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Liam reveals all of Bill's sins Liam reveals all of Bill's sins

Monday, September 4, 2017

At Spencer, Steffy asked Liam if he really wanted to do it. Liam affirmed it. Thomas and Caroline arrived, saying they'd been on the way to the airport when they'd gotten the call to meet in Bill's office. Wyatt entered, too, and asked what was going on. Bill strode in, typing on his phone, and said it was a surprise to see them. He asked if it was a party.

Caroline said that Liam had convened the meeting. Bill asked Liam what it was all about. Liam said Bill knew. Glaring at Liam, Bill offered to talk to Liam -- privately. Sally arrived, and Thomas asked why she was a part of it. "She's not. Get out!" Bill rasped.

Liam revealed that the matter involved all of them and the lies that his father had told. "Don't do it, Liam. You'll regret it," Bill warned. Liam asked Caroline if she wanted to be the one to say it. After a moment of silence, Liam told everyone that Caroline wasn't dying and never had been.

"You're not dying?" Thomas asked the tearful Caroline. Wyatt asked why everyone thought such a thing. Bill ordered everyone out of the room except Caroline and Thomas, but Caroline told her uncle that it was over. Liam explained that Bill had decided that getting Thomas out of town would make it easier for Bill to get Spectra's land.

Sally said Liam had to be kidding. Bill stated that it was exactly what Liam was doing, but Liam shouldn't make light of his cousin's illness. Wyatt asked what was going on. Bill ordered Wyatt to stay out of it before he ended up like his brother -- jobless, homeless, and without an inheritance.

Steffy asked them all to calm down. Thomas began a pitch about being asked to calm down when he'd left his life to be in New York, all for the "son of a bitch's" stupid tower and stupid lie. Thomas yelled that he'd left Sally and Spectra when they'd needed him the most. Bill said that Douglas had needed Thomas more.

Thomas contended that his son had had him already. "And you..." Thomas said, focusing on Caroline. He told her that she'd just gone along with it. Caroline screamed that she hadn't wanted to. She'd hated it, but she'd had him back. She'd had their family together. Thomas called it all insane, and he apologized to Sally. Sally said it was okay.

Liam corrected that it wasn't okay, and there was even more. Bill warned Liam to cut it out, but Liam said he had nothing to lose. Liam didn't intend to stop until everything was out. Bill told them all not to listen to the nonsense. Liam said shipping Thomas off hadn't been enough, so Bill had done something more drastic. Instead of Bill letting Spectra fizzle on its own, Bill had made it happen immediately, right before the fashion show.

Sally guessed that Liam meant the fire. Wyatt stated that it had been an accident. Turning to Bill, Liam asked if it had really been an accident. Sally stated that Liam had been there when she'd found out that the building had had an electrical issue. Liam replied that he'd made the mistake of telling his father that he'd put out the fire, and the incident had "inspired" Bill.

Thomas called Bill a "selfish bastard" and said people could have been killed in the fire. Bill replied, "Because of faulty wiring!" Bill warned them not to play into Liam's overactive imagination about the fire. Wyatt asked Bill to deny it and say Liam was wrong. Bill stated that Liam had never been more wrong in his life.

There was a knock at the door. Bill guessed it was Little Red Riding Hood's granny, there to chew him out, or it was the scrawny tailor, who'd try to choke him with a tape measure. Bill fell silent when he saw Lieutenant Baker arriving with two officers. Baker had gotten Liam's message and asked why Liam had called him there. Liam said it was to arrest his father.

Steffy asked Liam if he was sure. Baker asked what the charges were. Liam said it was for arson, and Bill was responsible for the fire at Spectra. Lt. Baker stated that it was a serious accusation. Bill advised Baker that Liam had to still be suffering from the effects of his concussion. Liam scoffed as Bill apologized for wasting Baker's time.

Bill said it was bad enough that Liam had created a family crisis, but dragging Lt. Baker into it was beyond the pale. Liam stated that, for the record, Bill had admitted it, had claimed not to regret it, and had called it "fair play." Bill said the accusation was ridiculous and without proof.

Sally offered to testify to how badly Bill wanted the property. Thomas added that Bill had put a lot of effort into it by making Thomas leave for New York. Lt. Baker asked what Thomas was talking about. Thomas explained that Bill had convinced Thomas that Caroline was dying, because Bill had known that Thomas would want to leave town to make a family for his son. Thomas had fallen for it, leaving Spectra at a vulnerable time.

Lt. Baker asked it if was true. Bill stated that it had nothing to do with the so-called arson. Baker disagreed in light of the presented motive to make Spectra fail, and he asked for the purpose behind it. Liam stated that Bill wanted to put a skyscraper on the land.

