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After taking Gabi hostage, Raines was arrested. Andre held a press conference to outmaneuver Kate, but Hattie betrayed him. Hattie had Andre committed to a psychiatric facility with John and Marlena. Hope realized that Hattie had been impersonating Marlena and confronted her. Nicole regained custody of Holly.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 4, 2017 on DAYS
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Monday, September 4, 2017

Due to the Labor Day holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 5, and picked up where the Friday, September 1, episode concluded.

Raines threatens Gabi

Raines threatens Gabi

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

At the hospital, Kayla thought about when she had watched Steve and Tripp clinking beer glasses together and talking about earning back Kayla's trust. As Kayla shook off the memory, Steve arrived with Tripp. Tripp informed Kayla that he wanted to donate his inheritance to the hospital. Kayla refused the money. Steve told Tripp that they would talk later. After Tripp left, Steve asked Kayla to talk to him about her decision. Kayla admitted that she had seen Steve and Tripp celebrating at the pub. Kayla argued that the money was blood money from Ava.

"That woman cost me my son," Kayla growled. Steve argued that Tripp had not had anyone in his life to teach him right from wrong. Kayla countered that Joey had not had his father around during his childhood either. With a sigh, Steve reminded Kayla that he had not been around because it had not been safe to be around them. Steve added that he was grateful that Joey and Stephanie had had Kayla in their lives. "I would give anything to go back and change things. But I can't," Steve said.

"But now you get to spend time with Tripp and make it right. Because you still have a son," Kayla said. Steve reminded Kayla that he had also lost his son, regardless of whether Tripp was in his life. Steve said that no one could fill the hole in his heart that Joey had left. Wiping away tears, Kayla said she did not want Steve to turn his back on Tripp, even though it hurt her to see Steve be a father to him. Steve told Kayla that Joey would always need his mother, even if he was in prison. Kayla confessed that she felt helpless because she could not keep her son safe.

Steve said that Joey had wanted them to help each other through Joey's absence. As Kayla stared into the distance, Steve added that Joey had suffered enough and should not have to watch his family be torn apart. Switching gears, Steve noted that the money that Tripp had offered was no longer Ava's money but an offer from Tripp to make amends.

"He is trying to show his gratitude to you for welcoming him into the family and his regret for all the pain he caused," Steve said. Steve asked Kayla not to let Ava continue to destroy their lives. With a deep sigh, Kayla said she would accept the donation. Steve thanked Kayla.

Claire returned home to the loft and found music blaring. Theo exited his room in a towel. Averting her eyes, Claire turned off the music and asked about Valerie. Theo said that Valerie was delayed at the hospital, so it would just be the two of them for dinner. With a nod, Theo returned to his room to dress. When Theo returned, Claire mentioned that the landlord had asked about rent. Avoiding the question, Theo wondered aloud what they should do with the ingredients for Valerie's dinner.

Claire suggested that they ask Tripp to be their roommate because she had heard he was a good cook. Theo did not want to talk about Tripp. There was a knock at the door. It was Tripp. Claire rushed to the door and ushered Tripp into the loft. Tripp told Claire that he needed to move because he was donating his inheritance and needed to cut back on expenses. With a grin, Claire asked Tripp to move into their apartment. Theo scowled. Claire explained the situation about the bills. When Tripp asked Theo what he thought, Theo said he did not think Tripp should move in.

Incensed, Claire told Theo he had been rude. Tripp said it was okay, and there were no hard feelings. As Tripp turned to leave, Claire asked him to wait. Claire took Theo aside and asked why he was not open to having Tripp move in. When Theo accused Claire of having an ulterior motive, Claire asked Theo why he was angry at Tripp. Theo remained silent. Claire reminded Theo that they needed to pay bills. After a moment, Theo welcomed Tripp to the loft. Excited, Tripp left to pack up his apartment.

Once Tripp left, Theo asked Claire if she liked Tripp. Claire said she did. Claire added that Tripp had always been nice to her, and she believed Theo should give him a chance. As Theo sighed, Claire reminded Theo that they were just friends, and there was no reason for Theo to be jealous of Tripp. With a nod, Claire left to help Tripp pack.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope told Bonnie that Anjelica had been found dead in Adrienne's room. Hope, believing that Bonnie was Adrienne, asked her if she knew what had happened to Anjelica. When the color drained from Bonnie's face, Hope asked if she was feeling okay. Justin walked in, and Bonnie said she was tired. With a nod, Hope said she would return later to discuss Anjelica. Curious, Justin asked about Anjelica. Bonnie explained that Anjelica had "dropped dead."

When Justin asked for details, Hope explained that Anjelica had been found in Adrienne's hotel bed. Bonnie said she was glad she had not been the one to find the body. Hope said she did not know the cause of death. Concerned, Justin asked Bonnie why Anjelica had been in Adrienne's room. Justin added that Adrienne had been with him the previous night. With a furrowed brow, Justin mentioned that Anjelica had wanted to call a truce and might have gone to the hotel room to do that. With a shrug, Hope said it did not explain why Anjelica had been clad in only a robe.

