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Monday, April 9, 2012

by Mike

At Common Grounds, Lucas ran into E.J. Lucas suggested that E.J. had moved into Sami's apartment building because he wanted to get back together with her. Lucas vowed that he wasn't going to let that happen.

E.J. claimed that he had only moved into the apartment building so that he could spend more time with his kids, but Lucas wasn't convinced. Lucas theorized that E.J. had hired Will so that he would have another connection to Sami. E.J. pointed out that he had hired Will because Will had tried to blackmail him, and he warned Lucas to keep his mouth shut.

Lucas mentioned Nicole's pregnancy, and he theorized that E.J. was going after Sami so that he could punish Rafe. E.J. tried to deflect, and he implied that Lucas was still in love with Sami. Lucas said that he and Sami were just friends. "Either you leave Sami alone,'re screwed -- you're going to have to deal with me," Lucas warned E.J., then he abruptly exited the coffeehouse.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe reminded Nicole that she needed to avoid stress. Rafe urged Nicole to sign up for some yoga classes at the Intensity Day Spa. Nicole was worried that making plans for her child's future would be like tempting fate, but she reluctantly conceded that Rafe was right. Nicole hugged Rafe, and she thanked him for his help.

" guys need to get a room. Oh, wait a minute -- you already did," Lucas joked, as he approached Rafe and Nicole. Lucas explained that he had heard about Nicole's pregnancy, and he congratulated her and Rafe. Lucas predicted that it would only be a matter of time before E.J. and Sami would reunite, since Rafe and Nicole were out of the picture. Lucas quickly told Rafe about E.J.'s new living arrangements.

Nicole excused herself so that Rafe and Lucas could have some privacy. After Nicole left, Rafe told Lucas about Nicole's high-risk pregnancy, and he warned Lucas not to say anything that would upset her. Lucas pointed out that Nicole and Rafe had moved on with their lives, and he wondered why they still cared about E.J. and Sami.

Rafe claimed that he didn't care anymore. "And if you've got half a brain in there,'ll give up on her, like the rest of us have," Rafe added. Lucas refused to give up on Sami. Lucas admitted that he still cared about Sami. Rafe reluctantly agreed, but he warned Lucas not to get involved in Sami's drama. Lucas said that he didn't need to be warned about Sami. Lucas added that he knew Sami better than anyone else did.

Rafe said that Lucas needed to focus on his fiancée, Summer. "You know, her name is Autumn. I don't know why that's so hard for everyone to remember," Lucas said with a sigh. Lucas wondered if Rafe really wanted Sami to end up with E.J. again. Rafe insisted that he didn't care, and he noted that E.J. and Sami shared some sort of bond that they seemed reluctant to let go of.

Back at Common Grounds, E.J. was pleased to see Nicole. E.J. apologized for his earlier outburst, and he begged Nicole to talk to him. Nicole reluctantly agreed. "Nicole, this is a miracle child. This is living proof that you and I are meant to be together. Why would you throw away our chance at happiness?" E.J. wondered. E.J. urged Nicole to admit that she was carrying his child.

Nicole protectively grabbed her stomach. "And how long would it be before you take 'your' child away from me, so that all your kids could be under one roof with Sami?" Nicole wondered. Nicole announced that she knew about E.J.'s new living arrangements. E.J. claimed that he was trying to boost his image, but Nicole refused to believe that. Nicole said that E.J. was just trying to get one step closer to Sami's bed.

E.J. insisted that Nicole's suggestion was absurd. E.J. added that he just wanted to be closer to his kids, but Nicole wasn't convinced. Nicole encouraged E.J. to reunite with Sami. Nicole said that she just wanted to be left alone, so that she could raise her baby peacefully. Before E.J. could respond, Nicole exited the coffeehouse. After Nicole left, E.J. called Sami, and he said that they needed to talk about their future.

At the Brady Pub, Brady greeted Madison, and he apologized for his earlier outburst. Brady wondered why Madison was letting Ian control her life. Brady said that he knew that Madison didn't really love Ian, and he begged her to admit that Ian was blackmailing her. Madison sighed heavily, and she warned Brady to back off, so that Ian wouldn't try to make both of their lives harder.

"You're a fool, Madison, because this doesn't come around a lot in people's lives -- this kind of feeling -- and you're tossing it away like it's a piece of garbage. I've laid my ego and my pride on the table -- it's there -- because I want to convince you that what we have is special. Even if I get bloodied and bruised, I don't care, are special to me, but you're not doing a damn thing about it. I can't do it alone, so...I'm done. I'm done. You, me, us, this whole thing -- I've got to be finished with it," Brady said. Brady started to walk away, but Madison stopped him.

Madison pointed out that Brady's drunken rant was going to hurt Basic Black, and she offered to help Brady fix everything. Brady wasn't interested in talking about Basic Black, but he reluctantly agreed to hear what Madison had to say. Madison explained that she had invited Serge to the pub. "Tell him, you know, that it was a shame that you mixed your wine with cold medicine and had a little too much to drink," Madison said.

Serge entered the pub. Serge excitedly hugged Madison, but he scowled when he realized that Brady was with her. Brady quickly apologized for his earlier behavior, and he followed Madison's suggestion about the cold medicine and wine. Madison said that she really respected Brady's opinion, despite the fact that he had left Mad World to work at Basic Black.

Serge was surprised that Madison and Brady were on good terms. Serge said that he had assumed that there was some sort of history between Brady, Madison, and Ian. Brady confirmed that Serge was right, and he claimed that he and Ian occasionally disagreed about business decisions. Serge wasn't convinced, and he noted that the rivalry had seemed more personal.

"Well, you know what, Serge? If it makes a better story, make it personal. Hell, say we had a smackdown in the parking lot -- that's a good story," Brady replied. Serge wondered why John had missed the event. Brady claimed that John had gone out of town to work on another project. Serge misinterpreted Brady's comment, and he assumed that Basic Black was about to launch a new product line.

