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Monday, June 20, 2005

Rex cooked a lavish meal for Mimi in their apartment in the hopes of changing her mind about pleading guilty to attacking Jan. Mimi insisted it had to be over between them, but Rex said they had worked to hard on their relationship to just give up. Despite Mimi's urging him to move on, Rex swore he couldn't do so without her and needed her to fight the charges. When Rex joked he should just go ahead and pawn her engagement ring, Mimi's hesitation gave him hope that she would fight. Though Mimi admitted she would miss him and her friends and family, she froze up when Rex mentioned her giving up on their future family. After extolling her virtues as a mother, a devastated Mimi yelled at him to stop and forget she ever existed, before running out of the apartment.

Billie cruised internet teen websites to find clues about Georgia. Excited by a possible lead, Billie printed off some information and raced to give it to Bo.

At the Brady house, a frustrated Bo told Hope she was as delusional as Shawn for giving him money to go to Germany. "Belle and Philip are married. Or have you and your son forgotten that?" he said. Not fazed, Hope told him that nothing was more sacred than true love and the reason Bo couldn't stop Shawn from flying to Germany is because he would have done the same for true love. Bo countered by asking whether wedding vows were just as sacred. When Hope questioned whether he wanted to see his son happy, Bo agreed he wanted that, but not at the expense of a marriage. "Sometimes true love doesn't work out," said Bo. Hope pleaded with Bo to see how much better behaved Shawn was around Belle, but Bo didn't buy it and said Shawn's attitude was just as belligerent as ever. When Hope tried to bring up the mistake the marriage was, Bo interrupted to say that Belle needed to focus on her husband because three people in a marriage were a disaster. To drive home the point, Billie rang the doorbell. A far cry from being happy to see her, a seething Hope grudgingly let Billie inside. Billie showed Bo some information on a website for teens looking for their natural parents and asked for his signature to join the site. While Bo signed the form, Shawn called and Billie learned Shawn was in Germany. An indignant Billie yelled at Hope for giving him money to chase after Belle, but Hope said she was too hypocritical to listen to. When Billie realized Bo agreed with her about Shawn breaking up a marriage, a triumphant Billie took off, leaving a stewing Hope to say that for Billie to hurt Shawn she would have to go through her.

In the German hospital, Kate told Philip nothing could keep Belle from Philip once she learned he was there. Philip admitted to his mother that he was scared he wouldn't make it through his recovery, so Kate went and brought John and Belle in to visit. A bedridden Philip made some jokes about his injuries before John interjected that he would amaze himself in time by his progress in rehabilitation. Philip thanked John for pulling strings to get his rehab transferred to Salem so that he could be with Belle and his family. A supportive John sympathized with Philip's plight and let slip that he was going to renew his vows to Marlena, and Kate to Roman. Belle was excited but John informed her that it was a surprise. When Belle asked if it was because of guilt over his relationship with Kate, Kate stumbled through an awkward but incomplete explanation to Philip about her short romantic relationship with John. Philip told them not to be ashamed because he understood and that was why he had asked Shawn to look out for Belle. Kate was furious to hear this, but Philip insisted he had forgiven Shawn for the wedding antics and that he was a true friend and hero for saving him. Philip admitted Shawn did it to make Belle happy, but felt it was so that he could return Philip to Belle.

Later in the hospital hallway, John explained to a worried Belle that Philip's depression was normal. An ecstatic Kate babbled about how she knew Belle would remember her love for Philip once Shawn was not around to interfere. An uncomfortable Belle changed the subject and asked about the vow renewals.

