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J.J. was arrested for Deimos' murder. Abigail and Dario were married. Eric told Brady what had happened between him and Nicole the night of Deimos' murder. Tripp caused problems for Kayla at work. Hope said yes to Rafe's marriage proposal. Chad and Gabi tried to get on with their lives. Sonny confessed to Deimos' murder.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 3, 2017 on DAYS
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Dario uses a situation to his advantage Dario uses a situation to his advantage

Monday, July 3, 2017

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad received a text message from Abigail, letting him know that she needed him to watch Thomas for a while longer because she was still at the police station with J.J. After reading the message, Chad began thinking again about the kiss he had shared with Abigail at the Martin mansion. Groaning, Chad muttered to himself, "Why can't I stop thinking about her?"

At the police station, Jennifer and Abigail tried to assure J.J. that he couldn't possibly have killed Deimos, even under the influence of Halo, but he wasn't convinced because he knew just how much he had wanted to take Deimos down. "I guess in the end, even dead, he ended up taking me down," J.J. mused with a sigh.

Dario soon burst into the conference room and insisted that he needed to talk to Abigail right away. Jennifer wasn't pleased with the interruption, but Abigail agreed to hear Dario out. Abigail assured J.J. that she would be right back then followed Dario to another section of the police station. After apologizing for his bad timing, Dario cryptically elaborated that what he needed to talk to Abigail about was a matter of life and death.

Dario refused to say more while in such close proximity to a number of cops, so Abigail reluctantly agreed to let him treat her to a cup of coffee at Club TBD, where he quietly explained that he needed her to marry him right away because someone had just warned him that Immigration would soon be paying him another visit -- and that he could be deported on the spot if Immigration got the feeling that something was amiss.

Abigail insisted that she couldn't just run off and get married to Dario while J.J. was facing murder charges. Dario argued that a five-minute wedding ceremony wouldn't stop Abigail from being a supportive sister, but she still didn't like the idea of running off and getting married -- an act that was supposed to be joyous and life-affirming -- while her brother was "going through hell" at the police station.

Not yet ready to give up, Dario reasoned that J.J. wouldn't want Abigail to deny herself joy on his account. Taken aback, Abigail bluntly reminded Dario that she wasn't going to get any joy out of marrying him. Dario quickly backpedaled, claiming that he had simply meant that Abigail could use that as her excuse for getting married in the midst of such chaos. "Oh, come on! You know damn well [that] nobody is going to look at a marriage between you and me as a joyous, life-affirming occasion," Abigail countered. Dario conceded the point but wondered if that was the real reason that Abigail was reluctant to marry him right away.

"You caring about what other people think -- that's not you. Maybe you're having cold feet?" Dario guessed, adding that he would understand if that was the case. Abigail suspiciously wondered if Dario was simply trying to test her with his claim that they needed to get married right away. Dario ignored Abigail's question and pointed out that she hadn't answered his yet. Abigail insisted that she wasn't getting cold feet; she simply wasn't ready to marry him immediately because of everything that was going on with J.J. Still not convinced, Dario asked Abigail, "[Is this about] Chad? Did something happen last night?"

"Why would you ask me that?" Abigail defensively replied. Dario explained that he couldn't think of any other believable explanation for Abigail's sudden hesitation. "Nothing is going on with me and Chad, but if that is what you are worried about, then you need --" Abigail began. Interrupting, Dario clarified, "I'm worried about getting deported." Dario added that his willingness to get married to Abigail on the spot, in a completely impromptu and therefore arguably meaningless ceremony, should serve as definitive proof that he wasn't under any sort of illusion that the marriage was going to be real.

Abigail reminded Dario that they couldn't just waltz into the courthouse and demand an immediate wedding ceremony. Dario explained that he had already taken the liberty of asking someone at the courthouse to begin the scheduling process, just in case. As if on cue, Dario received a text message informing him that the courthouse was already fully booked for the day. Undeterred, Dario turned his attention to Abe, who had just arrived.

Jennifer was shocked when Hope entered the police station and revealed that she had sneaked out of the hospital. Jennifer wanted to take Hope back there right away, fearing that she wasn't out of the woods yet, but Hope insisted that she needed to get back to work right away because J.J.'s future was on the line. Hope vowed to do everything in her power to make it clear to everyone that Halo was responsible for Deimos' death.

Chad soon arrived and told Jennifer that he would be happy to do whatever he could to help J.J., including paying for decent representation. Jennifer appreciated the offer but assured Chad that Justin had already agreed to represent J.J. and give him the friends-and-family discount. Jennifer added, however, that there was something Chad could do to help out. "Name it," Chad said.

"Talk Abigail out of marrying Dario," Jennifer requested. Chad didn't think he had much of a say in that particular matter, since Abigail had chosen to divorce him, but Jennifer argued that if Chad still cared about Abigail, he needed to stop her from marrying the wrong person and throwing her life away in the process. Chad confirmed that he still cared about Abigail; he maintained, however, that it wasn't his place to tell her that she couldn't marry Dario. Changing the subject, Chad revealed that he was actually looking for Abigail so he could talk to her about an entirely different matter. Jennifer informed Chad that Dario had dragged Abigail off somewhere earlier.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin admitted to Sonny that Titan seemed to be moving in the right direction under his leadership. Sonny appreciated the support, especially since Justin had previously expressed concerns about his drastic decision to fire the many employees Deimos had hired. Sonny assured Justin, "With Deimos out of the picture for good, nothing's gonna stop me from achieving everything I set my mind to."

Changing the subject, Justin revealed that he was about to head over to the police station to represent J.J. Sonny wished he could do more to help J.J. "But unfortunately, I just don't remember anything about..." Sonny added before suddenly recalling a portion of the argument he'd had with Deimos at the Martin mansion. When Sonny realized that Justin was waiting for him to continue, he apologetically claimed that his mind was still in a bit of a Halo fog. After Justin left, Sonny muttered to himself, "Is it possible that I...? No, no, no, no -- I would have remembered if I had."