Before Brady could correct Serge, Madison confirmed that Serge was right. Serge guessed that Brady and Madison were working on some sort of collaboration between Mad World and Basic Black. Madison noncommittally stated that she and Brady might be working on something. Brady decided to turn the tables on Madison, and he suggested that they should go ahead and tell Serge everything.

Brady claimed that Madison had told him that she wanted Serge to be the first person to hear the news. Madison started to say something, but Brady interrupted her. "Serge, here's what's going on, okay? Basic Black is basically going to start a high-end line of accessories -- everything from purses to shaving kits -- and within each item, we are going to put a companion set of Mad World products," Brady explained.

Serge hugged Madison, and he happily announced that he had found his next lead story. Brady politely tried to shake Serge's hand, but Serge pulled Brady into a hug. "Call me sometime," Serge whispered in Brady's ear, then he abruptly exited the pub. After Serge left, Madison pointed out that Serge was eventually going to learn the truth. Madison told Brady that their reputations were going to be ruined.

Brady said that he and Madison would just have to follow through with their promise, and he assured her that they could make it work. Brady added that he already had some ideas, then he kissed Madison. Brady claimed that he was doing research for a line of flavored lip gloss. Madison laughed, and she pointed out that flavored lip gloss had already been done before.

In Ian's hotel room, Ian and Kate made love. Later, Ian sighed as he thought about all of the time that he had wasted. Kate said that she understood that Ian had been trying to protect her. Kate added that she would have waited for Ian. "I hated you for leaving me," Kate said. Ian promised Kate that he would spend the rest of his life making it up to her.

Kate wondered about Madison. Ian claimed that he only wanted to be with Kate, and he assured her that he was going to end his relationship with Madison. Kate sighed, and Ian wondered what was wrong. "I've just felt like I've been in Marlena's shadow for so long. I had forgotten what it felt like to come first with a man...until you reminded me," Kate said, as she kissed Ian.

Later, Ian ordered all of Kate's favorite dishes. Meanwhile, Kate looked at her wedding ring, and she recalled a tender moment that she had shared with Stefano. "Oh, my God, what have I done? I've made a terrible mistake," Kate muttered, as she started to get dressed. Ian assured Kate that they hadn't made a mistake, and he reminded her that they loved each other.

Kate said that Ian was missing the point. Kate said that she loved Stefano, and she added that she had betrayed him. Ian incredulously asked if Kate really wanted to stay with Stefano. "It's true, I didn't love him at first. It's true that I had to marry him, but over time, I have fallen in love with him, and he and I accept each other for what we are, and that is a kind of love," Kate replied.

Ian reminded Kate that Stefano wanted Marlena. Kate said that she didn't care. "Marlena loves John. She detests Stefano, and that is never going to change. Her feelings are never going to change, nor are mine for my husband. I love him," Kate tearfully insisted. Ian refused to give up, and he reiterated that he loved Kate, and that she loved him.

Ian insisted that he wasn't afraid of Stefano. "Words for your obituary, if he finds out that we slept together," Kate said. Ian accused Kate of being melodramatic, but Kate countered that Ian was being naïve. Kate firmly stated that she and Ian could never see each other again, then she stormed out of the room.

In Alamainia, Hope and John continued to pretend that they were Princess Gina and the Pawn. Stefano demanded to know why there was an article about Bo Brady in John and Gina's hotel room. Hope wondered who Bo Brady was. John claimed that a hotel employee had given him the article. John said that he had assumed that it was a bill for the caviar and champagne that he and Gina had ordered, so he had ignored it.

John could tell that Stefano was still suspicious, so he offered to call the front desk to ask about the article. Stefano quickly assured John and Gina that there was no need to do that, and he claimed that the hotel staff had probably meant to deliver the paper to someone else. Stefano changed the subject, and he urged John and Gina to find the Anastasia egg right away, so that they could move on with their lives.

Stefano wondered if John and Gina had retrieved the egg yet. Simultaneously, John said no, and Hope said yes. John and Hope quickly clarified that they didn't have the egg yet, but they assured Stefano that they had devised a plan to recover it. "My temper is running very short...and if I don't have that egg very soon, there are going to be consequences...Alamainian style," Stefano warned John and Gina, then he exited the room.

After Stefano left, Hope wondered why John hadn't given Stefano the egg. John warned Hope that they couldn't trust Stefano. John told Hope that they needed some sort of leverage, and he wondered what she knew about the egg. "Anastasia eggs were crafted for the czars of Russia to give to their wives. The trick was for the wife to find the secret compartment with a...prize inside. Stefano must want what's inside of the egg," Hope realized.

John inspected the egg, but he wasn't able to figure out how to open the hidden compartment. John handed the egg to Hope, and she managed to open it right away. Hope and John gasped as they looked inside the egg.

At the casino, Stefano's henchman, Francisco, announced that he had some bad news for Stefano. Stefano sighed as he braced himself for the news. Francisco said that Kate had spent several hours in Ian's hotel room. "'Hours,' you say? Then the only conclusion wife failed the test...and she has betrayed me," Stefano said, as he collapsed into a chair. Stefano's eyes filled with rage, and he ordered Francisco to leave.

"You whore. You're going to pay for that mistake, Katherine. Pay -- you and Ian are going to pay," Stefano growled, as he squeezed a scotch glass until it shattered.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Sonny was reviewing the day's receipts when Will stopped by and offered to help Sonny clean up. As Will cleaned the tables, Sonny asked him about his day. Will responded nonchalantly, "Nothing much. Just ran some errands this morning, um, you know tried to sleep through my calc lecture, came out to my grandma, went to the gym." Shocked but pleased, Sonny congratulated Will on his news.

Will apologize for taking so much time to come out as a gay man, but Sonny assured Will that it was a difficult decision that Will had needed to make in his own time. When Sonny asked about Marlena, Will explained that she had taken the news well. Sonny admitted that he'd had suspicions about Will's sexuality. Nodding, Will asked Sonny for advice. Will explained that he was worried about telling Lucas because it was apparent from his remarks about Sonny that he did not suspect that Will was gay.