After Hope left, Bonnie thanked Justin for standing up for her. Justin remembered when Bonnie had refused to let him into her hotel room to pack. Justin asked Bonnie if there was anything she was not telling him. Stepping closer to Justin, Adrienne said she would not keep secrets from him. Justin reminded Bonnie that she had kept him out of her room like she had not wanted him to see something. Bonnie asked Justin if he believed she had killed Anjelica. Shaking his head no, Justin stressed that Adrienne could tell him anything. Bonnie swore on her children that she had not seen Anjelica in her room.

With a nod, Justin said he believed "Adrienne," but he needed to know why she had not let him into her room. Bonnie lied and said she was having issues with her body. Bonnie said she was not ready for Justin to see her yet because she was not comfortable. Justin apologized. Shaking his head, Justin said he had not liked Anjelica, but he would not wish death on her. Justin announced that he needed to call Alexander and break the news to him. After Justin left, Bonnie called Hattie and asked what she had done.

At the police station, Rafe called Eli and told him that Dario had contacted him and told him about evidence he had mailed to Club TBD. The two men agreed to meet there. At the club, Gabi listened to Dario's audio recording on the tape recorder from Dario's package. As Gabi listened to Raines discuss his guilt on tape, Rained crept up behind her. "I really wish you hadn't heard that," Raines said as he brandished a handgun. Gabi attempted to leave, but Raines grabbed her and pointed the gun at her head.

Outside the club, Eli noticed that the evidence tape on the door was broken as he approached the front with Rafe. Cautiously, Eli and Rafe entered the club with their guns drawn. Eli spotted the open package, and he cursed when he saw it was empty. As he sighed, Rafe saw Gabi's purse on the floor. Eli said he had stopped Gabi from entering earlier, but she appeared to have returned. Furious, Rafe vowed to kill Raines if he hurt Gabi.

In an abandoned house, Raines threw Gabi on a couch and warned her to shut up. Raines crushed the audio recorder under his foot. Raines wondered aloud what he should do with Gabi. Gabi warned Raines that he would not get away with his crimes. Raines growled that Gabi's whole family had been nothing but trouble, and he was eager to return the favor. Raines leveled the gun at Gabi's stomach. Softening her voice, Gabi told Raines that there was no honor among thieves.

Raines complained that he had set up the whole counterfeiting operation and had only taken a small fraction of the profits. Gabi glanced across the room at an overflowing duffel bag full of money. Gabi noted that it did not look like a "fraction of the profits." Scoffing, Raines said that the money was the least he deserved for setting things up and convincing Dario to marry Abigail. Gabi apologized to Raines for her brother's cowardice. When Raines said that Dario should be afraid of him, Gabi rose to her feet and said she was not afraid of Raines.

Chuckling, Raines ordered Gabi to sit down. Gabi called Raines a bully. When Raines reiterated his order, Gabi dressed down Raines for failing to be a responsible, law-abiding cop. Raines called Dario a coward. Unfazed, Gabi asked Raines what kind of person would run down innocent people with a car. As Gabi yelled that Abigail had more courage than Raines ever could, Raines shoved Gabi onto the couch. Raines said he was upset about what had happened to Abigail, but he added that innocent people sometimes got hurt.

At the police station, J.J. and Lani confirmed with Eli and Rafe that Raines had never shown up for his meeting with Myron. The group agreed that Raines knew that they were onto him. When Eli mentioned that Raines had Gabi, J.J.'s eyes bugged out. Rafe confirmed that Gabi had never returned to relieve the babysitter. Eli assured Rafe that they would find his sister.

Hope returned to the station and promised to help Rafe find Gabi. Hope assured Rafe that his sister would be fine. While J.J. and Lani were out searching for Gabi, Rafe, Hope, and Eli researched leads. Rafe found a clue. There was a list of GDR assets, including a property on the edge of town.

At the abandoned house, Gabi warned Raines that Rafe would find her. When Gabi yelled that she would not remain a hostage, Raines countered that she was not a hostage but a witness. Gabi gasped as she realized what that revelation meant for her. Raines told her that she was a liability because she knew too much. Gabi promised not to tell anyone about Raines or what she had heard on the tape. Raines cocked the gun and pointed it at Gabi's face. Gabi begged for her life.

Nicole reunites with Holly

Nicole reunites with Holly

> Nicole reunites with Holly

Nicole reunites with Holly

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

by Mike

Gabi lunged toward Commissioner Raines in an effort to seize his gun, but she only managed to scratch his face before he regained control of the situation.

