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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Jennifer is at home working on fashion designs when she hears a commotion outside. Henry has just been apprehended by Jennifer's new bodyguard. Henry asks for Mike, saying, "I thought he'd be back by now." He tells a startled Jennifer that Mike is in the Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago - with Katie. At the hotel, Katie and Mike promise to stay friends, and Mike leaves. When Mike returns home, Jennifer is a little testy about his being alone in a hotel room with Katie, but she reassures him that she trusts him. However, all three are having second thoughts about Mike and Katie's relationship.

Lily, at the Snyder Farm, is a little worried about Lucinda's abrupt departure the day before, and tries over and over to call her mother. Lucinda, at the hospital, literally bumps into Meg as she leaves Dr. Burke's office. Meg can tell that Lucinda is very agitated, but promises not to tell anyone that Lucinda has seen Dr. Burke. Lucinda returns to Dr. Burke and agrees to have a surgical biopsy of the lump in her breast. Meg returns to the farm and greets Lily, but does not tell Lily about her encounter with Lucinda. Immediately Lucinda comes in and hugs Lily. When Lily leaves the room, Lucinda tells Meg that she intends to keep her condition to herself until she knows exactly what she is facing. When Lucinda leaves the farm, she drops her confident exterior and shows her real worry.

Rosanna walks into Emily's house and finds Emily and Paul half-dressed, in a passionate embrace. Emily leaves the room but stays where she can hear Rosanna's conversation with Paul. Rosanna tries to explain about James and Cabot, telling Paul that she never stopped loving him. Paul responds by shouting, "I love Emily, so stop humiliating yourself and leave me alone!" Rosanna leaves, and Emily tells Paul that she believes that he still loves Rosanna. Rosanna is so shaken by Paul's treatment of her that she goes straight to Craig and agrees to marry him. Craig has a paper which Rosanna signs immediately.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lucinda drops by the farm looking for Lily. She finds Meg, who tells her Lily isn't there, but convinces Lucinda to talk about her surgery for a moment. Meg tells her a little bit of what to expect and asks if Lucinda has a living will or power of attorney. Although Lucinda laughs off the surgery, she is clearly worried and even thanks Meg when she leaves the farm. Lucinda meets with Dusty at the Lakeview. She is clearly rattled as she tells him that she hasn't got time to discuss his ideas to get rid of Craig, but she gives him all authority to do whatever he needs to do. Dusty suspects something is up and she will only admit that she can't go to the fund raiser that evening. Dusty agrees to go, but doesn't believe her when she says she's on her way to Chicago for the day. He seems particularly concerned when she gives him an extra hug and a kiss good-bye.

Emily thinks back on her conversation with Paul when she told him that she believed he was still in love with Rosanna. Hal knocks on the door and disturbs her reverie. He has come to try to work things out but Emily, but she tells him this isn't about him, it's about her - she even tells him that she slept with Paul. Hal is very surprised and angry and the two fight about what went wrong. Emily asks him what is next and he tells her that there was nothing left to fight for. He leaves and passes Susan on the way out. Susan sees her daughter is distraught and asks her what's wrong - Emily tells her that her marriage just ended.

Jennifer has gone to ask Paul to be her son's godfather. He is delighted! Jennifer goes on to ask him how he's doing - he beams at her and tells her that he is better and he's even seeing someone. She has lots of questions but Paul can't tell her who it is. Soon after Jennifer leaves, Emily arrives at his door in tears.

