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Ashley and 'Terrible Tom' kissed. Sharon found solace with Brad. Michael instructed Gloria to have Tom declared legally dead. Nikki confronted Brittany. Devon found his biological mother. Michael offered Tom another bribe. Victoria ordered Dru to return to work.
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Gloria learned that her marriage to Tom might not have been legally over
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bobby returned to the apartment and asked Brittany if she was alone. When she said yes, they ran into each other's arms and began kissing. Bobby asked Brittany if J.T. was on board with the plan. Brittany said he was, but she felt bad that he had to lie to Mac. Bobby said that if Mac and J.T. were really in love, they would find their way back to each other.

Brittany wondered how long she would have to be away from Bobby. Bobby didn't know -- as long as it took to get over his problems with Vinny and the mob. Bobby asked Brittany to hold onto a special bracelet. He asked her to give it back to him. Then he threw her bag out the door, and they staged a fight, loud enough that the neighbors knew.

Mac packed her things and was moving out. J.T. tried to stop her, but Mac thought she was just another conquest for J.T. He tried to let her know it was not true, but just as she started to listen to him, Brittany showed up. Mac left, crying in the elevator.

Phyllis wondered why Danny's friend wouldn't answer his phone. Nick wondered if Phyllis had made it up to get him off Daniel's trail. Neil showed up and demanded to know where his daughter was. They decided to investigate at the address Phyllis had for Danny's friend.

Lily and Daniel got a ride in a truck to L.A. As Daniel slept, he had a dream about Cassie driving his car. Cassie told him not to worry because everything would be okay. As Lily awakened Daniel, he was shaken by the dream but unsure of himself. Lily saw the beach and said they should discover the ocean for a moment. As they played at the beach, they were carefree and happy. When Daniel looked at a girl on the beach, he saw Cassie's face. He remembered the dream again, vividly. When Lily asked what was wrong, he went to call Danny's friend once again.

Tom warned Michael that John and Gloria's relationship was in trouble. Kevin went to see Gloria and wanted to tell her that Tom was in town. When Gloria told Kevin that she was happy with John and wanted to thank Kevin, he decided against telling his mother about Tom. He pretended that his story was really about the fact that he wanted to get his own place.

When Kevin returned home, he wondered why Tom was still there. When Tom left, Michael told Kevin that Tom knew how to destroy Gloria's life, but, according to Tom, that was not what he wanted.

Lauren went to get a drink at the Athletic Club and ran into Ashley. She noticed the necklace Ashley was wearing and asked her about the person who'd given it to her. Ashley told her the man was Tom, a mysterious man who intrigued her. She said that they were not really dating, but he had shown her things she was not accustomed to, like fishing and being outdoors. Lauren thought it was a good idea for Ashley to stray away from her typical taste in men. After Lauren left, Ashley was happy to see Tom approach.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In Los Angeles, Phyllis, Nick, and Neil discussed Daniel and Lily. Neil told Phyllis that he blamed Daniel for dragging Lily into the mess. Nick told them to stop arguing about the two kids who were in love, sadly reminding them that Cassie would never have the chance to have such an experience. All three then agreed that they all wanted the same thing, though not for the same reasons. Phyllis' cell phone rang; it was Brendan, the friend of Danny's whom Daniel had previously contacted. She hung up and informed them that Brendan had returned home to Los Angeles from being out of town. Phyllis said she didn't want Nick to go with them because she feared what he might do to Daniel if they found him. However, they reached an understanding, and all three set out to meet Brendan.

Phyllis, Nick, and Neil arrived at Brendan's house. He had just gotten home from the airport, and he knew nothing. He hadn't checked his phone messages yet. Right away, Nick started accusing him of hiding Daniel. Brendan went on the defensive, but Phyllis explained to him about the accident and Cassie's subsequent death. Brendan conveyed his sympathy to Nick about Cassie.

Neil and Nick decided to go out in front of the house to wait and see if Lily and Daniel showed up. Phyllis stayed in the house with Brendan and told him more about Daniel's situation and shared her fears about what would happen if and when he was found. While Phyllis was still talking to Brendan, Nick and Neil returned and announced that they had decided to call the Los Angeles Police Department and get them involved in the case.

