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Sheila threatens to snap Quinn in two Sheila threatens to snap Quinn in two

Monday, June 26, 2017

In a white-veiled cabana tent, Liam and Steffy relaxed on chaises. "You and your romantic surprises," she said. Liam didn't know if her words were a compliment or complaint. Steffy quipped that she'd try to make due with the horrible spa situation he'd created.

A server arrived, and when Liam ordered double dishes, Steffy hit his arm. He claimed they were supposed to indulge on a spa day, and he wanted to make her the most pampered woman in the world. As the couple ate, Steffy wondered if they should cancel the massages. Liam said she'd been looking forward to them. Steffy hinted that she had a man with strong hands already in her cabana. Liam liked where her head was and reminded her that gratuity hadn't been included.

Later, Steffy enjoyed herself as Liam gave her a back massage. She cooed that he was born to be her masseur. Liam decided that he couldn't do his job with her bikini strap in the way. Steffy realized that her masseur had ulterior motives, and the two kissed.

Later, still in their swimsuits, Liam and Steffy cuddled on the chaises. She thanked him for forcing them to take time out for each other. He replied that nothing was more important, and she stated that nothing ever would be.

In Bill's office, Katie and Wyatt discussed her new job. Wyatt thought the best thing he could tell Katie was to follow Nicole's lead. Katie said she had to learn the ins and outs of social media. Katie also wanted to keep the sexy CEO in the spotlight. Stammering, Wyatt replied that it would take up a lot of her time.

Katie was embarrassed and guessed she'd said the wrong thing. Wyatt joked that he loved talking about how sexy his ex-wife was. Katie said she'd been stupid to mention Steffy. Wyatt dismissed it as not a problem, and he gave her a few tips on how to spotlight Steffy. He said a few photos with Liam wouldn't hurt. "You still haven't gotten over her, have you?" Katie asked.

Wyatt admitted that he probably hadn't, but he didn't plan to dwell on it. He had other things he could focus on -- like Katie's new job. "Important things like me!" Katie jokingly exclaimed. She said she wanted to start off with a promotional event and asked if he had any ideas. Wyatt replied that he did, and she'd really like it. "Two words...Spencer Summit," Wyatt proffered.

Wyatt said everybody who was anybody would be there, and Monte Carlo was the place to make a splash, as Eric had with his speech the previous year. Katie wanted more than a speech. Wyatt proposed that it be a fashion show, and he envisioned Forrester couture on the beach. Katie said it was the French Riviera, so they should debut something different, like a swimwear line.

Wyatt believed it could be what Forrester needed to get beyond the Spectra debacle. Katie thanked Wyatt, and he bashfully replied that he was happy to help. Katie was excited to put the idea in motion. He offered to help if she needed anything. She asked if he were sure, and he said being a bachelor meant that he had a lot of time on his hands. He welcomed the opportunity to take his mind off things. Katie said she might take him up on it.

At Il Giardino, Charlie informed Sheila that she had no reason for concern about Eric. Charlie, however, was curious about her connection to Eric and why she hadn't recognized Pam. Sheila claimed that she'd known the family a long while back. Pam hadn't been around, but Stephanie had been a good friend. "Old drinking buddies?" Charlie asked.

Sheila described Stephanie as the kind of friend to take a bullet for Sheila and to be the first person to help with a problem of Eric's -- especially if it involved a new wife. From what Sheila had heard, she'd deduced that Quinn was good for Eric. Sheila asked if she was wrong.

Charlie asserted that he wasn't a gossip, and the case was confidential. Sheila figured that something serious was happening if he'd been assigned to investigate. Charlie said she'd gotten it wrong, and he'd made the statement because he was head of Forrester security. Sheila replied that she felt much better knowing that Eric had someone like Charlie protecting him.

Charlie said he'd do anything for Eric -- except modeling. Charlie said Eric hadn't asked, so it might be still on the table. Sheila asked if modeling had been the way that Quinn and Eric had met. Charlie stated that Eric could have married anyone he'd wanted to, but instead, "He ends up with uh -- uh --" Sheila gleaned that Charlie didn't approve of Quinn.