Will confided that he did not want to let Lucas down. Sonny suggested that Will remind his parents that Will was the same man he always had been and that he was happy. Will noted that his parents would be disappointed that he would not have a family and kids, but Sonny reminded Will that it was still possible to have a family. When Sonny asked Will if he was going to tell Sami about his homosexuality when he told Lucas, Will said no.

"Absolutely not. There's no way she's going to know this about me," Will said. Will explained that he did not want to share any personal information with Sami because she would make it about her instead of Will. Sonny advised Will not to withhold the information from Sami because she would learn it from Lucas. With a sigh, Sonny encouraged Will not to use the information as a weapon to hurt his mother.

"Don't hold this against her. You should do the right thing and let her know who you are. Not for her sake, but for yours," Sonny said. Will thanked Sonny for the advice, and Sonny assured Will that he would be there for him. With a smile, Will told Sonny that he admired him and hoped to emulate Sonny as a person.

Sami unpacked in her new apartment. As Sami stared at a photo of her and Rafe, she shook her head and pulled off her wedding ring. E.J. knocked at the door, and Sami let him in the apartment. After confirming that the kids were asleep, E.J. grabbed Sami and kissed her. Sami pulled away from E.J. and demanded to know what he was doing.

E.J. explained that he was proving a point, and he asked Sami if she felt anything when he kissed her. After joking that the only thing she felt was E.J.'s tongue in her mouth, Sami yelled that she felt no chemistry with E.J. Nodding, E.J. noted that he did not feel anything either. E.J. explained that they needed to clear up their emotional connection to one another, and the kiss proved that their connection was not a romantic one.

When Sami stated firmly that there was no romantic connection between her and E.J., he countered that if that were true they would not repeatedly end up sleeping with one another. E.J. added that when he and Sami had had sex out of grief over their son, that it was not the reaction that normal people would have had in that situation. Sami argued that she did not want to relive that horrible night, but E.J. stressed that he would not leave until he and Sami buried their romantic inclinations toward one another.

When Sami asked E.J. why he wanted an answer so urgently, E.J. explained that Rafe and Nicole had accused him of moving in across the hall from Sami because he wanted to get back together with her. E.J. stressed that he wanted to make sure that he and Sami were on the same page about the platonic nature of their relationship.

Nodding her head, Sami noted that she agreed with E.J. "We're toxic together. We screw up everything," Sami said. With a smile, E.J. added that despite their shortcomings, they had managed to have two wonderful children. E.J. and Sami agreed that they would remain friends without benefits so that they could raise their children in a peaceful environment.

Sami thanked E.J for the apartment and told him goodnight. When Sami walked E.J. to the door, he asked her if she needed anything. Sami mentioned there was a small leak in the kitchen sink, and E.J. offered to fix it for her. Sami advised E.J. to wait for the superintendent, but E.J. marched over to the sink and had a look. E.J. did not appear to know what he was doing, but Sami handed him a wrench.

"Is it possible to hate someone and miss them at the same time?" Sami wondered aloud. After tightening the connection on the pipe, E.J. poked his head out from under the sink and advised Sami to forget about Rafe. Before Sami could respond, a giant spray of water gushed out of the pipe onto E.J.

After shutting down the leak, Sami handed E.J. a towel and joked with him about forgetting to shut off the water before he worked on the pipe. As Sami chuckled, E.J. reached out for the towel, and he noticed Sami was not wearing her wedding ring. After confirming that her marriage was over, Sami changed the subject to E.J.'s wet clothes. E.J. informed Sami that he had not moved in across the hall, so he did not have dry clothes there.

Sami offered to put E.J.'s shirt in the dryer. Relieved, E.J. took off his shirt and handed it to Sami. When E.J. started to take off his pants, a nervous Sami told E.J. to leave his pants on. E.J. protested that his pants were wet too, but Sami refused to dry anything other than E.J.'s shirt. While E.J. drank a cup of tea, Sami returned to her unpacking. When Sami happened across her wedding album, she asked E.J. to throw it in the trash chute. E.J. refused, noting that Sami would regret throwing out her wedding album.

Sami lamented that Nicole was pregnant by Rafe. E.J. reminded Sami that the baby was most likely not Rafe's, but Sami argued that even if the baby was not Rafe's, he was willing to make a commitment to Nicole. When Sami noted that she and E.J. should move on with their lives, E.J. announced that he would not give up on Nicole.

"Oh, my God, do you realize this is my fifth ruined marriage?" Sami whined sadly. E.J. laughed and joked that Sami had time left to catch up with Elizabeth Taylor's record. When Sami asked if she was unloveable, E.J. disagreed. E.J. noted that he never would have married Sami if he had not loved her.

While E.J. put his newly dried shirt back on, he asked Sami if they agreed that their relationship was a platonic one. Sami agreed and noted that it was safer for everyone if she and E.J. remained friends. When E.J. offered his hand to Sami for a handshake to seal their pact, Sami tenderly took it. With a devilish grin, E.J. softly said goodnight as the handshake lingered. After E.J. left, Sami fell on the couch and sighed.

In the DiMera mansion, Kate wandered around the foyer in her robe and stared at herself in the mirror. As Kate thought about sleeping with Ian, she shuddered with guilt. When the doorbell rang, Kate was horrified to find Ian. Kate begged Ian to leave, but Ian refused as he pushed past Kate and entered the mansion.

"He's my husband and I love him, and I'm not going to leave him for you," Kate said breathlessly. Ian promised never to let Kate down again, and he begged her to give him a second chance. Kate told Ian he was mad to believe they could be together. "We have to pretend this never happened. For both our sakes," Kate cried out. As Ian reached for Kate, her cell phone rang. Kate snatched her phone off of the table and answered it.

In Alamainia, Stefano confided to Francesco that he was dismayed that Kate had failed his test. "I will never, never forgive her for this," Stefano growled. Francesco offered to deal with Kate and Ian, but Stefano waved him off, noting that he would handle the situation on his own.

Stefano called Kate, and he remarked that she sounded upset. Kate said she was fine. Stefano explained that he did not want to go another night without hearing his wife's voice. Holding back tears, Kate said, "Why couldn't you have called me before this? It's been weeks." Kate said she had been worried about Stefano. With a smirk, Stefano countered that he would be home soon.