"Bitch! That was a mistake! You know when I said [before that] this wasn't personal? Well, now it is," Raines spat as he aimed his gun at Gabi's head while using his free hand to wipe blood off his right cheek. As Gabi turned away in fear, Rafe burst through the front door of the cabin, with Hope and Eli close behind.

Raines quickly put Gabi in a chokehold and warned that he would kill her unless Rafe, Hope, and Eli surrendered their respective guns immediately. After failing to reason with Raines, Rafe reluctantly placed his gun on a nearby couch and stepped away from it. Hope started to kneel down to place her own gun on the floor, and Eli pretended to be following suit -- then deftly fired a shot at Raines's right shoulder while locked in a steady crouch. Raines dropped his gun and fell to the floor in pain as his right arm seized up. Rafe rushed over to check on Gabi, leaving Eli and Hope to deal with Raines.

Later, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, Hope confronted Raines, demanding to know why he had decided to get involved in criminal activity. "When I got back on the force, you did nothing but make it hard for me -- all this talk about good cops doing the right thing -- and all that time, you were nothing but a crook," Hope mused with obvious disgust, adding that she was going to do everything in her power to ensure that Raines was held accountable for every single crime he had committed. As sirens began blaring in the distance, Raines dismissively insisted that he didn't need a lecture on integrity from Hope, of all people.

After helping Hope escort Raines out to the ambulance, Eli returned to the cabin to check on Gabi, who was still with Rafe. "Don't you think you've done enough, [cowboy]? That shot you fired could've killed my sister!" Rafe spat. Eli protested that he was a trained marksman, not a cowboy, and he added that he wouldn't have fired the shot if he hadn't been completely confident that he would hit his intended target.

Unconvinced, Rafe continued lashing out at Eli, insisting that any number of things could have gone wrong. Gabi eventually interrupted, reminding Rafe that Raines had been out of control. "As far as I'm concerned, Eli saved my life, and I think what we need to be saying [to him] is 'thank you,'" Gabi added before turning to Eli and quietly repeating her expression of gratitude.

At the hospital, Hattie ran into Brady, who was there for Nicole's reunion with Holly. Brady insisted that he needed to talk to Marlena right away, so Hattie reluctantly led him into Marlena's office and listened as he explained that he was worried about his father. "Is this because I kissed Roman?" Hattie asked. "You did what?" Brady incredulously replied. Chuckling, Hattie teasingly informed Brady that he might just be the only person in Salem who hadn't already heard all about that particular tidbit of information. Brady wanted to know why Marlena had kissed Roman, so Hattie explained with a shrug, "He was my first great, true love."

Brady wondered if that was why Marlena had dumped John so suddenly. Hattie coyly insisted that if Brady wanted to know more about such private matters, he would have to talk to his father, not her. "I would, but I haven't been able to [reach] him in a while," Brady explained. Hattie feigned ignorance and tried to chase Brady off, but he refused to leave, maintaining that he had important things to discuss with Marlena.

"[Look], the pull of that one great, true, first love -- it just doesn't [ever] go away," Hattie impatiently explained. Brady vehemently protested, "No, that's ridiculous! That's insane, okay? People get over their first loves all the time. True love is when you find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with." Grinning, Hattie knowingly mused that Brady seemed to be projecting his insecurities about his relationship with Nicole onto John's relationship with Marlena. Brady insisted that wasn't true, but Hattie skeptically observed, "Look at you -- you've got a little flop sweat going on, [and] your jaw's all clenched up, and you're becoming very defensive." Hattie offered to recommend a good psychiatrist who could help Brady work through his issues. Speechless, Brady shook his head and stormed out of the office in frustration.

Meanwhile, Eric ran into Nicole while looking for a Horton Center client who had just been admitted to the hospital. After a brief conversation with Nicole, Eric started to excuse himself; however, when he ran into a social worker on his way out of the examination room, he decided to stick around for a few more minutes to witness the reunion that was about to take place.

The social worker handed Holly to Nicole then went to look for the doctor who was supposed to be doing the child's final examination that day. While waiting, Nicole thanked Eric for the part he had played in putting her daughter back in her arms, regretfully acknowledging that she didn't really deserve his kindness after the way she had treated him in Greece -- and even for some time afterward. Eric dismissively insisted that was water under the bridge, and he added, as he took Nicole's free hand, that he was going to miss having her at the Horton Center.

Brady soon arrived and jealously wondered what was going on. Eric released Nicole's hand and abruptly excused himself, explaining that he had been looking for a Horton Center client and had ended up in the wrong room. After Eric left, Nicole added that she had simply been thanking him for speaking on her behalf at the custody hearing. "Yeah, good ol' Eric, huh?" Brady sarcastically muttered. Realizing that Brady was upset about something, Nicole encouraged him to speak his mind. Brady admitted with a sigh, "Well, this is gonna sound a little petty, but...the thing is, Eric was not the one that got Holly back to you. It was me."

