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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, May 14, 2001

Brady arrives at dotCom to see Belle and Shawn sitting morosely at the counter, sipping coffees. S&B feel awkward and both at a loss for casual conversation. Shawn breaks the spell by picking on Belle's hairdo and they have a fun bicker about that. He offers to buy her another drink and when he orders her another mocha, she tells him she wants green tea. She gets upset when Shawn whips "the can" out of his pocket and he hurriedly puts it back when Brady walks up. He proudly tells them about his scene with Roman at the cop shop and both Shawn and Belle tear into him for it. He tells them how Chloe showed up and was surprised she didn't belt out a chorus of Stand by Your Man. He tells them how Victor, Nicole, Philip and Chloe went out for dinner after Victor got Philip out of jail. He tells them about Nicole's new role in Victor's life.

Outside dotcom, Jan welcomes Jason back with a hug; wanting to know what revenge he's planning. Jan isn't happy that Jason and Philip are okay with what happened and said he would have done the same if Philip had ragged on Jan the way he did Chloe. Mimi reminds Jan how she and Belle are still friends, but Jan reminds her that Belle will pull out all the stops to get Shawn. Mimi sees Belle and Shawn together and Jan suggests they get little miss cheerleader in the buff too for a few extra bucks, as Mimi won't hear of it. They walk inside to see Brady move away from Belle and Shawn to pick up his order. Jan cuts Brady down to Mimi then turns and walks into him as he turns around with his order. She gives a weak scream and tries to look offended like Brady was trying to touch her as he attempted to catch himself from falling.

Austin exercises in his apartment, remembering what Sami told him earlier. In her own apartment, Sami's changed and now with a wavy red hairdo, tie dye tank top and short skirt. She looks in the mirror and refers to it as the "Erin Brockavichy look.." Being she told Austin she's going to bed, she's got another "trashy" idea to get his attention. She pretends to trip in the hall with a bag of trash and yells OH SHOOT to get his attention. It worked as he rushed out (shirtless) to help. She invites him over for a root beer float. He accepts after he takes out her trash and showers. He arrives and Sami teases him, tells him it's okay, then after he gets all hot and bothered and falls to the couch kissing her, tells him to stop as the ice cream will melt.

She makes the floats as he recovers and suggests Sami let Will spend some time with Kate. ( Sami says no way! She clues Austin in that they'll have to structure their time together now that Lucas is not around and she has Will. He asks to take her out for a casual evening and she agrees, saying she'll get a neighbor to watch Will. He tells her that the staff where he's taking her will blow her away. At the diner, Kate and Faye chat. She tells Faye that she'll make Victor pay one day as Roman and the officer show up and sit down. Kate knows they're not big tippers, but will take their order. Kate grimaces as the cop orders a meat loaf dinner and when asked, recommends the BLT w/ fries instead. Both Roman and the other cop order that as the cop flirts with Kate, thinking she's hot for him after Kate leaves. Roman warns him Kate is hot all right, everything she touches burns and Sami found out the hard way. Kate delivers their coffee and asks Roman about Will and if Sami will let her see her grandson. After she leaves, the other cop asks Roman if he really is having a thing with Marlena. Roman dispatches the cop to a call they got after warning him that's how rumors get started.

Faye and Kate get into a little argument and Kate gets another pain when going to pick up an order. Sure enough, Austin takes Sami to the diner and outside, says she's okay with that as Brandon's mom works there and the fries are awesome. He gives her the spiel about being nice to less fortunate people as he takes her in to see Kate at work. Sami walks up and yells to Kate to go girl and sling that hash, giving a wicked cackle after saying it. Both Austin and Roman are taken by surprise as they witness this.