Bill claimed he'd never denied it, but he denied that it correlated with Spectra's unfortunate accident. Liam asserted that no one believed it had been an accident. Bill bellowed that what he didn't believe was that he'd ever called Liam his son or given Liam the Spencer name.

Liam was proud to be a Spencer, just not of the way Bill represented the name. Liam said Bill played by his own rules and didn't care whom he hurt for profit. In Liam's eyes, Bill didn't just love money; Bill worshiped it, and he worshiped the skyscraper.

Liam told Baker that Bill was one of the most rapacious men Liam knew, and Bill was pathologically self-serving. Liam had always told himself that Bill's lack of morals wouldn't reflect on Liam, but it was no longer true. Liam didn't want to "do it" anymore. Looking at Bill, Liam contended that his father had committed a crime, and Liam thought Bill deserved to pay. Baker stated that it would be years in prison if it led to conviction, and he asked if Liam was sure about it. Bill roared that Liam was grandstanding and making up lies.

Liam called Bill the liar and said Bill made the family something to be ashamed of. Grabbing his sword necklace, Liam said he'd once been proud of it, but Bill had made Liam embarrassed to be associated with it. Liam said not to worry because he and Wyatt would rebuild the company and family, and the Spencer name would finally mean something good.

Baker wondered if it was just a family squabble or disagreement between father and son. Liam stated that it wasn't, and Baker asked if Liam was prepared to testify against Bill and understood the consequences. "Yes," Liam said. Baker guessed that they would take Bill in.

"Liam, fix this. Tell them it isn't true. Liam...Please," Bill uttered.

At Forrester, Quinn and Ridge worked in the design office. Quinn was in a good mood because Sheila was out of her house. Ridge was glad Quinn was okay after what he'd walked in on at the house the other day. She replied that Eric had had a right to be upset about her letting things get out of hand, and she thanked Ridge for sticking up for her. His support meant a lot to her.

Ridge was glad that Eric was home and that Quinn had her husband back. Quinn didn't plan to waste her second chance by worrying about Sheila, and Quinn suggested that Ridge start believing in chances with Brooke. Ridge stated that Brooke was married to Bill. Quinn reasoned that Ridge could have what he wanted in life if he invested in positive thinking, which had worked for her.

Ridge expressed that Quinn had inspired him not to give up on Brooke, even though his chances seemed remote because of Brooke's marriage to Bill. Quinn believed it might be an advantage that Bill was the competition because Bill was bound to screw up eventually.

Quinn received a message from Ivy, who needed her "bad cop" down in shipping to help with an order mix-up. Quinn said she and Ivy made a good team, but Quinn didn't know why she always had to be the bad cop. Ridge asked if she wanted help from the grumpy co-CEO, and they exited the office together.

In the security room, Charlie ate a doughnut and laughed at a klutz on his multi-monitored panel. Sheila startled him when she arrived, and she asked if he hadn't seen her enter on the display monitors. Charlie asked if he could help her, and she said she'd thought he'd never ask.

Charlie had heard Sheila had gotten the boot from the mansion. Sheila stated that Charlie was going to help her get back in. He asserted that even if Quinn still had any feelings for Ridge, she'd been keeping them in check. Sheila claimed it wasn't good enough or fair to Eric, and Charlie was going to help her get rid of Quinn.

Looking at Charlie's monitors, Sheila exclaimed that Ridge and Quinn weren't even trying to hide it. Charlie watched Ridge and Quinn head for the elevator, and he reasoned that they were just working together. Sheila thought Ridge was sweeping Quinn off to a secret love nest.

Charlie, who knew every inch of the building, said there was no such place. Sheila suggested that Ridge, who never had any original ideas, was taking Quinn to the steam room. She decided that "we can stop them before they get there."

Charlie stated that he and Sheila didn't even know if anything was happening with Ridge and Quinn. Sheila asked if Charlie could stop the elevator. Charlie said all he had to do was push the two buttons over there, and she told him to do it. As he refused, Sheila pressed the big red and green buttons on a controller beside the keyboard.

The elevator abruptly stopped. On the monitor, Charlie and Sheila saw Quinn pressing buttons. An alarm sounded, and Charlie's phone began to ring. Sheila stopped Charlie from answering it. He asked what she was up to, but Shelia corrected that it was what Quinn and Ridge were up to. She decided that they didn't have to let Ridge and Quinn get to the steam room. Instead, Ridge and Quinn could betray Eric right there.

Charlie wanted to help Quinn and Ridge, but Sheila warned him not to dare do it. She threatened Charlie, saying she could still tell Pammy everything at any time. Sheila suggested that Charlie watch and see for himself why Quinn didn't deserve to be with Eric.

In the elevator, Quinn guessed that the emergency button was supposed to alert someone to help. She tried her cell phone to call Ivy, but there was no reception. Ridge couldn't try his because he'd left it on the desk. Concluding that they'd be there a while, Quinn sat on the floor. Ridge joined her and joked about a party in the elevator. Quinn said it was more like a break from work, but it gave her a chance to say some things.

