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Tessa told Nick about Nikki's MS flare-up. Victoria settled the lawsuit with Juliet and fired Cane. Cane demanded that Juliet take a paternity test. Kevin escaped a car explosion and saved Chloe from a delusional Dr. Harris. Kevin announced his decision to move to Oregon with Bella.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 3, 2017 on Y&R
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Chloe's doctor tells her she'll never see Kevin again Chloe's doctor tells her she'll never see Kevin again

Monday, July 3, 2017

by Nel

At the Dive Bar, Jordan asked Hilary if the seat beside her was taken. Hilary growled that Jordan should think twice before approaching her after the way he'd treated her. She didn't appreciate being accused of going after Lily and Cane's relationship after she'd make it clear that she had stepped away from it. Jordan said that she'd done that after he'd called her out on it.

Hilary admitted that Jordan had pointed her in the right direction, but she said that Jordan still felt compelled to judge her. Jordan knew Hilary would've enjoyed watching Lily and Cane's marriage blow up. Hilary stated that if there were problems in that happy marriage, it was all on Cane. Jordan said their discussion was about him and Hilary. Hilary thought it was about him and Lily.

Jordan said it had been tough seeing Hilary's vindictive side. He'd been warned, but he hadn't believed that that was who Hilary was. Jordan said the Hilary he knew was unpredictable and passionate. She'd do whatever she wanted and to hell with what others thought. He admired those qualities, but he didn't care for the woman whose first instinct was to go after someone just to cause them pain.

Hilary admitted that Lily brought out the worst in her and that there was no love lost between them. Hilary tried to justify her actions, but she became frustrated and stormed off to get a drink.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Devon discussed their business plans. Devon said Neil was a very smart businessman, but it was time to party. Devon told Neil that Juliet was pregnant. Neil admitted that Lily had already informed him. Neil wanted to strangle Cane.

Neil knew that if Hilary was in the loop, she'd been working on a segment for her show to cause more grief and trauma in Lily's life. Devon assured Neil that he'd asked Hilary not to air anything. Neil knew Hilary wouldn't listen to Devon. Devon said that Hilary had assured him that she wouldn't run with the story. Neil felt that Devon might have believed that he'd gotten through to Hilary, but Hilary would always do what was best for her.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon would be attending the big bash later. Sharon admitted she would after she closed up shop. Nick said that he and Chelsea would see Sharon there. Sharon said it was wonderful that they were in a good place with each other. Nick admitted that he was still getting used to the idea of Sharon with Scott. Sharon knew that Nick felt her relationship with Scott had been rushed. Sharon admitted she was happy, and she wanted Nick to be happy for her.

Sharon said she hadn't been looking for anyone since her divorce had been finalized. Scott had been nothing more than a friend. He'd helped her with a term paper that had earned her an "A." She added that Scott had traveled the world and seen it all; nothing shocked him. That worked well for her because of all her past baggage. She said she felt good being around Scott, and it didn't feel rushed.

Nick asked if Faith knew. Sharon wasn't ready to introduce anyone new into Faith's life. She assured Nick that Faith would always be her priority. It was natural that Nick would be interested in Sharon's romantic life. Nick said that Scott was friends with Victor, and they both knew how Victor operated -- he liked to control people's lives. Sharon said it wouldn't happen to Scott. Scott was looking to build a new future for himself. She promised Nick that he had no reason to worry.

On the patio, Paul asked if Scott had heard from Kevin. Paul said that Kevin had been due back, but there was no sign of him. As far as Scott knew, Kevin hadn't been in touch with anyone. Scott felt that Kevin had a lot to process after losing Chloe. Paul was worried because Kevin had been gone too long. He felt something wasn't right, and he found it odd that Kevin hadn't tried to contact Bella.

Paul was afraid Kevin wouldn't find the peace he'd been looking for after losing someone the way Kevin had lost Chloe. Paul said that being alone wasn't the answer. It was hard to lose someone a person loved and who'd done something terrible. One convinced oneself that one could have saved them if there had been more time. Scott asked who that had been for Paul.

Paul told Scott about Ricky, who'd been mentally ill, damaged, and dangerous. As Ricky's father, he'd been the one person who could've saved Ricky. He said that Kevin had never had it easy, and something like that could knock him down. Scott said that wouldn't happen because he and Paul would be there to support Kevin. They hoped Kevin would pull it together for Bella's sake. Scott said that Kevin wouldn't stay away longer than he needed to.

After Scott left Paul, he greeted Sharon with a hug and kiss. Nick watched. Nick commented that he saw Scott everywhere -- at the ranch, at Sharon's, and at Crimson Lights. Scott reminded Nick that he worked for Newman, and he'd been dating Sharon. Nick appeared annoyed because he'd seen Scott all over Genoa City since his return.

Chelsea stood by the door, listening, and felt it was time to step in. Relieved, Sharon hoped that Chelsea was there to take Nick to the party. Chelsea and Nick left. Scott asked Sharon if Nick had a problem with him or if it was because he was the new man in Sharon's life. Sharon explained that she and Nick had been high school sweethearts and that they'd been involved in each other's lives all their adult life. They wanted the best for each other and their kids.

Sharon was amazed that she and Nick had been able to communicate at all because they'd been through some very tough times. She admitted that she and Nick would always share a bond and hoped that wouldn't be a problem for Scott. Scott said it was fine as long as Nick didn't see him as an intruder -- not just with Sharon, but with Victor as well. Sharon said that Scott had researched Victor, so he knew the complicated dynamics of that family. Sharon said Nick would be fine once he got to know Scott.

Things became very busy at Crimson Lights, and Scott offered to help Sharon with the customers. She offered him a chance to back out after he heard the coffee orders. Scott said if he could handle working for Victor, he could handle a few coffee orders.

After Sharon closed the coffee shop, Scott was sprawled over the counter, claiming exhaustion. Sharon realized Scott had never worked in the service industry. Scott said he'd been in a war zone, "but never this insanity." Sharon was ready to go to the club, but Scott had been waiting to be alone with her, and they kissed.

At Dr. Harris' house, Kevin was unsuccessful in trying to pick the door lock. He said it was ridiculous to lock the door from the outside. Kevin said no one should have to live with locked windows and doors. Chloe reminded Kevin that he'd agreed to stay at Dr. Harris' and follow his rules. Kevin said he'd agreed because of Chloe. He'd never meant for it to be permanent, and they had to leave immediately.

Kevin knew Chloe felt safe with the doctor. Chloe felt secure knowing that no one was looking for her. Kevin felt that Chloe was great mentally and emotionally. He said it was time for them to be a family. They had to leave if they hoped to have a normal life. Chloe said if anyone knew she was alive, she'd be thrown into prison. Kevin assured her no one was looking for her because everyone believed she was dead, including Nick and Chelsea.

Kevin told Chloe that when Dr. Harris returned, he'd say he was going to get Bella. He'd leave out the part that once he had Bella, he'd return for Chloe, and they'd leave to live their dream of being a family.

When Dr. Harris returned, Kevin advised him that he was going back to Genoa City to get Bella. Kevin said people knew he was on vacation, and if he didn't return, they'd organize a search party. Dr. Harris suggested that Kevin send a text message, but Kevin assured the doctor he wouldn't be gone long and that Chloe would be much better if Bella was with her.

Chloe told Dr. Harris that Kevin would die protecting her, and she needed her family. Kevin stated he didn't want to live like a prisoner abiding by the doctor's rules. Dr. Harris assured Kevin that he'd been free to leave at any time. The doctor retrieved Kevin's car keys and wallet from his safe. He wouldn't allow Kevin to take his phone because its signal could be traced. Kevin assured him he'd only turn it on if he needed to. Dr. Harris wouldn't allow it.

Dr. Harris gave Kevin and Chloe a few minutes alone to say goodbye. Kevin told Chloe he'd be back as soon as he had Bella, and then they'd leave together to start a new life -- far from Dr. Harris and Genoa City. He warned Chloe to be careful not to arouse Dr. Harris' suspicion. They kissed, and Kevin left.

Dr. Harris showed Chloe a picture of his daughter, Maggie, who bore a strong resemblance to Chloe. He said that Maggie had just finished med school and had been on her way to becoming a doctor, but Maggie and her mother had been killed by a drunk driver. Chloe acknowledged that Dr. Harris understood what she'd felt after she'd lost Delia.

Dr. Harris said that having Chloe with him had been special to him. He'd felt more like himself than he'd felt in a long time. Chloe had given him a purpose in life. Chloe said that that was how she felt about Kevin. He was her center. She knew no one could make them whole again -- except themselves.