Abe has a nightmare while napping on his couch that the court took away Isaac. He awakens to find Barb and Glen pounding at the front door. He asks them if they know what time it is being it's late, yet tells them Lexie's out with her father. Glen tells Abe that Marlo is crying out from her grave about being murdered and now they know why she was. The two banter about Marlo and Glen clues Abe in that Marlo hated water and her death wouldn't have been an accident. Glen spews that Isaac is his son, no doubt about it. Abe listens patiently, and then has his say. He tells them how he and Lexie couldn't have children and figured it was God's will to bring them Isaac. They watch him hug Isaac's teddy bear and tell them Isaac will be calling him dada any day now. Glen wants his son to call him daddy, not Abe. Abe continues how he and Lexie won't even fly together as they don't want to leave their son without a parent. Glen stands by his conviction he's going to have his son as Abe promises to do everything in his power to keep Isaac, including sell his house if need be. Glen reminds Abe the law is on his side and he will be back.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Hope lies to Bo about not knowing J.T.'s biological father but lets slip that Stefano may know. As they eye Chloe, Nancy complains to Craig about Victor's influence on her daughter. Craig suggests that Chloe's troubles stem from her troubled childhood and wonders if family therapy might be the solution. Meanwhile, Bart accosts Chloe and offers to buy her a drink. She advises him that she's only 16 and he's impressed with how good looking she is. Angry, Chloe insults him and then stops by to toss another insult Nancy's way. Craig insists she apologize and show her mother respect or else she can forget about her dinner with Philip. Chloe sarcastically apologizes to Nancy. At Victor's table, Nicole argues with Philip about his maturity while he insists that she has no place in his family. Victor interrogates Chloe about her feelings for Philip and embarrasses his son by revealing that Philip loves Chloe. When she can only say that she cares for him, she's forced to confess that he's the first boy she's dated. She explains that she has plans to go to school in New York City and thus doesn't want to get married. She encourages Philip to study hard to get good grades like she does. Marlena tries to question an upset Lexie about her anger. While John takes Stefano outside, Marlena learns about the DNA test and pushes Lexie to be with Abe. Lexie asks who fathered Hope's baby but Marlena won't say. Hearing John told Hope about J.T., Stefano warns him not to tell Bo or else both families will be hurt. Rolf joins Bart at the bar and gives Stefano word that everything is set for tonight.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Jennifer is packing the last of JT's diaper bags, when the doorbell rings, and there is Gran, bringing a plate of donuts for Bo and Hope. Jen explains why she is there, and before you know it, the two are drinking tea, scarfing down the donuts and talking about Jack. Jen later comes out with another tea tray.....then decides she needs decaf and goes to make some. This girl must be on a real sugar high, as she is very wound up.

Meanwhile, Jack is nervously pacing, waiting for Jen to come home. He calls her, and she tells him she will be home when she is ready. Jack gets bored and decided to call the Princess. Too bad he cannot find her listed in the phone book under Princess...or even royalty. But he finds her number and calls.

Greta, who is on her balcony, is having a flashback of Austin and her in the limo on their way to Tuscany. She wonders if she wants a guy who would seem to want someone like Sami, and decides she would. When the phone rings, she and Jack have some delightful repartee' (mentioning the late hour), as he invites her to come over, and she finally agrees.

Sami continues to taunt Kate, getting down on her knees thanking God for Kate getting her comeuppance. Austin gets her up, tries to get her to leave, but she refuses. She insists on Kate waiting on her, promising a quarter tip. She puts her witch cackle to good use, as then both Roman and Austin tell her that is enough. But she is not through. Austin leaves, Roman follows. Outside they argue, with Roman rehashing all Sami has gone thru, defending her right to let Kate have it. Austin lamely tries to defend his mom, and mentions Sami being forgiven for all her misdeeds, so should have some compassion herself and put stuff behind her. Roman continues to more or less pat Sami on the back, and tells Austin to either accept her, or just get out of her way.

Inside, Sami continues making a scene, telling the entire diner how far down Kate has come. Kate ignores her and Fayeoffers to get rid of her, but Kate says no. Sami orders a piece of pie, and a large plate of crow for Kate to eat. Kate gets a bad pain and goes to the ladies room. Sami follows her in, locks the door and they really verbally go at it. These scenes between the two are really awesome, as they both just shine! Sami gives Kate hell about her drunken son, her framing Sami for Franco's death, and Sami's time on death row, including the needle in the arm. Kate accuses her of using Will for revenge, and Sami talks about marrying Austin.

Kate says it will only be a marriage of 5 minutes, before Austin throws her out. Kate is in obvious pain, but holding her own here, and Sami remembers her at the hospital (when she collapsed bleeding and Sami just stepped over her) and asks sarcastically if Kate is sick. Kate demands she leave, and finally Sami unlocks the door. Kate tells her to remember this day, and Sami says she will never forget it. Kate tells her, good...cause the day is coming when I will be on top, looking down on you and remembering this, too. Sami SPITS in Kate's face! (and you can see the spittle flying) Sami goes out, and see her daddy, and is all sugar and spice, and Roman is the loving dad. She says she may need a ride home, but goes outside to see if Austin is around. Well, ol' Duhboy is there, and completely caves in, evidently forgiving Sami for how she treated his mother, as he tells her to get in the car.

