All My Children Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on AMC

JR was positive that Di was Dixie, but Adam wanted proof. Amanda came on to Aidan and continued to try to seduce Jamie. Jamie wanted Amanda to move out. Lily and Sam went on a date.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, June20, 2005

Ryan is sure he has killed David. Zach walks in on the scene and suggests that they bury the body in the town dump. A revived David threatens to go to the police and Zach claims to have seen David with a hypodermic in his hand making what Ryan did self-defense. David threatens Ryan telling him that if he doesn't get himself under control David will go to his mad scientist lab and fix up something to control Ryan permanently. He then leaves. Ryan is suspicious about Zach's motives for helping him with David. Zach says that it was worth it to see David flat out on the floor. Zach tries to give Ryan some advice as well as a warning. Zach wants Ryan to treat Kendall better. He witnessed Ryan ripping into Kendall and claims that since she is Zach's wife he wants her treated with respect. Ryan laughs and says he wants to know when Zach became such an expert on how to treat women. Zach repeats that he wants Ryan to promise to treat Kendall with respect. Ryan agrees to treat Kendall with respect because she deserves it not because of what Zach has said. Zach then tells Ryan that he knows where Ryan has been going at night what he is doing and who he is doing it with. Zach says that one of the high rollers at the Casino recognized Ryan and told Zach about what he has been doing. Zach asks Ryan if his release pastime is helping and points out that it obviously isn't considering what Ryan had just done to David. Zach suggests to Ryan that he shouldn't go to his nighttime hangout anymore. Ryan wants to know why Zach is so interested in helping him accusing Zach of feeling guilty about claiming to be Edmund's murderer. As Zach leaves he tells Ryan to get help before someone really gets hurt.

Meanwhile, Greenlee, Kendall and Simone avoid being discovered in the fertility clinic with the help of Pine Valley's newest citizen. Josh Madden distracts his father long enough for the girls to escape with the three samples and head to David's cabin. Once at the cabin Simone leaves Kendall and Greenlee to wait for David to return. Kendall warns Greenlee that what she is doing is a huge risk. Greenlee accuses Kendall of planning to tell Ryan about the baby scheme. Kendall says she is worried that Greenlee could get her heart broke to pieces by lying to Ryan. Kendall wonders how Greenlee can be so strong about all of this and Greenlee comes back saying she is doing what she is doing because she loves Ryan and thinks a baby will help him. Kendall grudgingly admits that she envies and admires her for her strength. After Kendall leaves to meet Erica, David finally shows up. Announcing that she is the "Liberator of frozen wigglers" Greenlee asks David to figure out which of the vials holds Ryan's wigglers. David tells Greenlee that he is starting to wonder if Ryan is right about his genes and not wanting to pass them on to children. Greenlee replies that it is too late for David to be getting a conscience and wants to know how long it will be before she is pregnant. David informs her that he will not help her conceive Ryan's child.

Amanda is trying with all her might to attract Aidan flirting and crawling all over him. Just then who shows up but Anita. "Oh, you must be the girlfriend" Amanda says as she beats a hasty retreat. Once Amanda is gone Anita tears into Aidan asking him if he enjoys young girls throwing themselves at him pointing out first Lily and now this one.

Aidan points out that he is not Bobby. Anita admits that she thought the jealous suspicious side of her left when Bobby did and she is realizing that it didn't. She says that Aidan is kind, sweet and sexy and that she thought that it was the problems that her family had been going through that was keeping her from letting herself get closer to him. Now she realizes that she rushed into her relationship with him and that she needs to deal with her anger. Anita announces that she is leaving with Maria and Maddie. She says that she needs to get her head together and she wants to help Maria and Maddie settle into their new home. Anita says that she has to get past all the "Bobby stuff" and she really isn't ready for a relationship with Aidan right now. Aidan tells Anita that he understands and after making her promise to call him if she needs anything they share a goodbye kiss.

