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Monday, April 16, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Abigail accidentally bumped into Cameron as he was clearing some dirty dishes off of a table. Gravy landed on Abigail and Cameron as the dishes fell to the floor.

Abigail started to apologize, but Cameron admitted that the situation was kind of funny. Cameron accepted Abigail's apology, then he urged her to accept his. Cameron said that he had felt overwhelmed earlier, and he acknowledged that he had acted like a jerk.

Abigail offered to help Cameron take care of the pub, and she assured him that she wouldn't break anything. Cameron hesitantly accepted Abigail's offer, and he hoped that he wouldn't regret his decision. Later, Cameron pointed out that he still didn't know Abigail's last name. Abigail revealed that she was a Deveraux, and Cameron realized that she was Jack and Jennifer's daughter.

Cameron explained that his mother, Celeste Perrault, knew Jack and Jennifer. Abigail was surprised to learn that Cameron was Lexie's half-brother. Cameron admitted that Lexie had been surprised, too. Cameron told Abigail that his father had raised him. Later, Cameron thanked Abigail for her help. Cameron said that he looked forward to seeing Abigail again, and Abigail eagerly agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Billie assured E.J. that she hadn't been snooping. Billie claimed that she had accidentally discovered the secret compartment while she had been searching for a pen. "This house is like something out of a mystery novel. I mean, you lift a vase up, and a secret hatch opens up. How was I supposed to know that there was a secret panel in the wall?" Billie asked innocently.

E.J. wasn't convinced, and he demanded to know what Billie had seen. Billie decided to take a different approach, and she admitted that she had seen some ledgers and spreadsheets. "Someone stole a whole lot of money, and now it's gone...and my gut tells me that you have no idea where it went," Billie knowingly stated. E.J.'s silence confirmed Billie's suspicion.

Billie said that she and E.J. had something in common -- they were each looking for the same answers. Billie suggested that she and E.J. could join forces, but E.J. wasn't willing to trust her. Billie shrugged, then she innocently hinted that someone might try to spread vicious rumors about the mayor's illegal activities. Billie urged E.J. to think about her proposal, then she exited the mansion.

At the Carver house, Lexie was preparing for a meeting with E.J. Abe urged Lexie to cancel the meeting so that she could get some rest, but Lexie insisted that she would be fine. "Abe, I want to be the one who decides when enough is enough. I'm not ready to let this illness win," Lexie added.

Lexie revealed that she had asked a world-renowned neurosurgeon to evaluate her case. Lexie noted that a positive attitude could be a powerful form of medicine, and she asked Abe to make sure that she remained optimistic. Abe agreed to be Lexie's personal cheerleader, and she thanked him for his support.

Later, E.J. arrived, and Abe excused himself so that Lexie and E.J. could have some privacy. Lexie could tell that something was distracting E.J., and she wondered what was wrong. E.J. quickly told Lexie about Stefano's betrayal. Lexie pointed out that DiMera Enterprises was Stefano's baby, and she suggested that it was probably going to be hard for him to think about turning the company over to E.J.

E.J. insisted that he had done everything that he could possibly do to prove his worthiness. Before Lexie could respond, another debilitating headache silenced her. Abe returned to the room to check on Lexie, and he wondered if she needed to go to the hospital. Lexie took a deep breath as the pain started to subside, and she assured Abe that she would be all right.

E.J. demanded to know what was wrong with Lexie. Lexie shrugged and assured E.J. that she was fine, but he refused to believe her. Abe quietly told Lexie that E.J. needed to know the truth. Lexie nodded as she struggled to maintain her composure. "I have a brain tumor," Lexie admitted.

At the hospital, Hope informed Daniel that Bo had moved his hand. Daniel was optimistic, but he admitted that Bo's condition hadn't changed yet. Hope wondered if she should tell Bo's family and friends about the movement. Daniel encouraged Hope to share the good news with everyone, then he excused himself.

Later, Billie greeted Daniel, and she said that Hope had sent her a text message about Bo's hand movement. Daniel assured Billie that it was good news, but he added that he didn't want to pull Bo out of the coma yet. Billie said that she didn't want to disturb Hope and Bo, and she started to excuse herself.

Daniel stopped Billie, and he suggested that they could have dinner together. Billie hesitantly stated that she wasn't comfortable with that idea. Billie reminded Daniel that he had dated her mother and her daughter, and she said that it would be weird for them to go to dinner together. Daniel pointed out that he and Billie could still be friends, and she agreed.

Later, Billie entered the Brady Pub, and she noticed that Daniel was sitting at one of the tables. Billie chose a different table on the other side of the room, but she and Daniel quickly realized that it was silly to try to avoid each other. Billie invited Daniel to join her, and they shared their dinner together as friends. Later, Billie excused herself, and Daniel watched as she walked away.

Back at the hospital, Hope urged Bo to wake up. "What's the deal? I risked my life to get back to you, and...what, you're just gonna lie there? I need to hear your voice, Brady. I need to see your smile," Hope said. Hope waited for a response, but Bo didn't move. Hope decided to try a different approach, and she announced that she was going to talk to Bo until he couldn't stand it any longer.

