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Passions Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on PS
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Chad and Fox watch Whitney sing at the Blue Note, both of them thinking about what Whitney said before about Miles. Chad tells Fox they need to find out what she meant, and Fox agrees. Mrs. Wellesley from the adoption agency calls Chad and tells him that Miles is throwing up and has a fever, and Chad tells this to Fox and agrees to let Fox come with him back to his apartment. On the way out of the Blue Note, they tell Whitney what happened and Whitney follows them. Chad also calls Eve and asks her to come.

In the limo, Alistair tells Beth he is taking her to a safe place where no one will find her. She demands to know where, but he warns her not to take that tone of voice with him, or he will dump them by the side of the road for Sheridan and Luis to find. Sirens start wailing behind them, and they are forced to pull over. In Luis and Sheridan's car, they spot a limo and pull it over, but instead of Alistair, they find Julian and Eve in the limo. Julian and Eve are told what is happening. Alistair, meanwhile, has been pulled over by an officer who tells him that Sam is after him. Alistair thanks the man and pays him, and then tells the driver to take him, Beth, and Marty to the Crane estate.

Later, Eve, Julian, Chad, Whitney, and Fox all arrive at the apartment. Eve examines Miles and says he is dehydrated and it is quite serious. She says that they should try to get him stronger before they go to the hospital. Eve asks Whitney to nurse Miles before they leave, but Whitney refuses and says to let him die.

Jessica tells Noah that without him there, there were problems between her, Kay, and Sam. Noah tells her that Grace's leaving affected all of them, and Jessica complains that Sam and Kay treat her like a child. She tells him not to hate her like they do, and he says he could never hate her. Kay tells Jessica that they love her and worry about her. Noah admits to Jessica that he is in the doghouse with Sam too, and explains about dropping out of school. Jessica says that while he was gone, Kay and Sam made her life miserable. Kay and Jessica get into an argument and Jessica tries to attack Kay, but Noah grabs her and stops her. Jessica screams that he is just as bad as them. Noah lets her go and says to trust him-he just wants to help her. Jessica says Sam will turn him against her; that Kay and Sam teamed up to ruin her life and she hates them for it. She storms off. Kay talks to Noah and says that Jessica just snapped overnight, but the worst part is that she got involved with Spike. She says she is worried Jessica will end up killing herself. Noah asks about Spike, and Kay tells him how Sam hasn't closed down Spike's club because he is trying to protect Jessica, and how she hasn't told Sam that Jessica snuck out because she is trying to protect him. Noah leaves, saying only he'll be back later.

Martin and Katherine say goodbye to each other, and with Katherine's blessing, he returns home to Pilar. Pilar, however, is less than happy to see him and yells that she doesn't want to hear it when he says he needs to talk to her. She starts to leave the room, but Martin stops her and says that he did find Katherine, but things will be different now because Katherine has gone back to live with Alistair. He says he'll never see Katherine again because Alistair made Katherine an offer she couldn't refuse. He says that the secret he has been carrying came out, and he thinks Pilar should know. Martin explains that he built the gazebo to hide something he buried underneath it. He tells her that the events in Sheridan's nightmares really happened, and Sheridan killed Rachel. Pilar says she knows.

Ivy tells Ethan and Gwen that she thinks there is another reason for Fancy coming home. She says that Fancy only returns home when she needs money or is hiding from something. Fancy comes downstairs after her shower and asks Ethan about his baby. He tells her that Jane is his daughter with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and that it is a very long story. Katherine walks into the room and greets everyone, and Ethan explains that Fancy's paternal grandmother didn't die like they all thought. Fancy is shocked, and Ivy tells her that it is another long story. Fancy and Katherine hug, and Katherine says that Alistair insisted she move in. Gwen pulls Katherine aside and asks her if Alistair threatened her. Katherine tells Gwen that she can't talk about it, but that she thinks there will be protection in numbers if she stays at the mansion. They rejoin everyone, and Ethan says that this counts as a family reunion, so they get out drinks. Rebecca comes into the room and Gwen explains why everyone is there. Fancy and Rebecca meet, and then Fancy leaves to see what is happening downtown. After she leaves, Sheridan, Luis, and Sam run into the mansion and quickly explain about the night's events. Sheridan says if she doesn't get Marty back, she'll die. As they are talking, Alistair sneaks around back with Beth and brings her to his safe room, a virtually indestructible room with all the essentials, including TVs monitoring the estate. He assures her that no one knows about the room, and says when things settle down, he'll take her and Marty away.