Quinn was glad that Eric was back, and she wouldn't do anything to ruin it. Though she thought it might sound strange, Quinn revealed that she missed her and Ridge's closeness. Their secret had been awful, but it had bonded them, and they'd become friends. Quinn touched his hand.

Ridge told Quinn that he'd been out to bury her, but he didn't want to do that anymore. He didn't want to lose what they had, either, and he'd always be there for her.

Unbeknownst to Ridge and Quinn, Charlie and Sheila watched the silent security footage, and Sheila told Charlie to observe that Quinn and Ridge were close, practically drooling on each other. Excited that it was happening, Sheila used her cell phone to take a picture of Charlie's screen. He asked what she was doing, and she said she was gathering evidence. Sheila urged Ridge to kiss Quinn and said it would be the kiss of death for Quinn's marriage.

Will Liam turn in his dad?

Will Liam turn in his dad?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Quinn were stuck in an elevator because Sheila and Charlie had arranged it. Charlie and Sheila watched on a video camera, unseen by Quinn or Ridge. Sheila shouted at the video screen and encouraged Ridge to "kiss your father's wife." Charlie wanted to stop, but Sheila sputtered that she called the shots. Sheila was convinced that Quinn wanted Ridge, and they would kiss.

Inside the elevator, Quinn and Ridge couldn't believe no one had heard them shouting for help, and the emergency call was also not working. No one was helping them. They discussed that they'd missed each other. Ridge said he missed who they'd been together. He wanted their friendship again, but giving up her friendship was important so that she -- and also his dad -- would be happy.

Quinn and Ridge were close to each other in the elevator. Quinn put her hand on his shoulder and said she was sure they could make it work. "I plan to make it my life's mission to repair your relationship with your father," she said. She added that Eric had forgiven her, and she needed to convince him to forgive Ridge, as well. Quinn also encouraged Ridge to repair his relationship with Brooke. Ridge didn't think that was possible.

Sheila and Charlie continued to watch from the security office. Charlie had had enough. He pushed a button to open the elevator door, and Sheila was unhappy.

"We're free," Quinn said. She and Ridge stepped out of the elevator, and Quinn left to find Ivy. Ridge went directly to Charlie's office. Sheila hid in the closet in Charlie's office, and Ridge entered. "Something's wrong with the elevator," Ridge said. He insisted that Charlie call the company to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else. Charlie mentioned that it had to have been scary for Ridge and Quinn. "I didn't mention Quinn," Ridge said. Charlie said the "eye in the sky" had shown him that she was there. Ridge understood, and he left.

Sheila exited her hiding place and said Charlie had almost given it all away. She told him she had another assignment for him. She was confident that she would be able to show Eric that Quinn didn't deserve him, and Sheila would finally be his wife again.

At Spencer Publications, Bill, Thomas, Wyatt, Steffy, Liam, Sally, Caroline, Lieutenant Baker, and several police officers were present, and Liam argued with his father about the fire he had admitted to being involved in at the Spectra building. "You were wrong to call them here," Bill said.

Liam defended his decision to turn his father in. Bill argued and told everyone that it was all a joke. Liam disagreed and said he never should have agreed to the lie about Caroline's life-threatening diagnosis. Caroline agreed she should never have gone along with it.

Bill told the police that Justin would be there soon to clear up the confusion. Justin entered, and Bill noted that Justin hadn't even needed to be summoned. However, Justin said that Liam had already summoned him because company bylaws stated that if Bill were incarcerated, the company president would assume control. "That would be me. I'm in charge now," Liam said. He promised to make changes, revamp benefits, and add charity work.

Bill smirked and called Liam a do-gooder. Bill encouraged the officers to arrest him so that he could get back before the end of the day. "You're not coming back," Wyatt said. Steffy agreed. "You got caught," she said.

Bill sputtered that he would not allow "this bozo" -- referring to Liam -- to ruin his company. He told the officers that he had been kidding when he had confessed to Liam that he'd had anything to do with the Spectra fire. He claimed he said things "to get a rise out of people all the time." Sally interrupted and said that Bill had repeatedly attacked her company. Bill scoffed that they had a design thief as a character witness.

"Bill, I need to insist that you be quiet," Justin said. Bill continued to belittle Liam, and Liam pulled off the sword necklace that Bill had given him and threw it on the ground. Baker said even the smartest criminals got caught. Liam noted that Baker had called his father a criminal.

Liam promised that the company, his legacy, and his name would not be associated with a criminal. Bill threatened Liam that he would get Liam back with his last breath. "You will pay for this," Bill roared. The officers handcuffed Bill, and Baker read him his rights. Bill tried to go after Liam. Steffy looked uneasily at Liam and then Bill.