Brady is looking at the cover of a magazine, featuring a football quarterback, and he tears it off, crushing it. Belle sees this, and comes over - but Shawn, who is looking at Belle, sees her as walking rather seductively across the room, and wonders why he is thinking of her that way? Mimi joins Shawn, asking why he is talking to himself. She comments several times about his being distracted by Belle. Mimi mentions the Paris kiss, and that she thought at the time it meant more than it obviously did. Shawn brings up the mystery can, telling her how it mysteriously moves onto a different shelf, or closer to him during the night. Mimi is wide-eyed as Shawn tells her he figured out how it happens. He tells her there are tiny feet sticking out, and the can tip-toes silently.......Mimi laughs. She tells him to get rid of it, but he says no, not until Chloe deciphers the Sanskrit..she is going to do some research on the internet. Mimi gets a bit uptight at the mention of Chloe going on the internet

Belle sees the crushed magazine cover, and tries to get Brady to focus on his recovery. The hearing is over, and he should put his energies into something positive. Brady tells her he thinks he has reached a plateau, and won't improve any further, and even his therapist has changed his outlook. Belle says he has to get rid of his anger towards her mother. Brady tells her to keep her teen friends away from him, (Belle mentions how awful Jan was), but Brady talks about Philip, the fight and how stupid it all was. Then he casually brings up Chloe, telling Belle that he does think Chloe has the potential to be a great singer, but she should not tell Chloe that, as he rags on Chloe in order to keep her motivated. Belle leaves Brady to talk to Shawn. Brady looks down at he picture of the football quarterback, and with a couple of tears running down his face, says to himself, "I have to get better - I have to."

Thursday, May 17, 2001

A livid Marlena corners Hope. She explains how Lexie tried to get her to admit who J.T.'s father is. Hope is stunned that Lexie broke her promise to keep silent. Marlena fears Lexie is a loose cannon right now, and there's no telling what she might blurt out. Hope realizes Marlena is right and comes to a decision... She's going to tell Bo that John is J.T.'s daddy. Meanwhile, Bo questions John about Hope's life as Gina and the circumstances surrounding J.T.'s conception. He's still very suspicious about John's interest in J.T. John begs Bo to let it go, and it finally seems as though he will... Lexie is an emotional wreck, worried about her own baby and curious about the paternity of J.T. Stefano tells his daughter to drop it, but Lexie is suspicious and gets the feeling Stefano knows more than he's letting on, but Stefano insists he doesn't. Meanwhile, Rolf and Bart continue their top secret mission from a van parked outside Tuscany... And we get the feeling bombs and explosives are involved... Nancy, upset with Chloe for ignoring her, marches over to the Kiriakis table. Chloe is mortified that her mother is embarrassing her in front of Philip and Victor. Chloe really lets Nancy have it. Philip is less than thrilled with the way Chloe has treated her mother, but he soon forgives her. Later, Craig and Nancy get into a heated argument over Nancy's tactics. And on her way out of the restaurant, Nancy collapses, the victim of an apparent heart attack... Jennifer tells Alice she wants to hop back into the dating scene, but fears she's a little rusty. Not only that, she wonders if she can ever learn to trust a man again. Alice asks about the guy in Ireland, but Jennifer refuses to open up. Later, Jennifer gets a call from Jack, and decides go home. Meanwhile, Jack has lured Greta over on the pretense of wanting her opinion on how he's rearranged the room. Upon arrival, he tells Greta he wants them to be friends. Greta grows suspicious when she notices that Jack (who wants Jennifer to arrive and see them together) keeps looking toward the front door. She finally gets fed up and starts to leave, but he begs her to stay...

Friday, May 18, 2001

Hope tells Marlena that she wants to tell Bo that John is J.T.'s father. Marlena thinks this is a very bad idea. She thinks it would destroy their family if the truth was let out. Bo and John talk about Bo's suspicion that John could be J.T.'s father. The two argue, but eventually recommit to their friendship. Later, Marlena tells John that Hope is going to tell Bo the truth re: J.T.'s father. Lexie is still a wreck knowing that the DNA will match Glen's. Stefano tries to calm her and finally reveals that he plans to blow up the lab, so Glen will never know the truth re: the DNA match. Meanwhile, Rolf and Bart make their final preparations to set off the bomb. And later, they do just that... The explosion rips through Tuscany... Glen and Barb head to the lab to wait outside. He wants to make sure they're there first thing when they open in the morning... Nancy is outside of Tuscany apparently having a heart attack. Maggie calls 911, but Roman, who is in the vicinity, hears the call and gets there before the paramedics. As this is happening we see the uncomfortable dinner with Victor, Nicole, Chloe and Philip. We begin to see that Philip and Chloe don't have a lot in common. Maggie tells Chloe that her mother is having a heart attack. Chloe goes outside and watches without any obvious emotion as Roman and Craig get Nancy into Roman's car and head off to the hospital. People are shocked to see her indifference to her mother. As Nancy is being rushed to the hospital, another bomb goes off in back of them, blowing up the hillside around Tuscany... Jack does everything he can to convince Greta to stay at the house. He privately wants to make sure she's there when Jennifer gets back. Meanwhile, Jennifer is on her way home when disaster strikes. She slams on her brakes when she sees the bridge is blown out...

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