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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, June 27, 2005

At the Deveraux house, Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Maggie, and Alice picnicked in the living room. Marlena stopped by and Jack asked to speak to her later. After Jennifer asked Marlena about news from Germany and Jennifer confirmed the news that Max Brady was back in town, Jack tried to go check Patrick's progress on his packing. Wanting to head off trouble, Jennifer volunteered to check for him.

Out in the garage, Jennifer thanked Patrick again for helping her while Jack was away. Jennifer swore that if Patrick gave Jack time he would appreciate Patrick. Mid-discussion, Jennifer fell over some boxes and a shirtless Patrick caught her and kept her from falling to the floor. Unhappily, Jack came into the garage to check on the burgers cooking on the grill and was livid. Jack yelled at Patrick to unhand his wife and get the hell out. Patrick sulked off and Jennifer begged Jack to relax before returning to the house. Later, Marlena brought out the hamburger buns for toasting and a frustrated Jack blurted out that he was dying. When Jack filled her in on the blood disease, Marlena strongly advised him to tell Jennifer so that she would be prepared for losing him. However, Jack was determined to let her enjoy her new found happiness for a little longer before he would have to tell her. Marlena stuck to her guns and reminded Jack that Jennifer was his wife and partner and had a right to know.

Back inside the Deveraux living room, Maggie and Jennifer discussed the return of the once shy Max to town. The conversation soon turned to his brother Frankie, and a reminiscing Jennifer told Abby that although her relationship with Frankie was serious, it was innocent. The group began to eat, and Jack grudgingly gave Patrick a burger after Jennifer insisted Patrick join the picnic. Still waiting for Chelsea and Max to return from getting ice cream, Abby ran to the door when the doorbell rang. To everyone's surprise, Frankie was at the door and celebrated a joyful reunion with Jennifer.

While making out in Max's car, Chelsea pulled away from Max when he started to take off her shirt. Max apologized saying that he misread the situation and misread her. Chelsea questioned why she pulled away as Max bought the ice cream for the picnic. On the drive home, Chelsea asked Max if he ever had a serious girlfriend and said no. When Max asked if she ever found the right guy, Chelsea said she thought so but that he was older and did not know she existed. Max thought the guy was crazy not to go for such a great "kid," which annoyed Chelsea. When Max said she was afraid, a determined Chelsea told him to drive to the lakeside make-out area. After confirming that Chelsea knew what she was getting into, the two began to passionately kiss in the car by the lake.

In court, Mimi was startled to find her mother in attendance at her sentencing hearing. While thanking God that Rex did not learn of the hearing, Rex showed up to support Mimi and tell her he wouldn't abandon her while she was in prison. The judge sentenced Mimi to 15 to 20 years in Statesville. After fainting and briefly believing it was all a dream, Mimi realized what was going on and said goodbye to her mother. Before she could say goodbye to Rex, she was hauled off to jail. Bonnie thanked Mickey for supporting her and asked him to promise never to leave her.

After Mimi changed into prison garb and got used to her cell, Rex stopped by to say goodbye. When Rex touched her hand, Mimi told him it was the last time they would ever see one another and pulled her hand away.

In Germany, Kate screamed at Shawn to get out but he refused, maintaining that Philip wanted to know the truth. Kate appealed to John but he thought Shawn should go ahead. Horrified, Kate took John aside and begged him to help her get rid of Shawn. John explained that they couldn't always protect their kids and they needed to stay out of the situation. Further, he argued that as a marine, Philip could handle the news. Unfazed, Kate reminded John that for the last few months they always agreed with one another and supported each other.

Shawn told Belle he could not lie to Philip and that if he left without telling him everything, he was afraid he would lose Belle forever. Belle protested that Philip was good to her and she could not bear to hurt him now. John returned with Kate and tried to get Shawn to leave but Philip wheeled himself into the room and asked Kate and John to leave. Once they were gone, Shawn explained that everyone was affected by the footage of Philip as a hostage but that Belle was an absolute basket case. Shawn then explained that he planned the rescue not only to save him but because he still loved Belle and hoped to win her back. Teary-eyed, Shawn said he would not apologize for wanting to be with her.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


At the Deveraux residence, Jennifer excitedly greets Frankie at the door with a big hug. Frankie is thrilled to see everyone, and marvels at how much Abby has grown. Jack gets Frankie a burger and everyone gets reacquainted. Frankie is glad that everyone is alive and well, after so much turmoil over the last little while. Jennifer mentions that Max and Chelsea have been gone for a long time, and wonders where they are. Frankie is afraid that Max has gotten himself into trouble again. Jennifer introduces Patrick to Frankie and Frankie says that the name Lockhart sounds familiar. Jack interjects and mentions that since Frankie is now a lawyer he probably recognizes Lockhart's name from doing something illegal. While Jennifer and Frankie reminisce, Abby asks Jack if he is jealous about Frankie and Jenn's past relationship. Jack says he isn't. Maggie had just been using her cell phone and mentioned to Marlena about Mimi and her sentencing. Patrick overhears this, and leaves Jack and Jennifer's.