Nicole was surprised -- but also touched -- that Brady had gone to such lengths to help her. "There's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you," Brady stressed. Smiling, Nicole admitted that she had never felt more loved and protected in her entire life. "I owe you everything. I am never gonna stop being grateful," Nicole added as Brady hugged her.

Meanwhile, Eric entered Marlena's office and insisted that he needed to talk to his mother right away. "Oh, don't start in with me!" Hattie snapped, adding that she had already gone a few rounds with Brady that day because of the situation with John. Eric clarified that he actually wanted to talk to Marlena about a Horton Center client, not John, at that particular moment. "Really? What is this, free therapy week?" Hattie grumbled.

"Wow, Brady really upset you," Eric observed. Nodding, Hattie insisted that Brady -- and everyone else, including Eric -- needed to accept that she was never going to change her mind about John. Changing the subject, Hattie added, "[And] here's the thing: Brady had himself a little hissy fit [earlier], and between us -- just psychiatrist and counselor -- I think [my issues with his father are] bringing up issues in his own relationship."

Eric assumed that Marlena was hinting at possible problems that Brady was having with Nicole. "I can't discuss that with you! That's confidential!" Hattie protested. Switching to a conspiratorial whisper, Hattie continued, "But you're a bright fellow, and you can read between the lines, so I think you know what I mean." Hattie then chased Eric off, claiming that she had work to do.

After leaving Marlena's office, Eric paused in a hallway to watch as Brady and Nicole, both unaware of his presence, prepared to take Holly home, having just received confirmation from the child's doctor that she was fine.

At Bayview, John stood in a corner of his padded cell, his straitjacket draped over his shoulders and chest to create the illusion that he was still restrained, and watched as an orderly placed a tray of food on his cot. As the orderly was about to leave, John pounced on him and put him in a chokehold. After the orderly passed out, John grabbed the man's keys and rushed down the hall to Marlena's cell.

Marlena was prepared for John's arrival, but before they could rush off together, another orderly arrived with a Taser and asked, "Going somewhere?" John pretended that he was going to return to his cell without trying to cause any further trouble, but as he approached the orderly, he suddenly lunged forward in an effort to seize the Taser. John managed to urge Marlena to run while the orderly was zapping him with the Taser, but she stood frozen in place and watched in horror as he lost control of his body and sank to the floor in pain. The orderly gave Marlena a threatening look then backed out of the cell and locked the door, leaving her alone with John.

"Well, that went well, didn't it?" John weakly joked after recovering from the effects of the Taser. Marlena wasn't amused, but when John complained that she should have bolted toward the nearest exit when she'd had the chance, she unintentionally made her own poorly timed joke, protesting, "[And] leave you here? What am I, insane?"

Later, after John was back in his own cell and had been placed in restraints that were attached to his cot, Marlena -- restrained in the same manner -- began talking to him through the air vent, wondering if he was upset with her for having failed to stick to their original plan. John assured Marlena that he could never be upset with her; he maintained, however, that she should have escaped when she'd had the chance. Marlena sarcastically agreed that John would have rushed off without her if he had been in her shoes. John conceded the point then told Marlena, "Now we need a new plan."

An orderly soon entered Marlena's cell and announced, loudly enough for John to hear him, "Just wanted to let you know -- 'cause of your escape attempt, the real Dr. Evans would like to pursue a more...aggressive treatment...[so] first thing tomorrow morning, you and Mr. Black are scheduled for electroshock therapy."

Andre holds a press conference

Andre holds a press conference

Thursday, September 7, 2017

by Mike

At the Martin mansion, Sonny took a phone call from Gabi, who filled him in on her recent ordeal so he wouldn't have to hear about it on the news.

After ending the call, Sonny tried to update Paul, whose responses indicated that he wasn't really paying much attention. When Sonny pointed that out, Paul looked up from his tablet computer and apologetically explained that he was distracted because he was waiting for an email from Shane, who was supposed to be looking into Marlena's claim that John had left Salem to work on a new ISA mission.

Paul admitted that he had a feeling that Marlena wasn't being completely honest with him. Sonny didn't know how to explain the fact that John hadn't reached out to Paul or Brady before leaving Salem. "But what I do know is that Marlena is the most honest person in the world, so unless she became a completely different person overnight, I can't imagine her lying to you about something like this," Sonny added.

Later, while sharing a meal with Paul at the Brady Pub, Sonny offered him a chance to change his mind about the plan to have a double wedding with Chad and Abigail. Paul insisted that the details of the wedding weren't particularly important to him because he really only cared about the end result: being married to Sonny. "[And] I know that we've only been engaged for a few weeks, but I, uh...I want you to have this," Paul continued, presenting Sonny with a jewelry box that contained his World Series ring. Recalling that Paul had led a team to victory in the seventh game of that particular World Series, Sonny pointed out that the ring had once meant more to the pitcher than anything else in the world. "Well, that was then. Now, there's nothing more important to me than you," Paul stressed before giving Sonny a kiss.