"I know that you're angry at me because I have been negligent. All right? But look, if you will forgive me, I will just move heaven and Earth to make it up to you," Stefano said. Kate countered that Stefano did not need to be forgiven. Chuckling, Stefano told Kate that he had been expecting a package to be delivered to the mansion. Stefano explained that he had been tracking Marlena in order to find information to use against John.

"I don't want you to get the wrong idea in case you take a sneaky peek. You and you alone are the love of my life, and I certainly don't want any secrets between us," Stefano said. Choking back tears, Kate countered that she felt the same way about Stefano and that she was anxious to see him again. After Stefano hung up the phone, he muttered, "What a bitch."

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kate told Ian, "I've made the biggest mistake of my life." Kate explained how she had misconstrued the photos of Marlena. Ian urged Kate to believe that they belonged together, but Kate began to cry. Kate screamed at Ian to leave. "You have ruined my life, and I hate you for it!" Kate yelled. When Ian refused, Kate warned Ian that Stefano would kill him if he did not back off.

"I'm not afraid of Stefano DiMera," Ian said. "Then you're a fool," Kate said as her voice broke. Kate begged Ian to leave her alone because it hurt her to be around him. Ian noted that he would leave but that he would not give up on Kate. Ian gently kissed Kate's cheek and left. Alone, Kate broke down.

In Hope and John's hotel room in Alamainia, they opened the Anastasia egg and found half a gold coin. The side of the coin was engraved with numbers and letters but John was unable to decode the coin. John noted that he did not need to understand the inscription because the coin itself was the only bargaining ship they needed.

John and Hope slipped out of the hotel and purchased a replica of the coin they had found inside the egg. Though the coin was not gold, John swiped some gold paint and a carving tool from a store so that they could alter the fake coin to match the real one. When they returned to their hotel room, John started to work on the coin. John explained to Hope that since Stefano did not know what the code was, he could make up a different code to put on the fake one for Stefano.

"Hopefully it will perplex him just long enough that we can make our great escape," John said. John added that if Stefano caught them, they would have the real coin to use as a bargaining chip. While John worked on the fake coin, a frustrated Hope attempted to decode the real coin.

When Stefano arrived, Hope, masquerading as Gina, handed him the Anastasia egg with the fake coin inside it. John asked Stefano to live up to the agreement and let him and "Gina" leave. Stefano ordered Francesco to watch John and "Gina" while he opened the egg and inspected the contents. Grinning, Stefano told Francesco to give John and "Gina" their fake passports. John chuckled as he noticed that he would be traveling as a priest.

As John and "Gina" walked to the door to leave, Stefano stopped them and asked them where they were headed. "Gina" explained that they were headed to the city where they had fallen in love: Paris. Stefano wished them well.

John and Hope rushed to the airport to catch a flight to Salem. Hope was anxious to board the plane, but there was a line of passengers ahead of them. Back at the hotel, Stefano examined the coin and ordered Francesco to report on John and Gina. Francesco confirmed that John and Gina had gone to the airport.

While Francesco waited for word about the flight, Stefano rubbed the coin and realized that it was a fake. Stefano called Francesco's contact at the airport and ordered him to stop John and Gina. When the contact noted that John and Gina were in line to board a plane to Salem, Stefano realized that John and Hope had deceived him.

"They know that they are John and Hope!" Stefano growled. At the airport, the gate agent handed John and Hope their tickets and passports, but then he asked them to wait as he took a phone call.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
by ChickenGrrl

After seeing a movie together, Gabi, Chad, and Melanie had coffee at the Brady Pub. The trio discussed the "chick flick" they'd just seen, and disagreed as to whether or not its ending had been a happy one, since the leading man had left his fiancée for another woman. When Melanie went to the ladies' room, Chad asked Gabi what she was doing later that evening. Gabi eagerly stated that she had no plans. Chad explained that Melanie couldn't know anything about it, but he wanted everything to be perfect and romantic, with champagne, candles, and flowers.

Gabi swore that Melanie would never know, and promised not to disappoint Chad. Chad then slipped Gabi a spare key to his apartment so she could get there first. Gabi could barely contain her excitement, when Chad made it clear that he wanted her to ready the room for him and Melanie. He asked Gabi to invent an excuse to leave, because he wanted things to be perfect for his first time with Melanie -- and Gabi was the most romantic person he knew.

Melanie returned, and Gabi claimed that she had "some stuff to do." After an unhappy Gabi left, Melanie wanted to head to Chad's place. Chad claimed that he was out of coffee at home, so he wanted to have another cup -- for extra energy -- before they left.

In Chad's apartment, Gabi frowned as she shoved a bottle of champagne into an ice bucket, and scowled when she pricked herself with a rose thorn as she strewed petals on the bed. She lit some candles, then wondered aloud, "Why the hell am I doing this?" She imagined watching as Melanie and Chad made love -- and taunted her. After Gabi accidentally broke a picture of Chad and Melanie, she grabbed the shattered frame and ran out.

When Melanie and Chad finally got to his apartment, Melanie was impressed and touched that he'd had a friend help him set things up for them. Chad declared that he wanted the night to be a special one that neither one of them would ever forget. He offered Melanie some champagne, but she declined. They professed their love for one another, and then made love on the bed among the yellow rose petals Gabi had scattered.

Meanwhile, Gabi sat on a bench near the Brady Pub. Sobbing, she removed the picture of Melanie and Chad from the shattered frame, and ripped the image into countless tiny pieces.

Just as E.J. left Sami's new apartment, Johnny appeared from the bedroom. "Is Daddy here?" Johnny asked. When Sami confirmed that E.J. had just left, Johnny complained that his daddy hadn't said goodnight, so Sami rushed into the hallway to try to catch E.J. E.J. was more than happy to see his son, and picked the boy up for a hug. Just then, Rafe and Nicole arrived in the hallway outside after looking at a nearby apartment for her.

