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Michael and Nelle made love. Sam agreed to talk to someone about her visions. Sonny and Carly called off the divorce. Andre and Anna shared a passionate kiss. Liesl's secret was exposed. Obrecht was arrested.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 26, 2017 on GH
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Sonny makes a decision about his business Sonny makes a decision about his business

Monday, June 26, 2017

Michael and Nelle were kissing when Michael pulled away and suggested that they stop. "No," they said in unison and continued kissing. As they moved off the couch, Nelle was hesitant about showing her room to him. "Is there a bed?" Michael asked, and the two went off to her bedroom. On her bed, they undressed each other and made love. Later, they lounged under the covers and agreed that they'd both had a good time. She suddenly kissed him again and crawled on top of him.

Liesl assured Ava that there was no lasting damage from when Ava had gone into cardiac arrest. She continued that Ava had made lots of progress. "Wonderful," Ava replied flatly. Noting Ava's sarcasm, Liesl suggested that Ava talk to a psychiatrist. Before Ava could answer, Kiki entered the room. Liesl acknowledged Ava's daughter as "the best medicine" and left the room, smiling. Kiki was delighted to hear that Ava was improving, but Ava told Kiki about getting a look at her injuries. She thought she was paying the price for what she'd done to Morgan and Kiki.

Ava added that it would be easier for Kiki to hate her mother. "For who?" Kiki asked. Ava answered that it would be better for them both if Kiki turned her back on Ava. Kiki admitted that a part of her thought about walking away. "Do it," Ava ordered Kiki. Kiki was appalled that Ava wanted her to leave and not return. Scott burst into the room, and Ava informed him that Kiki was leaving. "I guess I'm leaving. Bye, Mom," Kiki said tearfully, and she turned to leave. "Lauren Katherine," Ava called out, stopping Kiki from leaving. "I love you. I'm just not very good at it," Ava said softly, and Kiki left as Ava started to cry.

Scott questioned Ava about what had just happened, but Ava told him not to worry about it. Scott told her about all the gifts he'd gotten her that he wasn't allowed to take into the room, but she knew that he was there because he was afraid that she would "squeal" on him to the police. "I'm here because I care," he insisted. He wondered what she would say if anyone asked about his involvement in Ava's cover-up. She promised that she would never "rat" on him. She was tired, so he promised to return. "Don't bother," she said, but he protested and left.

At the hospital, Griffin asked Finn about Hayden and the baby and if Finn was ready to be a father. "No," Finn answered jokingly, clearly scared. Griffin thought that Finn would "rise to the challenge." Finn hoped that he wouldn't relapse, and Griffin commented that he was impressed with Finn's recovery. Finn confided his thoughts in Griffin about Liesl tampering with his drug tests. Just then, Liesl stepped off the elevator and asked if Finn was there for his drug treatment.

Finn answered that his treatment had been working so well that he hadn't used in months. "Your tests indicate otherwise," she reminded him. He mentioned that he was certain that someone had been doctoring his tests, and Griffin agreed. She reiterated that he'd failed multiple tests, so there was nothing he could do. When she was gone, Griffin was sure that Liesl was the culprit. Finn informed Griffin that Hayden was determined to prove it. He was glad to have Griffin on his side. Griffin left, and Finn approached Liesl. He told her that he might get his job back and that she had been wrong in saying that there was nothing he could do about it. When he was gone, she looked nervous.

Griffin bumped into Kiki crying outside Ava's room and asked what was wrong. She told him about her conversation with Ava. Griffin insisted that Ava needed Kiki, who didn't have to deal with things alone. He urged her to seek out someone to talk to. She wondered if he was going to order her to forgive Ava, but he didn't think forgiveness worked unless someone found their own way to it. He hoped for peace of mind for Kiki, and he left her alone. Kiki looked through the window to Ava's room and tearfully walked away.

After just having been sick, Hayden stumbled into the Quartermaine living room. She plopped down on a couch and heard a squeak. She angrily picked up the toy she'd just sat on and threw it across the room. Curtis entered, catching the toy. Glad to see him, she revealed that she'd called him to offer him a job, and she updated him about Finn's situation. She continued that she knew who the culprit was, but she needed Curtis to help prove it. He had ideas, but he wanted to talk payment first. She was shocked and talked about their friendship. However, he thought that if they were friends, she would have told him about her baby.

Hayden laughed and lied that she wasn't pregnant. Curtis reminded her that he'd been a cop, so he'd been trained to observe. Knowing that she was caught, Hayden admitted that she was pregnant. He assured her that she could talk to him. She confessed that, while Finn was great, she was terrified. She thought that she would be full of love and joy, but she was just "ambivalent." As Finn approached the living room, he overheard Hayden tell Curtis that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a mother.

Alexis sat outside Kelly's, eating an ice cream sundae. Julian appeared and joked that it was enough ice cream for two people. He wondered if she was eating the ice cream because she had craved a drink. He asked if something had happened. She answered that it was a nice night, and she had been alone with her memories and regrets. "It's not all about you," she added. He thought it had been "fate" to run into her.

Changing the subject, Alexis wondered what Julian had done with the information about Garvey's revenge on Sonny. He answered that he'd told Jason, and he assumed that Sonny was all right. Alexis asked if he was in danger for not helping Garvey, but he figured that he wouldn't be there if he was. Alexis questioned Julian about how Sam had seemed, because she thought that her daughter had seemed "agitated lately." The question worried Julian, and he asked Alexis to update him the next time she checked in with Sam.

Alexis wanted to go home, and Julian offered to drive her. She joked that she'd had too much sugar, but she was still capable of "operating heavy machinery." He tried to entice her with music and a drive around the lake with the windows down, but she refused. "Hear me, because I mean this. I'm not letting you in again," she told him firmly.

On the couch, Josslyn told a fascinated Oscar about her horseback riding. He praised her for caring about "real things" instead of "selfies and how many likes you get." He added that when she talked about horseback riding, it made her feel the same way that playing music made him feel. As they got closer, Josslyn suddenly grew terrified as she heard Bobbie's car pull up outside. Oscar tried to clean up all the bottles, but Josslyn knew his efforts were futile.

Bobbie entered the house with a pile of clothes that belonged to the "half-naked kids" in the hot tub, who'd run off without their clothes. She called Oscar lucky for getting to leave with all of his clothes on, and she kicked him out. Josslyn tried to explain that the party hadn't been her idea, but it had been nice to forget about Carly, Sonny, and Morgan for a while. She promised that it would never happen again, and she knew it had been stupid of her.

Bobbie was angry at Josslyn for lying, drinking, and having boys over with no adults around. Josslyn begged Bobbie not to tell Carly, but Bobbie didn't want Josslyn to think that she condoned what Josslyn had done. She directed Josslyn to clean up, and Josslyn finished a short while later, although she missed a bottle under the couch. She told Bobbie that Carly would never know unless Bobbie said something.