In Marlena's office, Dr. Karen Baider stopped by to consult with Marlena on the status of a pregnant patient of Marlena's. Dr. Baider looked at the file and after checking the patient's history and noting she was two months pregnant, Dr. Baider felt the woman might be in for a difficult if not impossible pregnancy. Worried, Dr. Baider pushed the issue of bringing the woman in for an exam and noted how odd it was that the patient told Marlena about the pregnancy but not her husband. Cornered, Marlena admitted she was the pregnant woman. Dr. Baider, quick on the math, realized Marlena conceived while she was Tony's captive. An upset Marlena explained that she was despondent and dependent on Roman and it turned physical. Marlena then explained that she had not told John about the affair and now it was worse. As she tried to decide whether to tell John now or wait until she could determine the viability of the pregnancy, Dr. Baider stopped her and told her to just tell the truth to John.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Sami arrives at Lucas' apartment to bring him and Will some breakfast. Will accuses Sami of trying to pretend like nothing happened, and that she had better not screw things up again for them. Sami claims that this time everything will be perfect. There is knock at the door, and Lucas lets Roman in. He tells Sami that he has some questions about Tony DiMera. Roman asks Sami if she remembers Tony mentioning anything about the possibility that Caroline and Victor might still be alive. Sami swears that she didn't hear Tony mention anything about that, and that if she did, she would definitely tell Roman. She says that she misses her grandma so much, and she would also be very happy if Roman and Marlena got back together. Roman insists that this will never happen. Sami gets flustered and exclaims that Tony promised her that they would. Roman and Lucas are now suspicious that Sami knows a lot more than she is letting on. Sami simply explains that Tony told her that Roman and Marlena were alive and that she could see them again if she did his bidding. Sami claims that she kept refusing to help Tony, and he got increasingly angry at her for that. Lucas and Roman want to believe Sami, but because of Sami's track record, it's difficult for them to do that. Lucas and Roman both think that finding Stan is the key to finding Tony. Sami doubts that anyone will ever find Stan... it's just a "feeling" that she has. Roman wants Sami to come to the station and give a formal statement about her interaction with Tony, and then he leaves. Will re-enters the room, and says that Sami looks guilty, and is worried that she is going to ruin things for them again. Lucas says everything will be okay if Sami keeps telling the truth.

Nicole enters Brady's room and sees that he is sleeping. She drops her robe to the floor, and gets into bed with him. They begin making love and Brady calls out Chloe's name. He then wakes up and is upset to see Nicole in bed with him. Nicole says that Brady is a liar,and that he doesn't really believe that Chloe is dead. Brady denies this, and claims that the reason that he and Nicole can't be together is that Victor might still be alive. Nicole leaves to get dressed, and then makes a phone call to Chloe. Chloe has just awaken from a dream in which Brady finds her and says that her scars don't matter to him and that he will always love her. Chloe wonders if she shouldn't just tell Brady the truth about her being a live. Nicole claims that Brady believes that Chloe is really dead and that she has a private jet ready for Chloe and Nancy to leave the country. After all, that is the only way that Brady won't find them. Brady is now showered and dressed and sees that the line on the phone is lit up. Already suspicious of Nicole's motives, he wonders if the phone call could be concerning Chloe. He quietly picks up the phone to listen in.

At the police station, Rex approaches Tek regarding Mimi's sentencing. Rex believes there must be something Tek can do to help out. Tek says his hands are tied, as Mimi has already confessed and he has Jan's statement on tape. Frustrated, Rex leaves the station, saying that he is not going to give up yet. Tek calls Lexie and leaves a message saying that he hasn't talked to her in a while and hopes that everything is going alright for her. Detective Adams overhears the conversation and he doesn't look happy.

Meanwhile, Marlena is still contemplating what she should do about telling Roman and John that she is pregnant. There is a knock on the door and Mimi enters. She explains to Marlena that she thought about her advice (telling Rex the truth) but just couldn't bring herself to do it, as Rex pulled out all the stops for a romantic breakfast. Mimi then asks Marlena if she is still keeping HER secret, but then apologizes, stating that Marlena is too good a person to keep a secret from someone she loves. Marlena pleads with Mimi to let her call Roman to pull some strings regarding her sentencing. Mimi states that it is too late to do anything, thanks Marlena for her time, and then leaves the office. Rex is waiting outside the office for Mimi, and says that he knows that she is keeping a secret, and she needs to tell him what it is. Mimi says that he needs to accept the fact that they can never be together, and then runs off. Rex is left looking utterly frustrated.

Meanwhile in Germany, John and Kate are discussing renewing their vows with Marlena and Roman. Kate has a suspicious feeling, and doesn't feel right leaving Roman and Marlena alone together back in Salem. John thinks she is just being paranoid, and she admits that she is tired and worried about Philip. Kate is glad that Philip and Belle have some time alone to bond.

Down the hall, Belle is asleep in the chair in Philip's room. She is having a dream about them dancing together, and she calls out Philip's name. There is a hand caressing her face and she wakes to find that it is Shawn's hand! She pulls Shawn out of the room and demands to know what he is doing there. Shawn says that he came to support her, and that he doesn't want to cause any trouble. Belle says her place is with Philip right now, and his recovery is the most important thing. Shawn understands that but asks that when the day is over, will she still want to be with Shawn as opposed to Philip?