Charlie stated that he hadn't said that. Sheila asked if she needed to talk to Eric about Quinn. Charlie said that if Sheila was such a good old friend, then maybe she should.

At Forrester, Eric and Quinn kissed. Eric joked about how distracting it was to work with his wife. He loved having his family working around him. "And your neighbor," Quinn added. Quinn was glad he'd found a place for Katie. Quinn thought Katie could do anything -- except design jewelry.

Eric kissed Quinn's neck, and the door opened. Ridge apologized and tried to step back out, but Eric said he was just leaving. Eric asked Quinn to message him when she was on the way home, and he'd have a martini awaiting her. She asked if Eric knew what he meant to her. He replied that he was getting the idea.

Later, Quinn worked at the table, and Ridge drew at the sketching table. He asked how she was doing, and she remarked that she felt better without anyone shooting at her. Ridge asked what Deacon had been talking about when he'd said she'd pushed him off a cliff. She asked if he was going to listen to Deacon's crazy rantings.

Quinn was glad that Ridge had been there for Katie's call and remarked that almost losing one's life made one look at things differently. Ridge asked how. Quinn replied that it was in every way. It made her ponder what she was doing and who she wanted to be.

Ridge asked who Quinn wanted to be. Quinn wanted to be the woman Eric thought she was. Ridge believed she was that woman. He said she was already the wife she wanted to be; she just had to believe it. Agreeing, Quinn stated that she didn't know what had gotten into them. Ridge replied that it didn't matter, it was over, and they were friends.

Quinn revealed that she'd gotten Ridge a present. Ridge asked why, and she replied that her friend had saved her life. She indicated that it was in the desk drawer. Ridge retrieved a bottle of tequila with a bow on it. He asked if she was serious. Quinn proposed that tequila just be tequila between them -- with no bad memories attached. Ridge liked it, and he thanked her.

At the mansion, Eric was surprised to answer his door and see Sheila on his stoop. She said she'd told him she was leaving town, but she'd had to see him again first. He let her in, and she asked if they were alone. He said that they were and asked what was going on.

Sheila replied that she wanted to know the same thing, and she couldn't leave Los Angeles until she knew that he was okay. Eric indicated that he was fine -- better than fine. She wondered what he'd gotten himself into. Eric appreciated that she still cared. Sheila said she'd always care and have his back. Eric was important to her, and she couldn't think of someone harming him.

Sheila insisted upon knowing that Eric was all right. Eric asserted that he was happier than he'd ever been in his life. Sheila hoped Quinn understood how lucky she was and what an honor it was to be in Eric's life. Sheila said she'd had it once, and she'd wasted it. Eric was happy that Sheila was making progress and trying to make amends, but for him, that was as far as it went. He didn't think it was appropriate for her to question his marriage.

Sheila hadn't meant to make Eric uncomfortable. She claimed to be happy if he was happy. Glad to hear it, Eric began escorting her out. By the table in the foyer, Sheila said that, if things should change and he needed someone to talk to... Eric agreed to keep it in mind.

Sheila walked out the front door, and after Eric had closed it, she strode by the water fountain. Quinn was walking through the gates and passed the guesthouse, which was across the courtyard from the front door. She asked what Sheila was doing there. Sheila replied that she'd just been visiting Eric. "No, you don't get to do that. Not when I'm not home," Quinn asserted.

"Excuse me?" Sheila asked. Quinn elaborated that she didn't want Eric's ex-wives visiting unannounced. Sheila asked if Quinn had given Brooke that directive. Quinn said it was just for the ex-con ex-wives. Quinn was confident that Brooke wouldn't try to poison or shoot Eric. "Yeah, I heard all the stories about you," Quinn added.

Sheila said that Quinn didn't need to be intimidated by Sheila. "Oh, I'm not," Quinn responded. The answer was interesting to Sheila, who said it seemed that Quinn was. Sheila admonished Quinn to be a good wife, to appreciate Eric, and to know how lucky she was. Taking Sheila's arm, Quinn stated that Sheila needed to go.

"Don't you touch me!" Sheila said, pulling back. "You do that again, and I will snap you in two." Sheila continued. She knocked her shoulder into Quinn's as Sheila strode toward the gates. There, she paused and glared at Quinn, who was walking toward the front door.