Sonny and Carly shared a kiss, but Carly pulled away. She cried that she was about to divorce Sonny, but she'd been so afraid to lose him earlier that she hadn't been able to breathe. He was thankful to Jason for showing up when he had. Carly continued that she had relived the last time Sonny had been shot and how scared she'd been. She yelled that she hated caring about him. He wondered if she hated him.

Sonny stated that, when Garvey had had his gun pointed at Carly, Sonny had been terrified for her. He admitted that he couldn't live without her, and Carly agreed. The two shared a kiss. Later, they relaxed in bed together after making love. "I am done. I'm getting out of this business," he told a shocked Carly. He vowed to do everything he could to make a good life for his family. Carly replied, "Maybe you believe that you can do that, but I don't."

Monica sets a trap for Liesl

Monica sets a trap for Liesl

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In Sonny's island bungalow, Sonny and Carly were cuddled under the covers as he announced that he intended to leave the mob and make a better life for Carly and their family, but Carly warned him that he couldn't simply walk away from the business. She reminded Sonny that he'd always been honest with her when he'd repeatedly told her that he could never retire because his lifestyle wouldn't permit it. Sonny conceded that he hadn't wanted Carly to have any false expectations, but things had changed. Skeptical, she asked if he planned to fake his death as he had once before or if he would cooperate with the prosecutor and enter the witness protection program.

Carly pointed out that Sonny's successor could get involved in drug running or arms dealing, or a turf war could erupt if the person wasn't strong enough to hold the territory. She doubted Sonny would sit idly by. Sonny sighed with resignation because five years earlier, he could have turned everything over to Jason, and Jason would have accepted. Carly agreed, but she acknowledged that Jason had changed and had a different life. "He not only has a different life, he's different," Sonny admitted. Carly didn't disagree, but she reminded him that he was back to square one without anyone to pass the reins to. Moments later, Kristina called to check on her father because she'd heard about Garvey.

Sonny assured Kristina that he was fine, but he was vague on the details. Frustrated, Kristina told her father to get home safe then abruptly ended the call. Surprised, Sonny told Carly that Kristina had hung up on him. Carly felt bad for Sonny, but she turned back to their earlier conversation because it had been hypocritical for her to change the rules despite marrying him, knowing the consequences of his lifestyle. Sonny insisted Carly was too important to him, so he was determined to find a way out. "This life -- I'm done," Sonny told her.

Carly thought it was ironic that she was the one trying to convince Sonny that it was impossible to get out of the mob. Sonny reminded Carly that things were stable, but she disagreed because Garvey had tried to kill him. Sonny explained that Garvey's attempt had been an isolated incident. Sonny believed it was the best time for him to transition out of the business, and he would start by unloading what he could and grooming a replacement. Sonny knew things wouldn't happen overnight, but he promised Carly that it would happen.

Carly was surprised when Sonny called Lucy to instruct Lucy to list Pozzulo's because he wanted to sell the business. After he ended the call, Carly asked why he had decided to sell the beloved restaurant. She worried that he would regret the decision because Pozzulo's had a rich history, but Sonny explained that Pozzulo's was a symbol that he needed to get rid of to send a clear message. Sonny picked up his gun case then began to break down his gun, since he wouldn't need it anymore, but Carly objected because she didn't want him to be left vulnerable.

Sonny told Carly that he was just as vulnerable without her. Touched, Carly told him that she loved him then kissed him passionately.

At the penthouse, Monica was picking up the living room as Sam entered and assured her mother-in-law that it wasn't necessary to clean. Monica promised that she didn't mind. Moments later, Jason arrived home. Relief washed over Sam as she ran into his arms then hugged him. Her joy vanished when Jason removed his jacket and she saw his bandaged arm. Sam demanded to know what had happened, so Jason reluctantly told her about Garvey's confrontation with Sonny and Carly. Monica checked Jason's injury and assured Sam that everything appeared to be fine. Sam wasn't appeased because she wanted details.

Jason admitted that Carly had pulled the trigger, but he promised it had been an accident. Sam didn't blame Carly; she blamed Sonny because Sonny always expected Jason to rescue him. Jason tactfully suggested that he and Sam discuss it later, so Sam decided to check on the children. After Sam marched upstairs, Monica grabbed her things to leave. Jason thanked Monica for staying with Sam, but he was curious if his mother had noticed that Sam seemed different. Monica admitted that having children changed a person. She suggested that Sam had rearranged her priorities for Danny and Scout. Monica wished her daughter-in-law well.

A short time later, Sam returned to the living room and noticed that Monica had left. She was disappointed because Sam had wanted to thank Monica for talking her out of following Jason to Puerto Rico. Sam accepted a glass of wine from Jason as she jokingly asked him to remind her "to kick Sonny's ass," but Jason seized the opportunity to clarify that Sonny was not to blame for Jason getting shot. Sam's irritation mounted because Jason had defended Sonny, but Jason argued that Sonny and Carly would have died if Jason hadn't intervened. Sam resented Sonny always expecting Jason to save him. Jason assured Sam that he recognized that he couldn't always be there for his friend, and he'd have to pick his battles, but he promised that she and the children were his priority.

Jason was curious if Sam and Sonny had had an argument because he couldn't understand Sam's sudden bitterness toward Sonny. Sam refused to apologize for being worried about her family. Jason's tone softened as he gently expressed his concern about her recent reactions, which he thought had been disproportionate to the circumstances. Sam tensed when he suggested she see a doctor. Sam didn't like the idea of having her "head examined," but Jason was worried about Sam. Sam argued that she'd simply been speaking up, but her anger quickly died when Scout woke up because of Sam's raised voice.

A short time later, Sam took deep, calming breaths as Jason returned to the living room. He assured her that Scout had fallen right back to sleep. Sam tearfully apologized to Jason and explained that she'd been completely focused on her fear to the point that she'd nearly "blacked out." Sam agreed to see a doctor because she was worried that something was wrong with her. Jason took his wife's hands in his as he softly reminded her that the first step was acknowledging that something was wrong.

Sam confessed that since Scout's birth, she'd been feeling "antsy," as if she were not completely in control of things. Jason was curious why she hadn't said anything sooner. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she reminded him that everything had been a mess between her mother's drinking and her father facing jail. Jason assured Sam that they would talk to a doctor then hire a nanny if necessary. Sam agreed to talk to a doctor, but she thought it was a waste of time.

