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Spectra challenged Forrester to a fashion duel. Coco's bad texting judgment landed R.J. in the hospital. Sheila outed Quinn and Ridge to Eric, and Eric disappeared with Sheila.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 3, 2017 on B&B
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Sheila shares her suspicions with Eric Sheila shares her suspicions with Eric

Monday, July 3, 2017

At the sky lounge, the swimsuit photo shoot continued. Thomas and Sally, who watched from behind clothes racks, grabbed some outfits and slipped away. At the conclusion of the shoot, everyone congratulated each other on doing a good job and on looking great. Jarrett began live streaming an interview with Steffy to learn about the reason for the calendar shoot.

Steffy explained that it was a teaser of the charity event they planned to host in Monte Carlo. Jarrett called it sexy and philanthropic. He asked her to comment on the Spectra scandals. Steffy said she'd rather not. Thomas and Sally arrived in pool wear, and Thomas said he was more than happy to comment. Steffy asked what he was doing there, and Thomas replied that he was there to challenge Forrester to a fashion duel in Monte Carlo.

Steffy didn't think Monte Carlo was ready for Spectra Fashions, and it was up to Liam and Wyatt to decide what happened at the Spencer Summit. Thomas was sure Liam and Wyatt would be fine with it. Thomas mentioned the Queen Mary fashion show. Jarrett said the Spectra/Forrester showdown had been the stuff of legends.

Thomas said Monte Carlo would be a healthy competition among rivals -- unless Steffy was too scared. Katie interjected that it was something to discuss in private. Rick added that Steffy needed to get Ridge's feelings about it. Thomas said it was fine that their father wasn't around. Nicole stated that there was no rush. Thomas didn't get the issue and said it was win-win for all.

Wyatt chimed in, saying Thomas was making an obvious attempt at a publicity grab. Thomas replied that no one was denying it or na´ve to it, but it was more than that. Liam said he wasn't sure that piggybacking on Forrester was the way to build the Spectra brand. "I am a Forrester," Thomas replied. He thought Liam was all about charity and claimed the proposal would double the charitable earnings.

Jarrett asked if Steffy accepted Thomas' challenge. Steffy accepted it, and Jarrett told his viewers that they'd heard it there first. As Jarrett wound down his live stream show, Coco asked Sally what had just happened. Sally said not to blame her because it was all Thomas.

Nearby, Steffy asked Thomas what he'd done. She said he'd turned into a Spectra overnight. Thomas chose to take it as a compliment. She asked if he understood they'd showcase swimwear, not clown costumes. She said he'd regret it, and Spectra was going down.

Sally joined the conversation. Steffy noted that it had been a total ambush, and Sally had to have taught Thomas "Spectra 101." Steffy accused him of trying to latch onto the family name to be successful. He acted like he didn't know what she meant and said he was a Forrester.

Steffy told Thomas that he wouldn't win. Sally said Steffy didn't know that, and Spectra had become a legit fashion house. "Sally, you are not a legit fashion house," Steffy corrected and insisted that Spectra was going down. Thomas said they'd see about it.

Elsewhere in the sky lounge, Wyatt and Katie discussed how Thomas had boxed Steffy into the competition. Wyatt said the bright side was that they'd raise more money, and it would be an even bigger event for Katie to promote. Katie was ready for the challenge as long as she had her friend in her corner.

In the CEO's office, Eric and Pam discussed the swimsuit photo shoot. Pam was a little crushed that her crocheted bikinis hadn't been featured. Pam began to talk about Charlie and remarked that they'd had a few spats. Eric was sure the couple would solve it. Pam agreed, saying that it wasn't as if Charlie was spending time with another woman.

Eric couldn't imagine Charlie doing anything to jeopardize his relationship with Pam. Pam wasn't sure about it. She said Charlie wasn't using the best judgment as of late, but she hoped he'd put it behind him.

After Pam exited, Eric saw one of his wedding photos and flashed back on times with Quinn.

Inside the mansion, Quinn and Ridge debated about whether Sheila knew anything. Eric called Quinn to let her know he was on his way home. After the call, Ridge told Quinn to pull herself together. Quinn stated that they needed to tell Eric the truth. She needed some air and decided to go out on the balcony.

