One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on OLTL

Jessica checked herself in to St. Anne's. Carlo admitted that Asa had paid him to kill Blair. Asa was arrested at the airport in Llanview. Duke and Adriana were held prisoner in Argentina. Evangeline was named Woman of the Year. David attempted to tell Dorian about his brother Spencer. Natalie nixed Rex's plan.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Natalie and Evangeline continue to square off over John. Natalie tells Evangeline that what she had with John was meaningless, and that she cannot connect with him like Natalie can. Natalie accuses Evangeline of being stuck up and that her family does not love her for who she is further enraging Evangeline into pointing out that Natalie has used John's hero complex to her advantage by putting herself in danger's way and always being in need of him in order to get his attention. After heated words, Natalie raises her hand to slap Evangeline who blocks the attempt.

In the other room, Bo is reeling from the news that Paige is Dr. Truman's ex wife. At first he is in a bit of denial over it, but then realizes that if Nora were trying to hurt him she would have as she said broadcast it in front of everyone, which she did not. While discussing the issue Nora becomes a bit light-headed and has to support herself on Bo's desk. Before he can probe for more information on what just happened Bo is alerted to the turmoil between Natalie and Evangeline, at which point Nora seizes the opportunity to make her exit taking Evangeline with her and they go to the Palace.

At the Palace, Marcie accuses Rex of putting her sister up to the incident in the park in order to get John's attention. Rex becomes defensive; however while they are arguing Hayes shows up and makes a snide remark to Marcie pertaining to the Killing Club Murders and Rex takes it upon himself to stand up for her. Hayes accuses Rex of being a full rider who has no right to tell him what to do. Hayes gives in on the aggravating and leaves shortly after which Rex calls Michael to let him know what had just transpired and that Marcie may need him. Michael goes to comfort her and then remembers what day it is after making sure Marcie is alright he heads out to find John. After Michael leaves, Marcie's father shows up for dinner and to his surprise so does her other brother as well as his boyfriend. Marcie's father expresses his happiness to see him and apologizes for his judgmental views he has had both show how happy they are that all is in the past and hug.

Michael finds John at the gym where he has been reminiscing about his father, remembering how he taught him to box and then recalling his death. His father imparts with him some advice that he would rather him not remember his death but to remember the life that they had. He points out that John always made sure everyone else was happy before himself and that he now needs to make sure that he is happy as well. It is shortly after this that Michael shows up.

Tess has to try to convince Antonio that she is Jess and in doing so she acts as if she barely knows Ginger. Though leery at first Antonio believes Jess and drops the subject. Ginger on the other hand is not so easy to fool. Completely confused with all that is going on she asks Tess why it is that she has heard her complain about Jessica and Antonio only to find out that she is saying she is Jess. Tess tells Ginger that Tess and Jessica are one and the same. Ginger thinks Tess has lost it and washes her hands of Tess all together. Clint calls which then prompts Jess to come back out and talk to her father, after which she goes to visit Viki.

Meanwhile, David is trying to dig up as much dirt on Spencer as he can in order to do an article on him. Spencer gets a tip about the article and shows up at David/Dorian's house with photographer and all, much to David's dismay all right after he learns that Dorian is coming home early. Spencer informs David that he may intend to stay quite a while. Spencer finds it hard to believe that David really does love Dorian, stating that he is just like their father.

After letting Michael leave work early, Paige heads to the station to visit Bo and inform him of her past with Dr. Truman. Bo however already knows and is not very happy with her inability to tell him the whole and complete truth. Paige apologizes, insisting that she really just wanted to forget about her marriage to Spencer and pleads that Bo tell her that everything is fine between them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nora shows up at her new office, only to see Daniel's name plate still on the door. The new Assistant District Attorney, Hugh, welcomes her to her new post and informs her that someone will be by later in the day to put up a new name plate. Nora is surprised by a visit from R.J., who wanted to check up on her and offer his support on her first day as D.A. She inquires about Jamie and Lindsay, which pleases R.J. He in turn helps her destroy some of Daniel's belongings, including a wedding photo which Nora happily smashes.

Paige comes by Bo's office to see if he can spend some time with her. He apologizes for having meetings throughout the day, including an impending one with Nora. The couple discusses the fact that Paige kept her marriage to Spencer a secret. Bo reminds Paige that he has had relationships destroyed by secrets in the past, and he doesn't want to go down that avenue again. Paige claims that she was so happy in her new life with Bo that she didn't want to bring up bad memories regarding her past with Spencer. The discussion is interrupted when Paige's phone rings; it's David, demanding that she come to La Boule immediately.

