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Clarke Garrison
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Actor History
October 15, 1987 to May 31, 1992; April 12, 1996 to March 2, 2005 [contract];

March 29, 2005 to August 20, 2009 [recurring]

Other Names


Beau Rivage


Former head designer for Jackie M

Former designer/head designer at Spectra Fashions

Former head designer at Logan Designs

Former designer/head designer at Forrester Creations


Presumably Los Angeles

Formerly Sally Spectra's penthouse, Los Angeles

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Kristen Forrester [Married: 1988; divorced: 1989]

Sally Spectra [Married: 1991; divorced: 1992]




Mark Maclaine (son; with Margo Lynley; 1988)

Clarke "C.J." Garrison Jr. (son; with Sally Spectra; 1991)

Flings & Affairs

Kelly Chambers

Stephanie Forrester

Margo Lynley

Julie Delorean

Darla Einstein

Michael Lai

Morgan DeWitt

Crimes Committed

Punched Mick Savage [1989]

Cheated on Kristen Forrester with Margo Lynley [1988]

Cheated on Sally Spectra with Julie Delorean and Kristen Forrester [1990-1992]

Suspected of stealing Forrester Creations' BeLieF formula [1992]

Punched Jake Maclaine [1992]

Accepted bribes to destroy Spectra Fashions [1996]

Blackmailed Grant Chambers to get a job at Forrester Creations [1997]

Helped Amber Moore trap Ridge Forrester and Bridget Forrester in a mine shaft [2005]

Health and Vitals

Held at gunpoint by Margo Lynley [1988]

Punched by Storm Logan [1988]

Punched by Mick Savage [1989]

Slapped by Margo Lynley [1989]

Punched by Ridge Forrester [1990]

Kicked and slapped by Macy Alexander [1990]

Fell over a cliff [1996]

Punched by Grant Chambers [1996, 1997]

Nearly crushed to death by a python [2000]

Brief Character History

Clarke Garrison was a slick fashion designer who wasn't above using his charms on women to advance. Clarke was hired by Forrester Creations' co-founder Stephanie Forrester to romance her perpetually single daughter, Kristen Forrester. But Kristen wasn't interested, so Clarke put the moves on the unhappily married Stephanie to get his foot in the door at Forrester. Clarke got his chance when Kristen changed her mind about dating him and passed off his designs as her own; Kristen's father, Eric Forrester -- Stephanie's estranged husband -- had no choice to but hire Clarke because his designs were used in Forrester's collection.

Despite his relationship with Kristen, Clarke dated Margo Lynley behind Kristen's back. Clarke and Kristen eloped to Las Vegas, but soon after, Margo told Clarke she was pregnant with his child and demanded $100,000 in child support when Clarke turned his back on her. Clarke went to his former boss, fashion maven Sally Spectra, for a loan; he agreed to steal Forrester designs for Spectra Fashions in exchange for the money but instead created original designs for her and lied that they came from Forrester. Clarke's line was so popular that Sally hired him on at Spectra; since Clarke was also still designing for Forrester, he worked for Spectra under the name "Beau Rivage."

Clarke refused to acknowledge Margo's baby, Mark, until the child nearly died from a high fever. Meanwhile, Clarke's marriage to Kristen collapsed when she was drawn to her former lover, Mick Savage. After his divorce, Clarke began to lose favor at Forrester. Clarke considered Sally's offer to give him his own line and half of Spectra if he married her, first checking the availability of Margo, who decided to stay with her own husband, Bill Spencer. Knowing Sally was about to rescind her offer, Clarke spread the news of their engagement to the press, grudgingly signing the prenuptial agreement Sally insisted upon.

Clarke dallied with Julie Delorean, a spy Bill had hired to infiltrate Spectra. When Sally announced she was pregnant, Clarke demanded she abort, though he wouldn't leave Sally for Julie. Clarke thought he had it made until the jilted Julie showed Sally a tell-all book she'd written about Clarke per Bill's instruction; then Sally revealed she hadn't aborted Clarke's child after all. Clarke found himself out of a job and tried to make things right with Sally by attending childbirth classes with her. Clarke got a second chance after Sally gave birth to Clarke, Jr.; Spectra was in trouble, so Clarke wound up on its payroll again. Clarke denied it when Sally suspected he might have stolen Forrester's pivotal BeLieF formula for her.