Paul soon received a phone call from Shane. After a brief conversation, Paul ended the call and informed Sonny, "My father isn't on a mission. Marlena lied to me."

Jennifer and J.J. went to the hospital to see Abigail, who had been released and was preparing to return to the DiMera mansion with Chad. Abigail and Chad were quick to ask J.J. about Gabi, having heard news reports about her recent ordeal. J.J. assured the couple that although the incident had left Gabi shaken up, she was going to be okay. "What I wouldn't give to take a car to Raines," Chad mused. "[And] back it up over him a couple times," J.J. agreed. Jennifer didn't want to go there, but she was grateful to Abe for the part he had played in ensuring that the crooked former police commissioner would pay for nearly killing Abigail.

Changing the subject, Abigail and Chad revealed that they had picked a date for their wedding and were planning to share the big event with Sonny and Paul. J.J. was fine with that idea because it meant that he would only have to wear a tie once, but Jennifer clearly didn't share his enthusiasm. After J.J. rushed off in an effort to avoid being teased about the possibility of Lani catching Abigail's bridal bouquet, Jennifer explained that although she was happy for Abigail and Chad, she wasn't sure it was a good idea for the couple to share their special day with another couple. Abigail insisted that sharing the big event with another couple wasn't going to be an issue for her because she had already been a bride once before, and Chad added with a chuckle that he was simply going to go along with whatever she wanted to do. Jennifer seemed satisfied with the couple's responses.

Later, Abigail asked Jennifer about the rumor that Anjelica had been found dead in Adrienne's hotel room. "Honey, it's so weird," Jennifer stressed, adding that there were still many questions that needed to be answered in the wake of the shocking development. Abigail agreed that Adrienne's life had been filled with such oddities recently, including her seemingly random decision to dump Lucas and get back together with Justin.

At the police station, Abe confronted Raines, who was upset with himself for having allowed the mayor to fool him. Abe declared that being able to send a "bottom-feeder" away for at least twenty years had made his days spent in jail worthwhile. "[And] as an ex-cop in prison, your time is gonna be hard time," Abe warned Raines, who didn't have much to say in response.

After vowing never to forget about the way Raines had treated Lani, Abe emerged from the conference room in which Raines was being held -- and received a round of applause from a group of waiting police officers, including J.J. and Lani, who both said a few words then excused themselves so they could get the paperwork ready for Raines's transfer. Valerie, who was also in the crowd, greeted Abe with a hug and stressed that she was extremely proud of him. Abe thanked Valerie for her unwavering faith in him then presented her with the jewelry she had been forced to surrender after his staged arrest. Valerie was reluctant to accept items that had been part of a sting operation, but she agreed to do so after Abe made it clear that the feelings behind the gifts had been completely genuine.

Later, J.J. and Lani went to get Raines ready for his transfer. Groaning, Raines complained that he would prefer different escorts. As J.J. yanked on Raines's injured shoulder to pull him to his feet, Lani pointed out that prisoners didn't get to decide who would handle their transfer. Raines acted defiant while Lani was lecturing him about how he had used everyone on the police force, but when J.J. added that Abigail had nearly died as a result of Raines's efforts to cover his tracks, Raines admitted that he was sorry about what had happened to her. "Apology, uh...not accepted," J.J. replied, yanking on Raines's injured shoulder again.

When Theo emerged from his bedroom to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator, he found Claire gloating to an online troll about the news that Abe's arrest had been staged. Theo noted that it was nice of Claire to stand up for his father, and he regretfully added that she'd actually had more faith in his father than he'd had. "I totally let him down, you know? He's always been there for me. Why couldn't I be there for him?" Theo continued with a sigh. Claire dismissively assured Theo that she had let her parents down tons of times because that was just what kids did -- and, in fact, it was such a tradition that parents actually expected it to happen. "But they still love us, and they understand. Your dad's still your biggest fan," Claire continued.

Theo was surprised that Claire was defending his doubts about his father, since he had previously hurt her with doubts about her true role in the creation of their sex tape. "Well, you were freaked out, and occasionally in the past, I have been a little bit...creative...with the truth, so...[your doubts] made sense," Claire admitted. Theo maintained that he should have had faith in Claire because he had been in love with her at the time, and that should have been enough to put his mind at ease. "I don't know why I always go to thinking the worst about people I care about," Theo continued, sighing again.

"Eh, so maybe you've got a trust issue or two. Doesn't mean that you're not still totally kind and sweet and adorable," Claire replied, prompting Theo to wonder if he was sweeter and more adorable than their new roommate. Shrugging, Claire pointed out that Tripp hadn't moved in yet. "Great. Maybe he'll change his mind," Theo grumbled. Grinning, Claire again observed that Theo seemed jealous of Tripp. "[But] of course you're not jealous of Tripp, [because] you and I are just friends," Claire added with a laugh. "Yep. That's right. Just friends," Theo agreed.

