The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on Y&R

Bobby and Brittany's marriage seemed to fall apart, but it was a ruse. Phyllis and Nick became temporary allies. Brittany told J.T. that the baby she was carrying was his. Danny believed Daniel and Lily were headed for Los Angeles. Mac and J.T. parted ways.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Victoria is shocked to hear that Abby is her half-sister. She is unhappy that she has been in town so long and that no one in her family has told her. Brad assures her that Abby doesn't want anything to do with Victor since she had an accident on a horse at the stables. But when Brad and Victoria go back to the Newman's, Abby and Ashley are there. Brad talks to Nikki in private and Nikki admits that she asked Ashley to bring Abby by, but this was Abby's choice to come and see Victor. She says it's the first time she's seen a smile on Victor's face in a long time.

Drucilla is upset that Detective Weber is moving so slow on his search to find Lily. When Devon asks if he can help, Drucilla tells him to go do his homework. Devon goes to the coffeehouse and tells Sierra that he feels that he doesn't belong in the Winters family without Lily. He says they don't even realize that he isn't in school right now. He says he will go look for his real mother.

Neil wonders where Devon is and Drucilla finds a note that he has left for awhile.

Phyllis tells Chris that she thinks she knows where Daniel and Lily are. Sharon interrupts them and says that she thinks Nick knows where Daniel is. Phyllis takes off. Chris and Sharon hope Nick doesn't do anything crazy.

Lily cuts Daniel's hair and they decide to ride the bus and leave Lily's car behind.

Nick asks the hotel manager to let him in and to not tell anyone he is there. When someone comes to the door, he pulls her inside. It's Phyllis.

Mac and J.T. share special times together after they make love. He plays her his song again and she makes him tea. As they discuss their feelings, Mac tells J.T. she thinks she's in love with him.

Vinny shows up with another mob guy and they admit they were the one's behind the baby coffin. Brittany screams at Vinny and tries to fight him. Bobby takes over and tells Vinny to fight him. Vinny wants Bobby to be a part of the business. He's not taking no for an answer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bobby is visited by Vinny at the club and is forced back into helping out the mob. Vinny tells Bobby his biggest asset is his job. He has access to some wealthy people. B refuses to fleece the customers. Vinny welcomes Bobby back into the 'family'. Britt comes in needing to talk to him about the baby. It can't wait. Gina chats up Vinny wondering who he knows at the club. Suddenly, over on the other side of the room, Bobby starts screaming at Brittany. She says she didn't mean it but he screams for her to get out. Everyone in the club is witness to the heated argument as Bobby smashes a glass and Britt runs out in tears.

Victor is clearly beaming from Abby's visit. He tells Nikki he's there for her if she needs to talk about Cassie's death. They reminisce over the good times and what will never be. Nikki finally is able to grieve over her loss.

Nick & Phyllis both scour the motel room looking for clues on Daniel & Lily's whereabouts. They only find her almost dead cell phone. Phyllis suggests Nick return to his family but he doesn't trust her to bring her son in to justice. Phyllis suggests teaming up to find him and he agrees. Phyllis finds a phone number while Nick is distracted and tries to leave to call it but Nick smells a rat and finds the number on her. They will call together. Dru calls Lily's cell and Phyllis picks up. She tells Dru she and Nick are looking for Lily and Daniel and hot on the trail. She mentions the phone is breaking up and ends the call.

Katherine deduces that Mac is closer to J.T. now. Mac thanks her grandmother for helping her win him over. Mac is finally happy to find someone who isn't keeping a secret from her. He may be the one.

Gloria tells Ashley in no uncertain terms that she and John are together and he doesn't appreciate Ash's negative attitude towards Gloria. Ash asks John if that's true. John denies that and Ashley in response agrees to keep her mouth shut about Gloria from now. Her biggest problem with G was the suspicion that she was keeping a secret. Now that it's out she's willing to let John live his life. John appreciates that. Ash tells John about Tom, but tells him she doubts it will go very far.