"How 'bout we start with the first day we met? I knew you were trouble the second I laid eyes on you, Brady, but...I never could say no to that bike. And how about our first kiss, huh? You didn't think I could handle it, but, of course -- once again -- I proved you wrong. Made you keep your promise to dance with me -- so glad I did. That was the day we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. I gave you my heart. There was no turning back -- it was just the two of us. It was perfect, Brady. Do you remember what I said to you that day? I said you were my husband in heart and soul, now and forever, and I meant it -- I meant every word, Brady," Hope said.

"I have loved you more than half my life, Bo Brady. We've had so many great years together, but that -- that was just the beginning, because we still have a whole lifetime to go. Do you hear me? You're my best friend. You are my partner. Damn it, just open your eyes," Hope begged Bo. Hope continued to encourage Bo as his eyes started to flutter. Bo opened his eyes, and Hope excitedly kissed him.

At the Horton Town Square, Stefano surprised Kate with a private, romantic dinner for two. Stefano happily proclaimed that Kate was the most patient and understanding wife that a man could ever ask for. Stefano added that he had been testing Kate's patience lately, and he promised that he was going to make it up to her.

Kate said that flowers would have been sufficient, but Stefano insisted that Kate was being too modest. Stefano cryptically stated that he knew what Kate had been doing while he had been in Alamainia. Kate nervously wondered what Stefano was talking about.

Stefano proudly stated that Kate had been dealing with her company, and she had been taking care of the mansion, and she had been putting up with E.J.'s drama. Stefano said that was a lot for one woman to handle. Stefano added that Kate had also discovered that Sami had been trying to sabotage Countess Wilhelmina. Kate was surprised that Stefano had already heard about Sami's betrayal.

"Katherine, when are you going to learn, huh? I always know what's going on with my family, no matter where I am," Stefano said with a laugh. Kate smiled nervously, and Stefano proposed a toast. "To my lovely Katherine -- my beautiful wife. I can honestly say that every day that I spend with you is more exciting and, actually, more interesting than the day before. Salud," Stefano said.

Stefano wondered if Kate was ready for another surprise. Kate said that she didn't need another surprise -- she only needed Stefano. Stefano insisted that Kate was being silly, and he said that she deserved the very best. Stefano explained that he had ordered all of Kate's favorite dishes, and Kate silently recalled that Ian had ordered those same dishes after they had slept together.

Kate started to say something, but Stefano stopped her, and he insisted that he didn't want to hear any protests about the extravagance of the meal. Stefano reminded Kate that they were celebrating, and he noted that it had been a very long time since she had eaten her favorite dishes. Stefano urged Kate to enjoy herself, and he suggested that they could pretend that it was their last night together.

Later, Stefano wondered if Kate had saved room for some dessert. Kate suggested that she and Stefano could take the dessert home so that they could eat it later. Stefano's mood abruptly changed. "Actually...that is not an option, because, you see, you are no longer welcome in my home. Did you really think that I did not know? The ultimate betrayal, Katherine. our last supper," Stefano said, as he spat on the food.

Kate feigned ignorance, and she wondered what Stefano was talking about. "You and Ian McAllister, that's what. Now, you both had the same meal, didn't you? Together -- after you went to bed with him," Stefano snapped. Kate started to deny Stefano's accusation, but he stopped her, and he demanded to hear her admit that she had betrayed him.

Kate sighed as she fought back her tears. "It's true -- I slept with him. But it meant nothing to me, and I regretted it -- I regretted it immediately. I didn't mean for it to happen. You disappeared -- I didn't know where you were. I couldn't reach you. I was vulnerable, and he reached out to me," Kate explained. Kate insisted that she loved Stefano, and she begged for his forgiveness.

Stefano said that Kate disgusted him, and he vowed that he would never forgive her. "You are out of my life. You are dead to me," Stefano stated with contempt, as tears rolled down Kate's cheeks. Stefano started to walk away, as Kate continued to beg for his forgiveness.

"Stop, stop! You sound like an old...bore. Oh, yes, by the way -- just a little thing that will help you remember me," Stefano said, as he retrieved a thick envelope from his jacket pocket. Stefano angrily slammed the envelope down on the table, then he stormed off. After Stefano left, Kate apprehensively reached for the envelope.

"No!" Kate screamed as she read the documents, then she flipped the table over in an outburst of anger and despair.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In his hospital bed, Bo opened his eyes to see a smiling Hope at his bedside. Hope informed Bo that he had been asleep for a while and to conserve his strength. After looking around the room, Bo stared at Hope, then he fell unconscious. Hope pleaded with Bo to open his eyes, but when he failed to wake up, Hope ran into the hallway and grabbed Daniel.

Daniel examined Bo and determined that there was no change in Bo's condition. Hope pleaded with Daniel to believe her and rouse Bo out of his induced coma. Though Daniel was reluctant to waken Bo from his coma, he agreed that Bo could benefit from being with his family. Overjoyed, Hope hugged Daniel in celebration.

Daniel injected medication into Bo to wake him from his coma, and Hope sat on the bed and encouraged her husband to wake up. Bo's eyes slowly fluttered open and he whispered, "Fancy Face." Bo asked Hope what had happened, but she urged him to rest. "I just woke up, and you're already telling me what to do," Bo joked. After Daniel left the room, Bo told Hope that he had heard her talking to him when he was unconscious. "I love you more than you'll ever know," Hope whispered.

Marlena met up with John at the Brady Pub to discuss John's decision to return to the ISA. Marlena was angry and asked John to leave the work up to someone else. "You promised me you were done with all of this. I expect you to live by your word," Marlena said. John countered that he could not rest until Stefano was put out of commission. John announced that he needed to decode the coin so that he could defeat Stefano.