Dru ran into the coffee shop and rushed up to Malcolm, wanting to know if he had heard anything from Lily. Malcolm became suspicious that Neil had gone after her and demanded to know if it was true. Dru reminded him that he'd had no right to keep the information from Neil and her that Lily had known where Daniel had been and had been taking him food; thus, he had no right to know anything about Lily. Malcolm kept insisting that he wanted to help Lily. Dru finally gave in and told him that Neil, Nick, and Phyllis were in Los Angeles, looking for her.

Malcolm was sure he could convince Lily to return home because she trusted him. Dru further shared that Phyllis had heard from Danny, who had received a call from his friend, Brendan, who, in turn, had received a call from Daniel about having a place to stay in Los Angeles. Dru told Malcolm how worried she was about Lily and what would happen upon her return, including possible jail time for aiding and abetting. Dru again became angry with her brother-in-law and said she would blame him if things went badly for Lily.

Malcolm told Dru to go ahead and lash out at him. He informed her that he knew his place -- as Lily's uncle. He again told her he felt that he could be the one who would be able to get through to Lily. Dru was adamant that she didn't trust him and refused to give him any information about where Lily was.

Michael and Kevin discussed how they could prevent Tom from hurting Gloria. Michael couldn't imagine who would go near the likes of Tom, except that he could be quite charming, and that was probably how he'd gotten himself into Ashley's life. Kevin thought he was bluffing, but Michael seemed to be getting very worried. There seemed to be something he'd been looking for on the computer, but it was not showing up. It became obvious that Michael suspected something serious. He told Kevin that he had to see Gloria right away but wouldn't yet share with Kevin his suspicions. Michael literally ran out of his office on his way to find Gloria.

Ashley and Tom had just returned from a motorcycle ride. Ashley invited him into the house, and he agreed to go and stay for just a bit. They shared a drink together inside the Abbotts' house. Tom proposed a toast to all their new adventures. Ashley coyly told Tom that she wanted to know his secrets. He teasingly told her to start first and tell her own secrets. She informed him that she and Brad were not yet divorced, as neither of them wanted to get involved with anyone else right then; Tom looked rather disappointed upon hearing that. Tom then told Ashley that he had also been married once, a long time before, but it had ended badly.

Jack and Jill discussed business proposals at the Genoa City Athletic Club over a drink. Jack said he still wanted Victoria to be on board, but Jill reminded him that ship had already sailed. She pointed out to Jack that he always blamed Victor for everything but suspected that Victoria had planned it all along -- to entice Victor and make him think she was planning to work at Jabot so he would offer her the position at Newman Enterprises. Jack told Jill that he still thought Victoria would be theirs one day; when Nicholas returned as head of the company, all hell would break loose.

Victor and Victoria entered the club and were discussing Cassie's tragedy, including Daniel's involvement. Gina greeted them. Victoria proudly told Gina that she was taking over at Newman Enterprises. Jack spotted them across the room and sarcastically pointed out to Jill that Victor was there with his "little girl." Jack then sneaked over and quietly asked Gina to do a favor for him.

Victor and Victoria continued to discuss her running the company. Victor said he would guide her and had never doubted her abilities. She was worried that Nick hadn't been consulted about her stepping in to replace him while he dealt with the issues of Cassie's death. Victor felt there would be no problem. Victoria said she was very excited to start running the company. She said it was important to her that her father trusted her -- she'd been waiting a long time for that to happen.

Gina approached Victor and Victoria's table and served them a congratulatory drink that had been sent over to them from Jack. Jack then appeared and wanted to drink a toast to the Newmans. Victor informed Jack that he and his daughter were having a private conversation. They proceeded to tell Jack how happy they both were about Victoria working at Newman Enterprises. Jill walked over to their table at that moment, said goodbye to all, and left the club. Victor announced that he needed to leave to pick up Nikki. Victoria was left at the table with Jack. He told her that he hoped her father was sincere.

In another part of Los Angeles, Lily and Daniel sat together. Lily urged Daniel to call Brendan, but he seemed to be preoccupied. He related to Lily the flashes he had been having about the accident and that he couldn't yet figure them out. She took his hand and reassured him. Daniel told her he was facing the reality that he would never get that accident out of his mind and that they couldn't keep running. Lily again comforted him and embraced him.

Daniel told Lily that he was worried about her involvement and stressed that she needed to return home because he was putting her at risk and didn't want to destroy her life. She told Daniel that he'd been acting very weird since he'd had the dream about the accident. Daniel confessed that he saw Cassie's face everywhere, and he knew he would never get out of it. Lily asked if there was more he remembered from the accident. He said he saw images, but they were fuzzy. However, on the other hand, it might be his mind playing tricks.