After Paige departs, Bo heads to Nora's office to apologize once again. Nora bluntly refuses to accept his apology, and Bo reminds her that Matthew will sense any hostility between them. Nora promises not to let Matthew know how she feels about Bo, but she says that she will never forgive her ex-husband for the way he enjoyed exposing Daniel in front of her. Bo asks Nora if the fact that they once loved each other means anything to her. She claims that the love they once shared used to matter to her, but not anymore. Stunned and hurt, Bo leaves Nora to her new office. She informs Hugh, the ADA, that she will be using her maiden name, Hanen, from here on out; this is also the name on her brand new name plate, which she promptly hangs on her office door.

Paige heads to Dorian's house, where David informs her that Spencer is putting down permanent roots in Llanview. She is furious that David made her lie to Bo and drop everything when he doesn't even have any new information to offer. David tells her that this is a serious matter, especially since Dorian is coming home from Paris later in the day. Paige says that it is possible Spencer's intentions in Llanview really are innocent, but David doesn't buy that for one-second; for that matter, neither does Paige. They vow that they cannot ever tell Bo and Dorian the whole story about their secretive past with Dr. Truman.

Meanwhile, the ubiquitous Spencer shows up for his breakfast with Kelly, who is flirting with Kevin on the Palace terrace. Kevin is obviously annoyed by the doctor's arrival, but when Spencer invites him to join them for breakfast, Kevin agrees. Kelly is uncomfortable being with the two men at the same time, especially as Kevin keeps trying to upstage Spencer by bringing up his shared history with Kelly. Finally, Kevin dismisses himself, and Kelly apologizes to Spencer. Spencer says he understands and reveals that he too has feelings for his ex.

Evangeline enjoys breakfast with her mother, who has come to Llanview for the Woman of the Year ceremony. Van tells her mother that she and John have broken up, and Mrs. Williamson is concerned. She doesn't want Evangeline to attend the awards ceremony alone, but Van reminds her that she didn't need a man to get the award, and she doesn't need one to accept it. Just then, Kevin walks by their table and offers to escort Evangeline to the ceremony. Mrs. Williamson goes to give Van's ticket to the valet, and Van accepts Kevin's offer. She reminds him that she's fresh out of a relationship and that he should keep his expectations low.

In Argentina, Duke and Adriana prepare to make love in the abandoned building, but are interrupted by a prowling goat! They take the interruption as a sign, and Duke says that they should refrain from passion so that he can keep his wits about him. Suddenly, there is another noise; this time it's actually Hesser's henchmen. Duke hides under a sheet and waits for the two men to enter the building, at which point he jumps out and hits one of the men with a punch. Adriana comes out from behind the door and throws a sheet over the other henchman, whom Duke also treats to a wallop.

Meanwhile, Asa has his own men searching for Duke. Carlo shows up and is thrilled to see Renee for the first time in eight years. Asa tries to rush his wife out of the building, but she is determined to figure out why Carlo and Asa are suddenly on such good terms. Carlo pours on the charm for his old flame, but Renee finally leaves to go shopping; not before Carlo gently caresses her face. Asa vows that if Carlo lays a hand on Renee again, he will hunt him down and shoot him. Asa steers the conversation back to the matter of Blair Cramer. Carlo has agreed to have Blair eliminated, but is stunned to learn that Asa wants him to do the deed himself. Carlo says he has trained operatives who can do his dirty work for him, but Asa will not back down: either Carlo go to Llanview and kill Blair with his own two hands, or Asa will call in his Argentinean police contacts and have Carlo thrown into a prison camp for the rest of his miserable life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Duke and Adriana tie up Carlo's henchmen and make a getaway, taking their horse and riding into the distance. They manage to get far enough away to allow them to share a tender moment. Back at Asa's place, he demands that Carlo kill Blair himself or return his thirty million dollars. Carlo finally relents and plans on leaving for Llanview right away. Renee is informed that they can head back themselves because Blair won't be testifying against Asa. She's immediately suspicious.

Rex updates Antonio on R.J.; he's desperate and paranoid over his financial situation. He also receives a high compliment from Antonio on how he's changed; he trusts him implicitly. Rex wonders if Jess knows about Antonio's plans.

At the hospital, Jess fusses over Viki while Nat asks for advice on going after something that she wants. The others know it's all about John. Viki warns her that it could be tricky and not to rush anything because it may not be the right thing for her. As Nat heads out, Viki recalls her fight with Jess and becomes rattled. Sending Jess off for a glass of water, she confides in a newly arrived Antonio that Jess is not herself and needs some help. Meanwhile, Jess runs into Blair who feels shaky being in the hospital surroundings and decides to head back home. After speaking to Viki, Antonio presses Jess to continue the conversation she had started earlier about her problem but she's insistent that he get to his meeting after Tess warns her that she'll hurt him. She'll deal with the problem herself, she declares firmly. After he leaves, she tells herself that she knows what she has to do.