Meanwhile, Max and Chelsea are still parked by the lake. Max asks Chelsea if she is "okay" with what they just did. Chelsea says she is and that "it's not like we had sex or anything", and mentions that she is saving herself for the person she will marry. Max says that he isn't looking for a relationship, but likes to have a good time. They decide they had better get home before the ice cream melts.

As Max and Chelsea arrive at the Deverauxes', Abby pulls Chelsea outside. She asks what took her so long and then boldly asks her friend if she and Max had sex. Chelsea said no, but then whispered in Abby's ear some "details." Abby is disgusted with Chelsea's behavior and Chelsea accuses Abby of being jealous of her.

Meanwhile inside the house, Frankie is interrogating Max about his actions with Chelsea. Max tells Frankie to back off and mind his business. Jack and Jennifer invite Frankie and Max to stay with them in the apartment above the garage, as they have a lot of catching up to do. Jack pulls Marlena aside and asks her how he can tell Jennifer that he is dying.

At the jailhouse, Mimi pleads with Rex to get on with his life, and find someone else to be happy with. Rex says that he can't do that, that Mimi is the only woman for him, and that he won't rest until he finds a way to set her free. He kisses Mimi and then leaves. Mimi then asks the guard to put Rex's name on the list of people she doesn't want to see again.

Rex arrives home, and is searching the internet for something that will help Mimi. There is a knock on the door and Patrick enters. He wonders what is going on with Mimi, since no one will tell him anything. Rex tells Patrick Mimi's sentence is 15 to 20 years, and that she is being stubborn. Rex and Patrick decide to work together to try to figure out a way to set Mimi free.

In Germany, Philip is glad that Shawn has finally told him the truth about wanting Belle back. Philip stated however that he would have never made his move on Belle if he thought Shawn still loved her and was coming back to her. Shawn says he respects Philip for fighting for his country, but that he can't lie to him anymore, and that he will always love Belle. Philip says Belle must choose who she wants to be with. He asks Belle if she can be with him now that he is not the same man that he was before, or if she wants to be set free to be with Shawn. Philip said he could handle it anyway, but he needs her to choose the man she really wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Brady has stopped the Titan jet and forced it to return to the hangar. Nicole watches, horrified, knowing Brady is about to discover Chloe is alive and reunite with her. Chloe emerges from the plane, covering her bandages and scars with hair and hood. Brady is thrown when Chloe pulls away from him. He discovers Nicole and accuses her of doing this. Nicole denies and swears pretending to be dead was Chloe's idea. Brady won't accept it and thinks Nicole is lying. Chloe supports Nicole; it was her idea. Brady thinks somehow Nicole must have manipulated Chloe into going along with Nicole's plan. Brady calls Nicole a liar and a manipulator and he never wants to see or speak to her again. Nicole runs off, crushed. Chloe tells Brady it wasn't Nicole, it was her; she's the one kept the truth from Brady.

Belle makes the most painful decision of her life and chooses to stay with Philip. Shawn is in denial and shock. He tries to get Belle to rethink and change her decision, but Belle is adamant. Shawn leaves. Alone, Philip is thrilled his wife is going to stay with him. He begins to experience phantom leg pain and gets Belle to leave him for a while. Heather Mills McCartney visits Philip and addresses his worry and fears/counsels him about living life as an amputee.

John talks to Marlena one way on the phone, telling her about Shawn arriving in Germany. After Shawn leaves Belle he runs into John, who, to Shawn's distress, is supportive and defensive of Belle's decision.

Shawn later encounters Belle and calls her a liar. He knows she loves him more than she loves Philip.

Bo and Hope are spending a family night at home with Zack. They argue briefly about Shawn going to Germany. Bo tells Hope he has a surprise for her; he tells her to get ready to go out.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air. Programming will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off -- and there will be no "lost" episodes.

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Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air. Programming will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off -- and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Missing your DAYS fix, chat with other fans on our message boards or take a look ahead in The Scoop!

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