they needed to wait until Josslyn was okay with them being back together.

Ned and Olivia stepped away for a few private moments together. There, Ned promised that the surprises weren't over. On cue, fireworks erupted in the night sky. The rest of the wedding guests joined the newlyweds and watched the fireworks. "And it isn't even the Fourth of July," Olivia gasped. "Nope," Ned replied, explaining, "This is just for us."

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