JR is ready to accept Di as his mother but it seems that Adam isn't so trusting. Adam wants a DNA test and to get the two Chandlers to stop arguing Di agrees to any test that Adam wants to give her. The victorious Adam leaves the newly united mother and son alone. JR says that nothing has changed and that Adam is still trying to get between JR and his mother. Di and JR talk about how they both have changed and wonder where to go from here. Di says that she wants to get to know her son and grandson. Di wants to take the baby on a park date. During this touching scene in walks Amanda, "Cue the violins", she sneers, "I think I'm gonna puke." Amanda proceeds to attack Di about going on the lam for three years for a nip and tuck. After Di leaves JR warns Amanda that she is about to lose her meal ticket. Amanda thinks not and threatens to tell Di about all that JR has been doing. JR asks if Amanda really wants to play this game with him. He tells her to stick to seducing Jamie. Amanda tells JR she needs more money....a lot more. JR replies with, "The bank of JR is closed." Amanda then threatens to tell Di how much JR has paid to break up Babe and Jamie. JR warns her that she stole $10,000 from him and hid it in the "nanny's" mattress. He lets Amanda know that if she pushes him he will have her arrested.

Erica is not happy with how the plans for the show are going and the shows supervising producer of lack there of. While she is complaining about the lack of preparation in walks fertility specialist Dr. Greg Madden. Erica introduces him to her staff as the guest for her first show. While she is talking to him Kendall arrives. Erica introduces her to Dr. Madden as Kendall ‘Hart'. Kendall reminds Erica that it is now Kendall ‘Slater'. After a few smug remarks about Kendall's new last name Erica sends Madden to the green room to wait for her. Erica then tells Kendall that she has had a stroke of genius. She wants Kendall to be her supervising producer. Kendall wants to know if the idea is a trick to get her away from Zach. Erica says that apart from a bogus wedding and Fusion what else does Kendall have to do. Just as Erica is pushing Kendall for an answer in walks Josh Madden announcing that he is Erica's new producer.

Tuesday, June21, 2005

J.R. and Di(xie) took little Adam on a picnic. Babe showed up at the picnic to see Dixie for herself. Immediately, J.R. began insulting Babe, but Dixie told him to stop and he said that if she was going to defend Babe, he didn't want to hear it. Dixie told J.R. not to speak to her that way, but he told her not to treat him like a kid. J.R. went back to the house, leaving Babe and Dixie alone. Babe told her that J.R. had changed a lot while she was gone. Dixie told Babe that J.R. had looked for love and trust, but when she cheated on him with Jamie, it crushed him. Babe then brought up the affair Dixie had with David. Babe told her that she would take the blame that she deserved, but if Dixie had been around, J.R. would not have turned out to be so twisted. J.R. came back to hear Babe and told her not to talk like that to his mother. Babe and J.R. shouted at each other and David heard them and came to see what was going on. J.R. told him to get her out of there. David, playing dumb, acted like he was shocked that Dixie was alive. David continued with the award winning act and then all of a sudden he grabbed Dixie and kissed her. Predictably, Tad walked up during the kiss.

Mimi went to Jack's to find Danielle. Reggie told Mimi that he didn't know where she was, but Lily walked in and told Mimi that Danielle had spent the night in Reggie's room. Mimi told Danielle that her life was back on track and all that was missing was her daughter. Danielle told Reggie that she would rather live with strangers than her mother and that she hated her. Reggie told Danielle not to say that she hated her mother. He told her how he had done that to his mother and that was the last time he saw her. Jack told Mimi that she couldn't just swoop in and take Danielle. Lily went to buy lemons, but saw Sam in the hall. Sam told Lily that he was staying in Pine Valley and living with the Martins. He held out his hand and Lily took it. Danielle and Mimi left to talk things over. Jack and Reggie went to look for Lily, but when the door opened they saw her and Sam kissing.

Ryan returned the key to the mystery lady and told her he was through with whatever clandestine activity that he had been engaging. The lady tried to talk him out of leaving the key, but Ryan said he would never be back. She told him never to say never.