In Kelly's courtyard, Julian invited Alexis to let go for the night and take a risk. He suggested they take the scenic route to her house, but Kristina walked up before Alexis could reply. "Mom?" Kristina asked as she cast a wary glance at Julian. Alexis greeted her daughter and asked what Kristina was going there. Kristina explained that she had stopped by Kelly's to grab something to eat for her and Amy, but it was clear that Kristina wanted to know what Alexis and Julian had been doing.

Julian promised that he and Alexis had bumped into each other then shifted gears to ask if Kristina had heard from Sonny. Kristina was curious why Julian had asked, so he carefully explained that he'd heard about some trouble headed Sonny's way and had tipped Jason off to it. Julian hoped that Jason had given Sonny the heads-up. Kristina wondered why Julian would help her father.

After Kristina entered the diner to call Sonny, Alexis thanked Julian for keeping her company while she'd battled the urge to drink. Julian assured her that he had been glad to help and that she could count on him if she needed help in the future. Alexis told him that they were over, but he was curious if she'd meant for the evening or if she'd meant for good. Kristina emerged from the restaurant and reported that Sonny was fine, but she grumbled that he'd given her the "G-rated" version of what had transpired on the island. However, Kristina was grateful that Julian had warned Jason.

After Julian left, Alexis and Kristina entered Kelly's. Alexis admitted that she'd been surprised that Kristina had thanked Julian, but Kristina thought it would have been petty not to. Alexis sensed that Kristina was upset about Sonny, prompting Kristina to complain about the risks her father took. Alexis assured Kristina that Sonny loved her, but Kristina didn't agree with his choices. Kristina added that she had concerns about Alexis, too, and asked what had been going on between Alexis and Julian. Alexis revealed that she'd been craving a drink, but she promised to call her sponsor the next time rather than relying on Julian.

Kristina was not pleased because she worried that she might not be around to save Alexis from herself the next time. Exasperated, Kristina picked up her order and left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Finn stood in the hallway as he eavesdropped on Hayden and Curtis in the living room. Hayden confessed that she'd always assumed that she would instantly love her baby and be filled with boundless joy and hope, but instead, she felt ambivalent because she wasn't certain that she wanted to be a mother. Curtis was curious if Hayden worried that she might not be a perfect mother or if she was afraid of being a mother. Hayden admitted that her parents hadn't been great role models, but she reminded Curtis that Finn was in recovery, and he might not be ready for fatherhood.

Finn decided to make his presence known by entering the living room and greeting Hayden and Curtis. Hayden nervously asked Finn how long he'd been standing there, but Finn sidestepped the question by revealing that he'd been at the hospital, talking to Griffin about the possibility that someone other than Brad had sabotaged the drug tests. Hayden told Finn that she'd called Curtis to enlist Curtis' help. Curtis wondered how certain Finn was about the suspect's guilt, so Finn admitted that the doctor despised him. Finn told Curtis about Liesl. Curtis didn't know Liesl, but he was eager to get started because he'd gotten the impression from Hayden that Liesl was not a nice person.

Moments later, Monica entered the room and immediately sensed that she'd walked in on something. Hayden denied it, but Monica didn't believe her because there had been more plots hatched in the mansion than at the CIA. Monica assured Hayden that she had seen it all and advised Hayden to be honest. Finn decided to let Monica know about his suspicions and Curtis' mission to prove that Liesl had tampered with the tests. To Finn and Hayden's surprise, Monica volunteered to help because she believed that Liesl was capable to altering drug tests, and Monica suspected that Liesl was biding her time until she could replace Monica as the hospital's chief of staff. Monica asked if Curtis had plans for later that evening because she wanted to take him on a field trip.

Later, Finn and Hayden stepped out on the patio. Hayden was delighted that Monica had agreed to help because it increased their chances of catching Liesl. Finn agreed, but he steered the conversation to what he'd overheard earlier. Hayden assured him that she hadn't questioned his ability to be a father, but Finn disagreed. However, he conceded that he'd been concerned, too, and had talked to Griffin about it. Hayden explained that she was worried that Finn had too much on his plate with his recovery and his job on the line.

Hayden realized the timing wasn't ideal, but Finn pointed out that it was what they'd been given. He promised Hayden that he would work every day to be the best father the baby could ask for. Hayden smiled because she believed him. Hayden confessed that she was more worried about herself, but Finn assured her that they could lean on each other.

At the hospital, Liesl noticed Kiki was working even though Kiki's shift had already ended. Kiki explained that she had wanted to make certain everything was ready for the next shift. Liesl was impressed and confided that people had taken notice of Kiki's excellent work ethic. Kiki smiled as Liesl expressed her confidence that Kiki would excel in her career and encouraged Kiki to keep up the good work. However, Liesl warned Kiki not to count on raises or promotions because Monica was in charge. Liesl added that things would change when Monica stepped down because Liesl was confident the board would reinstate Liesl as chief of staff.

Kiki was startled when Liesl admitted that she wanted Kiki to be a part of her team, but she hoped Kiki would return the favor by keeping tabs on Monica and the staff. Liesl promised to repay Kiki when Liesl was in charge. "Think about it," Liesl added as she walked away.

Meanwhile, Monica and Curtis were on their way to the lab as Monica explained that she wanted him to be familiar with the area. Monica stopped short when she rounded a corner and saw Liesl. Monica quickly stepped back and told Curtis that they needed to take care of his disguise before they went to the lab because Liesl was working.

Later, Julian approached the nurses' station to hand Liesl a bag of food that he had picked up for her and the staff as a show of appreciation for everything they'd done for his sister. Liesl was touched by the gesture. Julian admitted that he was impressed with how Monica had turned things around at the hospital because it hadn't been that long before when the hospital had been on the verge of being converted into condominiums. Liesl scowled as Julian walked away.

Nearby, Monica peeked around the corner and saw Liesl leave the nurses' station with a bag of food. Monica called out to Curtis. He stepped forward, wearing slacks, a uniform dress shirt, and a baseball cap. He also sported a pair of glasses to complete his look as an IT guy. Curtis was not pleased that she'd made him look like a nerd, but Monica was confident the disguise would fool Liesl.

Moments later, Kiki walked up and asked if she could speak to Monica privately. Curtis ducked his head as Monica explained that Kiki could talk in front of the new IT guy because he'd been hired to tighten security around the hospital. Kiki glanced at Curtis, but she didn't appear to recognize him. Kiki confided that she'd had a troubling conversation with Liesl in which Liesl had asked Kiki to spy on Monica. Kiki assured Monica that she wouldn't do it, but Monica wanted Kiki to do exactly as Liesl had asked.

Charlotte has a lot of questions

Charlotte has a lot of questions

> Charlotte has a lot of questions

Charlotte has a lot of questions

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sonny walked Carly to her front door as he assured her that he would figure out a way to leave the business. Carly smiled and kissed him.