Chloe said she couldn't wait until Kevin returned with Bella. Dr. Harris said that that wouldn't happen. Keeping Chloe safe had required a lot of planning and contingencies. He'd anticipated Kevin's departure and had prepared accordingly. He told Chloe that Kevin wouldn't return. Chloe demanded to know what Dr. Harris had done.

As Kevin was driving on the highway, he heard a loud noise in the car.

At Sharon's, Mariah and Noah listened to Tessa's new song. Mariah thought it was terrific, but Noah wasn't sure. He said the song was great for open mic and a record later, but her first song had to be powerful. She was all about passion in her music, and she had to make the listener feel that. Tessa appreciated his honesty. Mariah left to meet Devon. Tessa hoped they hadn't chased Mariah away. Noah said she knew he wanted to spend some alone time with Tessa.

Tessa said she was excited about the opportunity Devon had given her. Noah advised her that Devon was a businessman who knew Tessa would make money for him. Tessa agreed and added that some things had to change. She said that after the concert, she'd move off the ranch and concentrate full-time on her music. She didn't want Nikki to think she'd taken advantage of her kindness. Tessa also didn't want Nikki or Noah to think that she didn't appreciate what they'd done for her.

Noah asked if Tessa planned on leaving town. Tessa admitted it had been a stupid remark, and she promised Noah that she wasn't going anywhere. Noah told Tessa that she didn't need to make him any promises. She had to make the best decisions for herself. Noah admitted he had to learn how to back off questioning her about staying in town, and he shouldn't have pried about the guy from her past because it hadn't been any of his business. He knew he'd made her uncomfortable.

Tessa said she wasn't used to people being interested in her life. Noah assured her that he was interested, but he didn't want her to feel that she had to act a certain way or live up to unrealistic expectations. He didn't have any expectations where she was concerned. Hurt, Tessa remarked that with no expectations, they could go back to being friends. Noah said that wasn't what he meant. He had to break his habit of getting in too deep, too fast, and he wanted to move slowly with Tessa. He wanted them to get to know each other better to make sure that their relationship was what they both wanted.

At the Dive Bar, Nick complained it was hot. Chelsea asked if she'd felt the frost in the air at Crimson Lights earlier. Nick was on a roll -- first, he'd gone macho on Phyllis and Billy then he'd just done the same with Sharon and Scott. Chelsea wondered if that was something Nick did with his ex-wives. Nick claimed he didn't know what Chelsea was talking about. He claimed he needed lotion on his body and left to get some towels.

At the bar, Jordan told Hilary that he had no intention of walking away. He hated that Hilary had gone after Lily. It had "weirded" him out. Hilary asked if he was okay knowing how much Lily hated her. Jordan said that whatever Hilary did affected people, including him. He didn't want to be in the position of having to choose between a friend and the woman of his dreams.

Jordan wanted Hilary to know how he felt because he thought what they had was pretty good, but they could be pretty great if they allowed it to happen. Jordan wanted to see where their relationship went. Hilary ordered a drink for herself and her man.

Neil and Devon arrived. Devon saw Hilary and Jordan. He asked Neil to grab a couple chairs while he spoke to Hilary. Devon wished Hilary and Jordan a happy Independence Day and asked if they'd seen Mariah. Hilary kissed Jordan and left. Devon commented that things looked great for Jordan with Hilary. Jordan asked if that was a problem. Devon said that the last he'd heard, Jordan hadn't been happy with Hilary. Jordan said that he and Hilary had talked it through, and they'd moved to the next level. He and Hilary knew what they wanted and were willing to work at it. Devon looked miffed.

Mariah arrived. Sarcastically, Hilary told her where Devon and Jordan were. Hilary asked where Mariah's swimsuit was. Mariah indicated that it was under her cover-up, and she didn't need to be half naked to feed her deep-seated hunger for constant attention. Jordan and Devon joined them. Devon greeted Mariah with a kiss. Jealously, Hilary stood and cozied up to Jordan. Hilary hoped that Mariah and Devon would enjoy themselves, because she certainly would. Mariah noticed Devon's jealousy.

Mariah told Devon about Tessa's new song and Noah's observations. Devon was agitated watching Hilary and Jordan. Mariah turned and saw Jordan applying sunscreen on Hilary's shoulders. Mariah caught Devon's attention. Devon said that between the contract and the song advice, Mariah had made it official -- he could use a manager. Mariah said no. Music was Devon's thing, and building his business was what made him tick.

Devon agreed with Mariah and said that it might be premature to say, but everything he'd ever wanted was coming together. He left to get drinks. Mariah saw Devon at the bar. He was staring at Hilary as she applied lotion to Jordan's back.

Hilary told Jordan that the day had turned out much better than she'd expected. She was happy that Jordan wasn't angry with her. His anger had bothered her more than she'd realized. She admitted she could fall for Jordan and kissed him. Devon jealously watched Hilary's every move -- and Mariah noticed.

Dr. Harris sees Chloe as his dead daughter

Dr. Harris sees Chloe as his dead daughter

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

At the party at the Dive Bar, Scott marveled that he was at the place to be, and he wondered if it was like that all summer. Sharon pointed out that free booze and complimentary taxi rides home weren't the norm, but he thought free drinks and wearing next to nothing should be a tradition. She mentioned that the fireworks would start soon, and he flirtatiously suggested that they start early. They kissed.

Devon greeted Abby when she arrived alone. Neil addressed the crowd and wished everyone a happy Fourth of July, and he welcomed everyone to the first annual Hamilton-Winters Independence Day celebration. Devon added that their company believed in the embodiment of the American dream, and Neil explained that they intended to pay the dream forward by helping businesses founded by women and minorities to thrive. Neil invited the guests to enjoy the food, open bar, and fireworks, and Devon announced that the music was courtesy of Mergeron's streaming service. Devon proposed a toast to independence and freedom.

Mariah gushed that she was proud of Devon, and they hugged. She approved of him and Neil making it a yearly event, and they kissed. Abby was stunned to see that Devon and Mariah had become a couple, and he explained that they'd been dating for a couple of months. Abby commented that she needed to leave the office more often to know what was going on with her friends. Abby wondered why she hadn't heard about their relationship via social media, and Mariah replied that they weren't big on publicizing their private lives.

Mariah stepped away to say hello to Noah and Tessa. Abby thanked Devon for buying Mergeron, since it had led to having her grandmother in her life. Abby inquired whether Devon and Mariah were serious, and Devon indicated that it was looking that way. Abby's expression soured, and Devon recognized that Abby wasn't Mariah's biggest fan. Abby admitted that she couldn't see the two of them together, and Devon quipped that it was a good thing Abby wasn't the one dating Mariah.

Abby swore that she didn't have a problem with Devon dating Mariah, but she'd just been surprised to hear that they were a couple. Devon asserted that he and Mariah had a great time together and that they'd always gotten along, but Abby didn't buy the fantasy that he'd suddenly realized that he was meant to be with his best friend. Devon scoffed at the idea of Abby giving relationship advice, and he asserted that he was genuinely happy. He suggested that she rethink whatever she thought the rules of attraction ought to be.

Chelsea observed that it looked like Hilary and Jordan were having fun. Hilary figured that he had told Chelsea about their little issue, and Jordan defended that friends listened to one another when they had problems. Hilary said she was dying to hear how Chelsea and Jordan's friendship had started, and Chelsea claimed that they'd met during fashion week in New York, but Hilary thought it was obvious that they hadn't told her the juiciest part of the story. Chelsea swore that there was nothing more to it, and she hurried off. Hilary speculated that there had been something serious between Jordan and Chelsea when Chelsea had been a con artist, but Jordan feigned ignorance.

Sharon surveyed the rooftop for a place to sit down, and Scott preferred to stay away from Nick to avoid giving her ex an excuse to mark his territory. Sharon insisted that Nick didn't have a problem with him, but Scott was skeptical. Scott wished Abby a happy Fourth as he eyed her American flag-themed bikini. Abby testily asked if he had a problem, and he joked that he was deciding whether to recite "The Star Spangled Banner."

Scott remarked that it looked like the "Naked Heiress" was losing her touch, since Abby had no date that night. Abby snapped that she didn't need a man to validate her presence, since she was there to spend time with family and friends that she never got to see because she was always at the office. She declared that she was celebrating her independence as a single, feminist woman who got to call the shots in her life. Scott clarified that he'd only meant that there was an unoccupied chair across from him and Sharon, and he offered it to Abby. Embarrassed, Abby passed on the chair and sauntered off.