In a car outside the mansion, Sheila told Charlie that it was written all over his face about Ridge and Quinn. Sheila gazed through her binoculars, looking for Ridge and Quinn. Charlie was ready to go, but Sheila demanded that they stay put. She spotted Ridge and Quinn on the balcony and exclaimed that she was right. She said that Ridge and Quinn were acting guilty, like two people hiding a terrible secret.

In Sheila's view, Quinn was panicking as if her world was falling down around her. Charlie thought Sheila was jumping to conclusions. Sheila said Quinn was pacing and gesticulating like crazy. Charlie told Sheila to watch her language. "What's that mean again?" he asked. Sheila explained that Quinn's hands were flailing. Sheila described Ridge as standing there, all disrespectful. Charlie reasoned that Sheila didn't even know what they were saying.

Sheila didn't feel she needed to hear what Ridge and Quinn were saying and told Charlie to admit that Ridge was having an affair with his father's wife. Charlie asserted that it was pure speculation, but Sheila asserted that she wouldn't let them get away with it. Through the binoculars, Sheila watched the pair talk and seethed about how wrong they were.

Sheila announced that Ridge and Quinn were on the move and guessed they were headed for the guesthouse. Charlie was ready to leave the premises. "You want to go back to Forrester, you go! I'm staying right here!" Sheila yelled. He asked what she was planning on doing.

In the guesthouse, Ridge tried to reason with Quinn. He was sure that Sheila had nothing. Quinn said she couldn't do it anymore. Ridge told her to get herself together because Eric would be home at any moment, and Eric couldn't see her like that. Ridge urged her to stop freaking out over a couple of moments in time. Quinn insisted that it was enough to be wrong.

Quinn wanted Ridge to stop minimizing it and lying to himself. Ridge didn't like lying to his father, but telling Eric made no sense to Ridge. Quinn suggested that they talk to Eric together, and then Eric would understand and forgive them. Ridge replied that they weren't going to do that. Instead, they'd compose themselves and say nothing.

Inside the main house, Eric arrived and called for Quinn as he fixed a drink. He was surprised when he saw Sheila in the living room. Sheila guessed he'd expected to see his wife. Eric asked if Sheila had seen Quinn. Sheila said she hadn't, and she figured he was wondering why she was still in town. She stated that leaving had been the plan.

Eric waited, expecting to hear more. Sheila called him the kindest man she'd ever known. Eric appreciated the sentiment. Some of the happiest times of Sheila's life had been spent there as his wife. She was sorry she hadn't been a better wife, but she said she was a better person. He replied that he could see that she was working on herself.

Sheila stated that Stephanie had been a hard woman, but she'd been completely loyal. Shelia had been happy for Eric when she'd heard that he'd found someone who appreciated and loved him unconditionally. Eric stated that Quinn did that for him. "No, she doesn't," Sheila responded.

Sheila said she got no pleasure out of saying it, but Eric deserved honesty and truth. She'd expect him to give the same for her. Eric asked what she was talking about. Sheila stated that she thought Quinn and Ridge were having an affair.

"Well, that's absurd. That's unbelievable," Eric uttered. Sheila stated that she was sorry, but it wasn't. She insisted that his wife was having an affair with his own son. Anger struck Eric's face, and he threw the glass he'd been holding.

Ridge explains the consequences they could face if their affair is revealed

Ridge explains the consequences they could face if their affair is revealed

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

by Pam

In the Forrester guesthouse, Quinn and Ridge discussed that Sheila was dangerous. Quinn worried that Sheila knew something, and even if she didn't, she was going to tell Eric that she did. Quinn said that Eric couldn't hear anything about Ridge and Quinn from Sheila first.

Quinn felt Sheila was delusional and wanted Eric back. Her first step would be to get rid of Eric's current wife. "All I think about is what my life would be like without him," Quinn said of Eric. She reminded Ridge that she had been a pariah before Eric, and he believed in her. He'd given her a second chance and turned her life around. "I have never experienced that kind of faith and unconditional love," she said.

Ridge balked that Sheila could know anything and insisted they hadn't done anything. But Quinn maintained that Sheila was trouble. She added that Brooke, Katie, and Ivy all knew about them. They would never have any peace in their lives, and she was tired of it. She wanted to tell Eric before someone else did. "Eric deserves better than that. He deserves better from us. I can't lose Eric. I can't lose him the way you lost Brooke," Quinn said.