Craig doesn't seem concerned when guests arriving to his "wedding" are shocked or even upset. Carly is furious and asks Rosanna what Craig is holding against her. Katie is also upset. She talks with Rosanna and tells her she was surprised by the announcement of the wedding and likens it to her wedding to Henry. She goes on to tell Rosanna that she thought the wedding would be a great way to get Mike back because she thought Mike would stop the wedding to Henry. But Mike didn't stop it and now she is married to the wrong man and lots of people are hurt. Rosanna got the message, but assured Katie this was different. Outside, the guests are assembled and Craig tells the minister to get started. Rosanna walks down the aisle but just before the ceremony begins, Carly looks at Jack and tells her she has to stop the wedding. Jack tells her to leave it alone but he's not surprised when Carly stands up and announces to the party that she is going to be sick. She runs from the wedding and indoors calls Paul. Emily answers the phone and Carly tells her that Rosanna is in trouble and that he must come to Fairwinds to help her. Paul enters the room with drinks and Emily has to decide whether or not to tell Paul about her conversation with Carly.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lucinda had just signed her living will when Lily and Sierra came to the house to take her to a spa. Lucinda said she was going out of town for a few days on business leaving Sierra and Lily wondering if Lucinda was telling the truth. Lucinda was at the hospital getting prepared for surgery when the nurse told her that she needed someone to drive her home from the hospital; not wanting to tell Sierra and Lily what was going on, she called Meg. Just as Lucinda was getting ready to go into surgery, Meg came and told her that everything was going to be fine, and that she was there for her.

Craig takes Carly's phone from her, just as she was calling Paul to warn him about Rosanna and Craig's wedding. Carly tried to talk Craig out of marring Rosanna, but had no luck. Rosanna began to have cold feet and pulled Craig aside to talk to him about her fears. Craig told Rosanna that they once loved each other very much and that he needed her to make him a better man. Paul showed up just as Rosanna and Craig were exchanging their vows, but left before anyone noticed he was there. Upset after seeing Rosanna getting married Paul went back to his apartment and threw his wedding ring off the balcony.

Jennifer went to see Dusty to let him know that her and Mike were going to handle Craig on their own. Fearing that Mike and Jennifer could not handle Craig Dusty told her the whole story of how Craig kidnapped Lucy and murdered Sierra's husband, Alan. Jennifer than received a phone call from Paul telling her that Craig and Rosanna had just gotten married. Knowing the lengths that Craig was willing to go through to get custody of their baby Jennifer told Dusty she changed her mind, and that she wanted his help in bringing down Craig.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

While Lily and Sierra wonder where their mother is, Lucinda has a dream about dying, only to wake up in the recovery room. Lucinda resumes her tough fašade until she is informed that the biopsy revealed the lump to be malignant and that she did and possibly could still have cancer. Faced with this difficult news, Lucinda reiterates to an uncomfortable Meg her desire to keep her condition a secret from her family. Meanwhile, Holden and Lily share a close moment over concern for Lucinda but it's broken by a phone call from Keith. Later, Lily, Sierra and Holden head to Lucinda's to search for answers and are shocked to find Lucinda there with Meg. Lucinda insists nothing is wrong but an unconvinced Lily confronts Meg and demands the truth. While Gwen gets cold feet, assuming that no one will believe that Will is the father of her baby, Casey is upset that Celia cannot let go of the fact that Gwen is pregnant and Will is the father. The two are in a heated discussion when Barbara enters and learns of Gwen's condition. Barbara then realizes that everyone thinks Will is the father of Gwen's baby and storms out, vowing to get to the truth. Meanwhile, aware of Will's feelings for Celia, Gwen surmises that eventually, Will will admit the truth and abandon Gwen but Will assures her he won't leave her stranded. Will then goes to get them something to drink and in his absence, a furious Barbara shows up on Gwen's doorstep. Off of seeing the mysterious photo of her father in Oakdale, Carly cannot let her curiosities go. When Lisa comes for a visit with JJ, she suggests Carly take her questions to Nancy, the woman who knows anything and everything about Oakdale's history. Later, as Carly makes plans to see Nancy and show her the photo of her father, Hannah steals the photo from Carly's purse.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Will ran into Celia, who told him to look her in the eye and tell her that he was really the baby's father. Will was about to respond when Casey walked up and interrupted them, at which point Will left to go back to Gwen's apartment.

