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Anjelica called in the loan. Theo dumped Claire. Jade talked to Eric. Tripp altered medical charts to make Kayla appear negligent. Abigail and Chad's divorce was finalized. Deimos drugged partygoers, who had no memory of the evening. Deimos was stabbed to death. The police arrested J.J.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 26, 2017 on DAYS
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Adrienne and Jennifer confront Anjelica Adrienne and Jennifer confront Anjelica

Monday, June 26, 2017

by Mike

Over cups of coffee at Club TBD, Adrienne and Jennifer tried to think of ways to stop Anjelica from taking control of the Spectator. Justin and Steve had both offered to pay off Adrienne and Jennifer's debt, but the women wanted to handle the matter themselves if at all possible, preferring not to let anyone else have a stake in their investment.

"Adrienne. Jennifer. Long time no see, ladies. Let me guess -- you were just talking about me," Anjelica said as she approached her rivals. Adrienne and Jennifer sarcastically confirmed that they had agreed, just moments earlier, that they missed Anjelica and would love to receive an unexpected visit from her in Salem. "It's serendipity!" Adrienne declared.

Feigning amusement, Anjelica said she was glad to see that both Adrienne and Jennifer still had a sense of humor. "[You know] what's not funny? Your pathetic need for revenge after all these years," Adrienne countered, adding that it was time for Anjelica to leave the past in the past. Anjelica clarified that she was actually focused solely on the present. "[Meaning] I'm calling in the loan -- your loan. Immediately," Anjelica continued. Outraged, Jennifer insisted that Jack would have disapproved of what Anjelica was doing, but Anjelica argued that Jack would have been among the first to understand that it was just business.

Adrienne refused to believe that, certain that revenge was Anjelica's only motivation. Anjelica denied the accusation, insisting that she wasn't that sort of person. "Ladies, this is how the real world works," Anjelica added. Scoffing, Adrienne countered that there was nothing "real" about Anjelica, who had even used a fake name and a fake corporation in her efforts to take control of the Spectator. Anjelica innocently clarified that hiding her true identity had simply been her way of trying to conduct business without any hurt feelings or misunderstandings, adding that there never would have been any problems if Steve had just minded his own business.

Unconvinced, Adrienne warned Anjelica, "[If] you're looking for a fight, [then] you're gonna get one, and you're going down in flames." Ignoring Adrienne, Anjelica apologetically informed Jennifer that she actually had no issues with her, adding that her partner was the problem. Anjelica complained that Adrienne knew nothing about journalism and was running the Spectator into the ground with negative publicity from scandals such as her aborted wedding and subsequent game of back-and-forth between Lucas and Justin.

Stunned, Adrienne assumed that Anjelica had been keeping tabs on her. Anjelica dismissively insisted that Adrienne wasn't worth that sort of trouble, adding that she had simply heard some things through the grapevine. When Anjelica accused Adrienne of being a narcissist who enjoyed stringing guys along, Jennifer sprang to her friend's defense, stressing that Adrienne had been through a lot lately. Guessing that Jennifer was referring to Adrienne's recent health problems, Anjelica pointed out, "You know, a lot of women in this country get breast cancer, and they don't use it to engender pity [and] manipulate two good men into doing whatever they want."

"You sick, twisted --" Adrienne spat, raising a hand. Anticipating a slap, Anjelica grabbed Adrienne's arm and twisted it, causing Adrienne to cry out in pain. Jennifer quickly intervened, separating Adrienne and Anjelica. "Are you okay?" Jennifer asked Adrienne. "Is she okay? This bitch attacked me! In a public place! I should press charges!" Anjelica insisted. Jennifer ordered Anjelica to leave. Before complying, Anjelica warned, "You two ladies have three weeks to figure [this] out, or the paper is mine." After calming down, Adrienne assured Jennifer, "I kicked cancer to the curb, and I'm gonna do the exact same thing to that woman, except twice as hard."

An outraged Theo met with Abe in the Horton Town Square and told him about Claire's lies. "I know you have trouble dealing with people who are unpredictable," Abe patiently acknowledged. "Yeah, well, that is Claire -- completely and totally unpredictable," Theo stressed. Theo admitted that although he still loved Claire, he wasn't sure he could stay with her because he was starting to feel like he didn't even know who she was.

Jade entered the Brady Pub and began telling Joey about an argument she'd just had with Claire. Joey tried to point out that he was busy dealing with the breakfast crowd, but Jade forged ahead, complaining about Claire's refusal to forgive her. "Jade, you made a sex tape of Claire and Theo. That's kind of hard to forgive, all right? You're lucky no one pressed charges," Joey stressed.

"A sex tape? Is there nothing that you won't stoop to?" Kayla asked incredulously, having arrived in time to overhear what was being discussed. Jade tried to explain that she had simply wanted to help a friend, but Kayla failed to understand how making a sex tape was helpful -- and, in any case, she didn't think there was any acceptable excuse for Jade's latest stunt. "Really? So, nothing can excuse my making a sex tape, but Joey murdering a woman in cold blood is a-okay with you?" Jade countered, not bothering to lower her voice.

Joey quickly intervened, pulling Kayla aside. Extremely concerned about the casual way in which Jade had just mentioned Joey's secret, Kayla warned him, "[Jade could] turn on you at any minute [and] ruin your life forever." Joey defended Jade, confident that he could trust her to keep his secret to herself because, although she had done some awful things in the past and was clearly troubled, he had never seen her be deliberately mean to anyone. Kayla thought that Joey was being na´ve, but she reluctantly agreed to let him handle Jade his own way.

After Kayla left, Jade complained to Joey that his mother was clearly trying to turn him against her. Thrilled that Joey hadn't allowed that to happen, Jade swooned, "You get me, Joey! You totally get me! [You're] the only person who's shown any understanding at all -- the only one who gets that what I did with that video [wasn't] meant to be a bad thing [and] was not that big of a deal!"

"I never said it wasn't that big of a deal," Joey clarified, adding that Jade's problem was that anytime she did something stupid that ended up hurting people, she seemed incapable of accepting criticism and recognizing that she had made a mistake. "Maybe you to someone, Jade," Joey advised. "Okay, then. I'll do it. For you," Jade promised, giving Joey a hug.

At the Horton Center, Eric began to assure Nicole that he understood why she was reluctant to work with him, but she angrily clarified that she wasn't upset about having to work with him; she was upset because she had just lost Holly again. Eric was sorry to hear that, but he was confident that Justin would be able to change the judge's mind when the case was revisited, and he assured Nicole that the time would go by quickly.

"Like hell it will! It's gonna feel like an eternity!" Nicole snapped. Conceding the point, Eric apologized for having said such a "stupid" thing. Nicole quickly changed the subject, insisting that she only wanted to talk about work-related matters with Eric. Nodding, he assured her that he understood. She soon softened a bit and said that although there was really nothing he could do to make their temporary working relationship feel less awkward, she appreciated his efforts nevertheless. She then excused herself so she could make a few phone calls, having learned that the Horton Center was in need of donations in order to remain open another year.