Quinn wanted to tell Eric immediately. "I want to be the woman that Eric thinks I am," she said. She insisted that Eric had to hear it from them. She predicted he could shut them both out of his life, but she felt he would forgive them. "It's time we're honest with him," Quinn said. Ridge agreed.

At the Forrester house, Sheila had told Eric that she felt Ridge and Quinn were having an affair. Eric shook his head. Sheila apologized that she had to be the one to tell him that his son had again betrayed him with one of his wives.

Sheila said she was sorry that Quinn had not been loyal to Eric. Eric was angry. "How dare you, Sheila?" he said and glared at her. Sheila tried to apologize. Eric stopped her and told her she was hateful. Sheila insisted she had proof.

"Lies," Eric shouted. He ordered her to get out and said he never wanted to see her again. Sheila begged him to believe her. Eric again told her to get out. She insisted that she was not the only one who knew. She begged Eric to think about why Brooke had called off her wedding to Ridge at the last minute. She maintained that it was because Brooke had found out about Quinn and Ridge.

Eric ordered Sheila to stop. However, she believed Ridge and Quinn were guilty, and they hadn't told him because they didn't want to hurt him. Eric fumed that Sheila hadn't changed one bit -- she was evil and deceitful. Sheila argued that Ridge and Quinn were the people he loved most, but they had betrayed him. Eric countered that they would never do something like that. Eric told Sheila she was sick and twisted. Sheila maintained that she was telling Eric to save him from the people he thought loved him.

Eric called Sheila a psycho and ordered her to get out of the house. He pushed her toward the door, but Quinn and Ridge entered and asked what Sheila was doing there. Eric looked at Quinn and Ridge. Quinn told Sheila to get out, but Sheila said she didn't want to miss what was next.

At Spectra, Sally and Thomas discussed that they had pulled off a fashion challenge in Monte Carlo at the Spencer Summit with Spectra versus Forrester by crashing the media party that Steffy had hosted.

Thomas noted all the Fourth of July decorations in the office. Sally said it was "Gram's fave holiday," and they had to head over to her place for a picnic and fireworks. Thomas agreed they had a lot to celebrate. They kissed.

Sally and Thomas recalled that Thomas had pushed Steffy into agreeing to the fashion show showdown, but Sally said they had risked making Steffy angry. "You got the best of the princess," she noted.

Thomas agreed that Steffy was clearly a little annoyed, but he believed that she was beginning to accept his choice of Spectra and Sally. Thomas reminded Sally that he could do things like that to his sister, but other people could not.

Sally worried that she had promised to turn over a new leaf, and their stunt was not evidence of that. Thomas reminded her that Steffy had been a good sport about it. He added that it was exactly the PR they needed.

Thomas said they had to create a swim line, and they would be sitting next to all the movers and shakers in the industry and would unveil the new Spectra logo in Monte Carlo at the Spencer Summit. It would be the place to debut the new brand, new designs, and everything they were doing.

"None of this would be possible without you," Sally said. She was also concerned about the way Coco had been looking at her when they'd crashed the party. "She was not happy with me pulling another fast one," Sally said. Thomas said it had been his idea, and Coco needed to not worry, but he warned that he planned to kick Princess Steffy's butt in Monte Carlo. Sally and Thomas kissed and smiled.

In an office at Forrester, R.J. and Coco took photos with a camera, and Coco reminded him that they had to go to Gram's place for a cookout where she dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. They both laughed. Coco said she couldn't get over what Sally had pulled at the Forrester party to announce the Monte Carlo fashion show.

R.J. said it had been Thomas' idea, but Coco maintained that Sally hadn't needed to go along with it. R.J. told Coco not to worry. They agreed that Thomas had forgiven Sally for what she'd done. "You forgave her, too, for the spy camera thing," R.J. added. Coco said she had hoped Sally had learned from what she'd done. "I expected more from my sister," Coco said.

R.J. suggested Coco let it go because Steffy clearly didn't seem to be bothered by it. R.J. changed the subject and said they were about to attend their first public party as boyfriend and girlfriend. R.J. wanted to mark the occasion with a surprise. He encouraged her to wear something patriotic -- and he presented a flag bikini and said they could take a few photos. "Not on your life," Coco said, and they both laughed.

R.J. said Coco would look hot in it. She encouraged him to wear it. They laughed, and R.J. said he did have a surprise for her that was not a bathing suit. They kissed.