Rick, Maya, Vivienne, and Zende confront Julius

Rick, Maya, Vivienne, and Zende confront Julius

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy canoodled, and she said that their time at the spa had been exactly what she'd needed. In the hallway, Katie and Wyatt discussed that Kate was excited about her new opportunity to replace Wyatt at Forrester. He suggested that she needed to capitalize on the Spencer Summit.

Wyatt reminded Katie that Eric had given a speech in 2016, but he suggested they go bigger. Katie thought a fashion show with Forrester couture would be the thing to do. Wyatt agreed, and they thought the French Riviera would be perfect.

In another office, Rick and Maya explained to Vivienne that Julius had thwarted their effort to get Nicole to sign the adoption papers. Rick was emotional. Maya, Rick, and Vivienne discussed that Julius had not been helpful, and Zende entered and agreed they had to stop Nicole's father from interfering.

Zende admitted that Nicole had struggled with the news that infertility could be in her future, but he noted that Julius had been causing trouble in regard to Lizzy. Maya and Vivienne agreed they had to stop Julius.

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Katie met to discuss what Katie could offer the company. Steffy reminded her she had big shoes to fill in replacing Wyatt. Katie agreed, but she pitched an idea to step up their marketing and push the swimwear line in order to take customers out of the showroom and out to somewhere luxurious -- the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo.

Steffy and Katie agreed it would be the ideal place for a fashion show. Steffy smiled. She agreed it was a hot, sultry idea, and she promised to pitch it to her dad. "I'm really impressed," Steffy confided.

At home, Julius and Nicole discussed that Julius felt everything had happened for a reason and it was a sign from the heavens that Nicole should not allow Maya and Rick to raise the baby she had given birth to. He reminded her that she was the baby's biological mother.

Zende, Maya, Rick, and Vivienne entered and confronted Julius. They agreed that Julius had been leading Nicole in the wrong direction. They felt it was not his place to convince her to try to replace Maya as Lizzy's mom, and it needed to stop.

Zende made a heartfelt plea to Nicole to stop trying to replace Rick and Maya as Lizzy's parents. He reminded her that he was her husband, and they would deal with whatever happened next together.

At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt discussed the opportunity that Katie had at Forrester to replace Wyatt, and Wyatt noted that he was happy for Katie. He felt she would be a real asset to Forrester.

Wyatt felt that Katie was impressive -- she'd been a single mom with a full-time career and had basically run Spencer and Forester at different times. He was confident she could accomplish things at Forrester.

Later, Katie called Wyatt to thank him for his advice on what to do to keep Forrester in the limelight. Wyatt said he had been happy to offer the suggestions. Katie said that Steffy had loved them. She felt guilty using his ideas, but Wyatt told her he supported her.

An emotional Nicole makes her decision

An emotional Nicole makes her decision

> An emotional Nicole makes her decision

An emotional Nicole makes her decision

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester house, Zende, Maya, Rick, and Vivienne confronted Julius and Nicole. Julius maintained that Nicole was the biological mother of Lizzy and should not give up her parental rights. Vivienne, Zende, Maya, and Rick disagreed.

Julius wanted to make his case. Zende stopped him and told Nicole to look at him, not at her father. He reminded his wife that Lizzy's parents were Maya and Rick. Julius blasted Zende for interfering, but Vivienne ordered him to stop. "Don't bully my daughters," Vivienne said.

Julius argued that no one had sided with Nicole. Everyone thought she was a terrible person because the heavens had smiled on her and she'd had a baby and wanted to be the mother she might never get to be in the future.

Lizzy started to cry, and Maya noted that Lizzy could sense tension between adults. Nicole agreed. Maya asked Rick to put Lizzy in the den for a nap for a little while. Rick walked off with his daughter. Maya turned to her sister. "Nicole, if you need someone to tell you you're not wrong, let it be me," Maya said.

Maya noted that she and Rick should never have asked Nicole to become their surrogate. She was too young. Maya admitted that deep down, she'd known that, but she had spent a lot of years fighting for herself when she'd thought no one else would. She added that she had been selfish. "But please don't take my daughter away," Maya cried. Zende agreed. He reminded Nicole how happy she had been to find Maya again.