After Nicole left, Jade arrived and introduced herself to Eric, recognizing him as Joey's cousin. "I'm actually only here because of Joey. I made him a promise, and I'm trying to be a better person by following through. So...can we talk?" Jade asked. After Jade explained everything to Eric, he advised her to put herself in Claire's shoes. Jade admitted that she might be upset if a friend recorded her having sex without her permission, but she quickly added that her reaction would depend entirely on the friend's reasons for doing such a thing. Jade added that graphic depictions of sex could be seen all the time on television and in movies, so it didn't seem like a big deal to her. Eric suggested that might have skewed Jade's perception of sex and made her forget that it was supposed to be a private, intimate expression of love between two people.

Nicole returned and listened from the hallway as Jade conceded, "Okay, I get it -- I'm an idiot. And now Joey thinks I'm a bad person, and all I want is for Joey to love me like I love him." Eric advised Jade to focus on gaining love and respect for herself instead of putting all her energy into trying to make Joey love and respect her. Jade thanked Eric for the advice and asked if she could return sometime to continue their conversation. Eric gave Jade his business card and assured her that she could contact him anytime. Nicole ducked around a corner and waited for Jade to leave.

Later, Nicole told Eric that she had finished all her work and was heading home for the day. "But you have three more hours," he pointed out. "Which I will fulfill [later]. I just really need to go home," she replied. He watched with a hint of concern as she rushed off.

Tripp went to the hospital to talk to Kayla about the MCAT, which he was considering taking. Before Kayla could say much about the subject, a patient began coding in a nearby room. Kayla rushed off to deal with the emergency, and when she later emerged from the patient's room, she sadly informed Tripp that the patient had died.

Tripp watched as Kayla placed her tablet computer on a rack at the nurses' station then rushed off to get some fresh air. As soon as the coast was clear, Tripp grabbed the device and unlocked it, correctly guessing that Kayla was using Joey's date of birth as her password. Tripp quickly tweaked the deceased patient's chart to make it look like the man had received ten percent more morphine than allowed.

Elsewhere, Claire agreed to take a break so Theo could talk to her about something. She was stunned and hurt when he revealed that he wanted to break up with her. "So that's it? We're done? What are you gonna do now, Theo? Are you gonna call Ciara and tell her that we're over so that you two can hook up?" she asked. "Look, this isn't about Ciara, Claire; this is about us," he insisted, adding that he believed that a relationship between two people who were so completely different could never truly work out.

Later, Kayla found Claire in the waiting area, drying her eyes. Assuming that Claire was upset about what Jade had done, Kayla revealed that she had heard about the sex tape earlier. Claire didn't want to talk about it, and Kayla understood; Kayla admitted, however, that she was really concerned about Joey because he seemed determined to maintain a friendship with Jade despite the fact that Jade was clearly obsessed with him. "I think you're right to be worried, Aunt Kayla, 'cause that girl is like a total wrecking ball," Claire declared.

Meanwhile, Jade entered to Brady Pub and asked Tripp to tell her where Joey was. Tripp revealed that Joey had left a few minutes earlier. Sighing, Jade complained that she really needed to talk to Joey. Tripp gently advised Jade that it wasn't wise for a girl to chase after a guy. "It'll come across as desperate. Joey will think you're obsessed," Tripp explained. "Do you think I'm obsessed?" Jade asked. Tripp admitted that he did. Jade dismissively insisted that Tripp only saw things that way because he wasn't aware of everything that she had been through with Joey. "We always end up back together eventually," Jade stressed.

When Jade added that Kayla's interference was delaying the process, Tripp revealed what he had done earlier. "It's only a matter of time before someone realizes how negligent Dr. Johnson really is -- and that patients are dying because of her. Before we know it, Kayla's gonna get what she deserves," Tripp assured a delighted Jade.

Deimos drugs the drinks at the fundraiser

Deimos drugs the drinks at the fundraiser

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

At the Horton Center, Nicole dropped off a box of gift bags that she had put together for the fundraiser. Eric thanked Nicole for her hard work. Nicole shrugged off the compliment, noting that she was ticking off the hours on her community service requirement. When Nicole said she was happy for the distraction, Eric asked about Brady. Nicole said Brady was too weak to leave the house, and he would not attend the fundraiser. Eric assured Nicole that the police would find Deimos. With a nod, Nicole quipped that Deimos would be safer in custody than running into her on the street.

At the police station, Rafe, Hope, Lani, and J.J. discussed Deimos' drug trafficking case. Hope announced that there was a new version of Halo on the street with a more intense high. As Lani groaned, Hope assured her that they would locate Deimos and arrest him. Rafe suggested that they go to the party and take a break from the case. After Rafe and Hope left, J.J. asked Lani if anything was wrong. Lani said that detoxing from Halo had been hell. Lani said she would do anything to give Deimos a taste of his own medicine.

At the Horton Center, Eric thought about his conversation with Deimos in the alley when he had warned Deimos to stay away from Nicole. After changing into her party dress, Nicole returned and asked Eric to carry the last box out to his car. Eric offered to drive Nicole to the party in case Deimos was lurking nearby. Nicole said she did not want to feel scared. With a nod, Nicole said she would drive her own car because she did not want to live her life in fear.

In the Kiriakis living room, Paul waited impatiently for Sonny to finish his human resources phone call. When Sonny hung up the phone, his phone rang again. Paul took the phone and turned off the ringer. Sonny protested, but Paul said he wanted a quiet moment to tell Sonny that he loved him. As Paul pulled Sonny close, he felt a lump on Sonny's chest. Suspicious, Paul pulled the amulet out from Sonny's shirt, and he demanded answers.

After tucking the amulet back into his shirt, Sonny explained that he had watched Chad bury the amulet on the island. Sonny added that he did not believe in the curse, and he was surprised that Chad had believed in the curse enough to bury it on the island. Paul asked Sonny to put the amulet into the safe. Sonny refused, citing the fact that he had not been able to change the combination to the safe yet, and Deimos knew the combination. When Sonny turned to leave, Paul reluctantly followed.

In the DiMera mansion, Gabi told Chad that she was excited for their first official date. Chad countered that he had confirmed that his divorce had been finalized. When Chad grumbled about Dario, Gabi suggested that they stop playing the blame game and enjoy their lives together. Gabi suggested that they spend the night in, but Chad argued that the party was in their honor. Grinning, Chad added that Gabi looked gorgeous, and he wanted to show her off to the world.

"Want to prove it to the world? Want to prove it to Abigail or to yourself?" Gabby asked. Annoyed, Chad said he had told Gabi that he loved her. Gabi said their relationship was still new, and his marriage to Abigail was not that far in the past. Chad pulled Gabi close and assured her that he wanted to go to the party with her. Chuckling, Chad said that after the party, he wanted to spend a lot more time with Gabi upstairs. Gabi playfully swatted Chad on the arm, and they kissed.