Noah crossed the rooftop to talk to his dad, and Mariah sensed that there had been a chill between Noah and Tessa. Tessa explained that she'd thought everything had been great until he'd said he wanted to take their time to get to know one another before things got too serious. Tessa guessed that Noah wasn't as into her as she'd thought, and Mariah referred to his history of falling easy and hard and getting hurt. Mariah believed that Noah really cared and that he didn't want to mess things up, and she offered to talk to him and report back. Tessa confided that she was glad Mariah was there because she felt out of her element, and Mariah replied that she was also glad to have a friend there.

Tessa joined Nick and Noah, and Noah mentioned that his father had been worried about Nikki. Noah asked if Tessa knew anything about Nikki's departure, and she revealed that Victor had quizzed her about the same thing, but Nikki had said nothing about leaving. Nick recalled that his mother had seemed stressed, and he pushed to know if Tessa was aware of anything else that was going on. Tessa assumed that Nikki had just wanted to rest and relax to prepare for the show, and Nick hoped that was all it was.

Devon and Noah fondly recalled when they'd teamed up together. Devon noted that they'd both ended up working alongside their fathers, but Noah thought it wasn't fair to compare a multinational conglomerate to a nightclub. Devon wondered if Noah had ever considered expanding the Underground into a chain, and Noah pointed out that Nick had the capital to do it. Noah pulled Nick over to talk about opening a second bar and eventually a whole chain. Nick grumbled that it sounded like a lot of work, and he questioned why they'd do it. "Because we can," Noah replied.

Devon eyed Jordan and Hilary, and Neil pointedly asked if the divorce was final. Devon mentioned that Hilary had said she and Jordan had been having problems, but it looked like they'd made up. Devon led Neil over to introduce him to Jordan, and Hilary thanked them for the party. Neil and Jordan shook hands, and Neil thanked Jordan for being a good friend to Lily. Neil excused himself to take a call, and Devon accompanied Jordan to get drink refills.

Jordan remarked that Neil seemed like a chill dude, but he knew Devon hadn't followed him to the bar for drinks. Devon voiced his surprise that Jordan and Hilary had patched things up that quickly, since it looked like there was a "full-on love fest" going on. As fireworks popped overhead, Devon remarked that he'd thought Jordan had gotten a taste of the real Hilary when he'd learned about her involvement in the lawsuit against Cane. Jordan replied that Hilary wasn't an easy woman to stay mad at, especially that night.

Mariah confronted Noah about scaring Tessa away. Noah defended that he'd been trying to be straight with Tessa because he had a bad pattern of taking things too fast, but he hadn't realized that Tessa was upset. Mariah contended that Tessa was crazy about him but that Tessa needed to know he was in it, too. Mariah sensed that Tessa had been hurt before and was protecting herself, and she encouraged him to look into Tessa's eyes and listen to her music. Noah and Tessa locked eyes.

Noah apologized to Tessa for the misunderstanding. He explained that his wanting to take things slowly meant that she was important to him, and he didn't want to screw it up. She hated feeling insecure, and she confided that it had been her first instinct to run. He assured her that she never had to run away from him, and he suggested they go back to the ranch, where perhaps she could write a new song about the fireworks. She mused that she had no shortage of inspiration, and they kissed. Mariah smiled at them as they headed out.

Nick told Chelsea to keep Scott away from him for the rest of the night, but she told Nick to be nice as she led him over to greet Scott and Sharon. The women made small talk about the party, and Chelsea proposed a toast to Scott's new job. Chelsea considered the idea of a digital news network exciting, but Nick grumbled that he got his news the old-fashioned way -- on television. Sharon referred to Nick's unique sense of humor, but Scott demanded to know the joke, since Nick obviously had an issue with him. Nick huffed that Scott was too stubborn or proud to admit that Victor was using him, and he insinuated that perhaps Scott was using Victor.

Nick recognized that his dad treated life like a personal chessboard, moving pieces around to gain an advantage. He wondered if Scott thought he could outwit the master, but Scott swore that he wasn't trying to outwit anyone, and his only goal was to clear the air. Scott understood that Nick felt like Scott was encroaching on his territory, but things were good as far as Scott was concerned. Nick admitted that he had a protective streak, and he agreed to a truce, but he warned that things would change fast if Scott hurt anyone Nick cared about. Scott said that was fair enough.

Abby greeted Neil and inquired about Cane and Lily, but Neil reported that they'd sat the evening out because a lot had been going on at Brash & Sassy. Abby recounted their prior conversation about Neil hitting too many ceilings at Newman, and Neil replied that he'd wised up to the realities of a family company, where family would always be put first. Abby griped that her dad had been bedazzled by an outsider with no corporate experience, and she revealed that Scott was Victor's new golden boy. Neil sympathized that it might seem like a boys' club, but he believed Abby was the only one who was next in line for the Newman throne.

Nick stared at Sharon and Scott, and Abby noted that she'd seen Nick hanging out with Newman's latest superstar. Nick scoffed at the thought of Scott going from biographer to executive, but Abby admitted that Scott's motives were more altruistic than calculating. Abby considered Scott to be smug and irritating, but she pointed out that he wasn't stuck-up if he was dating Sharon, nor was it a way to get into Victor's good graces. Abby added that it was refreshing to talk to someone didn't think Scott walked on water, but Nick warned her to keep an eye on Scott.

Hilary and Jordan encountered Neil and Devon on their way out, and Devon hoped they'd enjoyed themselves. Hilary had expected it to be awkward to celebrate with her exes, but it hadn't been. She guessed they were finally moving on, and Devon agreed. Across the rooftop, Abby credited Mariah for helping Devon get over Hilary, since she'd thought Hilary and Devon would be circling one another forever. Mariah nervously watched Devon and Hilary smile and talk.

Sharon and Scott retreated to the cottage, and she apologized that her ex had spoiled their first holiday together. Scott acknowledged that Nick loved and cared for her and their kids, and he assured her that he'd had the best time in spite of Nick. They kissed, and Sharon remarked that she wouldn't have pegged Scott him for a guy who liked to celebrate holidays. He replied that he loved an excuse to party, and she questioned when he'd last been in the country for Independence Day. Scott recalled that no matter where he'd been, he'd always thought about the day and what it meant, but the company was much better that year. They kissed again.

At Dr. Harris' house in Louisiana, Chloe demanded to know why the doctor had said Kevin wouldn't be back. Dr. Harris insisted that she didn't need Kevin and that she was better off without him, but Chloe argued that the doctor had agreed to let Kevin go and return with her daughter. Dr. Harris stated that the plans had changed, and he told "Maggie" that Kevin wouldn't make it to the airport. Chloe asked what he was talking about and stressed that it wasn't her name.

Dr. Harris called it a slip of the tongue, since telling Chloe about his daughter had stirred up both happy and painful memories. Chloe pushed him to tell her what he'd done to Kevin. The doctor replied that he'd done nothing, but he expected Kevin to have an unfortunate problem with his car. Meanwhile, Kevin cursed and pulled over when his car began making odd noises. Kevin got out of the car and inspected it.

Chloe worriedly asked what Dr. Harris had done to Kevin's car, and the doctor implored her to take her medication. She wanted to call Kevin, but Dr. Harris reminded her that Kevin had left his phone in the safe. Dr. Harris insisted that everything he'd done had been to protect her, but she whimpered that Kevin loved her and would never hurt her. Dr. Harris declared that he'd fixed the problem so they could go back to the way it had been, with just the two of them. Chloe tried to contain her panic as she asked if Kevin was going to die. Dr. Harris said he knew a way to make her feel better, and he presented "Maggie" with a box.

Dr. Harris asked "Maggie" when her dad had ever steered her wrong, and Chloe opened the box and found a dress inside. The doctor explained that the dress was for graduation, since she had to look special when she became a doctor. He urged her to try it on, but she declined. Dr. Harris insisted that there wouldn't be any drunk-driving accident that time, since her daddy had stopped "that man" from hurting anyone. Chloe protested that Kevin hadn't had anything to do with what had happened to Dr. Harris' daughter, and she wondered if the doctor knew that.

Chloe fretted about what Dr. Harris had done to Kevin's car, and the doctor wondered why "Maggie" was sad. Chloe calmly stated that he knew she wasn't Maggie, and Dr. Harris countered that it was just like she knew Bella wasn't Delia. Dr. Harris rambled that what had happened to Maggie had been wrong, since she'd been exceptionally bright and talented with a gift for healing, and she'd been at the top of her class in medical school. He recognized that his daughter had been his life, and Chloe understood that a part of him had died when Maggie had passed away.