"Remembered what?" Paul asked. Startled, Sonny nervously wondered how long Paul had been in the living room with him. "Long enough to see that something's bothering you," Paul answered. Sonny claimed that he was simply preoccupied with work-related matters. Concerned, Paul asked if Sonny was planning another mass firing. "No, no, no. As strong as I felt about getting rid of all the people that Deimos hired, it's hitting me now just how jarring that was for the company -- and [that] I need to be extremely careful with the decisions that I make moving forward," Sonny replied.

"I knew you'd come back to me," Paul said with a smile, adding that he had been starting to suspect that aliens had abducted the real Sonny Kiriakis. "Come on. I wasn't that bad," Sonny protested. Shrugging, Paul replied, "Maybe...but, you know, [you] standing here, spouting logic and reason -- that's a far cry from the power-hungry despot who wanted to take over the world and didn't give a damn who he trampled along the way." Sonny said he was grateful to have Paul around to keep his ambitions in check. "Glad I'm good for something," Paul joked. "You're good for a lot of things," Sonny stressed, giving Paul a hug.

Still convinced that something else was going on, Paul encouraged Sonny to open up about whatever it was that was bothering him. Not wanting to lie to Paul any longer, Sonny admitted that he had remembered arguing with Deimos at the Martin mansion. Paul assured Sonny that there was probably no need to be concerned about the memory, which might not even be real -- and, in any case, depicted an argument that had taken place in a hallway, far away from the scene of Deimos' murder. "Unless things change, let's, uh...let's just keep this memory between us," Paul advised Sonny.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi and Rafe discussed the murder investigation. Gabi refused to believe that J.J. had killed Deimos. Rafe assured Gabi that even if J.J. turned out to be guilty, he probably wouldn't be held accountable for the crime, given that he had been under the influence of Halo -- against his will -- at the time of the murder. Gabi didn't find that particularly comforting, knowing that the guilt would eat away at J.J. regardless.

"Sounds to me like you still have feelings for the guy," Rafe observed. Gabi reluctantly admitted that she had danced with J.J. while on Halo. "[And] it was...intense...because at that moment, I felt like I was still in love with him," Gabi continued. Gabi insisted, however, that her feelings for J.J. were in the past, adding that she was building a future with Chad and couldn't be happier about that fact.

Rafe revealed that he, too, had experienced a Halo-induced romantic moment -- one that had inspired him to propose to Hope. Shocked, Gabi wondered how Hope had responded. Rafe explained that Hope had seemed willing to entertain the idea but had insisted that she needed to get justice for Bo's death first so she could move on with a sense of closure. "[Deimos is] dead. Sounds like justice to me," Gabi pointed out. Nodding in agreement, Rafe assured Gabi that he planned to propose again right away. Gabi promised to help Rafe pick out the perfect engagement ring.

Sonny ran into Chad in the Horton Town Square but didn't say anything to him. Confused, Chad wondered if being at odds with Sonny about the amulet meant that they were no longer on speaking terms. Sonny argued that Chad obviously hadn't been particularly attached to the amulet, since he had left it behind on the island. Chad clarified that he'd had a good reason to bury the amulet, prompting Sonny to counter that he'd had twenty million good reasons to dig it back up. "Look, I didn't believe that thing was cursed, either, but I'm telling you, it's wicked, all right? And the party last night? Proof," Chad warned Sonny.

Scoffing, Sonny wondered how Chad could possibly blame the amulet for what had happened at the Martin mansion. "[Deimos] obviously wanted it, and drugging us was just the way he chose to [get] it," Chad reasoned, adding that Deimos' interest in the amulet had led to his death and had left J.J.'s life hanging in the balance. Sonny assured Chad that Justin was defending J.J. and would get the charges dismissed because of the circumstances surrounding Deimos' death. "Kind of fitting, isn't it? The victim's own actions providing a cover for the killer?" Sonny mused. Chad wasn't entirely convinced that the Halo-induced events that had taken place at the Martin mansion would never resurface to haunt him and the other drugged partygoers, but he was glad that Deimos was gone for good -- along with the amulet. Sonny maintained that there was no reason to fear it.

Gabi and Rafe soon entered the town square and, after a brief conversation with Chad and Sonny, stepped into a jewelry store to pick out an engagement ring for Hope.

J.J. wasn't particularly relieved when Justin informed him that he would probably be off the hook soon because the Salem Police Department didn't have enough evidence to charge him with Deimos' murder. Confused, Justin wondered why J.J. still seemed worried. "Even if I'm not the one who stuck that knife in Deimos' chest, one of us did," J.J. pointed out.

After discussing the matter with Abigail -- and getting Jennifer's reluctant blessing during a quick phone conversation -- Abe agreed to officiate Abigail and Dario's impromptu wedding ceremony. While Abigail and Dario were exchanging vows, Chad entered Club TBD and stared at them in disbelief, realizing what was happening.

J.J. was stunned when Hope learned, while trying to expedite his release, that his skin had been found under Deimos' fingernails -- and that the new evidence had convinced the district attorney to move forward with the case against him. After urging J.J. not to give up hope yet, Hope reluctantly placed him under arrest. J.J. struggled to maintain his composure as he listened to the recitation of his rights.

While working at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny suddenly recalled staring at his hands while hovering over Deimos' body in the Martin mansion's ballroom. Gasping, Sonny worriedly muttered to himself, "Oh. My. God!"

Chad interrupts Abigail's wedding

Chad interrupts Abigail's wedding

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

At University Hospital, Kayla complimented Tripp on his natural ability to talk to patients. Tripp said he was lucky to be shadowing such good doctor. Shaking her head no, Kayla said she was the lucky one because Tripp had caught her dosage error. Kayla left her tablet at the nurses' station while she checked on a patient. When the area was clear of witnesses, Tripp approached it. Jade called Tripp's phone. Tripp confided that he had changed the dosage in a patient's chart and had almost killed the patient.

Jade reminded Tripp why he was plotting to hurt Kayla, and Tripp reluctantly agreed to change one more patient chart. Hurriedly, Tripp changed a chart on the tablet before Kayla returned. Kayla invited Tripp to join her at the pub for the Brady barbecue. With a grin, Tripp said he was in.

At the Brady Pub, Roman asked Eric how he was handling his exposure to Halo. Eric said he was in no danger of relapsing, but he had made things worse with Nicole. After noting that he was not sure what had happened, Eric said that Nicole had said she never wanted to talk about their night together again. "What happened last night was nothing," Eric whispered.