Since Sami's door stood open, Nicole and Rafe watched the seemingly warm family scene play out, and groaned about their bad luck. Sami and E.J. soon spotted their exes in the doorway, and Johnny ran over to greet Rafe. After giving Rafe and Johnny a moment together, E.J. took the boy back to bed.

Sami wanted to know what Rafe and Nicole were doing there. Nicole explained that she was looking for a place to live -- but she didn't want to stay there if it meant living near Sami and E.J., noting that the two of them hadn't wasted any time. "Neither did you!" Sami shot back, pointing out, "You got Nicole pregnant before our divorce papers were even finalized."

When E.J. returned, the foursome resumed bickering. Nicole asserted that E.J. and Sami had slept together long before anything had happened between Rafe and Nicole. Sami argued that she and E.J. hadn't planned to have sex; it had "just happened" because of their grief. Nicole countered that if only E.J. and Sami had been honest, things might have been different, but Sami didn't buy it. E.J. tried to calm everyone, but Nicole was still hurt and angry because E.J. had ruined any chance they'd had to spend the rest of their lives together by sleeping with Sami.

Nicole believed that E.J.'s moving in across the hall from Sami meant that he had never loved Nicole, but E.J. insisted that it was only to be near the children. Sami spat, "She obviously got Rafe to impregnate her just to spite you." Stung, Nicole emphasized that they all knew she might not even be able to carry the baby to term. "Look what happened the last time I got pregnant with E.J.'s baby," she cried.

E.J. caught Nicole's slip, but Rafe covered, pointing out that all Nicole had meant was that the stress was not good for the baby. "She doesn't want to lose our baby the way that she lost your baby," Rafe said. E.J. apologized for upsetting Nicole when he'd promised not to. When Sami said something snide, Nicole started to leave, but E.J. followed her into the hallway and closed the door, leaving Sami and Rafe inside.

Sami noted that Rafe had removed his wedding ring. He replied that it was past time to move on, and pointed out that she wasn't wearing her ring, either. "I'm not the one who wanted to move on," Sami replied, but Rafe declared that he didn't want to hear it. Sami maintained that Rafe was a liar and a hypocrite. An incredulous Rafe scoffed at that idea, but Sami reminded him, "You didn't know anything about E.J. when you were falling in love with my sister, and the second we broke up, obviously you jumped right into bed with Nicole. So, obviously, you either got her pregnant or you're lying about it. Either way, you're a hypocrite."

Rafe had no answer for that, so he accused Sami of not really allowing her children to know their fathers because she couldn't make things last with the men in her life. Despite the hurtful things he said about each of her children, Sami insisted that she was a good mother and had been a good wife. "You just don't see it, do you? The lies, the chaos, the hurt you cause... Even if you did see it, you'd just deny it -- just like you are now," Rafe maintained.

Sami didn't want to continue the conversation. Rafe declared that he had loved Sami in spite of her flaws, but he couldn't rescue her any longer. He added that he'd just realized that he'd only stuck around for as long as he had because he loved the kids as if they were his own. A sleepy Johnny returned to the living room, and was surprised that Rafe was still there.

While Sami got the boy a glass of water, Johnny asked Rafe, "Will you read me a story like you used to?" Sami gently refused, "Not tonight, sweetheart." Rafe promised Johnny that they would do it another time. "I love you, Rafe," Johnny declared, throwing his arms around his stepdad. "I love you, too," Rafe replied, and then Sami took the little one back to bed.

In the hallway, Nicole begged E.J. not to create any more drama for her. E.J. quietly but sincerely apologized for hurting her -- worse than he'd ever hurt anyone -- by sleeping with Samantha and shattering Nicole's trust. He expressed his love for Nicole, and his hope that a part of her still loved him, too. He pleaded with her to give him one last chance, just a glimmer of hope that they could be together again.

Sad and exhausted, Nicole declared that she was sick of his apologies. "If this baby is Rafe's, then that's okay; I would raise it as my own," E.J. assured her honestly, and explained that he would know that the only reason she had been with another man was because E.J. had driven her to it. Nicole seemed touched, but, although she admitted that she still loved him, she could not go back to him again. E.J. implored her to give him another chance, and gripped her arms desperately, but Nicole cried for him to let her go.

"I can't get my hopes up, E.J., just for you to break my heart -- and you will break my heart; you always do," Nicole said tearfully. E.J. urged her to reconsider, but Nicole declared that her heart was so shattered that she had nothing left. "Maybe that's a good thing... Maybe this is our happy ending, E.J.," she managed to choke before storming off. Rafe emerged from the apartment, glared at E.J., and then followed after Nicole, shaking his head.

In Alamainia, Stefano ordered his man at the airport not to let John and Hope board the plane to Salem. A furious Stefano complained to his henchman Francesco about how John and Hope had been deceiving him all along. Stefano ordered his man to detain John and Hope and take them back to the hotel, where Stefano vowed to take care of the duo himself.

At the airport, an airline agent checked in John and Hope, disguised as Father John and Miss Faversham, for their flight. The agent got a phone call, after which he informed Hope and John that they had been denied boarding. Hope flipped out, desperate to get home to Bo, and John urged the agent to be sympathetic. Although that ploy did not work, the agent finally said, "If you want to risk your lives on that plane, it's your choice. Give me your passports, and I'll see if I can get you clearance."

John stuck some cash inside his passport as he slid it across the counter. After the man left, Hope fretted to John about their fake passports, because the flight was their last chance to get home before Stefano figured out that they'd double-crossed him. Another uniformed man appeared behind the counter, and John demanded his and Hope's passports back so they could board.

The man was not an airline employee; it was Agent Spencer. In hushed tones, Spencer explained that John and Hope's fake passports had triggered a "detain and arrest" order, and Spencer was trying to keep them from getting locked up. He demanded to know why Hope and John had been posing as Princess Gina and her consort -- and refused to help them get out of the country until they filled him in.

John and Hope quickly explained to Spencer that they had only recently begun pretending to be the princess and the pawn for Stefano's sake, after they'd discovered that Stefano had no intention of returning them to their lives. They pleaded with Spencer to help them get out of Alamainia before Stefano figured out the truth. Spencer warned them that Stefano was already onto them, and instructed them to play along.