Julius said he blamed Maya for pressuring Nicole -- someone who thought she walked on water. "Nicole, you are not signing those papers. That baby is yours," he said.

Julius looked over the adoption papers and called them garbage. Vivienne interrupted him and told her daughters that they had to resolve the issue because she didn't want them to hurt each other in ways that might never heal. Vivienne pointed out that Julius had opinions, but that was not the whole story.

Rick returned and said the entire process wasn't complicated although Julius wanted it to be. "I am still Lizzy's father," he announced. Nicole countered that she hadn't known when she had given birth how it would affect her later. Julius supported her and reminded everyone that Lizzy had come from Nicole's body. Julius defined that as motherhood, but Zende disagreed. He explained that the woman he called mother had taken him in and loved him without any biological ties.

Maya agreed. She said that motherhood was the one thing she had wanted her entire life because she wanted to parent a child in a way she hadn't been parented. She wondered if Nicole had ever wanted something so badly. Nicole noted she had wanted Zende. Maya understood.

Nicole admitted that she didn't think Maya was a bad mother. However, she had never felt so much love as she had the day she'd given birth to Lizzy.

Nicole tearfully added that she wanted to feel that love again with Zende and their own family. Maya acknowledged that Nicole was only being human. Maya promised that if Nicole went to court, she would win, because Maya would not fight her.

Julius announced that everyone should take notice of what they were witnessing. Julius credited Maya with being a lady. Nicole and Maya professed their love for one another. Rick returned and wondered what Maya was doing. She reminded him that they had always agreed that what Nicole did was her own choice. Rick, Nicole, and Maya cried.

Nicole looked to Zende and told him he was the only one she trusted. Zende told her she was his beautiful and amazing wife, who was strong and confident. "I am on your side, even when you don't know what you want," he said.

Zende told Nicole that she needed to stop worrying about having a family. "Miracles happen, and I'm one of them," he said. He added that his adoptive parents had saved him from the orphanage. He felt that they might be meant to adopt. He was grateful to his parents and happy that they had made the choice to adopt. "I do know the choice is yours, and I'm behind you in whatever you decide to do," he said. They held hands.

Nicole turned to Vivienne and took the adoption papers from her. She sat down with a pen. Tears streamed down Rick and Maya's faces. Nicole signed the forms.

Julius announced that he hoped no one in the room ever had a reason to regret what had happened. Maya and Rick tearfully thanked Nicole. They all cried and embraced. Nicole apologized for hurting Maya. Maya understood. "I'm not her mother; you are," Nicole said. She and Maya embraced and cried.

At Katie's, Wyatt entered with one of Will's favorite trucks. Katie welcomed Wyatt into the house and asked him to stay for a meal. Wyatt was grateful for a homemade meal.

Katie asked Wyatt's opinion of the idea to have the women wear swimsuits in the Monte Carlo fashion show while male models wore full suits and served them food and drink. Wyatt liked it. He wondered if Steffy knew he had been involved in planning, and Katie said she had not told Steffy. Katie felt she needed to pay him an hourly fee. Wyatt said he had enjoyed it. He left, and Katie looked thoughtful.

Sheila questions Quinn about Ridge

Sheila questions Quinn about Ridge

Thursday, June 29, 2017

At Forrester with Ridge, Katie and Steffy concluded their pitch about the swimwear show, and the only question he had was why it had to be at the Spencer Summit. Katie reasoned that it was inexpensive because Spencer had already done the event planning and booking, and the added benefit was being able to work with Liam and Wyatt.

Steffy said she liked it. Ridge replied that he did, too, and he lauded Katie for her winning concept. Katie conveyed that she'd forgotten how much she enjoyed collaborating, and Steffy stated that with Will in day camp, it was time for Katie to "do you." Steffy indicated that they had to make sure Wyatt and Liam were on board. Though Katie said she couldn't speak for Liam, she was confident that Wyatt would be on board.

