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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on GL
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Harley and Gus are in the studio when Gus notices Wallace on the surveillance video. They race to the hotel where they accost him and demand to know what he knows about Phillip's murder. Wallace agrees to tell them - for a price. Gus pulls a gun and tries to threaten the information out of him, but Harley agrees to pay anything he asks. Sebastian, watching from a parked car, is delighted to see Harley and Gus arrive on the scene so he can kill them all at once. He answers a call from Alan and assures him everything is going as planned. As Harley, Gus and Wallace leave to go to a quiet place to talk, Sebastian runs Wallace over in the street. He is momentarily unconscious but revives long enough to trace the letter 'A' in blood on a newspaper in the street.

Harley and Gus abandon the scene for fear Harley may be recognized as a fugitive, but follow the ambulance to the hospital to try to gain more information. Sebastian also follows where he discovers Wallace has lived through his surgery. Harley approaches a nurse who has just discovered a check from Alan Spaulding in the amount of $100,000 in Wallace's personal belongings.

At Jeffrey's apartment, Cassie has arrived to find Jeffrey packing to leave town. She begs him to stay with her because she has left Edmund. Jeffrey refuses saying he has been down that road with her in the past, and she always returns to her lying, conniving husband. Cassie denies she will return to Edmund this time. She tells Jeffrey she wants to be as close to him as possible and asks if he wants her, too. Jeffrey tells her he does want her, but once he gets her, he will never let go. They make love and afterward agree that their only regrets are that they didn't do it sooner.

Tammy is at the bar buying drinks for her and Sandy when Jonathan arrives and questions Tammy's interest in Sandy. Tammy begins to defend Sandy but is reminded that she doesn't know anything about him except he came to town under the pretense of being someone he is not. Jonathan is telling Tammy to think about the name 'Sandy Foster' and whether or not it's real when Sandy appears and interrupts the conversation. In a seeming effort to make peace with Jonathan, Sandy invites him to a movie with him and Tammy. Jonathan declines but offers to take them to party in the rough section of town. They turn him down, Jonathan leaves and Sandy is surprised to discover that Tammy wants to go to the party.

Edmund and Dinah are in the barn discussing Cassie's reaction to finding Edmund holding a shovel over Dinah's head. Dinah assures Edmund that Cassie is gone for good and he can celebrate his independence. Edmund begins to seethe and tells Dinah that his feelings for her are far greater than hate - 'despise' does not even do it justice. Dinah is unaffected by his remarks and takes his hand to hold over her heart while telling him to feel the racing there and know it is because of him. Edmund becomes momentarily mesmerized by her words but recovers when she offers to help him raise 'their' child.

Jonathan appears as Edmund is holding Dinah against the wall by her throat. Jonathan manages to break Edmund's hold and shouts that Edmund has reached an all time new low. Instead of waiting for babies to be born, he just tries to kill them in the womb now! Edmund's face becomes distorted with rage as he tells Dinah that she 'is nothing' and 'has nothing' for him. Dinah pleads with Jonathan to leave them alone, but Edmund demands that they both leave. Outside, Dinah accuses Jonathan of screwing up her chance with Edmund. She almost had him! Jonathan stares at her in disbelief, but saunters away after telling her to go back inside for a beating.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nate and Jonathan catch Tammy following Jonathan. Nate tells Jonathan that he needs to "take care" of her, or he will. Jonathan confronts Tammy with anger. She backs off but Jonathan continues to badger her about her feelings for him. She actually admits that she cares about him but then in anger tells him that even if they weren't half cousins she would reject him. He goes after her in anger and actually chokes her as a way to shut her up. He leaves her and she breaks into tears.

Sandy shows up at Reva's bar and asks her what is going on with her and Josh. Reva refuses to admit there is anything wrong with their relationship and ends the conversation. Sandy leaves, but not before he sees Nate come up to Reva and give her a lusty hug. Nate invites her up to his room, but she tells him she can't. He seduces her and tries his best, but leaves without her. Reva calls the hotel desk and orders a gift basket - something fun and naughty - to be sent to Nate's room. But the clerk at the desk tells Reva that there is no one at their hotel registered by that name.....she suspects he is lying to her.