The airline agent returned then, but instead of helping John and Hope get on another flight to Salem, the man pulled a gun on them. He began escorting them away, but Spencer intervened, and quickly incapacitated the man. Hope stood watch while John and Spencer hid the unconscious agent in a back room. Hope and John then hurriedly filled Spencer in about the Anastasia egg -- and its contents. Hope showed Spencer the half-coin they'd found in the egg; she and John asked if Spencer could decrypt the code on the back of the coin.

Spencer promised to have his best people try. He added that he hoped decoding the coin would give them another way to put DiMera away, since so far the operative in Salem had turned up no link between the DiMeras and the missing Basic Black pension funds. John knew it wouldn't take long once he was back on the investigation, but Spencer pointed out that it would be a conflict of interest for John to investigate his own case. John understood, but he hoped the agent on the inside could take down Stefano and E.J.

Back at the hotel, Stefano was pleased to hear that Francesco's man had John and Hope's passports. Stefano asked Francesco to ensure that there wouldn't be a public scene at the airport, but stressed that John and Hope were not to get away. Francesco tried to reach the airline agent, but the man didn't answer. Stefano ordered Francesco to go to the airport and find out what was going on.

A little later, Spencer announced that he'd arranged for a private jet to take Hope and John back to the United States. Hope was so ecstatic that she hugged Spencer, who then escorted John and Hope to the plane. At the hotel, Stefano growled into the phone, "What do you mean, John and Hope have disappeared? How could your man let that happen? Well, you better tell your man that he'd better disappear -- and pray that I do not find him!"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

by Mike

In Chad's apartment, Chad gave Melanie a pink robe. Chad explained that he had purchased the robe so that Melanie would have something to wear around the apartment. Chad hoped that Melanie would be spending a lot of nights at his place. Melanie agreed, and she thanked Chad for the robe. Later, Chad and Melanie made love.

At the Horton Town Square, Daniel discreetly handed Rafe a folder. Rafe couldn't believe that he was actually trying to learn how to fake a paternity test. Rafe dryly noted that he was turning into Sami. Daniel tried to convince Rafe to reconsider. Daniel was certain that E.J. would eventually realize that Nicole and Rafe were lying about the child's paternity.

"When it happened to me, I nearly bludgeoned someone with a crucifix in a church," Daniel recalled. Rafe said that he couldn't let E.J. ruin another kid's life. Rafe admitted that he might have also agreed to help Nicole so that he could get revenge on E.J. Rafe realized that he had been making some questionable choices lately.

Daniel asked Rafe about Carrie. Rafe said that Carrie had decided to work things out with Austin, and he insisted that there was nothing left to talk about. Daniel suggested that Rafe needed to tell Carrie the truth about Nicole's baby. Before Rafe could respond, he received a phone call from Carrie. Carrie asked Rafe to meet her at the Brady Pub, and Rafe eagerly agreed.

Elsewhere, Nicole tried to contact Stefano, but the call went straight to voicemail. Nicole said that she knew that Stefano had sabotaged E.J.'s election campaign. Nicole knowingly added that Stefano probably didn't want her to reveal that information, and she urged Stefano to call her back right away.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe greeted Carrie. Rafe said that he cared about Carrie, but she wasn't convinced. Carrie reminded Rafe that she was married, and she said that they needed to forget about everything that had happened between them. Rafe insisted that it wasn't that simple. Rafe added that there was something that Carrie needed to know, but before he could continue, Austin entered the pub.

Austin wasn't surprised to see Rafe and Carrie at the pub together. Austin greeted Carrie, then he thanked Rafe for joining them. Carrie handed Rafe some documents, and he tried to hide his confusion as he inspected them. "I think it's important that we officially end our ties to each other, so that we can both move on with our lives," Carrie explained.

Rafe wondered why Carrie felt that it was necessary to dissolve their partnership. Carrie claimed that she was trying to protect Rafe. Carrie suggested a hypothetical scenario where a disgruntled client decided to sue her for malpractice. Carrie told Rafe that dissolving their partnership would protect him from the repercussions of that lawsuit.

Carrie urged Rafe to sign the papers, and he reluctantly agreed. Austin said that he was sorry that Rafe and Sami hadn't been able to work things out. Austin added that he and Carrie were trying to save their marriage, and he hoped that Rafe would respect their decision. Rafe nodded, then he uncomfortably excused himself. After Rafe left, Austin realized that he was late for a meeting, and he abruptly exited the pub.

Later, Carrie exited the pub, and she ran into Rafe. Rafe explained that he had accidentally walked off with Carrie's pen earlier. Rafe recalled that the pen had sentimental value because Carrie's parents had given it to her after she had passed the bar exam. Carrie thanked Rafe, then she started to walk away.

Rafe stopped Carrie, and he wondered why she was trying to avoid him. Rafe reiterated that he cared about Carrie, but she wasn't convinced. "If you really cared about me, you never would have slept with Nicole! I know she is pregnant with your child," Carrie revealed. Carrie wondered why Rafe had tried to pretend that he hadn't slept with Nicole. Carrie theorized that Rafe had assumed that he wouldn't get caught.

"What hurts the most is...I was willing to walk away from my marriage to be with you, because I thought you were this great guy, and that we had something real. I guess the joke's on me," Carrie said with a sigh. Rafe asked Carrie to trust him, and he insisted that he really cared about her. Rafe added that the situation was complicated.

"Actually, it's very simple -- you sleep with someone, they get pregnant. You and Nicole are having a baby together. I'm sure you'll do right by Nicole...or, at least, I hope you will, because you're not the man that I thought you were, and that's what hurts the most," Carrie said. Carrie started to walk away, but Rafe stopped her. Rafe begged Carrie to listen, and he promised that he would tell her the whole story.

At the DiMera mansion, Billie called out E.J.'s name, but he didn't answer. Billie assumed that she was alone, so she started to snoop through Stefano's desk. Billie pressed a white button that was hidden inside of a paperweight, which opened a secret compartment near the fireplace. Billie found a stack of documents hidden inside of the compartment, and she started to inspect them.