Wyatt arrived. Ridge thought Wyatt was right on time and asked if his father would join them. Wyatt offered to call Bill, and Ridge groaned. Chuckling, Wyatt said Liam's meeting was running late, but he'd be there for the calendar shoot. Wyatt wondered why he'd been asked there. Ridge explained that Katie was in charge of marketing and had a concept to run by Wyatt. "Really? Well, let's hear it. I'm sure it's intriguing," Wyatt replied.

Later, Katie ended her pitch to Wyatt about using the summit for the event, and she hoped Steffy would model. Wyatt stated that the event sounded tailor-made for Steffy, and Steffy replied that the campaign sounded like something Wyatt would think up.

Ridge asked Wyatt for his opinion about the venture. Wyatt liked the idea of partnering with Forrester, and an event that went to charity would make Bill look good and help Liam sleep better. Wyatt figured he'd get a ton of exclusives. He liked it. Wyatt still had to run it by Bill but didn't see any reason his father would object.

Wyatt congratulated Katie on hitting a home run her first time out of the gate. Katie said that inspiration could come from where one least expected it.

Later, Ridge asked about the status of the calendar shoot. Steffy had last-minute details to handle with the charity. Wyatt said that Liam was on his way, and he had Jarrett and an EPK crew with him to get behind-the-scenes footage and a live feed. Katie thought the photo shoot was the perfect teaser for the Monte Carlo event.

Steffy again lauded Katie on her idea. She was surprised it had just come to Katie. Looking at Wyatt, Katie replied that it had been something like that. The vote of confidence felt good to Katie. Wyatt said she deserved it. Ridge conveyed that, with Katie around, they wouldn't miss Wyatt anymore.

In the design office later, Wyatt told Katie that she'd been great. Katie said she was still getting her bearings. He believed that her instincts were half the battle. She stated that he didn't know what it meant to her to have a job again. She felt vital and alive, and it was in no small part because of him. Katie thanked Wyatt, and he said it was his pleasure.

At Pam's desk, Charlie tried to coax Pam out to lunch, but Pam wasn't in the mood. She was still upset about the dangerous ideas he was floating around. She didn't believe them and said Eric wouldn't, either. Pam insisted that Charlie stop with his insinuations about Ridge and Quinn.

At Il Giardino, Sheila grinned to herself as images of kissing Eric flashed in her head. A server knocked over her water, snapping her out of it. "You idiot!" she roared, saying he'd almost gotten it all over her. The server profusely apologized and offered her a drink or dessert on the house. She said it wasn't necessary and that accidents happened.

Sheila hopped from her seat when she saw Charlie sit down at a table. She strode over and asked if she could join him. Charlie agreed. She said he seemed to have something weighing on his mind, and she advised that it was sometimes good to talk to a stranger who wouldn't judge. Charlie said it would be refreshing -- if he had anything to say.

Sheila figured that Charlie had plenty to say as head of Forrester security. She asked if his mood had anything to do with Eric. She said that Charlie was an integral part of Forrester. Charlie said he wasn't a designer or anything. She replied that it took feet on the ground to truly know a company's heartbeat. He replied that it was perceptive of her.

Sheila figured Charlie probably ran the company -- in his own way. Charlie replied that he liked to keep his finger on the pulse of what was going on. He asked how she'd met the Forresters. Sheila claimed that it had been such a long time ago that it was as if the Forresters had always been there. She claimed that it was the reason she was so concerned about Eric, and she believed that Charlie was also concerned.

Sheila asked if it was Eric's health. Charlie remarked that Eric was in great shape. Sheila was sure Quinn had Eric taking good care of himself and asked if Quinn was good for Eric. Charlie replied that it was none of his business. Sheila revealed that in her talks with some people who knew Eric, she'd sensed their misgivings about Quinn.

Sheila was confused about it because Quinn seemed lovely, but not everyone liked her. Charlie gave another leery expression, and Sheila asked him what it was. He replied that not everyone disliked Quinn, and he could think of one person who liked Quinn just fine -- Ridge.

Sheila asked what Charlie was implying. Charlie denied implying anything. He said he was merely correcting Sheila's assumption that no one liked Quinn. Sheila said that it was okay to reveal whatever it was to her because she was Eric's friend, and she wanted to be there for him. "I gotta go," Charlie decided and left the table abruptly.