Kate and John walk around the corner and catch sight of Shawn with his arms around Belle. Kate is furious and tells Shawn that he has no right to be there. John suggests that Shawn take the first flight back to Salem. Shawn says he's not leaving, and that he has to be there to support Belle. Philip begins calling Belle's name from his room, and Belle hurries to be with him. Philip claims he has just had a terrible dream in which Shawn shows up and tries to take Belle away from him. Belle says that she will be with Philip every step of the way, and she leans down to hug him. Shawn looks on through the window.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shawn tries to get time alone with Belle but Philip wakes up and is in great pain. Belle has to tend to him. Philip is experiencing phantom pain in his missing leg. Dr. Gage explains the phenomenon and talks about the tough recovery ahead. Philip will need the love and support of his wife. Alone, Philip meets a fellow soldier amputee who just received a "dear John" email from his wife. He predicts Philip's wife might ditch him for a man who is "whole." Philip doubts Belle will be unfaithful... Even so, he confides in Dr. Gage that he doesn't want to be a burden to Belle. While Philip is with the doctor, Belle begs Shawn to go back home before Philip sees him. Belle needs to help her husband during his recovery. Shawn wants more of a commitment from Belle and takes her in his arms. Philip returns, unnoticed, and sees Belle and Shawn together!

Brady picks up the extension but Nicole has just hung up after talking to Chloe. At the clinic, Chloe shocks Nancy with the news that Nicole is sending a private jet to fly them back to Europe. Chloe has decided to give up on Brady and thinks it's best if she's far away from Salem. Nancy won't let Nicole get away with this! Brady calls Nancy and interrupts their conversation; he needs to talk to her. When Nancy arrives at the mansion, Brady questions Nancy about whether Chloe is really dead. Nancy is under strict orders to lie to Brady, but she secretly hopes he can find Chloe. As she is leaving, Nicole corners Nancy and warns her to get Chloe out of the country ASAP! Nancy returns to Chloe and begs her not to leave Brady. Nicole heads out for the private airport to make sure Chloe and Nancy get on the jet to Europe. Brady follows Nicole.

Jack and Jennifer are taking Abby and Chelsea to a stock car race for a family picnic. Jack is still in pain but he covers. He says he'll meet them there in a little while. Jennifer and the girls go to the racetrack. Abby and Chelsea have mad teenage crushes on the latest car racing hunk... Max Brady. Jennifer doesn't hear the racer's name until the sexy young racer sees Jennifer, recognizes her and comes over with a big hug. Abby and Chelsea are floored as Max Brady spins Jennifer around in a big hug.

Jack goes to see Lexie at the hospital because he feels awful. Lexie does more blood work and announces the news is not good. Jack may have only months to live. Lexie thinks he needs to tell Jennifer but Jack refuses; he can't break his wife's heart after everything she's been through. Jack swears Lexie to secrecy. Tek tries to take Lexie out for coffee. Lexie warns Tek she's not going to leave her husband. Abe shows up and finds Lexie with Tek again. A bitter argument ensues. Abe goes off for more tests. Officer Marc Adams warns Tek to stay away from Lexie. When Jack leaves, emotional Lexie goes into Tek's arms and cries. Strong Tek holds her and Marc Adams is watching...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tek stops Patrick who is outside Jennifer and Jack's house and questions him on why he is there. Tek tells him that Lexie told him that Jack wanted his butt off the property and asks him if he is trying to rob them. Patrick explains to Tek that he is finishing packing his things and Tek tells him that he will be watching him.

Jack comes back to talk to Lexie. He asks her to look at some insurance papers and sign them. She is not happy about Jack keeping his condition from Jennifer. Lexie signs the papers and tells Jack that he needs to be able to talk to someone about this. Jack tells Lexie that he cannot talk now because he is supposed to meet Jen and Abby and he rushes off. Jack stops by home to get the relish and runs into Patrick there. The men have a confrontation and Jack tells him that he wants him out by the time he gets back.

Lexie is upset thinking about Jack's condition and what he said to her. Tek arrives and offers her comfort and they kiss. Lexie tries to fight it but they end up tearing each other's clothes off and it looks like they will have sex on her desk.

Max embraces Jen and he swings her around. Abigail and Chelsea are surprised that Max Brady and her mom actually know each other. Abby comes to the conclusion that if her mom knows Max then he must be related to "their" Bradys. Max explains that Shawn and Caroline adopted him and his brother Frankie and goes on to ask about how Shawn is doing after everything. Jennifer asks about Frankie and Max says that Frankie heard about his race in Salem and told him to say hello to her. Abby questions her mom on her past relationship with Frankie. Max takes Abigail and Chelsea to the pits while Jen waits behind for Jack. Max gives both girls better tickets right behind the pits and gives each a kiss on the cheek. Jack arrives but forgot the relish and Jennifer asks what distracted him. When Jack is just about to tell Jennifer that he ran into Patrick both Abigail and Chelsea come back dragging Patrick and say "Look who we found."