Abigail dressed for the party in her room at the Martin house. Abigail's lawyer called to confirm that the divorce was final. After the call, Abigail looked at a framed photo of her with Chad and Thomas. When there was a knock on the door, Abigail shoved the photo into the drawer of her bedside table. Dario arrived. When Dario saw Abigail's face, he asked what was wrong. Abigail told Dario that her divorce was final. Dario said he would do everything he could to make Abigail happy, and he hoped he could make Abigail forget about Chad in time.

Abigail said she was confident that she had done the right thing when she had divorced Chad. Dario agreed. With a smile, Dario promised to honor and respect Abigail every day of their marriage. Dario handed Abigail a wedding ring. As Abigail stared at it, she said they were ready to marry. Dario suggested that they skip the party and elope. Abigail said she did not want to hide from Chad because she had not done anything wrong. Dario placed their wedding rings on the dresser, and he left with Abigail for the party downstairs.

In the main room of the Martin house, Julie thanked Eli for using the party to raise money for the Horton Center. Eli said he was happy to help the center. Eli added that Valerie would not be able to make the party. When Julie asked about Gabi, Eli admitted that he and Gabi had broken up. Julie flagged down a waiter and asked for him to make sure there was a lot of Champagne to celebrate "a joyous occasion." Doug raised an eyebrow in Julie's direction.

Down on the docks, Deimos lurked in a grey wig and beard. A henchman handed Deimos a waiter's uniform so that he could access the party. Deimos said he refused to leave town without stealing the amulet from Sonny. When the henchman asked about the amulet, Deimos said the necklace was rumored to protect the owner from evil. Deimos added that he would be a rich man once he sold the amulet. With a chuckle, Deimos held up his vial of Halo and said that, "The good people of Salem won't even know what him them."

At the Martin house, everyone arrived at the party and started to mingle. Eli, Paul, Sonny, J.J., and Lani talked about their shared love of modern conveniences like showers and beds. The five chuckled over their good fortune. When talk turned to Titan, Sonny said he had fired everyone at the company that Deimos had hired. Sonny said he was excited about his new ideas for the company.

Paul asked about the Deimos investigation, and J.J. said it was only a matter of time before they could locate and arrest Deimos for drug trafficking. Across the room, Hope and Rafe offered Nicole their condolences for her loss of custody. Rafe said it was good news that Maggie would still be able to see Holly in foster care. Eric sidled up beside Nicole, and she excused herself and walked away. While Rafe made a phone call, Eric and Hope talked about Nicole's loss of Holly.

Hope looked Eric up and down and asked him if Jennifer was watching Thomas. With a sheepish grin, Eric admitted that he and Jennifer had decided to remain friends. Hope groaned in disappointment. Eric explained that Jennifer believed that he still had feelings for Nicole and needed to deal with them before he could date again.

At the front door, Gabi and Chad arrived at the party. Chad awkwardly said hello to Abigail and Dario, who were standing by the entryway. The two couples talked about the divorce, and they all agreed they were happy with the news. Chad offered to watch Thomas during Abigail and Dario's honeymoon, but Abigail said she and Dario had not made plans to leave town yet. Dario chimed in that their rings were ready. With disdain, Chad said he was not surprised. Abigail sternly warned Chad that he had made his choice.

"You kinda made it," Chad countered. Uneasy, Gabi asked Chad to join her at the bar. Dario urged Abigail to join him outside for some air. Across the room, Julie addressed the crowd. Julie welcomed home the survivors of the plane crash by name. As everyone clapped, Julie announced that she had given the Martin house to Eli, and he had decided to turn the home into a residence for young people. With a wave at Eric, Julie added that the evening was a fundraiser for the Horton Center.

In the corner, the disguised Deimos poured Halo into the bottles of Champagne at the bar. Across the room, Doug told Hope and Julie that he was not feeling well. Citing a fear of infecting the room, Doug said he and Julie were heading home. Rafe hugged the couple goodbye, and they left. Nearby, Sonny and Paul asked Chad about Kate's takeover at DiMera Enterprises. Chad shared the news that Kate had married Andre. With a grin, Chad said he would be back in charge soon and that he could compete with Sonny again soon. Sonny growled that he was unnerved that the police had not captured Deimos yet.

Anxious, Sonny walked over to Rafe and Hope and asked about Deimos. Rafe assured Sonny that Deimos would be caught. With a scowl, Sonny announced that Titan security would handle the problem. When Rafe urged Sonny not to take matters into his own hands, Paul interrupted to assure Rafe that Sonny would not interfere. Sonny growled that he would do whatever it took to protect his family.

At the bar, J.J. talked to Gabi about Abigail and Chad's divorce. When J.J. asked Gabi if she was happy, she said she had not wished for the breakup. J.J. clarified that he still cared about Gabi and sincerely wanted to know if she was happy. Gabi said she cared about J.J. and Abigail, and she did not want to see anyone unhappy. With a shrug, J.J. said he did not like his sister's taste in men. "Including my brother," Gabi said quietly. "Abigail could be marrying my best friend, and I would still think this is happening too fast, " J.J. countered.

In the garden outside the Martin house, Eric sat on a bench. Nicole approached him and told him it was time for his speech. Eric said he was collecting his thoughts. With a sigh, Nicole reminded Eric that he had been good at speaking to the congregation at church. When Eric thanked Nicole for the help, she grumbled that she was just doing her community service. With a nod, Eric and Nicole returned to the party.

Dario wandered into the empty garden and talked on the phone to his hacker, Myron. Myron said he had been unable to crack the system they had been working to break. Frustrated, Dario said he would head over. As Dario hung up his phone, Hope approached him. Dario lied and said the computer at TBD was offline. Hope suggested IT should handle the situation, but Dario said it was too late for a service call. Rafe ran outside and urged them to return to the party.

When Dario returned to the party, he told Abigail that he needed to go over to the club to deal with a computer issue. Abigail was displeased. Seeing Chad staring, Abigail kissed Dario goodbye. At the bar, Deimos handed a tray of champagne flutes to a waiter and ordered him to make sure everyone had a glass of Champagne or cider for the toast. While the waiter handed glasses to Nicole and Hope, Deimos hung back behind the bar. Once everyone had a glass, Eric offered a toast to everyone for their generosity. Eric thanked Nicole for her help with the center.

"At the Horton Center, we work with passionate, beautiful people of all ages, color, and gender. Whether they have run away from home or [were] thrown out by a family member, they have a place with us. Alice Horton had a dream. Let's keep that dream alive. So donate generously," Eric said. Eric then added a toast to all the survivors of the plane crash. As everyone went to sip from their glasses, Hope called out to wait. Hope noted that it was bad luck to toast with water. The waiter handed Eric a glass of cider. Crisis averted, the room raised their glasses and drank. In the corner, the waiter drank the last glass of Champagne.