Fancy and Noah both go to Spike's club. Fancy goes into the main room and is surprised to see that no one is there, but she is soon approached by Spike himself, who brings her into a back room and they have a glass of champagne together. In another back room, Noah pours gasoline over the bed and sets it on fire, saying that if his father can't shut this place down, then he sure as hell can.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

At the Crane estate Beth, Alistair and Marty watched the growing crowd in the living room on a monitor in Alistair's safe room. Sheridan lamented her loss of Marty and Luis promised her they'd find him. Sam cut off all exits from town so that Alistair and Beth couldn't escape. Katherine comforted Sheridan and Sheridan thanked her for believing her. This barb wasn't lost on Luis. Gwen and Ethan tried to figure out how and why Beth would have kidnapped Sheridan in order to get Marty in the first place. Sheridan said it didn't matter anymore, she just wanted Marty. Alistair muttered that Sheridan's son was dead to her and soon Luis would be too. Beth was puzzled by that. After a thorough search of Harmony, They all asked her how the DNA test had been wrong. Sheridan explained that Dottie had only checked Marty and Beth's DNA the first time. Everybody was aghast and wanted to know how they could match at all. Sheridan let them all in on another family secret - Beth is her half-sister. Rebecca joked about Alistair and Edna. Katherine remarked that Gwen was always suspicious of Gwen. Sheridan said Luis had known her so well and dismissed Sheridan's suspicions. She'd always given him the benefit of the doubt. She'd always known Marty was hers. Ivy and Rebecca went aside to pour brandy and Rebecca asked her how her happy home had become headquarters for what's his name. Ivy said his name was Marty and Becs quipped that she couldn't keep all of Pilar's bastard grandchildren straight. Ivy decried her uncaring attitude. Suddenly Sheridan realized that Katherine was back at the mansion. She demanded to know why and since Katherine couldn't spill Rachel's secret, she stuttered and stammered and changed the subject. She did admit she didn't want to live on her own so that Pilar wouldn't worry about Martin straying. Gwen tried to smooth it over. In the safe room, Alistair told Marty to shut up and Beth asked if he was sure that they were safe there. He insisted that nobody would ever find them there and he'd sneak them out of the country. She whined about how he was going to get Luis out because she wanted him to go with them. A disgusted Alistair explained that it wasn't going to happen. Luis wouldn't take her back when he found out she'd stolen Sheridan's baby. Beth demanded she get Luis and Alistair countered that if she complained one more time, he'd send her back to Luis in a body bag. Beth swore to Marty on her honor as a Crane that one day they'd get his daddy back. Sam decided to search the Crane estate for Alistair's limo, which they found without the driver. Sheridan went off hollering for Marty. Beth asked Alistair what would happen if Marty heard Sheridan calling for him (this while the sound was up on the monitor and picking up Sheridan screaming for him). Alistair assured her yet again that they were fine. Luis, Sam and Ethan decided they'd search every inch of the estate. Luis wondered where Sheridan was. She was in the library drinking and she could hear Marty crying. Alistair told Marty to shut up.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Martin was astonished that Pilar already knew that Sheridan had killed her Aunt Rachel. She showed him the note Alistair had given her in order to harm Katherine. She wouldn't use the note because it would hurt Sheridan. Martin realized again what a wonderful woman Pilar is. He was glad he didn't have to keep the secret anymore and Pilar asked him to tell the whole story. He told her that it began when Rachel was engaged to Alistair. She figured out that he was a monster and tried to break their engagement. He became enraged and took her prisoner at a Crane cabin, then faked her death. He insisted she be buried there instead of back in Boston so her family couldn't find the empty grave. He took Katherine as his bride to torture Rachel and spent time repeatedly raping both of the sisters. Rachel escaped and confronted him. Sheridan attacked her because she thought she was hurting her father and Alistair didn't stop Sheridan. He got rid of Rachel and damaged Sheridan with one blow. He then threatened Martin with the deaths of his family if he wouldn't help bury Rachel's body and build the gazebo over it. He told her that he took Luis to the gazebo to tell him the whole story, but Alistair had it and the ground beneath removed and Rachel's body put in the Crane mausoleum. Pilar felt terrible for Sheridan, Rachel and Katherine. Pilar said that when she first read Alistair's note she couldn't believe it, but it was so awful that it had to be true. He finally couldn't take the pressure of Alistair blackmailing him and thought his family would be safer if they all thought he was dead. So he left to help Katherine get away from Alistair. Pilar asked him why Katherine had moved back in to the mansion and he explained Alistair's blackmail. Pilar admitted that she admired Katherine for keeping Sheridan safe but she thought Katherine had other options back then Martin then explained the additional condition to Alistair keeping Sheridan's secret. He and Pilar had to renew their wedding vows. At first Pilar refused saying that Alistair had no right. Martin agreed that it was asking too much of her too soon. He said it wouldn't be fair to ask her to renew. Pilar said that she didn't need to renew because she felt that despite his infidelity, they were still married and this was just a ploy from Alistair to force him to keep his distance from Katherine. Martin told her that he would tell Alistair that she was too fine a woman to jump through hoops for him and they wouldn't renew their vows. Pilar realized that Alistair would tell Sheridan about Rachel if they didn't do as he asked. She couldn't let anything happen to Sheridan. She insisted though that if they went through with this that Martin had to promise not to see Katherine or ever speak of her in their family. He agreed and promised. He told her that his future lies with her.