Sheila returned to her table and thought over what Charlie had told her. In an internal monologue, Sheila said that what Charlie was saying couldn't be. She stated to herself that Ridge and Eric had shared a woman before. "But his own stepmother? Oh, I can't believe it," she said aloud.

At the mansion, Eric entered the living room and saw Quinn setting up a meal for them. He asked the occasion. "Well, I woke up this morning, and you're my husband," she replied. Eric felt lucky, but she said she was the lucky one who didn't deserve him. She asked him to promise to never stop loving her. He replied that he never would, and they kissed.

Later, Quinn and Eric toasted with Champagne. She marveled at the change in her life. She'd struggled to make ends meet before, but Eric had changed every aspect of her life. Eric said he'd been lonely in the empty house until Quinn had rung the doorbell and brought love and laughter into the home. He didn't think he could live without her. She said he wouldn't have to.

Quinn pouted when Eric pulled away. He was sorry to have to break away from their time together, but he had a conference call to do with Katie's Monte Carlo event. He said he knew Katie would be great in marketing. Monte Carlo brought back memories for Quinn. "Monte Carlo? Oh, yeah," Eric said. He recalled that it had been the first time she'd danced for him.

Quinn asked if Eric wanted her to dance at that moment. He replied that he never got tired of her moves. Quinn stood and danced and shimmied in silly ways. "Like this?" she asked. Eric took her into his arms and said, "No, like this." The two rocked together. Quinn didn't want him to doubt her rock-solid commitment. She said Eric was the only man for her.

Later, there was a knock at the door. Quinn rushed to answer it, wondering if her love had forgotten something. To her surprise, Sheila was on the doorstep. Sheila asked if she could enter. Quinn asked what Sheila was still doing in town. "I said, 'may I come in?'" Sheila repeated and brushed by Quinn to enter the house. Quinn said Eric wasn't there. "Good. Then we're all alone," Sheila surmised.

Quinn asked what she could do for Sheila. Sheila said Quinn should feel lucky to live in the mansion and had to be thrilled to have her portrait on the wall. Quinn didn't know if it was a good idea for Sheila to be there. Sheila didn't think Eric would mind. Quinn replied that she was thinking of Ridge, who wasn't as forgiving as her husband. Sheila asked why it would matter.

Quinn didn't think Ridge, who lived there, would be happy to see Sheila on the property. Sheila thought it was fascinating that Eric, Quinn, and Ridge were under the same roof. Quinn replied that Sheila had misunderstood, and Ridge lived in the guesthouse. Quinn didn't want to have to call him, so she advised Sheila to leave. Sheila didn't understand the attitude and said it was almost as if Quinn saw her as a threat. "I wonder why," Quinn replied with a scoff.

Sheila had no idea, and Quinn said it might be because Sheila was psycho. Sheila let out a pained chuckle and said ouch. Quinn nodded, adding that her husband's ex-wife had just been released from prison after doing terrible things. Admitting that she'd made mistakes, Sheila asked if Quinn had, too. Sheila was ashamed of it, but it was in the past. She claimed not to pose a threat to anyone. Quinn still didn't know why Sheila was there.

Sheila asked if Quinn and Eric were happily married. "Let me guess -- you've been talking to people," Quinn responded. Guessing that people would always talk about her, Quinn said that Sheila could rest assured because Quinn and Eric were blissfully happy. Quinn asked who Sheila had been talking to, but Sheila said it wasn't important. Quinn begged to differ and said she liked to know who her friends and enemies were. Sheila replied that Ridge qualified.

"Excuse me?" Quinn said. Sheila replied, "As a friend." Sheila stated that Quinn and Ridge were friends. Quinn asked why Sheila was mentioning Ridge again. Sheila claimed to be just making conversation. Quinn decided that the conversation was over.

In an assertive tone, Sheila asked if she had to remind Quinn that she'd been falsely accused of trying to kill her. Sheila said she'd been thrown in jail, and the least Quinn could do was to be nice to Sheila. Quinn asked if that was Sheila's plan -- to falsely accuse Quinn of something. Sheila asked how she could do it. "You haven't done anything wrong. Have you, Quinn?" Sheila asked

Sheila and Charlie are on a stake out

Sheila and Charlie are on a stake out

Friday, June 30, 2017

At the sky lounge, Forrester employees bustled around, preparing for the calendar shoot. Wyatt and Liam were there, and Liam said Jarrett and his crew were on the way. Steffy said the charity calendar shoot was a test run, but she wanted everyone to give their all. She bet that Thomas was regretting his decision to save Spectra.