Ridge and Quinn confess

Ridge and Quinn confess

> Ridge and Quinn confess

Ridge and Quinn confess

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, after Sheila had told Eric that she believed Ridge and Quinn had had an affair, he escorted her to the door, but Quinn and Ridge entered. They wondered what Sheila was doing there.

Eric explained that Sheila had made stupid accusations that weren't worth discussing because they were so laughable. Quinn wondered what Eric meant, and Sheila dished that she had told Eric that Ridge and Quinn were having an affair. Ridge and Quinn told Eric it had not happened, but they had to talk to Eric alone. Sheila refused to leave. "Tell Eric I'm wrong. I dare you," she said.

Ridge and Quinn insisted that Sheila had to leave, but Eric allowed her to stay and told Quinn and Ridge to tell him whatever they needed to so that Sheila could find out she was wrong. Ridge said they had never had an affair. "We would never do that," Quinn said. Eric said the entire idea was outrageous. Sheila smirked.

Ridge tried to explain that he and Quinn valued their relationship with Eric too much to ever have an affair. Eric started to question why they were telling him how much they valued their relationship with him.

Ridge said that he had hated Quinn. Eric said he remembered. Ridge said he had wanted to get her out of Eric's life, but then Eric had sent them to San Francisco to a symposium, and it had been a big success. They had returned to their hotel and celebrated with tequila. Eric looked at Quinn and wondered what was wrong.

"I kissed your wife," Ridge said. "And that's it," he added. Sheila butted in to surmise that they'd gotten drunk, and it hadn't stopped with a kiss. Ridge said no one had been drunk and nothing more had happened. Quinn said Eric needed to know everything. Ridge and Quinn admitted that they had shared more inappropriate moments, flirtations, and kisses, but they maintained it was all meaningless, and they'd never acted on it.

Eric glared at both of them. Ridge spoke up and said that he had fallen into his old pattern of risking one thing for another, but he maintained that it was a few innocent kisses.

Eric fumed that they talked of kisses and moments "that decent people would never have allowed." Eric shook his head, and Quinn begged him not to end their relationship.

Quinn said that she and Ridge had ended their dalliance after Steffy's wedding. She admitted that she had gone for a walk and had seen Ridge on the beach. "But Brooke caught you, didn't she?" Sheila asked.

Quinn agreed, but she added that she and Ridge had discussed that they were happy -- him with Brooke, and Quinn with Eric. She added that they had never crossed the line. They had embraced and kissed as a goodbye. Eric looked away.

Eric recalled that Brooke had gone to his room, and she was ready to tell him but hadn't. "You two wouldn't let her. You convinced her," Eric said.

Ridge argued that they all loved Eric and hadn't wanted to hurt him. Brooke had done what had been right for her. Ridge suggested that Eric should not throw away his marriage because Ridge had done something meaningless.

Quinn begged Eric to forgive her. "Eric, I made a mistake. I made many mistakes, but I believe in us -- in our marriage. Please tell me you do, too," she said.

Ridge insisted it was all his fault. He urged his dad to hate him but not to punish Quinn. "Don't throw it all away because of a stupid mistake," Ridge said.

Quinn tearfully and hopefully looked at Eric, but Eric looked angrily at Ridge and Quinn and hissed that they kept insisting it wasn't an affair. He wondered if there was a better word for it.

Eric insisted they had been lying to him. He was livid that he'd had to hear the truth from Sheila, of all people. Quinn replied that she had wanted to tell him before Sheila had. "You couldn't resist him," Eric shouted at Quinn.

Quinn was sorrowful. "I don't know how this happened. I love you. I know that this will never happen again. It's over. Please, Eric. Tell me we can move on from this. Tell me you will forgive me," Quinn said. Sheila watched in anticipation.

At Forrester, Coco and R.J. prepared to go to her grandmother's party, but Coco asked if R.J. still had a surprise in mind, and he admitted he did. Coco asked if it had anything to do with food because she was starving, and her grandmother never made enough food. Coco and R.J. discussed what to eat, and R.J. directed her to his father's classic car. It was the surprise. They would have a date in his dad's car. She called him the coolest boyfriend ever.

R.J. and Coco laughed, shot selfies, and posted them on social media. R.J. stopped at the top of a hillside and took pictures of the two of them in and out of the car. They got in the back seat and made out.