At Forrester, Steffy called out Liam's name. Liam shook his head and stopped daydreaming about having Bill arrested. Steffy quizzed Liam about having his father arrested. "He'll never forgive you," she said. However, she agreed with Liam that Bill deserved it. Thomas entered and said that he had stopped to say goodbye. He was headed back to New York with Caroline.

Liam wondered how Thomas could leave Sally and Spectra, but Thomas insisted he had to do it for his family. Steffy hugged her brother and wished him well. Liam was angry. He stopped Thomas, but Steffy insisted that Thomas had a plane to catch.

Liam wondered how Thomas could leave. Thomas answered that it was important for him to be with his family and be grateful for the time he and his family had together. Liam asked about Sally, and Steffy interrupted that it was all Thomas' decision. Thomas answered that Sally knew he had to be in New York for a while. Steffy hugged Thomas again, and he left.

Liam asked Steffy why she'd stopped him from telling the truth. "Because he's happy," Steffy said. She added that the truth would confuse his son, and questions about the lie that Bill had started about Caroline's health would also raise more suspicions about the Spectra fire. Steffy insisted that Liam had to think about everyone before he turned his father in.

Liam wanted to tear off his sword necklace. Liam lamented that Bill had wanted to create a clone of himself. Steffy understood. "But do you really want him in prison? I don't know if you'll be able to live with yourself," she said. Liam said for the first time in his life, he had power over his father.

At Spencer Publications. Caroline entered Bill's office with Douglas and apologized to Bill for her earlier temper tantrum. She said that she and Thomas were returning to New York. She wondered if Liam would tell anyone about the lie they had fabricated that she was dying. Bill said that Liam had better not tell anyone.

Bill had to take a call from C.J. Garrison, who hoped to set up a meeting with Bill about his burned-out Spectra property. C.J. said that he had spoken to his mother, and he hoped that Bill was still interested. Bill acted disinterested but suggested C.J. schedule a meeting with his secretary. "We'll see if we can work something out," Bill said.

Liam gives Bill an ulitmatum

Liam gives Bill an ulitmatum

> Liam gives Bill an ulitmatum

Liam gives Bill an ulitmatum

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy told Liam he needed to take the day off because he hadn't slept at all the previous night. Liam worried that his father had ordered Spectra to be torched. Liam insisted that he couldn't let Bill get away with it. "Or I am no better than he is," Liam said.

Steffy agreed that Bill was wrong, and she didn't condone what he had done, but she reminded Liam that Bill was his father. Liam said Bill felt that Liam was weak, but Liam felt his conscience made him strong. Steffy countered that family was important to Bill and Liam, but Liam said it wasn't important enough to make Bill listen. Steffy looked worried.

At Spencer Publications, Justin met with Bill, and they discussed that C.J. Garrison was on his way to sell Bill the Spectra building. Justin noted it had been a "spark of an idea" that had encouraged C.J. to meet with Bill.

C.J. entered and said he was prepared to sell the building to Bill as promised. Bill said they had slightly modified the offer, and Justin gave the contract to C.J. Bill asked Justin to give C.J. a pen to sign.

C.J. noted that the purchase price was substantially lower. Bill said that he wasn't going to pay top dollar for a "smoking pile of rubble" because he was a businessman and not a charity. He chastised C.J. because C.J. hadn't accepted Bill's previous offers that Bill called "very generous."

"Take what I give you, and be grateful for it," Bill advised. C.J. said that Bill was going to demolish the building, anyway, so it didn't matter what was left of it, but Justin said it had been worth more previously. C.J. looked nervous.

Liam stood outside Bill's office and listened to Bill bullying C.J. Bill said that Spectra was worthless, and C.J. had made the mistake of not having any insurance and couldn't even afford to "sweep up the debris." He had to sell to Bill.

Liam entered. "Don't do it, C.J. Don't take the offer," Liam advised. Bill glared at Liam and advised C.J. and Justin to leave so that he could talk to his son. C.J. said he wanted to talk to Liam, but Justin and Bill said they needed to step outside for a few minutes.

After C.J. and Justin left, Bill angrily told Liam to keep his nose out of Bill's deal. Liam argued that he would not allow Bill to scam C.J. out of his family's property. Liam threatened to do anything he had to in order to stop Bill.

Bill understood that his business dealings often offended Liam's morals and principles, but he would not permit Liam to stand in the way of his plans for development of his skyscraper.

"I don't think you're hearing me," Liam said. He repeated his threat to do everything he could to stop Bill because Bill had usually done what was best for the company, but Bill had lost perspective. Liam said that Bill had attacked a young girl and her business. "I'm not gonna shut up," Liam said. Bill warned Liam that he needed to be loyal to Spencer and to Bill.