Sharon sees Brad and Abby together at the club and joins them. She tells him how Nick took off after Daniel. She's feeling very alone and isolated. She's also worried how far Nick will go if and when he finds Daniel. Sharon confesses she wishes she could snap out of her depression. Abby then invites her to join her and Brad at the zoo. Brad thinks it's a great idea and suggests she bring Noah. Sharon accepts.

Dru tears into Devon for taking off and leaving a note. He apologizes, but Dru is still furious. She's already got one missing child and doesn't need a second. She cries to Malcolm that she just wants her little girl back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Neil found out from Dru that Phyllis had answered Lily's cell phone and tracked the teens as far as St. Louis. He interrupted Victor's dinner at the athletic club to ask him for some time off so he could try to locate Lily and bring her home. A little worried that Phyllis and Nick might meet up in St. Louis, Victor agreed. Later, Neil got home just after Drucilla and Malcolm fought because Malcolm knew she was keeping information about Lily from him. After Malcolm walked out, Dru was on the verge of losing what was left of her composure. She wanted to go with Neil to St. Louis. He reminded her that Devon needed her and asked her to stay home with their son, as well as be there in case Lily called.

At a diner in St. Louis, Phyllis and Nick discussed how Daniel's and Lily's trail had gone cold at the bus station. Nick told Phyllis that it was time for her to go home. He was going on alone to search for the two teens. While Nick was away from the table, Phyllis received a phone call from Danny, who told her that Daniel had contacted a musician friend of his in L.A. to try to get in touch with Danny. Phyllis thanked him for the lead, hung up, and met up with Nick at the door. She told him what she'd learned and that she had a name and number. Nick realized that she didn't have to tell him the truth, so he told her he'd have Wally make a flight plan to L.A. for the two of them.

Nikki and Victor talked over dinner about their concerns for their children. They worried that Nick's desire for vengeance was putting his marriage to Sharon at risk. Nikki was also sympathetic to Victoria's reaction to the truth about Abby. She understood how her daughter was feeling, although Nikki was glad that Abby was back in Victor's life. She was also worried about the pressure on Victor to run Newman Enterprises considering that Nick, Neil, and Phyllis were gone. Victor assured her that he wouldn't be running the company alone; Victoria would be by his side.

Victoria went to the Abbott house to confront Ashley about Abby's paternity. She accused Ashley of using Abby to try to snare Victor, and also made comments about Ashley's deceit with Brad. Ashley suggested that Victoria's real problem was that she was going to have to share her father's love with another daughter. Victoria pointed out that she might have reason to worry; there were a lot of perks to being a child of Victor Newman. Ashley suggested that Victoria focus on helping her family heal after Cassie's death and stop worrying about Ashley's seven-year-old daughter. Victoria cut their meeting short when she got a call from Victor asking her to meet him at the ranch as soon as possible.

When Victoria got to the ranch, Victor told her that he needed her to come to work immediately. Victoria assured him that she hadn't changed her mind, but she hadn't planned on beginning so quickly. However, she felt compelled to work with him now more than ever. When Victor asked about her choice of words, Victoria admitted to feeling a little threatened by Abby. Victor told her that he had no intention of coming between Brad and Abby. He loved Abby, but Victoria was his one and only daughter in every sense of the word. Relieved, Victoria hugged her father and thanked him.

Brad went to have a talk with Ashley about Abby, who was still with Sharon and Noah after going to the zoo. He accused Ashley of taking the first opportunity to go behind his back to take Abby to see Victor. Ashley defended herself, reminding him that Abby had been asking a lot of questions out of concern for Victor's loss of his granddaughter, Cassie. In fact, it had been Abby's idea to go to the ranch; not Ashley's.