Inside, Josslyn was on the phone with her friend Trina, talking about the previous evening. Josslyn had no idea if her grandmother had told Carly about the party, but she hoped that she had convinced Bobbie not to say anything. Josslyn quickly wrapped up the call when she heard the front door open. Josslyn assumed it was Bobbie until Carly appeared in the doorway. Josslyn warmly greeted her mother with a bright smile then announced that she had to get ready because she and Trina had volunteered as junior counselors at Lila's Kids. Carly asked her daughter to wait because they needed to talk.

Josslyn groaned with dismay because she assumed that Bobbie had talked to Carly. Josslyn asked for an opportunity to explain, but Carly admitted that she hadn't spoken to Bobbie. Josslyn was relieved, but Carly demanded to know what Josslyn was hiding. Josslyn refused to tell Carly, but Carly threatened to call Bobbie. Josslyn claimed that she and her grandmother had simply had a misunderstanding then she dashed off to change for Lila's Kids. Carly let out a frustrated breath as she glanced at her phone, but the phone slipped out of her hands. Carly went to retrieve it and noticed a bottle of beer sticking out from under the table.

A short time later, Josslyn returned, ready for camp. Carly confronted Josslyn about the bottle of beer. Josslyn was forced to admit that she had hosted a party with a small group of friends who had arrived with beer. Carly continued to probe until Josslyn confessed that she'd spent time alone with a boy named Oscar and that she'd had a few sips of beer. Carly was furious and demanded Josslyn's phone. Josslyn tearfully apologized, but Carly warned her daughter that there would be consequences for Josslyn's poor choices.

Josslyn's remorse turned to fury because Carly hadn't faced any consequences for giving Sonny another chance. Carly refused to let Josslyn deflect by changing the subject, but Josslyn angrily informed her mother that the party had been an attempt to get her mind off Carly's dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Carly acknowledged that it had been a difficult year for Josslyn, but throwing a party with booze was not the answer. Carly sent Josslyn to her room just as Bobbie arrived home.

Carly greeted her mother then asked why Bobbie hadn't told her about Josslyn's party. Bobbie promised that she'd had every intention of telling Carly when Carly had returned home, but she assured her daughter that Josslyn hadn't had more than a sip or two of alcohol, and Bobbie thought that Oscar had seemed harmless -- unlike Trina and Trina's friends. Carly vowed that Josslyn would not be spending any more time at Trina's house.

Bobbie changed the subject by revealing that she'd bumped into Sonny at the hospital earlier and that she had tried to talk to him about the divorce, but he had advised Bobbie to talk to Carly. Carly quietly admitted that she had called off the divorce because she and Sonny had decided to work on their marriage. Meanwhile, Josslyn stood at the top of the stairs, eavesdropping on Carly and Bobbie.

In Ava's hospital room, a nurse checked Ava's bandages and noticed that Ava hadn't had the breakfast shake. The nurse encouraged Ava to drink the creamy shake because Ava desperately needed the calories, but Ava refused. Julian appeared in the doorway and assured the nurse that he would make certain his sister drank her breakfast. After the nurse left, Ava warned her brother that she refused to drink the shake. Julian smiled because he was pleased that Ava was feisty -- it meant she was improving.

Julian was confident that things were looking up for both him and his sister. He lifted the glass to Ava's lips so she could drink from the straw. Ava drank as Julian promised to put some vodka in the next shake. After Julian set the drink down, Ava asked him why things were looking up for him. Julian revealed that Olivia had agreed to let him spend time with his son, who had grown a foot since Julian had last seen him. Julian hoped that he could make up for lost time, but Ava was confident that Leo was young enough not to have noticed that Julian hadn't been around.

Julian hoped Ava was right, but she pointed out that it didn't matter because Julian was headed to jail. Julian disagreed because he intended to fight the charges with everything he had. Julian thought his sister should fight too, but Ava admitted that she deserved to be punished and had no interest in evading justice. Julian argued that Ava's long road to recovery was punishment enough, but Ava disagreed because she had hurt too many people, especially Kiki. Ava explained that Kiki was torn because Kiki was furious about Ava's role in Morgan's death but also felt obligated to be at her mother's side. Ava believed that she would set Kiki free by going to jail, but Julian disagreed.

Julian was certain his niece would forgive Ava, and he added that Ava had Avery to think of. Julian reminded Ava that Avery needed her mother, but Ava thought it was the last thing her young daughter needed. Ava made it clear that she intended to make a full confession to spare Kiki the trauma of a trial. Julian was disappointed when Ava added that she was ready to accept whatever punishment the justice system had in store for her. Julian knew what it was like to feel hopeless, but he begged Ava not to take the easy way out. He urged her to consider making amends, but Ava thought it was pointless because she was headed to jail regardless.

Julian reminded Ava that there wasn't any proof that she had tampered with Morgan's medication, but Ava's mind was made up. Seconds later, Sonny entered the room. Outraged, Julian demanded to know what Sonny was doing there, but Sonny smiled with malice at Ava as he revealed that he was there to let Ava know that he intended to file for full custody of their daughter. Julian was stunned that Sonny would fight Ava for custody after Sonny had left her to die in a warehouse fire. Sonny shrugged, but Julian took satisfaction in knowing that Sonny would be raising Avery alone.

Sonny took delight in letting Ava know that he and Carly had reconciled, so Carly would be the only mother that Avery would know. Furious, Julian ordered Sonny to leave. Sonny dropped the envelope with the custody papers on Ava's tray then left. Julian apologized for letting Sonny enter the room, but Ava didn't blame her brother. Julian implored Ava not to give up, but she asked Julian to leave her alone for a bit. Julian agreed because he wanted his sister to get some rest.

At Kelly's, Spencer told Alexis about his plans to reclaim his birthright. Spencer hoped that Alexis could help, but Alexis admitted that it would be a conflict of interest, since Nikolas had been her nephew and Valentin was her half-brother. Spencer started to object, but Laura gently reminded him that it was Alexis' decision to make. Spencer insisted that the three of them together could vanquish Valentin and take back what he had stolen from Spencer, but Laura glanced at Alexis as she admitted that she and Kevin had tried to explain the legalities to Spencer.

Laura hoped that Alexis could help to enlighten Spencer. Spencer argued that he wanted his home back, but Laura pointed out that it was impossible then tried to cheer up her grandson by reminding him that they had to get to Lila's Kids. Spencer wasn't interested in attending camp because the day's theme was "Daybreak with Dad." Laura nodded in understanding then explained to Alexis that it was a nature hike with fathers. Spencer added that the event would be a painful reminder of what Valentin had stolen from him.