At Spike's underground club Noah got vengeance as he poured gasoline all over the sex room while Fancy and Spike enjoyed flutes of champagne. She complimented him on the club and he offered her some happy face stickers to lick. Fancy looked down her nose at them and excused herself to go to the ladies room. The fire got really roaring and Noah gloated about doing in Spike. As he was leaving, he ran into Spike and yelled to get out because of the fire. Spike ran out knowing that Fancy was still in there. Noah heard Fancy coming out of the restroom and tried to convince her to leave with him. She was surprised to see him and sure that he'd sold her out to the goons back in Vegas and was trying to kill her. She smelled gas on him and assumed he started the fire. She ran further into the building and blocked the door so that Noah couldn't follow.

At Chad's studio, baby Miles is hungry, dehydrated and running a fever. He couldn't keep down water, formula or vitamins. Eve was astounded that Whitney didn't want to nurse Miles back to health and more dismayed when she heard Whitney deny any attachment to him now that he isn't hers. Whitney flung it into Chad's face that now that Miles is his baby he's Chad's problem, not hers. Mrs. Wellesley was outraged at her lack of caring. Everybody insisted that she nurse him and she told them she was going back to the Blue Note. Eve tried to reason with her, telling Whitney that if she fed him, he'd get strong enough to be treated at the hospital. Whitney explained that some children just aren't meant to live and this is God's way of dealing with the mistake of her helping him live after birth. They were all horrified to hear this assertion. Chad and Fox were angry that she'd think that way. Whitney swore that Miles was never meant to live and that everything they'd done for him had just prolonged the inevitable. Eve told her that she and her father didn't raise her to be that uncaring and ordered her to nurse the baby. Whit refused and Eve slapped her. Eve tool Whitney aside and Whit tried to blame her for the series of deceptions that ended in Miles' conception. Eve wouldn't hear any of it and told her to stop acting like a martyr and start acting like a mother. Fox dragged her back in the room. Whit said she had to be cruel to be kind. Chad told her that she'd never be able to live with herself if she let Miles die. Eve started to feel guilt for everything she'd set in motion. Julian comforted her and put the blame back on Whitney. Chad begged her to nurse him. Whitney said that none of them understand. Mrs. Wellesley insisted on Miles going to the hospital and threatened to have her brought up on charges if anything happened to Miles because she refused to nurse him. Fox asked Chad if he could hold him and then got right in Whitney's face. He told her that he was starving and wanted her to look at him. He wanted Miles to see his mother waiting for him to die. He said if she refused to nurse his son, he would tackle her, strip her and force her to nurse Miles.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Whitney continues to refuse to nurse Miles. When Theresa arrives at the apartment, saying she heard shouting, she is told what Whitney is doing and she asks to talk to Whitney alone. Everyone leaves, and Theresa begs Whitney not to let Miles die. Whitney says that he is better off dying. Theresa says she knows that Whitney loves Miles. Whitney replies that she does love him, and that is exactly why she is doing this-she doesn't want Miles to suffer because of her. She thinks that by nursing him she would only be prolonging his suffering. Theresa tells Whitney she doesn't know what will happen to Miles. Theresa tells her that Miles may grow up with handicaps, and he may not, but she tells Whitney not to throw away his chance to lead a happy and healthy life. Eventually, Whitney agrees to nurse Miles. While Miles is nursing, Theresa and Fox go into the hall and Fox thanks her for getting through to Whitney and saving his son's life. He tells her he doesn't understand why Whitney was going to let Miles die, and Theresa says she can't say. She says that they have to pray for fate to make everything okay again, like she expects fate to bring her and Ethan together. He is incredulous that Theresa still believes that she and Ethan will be together, and Theresa tells him that she knows Gwen and Rebecca sent the paternity papers to the tabloid. She admits that she doesn't have any proof, but she is determined to find it. He thinks that Gwen and Rebecca would have been smart enough to destroy any remaining proof, but Theresa doesn't believe that. She leaves to go to the mansion. Back inside the apartment, Eve hopes Miles is able to keep his food down, and Chad says that all Miles needed was his mother.