After Victor left Nikki at the restaurant, she saw Bobby lose his temper with Vinny, who wouldn't leave him alone and was asking personal questions about Brittany. Bobby told Vinny that Brittany was a lying bitch and demanded that Vinny leave. After Vinny walked out, Nikki asked Bobby what was going on. Who was that man, and was everything okay with Brittany and the baby? Had they found out who was sending them gifts? Bobby said that Vinny was someone from the old days, but he lied and said the gifts hadn't been coming from Vinny. He didn't want to talk about Brittany, and he begged Nikki to just stay out of this. It was the best thing she could do for him.

Mac and J.T. were like two little lovebirds in their nest when Brittany burst in and demanded to talk to J.T. alone. At first Mac didn't want to leave, and J.T. was annoyed with Brittany. But Brittany insisted that this was important and private. Mac finally agreed to go shopping. Later, Mac returned home to find J.T. practically in tears after telling Brittany that her timing was lousy. Brittany begged J.T. to do the right thing before she walked out. Mac asked what was going on, reminding J.T. that they didn't keep secrets from each other. J.T. told Mac that Brittany had just informed him that her baby was J.T.'s, not Bobby's.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jack found Victoria sitting alone at Yves. Once he promised not to harangue her anymore about the job at Jabot, she let him join her. Jack understood that blood was thicker than water, and she was only trying to be there for her family by taking the job with her father. He wondered what Nicholas was going to think about it, and Victoria assured him that Nick would be okay with it. He and Sharon were not only still deeply grieving Cassie, but Nick was having problems with his anger. Victoria then warned Jack that Phyllis might not be working at Newman much longer. Jack defended his ex-wife's work and said that even if Victoria thought Phyllis was a handful, that was why he loved her. He then got Victoria to talk about her feelings of pain and regret over Cassie. Victoria admitted that she felt guilty about Cassie's death. She wondered if things would have been different if she'd been home. Jack assured her that Cassie had made her own decisions; no one was to blame. Victoria was grateful that he'd said that. Jack promised Victoria a shoulder to cry on anytime she needed it.

Tom walked into the athletic club and spotted John and Gloria holding hands over lunch. Surmising that they'd reconciled, he left the club. Gloria didn't spot him because she and John were deep in conversation about how happy their reconciliation had made them. She admitted that she was late for an appointment with Michael and Lauren to talk about their wedding plans. The couple joked about being together again later that night, then Gloria left.

Michael got to his office to find Paul back in town after working on a case in Milwaukee. Michael had more work for him but warned Paul that all work would make him dull, although Michael said Paul was already dull. Paul laughed and left to see Ashley when Lauren and Kevin came in. Later, when Gloria showed up, she made Kevin go to her car with her to get a box full of wedding ideas. While they were alone, Lauren and Michael daydreamed about their honeymoon. He noticed that she was wearing her ring again, and she promised not to take it off. When Kevin and Gloria returned, they all talked about when and where to have the wedding. Lauren seemed a little uncomfortable when Gloria asked for her out-of-town guest list and said she wanted only her friends living in Genoa City to be invited. When Lauren and Gloria went to Fenmore's to look at dresses for Gloria, Michael asked Kevin to stay. Kevin said he'd had enough wedding planning for the day, but he was touched when Michael asked him to be his best man.

Ashley explained to Brad that it was Abby's idea to visit Victor. Although Brad didn't quite believe her at first, he understood how much Abby's visit must have meant to the Newmans. He agreed that if Victor didn't use visits with Abby to insinuate himself more into their lives, then Brad would let things be. Ashley was touched to hear that Abby had invited Sharon and Noah to the zoo with them. She was concerned about what Sharon was going through. While they were talking, Tom arrived. Ashley introduced the two men, then Brad left.

Tom presented Ashley with a gift as an apology for the way he'd snapped at her when he'd thought she was going to answer his cell phone. Ashley said he'd already apologized and thanked him for the necklace he gave her. She admitted that she was making the best of things now that her father and his wife had reconciled. Although Gloria had deceived her father about something very serious, if Gloria made him happy, Ash had no choice but to accept that. Tom praised her for putting her father's feelings ahead of her own. He knew that his children would never do that for him. Ashley warned him never to say never. While they were talking, Paul arrived and was surprised to find Tom there.