When Marlena noted that she wanted to be able to enjoy life with her family and friends and not worry about Stefano, John argued that he needed to return to the ISA to make that possible. Narrowing her eyes, Marlena said, "I don't think prison is going to do it. I don't think we'll be free until he is dead and gone."

In the Carver living room, Lexie informed E.J. that she had an inoperable brain tumor. E.J. lashed out at Abe, but Lexie warned E.J. not to blame her husband. E.J. swore to find a doctor to help Lexie, but she declined the offer. Lexie assured E.J. that she had not given up, and neither had Abe. "I can't think of two people better equipped to handle the situation," E.J. said sincerely.

As Lexie attempted to cheerfully assure E.J. that she was happy to have his support, she grabbed her head in pain. Lexie excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving E.J. and Abe alone in the living room. E.J. noted that though he and Abe would never be friends, they both agreed that they would put Lexie first. E.J. asked Abe to call him if Abe needed anything.

"I'm going to be there for my sister; I'm going to be there for her family," E.J. said. E.J. and Abe agreed to set their differences aside. E.J. apologized for his behavior and how it had affected Abe. As E.J. and Abe shook hands, Lexie returned to the living room and was pleased to see her men getting along. Abe urged Lexie to lie down, so E.J. said goodbye. Lexie asked E.J. not to tell Stefano until she was ready to talk to him.

Once E.J. was gone, Lexie and Abe sat on the couch and discussed what to do next. Lexie noted that they needed to create a plan for Theo. In denial, Abe countered that they would find treatment for Lexie. With a sigh, Lexie noted they needed to set out a plan for how to proceed if she did not get better. Abe refused to talk about giving up, and Lexie assured Abe that she was not giving up. Lexie explained that they needed to be responsible parents and prepare for every possibility.

Abe urged Lexie to focus on getting better. "I am not going to lose you," Abe said. Overcome, Lexie began to cry. Abe turned her face towards him and asked her if she had heard him. "You are not going to lose me," Lexie said before she collapsed in Abe's arms and they both broke down.

Upset over her confrontation with Stefano, Kate marched over to Sami's apartment and banged on her apartment door. When Sami opened the door, Kate pushed past her. Kate threatened to tear Sami apart as Kate waved around the legal document Stefano had handed to her. As Kate grabbed Sami's shirt and screamed that she despised her, Lucas ran into the apartment from the hallway and pulled Kate off of Sami.

Sami smiled gleefully, and Lucas asked why they were fighting. Sami explained that she had gained control of Countess W. "As my first decision as CEO, you're fired," Sami said to Kate. Kate swore that she would not let Sami run her company. Confused, Lucas asked what had happened. Grinning with satisfaction, Sami detailed that she did not own Countess W but that Stefano given her the job of CEO.

Lucas was concerned that Sami had agreed to work for Stefano, but Sami assured Lucas that she knew what she was doing. Sami added that Stefano trusted her to do "what the old regime couldn't." When Lucas urged Kate to reason with Stefano, Sami chuckled. Kate explained that she could not change Stefano's mind.

Kate warned Sami that she would wrest away control of the company and destroy her. Sami noted that Stefano owned a majority of Countess W. "You should have seen how happy it made him to hand the reins over to me. What did you do to make him so mad?" Sami marveled. Lucas asked Sami to lay off Kate, but Sami countered that Kate was getting what she deserved. After a moment's deliberation, Lucas asked Kate to leave.

"This isn't over. The tables will turn, and when they turn, you are going to be a sorry woman," Kate said. After Kate left, Lucas demanded to know why Sami had taken Stefano's offer. Sami explained that by taking the job, she got to humiliate Kate and run a major company all at the same time. Lucas was disappointed with Sami's behavior, and he left.

While Sami sat at her desk, reviewing files for Countess W, E.J. knocked on the door. Upset, E.J. demanded that Sami wake the children so that he could see them. "All I want to do is hold them and tell them that I love them," E.J. said tersely. Realizing that something was wrong, Sami asked E.J. what had happened. E.J. noted that Lexie had a brain tumor. Emotional, E.J. remarked that the doctors were small-minded to announce that the tumor was inoperable.

As E.J. fought back tears, he noted that it was unfair that Lexie was a doctor who saved lives and yet there was no one to save hers. E.J. dropped his head in his hands to weep, and Sami gently wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. "I don't want to be comforted, Samantha. I'm not a child," E.J. said stiffly as he pulled away.

When E.J. lamented that Lexie was being punished, Sami asked E.J. whether he believed Johnny's illness was a punishment. Sami reminded E.J. that Johnny had survived his illness and that he was safe and asleep in the next room. "You just don't know how these things are going to go. You don't always have control, and that's why it's so scary," Sami said.

As E.J. started to pace the apartment, he noticed the Countess W files on the desk, and he confronted Sami. With a small grin, Sami informed E.J that she was running the company. As E.J. nodded in disbelief, Sami explained that Stefano was angry at Kate. Startled, E.J. noted that Stefano could not make decisions about Countess W without his approval because he was a partner.

Sami begged E.J. not to take the company away from her, but E.J. countered that Stefano had never had the right to appoint Sami to the position. "This has nothing to do with you," E.J. said. Sami asked E.J. to sign off on the appointment, but E.J. refused. E.J. explained that he objected to Stefano handling the matter without his consent.