Outside the pub, Steve was grilling on the barbecue when Kayla and Tripp arrived. Steve talked about Kayla's apple pie, and he urged Tripp to watch how to make it. With a shrug, Tripp said he was game to learn. Inside the pub, Tripp got to work peeling apples. Joey teased Tripp, then he mentioned that Tripp would learn all the various family holiday traditions over time.

"I guess Ava was not a big fan of holidays," Tripp said. "No. Ava was only a fan of herself," Joey said quietly. Joey apologized and explained that he did not like to remember his time with Ava. Confused, Tripp asked for details. Joey explained his history with Ava, including how she had used him to get to his parents. Joey added that his parents were lucky to be alive. "It was kill or be killed. That's how he felt," Joey said.

"Why is it that every time it comes to my mom, I feel like everyone's holding out on me? Are you, Joey? Is there more you're not telling me?" Tripp asked. Joey urged Tripp to let go of Ava and move on with his life. With a nod, Joey welcomed Tripp to the family. Steve watched from the doorway.

In the square, Brady and Nicole walked while Tate slept in his stroller. Nicole said she had not slept well because she had thought about Holly all night. Brady assured Nicole that Maggie had confirmed that Holly's foster family was nice. Nicole was unsure. When Brady mentioned the party at the Martin House, Nicole wanted to change the subject. Brady urged Nicole to talk. Nicole said she had very little memory of her night at the party. With a grumble, Nicole cursed Deimos for causing more chaos.

Brady asked Nicole how she felt about seeing Deimos dead with a knife in his chest. Shaking her head, Nicole said she had been attracted to Deimos, but she had not truly loved him. Brady reminded Nicole that Deimos could not hurt anyone anymore. "Nobody, nothing is going to get in between us ever again," Brady said.

As Brady talked about visiting the hot dog cart, Nicole stared off into the distance. Brady asked what was wrong. Nicole said she was still "cloudy from the drugs." Brady wanted to take Nicole to the doctor, but Nicole said she just wanted to sleep. Nicole remembered waking up next to Eric. Shaking her head, Nicole said she believed her memories from the night of the party were gone.

When Brady and Nicole sat on a bench to eat their hot dogs, Brady spotted Eric walking by and called out to him. Nicole announced that she was going to take Tate to the café, and she walked away. Eric attempted to leave, but Brady stopped him. Brady asked about the party. Eric asked if Nicole had talked to him about it, and Brady said yes. Relieved, Eric said he was glad there were no secrets. Eric added that it was not a big deal. Stunned, Brady asked Eric what he remembered. Eric said he did not remember anything except the room. Brady pushed for details.

Alarmed, Eric apologized for overstepping. Eric stressed that "it meant nothing." As a frustrated Brady pushed for details, Nicole returned and asked what was wrong. Brady explained that Eric had recovered memories from the party. With a challenging edge to her voice, Nicole asked Eric what he remembered. Eric said his memories were "foggy at best." Nicole said she sort of remembered. Brady insisted Nicole to tell him what she remembered.

Nicole said she had stumbled into Eric's room and that her next memory had been waking up next to Eric. Nicole added that she and Eric had been fully clothed. With a chuckle, Brady said he understood that Eric and Nicole had not been in control of their actions. Brady added that he had been there himself back when he had been doing drugs. Relieved, Eric thanked Brady for understanding. Brady said he trusted them both. With a hug, Brady wished Eric a happy Fourth of July then he left with Tate and Nicole.

When Brady and Nicole returned home, she apologized to him for what happened at the party. Nicole stressed that she would never intentionally hurt Brady. Brady said he knew that.

At Club TBD, Dario and Abigail were in the process of marrying when Chad walked in. Abigail stopped in the middle of her vows. In disbelief, Chad joked that the ink on their divorce papers was not dry yet. Chad asked Abigail why she was getting married when J.J. was stuck in jail. Gabi walked in. Gabi asked why she had not been invited. Raising an eyebrow, Chad wondered why there were no guests at the wedding, including J.J. Abigail said she was tired of bad news and wanted something positive in her life.

Gabi was supportive, but Chad argued that Dario was manipulating Abigail. Shaking her head, Gabi said she did not understand why they were in a rush to get married, but she supported them if they were in love. With a smile, Dario said it meant a lot to him that Gabi supported him. When Gabi urged Chad to leave with her, Chad refused. Dario growled that Chad was not invited. Abe jumped in to warn Chad that he was not welcome.

With a sigh, Abigail said she was more than happy for Chad and Gabi to be their witnesses. As Chad grinned with approval, Abigail tersely asked Gabi to take pictures. Abe restarted the ceremony. While Chad stared at Abigail, she stammered out her vows. Gabi took pictures on her phone. As Abigail struggled with her words, she said she did not like formal vows. Abe asked for the rings, and they proceeded with the pledges.

"Stop! I can't let you do this because I'm in love with you!" Chad cried out. As Abigail and Dario gawked in surprise, Chad rushed to Abigail. Chad shook off his daydream of objecting to the wedding, and the ceremony continued. Gabi asked Chad if he was okay. Chad said he was fine. Abe pronounced Dario and Abigail as wedded, and Chad frowned and looked away.

After Abe left, Gabi and Abigail talked in the corner while Dario approached Chad at the bar. Dario said he hoped the four of them would be happy. When Dario mentioned Thomas, Chad bristled. Sensing the anger in the room, Abigail rushed over and asked Chad to back off.

"Just 'cause you're Abigail's husband doesn't mean you are going to have anything to do with my son," Chad growled. Dario reminded Chad that he was married to Thomas' mother. Unfazed, Chad stressed that it was his job to protect his son from bad influences. Abigail interjected that Thomas liked Dario. Lashing out, Chad said Abigail was a parent when she was actually around. Annoyed, Abigail asked Chad why he was there.