Dr. Harris gazed lovingly at Chloe and said he was glad she was back, since the drunk driver hadn't been able to take her from him forever, and life was good again because she was home. Chloe stammered that she was happy to be back with him, and he marveled that he'd finally get to see his beautiful girl become a doctor at the graduation ceremony that day. He asked her to get ready by putting on the dress, and she plastered on a smile and said she loved it. "Just what I need, Dad," Chloe said, and Dr. Harris hugged her.

Chloe reentered the room after putting on the dress, and she searched for the key or a phone. Dr. Harris appeared and gushed that he'd never seen her look prettier. She praised him for picking out the dress, and she proposed that they get going to avoid being late for graduation. Dr. Harris declared that they wouldn't miss a thing, since they were having the ceremony there. He opened the safe to fetch her diploma, and she clasped her hand over her mouth when she spotted a gun inside.

Chloe squealed that she was excited to finally be graduating from medical school, but her gaze remained transfixed on the gun. Dr. Harris said he couldn't be prouder of "Maggie," and Chloe suggested that they go into practice together. She pictured their sign reading "Dr. Harris and Dr. Harris," and the doctor exclaimed that it was what he'd always wanted. He reiterated that they were lucky to have found one another again, and she instructed him to grab his diploma from the study so they could put them up side by side. Dr. Harris started to head out, but Chloe was dismayed when he stopped to lock the safe first.

Dr. Harris faced rows of chairs that he'd set out in his living room and announced that it gave him great pleasure to present a degree of medicine to the valedictorian of the graduating class. Chloe appeared in a cap and gown, and he pretended to introduce his daughter to the ladies and gentlemen in attendance. Chloe forced a smile as he snapped photos of her, but she anxiously eyed the front door.

Kevin started the car again, but it began to smoke. He ran away from it as it exploded. Kevin lay motionless on the ground as the car burned.

Kevin returns to save Chloe

Kevin returns to save Chloe

> Kevin returns to save Chloe

Kevin returns to save Chloe

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

by Nel

Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy and asked if Victoria had spent the night there. Victoria admitted that she'd slept well and had breakfast with the kids. She told him that she'd settled the lawsuit and that it had been the only decision to make. Billy asked what had changed because Victoria had sworn up and down that she wouldn't settle Juliet's bogus sexual harassment claim.

Victoria told Billy that Juliet was pregnant. Billy realized that Cane had lied when he'd said nothing had happened in that hotel room. Billy wondered why they'd gone through the deposition if Juliet had known she was pregnant. Victoria advised him that Juliet had just found out. Billy surmised that Victoria didn't like her chances at trial. Victoria said that it would be seen as the big bad company picking on a pregnant woman, and that wasn't a good a look. Billy said that Cane had been lying from the beginning, and he'd screwed over Victoria and the company.

Michael arrived and gave the settlement documents to Victoria. She looked at the dollar amount and asked if that had been the best Michael could've done. Michael assured her that had they gone to court, Leslie was confident that she could've won a much higher settlement. Victoria was angry at herself for taking Cane at his word. She signed the settlement documents and handed them back to Michael.

Leslie and Juliet arrived. Michael advised them that Victoria had executed the settlement documents. He stipulated that the settlement wasn't in any way an admission of guilt. Victoria said that she didn't believe Juliet's sexual harassment claim and advised Juliet that before Victoria handed over the check, she needed something from Juliet. Juliet said that Victoria couldn't demand additional conditions to the settlement agreement, nor could she force Juliet to make a statement. Victoria asked if that statement would include that the sexual harassment had never happened.

Leslie advised Victoria that Juliet had agreed to sign a nondisclosure agreement based on the preaccepted terms. Victoria stated that she wanted to make herself indisputably clear. She stated that if any details of the settlement became known to anyone, including Hilary or any other media outlet, the settlement would be voided, and Victoria would personally make Juliet pay back every dime -- with interest. Juliet and Leslie agreed, and the nondisclosure agreement was executed.

At home, Lily reminded Cane they had a meeting with Mattie's teacher later. Lily told him that Charlie had broken his phone, and he'd have to do without it. Cane wanted to get him another phone, but Lily said that Charlie had to learn the value of things and that there were consequences to his actions. Cane said Charlie had a summer job, and he'd need a phone. Lily grudgingly relented. She said because of Juliet's pregnancy, they couldn't afford any more problems, and they couldn't stop being parents.

Cane told Lily he had to see Juliet. Lily warned him against it and reminded him that Victoria and Michael had warned him to stay away from Juliet. Cane apologized for having sex with Juliet. Lily said it had never been about the sex -- it was his dishonesty and how he'd humiliated her. Cane said he'd go to see Victoria and see what his options were. The twins entered bickering. Lily stopped them. Mattie asked Cane if he could arrange an internship for her at Brash & Sassy for the summer.

Lily asked why Mattie wanted an internship. Mattie said it included business and science, which would show her diversity and interest, and that would help on her scholarship application. Mattie stated that Cane was Victoria's ace, since he'd gotten her company into the Asian market. Lily suggested that Mattie do her internship at Hamilton-Winters. Mattie said it would appear that she'd gotten the internship because she was related to a billionaire. Cane told Mattie he'd see what he could do. The twins left.

Cane said he wanted a paternity test from Juliet, and if she refused, he'd get a court order. When Cane went into the bedroom, Lily took Cane's phone from his briefcase and pocketed it. Cane wasn't looking forward to sparring with Billy. Lily said she couldn't garner Cane any sympathy. After Cane left, Lily looked at the phone. She recalled confronting Cane at the hospital and accusing him of lying to her about everything and Cane admitting that he'd had sex with Juliet. Lily called Jordan and told him that she was upset and confused, and she asked him to stop over.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy as Victoria handed Juliet the settlement check. Billy offered to walk Juliet and Leslie out. Billy told Juliet that the situation should have been handled better. Juliet admitted that she wished things had turned out differently.

Victoria told Cane that Juliet had accepted their offer and had signed a nondisclosure agreement. Cane apologized for putting Victoria in that position, and he admitted he had a lot to make up for. Billy entered and sarcastically congratulated Cane on becoming a daddy. Cane assured Billy that he wouldn't take his personal business into the office. Cane was aware of how much he'd cost Victoria.

Angry, Billy stated that had it been left up to him, he'd take Cane's salary as payment for the settlement. Victoria stopped Billy and advised him that that was illegal, and she didn't need Billy's input on how to run her business. She said that the only way to move forward was to stop dwelling on what had gone wrong in the past few months and to look to the future. Victoria indicated that they would recover and become stronger in the process. They'd build the most profitable cosmetics line in the country. Cane contritely said he'd do whatever it took to help Victoria achieve that goal.

Billy exploded. He said that Cane had put them into the hole they were in. Cane had had a dozen opportunities to own up to what he'd done and to stop the madness, but Cane's first instinct had been to protect himself and to forget about the company or anyone else involved. Cane had lied and covered it up rather than admitting what he'd done. He'd almost taken the company down in the process. Victoria told Billy he was being unproductive. Furious, Billy stormed out.

Victoria told Cane that Billy wasn't wrong in what he'd said. Cane had lied repeatedly for weeks. Cane said he wanted a clean slate and asked for a chance to prove himself. Victoria said that the bottom line to achieving her goal was to have a staff she could trust. She didn't trust Cane and fired him -- effective immediately. Cane stood frozen in shock.

In Hilary's suite, Hilary woke up and smiled when she saw Jordan beside her. Jordan wished he could photograph her while she was sweet and sexy. They made love. A short time later, Hilary asked Jordan about his view on journalistic integrity. Jordan asked if Hilary thought he'd come on too strong about the lawsuit when he'd believed that Hilary was going to slant the story. He admitted that he might have been a little judgmental.

Hilary was chagrined when Jordan received a call from Lily. Jordan told Hilary that Lily didn't sound good. Hilary faked her concern and said that Lily needed her friend's support. Jordan told Hilary that he'd call her later and left.

At the doctor's house, Chloe sat on the couch, fretting because she believed that Dr. Harris had killed Kevin. Dr. Harris carried breakfast to her. Chloe assumed her role as Maggie and asked him if she could see the photo album to refresh her memory about the things she'd done when growing up. Dr. Harris retrieved the album. Chloe said she missed her mother. Dr. Harris said he missed his wife and that he would never have done the things he had if she'd still been with him.