However, Spencer refused to indulge in self-pity; he'd rather take action against the man who had murdered his father. Spencer was certain there was a way for him to legally reclaim his birthright and that his brilliant aunt would figure something out. Alexis reluctantly admitted that Wyndemere belonged to Valentin and that she'd reviewed all the documents, and everything appeared to be ironclad. Spencer was certain there had to be a loophole because it wasn't right that the man who'd murdered Nikolas had been able to steal Spencer's legacy.

Spencer was curious what would happen if Valentin died. Alexis warned her nephew that Charlotte would likely inherit, but that only infuriated Spencer further. Spencer insisted there had to be a way to secure his inheritance. Alexis acknowledged that there might be a way because Mikkos Cassadine had clearly intended to pass the estate to a male heir. Alexis admitted that if Valentin died, she might be able to argue that the estate should go to Spencer rather than Charlotte, but it would be a long shot. Spencer perked up.

After Alexis excused herself to take a call, Laura told Spencer that she was sorry the news had been disappointing. Spencer told his grandmother that he wanted to go home to Wyndemere because he missed his life there. Spencer worried about his horse, but Laura assured him that the animals were being well cared for. Laura acknowledged that Spencer had lost a lot, but she reminded him that Wyndemere was just a building. Laura promised Spencer that he was the best parts of his father and that Nikolas lived on inside his son. Laura added that Spencer could hear Nikolas, if Spencer listened closely, because Nikolas would always be there for Spencer.

Spencer brightened when he saw Chandler enter the diner. Spencer greeted his ex-driver and asked if Chandler still worked at Wyndemere. Chandler confirmed that he did, but he'd been given permission by the estate's manager to take a second job -- driving Spencer around. Laura smiled as she explained that she had hired Chandler because she had closed Spencer's Uber account, and she needed someone she could trust who knew where Spencer should and shouldn't be. Spencer decided he was eager to get to camp, but Laura asked if Spencer was okay. "Yes," Spencer answered then credited his grandmother for turning things around for him.

After Spencer gave Laura a warm hug and told her that he loved her, he followed Chandler out the door. Outside, Spencer told Chandler that he wanted to make a quick stop before being dropped off at camp.

Inside, Alexis returned to the table. She noticed that Spencer had left, so she asked if he was okay. Laura nodded, but Alexis felt bad that she hadn't been able to help him. Laura confessed that she couldn't shake the feeling that Spencer hadn't given up his quest.

Later, Spencer entered Pozzulo's and tried to dismiss Chandler, but Chandler was uncomfortable leaving Spencer unchaperoned. Sonny turned from the counter to look at his nephew then assured the driver that Spencer would be fine with him. After Chandler left, Spencer thanked Sonny for agreeing to see him because he wanted to discuss some business. "I want you to eliminate Valentin Cassadine," Spencer said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dante entered the living room to let Lulu and Charlotte know that Olivia would join them shortly. Charlotte looked out at the yard where Ned and Rocco played whiffle ball and asked who owned the mansion. Lulu explained that Olivia would soon be the owner once Olivia and Ned were married. Charlotte smiled because the mansion reminded her of the home she had lived in with her father and Nina. Lulu felt bad for Charlotte because she knew her daughter missed Valentin, but Charlotte wanted to know when Valentin would return home. Lulu admitted that she didn't know.

Dante decided to check on what was keeping Olivia, but Charlotte continued to worry that her father would not return. Lulu was curious why Charlotte thought that, so Charlotte pointed out that Dante and Lulu always changed the subject when she tried to talk to them about Valentin. Lulu praised her daughter for being perceptive, but Lulu confessed that she couldn't give Charlotte a definitive answer because Valentin would be gone for a long time.

Moments later, Dante entered the living room to make certain that Ned was nowhere around. After Dante determined the coast was clear, he called out to Olivia. Olivia swept into the room, wearing a voluminous lace wedding dress and veil. Lulu and Charlotte complimented the dress, but Olivia admitted that she hated the dress. Olivia explained that the dress was a family heirloom that had been worn by four other Falconeri brides. However, Olivia refused to be the fifth one. Charlotte thought Olivia looked like a fairy godmother.

Olivia was touched by the compliment, but she explained that she was a grandmother, and she couldn't see herself getting married in the frilly wedding gown. Charlotte was surprised that Olivia was a grandmother, but Olivia revealed that she was Charlotte's grandmother. Shocked, Charlotte looked to Lulu for confirmation. Lulu nodded as she explained that Olivia was Charlotte's step-grandmother. Charlotte was awed. Delighted by the reaction, Olivia invited Charlotte to call her "Nonna." Charlotte grinned because she liked the Italian word for grandmother.

Olivia shifted gears by announcing that she had to find a new wedding dress before her wedding, which was slated for the first week in July. Lulu and Charlotte agreed to help, but Lulu reminded Olivia that Olivia had a surprise for Charlotte. Olivia decided to change before she had a chat with her favorite granddaughter. After Olivia left, Charlotte admitted that Olivia was nothing like her grandmother in Canada.

Later, Olivia returned to the living room. Charlotte was eager for her surprise, so Olivia explained that Rocco and Leo would be the ring bearers at the wedding. Olivia asked if Charlotte would be interested in being the flower girl. Charlotte happily agreed. Olivia hugged Charlotte and admitted that she was eager to show off her granddaughter because Olivia was proud of her beautiful family. "Me, too," Charlotte replied. Lulu and Dante smiled with joy.

A short time later, Dante entered Ava's hospital room. Ava assured him that pleasantries weren't necessary because she knew why he was there. "I want to ask you some questions about your involvement in my brother's death," Dante confirmed.

Josslyn wants to live with Jax

Josslyn wants to live with Jax

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nathan paced a room as he waited for the photographer to arrive. Amy explained that Laurent needed a special lens to photograph Nathan's profile in shadow while capturing the vibrant blue of one eye. Nathan reminded her that he wanted to see all the proofs to ensure that no one might recognize him. Amy agreed then decided to fetch the photographer, but as she opened the door, she encountered Quinn and Nina as they arrived for the photo shoot. Nathan panicked as Amy quickly slipped into the hallway and closed the door behind her.

Amy loudly greeted Nina and Quinn then began to gush about how much she admired Nina's work. Quinn and Nina were curious why Amy was talking loudly, but Amy giggled then changed the subject because she was curious why Nina was there. Quinn revealed that Nina wanted to help promote the book by featuring Ask Man Landers in Crimson, but Amy reminded Quinn that it was a closed photo shoot. Quinn's phone chimed with a text message from Laurent requesting Quinn's assistance. Quinn decided to let Nina deal with Amy.