Harley and Gus are in Steve Wallace's hospital room. Gus leaves the room for a moment and Harley begs with Steve to wake up. She is homesick and wants to go home and thinks the sooner Steve wakes up and tells them who killed Phillip, the sooner she can go home. Outside the room, Gus answers when Mallet's cell phone rings. It is Mallet who is calling from a prison - inside the prison. Harley comes out of the room to tell Gus that Steve's eyes have opened, and sees Gus talking on the phone. She grabs the phone and is happy to hear it is Mallet. Talking to him makes her very sad, especially when he asks her if they can get together for a cup of coffee when this is all done. They hang up after telling each other to take care. Harley finds a little boy who has become lost in the hospital. Instead of going back to Steve's room, they decide to go "home" after helping him find his Mommy. Home, though, is still a television set at the soap opera. Gus decides it is the venue to try to convince Harley that they should leave New York, go grab the kids and live in a small town somewhere, anywhere, where they won't be found. Harley thinks about it.....but before she can answer, the hospital calls. They have found a nametag calling him Dr. Steve Wallace, an ER doctor from Cedars Hospital in Springfield.

Mallet is surprised to find out that "someone" has called regarding his bail. He says that is very good news for someone.....and very bad news for someone else.......

Sebastian has drugged Steve again and talks out loud to him. He is clearly waiting for Harley to return and assures an unconscious Steve that things will not turn out well for Harley.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dinah seeks to bolster Edmund's spirits by pointing out the original baby contract, binding Dinah to give up the baby once born, doesn't have Cassie's signature on it. Hopeful this technicality will inspire Edmund to keep the baby from Cassie, she is crushed when Edmund refuses to lose faith in Cassie. He takes off to get her signature.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Jeffrey linger in bed, neither of them ready to face reality. But they're forced to when Edmund arrives and realizes they've been together. When Cassie makes no apologies, Edmund decides against telling her that she neglected to sign the baby contract. He returns to Dinah and announces he's going to keep the baby for himself.

Jonathan retaliates against Tammy for the way she hurt him by making her believe Sandy has cheated on her. He picks up a girl at a bar, Zoe. He brings her back to Sandy's room. Later, when Zoe is getting dressed, Jonathan pockets her earrings and leaves them for Tammy to find. Meanwhile, Tammy, feeling distraught over her fight with Jonathan, seeks out her mom for advice but inadvertently runs into Dinah. She fills her in on Cassie and Edmund's split. Destroyed by the news, Tammy goes to Sandy's apartment where she finds Zoe's earrings.

Alan demands Alex return the incriminating gloves, but she refuses. Later, after a threat from Alan, Alex makes a videotape confession of his secret as an insurance policy. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Coop's relationship continues to grow. Alan lets Lizzie know he won't stand to have another Cooper infiltrate their family. Lizzie stands up to Alan but he responds with a not so subtle threat against Coop. Later, Alan is thrown for an even bigger loop when he receives a call from Sebastian, demanding to know the connection between Wallace and Harley.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gus and Harley cautiously return to the hospital to discover that Dr. Wallace is awake. They finally get a moment alone with him, where Gus makes an emotional appeal for Wallace to help Harley clear her name. But, before he can reveal what he knows, the police show up. The couple thinks the worst until the cops reveal they want to question Gus and Harley about Wallace's hit and run, clearly oblivious to who they are. Gus and Harley give their statements, all the while anxious to get back inside to Wallace. Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to blackmail Alan into admitting the connection between Harley and Wallace but a furious Alan won't be bullied and shows up in the New York hospital himself. Convinced he's gotten Sebastian back on track, Alan takes off, leaving Sebastian to finish the job of permanently silencing Wallace. Olivia and Bill are at Cross Creek, anticipating the day when the adoption will be complete and Bill will officially be Emma's father, unaware that someone is watching them. Later, a construction mishap leaves Bill injured and Olivia fears Alan is up to his usual tricks. She calls Josh who agrees to meet her at Cross Creek. Later, Nate reveals to Jonathan that he was the one who caused Bill's accident, and Josh's trip out of town, so that he could get some alone time with Reva. Tammy is crushed to find the earrings in Sandy's apartment. But, when Sandy arrives, he's wonderful with her and she believes there must be some other explanation. Later, Jonathan uses Zoe to put even more doubt in Tammy's mind. Tammy takes off to question Sandy but when he's called away on business, Tammy suspects she is losing Sandy because she's held off on sleeping with him.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Cassie enters Jeffrey's apartment as he's getting ready to go to work. After informing him she didn't find Edmund, Cassie asks if she can just hang out at his place while he's gone. Jeffrey tells her it's no problem and leaves. Later, there's a knock at the door - it's Edmund. He knows she's been looking for him. Cassie figures Edmund must have been following her. She says she wanted to talk to him about the baby, but she's just not in the mood to deal with him right now. They argue about his actions against Dinah and Edmund tries to tell her again it was all a set up. Angry she's blaming the end of their relationship on him, Edmund states she sabotaged their relationship from the start because of her interest in Jeffrey. He tells her the reason she's so hung up on Jeffrey - he's a dead ringer for her dead husband. Cassie is speechless and scornfully points out how she hated Jeffrey when he first came to town. Edmund remembers. He also remembers her telling him she'd never be interested in a man like Jeffrey; he's nothing like Richard. He tells her Jeffrey is everything Richard was not, the only thing they have in common is their face. Edmund accuses Cassie of being with Jeffrey because she misses the security Richard provided. When Edmund tells her Jeffrey isn't fit to shine Richard's shoes, Cassie slaps him. Angry, Cassie throws Edmund out and tells him he has no one to blame but himself because he couldn't change. He asks if she's changed; she tells him she's learned how to handle the past. As Jeffrey returns, Cassie informs Edmund she wants his things out of the farm immediately. Alone with Jeffrey, Cassie rants about Edmund and how she should have listened to everyone else about him. Jeffrey tries to console her, telling her she shouldn't blame herself for things which aren't her fault. As she's thanking him, Cassie accidentally calls him Richard.