Chloe tried to convince Dr. Harris to take her to her mother's gravesite to show her mother Maggie's diploma. Dr. Harris said she couldn't go off the property; it was against the rules. Chloe asked if they could do a ceremony like they had for her graduation. Dr. Harris agreed. Chloe told him the diploma was on the desk. While Dr. Harris searched for the diploma, Chloe picked up the Champagne bottle and hit Dr. Harris over the head. She took the house keys from his pocket, ran, unlocked the door, and opened it, but before she could leave, Dr. Harris grabbed her and dragged her back inside. Kevin appeared on the veranda, slightly stunned and covered in cuts and bruises.

Inside, Dr. Harris gave Chloe an injection that knocked her out. Kevin burst in and ordered Dr. Harris to step away from Chloe. Kevin tried to revive Chloe. Dr. Harris rushed to his safe to retrieve the gun. Kevin caught him, and they fought over the gun until the gun went off.

Kevin tied Dr. Harris to a chair. Kevin taped the doctor's mouth and said he should shoot the doctor for trying to kill him a second time. Kevin told the doctor he was taking the doctor's car, since the doctor had blown up Kevin's. Kevin took a semiconscious Chloe out of the house and helped her into the car.

When Chloe regained consciousness, she asked if she was dreaming. Kevin told her she was safe, and he'd protect her. She called him a badass. Kevin assured her that the doctor wouldn't be a problem because if he said anything to anyone, he'd be charged with attempted murder. Kevin started the car, and they drove away.

Jordan arrived at Lily's. He was stunned when she told him that Juliet was pregnant and that she'd seen the test results. She said Cane had admitted it had been one night of sex, but there had never been any sexual harassment. Lily said they needed to find out if the baby was Cane's, and she wondered if Juliet had been with anyone else. Juliet had lied about the sexual harassment, so Jordan wondered if Juliet was lying about the baby being Cane's. Jordan stated that Cane had been dishonest with Lily and asked how she was supposed to believe anything he said.

Lily pulled out Cane's phone. She wanted to go through his emails. When she hesitated, Jordan offered to do it for her. Jordan told Lily there were a number of emails from Juliet -- reminding Cane about their meeting with Sato, providing an address and time, and a reminder about proper etiquette. Lily wanted to know what had gone on after Tokyo.

All the messages were benign -- Juliet asking Cane to put in a good word for her with Victoria, Cane advising Juliet to come and meet Victoria about the job, and an email from Cane saying he couldn't believe how incompetent Billy was. Jordan felt the emails came across as if Cane had been grooming Juliet to become a business ally. There was no indication that they'd been having an affair. Lily commented that Cane and Juliet were just work friends -- no flirting, no intimacy, no hint that Juliet had been pressured in any way.

Jordan pointed out that Cane had gotten drunk, slept with Juliet, gotten her pregnant, and lied to Lily for months -- and Lily deserved better. Jordan asked why she was putting herself through the situation. Lily said she needed to give Cane time. Jordan asked why -- and asked if it was so Cane could cheat on her again. He asked why Lily didn't kick Cane out.

Lily explained that a few years earlier, she'd had an affair, and it hadn't been just one drunken night. Cane had forgiven her. She felt she'd be a hypocrite if she didn't forgive Cane. Jordan said that Lily couldn't let Cane off because she'd deserved it. He added that if that was how Cane saw and justified it, then that was more than enough reason to walk away.

Lily stated it was easy for Jordan to say that -- like it was so easy and that she didn't love Cane. Lily admitted she was angry and hurt. She needed to figure things out. She couldn't walk away from her family, and she couldn't forget that there was a woman across town that might be pregnant with Cane's child.

At the Dive Bar, Charlie worked at his job. When he spotted Reed, he couldn't resist needling Reed. Mattie arrived and asked Charlie if he felt that their parents had been acting weird. Mattie and Charlie felt that since the case had been settled, their parents should be happy, but they weren't. Charlie said they were with their parents for another two years then he and Mattie would be off to college.

Mattie spotted Reed. Charlie had hoped she wouldn't notice "that loser," but Mattie approached Reed and asked him what he wanted to do after high school. Reed wanted to go to a school where he could major in music. Mattie said she was going for a full AP load. Mattie said she'd asked her dad to help her get an internship at Brash & Sassy. Reed was surprised and said that his mother owned Brash & Sassy.

Mattie was surprised to discover that Victoria Newman was Reed's mother. Reed said his last name was Hellstrom, but he was a Newman. Mattie said that her dad was Cane Ashby. Reed was surprised and said he'd met Cane, and his mother spoke about Cane often. He figured they worked together a lot.

Juliet arrived at Hilary's suite and told Hilary she'd settled the lawsuit and that she'd received the money. Hilary asked how much. Juliet advised Hilary that she'd signed a nondisclosure agreement about the settlement. Hilary said they were friends, and it wouldn't go any further, but Juliet wouldn't tell her. She told Hilary that she had decisions to make. She felt lonely, and she had no friends. Hilary claimed she would always have Juliet's back. Hilary asked if Juliet was certain that Cane was the baby's father. Juliet assured her that Cane was the baby's father because she hadn't been with anyone else.

Juliet knew that Cane would want a paternity test. Juliet said that she and Cane hadn't spoken and that she'd seen him for the first time at the settlement meeting. She knew Cane hated her. Hilary said that Cane would have to live with the consequences. Juliet felt guilty. She said she wasn't lying about the baby, but she'd lied about the sexual harassment.

Hilary told Juliet not to forget that she'd been the victim. Hilary confirmed that Juliet had fudged the details -- a little. Juliet said that she'd ruined the reputation of the one person in the company who'd had her back.

Hilary reminded Juliet that Cane had lied about everything -- Juliet wasn't responsible for that. Hilary said the Juliet had slept with Cane, he'd gotten her the job at Brash & Sassy, and she'd taken the fall for a massive error and been fired as a result. Also, Juliet was pregnant. Hilary said that Juliet deserved compensation for everything she'd been through. Hilary suggested that Juliet perceive the money as payment for her pain and suffering.

Juliet wanted to talk to Cane in the hope that she could make him understand. Hilary said that Cane was the last person Juliet could count on. That was why the money would be a big help. Hilary added that being a single parent was tough. Juliet asked what Hilary meant -- and stated that Cane was the father. Hilary asked if Juliet wanted Cane to be involved in her life. Juliet stated that no matter what Cane said or felt, it was his child too.

Cane remains unconvinced that Juliet's carrying his child

Cane remains unconvinced that Juliet's carrying his child

Thursday, July 6, 2017

At the Ashby home, Lily gazed forlornly at a family photo. Jordan handed her a glass of water and said he was sorry it wasn't a triple shot of tequila. She reasoned that they weren't sure that Cane was the father of Juliet's baby, and she was sure her husband wasn't going to run off with a woman who he'd been friends with before she'd accused him of sexual harassment. Jordan assured Lily that Cane loved her, but he warned that she had to be prepared for her family's life to change forever if Juliet kept the baby.

Lily pondered how she was supposed to tell Mattie and Charlie that they might have a brother or sister who was unrelated to their mom. Jordan comforted her and insisted that none of it was her fault. She bemoaned that the kids idolized their dad, and she couldn't imagine how they'd react when they found out that Cane had not only been unfaithful but that he'd also lied to her and everyone else for months. Lily dreaded the thought of trying to explain to two impressionable teenagers how their dad had gotten drunk on a business trip and had had unprotected sex with a woman he'd just met.

Lily hugged Jordan and thanked him for rushing over. She apologized for unloading her problems on him, but he pledged to be there whenever she needed to vent. He said he'd see her at the next photo shoot, but she fretted that Brash & Sassy hadn't been enthusiastic about her upcoming appearances. Lily worried that perhaps Victoria didn't want any of the Ashbys on the payroll, but Jordan doubted that Victoria would hold Cane's lies against Lily. Lily wished she knew how they'd gotten to that point, and she recounted that Cane hadn't liked her modeling again. Jordan reiterated that Lily hadn't caused Cane's mess and that she wasn't responsible for cleaning it up -- it was all on Cane.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane reeled from Victoria's decision to fire him. Victoria thought he shouldn't be surprised after what he'd cost the company, and she referred to the enormous check she'd just given to Juliet. Cane promised to pay back every dime if Victoria gave him another chance. Cane rambled about ideas he had for projects to recoup the money, and he begged her to let him prove his worth. She ranted that she couldn't get back the loss in profits and the sleepless nights, but Cane argued that Jill had put them together for a reason.

