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Darla Einstein
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Actor History
January 19, 1989 to 2003 [recurring];

2003 to July 18, 2006 [contract];

December 21, 2006; July 26, 2007 to July 27, 2007; March 18, 2014 to July 23, 2015 [recurring]

Other Names

Darla Dinkle (original maiden name)

Darla Einstein (name later used)

Einstein (nickname from Sally)

Camille Howard (alias while working undercover at Forrester Creations)


Died July 18, 2006 after being hit by a car

Former Occupation

Assistant to Sally Spectra at Spectra Fashions

Formerly worked in the mail room of Forrester Creations


Los Angeles (at the time of her death)

Marital Status

Married to Thorne Forrester at the time of her death

Past Marriages

Thorne Forrester [Married: 2004; dissolved by her death: 2006]


Unnamed parents (deceased)


Alexandria Forrester (daughter, with Thorne, deceased; 2004)

Flings & Affairs

Bill Spencer, Sr.

Connor Davis

Dylan Shaw (kissed)

Anthony Armando (kissed)

Clarke Garrison

Thorne Forrester

Crimes Committed

Kissed a married Clarke Garrison [1989]

Stole designs from Forrester Creations [1993]

Accidentally gave Forresters' Ingenue designs to Spectra [2004]

Brief Character History

Darla Einstein (initially referred to as Darla Dinkle) worked for Sally Spectra at second-rate design house Spectra Fashions. As an orphan who grew up in foster homes, Darla reveled in the sense of family she felt alongside Sally, Sally's daughter Macy Alexander, and Spectra tailor Saul Feinberg. As Spectra's speciality was duplicating high-end fashion, such as that produced by successful competitor Forrester Creations, Darla often helped Sally get her hands on Forrester designs.

When Macy and her boyfriend, Thorne Forrester, put on a fundraiser with Sally, Darla performed Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend dressed as Marilyn Monroe. After Sally married Clarke Garrison, Darla learned he was cheating on Sally with Julie Delorean, but grudgingly kept quiet about it; later, Darla came on to Clarke to test his fidelity. Darla began dating publishing magnate Bill Spencer, but the blue collar girl initially felt uncomfortable in Bill's white collar world. With Spectra Fashions facing financial ruin on the heels of Clarke's eventual departure, Darla asked Bill to invest in the crippled company. Meanwhile, under Sally's direction, Darla disguised herself as "Camille" and got a job in the Forrester Creations mail room so she could steal Forrester designs. With Bill frequently away on business, Darla and Bill drifted apart.

Darla helped throw a bachelorette party for Sally when she was set to marry Jack Hamilton, giddy over the appearance of romance novel cover hunk Fabio. But Darla's serious side came out when she took part in an intervention for Macy, who had become an alcoholic. Darla briefly dated lawyer Connor Davis after he took a break from his girlfriend, Karen Spencer, and shared a few kisses with wily Spectra designer Anthony Armando. A couple of years later, the exiled Clarke came back to town to help save Spectra from another threat of bankruptcy; Darla, who had always had a crush on Clarke, finally got to date him, but he was on the rebound, and nothing substantial developed between them.

When Spectra got a chance to present fashions alongside Forrester Creations in Lake Como, Italy, Darla booked the cheapest seats she could find, which resulted in Darla and the gang travelling on a hellacious plane ride in an overcrowded cabin. Darla went out with Thorne, who was moving on after Macy married Grant Chambers. But Darla was stunned when Grant confided that he was dying of testicular cancer; after Grant passed away, Darla wound up alone again because Grant's dying wish was that Macy reunite with Thorne. Ultimately, Darla helped Macy compete against the notoriously sultry Brooke Logan for Thorne's affections; Darla was crushed when Macy died in a car accident after arguing with Brooke.

The Spectra gang horned in on another Forrester fashion event in Portofino, Italy; this time, Darla accidentally booked everyone on an old cargo jet filled with animals. Darla was overjoyed to find Macy alive in Italy; Macy's father, Adam Alexander, who was on the run from the mob, had rescued Macy and brought her to Europe, where she was living as "Lena." Darla comforted Thorne when he found out Macy had remarried, which led to lovemaking; Darla didn't realize the drunken Thorne thought Darla was Macy. Darla learned she was pregnant and wanted to abort, but Thorne talked her out of it. Having lost her job at Spectra and her friendship with Macy as a result of her pregnancy, Darla opted to raise her baby alone, grateful for Thorne's eventual support.

Darla approached singer Macy backstage at a club opening and mended fences with her hours before Macy was critically injured by a falling chandelier. Darla was inconsolable when Sally had to pull the plug on the comatose Macy and named her newborn Alexandria to honor her fallen friend. Darla and Thorne fell in love and married at the Forrester mansion with full support from Thorne's family, but Darla soon ran afoul of Thorne's brother, Ridge Forrester, when she accidentally brought Sally an envelope full of Forrester designs that she thought were photos from Sally's birthday party. Darla stood by as Thorne punched the accusatory Ridge on her behalf and supported Thorne when he defected to Spectra Fashions.

Though Spectra experienced a resurgence under Thorne's guidance, Darla became a casualty after a failed fashion competition led Sally to close its doors. When Sally decided to go on a world cruise, Darla learned that Sally was really checking herself into an assisted living facility because of her need for a wheelchair, so Darla moved Sally in with her and Thorne. With the Forrester and Spectra families finally united, Darla threw a birthday party for little Alexandria but received an urgent call from Thorne's niece, Phoebe Forrester, who had gotten a flat tire on a foggy road. While helping Phoebe change the tire, Darla fell into the path of a car driven by Phoebe's mother, Taylor Hayes, who was racing to Phoebe's aid. Darla suffered massive head trauma and died in the hospital with Thorne at her side.

In 2015, teenager Alexandria, who went by "Aly," suffered from mental issues as a result of Darla's tragic passing; Darla appeared to Aly first as a gentle spirit, then as a malevolent figure who wanted Aly to avenge her death by doing away with Taylor's other daughter, Steffy Forrester. During a roadside scuffle with Steffy, Aly hit her head on a rock and died, after which Darla's spectral visits ended.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
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