Liam replied that he was loyal to the company and his family, and that meant protecting the company from Bill. "What are you trying say?" Bill asked with a laugh. Liam ordered Bill to take a leave of absence. Bill laughed again. "You're taking a leave of absence, or I go to the police," Liam said.

Bill sat in his chair, sneered at Liam and told him he was fired. "Get out of my building," Bill said. "I'm not going anywhere," Liam answered. He added that Bill had abused his power in an unlawful manner and manipulated everyone to get what he wanted. Liam refused to allow Bill to commit a crime and burn down a building just to create a tower in the middle of the city. Liam leaned on Bill's desk and said it was a new era for Spencer "with me at the helm." Bill glared at Liam.

At Forrester, Zende met with Rick and Ridge to review his designs. "Wow I'm impressed," Ridge said of Zende's designs. Ridge and Rick praised Zende's work as bold and confident. They added that he had a bright future in the business. Zende was thrilled, and he left.

Ridge and Rick discussed how impressed they had been with Zende's work. Steffy joined them, and they shared their opinion with her. Rick got a phone call and left. Steffy looked worried, and Ridge asked what was wrong. Steffy complained that Liam and his dad were arguing, and she was worried about their relationship. Ridge was happy to see that Liam stood up for himself against Bill, but Steffy maintained that they were at serious odds.

In another office, Nicole played with Lizzy while Maya finished a photo shoot. Maya entered and saw them having fun. Maya overheard Lizzy call Nicole "Mama." Nicole dismissed it as Lizzy waiting for her mama. Maya noted that Lizzy had fun with her Auntie Nicole.

Zende entered and told Maya and Nicole how Rick and Ridge had loved his work. They were impressed that he had learned so much and followed his instincts. Maya and Nicole were happy for him. Maya and Lizzy left, and Zende and Nicole kissed. Nicole told Zende how proud she was of him, and Zende thanked her for putting up with him. They laughed and agreed they had a lot to look forward to.

Later, Maya met with Rick and told him she was worried that Nicole was attached to Lizzy, and Lizzy had called Nicole "Mama" again. Maya said that neither Nicole nor Lizzy had done anything wrong, and she didn't want to overreact, but it worried her that Nicole was concerned about her ability to have children.

Rick said they could talk to Nicole, but Maya suggested that Rick promote Zende to a designer's position in Paris because it would give Nicole and Zende an opportunity to travel as newlyweds, and it would make things less confusing for Lizzy. Maya looked hopeful, and Rick looked concerned.

Liam orders Bill to step down at Spencer

Liam orders Bill to step down at Spencer

Thursday, September 7, 2017

At Spencer, Bill wondered if Liam had smoked something before he'd arrived there. Liam said that Bill was dangerous and couldn't be trusted. Liam ordered his father to step down and said that Liam would take over from there. Bill replied that the only person take a leave of absence was Liam. "You're fired," Bill stated.

Liam said that Bill couldn't do it, but Bill quipped that he'd just done it. Liam threatened to go to the police, but Bill doubted Liam had it in him. Liam asked if Bill knew how long he'd get for arson. Liam claimed to have always respected his father. Bill quipped that threatening him with jail time was a funny way to show it. Bill had never thought he'd hear it from his own flesh and blood.

Liam suggested that Bill stop lying. Liam claimed that he'd figured out the code for the Spencer Summit App, and he'd figured out that Bill had lied about the fashion challenge being a tie. "It was for charity! Who gives a damn?" Bill exclaimed. Liam was ashamed and asked when it was going to be enough. He asked what void Bill was trying to fill.

Bill told "Dr. Freud" to give him a break. Liam complained that Bill had buildings, billions, and Brooke, but Bill still took and took. Liam yelled that Bill couldn't even let Spectra win a fashion show. Bill mock roared and cheered, saying Spectra had won, and he asked if it made Liam happy. Bill didn't want to hide things from Liam. He said Liam had some good ideas, and they might implement them around there; however, Bill would not be blackmailed by his own son.

Liam claimed not to be blackmailing Bill. Guessing the word was to unsavory for Liam, Bill asked what Liam would like to call it to make it more sanitary. Liam didn't think Bill understood that Liam could have Bill arrested on the spot. Bill realized that Liam had really thought it through. "Probably even dreamed about it," Bill gleaned about Liam and his "little coup."

Bill asked if Liam was feeling ignored around there or as if he hadn't been heard enough. Bill said he'd given Liam more philanthropy when he'd asked for it, and the fashion show had raised over a million dollars for the Spencer Foundation.

Bill said Liam could go to the police, who wouldn't be able to trace the fire back to Bill, anyway. Bill had only told Liam about the fire because Liam had needed to hear it and because Liam was Bill's son, whom Bill loved. "And I trusted you. Was that a mistake?" Bill asked. Bill wondered if Liam needed more transparency and decided to give it.