Barbara tried to intimidate Gwen by accusing her of being a gold digger who was only after Will for his money and telling Gwen she was sure Gwen had slept with half the boys at Oakdale Latin. Gwen gave back as good as she got with Barbara, telling her to save her insults for someone who gave a damn. Will arrived, and Barbara tried to make it seem as though she and Gwen had been having a civil conversation, but Gwen let Will know how malicious Barbara had been. Barbara then told Will and Gwen that she would make Gwen submit to a DNA test to find out who the baby's father was and proceed from there. Gwen told Barbara there was no way she would take a test like that. Will told Barbara to leave, and Barbara did, after telling him she was just trying to protect him. Gwen told Will it was time to tell everyone the truth, including Casey, but Will said that since Casey didn't even like Gwen, it would be better to stick with their story of Will being the father, because he was ready, willing, and financially able to help Gwen and her baby. Gwen eventually agreed to continue to go along with Will's claim of paternity.

Kim ran into Celia and wanted to know why she looked so glum. Celia told Kim she was worried about Gwen, and that she already knew that Gwen was pregnant. Celia left, and Casey sat down with his grandmother to talk. Kim told Casey that it seemed like something was wrong with Celia, and Casey said she was just worried about her friends. When Kim said it was too bad Gwen's boyfriend wasn't standing by her, Casey said, "But Will is standing by her." Kim looked shocked and told Casey that Will couldn't be the father, because at the hospital, when Bob had asked Will and Gwen about the baby's father, they had made it clear that the baby was not Will's. Casey looked shocked to hear this.

Hannah tore up the photo of Carly's dad in Oakdale. Meanwhile, Carly went to see Nancy Hughes about the photograph, but when she got there, the photo was gone. Nancy, who was temporarily serving as the archivist of the Oakdale Historical Society, asked Carly to describe the picture, and when she did, Nancy opened a box of items from the town's golden-anniversary Founder's Day celebration. In looking through the pictures, Carly found another one with her dad in it. Nancy pointed out that Susan Stewart was also in the photo, and Carly asked who the brunette with her dad was. Nancy couldn't tell because the woman's face was blurred, as though she'd moved when the photo was snapped. Nancy let Carly take the photograph with her. Later, Carly told Jack about the picture and about how she and her mother used to wait for her dad to get back home, but on many nights, he wouldn't return at all. She said it was hard to get over all of that rejection, even now. Jack told her he would be there for her always, and they kissed.

Lily got on Meg's case about why Lucinda was acting so strangely, and Meg told Lucinda that either she could tell Sierra and Lily what was going on or Meg would tell them herself. Lucinda then told them that she has cancer. Lily and Sierra immediately became quite upset, which caused Lucinda to leave the room to get some privacy and quiet. Meg then explained what had happened to Lily, Lucinda, and Sierra; Lily was still upset with Meg, thinking she had some kind of agenda in getting herself involved with this, and Holden tried to calm Lily down. Meg left with Holden to go back to the farm. Lucinda told Lily and Sierra that the cancer was something that was happening only to her, to her body and her life, so they would have to play by her rules in handling it and respect her wishes. Lily and Sierra discussed their mother's situation and ultimately decided to let her handle it her own way. At the farm, Holden told Meg not to be too hard on Lily, whom Meg said always assumes everything is about her, and he told Meg that he was proud of her and what she'd done for Lucinda.

Jennifer and Mike were picnicking at the Snyder pond when Jennifer told Mike that Craig and Rosanna had gotten married. After telling Mike that she thought this was purely a move by Craig to position himself to get custody of her baby, and that Craig has done bad things that Mike isn't even aware of, Mike responded by saying he would go talk to Rosanna himself to try to get her to keep Craig from doing any such thing. Jennifer couldn't believe that Mike thought it was that simple; he left, and Jennifer called Dusty and had him meet her at the pond. She told him that Mike was going to try to approach Rosanna about Craig, and Dusty told her the nice approach wouldn't work. He asked her if it was okay with her if he went after Craig to get rid of him once and for all; he told her that he would keep her out of it, and that he could even make it look like she was the victim. Dusty left. Mike returned and told Jennifer that Rosanna didn't want to talk to him until tomorrow. Jennifer said Rosanna would never be able to help them, but Mike promised to make everything all right.

Dusty stayed at the Snyder Pond and upon hearing a splash, turned to see Meg Snyder skinny dipping in the pond.


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