Greenlee, still determined to be inseminated with Ryan's stolen sperm, stopped David from destroying the specimens. David told Greenlee that he had gone to her house and he could tell Ryan had been in a fight by his injuries. He continued telling Greenlee about how Ryan attacked him by choking him nearly crushing his windpipe. David showed Greenlee the marks on his neck, but she continued to protect Ryan. Greenlee told David that she would go home and find out where she and Ryan stood. She would find out if Ryan wants her help or if he had become what David said he was. Greenlee assured David that if he was right, she would walk away from Ryan and not have his child. Greenlee again begged David not to destroy the samples and he agreed that he would wait until he heard from her. Greenlee got home and Dr. Madden knocked on the door. He told her that her husbands file was missing and that he was sure she took it. He told her he was going to have her arrested and then Ryan showed up and wanted to know why he was threatening his wife.

Josh showed up at New Beginnings to become Erica's new associate producer. He showed her his resume, but Erica turned him down. He began flattering Kendall but she didn't buy it. Josh said he wouldn't tell Erica about the "bank" heist if Kendall would put in a good word for him to Erica. Ryan stopped by New Beginnings to see Erica and Josh told him that he had heard all about him. Erica offered Ryan a position at her company, but Ryan declined. Kendall asked Erica to give Josh another chance and she agreed. Josh pitched his idea of revealing the Erica Kane that only her family knows. He told her she could establish an intimacy with her audience and enrich their lives. He pitched other ideas, and she told him he was impressed. He also told her that he was Dr. Madden's son. He got the job.

Tad, Joe and Brooke went to Wildwind to tell Sam that he could stay with them in Pine Valley. Tad told him that although he was spending the summer with the Martins, Maria and Maddie would always be first and foremost hist family. Brooke told Maria that she was doing a great job and Maria thanked Brooke for all her help. Brooke told Maria to go to California and she would pack up her things and send them to her and Maddie. Maria went to visit Edmund's crypt. Tearfully, she told him that she remembered the good times and that she would take care of the kids. Maddie, overhearing Maria, apologized for her behavior.

Wednesday, June22, 2005

Tad sees red when David plants a kiss on Diana. Later, David and his fellow conspirator play a scene for JR and Babe's benefit. Erica agrees to hire Josh on a trial basis at New Beginnings. Ryan demands answers from Greg upon finding the doctor threatening Greenlee. Jackson decides the time has come to have a chat with Sam after catching the boy kissing Lily. Zach enjoys yanking Erica's chain by hinting to his horrified mother-in-law that he and Kendall are planning to start a family together. Anxious to keep Ryan in the dark about her trips to the fertility clinic, Greenlee convinces her husband to let her have a private talk with the fuming Dr. Madden. David feigns shock and sympathy when "Dixie" explains how she lost her baby. Jackson gruffly reminds Sam how his sensitive daughter requires special handling. Meanwhile, Reggie gives Lily some advice on how to keep her relationship with Sam strictly platonic. Staunchly denying that she stole the vials, Greenlee warns Greg she'll bring a world of hurt down on him if he breathes a word of his suspicions to Ryan. Afterwards, Greg's bad day gets even worse when he learns of his son's latest career change. Revealing what he's learned about Ryan's recent exploits, Zach cautions Kendall that her friend is a ticking time bomb. Greg asks Erica to fire Josh so the young man will turn back to his true calling---medicine.

Thursday, June23, 2005

Amanda arrives at the apartment and finds Jamie on the couch, working on a carburetor. With Babe nowhere around, she holds out two beers as a signal that it's time for some fun. Amanda continues to try to seduce Jamie without letting him know about her ulterior motives, but Jamie ignores all of her moves. He tells her that she should go off to the beach and hang out with some people who might have a bonfire going. Amanda tells him that she's not ready to meet any new guys, and that she should really stay home and hit the books. Jamie asks what she's studying and she coyly tries to make him guess. Finally, she tells him that she's studying anatomy and that he should help her with the specifics. Continuing to ignore the innuendo, Jamie tells her that there is a big difference between knowing the inner workings of the human body and that of a V6 engine. Amanda confesses that cars are better than bodies because they lack hearts. Jamie asks who broke hers, and Amanda says that there isn't much to tell. He was her first, she thought he was the one, and he thought she was one of 10. She then asks Jamie why guys cheat. Jamie admits that he knows people that have done it, but he doesn't know why. He then says that it will never happen in his relationship with Babe because they have a level of trust and respect that they maintain. Amanda admits that she hopes the next guy she dates is more like Jamie - and he tells her that while she may not meet Mr. Right the next day, she'll get over the guy that broke her heart fast. Then she asks how many people he had been with before Babe, and how he knows that Babe is the one.