Lily said she felt guilty, too; Daniel could not imagine why. She said she felt guilty because she'd told Cassie to look out for Daniel at the party because she had been planning to leave. She thought that if she had stayed, it would have been different. That made Daniel feel even worse. He told Lily he did not want her suffering any more, and it would end for her right then. He wanted to save her from any more heartbreak. He tenderly told her that she meant more to him than anything, so he could no longer put her through all that pain.

Lily felt committed to Daniel and vowed to stay with him, no matter how it all ended. They continued to argue about whether she would leave or stay. Daniel finally told Lily that if she continued to fight him on it, he would call her parents.

Still enjoying their drinks together, Ashley suggested to Tom that they have dinner with a couple of her friends. She was referring to Lauren and Michael, of course, as Lauren had earlier suggested to Ashley. Tom then leaned in to kiss Ashley, but she coyly turned her cheek. Tom just smiled and promised to call her soon. Ashley walked him to the door. As she opened the door for Tom to leave, there stood Michael, having arrived at the Abbott house, looking for Gloria. Both men were obviously shocked to see one another; a cold glare passed between Michael and his stepfather.

Daniel and Lily elude their parents

Daniel and Lily elude their parents

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

by Nel

Kevin was in Michael's office when Gloria called. Kevin told her that Michael had gone to the Abbott home to talk with her. Gloria asked if whatever Michael had to say couldn't wait and then asked Kevin to fill her in. Kevin said that Michael would explain everything to her.

As Michael arrived at the Abbotts', he was surprised to see Ashley showing Tom Fisher out, but when Tom saw Michael, he told Ashley he wasn't in any hurry and decided to stay. Ashley told Michael that she and Tom had been talking about having dinner with him and Lauren. Ashley wondered if Tom and Michael had met previously, but neither Michael nor Tom would admit whether they had. Ashley said that she'd met Tom at the hospital after John's accident. She told Tom that Michael was Gloria's son. Ashley explained that Tom had encouraged her to adjust her attitude toward Gloria and to allow John and Gloria to live their own life, so if Gloria made John happy, so be it.

Michael gave Tom a measuring look, and he tried to figure out what Tom was up to. After a few cryptic comments had been exchanged between Tom and Michael, Michael left. Ashley told Tom that she felt there had been a strange macho vibe between him and Michael, and she wanted to know what had gone on between them. Tom dismissed her suspicion. When they heard Gloria drive up, Tom stated that he wanted to meet John before he met Gloria, and he asked if there was another exit. Ashley directed him, and he slipped out the back door. When Gloria entered and discovered that Michael had already left, she asked Ashley to tell John she would return shortly, and she left.

Sometime later, Tom called Ashley and said that he'd had a great time, and he wanted to say goodnight to her. Ashley ended the call and smiled.

When Michael returned to his office, he informed Kevin that he'd seen Ashley and Tom together. Michael realized that Ashley had been providing Tom with information about Gloria and John. Kevin was concerned about Ashley getting involved with a lowlife like Tom, but Michael said Ashley was a big girl and could take care of herself.

Gloria arrived in Michael's office and hoped that Michael hadn't wanted to see her because of the wedding. Michael said he was interested in hearing about her wedding to Tom. Gloria asked why he would ask her about it. She warned Michael and Kevin that they weren't to mention Tom's name again. She said Tom was part of her past, but Michael shocked Gloria when he said that it was possible that Tom wasn't her ex-husband.

Jack and Victoria were at the Athletic Club, and Jack warned Victoria not to trust Victor. He said that someone had to look after her interests. Victoria asked if he'd appointed himself for that job. Jack reminded her that he'd been the one who had lured her back from Italy with a lucrative job offer, and he was her biggest fan. He said he appreciated her. Victoria said that Victor appreciated her, as well, but Jack countered that no one appreciated her more than him for what she had to offer. Jack said that Victoria's plans sounded terrific for Newman Enterprises, but he wanted to know what would happen when Nick returned and how hard things might end up for her. Jack hoped her plans came to fruition.

Jack told Victoria that although Victor had faith in her, it wasn't always easy to live in the great man's shadow. Jack said he'd learned that when he'd worked for his father. He said it was also a curse being in that shadow because one's work was always scrutinized, and people waited to see one fail. Victoria asked if that was what Jack wanted -- for her to fail. Jack wanted to see her carve out her own niche. Victoria claimed the job was the right decision for her, as long as it lasted. Jack hoped that Victor wouldn't pull the rug out from under her. She assured him that Victor wouldn't do that.