"I came here to tell you something, but never mind," Chad said. Chad wished them luck in their marriage and strolled out of the club. Smiling, Gabi reminded Abigail that they were sisters-in-law. Abigail said she already thought of Gabi as a sister. Gabi promised to talk to Chad. With a nod, Abigail thanked Gabi for attending the ceremony. While Abigail called Jennifer, Gabi talked to Dario and asked him why they had rushed into the marriage. Dario said the decision had been spur of the moment. Concerned, Gabi asked why Dario was in a rush to get married. Dario said he had not wanted to wait. Smiling, Dario promised to have an official wedding later.

After everyone left, Dario and Abigail danced in the club. Abigail took photos of their first dance for Immigration. As Dario leaned close, Abigail pulled away. Dario gave a toast to their marriage. Dario thanked Abigail for making her sacrifice for him. Dario promised to be a good husband and father. "To this great country and my wife," Dario said as they raised glasses of Champagne.

When Gabi and Chad returned to the DiMera mansion, Gabi asked Chad if he wanted to talk about the wedding. Chad said he was glad he had been there because it had confirmed that Abigail was in his past. Smiling, Chad suggested that they grab the kids and head out back for the barbecue. As Gabi hugged Chad, he frowned.

After they finished cooking, Steve and Roman talked in the pub about work. Roman said he enjoyed working at the pub. Steve offered Roman a job at Black Patch as a consultant. With a grin, Roman suggested that they discuss it over food. Tripp, Joey, Kayla, and Abe joined them in the pub, and the group sat down to eat. When they got to the pie, Steve swooned. Steve swore that the pie was better than ever. Laughing, Joey told Tripp he could become a chef instead of a doctor.

When his phone rang, Tripp stepped outside to take the call from Jade. Tripp confessed that he was having second thoughts about ruining Kayla's life because it would hurt Joey and Steve as well. "This family, the way they've treated me, I don't want to lose this. I've never had this before," Tripp said. Tripp said Kayla did not seem like a murderer. With a sigh, Tripp suggested that they call their plan off.

After eating, Tripp helped Steve clean the grill. Kayla interrupted to say the hospital had called her back to work for a serious issue. Tripp shifted his eyes guiltily.

Rafe plans a surprise for Hope

Rafe plans a surprise for Hope

> Rafe plans a surprise for Hope

Rafe plans a surprise for Hope

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

by Mike

Steve and Tripp accompanied Kayla to the hospital. "I see you brought the troops," Seth Burns observed with a sigh. Kayla explained that Burns had interrupted a family barbecue. "I would not have called you in if this wasn't serious, Dr. Johnson," Burns stressed. Tripp gulped when Burns added that the matter actually involved him, too.

Kayla was stunned when Burns explained that one of the nurses had just noticed that a patient who had died earlier that day had, according to his chart, been prescribed ten milligrams of hydromaltrex instead of ten milligrams of hydrovalex. "What's the difference?" Steve asked. Tripp explained that hydromaltrex was the more powerful of the two pain medications.

Burns continued that the medication order had originated from Kayla's tablet computer. Kayla, confident that she had only prescribed ten milligrams of hydrovalex to treat the patient's abdominal pain, insisted that there had to be some sort of mistake. The nurse, who had also been working at the time of Hope's hospitalization, helpfully pointed out that it wasn't the first time in recent days that Kayla had gotten a medication order wrong.

"Seems like we're looking at a very alarming pattern of errors, Dr. Johnson," Burns noted. Kayla defensively asked if Burns was accusing her of malpractice. "Is that what this is?" Burns replied. Burns added that if Tripp hadn't noticed Kayla's other error, Hope might be dead, too. Tripp rushed to Kayla's defense, stressing that she was a thoughtful, cautious doctor who didn't make snap decisions. "If she says that she didn't make [any] mistakes, I believe her," Tripp continued. Burns agreed that "up until now," Kayla's reputation had been beyond reproach. "Up until now?" Kayla repeated incredulously.

Steve intervened, introducing himself to Burns as a skilled private investigator who would prove to everyone that Kayla wasn't responsible for the error in the deceased patient's chart. Tripp gulped again, worried about what Steve might uncover, but Burns refused Steve's help, revealing that he had already ordered an autopsy to determine the exact cause of the patient's death.

Later, Kayla, alone with Steve, paced the waiting area nervously while waiting for the results of the autopsy. Kayla explained to Steve that the deceased patient had suffered from stage-four pancreatic cancer and had been in palliative care. "We all knew it wasn't gonna be long [before he died], but if I did something or missed something that -- that could have cost him precious time with his family... Not to mention, they -- they could sue the hospital," Kayla fretted. Steve insisted that Kayla needed to stop second-guessing herself because she was a good doctor who had saved many lives. Still worried, Kayla admitted with a sigh that she should have known, given the fact that she had been enjoying the happiest days of her entire life lately, that it would only be a matter of time before things would go wrong again.

While Steve was trying to assure Kayla that her happiness wasn't going to be short-lived, Tripp returned and announced that the results of the autopsy were in. Burns rejoined the group a short time later and confirmed that the patient had died of natural causes and had only had ten milligrams of the intended pain medication, hydrovalex, in his system at the time of death. Steve thought that Burns owed Kayla an apology, but Burns maintained that he'd had good reasons to do a thorough investigation. Kayla was still confused about the error on the patient's chart, as was Burns, who warned her, "I'll be keeping a close eye on you from now on."

After Burns walked away, Kayla thanked Tripp for having rushed to her defense earlier. Tripp insisted that Kayla didn't need to thank him, adding that he was just glad everything was okay. Kayla wasn't willing to go that far, pointing out that she had nearly made some really terrible mistakes. Steve dismissed Kayla's concern, confident that nothing similar would happen in the future. Tripp forced a smile and nodded in agreement.

Theo and Claire bumped into each other while competing for space in the kitchen of their apartment. Claire snapped at Theo, insisting that he needed to give her a minute to finish what she was doing. Theo wondered if Claire would prefer for him to find a new place to live. Claire assured Theo that she didn't want him to move out. "Okay, well, what do you want?" Theo asked.

"I want you to love me again," Claire answered. Theo squirmed a bit, prompting Claire to add that she also wanted things to stop being uncomfortable. "Do you even know what it's like to love you?" Claire asked Theo, who guessed that it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Claire clarified, "No, it's pretty great, actually. You're kind, and you're sweet, and you're gentle, and...I don't know, you make me want to be all those things, too. And every time I need you, you are right there. You're like this rock in my life. You're constant, and you're steady, and that is not how I grew up at all. We were always moving, and living on that stupid boat."