Smirking to himself, Deimos walked out of the party, past Paul. Suspicious, Paul followed Deimos. Once in the garden, Paul lost sight of Deimos. As Paul looked around, Deimos crept up behind him and knocked him out. Deimos kneeled over Paul then dragged him away.

In the party, a tipsy Abigail confronted Chad and Gabi about the island. Gabi wanted to call home, but a slurring Abigail told Gabi not to feel guilty. Shaking her head, Gabi said she had not stolen Chad and that Abigail had pushed them together. Abigail apologized for her behavior. Abigail said she felt ill, and she stumbled over to the stairs. Chad rushed after Abigail to help her up to her room. With an eye roll, Gabi downed the rest of her Champagne.

Upstairs, Eric and Nicole carried leftover gift bags up to room seven. As Nicole said goodnight, she swooned. Nicole steadied herself against the door, and she complained that she felt weird. Eric eased Nicole into a chair. Shaking her head, Nicole said she was not drunk or ill. Eric ran to the bathroom to get Nicole a glass of water.

When Abigail arrived at her room, her vision blurred. Abigail ambled over to her bed. Chad knocked on the door then entered. When Chad asked if Abigail was okay, she fell to the ground. Chad helped Abigail back onto the bed. Abigail complained that she'd had too much to drink. With a groan, Abigail slumped against Chad. Chad told Abigail that she would be fine.

Downstairs, Deimos returned to the party and watched the group from the bar. Hope and Rafe finished their drinks so that they could return to the station. After finishing the last drops, a dreamy-eyed Hope wondered aloud why they needed to return to work. Laughing, Rafe said he did not know. "I just really want to be alone with you right now," Rafe murmured as he gathered Hope into his arms. Taking Hope by the hand, Rafe led Hope out of the party.

Across the room, a visibly tipsy Eli, J.J., and Lani said they felt weird. J.J. said he felt wasted. Gabi joined the group and started giggling. Sonny walked over and asked about Paul. No one had seen Paul. Stumbling over his words, Sonny said he was the captain and king of Titan but could not find his boyfriend. Deimos laughed quietly in the corner as he watched the drug take effect on everyone.

Things escalate at the Martin mansion

Things escalate at the Martin mansion

> Things escalate at the Martin mansion

Things escalate at the Martin mansion

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

by Mike

At the Martin mansion, Deimos gleefully watched from the bar as some of his victims stumbled around the ballroom, feeling the effects of their spiked drinks.

Meanwhile, in Abigail and Dario's room, Chad and Abigail stared at two open jewelry boxes that were sitting on the dresser. Each jewelry box contained a wedding ring. Having forgotten why they were together in the room, Chad and Abigail eventually concluded that the rings were an obvious sign that they were in the process of renewing their wedding vows.

Confused, Chad pointed out that Abigail had left him. Declaring that the most terrible mistake she had ever made, Abigail admitted that, deep down, she had always known that leaving Chad would mean giving up her only chance at happiness, since no other man was truly capable of making her happy. "You changed your mind?" Chad assumed. Nodding, Abigail confirmed that she'd had a taste of life without Chad and had decided that she didn't like it. Satisfied that he really was in the middle of a vow renewal ceremony, Chad fumbled his way through an impromptu speech then placed one of the rings on Abigail's finger. Abigail then began her own speech.

Meanwhile, in another room, Eric realized that he, like Nicole, felt weird. Upset, Eric concluded that he had been served Champagne earlier instead of cider. Nicole pointed out that, in any case, Eric hadn't consumed much of the drink. "Doesn't matter. I can't go down that road again," Eric insisted. Nicole tried to assure Eric that he wasn't going to go down that road again, but he insisted that she couldn't be sure of that.

Eric started to say more but quickly stopped himself, deciding that he couldn't talk to Nicole, of all people, about him. "By 'him,' you mean..." Nicole began before letting her voice trail off. Eric bowed his head but said nothing. When Eric looked up again, he noticed that Daniel was standing in the doorway. Stunned, Nicole confirmed that she, too, saw Daniel standing in the doorway.

Eric wished he could trade places with Daniel. "I wouldn't want that. It was my time, Eric," Daniel said. Eric insisted that wasn't true, arguing that Daniel was only dead because of his irresponsible actions. Daniel stressed that he wanted Eric to have a good, productive life and not be bogged down with feelings of pain and regret. "It was an accident," Daniel continued.

"It was not an accident!" Eric maintained, adding that he couldn't possibly dare to ask for Daniel's understanding, let alone his forgiveness. "I didn't say I forgive you," Daniel pointed out. Turning his attention to Nicole, Daniel continued, "You see, there's a, um...a condition. You need to tell him, Nicole -- you need to tell him to let go of this pain, and you need to tell him that you know, in your heart, that he is a good and decent man who made a tragic mistake, and now he needs to feel peace of mind so he can help others have peace of mind. That is his gift; he needs to use it. Tell him that we both forgive him -- but only if he forgives himself."

Stunned, Nicole tearfully asked Daniel to explain how she could possibly forgive someone who had not only taken him away from her but was also indirectly responsible for the loss of their child. Daniel assured Nicole that she hadn't lost Holly and would, in fact, regain custody of the child eventually. "No more looking back. It is time to give your heart to what is in the present and to what is real. Eric is a good man -- kindhearted, generous -- and what happened the night of the accident was a tragedy for him, too. But he can recover from this, [and] you need to help him do that," Daniel stressed.

Nicole started to protest before stopping herself and tearfully assuring Daniel, "I will try to forgive him...for you, my love." Nicole then gave Daniel a tender kiss. After a few more kisses, Nicole pulled away and realized that she had actually been kissing Eric all along. Horrified, she rushed into the bathroom, explaining that she needed to splash some water on her face.

Meanwhile, back in the ballroom, Lani told J.J. that she felt like she was on Halo again. "But that can't be it," she quickly added. "Well, whatever it is, uh...I think I'm starting to come down with it, too," he replied, steadying himself against a nearby side table.

Nearby, Sonny asked Gabi if she knew where Paul was. Gabi shrugged in response then asked Sonny if he knew where Chad was. Sonny shrugged in response. "Everybody's leaving. They're all going away," Gabi said as she pouted, looking around the fairly empty ballroom. "It's like...And Then There Were None!" Sonny agreed. Snickering, Gabi told Sonny that they were at one of the lamest parties ever. Eli overheard and defensively stated that he was sorry the party wasn't living up to Gabi's lofty standards. "Well, somebody's got their knickers in a knot," Gabi told Sonny as Eli walked away.

J.J. admitted to Lani that he had been stoned most of his high school days -- a fact that he was embarrassed and ashamed to share with her. "This kind of feels like that," he added. Confused, she pondered the matter for a moment then worriedly asked him, "Is this how Paul felt in the beginning?" He started laughing at her, amused that she thought she was infected with jungle madness.