Todd invites Ginger over to talk about Jess/Tess. Ginger has realized that she is the same person but refuses Todd's offer, for money, to watch all of Tess' activities. She won't spy on her friend, even if it's to help her. Todd presses her and as she starts to waver, hands her some money. As Blair walks in, he tells her it's a bonus for babysitting. Later, he confides Jess' problem to her. He doesn't want her other personality, Tess, around the kids. He is certain that neither Viki nor Antonio know of Jess' D.I.D.

As Evangeline gets ready for the Woman of the Year awards banquet, John arrives to wish her luck. After sending her mother out on an errand, Evangeline insists on returning John's mother's pearls, even though he wants her to keep them. He's shaken after hearing she has a date with Kevin but wishes her luck again and puts the pearls into his pocket.

While buying a latte, Rex sees signs of Jen looking out for him. When Nat shows up she informs him that she's decided not to participate in any dangerous stunt to try to capture John's attention. She's decided to wait for him instead, she continues. Rex confuses her and causes her to question her latest decision. When she asks for a sign of her own, John enters the place to buy a cup of regular, boring coffee. Nat goes up to the counter to say hi and John asks what she and Rex are up to. Nothing yet, she replies. When he goes to pay for the coffee, the pearls spill from his pocket. Smiling to herself, Nat retrieves them.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jessica decides that in order to protect her loved ones she must get away from them. After making her decision and discussing it with her doctor she informs Viki of her intentions. Viki protests, insisting that Jessica did not cause her heart attack. Jessica still knows that the best thing for her to do is to leave. She tells her that she's been seeing a doctor and that he recommends it; however she does not tell her mother exactly why she has been seeing the doctor she only confesses that she has been lashing out at everyone including Antonio and that she has not been the same since she married Tico. Viki worries that no one will be able to reach Jessica in case of emergency, but Jess reassures her that Todd will know how to contact her only further confusing Viki. Viki realizes that she cannot talk Jessica out of it and wishes her the best reminding her how much she loves her and hopes she is going to be ok.

Todd meanwhile finishes cluing Blair in on Jessica's condition, causing Blair to be worried about not only Jessica but also everyone Tess could hurt. Todd is pretty sure she would not hurt Blair as long as she did not think she knew anything or was backed in a corner, so Blair swears to keep the secret as Todd heads out to be watch over Viki while Jessica is there. After Todd leaves Kelly shows up with a dilemma of her own. She can't decide on a dress to wear to the Woman of the Year Awards. She admits that though she likes one, Kevin likes the color of the other one. Blair wonders if Kelly still has feelings for Kevin; however she dodges the question and informs Blair that Kevin is escorting Evangeline to the awards, prompting Blair to accuse Kelly of being jealous which gets cut off when Blair thinks she hears something. It turns out to be a false alarm, and she confides to Kelly that lately she's been on edge because the subject of Margaret came up again; they then leave to go visit Maddie at St. Ann's. At St. Ann's Jack gives Maddie a book he made for her with things that remind him of her. Maddie points out that she too is worried about Margaret but Blair calms her fears and points out that Kelly has a date with a doctor. Maddie points out how happy Dorian will be since it means that, Kelly is no longer interested in Kevin, or asks if she's trying to make Kevin jealous. Kelly dodges the question again taking the kids to the hospital to visit Viki. After Kelly leaves Blair confides in Maddie that she thinks Kelly still loves Kevin "but would be the last to admit it."

Kevin is at Capricorn talking to Antonio and informs him that he'll be taking Evangeline to the awards. He asks if he'd mind if they have a party for her afterwards at the club, but he turns him down because of his friendship with John and feeling like it is not right. Kevin reassures Antonio that they both are fully aware that they are each other's "second string" and he did not want to see her go to her own ceremony by herself. After Antonio reinserts his denial for the party Kevin gets changed and goes to the hospital to visit his mother. Viki points out how nice he looks though admits Kelly would have done a better job on the tie he informs her that Kelly is going with Dr. Truman to the ceremony and Viki can't help but wonder how Kevin feels about that.