Theo recalled that Claire had previously said she'd loved growing up on a boat -- and had, in fact, described it as life in an adventure book. "Well, yeah, but I don't want that kind of life anymore. I want what I had with you. Like, change was all there was when I was growing up, but I need consistency, and I need routine," Claire explained. Theo thought Claire was basically saying that life with him was boring, but she clarified that life with him was real. "Every time I got off of that boat, I was somebody else, but when I'm with you...I'm me, and I like who I am now. You've made me a better person," Claire continued.

Theo admitted that Claire had done things for him, too. "I never even thought a girl like you would look at me," Theo continued, explaining that he was aware that "normal" guys his age couldn't understand why such a beautiful girl would ever want to be with "the autistic kid," of all people. Although Claire tried to insist that Theo was normal, he maintained that he wasn't; he added, however, that he knew what being normal felt like -- and he had Claire to thank for that. "You've never, um, tried to fix me or change me, [and] you've never been embarrassed by me; you've just accepted no one else has," Theo continued.

Emboldened, Claire optimistically suggested that there was still a chance for her relationship with Theo to work out, since he clearly still had feelings for her, just as she still had feelings for him. Theo clarified that he wasn't interested in getting back together with Claire. "[Then] why did you just say all those nice things about me?" Claire asked. "Because they're true," Theo answered with a shrug.

Nodding, Claire sarcastically agreed that Theo was all about being honest -- most of the time. Theo assumed that Claire was talking about the time he had lied to Ciara about Wyatt, but Claire clarified that she was talking about the time he had lied to her. "After we made love for the first time, you held me in your arms, and you told me that we were forever," Claire continued. Theo insisted that Claire was twisting his words. When Theo added that he had never meant to hurt Claire, she made it clear that he had actually broken her heart. Without waiting for a response, Claire retreated to her bedroom in tears and slammed the door shut.

Insisting that Hope was working too hard and needed a break, Rafe dragged her out of the police station and took her to a secluded section of Horton Town Square, where he had arranged another one of their signature make-believe camping getaways. Realizing that Rafe couldn't possibly have set up everything on his own in such a short amount of time, Hope made a mental note to thank Gabi later.

While Rafe was working his way up to a proposal, Julie approached and wondered if she was intruding. Dismissing the concern, Hope said that Julie was welcome to join the campout, and Rafe forced a smile and nodded in agreement. Julie helped herself to a chocolate-covered strawberry and started talking about what had happened at the Martin mansion. Eager to get out of the conversation, Hope rushed off to get drinks from Rafe's cooler.

Once the coast was clear, Rafe told Julie that she needed to leave because she was messing up his attempt to propose to Hope. Julie insisted that Rafe couldn't propose to Hope without first getting Doug's blessing. Rafe pointed out that Hope was a grown woman, but Julie maintained that Doug would always think of Hope as his little princess and would really appreciate it if Rafe took the time to factor his feelings into the equation.

Rafe agreed to talk to Doug, who was actually enjoying a cup of coffee in another section of the town square at that moment. Doug was delighted when Rafe revealed the engagement ring and asked him for permission to marry Hope. Knowing that Rafe made Hope happy, Doug voiced his approval and welcomed Rafe to the family. Before Rafe could rush off, Doug pointed out that Victor would probably appreciate being consulted, too.

Victor was amused to learn that Rafe had interrupted the proposal to trudge over to the Kiriakis mansion and get his blessing. Rafe stressed that he wasn't trying to replace Bo, who was -- and would always be -- the great love of Hope's life. Victor assured Rafe that he understood what it was like to enter a woman's life after she had lost her soul mate. "When I first fell in love with Maggie, I knew that I could never compete with the life she'd shared with Mickey. All I could do was offer her my love and my fidelity," Victor continued.

Victor saw no reason to object to the idea of Rafe marrying Hope, especially after he learned that Bo had once asked Rafe to look after her. Victor suggested, however, that Roman was the person Rafe really needed to consult before proposing to Hope, since no one else was more qualified to speak for Bo.

When Rafe entered the Brady Pub and produced the engagement ring, Roman said he had been wondering when Rafe would get around to proposing to Hope. Roman insisted that Rafe didn't need anyone's blessing, adding, "[Just] follow your heart [and] keep loving her like you do." Relieved that his quest for approval had finally ended, Rafe assured Roman, "Easiest promise I'll ever make."

While Hope and Julie were waiting for Rafe to return, Claire approached and wondered what was going on. Julie started to explain that Hope and Rafe were in the middle of a romantic interlude, but Hope insisted that it was just a simple lunch date. Hope and Julie both offered Claire words of comfort after she revealed that Theo had just broken up with her. When Claire added that Theo had once told her that they were going to be together forever, Julie argued that Claire couldn't think of that as a lie because Theo had probably meant it with his whole heart at the time.

Realizing that Julie was right, Claire optimistically mused, "[Theo] fell in love with me once and wanted us to be together forever, so there's no reason that he can't feel that way again." Hope nervously advised Claire to respect Theo's feelings and give him some space, but Claire insisted that wasn't her style. Claire rushed off after thanking Hope and Julie for their help, leaving them wondering what had just happened.

When Claire returned home, she found Theo in the living room, working on a résumé. Theo explained that he was hoping to get a job soon and needed a résumé because no one took prospective employees seriously without one. Sighing, Theo added that he didn't know how to write a résumé -- and he didn't have anything to put on it, anyway.

Claire took Theo's laptop and quickly created an outline for a suitable résumé, embellishing some of his recent good deeds -- such as the time he had fixed Chad's personal computer and the time he had backed up files on Hope's work computer -- so they sounded like freelancing gigs that showcased the fact that he possessed talents that were in high demand at major corporations as well as the fact that he was trustworthy enough for even police departments to be willing to work with him. Impressed, Theo raved that Claire's handiwork was amazing. "No, you're amazing, because this résumé is you," Claire countered.

Theo stared at Claire in awe for a moment then cleared his throat and changed the subject, revealing that he needed a job so he could afford his own place. Claire reiterated that she didn't want Theo to move out.