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm pressed Dru to tell him where Neil had gone and if he was any closer to finding Lily. Dru brushed his questions aside, and when Devon arrived, she and Devon went to the patio. She apologized to Devon about not having spent time with him because she'd been preoccupied worrying about Lily. Devon said he understood. He told Dru that he'd been volunteering at the recreation center, and he admitted that it felt weird being home alone. He told Dru that he had filled out a number of applications at the mall and that he had named Dru as a reference. Devon looked at Dru and saw that she was distracted and hadn't heard a word he'd said.

Sharon entered the coffeehouse. When Malcolm asked how she was doing, she told him that Noah was wrapped up in baseball and would be spending the night with his friends. She said being at Crimson Lights helped her feel closer to Cassie. Sharon confided in Malcolm about her grief and how it had driven her out of the house. She'd found it unbearable to be in her house with all her memories of Cassie without Nick. She knew she needed to pack up Cassie's things and put them away, but she wasn't ready.

Sharon wished she had someone to share her grief with. Malcolm held her hand and assured her that she wasn't alone. He told Sharon that he was available anytime she needed to talk. Sharon thanked Malcolm for his support. She wished she was as sure as Nick was that Daniel paying for what he'd done to Cassie would bring her any peace.

Ali and some of Cassie's other friends arrived at the coffeehouse and told Sharon how much they missed Cassie. They claimed summer wasn't the same without her. They shared a funny story about Cassie with Sharon. Sharon hugged Ali and said that they all missed Cassie. She invited Cassie's friends to visit the ranch any time because they'd been good friends to Cassie, and Sharon said she cared about them, as well.

Malcolm entered the patio in time to hear Dru take a call from Neil. Neil told Dru that Daniel and Lily were definitely in Los Angeles. Dru wanted to leave immediately and help look for Lily, but Neil reminded her that she needed to be there for Devon. Dru insisted that Malcolm could look after Devon, but Neil convinced her to stay in Genoa City. Malcolm took the phone from Dru and asked Neil if he'd located Lily. He urged Neil to keep it together when Neil found Lily, because Malcolm said that Neil didn't want to make things worse. Malcolm assured Neil that Daniel was a responsible kid, and he would keep Lily safe.

On the patio, Dru watched as Sharon talked to Malcolm. She told Devon that she hoped Sharon hadn't told Malcolm where Lily and Daniel were because there were too many people looking for them already.

At Brendan's beach house in Los Angeles, Brendan insisted that Phyllis, Neil, and Nick needed to agree not to call the police about Daniel and Lily, or else they had to leave. Neil said that Brendan was their only connection to the kids. Brendan suggested that they check the beach in case Daniel and Lily were there. Neil offered to stay behind in case the kids showed up, and he gave Phyllis a photo of Lily. Phyllis and Nick took a photo of Lily and decided to make inquiries around the beach to see if anyone had seen them.

After Nick and Phyllis left, Brendan told Neil he wanted to take a shower. When Brendan had gone upstairs, Neil noticed that there were three messages on Brendon's machine. He asked Brendan if he could listen to them, and Brendan told him to go ahead. Neil listened to the first message from Daniel, asking Brendan if he and a friend could crash at his place. The second message was also from Daniel, indicating that he and his friend were outside of Los Angeles and would see him soon. The third message was from Lily, who informed Brendan that they would stay on the beach and would call him later.

Phyllis and Nick's search of the beach proved fruitless. They entered a café and showed a waiter the photo of Lily. The waiter recognized Lily and informed them that she'd been with a guy, but he had no idea where they'd gone. Phyllis urged Nick to return to Genoa City to be with Sharon and Noah, but Nick refused to leave. Nick wanted to see justice meted out to Daniel for Cassie's death.

On the beach, Lily and Daniel built a fire, huddled together because of the cold ocean breeze. Daniel insisted that Lily needed to go home, and he wanted her to call her parents the next day and ask them to wire money to her for an airline ticket back home. Lily refused and said that if they did that, everyone would know exactly where Daniel was. Lily suggested that they both get jobs until she could make enough money to fly back home without anyone knowing where she'd been.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

J.T. asked Bobby how long he was going to have to pretend Brittany's baby was his. Bobby said he had a plan, but he was not sure how long it was going to take. J.T. expressed his concerns to Brittany. Brittany told J.T. that she knew she was asking a lot from him. She would understand if he couldn't go through with the plan. J.T. said that he cared about Brittany's safety and would help to keep her safe. Brittany said she was worried about Bobby's safety.