Victoria maintained that she could never trust Cane again, but he whined that she trusted Billy even after he'd repeatedly lied and cheated on her. Victoria huffed that the men's rivalry wasn't a selling point but even more reason to let Cane go. She refused to second-guess her decision, and she was surprised that Cane hadn't done the right thing by resigning. She urged him to go home and make his full-time job repairing the damage to his family.

Cane snapped at Victoria for dragging his family into it. She reminded him that she'd given him a chance to tell the truth, she'd defended him over and over again, but he'd continued to lie to her. She wished him well, but she firmly stated that she wanted him out of the building, or she'd have security escort him out. She sauntered out over Cane's protests, and he hung his head for a moment before throwing a beaker across the room, shattering it against the wall.

In her hotel room, Juliet flashed back to informing Lily and Cane that she was pregnant. Hilary stopped by and questioned whether Juliet truly believed she and Cane could put their differences aside and raise a child together. Juliet contended that the baby changed everything, but Hilary pointed out that Cane already had a family that he wasn't about to give up for a woman who'd tried to drag him into court based on a lie. Juliet countered that Hilary had spearheaded the whole thing, so Hilary couldn't act like her hands were clean. Juliet acknowledged that she knew where things stood between her and Cane, but the baby was innocent in all of it.

Hilary warned that Juliet was deluding herself if she thought she'd get anything but child support from Cane, but Juliet insisted that she wasn't after money -- she just wanted to be sure her child wasn't deprived of a father. Hilary asserted that she was proof that a child could turn out fine without a father. Juliet disagreed about fathers being expendable, since her own father had been her entire world. Juliet recalled how Cane always talked about his kids, and she considered him to be an amazing, loving parent that any child would be lucky to have. Hilary wondered if the one-night stand in Tokyo had meant more to Juliet than Juliet had let on, since it sounded like Juliet had feelings for Cane.

Juliet insisted that she and Cane had spent one night together and nothing more, and she noted that she and Cane had been good friends. Hilary suggested that Juliet keep it in the past, but Juliet hoped she and Cane could resume their friendship, since he wasn't the type to penalize a child for her actions. Hilary considered it to be a tall order because of the lives and careers Juliet had ruined. Juliet argued that she'd never wanted or expected to become pregnant by a married man, and she thought maybe the baby was a new beginning and an end to the animosity. There was a knock at the door, and Juliet opened it and faced Cane.

Juliet invited Cane in, and he assumed that Hilary was there to celebrate. Juliet said Hilary had just been leaving, and Hilary reluctantly stepped out. Juliet mused that it was good to see Cane, since they hadn't had a moment alone since she'd gotten the news from the doctor. Cane figured that Juliet wanted to gloat about her settlement check, but Juliet swore that the baby changed everything. Cane spat that she'd taken the check, and he wondered how many times she'd gotten pregnant for a big payoff.

Juliet was offended by Cane's insinuation, and she insisted that the pregnancy had thrown her for a loop. Cane refused to believe anything she said after she'd accused him of sexual harassment that hadn't happened, and he contended that she'd harassed him about the division manager job. He contemplated whether she'd planted the earring in his bed and her camisole in his suitcase, hoping Lily would find it. Cane growled that he was starting to think it had all been one big scam, but Juliet retorted that she hadn't orchestrated getting fired by having Billy botch the biggest deal of the year.

Cane snapped that he'd never planned on having sex, and Juliet countered that she hadn't, either. She added that it had taken two to make a baby, but he was acting like he was the only one whose life had been turned upside down. He blurted out that he'd just been fired, and she sincerely said she was sorry. He coldly stated that he wasn't there for sympathy but wanted something else -- a paternity test.

Juliet complained that she wasn't up for a paternity test after an emotional day, but Cane barked that he couldn't take her word after all the lies she'd told. Juliet voiced concern for the baby, and she questioned whether a test was even possible at that stage. Cane explained that it was a simple blood test that wouldn't hurt the fetus, and he'd already made an appointment. He headed for the door, and he taunted that there was no reason not to do it if she wasn't lying. Juliet grabbed her purse and led the way out.

At the Dive Bar, Mattie marveled that both of her parents worked for Reed's mom. Reed wondered if Mattie would follow in her mother's footsteps by becoming the face for the teen line, but Mattie was more interested in an internship at Brash & Sassy than in modeling. Reed offered to put in a good word for her with his mom, but Mattie mentioned that she'd already asked her dad to talk to Victoria about it. Reed invited Mattie to go for a swim, and she replied that she'd love to show him up, but she had reading to do. Charlie glowered at them across the rooftop as Mattie teasingly told Reed to stay in the shallow end where he'd be safe. Reed hoped she'd still be there when he got back.

Later, Reed returned to the deck, and Charlie approached and announced that he'd had complaints about "Guitar Boy" kicking other guests in the pool. Mattie skeptically asked Charlie to point out the guests so Reed could apologize, but Charlie claimed the club had privacy rules, and he wondered why Mattie was hanging out with a loser. The boys bickered, and Charlie cautioned that Reed might get Mattie in trouble. Reed told "Chuck" that he'd never do such a thing, and Charlie became incensed. An attractive girl passed by and asked "Charles" to call her later, and Reed taunted that she looked like trouble.

Charlie explained that the girl's parents were club members, and she'd asked him to show her around. Reed suggested that Charlie take her for a ride by Zoey's house. A whistle sounded, and Charlie left to get back to work. Reed recognized that Mattie's brother couldn't stand him, and Mattie pointed out that Reed wasn't a fan of Charlie, either. Reed dared Mattie to admit that Charlie could be a cocky jerk sometimes, but Mattie swore that her twin was great once one got to know him. Reed didn't see that happening unless it was from Charlie's fist hitting Reed's face.

Reed asked if Charlie wanted to punch every guy who liked Mattie, but she quipped that Reed was just special. Reed wondered how many guys liked her, but Mattie suggested that they focus on when they'd see a movie, and she told him to send her a text message with the details. Mattie headed out, and she ran into Hilary, who observed that it looked like the girl was in a good mood. Mattie chirped that there was no reason not to be, and she left.

Hilary spotted Jordan sunbathing by the pool, and she asked how things had gone with Lily. Jordan recalled that Hilary had seemed to be holding something back earlier, and he assumed that she knew Juliet was pregnant. Hilary contended that she'd done the right thing by keeping Juliet's pregnancy a secret, since Lily and the twins were innocent victims, and she'd respected their privacy by staying silent. Jordan explained that he was upset with the situation and not her. Hilary imagined that Lily was distraught.

Jordan indicated that Lily was holding it together pretty well under the circumstances, but Hilary speculated that Lily was plotting to pay Cane back for humiliating her by looking for the right guy to cheat on him with. Jordan scoffed at the idea that Lily was out to have revenge sex, but Hilary pointed out that he hadn't been in town when Lily had hit the sheets with Joe. Jordan insisted that Lily wasn't interested in payback, but he was worried that she was setting herself up to get hurt, since she was determined to hold her family together by standing by her man.

Victoria ordered a martini at the rooftop bar, and Reed commented that it was early for cocktail hour. She replied that it wasn't that day, and she hoped he was having a better day than she was, since she'd had to pay off the disgruntled ex-employee and let go of a valuable executive. Victoria pushed to know who Reed had been hanging out with, and Reed informed her that the girl from Walnut Grove had asked him to pick out a movie to see together. Victoria asked to meet his friend, and Reed revealed that Victoria already knew her, since she was Mattie Ashby, Cane's daughter. Victoria confessed that Cane was the person she'd fired that day.

Lily flashed back to confronting Cane about his lies. She wiped away tears as Mattie arrived home, and Mattie asked when her dad would be home. Lily wasn't sure, and Mattie spotted his phone on the table and realized why he hadn't responded to her text messages. Mattie inquired about getting an internship at Brash & Sassy, but Lily implored her not to get her hopes up, since a lot of turmoil had been going on there. Mattie announced that she'd just found out that day that the musician guy she'd gone to see at open mic had turned out to be Victoria's son.

Mattie explained that she'd told Reed about wanting an internship at Brash & Sassy, and they'd realized their parents' connection. Mattie asked if Lily was okay, and Lily insisted she was fine. Mattie recognized that her mother had seemed off for a couple of days, and she sensed that her parents didn't want her going near their workplace. Mattie pressed to hear any news from them and not GC Buzz, and she inquired whether Cane was in some kind of trouble.