Julie was relieved when Rafe finally returned to the campsite, saving her from having to share his secret with an increasingly suspicious Hope. After Julie rushed off, Rafe apologized for having kept Hope waiting then began to propose to her again. Hope stared at Rafe in shock as he got down on bended knee and presented her with an engagement ring.

Lani remembers something while hypnotized

Lani remembers something while hypnotized

Thursday, July 6, 2017

by Mike

Rafe stood with a sigh when he realized that Hope was going to turn down his proposal again. "Not exactly how I pictured this moment," he grumbled. "I know. Me, either," she replied.

Hope struggled to explain why she still wasn't ready to marry Rafe, even after Deimos' death. "This has nothing to do with love," Hope assured Rafe, stressing that she truly loved him despite her hesitation. "Love you, too," Rafe muttered before excusing himself so he could get back to work. Hope groaned as she watched Rafe walk away.

Later, Marlena entered the Horton Town Square and found Hope sitting alone at a table outside one of the restaurants, staring blankly at a cup of coffee as if deep in thought. Marlena had to greet Hope twice to get her out of her daydream. Concerned, Marlena asked Hope if everything was okay. Hope explained with a sigh that Rafe had just proposed to her for the second time -- and that she had just turned him down for the second time.

Confused, Marlena pointed out that Hope and Rafe both believed in the concepts of commitment and marriage. Hope confirmed that she had once believed in those concepts -- at least until Aiden had entered the picture. Marlena reminded Hope that Aiden had managed to fool a lot of people. Chuckling mirthlessly, Hope muttered that she was painfully aware of that fact.

Still confused, Marlena wondered if Hope was worried that Rafe, too, could be hiding his true character from those who were closest to him. Hope insisted that she wasn't, adding that she was the problem. "I'm scared. I'm afraid," Hope admitted. Marlena assured Hope that it was normal to feel that way. Hope didn't want her fear to stop her from doing things she wanted to do, so Marlena advised her, "Well, then, don't let it. Just figure out what it is that you need [and] want, [and] let that be what guides you." Marlena then apologetically excused herself, having just received an urgent text message.

Later, Hope ran into Julie, who immediately checked Hope's left ring finger and noted with obvious confusion that it was still bare. Stunned, Hope realized that Julie had known all along that Rafe was planning to propose. Julie explained that she had asked Rafe to talk to Doug first -- and that Doug had advised Rafe to talk to Victor, who had advised Rafe to talk to Roman. "And after all that, you turned him down?" Julie asked incredulously.

Hope was touched that Rafe had been willing to jump through so many hoops. "He loves you that much," Julie stressed. When Julie wondered what was stopping Hope from making a commitment to Rafe, Hope explained with a shrug that she didn't want to disappoint him. "I've made a lot of bad decisions," Hope continued. "Who hasn't?" Julie countered. Adding that Bo would want Hope to have love in her life again, Julie warned, "We take people for granted -- think, 'Well, there'll always be a tomorrow' -- [but] the sad truth is, darling, [that] sometimes there won't be." Julie sent Hope off with one last piece of advice in the form of an age-old motto: carpe diem.

Rafe returned to the police station and found J.J. sitting with Lani and Eli in one of the conference rooms. Lani explained to Rafe that she was waiting for Marlena, who was going to hypnotize her. Eli had concerns about the idea, but J.J. insisted that he wanted to know the truth, even if it confirmed that he had killed Deimos.

When Marlena arrived a short time later, she asked Rafe, Eli, and J.J. to stay for the session, hoping that when they heard Lani's recollection of what had happened at the party, they would start to remember more about their own experiences inside the Martin mansion. Lani was fine with that idea, and although Eli seemed reluctant to stay, he didn't voice any objections.

While hypnotized, Lani recalled that she had tried to help J.J. during his struggle with Deimos. "But there was something wrong with me," Lani explained, adding that she had ultimately rushed off in search of help. "I found Eli in the garage, [but] when we tried to leave, the door was locked," Lani continued. When Lani mentioned that a neighbor -- a lady who had been walking a dog named Noodle -- had eventually opened the door, Eli quietly announced that he had memories of the incident she was describing. Lani started getting agitated as she tried to explain what had happened next, prompting Marlena to end the session.

Lani was disappointed that she hadn't been able to remember more, but Rafe optimistically pointed out that she had produced a solid lead. After Marlena left, Rafe rushed off to do some digging.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny informed Paul that, according to Justin, J.J. was being formally charged with murder. Paul assured Sonny that J.J. couldn't possibly be held accountable for anything that had happened at the party, due to the fact that Deimos had drugged each guest. "I mean, the truth is, any one of us could have killed [him]," Paul added with a shrug.

Later, Brady stormed into the living room and started to admonish Sonny for putting Titan in legal jeopardy with his mass-firing stunt. Sonny wasn't particularly concerned that Brady had been dealing with threats of wrongful-termination lawsuits all day, but Brady insisted that it wasn't his job to clean up Sonny's mess. Brady shoved a stack of documents into Sonny's arms and told him to handle the problem right away.

Brady started to leave then changed his mind. "Listen, you're technically my boss, [and] I understand that -- I'm actually fine with it, [since] you are an upgrade from Deimos in my book -- but if you think for one minute that I'm gonna sit by and watch you run this company into the ground under your command, Sonny, you're mistaken," Brady warned. "Do your job, and I'll do mine," Sonny snapped in response, glaring at Brady.

"I have no problem doing my job, but I expect you to step up and do right by our company," Brady countered. Sonny tiredly promised that he would personally handle the fallout from the mass firing and would also ensure that Brady was never bothered again. After Sonny stormed off, Paul, who had been present for the entire conversation, urged Brady to give Sonny a break. Acknowledging that Sonny had never held such a demanding position before, Brady conceded that he might have been a bit too harsh. Brady added with a sigh that he was on edge about what had happened at the Martin mansion.

Confused, Paul pointed out that Brady hadn't even been present for what had occurred at the Martin mansion. "No, I wasn't," Brady agreed through gritted teeth.