Babe visits Krystal at the jail with great news. Krystal thinks she's got the one up, and announces that she knows Dixie's back. Babe surprises Krystal by telling her that while she is right, the good news is that Dixie and Tad aren't back together. Krystal, unbelieving, listens as her daughter reveals part of a conversation she had with Tad that told her he wouldn't be reuniting with his one true love. She follows by saying that even David agrees that Tad and Dixie are taking separate paths in life. Babe wants Krystal to hang on to the hope that she can be with Tad someday, but Krystal tells her that hope does her no good in prison. Even though things seem rough now, Krystal believes that Dixie and Tad will work through things and be more in love than ever. She tells her daughter that she has to want that for them. Babe wonders why her mother would do that when it seemed like the people involved don't want it. Krystal considers this for a moment, and then simply notes that she knows Babe is just trying to make sure that she is happy. She then tells her Baby Girl that she can make her happy by telling her everything about Dixie, including what she looks like. Babe reminds her that Dixie was masquerading as the nanny, and that there was a picture of her in with the photos she brought last time. Krystal is sure she didn't see her, so Babe looks through her purse to see if she has another. She finds one and hands it over, and Krystal is stunned at what she sees. She briefly flashes back to her friendship with Di in the prison, and the look on her face makes Babe worry. Before she can explain her thoughts, the guard comes up and tells Krystal that she has another visitor. It's after hours, so she can only have one at a time. When it is revealed that Tad is her other visitor, Babe is more than happy to go. As Krystal quickly hides the picture that Babe gave her, Tad brings over a care package for her. He starts describing the contents, but when he looks up and sees the look on her face, he asks what's wrong. She tells him that they need to talk about Dixie. Tad tries to distract her by talking about one of the movies he brought to her, but Krystal will not be swayed. Finally, Tad relents and asks what she wants to talk about. Krystal reveals that Babe informed her things weren't going well between him and Dixie. Tad notes that she shouldn't be surprised - because he already told her that he wasn't going to forgive Dixie for what she had done. Krystal then asks a few more questions, trying to figure out why everyone believes that Dixie has returned, despite the fact that she looks and sounds different. Tad grudgingly answers her questions, and then says that none of it matters because she made it clear what she came back for, and he is out of the picture. He tries to go back to talking about frivolous things, but she has one more question for him: Will Dixie's return have a good effect on Babe's situation? Tad thinks it might be possible but isn't 100% sure. He knows that the woman he knew and loved might have had a shot at awakening JR's conscience, but the woman who came back is completely different. Krystal then starts to tell him that she knows who Dixie really is, but before she can, the guard calls time and comes over to escort Tad out. Krystal tells Tad to come back and visit soon since they have a lot to talk about, and Tad agrees. Once he leaves, she pulls out the picture of Di again, and flashes back on a couple of scenes, realizing that Dixie's return was David's doing.

Back at the apartment, Jamie assures Amanda that quantity is of no consequence when dealing with matters of the heart. Amanda applauds him for being able to commit to Babe, especially when there are so few guys that would be willing to do that at such a young age. Jamie tells her that Babe makes it easy. Amanda's tone seems as if she is about to let it go, but then she says that he needs to be sure that he knows what he's giving up. Trying to put her limited anatomy knowledge to "good" use, she talks about all the parts of the body that he will never be able to touch on another woman. Jamie tolerates it for a few moments, but when she starts to go too far, he grabs her hand and tells her to knock it off. Amanda reverts right back to her innocent stance and asks what she did wrong. Jamie calls her out on her flirting and says that it ends now. Just then, Babe returns home and happily greets them. Moments later, after seeing the looks on their faces, she asks who is going to tell her what is going on.