A dog suddenly began barking. "An animal's coming after us!" Lani screamed, clinging to J.J. in fear. The barking stopped when Gabi, who was helping herself to a bottle of Champagne at the bar, fished her cell phone out of her purse and answered it. A short time later, as Gabi was wrapping up her phone conversation with Arianna, Sonny approached the bar and told her that Paul was still missing. Gabi sighed, remembering that Chad was missing, too. Gabi then turned her attention to Lani, who was still trembling in J.J.'s arms. "What's up with the PDA?" Gabi asked. "Your ringtone scared her," J.J. explained.

Snorting, Gabi mockingly wondered what kind of cop was afraid of a ringtone, of all things. "This is the woman that you cheated on me with? And now you're rubbing it in my face!" Gabi continued, upset that J.J. and Lani still had their arms wrapped around each other. J.J. insisted that he wasn't rubbing anything in Gabi's face. "And why do you care? It took you a flat two seconds to move on to Chad," J.J. added. Protesting that it had taken much longer than that, Gabi started to say "ten seconds" but only managed to blurt out the first two syllables before changing her mind. "Twenty!" Gabi decided.

Sonny soon intervened, scolding J.J. and Gabi for "screwing up" the party with their argument. "Kiss up and make it!" Sonny insisted. Gabi refused, prompting Sonny to teasingly goad J.J. into being the bigger person for the good of the party. Chuckling, J.J. leaned in to kiss Gabi, who shook her head and pursed her lips. When J.J. kissed Gabi's cheek, she swooned and sank into his arms. Nearby, Lani watched jealously.

Satisfied, Sonny informed Eli, "I'm gonna go look for Paul." Deimos overheard and followed Sonny out of the ballroom.

Meanwhile, Gabi returned to the bar in search of the bottle of Champagne she had abandoned earlier. Once the coast was clear, Lani rejoined J.J. and called him out on what he had just done. J.J. defensively reminded Lani that Sonny had told him to make up with Gabi. "Make up, not make out," Lani stressed. Putting a hand on Lani's shoulder, J.J. insisted that she was overreacting. "Don't tell me that. And don't touch me!" Lani shouted before storming off. After glancing around the ballroom to make sure that no one was watching him, Eli followed Lani outside.

Gabi wondered if J.J. was going to go after Lani. "I think she needs some space," J.J. said without much concern, turning his attention to his cell phone, which had just chimed. Gabi nosily peered over J.J.'s shoulder to see what he was looking at on the device then smiled when she realized that it was an alert about a song they had once danced to in a hotel room. As the song began playing, the lights in the ballroom seemed to dim on their own. "What happened?" J.J. asked Gabi, perhaps not referring to the strange phenomenon. "I don't know," Gabi quietly replied, also not paying much attention to the lights.

While J.J. and Gabi were sharing a dance in the ballroom, Lani was outside with Eli, telling him that what she had witnessed earlier had convinced her that J.J. was still in love with Gabi. Eli expressed doubts and pointed out that, in any case, Gabi was in love with Chad. "But if [you're right], then [J.J's] an idiot. You're beautiful, you're smart, and you are way out of his league," Eli added. Smiling, Lani thanked Eli and noted that he seemed to always know what to say to make her feel better. "I'm not just saying it; I mean it," Eli stressed. Lani hugged Eli, and when she pulled away, he gave her a kiss.

Meanwhile, in the Horton Town Square, Hope told Rafe that she felt strange. "Or is it 'strangely'?" she wondered. Shrugging, she revealed with a laugh that grammar had actually been one of her favorite subjects as a kid; in fact, she had loved diagramming sentences. He teased her for the nerdy admission then assured her that he still loved her regardless.

Suddenly realizing that she needed to sit down for a minute, Hope ignored all the nearby chairs and instead took a seat on the floor. Chuckling, Rafe knelt beside Hope and told her that she had clearly been working too hard lately. Hope started to talk about Deimos, but Rafe quickly interrupted, insisting that was a topic he wanted to avoid for the rest of the night.

Undeterred, Hope forged ahead, explaining, "I've been trying to look at things from Deimos' point of view. I mean, why did he come to Salem? What was his ovulation? Wait, it's not ovulation. Oh, that's it -- motivation. What was his motivation? To bring his brother to his knees! To take revenge! That's what it was about -- to hurt Victor, right? But he lost everything. Victor's back in the mansion, and Sonny -- he's back at Titan. Wait, did he work at Titan before? Doesn't matter, 'cause [Deimos] lost Nicole to Brady, and that's the one, I bet, that really hurt, right?"

Rafe tried to point out that Hope wasn't exactly complying with his request for a new subject, but she continued, "Do you think [Deimos is] a runner? Do you think he ran away? Nah. He's more of a walker, isn't he? Isn't that more in his nature? I don't think he'd run, 'cause he's a walker; he's not physical, right?" Confused, Rafe randomly asked if Hope had taken notice of the moon yet that night. Hope laughed and gave Rafe a kiss.

Hope and Rafe sprawled out on the floor and continued kissing, stopping only when another couple approached and started staring at them in shock. The couple moved on once Hope and Rafe separated from each other. Rafe began to rise to his feet but stopped on bended knee and spontaneously proposed to Hope.

Taken aback, Hope turned Rafe down, explaining that she couldn't marry him until she got closure for Bo's death -- which meant making Deimos pay for that as well as everything else he had done. Rafe assured Hope that Deimos would pay eventually. "[But] Hope, you gotta be careful. Do you remember what happened with Stefano?" Rafe added.

"Bang-bang?" Hope recalled. Nodding, Rafe confirmed that Hope was right. Hope suddenly sprang to her feet, telling Rafe, "Let's find Deimos! Let's get him!"

Back at the Martin mansion, Deimos found Sonny passed out in a hallway. When Deimos began to check Sonny's pockets for the amulet, Sonny awoke and tried to push Deimos away, knocking off the pieces of Deimos' disguise in the process. Having been exposed, Deimos grabbed Sonny, pulled him to his feet, and shoved him against a wall, tauntingly guessing, "You thought you won, didn't you?"

"I did win! I have Titan, and you're going to prison!" Sonny insisted. Chuckling dismissively, Deimos reminded Sonny, "It ain't over 'til it's over, and this, as you can clearly see, ain't over!"

Sonny tried to fight Deimos off as Deimos made another attempt to seize the amulet. Amused, Deimos observed, "Look at you! You really want this [amulet], don't you? You want all that power. Well, you see that, Sonny Boy? The truth is, you're a hell of a lot more like me than you realize!" Still struggling, Sonny vowed to have Deimos arrested. "That's almost as funny as you running Titan," Deimos dismissively replied.

Deimos found and seized the amulet. When Sonny protested and began trying to reclaim the item, Deimos wondered, "Why do you even want this, huh? You have everything! You have family, love -- although your greed may have cost you that one, Sonny. When was the last time you saw Paul, huh?" Suddenly worried, Sonny demanded to know what Deimos had done to Paul.

Ignoring the question, Deimos shoved Sonny to the floor. "You're not gonna get away with this!" Sonny insisted. "Of course I am, because tomorrow, you're not even gonna remember that I was here," Deimos calmly replied before walking away, taking the amulet with him. Sonny slowly rose to his feet and began stumbling after Deimos.