At the Horton Center, Eric admitted to Nicole that he had remembered having a conversation with Daniel at the Martin mansion. "I told him that I was sorry for what I did, [and] he urged me to forgive myself," Eric recalled. Nodding, Nicole revealed that she had memories of a similar conversation with Daniel. "[He] asked me to forgive you -- [but only if] you forgive yourself," Nicole continued.

Nicole nervously asked if Eric knew what had happened next. Eric said he couldn't remember anything else. Relieved, Nicole insisted that Daniel couldn't possibly have been at the Martin mansion. "It was all in our heads, so there's no point in dwelling on it, okay? I just want to forget all about that night," Nicole added with finality. Nodding, Eric promised to stop mentioning the matter.

Softening slightly, Nicole admitted that seeing Daniel had been comforting. Eric said he'd found Daniel's visit comforting, too. "You really think he would want me to forgive you?" Nicole asked. Shrugging, Eric said he wasn't sure. "You think you ever could?" Eric asked. Nicole hesitantly began to respond, but Eric interrupted, realizing just how uncomfortable the question had made her. "It was a stupid thing to ask," Eric acknowledged.

Nicole abruptly excused herself, noting that the printer was out of paper. While Nicole was gone, Eric received a visit from a war veteran who had lost his job and was staying at the local shelter while trying to find new work. When the man mentioned that he had a green thumb, Eric offered to let him handle the Horton Center's landscaping needs. Eric then gave the man some cash before sending him on his way, claiming that it just so happened to be payday. After the man left, Nicole, who had returned in time to hear part of the conversation, pointed out that the Horton Center didn't need a landscaper -- and didn't have the funds to put one on the payroll, in any case. "You're gonna pay him out of your own pocket, aren't you?" Nicole guessed. "I got it under control," Eric replied.

Later, Brady arrived to take Nicole home. While waiting for Nicole to finish one last task, Brady privately complained to Eric about the late hours she had been working recently. Sensing that something else was bothering Brady, Eric guessed that the real issue was that Nicole had shared a bed with him at the Martin mansion. Brady argued that he had a right to be concerned about that because of Eric's history with Nicole. "Well, Nicole despises me [now], if that's any consolation," Eric pointed out. "It's not," Brady replied.

After doing some digging, Rafe informed J.J. and Lani that he had found Noodle's owner -- Mrs. Garland, whose nightly walks with Noodle always took her past the Martin mansion. Mrs. Garland had noticed a light on in the mansion's normally unlit garage when she had taken her dog for a walk shortly after eight o'clock on the evening of the party. During another walk around midnight, Mrs. Garland had heard Lani and Eli's cries for help.

Knowing that Deimos had been killed around nine o'clock on the evening of the party, J.J. summarized with a hint of disappointment that Mrs. Garland's statement had given both Lani and Eli an alibi but had not done anything to prove or disprove that he had killed Deimos. "We're missing something here," Lani insisted. "Yeah, well, I hope that's true, because things are looking really bad for me," J.J. replied.

Later, Rafe received a text message from Hope, asking him to return to their campsite. When he arrived, she stressed again that she loved him and that her earlier hesitation hadn't been about him at all. She then asked him to marry her. Thrilled, he officially proposed to her for the third time, and she happily allowed him to place the engagement ring on her finger.

As Nicole followed Brady into the Kiriakis mansion, she pointed out that he had barely said two words to her since they had left the Horton Center earlier. Suspecting that Brady was upset about what had happened at the Martin mansion, Nicole assured him that the kiss she'd shared with Eric hadn't meant anything. "I know," Brady replied. Seemingly satisfied that Brady was telling the truth, Nicole asked if he wanted to talk about what was bothering him. "No, I don't," Brady answered. Before Nicole could say anything else, Brady began kissing her passionately.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Paul assured Sonny that Brady hadn't meant to be so hard on him earlier. "Something's clearly bugging him, [but] he wouldn't tell me what it is," Paul continued. Admitting that he knew the feeling, Sonny added that Brady had been right to call him out because he hadn't been on top of his game lately due to outside distractions. Confused, Paul wondered what was keeping Sonny distracted.

"I think something happened last night, [and] it's been eating me alive, Paul," Sonny explained. When prompted, Sonny continued, "I'm pretty sure I killed Deimos."

Sonny struggles with a decision

Sonny struggles with a decision

Friday, July 7, 2017

In the square, Lucas met up with Adrienne for coffee. Adrienne was worried about J.J. and Jennifer. Lucas refused to believe that J.J. could have murdered Deimos. With a firm nod, Lucas said J.J. was lucky to have a terrific lawyer. Smiling, Adrienne teased Lucas for complimenting Justin. Lucas' phone rang with a call from Billie. An annoyed Lucas announced to Adrienne that Billie had learned that Kate had married Andre.

At Club TBD, Kate and Andre toasted to Deimos' death. When Andre quipped that Deimos had been "kebobbed," Kate chimed in with a suggestion that they roast some lamb for dinner. Kate noted, "Married life suits me. It was just the husbands that gave me trouble." Andre added that Kate had been lucky to escape marrying Deimos. With a shrug, Kate countered that widowhood suited her as well.

Lucas marched into Club TBD and confronted his mother. With an eye roll, Kate was quick to argue that Lucas had lived through his share of embarrassing relationships. Kate stressed that her marriage to Andre was merely a business arrangement to protect their interests at DiMera Enterprises temporarily. Kate assured her son that she and Andre would divorce in six months. When Lucas asked about a prenuptial agreement, Kate scoffed and noted she could profit from the marriage. As a furious Lucas stomped out, Andre offered to take Lucas on a father-son fishing trip -- and drown him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny told Paul that he had killed Deimos. Sonny explained that he had recovered another memory, and in it, he had been standing over Deimos' dead body in the living room. Paul attempted to dissuade Sonny from the notion, but Sonny was adamant that he had wanted to kill Deimos. Sonny worried aloud about hurting J.J. by not telling the police about the new memory. As Paul attempted to calm Sonny, Victor walked into the living room and overheard Sonny's confession.

Victor warned Sonny to say nothing to the police. With a nod at Paul, Victor asked if he could speak to Sonny alone. Paul headed out to the foyer to wait. Once alone with Sonny, Victor cautioned Sonny that he should not confess to the murder if he did not have a memory of stabbing Deimos. Sonny reiterated his worry that J.J. would pay the price for his crime, but Victor disagreed. Victor stressed that there was not enough evidence to charge J.J. with murder.