Nancy tries to convince Chloe that she is making the biggest mistake of her life by letting Nicole chase her away but Chloe is still planning on leaving Salem. The nurse tells Chloe that it would have been better for Chloe emotionally if she were to have more visitors but agrees to not tell anyone that Chloe was there. Nicole visits Chloe to make sure that she is leaving. Brady shows up at the medical facility and questions the nurse about Nicole and if she was there visiting Clara but the nurse tells him that Nicole is not there visiting Clara. Brady sees something on the counter and makes a realization. Nicole in the room with Nancy and Chloe asks if Chloe is ready and Nancy tells her no and that she is not packed yet. Nancy and Nicole exchange words but Chloe says that it is her own decision and she is going to leave. Brady sees a pamphlet for a high fashion clothing store next door to the clinic and goes out to go there. Brady arrives back at the clinic and tries calling Nicole's cell but gets her voice mail. The nurse arrives in Chloe's room to have her sign discharge papers and tells Nicole that Brady is there so Nicole and Chloe try to rush to leave. Brady goes to the nurses' desk and wonders where Nicole could be and if she is not there to see Clara could she be there for another patient. Brady begins to wonder if Chloe is alive and possibly be injured and recuperating at the clinic. Brady again pleads with the nurse if Chloe is there. The nurse tells him that she cannot tell him because of patient confidentiality however she finally caves and tells him that he might be able to find the answer in room 206. Brady runs to that room but it is empty. When he is about to go he hears a noise behind the curtain divider and goes to look. Brady finds Nancy behind the curtain in the closet holding Chloe's coat in her hands. He tells her that he knows that Chloe is alive and asks her where Chloe is at and if Nicole took her somewhere.

Philip sees Shawn and Belle hugging through the window, which makes him extremely upset. Belle tells Shawn that he has to leave before Philip gets back but Shawn tells her that he is not leaving. Belle looks out the window and realizes that Philip has already seen them. Shawn thinks it is good that Philip saw them because he wants Philip to know the truth that they love each other. Philip wheels himself into the room in his wheelchair. It is obviously tense but Philip shakes Shawn's hand and says that he wanted to surprise Belle by wheeling himself into the room but was surprised by Shawn being there. Belle explains that Shawn did not tell her he was coming either. Shawn tells Philip that he was really worried about him and that even when they found out that he was alive that it sounded as if he "had one foot in the grave." Belle is upset by Shawn's insensitive comment and Shawn apologizes. Philip says it's alright but asks Shawn what he is doing there. Shawn explains that he wants to be there to help out however Philip asks what he could do that John, Kate, Belle and the military couldn't do for him. Shawn says that he would run interference between him and the military and his parents. Philip tells Shawn that he has a lot of questions for him and asks him why he came to rescue him and if he is there to try to break him and Belle up.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Philip continues to confront Shawn and Belle and wants to know the truth... what's going on with Shawn and Belle? Belle is panicked as it appears Shawn is going to tell Philip. Before he can, Philip is taken for more tests. Alone with Shawn, Belle insists they have to keep lying to Philip! Telling him the truth now could cause a serious setback in his recovery. Shawn refuses to lie and is desperate to be with her; as soon as Philip returns, he's going to tell him the truth that they still love each other!

Nancy, having promised Chloe, refuses to tell Brady anything. On the plane, Nicole is desperate to get Chloe out of Salem. Chloe calls Nancy to see what's keeping her and is horrified when Brady grabs the phone. He doesn't discover Chloe but he does realize that the phone number on Nancy's cell phone caller ID belongs to the air phone on the Titan jet. Brady orders the jet to turn back and Nicole is horrified as the plane returns to the hangar. Brady is there, waiting, calling Chloe's name as the plane pulls closer with Chloe aboard and no place for her to run or hide...

At the races, Jack and Patrick continue their animosity as Jennifer, Chelsea, and Abby all watch Max win the race. It looks like rain so they all head to the Deveraux's to have their barbecue indoors. Jack tells Patrick again that he wants him out of his house and away from his family for good. Max takes Chelsea with him to pick up ice cream. They park in a secluded spot and start a heavy make-out session...

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