Lauren saw Terrible Tom at the bar, and he said hello. She knew his name because she had talked to Ashley about him. Tom saw Lauren's ring and asked her who she was engaged to. Lauren said that he was a lawyer in town. When Tom pressed her, she wondered why he was all up in her business.

Nikki told Victor that Bobby and Brittany were having problems. She was worried about Bobby. Lauren saw Nikki and Victor and introduced Tom to them. Tom was excited to meet Victor. Nikki told Victor she had to go. Victor saw Bobby at the bar and asked Bobby how he was doing with Brittany. Bobby said that ship had sailed.

Nikki showed up at J.T.'s, looking for Brittany. She wasn't happy to find Brittany in J.T.'s shower. Nikki thought there was more to the breakup than Brittany said. Brittany said that she wasn't really the monogamous type. Nikki realized that Bobby had dumped her because the baby was J.T.'s. She was disgusted with Brittany and said that J.T. and Brittany deserved each other.

Michael asked Gloria about her divorce from Tom. Gloria said she had filed papers with someone she'd found in a phone book. Michael said that the papers had never been filed. Gloria wondered if that meant that her marriage to John wasn't legal. Michael said that she had married him in good faith, and it would be legal in Wisconsin.

However, Michael said that if Tom were to ever come around, it could mean trouble. What Gloria had to do was to have Tom Fisher declared legally dead. Gloria wasn't sure she wanted to, but Kevin and Michael convinced her to do it. Michael said that Gloria would have to find her own lawyer because it could be a conflict of interest if Michael were her lawyer. Gloria felt worried about it but agreed to go through with it right away.

Gloria went to the bar and ordered a drink from Bobby. She saw Lauren and talked to her about Lauren's family and whether they were going to be at the wedding. Lauren said that she hadn't told her mom yet; they were not very close. However, she said that her mother would be happy to be there. Gloria told Lauren about her problems with her divorce from Tom and the advice Michael had offered her.

Devon found his mother living in a park. She was still doing drugs, but she recognized Devon. He told her that he had a family who took care of him, and he wished that he could help her. She didn't want his help or his money; she just wanted him to leave. When Devon left, he put some money beside her. She didn't want to take it, but in her desperation, she picked it up, crying.

Tom popped in to see Michael to thank him for not telling Ashley about him. Michael made Tom another offer to leave town for money. Tom wasn't having it. When he left, he warned Michael about the security of Gloria's marriage.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Nick called Sharon as she was on her way into the Athletic Club. She tried to persuade him to head home because she and Noah needed him, but Nick said finding Daniel was something he had to do. She asked if Nick would at least get the police involved, but Nick hung up without making any promises. Sharon went to the bar instead of the gym and asked Gina for a Bloody Mary. As Brad was walking in, Gina stopped him and pointed out Sharon with her drink. Brad sat down next to Sharon and ordered coffee for both of them.

Sharon shared some of her feelings with Brad, who listened sympathetically. She said that each morning, she woke up feeling like everything was okay then she was hit with the realization that Cassie was gone. Noah was handling it better than she'd expected, although he talked about Cassie every day. She was, however, beginning to think that Nick was right to stay away. She thought maybe having to cope with his grief as well as her own would be too overwhelming.

Brad gently told Sharon that if he were in Nick's position, he'd probably be doing the same thing that Nick was. Although Brad agreed that Nick should be home with his family, he was obviously going through something very painful, felt powerless, and was trying to find himself. Sharon was grateful for Brad's understanding and pushed her drink away. Brad smiled. He invited her to get Noah and take him to the Abbott pool party, but Sharon wasn't sure she was ready for that.

Phyllis wasn't happy to find out that Nick had followed his wife's advice and called the police. She asked the officers what they'd do if they caught Daniel. They told her they'd take him in and transport him back to Genoa City. After the police left, Phyllis turned on Nick and demanded to know why he'd gone back on their agreement to handle the situation on their own, without involving the police. Nick gave her a skeptical look and said that he wasn't there to help her allow her son to get away. Daniel needed to face the consequences of what he'd done. Just as Jack called Phyllis on her cell phone, Neil arrived. Phyllis used that opportunity to leave the two men alone.