While Chad and Abigail were wrapping up their vow renewal ceremony and trying to decide how they were going to spend the rest of the night, they heard someone running through the halls. Curious, Chad went to find out what was going on. "That was Deimos running down the hall," Chad told Abigail with a hint of disbelief. "What do we do?" Abigail asked. "I don't know. Get him?" Chad replied with a shrug.

Abigail tried to stop Chad, believing that it would be best to let the police handle Deimos because he had proven himself to be quite dangerous, but Chad insisted that he couldn't just let Deimos get away. Chad rushed off after ordering Abigail to stay in the room. "The hell I will," Abigail muttered before chasing after Chad.

After splashing water on her face, Nicole emerged from the bathroom and discovered that Eric had left their room. Confused, she stumbled off in search of him.

Eli and Lani were still kissing outside the mansion when they heard Gabi screaming for help. They rushed inside and found Gabi in the ballroom with J.J. "I was looking for the ladies' room, and I saw Deimos! I mean, I saw him on the stairs, and then he ran back up when I screamed. I know he's in this house! I know he's in here! I'm gonna go find him!" Gabi explained before rushing off. Eli chased after Gabi. J.J. turned to Lani and said, "I swear to you, if we find Deimos, I'm going to kill him." Concerned, Lani followed J.J. out of the ballroom.

One hour later, Deimos was sprawled out on the floor of the ballroom, the blade of a knife buried in his chest.

The partygoers make a shocking discovery

The partygoers make a shocking discovery

Thursday, June 29, 2017

by Mike

Nicole and Eric were together in one of the rooms at the Martin mansion, lying in each other's arms on the room's only bed, when they awoke and quickly moved to opposite sides of the room.

Confused, Eric admitted, "I have no idea how we ended up in bed together." Nicole was quick to stress that she hadn't been in bed with Eric; she had simply been on a bed with him. "Which means nothing happened between us," Eric concluded. "And it never will," Nicole spat. Eric assured Nicole that he understood; he added, however, that he had a strange feeling that something had gone wrong earlier.

Meanwhile, Chad awoke in Abigail and Dario's room and rose from a chair with a groan. After attempting to rouse Abigail, who was sprawled out on the bed, Chad stumbled out of the room and found Sonny passed out in the hallway. Chad woke Sonny and helped him to his feet. Sonny recalled that Eric had made a toast earlier, but he couldn't remember anything that had happened afterward. "Hell of a toast," Chad joked.

Chad and Sonny went downstairs and found Lani and Eli passed out in each other's arms in a chair on one end of the ballroom; on the opposite end, Gabi and J.J. were passed out in each other's arms on a couch. Hope soon entered the ballroom with Rafe and asked Chad and Sonny, "It happened to you, too?" When Chad mumbled a response, Hope began laughing at him for slurring his words. Stopping suddenly, Hope raised a hand to her forehead and muttered, "I feel fuzzy." Sonny told Hope to join the club. "Yeah, and we're not the only members," Chad added, staring at Gabi and J.J. with obvious interest.

Rafe roused Gabi, whose sudden movements disturbed J.J.'s slumber. Neither Gabi nor J.J. could remember how they had ended up in the other's arms. "It happened to all of us. I woke up with [Abigail]," Chad revealed. Chad was quick to assure Gabi that nothing had happened between him and his ex, but when she tried to offer him the same peace of mind, he asked, "How would you know? You don't remember."

"Do you?" Gabi defensively countered, forcing Chad to admit that he didn't. Rafe quickly intervened, pointing out that there was no need for people to start getting upset with each other because everyone was in the same boat. "I [just] want to know what the hell happened," Rafe added, recalling only that he had taken a walk with Hope in the Horton Town Square and had later woken up next to her in the garden outside the Martin mansion. Hope roused Lani and Eli so they could join the conversation. Confused, Lani and Eli separated from each other and wondered what was going on. "We don't know yet," J.J. answered.

Lani couldn't remember anything that had happened after Eric's toast, but she was certain that she hadn't consumed enough Champagne to cause a blackout, and everyone else was equally confident about having consumed only a moderate amount of Champagne during the party. "Then how did we all get knocked out?" Rafe wondered. Meanwhile, Sonny realized that Paul was missing. Chad offered to help Sonny look for Paul, but before they could begin the search, Paul stumbled into the ballroom and breathlessly announced, "Deimos was here. He was the one behind this."

The others listened in shock as Paul shared his story. Sonny was concerned about Paul's head injury, but Paul insisted that he was fine, adding with a sigh, "I'm just pissed that I let [Deimos] get away." Hope guessed that Deimos had spiked the Champagne and cider, and Lani agreed, certain that what she had experienced earlier had been the effects of a Halo trip -- albeit a less dramatic one than she had previously experienced. Confused, Gabi wondered why Deimos would want to give his enemies nonlethal doses of Halo. "If he was willing to take the risk [of getting] caught, there must've been something he really wanted," Chad mused.

After pressing a hand against Sonny's chest to confirm a suspicion, Paul quietly insisted, "You have to tell them." Sighing, Sonny reluctantly admitted that he knew what Deimos had been after. Shocked that Sonny had dug up the amulet after Chad had buried it on the island, Gabi wondered if he had forgotten all the misery it had caused. Sonny explained that he had wanted to sell the amulet because it was worth a lot of money. Hope pointed out that the stolen artifact hadn't been Sonny's -- or, for that matter, Chad's -- to sell. Sonny argued that it was better for him to have the amulet than it was for Deimos to have it.

Chad agreed but pointed out with a sigh that Deimos had been one step ahead -- again -- and had gotten away with yet another crime. "What?" Eric asked as he entered the ballroom with Nicole and Abigail. Hope quickly got the new arrivals up to speed on what was being discussed. Rafe assured everyone that Deimos would eventually be found and punished.

"Then we can put [this] whole night behind us," Chad muttered, staring at Abigail. Gabi, who had been watching Chad closely, pulled him aside and pointed out that he had lipstick on his collar -- Abigail's lipstick. Stammering, Chad suddenly recalled kissing Abigail; he claimed, however, that he didn't know how her lipstick had ended up on her collar.

"You don't remember how you woke up next to J.J.," Chad defensively reminded Gabi. J.J. and Abigail overheard and joined the conversation. Abigail couldn't remember what had happened with Chad, but J.J. suddenly recalled that he'd shared a dance with Gabi. "That true?" Chad asked Gabi jealously. Realizing that J.J. was right, Gabi quickly dropped her own jealous act, reasoning with a shrug, "Look, we were all messed up on Halo."

Upset, Gabi wondered how many more times Deimos was going to get away with upending people's lives. Rafe repeated his earlier promise that Deimos would eventually be found and punished, but Gabi expressed skepticism, admitting that she found it hard to believe Rafe after all the other times he had promised her that he would make Deimos pay. After Gabi finished lashing out at Rafe, she stormed over to the nearby terrace doors in frustration, explaining that she needed some air. Deimos' body fell on top of Gabi when she pulled back the curtains. "Get him off me! Get him off me!" Gabi screamed in horror.