"This is the latest in a long line of insults my father has thrown at me, and I'm gonna find out where they're coming from," E.J. said as he stormed out of the apartment. Desperate, Sami shouted out a plea to E.J. to think about letting her remain the head of Countess W.

In the town square, Lucas caught up with Kate as she paced the square, talking to her lawyer on the phone. Lucas sat Kate on the couch and asked her to talk to him. As Lucas offered words of support, Kate wiped tears from her eyes. Lucas urged Kate to join him at Hearth and Home. With a groan, Kate informed Lucas that the phone call she had received was about Hearth and Home.

"He took it from us. Stefano's taken everything from us," Kate said. Kate apologized to Lucas, and she explained that Stefano wanted to destroy her. When Lucas asked for details, Kate explained that she had signed over Hearth and Home to Stefano when she had first married him. "I don't know how I could be so stupid," Kate sputtered.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gabi entered Common Grounds in time to witness a man named Mike giving Will a pair of tickets to a sold-out concert to say thank you for something Will had done for Mike's boss. After Mike had gone, Gabi observed that Will seemed more confident since he'd started working for E.J. She then asked for Will's help with a project. Gabi explained that she believed that Chad belonged with her, not Melanie, and she wanted Will's help breaking up Chad and Melanie.

An incredulous Will refused to stab his friends in the back, and pointed out that such a plot wasn't like Gabi. Gabi petulantly asserted that being a good girl had gotten her nowhere, because no matter what she'd done, she had never felt good enough -- or hot enough. Will tried to convince her that wasn't true. "If I'm as great as you say I am, then why did you just give up?" Gabi demanded. She declared that from then on, if she wanted something, she was going after it, because obviously she hadn't tried hard enough before.

Gabi continued that Will's lack of interest in her after the first time they'd made love had hurt her. Will insisted that it had been about him, not her, but Gabi didn't buy it. She started to storm out, but Will gently grabbed her by the wrist and made her listen. He explained that he hadn't known who he was before, but he had since figured it out. "Things didn't work between us because things were never going to work out between us. We didn't last, not because of you, but because I'm gay," Will declared softly.

As Austin and Carrie arrived outside the Brady Pub, Austin switched his phone to "silent" mode, and Carrie revealed that she had locked her phone in the hotel room, so they would not be disturbed on their date night. They entered the pub, but things became awkward when they bumped into Rafe, who was carrying a huge bowl of ice cream to Nicole. They exchanged pleasantries, then each couple retreated to their own table.

Nicole told Rafe that they could leave if he wanted, but he insisted he was fine. Nicole noted that he had claimed paternity of her baby without thinking about how it would affect his relationship with Carrie. Rafe pointed out that Carrie and Austin were working things out, and Rafe didn't want to interfere with that.

Across the pub, Austin noticed that Carrie wasn't eating much, and suggested that they leave. Carrie agreed, but only if they could be alone together. They kissed fairly passionately, then hurried out.

As Nicole and Rafe watched Austin and Carrie leave, Nicole wanted to know how Rafe could stand always doing the honorable thing. Rafe didn't have an answer for that. Nicole asked if Rafe were ready to leave, and he said that he was, but admitted it was difficult going home to an empty loft. Nicole invited him to go to the movie in Horton Square, and Rafe accepted.

Carrie and Austin arrived back at their hotel room, where they professed their love for one another, and then began disrobing each other. After they'd had sex, Austin fell asleep, while Carrie lay awake, looking miserable. After a while, she pulled on a robe and got out of bed.

Chad and Melanie were headed to see an outdoor movie that was about to be shown in Horton Square. They informed Abigail that she had to go with them, because they'd set her up on a blind date. Cameron arrived just then, and Abigail explained to that the two of them had already met. Cameron assumed that Abigail had arranged the "blind" date, but Chad and Abigail assured Cameron that wasn't the case.

Cameron jokingly started patting himself down to make sure he wasn't carrying anything breakable. Irked, Abigail started to leave, and only agreed to stick around after Cameron promised to stop being "a wise-ass." When Chad and Melanie returned with popcorn for everyone, they found Cameron and Abigail ignoring each other in favor of playing with their cell phones. Melanie fretted that things between Abigail and Cameron just weren't going to work out.

During the movie, Abigail and Cameron sat on opposite sides of Chad and Melanie. Abigail sulked as she munched popcorn, then suddenly began to choke. Although Nurse Melanie didn't realize what was happening, Cameron sprang into action and administered the Heimlich Maneuver to Abigail. The offending kernel eventually went flying, and even though she gasped for air, Abigail refused to admit that Cameron had saved her life. Cameron was offended that Abigail couldn't even be bothered to say "thank you." Abigail stormed off, and Melanie chased after her.

Abigail continued to insist that she hadn't been choking in the first place. Melanie noted that Cameron had obviously known otherwise, because he was a doctor. She wondered why Abigail was having such a hard time expressing her gratitude to a cute guy who obviously liked her. Abigail grudgingly admitted that the Heimlich Maneuver had hurt, plus she was embarrassed -- and she was still trying to figure out why she had so uncharacteristically lied to Austin and Carrie.

Melanie countered that just because Abigail had made a mistake, it didn't mean she deserved to be miserable and alone. After urging Abigail not to hide from life forever, Melanie went back to the movie. At last, Abigail returned and sat next to Cameron. She asked if they could start over, because she had been a little off her game since they'd first met. "I have no idea what you're talking about," Cameron replied, playing along.