Todd arrives at the hospital shortly after Jessica has told Viki of her plans and Jessica asks for Todd's assistance in leaving. He takes her to Capricorn where she wishes to say good-bye to Antonio who is talking to Jackie about a plot to catch R.J. in a "sub legal" deal. Todd points out that Antonio brings out the worst in Tess and that by talking to him she may cause Tess to emerge ruining her plans to get help. Jessica takes Todd's advice and leaves Capricorn before Antonio even realizes she was there. Todd then takes her to St. Ann's where he doctor meets her and informs her that after pulling some strings he obtained her a private room with locks on the outside of the door to keep Tess from getting out. Todd is reluctant to leave Jessica there insisting that they could find help for her but Jessica believes this is the only way she can keep her loved one's safe so reluctantly Todd leaves Jessica to get checked in.

Adriana and Duke take shelter in a shack they find while running from Carlo's henchmen. Their rest is shortly lived though because they find them and at Carlo's demands hold them as insurance in the event that Asa double crosses Carlo. Asa is getting grilled by Renee as to how he plans to keep Blair from testifying when he receives the call from Duke being forced to tell him that he is going to stay around and to go ahead back to Llanview with out him. Shortly after take off while talking about why Blair would not testify and refusing to let Asa hurt Blair anymore Renee realizes that Asa's plan is to have Carlo kill Blair to keep her from putting him away. There isn't much Renee can do though because Carlo has already put the plan into motion. Shortly after everyone left the Manning residence he disabled all of the alarms and when Blair returned home and noticed it she called the security guard and Carlo shows up at the door as an unsettling greeting.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Natalie spots Todd leaving Llanfair with Jessica's belongings and demands to know what he's doing. He tells her that Jess has to go away for a while, under doctor's orders. Natalie demands specifics, but Todd tells her she's getting no further information from him. He says that Viki knows Jess is going away, and that she is fine with it. Natalie realizes she is getting nothing more out of her uncle, and watches him leave with her sister's stuff. Rex shows up just as Todd is leaving, having concocted a plan to get John and Natalie together. He has manufactured a letter from the Killing Club Killer that references a drowning from the book. He plans to have the letter, along with a picture of Natalie, delivered to John. Natalie insists that she wants no part in this scheme, because she wants to win John on her own terms, with no manipulation. Rex believes that Natalie has to step up to the plate and take action.

Meanwhile, the Woman of the Year ceremony is about to get underway at the Palace Hotel. Dorian has just arrived home from Paris, and she insists to a reluctant David that they must attend the gathering. He is nervous, because Spencer is attending WOTY with Kelly as his date; David does not want Dorian to meet his brother.

At the Palace, Spencer gets under Kevin's skin by bringing up Asa's troubles with the law. Evangeline is exasperated when Kevin and Kelly bicker flirtatiously, but Kevin vows to devote all of his attention to her for the remainder of the evening. John shows up for the ceremony in order to keep a close eye on Hayes, and Evangeline has mixed emotions upon seeing him. Evangeline's mother, however, has only one opinion: she tells McBain he's not wanted!

Marcie, the mistress of ceremonies, gets things under way with a touching tribute to Jen; Rex and a tearful Lindsay watch, and Marcie's tribute is greeted by strong applause. During the intermission, Dorian rushes over to Kelly and Spencer, demanding that her niece introduce her and David to her date!

In another corner of the room, Rex watches as John receives a special delivery: the letter from "the Killer!"

At St. Anne's, Sister Madeline explains the rules to Jessica, who in turn fills her in on the history of her relationship with Antonio. When Sister Madeline tries to take Jessica's engagement ring, Jess breaks down and begs to be allowed to hold onto it. She thinks Antonio's ring will help her heal more quickly. Sister Madeline agrees to make an exception to the no jewelry rule.

Carlo holds Blair at gun point, telling her that her death can be painless if she doesn't make a sound. Blair continues to struggle until Bo and two police officers suddenly burst into the penthouse, warning Hesser to drop his weapon. Carlo refuses, suggesting to Bo that he will shoot Blair if the officers don't back off. Carlo starts making his way out of the penthouse, with Blair as his hostage, when Todd arrives home from St. Anne's. Todd silently creeps up behind Carlo and Blair, and grabs Hesser, knocking his weapon aside. Bo's officers subdue Carlo, and the entire party heads to the station. Bo explains to Todd and Blair that an anonymous caller tipped him off to a pending murder at the Manning's residence. Carlo reveals that he is being well paid to kill Blair, and Blair demands to know by whom. She accuses Carlo of working for Margaret, but the villain insists he knows no one who goes by that name.

On the plane ride from Argentina to Llanview, Renee figures out that Asa hired Carlo to kill Blair. She is disgusted, and even more so when Asa feigns ignorance. He goes so far as to pretend he hasn't seen Carlo in eight years and tells Renee all her questions will be answered when they arrive home. Upon departing the jet at Llanview Airport, Asa and Renee are greeted by Bo, who has come to arrest his father.

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