Sheridan hears Marty crying while she is in Alistair's study and she starts calling for him. Luis hears her shouting and thinks she found Marty. She leads them to the study and tells them what she heard, but no one but Luis believes her. He tells everyone to search the wing around the study, and he and Sheridan search the room itself. They search the wing and don't find anything, but Luis says they can't stop searching. Down in the safe room, Alistair says that by the time they're done searching, Beth and Marty will be gone. Beth puts Marty to bed, and Alistair tells her he is going to go smoke his cigar in peace and make arrangements for Beth and Marty to get out of the country. He goes into his study just as Luis is organizing everyone to search the wing and Luis pins him against the wall, demanding he tell them where Marty is. Sam tries to stop Luis, and Beth panics in the safe room. She imagines Sheridan finding them and killing Beth. Back up in the study, Ethan and Sam pull Luis off Alistair, and Alistair orders them to get off his property. He wants to press charges against Luis for assault and battery. Sam tells him they're not going anywhere, and the group (sans Alistair) splits up to search the estate again. Rebecca is worried that Sam will find the disk she has been hiding, with the proof incriminating Gwen and Rebecca, so she goes into her room to retrieve it. As she takes the disk out of its hiding place, Ivy walks into the room and asks her what is on the disk. Rebecca tells her that it is none of her business, and Ivy says that secrets have a way of coming out. Rebecca says "like how you broke up Sam and Grace?" and Ivy warns her to forget about that, so Rebecca tells her to forget about the disk. In another room, Sheridan tries to get Alistair to tell her where her son is, but his lips are sealed. Luis comes into the room and says they searched everywhere, but there is no sign of them. In the safe room, Beth thinks that Sheridan will never find them now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

At Spike's underground club, Noah tried to convince Fancy to leave the room she was in to get out of the fire. Since she thought he was trying to kill her, she refused to come out. He finally broke in and carried her out over his shoulder. He dumped her in a pile of trash outside. Fancy swore that he tried to kill her and then hollered at him for following her to Harmony. She called him a liar for telling her they couldn't be seen together and then trying to burn her and working for the Vegas mobsters. She ran off and Noah chased her. He tackled her and she insisted he get off. He wanted to tell his story. He explained that Spike hooked Jessica on drugs and then raped her. Fancy remembering her own near rape, told him that anything he did for revenge was okay, but she wanted to know why he'd followed her to Harmony. Then she turned on the charm and flirted with him for a kiss. He admitted that he didn't know whether to kill her or kiss her. Just as he started to, he pulled away. They both revealed that they grew up in Harmony. In unison they asked, "Who are you?" They heard sirens and Fancy wanted to run to them for help and to get away from Ned/Noah.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin gazed lovingly at a photo of Katherine and told her he loves her. Pilar came in and told him that she'd spoken to Father Lonigan about renewing their vows. They just needed to decide if they wanted to make it private or a big event. She told him that they should only renew their vows if he wanted to make their marriage work, not to help Katherine. She swore that she'd nothing to help "that woman." Martin assured her that he wanted to start fresh with their relationship. She asked him to never mention Katherine's name in their house again. He agreed and they embraced. Pilar decided she didn't want a huge ceremony, but she did want all of the children to be there. She bemoaned the fact that Antonio wouldn't be there and how they'd both missed a lot of his life. She thanked God she got to meet him as an adult. She praised Miguel and likened his love for Charity to their own. He reminded her that their children wouldn't be happy about this ceremony. He said Theresa and Luis would be angry because they hate him. She assured him that they'd come around to his side once they saw that he was committed to their marriage. Katherine called and asked to talk to Martin. Pilar angrily swore at her for trying to talk to Martin. She told her to never call again. Katherine told her it was an emergency and explained about the DNA test and that Beth and Marty were hidden by Alistair in the mansion. Martin and Pilar looked at each other and decided that they were needed at the mansion and told Katherine they'd be right there.