Clarke was dissatisfied with Sally sexually, so he pretended to be impotent, trying to wait out the two-year stipulation of marriage that would award him half of Spectra. Knowing that his agreement with Sally would be null and void if he cheated on her, Clarke resisted the advances of Spectra's nubile secretary, Darla Einstein. Clarke was ready to leave Sally on their second anniversary and made love to the visiting Kristen, but the Spectra gang videotaped the encounter and showed it to Sally. With no job, no marriage, and Kristen's refusal to come back to him, Clarke moved away, leaving Sally to raise C.J. on her own.

Years later, Clarke came back to Los Angeles at the behest of Sally's daughter, Macy Alexander, who wanted Clarke to help save Spectra from bankruptcy. But Clarke had also taken money from Unicorn Fashions to sabotage Spectra by designing ugly clothes. Clarke understood that his pre-teen son, C.J., resented him for abandoning him and tried to heal their relationship; in doing so, Clarke changed his mind about working for Unicorn, which resulted in Unicorn's thugs kidnapping C.J. Clarke got himself shot rescuing the boy, which redeemed him in the eyes of the Spectra gang.

Clarke didn't remember Grant Chambers, Forrester's latest designer, until Grant punched Clarke for long ago having mistreated his sister, Kelly Chambers. Clarke briefly found himself competing with Grant for the attentions of young Michael Lai and lost out to Grant, dating Darla afterwards. Clarke was able to get revenge on Grant when he discovered that Grant's marriage to Brooke Logan was invalid; Clarke blackmailed his way into a new position at Forrester with the information, feeling unappreciated at Spectra Fashions. But before long, Clarke honored C.J.'s request to come back to Spectra.

Clarke was attracted to Morgan DeWitt, the ex-girlfriend of Forrester Creations heir Ridge Forrester. Clarke knew that Morgan was scheming to get pregnant by Ridge as revenge for being forced by Stephanie to abort Ridge's baby years before. Carrying a long-held resentment against Ridge, Clarke toyed with Ridge by telling him he knew Morgan was carrying Ridge's child and that it wouldn't be long before Ridge's wife, Taylor Hayes Forrester, got wise. Clarke then discovered a python in his office, which nearly crushed him to death; in the hospital, Clarke learned that the unstable Morgan had sicced the snake on him for revealing her plot. Clarke weakly summoned Taylor to his room, but before he could warn Taylor about Morgan's treachery, Morgan threatened to kill Clarke.

When Kristen came back to town, Clarke wanted to reunite with her, but his efforts were foiled by Kristen's interest in Tony Dominguez. Later, Clarke tried to build a relationship with his adult son, Mark, who had taken Margo's family name, Maclaine, and become a doctor. Clarke ended up refereeing both his sons when Mark and C.J. both fell for Ridge's half-sister, Bridget Forrester.

Clarke stayed on when Ridge took over Spectra Fashions and gave it to Brooke under the name Logan Designs. It wasn't long before Ridge sold Spectra back to Sally, and Clarke got involved in multiple schemes to undermine Forrester Creations. At one point, Clarke assisted young Spectra designer Amber Moore, who wanted revenge on Ridge for sabotaging her relationship with Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester; when Amber discovered that Ridge wasn't biologically related to his former half-sister Bridget after all, and that Ridge and Bridget had developed fledgling feelings for each other, Clarke helped Amber trap Ridge and Bridget in a mine shaft equipped with cameras, hoping to get footage they could show to Ridge's wife, Brooke.

When Nick Marone took control of Forrester Creations, Clarke was brought on as its head designer. Clarke's work received rave reviews, and he followed Nick after Nick relinquished Forrester and bought Spectra for his mother, Jackie Marone. Clarke was happy designing for the rebranded Jackie M until Nick decided Clarke needed help and hired Bridget to provide additional designs as the mysterious Madame X. When Stephanie defected from Forrester and came to Jackie M, Clarke and Stephanie reminisced about Sally, who had given up fashion and taken off to travel the world. Clarke appreciated it when Stephanie gave him job security and put him in charge of Jackie M's new talent.

Clarke was invited to the reading of Bill Spencer's will, where Clarke inherited a gold medal for fashion designing that turned out to be chocolate. Clarke initially felt threatened when Whip Jones was hired as Jackie M's PR man, but sales increased; Clarke later had to fend off the advances of Stephanie's sister, Pam Douglas, who had joined Stephanie at the company. Clarke enjoyed a successful run with Jackie M and its "band of misfits" until Stephanie finally returned to Forrester Creations; Clarke hasn't been seen or mentioned since 2009.

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