R.J. offered Coco the keys, and she drove and took photos and posted them. However, she wasn't watching the road, and a car approached from the other direction. There was a crash.

At Bill's place, Bill and Brooke canoodled on the patio. Bill called the office and told his sons to earn their paychecks because he was taking the afternoon off.

Brooke and Bill wondered if R.J. and Coco would arrive for dinner. Bill suggested R.J. would show up late and offered to give him a few tips. Bill didn't want to see R.J. sabotage relationships the way his dad had. Brooke sighed. Bill wondered if she would ever tell him why she had broken off her engagement to Ridge.

"It's not important," Brooke said. She demanded that he leave it alone. She teased that she loved him and his endearing way of prying. They hugged and kissed.

Eric tells Quinn to hit the bricks

Eric tells Quinn to hit the bricks

Thursday, July 6, 2017

On a winding roadside, Coco was in the convertible Camaro with the passed-out R.J. She gasped and made a call. When the person answered, she said that she and her boyfriend had had an accident, and he was passed out and bleeding. After the call, she tried to wake R.J., to no avail. Upon hearing ambulances, she said help was on the way.

At Bill's pool, Brooke sat up startled. Bill asked her what was wrong. She wasn't sure what had given her the rattled feeling. Bill got up to check the gates, saying that when Brooke thought something was off, it usually was. When Bill returned, he said it was such a lazy day that even the grass was sleeping. Brooke still felt unnerved, as if there was somewhere she should be.

In their bedroom later, Bill and Brooke had changed out of their bathing suits. Brooke's phone rang, and as Bill handed it to her, she guessed it was R.J. calling to cancel. Bill replied that her son could be about to say that 405 was a parking lot, so he couldn't make it. Brooke answered, saying for her son not to tell her that he was canceling.

Coco said she and R.J. were at University Hospital, and R.J. had been hurt in an accident. Brooke hopped up and told Bill that she had to go. She asked him to go with her because R.J. was in the hospital, and they'd call Ridge from the car.

At the mansion, Eric was livid about Quinn and Ridge's confession. Eric wanted to know if it had been about sex or besting him. Quinn claimed Ridge had never said a bad word about Eric, not even in private. Eric gleaned "in private" meant that it hadn't all been impulsive as she'd said, and she and Ridge had actually sought out times to meet.

Quinn said they'd only met by chance or on purpose to discuss protecting Eric. Ridge claimed it was a big nothing of a bombshell, and the moments between him and Quinn were empty, except for vanity. Eric noted that they'd blamed the first time on tequila. He asked about the other times, and Ridge said he didn't know. Eric took that to mean there were too many times to count.

Ridge and Quinn tried to correct Eric, and she said they'd thought each time had been the last time. Eric quipped that she didn't know Ridge Marone. Eric asked what she'd do the next time Ridge got the urge to feel the rush and thrill of making a fool out of Eric. Eric asked Quinn what had happened to her vows and if she'd slept with Ridge in their bedroom.

Ridge asserted that it had never happened, and it was the truth. Eric replied that it was a statement from two people who'd done nothing but lie to him. Eric raged that Quinn had lied to him and broken their vows. Ridge said the betrayal wasn't what Eric thought. Eric asked what it mattered if the two had slept together or not.

Ridge said he wouldn't have done it to Eric, and Quinn wouldn't have allowed it. Ridge stated that she needed to be loved and could only get it from Eric. Sheila said it was easy to feel loved by someone who only knew what one would let the person know. Ridge asked why Sheila was even still there. Eric asked if Ridge felt "so superior" to Sheila.

"Yes, I feel superior. Of course, I do," Ridge said. He knew Eric felt that Ridge shouldn't feel that way because Ridge was "an egotistical bastard." Ridge conveyed that Brooke knew it, and Thorne knew it. Ridge stated that Stephanie had, too, but she'd blamed herself for it. Ridge said Eric had taken Ridge and raised him as his own. Eric had treated Ridge like the king Ridge had thought he was.

Ridge revealed that he'd gone to San Francisco for Eric. Ridge had wanted to disgrace Quinn in Eric's eyes, but Ridge had wound up finding the one person more devoted to Eric than any other in the world. Eric said that it was a mistake to be flattered by Ridge, and Ridge competed with Eric for everything. In Eric's view, Ridge had been born for it.