At the Crane estate, Ethan, Sam and Luis told Sheridan that Marty and Beth must be gone already because they couldn't find them. Sheridan insisted that they were still there and couldn't give up. Beth sat in the safe room drinking beer, watching the security monitor and mocking Sheridan that she and Marty would be out of the country soon and someday she'd have Luis too. Sam and Luis sad they'd get dozens of state troopers there and Alistair insisted that they leave or they'd be thrown out. Luis grabbed him by the lapels and demanded he tell them where Beth and Marty are. Alistair told Luis he'd have his badge. Sheridan pled with him to tell her and Alistair reminded her that Cranes don't beg. He told her he'd tell her and Beth was beside herself as she watched on the monitor. Alistair then said he didn't know where they were and Beth cheered that her "daddy" hadn't let her down. Sheridan cried that he was going to tell her and he said that he'd told her what she needed to know and that was that she's a fool and a disgrace to the Crane name. He asked Sam if they'd searched the entire estate. He replied they had and hadn't found anything. Alistair insisted that they go since they'd satisfied their curiosity. He opened the door to throw them out and instead Martin and Pilar blew in. They asked if they'd found Marty and Luis told them they'd searched everywhere. Sheridan insisted he was still there, that she'd heard him through the walls. Pilar revealed that years prior, Alistair had sent the family to vacation on a cruise and brought in a Swiss firm to build secret rooms. She'd housed and fed the workers in her capacity as head housekeeper. She didn't know where they were and Alistair denied their existence so, Sam called in some building experts with equipment to find voids in the house. Beth panicked in her cement jail since she didn't know how to get out and then the video feed died to her monitor. Pilar told Katherine that they were renewing their vows and not just because Alistair told them to. Alistair warned Katherine to do as Pilar asked or Sheridan would be destroyed. Sheridan was tapping on walls and found one that sounded hollow. Beth told Marty that his grand daddy would protect them. The technician agreed with Sheridan and Luis laid into the wall with a fire axe. Beth could here the blows and panicked again.

At the Wallace house, Edna was frantically packing suitcases (she bemoaned Precious leaving because she was so good at packing) so she could skip town. She told God she didn't mean to be an accessory to Beth's dirty deeds. As she watched the Amber alert on television a bright idea suddenly occurred to her. She knew where she could hide out.

At Tabitha Lennox's house, Tabitha dealt with Fluffy who was out of Friskies. As she snapped her lion tamer's whip at the monster cat, she pled with Endora to whip up the kitty food, which Fluffy promptly ripped into. Tabitha grabbed a beer and popcorn to watch the goings on in her bowl. After she watched the Cranes at the mansion and Noah saving Fancy, the "channel" changed to Beth's house and focused on Edna's prayer cabinet. Flames started shooting out of Tabitha's bowl in warning. Shortly after, Edna rang the doorbell. When Tabitha opened the door, Edna barged in and insisted that since everybody was afraid of Tabitha; her place would be the perfect place to hide from the police. Tabitha wouldn't have any of it, saying she was full up with Kay and babies and Edna insisted. She said it was safe and would be 100% safe when she snuck her altar over there. Edna said it would be safe there because everyone was afraid of Tabitha who insisted she was just a little old lady. Edna asked her how old since she looked the same as when Edna was a child and now she just gave birth. Edna said that if Tabs wouldn't help, she'd have to ask the angels. The boys in the basement got riled at that news and shook the house. When Edna asked about it, Tabs said it was her pipes. Flames shot out of Tabitha's bowl and Edna knew she was onto something so she kept praying and the house went berserk. Edna decided that was all the proof she needed that Tabitha is a witch. Tabitha still tried to deny it, but slipped when Edna called her a broom flying witch and Tabitha said she'd quit that with the advent of the auto. Now Edna thinks she's calling the shots. Tabitha said nobody would believe her and she'd likely end up in the loony bin. She might even conjure up a spell that gets her Norma Bates as a roommate. Edna got nose to nose with Tabitha and said that she was moving and Tabitha would help her. Tabitha said, "Oh yeah?" and Edna told her that if she didn't help her she'd set her altar on the front porch. The basement guys roared into life and Edna told them they had no choice.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Rebecca contemplates hiding the disk with the damning evidence on it in an open box by the computer, but she eventually decides against it and keeps it with her. Gwen is still worried that somehow Theresa will find evidence against them, but Rebecca assures her that there is no evidence for Theresa to find. Theresa comes to the mansion to bring Jane a teddy bear she forgot to pack. Ethan almost won't let her because of everything that is happening, but she insists and is let in. Before Ethan goes to find the nanny, he leads Theresa into another room so Gwen doesn't find out she is there. She calls him a hypocrite because he wants Sheridan to get her son back because she is his mother, yet he took Jane away from her birth mother. He tells her she brought this on herself. When he leaves, Theresa snoops around in Rebecca's computer; however, all she finds is a picture of her, Ethan, and Jane. She tells Ethan how much she misses her baby girl, and asks him why he keeps Jane from her. She says that Jane belongs with her, and asks if he really thinks that Rebecca and Gwen are better role models for their child. Ethan says that he just wanted to stop the fighting. Theresa says that he knows keeping Jane from her is wrong. Ethan brings her to Jane, and Rebecca walks in on Ethan with his arm around Theresa. She demands that Theresa leave.