Di asks JR why he is at David's cabin, but JR is much more concerned with finding out what the deal is between his mother and David. David, playing the role perfectly, insults JR and then notes aloud that the younger Chandler is always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. JR corrects him by saying that if it involves his mother, it is his business. JR demands to know the truth about what is going on, and David is all too happy to give it to him. Although Di tries to keep David quiet, he refuses to be silenced and for once, JR is glad. David deftly spins a story about his connection with "Dixie": that he knew she was alive and that she contacted him about 9 months after her accident. He claims that while everyone was mourning JR's mother, David was with her, holding her hand. JR considers this for a moment, and then declares that David is a liar. His proof is that David was just as surprised to see her as everyone else has been. David insists that his surprise was solely because he couldn't believe she was in Pine Valley. He offers to let "Dixie" explain, but all she wants to do is get out of the cabin and go home. Instead, the boys continue to verbally spar, with David announcing that the reason "Dixie" can't come up with anything to say is because she cares about her son's feelings. On the other hand, David could care less and is perfectly willing to tell JR exactly what he thinks. JR asks his mother to deny what David is saying, but once again, David interrupts and demands that JR not lay the blame on Dixie, but rather on himself, and all the men in her life. David tells JR that everyone always wanted Dixie to make their lives better and happier, while David was the only one concerned about Dixie and her well being. JR still believes that David is to blame - because he should have told everyone that she contacted him. Di says that the situation was complicated, but JR doesn't need her explanations. He reminds David that Dixie wrote a letter saying that she wanted to get back together with Tad and be a family again. JR believes that David was so furious that Dixie chose Tad instead of him that he had to exact his revenge somehow - and keeping Dixie from her loved ones was the way to do it. David calmly informs JR that Dixie was adamant that her survival be kept from her family. Di pleads with JR to leave with her so that they could talk things over in private. David, unable to stay quiet, urges her to tell her "son" the truth in the now, instead of making him wait. JR agrees, and says that he wants to hear, in his mother's own words, why she chose to play things out the way that she did. Di is flustered and searching for words, creating a brief pause in the flow of the discussion. David stomps all over her moment and tells JR that their deal was only that he leave her in Europe, come back to Pine Valley and never breathe a word about her still being alive. JR explodes because David dared to defy his wishes. David, unflinching, blasts JR for not recognizing his mother's return for the miracle that it is. He tells JR that if he, Tad and the rest of Dixie's family can't treat her with the love and respect she deserved, he would gladly take the role. Fed up, JR silently walks out of the house. When he is gone, David starts strutting about the house, full of himself for playing the role. He tells Di that she doesn't have to thank him, and infuriated, she slaps him across the face. As he recovers, she asks why he had to be so mean. David tells her that the nastier the lie, the quicker JR and the rest of Dixie's loved ones will take the bait. Di, disgusted once again by David's tactics, questions how Dixie could have ever loved him. David, exasperated, reminds her one more time that the only things she knows about the story is what he has told her - and that from where she stands, she has no right to question or doubt anything. Di, unwilling to buckle in the face of his anger, shoots back that the stupidest thing Dixie ever did was get involved with David. She then storms out of the cabin.

A short time later, Di finds JR at the boathouse, and she immediately tries to explain why she contacted David but not the rest of the family. She tells him that she knew that she could contact David and walk away again, but that she wouldn't be able to do that with her son. JR muses for a moment and then says that when he dies, it will be because of all of the lies people told him. Di swears that she loves him with all her heart, but JR admits that he is finding that harder to believe the more times he hears it. Di admits that she has asked him to excuse a lot of her behavior since she came back, and this time is no different. She asks if he can find a way to get past this latest transgression.

Back at the cabin, David is standing out on his deck nursing a drink when the phone rings. He comes inside, picks it up and finds Krystal on the other end. She asks him if he could visit tomorrow, but David tells her he is wrapped up in something and can't make it. She simply tells him that she has seen Dixie, and it's a hard face to forget. She says she will see him soon and hangs up, leaving a bewildered David hanging on the other end of the line.