Eric believed that Ridge had competed with him for Stephanie and even Brooke. Eric claimed he'd learned to be a good sport, and Quinn could ask anyone how good Eric was at losing and then forgiving. Eric said it wouldn't be so that time.

Ridge's phone chimed. Eric quipped that someone needed Ridge, which was what Ridge lived for. Ridge didn't check the phone until Eric yelled at him to do so. Ridge silently read the messages about his son at the hospital and said he had to go. Ridge rushed out of the house.

Eric asked the crying Quinn if she'd thought Ridge would protect her or stand up for her. "No," she uttered. He asked what she thought she could get from Ridge that she couldn't get from Eric. She claimed that she hadn't gotten anything from Ridge. It had felt normal for her to have a secret, and the normalcy might be her reason for not telling Eric. Quinn had also feared Eric would make too much of it, and she'd lose him.

Sheila said Eric had heard enough excuses. Quinn asked Eric why Sheila was still there. Eric claimed to like having someone in the room who told the truth. Sheila wondered if Quinn and Ridge thought making excuses about how bad they were would get Eric to think they'd taken responsibility.

Looking at Quinn's portrait, Eric said he'd chosen the bright background on purpose. He claimed that his marriage to Stephanie had been "no Camelot," and his great success at work had been due, in part, to the fact that, a lot of times, he hadn't waned to go home. "Until you," he said to Quinn, who'd had cold martinis for him and had danced for him. He'd thought he'd finally had his Camelot and could be the man he'd wanted to be.

Eric asked if Quinn had fallen in love with Ridge. Eric didn't think she'd bargain him away for anything less. Quinn replied that sometimes a kiss was just a touch, like a hand on the shoulder, and was just as easily forgotten. She claimed it would have been forgotten if they hadn't felt such guilt and shame. She believed it would have gone away.

Quinn said she couldn't go back to the woman she'd been before. She didn't know how to. Eric had saved her life by giving her a life worth saving. She asserted that she'd never be with Ridge, and she and Eric could fix it if he'd forgive her. She knew she was asking a lot, but she said they had a lot to lose.

Eric figured that having little meetings and saying they'd never happen again, even when Quinn and Ridge knew they would, had been thrilling. Eric said that one kiss had been worth more than their whole marriage. Quinn said he was right -- it was too cheap to be tragic, and it was just sad. She said she couldn't explain herself. Even though some would say she'd done worse, she sobbed that she'd never been more scared or felt more alone in her life.

Quinn believed that she and Eric could work through it if they had time alone. She yelled that Sheila had done what she'd been there to do, so she could get out and leave Eric and Quinn alone. Eric told Quinn to leave. He said he couldn't bear to look at her, and he figured Ridge was probably out there someplace, so she could go.

Quinn asked Eric not to make her leave. He screamed at her to go. She cried that it wasn't the end, and she'd never stop loving him. Quinn left the house. Eric stared at her portrait. Sinister music played, and Sheila rested her hand and head on his shoulder and grinned.

Bill and Brooke arrived at the hospital. Coco looked on as the doctor told Brooke and Bill that R.J.'s only visible injuries were to his shoulder and scalp, and a facial contusion. Bill asked for the non-visible injuries. The doctor said that R.J.'s pupils responded to light, and there were no obvious fractures. The doctor couldn't rule anything out until R.J. could say what hurt. They planned to take R.J. for tests and x-rays.

Ridge arrived, demanding to know what had happened. The doctor said R.J. had a concussion. As the doctor talked to Brooke and Ridge, Bill said to Coco that they were assuming she was okay. She said the nurse had checked her out. Bill asked her not to worry because the doctor had been positive.

Ridge and Brooke approached and asked if Coco was okay. Coco said she was and wished the car was. Ridge wasn't worried about the car. He asked if the brakes had failed. Coco had a flashback. In it, she was concentrating on her phone instead of the road, and as the road curved, another car approached in the opposite lane.

Later, Ridge and Brooke tried to get information out of the nurse who'd returned R.J. to his room after his tests. The nurse didn't have anything to tell them yet. The nurse exited, and Bill suggested airlifting R.J. to a place that specialized in brain trauma. Ridge said they wouldn't do anything until they figured out what was wrong with R.J. "Understood," Bill replied.

Brooke said Bill was just trying to help. Ridge replied that he knew, and he said he was sorry. Ridge asked the sobbing Coco to tell him what she remembered. Coco flashed back to the moments before swerving to miss the car. She said she didn't remember seeing anything.