Rafe and Eli rolled Deimos' body off of Gabi, leaving it face-up on the floor. Chad helped Gabi to her feet and comforted her with a hug. After checking Deimos' body for a pulse, Hope confirmed that he was dead. With the Martin mansion suddenly a crime scene, the cops in the group warned the civilians to stay on the premises and refrain from touching things. " of us must have killed him?" Abigail asked.

When Eli pointed out a faint trail of blood that began in the center of the ballroom and ended at the terrace doors, Rafe noted, "Looks like whoever killed [Deimos] did it in this room." Meanwhile, Hope contacted Commissioner Raines and informed him that a murder had occurred at the Martin mansion. Raines soon arrived and took control of the situation, informing the others that they were all suspects for the time being.

At Raines's request, most of the suspects moved to other parts of the mansion so the forensics team could begin its examination of the ballroom; however, Rafe and Hope stayed behind to answer some questions for Raines. When Raines realized that Hope and Rafe couldn't remember everything that had happened that night, he quickly decided that, given Hope's history, she was his prime suspect.

Rafe was outraged, but Hope understood Raines's point of view and privately admitted to Rafe, "I could've stabbed [Deimos] and blocked it out. I could've." Rafe protested that there had been extenuating circumstances the last time Hope had taken the law into her own hands, but she argued that Deimos could have easily goaded her into committing a crime while not in her right mind, just as Stefano had.

Meanwhile, Abigail returned to her room and contacted Jennifer to let her know about what had happened. Chad lingered in the hallway until Abigail was finished with the phone conversation then entered the room and wondered if Jennifer was going to be able to watch Thomas for a while longer. Abigail confirmed that Jennifer was happy to do so.

Changing the subject, Abigail wondered who Chad was zeroing in on as the prime suspect for Deimos' murder. "I don't know...and I don't care," Chad answered with a shrug. Nodding, Abigail hoped that no one would have to go to prison for killing Deimos, of all people. Abigail started to say something else but stopped herself when she noticed a bouquet of flowers on the floor. "Chad, I think that --" Abigail began after a vague recollection.

"What's going on?" Gabi interrupted, joining Chad and Abigail in the room. Stammering, Chad explained that Abigail had just finished checking on Thomas. Abigail added with a nervous chuckle that a bouquet of flowers had somehow fallen out of a vase. Changing the subject, Gabi wondered if Chad and Abigail had managed to remember why they had been alone together earlier that night. Chad blamed Halo for any strange behavior he might have exhibited, and Abigail agreed, assuring Gabi, "Don't worry -- nothing has changed. [You and Chad are] still together, and I'm with your brother."

Satisfied, Gabi turned her attention to jewelry boxes on the nearby dresser. Abigail opened one and showed Gabi the wedding ring that was tucked inside. Chad scoffed when Gabi said that the ring looked nice. "It's too soon," Chad insisted, but Gabi disagreed. "What if they're in love? I mean, they're getting married, right? People don't just say vows to each other [unless they're] in love," Gabi reasoned. Abigail started to say something, but Gabi interrupted, assuring her that she didn't need to defend her decision to marry Dario. "I mean, there's people that think it's insane that Chad and I are together, [too]," Gabi added.

Nodding, Abigail replied, "Right. And, you know, we all make our own decisions...don't we, Chad?" Chad jokingly countered, "Unless Deimos is drugging us." Gabi couldn't believe that Deimos was really dead, but Chad was just surprised that no one had killed Deimos sooner. Abigail didn't know how she was going to respond when the cops began questioning her, since she still had some Halo-induced gaps in her memory. Gabi couldn't remember much, either, but she did know that she had seen Deimos at some point and had chased after him, along with Eli, Lani, and J.J. "That's...kind of important," Chad pointed out.

Abigail wondered if any of the people who had been in pursuit of Deimos had managed to catch him. Shrugging, Gabi admitted that she wasn't sure. "[But] whoever put a knife in that black heart did everyone in this town a service, okay? Deimos Kiriakis is a monster, and the whole world is a better place now that he's dead," Gabi continued. Chad agreed with Gabi but warned that it would be wise of her to refrain from saying such things in the future. "The three of us, we're gonna need to stick matter what happened tonight," Chad added.

Meanwhile, Eric found Nicole in another room, wrapping up a phone conversation with Brady. Although Nicole assured Brady that she would let Eric look after her for the time being, she made it clear to Eric, after ending the call, that she had simply told Brady what he'd needed to hear. Eric argued that Nicole needed his help because he was one of the only people who believed in her, but she insisted that she could take care of herself.

Changing the subject, Eric asked if Nicole remembered anything that had happened that night that had somehow involved Daniel. Nicole hesitantly stated that she only remembered splashing water on her face and discovering afterward that Eric had disappeared. "Where did you go?" Nicole asked suspiciously. Eric admitted that he wasn't sure. However, when Nicole took a seat on the bed and crossed her legs, her stance triggered a sudden memory for Eric, allowing him to recall that he had returned to the room earlier and had found her sitting in a similar position on the bed, at which point he had admitted to her, "I think I did something bad."

Sensing that Eric had remembered something, Nicole somewhat nervously wondered if the memory was about something they had done that night. "It was nothing," Eric claimed.

Paul caught up with Sonny in an otherwise empty hallway and wondered where he was going in such a hurry. Sonny dismissively insisted that the cops couldn't force him to stay at the mansion any longer. Sighing, Paul wondered if Sonny realized the severity of the situation. Sonny confirmed that he did -- and that he was delighted that Deimos was dead. Paul shushed Sonny and warned him not to say things like that.

"Listen -- the police, they never found the amulet on Deimos. Are you sure that he's the one who took it from you?" Paul asked Sonny. Insisting that Deimos was the only person who could have taken the amulet, Sonny suggested, "Maybe he lost it." Not yet convinced, Paul urged Sonny to give the matter some more thought. Sonny suddenly recalled his earlier struggle with Deimos but claimed, "No, I don't remember seeing Deimos at all."

Outside, Eli, Lani, and J.J. tried to recall what had happened that night. Lani remembered that she'd had an argument with J.J. after he had given Gabi a kiss. Blaming Halo, J.J. assured Lani that the kiss had meant nothing.

Eli wondered if Lani remembered what had happened after her argument with J.J. "One important thing -- I kissed you," Lani admitted. J.J. jealously asked if Eli remembered the kiss. "Of course I remember, J.J. It's not something that you easily forget," Eli replied. Scoffing, J.J. wondered if that was supposed to be a dig. Reminding J.J. that he wasn't the only one who had been drugged that night, Lani assured him, "Whatever did or didn't happen, it meant nothing."