Simone is on the phone with someone interested in Fusion products when Tad arrives. He tolerates this but for a moment, then takes the phone and hangs it up, severing the connection. She is shocked, but intrigued as to what is so important. He tells her that he is not in the mood to pour his heart out - more like a 'go somewhere, do something to blow off steam' mood. Just as he's running suggestions by her, Ethan walks in. Having heard everything, he invites himself along on their trip. After a flustered moment, Simone asks Ethan to give her a few minutes alone with Tad, and he obliges and heads into the back. When they are sure he is out of earshot, Simone tries to get Tad to spill anyway, but he just offers a rain check. Just then, Ethan comes back, and Tad takes that moment to make his getaway. He tells her to have a good time, tells Ethan to be nice to her, and goes to call the elevator. Once they are alone, Ethan offers to take Simone on a 5-star date including a limo, champagne...and a night of gambling at his father's casino. Simone's mood turns cold and she goes over to the phone. Ethan is taken aback that she wants to call Tad back and go have fun with him. Completely unaware of his faux pas, Simone has to explain that her idea of a good time does not include anger and revenge toward his father and new stepmother. She reveals that while she comes off as a ditz, she's not blind, and she's not into playing those kinds of games. Shocked that someone took the bull by the horns and put him in his place, Ethan dejectedly skulks out of the offices while a disappointed Simone watches from her perch on a desk. A little while later, as Simone holds the phone and berates herself for sending her date away, a motorized toy truck rolls into the office, laden with board games. Ethan soon follows, on a scooter, offering a different set of games to play for the evening. Simone rifles through the stack until she finds one that she would be good at. She breaks out some alcohol, and the game is on. A while later, Ethan and Simone are bent around each other, their hands and feet on different colored dots on the board. Ethan tries to make a move and hurts his shoulder. Simone offers to massage it, but Ethan quickly shows that he is faking and simply wanted an intimate moment with her. After some small talk in which he assures her that they will one day soon make love, they lock into a kiss.

Kendall starts to take off from Zach's office, bound and determined to save Ryan. Zach is nowhere close to allowing her to leave without finding out her game plan. She doesn't really have one, and Zach warns her that she may not be able to handle Ryan in his current state of mind. Kendall isn't scared, believing that she is prepared for whatever Ryan can dish out. Zach continues his warning by saying that while she may be able to handle screaming, Ryan might not stop there. Kendall isn't convinced that Ryan would do anything to her, but Zach doesn't think the situation is so easily dealt with. He proposes that they sit down and figure out a better, safer alternative - but Kendall doesn't think that she has that kind of time. With Ryan on the brink of disaster, and Greenlee about to do whatever it takes to save Ryan and her marriage, she tells her wary husband that if he isn't going to help, he should stay out of her way. She starts to leave, but Zach insists that he's going with her. She asks why, since Zach has made it more than obvious that he doesn't like Ryan and has no reason to want to help. Zach confirms that he doesn't like Ryan and couldn't care less what happens to him. However, he clarifies, he has a vested interest when Kendall is involved because there is the possibility that he could lose a business partner. He intends to protect that interest at all cost. Realizing that things will end badly if Zach jumps into the fray, Kendall decides to take a different tack. She tells her husband that she will enlist the help of people who actually care about Ryan. She stalks out, and after smiling to himself at the scene just played, he follows her.