Bill admitted that he'd told Justin to get someone to torch Spectra so that Bill could build Spencer Tower. Bill asked if Liam was happy and satisfied. Liam whipped out his phone to email something to himself for safekeeping. He pressed play, and the phone replayed Bill admitting to getting Justin to set up the fire. "No evidence, huh? Gotcha," Liam told Bill.

Bill was shocked that Liam had recorded their private conversation. Liam decided that Bill had gone too far, and Bill's way of doing business was criminal and had to end. Bill stated that Liam had lost his mind if he thought Bill would let him get away with it. Liam said that a young woman had arrived in the city with a dream, and Bill thought it had made him a man to take it from her.

Sighing, Bill asked what it was with Liam and if it made Liam feel strong to defend Sally Spectra. Chuckling, Bill figured that he knew what it was. "You have a thing for her!" Bill exclaimed. Liam concluded that there was no compassion in Bill, even though Liam had hoped to find some. It was evident in Bill's business practices, low wages, meager health benefits, and fear and intimidation practices.

Liam said that Bill had put the company and family in jeopardy, and Liam decided that, along with a leave of absence, Bill would take a long, hard look at himself. "As long as it takes. Until then, I'm CEO," Liam declared. Bill responded, "The hell you are."

Liam instructed Bill to have a memo on Liam's desk in the morning, indicating that Bill would step down immediately. "On your desk?" Bill asked. Liam yelled that it was his desk and office, and he'd protect the Spencer name and whatever dignity the company had left. "Boy, you have lost your mind," Bill seethed.

Liam instructed Bill to have the memo on the desk at nine in the morning. If it was a minute later, Liam would call the police. Liam declared himself the CEO of Spencer Publications.

In the Forrester's CEO office, Steffy and Ridge discussed Bill's bully nature. She doubted her husband would put up with it much longer. Ridge said that was good, but she wasn't so sure about it. She explained that Liam wanted more influence at Spencer to do good things in the world.

Ridge didn't think Bill would allow it, but Steffy said Bill had a lot to gain by listening. She just didn't want Liam to push his father too far and ruin his relationship with his father. Ridge advised her to tell Liam to lower his expectations of Bill so that Liam didn't walk through life disappointed.

In the design office, Rick was surprised to hear Maya suggest that Zende replace Jean-Luc at International. He said it wasn't about helping Zende's career; it was about keeping Nicole away from Lizzy. Maya claimed it would be an adventure for the couple, but it would also create distance between Nicole and Lizzy during a crucial stage in Lizzy's development.

Maya admitted that hearing Lizzy refer to Nicole as her mother after all they'd gone through had been very upsetting. Rick understood, and he thought Maya was right. It would be a legitimate career move for Zende. Rick stated that they had to run it by Ridge, and then Rick remembered that Sasha was living in Paris and modeling.

Maya believed that Zende was completely committed to Nicole, so Sasha wouldn't be an issue. Maya claimed to want the best for Nicole and Zende, and Maya also wanted the best for her own family with Rick and Lizzy. Maya suggested that they see what Ridge thought about it.

Maya and Rick went across the hall to pitch their idea of sending Zende and Nicole to Paris. Ridge, who'd thought Zende was doing well in Los Angeles, asked what he was missing. Rick agreed that Zende was doing very well; however, it was a good opportunity for Zende. Rick said Jean-Luc was leaving, and Zende could stay on there if he was a fit for Jean-Luc's job. Maya added that Nicole could be the point person for the marketing department in Europe.

Ridge was surprised by the ideas and said Nicole was Lizzy's aunt. Maya replied that Nicole was more than that, and Nicole meant the world to Maya. Ridge thought it would be a great opportunity and decided to see what Zende and Nicole would think.

In the studio, Nicole and Zende discussed how well Zende was doing with his designs. She said the whole family was behind him, and she couldn't wait to see what the future held. She imagined the day of Zende's first full showing, and she said she'd be modeling his designs on the runway. Zende spun her around and kissed her.

Later, Zende and Nicole met with Maya, Rick, and Ridge in the CEO's office. Ridge thanked Zende for stepping up when Sally had stolen their collection. Ridge explained that Zende had to always keep an open mind about what was next, and an opportunity had presented itself that could be good. Zende asked what it was, and Ridge asked how Zende and Nicole would like to move to Paris.

In the design office, Sally arrived while Steffy was ending a phone call. Sally promised not to be long. She'd arrived to bid Steffy farewell. Sally was leaving town. She didn't know where she'd go, but there was nothing for her in Los Angeles. With Thomas in New York and Spectra burned to the ground, it was time for Sally to figure out what was next in her life.