Later, Eli, Lani, and J.J. rejoined Raines in the ballroom. When Raines noticed a spot of blood on J.J.'s shirt, Lani suddenly recalled a struggle she had witnessed between J.J. and Deimos. Lani reluctantly shared the information after J.J. assured her that he'd understand if her recollection implicated him in some way. J.J. didn't remember the struggle but agreed to follow Raines down to the police station so the blood could be analyzed.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Hope told Rafe that she still felt weird. Moments later, she began convulsing.

J.J. is questioned for murder

J.J. is questioned for murder

Friday, June 30, 2017

After Hope suffered a seizure, an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. Rafe told Kayla about the events at the Martin house and that Hope had accidentally ingested Halo. With a nod, Kayla sent Rafe out of the room.

At the Brady Pub, Tripp, Joey, and Steve were chatting when the hospital called Steve to tell him about Hope. Steve rushed over to the hospital with Tripp and met up with Rafe outside Hope's room. While Rafe told Steve about the incidents at the party, Tripp watched Kayla tend to Hope. Tripp whispered to himself that it was the perfect moment to make his move. After stabilizing Hope, Kayla met up with the men at the nurses' station.

Kayla informed Steve, Rafe, and Tripp that she had placed Hope on a low dosage of a drug to counteract the effects of the Halo in her system. While Steve and Kayla walked down the hall to her office, Rafe returned to Hope's side. Tripp took Kayla's tablet from the rack and increased the dosage noted on Hope's chart. Tripp made a note to himself to return before the nurse was due to administer the next dosage of the drug.

At the Brady Pub, Joey and Tripp talked about Hope's condition. Tripp complimented Kayla's abilities as a doctor. As Tripp talked about how much everyone at the hospital liked Kayla, Joey said he was happy to hear that Tripp was enjoying working at the hospital. Joey talked about how Kayla had worked and coached his little league when he'd been a kid. When Tripp asked how the coaching had gone, Joey said Kayla had studied baseball in an effort to help Joey and the team.

"She is always putting other people first. She really is an amazing person," Joey said. Joey apologized for rambling, but Tripp said he understood. Tripp said Joey did not need to avoid the subject of mothers. Tripp's phone alarm beeped, and he rushed out of the pub.

While Kayla was on a break, Steve gave her a shoulder massage in her office. Reluctantly Kayla said she needed to return to work. As Steve turned to leave, he spotted a framed photo of Kayla with Tripp. Steve beamed with pride. Kayla explained that a pediatric patient had taken the picture on Tripp's first day. Kayla said she believed Tripp could have a career in medicine.

Once Hope stabilized, Rafe sat at her side in her hospital room. Rafe told a sleeping Hope that he remembered that he had proposed to her, and he swore that he had meant every word he had said while drugged. Hope slept restlessly, and Rafe urged the nurse to check on her. The nurse was about to administer an injection to Hope's I.V. when Tripp burst into the room and yelled, "Stop!" Tripp explained that Kayla had promised that he could watch Kayla inject the medication. With a sigh, the nurse started to show Tripp how to do the injection. Tripp pointed out that the dosage appeared to be too high.

The nurse noted that Kayla had written down the dosage, so it had to be correct. Kayla entered the room with Steve and asked what was going on. The nurse explained the situation. Surprised, Kayla grabbed the tablet and looked at the order. Kayla said that the dosage was not what she had written. Relieved, the nurse said she was thankful that Tripp had noticed the problem. Kayla thanked Tripp for saving Hope's life.

When Rafe returned to Hope's room, she was awake. Elated, Rafe said she had scared them. Hope was confused, so Rafe told her he would update her later. Rafe wanted to find Kayla, but Hope asked about Deimos. Rafe said that Deimos was no longer a problem. Groggy, Hope attempted to sit up in bed, and she said she needed to go to the station. Rafe gently pushed Hope back onto her bed and warned her that she was stuck with him. Hope pulled Rafe into bed with her for comfort. Half asleep, Hope told Rafe that she was a lucky woman.

Down the hallway in Kayla's office, a panicked Kayla berated herself for writing down the wrong dosage while Steve and Tripp listened patiently. Kayla argued that her mistake was unforgivable. Kayla thanked Tripp for his help. Curious, Steve asked Tripp why he had returned to the hospital. Tripp stammered out that he had forgotten his phone and had returned to the hospital to retrieve it. Tripp excused himself and left.

"This really scares me. I just don't do things like that. I don't make mistakes like that," Kayla yelled. Steve assured Kayla that she had been tired. Kayla countered that exhaustion was no excuse. Shaking her head, Kayla reiterated that the mistake was unlike her.

At the police station, Lani confessed to Eli that she felt she had made a mistake by telling the police about her memory of J.J. attacking Deimos. When Abigail arrived at the station, she lashed out at Lani for implicating her brother. Abigail then apologized for her outburst. While Abigail went in to the interrogation room to see J.J., Lani told Eli that she regretted kissing him. Eli stressed that the drugs were to blame.

In the interrogation room, Raines informed J.J. that the lab was testing the blood found on J.J.'s shirt. Abigail attempted to comfort her brother, who was frustrated that he had no memory of attacking Deimos. With a furrowed brow, Raines announced that he had an idea. When Raines returned, Marlena was with him. Marlena sat down with J.J., and Abigail left to meet Chad.

In the square, Chad and Abigail talked about J.J. Abigail said she had attempted to remember the events at the party, but she had failed. Chad said he wanted to talk to her about the party. Abigail thought about the conversation and kiss with Chad. Chad said he remembered the kiss. When Chad asked Abigail if she remembered anything else, she said she did not. Abigail assured Chad that nothing else could have happened because they had woken up in their clothes.

"I just wanted you to know that what happened tonight..." Chad said. "Didn't mean anything?" Abigail finished. Abigail said she understood and that they were better off with Gabi and Dario. Abigail said she would always care about Chad, and he said he felt the same way. With serene smiles, they said goodnight to one another.

In the interrogation room at the station, Marlena hypnotized J.J. in an effort to recover his memories from the party. Under hypnosis, J.J. said he had been upset with Deimos and had looked for him. J.J. admitted that he had found Deimos in the house. When Marlena asked what had happened, J.J. remembered attacking Deimos. Marlena pushed for details. J.J. said he and Deimos had struggled. J.J. began to breathe heavily. Worried, Marlena roused J.J. from his hypnotic state.

Anxious, J.J. looked at Marlena as Raines walked into the room. Marlena informed Raines that J.J. had no memory of killing Deimos but he did have a memory of attacking him. As J.J. sighed, Marlena urged him to call her if he needed to talk. Raines escorted Marlena out, and Lani stepped into the room and took J.J.'s hand. J.J. told Lani that she was right. Shaking his head, J.J. said he had attacked Deimos, and it was likely that he had killed him.

After Lani retrieved a bottle of water for J.J., Abigail returned to the police station. Raines walked in and told J.J. to secure an attorney. When J.J. asked what was wrong, Raines announced that the lab had confirmed that the blood on J.J.'s shirt was Deimos'.

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