Carter arrived and wondered where Zende was. Rick, Nicole, Maya, and Ivy explained that Zende's shoot was later because he was working on designs for Monte Carlo.

At Spectra, Sally thanked Thomas for a logo that made her feel classy and successful. He said that it was just a logo, but the designs would make her successful. He was adamant that they would be able to compete with Forrester and Steffy.

Steffy called Thomas to find out if he'd heard about their Monte Carlo showing. Thomas replied that he wasn't able to make it. She asked if she'd said he was invited, and he quipped that he hadn't said he wanted to go. She asked if Spectra was holding their showing in the middle of nowhere. She informed him that Jarrett was streaming their charity photo shoot, and if Thomas wanted to, he could check it out to see what he was missing.

After the call, Sally asked if Thomas had been speaking to "the princess." He affirmed it and asserted that they had to get buzz going about "this." Sally asked if he and Steffy had always been competitive. He said that the siblings were competitive, and it drew out the best in them.

Thomas stated that Forrester was on top at that moment, and Spectra had to do something completely unique to compete with them. He said he had an idea, and it was a page right out of Sally's book. Sally replied that she'd thought they'd agreed not to be underhanded.

Thomas dubbed it as friendly competition. Sally didn't think Steffy would appreciate it. Thomas said that it was a photo shoot, and they were going over to make a splash.

Back at the sky lounge, Jarrett filmed transitional show segments with Steffy. Jarrett sent his cameraman to get other shots then asked Steffy and Katie what the calendar shoot was a teaser for. Steffy said it was teasing a beach party, fashion show, and charity event rolled into one. Jarrett called Steffy a genius, but Steffy credited their new head of marketing. She said it was Katie's brainchild. Wyatt smiled at Katie.

Jarret loved the concept and thought it was very Forrester. He asked how Katie had come up with it. "She's a Logan. Need I say more?" Wyatt replied. Katie said it was nice to get back to her public relations roots, and she asked Wyatt to give her a hand with something. Following Katie, he said he'd give both if she asked nicely.

Aside, Katie told Wyatt that she didn't feel right taking all the credit. Wyatt said it was her idea. She replied that all of it wasn't. She told him that it wouldn't be happening without him, and she thanked him.

An upbeat summery song played, and the calendar shoot began. Carter, Maya, Rick, Nicole, and Ivy posed around a chaise lounge and table. In the center on the chair was Steffy. Thomas and Sally sneaked in and watched from behind clothes racks.

At the mansion, Quinn wanted to know what Sheila wanted besides to intimidate Quinn. Sheila didn't understand why Quinn seemed so uncomfortable and guilty. She asked if there was something that Quinn should feel guilty about.

Quinn conveyed that it was inappropriate for Eric's ex-wife to be expressing feelings about Eric. Sheila claimed to only want what was best for Eric. Quinn asserted that it was her responsibility, and she and Eric were very happy. "You and Eric -- and Ridge," Sheila stated. Quinn asked what Sheila was getting at. "Nothing. As long as you are a loving, devoted wife, you have nothing to worry about," Sheila concluded.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Eric discussed the photo shoot underway. Eric joked that they'd asked him to model the swimwear, but he hadn't wanted to upstage the boys, Rick and Carter. Ridge said he'd buy a calendar with Eric on the cover. Eric doubted the charity they represented would appreciate him modeling. Ridge replied that he knew one person who would. Eric responded that Quinn was the reason for the spring in his step.

Eric discussed how things had been at work before the shooting incident. He remarked that he and Ridge had worked their tails off after Spectra's design theft. Eric said that since then, Katie had put together the new campaign, he and Ridge were still designing together, and Quinn was by Eric's side. Ridge said it wasn't too bad. "Not bad at all," Eric agreed.