After Quinn left, Nina asked why Amy was at the photo shoot. Amy explained that she was Man Landers' manager, so Nina cut to the chase and explained that she hoped to feature Man Landers in her magazine. Amy nixed the idea because he was a private person, but Nina decided to talk directly to Man Landers. Amy sprang into action as Nina opened the door. Nathan was pressed up against the wall behind the door as Amy tried to yank the door closed while Nina struggled to push it open. Eventually, Amy prevailed, prompting Nina to question Amy's odd behavior.

Amy reminded Nina that Man Landers wanted his privacy, but Nina couldn't understand why Amy would let a lucrative opportunity pass her by. Amy promised to discuss it with Nina the following day, but Nina refused to wait and rushed to the door. Nina entered the room, but stopped short when she realized it was unoccupied. Amy sagged with relief when she realized that Nathan had managed to hide behind a partition for changing. Nina demanded to know what was going on, but Amy giggled and tried to usher Nina out of the room with promises to talk to Man Landers about Nina's offer. Nina's eyes narrowed when she spotted a pair of men's shoes peeking out from under the partition.

Nina recognized the custom-made shoes that she had bought for her brother, so she marched over to the partition to confront her brother. Amy began to babble as she tried to explain why Nathan was there, but Nathan told Amy to stop then filled his sister in about his offer to help Amy. Nina was curious why Nathan would help Amy, but he told Nina that it was Amy's secret to tell. Amy decided to confide everything to Nina. Touched by the story, Nina promised to keep Amy's secret because she thought Amy was an incredible person.

Moments later, Quinn returned to assure everyone that the photographer was on his way. Nina announced that Man Landers had agreed to give Crimson the exclusive. Quinn was delighted and praised Amy for a job well done. Quinn was certain that Ask Man Landers and Crimson were a match made in heaven.

At Carly's house, Josslyn eavesdropped on Carly and Bobbie as Carly confessed that she and Sonny had decided to get back together. Josslyn was upset and ran down the stairs to ask how Carly could go back to Sonny. Josslyn ranted about Sonny and referred to him as "that man." Carly sternly reminded Josslyn that Sonny was her stepfather, but Josslyn shot back that her stepfather was the reason her real father couldn't visit her. Josslyn begged her mother to tell her that she'd heard wrong, but Carly quietly admitted that she and Sonny had called off the divorce. Josslyn was disgusted, but she took comfort in knowing that Sonny and Carly's pattern meant they'd be "toast" by the weekend.

Carly knew Josslyn was upset, but she warned Josslyn that it wasn't okay to disrespect her. Bobbie decided it was her cue to leave, but she reminded Josslyn that Carly loved Josslyn very much. Bobbie was certain that Josslyn would look back on the argument one day and realize that Josslyn hadn't known as much as she thought she did. After Bobbie left, Carly acknowledged that her news had been shocking, but Josslyn had known as soon as Carly had left for Puerto Rico that Carly and Sonny would reconcile. Carly was sorry that Josslyn felt that way, but Josslyn didn't believe Carly because if her mother were truly sorry, then she wouldn't be with Sonny.

Josslyn thought it was clear that what she wanted and what she felt didn't matter to her mother. Carly disagreed, but she warned Josslyn that it wasn't an excuse for bad behavior, throwing a party, and drinking beer with a boy. Josslyn insisted that Oscar had been a very nice and respectful boy -- unlike the man that Carly had run off to Puerto Rico with. Josslyn was furious that Sonny had hurt Carly worse than anyone else, yet Carly had the nerve to punish Josslyn. Josslyn accused her mother of being a hypocrite then started to storm off, but Carly stopped her.

Carly reminded Josslyn that Josslyn didn't have the right to talk to Carly like that. "Why not?" Josslyn asked defiantly. Josslyn reminded her mother that Carly had repeatedly promised Josslyn that the marriage was over and that Carly would never go back to Sonny, but Josslyn conceded that she'd known it was a lie because Carly had never been able to stay away from Sonny, regardless of how much he hurt Carly. Carly claimed that it was complicated, but Josslyn wanted to know why Carly would go back to Sonny. Carly explained that she loved Sonny, and they had shared a life and family together.

Carly acknowledged that she and Sonny had made mistakes, but she believed that she and Sonny were better together than they were apart. Carly agreed that Sonny had been wrong to have Jax deported and banned from returning, but Josslyn cut her off before Carly could mitigate Sonny's actions. Josslyn insisted that she never would forgive Sonny, but Carly promised that Sonny could admit when he was wrong and make amends. "Not to me," Josslyn argued. Josslyn explained that it hurt because she had once loved Sonny, but no more because she would hate him until the day she died.

Carly was stunned when Josslyn announced that she wanted to live with Jax because she could never accept Sonny as a part of her family again or live under the same roof with him. Carly reminded Josslyn that she'd only agreed to let Josslyn spend the summer with Jax, but Josslyn insisted that she wanted to get away from Carly's dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Hurt, Carly decided to table the conversation by agreeing to think about it. However, Carly expected Josslyn to honor her obligations at Lila's Kids because Josslyn was still grounded. Josslyn thought it was unfair that she had to do everything that Carly said, but Carly was free to do as she pleased.

At Kelly's, Kevin and Laura sat down as she told him about Spencer's talk with Alexis. Laura admitted that it had seemed to help because Alexis had made Spencer understand that Valentin had a legal claim to everything. However, Spencer had pressed Alexis to find a loophole. Moments later, Chandler called Laura to report that Spencer had asked to be dropped off at Pozzulo's. After Laura ended the call, she told Kevin that Spencer was with Sonny. "Three guesses what that's all about," she added.

At Pozzulo's, Spencer told Sonny that he wanted Sonny to eliminate Valentin. Sonny was curious if Spencer understood what he was asking. "Yes, I want you to track down that father-murdering, Wyndemere-stealing usurper and whack him," Spencer answered. Sonny sighed then picked his nephew up to plop Spencer down on a stool so they could continue their conversation eye to eye. Spencer explained that he couldn't let Valentin keep what rightfully belonged to him because Valentin had murdered Nikolas. Spencer conceded that could never be undone, but Spencer wanted justice -- and peace.

Sonny explained that if he did what Spencer asked, then Spencer would never have peace; it would be the opposite. Sonny revealed that he'd done a lot of things that he shouldn't have, but Spencer didn't see how that had hindered his powerful uncle. Sonny admitted that he had to live with his regrets, but he didn't want Spencer to have to do the same. Spencer couldn't understand why avenging his father's death by taking back what had already been his was wrong. Sonny empathized, prompting Spencer to ask why his uncle refused to help. Sonny explained that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did what Spencer requested.