At the athletic club, Gina and Sharon were both concerned when they witnessed Bobby's hostile reaction to Brittany's arrival. Sharon went to thank Brittany for her sympathy card and to congratulate the two of them on their baby. She cautioned them to treasure every moment; children grew up too fast. After Sharon left, Brit tried to talk to Bobby, but he wanted nothing to do with her and loudly asked her to leave. Gina suggested that Bobby take the afternoon off, but Bobby insisted that he had work to do. Brittany left alone, crying as she stepped outside of the athletic club.

At the loft, Mac was hurt and furious over the news that Brittany was carrying J.T.'s baby. She wanted to know when it happened, and J.T. said they were together on a night in January, after Bobby turned to Nikki instead of Brittany for comfort over the revelation that his brother was dead. It had only been one time, and J.T. insisted that it was Mac he cared about and wanted to be with. Mac was curious about whether or not Colleen had been in town then, and J.T. said she was, but he hadn't told her about Brittany. Mac was upset that he'd hidden things from Colleen, who he loved. If he would treat Colleen that way, how could Mac believe in him? J.T. admitted that he felt an obligation to Brittany, especially since Bobby wanted her to move out. Hurt, Mac asked if Brit would be living at the loft while they waited for their baby to be born. When J.T. said yes, Mac said she had to get out of there and left J.T. alone.

Brad went back to the athletic club to pick up Abby from Sharon. While Abby and Noah talked about games and Noah expressed his passion for baseball, Brad noticed the sad expression on Sharon's face as she watched Abby. He asked if she was okay, and Sharon said that Cassie had only been a little younger than Abby when she came back into their lives. Abby reminded her of Cassie at that age. Noah's and Abby's faces fell as they saw how Sharon was hurting. Sharon stood up and said she and Noah had to go. Brad looked sad that he couldn't do more for Sharon and promised that the next time they went to the zoo, they'd invite Noah and Sharon to go again.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Paul is surprised to find Tom at the Abbott home when he visits Ashley. Paul asks Tom some questions, and Ashley tells Tom that Paul is a private investigator. Tom says that he'd better watch what he says. Paul says that Tom doesn't have to watch what he says unless he has something to hide. When Tom leaves, Ashley thanks him for the necklace. Paul asks Ashley how she feels about Tom. Ashley says he is a friend she is curious about. Paul suggests investigating him. Ashley is opposed to it. Paul says that he cares about her and is a little concerned about the type of man Tom is. They also talk about the way Ashley feels about Paul. As they flirt, Ashley tells Paul that he doesn't rattle her. As he kisses her passionately, she realizes that he does.

J.T. goes to see Katherine to ask what to do about Mac and Brittany. When Esther opens the door, she is ecstatic about Mac and J.T.'s relationship and wonders when he will "pop the question." Katherine wonders why J.T. is there to see her. J.T. tells her that Mac is going to need her support. He found out that Brittany is pregnant with his child. He has decided he wants to support her. Katherine wonders if J.T. is in love with Brittany. J.T. says he doesn't know what to do. Katherine says that if J.T. wants things to work with Mac he should convince Brittany to move in with her parents and give the baby up for adoption.

Mac goes to see Brittany to find out if J.T. is really her baby's father. When Brittany says yes, Mac thinks she planned it all along. Brittany realizes that Mac slept with J.T.

Nikki tries to talk to Bobby about Brittany. Bobby says their relationship is over. When Nikki asks about the baby, Bobby says he's not the person she should be asking about it.

Bobby comes home and sees Brittany there. He asks if she is alone. When she says yes, they run into each other's arms and begin kissing.

Kevin is pleased when Michael asks him to be his best man. He says that Michael is the best brother a guy could have. Tom interrupts them and asks why he couldn't be Michael's best man. Kevin wonders what Tom is doing there, but he is not afraid of Tom. Kevin tells him as far as he's concerned, he might as well be dead. Tom tells Michael that he has something on Gloria that could tear her world apart.

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