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Monday, May 14

Shocked by the drawing Kevin made of her "imaginary" daughter, Rhonda wonders how Frank could have described Carolyn so exactly without ever having met her. Meanwhile, in 1973, Frank trails Carolyn into Kelly's and stares openly at the familiar face. Eve encounters a man chopping wood in the middle of the forest. Introducing himself as Michael, the stranger offers to help Eve find her way back to the Johnson cabin but she nervously insists she'll be fine on her own. Kevin asks Gail to look in on an agitated Rhonda. Frank approaches Carolyn with questions about her sister but she firmly informs him that Cookie is way too young to be of any interest to a man his age. Wandering aimlessly in the woods, Eve becomes lost once again. Kevin and Lucy do some snooping through the hospital records and manage to unearth a file on Carolyn Wexler. Overhearing Carolyn making plans to join some friends for a movie downtown, Frank is flustered to realize that the girl is heading straight into the accident which will prove fatal to her. After walking in circles for more than an hour, Eve finally reaches the cabin and discovers Michael waiting for her there.

Tuesday, May 15

Granya pays another visit to the loft and pesters her irritated brother to explain the odd choices he's made. Michael reassures Eve that he was only waiting to make sure she got back to the cabin in one piece. Noting several nasty lacerations on her new acquaintance's arm, Eve invites Michael in so she can treat his wounds. Back in 1973, Frank watches in horror as Carolyn is struck by a car. Granya berates Ian for playing at sainthood instead of being honest with himself and reaching for happiness with the woman he loves. Michael told Eve he's been working on restoring a historic building. After calling for an ambulance, Frank cradles Carolyn in his arms and promises the dying girl that her niece--her namesake--will make her proud one day. During a dark and stormy night, Eve starts to grow nervous being alone in the middle of nowhere. Frank comforts a grieving Cookie as her sister's body is taken to General Hospital. Assuring the girl that she is not at fault, Frank urges Cookie to honor Carolyn's memory by living the best way she knows how.

Wednesday, May 16

by Jill

Kevin and Lucy continue to try to find information to back up what they found in Carolyn's file. They go over to Mary's to see if she has any information about the Wexler Family and Carolyn's accident. Looking for a logical explanation, Kevin was hoping that maybe Frank remembered or possibly saw Carolyn being hit by the car and the memory has stayed with him causing his delusions of Karen. Mary told them that Frank was too small to remember her accident. After hearing that Lucy continued to insists that she is right.

She and Kevin then break into Rhonda's house to look for more answers. Lucy is amazed as she enters the basement and finds everything set to 1973. Lucy then plugs in the computer and it comes on. She types in a message, and as she waits for a reply, she spots a Port Charles yearbook for 1973. She opens the book to find a picture of Rhonda glued next to a picture of Scott with a red heart around it.

Asleep on a bench in the park, Frank has a dream about finding Karen. Passing through the park, Cookie sees Frank and wakes him up. She and Frank talk about Carolyn and Frank gives her Carolyn's locket. She then invites Frank to stay at her house while he is in Port Charles. Cookie takes Frank to her basement and he gets very upset when they go down to the den and he doesn't see the computer. As Frank described it to her, Cookie was confused, and didn't know what he was talking about. Cookie's father then walked and was angry to see Frank in his house with his daughter.

Still feeling guilty about erasing Jamal's tape, Livvie went to the bar where Zach hangs out. She and Sam have an ugly exchange of words. Zach comes over to talk with Livvie. She offers him cash in lieu of Jamal racing. Zach tells her that he wants her instead. Hearing this, Sam leaves the bar in a rage and went to see Jack. She told Jack where Livvie is and Jack quickly leaves the shop. As Livvie gives Zach her final offer of cash, Zach prevents her from leaving.

Thursday, May 17

Miserable in the cold cabin, Eve called Chris to see what he was up to. He was thrilled to hear from her and instantly hoped it meant she was considering saying yes to his proposal. Eve told him that she still hadn't made a decision, but they enjoyed a lighthearted conversation anyway. Chris was especially pleased when Eve said she was coming home and promised to talk to him once she got there. Eve packed her things and was prepared to leave when she encountered Michael outside of the cabin. He had brought her some fresh fruits and vegetables in gratitude for her tending to his wounds. Eve decided to make a meal of his gift and invited him inside.

At the Recovery Room, Chris glowed from his conversation with Eve and held up the engagement ring that he had purchased for her. Ian saw him with the ring and wondered who the unfortunate woman in Chris's life was. When Chris earnestly spoke of his love for the mystery woman, Ian apologized for his remarks and wished Chris the best. Chris couldn't help but say how much he was sure that Ian would love his lady.

After getting Arianna's meds from Gaby, Ian asked her if she had heard from Eve. Gaby hadn't, but promised to let Ian know if she did. Before going home, Ian had a glass of whiskey and gave a private and poignant toast to Eve.

Harry was furious to find Cookie and Frank alone in the basement. He accused Cookie of being responsible for Carolyn's death. He alluded to the fact that she was also responsible for her mother's death. Cookie guessed that her father wished that she had died instead of Carolyn. Frank tried to defend her to Harry and Cookie cried in his arms. As Harry yelled at them both, Mary came in having brought dinner for Cookie and Harry. She took Frank out of the house with her. Harry slapped Cookie across the face for causing him such grief. He later wheeled in a computer that he had built and Cookie realized it was the one Frank was telling her about.

Mary took Frank back to her house and he reeled from the knowledge that he was talking to his own mother and couldn't tell her. She comforted him about his argument with Harry and remarked at his extraordinary sensitivity. Frank became lost in memories of Karen and remained more determined than ever to fix the past and restore Karen to his life.

Friday, May 18

Kevin and Lucy decide to question Scott about a possible relationship with Rhonda more than 25 years ago. In 1973, Mary cautions her new acquaintance to steer clear of Harry but Frank insists he needs the Wexlers' help to find the woman he loves. Eve invites Michael in to share some of the food he brought over. When she attempts to learn more about her guest, however, Michael shyly avoids answering any personal questions and simply wishes her a safe journey home. Quizzed by Lucy and Kevin, Scott insists he never even came close to fooling around with Rhonda, let alone impregnate her. Little Frank snaps a photo of his pregnant mother and Frank. Later, Cookie arrives to tell Frank about the computer which her father just installed in the basement. Jack urges Livvie to stop beating herself up about the mistakes she's made in recent days. Scott told his visitors how the teenaged Rhonda was sent away to a mental institution when she claimed to be communicating with a man from the future. Frank is knocked out from behind as he tries to disconnect "Nellie". After trailing Michael through the woods, Eve finds him sitting in an abandoned church and wearing the collar of a priest.

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