Meanwhile, E.J. entered the foyer, and he noticed that Billie was snooping around. E.J. quietly observed Billie for a moment, then he decided to toy with her. E.J. loudly slammed the front door to make it seem like he had just entered the mansion, then he started to bark orders at the staff, so that Billie would have some time to cover her tracks.

E.J. entered the living room, and Billie innocently greeted him. After some small talk, E.J. suggested that Billie might want to go to her room so that she would have some privacy. Billie didn't take the hint, so E.J. bluntly told her that he wanted her to leave so that he could have some privacy. E.J. claimed that he needed to make a conference call. Billie's suspicions were aroused, but she reluctantly exited the mansion.

After Billie left, E.J. opened the secret compartment. E.J. flipped through the documents, then he slammed them down on the desk. Later, Nicole entered the mansion, and she heard E.J. shouting. Nicole cautiously explained that she had been told that E.J. would be in meetings all day, so she had decided that it would be a good time to get the rest of her stuff. Nicole wondered what was wrong.

"You know, when I decided to run for mayor...I really thought my life could turn a corner. I could become some sort of legitimate force in this town -- do it for my family, for my children, for my wife, and for my father. You leaving me was a little bit like having the air sucked out of my lungs...but to lose my father is like losing the ground beneath my feet. He betrayed me," E.J. said. Nicole admitted that she wasn't surprised.

E.J. wondered how Nicole had learned the truth. Nicole said that it didn't matter, but E.J. disagreed. "You tell me how you found out my father was trying to undermine me when I was framing John Black for pension fraud," E.J. demanded to know. Nicole was taken aback, and she explained that she hadn't been talking about John. Nicole tried to change the subject, but E.J. insisted that she needed to tell him everything.

Nicole reluctantly revealed that Stefano was the one who had sabotaged the election. "I did pull a rabbit out of a hat when I made it look like Abe cheated, but that was only after I found out Stefano was working against you. E.J., it was your father who rigged the election so that Abe would win. Stefano is the one who made sure you lost," Nicole explained.

E.J. refused to believe that Stefano would do something like that to his own son. "E.J., you're not really shocked, are you? There is no honor amongst thieves -- if anyone should know that, it's you. I mean, you stole millions of dollars from John Black and tried to send him to jail. Everyone in Salem suspected it was you and Stefano. My God, it turns out they were right," Nicole said.

"It was my plan. It was me -- not my father. I planned it, I executed it, I brought John Black down," E.J. snapped. Nicole realized that E.J. really wanted to receive the full credit for his plan. "I really, really wanted to prove to my father that I was ready to run his company. It's like he stole that from me, too -- just like he stole the election. God! God, what a fool!" E.J. shouted.

Nicole warned E.J. not to tell anyone about his involvement. Nicole wondered why E.J. believed that Stefano had sabotaged his plan to frame John. E.J. picked up the stack of documents, then he slammed them down on the desk again.

"I have plenty of evidence. Oh, no, let me tell you something, sweetheart -- there is no doubt! You know what's funny? I thought I scored quite a coup -- I really did. Siphoning all this money away from John's pension funds into the safe accounts, and all the while, unbeknownst to me, my father's pulling my strings! Probably having a really good laugh at the same time," E.J. shouted, as his temper flared.

Nicole suggested that Stefano might have been trying to protect E.J., but E.J. bitterly stated that Stefano only cared about himself. Nicole pointed out that E.J. wasn't the only victim, and she wondered if he had bothered to think about the investors. E.J. insisted that he would have eventually returned the money. E.J. added that he had only wanted to hurt John. Nicole wondered what had happened to all of the money.

"Good question. I took the money and put it in here -- his offshore accounts. Supposed to be secure. The money's gone, Nicole -- it's all gone. There's not a penny left," E.J. said.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Billie was at Bo's hospital bedside when Hope burst into the room. Hope rushed to Bo's side, but his eyes did not open, and she sobbed quietly. Billie began to tiptoe out of the room, but Hope stopped her. Hope expressed her gratitude to Billie for staying by Bo's side, both in words and with a warm embrace. Billie guessed that Bo was still in the medically induced coma because he had been waiting for Hope. Hope tearfully admonished her husband to return to her, since she had returned to him.

When Billie stepped into the hallway, Hope kissed Bo gently, but then sternly urged him to fight his way back to her. Suddenly Ciara ran into the room, and into her mother's arms. Billie explained that Caroline was in the waiting room, and then left Hope and Ciara alone with Bo. After playing a quick game of catch-up with her daughter, Hope promised never to leave Ciara again.

In the hallway, Billie spoke to Agent Spencer by phone. Billie hoped that the coin she'd heard about from Hope might turn into a real lead. Spencer asked about the file Billie had found. Billie explained that she had been interrupted before she could find anything more incriminating, but she planned to look again later. Spencer cautioned her not to get caught. Billie was determined to find enough evidence to put E.J. and Stefano away.

After Ciara had gone, Hope sat on Bo's bed, and stroked his hand. She admitted that she was having a hard time being patient, because she didn't want to lose him. "You need to fight. I love you, Beauregard," Hope declared. She curled up next to him and put her head on his chest, and grasped the hand closest to her. Slowly, Bo's other hand crept across the blanket to touch Hope's, and she sat up excitedly.

Sami and Lucas were at the pub, picking up one of Allie's dolls. After observing that Sami had removed her wedding ring, Lucas asked her to find something else to do for about an hour before heading home. Sami was curious as to why, but Lucas asked her to be patient. Sami said that she had an errand to run -- dropping off all of her Countess Wilhelmina samples to Kate. Lucas was relieved to hear that Sami didn't actually have to see Kate, because he wanted Sami to have a "drama-free day" for a change.

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe implored Carrie to let him explain about Nicole's pregnancy, but Carrie didn't want to hear it. Just then, Sami and Lucas exited the pub. Sami couldn't resist the opportunity to needle her sister, until Carrie finally snapped, "Go to hell, Sami!" Carrie stormed off, and Rafe followed.