Abigail acknowledged that she hadn't said thank you when Cameron had saved her life. "So is this an apology, a thank you, or a hello?" Cameron asked. "What if it's all three?" Abigail suggested. A few seats away, Chad and Melanie watched with approval, as their set-up seemed to finally be working.

Nicole and Rafe arrived in the square just in time for what Nicole deemed the "we're apart and unhappy montage" in the movie. With a chuckle, Rafe acknowledged that he was in the "montage part" of his life. Nicole declared that he had handled it well, plus he had made her life a lot easier. Rafe admitted that he'd enjoyed spending time with her, since she was actually looking forward to something in her life.

Nicole invited Rafe to return to her apartment for a cocktail -- which she would relish watching him drink -- but he declined. Nicole asserted that after Rafe's montage, he deserved a happy ending. She kissed him affectionately near his mouth, and it obviously affected both of them a little, but Nicole pulled it together enough to say goodbye and leave.

Rafe stood and watched the movie for a few minutes, then turned to leave -- but then he spotted Carrie arriving from the other direction.

When John and Marlena visited Bo at the hospital, Hope was still by her husband's side. Bo wanted to know what had happened in Alamainia, and Hope tried to persuade him to wait until later to talk about it. John suspected that Stefano wouldn't give up until he'd gotten what he wanted, and Hope concurred.

A nurse entered to draw some blood samples from Bo, so the others stepped into the hallway -- where Stefano was waiting. Stefano demanded his stolen property back. As the nurse left Bo's room, Stefano began to threaten John and Hope. Bo wobbled out of his room, and warned Stefano against menacing the people he cared about. Hope admonished Bo to get back into bed. Stefano found it hard to take a man in a hospital gown seriously.

Hope ordered Stefano to leave, but Stefano reminded John about the man who'd followed Marlena with a gun while John had been away. John growled, "You will stay away from my wife -- just like you're going to stay away from all of us." Stefano cautioned, "I think I have delivered my message. But you know what I want -- and what I'll do to get it." He wished everyone a good evening, and strolled away.

Bo finally agreed to return to his bed, but he wanted to hear the whole story about what had happened in Alamainia. After John and Hope had filled Bo in, Bo wanted to know why Stefano had desired the coin so badly. John acknowledged that they still had to find that out, but first they had to get the coin back from Spencer.

Kate tried to enter the DiMera mansion to pick up her things, but Harold blocked her way. He explained firmly that Mr. DiMera had already removed Mrs. DiMera's things. E.J. arrived just then, and Kate followed when Harold let the younger Mr. DiMera enter the living room. E.J. admitted that Stefano had apparently turned against him, as well. Kate was still fuming about Stefano handing over control of Countess Wilhelmina to Sami, and E.J. was just as angry that Stefano had done so without consulting him.

E.J. wanted to know what Kate had done to make Stefano turn against her. Kate wouldn't even look E.J. in the eye, and eventually he deduced that she had cheated on Stefano. Kate wondered why Stefano had turned on E.J., but E.J. had no idea. Kate thought perhaps E.J. was overreacting. E.J. angrily explained that Stefano had done far more than go not consult E.J. about Countess Wilhelmina; Stefano had been undermining him for months.

Fed up, E.J. was just about to leave when Stefano returned. "I guess what they say is true: misery really does love company," Stefano stated when he saw E.J. and Kate commiserating. He suggested that it was a good time for both Kate and Elvis to leave, but E.J. declared that he wasn't going anywhere until he got some answers. "Answers?" Stefano echoed.

E.J. clarified, "About your coup d'état at Countess Wilhelmina, about these games that you've been playing, but most importantly..." He strode over, opened the secret compartment, removed the file inside, and slammed it emphatically down on the desk, as he continued, "About that. Fun time is over, Father." Lighting a cigar nonchalantly, Stefano replied, "Really? I thought it had just begun."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, two girls ambushed Chad and asked him to pose for a photograph with them. Before Chad could respond, one of the girls started to kiss him. Meanwhile, Melanie entered the town square.

Chad assured Melanie that he could explain everything. Melanie said that Chad didn't owe her an explanation, and she warned the girls to back off. The girls quickly walked away, and Chad told Melanie that he was impressed, scared, and turned on.

At Common Grounds, Gabi was surprised to learn that Will was gay. Gabi wondered how Will felt about his sexuality. Will said that he had made peace with the fact that he was gay. Will acknowledged that being gay wasn't the end of the world, and he added that he still felt like a man.

Gabi blamed herself, and she recalled that a similar situation had happened while she had been in high school. Gabi explained that she had once had a crush on a guy named Jake, who had shared a show choir class with her. Will laughed knowingly when Gabi mentioned show choir. Gabi insisted that a pattern had developed, and she wondered what was wrong with her.

"There's nothing wrong with you...except maybe you might need to have your gaydar tuned a little bit," Will jokingly replied. Will said that he had never meant to make Gabi feel like she was undesirable. Gabi was glad that she and Will had ended up as friends, and she suggested that he could help her improve her gaydar. Will assured Gabi that she wouldn't need his help, because she would find the right guy soon enough.

Chad and Melanie entered the coffeehouse, and Gabi stared at Chad. Will waved his hands in front of Gabi's face to get her attention, and he quietly compared Chad to Jake. Gabi said that Chad wasn't gay, but Will pointed out that Chad also wasn't interested in her. Gabi insisted that Will could help her fix that problem.