At Crimson Lights, Paul voiced concern to Michael that his calls to Kevin had gone straight to voicemail. Michael figured that Kevin had turned his phone off, but Paul noted that Kevin should have been back at work but hadn't even tried to make contact. Michael confirmed that he hadn't heard from Kevin, either, but he envisioned his brother lounging at a poolside bar in Tahiti. Paul pushed Michael to call the resort where Kevin was staying. Michael reluctantly made the call and was shocked to learn that Kevin had never checked in or canceled the reservation.

Paul became increasingly worried, but Michael chalked it up to Kevin doing something spontaneous like going to a different resort or simply camping on the beach. Paul lamented that he couldn't find Kevin because Kevin was his top tracker. Michael left a voicemail for Kevin, sternly telling him to check in as soon as possible. Paul said he would do what he could to search for Kevin through legal channels, and Michael had an idea about checking out a lead. Michael promised to let Paul know if it panned out.

After making a getaway in Dr. Harris' car, Kevin assured Chloe that they weren't being followed and that it would take the doctor a while to work his way out of the ropes. He planned for her to stay at a motel while he returned to Genoa City, but she wanted to go with him. Chloe argued that Dr. Harris would expect them to go back to Genoa City to get Bella, and she anticipated that the doctor would call his accomplice as soon as he got free. Kevin pointed out that Dr. Harris' accomplice might not be in Genoa City.

Kevin added that he was the best tracker the Genoa City police had, and he knew how to avoid being followed. Kevin intended to grab Bella and get out of town, but he was adamant that Chloe stay hidden because everyone thought she was dead. Kevin planned to use what he'd learned about witness protection to arrange a new life, and it would be easy for him to return home because everyone thought he'd just been on vacation. Chloe hated thinking of her mom mourning for her, but Kevin insisted that everything they were doing was for Chloe's safety and Bella's happiness. Kevin got out of the car to get some food.

Chloe jumped when Kevin returned, and he stressed that they were fine. He presented her with curly fries and corn dogs, and he revealed his plan to grab Bella and a few things in Genoa City before hitting the road, picking up what they needed along the way. Chloe wanted to get on with it, since she was starting to lose her nerve. Kevin said he needed her to be brave, just like she had been with Dr. Harris. Kevin realized that they still had to face something head-on.

Kevin pointed out that he and Chloe hadn't had a chance to talk around Dr. Harris, but he wanted to discuss her killing Adam. Kevin swore that he understood what had driven her to do it, and Chloe defended that she'd wanted justice for Delia. Kevin wished she hadn't done it, but he thought it had helped her find peace. He promised not to question her sanity or to ever abandon her, since they'd have their entire lives together as long as they stuck to his plan.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther freaked out when Michael told her that Kevin was missing. Michael swore that no one was panicking, but he wanted to find out if Kevin had been in touch with her. She indicated that she hadn't heard from Kevin. Paul called Michael with some news, and Michael relayed that Kevin had never boarded the flight to Tahiti. Esther worried that it had been a bad idea for Kevin to run off in the state he'd been in, and Michael reported that Kevin hadn't used his passport, so it was likely he was still in the country.

Michael said Paul would put out an APB, but Kevin walked in and declared that they could call it off, since he was safe and sound. Michael wondered how Kevin had suffered the scratches to his face, and Kevin claimed that he'd taken a spill while on a hike. Michael revealed that they knew Kevin hadn't been in Tahiti, and Kevin fibbed that he'd gone to Oregon. Michael asked why, and Kevin announced that he and Bella would be moving there.

Kevin and Michael share an emotional goodbye

Kevin and Michael share an emotional goodbye

Friday, July 7, 2017

At the tack house, Nick asked Tessa whether she really hadn't heard anything from Nikki. Tessa surmised that he was worried that Nikki wouldn't show up for the concert, and Nick thought his mother didn't want to do it. Tessa pointedly stated that perhaps Nikki couldn't, and Nick asked what she meant. Tessa tried to leave, but Nick pointed out that they were both concerned about the stress Nikki was under, and he needed to know if there was something more that would prevent Nikki from performing.

Nick added that his mother shouldn't be facing whatever it was alone, and he begged Tessa to open up. Tessa confided that Nikki had been in a lot of pain before she'd left because of a multiple sclerosis flare-up. Tessa insisted that she had no idea where Nikki had gone, and she asked him not to tell his dad because Nikki had made her swear not to tell Victor. Nick planned to get into it with his mom, but he promised that he wouldn't tell his dad anything other than that there wouldn't be a concert.

Nikki wheeled her suitcase into the ranch, and she called out to ask if anyone was home. She received no response, and she sat down at the piano. Her fingers trembled as she held them over the keys.

Abby oversaw tending to the last-minute details of setting up for the charity concert at the park pavilion. Scott cheerfully volunteered to help with anything she wanted, and she was surprised by his mellow attitude. He looked forward to getting back to their real jobs once the concert was over. Meanwhile, at Newman Enterprises, Victor stared at the note that Nikki had written before she'd mysteriously taken off.

Abby assigned Scott to deal with the catering, and she told him to be sure they had expensive French Champagne. She recognized that event planning wasn't his thing, but she bragged that she was good at handling the logistics that made creating a magical evening a challenge. He agreed to let her handle all future occasions, and Victor approached and declared that he'd had a feeling they'd work well together. Abby inquired when Nikki would test out the piano that had just been delivered, but Victor doubted that Nikki would. Scott was impressed that Nikki was performing at all, since he'd run for the hills if he had to get onstage.

Scott presented Victor with the technical specifications of the venue and reported that everything was on schedule. Nick arrived and requested to talk to Victor alone, and Scott stepped aside. Victor coldly asked "what the hell" Nick was doing there when he'd shown no interest in helping prepare for the event, and Nick retorted that Nikki had gone out of town because she had no interest in showing up for the concert. Nick snapped that Nikki had needed to get away because of the stress Victor had put on her.

Victor huffed that he'd put together the concert to show the world that he admired Nikki's determination to overcome her MS. Nick anticipated that Victor would have a pavilion full of people, but Nick's mom wouldn't be able to perform because Victor had made life intolerable for her. Nikki appeared and marveled at all the activity going on, and she expressed appreciation for everyone's hard work. She thanked Victor for arranging the event, and she gushed that she couldn't wait until the next day.

Nikki struggled to hide her pain, and Abby asked if Nikki wanted to give the piano a trial run. Nikki thought the piano was beautiful, but she preferred to practice in her own living room. Nikki departed, and Victor insisted on finishing his conversation with Nick. Victor noted how good Nikki had looked, and he believed she was ready for the concert. Victor thought it proved Nick had been presumptuous to assume that he knew Nikki better than Victor did. Nick walked away.

In Victor's office, Abby told Victor that she was glad Nikki had had a chance to look around, and Victor admitted that he'd wondered if Nikki had wanted to perform at all. Victor was relieved to see that Nikki had been enthusiastic, and he hoped she saw that the concert had been meant as a gift and not a burden. Abby observed that there hadn't been a big Newman event in a while, and she noted that family members no longer dropped by the office like they once had. She sensed the tension between Victor and Nick, but she didn't want to pry. Victor said she had a right to know what was going on as a member of the family.

Victor explained to Abby that finding out the truth about Adam's death had reopened old wounds. He applauded Abby and Scott for helping put together the concert when Nick and Victoria hadn't lifted a finger. Abby curled up next to Victor on the couch and said she wanted it to be a great night for him, Nikki, and the research center. Victor confided that he couldn't stand the family being apart, and he wanted nothing more than for all of them to get along and be a family again.

Abby fussed over the Chelsea 2.0 original gown and extravagant jewelry that Victor had arranged for Nikki to wear at the concert. Abby quipped that Victor didn't mess around when he wanted to tell his wife he loved her, and she thought Nikki would look gorgeous. Victor hoped that the concert would help to get the Newmans back together again.

Nick arrived at the ranch and said he'd been worried about Nikki, and they hugged. She apologized for upsetting him, and she revealed that she'd gone to one of her favorite spots in Colorado for some rest and relaxation before the concert. He confronted her about her flare-up, and she complained that Tessa shouldn't have told anyone. Nick assured Nikki that Victor had no idea because he'd been wrapped up with himself as always. Nick insisted that Tessa had only told him because she was as concerned as he was, but Nikki swore that she was fine.