Ridge asked if R.J. had lost control of the car. Coco replied that R.J. had wanted her to drive. It had seemed important to him, so she'd done it. Ridge asked if she'd been driving the car. "But you didn't see anything?" he asked.

Brooke, who'd been watching R.J. sleep, said to look. She asked Bill to go for the doctor. R.J. slowly awakened, and Brooke gasped with relief. He murmured something about his head. She told him that he'd been in an accident. R.J. asked where Coco was. Sobbing, Coco approached his bedside. He thanked God that she was okay. Coco cried, saying she was sorry.

Quinn goes home to an empty house

Quinn goes home to an empty house

Friday, July 7, 2017

At the hospital, R.J. insisted that he was okay. He said Bill had listened to him, and he asked why Brooke wouldn't. Brooke told R.J. that Bill had left to give R.J. time alone with his family. Coco decided that she should also leave, but R.J. indicated that he didn't want her to. She said she'd been worried about him and was really glad that he was okay.

The doctor read off good results for R.J.'s tests. Saying he'd keep monitoring R.J., the doctor left to check on a scan. R.J. apologized to Ridge about the car. Coco said she was sorry, too. Ridge replied that it wasn't important. Brooke questioned R.J. about the crash. He didn't remember much and said it had happened really fast. Brooke wanted to know what had happened. She remarked that there had been no other car, and no one else had been hurt.

R.J. looked at Coco. A flashback of the crash played. R.J. stated that it had been his fault. Coco interjected that she'd been driving. He said it had been his idea to take the drive and to give her the wheel. He took full responsibility for it. Brooke still wanted an explanation for what had happened. Ridge said they could deal with it later.

Brooke stated that it was important. Agreeing, Ridge said it was also important to let R.J. rest. Ridge noted that Coco was okay, and he could always buy a new car. Coco expressed how sorry she was and how terrible she felt about R.J. being in the hospital. R.J. said it had been an accident, and he didn't want her to blame herself.

The doctor returned and announced that R.J. didn't have any broken bones, but he did want to look at R.J.'s laceration again.

Ridge said he needed to take care of some business, but he'd be back. Brooke followed Ridge into the hallway to question why he was leaving when their son needed them both. Ridge told Brooke that he at least needed to call his father. Brooke asked what was wrong and said Ridge had been distracted since his arrival.

"He knows, Brooke," he replied. Brooke asked what Eric knew, and Ridge replied that Eric knew why Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married.

Later, Ridge dialed Eric, but Eric didn't answer. On the voicemail, Ridge said something had happened, and he'd explain it when he got home.

After the call, Brooke was surprised that Sheila had told Eric. Ridge said he didn't know how Sheila had known, but Eric had expected Quinn and Ridge to deny it. Ridge explained that Quinn had already decided to tell Eric before the confrontation, and Eric had been devastated. Ridge didn't know if he could fix it, but he had to try or he'd lose his relationship with his father.

Brooke agreed to stay with R.J. if Ridge really had to go. She wondered how Sheila had found out. Ridge didn't know. He knew that she hadn't seen anything because it had been over. Ridge said that he and Quinn had been childish and stupid. He hoped Quinn could make Eric see it.

Brooke felt sorry for Ridge and Eric. Ridge said Quinn had tried not to hurt Eric, but out of the blue, Sheila had burned everything to the ground. Brooke believed that it was possible Eric wasn't picking up the phone because he'd heard enough. Brooke suspected that Quinn might not even be with Eric because Eric might have thrown her out.

Ridge and Brooke returned to R.J.'s bedside to check on him. Ridge said he understood what it was like to not want one's parents hovering, but R.J. didn't know what it was like to get that phone call. Ridge said it was scary to think he might not get to see his son again or tell his son he loved him. He asked if R.J. got it. R.J. replied that he did.

Brooke told R.J. that Ridge had to go. Ridge said he needed to talk to R.J.'s grandfather about something. The father and son expressed love for each other, and Ridge left.

Alone with R.J. later, Coco said that he could tell her if it hurt. He replied that he would if she wouldn't feel guilty about it. Coco felt guilty and said she'd done it to him. She stated that it could have been worse, and it had all been because she hadn't been able to put down her phone. He called it an accident, but Coco said it wasn't.