Changing the subject, Claire began talking about Chad and Abigail's impending wedding, musing, "Wonder if I'll be allowed to bring a date..." Claire quickly began loading apps on her cell phone so she could find the perfect dress for the event, adding, "Wonder if Tripp owns a suit... Oh, God, I bet he looks great in a tie..." Annoyed, Theo interjected, "Why are we having this conversation? Who cares?"

Claire conceded, as she set aside her cell phone, that there was still plenty of time for her to make plans for the big event. "All that matters right now is that you talk to your dad," Claire added, turning her attention back to Theo. Nodding, Theo started to excuse himself so he could look for his father, but when he opened the apartment door, he found Abe and Valerie standing in the hallway, preparing to knock.

Theo greeted Abe with a hug and apologized for having doubted him. "Can you forgive me?" Theo asked. "There is [nothing] to forgive," Abe insisted, adding that he was sorry he had been unable to tell Theo, Lani, and Valerie about the sting operation. Valerie, who had her own regrets because of the way she had treated Eli during the operation, explained to Theo that Abe had kept his loved ones in the dark to protect them.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre chuckled as he read a news report about the sting operation. "Who knew that Abe Carver had the --" Andre began. "Scones?" Kate interrupted, pushing a covered bowl toward Andre. As Andre retrieved a scone from the bowl, Kate continued, "Maybe if you have something in your mouth, it will keep you from talking."

Ignoring the dig, Andre observed that Kate seemed to be in a good mood. "Perhaps it may have something to do with your glorious acquisition that you've been working on," Andre guessed. Taken aback, Kate admitted that she was surprised that Andre knew about the deal she was finalizing. "Oh, I always like to keep apprised of my wife's...affairs," Andre replied.

Andre soon excused himself to take a phone call. Kate seemed confused but not particularly surprised when Andre erupted in boisterous laughter for no apparent reason while on his way to the front door. "Marlena! Thank you so much for your call," Andre said after stepping outside. Hattie informed Andre that he had passed his psychiatric evaluation with flying colors. "Of course I did!" Andre replied, laughing again.

Extremely grateful, Andre continued, "Because you've helped me, [Marlena], I'm now going to be able to get control of my family's business -- and kick my backstabbing wife to the curb." Hattie urged Andre not to be too hard on Kate, prompting him to stress that he had no intention of completely destroying his wife, who, he knew, was one of Marlena's dear friends. Hattie offered to help Andre share his good news with the board members of DiMera Enterprises, but he declined, having already thought of a better way to make the announcement. Hattie sweetly assured Andre that he could count on her to do whatever she could to help out.

After ending the call, Andre rushed back inside the mansion and informed Kate that he had actually been working on a deal of his own lately. "Lemonade stand?" Kate guessed. Unamused, Andre assured Kate that everything would be revealed during a press conference in the Horton Town Square later that day -- which, of course, she was welcome to attend. "I can't wait to see your face when I announce what I've accomplished," Andre added.

While passing through the town square, Hattie ran into Roman, who admitted that he was glad to see Marlena because he had actually been thinking about her a lot lately. "You have?" Hattie asked hopefully. Roman continued that he had been wondering if Marlena had managed to work things out with John yet. Hattie made it clear that nothing had changed with John. Sighing, Roman said he was sorry to hear that.

"I don't suppose that means that we could rethink us a little bit, huh?" Hattie asked, still hopeful. Roman stressed, as gently as possible, that although he would always have great affection for Marlena, the spark that had once made them a great couple had since disappeared completely. Disappointed, Hattie grumbled, "I think I know where the spark went."

Hattie started to launch into a grand attempt to change Roman's mind, but Andre soon interrupted, thanking Marlena for arriving early for the press conference. Andre encouraged Roman to stick around for the show, teasing, "I promise a revelation -- [and] it couldn't have happened if it wasn't for the help of Marlena!" Roman was stunned that Marlena had actually agreed to do something to help Andre, of all people.

Later, Kate pulled Andre away from a group of DiMera Enterprises board members he had been politely greeting. "You are not authorized to speak on any matters concerning DiMera Enterprises!" Kate reminded Andre. "But I am a DiMera, so...ipso facto and all that," Andre countered before heading toward the nearby podium to make his announcement, leaving Kate wondering what he was up to.

After greeting the press as well as everyone else who was in attendance, Andre asked Marlena to join him at the podium. Hattie somewhat clumsily approached as Andre continued, "As you all know, my wife, Kate, has been entrusted with the position of CEO in DiMera Enterprises, my family's business. But it's [now] my duty to report that that trust has been betrayed. My spouse is DiMera in name only -- and, sadly, I have to report that my marriage is a fraud." When Jennifer asked Andre to elaborate, he explained with a dramatic sigh, "I thought I had a real marriage based on true love, but it seems that my wife, Kate -- her intention [was only] to get her claws into my family's business. And, sadly, then I discovered that she was [also] carrying on this torrid affair with the former police commissioner Roman Brady."