Reva is inside the empty bar when Nate sneaks up on her. Apparently, he called her in because the place was packed - obviously a lie. When Reva states she has to go home to Josh, Nate tells her Josh left a message saying he'll be out of town on business. Reva accuses Nate of planning this. He doesn't deny it as he presses his body against hers. Reva seems uncomfortable, yet it's obvious she's feeling the sexual tension. Fighting it, Reva tries to tell him she's married, but he counters with, "Isn't it nice to know someone else desires her?" He parrots back her words that he makes her 'feel alive' and urges her not to fight her feelings, to let go for just one night. Suddenly, Nate is kissing her and although she tries to resist, she starts to give in to it. Finally, she pushes away telling him Josh is everything to her and she rushes out. Suddenly, Jonathan enters and he encounters a very angry Nate. Furious since Josh is 'everything' that must mean that Nate is 'nothing'; he takes out his frustrations on Jonathan. When Nate says Reva needs to be taught a lesson, Jonathan warns him to stay away from his mom. Nate taunts Jonathan until he has enough and decks him. Reva returns to see this and blasts Jonathan for hitting Nate. Angry that Reva seems to be assuming the worst about him, Jonathan tells her to do whatever she wants; he doesn't care. He angrily states if he's scum, the bottom of the barrel - what does that make the mother who made him? Getting angrier, Jonathan yells he's tired of everyone telling him how worthless he is. He asks Reva if they should compare what's in each other's veins. He pulls out a knife.

In prison, someone has paid Mallet's bail. He's surprised to see it was Alan. Alan informs Mallet he had Spaulding's best lawyers working on his defense and the charges against him have been dropped. Mallet asks what the catch is. Alan states he simply wants to protect Gus from Harley. He tries to sell Mallet on the idea of being Harley's protector, but Mallet's not biting. Alan warns him that just as easily as the charges were dropped, new charges could be filed and Mallet could stay in prison forever. Alan tries to convince Mallet he has a chance to make up for everything that happened between him and Harley. He tells Mallet he knows where Harley is. Mallet thinks he's bluffing since if he knew, he'd have his bounty hunters take care of her. But Alan says the bounty hunters could hurt Gus and he's trying to avoid that. Alan reiterates that he wants Gus away from Harley. He tells Mallet Harley and Gus are in New York City. Mallet still refuses to do Alan's biding. Alan warns him he's making the biggest mistake of his life. Later, as he's being out-processed, Mallet tells the guard that he's going to his hometown - NYC.

After talking with Mallet, Alan spots Gus on TV in the soap "Light of Love." He makes a call to find out the number to the studio.

In NYC, Sebastian has drugged Dr. Wallace and is now smothering him with a pillow. When the monitors start flashing, he slips out of the room. After the nurses come and go from the room, Gus and Harley sneak into the room to talk to Dr. Wallace but he's already dead. Later, a nurse finds his scribbled note: "To Gus Aitoro - Alan was the shooter."

Later, at the soap opera set, Harley brings up Gus' plan about taking the kids and running off. Gus tries to make sure she understands what the plan entails when he tells her they won't be able to see their families ever again. But Harley is upset because proving her innocence isn't happening and she can not go back to prison. She tells him he doesn't have to come and points out tearfully it would just ruin his life. Gus takes her in his arms and states she wouldn't be ruining his life - she'd be saving it. He promises he will give her and the kids a good life, a happy life. He romances her and the pair makes love.

Meanwhile, Alan is on their trail.

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