Sally also wanted to apologize for all the trouble she'd caused. For that trouble, Sally wanted Steffy to accept a peace offering. Sally presented some normal paper-sized sketches. They'd been created for a new era at Spectra, but Sally didn't need them anymore. Steffy didn't feel she could take them, but Sally said it was only fitting after she'd stolen Forrester's designs. Sally wanted to give the last of her designs to Steffy.

Steffy didn't know what to say. Sally replied that she'd been nothing but a royal pain, and in another lifetime, they might have been friends. Steffy poignantly nodded.

Steffy tells Liam that blackmail is a crime

Steffy tells Liam that blackmail is a crime

Friday, September 8, 2017

In the CEO's office, Vivienne and Julius joined the discussion that Rick, Maya, and Ridge were having with Zende and Nicole about moving to Paris. Maya believed Zende and Nicole would love it there. Julius stated that he knew Rick and Maya loved Paris. Ridge replied that it was probably the reason the couple had gotten the idea.

Nicole asked if the promotion was Maya's idea. Acknowledging it, Maya said Ridge had been very receptive to Zende's work, and it had dawned on Maya that the International position would be opening up. Maya thought it was an amazing opportunity for Nicole, too, in the public relations department. Ridge stated that they'd all worked overseas at some point, and there was a lot to learn from their international colleagues.

Vivienne asked if Sasha was working in Paris. Zende said he'd made mistakes, but he wasn't stupid. He loved Nicole more than anything. Julius asked how Nicole felt about it. Nicole said it was sudden, and she had to wonder if there was more to it. Nicole noted that Maya hadn't talked to her about it at all, and Ridge said Maya had cleared it with him and Rick first.

The Avants felt that something was bothering Nicole. Nicole asked if Maya was still upset with Nicole for considering not signing the adoption papers. Maya said it had nothing to do with that. Maya recalled that they'd had an emotional time, but they'd gotten through it. She said she just wanted what was best for everyone, and it would be an amazing opportunity for the couple.

Ridge didn't want to force anyone into anything they were uncomfortable with. Vivienne asked if Nicole was uncomfortable with it. Nicole thought it was exciting but intimidating. She was wary of leaving the city, her family, friends, and Lizzy. She'd miss them all. Nicole asked Zende what he thought about it.

Zende felt that it was a lot to process, but the more he thought about it, the more he thought of how great it could be for them to explore Paris together. It could be a great opportunity and an adventure for them. Ridge asked if it was a "yes." Nicole slowly replied that it was.

Vivienne cheered, saying she was very happy for Zende and Nicole. Julius told Zende to take good care of his baby. Maya hugged Nicole and said they'd have the time of their lives. As Zende told Nicole that it was a new beginning, Rick and Maya exchanged looks.

Alone in the CEO's office later, Zende asked Nicole if they were really doing it. Nicole said her head was spinning. He stated that he couldn't have done it without her. He knew it would be hard to leave their family and Lizzy, but he believed it would be a time in their lives that they'd never forget. The couple kissed.

Across the hall, Steffy entered the design office and apologized for making Sally wait. Steffy didn't want to take Sally's designs, which were really good, in Steffy's opinion. Sally insisted, saying she had no use for them, and she owed Steffy. Steffy disagreed. Sally didn't know how Steffy could disagree after what Sally had done. Sally felt like she deserved everything that had happened.

Steffy replied that Sally hadn't deserved it. Sally reasoned that she and Steffy were a lot alike; however, Steffy's "bad ass" ways paid off, but Sally's didn't. Sally said she'd had it all, including a great guy, and it had all disappeared quicker than she'd gotten it.

Sally received a message from C.J. and decided to go. Steffy thanked Sally for the sketches, and Sally left to meet C.J. at Il Giardino.

At a table with Sally later, C.J. was relieved that she was out and about and feeling better. Sally replied that smoke inhalation wouldn't keep her under. He stated that it could have been worse. Sally said her designs could have been Spectra's ticket into the fashion world, but it had all gone up in flames over a freak accident.

Later, C.J. was surprised to hear that Sally was leaving town. Sally said nothing was left for her there but a charred office in a charred building. C.J. replied that it wouldn't be that way for long because he was selling the building to Bill Spencer.

At Spencer, Steffy located Liam in the CEO's office. She asked what was going on. Liam replied that it was the end of an era, and in the morning, he'd have a letter on the desk, which had become his desk, stating that Bill was stepping down from Spencer.

Amazed that Liam had instructed Bill to step down, Steffy asked what Bill had said. Liam replied that Bill had yelled and threatened Liam. She assumed that Liam had stood his ground, but she said Bill was Spencer Publications and wouldn't give it up. Liam said Bill would do it, or Liam would hand Bill over to the police.

Steffy realized that Liam had actually blackmailed his father. Liam believed he was righting a wrong. She was amazed that he would have his father arrested. Liam said that he would if it got down to it. Steffy asked if he could really send his father to prison.