Chad and Abigail, who were back at the DiMera mansion and were spending time with Thomas in the living room, watched the press conference in shock as Andre continued, "This fraud [was not only] perpetrated on the institution of marriage but also on the stockholders -- the loyal stockholders -- of DiMera Enterprises, as well. And I went to the Brady Pub recently, only to discover my wife clinched with her lover, Roman Brady, like teenagers!" When Andre offered Kate the opportunity to give her version of the affair, she dismissively insisted that he was delusional and mentally unstable. "They were flaunting their affair in public!" Andre maintained. Kate unapologetically confirmed that she had recently shared a kiss with Roman, who was quick to add that he had impulsively kissed her, at which point she had made it clear that she was married.

"This press conference is about a kiss? We were promised big news!" Jennifer protested. Andre clarified that the big news was that he was filing for divorce, effective immediately. "[And], as you will no longer be a DiMera, you will no longer be a CEO," Andre told Kate, who insisted that he couldn't do that. Ignoring Kate, Andre continued that, as a true DiMera, he planned to step in to finish out the remaining portion of Kate's six-month contract as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. "But weren't you deemed too mentally unstable to run the company?" Jennifer asked, prompting Andre to turn the microphone over to Marlena.

Hattie took Andre's place at the podium and began, "Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a fan of Andre DiMera, [who] has been a threat and a danger to my family, my friends, and myself, [as well as] a menace to the people of Salem. [But] as a professional [and] as a doctor, I took an oath never to let my personal feelings get in the way of my work, [so when] Andre DiMera came to me for an evaluation of his mental fitness, knowing that I would be fair, [I] agreed. And after a complete psychiatric analysis and evaluation, I feel very comfortable with my diagnosis."

"It is my professional, unbiased opinion that Andre DiMera, beyond a shadow of a mentally incompetent," Hattie continued, quickly wiping the smile off Andre's face.

Hattie enacts her revenge

Hattie enacts her revenge

Friday, September 8, 2017

In Chloe's hotel room, a confused Lucas wondered aloud how he could have mistaken Anjelica for Adrienne. Chloe advised Lucas not to drink again or give up on Adrienne. Chloe added that Adrienne's behavior had made no sense and that she might have a change of heart. Shaking his head no, Lucas informed Chloe that Adrienne had moved in with Justin.

"She was lying in my arms, telling me that no man had ever loved her the way I did," Lucas lamented. Lucas added that Adrienne had changed overnight. Frustrated, Lucas wondered aloud if he had been wrong about Adrienne's feelings for him. Chloe assured Lucas that he was a strong person and that she believed he would be sober once again. Chloe and Lucas hugged. With a chuckle, Chloe asked Lucas if he would go to a meeting. Lucas promised he would, and on his way out, Lucas thanked Chloe for her support.

In the square, Hattie betrayed Andre at his press conference by announcing that not only was Andre not mentally fit to run DiMera Enterprises, but he was also a sociopath. Andre interjected to claim that Marlena had given him a clean bill of health, but Hattie said that Andre was mistaken. Unfazed, Hattie reminded the crowd that Andre had been the Salem Slasher. In shock, Andre yelled out that he had been pardoned and rehabilitated. Hattie said that Andre had returned to his old ways, and Andre lunged at her. Roman grabbed Andre and held him back.

Backing away, Hattie said she had signed the paperwork to institutionalize Andre for everyone's safety. As orderlies from the psychiatric hospital grabbed Andre, they walked past Kate. Andre pleaded with Kate to intervene on his behalf. Kate whispered that Andre was too controversial and that she would handle the PR for DiMera Enterprises.

After Andre was hauled away, Hattie continued to impersonate Marlena while she talked to Roman and Kate. Hattie said she had thought it was best to handle Andre publicly, but Kate and Roman disagreed. Kate said discretion would have been a better option. Moving on, Hattie asked Roman and Kate if it was true that they were not an item. Roman and Kate looked at one another and nodded in confirmation. While Kate left to talk to the board members of DiMera Enterprises, Roman reminded Hattie that he no longer had romantic feelings for Marlena. Roman walked away, and Jennifer asked Hattie for a quote for the paper. "The son of a bitch got what he deserved," Hattie said bitterly.

In the park, Kate talked to the board members that had attended Andre's press conference. Kate assured the board members that all was well and that she would handle the business of the company. With a shrug, Kate said that what had happened with Andre was unfortunate and that she would do everything she could to help him. As the board members left, Jennifer rushed up to Kate and asked for a quote for the paper. Kate said she hoped there would be a full investigation into Andre's situation and that she did not feel she could argue with someone like Marlena.