Shaking his head, Sonny argued that even if the charges against J.J. were dropped, J.J. would still carry the guilt of committing a murder. Victor countered that only Deimos was to blame for Deimos' death. Victor urged Sonny to think of the people that loved him before he acted rashly. Victor stressed that if Sonny ruined his life, Deimos would have beaten Sonny after all. "You're the future. I'm counting on you. Don't let me down," Victor pleaded.

At the front door, Adrienne stopped by for a visit. Paul chatted with Adrienne in the foyer, and he warned her not to interrupt Victor and Sonny's discussion. Unfazed, Adrienne walked into the living room. Victor was sitting in the room alone. Nodding toward the French doors, Victor said that Sonny was walking in the garden. Adrienne's phone rang, and she stepped outside to take the call. While Adrienne was out of earshot, Victor asked Paul to forget what Sonny had confessed to him.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad stared at a framed photo of him and Abigail in happier times. Chad thought about when he and Abigail had kissed at the Martin house. As Gabi's footsteps approached, Chad hurriedly hid the framed picture. Gabi and Chad talked about the kids, and they lamented that they had not had any time alone with one another since the island. Talk turned to the Halo incident, and Chad and Gabi agreed that they would not hold their actions that night against one another. With a nod, Gabi left to run errands. Chad stared at Abigail's phone number on his phone.

In the police station interrogation room, Jennifer told J.J. that she was confident that he was innocent. From the corner, Justin noted that there was not enough evidence for a murder case, and if the police charged J.J., he had a solid self-defense claim. Justin added that Deimos might have been killed by J.J. when J.J. had been arresting Deimos based on an outstanding arrest warrant. Shaking his head in frustration, J.J. said he still felt guilty.

Abigail arrived to comfort her brother, and he scowled at the sight of her wedding ring. Abigail explained that she had married Dario. Furious, J.J. lashed out at his sister for her poor judgment. Jennifer added that she was upset that Abigail had insisted on getting married while J.J. was under arrest. Frustrated, Jennifer ordered Abigail to follow her to the park to talk privately. As the women left, Justin added that he was confident that J.J. would be released then he left as well.

Gabi visited J.J. in the interrogation room, and she informed him that Marlena had hypnotized her. With a shrug, Gabi noted that she had not been able to remember anything useful. J.J. told Gabi that it was for the best that she not get involved in the case. Gabi complained about how unfair it was to charge J.J. when he had clearly acted in self-defense. When J.J. shrugged, Gabi clasped his hand and told him that she would always care about him, even though they were no longer together.

In the park, Abigail explained to Jennifer that Dario had been pressured by INS to provide documentation and that they had been forced to marry quickly. When Jennifer asked for details, Abigail admitted that Chad and Gabi had acted as witnesses at the ceremony. Jennifer groaned. Jennifer warned Abigail that she was not in a position to make big decisions about her life. With a sigh, Abigail asked Jennifer to support her decision. Scowling, Jennifer said that she did not have a choice and that she wanted her daughter to be happy.

Smiling, Abigail said she would consult Jennifer on all future big decisions before acting. Jennifer shook her head and left. Chad walked around the corner. Taken aback, Abigail asked Chad what he wanted. Chad said he wanted to talk about their kiss and vow renewal on the night of the murder. When Abigail knitted her brow in confusion, Chad clarified that he wanted to discuss what had happened after the kiss.

Chad remembered that they had heard a noise in the hallway of the Martin house, and he had witnessed Deimos run past the room. Abigail had the same memory. Chad and Abigail agreed that they had pursued Deimos down the hall, but Chad had fallen behind in the chase. With no other memories, the two wondered aloud if they should talk to the police.

In the DiMera living room, Kate and Andre set down with a writer from Country Club Monthly to discuss their marriage. The couple jockeyed for position as the brains of the DiMera empire. Kate insisted that she had the business acumen, and Andre interrupted to say that he was the real leader at the company and in the marriage. Kate retorted that Andre was intimidated by her. For revenge, Andre casually mentioned that Kate had once been a prostitute.

Through gritted teeth, Kate noted that she and Andre had a modern marriage. When the interview moved on to taking photographs, Kate bristled at every suggestion that she be in the background or not be the one performing the businesslike tasks. With an uneasy smile, the writer commented that Kate and Andre were a "formidable couple." After the writer left, Andre told Kate that she would grow to find him irresistible. Kate raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Andre swept Kate into his arms and dipped her. Kate called Andre insane and warned him to let her shine.

In the bullpen of the police station, Adrienne arrived with Paul to see Jennifer and Justin. Justin assured Jennifer and Adrienne that because J.J. had not intentionally ingested the drugs, it was likely that the state would not prosecute J.J. Gabi and J.J. joined the group while Raines escorted Paul into the interrogation room to talk.

Raines told Paul that security footage had confirmed Paul's story that Deimos had knocked him out and dragged him outside. When Raines asked if Paul had any additional information, Paul said he had not witnessed the murder. Raines said he had enough to prosecute J.J. With a glimmer in his eye, Paul asked Raines if he had enough for the truth.

In the bullpen, Abigail and Chad arrived at the station and were surprised to see Gabi standing next to J.J. Gabi stressed that she was there to support her friend. Chad explained that he and Abigail had recovered new memories.

After talking to Raines, Chad walked Gabi to the town square to talk. Chad told Gabi that he and Abigail had renewed their wedding vows and kissed on the night of the murder. With a guilty look, Chad apologized and promised that nothing else had happened between him and Abigail. Chad and Gabi agreed that the events on the night of the murder were due to the drugs and should be ignored.

At the Martin house, Sonny stood in the living room and stared at the spot where Deimos' body had been. Sweating and trembling, Sonny thought of standing over the body. In Sonny's head, he heard Paul's advice and Victor's pleas. Conflicted, Sonny stared at the floor with a pained expression on his face.

At the police station, Justin advised J.J. to keep the faith. As J.J. bemoaned his actions, Sonny walked in. Sonny announced that he had killed Deimos.

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