Greenlee lies awake in bed, while her husband sleeps somewhat peacefully next to her. She turns over and she hears all of the words that were spoken by various people that warned her against having Ryan's child. She rolls back over, waking Ryan up, and asks him if he will tell her how he really got hurt. At a loss, Ryan asks what Greenlee wants to hear. She confesses that she talked to David, and Ryan latches on to that as an opportunity to write off his bruises. Greenlee is concerned about the altercation, but Ryan tells her that they have gotten physical before. Still seeing the worried look on her face, Ryan asks his wife if David told her that Ryan would be just like his brothers. Greenlee is hesitant to admit it, but Ryan already has his answer. He tells her that for once, David might be right, but she refuses to believe that. She then tells him that David informed her that Ryan had also been in a completely different fight. Ryan tells her to forget about David because they will be okay. A short time later, with the lights out and the duo lying side by side again, Ryan sleeps fitfully as he has a nightmare. In it, although Ryan believes he fixed everything and tells his wife so, she still mysteriously disappears. Kendall and Simone appear before him, refusing to let Ryan get close to Greenlee so that he won't hurt her anymore, and his father and brother take turns appearing and disappearing, always in possession of Greenlee. Then, Jonathan and Greenlee alternate saying "You said you loved me", and then Greenlee ends by saying, "And then you killed me." It's at that moment that Ryan awakens from the nightmare, completely freaked out. He checks to make sure he didn't wake Greenlee, gets out of bed, quickly gets dressed and leaves. When she hears the doors shut, Greenlee reveals that she had been awake the whole time.

Back at Fusion, Simone and Ethan are interrupted before things can get too deep when Kendall comes bursting into the offices, requesting Simone's help. By the look on her face, she is none to happy about the scene on the floor. When she finally regains the use of her voice, Kendall tries to belittle the scene but Simone won't have any of it. They trade barbs a few times before Ethan stops them and tries to nicely ask what Kendall needs help with. Angered, Kendall refuses to divulge the details, instead insisting that she would go off on her own to save Greenlee. She stalks out to the elevator just as it opens, and Greenlee emerges. Simone joins them in the foyer, and Greenlee tells them that when she heard Ryan leave, she got up and followed him. Eventually, she lost him so she thought she would come to them for help. However, after saying it out loud, she is convinced that she is overreacting once again, and decides that she is just going to go home and go back to sleep. As Ethan looks on, Kendall stops Greenlee, admitting that she knows where Ryan really goes and why.

Friday, June24, 2005

As Ethan lurks in the corner, Greenlee is not interested in hearing what Kendall thinks Ryan is doing behind her back. Kendall starts to tell her that Ryan didn't get hurt on a ride, but Greenlee interrupts her, claiming she is done checking up on Ryan and not trusting him. Ethan offers to help Ryan, but Kendall tells him to get cozy with Simone instead. Kendall leads Greenlee off to talk alone and Kendall asks her about the sperm samples. Greenlee informs her that David is checking on which sample is his, but Kendall asks her to consider what she has to say first, before becoming a mother. Greenlee is still doubtful, but realizes that Kendall is not lying to her, despite their rocky past. Kendall tells Greenlee, although we do not hear, and Greenlee says that places "like that" do not exist. Kendall admits Zach saw Ryan go in to the place and says she has to see it for herself. Despite their odd friendship, Greenlee asks Simone and Kendall to go with her, who are more than willing to support their friend, and Ethan offers to tag along as protection. Greenlee waves him off, saying she does not care what he does, and they all leave to find Ryan. They all arrive outside the door and after knocking, Zach opens it. Greenlee pushes her way past him, with the others the following behind. They hear yelling, screaming and cheering as Simone talks about the awful smell. Zach follows behind all of them as Greenlee and Kendall get closer to the crowd of people. Horrified, Greenlee sees Ryan beating up a man in the middle of the circle.

Babe asks a embarrassed and bewildered looking Amanda and Jamie what she walked into, but they are quiet until Jamie pipes up that Amanda has found a new place to live. When Babe asks Amanda why she is leaving, Jamie interferes and claims there is not enough room for all three of them in the apartment. Babe is worried about where Amanda will go, but Jamie says she will go elsewhere in the morning. Amanda starts laughing about the misunderstanding and tells Babe that when she asked him about anatomy, Jamie thought she was hitting on him. Babe does not seem that happy about Amanda's revelation, who keeps laughing. Jamie does not seem to believe Amanda's story and continues to hold his stern look. Jamie warns Amanda that whatever her intentions were, no one will break him and Babe up. Amanda is not surprised by his statement and apologizes for everything. She picks up her book, quoting she is fine with whatever they decide, and leaves. Jamie tells Babe that Amanda has to leave and Babe disagrees because she is worried about JR getting his claws back into her. Jamie warns Babe that Amanda crossed the line and he was not overreacting. Babe seems to believe Jamie, but wonders if he was thinking of cheating on her. Stunned, Jamie reminds her that nothing will stop him from loving her and he has no feelings for Amanda. Babe tells Jamie that she knows he would never cheat on her and they share a kiss. After they make love and are laying in bed, Jamie agrees, for Babe's sake, that Amanda can stay a little while longer. Babe gets a phone call and tells Jamie that she has to go cover someone's shift at work. They make love one last time before Babe heads to work.