Nikki rambled about the various treatments she'd received in Boulder, but Nick demanded that she tell him and Victoria if she had another episode. Nikki wrote it off as a one-time, stress-related issue that she'd taken care of. She proclaimed that she was ready to walk out on the stage the next day, but Nick flatly stated that she wasn't doing that. Nikki recalled that she'd been determined to prove to Victor that she could perform at the concert and that she wasn't helpless without him, but her time away had changed her perspective, since she'd realized that she didn't give two hoots what Victor thought.

Nikki intended to perform for herself and the center that had her name on it, but Nick questioned whether she ever would have agreed to do it if Victor hadn't pressured her into it. She admitted that she wouldn't have, but she thought it had been a shame to let her passion for music go dormant. She wondered if she could have ended up playing all over the world to raise millions for MS research if she'd pursued her music, and she wanted to spread her wings and fly a little bit. Nikki envisioned the concert being the jumping-off point for the rest of her life, and her goal had nothing to do with Victor.

Nick griped that Victor still had Nikki brainwashed, but she didn't see it. Nikki insisted on proving to Nick that she was up to the challenge. Nick listened as Nikki played the piano flawlessly, and he acknowledged that she sounded great. She said she was afraid she had to kick him out because she needed space to practice, and he kissed her goodbye and headed out. Nikki resumed playing, but she winced when she messed up. She started again but grimaced in pain and put her head in her hands. Nick observed her from the foyer before quietly closing the door behind him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked a distracted Mariah what was going on in her mind. Mariah inquired whether a person ever got over the love of their life, and Sharon replied that the short answer was yes. Sharon said she'd always believed Nick had been the love of her life, but she'd realized that a person could have more than one great love, just like she'd had with Dylan. Mariah pointed out that Sharon might have another one with Scott, but Sharon thought it was too soon to tell. Mariah recognized that it was hard to get over the past and move on, and Sharon wondered if things hadn't been going well with Devon.

Sharon asked if Mariah was worried that Devon was still in love with Hilary. Chelsea interrupted, and Mariah excused herself to make a phone call. Sharon and Chelsea discussed Nick and Scott butting heads at the Fourth of July party, and Chelsea hoped they had gotten it out of their systems. Sharon offered Chelsea a drink on the house, but Chelsea said she was looking for more than a latte, since she had a proposition for Sharon. Chelsea recalled that Sharon had originally stopped working because she'd needed to run the coffeehouse, but it seemed like a well-oiled machine. Chelsea declared that she wanted Sharon back for any hours she had to spare, and she wondered if Sharon was interested.

Sharon was flattered, but she declined Chelsea's offer. Sharon explained that between Crimson Lights, her college courses, volunteering, and raising her daughter, she barely had a sliver of time for Scott. Chelsea understood because she was in the same boat, but she needed the right people to help take her brand to the next level, and she didn't know who to turn to for help. Sharon assured her that everything would be okay, since there was nothing to stop someone as strong and accomplished as Chelsea from getting what she wanted.

Scott joined the women and indicated that the venue for the benefit looked great, and he asked if Chelsea was going. Chelsea replied that she wouldn't miss it, and Scott mentioned that Nick and Nikki had checked out the scene earlier. Chelsea inquired whether Nick and Scott had gotten into it again, but Scott assured her that they had been on their best behavior. Chelsea left to try to catch Nick, and Sharon asked if the men had really played nice. Scott grumbled that Nick's attitude sucked, since Nick hadn't bothered to lend a hand or offer to help out with anything. Scott thought it seemed like Nick didn't want to be part of it, and Sharon confirmed that Scott was half right.

Sharon explained that finding out that Chloe had killed Adam had dredged up some painful feelings for Nick, so Nick had put distance between himself and Victor. Scott remarked that Abby tried hard to get Victor's approval, and he'd gathered that she didn't feel secure about her place in the family when he'd interviewed her for Victor's biography. Sharon wondered when he'd become concerned with Abby's feelings, and Scott recognized that he had no clue what it was like to live up to his father's expectations because he'd been raised without a dad. Sharon was sure that Scott's dad would have been proud of the person Scott had become.

Sharon asked if Scott felt like he'd missed out by growing up without a father, but Scott figured that he couldn't miss something he'd never had. Sharon softly stated that she didn't talk about her father much because he'd abandoned their family when she'd been young, so it had been just her and her mom. Scott mused that it was something else they had in common.

On the patio, Mariah received a text message from Tessa, saying she needed to talk right away. Tessa met Mariah at the coffeehouse and confided that she'd told Nick something that Nikki had wanted to keep private. Mariah understood that Nick had a way of wearing people down, and Tessa worried that Nick would tell Victor. Mariah assured Tessa that Nick was a good guy who was more loyal to his mom than to his dad, and Tessa groaned that she should have been loyal. Mariah swore that Tessa had been incredible to Nikki, and she was sure Nikki would understand if Tessa had had a good reason to tell Nick. Tessa didn't think it would be that simple.

At the Chancellor mansion, Michael was stunned by Kevin's announcement that he was moving to Oregon. Kevin contended that Portland was a nice city, but Esther couldn't believe that he would just pack up and take off with Bella. Kevin argued that he needed a new start, but Esther questioned whether it had to entail moving thousands of miles away. Michael referred to Kevin changing his plans to go to Tahiti without telling anyone and suddenly turning his life upside down, and he sensed that something more was going on.

Esther considered Kevin's decision to be rash, and she pointed out that he didn't know anyone in Portland. Kevin countered that the point was to meet new people and make new friends, but Esther thought he should stay and get his life back to normal. Kevin contended that nothing about the situation was normal, and Michael argued that it hadn't been normal for Kevin to bail on his trip to Tahiti. Kevin claimed that he'd gotten to the airport but hadn't been able to go to the place where he and Chloe had planned to go on their honeymoon, so he'd asked to exchange his ticket for the next flight, which had happened to be to Portland.

Kevin said he'd felt a sense of calm when he'd wandered around the city, like he'd been able to take a breath after he'd been holding it. Esther lectured that he'd be uprooting his little girl, but Kevin figured that kids were resilient and that it would be good for both of them. Michael warned that Kevin was a single parent who needed his family's help, but Kevin complained that there were too many bad memories there. Esther wailed that Bella needed them, but Kevin asserted that the girl needed her father more, and he couldn't be a good one if he didn't have his head on straight. He asked them not to make it harder than it already was.

Esther inquired whether Kevin really thought moving away would give him peace of mind, and Kevin swore that it wasn't just a crazy impulse but something he'd thought a lot about. Esther realized that Bella should be waking up from her nap, and Kevin spotted the tot on the stairs. Kevin scooped her up and said he'd missed her, and Michael suggested they take Bella to the park.

At the park café, Kevin instructed Bella to play where he could see her. Michael pointed out that he and Kevin were alone, and he wanted the truth. Kevin asked what was wrong with starting a new life somewhere else, and he swore that he'd done some serious soul-searching. Michael thought it seemed impulsive, but Kevin saw no reason to wait when it felt right in his gut. Kevin explained that he didn't want Bella growing up with the baggage of being his and Chloe's daughter, since people in Genoa City hadn't forgotten his past. Michael fondly remembered the day when Kevin had first stepped into his office, up to his ears in trouble.

An emotional Michael recognized that learning to be brothers had been a big mountain to climb, but he and Kevin had done it, and they even had Gloria back. Michael conceded that they'd never been the all-American family depicted on television commercials, but they'd gotten "damn close" for Baldwins and Fishers. Kevin tearfully acknowledged that he owed Michael a lot, but Michael insisted that Kevin didn't owe him anything because they were family. Michael added that Kevin had not only Gloria and him but also Esther, Scott, and Lauren. Michael understood that Kevin felt like running, but he wondered if Genoa City was still the best place for Kevin and Bella. Kevin firmly stated that nothing Michael said or did would change his mind.

Michael sadly realized that Kevin was really leaving, and Kevin nodded. Michael brokenly told his brother goodbye, and Kevin promised that he would call. Kevin said he needed Michael to trust that Kevin was doing the right thing, and Michael choked back tears as he replied, "If you say so." They warmly embraced, tears glistening in their eyes. Michael slowly turned and walked away.

Later, Kevin asked if Bella was excited about their adventure, but he reminded her that she had to keep their little secret. Chelsea spotted them and inquired about the injuries on Kevin's face, and he maintained that he'd fallen off a cliff. Chelsea apologized for what had happened at Chloe's funeral, and Kevin conceded that he could have handled things better. Chelsea noted that both Kevin and Bella looked like they were doing well, and she asked if the girl was having fun with her daddy. Kevin said it was time to take off, and Chelsea wondered where they were going. Bella chirped that they were going to see her mommy.

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