Liam asked if Bill thought he was some gangster, ordering buildings to be torched. Liam said someone could have died. Steffy didn't condone what Bill had done, and Liam concluded that Bill needed to pay a price. Steffy asked if that price was the company Bill had spent his life building. Liam added that it had been built on the backs of a lot of people.

Steffy asked what would happen if Bill refused, and she wondered if Liam could really send Bill to prison. Liam was banking on the idea that Bill wouldn't let Liam send him to prison. Liam believed the only way to stop Bill was to grab his source of power, and Liam intended to run the company the way it deserved to be run.

Steffy said she'd never seen that side of Liam before. Liam replied that Bill hadn't, either, but Bill had better get used to it. Liam said that Bill was out, and Liam was in. Liam finally had control over Bill, and Liam intended to use it. Liam would make much-needed changes and take the company in a new direction. There was nothing Bill could do but sit back and accept it.

Steffy asked what changes Liam would make. Liam said he'd wanted to change things for a long time, and he was talking everything from childcare all the way up to 401(k). Bill had been offering too little for far too long, and Spencer had to do better. Equal pay and their effect on the environment were important to Liam. Steffy said she was impressed.

Liam believed it would take a lot to undo what Bill had done. "Like this," Liam said, gesturing to the model skyscraper. He stated that Bill wouldn't take the property from Sally. Steffy remarked that she'd seen Sally, who was leaving town. Liam called Sally another of Bill's victims.

Though Steffy didn't always agree with Bill's tactics, she couldn't deny that Bill was all about progress and company growth. "Well, I'm not," Liam quipped. Liam claimed to know how to turn a profit but said profit wasn't everything. Steffy stated that she didn't doubt Liam would improve the business under his leadership. Liam asked if he heard "a but coming."

Steffy affirmed it. She didn't care about the company. She cared about Liam's relationship with his father. Shrugging, Liam said Bill would get over it. She asserted that Liam's father wouldn't get over blackmail. Liam started to say it wasn't, but Steffy talked over him, insisting that it was blackmail, which was as much of a crime as arson. "Wow," Liam murmured.

Liam said he'd heard it from Bill and asked that he not have to hear it from her, too. Liam insisted that he hadn't put it in motion; Bill had. Liam said the lying and manipulating had gone on for too long. "And now arson. Well, enough is enough," Liam concluded.

At Bill's house, Bill fumed as he flashed back on the conversation he'd had with Liam, who'd ordered Bill to step down as CEO at Spencer. Bill growled and threw his drink at the fireplace.

Brooke arrived and asked how Bill's day had been. Bill grumbled that it had been "from hell." He said employees had no idea what it took to make an empire, and the lack of gratitude and common business sense was blinding. He stated that one didn't get ahead by following the rules. Instead, one had to make the rules and break them when necessary.

Bill told Brooke that he'd had it in the palm of his hand. Brooke replied that he'd grab it again, whatever "it" was. Massaging his shoulders, she remarked upon how tense he was. She didn't think things could be "that bad" and said that, no matter what the issue was, he still had her, his beautiful "Sky" with its mirrors and smoky windows. She began to say Bill had his CEO's desk, but Bill hopped up from his seat. Brooke was taken aback by his smoldering demeanor.

Later, Brooke was saying she still couldn't believe there had been a fire at Spectra. Bill replied that the building had been neglected for years. Brooke almost felt sorry for Sally and had heard that Sally's designs had been pretty good. Bill guessed they'd never know. Brooke stated that Sally had been on the brink of success but had wound up with nothing.

Brooke began to say something about Thomas, but Bill asked not to talk about Sally Spectra anymore. Brooke said he still hadn't told her what had happened to upset him at work. She wanted to know what had put him in his mood. Bill continued to drink, and Liam's words echoed in his head. Brooke implored Bill to open up to her.

Bill took another swig from his glass. Brooke asked if he really needed to drink more when they hadn't even had dinner yet. Bill tossed back the rest of the drink. Rolling her eyes, Brooke stated, "Now you're really worrying me." She asked him to say what he was thinking. "What I'm thinking -- I'm thinking about taking some time off," Bill revealed.

Brooke expressed surprise. Bill said it was to be with her, and they could travel. Though she thought it would be nice, she believed he'd go crazy within a few days. She asked why, and he said he just felt the need to get away. She asked who'd run Spencer. Bill replied that he had two sons, and Liam was president. Brooke noted that Bill and Liam were very different, and it wouldn't make sense for Bill to hand the company over to Liam.

Bill flashed to Liam saying he'd be the new CEO. Bill told Brooke that it might be what he needed to do. Brooke asked why he needed to hand the company over to Liam. Gazing into the burning fireplace, Bill heard Liam's voice, asking if Bill had been behind the fire, and he heard himself confessing to what he'd done.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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