Coco stated that she'd been texting and not looking at the road. In Coco's view, R.J. was an amazing boyfriend, and she hadn't ever wanted to hurt him. Coco decided that she was bad luck. R.J. reminded her that she'd saved him from the forklift. She said bad things happened when she was around -- like the accident, the forklift, and the design theft. She promised to save up money to fix Ridge's Camaro.

R.J. insisted that Coco was the opposite of bad luck. He took her hand, and she sat on the bed. R.J. began wincing in pain, and he managed to stutter, "I.V. -- I.V." Coco backed away and knocked items off the bed tray. They laughed. She asked if he was okay. Chuckling, he replied that he would be after a kiss. She sat back down on the bed and kissed him.

At Katie's house, Quinn arrived, upset at Katie because Quinn suspected that Katie had told someone about Quinn and Ridge. Katie had no idea what was going on and asked what had happened. Quinn whimpered about how Eric hadn't wanted to believe that it had been meaningless or that Quinn and Ridge had just been toying with each other. Quinn declared that she and Ridge had betrayed Eric, and everything was ruined.

Katie didn't think Eric should be alone. Quinn relayed that she and Ridge had tried to explain, but Eric had refused to listen. Quinn said Eric had told Quinn to get out, and Sheila had been there the whole time. "Sheila?" Katie exclaimed. Quinn said Katie had known Sheila would go straight to Eric. Katie asked what Quinn meant. Quinn yelled that Eric had found out because of Sheila.

Quinn stated that Sheila couldn't have seen anything between Ridge and Quinn because there hadn't been anything to see. In Quinn's eyes, someone had made Sheila suspicious. Katie guessed that Quinn thought it had been Katie. Katie asserted that she couldn't stand Sheila Carter and earnestly feared her. Katie said she wouldn't say anything to Sheila.

Quinn asked about Brooke. Katie stated that Brooke had witnessed what Sheila had done to Eric and his family, and Brooke wouldn't forget it. According to Quinn, that only left Ivy, but Katie was certain Ivy had never even met Sheila. Quinn didn't believe that Sheila had been guessing and said Sheila had to have been sure if she'd taken it to Eric.

Katie asked what difference it made. She said that Eric knew, and the only way to fix it was to take responsibility for what had happened. Katie told Quinn that she and Ridge had hurt Eric. It wasn't Sheila's fault, and it didn't matter how Sheila had found out. Katie said that Quinn couldn't blame Sheila for what Quinn had done.

Quinn figured that Sheila had known it would hurt Eric. Katie stated that Quinn had cheated on Eric with his own son. Quinn said Katie was twisting it like Sheila had. Katie asserted that kissing was cheating. Quinn claimed to have gotten caught up in something. Katie said it was no excuse. It wasn't about Sheila's grand scheme, Eric not listening, or Katie getting revenge on Quinn. Katie said it was simply what happened when a person broke their vows and let their loved one down. Katie stated that it was what Quinn got.

Quinn refused to let it be over or to let Eric push her away. She was worried that he was vulnerable, and she didn't know what was going on in Sheila's mind. Katie said it wasn't about Sheila, but Quinn screamed that it was. Quinn refused to lose her marriage. She loved her husband. She'd hurt him and broken his trust, but she refused to lose him. Katie hugged Quinn.

At the mansion, Quinn arrived to a vacant house. She called out to Eric and stared at her portrait on the wall.

Ridge rushed in, looking for Eric, but saw Quinn instead. Ridge informed her that he'd left due to R.J.'s accident. He stated that his son was okay, but he had to tell Eric. Quinn said that Eric had gone. She explained that she hadn't been there when Eric had left because he'd already thrown her out -- even after she'd pleaded with him to throw Sheila out instead, so Eric and Quinn could talk. Quinn had returned to the house and had found no one there.

Ridge didn't want to think that Eric was with Sheila. Quinn said Eric had been very hurt, and Sheila had been there. Reeling in despair, Quinn asked what was happening and if she'd really ruined everything good in her life again. Quinn cried that Eric was the only one who'd believed in her, and she'd disrespected him. She'd broken his trust, and he was gone.

Quinn realized it was over. She sat in the chair closest to the foyer and sobbed, asking, "What did I do? What did I do?" Ridge squatted behind the chair and rested his chin on it. Slowly, he touched Quinn's shoulder.

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