Amanda goes to the bar that was formerly owned by Hailey and Mateo. She spies Aidan, goes over and sits with him then orders herself a drink. Aidan asks to be left alone, and Amanda realizes he is working on a case. Amanda tries to be cute by guessing who he is investigating and Aidan seems impressed, especially since she got it right. Aidan is checking out a man who is cheating on his wife. Amanda gets up and goes over to the man to try to help Aidan's case. She flirts with the man, who calls himself George, over drinks as Aidan shakes his head in disgust. As the man practically gropes Amanda, Aidan takes photos. Amanda slaps the man in the face and starts yelling that he tried to get her into bed. The man rushes out in embarrassment as Amanda smiles in delight. She asks Aidan to take her out since his case is solved, but Aidan declines. He tells her to give him a call if she needs a job before paying for drink and leaving.

David visits a surprised Krystal, saying she sounded like it was an emergency on the telephone. David admits he got the guards to let him in past visiting hours, quoting he would do anything for her, and he begins to take Krystal's blood pressure. She starts pumping him for information about Dixie and David tells her about the fingerprints and Adam's request for a DNA test. Krystal warns him to watch out for Adam as he tells her she seems healthy. Krystal admits she has caught David in his scheme and shows him a picture of Di and little Adam. Krystal tries to jolt David's memory, but he is pretty vague and starts asking about Di's past. Krystal brings up her idea of someone helping Di become Dixie, but David is not falling for it. Krystal calls David a dirty, lying scumbag who turned Di into Dixie for his own personal gain. Krystal warns him that she didn't want him to interfere with Babe's life, but David says it will help their daughter get her son back. Krystal threatens to tell Tad the truth, although David does not want her to. David says the plan is going the way he wants, but Krystal is shocked that even he has sunk so low. "We are parents, we are not gods," she yells. David explains that Di will leave Pine Valley when she has done her task, but Krystal refuses to hurt anyone or go back to her old ways. The guards tell David his time is up. He makes one last plea with Krystal to keep her mouth shut for Babe's sake, but Krystal is not convinced that spreading more lies is the best way to help their daughter. David pours on the guilt in order to get Krystal to see his side of things.

Di begs for JR's forgiveness as Tad walks over and JR tells him that their worst enemy, David, has known his mother was alive and kept it a secret. Tad asks Di if JR is telling the truth and Di conforms as the hurt spreads across Tad's face. JR is upset that his mother betrayed him again, especially since she had the affair with David. Di tries to make JR realize she was to blame in it as both men look at her in a new way. The realize she is not the same woman whom they loved. Di tries to get through them, saying she has made a share of her mistakes, but everyone has. She tells them they have always thought she was holy-than-thou and Tad demands to know how they are supposed to deal with everything. Di defends David for him saving her life and again, goes back to having her reasons for not returning sooner. Di says that despite the anger and pain, Tad and JR are getting along. Di wants them to accept her as she is now, but says if they can't do that, perhaps it was not wise for her to return. After Di rushes off, JR tells Tad that David took advantage of his mother after the accident. He even admits he does not know if he can forgive her. Tad tries to console JR, claiming that forgiveness is not an easy thing to accomplish and perhaps, it is time for them to forgive each other. JR says they can never get back to where they were, but Tad asks if they can learn to forgive Dixie. JR goes home and sees Di holding his son. JR gives his mother a hug as Tad sits in the boathouse.



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