Neil had called Dru earlier and told her there was no news about Lily, but he wasn't giving up. Like Phyllis, he was a little surprised to learn from Nick that the L.A. police were involved. Dru had told him Lily wasn't being mentioned in the newspaper articles about Daniel yet, and Neil had hoped that they could get to the kids before the police did, so he could keep Lily out of trouble. Nick commiserated with him, expressing his belief that Daniel had a way of persuading young women to do things they shouldn't. As worried as Neil was about Lily and as much as he hoped he hadn't failed to provide her a stable environment, he acknowledged that what Nick was going through was much worse. Nick agreed that for Neil and Lily, there was still hope. Nick could never get Cassie back.

Later, when Nick was alone, he took out pictures of Cassie and spoke aloud to his dead daughter. He told her how much he loved and missed her, promising that he was going to see justice done. The last thing he could do for his little girl was to see that Daniel paid for taking her life.

When Devon entered Crimson Lights, Malcolm could tell that the teen had something on his mind. He assumed it was concern for Lily, and Devon admitted that there was something else. He told Malcolm about searching for and finding his mother, only to realize that she was still strung out on crack. She'd told him to forget her and his old life and to take advantage of all the opportunities the Winters family offered him. Malcolm told Devon that he needed to share all that information with Dru. Devon said she already had too much on her mind, but Malcolm refused to take no for an answer. In fact, he offered to go with Devon and help him talk to Dru.

After finding out from Neil that Lily still hadn't been located, Dru was on the verge of falling apart. She got a surprise visit from Victoria and congratulated her on her new position at Newman. Victoria pointed out that she had quite a task ahead of her. With Nick, Neil, and Phyllis all out of the office, Victoria needed Dru at work. In fact, it was time for Dru to return to the office, or Victoria had grounds to dismiss her.

Dru accused Victoria of kicking her when she was down. Victoria sympathized with Dru's predicament with Lily, but she reminded Dru that they were all going through something. Maybe returning to work would actually benefit Dru, taking her mind off of Lily's absence and giving her something to do. Dru finally agreed. Later, she was trying to work at home when Malcolm and Devon walked in. At first, she tried to put Devon off, but Malcolm insisted that Devon tell Dru the truth. Dru was startled to find out that Devon had been in contact with his mother.

As one of Vinny's goons eavesdropped on the patio of Crimson Lights, Bobby had a talk with Mac. He told her that it was totally over with him and Brittany, and he called his wife a tramp. He also thought that Mac should forget about J.T., who didn't deserve her. J.T. and Brittany had obviously had something going on for a long time; he and Mac were well rid of them. As they were talking, Kevin watched from inside.

After Bobby left, followed by Vinny's spy, Kevin approached Mac. She was surprised by how supportive he was as she talked about J.T. He even encouraged her to fight for what she wanted. Kevin told Mac that as much as he cared about her, what he really wanted was to see her happy. Maybe it wasn't too late for her to find happiness with J.T. She should follow her heart. Mac said she intended to do just that, kissed him on the cheek, told him what a great person he was, and left the coffeehouse.

In the loft, Brittany apologized again to J.T. for ruining his life. J.T. said that it drove him crazy to lie to Mac, but he knew it had to be that way. He was committed to protecting Brittany and her baby any way that he could. After they talked, Brittany dressed in a disguise and met Bobby in the park. He warned her that they couldn't keep taking that kind of risk. For the moment, he'd shaken Vinny's spy, but they were going to have to stay away from each other for their plan to work. Brittany said maybe they should do what he'd first suggested -- find a little home of their own in another state, far away from all their problems. While they were talking, Joshua started kicking. Bobby put his hands on Brittany's stomach then the two of them sat on the park bench, kissing.

J.T. was surprised when Mac showed up at the loft. She told him that she'd been thinking about the two of them and had reached a decision. She wanted to move back into the loft.

Lily promised Daniel that she'd buy an airline ticket home as soon as they found jobs and made enough money. All she wanted in return from him was that he stop badgering her about going back to Wisconsin. Daniel agreed, and they talked to the café manager about jobs. He had them dress up as a giant banana and a strawberry to advertise smoothies on the beach.

While Lily and Daniel were taking a break, Lily spotted Phyllis standing on the beach. Before the teens could get away, Phyllis walked up to show them pictures of themselves, asking if they'd seen those two people. Daniel and Lily shook their heads, mumbled no, and began to walk away. Phyllis stared after them with speculation, wondering if what she suspected could be possible.

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