At the psychiatric facility, Marlena and John talked through the vent to one another from their respective rooms as they waited for their electroshock treatment. Marlena mentioned that one of the side effects was memory loss, which upset John. John refused to lose any of his memories. John and Marlena were escorted to an office to await their therapy. Two orderlies escorted Andre into the office and sat him in a chair across from John and Marlena. "What the devil?" Andre asked with surprise.


Andre asked Marlena if she was playing a sick game to convince him that he was crazy. As Marlena looked at Andre in confusion, Andre warned her that she would not get away with humiliating him and committing him. Marlena told Andre that Hattie had been impersonating her. Marlena added that Hattie had committed her and John, as well.

With a sigh, Andre argued that Hattie was not smart enough to pull of the plan. Andre pleaded with the staff to believe that they were not crazy, but the staff told Andre that they were not interested in what he had to say. Two orderlies dragged Andre away as he screamed for help. John reached out his hand to Marlena, and she squeezed it as they awaited their fate.

At the police station, Paul told Hope that he had talked to Shane, who had confirmed that John was not working on a case for the ISA. When Paul noted that Marlena had dumped John and made a move on Roman, Hope's eyes grew larger. Hope said they needed to find Marlena immediately. Paul and Hope ran over to the square, but Jennifer and Roman told them that the press conference had ended. Jennifer told Hope what had happened at the press conference.

Confused, Paul wondered aloud why Marlena would have had Andre committed. Roman shrugged. Paul mentioned that John was missing, and Hope interjected, "I just really need to talk to...uh, Marlena right away." Jennifer said Marlena had run off. Jennifer and Roman agreed that something was wrong with Marlena. Hope rolled her eyes and sighed.

At the prison, a guard released Adrienne from solitary confinement. Adrienne pleaded with the guard to help her make a phone call, but the guard refused. When Adrienne pushed the issue, the guard waggled an eyebrow and asked Adrienne what she was willing to offer to him. Disgusted, Adrienne said she would get back to him. Adrienne noticed other inmates setting up for a party. When Adrienne asked about the occasion, an inmate noted that it was a goodbye sendoff for Sheila.

Overhearing her name as she entered the recreation room, Sheila told Adrienne that she was not welcome at the party because Bonnie was a friend of Hattie. As Adrienne nodded meekly, she noticed the goodbye card on the table. Adrienne asked if she could sign the card. Sheila said that was fine. After Adrienne wrote a long note in the card, Sheila asked Adrienne why she was taking so long. Adrienne asked Sheila to take the note to her ex-husband in exchange for a large monetary reward. Sheila agreed. Near tears, Adrienne said she was grateful for Sheila's help.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie, Victor, Bonnie, and Justin had breakfast together in the living room. Maggie talked about Anjelica, and she could not be swayed off the topic. When Maggie mentioned that she was glad that Adrienne had an alibi because she had a motive to kill Anjelica, Bonnie took offense. Bonnie asked if Maggie was accusing her of murder. Justin jumped in and announced that the autopsy had determined that Anjelica had died of natural causes. Maggie apologized to Bonnie then went upstairs to check on Holly.

After Victor followed Maggie upstairs, Bonnie complained to Justin that Maggie had treated her like a criminal. Justin defended Maggie, and he assured Adrienne that Maggie was just talking out loud. Justin urged Bonnie not to take Maggie's comments personally. As Bonnie frowned, Justin reminded her that Maggie was worried about Lucas' sobriety. Groaning, Bonnie said that Lucas was not her problem. Justin promised that Maggie would warm up to Adrienne. While Justin stepped away to take a phone call, Bonnie talked to herself about taking revenge on Maggie.

When Victor returned to the living room alone to read his paper, Bonnie sat down on the couch next to Victor and started to cry. Victor ignored her. Bonnie complained that Maggie did not want her in the house. With a sigh, Victor countered that Maggie was protective of Lucas. Bonnie said that Maggie had been treating her like the help, and Victor reluctantly promised to talk to Maggie about making her feel more welcome in the house. Bonnie begged Victor not to say anything because it might make things worse.

As Victor returned to reading his paper, Bonnie purred that she admired Victor's strength and sense of humor. Bonnie added that she saw where Justin had "gotten his sexy good looks." As Bonnie placed her hand on Victor's knee, his eyebrow shot up. Out in the foyer, Justin answered the front door and found Sheila on the porch. "I'm hoping we can help each other," Sheila said to Justin.

Back at her hotel room, Hattie thought about her kiss with Roman and how he had rejected her. With a sigh, Hattie noted that she had not found love, but she had found revenge. Hattie decided to leave town, and she started to pack. There was a knock at the door. When Hattie answered it, she found Hope in the hallway. "Going somewhere, Hattie?" Hope asked.

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