Ridge received a call. It was Quinn, who said she had a huge problem. She asked him to get to the house as quickly as he could. After the call, Eric figured Ridge had another fire to put out. He asked if Ridge wanted some help. "Not on this one," Ridge said, walking out of the office.

When Ridge arrived at the mansion, Quinn explained that Sheila had "barged in like she was part of the family." Ridge decided that Eric had to put an end to Sheila showing up to see him. Quinn stated that Sheila had sought Quinn out and had been probing about the house, who lived there, and about Ridge.

Quinn said it had sounded as if Sheila knew about Quinn and Ridge. Ridge didn't think it was possible. Quinn didn't know how Sheila would know, but she insisted that Sheila had asked veiled and ominous questions about Quinn and Ridge. He thought Quinn needed to get a hold on her and said Sheila hadn't been in town long enough to know anything.

Quinn insisted that Sheila was on the hunt, and someone had told Sheila something. Ridge didn't know who would. He said Brooke or Ivy wouldn't, and Katie had just saved Quinn's life. Quinn would not be deterred. She said Sheila was dangerous, and no one knew what Sheila would do.

Later, Sheila was at an unknown location, scrolling through articles about Brooke and Ridge. The articles chronicled events leading up to the wedding being called off. Sheila said that it wasn't so, and she asked aloud how Quinn and Ridge could do it to Eric.

In the Forrester corridor, Pam was giving Charlie the lowdown on the black widow, Sheila Carter, who'd done so much to hurt Pam's family. Scrolling on her phone, Pam said it was all on the Internet. He asked to see a picture of the woman. When Pam showed him one, Charlie became filled with trepidation. He asked if Pam remembered him mentioning the woman at the restaurant who'd asked all the questions about Eric and the Forresters.

"That was Sheila?" Pam asked. Charlie continued to groan and look doomed. Pam asked if he'd told Sheila anything. In Charlie's silence, Pam demanded to know what he'd done.

Later, Charlie was at his desk, which was located near some elevators. Sheila approached and asked to talk to him. He asked how she'd gotten on the premises, and she said she'd told him that she was a friend of the family. Charlie told her that she was no friend, and reaching for her, he said it was time to escort Sheila Carter off the premises.

Sheila stopped him, saying it was important. She was impressed that he knew her name, but then she said that he would of course know it because he was a security expert.

Sheila conveyed that Charlie was onto something, but he replied that he'd never said anything. Sheila insisted that she was on his side, and she believed something was going on between Ridge and Quinn behind Eric's back. Charlie asked what Sheila wanted. She responded that she couldn't live with herself if she didn't try to do something to help.

Sheila revealed that Quinn had been as "guilty as hell" earlier when Sheila had spoken to her. Sheila wanted to talk to Ridge next. Charlie said Ridge had left. Sheila was sure Quinn had called Ridge to meet at the house right after Sheila had left. "Come on, Charlie. Let's go!" Sheila urged. He asked where, and she said she wanted him to take her to the mansion.

Later, Charlie slowed the car to a stop and told Sheila that he didn't feel comfortable with what they were doing. Sheila said he knew more than he was telling her. Charlie replied that he did. It was his job to know and not tell. Sheila decided that it meant he'd seen Ridge and Quinn together. Charlie said the words were Sheila's, not his.

Sheila thought Charlie would be more loyal to Eric. Charlie replied that he'd driven Sheila there. He asked what more she wanted from him. She insisted that Eric had a right to know if something was going on between Eric's wife and son.

Sheila pulled out some binoculars and looked through them. After a while, Charlie said it was enough, and he was ready to leave. She asserted that she wanted to see for herself. He decided that there was nothing to see, and she should forget what he'd said. Sheila said Quinn had been acting guilty when Sheila had only been asking innocent questions.

Charlie sarcastically bet the questions were innocent. Sheila said Charlie was in law enforcement and had instincts. She was sure he'd say the same thing if he'd been in the room with her and Quinn. Sheila figured he already knew. Charlie said he had no proof of anything. Sheila warned Charlie that it would be a big mistake to hide anything from her. She said she'd ask him once more if there was anything going on between Eric's wife and son.

Charlie silently stalled. Sheila grabbed his arm. "Answer me, Charlie. Answer me!" She roared.

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