Sonny suspected that Spencer would feel the same, but Spencer promised that he'd be eternally grateful and sleep peacefully at night. Sonny disagreed, and he was certain that Nikolas would too. Spencer resented Sonny speaking for Nikolas because Spencer desperately missed his father and wanted him back. Spencer's voice cracked with emotion because he knew Sonny felt the same way about Morgan. Sonny nodded and talked to Spencer about the pain they shared over their profound losses. Sonny admitted that revenge was not the answer because it wouldn't bring their loved ones back.

Spencer wrapped his arms around his uncle and sniffled. Tears glistened in Sonny's eyes as he held Spencer. A short time later, Sonny watched as Spencer nibbled on a big slice of cake. He encouraged Spencer to enjoy it while he could. Spencer realized that Laura would likely suspend his dessert privileges, but Sonny clarified that he'd been referring to the restaurant because it was for sale. Spencer objected, but Sonny explained that sometimes it was necessary to let go of things.

Moments later, Kevin and Laura arrived. Laura thanked Sonny for calling, but she admitted that Chandler had already let her know that Spencer had been with Sonny. Spencer was not pleased, but Laura reminded her grandson that Chandler worked for her. Laura warned Spencer that if he continued to bully his driver, then Laura would have to let Chandler go and send Spencer back to boarding school. She added that she had found the perfect place in Montana without cell phone service and digital technology. Spencer was horrified and agreed to behave.

Pleased, Laura told Spencer to apologize to his uncle for putting Sonny in an awkward position. Spencer obediently apologized. Sonny accepted the apology, but he warned Spencer to behave because Sonny would not be happy if Spencer caused Laura trouble. Laura smiled then led Spencer to the door. Kevin started to follow, but Sonny asked to speak to Kevin privately. After Laura and Spencer left, Sonny revealed that he'd had a long talk with Spencer, and he was confident that he'd gotten through to his nephew, but he thought Laura should keep an eye on Spencer anyway.

Kevin promised to let Laura know. Satisfied, Sonny admitted that he was glad that Laura had Kevin to lean on. Kevin smiled and thanked Sonny. After Kevin left, Carly entered and told Sonny about her confrontation with Josslyn. Sonny offered to talk to Josslyn, but Carly warned him that it was a bad idea because Josslyn felt betrayed by him. Carly revealed that Josslyn wanted to live with Jax, but Carly was determined to find a way to make things work because she couldn't imagine a life without Sonny, and she refused to send her daughter to live in Australia.

Meanwhile, Kevin, Laura, and Spencer returned to Kelly's, where Spencer announced that Laura, Kevin, and Sonny had helped him accept how things were. Kevin was pleased. Spencer smiled because he was ready to return to Kevin's place and spend time with his grandmother and Kevin. Laura made it clear that there were consequences for his actions. She told her grandson that he would have to go to Lila's Kids the following day, and Spencer would be expected to help Laura and Kevin clean the back patio later that day. Spencer groaned, but Laura sent him to the counter to order two iced teas and a drink for himself -- provided it wasn't soda.

After Spencer walked away, Laura asked if she'd been too hard on Spencer. Kevin assured her that she had set reasonable boundaries, but he feared it wasn't over because Spencer had gone from trying to hire a lawyer to arranging a hit on Valentin. Laura confessed that she wouldn't blame Kevin for breaking things off with her, but he promised that he wasn't going anywhere. Laura smiled while Spencer watched from the counter.

In Ava's hospital room, Dante questioned Ava about confessing to Sonny and Carly that she had tampered with Morgan's medication, but she claimed that she couldn't recall what she'd said in the warehouse before the fire. Ava added that she had nothing to say about what had happened -- ever. Dante sat down next to her bed and asked what Ava had been doing. He was certain that she had never intended to hurt Morgan, but Ava refused to discuss it. Dante told her that he hadn't been talking to her as a suspect then implored her to tell the truth so Morgan's family could have closure, because it would give Morgan -- and his family -- peace.

Dante suspected that, deep down, Ava wanted the same. Ava assured Dante that she wanted Morgan to have peace because he'd been a very troubled soul. Ava believed that Morgan was no longer tormented by the chaos and turmoil that had plagued him, and he was free of the agony and guilt he'd felt, but Dante thought it was a convenient way for Ava to look at things. Ava revealed that she had never thought about faith and religion until a recent conversation she'd had with Griffin. She admitted that Griffin had made her think about the future and making amends. Ava believed that she was living in purgatory because she suffered constant pain, fear, and despair.

Dante was curious if Ava saw her situation as some form of penance. "I see it as my fate," Ava answered. She warned Dante that she refused to let him, or anyone, punish her more than she'd already been punished. Dante wondered if Ava had considered Morgan's family and how she would leave them all hanging. Ava's voice filled with emotion as she told him that it was excruciating when the air touched her skin. She suggested that he talk to her about being left hanging when he experienced what she suffered.

"For the last time, I've got nothing more left to say," Ava told Dante. "It's all crap," Dante angrily whispered as he leaned close to her face. Dante thought if Ava had truly been remorseful, then she would own up to what she had done to Morgan, and she would pay her debt to society. However, he knew she never would because Ava was a coward. Scott entered the room and immediately picked up on the tension, but Dante left in disgust.

In the hallway, Bobbie bumped into Dante. She was curious if he was there to question Ava, but he revealed that he'd already talked to Ava. Bobbie glanced through the window and saw Scott in Ava's hospital room. Bobbie was frustrated because she was certain that Scott had known about Ava's guilt for quite some time, but she knew Scott well enough to know that he would justify everything by claiming that he'd only learned about Ava's misdeeds after Morgan had died. Bobbie was also certain that Scott would argue that exposing what Ava had done wouldn't bring Morgan back. Dante wondered if Bobbie believed that.

Bobbie assured Dante that she wanted Ava to face justice and to be given the maximum punishment, but she acknowledged that they might not get that. Bobbie wondered if Dante would be able to let everything go, knowing that Ava was suffering. Dante believed that he could, but he worried about Sonny because Sonny expected Dante to put Ava behind bars. Bobbie advised Dante not to let Sonny guide his actions.

Scott expressed his concern about Ava, but he was also worried about what she had told Dante. Ava assured him that she hadn't told Dante anything, but Scott had his doubts. Ava promised that she wouldn't betray him because they'd been through a lot together. Scott told Ava that he would always be there for her, but she tearfully explained that she didn't want Scott to be stuck trying to lift her spirits. She admitted that they'd had a good run, but it had to end.

Scott objected, but Ava was adamant that she wanted him to leave and not return. Reluctantly, Scott left.

Obrecht's misdeed is revealed

Obrecht's misdeed is revealed

Friday, June 30, 2017

Michael and Nelle woke up in bed in Nelle's apartment, and while they both talked about being late for work, they were each reluctant to leave the bed. Michael announced that he planned on buying a big ad for Crimson in order to placate Nina for Nelle's late arrival to work. Nelle thought that a business ad would be inappropriate for the magazine, but Michael explained that his company had already purchased some ad space, anyway, and he would extend the contract.