Will wondered what Gabi's master plan was. Gabi said that she had known Chad for longer than Melanie had, and she insisted that she and Chad still shared a special bond. "Like you thought there was with us?" Will pointedly asked. Gabi said that Will was being mean, but he explained that he was just trying to get through to her.

"Gabi, I wanted to be in love with you...because it would've meant that I wasn't gay, and I think you wanted to be in love with me just because you wanted to be in love," Will stated. Will glanced at Chad and Melanie, who were clearly enjoying themselves, and he advised Gabi to stop fooling herself. Will said that nothing was going to happen between Gabi and Chad as long as Melanie was in the picture.

Gabi batted her eyelashes at Will, and she asked him to help her think of a plan that would take Melanie out of the equation. Will reminded Gabi that he was gay, and that she wouldn't be able to use her feminine charms to manipulate him. Gabi reminded Will that they were still friends. Will nodded, and he said that was why he wasn't going to let her do anything stupid.

Will received a business call, and he excused himself so that he could answer it. After Will left, Gabi started to eavesdrop on Chad and Melanie's conversation. Melanie joked that she didn't want to leave the coffeehouse, because she was afraid that a gang of screaming girls would be waiting for Chad in the parking lot. Chad dryly agreed that it would be horrible if something like that happened.

Melanie assured Chad that she wasn't jealous or upset. Melanie admitted that it was kind of annoying that the girls loved Chad, because they all seemed to hate her. Gabi approached Chad and Melanie, and she innocently started to talk about all of the girls who had been hanging out at the photo shoots. Will returned, and he stopped Gabi before she could say anything else.

Later, Will told Gabi that he had spent his entire life watching Sami go after men who weren't interested in her. "It's always a disaster, and I'm sick of watching it, so if you wanna go, you know, screw around with their lives, fine, but you're on your own," Will said, then he excused himself. After Will left, Gabi glared at Melanie. "Guess it's all up to me now," Gabi muttered.

In Madison's office at Titan, Ian greeted Brady and Madison. Brady reluctantly left so that Ian and Madison could have some privacy. After Brady left, Ian said that he was aware that Madison was still in love with Brady. "I come bearing gifts -- divorce, darling. Freedom. Anything that you want," Ian announced.

Madison was apprehensive, but Ian insisted that he wasn't trying to trick her. "As sad as it is for me to say this...this is the end of us, Madison," Ian added. Madison beamed with delight, and Ian quietly noted that he had finally managed to make her smile again. Ian urged Madison to tell Brady the good news. Madison hugged Ian, then she rushed out of the office.

Later, in Madison's hotel room, Brady wondered why Madison had asked to see him. Brady could tell that Madison was extremely happy about something. "What's the good news? Did you finally kill him or something?" Brady dryly asked. Madison explained what had happened, and Brady insisted that there had to be some sort of catch. Madison assured Brady that Ian had seemed sincere.

After Brady and Madison made love, Madison said that there was only one thing that would make the day better. Madison recalled the night that Brady had asked her to marry him. "If that offer were to be back on the table, there's an excellent chance I'd say yes...if, you know, it's not too late," Madison said. Brady asked Madison to marry him, and Madison eagerly agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano ordered Kate to leave. Kate reminded Stefano that she was still his wife, but he assured her that he would be taking care of that technicality soon enough. "I accepted the fact that I married an ex-hooker, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna stay married to one who's still in the business," Stefano muttered with contempt. Stefano added that Kate was dead to him.

Kate begged Stefano not to take away her livelihood. Kate said that she had built Countess Wilhelmina and Hearth and Home herself, and she pointed out that Stefano had been nothing more than a silent partner. "Isn't it sad when your partner betrays you?" Stefano pointedly asked. Stefano reiterated that he wanted Kate to leave, and she reluctantly exited the mansion.

Back at Titan, Ian was talking to someone on the phone. Ian said that he was no longer tied to Madison, and that it was time to put the next phase of the plan into motion. After Ian ended the call, Kate entered his office. Ian was pleased to see Kate, but he noticed that she looked horrible. Kate told Ian that she had lost everything. "From the clothes in my closet to both of my companies -- everything," Kate said.

Ian claimed that Kate was better off without Stefano, but Kate wasn't convinced. "The truth is, Stefano and I had no problems until you came to Salem," Kate bitterly noted. Ian called Stefano a vicious, controlling man, and he insisted that Kate deserved someone who was better than that. Kate pointed out that Ian treated Madison the same way.

Ian admitted that he deserved that, but he insisted that he had changed. Ian told Kate that he had agreed to divorce Madison. Ian explained that he had decided that it was wrong to stay married to Madison when he was in love with Kate. Kate knowingly stated that Ian had only said that he was in love with her to get her into his bed.

Ian agreed, but he added that he had also meant it. Ian said that he would spend the rest of his life trying to convince Kate that he was sincere. "I'm broke, and my life is a complete mess, and you're willing to see me through that. You're either the sweetest man I've ever known, or you're a complete sucker," Kate said.

Kate warned that she could be extremely high-maintenance. Ian reminded Kate that he was ridiculously wealthy, and he assured her that he could buy her anything that she wanted. Kate thanked Ian for his generosity, but she sullenly added that she didn't think that anything would ever make her happy again.