Beth hears knocking on the walls of the safe room and is terrified that Sheridan and the police have found her. Luis is also certain that they've found the room, and decides to knock down the wall with an axe. He goes to work while Pilar stops Martin and Katherine from interacting and Alistair assures them all that there is no room. Sheridan snarls at Alistair that she will hate him forever for taking her son away. Luis and Sam hit a metal wall with the axes and say that there is no way they can get through. Alistair grins to himself as Sheridan desperately begs Luis to find her son. Sam says the equipment that could get them through the wall could take three to four hours to get to the mansion. Alistair taunts Luis by saying that if only Luis had listened to Sheridan in the first place, none of this would be happening. Luis momentarily loses control and punches Alistair, but Sam convinces him to forget about Alistair. Martin notices that the metal ends at a point in the wall, so he and Luis start smashing the wall where the metal ends. They hit concrete, which Luis smashes a hole in, revealing the safe room and its contents. Sheridan looks through the hole at Beth and Marty and tells Beth to give Sheridan back her child. Beth yells that SHE is his mother, she raised him since birth and Sheridan isn't going to take him! Gwen and Rebecca look on and Gwen says Beth is exactly like Alistair. Rebecca says Beth almost got away with it, too, and Gwen says that is the scary thing-Beth did everything right and still got caught, so what if it's the same for Gwen and Rebecca? Alistair slips away while everyone is preoccupied. After he is gone, Luis manages to knock down enough of the concrete to fit through. He turns to tell Alistair he's done for, and while his back is turned, Alistair smuggles Beth and Marty out of the safe room by way of a secret door. Realizing that Alistair is gone, Luis goes into the safe room to find Beth gone as well. Sheridan follows him and screams "NO!" Meanwhile, Beth, Alistair, and Marty walk through tunnels underneath the mansion. They end up behind the mansion and Alistair shows Beth the helicopter getting ready to land. Inside the mansion, they hear the chopper and race outside. Alistair tells Beth to take Marty and run exactly where he told her, and she takes off. Everyone else runs to the helicopter to catch Beth.

When she hears the sirens, Fancy wants to go and get the police, but Noah grabs her and kisses her. He tries to convince her that he is not trying to kill her, but she doesn't listen. A police officer arrives at the scene and arrests them for setting the fire. Fancy insists that she had nothing to do with it, and Noah easily backs her up with a steady stream of lies. The officer soon recognizes Noah as being Sam's son, and he releases both of them after they tell him they weren't in the club and they don't know what happened. When the officer leaves, Fancy stares at Noah. She is surprised that he is Noah Bennett, Chief Bennett's son, and equally surprised that he really is from Harmony (and not a hit man from Las Vegas sent to kill her.) He reminds her that what happened in Las Vegas might not be over, and we see men in Vegas working to find a shot of their faces on the security cameras. Back in Harmony, Fancy asks Noah why he didn't tell her who he was back in Las Vegas, and he says there was no reason for him to. She tells him that his father arrested her once, for stealing her father's Ferrari and going joyriding-when she was 14. Noah asks who she really is, and Fancy asks him who in Harmony could get away with joyriding at 14. Noah is shocked when he realizes that Fancy is a Crane. In Las Vegas, the men are working to find shots of their faces so that they can be "taken care of."

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