Olivia stopped by to see Nina in the Crimson office and to drop off the papers for the lease extension for the office space. Olivia gushed about her upcoming nuptials until she noticed that Nina was upset and looking at her divorce papers. Olivia said she was sorry , although Nina advised her that it wasn't necessary to sympathize. Nina was aware that Olivia hated Valentin.

Olivia acknowledged that while Valentin wasn't on her list of favorites, he was still Nina's husband. She thought that Nina might still love him. Nina declared that Valentin had given her a family, but she was remaining strong and not out of control. She thought that she should have stood by him, but she'd incorrectly assumed that he had been cheating on her. It was too late for anything to be done.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki was ready to head out. She explained to Dillon that she couldn't divulge her destination other than to say that she had a secret mission. Ned interrupted them and asked about Ava. He offered his help with anything that might be needed. Kiki left, and as the guys spoke, Dillon suggested that Ned was acting strangely. He wondered if his brother had cold feet.

Ned assured Dillon that he wasn't bailing on Olivia but was feeling emotional. He was certain that this marriage would last because Olivia made him feel his best. He asked Dillon to be his best man, and Dillon agreed. "Hell, yes," Dillon shouted. As the men hugged briefly, Michael arrived and admitted he'd had an all-nighter but not at the office. "What's her name?" both Dillon and Ned asked at the same time.

Michael revealed Nelle's name but told the brothers it was secret. He didn't think his mother would react very well. The men toasted to the next generation of Quartermaines who would hopefully not be dysfunctional. Olivia arrived in tears and exclaimed that everything was perfect. She thought the guys were cute, and she joined in with a toast to the Quartermaine men and the lucky women who loved them. Olivia advised Michael that he had a plus one for the wedding, and Michael stated that he was certain his date would fit in well.

After Michael was gone, Olivia advised Ned that they should probably add Sonny and Carly to the guest list. "Sure, what could go wrong?" Ned asked reluctantly.

Nelle arrived at work and found Nina sitting at her desk in a trance. She asked whether everything was okay. "No, not really," Nina replied. She snapped out of it and told Nelle about their exclusive interview with Man Landers, whose identity would remain secret for some mystique. "Your readers will freak," Nelle declared. "Our readers," Nina corrected her. Nelle filled Nina in on her first date with Michael. Nina thought that Nelle deserved to be happy, though Nelle advised her that some people would disagree.

Nina showed Nelle the divorce papers that she had to sign. Nelle promised that things would turn around. Nina confided that she felt like she was deserting her husband, who might be in prison for the rest of his life. She felt that she had to move on. "I know what I would choose," Nelle stated. Nina signed the papers.

Later, Michael called to check on Nelle, who divulged that Nina hadn't been angry with Nelle for being late. Michael insisted that he would still purchase a magazine ad and confided that he hadn't made it to work yet. Nelle invited him to dinner, and Michael agreed. He added that Nelle was invited to a wedding, and he thought it would be the perfect time to make their relationship official. Nelle accepted the invitation.

Jordan ran into Anna at Kelly's. Anna mentioned that she had been reluctant to testify against Valentin. "People take a piece of your soul," Jordan said. Anna noted that one never got it back. Anna continued that she hadn't been able to tell Valentin that justice had been served. It was more of damage control by the WSB, and Valentin shouldn't have had to pay for "the bureau's sins." Andre joined them and made some small talk. He asked Jordan about Curtis. "We stopped seeing each other," Jordan admitted. The conversation was awkward, and Jordan left.

Anna and Andre conversed about Valentin. Anna stated that she'd done things that she shouldn't have, and she should have gone to prison. Alex had been the one to get Valentin in trouble. Andre reminded her that the situation was out of her control, and she had been too hard on herself. Anna pointed out that Jordan was no longer with Curtis. "I'm good," Andre replied. He suggested that they stop feeling sorry for themselves, and he had an idea.

Monica, Finn, and Hayden spoke loudly in the hallway at General Hospital. Obrecht was nearby and heard them mention their plan to nab their suspect who'd been tampering with Finn's test results. They spotted Curtis in his disguise and tried not to laugh as he headed toward Obrecht. He told her that he was looking for the lab. Just then, Jordan walked off the elevator, and Hayden quickly grabbed her and headed in the other direction to distract her.

Obrecht looked at Curtis' badge. He told her that he had a job to do, and she finally allowed him to go, though she was suspicious. She followed him, as everyone had hoped. "You're not out of the woods yet," Monica told Finn.

Obrecht peered through the lab window as she watched Curtis working on the laptop. Kiki approached the doctor, who asked Kiki to do some spying for her. She asked Kiki to find out all that she could about the man in the lab. Monica was still with Finn and Hayden, and she was concerned that Obrecht would figure them out and sue the hospital. Kiki found the trio and asked what she should do. Finn urged her to tell Obrecht the truth.

As the group waited, Monica noted that Kiki was familiar with lying, as was Hayden, apparently. Monica had learned of Hayden's pregnancy from Tracy's email. Tracy had asked Monica to look after Hayden and the baby. Finn reminded her that that was a good reason that he needed to keep his job.

Kiki returned to Obrecht and told her she'd "sort of" found out about the man. Finn had hired him to find a video file. Obrecht stormed into the lab and ordered Curtis out. She refused to allow him to remove the laptop. She pulled Kiki inside and sat her in front of the laptop. She demanded that Kiki find the file instead. Out in the hallway, Jordan found Curtis snooping on the scene in the lab. She spoke loudly, wondering what was going on. Curtis pulled her away from the lab and pushed her up against the wall. He asked Jordan for her trust, and she questioned his "techie look."

Inside the lab, Kiki suggested that Obrecht give her more information so that she knew what she was looking for. The doctor stated that someone was with Finn's specimen, but it wasn't Finn they were looking for. Someone had been tampering with it, the doctor clarified. Kiki shouted that she'd found it. The doctor was excited but frantic. She asked if it might be her in the video. "Can you see what I'm doing to Finn's sample?" At that point, Finn, Monica, and Hayden were standing in the doorway.

Obrecht tried to worm her way out of it, but everyone had heard her. Curtis walked in with Jordan, who placed Obrecht under arrest.

Andre and Anna arrived at a dance studio. Anna was surprised, since she had always considered Andre to be poised. He thought the same of her but told her that dance could do away with the demons, stress, and disappointment. They finally agreed on what to play, and Andre put on disco music. They each showed some trick moves and enjoyed themselves. "That was fun," Anna said when it was over. Andre agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Nina's phone rang before she could leave for her lawyer's office. She accepted the call. "Oh, my God," she said.

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