"What about revenge? Did it ever occur to you to go after Stefano with my help?" Ian asked. Kate warned that Stefano would retaliate, but Ian was undeterred. "Let's just say that Stefano is gonna regret the day he ever hurt you," Ian said, as Kate smiled at him gratefully.

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. continued to rant about Stefano's efforts to sabotage him. "C'est la vie," Stefano said with a shrug. Stefano added that E.J. had still managed to win the election, so he had nothing to complain about. Stefano refused to explain himself to E.J., and he started to walk out of the living room. E.J. blocked Stefano's path, and he demanded to know why Stefano had undermined him.

Stefano said that E.J. had done the same thing on more than one occasion. Stefano recalled that E.J. had never bothered to mention that he had been trying to ruin John's life. Stefano added that E.J. had tried to distance himself from Stefano during the election campaign. E.J. explained that he had been trying to prove that he was ready to take over the family business.

"And you failed...because I know that you will never, ever lead this family," Stefano said. E.J. tried to pretend that Stefano's comment hadn't bothered him, and he said that he hoped that Stefano planned to live for a very long time. Stefano suggested that he would eventually give Chad the family business.

E.J. sarcastically agreed that Chad -- the male model who didn't even bother to talk to Stefano -- was an excellent choice to run the family business. E.J. wondered what he had done to deserve Stefano's punishment. Stefano cryptically stated that E.J. didn't want to know the answer to that question. "I'm afraid, Elvis, that, uh, your not your fault -- it's mine, for not being careful enough," Stefano added.

E.J. said that he was sick of Stefano's riddles. "Something is eating you -- something that involves me -- and you don't seem to want to tell me what it is. You bray at me about the importance of family, and then you treat me like a stranger. Fine. You know what? You don't feel like a father to me -- not anymore. In fact, you haven't...for quite some time," E.J. said, as he struggled to contain his emotions. E.J. abruptly exited the room.

After E.J. left, Stefano closed the living room doors. Stefano hesitantly walked over to his desk, and he unlocked the center drawer. Stefano retrieved Alice's envelope from the drawer, and he sighed heavily as he braced himself to look at its contents.

"You're right, Elvis -- I'm a father to my everlasting are not my son," Stefano muttered, as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Friday, April 20, 2012

In bed with Austin, Carrie fantasized that she was having sex with Rafe. Austin took a shower, and was disappointed when Carrie didn't join him. Carrie claimed that she had a busy day ahead, and the two agreed to meet for lunch later. While Austin returned to the bathroom to get dressed, Carrie secretly called Rafe and told him that they needed to talk.

As Rafe waited for Carrie in Horton Square, he recalled how he'd overheard Carrie agreeing to work things out with Austin. When Carrie arrived, she confessed that despite Austin's efforts to be the perfect husband and her desire to make things work, she couldn't stop thinking about Rafe. Rafe expressed his regrets for what Carrie was going through, but assured her that what they had felt had been real.

Carrie snapped that Rafe didn't have say that, since he was having a baby with Nicole. Carrie finally admitted that she had just wanted to see Rafe again. Rafe confessed that he had intended to tell Carrie that he wanted them to be together, but then he'd seen her telling Austin that she wanted to work things out, so Rafe had decided to back off. Carrie flipped out, and demanded to know, then, why Rafe had slept with Nicole. Rafe would only say that he had his reasons.

Carrie drew her own conclusions, but Rafe insisted that she was wrong. He tried to explain, but she went on a tirade about how he'd lied to her, and she wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. They began to argue about who had done what to whom. When Rafe mentioned what Sami had done, Carrie said, "I don't have the stomach to hurt Austin that way. Can you do that to Nicole?" Rafe argued that he wouldn't be doing anything to Nicole, and declared that he would tell Carrie the whole story.

As Brady and Madison awakened in her hotel room after a night of lovemaking, he confessed that he wanted for them to get married as soon as possible. Madison admitted that she was worried Ian might be setting her up in saying he would grant her a divorce. Brady vowed to make Ian very sorry if that turned out to be true. Madison acknowledged that Ian had frequently reneged on his promises in the past, but he had seemed sincere when offering her the divorce. She added that Ian would only give her up if he had found someone new "to obsess over," and wondered aloud who might be.

Brady noted that Madison sounded jealous, but she insisted she would be thrilled if that were the case. Madison then got a text message from her director of PR, advising her that Sami had replaced Kate as CEO of Countess Wilhelmina. After Madison made a phone call to verify that the information was true, Brady wondered what Kate had done to incur Stefano's wrath -- especially since Sami knew nothing about running a large corporation.

In Horton Square, a chagrined Kate reported to Ian that the Internet was abuzz with the news that Stefano had kicked her out and replaced her with Sami at Countess Wilhelmina. Ian tried to convince Kate to look on the bright side. Lucas arrived then, and was dismayed to find his mother with a strange man. "Stefano kicked you out because of this guy? You lost your job -- and so did I -- because of this guy, right?" Lucas asked.

Ian rose and extended his hand to introduce himself to Lucas. Kate informed Lucas that Stefano had set her up, and she had failed his test. Lucas warned Ian and Kate that it was only a matter of time before Stefano destroyed both of them. Ian promised that he would take care of Kate, the woman he loved -- and had loved for a very long time -- and he would keep Stefano from hurting Kate or her family any more.