Rafe caught up with Carrie in Horton Square, and implored her to hear the whole story, but she still wanted nothing to do with him. Carrie maintained that she was fully committed to working on her marriage to Austin. Rafe wanted to know why Carrie had decided to go back to Austin after being so sure she could never return to her marriage. Carrie indignantly reminded Rafe that Austin hadn't actually had sex with Abigail -- plus Carrie and Austin had two decades' worth of history together and she loved her husband. Rafe gently insisted that he had never intended to hurt Carrie. "Yeah, I bet," she replied softly.

At Common Grounds, Marlena was leaving another worried message for John when she suddenly heard his voice behind her. She bolted into his arms, and clutched him tightly to her, then kissed him. John wanted a moment to relish gazing at his wife's face before he explained why he had been out of reach for so long. Finally, John filled Marlena in about the Anastasia egg and the gold coin inside that Stefano had wanted -- and about the henchman who had followed Marlena around Salem with a loaded gun, on Stefano's orders.

Marlena was horrified at the realization that Stefano had never intended to return John and Hope to their lives. John asserted that it had been a picture of Marlena that had snapped him out of the hypnosis. Marlena admitted that she couldn't help but worry whether John and Hope had slept together while under Stefano's influence, and John reassured her that they had not -- although he and Hope had not obtained a divorce. Marlena thought that John should ask his friends at the ISA for a favor.

John reluctantly informed Marlena that he was working for the agency again. Peeved, Marlena demanded to know why John was back in the spy game. John explained that the ISA needed his help to take down Stefano, but that only upset Marlena further. "Have you forgotten what he's done to you, to us, to Bo and Hope? When can we stop looking over our shoulders and finally begin to feel safe again?" Marlena demanded. "When he has a life sentence without parole," John replied.

Carrie entered a little later, but tripped as she walked through the door. While she cursed and picked up the things she'd dropped, John stooped to help her. Carrie was thrilled to see him, and embraced him heartily. John stepped away to take a phone call, and Marlena almost immediately noted that Carrie had seemed upset when she'd entered. Carrie admitted that she was "still a mess," even though she and Austin were working things out.

Marlena asked about Rafe, and Carrie informed her that Rafe was having a baby with Nicole. Marlena laughed until she saw that Carrie was serious. Carrie confided that in spite of everything, she couldn't stop thinking about Rafe, although she knew she had no right to feel hurt. Marlena offered her a sympathetic ear. John returned, and Carrie left to give Marlena and John some time alone together. John informed Marlena that the ISA already had an agent in Salem, working to track down the missing pension funds. Marlena pleaded with him not to endanger his life and their future just to convict Stefano.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. clarified for Nicole that Stefano had cleaned out the offshore accounts where E.J. had hidden the missing Basic Black pensions -- millions of dollars' worth -- to prove that E.J. was not ready to take over the family business. E.J. maintained that he was a fool for ever believing that his father had believed in or respected him. Nicole assured E.J. that his father loved him, but E.J. didn't think so. Nicole couldn't understand why Stefano had wanted E.J. to lose the election.

E.J. believed that it was because it was something he had accomplished on his own, as Stefano wanted to keep control of all the power. Nicole firmly asserted that it was Stefano's loss if he couldn't be proud of his son. E.J. admitted that he didn't know why he cared. Nicole drew parallels between her twisted history with her own father and E.J.'s history with Stefano. She declared, "When I disappointed him, I felt like a piece of garbage -- totally worthless. Then I realized he was the piece of garbage, not me. His opinion didn't matter to me anymore, and Stefano's shouldn't matter to you."

E.J. was grateful to her for trying to help, but he knew he couldn't stop trying to prove himself to Stefano. "E.J., don't. You'll destroy yourself in the process," Nicole implored. E.J. reiterated his plea for her to give him another chance, and leaned in to kiss her. When the doorbell rang, Nicole turned her face away.

Sami entered the room rather noisily, and was surprised to see Nicole there. An upset Nicole told E.J. that she would send for her things, and hurried out. As she set down the box of cosmetics samples she was carrying, Sami apologized to E.J. for interrupting. After intentionally spilling a file folder on the floor, Sami asked if E.J. wanted to talk. Chuckling, E.J. declined, so Sami left.

Once he was alone in the living room, E.J. angrily ordered someone on the phone to find out what had happened to the money in the offshore accounts. "Thank you very much," he snarled at Stefano's picture.

Nicole found Rafe sitting alone at a table at the Horton Square café, and correctly guessed that he was moping about Carrie. Rafe admitted that he had almost told Carrie the truth about the baby, because he couldn't stand lying to her. Although clearly not sold on the idea, Nicole urged Rafe to go ahead and tell Carrie that he and Nicole were just friends.

Rafe countered that he had made a promise to Nicole, and he intended to keep it, and besides, it was too risky for anyone else to know that he wasn't the father of Nicole's baby. When Rafe started looking through the classified ads for a job, Nicole asked why. "Haven't you heard? I got a kid on the way," he explained lightheartedly. Nicole noted that she did not expect or need him to take care of her and the baby. "Besides, you are, like, the best fake baby daddy ever," she teased.

Lucas made Sami keep her hands over her eyes as he led her though the door to her apartment. When he allowed her to uncover them, she saw that Johnny, Allie, and Sydney had an indoor campsite all set up for their mom. Johnny and Lucas explained that they had done it inside because they knew that camping wasn't exactly Sami's favorite thing.

Sami was touched. When Lucas gave the cue, the kids then produced "ambience" -- pictures they had drawn of the outdoors. Johnny explained that his campfire had no flames because he wasn't allowed to use matches. As the kids ate s'mores around the make-believe campfire, Sami thanked Lucas for cheering her up.

When Billie returned to the mansion, the living room was empty. She called out for E.J., but no one answered. She quickly stepped over to the desk, pressed the hidden button in the inkwell, and watched as the secret file drawer popped out of the wall -- but the drawer was empty. "Are you looking for this, Billie?" asked E.J. from the doorway, where he appeared holding the file.

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