Recognition dawned in Lucas' eyes. Ian confirmed that they had met on a ski trip on which Kate had taken Lucas when he'd been a kid in military school, and Kate had asked Ian to teach Lucas how to ski. Ian reiterated his promise to take care of Stefano. Ian then excused himself to head to the office.

Shaking his head, Lucas remarked to Kate, "Well, I sure hope he was worth it." Kate told Lucas about the pictures she'd found of Marlena in Stefano's possession, and explained that it had caused her to lose her footing a bit. She continued that none of it was Ian's fault, because he'd been wonderful to her through it all. Intentionally changing the subject, Lucas asserted that he was proud of what he and Kate had accomplished with Hearth and Home. Kate declared that they would figure things out and end up back on top again. She vowed revenge on Sami.

Sami was issuing orders on the phone at Countess Wilhelmina when E.J. arrived. Sami demanded to know whether the CEO job was really hers. His voice gravelly from drinking too much the previous night, E.J. informed Sami that Stefano had refused to allow anyone, not even E.J., to contradict his choices. "So Kate is out, my dear. Looks like you are in," E.J. said. Sami was elated. E.J. cautioned Sami not to mess up the incredible opportunity she'd just been handed.

Offended, Sami reminded E.J. that she'd gained a lot of experience in a few short months of working for both Countess Wilhelmina and Mad World. E.J. asserted that Stefano had only appointed Sami CEO because it would hurt Kate. Sami vowed to make the company even more successful than Kate ever could have. E.J. offered to help her do so, since he had insider knowledge of how Stefano worked. Sami surmised that Stefano hadn't cleared any of his decisions with E.J. "Kate's out; does this mean that Stefano's kicked you to the curb, too?" Sami asked.

E.J. didn't want to talk about it, but Sami urged him to, since neither of them had that many friends. E.J. finally admitted that there had been distance between him and his father for some time, and E.J. had recently learned that Stefano had been undermining him in almost every way for months.

Sami guessed that E.J. wanted to help her in order to prove something to Stefano. She reminded E.J. that he had just been elected mayor, plus she didn't like the idea of his using her just to get back into Stefano's good graces, so she declined E.J.'s help.

Madison then called Sami to congratulate her. "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you, so I am going to thank you and your company by driving Mad World into Chapter Eleven," Sami said smugly. After the women exchanged a few barbs, Sami promised to use the inside information she had about Mad World to take the company down.

As soon as Madison had hung up, she got a text message. "It's from Ian. He says he wants to see me -- and it's personal," she read aloud to Brady.

E.J. cautioned Sami that she couldn't just focus on showing up Madison, because Sami also had a company to run. Sami assured him that she knew that. As E.J. was leaving, Sami expressed her sympathy for what he was going through with Stefano. She asked if E.J. were going to find a way to fix things with Nicole. E.J. pointed out that it would be difficult, since his ex-wife was carrying another man's baby. Sami and E.J. both admitted that they missed their spouses. Noting that he had a lot to do, E.J. left.

When E.J. was exiting the Brady Pub later, he ran into Nicole outside, and she was not thrilled to see him. She started to leave to get some tea elsewhere, but he offered her his untouched cup of herbal tea instead. Nicole noted that E.J. only drank herbal tea when he was hungover. E.J. recalled the "hangover smoothies" Nicole had once made for him, and they both remembered the time she'd made one for him there at the pub.

Thrusting the tea back into E.J.'s hands, Nicole declared that she didn't feel like walking down memory lane with him. E.J. prevented her from leaving, so she implored him, "E.J., please. You can't keep doing this to me!" E.J. replied softly, "I've already lost just about everything else in my life that matters to me. I don't want to lose you as well."

Sami was on her cell phone as she entered Horton Square, and a nearby Austin overheard her mention Countess Wilhelmina. When Sami hung up, Austin asked why she'd been talking about Countess W. Sami told him what had happened, and it took Austin a moment to take her seriously. Austin flipped out, and started to call Kate, since she hadn't told him anything about Stefano's takeover. Sami began to walk away, but Austin hung up and stopped her. He warned her that not only had Sami become indebted to Stefano by accepting such a huge gift, but Kate would also seek revenge.

Sami was confident that she would turn Countess Wilhelmina into a great international success -- and she was not worried about Kate or Stefano. Austin reluctantly said that he would always support Sami. Sami asked how things were with Austin and Carrie. Austin replied that he and Carrie were starting to put their marriage back together and were even talking about having a baby. Sami warned Austin, "Don't spend your money on a house with a picket fence and a jungle gym in the front before you find out if your wife is over my soon-to-be ex-husband."

As Madison and Brady entered Ian's office at Titan, Ian hinted that he wasn't going to let Madison go. She became furious, but he assured her that she would get the divorce she wanted; he had invited her to the meeting to discuss business. Lucas and Kate arrived just then, and Kate demanded to know what Madison was doing there. Ian explained to everyone assembled that he thought they should have a meeting to talk about Samantha Brady.

"I think what is Countess W's loss is Titan's gain," Ian continued. An irate Madison let out a shriek of frustration when Ian confirmed that he was offering Kate a job. He pointed out that even though the novice Samantha had Stefano DiMera on her side, she was no match for Kate and Madison. Ian added that since Kate had experience both at Titan and as an executive in the cosmetics industry, and because she knew Stefano, he was offering her the position of co-CEO of Mad World. "Over my dead body," Madison declared.

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